A Certain Dutton Family Member Winds Up in Africa in '1923'

Bianca Piazza - Author

Dec. 19 2022, Published 12:39 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of 1923 .

Oscar and Emmy winner Kevin Costner ( Dances with Wolves ) leads your dad's favorite TV show: Emmy-nominated neo-western drama Yellowstone . First premiering in 2018, Taylor Sheridan's hit series — which centers on the Dutton Family members and their cherished Montana ranch — has been pumping out spinoffs left and right.

From 2021's 1883 to 2022's 1923 , fans are taking to the franchise like a horse takes to oats. The latter spinoff is a star-studded prequel to Yellowstone and a sequel to 1883 .

Starring Oscar nominee Harrison Ford ( Blade Runner ) and Oscar winner Helen Mirren ( The Queen ), 1923 features "a new generation of the Dutton family as they explore the early twentieth century in the mountain west." But one of the Duttons — who was just a boy in 1883 — boasts a storyline that takes place outside of the U.S. In fact, it's set in the heat of Africa.

Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton in '1923'

Who is Spencer Dutton in '1923'?

"Violence has always haunted this family," Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) says via voiceover at the start of 1923 . "And where it doesn't follow, we hunt it down." As she utters those words, the audience is introduced to an adult Spencer Dutton.

Played by Brandon Sklenar ( The Big Ugly ), Spencer Dutton — aka Jacob Dutton's (Harrison Ford) nephew — is a distressed WWI veteran who travels to a five-star safari lodge in Nairobi, Africa, to take down four-legged predators. The wide-eyed tourists who embark on African safaris have to be kept safe from the gifts of Mother Nature, after all.

Spencer's time in the Great War certainly had an effect on him, as he's haunted by traumatic flashbacks. Unfortunately, this is the least of his worries in Episode 1, as the episode's concluding moments put his life in great danger.

As he hunts a massive leopard during the dead of night, Spencer is stalked by a second predator, which comes at him from behind. The last shot of the episode is filmed via Spencer's point of view as a spotted cat leaps to the camera. It's heavily implied that Spencer is brutally attacked, but does he survive?

According to IMDB , Brandon Sklenar will appear in all eight episodes of Season 1 of 1923 , so Spencer will likely survive the ordeal.

Considering one of the veteran's colleagues shouts "Spencer, there are two!" moments before we see the second leopard pounce, perhaps someone shoots the animal in the nick of time.

Episodes of 1923 premiere on Sundays at 3 a.m. ET on Paramount Plus.

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Latest Yellowstone News and Updates

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The cast of 1923 on horseback, looking out over the open plains

Who is in Africa in ‘Yellowstone’ prequel ‘1923?’

Cody Raschella

The year is 1923 and a whole new generation of Duttons are here to stake their claim, make their mark, and survive the early days of the Great Depression and Western Expansion facing the great state of Montana.

1923 is the latest prequel series in Taylor Sheridan’s growing Yellowstone universe, taking place 40 years after the events of 1883 and almost a century before present-day Yellowstone . The show stars Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton, the patriarch of the family, and Helen Mirren as his wife and matriarch Cara Dutton. 

The series kicked off its Paramount Plus premiere on Dec. 18, giving viewers a taste of what to expect over the course of its 8-episode arch. Cara Dutton propelled viewers into the series by murdering a Scottish man in cold blood while Elsa Dutton informs viewers via narration that her parents, James and Margaret from 1883 , died in 1893. That of course means John and Spencer are now orphans. 

While Jacob and Cara hold down the fort at the ranch, other members of the Dutton family put their gun skills to use in the desert plains of Africa. 

Which character in 1923 is in Africa?

safari guy 1923

Spencer Dutton was first introduced into the Yellowstone universe during a flashback scene in season four of Yellowstone . Now, in 1923 , his storyline is explored even further. He is the son of James and Margaret Dutton from 1883 and the nephew of Jacob and Cara Dutton who now run the Yellowstone ranch following James and Margaret’s death. When we meet Spencer in 1923 he is officially in his 30s and no longer beholden to his family in Montana. 

In fact, Spencer is living in Nairobi, Kenya, making use of Africa’s lawful hunting of game during that period of time. When we see him for the first time, he has his gun trained on a ferocious lion and shoots it just in time before the lion attacks. This scene actually serves as a foreshadowing of Spencer’s final moments of the episode when he is ultimately attacked by a vicious leopard and is left in limbo as we wait until the following episode to discover if he made it out alive.

Throughout the series’ premiere episode, we learn that Spencer is suffering from PTSD due to his time fighting in World War I. Cara reaches out to him via letter to ask when he will return home, and it becomes clear that his family does not understand the burden he carries from his time in battle. Whether or not he will give up the nomadic lifestyle or plant roots in Africa will be explored in future episodes. Of course, that all depends on whether or not he survived the leopard attack.

The season premiere of 1923 is currently available to stream on Paramount Plus. New episodes release every Sunday at 12am PT.

Connor Floyd as Chance Chancellor on The Young and the Restless

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1923 Series-Premiere Recap: At Close Range

safari guy 1923

This is what the Mountain West is like in 1923: The land is parched. The rain is locusts. The grass is straw. Cows and sheep go hungry. Automobiles line Main Street, but real men still ride horses. Old hostilities between the Irish and the British have recreated themselves in the new world. It is a hard year, but Jacob Dutton, played by Harrison Ford, has been here for 30 years and says he can’t remember an easy one. That Ford’s deeply creviced 80-year-old face looks carved from soapstone only underscores his claim.

There are plenty of reasons to panic, and yet the presence of a man called Dutton on this magnificent, hard-scrabble landscape puts me at ease. Series creator Taylor Sheridan has brought us all the way from contemporary  Yellowstone  to the year of that show’s first prequel,  1883 , and now to  1923 , to feel reassured. There was never a dawn in America without the Duttons.

In the opening few minutes, cowboy whisperer Sheridan throws it all at the screen unrestrained.  I have Helen Mirren money! I have a budget for elephants! Oh, your show has a cute little crane shot? I’m filming these vistas off the side of a chopper! We out here in Tanzania! Welcome to prestige TV in the time of  Yellowstone , baby!

Except  1923  doesn’t feel much like  Yellowstone , a show I consider to be the most captivating trash on television. It shares that series’ wide open sky and indulgent one-liners; the opening sequence of  1923   feels reverse-engineered from the (entirely correct) notion that we all need to see Mirren spit, “What do you know about heaven?” with a shotgun in hand. But it also feels like  1923  — a series that’s rumored to last only two seasons — is going to be carefully acted, tightly drawn, real-quality TV.

So let’s start with the first kill, which in the world run by ruthless men, belongs to Helen Mirren as Jacob’s Irish bride, Cara. The kill shot would perhaps be unexpected from a homestead wife if it wasn’t unexpected in precisely the way we’ve come to expect from the women Sheridan writes: women who would make better cowboys than their partners if only they weren’t missing a critical appendage. Cara shoots a trespasser who’s looking to kill her, too. She doesn’t have a choice. The frontier credo is live and let live until it’s kill or be killed.

