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Star Trek: Discovery

Wilson Cruz, Robinne Fanfair, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Blu del Barrio, Sonequa Martin-Green, David Ajala, and Mary Wiseman in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien. Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien. Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.

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Nichelle Nichols and Sonequa Martin-Green at an event for Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

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Did you know

  • Trivia The Starfleet vessels seen in the first season, including the Discovery, the Shenzou and the redesigned Enterprise, were all designed by production artist John Eaves. Eaves' work with Star Trek spans three decades. Probably his most notable contribution was the design of the Enterprise-E for Star Trek: First Contact (1996) .
  • Goofs With Michael being the adoptive sister of Spock, the series has many flashbacks to their childhood and upbringing on Vulcan. Spock's Vulcan half-brother, Sybok, does not appear nor is mention during these scenes. In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) , Spock says that he and Sybok grew up together. However, since it's never stated when Sybok joined Sarek's home - only that he did so following his mother's death - or when he was exiled from the family, it's not impossible Sybok moved in after Burnham, and left before she graduated (the two extremes of the flashbacks). Also, since Sybok was never mentioned before Star Trek V, it seems reasonable the family never spoke of him again after his estrangement.
  • Alternate versions The serif-font legends and subtitles in the "broadcast" episodes are absent from the DVD versions, where they are replaced with the standard DVD subtitles.
  • Connections Featured in MsMojo: Top 10 Female Lead TV Shows You Should Be Watching in 2017 (2017)

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  • Do I need to have seen any previous Star Trek TV series and movies in order to be able to understand and follow this show?
  • Does this series take place in the alternate timeline of Star Trek (2009), or the timeline we are all used to from TOS?
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What ultimately happened to the USS Discovery in the 'Star Trek: Discovery' series finale?

Strangely, the Star Trek: Discovery ship's far-future fate was revealed in 2018 'Short Trek' episode 'Calypso'.

The USS Discovery from Star Trek: Discovery

What happens to Discovery at the end of season 5?

How is the uss discovery sentient.

  • What happens next?
  • What is Zora's final mission?

Over five seasons of "Star Trek: Discoverywe got to know Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery, but the show's final scene is reserved for its eponymous starship. In the series finale " Life, Itself ", self-aware computer Zora fires up the spore drive for the final time to embark on one last mission. 

We still have no idea why she's given a top-secret Red Directive to wait indefinitely at these particular coordinates, but a 2018 " Short Trek " episode "Calypso" has already revealed the next stage of her journey. Here's what's in store for Zora and Discovery a millennium down the line — watch out for spoilers. (And if you need a refresher on all things Trek, check out our Star Trek streaming guide for how to watch nearly every series on Paramount Plus .)

star trek ship discovery

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Catch up on the adventures of Michael Burnham and the crew of the Discovery on Paramount+. As the home of Star Trek, signing up means you'll also get access to an enormous library of other Star Trek shows and movies.

Admiral Michael Burnham in Star Trek Discovery Season 5, Episode 10

Several decades after the Discovery crew tracked down the Progenitor technology — long enough for Admiral Michael Burnham and Cleveland Booker to see their son, Leto, rise to the rank of Starfleet captain — the ship is assigned one final mission.

Burnham arrives on the bridge to give the ship's sentient computer, Zora (voiced by Annabelle Wallis), her briefing. "I'm going to bring you to a set of coordinates in deep space," explains the admiral. "Then me and your crew will leave. After that, you wait."

"For what?" Zora asks, but she doesn't get a definitive answer. 

"This is a Red Directive; we both know how transparent those are," replies Burnham, referring to the beyond-classified instructions that have become the mysterious Dr. Kovich's stock-in-trade. "I did hear a word in passing," the admiral adds. "'Craft'. I'm not sure if that's a person or a vessel or…"

That word will prove to be important, but as Burnham correctly predicts, she'll be long gone when Zora finds out what it means.

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After this emotional farewell, Discovery is waved off by an armada of Starfleet vessels and a few bars of Alexander Courage's iconic " Star Trek " theme. Then, Zora fires up the spore drive and jumps away to her mystery destination. 

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An Illustration of the USS Discovery, the titular starship in Star Trek: Discovery.

Starships often come to feel like characters in their own right, but never has this been as true as it is for Discovery.

Zora is much more than some glorified Siri or Alexa substitute, thanks to Discovery's 23rd century computer merging with hundreds of thousands of years of data collected by an ancient alien Sphere. Discovery was protecting this precious information when it jumped forward to 3189. 

The newly created super-computer gradually develops sentience, emotions and a personality, and decides to name herself Zora (which means "dawn" in several Alpha Quadrant languages). She's eventually recognized as a lifeform in her own right, and awarded the rank of Specialist by Starfleet.

What happens next? And what does it have to do with 'craft'?

A scene from Star Trek Short Trek

Not a lot. For around 1,000 years, Zora sits and waits at the designated coordinates, getting some "alone time" inside some kind of interstellar storm cloud. Then she runs into an escape pod with a sole occupant — a man who calls himself Craft. 

This "reluctant" soldier (played by Aldis Hodge) hails from Alcor IV, and has spent the last decade at war with the V'draysh, which — based on comments from criminal boss Zareh in " Discovery" season 3 — appears to be a Pidgin word for the Federation. (This may explain why the enemy vessel Craft has commandeered contains an extensive collection of Earth cartoons from "the long ago".)

During their time together, Zora introduces Craft to tacos, the concept of Tuesday, and her favorite movie, 1957 Audrey Hepburn/Fred Astaire rom-com "Funny Face." She falls in love with the visitor, but he ultimately departs in the hope of finding his wife and son. She refuses to give him a lift home in Discovery, however, reasoning that she has to maintain position to complete her mission.

All this was revealed in 2018 "Short Trek" episode "Calypso", though back then — before season 2 had aired — we had no idea that Discovery would depart for the 32nd century, that the Sphere data would help Discovery's computer evolve into Zora, or that Burnham (then a science officer) would be promoted to captain. These days "Calypso" makes a lot more sense. 

So what exactly is Zora's final mission?

Dr. Kovich, played by David Cronenberg, in Star Trek Discovery.

Beyond waiting for a long, long time, that remains unclear. But, seeing as her mission has top secret Red Directive status, it's pretty much certain that Dr Kovich — now revealed to be Temporal Agent Daniels of " Star Trek: Enterprise " fame — has a plan for Zora, and that her bumping into Craft is no accident. 

But whoever she encounters next, it's sure to have major ramifications for the galaxy — and perhaps beyond. Burnham promised a "new beginning" for Zora when she eventually comes back. Who knows what that might mean…

All five seasons of 'Star Trek: Discovery' and the 'Calypso' 'Short Trek' are now available to stream on Paramount Plus. To find out where to stream every other Star Trek movie and show, check out our Star Trek streaming guide .

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Richard's love affair with outer space started when he saw the original "Star Wars" on TV aged four, and he spent much of the ’90s watching "Star Trek”, "Babylon 5” and “The X-Files" with his mum. After studying physics at university, he became a journalist, swapped science fact for science fiction, and hit the jackpot when he joined the team at SFX, the UK's biggest sci-fi and fantasy magazine. He liked it so much he stayed there for 12 years, four of them as editor. 

He's since gone freelance and passes his time writing about "Star Wars", "Star Trek" and superheroes for the likes of SFX, Total Film, TechRadar and GamesRadar+. He has met five Doctors, two Starfleet captains and one Luke Skywalker, and once sat in the cockpit of "Red Dwarf"'s Starbug.  

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star trek ship discovery

Star Trek Discovery Final Mission

Star Trek: Discovery Ending: Where Does Burnham Take the Ship at the End?

By Jason Faulkner

At the end of the final episode of Star Trek: Discovery , there’s a time jump, and we find that now-Admiral Burham is taking the USS Discovery on a final mission . Many viewers are likely wondering why the ship has been returned to its original configuration, who or what “Craft” is, and what the point of abandoning it could be. However, we already got the answer to this question all the way back in 2018.

Where does Burnham take the USS Discovery at the end of the series?

Star Trek Discovery Where Does Burnham Take Discovery in the End

In the last episode of Star Trek: Discovery, Burnham takes the ship to an unknown location and leaves it there. The purpose behind this is so that one day a man named Craft will discover it and be saved by the supplies onboard.

We can see the story of what happens to the USS Discovery a thousand years later in the Short Trek episode “Calypso.” In it, Craft is adrift in an escape pod when he finds the Discovery. Zora, the ship’s AI, brings him aboard and tends to his needs before eventually falling in love with him. However, Craft desires to return to his family, and Zora outfits him with the ship’s remaining shuttlecraft. After he leaves, the Discovery remains in position, waiting for the Federation to eventually recover it.

Why does the Discovery get refit?

Star Trek Discovery Ship Abandoned

Before it leaves on its final voyage, the USS Discovery is refitted to its original configuration. We’re not given an in-universe explanation for why this happens. Quizzically, neither Burnham nor Zora comment on the process during their conversation at the end of the episode.

However, we know the out-of-universe explanation for Discovery reverting to its prior form. “Calypso” premiered shortly before the second season of the show. At this point, the jump to the future wasn’t planned. So, the ship remained in its 23rd-century form despite the episode taking place thousands of years in the future. So, to maintain continuity, the Discovery had to be returned to its original design in the final episode.

Jason Faulkner

Jason Faulkner is Evolve Media's Evergreen SEO Manager. On a typical day, you can find him working desperately trying to get late-1990s/early-2000s PC games working at 4K and 16:9 ratio without crashing.

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Inside the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Series Finale: The Last-Minute Coda, the Surprise Easter Eggs, and What Season 6 Would Have Been About (EXCLUSIVE)

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery steaming on Paramount+, 2023. Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+.

SPOILER WARNING: This story includes descriptions of major plot developments on the series finale of “ Star Trek : Discovery,” currently streaming on Paramount+ .

Watching the fifth and final season of “ Star Trek: Discovery ” has been an exercise in the uncanny. Paramount+ didn’t announce that the show was ending until after the Season 5 finale had wrapped filming — no one involved with the show knew it would be its concluding voyage when they were making it. And yet, the season has unfolded with a pervasive feeling of culmination. 

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“I think there’s more to it than just, ‘Oh, it was a coinkydink!’” the actor says with a laugh, before explaining that she’s thinking more about subtext than direct intent. “I’ve gotta give Michelle her flowers. She has always asked the deeper questions of this story and these characters. Those questions of meaning and purpose led to questions of origin and legacy, and, yes, that is quite culminating.”

Martin-Green and Paradise spoke exclusively with Variety about filming the finale and the coda, including the surprising revelation about the origins of one of “Discovery’s” most memorable characters and what Paradise’s plans for Season 6 would have been.

“It’s the Most Complicated Thing I’ve Ever Seen”

Once the “Discovery” writers’ room decided the season would be organized around a search for the Progenitor’s technology, they also knew that, eventually, Burnham would find it. So then they had to figure out what it would be.

“That was a discussion that evolved over the course of weeks and months,” Paradise says. Rather than focus on communicating the intricate details of how the technology works, they turned their attention to delivering a visual experience commensurate with the enormity and complexity of something that could seed life across the entire galaxy.

“We wanted a sense of a smaller exterior and an infinite interior to help with that sense of power greater than us,” Paradise says. Inspired in part by a drawing by MC Escher, the production created an environment surrounded by towering windows into a seemingly endless procession of alien planets, in which it’s just as easy to walk on the walls as on the floor. That made for a daunting challenge for the show’s producing director, Olatunde “Tunde” Osunsanmi: As Burnham battles with the season’s main antagonist, Mol (Eve Harlow), inside this volume, they fall through different windows into another world, and the laws of gravity keep shifting between their feet.

“It’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever seen, directorially,” Paradise says. “Tunde had a map, in terms of: What did the background look like? And when the cameras this way, what’s over there? It was it was incredibly complex to design and shoot.”

Two of those planets — one in perpetual darkness and rainstorms, another consumed by constant fire — were shot on different parking areas on the Pinewood Toronto studio lot.

“The fire planet was so bright that the fire department got called from someone who had seen the fire,” Paradise says. “It should not be possible to pull those kinds of things off in a television show, even on a bigger budget show, with the time limitations that you have. And yet, every episode of every season, we’re still coming in on time and on budget. The rain planet and the fire planet we shot, I believe, one day after the other.”

Martin-Green jumps in: “Michelle, I think that was actually the same day!”

“It Felt Lifted”

The last time a “Star Trek” captain talked to a being that could be (erroneously) considered God, it was William Shatner’s James T. Kirk in 1989’s “Star Trek: The Final Frontier.” The encounter did not go well.

“I had my own journey with the central storyline of Season 5, just as a believer,” Martin-Green says. “I felt a similar way that Burnham did. They’re in this sort of liminal mind space, and it almost felt that way to me. It felt lifted. It really did feel like she and I were the only two people in this moment.”

It’s in this conversation that Burnham learns that while the Progenitors did create all “humanoid” alien species in the galaxy in their image, they did not create the technology that allowed them to do so. They found it, fully formed, created by beings utterly unknown to them. The revelation was something that Martin-Green discussed with Paradise early on in the planning of Season 5, allowing “Discovery” to leave perhaps the most profound question one could ask — what, or who, came first in the cosmos? — unanswered.

“The progenitor is not be the be all end all of it,” Paradise says. “We’re not saying this is God with a capital ‘G.’”

