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Xiamen Tours - 10 Best Xiamen Tours Packages 2024

Welcome to Xiamen , a coastal city of Fujian Province . Xiamen boasts lush parks, sandy beaches, and picturesque islands, most notably Gulangyu , which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Xiamen's allure, however, extends well beyond its scenic vistas. Our bespoke Xiamen Tour Packages are crafted to offer an intimate exploration of this dynamic city's essence.

How to Plan a Xiamen Tour?

Suggest taking 2 - 4 days to explore Xiamen city with its nearby Fujian Tulou. Spend 1-2 days exploring Xiamen City; Allocate 1 day to visit Nanjing Tulou; Extend 1 day to explore Yongding Tulou.

Xiamen City: Architectural Feast, Island Charm & Gastronomic Delight

Take a short ferry ride to Gulangyu Island and wander through a living museum of colonial-era architecture. With over 200 historical structures, you can see a mix of designs that paint a picture of the island's rich, international past. Explore Nanputuo Temple, a serene Buddhist site nestled in the city center. Admire the Qilou Buildings along the bustling Zhongshan Road . Trace the contours of Huandao Road , embrace the sea breeze, enjoy beaches and and coconut trees surrounded by the azure sea. Indulge in a gastronomic journey that takes you from the rich tapestry of street foods along the alley to seafood feast at the bustling Eighth Market .

Beyond the City: Delving into Fujian Tulou & World Heritages

Journey into the rural heartlands near Xiamen to discover the Fujian Tulou recognized as a World Heritage Site. Venture to the Nanjing and Yongding counties where these tulous are most concentrated, marvel at its architectural wonders, immerse yourself in Hakka culture, and appreciate the wisdom of the locals.

Extend Your Xiamen Tours with Other Destinations in Fujian:

To make the most of your trip to Fujian , you can seamlessly extend your Xiamen Tours to other stunning destinations such as Wuyishan Mountain ,  Xiapu Mudflat , or  Quanzhou . Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Dive into the diverse tapestry of Xiamen and its surroundings with us.

Xiamen Tours

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Best 3 Xiamen Tours

Top xiamen & fujian tulou tours.

  • Articles & Planning

Embark on a journey to discover the heart of Xiamen and its surrounding wonders with our meticulously crafted Xiamen Tours . We offer three best Xiamen tour packages for you to choose from: Xiamen City Day Tour - Explore the essence of Xiamen city in just one day. Experience the charm of Gulangyu Island and more. 2-Day Xiamen & Fujian Tulou Tour - Get the best of both worlds by exploring Xiamen's urban attractions and the rural beauty of Fujian Tulou. 5-Day Comprehensive Fujian Tour - Dive deep into Fujian's culture and nature, covering Xiamen, Nanjing, Yongding Tulou, and the stunning Wuyishan. Select the tour that suits your preferences and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Xiamen and its surroundings.

Xiamen Gulangyu Island

Unveil the allure and cultural richness of Xiamen and Fujian Tulou with our diverse tour options, catering to various durations, ranging from 1 to 4 days. Dive into the world of Nanjing Tulou in just one day. Delve deeper into Fujian Tulou, exploring the heritage of both Nanjing and Yongding Tulou in 2 days. Combine the highlights of Xiamen with the captivating Nanjing Tulou experience in just 3 days. For the ultimate Tulou adventure, embark on our 4-day journey through Xiamen, Nanjing, and Yongding Tulou. Whether which one you choose, each tour promises an enriching exploration of the incredible Tulou heritage. Choose the tour that fits your itinerary and embark on a journey of discovery and cultural enrichment with our Top Xiamen & Fujian Tulou Tours .

Fujian Hakka Tulou

Xiamen Side Tours to Wuyigshan, Xiapu, Quanzhou (Fujian Tours)

Embark on a journey beyond Xiamen and delve into the captivating Fujian Province . Our Xiamen Side Tours offer you the opportunity to discover the majestic landscapes of Mt.Wuyishan (world natural and cultural heritage site), the historic city of Quanzhou (world cultural heritage site), or the mesmerizing beauty of Xiapu (photographer's heaven). Immerse yourself in the rich culture and natural wonders of Fujian with our expertly crafted tours. Book your Fujian tour today and have an unforgettable journey through these remarkable destinations.

