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14 Incredible Day Trips From Zadar (2024 Guide!)

Looking for the very best day trips from Zadar, Croatia? 

My husband was born in Zadar, and we have a house just outside the city where we spend several months a year. So, I know a lot about this beautiful area – including some amazing spots that even some locals don’t know about.

trips zadar

We’ve explored all around Zadar and found some fantastic places that are perfect for a day out. In this guide, I’ll share these hidden gems with you. Whether you’re into quiet beaches, old villages, or tasty local food, there’s something for everyone. 

Most of these places are just a short drive away, so you don’t have to spend all day traveling.

How to organize a day trip from Zadar

You’ve got six main ways to get around: renting a car, public buses, guided tours, boats and ferries, or private transfer. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.

This gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. But heads up, I only recommend renting a car if you’re pretty experienced behind the wheel. Driving around Zadar, especially in the summer, can be a bit of a headache. 

If you’re not in the know about those little parking spots where locals park for free, you might end up paying a hefty 20 euros just for parking, and that’s no fun. 

Btw, last summer I parked in one of those ‘local’ spots, thinking I was all set as police usually ignore it if they see local plates. Not my luck, though – I ended up with a 35-euro parking ticket, and you can’t pay these on the spot. You have to go to a bank or post office.

Trying to find a parking spot in Zadar during summer is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, no matter what time it is. So, if you’re thinking about hiring a car, just be ready for these kinds of things.

Public Buses

There are a variety of day trips you can do from Zadar using ‘public transport’. 

Buses are the most affordable way to travel to places like Šibenik, Split, or Nin, but the schedules can be a bit limited and the trip will take longer than other options.

So, if you’re planning a day out and want to save some cash, just be prepared for a slower pace.

Guided Tours 

These are great for when you want everything planned out for you. You’ll learn heaps, especially on trips focused on culture or history, since you’ll have a local guide to show you the ropes. These tours, whether private or in small groups, are an efficient way to explore.

The beauty of guided day trips is that they often include multiple stops, letting you see and do more in one go. 

There are some places around Zadar that you just can’t get to without a car and for those spots, day tours are your go-to option if you’re not driving yourself.

Boats and Ferries 

For island destinations like Ugljan Island, Dugi Otok, or the Kornati Islands, taking a ferry or a boat is necessary. Check with local ferry services like Jadrolinija for schedules and tickets. Some guided tours to islands also include boat transportation.

Private Transfers 

For a more comfortable and personalized experience, you can book a private transfer. This is a more expensive option but offers convenience, especially for less accessible locations or if you’re traveling in a group.

As a final option, for those nearby destinations or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a bike. Zadar and its surrounding areas are laced with some scenic bike routes, perfect for day trips. 

14 Best Day Trips From Zadar

Zrmanja canyon & rafting.

If you’re in Zadar you can’t miss the Zrmanja Canyon rafting experience.

trips zadar

The trip begins in Kastel Zegarski, a quaint village about an hour from Zadar. Here, the Zrmanja River, with its crystal-clear waters and untouched surroundings, awaits to take you on a thrilling ride. Known for its contrasting scenery of white rocks and lush greenery, the river flows through the heart of the canyon, creating a spectacular setting for your adventure.

The great thing about Zrmanja rafting is that it’s suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned rafter or a complete newbie, the river caters to all levels. Even kids as young as six can safely enjoy the rafting experience, making it a fantastic option for a family day out.

The rafting trip covers about 14.5 kilometers and usually lasts between 2.5 to 3 hours. You’ll navigate through Grade 2 rapids, which might occasionally reach Grade 3. Don’t worry if that friendly even for beginners. Along the way, you’ll encounter moments of serene calmness and sudden rushes of excitement as you hit the rapids. It’s an exhilarating balance that keeps the journey interesting.

Before you set off, you’ll be kitted out with all the necessary gear – helmets, life jackets, and neoprene suits. The guides, who are registered with the Croatian mountain rescue service, ensure you’re well-informed with a safety briefing. Their top priority is to make your adventure both fun and safe.

To make the most of your day, pack a swimsuit, an extra T-shirt, suitable water shoes, and a towel. It’s also a good idea to bring along some snacks, water, sun protection, and a bit of cash. And don’t stress about your phone or camera; they’ll be safe in waterproof boxes provided at the start.

The adventure is reasonably priced, usually around 50 EUR for adults, with discounts available for kids. This includes all your equipment and insurance, but remember, transport to the starting point and meals are extra.

Dugi Otok (Long Island)

Reaching Dugi Otok is easy, with regular ferries from Zadar. In Sali, the largest town, you’ll find everything you need, from amenities to delicious local food.

trips zadar

The island is packed in summer as each village celebrates its heritage. Traditional festivities like the donkey race in Sali highlight the island’s history, where donkeys were essential in daily life.

Visit Saharun Beach, known for its clear waters and pine-fringed shoreline, perfect for a relaxing day. Telascica Nature Park is a highlight with its inviting coves, impressive cliffs, and the warm Lake Mir. This park also serves as a home to a variety of wildlife, including a group of donkeys.

Don’t miss the Veli Rat Lighthouse, the tallest in the Adriatic. Climb up for amazing views or enjoy the nearby beaches. It’s a spot that combines history with natural beauty.

For those who love the outdoors, Dugi Otok is a playground. Enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, or simply swimming in the clear waters. The less crowded roads make for perfect cycling adventures with views of the sea.

Kornati National Park

My first visit to Kornati National Park in the late ’80s is something I’ll always remember. 

trips zadar

On the ferry ride there, an Italian family taught me how to play rummy, which was fun. What stood out to me the most, though, was how salty the lake was on one of the islands. It was so different from the sea around it.

Kornati National Park is an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, remarkable for its raw and rugged landscapes. 

With over 140 islands and islets, it’s a haven for those who love the sea, nature, and exploring. The islands, with their cliffs diving into the deep blue, create a stunning visual.

The park is rich in biodiversity, both underwater and on land. It’s a dream spot for snorkelers and divers. On the islands, you’ll find a variety of birds and unique plant species.

It’s the largest natural lake in Croatia and a protected nature park, ideal for bird watching and fishing, especially for carp.

trips zadar

What makes Lake Vrana unique is the contrast in flora.

On one side of the road, you’ll see Mediterranean vegetation typical of the Adriatic coast, and on the other, a freshwater ecosystem.

This creates a remarkable visual and ecological divide. The area also has hiking and cycling paths.

Krka National Park 

I don’t have to describe the waterfalls of Krka National Park.

trips zadar

You’re probably already familiar with them, or someone you know has been there. What I can share, though, are tips on how to see these wonders without spending too much. 

The cheapest option is the ferry from Skradin. Last summer, the fare was just 10 euros, but this year it might be higher. If you’re thinking about other entry points, like near the Krka Monastery, prices are, well,  tourist prices. 

My sister paid 40 euros there. And I’ve heard that some routes to the waterfall can even ask for up to 100 euros. I’ll make sure to update this article with the new season’s prices as soon as they’re available.

Nin is just a short trip from Zadar and is the oldest Croatian royal town.

trips zadar

Here, you’ll find the Church of the Holy Cross from the 9th century and the statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin. 

The town has museums like the Museum of Nin Antiquities and the Museum of Salt. When in Nin, try the “cvet soli” or flower of salt. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s probably the saltiest thing you’ll ever taste, at least it was for me.

Ugljan Island

Ugljan Island is a 25-minute boat ride from Zadar. This lush, hilly island is covered with olive groves. It’s a favorite escape for those in Zadar, especially over the weekends.

trips zadar

In Preko, the island’s main hub, life revolves around the harbor. For a bit of adventure, a hike up to St Michael’s church offers breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding archipelago.

Then there’s Kali, a traditional fishing village southeast of Preko. It’s a place where narrow streets twist up hills, leading you through a living history of seafaring and fishing. The harbor, crowded with fishing boats, speaks of the village’s enduring connection to the sea.

Not far from Kali, Kukljica greets visitors with its sparkling bay. This area is particularly known for its beautiful beaches.

Pag Island is worth visiting on a day trip . The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

trips zadar

The Town of Pag is this medieval settlement is a window into the past, with narrow streets lined with stone houses. The town is also famous for its intricate lacework, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

The Pag Lace Gallery in town is the perfect place to learn more about this traditional craft. Pag is also celebrated for its carnival, featuring traditional folk dances like the Pasko kolo.

The island is known for its delicious Pag cheese, made from sheep’s milk and often served with local white wine Žutica. The cheese’s distinct flavor is attributed to the sheep’s diet of sea-salted herbs and grass. Pag’s lamb is also a culinary highlight, considered some of the best in Croatia.

For young folks looking for nightlife, Novalja town is the go-to destination, especially the famous Zrće Beach. Known as the Croatian Ibiza, Zrće is packed with beach clubs and music festivals. During the day, the beach is a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy water sports.

The island’s rocky, barren landscape is often compared to the lunar surface, and provides a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities. Hiking, cycling, and exploring the rugged terrain are popular, as is swimming and enjoying the beaches. Pag’s beaches are known for their clear waters and are ideal for family outings.

Pag has a long history of salt production, dating back to Roman times. The traditional methods of salt harvesting contribute to the island’s unique economy and culture.

Velebit Mountain

On the way from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes, you can stop by the impressive Velebit Mountains and Paklenica National Park. 

trips zadar

The Velebit Mountains feature striking peaks and lush forests while Paklenica National Park is known for its dramatic cliffs and canyons. It’s a favored spot for hikers and nature lovers.

Besides its scenic beauty, here you will see various plant and animal species.

Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most expensive national parks to visit, and there’s a good reason for it. The main attraction here is a series of cascading lakes and waterfalls that seem almost otherworldly.

trips zadar

The ticket prices vary. Outside the peak season, the adult ticket costs 15 euros, but during the summer season, it’s 60 euros. The ticket price includes rides on the panoramic train and electric boat, as well as visitor accident insurance.

The price also depends on the time of entry to Plitvice Lakes National Park.

For example, if a visitor enters at 10 AM, they will pay a different price compared to someone who enters at 6 PM. The lower price applies from 4 PM onwards in June, July, and August, and from 3 PM onwards in September.

Parking is charged from April to October for cars, campers, and buses. Motorcycle parking is free. The price for cars is 1.5 euros per hour.