“There’s Just This Air of Mystery About Him”

Starting on Season 3 of “Discovery,” renowned filmmaker David Cronenberg began moonlighting in a recurring role as Dr. Kovich, a shadowy Federation operative whose backstory has been heretofore undisclosed on the show.

“I love the way he plays Kovich,” Paradise says of Cronenberg. “There’s just this air of mystery about him. We’ve always wanted to know more.” When planning Season 5, one of the writers pitched revealing Kovich’s true identity in the (then-season) finale by harkening back to the “Star Trek” show that preceded “Discovery”: “Enterprise,” which ran on UPN from 2001 to 2005.

In the final episode, when Burnham debriefs her experiences with Kovich, she presses him to tell her who he really is. He reintroduces himself as Agent Daniels, a character first introduced on “Enterprise” as a young man (played by Matt Winston) and a Federation operative in the temporal cold war. 

This is, to be sure, a deep cut even for “Star Trek” fans. (Neither Cronenberg nor Martin-Green, for example, understood the reference.) But Paradise says they were laying the groundwork for the reveal from the beginning of the season. “If you watch Season 5 with that in mind, you can see the a little things that we’ve played with along the way,” she says, including Kovich/Daniels’ penchant for anachonistic throwbacks like real paper and neckties.

“I didn’t know that that was going be there,” Martin-Green says. “My whole childhood came back to me.”

“We Always Knew That We Wanted to Somehow Tie That Back Up”

Originally, Season 5 of “Discovery” ends with Burnham and Book talking on the beach outside the wedding of Saru (Doug Jones) and T’Rina (Tara Rosling) before transporting away to their next adventure. But Paradise understood that the episode needed something more conclusive once it became the series finale. The question was what.

There were some significant guardrails around what they could accomplish. The production team had only eight weeks from when Paramout+ and CBS Studios signed off on the epilogue to when they had to shoot it. Fortunately, the bridge set hadn’t been struck yet (though several standing sets already had been). And the budget allowed only for three days of production.

Then there was “Calypso.” 

To fill up the long stretches between the first three seasons of “Discovery,” CBS Studios and Paramount+ greenlit a series of 10 stand-alone episodes, dubbed “Short Treks,” that covered a wide variety of storylines and topics. The second “Short Trek” — titled “Calypso” and co-written by novelist Michael Chabon — first streamed between Season 1 and 2 in November 2018. It focuses on a single character named Craft (Aldis Hodge), who is rescued by the USS Discovery after the starship — and its now-sentient computer system, Zora (Annabelle Wallis) — has sat totally vacant for 1,000 years in the same fixed point in space. How the Discovery got there, and why it was empty for so long, were left to the viewer’s imagination. 

Still, for a show that had only just started its run, “Calypso” had already made a bold promise for “Discovery’s” endgame — one the producers had every intention of keeping.

“We always knew that we wanted to somehow tie that back up,” says Paradise, who joined the writers’ room in Season 2, and became showrunner starting with Season 3. “We never wanted ‘Calypso’ to be the dangling Chad.”

So much so, in fact, that, as the show began winding down production on Season 5, Paradise had started planning to make “Calypso” the central narrative engine for Season 6. 

“The story, nascent as it was, was eventually going to be tying that thread up and connecting ‘Discovery’ back with ‘Calypso,’” she says.

Once having a sixth season was no longer an option, Paradise knew that resolving the “Calypso” question was non-negotiable. “OK, well, we’re not going to have a season to do that,” she says. “So how do we do that elegantly in this very short period of time?”

“I Feel Like It Ends the Way It Needed to End”

Resolving “Calypso” provided the storytelling foundation for the epilogue, but everything else was about giving its characters one final goodbye.

“We want to know what’s happening to Burnham, first and foremost,” Paradise says. “And we knew we wanted to see the cast again.”

For the latter, Paradise and Jarrow devised a conceit that an older Burnham, seated in the captain’s chair on Discovery, imagines herself surrounded by her crew 30 years prior, so she (and the audience) could connect with them one final time. For the former, the makeup team designed prosthetics to age up Martin-Green and Ajala by 30 years — “I think they were tested as they were running on to the set,” Paradise says with a laugh — to illustrate Burnham and Book’s long and happy marriage together.

Most crucially, Paradise cut a few lines of Burnham’s dialogue with Book from the original Season 5 finale and moved it to a conversation she has with her son in the coda. The scene — which evokes the episode’s title, “Life Itself” — serves as both a culminating statement of purpose for “Discovery” and the overarching compassion and humanity of “Star Trek” as a whole.

To reassure her son about his first command of a starship, Burnham recalls when the ancient Progenitor asked what was most meaningful to her. “Do you know how you would answer that question now?” he asks.

“Yeah, just being here,” Burnham replies. “You know, sometimes life itself is meaning enough, how we choose to spend the time that we have, who we spend it with: You, Book, and the family I found in Starfleet, on Discovery.”

Martin-Green relished the opportunity to revisit the character she’s played for seven years when she’s reached the pinnacle of her life and career. “You just get to see this manifestation of legacy in this beautiful way,” she says. “I will also say that I look a lot like my mom, and that was that was also a gift, to be able to see her.”

Shooting the goodbye with the rest of her cast was emotional, unsurprisingly, but it led Martin-Green to an unexpected understanding. “It actually was so charged that it was probably easier that it was only those three days that we knew it was the end, and not the entirety of season,” she says.

Similarly, Paradise says she’s “not sure” what more she would’ve done had there been more time to shoot the coda. “I truly don’t feel like we missed out on something by not having one more day,” she says. “I feel like it ends the way it needed to end.”

Still, getting everything done in just three days was no small feat, either. “I mean, we worked ’round the clock,” Martin-Green says with a deep laugh. “We were delirious by the end — but man, what a way to end it.”

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Den of Geek

Star Trek Discovery Ending Explained and How the Finale Connects to “Calypso”

Exclusive: Star Trek Discovery showrunner Michelle Paradise breaks down the series finale and what the ending means for Michael Burnham and her crew.

star trek ship discovery

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Star Trek Discovery Ending Explained

This Star Trek: Discovery article contains spoilers.

After five seasons, Star Trek: Discovery , the series that launched a new era of Star Trek programming on television, has come to an end with the finale “Life, Itself.” Leaning heavily on the science fiction action and prominently connecting with Star Trek elements introduced in the ‘90s, Discovery ’s fifth and final season brought the adventures of Starfleet officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) to a satisfying close. That conclusion includes a coda that was added after the creative team learned Discovery would not be renewed for a sixth season. The additional scenes were filmed to provide the finale with greater closure.

At the helm of the fifth season was Michelle Paradise, who has been an executive producer on the series since the second season and co-showrunner, with series co-creator Alex Kurtzman , since Discovery season 3. Paradise recently sat down with Den of Geek to go in full spoiler-y detail on wrapping Discovery and shares how far development on a potential sixth season had progressed before the team discovered they would not proceed with more episodes.

What Happens in the Star Trek: Discovery Series Finale

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 was largely driven by a scavenger hunt across the cosmos, with Captain Burnham and the USS Discovery following clues to recover technology from the Progenitors, a mysterious ancient race that seeded all known humanoid life in the galaxy eons ago. Unfortunately, the Discovery was not alone in this race, with the wanted criminal Moll and the Breen, a vicious alien race introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , looking to recover the technology for themselves. Racing toward the finish line in the finale, Burnham and Moll (Eve Harlow) both entered a pocket dimension where Burnham spoke with a holo program of a Progenitor, not only obtaining a data drive from them but learning that the Progenitors created life from ancient technology they discovered from another unknown race.

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In the end, Burnham not only convinced Moll to stand down but her new first officer Rayner (Callum Keith Rennie) and the crew outmaneuvered the Breen warship, and though a quick analysis of the data revealed it could change all life in the galaxy, Burnham respected the Progenitors’ wishes by deciding to not share it with the Federation. Burnham’s Starfleet superior, Doctor Kovich (David Cronenberg), was understandably annoyed by this but understood and respected her reasoning. In return, Kovich revealed his real identity as Agent Daniels , a time-traveling Starfleet officer introduced in Star Trek: Enterprise .

Returning home for the coda section of the finale, the crew assembled to celebrate the wedding of Saru (Doug Jones) and Ni’Var President T’Rina (Tara Rosling) where Burnham and her paramour Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala) also rekindled their romance. In an epilogue decades into the future that ties into the beloved Short Trek “Calypso,” an older Admiral Burnham sent off the Discovery and its sentient ship computer Zora (Annabelle Wallis) on an important mission. To commemorate its send-off, Zora was joined by holograms of the Discovery crew in their prime in one emotional final farewell.

Pivoting to a Series Finale After Discovery Was Canceled

Principal photography on Star Trek: Discovery season 5 wrapped in November 2022 with the initial expectation that the series would be renewed for a sixth season. However, Paramount+ and CBS Studios announced the fifth season of Discovery would be its last in March 2023, with additional scenes filmed the following month. For Paradise, this chance to wrap the story in a more satisfying way and tie up loose ends was a unique one that she and the rest of the creative team greatly appreciated.

“It’s a rare opportunity, so we remain so grateful to Paramount+ and CBS Studios for letting us do that, because it almost never happens,” Paradise says. She and Kurtzman were joined by fellow series writer Kyle Jarrow to develop a coda for the entire series, which evolved into the flash-forward of Burnham launching the Discovery for its final voyage. Paradise notes the idea of having the Discovery crew in their prime appear on the bridge for the last goodbye was something Kurtzman had in mind for a while.

“Alex pitched that scene on the bridge,” Paradise confirms. “I don’t know how long he had that in his mind, but it didn’t start this season. He’s had that in his head for I don’t know how long. It’s just so beautiful and so emotional. Getting to see everybody as they are now feels like it gives the audience an opportunity to say goodbye to all of our beloved characters.”

Paradise wanted the coda to be anchored by two characters in particular, Burnham and the Discovery itself, through the personified perspective of Zora. With Burnham as “the heart and soul” of the show, Paradise wanted to provide her with a coda that confirmed and detailed her happy ending. This extended to the closing scene on the bridge conveying to the audience that “Burnham and Book are okay, our crew is okay, and Zora and Discovery are also okay.”

Connecting to Star Trek’s Past: The Breen, the Progenitors, and Agent Daniels

The 32nd century setting of Discovery that began with the show’s third season allowed the creative team to remix familiar elements of the Star Trek mythos. For season 5, the story connected directly and prominently not only with the Breen—we finally learned what they looked like under those creepy helmets—but the Progenitors, a race only seen in a one-off sixth season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation . Although both the Breen and Progenitors appearing memorably in classic Star Trek series, Paradise felt they were relatively blank canvases to fill out creatively in writing Discovery season 5.

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“All we really knew about the Breen is that they were scary bad guys that had these really interesting suits that they wore,” Paradise reflects, noting they were simply known for being visually striking adversaries in DS9 . “We didn’t know much about them but, when you invoke the name of the Breen, you shudder a little bit. Getting to bring them into the season, just the name itself tells us that these are going to be formidable bad guys for our heroes, but didn’t want to just make them bad guys. It was also an opportunity to learn more about their culture.”

The Progenitors not only gave Discovery season 5 its MacGuffin but created a greater sense of mystery and tied into the season’s deeper existential themes of belonging and meaning. Paradise explains that the dark matter anomaly crisis in season 4 was analogous with COVID, leaving the crew searching for direction, with the theme highlighted by the Progenitor mission.

“It just felt right that all of our characters would be in that place, going on those journeys in different ways, but all exploring similar things,” Paradise observes. “It felt like having the Progenitors be a piece of that really spoke to the journey that they’re all on.”

The other big connection to past Star Trek series in Discovery season 5 was the unveiling of Kovich’s identity as Agent Daniels, a Temporal agent from the 31st century who encountered Captain Jonathan Archer in the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise . Inspired by David Cronenberg’s performance as Kovich, Paradise felt he added “layers upon layers” to the character and story and wanted to pay that off in a big way with the fifth season, even before learning that Discovery would not be renewed.

“Very early on, we knew we were going to have to answer the backstory of this character and who he is and that it had to be worthy of the character himself and the way David plays him,” Paradise recalls. “A couple of our writers who are very familiar with Star Trek: Enterprise suggested Daniels and the minute they did, all of our heads exploded a little bit because it just felt like that makes sense. We knew, coming into this season, that we wanted to answer that in what, at the time, we thought was the season finale.”

Tying Up Loose Ends, Discovery Season 6, and the “Calypso” Connection

Apart from the reveal of Kovich’s true identity and background, the other major plot thread that Paradise wanted to resolve was the timeline discrepancy created by the Star Trek: Short Treks episode “Calypso.” The short episode, released before the Discovery’s time jump to the 32nd century, revealed that at some point Zora had been without a crew for nearly a millennium when the ship encountered a lost soldier in the vastness of space. Before ending the series, Paradise wanted to tie up this loose end and clearly set up the events of “Calypso.”

“We always knew we were going to have to answer in the series somehow,” Paradise explains. “Finding a way to address that within the coda in a way that would feel satisfying for people who had seen [ Star Trek: Short Treks ], but not feel distracting or confusing for people who didn’t know it. Finding a way to satisfy both sides of the audience, it felt like our audience, even if they don’t know Short Treks , they’re now familiar with the ‘Red Directive’ term.”