An atmospheric narrator —  1883  fans will recognize the voice of Elsa Dutton — does her mightiest to explain how the sprawling casts are interconnected. However, what the Duttons really need is a public  Ancestry.com  account. Here’s my best attempt at recreating the family tree:

After the death of Jacob Dutton’s brother, James (Tim McGraw in  1883 ), his sister-in-law Margaret (Faith Hill in  1883 ) asked Jacob to ride to Montana, where Margaret was eking out a life with her two sons. Jacob and his wife raised those boys, Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) and John (James Badge Dale), like their own. In  1923,  they’ve already grown up. John is married to Emma (Marley Shelton), and their son Jack (Darren Mann) is set to marry their neighbor Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph). Jack and Elizabeth are the grandparents of ranching nepo baby John Dutton III (Kevin Costner on  Yellowstone ). I apologize in advance for any misinformation in the paragraph above. Someone will kindly sort me out in the comment section, I’m sure.

The important part, I think, is that it was not Jacob’s idea to travel West in reckless pursuit of riches. His empire-building is borne from fraternal duty and nobler because of it.  Yellowstone  fans know something of his type: A man who would die for the land because the land is metaphorically, inextricably linked to his blood.

The central conflict of  1923  so far is between the cattle ranchers, who are descended from the Irish, and Scottish sheepherders led by Banner Creighton (a very welcome Jerome Flynn, a.k.a. the rascal sellsword Bronn from  Game of Thrones ). The Duttons stay the same across the decades; it’s their enemies that change. Here, the locusts and drought have conspired to kill the grass, and the search for something green to feed the livestock has inadvertently pitted hard-working men against each other.

Jacob is the head of the Montana Livestock Commission, which means today he’s well positioned to punish his foes under the auspices of the law. Their crime? Illegally grazing their flock on another man’s land. It’s during the hearing that Jacob comes closest to espousing the philosophy of self-sufficiency that will be passed down among the Dutton sons like a family inheritance. He’s got no sympathy for the men who trespassed to save their sheep’s lives, which is tantamount to saving their own lives. “Bullies, bullies, bullies,” Jacob calls the desperate men. “Bullies whining about the consequences of the rules they broke.”

To be sure, Banner doesn’t have much love for the Duttons, either. “You’re no God,” he screams at Jacob like a man who’s never seen an episode of  Yellowstone . Separately, Dutton and his ranching neighbors decide to band together to drive their cattle to grass at higher ground, where locusts are far from the most dangerous predator. The mountains belong to the wolves and the grizzlies.

Sheridan is so good at letting small decisions ripple across the water. An old man decides to move his herd to a higher altitude, and somewhere else on the range, a young woman is heartbroken. Jacob’s nephew Jack’s wedding will need to be postponed to accommodate the drive, and his bride, Elizabeth, tells him to go fuck a cow. It takes an intervention by sage and good Aunt Cara to smooth things over as she explains the fate of a cowboy’s wife to a woman about to take the plunge.

You don’t marry the man; you marry the life. And in this life, the needs of the cattle will always win. But in this life, Cara assures her, “You will be free in a way that most people cannot conceive.” I defer to her, of course, but I’d be lying if I said that right now I could conceive of the way these women, whose days are filled with mucking corrals and boiling potatoes, are inconceivably free. It doesn’t really matter, though. Elizabeth is hella horny for Jack, and soon they reconcile with a full mack sesh in plain view of their fathers. They’ll get married next week or the week after or whenever. On the range, Jacob tells Elizabeth’s irked and embarrassed pa, marriage is more of a formality anyway.

Given the depiction of Catholicism in  1923 , it’s hard to see how a marriage blessed by the church would be more sacred for it. The always terrific Jennifer Ehle plays Sister Mary, a brutal Irish schoolmarm at a boarding school for Native American girls. She viciously raps the knuckles of a pupil who can’t recite the chemical recipe for soap, because even in the Roaring Twenties, students were being taught lessons they would absolutely never use. When the student, Teonnna — played by  Blueberry  standout Aminah Nieves — abandons English to defend herself in her first language, Sister Mary calls it filth and carts her off the headmaster’s office.

This is a mistake, methinks. Father Renaud (Sebastian Roché) makes Sister Mary look like a saint. He raps Mary’s knuckles for lack of compassion until it’s Teonna who cries for him to stop. But just when you might mistake Renaud for a reasonable and merciful ambassador of Christ, he whips the backs of Teonna’s legs for her part in disturbing his afternoon. When we glimpse the full extent of her injuries during the degrading group bathing the girls are subjected to, she’s still bleeding from her thighs. Sister Mary, a terror to the end, tells her to mop it up while her classmates sing “My Country Tis of Thee.” How’s that for a music cue?

At night, though, the girls whisper between their cots about what happens to them next. As horrific as school may be, they never hear from the graduates who promise to write. Do the nuns hide the letters? Or is whatever lies on the other side so bad that no letters ever arrive?

Montana is just one of  1923 ’s two theaters. In Africa, Jacob’s nephew Spencer is something of an assassin — the guy you send for when the big five come threatening your land. He and two African colleagues travel via Nairobi to a five-star safari lodge where they’ve been summoned to hunt a leopard. Deadeye Dutton still has night terrors from his time in the Great War’s terrible trenches, but Spencer’s solution — risking his life in the bush — has brought him closer to home than perhaps he realizes. Here, the grizzlies are lions and rhinos. The herd he’s protecting is wealthy holidaymakers.

It must be said that Spencer does the work with a great deal of flair, including using the men he works with as human bait. Sadly, the leopard opts to snack on a knockout newlywed who was ostentatiously flirting with Spencer at dinner just a few hours ago. Spencer’s bullet hits the leopard, but not before it kills the guest and not so quick that Spencer’s ready for what comes at him next. It’s another leopard. How lethal and also how strange! Aren’t leopards solitary big cats, you might be asking yourself? Well, stop. Leopards are whatever Taylor Sheridan tells you they are.

We don’t find out in this episode if Spencer survives the attack, but for the Dutton family, sacrifice often comes in the form of a favorite offspring. John Dutton loses a son in the  Yellowstone  series premiere; James Dutton loses a daughter in the  1883  season-one finale. That Cora writes Spencer a plaintive letter wishing for his homecoming feels decidedly foreboding.

But Spencer’s is not the only life hanging in the balance at the end of the series premiere. The war in Europe is won; closer to home, a range war is imminent. Banner and his men have cut Jacob’s fences so they can graze their sheep on the same high lands where the Duttons are currently driving their cattle. These dusky scenes of men moving their animals slowly up the mountain at night are among the most striking and  well-lit I’ve seen on TV lately  — ominously dark, and yet the action is completely intelligible. It can be done!

The Duttons know to be on the lookout for grizzlies, but — we were fools not to guess it! — man poses the greatest threat. When young Jack reaches the plateau and looks out at the grass, already wrecked by the mob of sheep, his eyes grow despondent before they take on the bewilderment of panic. A shot is fired in his direction, and we don’t learn who or what it hits. You might be thinking that Jack cannot die. Without Jack, there’s no John Dutton II, and without John Dutton II, there’s no John Dutton III, a.k.a. Kevin Costner. Then again, as Jacob assures his neighbor while their unwed kids make out in front of them — marriage is a piece of paper. It’s plain rude to interrogate the math between a man’s wedding anniversary and the birthday of his firstborn.

Perhaps Jack and Spencer both survive. Or maybe neither man ever comes home. For now, it seems impossible to understand the series we’re about to watch — to appreciate its tone and worldview — until we know just how many sons it’s prepared to sacrifice.

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'1923's Africa Storyline Is a Cinematic Masterpiece


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‘Queen Charlotte’ Doesn’t Need a Season 2

The funniest part of ‘bridgerton’ season 3 might surprise you, 'my adventures with superman' is finally doing what 'batman v superman' couldn't.