Šibenik is known for its stunning medieval architecture, including the famous Cathedral of St. James, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

trips zadar

The city also has beautiful fortresses like St. Michael’s and St. Nicholas’, offering great views. Šibenik is not as crowded as some other Croatian coastal cities. 

Side note: Dražen Petrović was born in Šibenik, so if you are interested in the NBA, this is an interesting fact for you.

Just before reaching Split, you’ll come across the charming town of Trogir.

trips zadar

The town’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s easy to see why. As you wander through the narrow cobblestone streets, you’ll encounter stunning architecture, including a beautiful cathedral and a fortress with panoramic views of the town and the Adriatic Sea.

One of the highlights of Trogir is its waterfront promenade, where you can enjoy a meal at a waterfront restaurant. And if you’re a fan of boats as I am, the marina is filled with yachts of all sizes.

While you can reach Dubrovnik from Zadar in a day, I would not recommend going further than Split.

trips zadar

The roads can get pretty jammed, especially during the summer heat.

The largest Dalmatian city, Split, is famous for one thing in particular: Diocletian’s Palace, a 4th-century Roman structure and UNESCO World Heritage site. 

In Split, you will see cultural experiences in its cafes, restaurants, and shops within historic walls, the scenic Riva waterfront, Mountain Marjan, Bacvice beach, and views of the islands across it.

Located just half an hour outside of Zadar, this place is different from others on the list. There are many things to do in Benkovac that are not connected to a summer vacation.

This is a place where East meets West. It once had the most cafes per capita in the former Yugoslavia, but nowadays it looks like a ghost town.

The famous landmarks of Benkovac are Kastel Benkovic, Asseria, and Benkovac Wells, but I would say the best attraction is the abandoned houses. You will see dozens of ruined houses, with trees growing from them. These are not some poor homes; most of them are mansions from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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22 Things to Do in Zadar


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Zadar is one of the most vibrant and fascinating towns on the Adriatic. Steeped in history but with a dynamic cultural life, it's impossible to be bored in Zadar. And Zadar is a perfect base for a series of exciting day trips . Here are 22 of the best things to do in Zadar.

Sunset in Zadar

Check out all the things to see in Zadar .


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Day Trips from Zadar

Plitvice Lakes Photos - Green Lake

Zadar’s location at the northern part of Dalmatia make it very suitable for visiting other towns and cities in this region, as well as some of the local islands and National Parks…and those slightly further afield. Here, we’ll take a look at the options for day trips from Zadar.

Day Trips from Zadar

Day Trips from Zadar – Plitvice Lakes

Visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park  is probably one of the most popular day trips for those staying in Zadar! Luckily, it’s very possible to visit the park in a day as there’s an early morning bus out to the National Park, and a return that gets you back to Zadar in the early evening. This means you’ll enjoy a good six hours or so in the Park. (See our guide to Exploring the Plitvice Lakes National Park  to find out what to see and do.)

Journey time is around 2 hours each way; check bus times on the Zadar Bus Terminal website. When buying your tickets at Zadar’s Bus Terminal, ask to purchase a return ticket to make the return journey easier for you.

Plitvice Lakes Photos - Green Lake

For those that would prefer not to travel by public transport, it’s possible to join an organised excursion. Viator have a Plitvice National Park Full-Day Tour which includes a guided tour in the park.

Day Trips from Zadar – Kornati Islands

Zadar is ideally situated for visiting another of Croatia’s national parks, the Kornati Islands  (pictured below). However, due to the protected and isolated nature of the islands, they do need to be visited with an organised excursion as there’s no ferries to the islands.

Day Trips from Zadar - Kornati Islands

Because they are relatively close to the mainland, it’s easy to simply enquire at a local agency for details; alternatively, you can pre-book a tour with Viator – their Kornati National Park Full-Day Trip from Zadar gives you an opportunity to visit the islands, including visiting a traditional village and time for swimming. You’ll also visit Telascica Nature Park, on Dugi Otok , and its salt lake.

Day Trips from Zadar – Pag island

The island of Pag  – famous for its lace making, cheese, salt production and nightclubs (what a combination!) is situated just north of Zadar, connected to the mainland by bridge. There are several buses per day to Pag, again making it an easy place to visit on a day trip.

There’s an mid-morning bus from Zadar to both Pag and Novalja (journey time to Pag – 1 hour 20 minutes; to Novalja it’s 1 hour 55 minutes); see the  Zadar Bus Terminal  website for times. Ask the bus to stop at Kolan (see below) if you want to visit Sirana Gligora .

Day Trips from Zadar - Pag Island

Pag Town has more sights than Novalja, whilst the latter is of course home to some of Croatia’s most famous beach clubs (which operate during the day and at night) on Zrce Beach – which, technically, could be visited by day to relax by the pools with a few drinks.

Kolan, just north of Pag Town, is home to Sirana Gligora which produces some of Croatia’s best known sheep cheese and has won numerous awards for its many products. The dairy runs tours of its premises where you can see production of their cheeses and taste samples of it as well; this would be well worth a trip to the island.

Day Trips from Zadar – Krka National Park

Rounding off the trio of national parks easily reachable from Zadar is Krka National Park . There are direct buses to Skradin, where the entrance of Krka is, which take about an hour. If you find that these bus times aren’t suitable, we would advise travelling to Sibenik first (many buses per day; journey time 1 hour 35 minutes) and then change here for a bus to Skradin.

Day Trips from Zadar - Krka National Park

If you want to head directly to Krka National Park, an organised excursion may be best. Ask locally, or check out Viator’s Krka National Park Full-Day Tour  which includes a guided tour inside the Park.

Day Trips from Zadar – Sibenik

As indicated above, Sibenik is more than suitable as a day trip from Zadar. There are numerous daily buses that run between the two towns, and it’s roughly a 3 hour round trip. Amongst Sibenik’s sights are the Cathedral of St James, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day Trips from Zadar – Dugi Otok

Of the islands facing Zadar, Dugi Otok ( Long Island in English) is perhaps one of the nicest – its tranquil nature means its one of the most relaxing to visit, and it is home to Saharun Beach, one of Croatia’s nicest (and off-the-beaten-track) sandy beaches, and Telascica Nature Park.

Day Trips from Zadar - Dugi Otok

However, it’s a little hard both to get to the island and to travel around on it. Although there are Jadrolinija car ferries to Brbinj at times that would get you there and back in a day, transport from Brbinj to the rest of the island is limited. If you’re very keen to visit Dugi Otok, perhaps enquire locally in Zadar with regards to renting a car for a day to take onto Dugi Otok. Jadrolinija do also operate catamarans to Rava and Bozava on the island, but these aren’t possible to be utilised for a day trip.

Again, ask locally for organised day trips to Dugi Otok. Or, if you fancy splashing out, how about this  Private Saharun Beach Boat Trip which offers swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing!

Other Trips from Zadar

If you fancy taking to the ‘seas’, check out this 3-hour  Sea Kayak Tour which is a great opportunity to see the sights of Zadar from a difference perspective. Or for something less energetic, what about this Croatia Islands Speedboat Experience where you can choose which local islands to visit?

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8 Fantastic Day Trips from Zadar Croatia by

8 Fantastic Day Trips From Zadar, Croatia

Welcome to JetSetting Fools, here you will find our best travel tips for destinations worldwide. Some of the links on this site are Affiliate Links and if you use them to make a purchase, we may earn a commission. For more information, read our Disclosure Policy .

The historic town of Zadar, Croatia sits proudly on a peninsula on the Adriatic Sea. The city’s once-necessary defensive walls still encircle most of the old town Zadar. Inside the fortifications is a blend of old and new – from well-preserved Roman ruins to modern convivences.

Why Take Day Trips From Zadar?

Zadar old town is comfortable, with enough sights to entertain, but plenty of opportunities to relax over a coffee at an outdoor café. However, it isn’t just the city itself that makes Zadar such an appealing vacation spot.

Zadar’s location, on the northern Dalmatian Coast, makes it an ideal base for exploring more of Croatia. Stunning islands, national parks and some of the region’s most picturesque places can be reached on day trips from Zadar, Croatia.

8 Best Day Trips From Zadar, Croatia

Our list of day trips from Zadar include the area’s top destinations. For each of the Zadar excursions, we include details regarding transportation and links to book the Zadar day trips via a tour. Even with only one day in Zadar, there may be enough time to take a quick trip from Zadar!

Pin, Save or Bookmark our Zadar Day Trips for your visit to Croatia!

#1 Zadar to Krka Waterfalls

2-week Croatia Itinerary Krka National Park JetSetting Fools

The Zadar to Krka Waterfalls trip was our favorite jaunt while staying in Zadar. Krka National Park is an aqueous wonderland – and an easy excursion from Zadar.

The Krka River, which tumbles in a succession of waterfalls, is surrounded by 42-square miles of protected parkland. Within the boundaries of the Krka National Park are ruins, churches, islands and caves, which are all reachable by organized tours or a DIY day trip.

Krka National Park: A day trip from Zadar

However, the main attraction is Skradinski buk, the longest waterfall on the Krka River. The single sight alone is worth making the day trip from Zadar to Krka! 

Note : In the past, visitors have been able to swim at the base of the falls, but that is no longer permitted!

How to get from Zadar to Krka : We took a bus from Zadar to Krka, which conveniently stopped near the Krka National Park ticket office in Skradin (admission includes the boat ride from Skradin to Krka).

The Zadar-Krka bus online timetable was not correct during our visit. We bought our tickets directly from the bus station and we suggest others do the same. Be sure to confirm the times on getting to Krka National Park from Zadar by bus (and return) during your trip!

Zadar to Krka National Park Tours : Booking an organized Zadar to Krka National Park Tour can save you the trouble of figuring out how to get from Zadar to Krka Waterfalls – and can increase your time enjoying the wonderful scenery!

Book a top-rated, full day tour from Zadar to Krka National Park on Viator .

Other guided tour options include: a Krka from Zadar Private Tour and a Zadar to Krka Tour of Waterfalls and Wine Tasting . 

{Read all about our Krka NP Trip }

#2 Kornati National Park from Zadar

2-week Croatia Itinerary Boat Trip from Zadar JetSetting Fools

The Kornati Islands are a Zadar must-see natural attraction! Kornati National Park encompasses 89 islands, islets and reefs – and is best reached by Zadar boat tours; however, the park can also be viewed from the sky with a panoramic flight!

Sail Boat Tours, Sailing, Sibenik, Croatia

The Kornati Islands beckon adventures with plenty of opportunity for swimming (snorkeling and scuba diving, too!), hiking and wildlife watching.