Even though Paradise hadn’t initially planned for Star Trek: Discovery ending with its fifth season, plans for a potential sixth season had not substantially been formed by the time she learned Discovery would not be continuing. For Paradise, the important thing was that the show got the opportunity to resolve its biggest outstanding plot thread in its final scene.

“In terms of a possible season 6 and how we would’ve mixed things up further moving forward, I can’t really answer that because we didn’t really get farther down the road,” Paradise admits. “We were in the very early stages of thinking what a season 6 might be when we found out that season 5 would be our last.”

Even if Discovery season 6 will only ever exist in our imaginations, at least we got a moment to say a proper goodbye to our beloved crew before the end.

Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream on Paramount+.

Sam Stone

Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The USS Discovery You Need To Know

There are no free rides on this ship.

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery was initially pitched to CBS by creator Bryan Fuller as Star Trek's answer to American Horror Story: An anthology series set in the future, exploring different starships and different cosmic eras each season.

While that idea was shot down in favor of a more traditional, single-setting, serialized drama, Star Trek: Discovery has explored new terrain and new settings each year.

Season one began aboard the USS Shenzhou before making the leap to the more advanced USS Discovery... which itself has weathered a war with the Klingons, flown through an evil fascistic alternate reality, planet-hopped in a MacGuffin-based space chase, and now made a huge quantum leap into a future timeline.

But with all these strange new worlds sought out by our heroes Michael Burnham, Commander Saru, and company, what do we know about the titular vessel herself? As the Crossfield-class starship leaps from the 23rd to the 32nd century, we're here to shed a little blue-tinted light on the secrets of the USS Discovery.

10. Crossfield Class

Star Trek Discovery

The USS Discovery is the first of her class to appear on screen in the Star Trek Universe, debuting a full three episodes into Star Trek: Discovery's first season. Named for the American test pilot of the X-15 hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft, Albert Scott Crossfield, the Crossfield-class starship is Starfleet's newest, most advanced vessel when we're introduced to her in "Context is For Kings".

Fitting her namesake, the Crossfield-class USS Discovery (along with her doomed sister ship the USS Glenn) is a testbed for advanced technology, namely the displacement-activated spore hub drive pioneered by Discovery's engineer, Lieutenant Paul Stamets.

While the Constitution-class USS Enterprise may be considered the cream of the Federation crop during this era in the Star Trek Universe, even Enterprise's own officers were wowed by Discovery – Lieutenant Nhan observing to Captain Pike in "Brother" that this ship is "where the Federation puts its pennies."

I played Shipyard Bar Patron (Uncredited) in Star Trek (2009).

Memory Alpha

Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection

Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection is a monthly British partwork magazine and product line that premiered on 31 January 2018 and is published by Eaglemoss Collections under its Hero Collector imprint.

A sister publication of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection , Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D , and Star Trek Online Starships Collection partworks, it is authorized and licensed by CBS Consumer Products , debuted simultaneously in the US and the UK, and is marketed to a number of countries worldwide.

Products are available through subscription (where applicable [1] ), through the company's international webshops, and from many other retailers, including Diamond Comic Distributors , Anovos , and ThinkGeek/GameStop . [11] [12]

Each standard issue includes a (roughly) six to ten inch-long (150 to 240 mm-long) hand-painted [2] scaled replica of a starship from the Star Trek: Discovery series. Cast in ABS and die-cast metal , a number of starship designs have been reproduced here (as miniatures) for the first time by any manufacturer. Available separately, larger Special Edition starship models, metallic resin dedication plaques , dedicated magazine binders, and a figurine have been produced. Gift premiums have also been released to subscribers.

Ben Robinson , the project's senior manager, and his team, under the supervision of John Ainsworth , utilize the original CGI studio models provided by Pixomondo for reference, once they have been approved by CBS Studios and Secret Hideout , the show's primary production companies, and the VFX team. [13] [14] [15] [16]

Robinson and Ainsworth have their longtime Official Starships Collection associate Fabio Passaro convert these models into LightWave 3D , Eaglemoss' software package of choice, as the production-used models are created in Autodesk Maya and must be re-texturized, rescaled, and modified for 3D printing. Passaro then converts these 3D models into CAD files. [17] [18] [3]

At the Holinail Group, Eaglemoss' manufacturing partner in China, [19] these files are converted into the CAD format used by the factory and tooling masters are created. Two-dimensional renders of the ships are frequently used for the publication's illustrations by its editors in the UK, and each sixteen-page A5 format magazine (measuring 168 × 217 mm, [4] half the size of those of the preceding Official Starships Collection ) fits within the printed cardboard boxes that the models are presented in.

The magazines are co-authored and co-edited by Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley , and Matt McAllister . Production stills, concept art, and newly-created orthographic views are utilized extensively, and new interviews with DIS starship designers including William Budge , Goran Delic , Ryan Dening , JD Dickenson , John Eaves , Sam Michlap , Thomas Pringle , and Scott Schneider were conducted.

Some of the magazine content was published by Eaglemoss under the Hero Collector imprint, and was distributed by Penguin Random House in two hardcover mass-market reference books from the Star Trek: Shipyards series, within the Starfleet Ships 2151-2293 and The Klingon Fleet volumes. [20]

Also incorporating some of this material, the Star Trek: Discovery Designing Starships volume of the Designing Starships book series features every starship from Discovery 's first season and was published in September 2019 . [21]

Transition to the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection [ ]

In July 2020, the company announced that this product line (and subscriptions) would be suspended after the release of (numbered) issue 33, due to production delays with the third season of the show and the resulting lack of new CG assets.

In October 2020, Eaglemoss further reported that it had plans to release more starship models from DIS in a future starships line, combined with ships from Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds .

It was subsequently named the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection which debuted in March 2021 . [22] pursuant the institution of the Star Trek franchise 's " Star Trek Universe" all-under-one-roof franchise umbrella concept at the start of the year. The company has revealed a number of forthcoming 32nd century Federation starship models from the third season of DIS for the new partwork, which superseded this line. [23] Subscription services for the original line were terminated, and customers who wanted to continue with their collection had to take out a new subscription on the Universe collection.

Until July 2022, larger XL Edition models featuring starships from Discovery continued to be released within the originating Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection . In 2018, the Discovery version of the USS Enterprise actually debuted in that side collection as the very first ship from the new show.

  • 1 Transition to the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection
  • 3 Bonus Edition issues
  • 4 Special Edition issues
  • 5 Magazine binders
  • 6 Dedication plaques
  • 8 Gift premiums
  • 9.1 Unused/cancelled Klingon designs
  • 11.1 Footnotes
  • 11.2 See also
  • 11.3.1 Official sites
  • 11.3.2 Collector sites

Bonus Edition issues [ ]

The USS Glenn , the line's sole convention-exclusive registry variant model, was produced in a limited edition of 500 units (worldwide) [16] and was available for purchase at the 2018 Official Star Trek Convention , New York Comic Con, and the Destination Star Trek Birmingham convention. Later in the year, a small number were also briefly made available to the public by Eaglemoss' UK and US webshops. Each ship was retailed with the USS Discovery 's magazine and stand.

Initially available exclusively as a subscriber gift premium, the ISS Shenzhou , a registry variant of the USS Shenzhou model, later became available as a retail product from Eaglemoss' webshops. Contrary to the first bonus issue, a magazine was not included with this model.

Special Edition issues [ ]

Considerably larger than the standard releases, Special Editions are also available to the general public from company webshops and other retailers, and are not automatically sent to subscribers.

Before it was released as a 215 mm-long model with issue 12 of this partwork (see above), a 259 mm-long "XL Edition" model of the USS Enterprise (as it was seen in DIS ) debuted in the first starship collection . Larger XL Edition models of the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou were also released in that collection, and a refitted XL USS Discovery -A is planned.

Magazine binders [ ]

Star Trek Discovery Official Starships Collection binder

"Mini-binders" (measuring 167 × 244 × 45 mm) store ten of the magazines and were made available to US subscribers but had not been retailed to the general public through the company's webshops, despite the company's stated plans to do so at the partwork's debut.

One binder however, was provided as a free bonus gift with the third shipment to early subscribers, following the below-mentioned unexpected delays with the release of the first few starships and gift premiums. [18]

Additional binders were also automatically sent to some European subscribers in 2020, close to the conclusion of the Collection' s release in the region. [19]

Dedication plaques [ ]

Scaled replicas of starship dedication plaque are cast from metallic resin and were previously distributed as subscriber gift premiums.

Originally released as a subscriber gift premium in February 2019, the company also distributes this scaled figure through its international webshops and other retailers.

Gift premiums [ ]

Gift premiums were provided to subscribers at specific subscription milestones, and the models did not include companion magazines. As seen above, a number of these products also became available to the general public from Eaglemoss/Hero Collector webshops and other retailers. The enamel pins were previously released by FanSets .

Scaling, size, and contents info, cover scans, and some graphics courtesy of Wixiban's Star Trek Collectables Portal [24] *Starship length as measured from bow to stern , where applicable.

Background information [ ]

Star Trek Official Starships Collections on display

A collector's display of releases from the first two Starships Collection s

  • Determined to bring the collection to market while Discovery 's first season was being streamed for the first time (and managing to do so with issue 1), the company faced challenges due to " (...)delays in receiving assets from the licensor and the subsequent impact on production schedules, " according to the letter that early subscribers received with the second issue, informing them of a temporary suspension. Robinson tweeted on 19 February 2018, " Shenzhous are almost all shipped. It’s been a huge push to get them out this quickly. Discos will follow. Then a little break. We just couldn’t get them made any faster. " [25] As stated above , the third issue came with a free binder as appeasement for the delay. The binder had not been part of the subscriber gift premiums lineup.
  • Translations of some Klingon language starship names appeared on a poster that was sent to subscribers: bortaS bir (Cold Revenge), Chargh (Conquer), 'etlh (Blade), Jach (Scream), Qaw' (Destroy), Qoj (War), Qugh (Disaster), Sech (Torch), and Veqlargh (Demon).

USS Gagarin

  • A render of the USS Gagarin appeared on the poster but was replaced in the collection by the USS Kerala , another Shepard -class ship. Robinson and Eaves had not been able to confirm whether further intended modifications to the original studio model had been made, prior to its on-screen appearance as the Gagarin . [26]
  • In August 2018 , the project manager announced that the USS Buran , another Cardenas -class vessel, had replaced the USS Yeager in the lineup.

Eaglemoss Star Trek Discovery Starships Collection promo

Promo for the first issue

  • In 2018, Eaglemoss first partnered with Simon & Schuster for a US contest to cross-promote the Collection and the first three Discovery novels. [28] (X)

Unused/cancelled Klingon designs [ ]

Appearing in promotional materials, six more Klingon starship designs were identified as upcoming models but were in the end not released as issues of this partwork. Regarding the prospective and eventual release of these ships in the Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection followup partwork, Ben Robinson revealed, "The plan is definitely to do more. To be honest, these Klingon ships don’t sell brilliantly so we’ll work our way through the Picard , Disco and SNW ships first. Starfleet and lead ships sell better so are always the priority but with any luck we’ll circle back round." [29]

This actually reflected the criticism classic Trekdom had leveled against the total re-imagining of Klingon culture by the Discovery showrunners, which included the complete abandonment of adherence to established classic Klingon starship lineage design. Incidentally, the intense fan criticism forced the showrunners to dine on ashes by backtracking on their ill-conceived intents (see here in this regard) which resulted among others in the unplanned yet speedy introduction of a D7-class battlecruiser, redesigned along more traditional lines, which quickly received its own outing in the Collection as issue 26. Early in Discovery , the D7-class was a differently configured vessel and was renamed to Sech -class for intended inclusion in the Collection , only to became one of the cancelled issues instead.

Still, and while not in the Collection itself, all these designs did find their way into Eaglemoss' in-universe Star Trek: Shipyards - Klingon Fleet reference book , an indication that much of the editorial work for the planned accompanying magazines had already been completed.

BortaS bir-class

Gallery [ ]

Early prototypes at the 2017 Las Vegas con

Appendices [ ]

Footnotes [ ].

  • ↑ Contrary to the preceding Official Starships Collection , non-British EU customers were allowed to take out a subscription through the UK website, if a local official website was not available to them in their home countries, which had been the case with countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, among others.
  • ↑ The models are painted freehand and with the use of paint masks (templates), alongside pad and tampo printing processes. The earliest prototypes are 3D printed in resin and, once approved by Eaglemoss and CBS, are manufactured using a variety of injection, vacuum, and compression molding techniques. [1]
  • ↑ Pixomondo-created CG models that Fabio Passaro's Meshweaver Productions has converted and re-texturized for the Collection , as identified online, include issue 1-19, issue SP1, and the Tardigrade figurine. [2] [3] [4] Featured on his website in the Summer/Autumn of 2019, [5] (X) in late 2019 Passaro opted (for unknown reasons) to delete all renders of his Discovery work from his website's "Eaglemoss: Trek Little Ships", pages 5, 6, and 7, and replace them with his later work for the Official Starships Collection .
  • ↑ The concurrently running " Battlestar Galactica : The Official Ships Collection " utilized this size for the magazine component of its partwork as well.
  • ↑ A larger "XL Edition" model of the USS Discovery was also released in the first starship collection in 2020.
  • ↑ The sticker on the base of the Qoj class model's stand has "Klingon Veqlargh Class" printed on it, and this had apparently been the intended class name in production circles, as Pixomondo's production CGI model, built by Victoria Passariello , was actually endowed with the designation. [6]
  • ↑ A larger (259 mm-long) version of the DIS USS Enterprise model was released in the first starship partwork in late 2018 with a different magazine.
  • ↑ The dimensions of the "real" Festoon are not given in the magazine so the model's scale is based on an length of 388.26 meters, as provided by (the ship's designer) Ryan Dening to Wixiban's Star Trek Collectables Portal in October 2019. [7]
  • ↑ Both of the Klingon Raider's "wings" are stored separately within the box that the model is shipped in, and fit into slots on the model's fuselage for display. When placed on its stand, the assembled model is 180 mm tall. As of August 2019, it is the first ship model from either Starships Collection to have a small hole made in it to accommodate its stand.
  • ↑ The length of the "real" Klingon Raider is not stated in the magazine so scale was based on an estimate of 11 meters.