Editor's note: The below contains spoilers for Episode 2 of 1923.

When you think of the Yellowstone universe, one thing typically comes to mind: Beautiful. I'm speaking cinematically, of course. The series as a whole is beautiful, with sweeping landscapes of Montana that feel like something out of a painting of rural America and what the West has that appeals to the masses. But after so many seasons on the Yellowstone Ranch with the Dutton family, it can feel like more of the same. Not to say that it isn't breathtaking to look at, but we know it so well that when we see the ranch come to life in 1923 , it's not that incredibly different.

What is our masterpiece to watch unfold in 1923 , you ask? Well, that would be Spencer Dutton in Africa. Played by Brandon Sklenar , the storyline now includes a potential romance with Julia Schlaepfer 's Alexandra, but what makes that B-plot so beautiful in comparison to the rest of the series is that it gives us a glimpse of a world far beyond the Yellowstone Ranch. — and when we do check in, there is always some action going on.

RELATED: '1923': Paramount+ Is Streaming the Premiere For Free on YouTube

Why Is the Africa Storyline So Compelling?

The end of 1923 's first episode bleeds into the beginning of the second, where Spencer took on a leopard and won all on his own. It's so cinematic in comparison to what is going on back at the ranch that it feels so fresh because we're used to the old way of life. Again, not that that is a bad thing, but it is just what we know about the series. If 1923 started off the Yellowstone universe, we might be thinking differently — but because Yellowstone Ranch is our home base, the Africa arc is so exciting.

The truth of the matter is that it is fresh and new and that's why it is the draw. With a show like this, we know the ins and outs of the Dutton family and even as we're meeting new characters, it is still more of the family we've come to spend our time with throughout the years. Spencer up and leaving the United States to go to Africa, though? That's interesting, because it seems to have ties to the trauma he suffered during the war.

We don't know what the future holds for him because we know that he's Kevin Costner 's John Dutton's uncle, but that's what we have information-wise about his future. He could be fine with a family that John just hasn't checked in on but given how the family works in both 1883 and 1923, it'd honestly be weird if Spencer had a family and one that was close to John and his kids. If anything, they'd be estranged and maybe that's the point: Introducing him and his future, and we'll see it connect to the modern arc in Yellowstone .

The Africa Storyline Is a Welcome Change of Pace on '1923'

Checking back in on Africa and seeing what is going on with Spencer is, currently, a nice change of pace from what we do know of the series. We're treated to a new place with new characters while all still falling under the umbrella of the Dutton family. I just do worry that it means that something is going to happen to Spencer — because as we watch this series and learn more and more about these Dutton kids, they all seem to just peter out with no kids because we don't see them existing in Yellowstone at all.

Spencer and Alexandra's storyline is just getting started, and I do hope we see more of it and that the series keeps returning to it before it ends up converging with the main plot back home as it inevitably will. Until we know more about Spencer, though, I will happily keep checking back in because this part of the series feels more like its own movie and a completely separate world from the Yellowstone Ranch. The show can, at times, feel very much the same drama mixed with new people thrown in, and the Africa arc introduces a different terrain for the Duttons to tackle, even if it is just Spencer there on his own at the moment. (I wouldn't hate if it meant that at some point, Harrison Ford ends up there with Helen Mirren , though.)

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Where Did 1923 Film Its African Scenes?

Brandon Sklenar looking curious

Although "1923" takes place primarily in Montana, usually within the confines of the Dutton ranch, the series also focused on a concurrent storyline based in early 1900s Africa. This new environment was a welcome departure from the familiar Montana wilderness. Here, viewers learned about the life of Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar), who is James and Margaret Dutton's son and who lives in Africa, working as a big game hunter after his service in World War I.

Spencer's story gets off to a rocky start as he suffers a serious injury while fighting two leopards. While recovering in Kenya, he meets a woman named Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer), and the two fall in love. They later marry and begin the long journey home to Montana, where the rest of the Duttons fight a war for control of their ranch. 

Despite the fact that Spencer's time in Africa ends abruptly after Episode 3, there's no question that this excursion was one of the most exciting aspects of "1923's" first season. That said, there are no doubt plenty of fans out there wondering whether or not these scenes were filmed in Africa or if these beautiful landscapes were just movie magic.

These scenes were shot on-location in Africa

Thankfully, all of the African scenes from "1923" were genuinely shot in Africa, as confirmed by actor Brendan Sklenar during an interview with Collider . In the interview, he discussed his experiences shooting in different locations across the continent.

"We shot all over South Africa," Sklenar said. "Cape Town, Durban, Djibouti. Shot in Kenya for a bit, and then we ended in Europe." 

Sklenar went on to discuss how Spencer and Alexandra's island hideaway in Episode 4 — which is supposedly in Zanzibar — is actually located in Kenya, since filming there was much easier than taking the extra trip to Zanzibar. Although it's common knowledge that many film and television productions don't always shoot on location, it's clear the team behind "1923" felt it necessary to ground Spencer's journey actually in Africa.

What's more, it seems as though the production traveled the exact same path as Alexandra and Spencer as they left Africa, arriving in Europe just like the characters did following their freezing tugboat accident . It's nice to know that most of the gorgeous landscapes seen throughout Spencer's journey are shot on location, and that the series itself does an excellent job of presenting Africa's natural beauty.

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1923 premiere recap: Prequel series sets up future problems for Duttons past

Drought, locusts, sheep herders, and even African wildlife threaten the Dutton clan.

Taylor Sheridan's latest Yellowstone spin-off/prequel wastes no time putting a shotgun in one of its high-profile star's hands. But it's not Harrison Ford's Jacob Dutton hunting down a wounded man in the woods, but rather Helen Mirren's Cara Dutton who's doling out some lethal frontier justice.

The explosive opening, which unfolds without much context, gives way to a familiar voice: 1883 's doomed Dutton daughter Elsa ( Isabel May ) soothingly narrates, speaking of the family's unfortunate penchant for being followed by violence. Her musings lead to an unexpected scene in Africa, where a big game hunter is nearly mauled by a lion.

These first, somewhat confounding five minutes are followed by a close-up of Jacob, brother of 1883 's James Dutton ( Tim McGraw ). Ford's weathered character is surveying a land plagued by locusts and drought. He and other men on horseback – including his nephew John Dutton Sr. ( James Badge Dale ,) last seen as a little boy in 1883 – have discovered that much of the Dutton herd has succumbed to these hard times.

As the next scene suggests, said hard times also include streets filled with angry, female prohibition supporters and even madder sheep and cattle ranchers. The latter two groups gather in a town hall meeting, where Jacob and other livestock officials address a brewing tension that Dutton has a personal stake in. Desperate to feed their starving animals, the sheep herders – led by Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) – have allowed their flock to cross into private land, including some of Dutton's, reserved for cattle.

Bottom line: Both the sheep and steers are hungry, but there's simply not enough grazing land for both to survive. This has lead to an escalating "ranch war," resulting in trespassing sheep slaughtered by cowboys. Outside, after the meeting, Jacob and Banner get into a scuffle over the matter. "Stealing a man's grass is like stealing his steers," says a pistol-packing Jacob, before the sheriff breaks them up.

Jacob and John next meet with other members of the Montana Livestock Association, and ultimately decide all the ranchers must put their cattle together and move them to greener pastures. It's a risky, but necessary all-hands-on-deck affair that'll also require the help of John's son Jack (Darren Mann,) a young cowboy of the rootin' tootin' variety who's set to be married soon.