Wuyishan Mountain in Fujian

Xiamen Tours Planning & Useful Articles

Preparing for your Xiamen journey? We've compiled a series of insightful articles and resources to make your trip planning a breeze. Explore the charm of this coastal city in Fujian with our comprehensive guides:

  • Xiamen Weather : Stay updated on the local weather conditions, ensuring you're well-prepared for your trip.
  • Accommodations in Xiamen : Explore the best lodging options, whether you prefer luxury hotels, cozy guesthouses, or budget-friendly choices.
  • Getting to Gulangyu from Xiamen : Plan your visit to the famous Gulangyu Island effortlessly with detailed information on transportation options.
  • Xiamen's Beaches : Enjoy the sun, sea, and sand at Xiamen's top beaches, perfect for relaxation and water activities.
  • Ultimate Gulangyu Island Guide : Discover the enchanting Gulangyu Island with our comprehensive guide, covering attractions, history, and practical tips.
  • Things to Do in Xiamen : Go beyond the typical tourist spots and explore the best activities and attractions that showcase the city's culture and beauty.

Additionally, for those considering onward travel to Fujian Tulou, our detailed Fujian Tulou guides can help: Nanjing Tulou , Yongding Tulou , How to Get to Fujian Tulou from Xiamen .

With these resources, you can confidently plan your Xiamen tour and make the most of your traveling. For more comprehensive resources, view the latest Xiamen Travel Guide >>

Wuyishan, Fujian

Xiamen Tours FAQs - Plan Your Xiamen Tours Worry-Free


Cultural Melting Pot Xiamen's history as a trading port has led to a mix of different cultural influences, including European architecture on Gulangyu Island, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cultural diversity is evident in the city's art, architecture, and cuisine.

Scenic Coastlines and Natural Beauty The city offers beautiful beaches and scenic coastlines. The island geography of Xiamen itself, with its pleasant climate, makes it a relaxing getaway from the bustle of mainland China.

Rich Historical Heritage From the ancient Nanputuo Temple to the historic Hulishan Fortress, Xiamen has a wealth of historical sites that tell the story of China's maritime history and cultural development.

Lively Urban Atmosphere Despite its historical charm, Xiamen is also a modern, vibrant city. Zhongshan Road, for example, is a bustling pedestrian street with shops, street food, and a lively atmosphere.

Culinary Delights The city is famous for its delicious Fujian cuisine, which is one of the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine. It's particularly well-known for its seafood dishes and various snacks.

Gateway to Fujian Province Xiamen can be a starting point for exploring the wider Fujian province, discovering the amazing world cultural heritage site of Fujian Tulou , the majestic landscapes of Mt.Wuyishan (world natural and cultural heritage site), the historic city of Quanzhou (world cultural heritage site), or the mesmerizing beauty of Xiapu  (photographer's heaven).

Gulangyu Island , the Hakka Tulou , Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University, Zhongshan Road, Eighth Seafood Market, Huandao Road, Jimei Village.

The most favorable periods to visit Xiamen are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These seasons boast mild and delightful weather, with average temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 °C (59 to 77 °F). The skies tend to be clear and sunny, and rainfall is minimal.

Do note Winter is also recommended for tourists. There would be a detailed breakdown later in this article. Read on to find out if winter is the right time for you to visit Xiamen.

You can take a ferry from Xiamen to Gulangyu Island. The ferry ride is a short and scenic journey.

A typical Xiamen tour can range from 2 to 5 days, allowing you to explore the city's main attractions and nearby destinations like Fujian Tulou or Mt.Wuyishan .

Xiamen is famous for its seafood and local snacks such as Shacha Noodle (沙茶面) , Oyster Omelet (海蛎煎) , and Peanut Sweet Soup (花生汤) . You can try them at local markets, street food stalls, and restaurants near Zhongshan Road and the Eighth Seafood Market.

You have options like the downtown area of Siming District, offering the most diverse hotel choices in Xiamen, or stay overnight at Gulangyu Island for a different vibe.

Explore the Architecture: Wander around and admire the unique mix of architectural styles from around the world. The island has been designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, known as World Architecture Exhibition.