USS Hiawatha wreckage on screen

Hiawatha hull with registry and Starfleet Medical logo

  • ↑ The length of the "real" USS Hiawatha is not printed in the magazine, but was established as 599.5 meters, as provided by the ship's designer, Ryan Dening to Wixiban's Star Trek Collectables Portal in October 2019. [9]
  • ↑ The length of the "real" Beacon of Kahless ' length is not stated in the magazine and was estimated at 120 meters.
  • ↑ The dimensions of the Landing Pod reflect the ship as displayed with its struts extended, and stands 145 mm tall. The ship measures 145 mm long × 90 mm high without the struts attached.
  • ↑ The Federation tugs seen onscreen in DIS did not have registries or names rendered onto their hulls. Alex Kurtzman assigned the "USS Zimmerman " name and NCC-1616 registry for the Eaglemoss model, following a request by CBS' John Van Citters and Ben Robinson. [10] Unlike the magazine's title, the model's box is labeled USS Zimmerman NCC-1616.
  • ↑ Eight units of the limited edition USS Glenn model were damaged at the warehouse and were deemed unfit for release to the last eight customers who had ordered them from the UK's online shop. Besides providing a full refund, an I.O.U. for a free future convention-exclusive starship, and a handwritten apology, the company sent (at least) one unpainted production prototype of an earlier starship model to each of the affected customers.
  • ↑ The ISS Charon model features internal electronic lighting that replicates the ship's super-mycelial reactor , and is powered by a CR927 coin cell battery that is not included with the issue.
  • ↑ An accompanying letter made it clear that the binder was specifically meant as a compensation, and that the binder was not originally part of the gift line-up.
  • ↑ After the October 2020 announcement of this line's conclusion and its transition into the Star Trek Universe collection, some European subscribers started to receive binders from issue 30 onward. The automatic shipping of the binders to these subscribers was viewed as somewhat questionable as (unlike the standard gifts), they were not free and costs were automatically deducted from subscriber accounts that had given Eaglemoss permission to do so during sign-up. Still, and even while some subscribers received binders they had not ordered, it was likely that few would have objected as the binders were never offered for sale in the webshops, despite the company's stated intent to do so in 2018-19. It was not until June 2022 – long after the collection had been suspended – that the binder became available for general sale on the webshop sites, albeit for a very short time only as Eaglemoss went bankrupt less than two months later.

See also [ ]

  • Star Trek starship miniatures
  • Star Trek model kits

External links [ ]

Official sites [ ].

  • Eaglemoss.com (X) – defunct official international webshop
  • HeroCollector.com – official collector portal (still live, but no longer maintained as of 6 July 2022)
  • Coleção Star Trek (X) – defunct official Brazil webshop
  • Star Trek Starships  at Facebook - defunct
  • Star Trek: Discovery Starships  at YouTube – official YouTube channel with model turnaround videos (live, but no longer maintained)
  • Ben Robinson (project manager) at X (formerly Twitter)
  • Meshweaver.com – CG artist Fabio Passaro's portfolio galleries including work for Eaglemoss

Collector sites [ ]

  • HeroCollector Star Trek & Sci Fi Collections Fan Group  at Facebook – unofficial fan forum
  • Wixiban.com – comprehensive series guide and the primary provider of cover scans and scaling information for this article
  • Geekology  at YouTube – Star Trek Official Starship Collection videos playlist
  • Irish Trekkie  at YouTube – Star Trek: Discovery Starships video playlist
  • Some Kind of Star Trek – Star Trek: Discovery - The Official Starships Collection articles
  • Trek Collective Lists – Star Trek: Discovery - The Official Starships Collection index
  • The Official Starships Collection articles and reviews at TrekCore
  • 1 USS Voyager (NCC-74656-A)
  • 2 Daniels (Crewman)
  • 3 Star Trek: Prodigy

The Entire Star Trek: Discovery Timeline Explained

Captain Michael Burnham Reacting

For a series ostensibly about exploring the galaxy and meeting new lifeforms in the hopes of sharing knowledge and resources, there sure is a lot of time travel in "Star Trek." It's been present from the very beginning, as even Kirk and crew visited the past multiple times . Two of those adventures resulted in the iconic episode "The City on the Edge of Forever" and "Star Trek 4: The Adventure Home."

Modern "Star Trek" adventures have embraced this aspect of the universe, as time travel was also the direct cause of the Kelvin Timeline featured in the 2009 "Star Trek" film and its sequels. When the Romulan Nero traveled back in time and destroyed the USS Kelvin, killing James Kirk's father, he accidentally contributed to the creation of a new universe running parallel to the prime timeline. Ultimately, time travel has become every bit as important to "Star Trek" as exploration.

"Star Trek: Discovery" is no exception to this. Initially a prequel series set ten years before the original series, it soon became a sequel set further into the future than any other "Star Trek" installment. Time travel tends to muddy the narrative progression of a story, so we will be looking at where "Star Trek: Discovery" started to shed some light on where it ended up. Here is the entire "Star Trek: Discovery" timeline explained.

A visit to Talos

"Star Trek: Discovery" is set ten years before what is now referred to as "Star Trek: The Original Series." However, one episode of "The Original Series" actually occurs before "Discovery." In many ways, it is the beginning of the entire "Star Trek" franchise. While most viewers back in the late '60s probably remember it as the story told in the exciting two-parter "The Menagerie," which reuses the footage captured for the original "Star Trek" pilot called "The Cage."

We have to begin here because these events play a crucial role in "Star Trek: Discovery" Season 2. "The Cage" sees the Enterprise crew, led by Captain Christopher Pike, visiting Talos IV, encountering a strange alien race. These are the Talosians, telepaths who experience life by manipulating beings they keep in their menagerie. By forcing Captain Pike to endure multiple illusions of their creations, they hope to understand love, anger, fear, excitement, and other emotions they forfeited by choosing to further develop their mental abilities.

Years later, after Captain Pike temporarily assumes command of the USS Discovery, he is forced to revisit Talos IV to cure Spock of his current mental disorder. Not only is it a chance to save Spock's life, but it also allows Pike to seek out closure regarding his past experiences on the planet.

The Battle at the Binary Stars

"Star Trek: Discovery" officially begins with a huge two-part story called "The Vulcan Hello" and "The Battle at the Binary Stars." This is where we meet the star of the show, Commander Michael Burnham, the first officer of the USS Shenzhou. While most "Star Trek" shows tend to be ensemble pieces, "Discovery" belongs to Burnham and it is her arc that we follow.

This opening episode sees Starfleet encountering Klingons for the first time in about a century. An extremist group of Klingons led by the xenophobic T'Kuvma engaged in a devastating battle with the USS Shenzhou after an altercation with Burnham resulted in the death of one of their own. This opening battle becomes a war between the Federation and the Klingons, the effects of which are still being felt during "The Original Series" and the six original "Star Trek" movies .

Following this battle, Michael Burnham is stripped of her rank and sentenced to life in prison — which leads to the true beginning of the show.

Six months later

Following Michael's sentencing, the show jumps ahead six months. While being transferred to a new prison, there's an emergency and the Discovery arrives to save her. While on the ship she meets its captain, a dark and elusive man named Gabriel Lorca, and its crew. She also reunites with her old friend from the Shenzhou, Commander Saru. Healing their relationship following her mutiny is a major part of the first two seasons of "Star Trek: Discovery." 

Lorca believes that Michael's knowledge and experience could be of some use to them on the Discovery, so he invites her to unofficially join them as a specialist. The reasons behind Lorca's decision to go out of his way to save her, and why he wants her working with him on the Discovery, is another major element to the first season. His character comes off as a little strange right away, as Starfleet captains tend to be fairly approachable and diplomatic. However, Lorca is intimidating, conniving, and a little too adept at war to fit the typical captain archetype.

Taking Control

To correctly understand the timeline of "Star Trek: Discovery," we next need to dive into some events that are revealed during Season 2 but take place in Season 1. 

Section 31 is the secret Black Ops division of the United Federation of Planets . They operate in the shadows, carrying out missions the Federation doesn't want to be made public. They feature heavily in "Star Trek: Discovery" and its second season. Following the events of "The Battle at the Binary Stars," Section 31 starts using a threat assessment artificial intelligence called Control in the hopes of preventing wars.

The idea is the Federation would give Control information regarding potential threats, and Control would then provide suggestions on how to proceed. As often happens in science fiction when artificial intelligence is involved, things go haywire when Control decides it no longer needs human beings to implement its suggestions. Instead, it assumes "control" of human beings to enact its agenda. This leads to the massive time jump the USS Discovery would take into the future during the end of Season 2.

Into the Mirror Universe

The USS Discovery has an experimental new system called a spore drive. It allows the Discovery to travel along a microscopic network spread throughout the universe, effectively making instant travel possible. It's an incredibly complex system, one that Forbes notes was inspired by a real-life mycologist, which can be used to break the barriers between realities.

The idea is proposed to astromycologist Commander Paul Stamets by Captain Gabriel Lorca. Stamets is considering leaving Starfleet, but Lorca convinces him to stay on to try one final experiment to see if it truly is possible to visit alternate realities. The experiment works, and the entire crew of the USS Discovery is transported into the classic evil dimension of the "Star Trek" universe — the Mirror Universe .

In the "Star Trek" Mirror Universe the heroes are villains and the villains are heroes, and it is soon revealed that this is where Lorca is from. He arrived in the prime timeline, took over the original Gabriel Lorca's life, and orchestrated events to unite with Michael Burnham — who was his lover in the mirror universe — and use the spore drive to return to his universe and overthrow Emperor Georgiou.

While the time the crew spends in the mirror universe might seem brief, it turns out that nine months pass during that time. 

Nine months later

When Gabriel Lorca dies in the mirror universe, the crew of the USS Discovery returns to their native universe — but they've brought the emperor with them. 

One of Michael Burnham's defining character traits is parental issues. She lost her human parents at a very young age. She was then adopted by the Vulcan Sarek and his human wife, Amanda. They raised her on Vulcan with their son Spock, effectively making her Spock's human step-sister .

Although she tried to live like a Vulcan, her human emotions were far too powerful. As a result, when she joined Starfleet and was assigned to serve on the USS Shenzhou, she gravitated to its human captain Phillipa Georgiou, seeing her as a maternal figure. Tragically, Georgiou died in the Battle of the Binary Stars, and the guilt of her loss has tortured Burnham ever since. Upon arriving in the mirror universe and finding another Georgiou, she can't help but try and bring her back to the prime timeline, hoping to correct her biggest regret.

Back in the prime timeline, they discover that nine months have passed and the war has not been going well. Discovery is boarded by Sarek and Admiral Cornwell, who informs the recently-returned crew that the Klingons have almost won the war.

The mystery of the Red Angel

By the end of Season One, the Klingon War is over, and there is an uneasy peace between the two sides. However, the crew of the Discovery doesn't have long to reflect on these events, as they soon encounter the Enterprise and are boarded by Captain Christopher Pike. Pike has been directed to temporarily assume command of the Discovery to research red burst anomalies that have been popping up all over the galaxy.

The red bursts are caused by an entity referred to as the Red Angel. The identity of this entity and the reasons for its actions are complex but intimately related to Michael. It turns out that there are two Red Angels — one is Michael Burnham's mother, Gabrielle, and the other is Michael herself. The form of the angel is actually a suit capable of traveling through time developed by Michael's parents as a project for Section 31.

At some point, Gabrielle decides to use the suit to escape an attack from Klingons but winds up in the distant future. She sees that the AI system Control has taken over the galaxy, so she uses her suit to jump around in time in the hopes of preventing Control from evolving and spreading across the galaxy. Michael then uses the suit to send signals that appear as red bursts for the crew of the Discovery to follow, defeat Control, and travel to the future.

The all-knowing Sphere

Season 2 of "Star Trek: Discovery" is full of big, wild ideas that could serve as the basis for a film or an entire series. The first, of course, is the threat of Control. The second is the Red Angel. The third is a sentient, planet-sized lifeform called the Sphere.

This Sphere has spent hundreds of thousands of years exploring the galaxy, collecting information and experiences. It has existed for such a long time that it is now dying. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, it doesn't want to be forgotten, so it transfers its memory to the Discovery's computers.

As wonderful a find as this is, it is also incredibly dangerous. When Airiam, a cybernetic member of the Discovery crew, is infected by a future version of Control, she is directed to transfer all the sphere data on artificial intelligence to the current form of Control. With that information, Control will be able to gain full sentience and take over the galaxy — just as seen in Spock's vision from the Red Angel.