Jack's fiance Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) is none to happy to find out her big day needs to be postponed so her future husband can run cattle up a mountain. She even suggests he marry a cow instead and christen the union when they reach the mountaintop. Cara soon arrives to drop some wisdom on the bride-to-be, schooling her on the ups and downs of being married to a rancher. The girl calms down, accepts that the cattle will always come first, and runs to Jack for a passionate reunion.

Late that evening, we catch up with Banner, who clearly hasn't learned his lesson. He and his massive herd come upon a fence blockading some fertile ground. With barely a thought to the potential consequences – or the pistol Jacob put in his face just hours before – he orders his men to cut an opening through the fence and let the animals feed.

With the seeds of that future conflict planted, we're taken back to Africa, where the hunter's now sleeping on a train. During a graphic nightmare of his time in World War I, he's awakened by an attendant. He re-actively pulls his gun on her, but quickly apologizes and pays her for the trouble. He's arrived for a job, which involves hunting and killing a "leopard the size of a sofa" that's terrorizing a camp of high-society types on a safari holiday.

Between this mysterious hunter's exploits and Jacob's ranch war woes, 1923 takes a lengthy, seemingly disconnected narrative detour. We're introduced to Teonna Rainwater (Aminah Nieves,) a young native woman – and presumed ancestor of Yellowstone 's Thomas Rainwater – who's forced to attend an American Indian boarding school, controversial institutions established at the time to assimilate Native American children into the white man's world.

She's verbally and physically abused at the school, first by a ruler-wielding nun, Sister Alice (Kerry O' Malley), then by a priest, Father Renaud (Sebastian Roche.) Following the brutal encounters, she shares with a friend the fact they've never heard from any of their friends or family who've since left the school. She suspects they've all been killed, and suggests they escape unless they want to suffer the same fate.

Back on Dutton land, we catch up with Jacob and his cowboys as they move the cattle up the mountain. Jack goes on ahead and spots the grazing sheep that were let in by Banner. A man on horseback, watching the herd, raises his rifle and takes a shot at Jack. But the episode cuts back to the ranch, leaving us wondering where the bullet landed.

This is one of two cliffhangers we're hit with during the premiere's closing minutes, as the leopard hunter also finds himself in a, er, hairy predicament. He's found his target, but not before the beast's made a bloody meal of a tourist, a married woman who'd been flirting with the hunter earlier. After killing the creature, one of his tracker companions yells out that there's actually a pair of leopards on the prowl, the second of which leaps toward the hunter just before the screen goes black.

But here's the real kicker. Shortly before this unfolds, we learn the man's identity via a letter Cara is penning to him. The hunter is Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar,) the youngest son of 1883 's James and Margaret ( Faith Hill ,) who was born sometime after that series rode off into the sunset. Aside from John Sutton Sr., Spencer is the only surviving member of 1883 's Montana-settling clan. In the correspondence, Cara begs her "Dearest Spencer," who apparently skipped off to Africa after the war, to return to the Dutton ranch.

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James Badge Dale as John Dutton Sr. and Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923

8 Important Things We Noticed During the Premiere of 'Yellowstone' Prequel '1923'

Things can get a little confusing when you start a new TV series, and Yellowstone prequel 1923 is no exception. Just exactly who is Harrison Ford playing? How do Spencer and Jack Dutton work into the family tree , and how does any of that relate to leopard hunts and sheep wrangling? Don't worry, though: We've got you covered. Here are 8 key things we noticed watching the series premiere of 1923 .

Harrison Ford's character is Tim McGraw's character's brother

As the narrator lays out in the opening of 1923 (she might sound familiar — Elsa Dutton , who also narrated 1883 ) , Ford's character, Jacob Dutton, was called in to take over the family land after the death of McGraw's James Dutton in 1893. (If you recall, he ran afoul of some horse thieves in a Yellowstone season 4 flashback.) James' sons, Spencer and John, were just kids at the time, so it makes sense that James' widow, Margaret (Faith Hill), would want some help around the ranch and that she'd seek out family help. It's a little unclear what subsequently happened to Margaret, but given that it's been 30 years since the death of her husband and frontier living seems to be hard as hell, it's probably a fair assumption that she's left this mortal coil. 

So far, I'm also wondering what Jacob's backstory is and how he came to be this all-powerful cowboy and local badass, but hopefully, we'll come to find that out as the season rolls on. For now, let's just assume it's Dutton power.

We've actually met John and Spencer Dutton before

Unless you consulted IMDb before watching 1923 , you were probably a little confused about who was who. Jacob and Cara were easy enough to place, but what about the younger guys hanging around the ranch, or the gadabout shooting lions in Africa? 

As it turns out, that firebrand bush hunter is Spencer Dutton, who viewers of 1883 wouldn't recognize as James and Margaret's younger son because he just appeared in that one Yellowstone season 4 flashback scene. He served in WWI, clearly went through some stuff, and has subsequently been off trying to outrun his nightmares in Africa. In 1923 , Spencer is played by Brandon Sklenar, and given the events of episode one, we're interested to see where his whole story goes.

Meanwhile, his older brother, John Dutton Sr., has been at home holding down things on the ranch with his uncle, Jacob. John Sr. is played by the always great James Badge Dale, and you might have noticed him alongside his relation at the bar. He's got a fairly dirty cowboy hat on, and he's not as front-and-center as Ford, but one has to assume that Dutton Sr.'s story will get at least some play given that he's the patriarch of the line we've all come to know and love in Yellowstone . 

Here's the deal with the whole "soda shop" situation

The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect on January 17, 1920, and was intended to effectively end the sale, consumption, or distribution of alcohol in the United States. While it's now widely recognized as a failure given that it was repealed 13 years later and we certainly don't shy away from booze now, it's worth noting that many scholars agree that prior to the 18th Amendment, alcohol consumption was fairly out of control in much of the country, with more than a few people being hospitalized for alcoholism, liver-related medical problems, or because they'd hurt while drinking—or hurt by someone who'd been drinking. (Some scholars have suggested that the prevalence of widespread domestic violence pre-prohibition is one of the reasons why so many temperance activists were women.) Many men spent the majority of their time and paychecks in their local saloon , too, leaving their wives and kids to starve at home.

That's why, in 1923 , the bar Jacob and company go to while in Bozeman is a "soda shop," at least on the outside. Soda fountains experienced a huge boom during prohibition, as people looked for both something to do with their old bar space or just something to do with their free time. Soda jerks invented drinks like the Lime Rickey and now ubiquitous drinks like Coca-Cola started becoming more and more popular. While 1923 's soda shop is anything but once you walk through the doors, it's easy to see why the saloonkeeper would think the cover would at least give him some plausible deniability. 

A look back at Montana's Scotch-Irish history

Unless you're a Montana historian, you probably don't know about the robust influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants to the region in the late 1800s. Many Irish immigrants were drawn to the region during the Irish Potato Famine in the middle of the century, while others came later to work in the copper mines throughout the state. In Butte, for instance, at the turn of the 20th century, nearly a quarter of the town's population was made up of Irish immigrants, with many coming from Cork, Mayo, Donegal, Kerry, Cavan, and Wexford.

The Scots were also early immigrants to Montana, long before the region was truly settled by other European Americans. Many fur traders were of Scottish descent, as were people like Allan Pinkerton, who founded the detective agency that bears his name. Scottish investors also funded the Great Plains cattle boom of the 1880s, with a consortium of Dundee businessmen owning The Matador Land and Cattle Company, which ranched from Texas to Saskatchewan until about 1951. 