Shuzhuang Garden: Visit the beautifully landscaped Shuzhuang Garden, initially a private villa, but now open to the public.

Sunlight Rock: Climb to the highest point on the island, Sunlight Rock, for panoramic views of Xiamen and the South China Sea.

Piano Museum: Check out the Piano Museum in the Shuzhuang Garden, which showcases a collection of antique pianos from around the world. Gulangyu is known as the "Island of Music".

Beaches: Relax on one of the island’s small beaches. Although they may not be ideal for swimming, they are perfect for a peaceful stroll or a quiet moment by the sea.

Local Cuisine: Sample local snacks and dishes such as seafood, oyster omelet, and the unique peanut soup.

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Latest Xiamen Tours Reviews from Our Customers


Destination(s): Beijing

Date of Experience: Jun 01, 2024

Tour Customized by: Shirley

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christine l

christine l

xiamen tour package

Destination(s): Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin/Yangshuo, YangtzeRiver

Date of Experience: Apr 26, 2024

Tour Customized by: Vincent



xiamen tour package

Destination(s): Tibet

Date of Experience: May 28, 2024

Tour Customized by: Kayla


3-Day Xiamen Essence and In-Depth Fujian Tulou Tour

Xiamen essence and tulou combination.

This 3-day tour combines the essential attractions in Xiamen with the World Heritage Site — the Fujian Tulou. We have selected three tulou clusters, which are the essence of the Fujian Tulou and help you avoid the commercial sites and tourist crowds. In this way, you can experience the authentic lifestyle and culture of the Hakka and Minnan people. You can not only appreciate the unique architecture but also feel the spirit of the Hakka people condensed in the buildings.

Tour Highlights

  • Wander around the romantic Gulangyu Island to enjoy exotic architecture with a Mediterranean flavor.
  • Be amazed by Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, which was mistaken for a missile weapon base by America.
  • Find Mulan's "hometown" from the movie in the authentic Hekeng Tulou Cluster.
  • Experience picking and processing tea leaves like a Hakka tea farmer.
  • Spend one night in an original tulou to have a glimpse of a vanishing dimension of life.
  • Discover more styles of tulou other than round and rectangular ones at Hongkeng Tulou Cluster.

Discover real reviews of Highlights Travel Family 's best-rated service across trusted platforms.

Suggested Itinerary

After your flight lands at the airport, your tour guide will wait for you with a welcoming smile at the arrival hall. Transfer to your hotel by a private car and driver. The rest of the day is for you to acclimatize and explore the city, or relax and recoup ready for the tour tomorrow.

Hotel options: Ramada Hotel Xiamen Pan Pacific Xiamen

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster will be the first attraction you visit. It is composed of four round earthen buildings and a square one. It is one of the most magnificent and well-preserved Hakka fortresses. Your guide will give you detailed information about who built these earthen buildings, how they were built, and their advantages. We will drive you to a high vantage point so that you can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the cluster.

Yuchang Earthen Building

Yuchang Earthen Building is a skewed building. It is one of the oldest existing tulou. This five-story earth building is most famous for its tilted pillars. The most extreme one is slanted at a 15-degree angle. There are five highlights in this building for you to discover. Let your guide uncover its secrets for you.

Hekeng Tulou Cluster

Hekeng Tulou Cluster is one of the six tulou clusters belonging to the World Heritage Site, the Fujian Tulou. It is an authentic and less touristy Hakka village full of earthen buildings in different shapes. It is Mulan's "hometown" in the movie Mulan. You will see the real earthen building where Mulan is depicted as living in the movie. The Hakka people are happy to invite you into the living room of their earthen building and show you the upstairs floor. This might not be available in other tulou clusters. Have a cup of local tea and listen to the stories about their families. It is a great chance to get close to the Hakka people's lifestyle and culture.

Taxia Village and Tea Plantation Experience

Taxia Village is a distinctive Hakka village located in a valley in Nanjing County. It was built by the Zhang family about 600 years ago and many famous overseas Chinese people can trace their history back to this village. From April to November, you can pick tea leaves at a local tea plantation just like a local Hakka tea farmer and learn to process the tea leaves. You can take the tea you make back home with you. You can also taste some black tea that has already been prepared by the local farmers.