Defeating Control

For any "Star Trek" fans upset that "Star Trek: Discovery"  takes place 10 years before "The Original Series" but the technology is significantly more advanced — or that Spock never mentioned having a human step-sister — their fears were partially quelled when the ship made the jump ahead almost one thousand years.

By the end of Season 2, Control was defeated, the mystery of the Red Angel was solved, and the need to get the sphere data to a safer time period arose. With the data merging to Discovery's computers, the decision was made not to try and delete the data but take it into the future. Using the Red Angel suit, Michael Burnham drags the USS Discovery into a time in a future not yet explored by the "Star Trek" franchise .

Once Discovery is gone, the Federation decides to clear the ship's existence from all Starfleet records and never speak of it, the crew, or its mission again. Thus, Michael Burnham is never mentioned, nor is the Discovery or its experimental spore drive. 

The future of Starfleet and the Federation

The jump to the future is successful, but Michael arrives there alone. Since she was towing the ship, not riding in it, the trip was different for her. Immediately upon arriving, she rams into a ship piloted by Cleveland Booker before being pulled in by a nearby planet's gravity, regaining control of the Red Angel suit only seconds before splattering on its surface.

At first, she is panicked that Discovery won't answer her call but is soon thrilled by the knowledge that there is life on this planet. She eventually meets Cleveland Booker and discovers that the Federation barely exists anymore. The reason for its diminished size and influence was something called the Burn. In the 31st century, nearly every warp core installed in Federation ships exploded, wiping out swaths of life and nearly destroying the Federation. Exactly what caused this "burn" is the central mystery of Season 3. 

One year later

In this new world, where dilithium is more precious than ever, Michael travels the galaxy, trading it for goods and services. She spends an entire year recording her experiences and searching for any sign of the Discovery. Finally, her search efforts pay off, and she is reunited with her crew. In a completely new headspace, Michael isn't sure about serving on the Discovery any longer. True, she earned back her respect and rank but is she is more interested in solving the mystery of the Burn and restoring the Federation rather than limiting herself to a single ship.

By the end of Season 3, the mystery surrounding the Burn is solved, the Federation is in the early stages of reconnecting with its lost members, and Michael joins the crew of the Discovery again. This time, however, she isn't a specialist or a first officer — she is the captain. 

Season 4 is still set in the 32nd century and Michael is now known as Captain Michael Burnham. Her arc mirrors the real-life arc of the show. She started as a first officer who lost everything and worked her way back to a command position, while "Star Trek: Discovery" began life as a prequel with a dubious connection to canon and became a sequel that takes the franchise to brand new heights.


Star Trek Discovery Ship- Everything We Know About It

By: Author Brad Burnie

Posted on Published: February 9, 2022  - Last updated: November 11, 2022

Star Trek Discovery Ship- Everything We Know About It

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Since its launch in 2017, the Star Trek Discovery show has taken the world by storm. For many fans, the obsession also includes the fantastic Star Trek Discovery ship.

The Star Trek Discovery ship has a befitting name given its significant role in the show. It’s the main instrument that carries the characters into the beckoning future.

The ship was operated by the Federation Starfleet and was characterized as a Cross-field class ship . All this took place in the 23 rd century when the first in command was Captain Gabriel Lorca. Its leadership would later shift to Christopher Pike.

It so happened that the ship time traveled from the 23 rd century into the 32 nd, where it went through a retrofit lasting three weeks.  After that, it changed missions with a new registry under the leadership of Captain Saru.

You can get cool replicas of the magnificent Star Trek Discovery ship online. An example is Star Trek Discovery NC-1031 Ship Replica . (before the refit)

416XmyOlkQL. SL250

Red Alert Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Ship history: manufacting.

Earth was the origin of the Star Trek Discovery ship from the San Francisco Fleet Yards, to be precise. It had a motto borrowed from Galileo stating, “ All things can be understood once they’re discovered; the point is to discover them. ” This also inspired its name.

The year was 2256 when this was the most exquisite ship to come from the Fleet Yards equipped with the latest technology. Everyone was in awe about all its features, and it outshone other ships existing at the same time.

Nonetheless, this was a designated mission vessel from the start due to its Crossfield-class starship . It had 136 crew members on board, but the following year the numbers shot to 200. The increase came about because of the war between the Federation and Klingon in 2257 .

The change in crew numbers took place at this volatile time, especially during the Red Angel investigation. The ship’s discrete nature ensured about 300 top-secret scientific missions that hadn’t been done before.

Besides, the ship had all it needed for these missions, including field testing capabilities due to the experimental spore drive. Even though not all scientific missions were done by the end of 2256, the Star Trek: Discovery ship has set a new pace. Also, it set a precedent for perfecting the ability to traverse galaxies in a flash.

Nonetheless, the ship kept testing this ability slowly in a bid to perfect it into a drive system. That they could rely on at any moment in time.

Additionally, the USS Discovery stuck to its purpose since it was built from nothing to become a testing spore drive for scientific missions. However, all the sensitive and top-secret missions it undertook had to be backed by high-security measures on board. It used a more compartmentalized system for security , which wasn’t the norm with other ships at the time.

To top off security, the ship has a detailed security team with guards standing at all restricted points where only those authorized could access.

The Star Trek Discovery Ship During the Federation-Klingon War

Klingon Ship Battle

Captain Gabriella Loca took charge of the “ Discovery” ship during the war between Klingon and the Federation. Despite the need for more weaponry, the ship stuck to its scientific mission though they now became top secret

Under Captain Loca , the Discovery performed black ops research, which would supply the Federation with quality technologies and weapons. However, it went on a prisoner rescue mission half a year after the war broke out. The mission was to rescue the over-run shuttle SPT21 under attack from Species GS54, which occurred during an interstellar storm.

In the rescued shuttle were prisoners who were being transported. A notable figure was Commander Michael Burnham. His rescue benefited the Discovery when Captain Loca brought the commander on board and gave him a role as a specialist on the ship.

Later on, episode, Corvan 2 sent a distress call to the Discovery, stating it was under attack from the Klingons. It was time to test out the spore jump that the ship had been trying out, but the mission almost went sideways.

The jump brought the “ Discovery ” ship too close to a star, but it eventually made it to Corvan 2. This achievement was thanks to the crew’s willingness to use the tardigrade as a conduit to make the jump and save the colony from the Klingon.

The next mission was when the ship was under the command of Saru ( first officer ) after Lorca was captured. Saru was up to rescue the Captain from the Klingons using the tardigrade as a live computer to navigate. The jump put Discovery smack in the middle of the Klingon world, but it hurt the tardigrade, which couldn’t jump back without risking serious injuries.

To save the mission and not harm the creature, Lieutenant Stamets took part in the tardigrade DNA and injected himself. The move saw the Discovery rescue Captain Lorca together with other captured grew then return to space.

At some point, the Discovery launched an attack on a Terran flagship. This was done by flying through the flagship’s superstructure, which destroyed the super-mycelial reactor. It was the primary power source for the flagship, and its destruction produced enough energy to power the spore drive for the Discovery.

The energy caused the Discovery to overshoot its destination, and it came back later after staying away for nine months. At that time, the Federation was under the mercy of the Klingon, who had captured plenty of its territory. It came back to Earth under the temporary command of Admiral Cornwell but had to warp away after finding it under the command of Klingons.

Now was the time to use the Discovery as a weapon to attack the Klingon home planet, Qo’nos , since they were now encroaching around Earth. After a Starfleet election on the matter, the mission was set. The Federation sought Emperor Philippa Georgiou’s partnership.

The plans were in motion, and the Discovery became the next ship to visit this Klingon world since Captain Jonathan Archer’s time. Jumping to Qo’nos wasn’t an easy fit as the planet has heavy security measures to detect any enemy approaching or encroach in its territory.

This forced the Discovery to jump into a dead volcanic cavern that had the right size to hide the massive ship under the planet’s surface. A landing party went ahead with the planned attack and finally defeated the Klingon in their home turf, concluding the mission.

Now the war was over, and the Discovery returned to Earth where its crew was honored and then ordered to head to Vulcan.

51Rw1AsqyjL. SL160

Another example of a cool collector’s replica of the Discovery ship is Polar Lights Star Trek USS Discovery .

Mystery Signals Due to Red Bursts

While the Star Trek Discovery ship was on its way to Vulcan, it got a distress call from the USS Enterprise , which couldn’t complete its mission. Captain Pike of the Enterprise assumed command of the Discovery from acting Captain Saru to continue with the mission. The mission was to investigate one of the seven red bursts witnessed across the galaxy.

After receiving the orders to continue with the mission, the Discovery warped to the red burst location. However, the Discovery was in for a surprise, which turned the mission into a rescue once it came upon the USS Hiawatha next to an interstellar asteroid.

The changes to a rescue mission came with challenges after the Discovery could not maintain shields while moving the rescued victims from the damaged starship. The asteroid was fragmenting and caused lots of harm to the Discovery.

After this mission, the Star Trek Discovery ship command went to Captain Pike with a mission to discover the source of the seven signals. Also, he needed to discover the signals’ intent and report back to the Starfleet.

Another signal led the Discovery to make another warp, which landed them into the Terralysum orbit. The colony had remained unknown for a long time and was a refuge to WW3 humans. There was no sign of the red burst in sight, but the planet was in serious jeopardy. It was in the crosshairs of the asteroids that emitted radioactive materials.

To help save this human planet from destruction, the Star Trek Discovery ship undertook a doughnut maneuver using dark matter to drag away all the debris from the asteroid from the planet’s orbit. All this took place under the command of Helmsman Keyla Detmer.

On another mission searching for the Spock , the Discovery found itself pulled from its warp by a living thing shaped like a sphere. This act was brutal to the Discovery because it overloaded of all its computer systems.

The crew believed this was the work of a supercomputer virus, but this wasn’t the case after learning the sphere’s intentions. It fed the Discovery system with over 100,000 years of knowledge and memories.

Still in search of more red busts, one that appeared over Kaminar brought it into the crosshairs of Ba’ul , causing conflict. This led to the Star Trek Discovery ship using the sphere’s knowledge to help the oppressed Kelpien race. With the new knowledge, the Ba’ul had to accept to exist side by side with the Kelpien.

51djgSYPXOL. SL160

Also, check out this replica version of the Discovery ship that makes a perfect addition to your Star Trek memorabilia Polar Lights Star Trek Discovery 2T .

Uncovering the Red Bursts

More research by the Discovery revealed that the red bursts and the Red Angel crew let it to Lieutenant Spock . He was from the Enterprise and foster brother to Michael Burnham . With this information, section 31 now had a target and set about to capture him.

Section 31 thought it had caught up with the two brothers on Talos 4, but these were illusions by the Talosians . Meanwhile, the two brothers had escaped to the Discovery, and it was now declared a renegade ship.

Catching up to the Discovery meant it was destroyed, but that wasn’t the case since the sphere data wouldn’t permit this action by section 31. Instead, changes were made to the original plans that would see the Discovery brought into the future together with all its current data.

Captain Spike and other crew members went back to the Star Trek: Discovery’s ship to research another red burst on Xahea. The queen of Xahea was welcomed aboard. She was an exceptional being who had developed a way to change time crystals using a dilithium incubator.

The ship began a new purpose of retrofitting its shuttle fleets and pods for landing with advanced weapons. It was also joined with similar ships from the Enterprise in a bid to take on and defeat section 31 once and for all. So far, section 31 was still harboring intent to destroy the Discovery since it was declared a renegade vessel.

The sphere had also delivered crucial data to the Discovery involving AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). The reason the crew made the connection is an AI from the future had taken charge of Control. Control was an essential part of Section 31 that enabled accurate threat assessment using this unique system. This led to section 31 making the system sentient.

Control, now controlled by the invading AI, developed a gripping obsession with getting all the Sphere data, especially involving AI. This mission’s purpose was so that Control could use the information to evolve into a living thing. Once it achieved that, it would erase all other traces of the sentient.

Control went as far as possessing the Discovery’s Lieutenant Commander Airiam , the spore drive operations officer. It used her cybernetics, forcing her to deliver all the information from the Sphere to the headquarters of section 31. While assimilating the data, Airiam died, and the system shut down before section 31 could get all the information.

Before taking her final death, Airiam made sure to deliver some critical information to her colleagues. There was a project called Daedalus that they needed to look into as soon as possible. It was a project that section 31 used to perfect time traveling and the main component for this was a special suit.

The suit was a perfect match for Red Angel, which had a direct connection to Commander Burnham . After using her to lure the suit to Essof 4, the Red Angel was revealed as Burnham’s mother.

Also, work was progressing for the Daedalus suit, specifically made to be worn by Burnham. The suit had encoding with her mother’s DNA, and she was the closest living relative who could wear it. The revelation came that the trip wasn’t going to be a return one since there wasn’t enough energy to facilitate a return.

While other people left, the senior ones opted to go with Burnham. Now command went back to Saru after Pike opted to return to the USS Enterprise . His goal was to prepare for the coming battle with the section 31 fleets.

Burnham managed to open a wormhole after battling with control forces, which she passed through together with Discovery. Starfleet was informed that the Star Trek Discovery ship was destroyed by Pike Una , Spock , and a section 31 chief.

In a effort to let the matter rest, Spock suggested that Discovery information be forbidden in that no one was allowed to mention the vessel or her crew. Anyone caught doing so would be seen as a treasonous against the Federation.