Many Scots were drawn to Montana in particular because of the promise of farmable land, since owning land was virtually impossible in their native country. Many of those farmers were also sheepherders, and by 1890 sheep were the most prominent stock being shipped into the state. Even today, though cattle make up the biggest part of Montana's livestock, sheep come in a close second.

What was with that gun-toting Helen Mirren in the opening? 

I'm a little fuzzy on why Helen Mirren 's Cara was stalking and killing some (presumably) bad guy toward the opening of the 1923 premiere, but I'm also not mad at it. She's long shown she's a badass, especially in movies like the Fast And The Furious franchise, so I hope that the show gives that 77-year-old woman a chance to raise hell on screen any chance they can.

And what is Jacob's role in local government?

Is he in livestock management, like Kayce? He has a star badge, so it seems like a solid assumption, but he could also be a sort of ranger, like James was. Either way, he seems important enough that he can get the town (and a whole board of ranchers) to listen to him, so we have to believe that speaking truth to power and seeming authoritative runs in the family.\

The long and brutal history of American Indian Boarding Schools

Over the past few years, a lot has been coming out about the history of Canada's reservation schools and the government has made a lot of moves toward reparations and atonement for the facilities, which basically committed cultural genocide on generations of First Nations people north of the border. 

As 1923 serves to remind us, the same thing was going on down here in America, too, though we haven't done nearly as much apologizing for it. There were more than 350 boarding schools for indigenous youth in America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, many of them run by various churches. By 1926, it's estimated that about 83 percent of native children were in boarding schools, a figure that's particularly staggering because it wasn't by choice: Hundreds of thousands of native children were forcibly taken from their homes, shipped hundreds of miles away, and forced to assimilate, lest they face beatings, starvation, or worse. As scholars have noted , many children never returned home from the schools and the U.S. government has yet to answer for those disappearances.

Getting attacked by a leopard is unsurprisingly pretty awful

During the 1923 premiere , Spencer is tasked with hunting and killing a leopard that's come sniffing around a safari camp in Kenya. (Why this camp didn't up and move all the people away is another story, but man's hubris knows no bounds.) As we see in the episode—spoiler alert!—leopards kill by pouncing on their prey, going for either the front or the nape of the neck, and then drag their prey up into a tree. 

There have been many man-eating leopards throughout the years (and that whole "once they get a taste of human blood" thing is true! ) and many, many people who didn't actually die from the initial attack later succumbed to infection after the leopard's teeth introduced nasty bacteria into their bloodstreams. So good luck, Spencer! Here's hoping that last shot looked worse than it actually was.

READ MORE:  The Newest Generation of 'Yellowstone' Duttons: A '1923' Character Guide

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9 things we predict will absolutely happen on the 'yellowstone' prequel '1923'.

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What Is 'Yellowstone' About? A First Timer's Guide to The Popular Western Drama

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The Newest Generation of 'Yellowstone' Duttons: A '1923' Character Guide

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1923 Episode 1 Recap: Will Spencer Die? Will He Return to the Yellowstone Ranch?

 of 1923 Episode 1 Recap: Will Spencer Die? Will He Return to the Yellowstone Ranch?

Paramount+’s Western drama series ‘1923’ is a new chapter in the origin story of the Dutton family. The series created by Taylor Sheridan is set after the events of ‘ 1883 ,’ focusing on Jacob and Cara Dutton, who led the Dutton family in the titular era. The premiere episode, also titled ‘1923,’ introduces viewers to Jacob and Cara while John Dutton and Spencer Dutton grow up to face their own battles. Meanwhile, the family faces several social, political, and economic challenges of their time and protects their family’s land from external threats. If you wish to catch up on the episode’s events, here is everything you need to know about ‘1923’ episode 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

1923 Episode 1 Recap

The series premiere episode, titled ‘1923,’ opens with Cara Dutton killing a mysterious man running away from her in the wilderness. A narration from Elsa Dutton explains that her mother, Margaret Dutton , died a year after her husband, James Dutton’s death . As a result, James’ brother, Jacob Dutton ( Harrison Ford ), and his wife, Cara Dutton ( Helen Mirren ), arrive in Montana and raise the couple’s children, John Dutton Sr and Spencer Dutton. The couple helped grow the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch but are facing a horde of problems due to the socio-economic turmoil in the nation. In Africa, James Dutton’s younger son, Spencer Dutton , works as a hired hunter and kills a lion troubling a local community. He served in the army during the First World War and suffered from PTSD.

safari guy 1923

Meanwhile, family patriarch Jacob Dutton, the Livestock Commissioner, loses a herd of cattle due to a Locust swap. At the town hall, Jacob oversees a complaint by Banner Creighton, a local sheep tender whose cattle were killed by one of the ranchers. However, Jacob accuses Banner of grazing his cattle on another person’s property. Banner argues that there are no pastures to feed their herd due to the drought. Nonetheless, Jacob passes judgment against Banner, leading to a confrontation between the two men outside the hall. Later, Jacob attends a meeting with the other bureaucrats of Montana, and they formulate a strategy to survive the drought.

At the Yellowstone Ranch , John’s son, Jack Dutton, is preparing to marry Elizabeth Strafford, a young woman from a ranching family. However, after Jacob returns home and reveals that he will be pushing the cattle up the mountains so that they can survive the summer, Jack decides to postpone the wedding. Elizabeth is disheartened and reacts badly to Jack’s decisions but comes to her senses after a pep talk from Cara. Elsewhere, at a Catholic Boarding School for Native Americans, a young woman named Teonna faces abuse at the hands of Sister Mary and Father Renaud.

After reconciling with Elizabeth, Jack prepares for the cattle drive with his father and grand-uncle. The ranchers plan to push the cattle up the mountains for three days, hold them there for a couple of days, and journey back in the final two days of their trip. The Dutton men bid farewell to their family and head into the pastures for the drive. On the other hand, Banner secretly plans to sabotage the Duttons and grazes his sheep in their pastures. However, Jack discovers the treachery. A mysterious figure shoots at Jack before he can convey the news to Jacob and John.

In Africa, Spencer travels to a safari camp on a new assignment. However, on the train, he experiences an episode of PTSD. Later, Spencer meets a British woman and her husband, who has recently arrived in Africa. Spencer reveals that he is at the camp to hunt down a leopard that is eating tourists. With the help of his crew, Spencer sets up a trap for the leopard using a goat but believes that the animal might seek more of a challenge. Meanwhile, Cara finishes her chores and worries about Spencer. She writes him a letter as Spencer prepares to kill the leopard.

1923 Episode 1 Ending: Will Spencer Die? Will He Return to the Yellowstone Ranch?

The episode’s final act sees Spencer traveling across Africa to deal with a leopard that is terrorizing a safari camp. Meanwhile, Cara is forced to face her emotions after the Dutton men leave the ranch for a week-long trip. Despite Jacob, John, and Jack not being home, the family member that Cara misses is Spencer. Therefore, she writes Spencer a letter. She asks Spencer about his well-being and wonders whether he will return home to his family.

safari guy 1923

Meanwhile, in Africa, Spencer sets a trap for the leopard. The episode establishes Spencer as a man troubled by his experiences in war. However, they also make him a capable hunter. Earlier in the episode, Spencer kills a lion, but he is almost killed in the process. In the end, Spencer sets up a similar trap to hunt down the leopard. However, Spencer’s crew warns him that a leopard is a much smarter predator than a lion.