Hotel options: Nanjing Qingdelou Inn (original tulou with a private toilet)

Hongkeng Tulou Cluster

Hongkeng Tulou Cluster includes most kinds of earthen buildings. There are about 100 earthen buildings of various sizes and styles in the long and narrow village. Besides the rectangular and round-shaped tulous, you will also see the palace and villa styles as well as the smallest round-shaped tulou.

After lunch, you will be transferred to the airport or train station. Your private guide will make sure that everything goes smoothly before saying goodbye.

1. About the Hotel in Nanjing

We have selected the best-value hotel in an original tulou for you to have a unique experience of staying in an earthen building. The facilities in the original tulou accommodation are limited. They are not as good as the facilities found in accommodation in the city. There is, however, a private bathroom and air-conditioning in the room. If you would like to upgrade to a boutique hotel in Nanjing, please let your travel advisor know.

2. About an Ancestor's House or Visiting Relatives

We know that some of our customers have a Hakka or Minnan origin. If you would like to find your ancestor's house or look for your relatives, we are happy to use our relationship with the local association of the family clans to help you.

3. Tailor-Make Your Tour

This is a suggested itinerary. It can be customized according to your interests and needs. Let your travel advisor know what you prefer to do and he/she will make a unique trip for you.

Price includes:

  • Private air-conditioned business car with big windows and ample space
  • English speaking local guide
  • Activities, hotels, and meals listed in the itinerary
  • 24/7 helpline for while you are traveling

Your 1:1 travel consultant will reply within 1 working day.

Number in your group

Adults number (age ≥ 18 years old)

Children number

10-17 yrs old

3-9 yrs old

0-2 yrs old

What's your hotel choice?

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Xiamen Tours

Xiamen Tours

Xiamen, the coastal city also known in western countries as “Amoy”, is gradually developing as southern China’s most sophisticated city. You may have heard about its feature called Gulang Yu, which is a place for relaxing, and inspiration for creative and artistic people. Other than that, historical and cultural sites, stunning parks, and exciting outdoor activities provide you with a full tour schedule. The city comes alive at night, with people bouncing in lively nightclubs and at music events. Outside of Xiamen city, there is the unique ancient residential architecture (Tulou) still existing and in use. It is a great destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Please check the following example tour routes for your reference:

Xiamen Educational Tour

Xiamen Educational Tour

6-day private tour from xiamen to nanjing: discover the unique tulou architecture and hakka culture.

Located on the south-eastern coast of Fujian Province, Xiamen has a gift from nature, with spectacular scenery, pleasant tree-lined beaches, and rich culture. In Xiamen city, you will encounter the historical remains of sites, such as the Huli Mountain Fort, Nanputuo Temple, Shuzhuang Garden, Piano Museum and Jimei School Village. Traveling further out from the city, there are many well-preserved Earth Buildings (famously known as ‘Tulou’) in Nanjing County, which would not disappoint you when y

CET Advantages:

  • Enjoy riding around Huandao Road to capture great views of the sea and the sky
  • Watch a traditional Hakka puppetry
  • Learn to make tea and a model of Tulou
  • Experience the process of making “Ciba (Sticky Rice Cake)”
  • Soak in the scenery and traditions of this waterfront district

9 Days Fujian Highlights Tour

9 Days Fujian Highlights Tour

Fuzhou, wuyi mountains,xiamen and quanzhou tour, #1 visit unesco world heritage site wuyi mountains and enjoy a cup of da hong pao tea., #2 visit hakka tulou, or "earth building," and get an in-depth understanding of the history and life of the hakka community., #3 visit quanzhou – an ancient cultural city and an important trade port during the middle ages..

  • Xiamen Tour with Nanjing Hakka Tulou Exploration
  • XM-02 Tour Code

xiamen tour package

The 3-day private Xiamen tour package presents the highlights in Xiamen City – the time-honored Nanputuo Temple, the historical Hulishan Fortress, the scenic Island Ring Road with coastline views. More importantly, you will travel to Nanjing County to explore the remarkable Hakka Tulou (earth buildings and castles), including Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster, Yuchang Earth Tower and Taxia Village , which are significant earthen architecture heritages in Fujian.