Commanding Crew of the Star Trek Discovery Ship

Commanding officer.

  • 2255- Captain Jonathan von Borne
  • 2256-57- Captain Gabriel Lorca
  • 2257- Vice Admiral Katrina Cornwell
  • 2257- Captain Philippa Georgiou
  • 2257, 2435- Acting Commander Saru
  • 2257- Captain Christopher Pike

First Officer

  • 2256 to 2257- Commander Saru

Chief Engineer

  • 2257 to 2257- Lieutenant Commander Paul Stamets

Security Chief

  • 2256- Commander Ellen Ladry
  • 2256 to 2257- Lieutenant Ash Tyler
  • 2257- Commander Nhan

Communication Officer

  • 2256 to 2257- Lieutenant Milton Richter
  • 2256 to 2257- Lieutenant junior grade R.A Bryce

Operations Officer

  • Lieutenant junior grade Joan Owosekun


  • The Discovery is a USS Discovery class starship
  • The Discovery is commanded by Captain Gabriel Lorca
  • First Officer Michael Burnham serves as the ship’s second-in-command
  • The Discovery has a crew of over 200
  • The Discovery is one of the fastest ships in the fleet, capable of reaching warp 9.9
  • The Discovery has a sister ship, the USS Glenn
  • The Discovery was launched in 2256

The Star Trek: Discovery ship is a work of art that makes the show intriguing. Once the ship acquires the Sphere’s data, it’s transformed into a super one, much to the benefit of the crew and missions. I am excited to see what happens in the new seasons.

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star trek ship discovery

star trek ship discovery

Every Star Trek Ship With An Illegal Cloaking Device

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy season 2!

  • In the Star Trek universe, the Treaty of Algeron is a fictional agreement that bars Federation member worlds from developing cloaking technology.
  • The USS Defiant and alternate future USS Enterprise-D didn't need to worry about the Treaty of Algeron due to larger political circumstances.
  • By the 32nd century, Starfleet are allowed to have cloaking technology but uses it sparingly.

Despite them being illegal under Federation law, several Star Trek ships have been fitted with a cloaking device. Star Trek 's creator Gene Roddenberry objected to Starfleet using the cloaking technology that was utilized by their enemies, the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Star Trek: The Next Generation provided an in-universe explanation for this, in the form of the Treaty of Algeron. The Treaty was signed following the Tomed Incident, and barred Federation member worlds from developing cloaking technology . However, several Starfleet ships have defied this treaty, including an alternate reality version of the starship Enterprise .

While some Star Trek ships have broken the Treaty of Algeron with the approval of the Romulan Star Empire, others have done so in secret. One such scandal involved a young Ensign William T. Riker (Jonathan Frakes), and it was a formative moment on his journey to becoming second-in-command of the USS Enterprise-D. Centuries later, at the extreme end of the Star Trek timeline , the Treaty of Algeron no longer seems to apply, as at least one 32nd century Starfleet ship is fitted with a formerly illegal cloaking device.

DS9s Defiant Broke Big Star Trek Rules By Having A Cloaking Device

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's USS Defiant came equipped with a Romulan cloaking device, which broke a few in-universe and real-life Star Trek rules.

USS Defiant

Gifted a cloaking device by the romulan star empire..

The best-known Star Trek ship to possess an "illegal" cloaking device was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's USS Defiant, introduced in season 3. The Romulan Star Empire provided Deep Space Nine 's Defiant with a cloaking device in exchange for intelligence on the Gamma Quadrant and the threat posed by the Dominion . To this end, the Defiant had a Romulan crew member on its first voyage, Sub-commander T'Rul (Martha Hackett), who operated the cloaking device while investigating the Gamma Quadrant. Commanded by Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), the Defiant was an exception to the Treaty of Algeron, not the rule.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Cast Terry Farrell, Cirroc Lofton, Rene Auberjonois, Nicole de Boer, Michael Dorn, Andrew Robinson, Nana Visitor, Avery Brooks, Colm Meaney, Armin Shimerman, Alexander Siddig

Release Date January 3, 1993

Genres Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Network CBS

Streaming Service(s) Paramount+

Franchise(s) Star Trek

Writers Ira Steven Behr, Michael Piller, Ronald D. Moore

Showrunner Ira Steven Behr, Michael Piller

Rating TV-PG

Where To Watch Paramount+

As part of the agreement, the USS Defiant could only use its cloaking device in the uncharted territory of the Gamma Quadrant. Use of the Defiant's cloak in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants was strictly forbidden , in line with the Treaty of Algeron. However, Captain Sisko violated this stipulation whenever the situation demanded it. When the USS Defiant was eventually destroyed by the Breen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 7, it ended the agreement between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire by default.

Contrary to popular belief, the USS Defiant was introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 3 not to boost ratings, but to give the characters a better chance against the threat from the Dominion.

USS Pegasus

Conducted illegal cloaking tests for starfleet intelligence..

In 2358, the Oberth-class USS Pegasus was tasked with conducting cloaking device tests, in direct contravention of the Treaty of Algeron. Commanded by Captain Erik Pressman (Terry O'Quinn), the Pegasus tested an interphasic cloaking device with disastrous results . The illegal technology placed an extraordinary strain on the Pegasus, resulting in a devastating explosion in engineering. Despite this, Pressman refused to cease the test, resulting in a mutiny and the apparent destruction of the Pegasus. Riker sided with his captain, and went along with Pressman's cover-up, blaming the explosion, not the cloak, for the loss of the Pegasus.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Cast Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden

Release Date September 28, 1987

Genres Drama, Superhero, Sci-Fi, Action

Writers Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, Ronald D. Moore

Directors David Carson

Showrunner Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Rick Berman

12 years later, Pressman, now promoted to Rear Admiral, tasked the USS Enterprise-D with recovering the USS Pegasus before its illegal cloak was discovered by the Romulans. However, the Enterprise wasn't fast enough and found itself trapped inside an asteroid, pinned down by the Romulans. To save his crew, Riker decided to come clean about the Pegasus' cloak, exposing Pressman's breach of the Treaty of Algeron, and risking his own career . To escape the asteroid, Picard ordered that the interphasic cloak to be fitted aboard the Enterprise, and informed the Romulan Star Empire about the Pegasus' treaty violation to maintain peace.

TNG 's USS Pegasus model was built using the USS Grissom model from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock .

USS Enterprise-D (Dreadnought)

The anti-time future's enterprise had a cloaking device..

In the future timeline from Star Trek: The Next Generation finale, "All Good Things...", it's revealed that the USS Enterprise-D has had a substantial refit. As well as being upgraded with heavier weapons and a third nacelle, the so-called "Dreadnought" Enterprise-D also has a cloaking device . In this timeline, the Enterprise was the personal flagship of Admiral Riker, and the Federation's possession of cloaking technology is widely known about. So much so that Worf (Michael Dorn) chastizes Riker for not using the cloaked Enterprise to help Picard in the first place.

I Can't Think Of A Better Series Finale Than Star Trek: TNG, Even 30 Years Later

Star Trek: The Next Generation came to an end 30 years ago with a near-perfect finale that has withstood the test of time.

Star Trek: The Next Generation 's finale never explicitly states what happened to the Treaty of Algeron on-screen, but Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) does provide a likely explanation. Geordi states that the Klingon Empire took over the Romulan Star Empire at an undisclosed point . This huge power shift in the Star Trek universe would have surely negated the Treaty of Algeron, allowing the Federation to begin developing cloaking technology. Given the tensions between the Federation and the Klingon home world in the anti-time future, cloaking technology would surely become a tactical necessity.

The Federation Holoship

It broke the treaty of algeron to "uphold" the prime directive..

The legality of the Federation Holoship's cloaking device is never discussed in Star Trek: Insurrection , but given how shady Admiral Dougherty (Anthony Zerbe) was, it's a good bet that it broke the Treaty of Algeron. While the cloak technically upheld the Prime Directive by not exposing Federation technology to a pre-warp planet , the Holoship had a more nefarious purpose. Dougherty was working in partnership with the Son'a to harvest the planet's unique metaphasic radiation. Therefore, his Holoship was designed to relocate the Ba'ku people to another planet without their knowledge, using holodeck technology to create the illusion that they were still on solid ground.

Star Trek: Insurrection

Director Jonathan Frakes

Release Date December 11, 1998

Writers Michael Piller, Rick Berman, Gene Roddenberry

Cast Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, F. Murray Abraham

Genres Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Adventure

Main Genre Sci-Fi

Admiral Dougherty's Holoship was placed at the bottom of a lake on the Ba'ku planet, awaiting deployment to transport the planet's 600 inhabitants from their home. Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data (Brent Spiner) exposed the Holoship's presence on Ba'ku, abandoning Starfleet's Prime Directive to reject the greed of Dougherty and the Son'a. Picard later used the Holoship against Dougherty and the Son'a, when Lt. Commander Worf recloaked the Holoship and used it to remove the command crew from the Son'a vessel, allowing Jean-Luc to take control and stop further metaphasic radiation from being collected.

The Infinity

Admiral janeway's top-secret ship has an illegal cloak..

In Star Trek: Prodigy season 2, episode 1, "Into the Breach, Part I", Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) unveils the Infinity, which was cloaked inside shuttlebay three aboard the USS Voyager-A . The existence of the Infinity was top-secret, and only Admiral Jellico (Ronny Cox), and Janeway's senior staff were initially aware of its existence. While cloaking technology is illegal in the Federation, Prodigy season 2 is set in the wake of the Romulan supernova disaster , meaning that the Empire may have given Starfleet a dispensation in return for their assistance with the evacuation efforts.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Release Date October 28, 2021

Writers Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman

Cast Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, John Noble, Jason Mantzoukas, Brett Gray, Angus Imrie, Jameela Jamil, Robert Picardo, Jimmi Simpson, Ella Purnell, Dee Bradley Baker

Genres Drama, Sci-Fi, Adventure

Network Netflix

Streaming Service(s) Netflix

Showrunner Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman

Franchise Star Trek

Creator(s) Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman

Number of Episodes 40

Where To Watch Netflix

The Infinity's mission was to fly into the wormhole, retrieve Chakotay from the 25th century, and bring him back home. The use of a cloaking device made sense, as hiding the Infinity's presence at such a crucial point in the timeline was vital . Unfortunately, Dal R'El (Brett Gray) and the Protostar crew discover the ship and, after a fight with Nova Squadron, end up hurtling through the wormhole. After Dal and the Infinity crew eventually returned to the 24th century empty-handed, Admiral Jellico ordered the destruction of the top-secret vessel , but once again, the Protostar crew had other ideas.

Janeway As Captain Of USS Enterprise? Star Treks Kate Mulgrew Said No

Admiral Janeway commands the USS Voyager-A in Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 after Kate Mulgrew shot down Janeway as Captain of the Enterprise.

USS Discovery

Discovery's 32nd century refit included a cloaking device..

Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 11, "Su'kal" revealed that the titular starship had been fitted with a cloaking device during its 32nd century refit. 800 years in the future, the Treaty of Algeron was nullified by the Vulcan and Romulan reunification . This allowed Starfleet to have their own cloaked starships, including the USS Discovery . Captain Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) used the Discovery's cloaking device sparingly, with it only seeing action in Discovery season 5 when the crew attempted to hide from Primach Ruhn's Breen Dreadnought.

Star Trek: Discovery

Release Date September 24, 2017

Writers Alex Kurtzman

Cast Blu del Barrio, Oded Fehr, Anthony Rapp, Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Wilson Cruz, Eve Harlow, Mary Wiseman, Callum Keith Rennie

Directors Jonathan Frakes, Olatunde Osunsanmi

Showrunner Alex Kurtzman

Prior to this, Lt. Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) tried and failed to use the USS Discovery's cloaking device to hide from the Emerald Chain in Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 11, "Su'kal". Starfleet's sparing use of cloaking devices in Star Trek: Discovery 's 32nd century honors Gene Roddenberry's opinion on the technology. Even in the furthest future of Star Trek history, with free access to cloaking technology, Starfleet still " don't sneak around ".

Every Star Trek Ship With An Illegal Cloaking Device

Screen Rant

Star trek’s new protostar continues 2 classic starfleet traditions.


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Why The Despicable Me Franchise Will Continue Long After Despicable Me 4: "They're Very Relatable"

Star trek: prodigy season 2 ending & shocking season 3 set up explained, star trek: prodigy season 3 - everything we know.

Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Finale - "Ouroboros, Part II"

  • Star Trek: Prodigy's finale ends with the launch of the new Protostar Class USS Prodigy.
  • The USS Prodigy's mission aligns with Star Trek: Picard's backstory, set in 2385, with a mission to be a beacon of hope beyond the Federation.
  • The USS Prodigy joins the tradition of Star Trek series named after their starships, and follows the legacy of Starfleet Academy training vessels.

Star Trek: Prodigy 's newest Protostar Class starship continues two classic Star Trek traditions. Written by Kevin & Dan Hageman and Aaron J. Waltke, and directed by Ruolin Li, Star Trek: Prodigy season 2's finale sees the combined crews of the USS Protostar and the USS Voyager-A save every Star Trek timeline from the reality-eating menace of the Loom. To reward their heroism, Admiral Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) presents the newly-minted Starfleet cadets led by Dal R'El (Brett Gray) and Gwyndala (Ella Purnell) with their own starship, the USS Prodigy (NCC-80184).