How to get from Zadar to Kornati : Visitors can get to the park via boat trips from Zadar or personal watercraft (permit required). There is no Zadar to Kornati Islands Ferry. That said, it is one of the best places to visit from Zadar, so it’s worth joining a tour!

Zadar to Kornati Islands Tours : Book Zadar tours to Kornati NP from the docks or in advance. In the busy summer season, we highly recommend booking early so you ensure you get a spot on the tour! 

This  highly-rated 8-hour KNP tour is a fantastic boat trip from Zadar! The full day tour includes breakfast on the way to the Zadar national park, incredible scenic vistas along the route, sights at the Telascica Nature park and time for swimming, too!

#3 Zadar Boat Trips

Islands of the Zadar Archipelago in Croatia

Spending a day on the water is one of the best things to do in Zadar – and a Zadar boat trip is an excellent way to do it! There are a multitude of options – from ferry rides to Zadar sailing trips to boat excursions to sea kayaking Zadar.

Ferry Trips from Zadar 

Boat Trips From Zadar, Croatia

Using the ferry is fabulous for visiting the islands off Zadar. Ugljan on the island of Preko is directly across from Zadar and ranks one of the best islands near Zadar for a boat ride and island exploration. A day trip to Dugi Otok from Zadar is also possible with the ferry. 

How to get from Zadar to Ugljan and Dugi Otok : The ferries make these Zadar trips both easy and inexpensive. Find schedules online at the Jadrolinija Ferry official site . 

{Read about our Boat Trips from Zadar to Ugljan and Dugi Otok }

More Islands To Visit from Zadar

Boat trip between Ugljan and Pasman Islands, Croatia

There are 140 islands in the Zadar archipelago (including the 89 of Kornati NP). The best way to visit many of these islands is on a boat tour. 

Booking Zadar Boat Tours : Book other Zadar boat excursions in advance, like the half-day sailing tour , a romantic sunset sail or a day trip to Sakarun Beach, Croatia .

Another option is to set sail for the Zadar archipelago aboard a yacht. The small group Sailing Trip  is a full day adventure!

#4 Zadar to Plitvice Lakes National Park

Looking down at Plitvice Lakes boardwalk in Croatia

A trip to Plitvice Lakes is one of the best day trips from Zadar! Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the most popular Croatia tours. Sixteen lakes of intense blue water are connected by a series of tumbling waterfalls. The water flow has carved a deep canyon into the limestone rocks and natural tufa barriers pool the water before it streams over the edge into the next pool.

Tumbling waterfall next to wood steps at Plitvice Lakes NP in Croatia

Wooden boardwalks built just above the water enable visitors to have an up-close experience (although, swimming is not allowed at Plitvice NP).A trip to Plitvice Lakes is one of the best day trips from Zadar!

How to get from Zadar to Plitvice NP : The distance from Zadar to Plitvice Lakes is about 120km; the Zadar-Plitvice bus takes 1 hour 45 minutes each way. It is possible to take the public bus from Zadar to Plitvice, visit the park and take the Plitvice to Zadar bus back in one day.

Zadar to Plitvice Lakes National Park Tour : Alternately, travel with an organized group on a Zadar to Plitvice Lakes tour. Book this highly-rated PLNP tour in advance!

{Read about our trip to Plitvice Lakes in the Winter and Visiting Plitvice Lakes NP in the Autumn }

#5 Sibenik, Croatia Tours

Beautiful View Sibenik, Croatia

A day trip to Sibenik is one of the popular Zadar tours because of the close proximity of the two cities. The hillside coastal Old Town of Sibenik boasts a fortress, several churches and the remains of it’s defensive walls.

Jadrolinija Passenger Ferry From Sibenik, Croatia

The compact Sibenik Old Town center is a pleasant day trip for anyone looking for things to do near Zadar.

How to get from Zadar to Sibenik : Zadar-Sibenik buses run multiple times a day, making this an easy Zadar DIY Day Trip. Inquire at the Zadar bus station for current timetables. 

{Be sure to read our guide on Things To Do in Sibenik on day trips from Zadar}

#6 Zadar to Split and Trogir (UNESCO Heritage Sites)

View of Split, Croatia from Marjan Hill Hike

South of Zadar, in Central Dalmatia, is Split – one of our favorite cities in Croatia! In the Old Town that fronts the harbor are the remains of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Diocletian’s Palace . Split is also known for its many beaches , nature trails , historic neighborhoods and the long string of cafes that line the buzzing Riva.

Boat on the Waterfront, Trogir, Croatia

Just 29km from Split is the UNESCO Heritage city of Trogir. The historic town occupies a small island, which is connected to the mainland via a short bridge. The best way to explore Trogir is to wander aimlessly through the narrow alleyways of the Old Town.

How to get from Zadar to Split : The bus from Zadar to Split (and Split to Zadar) takes 2.5 hours each way, but there are several buses that make the trip daily. Some buses stop in Trogir, but many do not. Again, we recommend checking schedules at the Zadar bus station for times and stops prior to setting off for the day.

Tours from Zadar to Split : Guides do offer private tours from Zadar to Split and Trogir, which eliminates the hassle of trying to figure out bus schedules! Book Zadar, Croatia tours to Split and Trogir in advance on Viator .

{Read our guide on Split Sightseeing and more on our 3 Day Split Itinerary }

#7 Game of Thrones Locations Tours from Zadar

Main square inside Diocletian's Palace, Peristyle, in Split, Croatia

Game of Thrones fans will be thrilled to visit Croatia, as many of the television show’s scenes have been filmed in the country. With the popularity of the show, there are GOT Tours, including GOT day trips from Zadar, Croatia.

Distant view of Klis Fortress in Split, Croatia

Zadar to Game of Thrones Film Locations : Walking in the footsteps of the show’s characters is best done on private day tours from Zadar, as there are multiple stops in some hard-to-get-to locations. Book a GOT Tour here!

#8 Mostar Day Tours from Zadar

The famous Stari Most Old Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Want to explore beyond Croatia? Take a day trip from Zadar to the fascinating town of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Not a short day trip (it takes 3 hours to drive each way), the beautiful Mostar Old Town is definitely worth it!

Old Town shops in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The iconic Mostar Old Bridge is draped over the emerald green Neretva River and minarets pierce the blue sky. Cafes and restaurants cling to the riverside cliffs and line the cobblestone lanes of Mostar, enticing you in for a coffee or meal.

Tours from Zadar to Mostar : Zadar excursions to Mostar are best done via car or hired guide – and you can search here for a Mostar Tour . There are no bus routes between the two cities that would allow for Zadar day trips.

{Read our guide to Visiting Mostar: 27 Things To Do } 

More Things To Do in Zadar, Croatia

Our free self guided walking tour zadar croatia

Zadar is one of the best places to visit in Croatia ! An entire week vacation could be filled with day trips from Zadar, but there are things to see in Zadar, too!

Zadar Walking Tour

Zadar sights can easily be discovered by strolling the lanes of the Old Town. However, for more information about Zadar sightseeing, use our free Zadar Self-Guided Walking Tour (which includes a Zadar tourist map of the route) to the top Zadar tourist attractions.

If you would rather a guide lead you on a tip-based free walking tour Zadar, you can join the tour by Free Tours  – or book a guide for a walking tour in advance. 

Looking for more things to do around Zadar, Croatia? Get on two wheels and go on the Zadar Bike Tour. Book it in advance !

Find a Zadar Beach

Kolovare is the Zadar, Croatia beach closest to the center and one of the Zadar top attractions in the summertime. However, there are many beaches along the coastline and on the islands near Zadar. 

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Planning A Trip to Zadar, Croatia

There is a lot more to planning a trip to Zadar than deciding which day trips to take! 

Get started with our tips for Planning a Croatian Vacation – where we highlight need-to-know travel info. 

As you research your trip, you will need to stay organized. With our printable Travel Planner , you can download the 26 pages and get started right away!

Travel Planner Printables by

Deciding between Zadar or Split as a base in Croatia?

We like both Zadar and Split as bases for discovering more of Croatia – and think both cities offer a lot to see on their own! For tips on activities and day trips in Split , read our 3-Day Split Itinerary .

Top Tip: For the Best 2 Weeks in Croatia, read our Ultimate Guide To Croatia !

Where To Stay in Zadar, Croatia

The best place to stay in Zadar is in the historic Old Town. We stayed in an Airbnb Apartment , but there are many Zadar Old Town hotels to choose from, too!

Check out these top-rated hotels (based on guest reviews!) for the upcoming trip: Art Hotel Kalelarga , Hotel Niko and Bastion Heritage Hotel . 

Budget travelers can search for Zadar Hostels – like Boutique Hostel Forum and The Hostel . 

Before making your reservation, read our tips for Booking Hotels at the Best Rate .

Getting To Zadar, Croatia

Visitors can travel to Zadar by plane, boat, bus or car.

Our preferred method of getting anywhere is by flying (we are JetSetting Fools, after all!) and when we need to purchase cheap plane tickets , we start our search for the best deals on airline tickets on Skyscanner .

Flights to the Zadar Airport are seasonal, and are offered from Frankfurt , Amsterdam , Dublin and London (amongst others).

Although there are no trains to Zadar (at least not ones that are efficient for travelers), buses are a good option for reliable transport. Our preferred bus company is FlixBus – as it is economical, clean and comfortable with on-board Wi-Fi,

If arriving by bus, the bus station is not very convenient to the Old Town ( map ), but within reasonable walking distance. Although not 100% reliable, bus schedules can be searched on Bus Croatia and Get By Bus .

How To Get Around Zadar: Transportation

It’s best to get around Zadar on your own two feet – as most of the Old Town is a car-free zone. 

However, travelers may want to consider renting a car for some of the day trips from Zadar. Having a rental can often save time and money (especially when traveling with more than two people) – and allows for greater discovery.  

Pro Tip: Read our Top Tips for the Best Car Rental Rates before you make your reservation.

What To Pack for Travel To Zadar

Now that you know the top Zadar things to do and have planned your Zadar itinerary, it’s time to pack your bags! Whether you travel with a backpack or a suitcase , you can use our pro packing tips! Find all of our advice on our Packing Tips page – and be sure to grab your FREE Packing Checklist !

Durable Shoes

Be sure to  pack a pair of lightweight and comfortable travel shoes for your trip! I am most comfortable walking in historic Croatia cities in my versatile sneakers – but bring flip flops for the beach, too. Kris prefers wearing these shoes by Merrell .