At night, Spencer stays on the watch, waiting for the leopard to swoop in and take the bait. However, the leopard attacks the British woman near the camp. Spencer waits for the right moment to kill the animal as it eats its prey in the distance. Meanwhile, another leopard takes the bait. Spencer’s crew is alarmed and rushes to inform him. However, Spencer has already killed the leopard he believes is the threat. The other leopard attacks Spencer before he can walk away from the scene.

The episode ends without revealing Spencer’s fate. Moreover, Cara’s emotional letter to Spencer and imploration to come home imply that a tragedy is in the making for the youngest son of James Dutton. While it is unlikely that Spencer will die so early in the show, his grueling experiences in Africa might pave the road for his return to the Yellowstone Ranch. Nonetheless, viewers will have to stay tuned to receive a definitive answer about Spencer’s fate.

Read More: Where is 1923 Filmed?


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Where was 1923 filmed? Guide to all the filming locations in Montana & Africa

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren

The 1923 locations in Montana

1923 Montana

The 1923 locations in Africa

1923 Africa

Atlas of Wonders is looking for wonderful Filming Locations all around the world. We are constantly updating and improving our posts with new details and images. Follow us here:

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1923 - Season 1

safari guy 1923

The following weapons were used in Season 1 of the television series 1923 :

  • 1.1 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun
  • 1.2 Charles Parker 1878 Shotgun
  • 1.3 Winchester Model 1897 Trench shotgun
  • 2.1 Holland & Holland Double Rifle
  • 2.2 Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk. III*
  • 2.3 Mauser Gewehr 1898
  • 2.4 Springfield M1903
  • 2.5 Winchester Model 1894
  • 3.1 Thompson M1921AC
  • 4.1 Browning M1917A1
  • 5.1 Colt M1911
  • 5.2 Single Action Army
  • 5.3 Smith & Wesson Military & Police
  • 5.4 Webley Mk. VI

12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun

In "1923" (S1E01), Cara Dutton ( Helen Mirren ) uses what appears to be a hammerless 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun during a confrontation. The confrontation is later seen in "The War Has Come Home" (S1E03).

safari guy 1923

Charles Parker 1878 Shotgun

In "The Rule of Five Hundred" (S1E07), Hank Plenty Clouds ( Michael Greyeyes ) uses what appears to be a Charles Parker 1878 Shotgun during a confrontation.

safari guy 1923

Winchester Model 1897 Trench shotgun

Sgt. Spencer Dutton ( Brandon Sklenar ) uses a Winchester Model 1897 Trench shotgun during a flashback to World War I in "1923" (S1E01).

safari guy 1923

Holland & Holland Double Rifle

While hunting big game in Africa, Spencer Dutton ( Brandon Sklenar ) uses what appears to be a Holland & Holland Double Rifle .

safari guy 1923

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk. III*

In "The War Has Come Home" (S1E03), what appears to be a Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk. III* rifle is seen carried in Africa.

safari guy 1923

Mauser Gewehr 1898

German soldiers can be seen carrying Mauser Gewehr 1898 rifles in "1923" (S1E01).

safari guy 1923

Springfield M1903

American Expedition Force (AEF) infantry can be seen armed with M1903 Springfield rifles while fighting during World War I in "1923" (S1E01).

safari guy 1923

Winchester Model 1894

During a shootout, both Jacob Dutton ( Harrison Ford ) and John Dutton Sr. ( James Badge Dale ) use the Winchester Model 1894 rifle in "The War Has Come Home" (S1E03).

safari guy 1923

Submachine Guns

Thompson m1921ac.

What appears to be a Thompson M1921AC submachine gun is seen in the hands of Banner Creighton ( Jerome Flynn ) during a confrontation with Jacob and John Dutton Sr. in "The War Has Come Home" (S1E03).

safari guy 1923

Machine Guns

Browning m1917a1.

Sgt. Spencer Dutton uses the Browning M1917A1 machine gun during a flashback to World War I in "1923" (S1E01).

safari guy 1923

Sgt. Spencer Dutton uses a Colt M1911 pistol during a flashback to World War I in "1923" (S1E01). He pulls the pistol on a train conductor after awakening later in the episode. One of the guards with Donald Whitfield ( Timothy Dalton ) holds the Colt M1911 pistol in "Nothing Left to Lose" (S1E08).

safari guy 1923

Single Action Army

Several ranch hands employed by Jacob Dutton ( Harrison Ford ) are armed with what appear to be Single Action Army revolvers, including Zane Davis ( Brian Geraghty ), John Dutton Sr. ( James Badge Dale ) and Jack Dutton ( Darren Mann ).

safari guy 1923

Smith & Wesson Military & Police

Jacob Dutton ( Harrison Ford ) carries what appears to be an early model Smith & Wesson Military & Police revolver as his sidearm in the series.

safari guy 1923

Webley Mk. VI

An intruder holds a Webley Mk VI revolver during a confrontation in "1923" (S1E01).

safari guy 1923

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Guy Burgess: The Life of a Cold War Double Agent

By andrew lownie.

When Harold Macmillan , now the Prime Minister, visited the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in February 1959, Guy Burgess told Harold Nicolson that he was ‘able to give advice at a suitable level’ and remembered how he had once spent an evening with him at the Reform, where Macmillan ‘had listened – as who could not as it was my club – to my rantings’. And to Stephen Spender, he confided, ‘I was able to be a good deal of help to Macmillan during his visit. I wrote a report that he was in favor of friendship and should be trusted, whereas all the others wrote that he was a dangerous reactionary.’

Guy Burgesss

Guy Burgess used the opportunity of the visit to reiterate his desire for safe passage to see his sick mother, enlisting a host of former contacts to make his case, including Sir Patrick Dean, now Deputy Under-Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, who had accompanied Macmillan, telling him, ‘I will not make embarrassments for Her Majesty’s Government if they don’t make them for me. I will give no interviews without permission. I was grateful in the early days that Her Majesty’s Government said nothing hostile to me and I, for my part, have never said a lot of things that I could have said.’11 The implicit threat was there.

Guy Burgesse

The Randolph Churchill Call

He also rang Randolph Churchill , who was on the delegation as a journalist, and asked to see him. Randolph Churchill later wrote that Guy Burgess appeared in his room in Moscow’s National Hotel, introducing himself, ‘I am still a communist and a homosexual.’ To which Randolph replied, ‘So I had always supposed.’

Read more about how thousands of men are to be pardoned by the UK here

The government now began to look seriously at whether anything could be done if Burgess, whose passport had expired in 1958, chose to travel to Britain.The Attorney General Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller, reviewing the evidence against Burgess, concluded there was not enough evidence to prosecute him for spying under section one of the Official Secrets Act and only technical offences under section two had been committed. On 17 February the Cabinet discussed Burgess and thought it might ‘be advisable to require him, if he presented himself at a British port, to establish his identity and to prove that he had not become an alien by acquiring Soviet nationality’.

A Treasonable Act while in the Soviet Union?

David Ormsby-Gore, who now had Hector McNeil’s job as Minister of State at the Foreign Office, reported to the Cabinet on 25 February, ‘We cannot hope to obtain legal proof that Burgess has committed any treasonable act while in the Soviet Union or any seditious act . . . Indeed if he knew how little evidence we had, he would be more likely to be encouraged than deterred.’