The launch of the USS Prodigy is a result of Star Trek: Prodigy season 2's finale lining up with the backstory of Star Trek: Picard season 1. "Ouroboros, Part II" concludes in 2385, shortly after the tragic events of First Contact Day, April 5, 2385, when rogue synthetics attacked Mars and the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. 92,000 souls lost their lives and 20,000 starships were destroyed. Consequently, the severely weakened Starfleet ended exploration missions and retreated to the United Federation of Planets' borders. However, Admiral Janeway charged the USS Prodigy with a mission to be a beacon of hope to worlds beyond the Federation.

The original USS Protostar was destroyed at the end of Star Trek: Prodigy season 1, and a second USS Protostar from an alternate future timeline was sent back to Tars Lamora in the 24th century to reset Star Trek: Prodigy s eason 2's paradox timeline.

Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 brings the time travel saga of the USS Protostar full circle. Here's what happened and what it all means for season 3.

USS Prodigy Is The Latest Starship Named After A Star Trek Show

From voyager to discovery, and now prodigy.

Star Trek: Prodigy naming its brand new Protostar Class starship the USS Prodigy means Star Trek: Prodigy becomes the latest Star Trek series to join the proud tradition of a starship named after its show. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the first series to be named after its primary setting, but Star Trek: Voyager originated its starship named after the show's title. (Or vice versa, depending on your point of view). Next came Star Trek: Enterprise , which was originally titled simply Enterprise . Star Trek: Discovery continued the tradition, and soon, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy will join them.

Interestingly, Star Trek: Prodigy decided not to call its new Protostar Class starship the USS Protostar-A. After all, Star Trek: Prodigy season 2 also featured the USS Voyager-A. However, using alphabet designations appears to be a Star Trek tradition reserved for certain starships with particular legacies. The many starships named USS Enterprise are the prime example, which reached up to the USS Enterprise-G in S tar Trek: Picard season 3. The USS Protostar was only in service for 2 years before it was destroyed. Naming the new Protostar Class ship the USS Prodigy is also fitting considering the wunderkinds Admiral Janeway chose to be her crew.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's second Defiant Class starship, the USS Sao Paulo, was renamed simply USS Defiant and not USS Defiant-A.

Star Trek: Prodigy’s New Protostar Is A Training Ship LIke USS Enterprise

Starfleet training vessels go all the way back to star trek's "the cage".

Star Trek: Prodigy also joins another Star Trek tradition in that the USS Prodigy is a training vessel manned by Starfleet Academy cadets. The concept of cadet-run starships was actually mentioned in Star Trek 's original pilot, "The Cage," when Captain Christopher Pike (Jeffrey Hunter) mentioned a "cadet ship". Years later, Pike would be horribly disfigured saving cadets aboard a J-class training vessel. In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , the USS Enterprise itself became a training vessel manned by Starfleet cadets overseen by Captain Spock (Leonard Nimoy).

Star Trek: The Next Generation 's Nova Squadron piloted their own shuttles as training vessels, when they attempted an illegal maneuver that resulted in a cadet's death - which Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) and his cohorts covered up. Perhaps the most infamous Starfleet training vessel was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 's USS Valiant run by the elite cadets called Red Squad. The hubris of Red Squad led to nearly all hands killed and the destruction of the Valiant during the Dominion War. It's safe to say, however, that the heroic young crew of the USS Prodigy will not make the same mistakes as Red Squad if Star Trek: Prodigy season 3 happens.

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Published Jun 26, 2024

The Diplomacy of Discovery

The final season sheds light on the galaxy's political past.

Graphic illustration featuring a Breen soldier with Osyraa from the Emerald Chain behind him


Star Trek: Discovery 's final season chronicles the Federation's pursuit of the same technology the Progenitors used to spread the humanoid form throughout the galaxy. The adventure picks up on an enduring mystery from Star Trek: The Next Generation 's " The Chase ," but the season's early episodes also provided insight into how several key societies — the Tholians, Orions, Promellians, Tzenkethi, and Breen — had developed in the centuries since we last encountered them in other Star Trek series.

Let's examine the Federation's history with each of those cultures and dive into all we’ve learned about their status in the late 32nd Century.

The Tholians

Tholian ships surround Archer's Enterprise in 'Future Tense'

"Future Tense"

Considered to be xenophobic by the Vulcan High Command in the 22nd Century, the Tholians were a non-humanoid species who thrived in searing temperatures and rarely traveled far from their own territory. The Tholians made an exception when they assigned several ships to try to steal a time-traveling 31st Century craft from Captain Archer's Enterprise in 2152. Possibly working for another faction in the Temporal Cold War, the Tholians bested Suliban cell ships but could not secure their quarry (" Future Tense ").

Tholian web ensnares Mirror NX-01 in 'In A Mirror Darkly, Part I'

"In A Mirror, Darkly, Part I"

As outlined by the Mirror Universe's Dr. Phlox, the Tholians' crystalline body structures possessed both male and female characteristics and could act as a natural transmitter (" In a Mirror, Darkly "). Prime Spock and the U.S.S. Enterprise dealt with the Tholian Assembly in the late 2260s, and while the Tholians presented an abrasive demeanor, they were amenable to diplomatic overtures… to an extent. Renowned for their punctuality, the Tholians punished the Enterprise 's delay in completing its mission by momentarily capturing the Federation vessel in an energy web.

Another Federation-Tholian conflict took place in 2353, and William Riker's father was the only survivor from a Starfleet facility that the Tholians had bombarded. Political tensions cooled by the early 2370s, as a Tholian ambassador was stationed at Deep Space 9 and a Tholian observer attended a conference on Earth. By late 2373, the Tholians had agreed to a non-aggression pact with the Dominion. President T'Rina provided us with our 32nd Century status check on the Tholians, expressing concern that the Tholian Republic might be able to exert influence over a coalition of smaller worlds (" Red Directive "). Her commentary can be seen as a positive, as the Tholians' influence was undoubtedly less dangerous than a Tholian invasion !

A Orion pirate rests his weapon on his shoulder as he looks at Pike after capturing the Enterprise crew with in 'The Serene Squall'

"The Serene Squall"

By the time Captain Archer's Enterprise made direct contact with the Orion Syndicate in the 2150s, the Orions had established a distasteful reputation for crime and violence . They regularly kidnapped and enslaved passengers from passing ships, auctioning off their prisoners to the highest bidders (" Borderland "). The Federation's negative assumptions about the Orions remained steady over the course of the next century, as Captain Pike dealt with another Orion "privateer" aboard the Serene Squall (" The Serene Squall ") and doubted that the Orions even had science ships when one confronted the U.S.S. Enterprise near Krulmuth-B in the late 2250s (" Those Old Scientists "). In 2268, an Orion posed as an Andorian and tried to derail Coridan's admission into the Federation so that Orion smugglers could continue raiding the planet (" Journey to Babel ").

A correlation between Orions and criminal enterprises persisted well into the 24th Century, and the Orion Syndicate's rumored involvement in the deaths of Starfleet Intelligence operatives prompted the Federation to send Chief O'Brien on a mission to infiltrate the organization in 2374. Though he did not meet any actual Orions, O'Brien discovered that the Dominion had hired the Syndicate to kill a Klingon ambassador and weaken the Empire's alliance with the Federation (" Honor Among Thieves "). Despite the Syndicate's ongoing, many Orions served in Starfleet by the 2380s. The U.S.S. Cerritos ' D’Vana Tendi even brought her friends Beckett Mariner and T'Lyn to Orion, where they observed her home world's unique traditions (" Something Borrowed, Something Green ").

Osyraa sits across from Admiral Vance with her elbows resting on the table and palms lifted in 'There Is a Tide...'

"There Is a Tide..."

At some point after the Burn devastated the galaxy in the 31st Century, the Orions allied with the Andorians and formed a new syndicate, the Emerald Chain. Under the leadership of Osyraa, the Chain subjugated planets for their resources, operated mercantile exchanges, and served as a rival to the Federation. A failed proposal to unite the Chain with the Federation led to a brief conflict in 3189. Osyraa was killed and the Emerald Chain immediately collapsed. By 3190, the Federation had grown in strength and engaged with the Andorians about returning to the fold. " Under the Twin Moons " supplied another piece to the 32nd Century puzzle, as Captain Rayner testified that the Orions were regrouping and could potentially cause trouble for the Federation.

The Promellians

A corpse seated at the former Promellian officer's station aboard their ship in 'Booby Trap'

"Booby Trap"

Unfortunately for the Promellians, they fought the Menthars in a battle which resulted in both societies' mutual extinction at Orelious IX ( " Booby Trap "). Though they perished around the 14th Century, long before the Federation was founded, the Promellians' legacy endured into the 2360s and beyond. Captain Picard, who actually believed he once owned a Promellian ship-in-a-bottle when he was a child, commanded the U.S.S. Enterprise -D as it set out to chart the ruins of the fateful battle that precipitated the Promellians' demise. A Promellian battlecruiser was found at the site, with its intact Lang Cycle fusion engines and functioning bridge indicating that the Promellians built their technology to last.

The Enterprise-D crew watches a video log of the Promellian captain on a station's monitor in 'Booby Trap'

The Enterprise -D's away team located a video log from Galek Sar, the Promellian captain, which praised his courageous crew and relayed that his ship had encountered aceton assimilators hidden among the battle's wreckage by the Menthars. The Promellians became stranded here by the power drain and died at their posts. When Captain Picard's ship fell into the same trap, Geordi La Forge worked out a solution the Promellians had not employed — initiate a short burst from the impulse engines, take the systems offline, and allow the momentum to carry the ship to safety. Once the Enterprise -D was free, Picard ordered Worf to fire on the Promellian battlecruiser in the hope that no one else would get stuck.

However, this deed did not erase the Promellians from the galaxy's collective memory. In the 32nd Century, Captain Burnham and Saru visited a Promellian necropolis on Q'Mau on their journey to track down a clue that Dr. Vellek had left there during the time of the Dominion War (" Under the Twin Moons "). A peaceful view belied the fact that the Promellians designed the graveyard with self-defense in mind, powering a drone security system with an electromagnetic field. Since the Menthars also had a predilection for booby traps, one can wonder whether the Promellians had been inspired by their ancient foes!

The Tzenkethi

Captain Sisko discussing Tzenkethi developments while holding a drink in 'The Adversary'

"The Adversary"

Not much is known about the Tzenkethi, and the species has never been seen on-screen. Benjamin Sisko mentioned that he had served in the last Federation-Tzenkethi War, placing the hostilities prior to his tenure on the U.S.S. Saratoga that concluded at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2367. Sisko's reference to the "last" conflict seemed to imply that more than one war took place, and in order for the Tzenkethi to pose such a threat, their technological capabilities must have at least matched the Federation. In 2372, Ambassador Krajensky sent Captain Sisko to Tzenkethi space aboard the U.S.S. Defiant amid rumors that a coup d'état had overthrown the autarch on the Tzenkethi home world. The entire affair was a ruse, as a Changeling had replaced the ambassador and lied about the border tensions. Sisko's crew narrowly avoided provoking a fresh round of warfare (" The Adversary ").

Over 800 years later, Captain Burnham noted that Federation diplomats needed to negotiate permission for the U.S.S. Discovery to enter Tzenkethi space and search for the next clue to the Progenitors' tech. At the time, the Federation and Tzenkethi were clearly separate entities; though, the fact that they maintained an open dialogue showed progress in their political relations. The Tzenkethi did grant Discovery the right to visit their space, which is precisely where they located a wormhole to a pocket of interdimensional space that contained the adrift I.S.S. Enterprise (" Mirrors ").

Aboard a Jem'Hadar vessel, Weyoun marks a historic moment as the Breen Confederacy forms an alliance with the Dominion in 'Strange Bedfellows'

"Strange Bedfellows"

We covered the Breen's involvement in galactic politics more extensively in our recent " Who Are the Breen? " feature, but it is safe to say that the secretive nature, technological prowess, and battlefield resourcefulness that they exhibited in the final stages of the Dominion War survived into the late 32nd Century.

A Breen soldier enters the Eternal Gallery and Archive with a phaser rifle in 'Labyrinths'


The Breen nearly swung that 24th Century conflict in the Dominion 's favor with their energy-dampening weapons, and the Breen Imperium's massive 32nd century dreadnoughts were armed with equally effective shield-tunneling technology (" Labyrinths "). The Imperium operated its own exchanges, perhaps placing it at odds with the Emerald Chain. Though destabilized by their own infighting over the throne, the Breen proved to be a deadly and unpredictable foe to the Federation.

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Graphic illustration of The Doctor with his left arm folded at the waist and his right elbow resting on his left arm


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Chris Pine Wonders How ‘Star Trek 4’ Will Deal With Kirk Now That He Is “A Lot Older”

star trek ship discovery

| July 3, 2024 | By: TrekMovie.com Staff 42 comments so far

We are just a few weeks away from the 8th anniversary of the release of Star Trek Beyond , the third entry in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies staring Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. Paramount continues to say they are committed to a follow up movie, and now the star is starting to wonder how it will deal with how he isn’t getting any younger.