Travel Camera

Croatia is gorgeous – and the stunning scenery can be seen on many of the day trips from Zadar. Rather than relying on your mobile phone to capture the sights, upgrade to an actual camera for higher quality photos. We travel with a Canon Rebel (which takes amazing photos and is a great budget camera for travelers ). 

Croatia Guidebook and Map

Good research often equals a great vacation! It can be helpful to have a guidebook for Croatia prior to arriving – as well as a map !

Croatia Travel Insurance

If you haven’t already obtained travel insurance for your trip, consider traveling protected with World Nomads.

Start planning your trip to Croatia ! Search for the lowest airfares , the best accommodations and fun things to do …then start packing !   Want more travel advice? Head over to our Travel Planning Page for tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides Page !

More Croatia Travel Resources

Visiting other Top Destinations in Croatia ? Fantastic! Get ready with all the best tips with our complete guides!

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Looking to go on an Croatia Island Hoping Adventure ? Super! Get set with our detailed guides to Hvar , Korcula , Brac and Vis !

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Sunset in Zadar...Greetings to the sun is an art installation located in the port of Zadar, on the western point of the Zadar peninsula. It is overlooking the city harbor, islands and famous Zadar sunset...The Greetings to sun uses solar power to create a light show that displays at night. After sunset the lighting elements are activated installed in the circuit, and following a particularly programmed scenario, they produce very impressive show of light.

Home to a historic old town of Roman ruins, medieval churches, cosmopolitan cafes and quality museums set on a small peninsula, Zadar is an intriguing city. It’s not too crowded and its two unique attractions – the sound-and-light spectacle of the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation – need to be seen and heard to be believed.


Must-see attractions.

Pozdrav Zuncu (Sun Salutation) monument by architect Nikola Basic, Zadar, Zadar county, Dalmatia region, Croatia, Europe

Sun Salutation

Another wacky and wonderful creation by Nikola Bašić (the local architect who designed the nearby Sea Organ), this 22m-wide circle set into the pavement…

Young people sunbathing on pier, listening to Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia

Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ, designed by local architect Nikola Bašić, is unique. Set within the perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea is a…

Roman forum and distant church inside old Venetian town, Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 218654365; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

Roman Forum

One of the most intriguing things about Zadar is the way Roman ruins seem to sprout randomly from the city's streets. Nowhere is this more evident than at…

Church of St. Donat, Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 98671040; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

St Donatus' Church

Dating from the beginning of the 9th century, this unusual circular Byzantine-style church was named after the bishop who commissioned it. As one of only…

Historic center of the Croatian town of Zadar at the Mediterranean Sea, Church of St.Simeon, Europe.; Shutterstock ID 698125786; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

St Simeon’s Church

While this 17th-century baroque church is pretty enough, it's what lies inside that makes it truly noteworthy. Taking pride of place above the main altar,…

The Cathedral of St. Anastasia,  Roman Catholic cathedral in Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 770384290; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

St Anastasia's Cathedral

Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Zadar's cathedral has a richly decorated facade and an impressive three-nave interior with the remains of frescoes…

Narodni Trg (Narodni Square), Zadar, Zadar county, Dalmatia region, Croatia, Europe

Narodni trg

Traditionally the centre of public life, this pretty little square is constantly abuzz with chatter from its many cafe-bars. The western side is dominated…

Museum of Ancient Glass

Museum of Ancient Glass

It's baffling that a medium as delicate as glass could survive the earthquakes and wars that have plagued this region over the millennia, but this…

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Zadar's Old Town district is located on a peninsula that juts out in the Adriatic.

Wildlife & Nature

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Many different civilizations who have left a mark on Zadar. Today, the historic coastal city draws art and history buffs, sea and sun seekers, and more.

Aerial of a beach with tourists swimming in clear water and lounging on the sand.

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Kvarner Bay Islands - from Opatija Tour

Kvarner Bay Islands - from Opatija

The care and attention received from all of the crew to ensure a comfortable experience.

Dalmatian Highlights Zadar and Split Region Cruise (Standard Boat Category) Tour

  • Ocean Cruise

Dalmatian Highlights Zadar and Split Region Cruise (Standard Boat Category)

Croatia: Sibenik & the Kornati Islands Tour

  • In-depth Cultural

Croatia: Sibenik & the Kornati Islands

Kvarner Islands & Northern Dalmatia Deluxe Cruise Tour

Kvarner Islands & Northern Dalmatia Deluxe Cruise

Beautiful cruise with amazing food. Loved the swims in the afternoon and all of the overnight stops in Croatia.

Highlights of Kvarner to North Dalmatia Cruise (Standard Boat Category) Tour

Highlights of Kvarner to North Dalmatia Cruise (Standard Boat Category)

Split round trip cruise Tour

Split round trip cruise

Good experience. Although rain was an issue, the tour it self was enjoyable

Zadar to Opatija Express Premium - 6 days Tour

Zadar to Opatija Express Premium - 6 days

Zadar to Opatija Express Premium Plus - 6 days Tour

Zadar to Opatija Express Premium Plus - 6 days

North Dalmatia Bike & Boat - Deluxe Tour

  • Bike and Barge

North Dalmatia Bike & Boat - Deluxe

The could not fault the people hole experience from the moment we arrived in Tragir to our arrival back there eight days later!!!!

Sailing Croatia  Zadar and Krka Waterfalls 2024 Tour

Sailing Croatia Zadar and Krka Waterfalls 2024

  • 10% deposit on some dates Some departure dates offer you the chance to book this tour with a lower deposit.

Croatia: Hike, Bike & Kayak Tour

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Croatia: Hike, Bike & Kayak

Cultural treasures and national parks Tour

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Cultural treasures and national parks

Kvarner Bay Bike & Boat - Deluxe Tour

Kvarner Bay Bike & Boat - Deluxe

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Croatia Nature & Culture Cruise - from Split

Best of Croatia - 7 Days Dubrovnik to Zagreb Tour

  • Food & Culinary
  • Coach / Bus
  • Sightseeing
  • Christmas & New Year

Best of Croatia - 7 Days Dubrovnik to Zagreb

Really impressed with all aspects of this tour. Josep made an effort to include those destinations as well.

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Beautiful cruise with amazing food. The staff was wonderful and the guided tours were great. Loved the swims in the afternoon and all of the overnight stops in Croatia.

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"Overall the tour was amazing to visit different islands and was amazing weather, great company

TruTravels is an expert in:

G Adventures

"Excellent experience with a wonderful host family. The activities were well planned, enjoyable and of a good duration.

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SKR Reisen

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She's Abroad Again

11 Best Zadar Boat Trips For Summer 2024

Are you looking for the best Zadar boat trips to explore the Dalmatian coastline? I’ve got you covered!

I grew up on the Croatian coastline and I’ve gone on many boat tours over the years, so I know what to look for when finding the best excursions.

Zadar region is one of Croatia’s best areas for island hopping, with countless islands to discover!

Whether you want to snorkel and explore hidden caves, visit Kornati National Park, or simply soak up the sun and the beauty of the Adriatic, there’s a perfect Zadar boat tour for you.

From luxury Zadar speed boats to small-group boat trips, each tour offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and breathtaking views.

Let’s find the right Zadar boat trip for your trip!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I hope you find the information here helpful!

My Top Picks: Zadar Boat Trips

trips zadar

✔️ Full-day speed boat trip ✔️ Swimming and sightseeing

trips zadar

✔️  Customizable itinerary ✔️  Canapes, fruits, and beverages

sunset view from the front of the sailboat on sunset cruise

✔️ Under 50€ per person ✔️ Swimming and sightseeing

Best Zadar Boat Tours

1. zadar: dugi otok, kornati park, sakarun beach speed boat tour.

⭐️ RATING: 4.9/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 9 hours| Check it out!

If you’re ready to book a boat tour in Zadar to explore the Zadar Archipelago, this full-day Zadar speed boat tour is the best one!

Your journey begins in Zadar, cruising towards Dugi Otok. You’ll stop for a swim at Lagnići cliffs and snorkel to discover the secret shipwreck “Michelle”.

Next, you’ll head to the famous Sakarun sandy beach and Golubinka cave. Kornati National Park is a must-visit in Zadar and a place where you’ll stop at several of the islands, including Levranka and Mana Islands.

This full-day tour offers an unbeatable combination of panoramic speedboat rides, serene beach lounging, and opportunities for snorkeling or swimming in crystal-clear waters.

The tour includes an entrance fee for the Kornati Islands, snacks, and drinks. 

It covers numerous breathtaking locations in a single trip, making it the best boat tour in Zadar. 

“ Great activity. Diving on the wreck, the cave, the beach of Sakarun, the stops on magnificent beaches…Everything was great! ” – GetYourGuide traveler, France (read more reviews )

🤩 Check Prices and Availability!

2. From Zadar: Private Half-Day Sailing Trip

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | Check it out!

Those seeking a more private experience sailing the Adriatic Sea from Zadar should look no further than this private sailing tour!

You can choose between a morning and afternoon departure, and during 4 hours at the sea, you’ll get to visit two picturesque islands in the Zadar area – Ošljak and Ugljan.

As it is a private tour, you’ll get to customize the itinerary and choose to sail around the pristine islands of the Zadar Archipelago, or anchor at a secluded bay for a peaceful swim away from the crowd.

This half-day tour is also great for those who are short on time and still want to experience some amazing sailing and sunbathing! 

Food and drinks are not included, so remember to pack some with you for the trip! One of the perks of private boat tours in Zadar is that they are not nearly as expensive as Dubrovnik , so if you ever wanted to go on one, this is the perfect opportunity!

“ A great sailing trip to two islands. We were able to swim and snorkel. Dario was a super nice skipper who explained everything well, we felt very comfortable. ” – Claudia, Germany (read more reviews )

3. Zadar Canal 4-Hour Sailing Trip

⭐️ RATING: 4.7/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | Check it out!

This Zadar sailing trip is the perfect choice for those looking to experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and islands on a budget. This 4-hour excursion allows you to soak in the stunning views of Zadar’s coastline without breaking the bank. 

Sail through the picturesque Zadar Canal and admire the breathtaking panorama of the city. You’ll visit the island of Ugljan and a tiny islet Galevac with its medieval monastery. You’ll get to walk the cobblestone streets of Preko, a picturesque village right across from Zadar.