The following day the Foreign Office informed the Moscow embassy they were not to extend any travel facilities to Guy Burgess and hoped he didn’t put the issue to the test. ‘The Cabinet considered the question of Burgess this morning. They were advised by the Attorney General that there are no (repeat no) grounds on which Burgess could be prosecuted by the Crown if he returns to this country. Nor are there any means of preventing him from returning if he is determined to do so.’

Guy Burgess seemed to be aware of the weakness of the case against him, writing to Harold Nicolson:

I won’t go into long details about the so-called ‘evidence’ of which you write except to say (what I know is the case) that so nervous are the authorities of what might happen if I come back that they drop deep hints to selected persons known to be in touch with me that there is evidence for a case. In private, I know that the authorities say to each other (as a senior British ambassador said to a friend of mine, not knowing he was a friend), ‘The trouble is we don’t know what we could do if he came back. There is no evidence.

A Pragmatic Guy Burgess

But Burgess was pragmatic. ‘I am bound to take into account that a case might be drawn up by the authorities I mention and to fight it would incur publicity and calling as witnesses all sorts of good friends to whom I have done enough harm already.’

It remained a lonely life, only enlivened by ‘chance’ meetings with foreign visitors. Patrick Reilly, who served in the embassy until August 1960, recalled, ‘Once he accosted a newly arrived American admiral, who was wearing a brand new Old Etonian tie, saying how interested he was to see that they had been at the same school.The admiral, much embarrassed, explained that he had just bought the tie in the Burlington Arcade, because he thought it pretty.’

Revealingly, when Paul Robeson, a former lover of Coral Browne and hero of Burgess, was taken ill in Moscow in the spring of 1959 and had to spend a month at a sanatorium, Burgess confessed to Browne he was ‘too shy to call on him . . . I always am with great men and artists. Not so much shy as frightened . . . tho’ I know that he is as nice as can be . . .’

Guys Burgess

Mischief with Journalists

Guy Burgess was now in regular touch with various journalists and enjoying the mischief he could make. Robert Elphick, Reuters correspondent in Moscow from 1958-62, remembered ‘Burgess at various parties in a grey suit, rather stained and baggy, and wearing an Old Etonian tie. He had usually had too much to drink but was lucid.’ Elphick once asked him if it had all been worth it. ‘“Well, we all make mistakes,” he replied.’  The Observer journalist, Edward Crankshaw, saw Burgess several times on a visit in January 1959. He reported to the Foreign Office:

I had better say at once that I had not been with him long before I understood what I had failed to see before. B’s brilliance and charm. . . I have never known anyone who flaunted his homosexuality so openly: whether he did this in England others will know. But he neither bullied one nor bored one with it. And once I got accustomed to this stage atmosphere I liked him much and finished up by being deeply sorry for him, although at no time did he exhibit self-pity or ask for sympathy. Only for the opportunity to talk and talk and talk . . .

ANDREW LOWNIE first became interested in the Cambridge Spy Ring when, as President of the Cambridge Union Society in 1984, he arranged an international seminar on the subject. After graduating from Cambridge University, where he won the Dunster Prize for History, Lownie went on to take a postgraduate degree in history at Edinburgh University. He is now a successful literary agent, and has written or edited several books, including a biography of John Buchan.

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The Daily Evergreen

  • June 1 Murrow students conclude storytelling in Greece after three weeks
  • May 22 Dave Cillay named interim chancellor of WSU Pullman
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  • May 2 In loving memory of Dash Dog
  • April 17 Wheatfield Underdogs: the story of the 2023–24 WSU MBB team

Safari Pearl celebrates 31 years in community

Moscow and Pullman regulars are the reason local game store is still open, owner says



“What used to be niche no longer is, what used to be entirely nerdy is now not quite so nerdy. I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say it’s hip and cool, but it’s pretty darn close,” Simmons said Saturday at Safari Pearl.

RACHEL KOCH , Evergreen reporter September 23, 2019

On Saturday in Moscow, Safari Pearl Comics celebrated 31 years of operation with a sidewalk sale. Displays of comics, board games, costumes and more sat on tables outside of the shop with two employees outside.

All the items outside were marked 31 percent off in honor of Safari Pearl’s anniversary.

Store founder Kathy Sprague left managing a restaurant in Seattle to open a comic shop in Moscow, where she grew up, she said.

“My first location was about the size of our bathroom here,” she said. “It was a mud porch in the front of a used book store. I started in this one tiny room with two long boxes of comics.”

Sprague first developed an interest in comic books in 1984 when she would go to a local comic book shop with a friend, she said.

“My best friend was flirting with the guy who owned the comic book store at the time. For her cover to go in and flirt with him, I would go in and buy comics,” she said. “They dated for a while, they broke up, and I own a comic store.”

Sprague and Tabitha Simmons co-manage Safari Pearl Comics.

“I’ve worked here off and on for 22 of our 31 years,” Simmons said. “I’m Kathy’s partner. We’ve been married for 25 years. She needed some help in the store, so I just stepped in and started helping.”

Simmons attributed the longevity of Safari Pearl Comics to its adaptability to meet the customers’ requests over time, she said.

She added that the comic industry is growing in popularity due to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, which has also opened people’s minds to try stereotypically nerdy things.

The UI football team came to Safari Pearl to buy miniatures for their new Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition campaign, she said.

“What used to be niche no longer is,” Simmons said. “What used to be entirely nerdy is now not quite so nerdy. I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say it’s hip and cool, but it’s pretty darn close.”

Simmons added that those who do not know as much about comics have no reason to feel nervous about entering Safari Pearl.

Another reason for Safari Pearl Comic’s longtime success is that it stands out in the industry, Sprague said.

“Our store is kind of unique,” she said. “It’s one of the older stores in the country at this point because we are 31 years old. I believe we are the only lesbian-owned comic book store in the country. We’re certainly the only 31-year-old lesbian-owned comic book store.”

Many of their regular customers have helped keep their business afloat thanks to the close relationships both Sprague and Simmons have formed throughout the years, Sprague said.

“I have a customer, I’ve watched his daughter grow from a toddler,” Sprague said. “She just finished her Ph.D. in economics.”

Sprague and Simmons also host an all-day Thanksgiving dinner at Safari Pearl in which people can come in and play board games, Sprague said.

Safari Pearl Comics is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and 12-5 p.m. on Sundays. It is located at 660 W. Pullman Rd. in Moscow.

Rachel Koch is a junior marketing major from Ridgefield, Washington. She enjoys watching old black-and-white horror movies in her free time.

Thrifty Grandmothers thrift shop ad

Terracotta Pullman opening Moscow location in May

You are still part of the Coug community even after graduation.

Ask Life: How to stay connected with alma mater after graduating?

Two KZUU 90.7 FM members at the radio station.

WSU radio station participates in Vinylthon

Dash Dog at a Seattle Mariners game.

Dash Dog, WSU’s ‘honorary mascot,’ recovers after two surgeries

Mattie, a cat at the Whitman County Humane Society before WCHS October 2023 cat campaign.

It’s raining kittens on the Palouse

Holi, or Festival of Colors, event guests posing after throwing colors.

Pullman celebrates Festival of Colors

Participants at a past Canine Canter 5K Fun Run.

Five kilometers of dogs

You can make plans to go Easter egg hunting with loved ones.

Ask Life: Plans to make for Easter?

Danh Pham conducting U.S. Army Bands Pershings Own.

Music festival to celebrate local youth, highlight musical talent

Diamond E.B. Porter posing for a headshot.

WSU professor-game developer makes games representing Black culture

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safari guy 1923

safari guy 1923

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Glier P. Romances. Series N1. Op.. 28, Live - we live., 1923, Moscow...