Pine curious about Star Trek 4

For the last couple of years, since he has recommitted to return as James T. Kirk for a fourth Star Trek movie, actor Chris Pine has often expressed his enthusiasm for the return, but also some frustrations. His latest comments from from a recent appearance at ACE Superhero Comic in San Antonio, TX. Pine acknowledged the well-reported ups and downs the Beyond sequel has gone through over the past decade (via PopVerse ), saying “In terms of the next phase of [Star Trek], obviously you’re all fans, so I’m sure you’ve read it.”

star trek ship discovery

Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek Beyond

The actor then talked about how he and his fellow cast are ready to get back to the Enterprise, but he wonders how the movie will deal with how he is getting older, saying:

“We all like one another a lot. I’m good friends with everybody I’ve worked with. We have a great time doing it. I’m a lot older now, so I would be curious where that next story lands us in terms of what it would be and what we’ve said in the press.”

Pine, now 43, was 29 when he first appeared as James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Last year the actor talked about how he was hoping to do “many more” movies as Kirk, saying it would be “super cool” to play the same character through the course of his career. Original Kirk actor William Shatner was 35 when the Star Trek television show premiered and 63 when he last appeared as the character in the 1994 film Star Trek: Generations . Pine is still younger than Shatner when he played Admiral Kirk in Star Trek: The Motion Picture  in 1979. In Star Trek Beyond , Kirk turned down a promotion to admiral and was set to head out on a new USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-A). If the next movie were set a decade later, Kirk and his crew could have already completed two 5-year missions.

star trek ship discovery

Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) looking up at new Enterprise in Star Trek Beyond

Various follow-ups to Beyond have been in the works over the last 8 years. In March of this year, it was reported that Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams had brought on yet another screenwriter to take a crack at what the studio is now calling the final movie for the Kelvin crew. Pine later expressed some frustration with this move, telling Business Insider “I thought there was already a script, but I guess I was wrong, or they decided to pivot. As it’s always been with ‘Trek,’ I just wait and see.”

Even now entering middle age, Pine is still keeping it sharp. He recently shaved off his beard (but kept the ‘stache) as can be seen from an appearance at a fashion event in Milan in mid-June…

Chris Pine turned Father’s Day into a weeklong holiday by repeatedly serving Daddy in Milan during Men’s fashion week (click for more): https://t.co/d4559OI35P — Tom and Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo) June 19, 2024

The next Star Trek feature film expected to come out of Paramount is the “ Untitled Star Trek Origin Story ” which Paramount recently confirmed as part of its 2025/2026 slate. This movie would have a new cast. Earlier this year, Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams had tapped Andor ‘s Toby Haynes to direct, based on a script from Seth Grahame-Smith ( The Lego Batman Movie ). Paramount is also reportedly talking to producer Simon Kinberg about shepherding the film franchise , starting with that origin movie. This next Star Trek movie was mentioned during the Paramount Global shareholder meeting in June with co-CEO Brian Robbins saying it is “coming soon,” and touting Trek as one of the company’s “billion dollar brands.”

Find more news and analysis on  upcoming Star Trek feature films .

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This is the longest five-year mission in history…

Just because the TOS timeline had 5-yr.missions, there is no reason the Kelvin timeline would.

They mention it’s a five year mission in one of the movies.

But Into Darkness established that they did, and Beyond confirmed that they were halfway through one.

It certainly is. Eight years since Beyond, wow.

It’s been so long since the last Star Trek movie set in the Kelvin timeline, that by the time they finally make another one none of the crew of the Enterprise will still serve on that ship.

They’ll all have moved on to other assignments, pretty much like the original cast did in The Motion Picture.

I mean I don’t think they can just pick up where they left off in Beyond , so yeah the next one (if it happens) will hopefully skip ahead a decade or so.

At this point, what was it all for? The Kelvin movies did nothing for Star Trek. It was Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, SNW, etc that saved it. The Kelvin movies contributed nothing.

While certainly not my favorite Trek, I would like to see it get a final outing. Of course, as long as that final outing doesn’t come at the expense of other Trek.

Star Trek did not need saving and Discovery has done the franchise no favours.

‘Beyond’ flopped and stalled the movie series. Disc at least has led to multi spin off shows and ST first TVM.

I think it’s probably too late to make this movie starting where they left off on the Enterprise. They really would need to write a story where they have to reconnect for one final mission, which might be worth doing. That being said, an aging crew is nothing new for Star Trek.

Bust him back to cadet.

i imagine the writers/abrams etc are trying to figure out to do a standalone thing with the cast like Beyond (i.e. their TMP and TUC in one movie) or buy into the multiverse stuff going around and have them interact with their primeverse counterparts (via CG/AI ) or the TNG cast etc for a big anniversary movie ..

maybe they’ll go with the 1st option (Kelvin standalone/finale) and do a primeverse only ST Legacy movie for Paramount+ (various actors from TNG/DS9/VOY maybe ENT and SNW) – both aimimg for 2026

I mean you have a 40 something year old playing a 25 year old Kirk on Strange New Worlds and he looks older than Pine!

The casting decision there continues to baffle me. And yeah I agree, Pine does look younger than Wesley.

Now, Wesley has grown on me a bit, but it does still baffle me as well. He reminds me more of Crawley’s Kirk (fan film) than Shatner’s Kirk, and that’s not a good thing.


Admiral deciding he’s sick of being in a desk job…kinda like last time?

In ’09, the snark was to call this Trek/Muppet Babies in Space. The then producers wanted a cast that could last for several movies without getting too old. AND… that might have worked if the studio(S!) hadn’t delayed so many of these films. Frankly, we should have five or six, not three. Thank god, the suits all got their bonuses and golden parachutes (several deployed btw) and important stuff like that.

We’ve seen how the Prime Kirk ages from young captain to admiral to old captain. It would be interesting to see Kelvin Kirk take a different pathway. Maybe he has a family. Maybe he is stuck in a Klingon prison. Maybe he is riding through the desert with a picnic lunch.

If JJ was available and Skydance ends up buying Paramount, they should get him to direct part 4. Make it an event movie, no more nonsense about spinoffs or low budget this or that. Disney Star Wars is dead. Capitalize on that.

Should have gone all in after Into Darkness, instead they played it safe with Beyond a tired old formula. Should have been new worlds, new twists if we had to have characters from Prime, do something different with them in Kelvin now that they were done with Khan, but no they had to make insipid Beyond. Guardians of the Furious.

I think you’re right. Go all out and make a final, great film for the Kelvinverse characters.

As to where they go with it, I don’t know. The simplest thing is to just have them on the ship, maybe coming home from their mission and then they get a call about an emergency. One last adventure. Maybe someone has to die, for drama. Maybe somehow, someway, via the Nexus or Q or the Guardian of Forever, Pine meets Shatner’s Kirk. Yeah, that probably will not happen but that would certainly help the film if they could find some way to make it an important part of the film.

Anyway, I’m all in for another Kelvin film. I loved all three of them, even though I had quibbles with some of JJ’s choices in Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness and thought making Sulu gay in Beyond was a complete and embarrassing fail.

Sulu being gay in ‘beyond’ a minor issue compared to the film’s real faults

Good point about SW its cooked atm, no movies being made anytime soon , that Rey movie not even the hard core wants and the Dawn of the Force movie from Mangold (whose Indiana Jones movie tanked to tune of a 100m loss), and the other film based on the Zahn novels like an Episode 6.5 (probably with not quite there CGI deaged Han Luke Leia) , any of those probably as likely to happen anytime soon as the Beyond sequel after 2016, (a loong wait with lots of faux announcements). so really you got similar scenario as that late 00s/early 10s era with ST09/ID filling in for SW for space action.

And yeah they messed up on Beyond , letting Orci go when he had the obvious way to go for the 3rd film/anniversary – Shatner returning, battle for the timelines stuff.

The last SW film to feature rey made a billion so there is still an audience waiting for a new one. But I bet rey will not be the central character this time.

Reading between the lines here……”a lot older” suggests he knows another movie is still years, maybe even decades away.

I think Pine’s just resigned to whatever happens will happen. He’s not getting his hopes up.

I think the 4th film should be titled, Star Trek: Kirk.

I wish they can adapt William Shatner’s first Star Trek story, Ashes of Eden.

Kelvin cast sequel is the ONLY viable movie worth making at this stage. Anything else will bomb hard.

I remember watching “Beyond” in the theater. No way that was 8 years ago already… wow.

Time flies. I also watched Beyond in the theater, and out of the three Kelvin-verse films it felt the most Trekkian to me. I can remember the smell of the popcorn and the twizzlers from that day.

The age of the crew or the actors is not the biggest problem with previous or upcoming films.

If it another ‘mad man with a grudge and a galactic WMD….’

They should adapt the Prime Directive novel for the next film. I would go see it. I doubt any of these writers know the book exists.

Meh. Some of the original cast members of Star Trek found about a hundred ways to keep on showing up despite being decades older. It’s sci-fi! All ya gotta do to explain stuff away is wave your hands around in the air and say stuff like, “quantum singularity!” or “it’s The Borg! The Borg did a thing!”. Inexplicable aging and time-space continuum inconsistancies are basically all one 8-second mumbo-jumbo explanation away with that franchise. It’ah be fiiiiiiine. lol

In general, I prefer a story with more “seasoned” characters, so it’s not a bad place to pick up for me. Showing the characters more matured is one of the major draws of a sequel.

It’s simple Chris – it’s time to put on the Monster Maroons! He’ll look as old as Shat from TWOK, TSFS, TVH

Also dark rinse with perm

Star trek 4 need a title like New horizon coming summer 2026 and the New starship enterprise a on a mission to explore strange New worlds and New villian of This epic final chapter of the kelvin timeline im a Star trek fan long live trekkies live long and prosper

Star Trek Wayyyy Beyond

Pull the plug on the Kelvin timeline and crew.


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    Warning: SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 6, "Scavengers".. The U.S.S. Discovery has been retrofitted with 32nd-century technology in Star Trek: Discovery season 3 and here's every update to the 23rd-century starship, which has even received a new designation: NCC-1031-A. After permanently time traveling to the year 3189, Captain Saru (Doug Jones) and his crew located the ...

  16. Star Trek Discovery Ending Explained and How the Finale Connects to

    In an epilogue decades into the future that ties into the beloved Short Trek "Calypso," an older Admiral Burnham sent off the Discovery and its sentient ship computer Zora (Annabelle Wallis ...

  17. Star Trek: Discovery season 1

    The first season of the American television series Star Trek: Discovery is set a decade before Star Trek: The Original Series in the 23rd century and follows the crew of the starship Discovery during the Federation-Klingon war. The season was produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout, Roddenberry Entertainment, and Living Dead Guy Productions, with Gretchen J ...

  18. Star Trek: 10 Secrets Of The USS Discovery You Need To Know

    There are no free rides on this ship. The USS Discovery is the first of her class to appear on screen in the Star Trek Universe, debuting a full three episodes into Star Trek: Discovery's first ...

  19. Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection

    Promo for the first issue. On After Trek, the DIS companion series, prototype models of the collection's USS Discovery and USS Shenzhou were displayed as set decorations behind host Matt Mira, among other Star Trek memorabilia.; In 2018, Eaglemoss first partnered with Simon & Schuster for a US contest to cross-promote the Collection and the first three Discovery novels.

  20. The Entire Star Trek: Discovery Timeline Explained

    "Star Trek: Discovery" started as a prequel series but soon became a sequel set far in the future. Here is the entire "Star Trek: Discovery" timeline explained. ... While on the ship she meets its ...

  21. Introducing the Discovery Starships Collection

    Captain Philippa Georgiou / Walker Class / Model Length 7.8" Each ship in the Discovery collection has undergone extensive reference study and been reproduced with the supervision of Star Trek expert Ben Robinson for accuracy and detail. Further, each DiscoveryStarship is die-cast, hand-painted and comes with both a display stand and an informative in-depth magazine accentuating production ...

  22. Star Trek Discovery Ship- Everything We Know About It

    After this mission, the Star Trek Discovery ship command went to Captain Pike with a mission to discover the source of the seven signals. Also, he needed to discover the signals' intent and report back to the Starfleet. Another signal led the Discovery to make another warp, which landed them into the Terralysum orbit. The colony had remained ...

  23. Star Trek: Discovery season 3

    Star Trek: Discovery was the first visual effects-heavy series to go through post-production during the COVID-19 pandemic, with work on the season's visual effects, as well as editing and music, taking place remotely. The 13-episode season premiered on the streaming service CBS All Access on October 15, 2020, and concluded on January 7, 2021 ...

  24. Every Star Trek Ship With An Illegal Cloaking Device

    Prior to this, Lt. Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman) tried and failed to use the USS Discovery's cloaking device to hide from the Emerald Chain in Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 11, "Su'kal".

  25. Star Trek's New Protostar Continues 2 Classic Starfleet Traditions

    Star Trek: Prodigy's newest Protostar Class starship continues two classic Star Trek traditions.Written by Kevin & Dan Hageman and Aaron J. Waltke, and directed by Ruolin Li, Star Trek: Prodigy season 2's finale sees the combined crews of the USS Protostar and the USS Voyager-A save every Star Trek timeline from the reality-eating menace of the Loom.

  26. The Diplomacy of Discovery

    The Tholians made an exception when they assigned several ships to try to steal a time-traveling 31st Century craft from Captain Archer's Enterprise in 2152. ... Star Trek: Discovery Seasons 1-4 are streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., the UK, Canada, Switzerland, South Korea, Latin America, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and ...

  27. Chris Pine Wonders How 'Star Trek 4' Will Deal With Kirk Now That He Is

    Various follow-ups to Beyond have been in the works over the last 8 years. In March of this year, it was reported that Paramount and producer J.J. Abrams had brought on yet another screenwriter to ...