Finally, the tour also includes a stop at a hidden, untouched beach where you can swim, snorkel, or simply relax.

You can choose between two departure times, the morning or the afternoon. As it is just 4 hours long, you will still have time to tick off more bucket list experiences in Zadar. It’s one of the best boat trips Zadar offers for those who are on a budget, while not compromising on the quality of the journey. 

“ This was a fantastic experience and I cannot recommend it enough! Petar was friendly and welcoming and made the trip really fun. ” – Hannah, United Kingdom (read more reviews )

4. Zadar: Full-Day Sailing Trip to Kornati

⭐️ RATING: 4.5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 9 hours | Check it out!

Embarking on a full-day sailing trip to the majestic Kornati National Park is an absolute must when in Zadar. 

A boat trip from Zadar to Kornati is one of the most popular day trips from Zadar, as you get to admire the breathtaking Kornati archipelago, boasting spectacular 89 islands . 

This 9-hour adventure unfolds an unparalleled opportunity to soak in the stunning vistas of the intricate islands, rugged cliffs, and enticing sea caves. The serene setting, away from the city bustle, allows you to truly connect with nature. 

The trip includes stops at secluded bays of Telašćica Nature Park where you can dip into the crystal-clear water, snorkel around vibrant marine life, or simply bask in the sun. 

You’ll also visit the unique saltwater Lake Mir and the stunning 61-m-tall Devil’s Cliffs. 

While most Kornati day trips are on big boats with a large group, this Kornati tour from Zadar feels almost like a private tour with only 7 passengers on the sailboat!

“ Best option out of all available – very intimate and comfortable experience, max 7 people on board. Great views, sightseeing, and snorkeling, we even had the opportunity to see a dolphin !” – Katarzyna, Poland (read more reviews )

trips zadar

5. From Zadar: Island-Hopping Speed Boat Tour with Drinks

⭐️ RATING: 4.9/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours | Check it out!

Make the most of your time in Zadar and explore several nearby islands on this delightful 4-hour boat excursion Zadar offers.

This speed boat Zadar tour combines swimming and sightseeing, and it includes stops at three different islands. 

The first stop is a swimming spot, and you’ll have plenty of time to swim, snorkel, and explore the stunning coastline from a unique vantage point. Next up is a visit to an island, where you’ll get to enjoy the laid-back island life and explore the cobblestone streets. 

With unlimited drinks on board, you can just relax and soak up the sun on a boat surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea! 

This is a small group tour, with up to 12 participants, so the group gets to decide how much time they want to spend on each island and customize the trip!

“ This is so much fun and a great value. Also, a great way to get off the island and explore the beauty that surrounds you! I went by myself, and I had a blast. ” – Linda, USA (read more reviews )

6. Zadar: Sunset Boat Tour with Sparkling Wine

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours | Check it out!

Zadar has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and as the day ends everybody flocks to the Greeting to the Sun, one of the most Instagramable spots in Zadar .

However, you can escape the crowds and enjoy the best view in town on this Zadar sunset boat tour! The group is limited to 9 passengers, so it almost feels like a private tour.

You’ll get to see the most important landmarks in Zadar from the sea, including the famous Sea Organ and Zadar walls . 

Your host will tell you stories about the city and provide champagne to toast as you watch the sunset.

The tour is just 1 hour and 30 min long, making for a perfect way to end a day in Zadar even if you’re short on time.

“ This was a phenomenal cruise to take, our host Danko was excellent. We had a relaxing and small group, it was a romantic or intimate vibe (depending on who you are with). We would highly recommend it! ” – Cathay, USA (read more reviews )

trips zadar

7. Zadar: Private Sunset Sailing Tour in Zadar Archipelago

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | Check it out!

If you want to enjoy the romantic Zadar sunset in a more private setting, this 2-hour private sunset tour is the one for you! It is the most romantic private boat tour Zadar offers and for a fraction of the price of Santorini sunset cruises .

Your tour starts at 6 PM, and for two hours on board, you’ll get to admire the panoramic views of the city and sail around Osljak Island. The guide will tell you about the city and keep you entertained during the cruise. 

Once you find the perfect spot, your captain will stop the boat and put up the sail for a serene sunset experience. You’ll also get a refreshing glass of champagne to sip while watching the sunset, but pack snacks if you think you might get peckish.

“ The highlight of our Zadar trip. We had an amazing time with the beautiful sunset. ” – GetYourGuide traveler, United States (read more reviews )

8. From Zadar: Highlights of Kornati by Traditional Sail Boat

⭐️ RATING: 4.9/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 10 hours | Check it out!

This iconic Zadar Kornati boat trip takes you to this stunning national park on a traditional wooden sailboat. It is a full-day tour, so perfect for those spending their summer holidays in Croatia. 

This beautiful boat can only accommodate up to 25 people, so you’re getting quite an intimate experience instead of a typical mass tourism tour. 

Your first stop is the island of Kornat where you’ll have time to explore the island, eat some local meals, and go for a swim. Next up is the sailing up to the hidden bays of Kornati islands for snorkeling and swimming before lunch.

Lunch and brunch on board are not included in the price, and this boat excursion planned a lunch stop in a restaurant in Suha Punta Bay for an additional fee. They serve traditional Croatian meals, and vegan options in traditional restaurants might be limited. 

After lunch, you’ll head to your next swim stop where you’ll spend time enjoying the crystal clear sea before heading back to Zadar before the sunset.

“ An experience beyond our expectations. Ready to do it again without hesitation .” – Aurélien, France (read more reviews )

9. Zadar: Speedboat Tour to Ugljan, Osljak, and Galevac

Another popular half-day boat trip Zadar offers is this speed boat tour from Zadar to three nearby islands. The boat fits up to 9 people, so it is great for those who prefer smaller groups.

Your first stop is Osljak Island, the smallest inhabited island in Croatia! You’ll have free time to explore the old stone houses, walk around the island and swim in the crystal clear sea. 

Next up is a visit to Ugljan and village Preko with its charming island vibes. The final island on the itinerary is a tiny islet of Galevac, home to a well-preserved monastery.

This is one of the best Zadar Archipelago boat tours if you’re short on time, as you’ll visit three popular islands where you can swim and discover the island’s cultural heritage.

“ It was a very nice tour; half a day with the right time to take a few nice baths and relax a bit. ” – GetYourGuide traveler, Italy (read more reviews )

sail boats in a port in the sea on a sunny day

10. Zadar: Ugljan, Ošljak and Školjić Islands Private Boat Tour

This full-day boat tour is a great option for those who want to visit the islands in the Zadar Archipelago at a relaxed pace on a private tour.

In 4 hours, you’ll visit at least 3 islands and stop for swimming on secluded beaches, away from the crowds. You’ll also have time for lunch in a local restaurant on Ugljan.

It is one of the best speed boat tours in Zadar and the surrounding area, as you can discuss the route with your skipper if there are some specific spots you’d like to see.

What an incredible Morning this was. Our Skipper, Matte, was amazing and so nice. – GetYourGuide traveler ( read more reviews )

11. From Zadar: Full-Day Boat Trip to Sakarun Beach with Lunch

⭐️ RATING: 5/5 Stars | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 12 hours | Check it out!

The Zadar to Sakarun beach day trip is one of the most popular boat trips in Zadar.

Sakarun Beach is famous as it is one of the only sandy beaches in the Zadar area.

The beach is hard to reach if you don’t have a car, so joining a boat excursion is a good way to get there. 

Unlike other tours on this list, this tour is mostly just a transfer. You’ll take a boat to the port near the beach, and then a bus to the beach. You’ll have about 5 hours to spend on the beach and enjoy the water, before heading back.

Breakfast and small lunch are included, but they don’t accommodate dietary restrictions so bring your own food if you’re vegan.

I know it’s annoying paying for something you won’t use, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

“ Simply beautiful, you have to experience and see it once. About an hour by boat then in groups to the bus station and 5 minutes down to the beach !” – GetYourGuide traveler, Austria (read more reviews )

trips zadar

FAQ: Boat Trips From Zadar, Croatia

Most Zadar boat excursions depart from the city center, from the main Zadar port on Liburnska Obala. Some boat trips can depart from other spots along the coast, so make sure to check the exact departure spot when booking your tour!

No, you don’t need to join a tour to visit islands around Zadar. If you have enough time, and you’re only interested in visiting one or two islands, you can take a ferry and spend a day exploring the island. Joining a tour ensures you easily visit multiple islands and relax on the trip instead of figuring out public transport.

Final Thoughts: Zadar Boat Trips

Boat tours from Zadar are a fantastic activity to add to your itinerary!

Zadar is worth visiting for its proximity to Kornati National Park and countless picturesque islands and hidden coves, you’ll be spoilt for choice with places to visit.

If you want to swim on the pristine beaches and islands along the Adriatic coast, go for one of the boat trips with swimming stops.

Those who prefer the luxury of a private boat tour will also have several incredible options. 

One thing is sure, if you’re looking for speed boat tours Zadar and the surrounding area are a fantastic choice!

If you discover more spots on the Croatian coastline, here are more fun boat tours in Croatia:

  • Pula Boat Tours For A Perfect Summer Holiday 
  • Best Rovinj Boat Tours This Summer
  • Best Dubrovnik Boat Tours: Private & Group

best boat tours in zadar - pinterest pin

Natali is the founder of She's Abroad Again. She is a solo female travel and backpacking expert who traveled to more than 30 country over 3 continents, mostly solo and on a budget! She is a lawyer turned travel blogger as she traded long office hours in Croatia for a digital nomad life and currenly calls France her home.

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National Park Kornati Islands Boat Tour

check symbol

Discover the most awesome location in the entire Adriatic-National Park Kornati

Snorkel with lively and colourful fishes during the entire trip

Experience cliff jumping from Mana island

Half-day: 09:00/14:00

Until: 13:30/18:30

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Zadar to Sakarun Beach Boat Tour & Shipwreck

Experience the beauty of Sakarun beach and its mesmerizing blue lagoon

Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, and enjoy the captivating atmosphere of Sakarun beach

Explore submarine bunker tunnels, incredible specimens of the cold war

Molat & Ugljan Boat Tour: Best Zadar Islands

Dive in & Snorkel to Discover Ledenik shipwreck – newest shipwreck in Adriatic

Meet Locals & Discover Lifestyle in Village of Preko, swim in Jaz sandy beach

Take “kaić” rowboat water taxi to smallest inhabited islet Galevac

Kornati Islands & Telašćica Boat Tour

Enjoy a Speedboat tour from Zadar, Passing through 140+ Islands Archipelago

Discover hidden Salt Lake Mir & rejuvenate in its healing waters

Take a daring leap from the Mana cliffs into the crystal-clear Adriatic sea

Full-day: 09:00

Until: 18:30

Dugi Otok Boat Tour: Ultimate Boat Adventure

Snorkel around sunken shipwreck, discover flourishing flora & fauna.