  • To view this video download Flash Player

Glier P. Romances. Series N1. Op.. 28, Live - we live., 1923, Moscow... Hardcover – January 1, 1923

We ship to worldwide destinations from worldwide origination points, including our overseas facilities. Shipping and handling charges are based on the actual weight. Buyers are advised to request a postage cost estimate before placing an order. Most orders are delivered by international mail within 30 days. For expedited shipping please contact us before placing your order

  • Publisher Moscow
  • Publication date January 1, 1923
  • See all details

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Product details

  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B075WF9J4Z
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Moscow (January 1, 1923)

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To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

No customer reviews

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  1. Damien James as Safari Guy

    safari guy 1923

  2. Character contest

    safari guy 1923

  3. Thomson Safari Guy

    safari guy 1923

  4. Das Dschungelbuch der Führungskräfte

    safari guy 1923

  5. '1923': Spencer Dutton Actor Brandon Sklenar Wrestled With a 200-lb

    safari guy 1923

  6. Safari guy

    safari guy 1923


  1. The Terrifying True Story Hidden in '1923's Africa Plotline

    Spencer is quick to retort that he was five years old when that happened. While something of a throwaway line, the Tsavo encounter was an actual historical event to which 1923 's African ...

  2. Which Dutton Family Member Is in Africa in '1923'?

    From 2021's 1883 to 2022's 1923, fans are taking to the franchise like a horse takes to oats.The latter spinoff is a star-studded prequel to Yellowstone and a sequel to 1883.. Starring Oscar nominee Harrison Ford (Blade Runner) and Oscar winner Helen Mirren (The Queen), 1923 features "a new generation of the Dutton family as they explore the early twentieth century in the mountain west."

  3. '1923': Why Is Spencer Dutton in Africa?

    Spencer is estimated to be in his mid to late 30s. When 1923 first introduces Spencer Dutton, he is living in Africa, stalking a ferocious lion that nearly gets the best of him. Spencer shoots the ...

  4. Who Is in Africa in 'Yellowstone' Prequel '1923?'

    1923 is the latest prequel series in Taylor Sheridan's growing Yellowstone universe, taking place 40 years after the events of 1883 and almost a century before present-day Yellowstone.The show ...

  5. '1923' Episode 1 Recap: The Dutton Family Tree, Explained

    Montana is just one of 1923 's two theaters. In Africa, Jacob's nephew Spencer is something of an assassin — the guy you send for when the big five come threatening your land. He and two ...

  6. 1923's Africa Storyline Is a Cinematic Masterpiece

    The end of 1923 's first episode bleeds into the beginning of the second, where Spencer took on a leopard and won all on his own. It's so cinematic in comparison to what is going on back at the ...

  7. 1923 (TV series)

    1923 is an American Western drama television series that premiered on December 18, 2022, on Paramount+. The series is a prequel to the Paramount Network series Yellowstone and serves as a sequel to the series 1883, with Isabel May reprising her role from the latter as narrator Elsa Dutton. In February 2023, the series was renewed for a second season of eight episodes.

  8. Where Did 1923 Film Its African Scenes?

    These scenes were shot on-location in Africa. Thankfully, all of the African scenes from "1923" were genuinely shot in Africa, as confirmed by actor Brendan Sklenar during an interview with ...

  9. 1923 season 1, episode 1 recap: '1923' recap: Prequel sets up future

    Warning, spoilers for the '1923' series premiere ahead! Drought, locusts, sheep herders, and even African wildlife threaten the Dutton clan. Read more on EW's recap.

  10. 8 Important Things To Pay Attention To In the Premiere of '1923'

    Getting attacked by a leopard is unsurprisingly pretty awful. During the 1923 premiere, Spencer is tasked with hunting and killing a leopard that's come sniffing around a safari camp in Kenya ...

  11. 1923: Who is Brandon Sklenar? Meet the actor who plays ...

    Actor Brandon Sklenar dons the role of Spencer Dutton in Taylor Sheridan's new Yellowstone prequel, 1923, which was released on Paramount+ on Sunday, December 18, 2022.

  12. Is 1923 Filmed in Africa? Explained

    Here's everything you need to know about the same! '1923' is filmed in the US, Malta, and the African countries of South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, with a stopover in Kabul, Afghanistan. The African portions of the first season of the series were filmed amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2022. " […] you saw six thousand sheep, three ...

  13. '1923' Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Spencer Dutton

    "1923" began with a banger of an episode where nothing is subtle or calm anymore. There is violence waiting to erupt, and it has been showcased rather fiercely by Taylor Sheridan, who so far has been successful in churning out brilliant and realistic westerns sans unnecessary drama. It is a delight to watch Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren ...

  14. 1923 Episode 1 Recap: Will Spencer Die? Will He Return to the

    Paramount+'s Western drama series '1923' is a new chapter in the origin story of the Dutton family. The series created by Taylor Sheridan is set after the events of '1883,' focusing on Jacob and Cara Dutton, who led the Dutton family in the titular era.The premiere episode, also titled '1923,' introduces viewers to Jacob and Cara while John Dutton and Spencer Dutton grow up to ...

  15. Where was 1923 filmed? Guide to all the filming locations in Montana

    Image courtesy of Paramount Network - Map. In the Yellowstone series, the fictional Dutton Ranch was filmed at the historic Chief Joseph Ranch, built between 1914 and 1917 in Darby, Montana. In 1923, we can see the evolution of the buildings at an early stage of development, with some images created via CGI. Image courtesy of Paramount Network ...

  16. 1923: Lightning Love (Larry Semon, Kathleen Myers & Oliver Hardy)

    LIGHTNING LOVE.....Larry is the suitor for the hand of a charming young lady whose father favors a big rough guy. Almost the entire action takes place inside...

  17. 1923

    Sgt. Spencer Dutton uses a Colt M1911 pistol during a flashback to World War I in "1923" (S1E01). He pulls the pistol on a train conductor after awakening later in the episode. One of the guards with Donald Whitfield ( Timothy Dalton) holds the Colt M1911 pistol in "Nothing Left to Lose" (S1E08). Colt M1911 Pistol - .45 ACP.

  18. Guy Burgess: The Life of a Cold War Double Agent

    Image is courtesy of the book Stalin's Englishman. Guy Burgess was now in regular touch with various journalists and enjoying the mischief he could make. Robert Elphick, Reuters correspondent in Moscow from 1958-62, remembered 'Burgess at various parties in a grey suit, rather stained and baggy, and wearing an Old Etonian tie.

  19. Safari Pearl celebrates 31 years in community

    On Saturday in Moscow, Safari Pearl Comics celebrated 31 years of operation with a sidewalk sale. Displays of comics, board games, costumes and more sat on tables outside of the shop with two employees outside. All the items outside were marked 31 percent off in honor of Safari Pearl's anniversary. Store founder Kathy Sprague left managing a ...

  20. Glier P. Romances. Series N1. Op.. 28, Live

    Op.. 28, Live - we live., 1923, Moscow... Skip to main content.us. Delivering to Lebanon 66952 Update location Books. Select the department you want to search in. Search Amazon. EN. Hello, sign in. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Cart All ...

  21. Amazing Journey around Moscow, Kremlin Wall; Russia

    #Sancharam #Siberia #SafariTV #Santhosh_George_Kulangara #Lal_JoseStay Tuned : https://www.safaritvchannel.com Enjoy & Stay Connected With Us !!---...