Witness the shimmering of unique colours inside Golubinka Cave as you explore it.

Discover Sakarun Sandy Beach & learn how to play the local sport of "picigin".

Silba, Olib & Ist Boat Tour 3 Islands & 6 Unique Spots

Dive in & Snorkel to Discover Rich Underwater Sarcophagi ‘Treasure’

Hear Interesting Love Story Behind “Toretta Tower” (Guided Story Telling)

Relax and Unwind in the Sandy Lagoon / Beach Bar and Pine Forest Shadow

Live From Zadar Archipelago

trips zadar

Boat Tours Experiences

Beach sports.

Stay active on your boat tour & have fun at the same time with exciting beach sports on stunning spots.

Cave exploring

Get a sense of astonishment at majestic Golubinka Cave, snorkel at the secluded beach & be prepared to be amazed.

Cliff jumping

Once in the lifetime experience! Be bold, take a deep breath, and leap into the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea with us!

Cruise around the numerous dotted islands & explore the countless secluded bays on your day trip in Zadar.

Hike up to the island hilltops and conquer the breathtaking 360 vistas on the Zadar archipelago seascape.

Island Hopping

Explore the 300+ islands and countless bays on your boat adventure around the dotted Zadar archipelago.


Explore Zadar archipelago on your next boat adventure and see all its splendour on a scenic speedboat ride.

Enjoy an underwater adventure, explore the shipwreck, vivid marine world & unique spots on your day trips in Zadar.

Get a bronzed tan on the gorgeous beaches in Croatia or enjoy basking in the sun on your next speedboat adventure.

Swim in the unique sandy lagoons, discover pristine nature & the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea on your Zadar boat trip.

Videos & Reviews

Latest insights from Zadar

How a speedboat trip can redefine your croatian journey.

Let’s talk about journeys. The word itself conjures images of a destination, a place we yearn to reach. But what about the path itself? Isn’t the journey just as important…

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THE 10 BEST Zadar Boat Tours

Boat tours in zadar.

  • Speed Boats Tours
  • Boat Rentals
  • Nature & Wildlife Tours
  • Up to 1 hour
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  • 4 hours to 1 day
  • 5.0 of 5 bubbles
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  • Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje)
  • Speed Boat Zadar
  • Marlin sailing
  • Greeting to the Sun - Il Saluto al Sole
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1. From Zadar: Island-Hopping Speedboat Tour with Drinks

trips zadar

2. Half Day Speedboat Tour Around Islands of Zadar with Drinks

trips zadar

3. Private sunset sailing tour in Zadar archipelago

trips zadar

4. Long Island Speedboat Tour with Lunch

trips zadar

5. Private Speedboat tour to National Park Kornati Islands

trips zadar

6. Shore Excursion on Boat in Zadar

trips zadar

7. Full day sailing tour in Zadar archipelago

trips zadar

8. Zadar-sailing full day tour

trips zadar

9. Dugi Otok Island Discovery Day Tour from Zadar

trips zadar

10. Speedboat Tour to Ugljan, Osljak & Galevac

trips zadar

11. Zadar Archipelago Half-day Island-Hopping Private Boat Tour

trips zadar

12. Kornati National Park and Nature Park Telašćica Full-Day Trip from Zadar

trips zadar

13. Speedboat Guided Tour to Osljak, Galevac & Ugljan

trips zadar

14. Romantic Sunset Boat Tour in Zadar Coast with Prosecco 1,5 h

trips zadar

15. Private Speedboat tour "Zadar Islands - Off the Beaten Path"

trips zadar

16. Zadar: 3 Island luxury Speedboat Tour w/ Drinks & Snorkeling

trips zadar

17. Full day PRIVATE tour (10-12 People)on custom made motorsailor

trips zadar

18. KORNATI ISLANDS & TELASCICA TOUR, Small Group–max 12 pax, 6 Stops, Full Day

trips zadar

19. Private Half Day Sailing Tour in Zadar archipelago

trips zadar

20. Private Speedboat tour "Hidden Gems of Dugi otok"

trips zadar

21. Dugi Otok Boat Tour- The Best Island Spots, Small Group 12 pax,7 Stops, Full Day

trips zadar

22. Zadar Half Day Tour with Luxury Speedboat

trips zadar

23. Private Half Day Speedboat tour to Zadar's Nearby Islands

trips zadar

24. Private tour to Islands Ugljan, Ošljak and Preko from Zadar

trips zadar

25. Private Speedboat tour to Sakarun Bay and Golubinka cave

trips zadar

26. Kornati National Park Islands Mana and Kornat Tour by boat

trips zadar

27. National Park KORNATI ISLANDS Boat Tour,Small Group, Half-day,Snorkeling,Beach

trips zadar

28. Private Full Day Sailing in Zadar Archipelago

trips zadar

29. Sakarun Beach Small Group Boat Tour and Shipwreck Snorkeling

trips zadar

30. Full day sailing tour on a regatta sailboat in Zadar archipelago

What travelers are saying.

Caitlin A

Astonishing beauty. Untouched nature. Magnificent adventure.

Discover all the hidden gems of Zadar archipelago. Swim the crystal blue seas of Kornati and Telašćica, let the sunshine and the sound of waves take over your senses and enthral your heart. Here you will find beauty in every stone, every coral. The small bays welcome you as they have greeted numerous sailors for thousands of years.

  • Cruise with a tour guide through Kornati National Park.
  • Explore one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world.
  • Swim and sunbathe on Mir salty lake.
  • Enjoy the traditional breakfast and lunch, drinks included. *

Fažanka Tours

Sail away with us!

Sit back, relax and enjoy. Let yourself get carried away by the beauty that surrounds you, as the waves softly guide you through this paradise.

Fažanka Tours

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We're looking forward to hear from you.

trips zadar

10 Things To Do In Zadar: Complete Guide To Croatia's Old Town & Beyond

C ompared to the hustle and bustle of Zagreb and Dubrovnik, Zadar is a smaller and quieter historic city along the Adriatic coast. Known for its combination of Roman and medieval remains with modern architectural landmarks, Zadar is a unique destination offering so many fun things to do and beautiful things to see.

In sum, there are so many reasons why Zadar is worth visiting . Tourists can explore Roman ruins, ancient churches, and an ornate cathedral, unwind in Old Town's lively squares, stroll on the waterfront promenade, and witness the magic of the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation. And while Zadar is a bit more low-key than some of Croatia's larger cities, tourists will find there is never a dull moment!

With so many beautiful places to see in Croatia , don't miss Zadar! Here is our ultimate travel guide and list of things to see and do in Zadar, Croatia.

Top Things To Do in Zadar

Some of Croatia's small towns are even better than visiting Croatia's tourist spots . Zadar is absolutely stunning and offers so many things to do!

Listen To The Sea Organ

Created by local architect Nikola Bašić, the Sea Organ is a system of pipes and whistles on stone stairs that dip into the sea and play music via sea waves. An urban architectural masterpiece and musical instrument, the sea pushes air through the Sea Organ, creating mesmerizing tones.

A one-of-a-kind attraction, the Sea Organ is 70 meters long, and as tourists either sit and relax on the steps or move along the promenade, the harmonies magically change. Some say the sounds are reminiscent of whale calls.

Catch A Glimpse Of The Sun Salutation

Another creation by local architect Nikola Bašić, the Sun Salutation is a 22-meter-wide circle in the pavement filled with 300 multilayered glass plates.

The plates collect energy from the sun throughout the day, producing a fantastic evening light show. The energy contained is actually enough to power the entire lighting system at the harbor front.

Check out the Sun Salutation attraction at sunset. The illuminated pavement against the setting sun is truly a spectacular sight.

People-Watch At Narodni Trg

Norodni Trg is a beautiful Old Town Square with many cute cafés and bars. On one side is the late-Renaissance City Guard Building dating back to 1592 and topped with a 19th-century clock tower.

Opposite is a loggia, where public proclamations and judgments were once announced, but it now operates as an art exhibition space. Norodni Trg is an excellent mix of modern and old.

  • Snag a seat at an outdoor café and enjoy the historic sights among the buzz of the busy hotspot.

Explore History At The Church Of St. Donatus

This Byzantine-style church is circular and one of the few Croatian buildings to survive Mongol invasion in the 13th century. Named after Donatus of Zadar, who began constructing the church in the 9th century, the interior is simple and includes two Roman Columns.

No church services have occurred here in over 200 years. The space is now mostly used as a concert or exhibition space. A unique and historical relic, the Church of St. Donatus is well worth a visit.

Take In Historic Ruins At The Roman Forum

Croatia is known for its fascinating Roman Ruins . And in Zadar, there are plenty to see. Constructed between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD, the Zadar Roman Forum would have been the center of everyday life in Zadar.

Today, tourists can see ruins of temples, alters, and colonnades. There is one standing Roman Column, thought to be a pillar of shame as the post has holes to hold chains. The Roman Forum offers a great view of the Church of St. Donatus and is a unique spot to host concerts, films, and other fun events.

See Ancient Art At St. Simeon's Church

St. Simeon’s Church is a Baroque church from the 17th century. The terracotta and white exterior are pretty enough, but the main attraction of St. Simeon’s Church is what’s on the inside.

Above the main altar is a coffin, commissioned in 1377 and made of cedar and gold-plated silver reliefs. It’s said to hold the mummified body of St. Simon, the God-receiver and one of Zadar’s patron saints. The coffin is considered by many to be a masterpiece in medieval art and goldsmithery.

Related: More Than Beaches: See The Best Of Croatia's Roman Ruins

Admire The Cathedral Of St. Anastasia And Bell Tower

Zadar's Roman Catholic Cathedral, built in the 12th and 13th centuries, has a decorated facade and impressive interior. Designed in Romanesque style as a three-nave basilica, each nave has its own entrance. Inside is said to hold the 9th-century stone casket with the remains of St. Anastasia.

But perhaps the biggest attraction of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia is the bell tower.

  • Climb the 180 steps to the top for wonderful views of the city, the sea, and the neighboring islands.

Pass Through The Land Gate

The Land Gate, Zadar’s most Renaissance-style elaborate city gate, dates back to 1543 and faces a marina. One of the very few entrances to the town erected by Venetians, it is said to have once been the main entrance to the city.

It features a massive triumphal arch decorated with the image of Chrysogonus, Zadar’s patron saint, and a Venetian winged lion. Especially impressive to those entering the city, the opposite side of the Land Gate is much less decorative.

Stroll Through Trg Pet Bunara

The five wells at Trg Pet Bunara supplied water to Zadar from the time they were built in 1574 until 1838. Set on the site of a former moat and into the bastion of Queen Jelena Madijevka Park, this spot is definitely worth exploring.

Check out the historic wells before strolling through the garden’s shady paths and stopping for a coffee at the nearby café.

Take In The Monastery Of Francis Assisi

The Franciscan Monastery is the oldest Gothic church in Dalmatia. Built around 1221, highlights for tourists today include the 12th-century painted wooden cross, the 16th-century painting by Jacopo Bassano, and the treasury with rare and historic artifacts.

The monastery was also the site of the signing of the Zadar Peace Treaty in 1358.

Related: 10 Things To Do In Dubrovnik: Complete Guide To Croatia's Medieval Seaside City

Best Time To Visit Zadar

There are so many things to do in Croatia, depending on the month travelers visit . Over the course of the year, temperatures in Zadar typically range from mid-30s to high-80s.

While the weather is warming, the water is probably still too cold to go swimming. Heading into the peak season, spring is a great time to visit Zadar before the summer crowds set in.

Summer months in Zadar are hot! The peak season is from June to August and exploring the Old Town in heat and humidity may be tough for some, but easily cured by cooling off at the beach.

Fall kicks off at the end of peak season. This is the best time of year to visit Zadar for mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and lower prices. The water is still warm enough to swim in, and the Full Moon Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year, especially for music and food lovers.

The winter months in Zadar are cold—possibly too cold to enjoy the city's outdoor attractions. But on the plus side, this is when tourists will get the best deals on airfare and accommodations.

Best Way To Get Around Zadar

For tourists sticking to the Old Town, travel on foot. The historic center is mostly closed to cars and the roads are easy to stroll. Zadar does have a local bus system, Luburnija , which runs from the bus station (located near the railway station at the intersection of Bregdetti Street and Ante Starčevića Street) to the Old Town and the suburbs.

Related: A Guide To Island-Hopping In Croatia

Where To Eat In Zadar

Narrowing down the options is the hardest part of figuring out where to eat in Zadar!

La Famiglia offers outdoor seating and a variety of egg sandwiches, great coffee, and freshly squeezed juice.

  • Address: Ul. knezova Šubića Bribirskih 9, 23000, Zadar
  • Hours: 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Recommended: The Egg Burger (Brioche bun, two fried eggs, La Famiglia sauce, bacon, tomato, and salad)

Restaurant Bruschetta

Restaurant Bruschetta is relatively new and serves traditional and informal Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine. Expect quick service, friendly staff, fresh food, and beautiful ambiance.

  • Address: Lungo Mare is a 15-minute walk from town.
  • Hours: Daily, 12 PM to 10:30 PM
  • Recommended: Pastas and pizzas are very popular at lunchtime.

Lungo Mare is a 15-minute walk from town and has a beautiful outdoor terrace that overlooks Maestral Bay, Visit for good portions of delicious food, excellent views, and a fun local vibe.

  • Address: Obala kneza Trpimira 23, 23000, Zadar
  • Hours: Daily,12 PM to 11 PM
  • Recommended: Fresh Sea Bass and the Octopus Salad

Where To Stay In Zadar

Zadar has plenty of accommodation options at every price point.

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Ladera

The 5-star Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Ladera is situated on the Adriatic Coast. This wellness hotel is perfect for the ultimate pampering experience.

  • Address: Punta Skala BB, Zadar 23231
  • Amenities: Private beach, indoor and outdoor pool, spa and wellness center, resturant, room service, fitness center, bar/lounge

Heritage Hotel Bastion

Located in the heart of Zadar, the Heritage Hotel Bastion has a historic feel, friendly staff, and its within walking distance to many of Zadar's landmarks.

  • Address: Bedemi Zadarskih Pobuna 13, Zadar
  • Amenities: Spa and wellness center, bar/lounge, free Wi-Fi, coffee shop, restaurant, room service, flat screen TV

Hotel Mediteran

The 3-star budget-friendly Hotel Mediteran is a great option for travelers looking for a nice place to stay without breaking the bank.

  • Address: Matije Gupca 19, Zadar
  • Amenities:Outdoor pool, restaurant, room service, coffee shop, fitness center, bar/lounge, free Wi-Fi

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How To Have The Perfect Day In Zadar

With so many things to see and do in Zadar, the perfect day will be a busy one. Start the day sitting outside at La Famiglia. Order an egg burger, a cappuccino, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. People watch while devouring the delicious meal.

Next, opt for a stroll around the Old Town. Check out the city's main attractions, like the Church of St. Donatus, the Roman Forum, St. Simeon’s Church, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the Land Gate, and the Monastery of Francis Assisi. For lunch, head to Norodni Trg. Tourists will have their pick of cute cafés on this busy square before the exploration continues.

At sunset, head to the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ to witness the beautiful harmonies and colors of the urban architectural masterpiece and the Croatian sky. For dinner, dine on fresh seafood and a glass of Croatian wine. Cheers to a beautiful day in Zadar!

Q: Is Zadar worth visiting?

Yes! There are so many reasons why Zadar is worth visiting . Zadar offers so many things to do and see.

From Roman ruins to medieval churches, museums, modern architectural masterpieces, lively squares, cute cafés, and its proximity to the Adriatic Sea—Zadar is a prime vacation destination.

Q: What is Zadar known for?

Zadar is known for its mix of historic landmarks and modern architectural pieces. Its coastal setting is beautiful and its laid-back culture can be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Croatia's larger cities.

There are so many beautiful places to see in Croatia , and Zadar is definitely at the top of the list.

Q: How many days do you need to explore Zadar?

Tourists can see many of Zadar's main attraction in one day, but for those who'd like to explore nearby parks and islands, three days is a great amount of time to soak in all that Zadar and its nearby attractions have to offer.

10 Things To Do In Zadar: Complete Guide To Croatia's Old Town & Beyond

Zadar Sailing Trips: A Complete Guide to Boat Tours, Courses, Sail Schools, and Yacht Charter, in Zadar, Croatia

Thinking about taking a sailing trip in Zadar?

We spent months sailing in the north of Croatia in the Zadar Archipelago and discovered everything you need to know about Zadar sailing trips.

At the beginning of 2022, we traveled to Zadar, Croatia, to buy a sailboat , learn to sail, and spend a season sailing the Adriatic Sea. After four years of traveling by van, we were excited about our sea change. But there was one problem… we didn’t know how to sail.  So, we set about finding a sailing instructor to show us the ropes (so to speak) and teach us to sail. In doing so, we learned all about sailing Zadar and the fantastic range of Zadar sailing trips, tours, courses, and experiences available. 

For those looking for a Croatian sailing experience, Zadar offers something for everyone. Take a Zadar sailing trip or tour, learn to sail, upgrade your qualifications or charter your own private yacht. The number and variety of Zadar sailing trips are practically endless.

What’s so Great About Sailing Zadar Croatia

The beautiful city of Zadar in northern Dalmatia is one of Croatia’s oldest cities and the perfect place to start your Croatian sailing adventure.

The pretty, historic old town sits behind world heritage-listed stone walls that date back to the 12th century. Within the fortifications lies a maze of narrow, cobblestoned streets weaving between old sandstone buildings with red-tiled rooves, recalling its Roman origins. The port city has a long maritime history that stretches back into antiquity.

Today, it has become a popular tourist destination for Croatians, Europeans, and visitors from all over the world. The bustling town comes alive in the summertime with markets, restaurants, cafes, and bars that spill out into the picturesque streets.

Off the coast of the city, the group of islands that form the Zadar Archipelago features striking landscapes and quaint villages.

You’ll find uninhabited islands with hidden bays and crystal clear waters, and national parks teeming with life and brimming with beauty. Pods of dolphins frolic in the water interacting with sailboats, all the while seabirds wheel overhead. 

The larger islands here are scattered with picturesque settlements, tiny villages, and historic medieval buildings. Like the rest of the Croatian Adriatic, the coast and islands off Zadar offer a sailor’s paradise. In addition to the stunning natural beauty and storied history, the islands provide optimal sailing conditions without swell, tides, or dangerous unmarked reefs. What’s more, consistent and mostly predictable weather patterns prevail here, making planning relatively straightforward and safe. With so much to recommend about this famous sailing ground, it is little wonder that there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your own Zadar sailing adventure.

Before you set sail, be sure to wander the beautifully preserved and historic old town, walk along the quay and see the ferries and cruise ships, as well as the famous sea organ, and enjoy the vibrant dining and bar scene Zadar has to offer.

Choosing Your Zadar Sailing Trip

As with the rest of the Croatian coastline, Zadar is mad about sailing. People travel from all over Europe and around the world to sail here. As a result, there is a variety of options when it comes to sailing experiences on offer in this port city.

Whether you are looking for a sunset cruise chartered by a local skipper, to rent your own boat and set sail into the Zadar Archipelago by yourself, or anything in between, you’ll find it in Zadar.

Listed below are just some of the Zadar sailing tours, trips, and itineraries available.

Zadar Sailing Tours and Trips

One of the great things about Zadar is that you don’t need to go far to find stunning bays and charming villages. Whether you have a few hours or a week, there is a Zadar sailing trip with your name on it. Here are the best Zadar sailing tours that require little more than you showing up to enjoy the scenery and the thrill of sailing the Adriatic.

Zadar Sailing Day Trips

Zadar full-day sailing tour.

A full-day sailing tour of the Zadar Archipelago will take you to some of the most scenic bays, islands, and villages in the region. Sail out from the old town of Zadar toward unpopulated and unspoiled islands, anchoring in private coves that you’ll have all to yourself. Swim and snorkel in the crystal clear water the Adriatic is known for, go ashore in sparse and beautiful national parks, or visit the picturesque tiny villages and settlements.

With a full-day tour, you have enough time to see some of the best that Zadar has to offer and spend some time under sail.

In the low season, half-day tours cost around €75 euro per person or €400 for a private boat for around 7 people.

Zadar Half-Day Sailing Tour

If you are pressed for time, (or not that keen on being stuck at sea for a full day) a half-day sailing tour offers a compromise and an affordable way to get out on the water for a few hours.

Leaving morning or afternoon you’ll get the opportunity to spend four hours sailing the beautiful Zadar Archipelago.

In the low-season, half-day tours cost around €50 euro per person or €300 for a private boat that can accommodate 7 people.

Sunset Cruises in Zadar

With a glass of wine in hand, a private sunset sailing cruise in Zadar is an opportunity to take in this beautiful region at its most spectacular.

With prices starting at just €150 for a private group you can experience the sunset over the Adriatic Sea as you sail through it. Get a new perspective on the beautiful Zadar old town and witness the islands and the Croatian sky at their most colorful and beautiful. Perfect for a romantic outing, or a fun short trip with family or friends.

A sunset tour takes just two hours and is less intensive than other sailing trips in Zadar. It offers the perfect way to dip your toes in and get a feel for the adventure that is sailing the Adriatic.

Multi-Day Zadar Sailing Tours

Want a more in-depth adventure that gets you up close and personal with some of the lesser-known islands and experiences Zadar has to offer?

A multi-day Zadar sailing tour will give you just that, the opportunity to get to know the region a little better and discover some of the hidden gems that a day tour doesn’t have time to visit. You will have time to do it all and see the Zadar Archipelago on and off the water.

Multi-day tours can be designed around your preferences to ensure your Zadar sailing experience is tailored perfectly to what you want.

Whether you would prefer to leisurely sail from village to village, sampling new restaurants and cafes each day, or get off-grid and lost in Kornati National Park enjoying islands, and coves all to yourself.

Circumnavigate the entire Zadar Archipelago or aim to sail less and spend your time relaxing, swimming, and fishing.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours on a multi-day sailing trip in Zadar.

Sailing Courses

If you are looking for a more hands-on experience that will see you not only tour Zadar’s beautiful islands and dramatic coastline but get on the tiller and learn to sail or upgrade your skills, there are courses to suit any skill level, budget, and timeframe.

Sailing courses are designed to give you hands-on experience in a controlled environment.

Sailing School Zadar

Sailing schools offer a structured environment to upgrade your sailing skills and qualifications. Sailing schools in Zadar offer courses with set goals and outcomes in mind and use a combination of theoretical classroom-based learning and practical training in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic. At the end of a sailing school course, many schools offer pathways to earn recognized qualifications like competent crew or skipper qualifications.

If you are looking for a more hands-on experience that puts you in the driver’s seat, the sailing school can give you the best of both worlds. The opportunity to explore the beautiful waters and islands of the Adriatic while you learn the finer points of sailing.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor looking to improve your regatta sailing skills or you’ve never stepped foot on a boat in your life and are looking for an introduction to the sport and lifestyle of sailing, there

Regatta and Sports Sailing in Zadar

If you are interested not just in sailing but in high-performance sailing, then experiencing Zadar in a regatta boat is for you. Learn the skills needed to crew a regatta boat and experience the fast-paced action of sports sailing as you fly around the islands of Zadar.

Certainly one of the more exciting ways to experience this beautiful collection of islands!

Skipper Training Zadar

For those looking to take their sailing to the next level, skipper training includes intensive training in the key skills needed to lead a yacht confidently and safely in a range of scenarios.  A serious undertaking for those wanting to be serious sailors, you can round out the practical course with onshore theoretical components offered by AdriaLibar yacht training center which will give you that e necessary accreditation to skipper vessels in Croatia and beyond. 

Sailing x Spear Fishing Tour

For adrenaline junkies who are looking for a true seafaring adventure, a Sailing x Spear Fishing Tour combines 7 days of sailing and spearfishing and can be an active and exciting way to experience the Zadar region.

Private Sailing Instruction Zadar

If you have your own specific goals or perhaps want to take some lessons on your own boat (like we did) private sailing instruction is widely available.

Private Boat Charter Zadar

Chartering your own boat is one of the best ways to experience the Zadar archipelago, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea.

Explore at your own pace, create your own itinerary and your own ideal holiday. Croatia is one of the most popular places in the world to charter a boat as it is beautiful, enjoys fantastic weather in summer, and is relatively safe.

With so many boats bobbing around the Adriatic, it is easy to find one to charter. However, given Croatia’s enormous popularity as a sailing ground in summer, to secure the boat you want it is recommended to book early! offers a list of boats available for charter, with or without a skipper.

Bare Boat Charter Zadar without Skipper

Zadar is a great place to charter a rental boat with family or friends. If you are an experienced sailor with the minimum certifications you can rent a boat and skipper it yourself in Zadar. Croatia issues its own skippers ticket but also recognizes marine qualifications from many places around the world. The Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs has a list of the nautical qualifications recognized in Croatia .

Bareboat charter in Zadar, without skipper, crew, or provisions starts from around €70 per day for a smaller (<30 ft), older (pre-1990s) in low season through to modern yachts over 50 feet which can cost well over a thousand euro per day in high season.

Boat Charter with Skipper in Zadar

If you don’t have the experience, the qualifications, or the inclination to sail yourself, but are still interested in an independent, self-directed sailing holiday in Zadar, hiring a skipper along with a boat is simple here. Simply put in a request when enquiring about a charter boat and you will be put in touch with a professional skipper.

The cost of a skipper is generally about €200 per day, they will need a private cabin onboard and food.

What to See When Sailing Zadar Croatia

Once you set sail from Zadar, the opportunities are endless.

The Zadar Archipelago is made up of 15 major islands and hundreds of smaller ones. Each offers a multitude of bays, beaches, coves, traditional villages, and uninhabited islands to explore.

While the number of things to do and see on the seas around Zadar is limitless there are some key experiences that belong on any sailing tour in Zadar.

Kornati National Park

The protected nautical paradise of Kornati National Park includes 80+ islands and is one of Croatia’s most popular marine recreational areas featuring diving, sailing, camping & hiking.

Ugland is not only the closest island to Zadar it is also the largest of the Zadar islands. Perhaps most importantly, it is regarded as the Olive Island of Zadar.

The island is covered with thousands of olive trees and produces some of the best olive oil in the region. The small village of Muline is the best place to uncover the ancient traditions of olive oil making on the island of Ugland.

Outside of its abundance of olive trees, Ugland has many cycling routes, monasteries, churches, and views over beautiful bays. One could easily spend an active weekend soaking in the Croatian lifestyle on this Zadar island.

Island villages do not come more charming or more authentic than Veli Iž. Trapped in time, not much has changed here but that is exactly why you should visit. Stroll through the streets, take a walk along the sea wall, and dine on fresh seafood. This quiet and authentic town is definitely worth a stop on your Zadar sailing trip.

Another charming, quaint village, in the Zadar archipelago, is Sali. Sali has a bit more going on than Veli Iž (complete with a nightclub that operates during the summer season). Sali is also a great jumping-off point for Kornati National Park which you will definitely not want to miss when sailing Zadar.

One of the most famous beaches in the Zadar region, Sakarun is located on the island of Dugi Otok. Its popularity is perhaps due to the fact that the beach is in fact white silica sand, a sight more common in the Caribbean than on the coast of Croatia. It is a great place to spend an afternoon taking long beach walks, swimming in the crystal clear water, and basking in the Croatian sun.

To the north of Zadar, one of the price jewels of the Zadar Archipelago is the island of Pag. This narrow island is home to one of Croatia’s most prized products, Pag cheese (Paski Sir) made with sheep’s milk.

The island of Pag may also sound familiar as it is home to one of Croatia’s most notable party beaches, Zrce. Zrce comes to life during the summer with regular music festivals featuring international DJs making it the place to be for people looking to party in Croatia.

More FAQs About Zadar Sailing Trips

Do you have more questions about the many Zadar sailing trips on offer? Check out this list of frequently asked questions.

How Much Does it Cost to Take a Zadar Sailing Trip?

Well, the cost of sailing will be dependent on the type of sailing tour or trip you choose. But sailing tours and trips are extremely affordable in Zadar and in Croatia compared to other sailing destinations around the world.

Some examples of prices in the low season are listed below.

  • Prices for shorter trips like sunset cruises start around€30 per person or €150 for a private boat.
  • Half-day tours start at around €50 per person or €300 for a private boat.
  • Full-day tours start around €75 per person or €400 for a private boat.
  • Multi-day tours start from €400 per day (private boat)
  • Sailing School depends on the course but three-day beginner courses can be as little as €270 per person
  • Bare Boat Charter – the cost of renting a yacht is highly dependent on the size, age, and condition of the yacht you hire, but for perspective, you can get a relatively tidy 30 or 40 foot boat no older than a decade for around €300 a day in high season, with big discounts in low season.
  • Skipper hire generally costs about €200 per day.

The cheapest way to take any sailing tour in Zadar is generally to organize a private tour and bring your own group of friends and family along with you.

What’s the Best Time to Take a Sailing Trip in Zadar?

Sailing in Croatia during the summer months is extremely popular. We recommend booking a sailing trip in Zadar during May or September. During this time you can expect to find fewer crowds and cooler temperatures. Coming earlier or later may mean that many of the restaurants, bars, and other activities are closed. We originally visited Zadar in April and there were only a handful of places open. When we returned in May, the city was buzzing with energy and people.

Can I Take Children on a Sailing Tour in Zadar?

Absolutely. Children will absolutely love a sailing trip in Zadar. One of the benefits of sailing in the Adriatic Sea and the protection of the islands is that it is (generally) relatively calm when compared to sailing in the open ocean.

Make sure you discuss with your tour operator which tour is best suited for keeping children comfortable and safe!

Hopefully with this guide to the Zadar sailing trips and Zadar sailing tours you can find a trip suited to your needs. If you have more questions on sailing trips in Zadar let us know in the comments below!

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In 2022, as the world began to re-open post COVID we took an opportunity to realise a long held dream, to live aboard a sailboat. Since then we have spent two summers in the Mediterranean, sailing and living aboard our little sail boat Whisper. When we aren't sailing we continue to live our nomadic lifestyle, guided by a philosophy of slow travel and self directed adventure be it by van or backpacking.

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Hopefully, we can help you find what you're looking for too. Get lost with us and find your own path.

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