Customize Your Tour: ☑  Travel Dates  ☑ Your Interests  ☑ Your Travel Style

Itinerary Expand All Collapse All

1 day 1 arrival in xiamen, 2 day 2 xiamen to nanjing, tianluokeng tulou cluster, yuchang earth tower, taxia village.

After breakfast, drive 3 hrs to Nanjing County. The first sport of today is the Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster , one of the biggest and best known tulou clusters in Fujian. It consists of a square earth building in the center, surrounded by four round earth buildings. These earth buildings have only one entrance, guarded by 4–5-inch-thick wooden doors re-enforced with an outer shell of iron plate. Then transfer to visit the Yuchang Earth Tower , a double-ring five-line structure built in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty (1308-1338) by five clans, the Liu, Luo, Zhang, Tang and Fan. There are 270 rooms in the 18 meter high building, and there are still 21 families living inside. It has a nickname as "zigzag building", because the vertical wooden post structure is not straight and perpendicular, but zigzags left and right (some even at 15 degree angle).

The last spot today is the Taxia Village , located in a valley in the west of Shuyang Town, Nanjing County. It was built in 1426 (Ming Dynasty). Taxia Village is considered to be the hometown of overseas Chinese and listed in the 15 Chinese Landscape Villages. It is also called Longeval village in Najing County. With its’ good environment and life style, the oldest person in Taxia is over 108-year-old. Then transfer back to Xiamen.

Yuchang earthen tower

3 Day 3 Classic Xiamen: Nanputuo Temple, Hulishan Fortress, Island Ring Road, Xiamen Departure

Enjoy one day Xiamen city tour. You will visit the Nanputuo Temple , situated at the foot of Wulao Peak on the southern end of Xiamen. It was first built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and rebuilt during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is now an imposing multi-layered trapezoidal structure that overlooks the sea. Thereafter visit the Hulishan Fortress . Located at the southern tip of Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress is a key national historical and cultural site. It was an important defensive factor during the war against Japanese aggression in 1900 and 1937. In 1986, platforms of yearning for return were built at the forward position of the fortress. The last spot of today is the Island Ring Road (Huandao Road), which is the main avenue in Xiamen, consisting of 4 to 6 seaside lanes with a total length of 43 kilometers. The 10-kilometer coastline between Xiamen University and Qianpu is especially beautiful. Driving or cycling along this road, you will find not only seaside views, but also the mountain views, historical sites and etc. You can rent a bike to enjoy about 2 hrs ring road bicycle tour to enjoy the gold coastline.

According to your flight or rail schedule. Transfer to airport /railway station on time and move to your next destination. Your 3-day Xiamen tour ends.

End of service.

Island Ring Road

What's included

1-on-1 travel consultant.

Your China based expert listens to your wishes carefully, provides professional advice, ensures unlimited itinerary revisions before done and 24/7 helpline service while traveling.

Private Local Guide and Driver

Your guides are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and your drivers are professional, polite and patient. They are very flexible to accommodate your personal needs and happy to show you the local attractions, history, culture, foods and real life.  Private transfers from hotel to attractions, airport or train station are also included.

Accommodation to Suite Your Preference

We hand pick hotels ranging from luxury 5 star, superior 4 star to comfortable 3 star. Luxury or cozy boutique hotels and budget guesthouses are also among your choices. You could decide where to stay to meet your taste and budget.

Gourmet Meals

Most of the hotels we select offer both Western and Chinese buffet breakfast. Lunch and dinner included are arranged in selected restaurants to taste authentic Chinese cuisine and local specialties. Thus you may also have a unique food tour. Meals specified in itinerary as B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner.

Attractions and Activities Listed on the Itinerary

Our city tour packages have included the (first/main) entry to all attractions and the expenses of activities on the itinerary (except the optional activities).

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xiamen tour package

In-depth Hakka Tulou Tour from Xiamen

xiamen tour package

China Ancient Architecture Tour

xiamen tour package

China In-depth Culture Tour by High Speed Trains

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Best Xiamen Tours: China Xiamen City & Tulou Tour Packages 2024/2025

Join in a Xiamen tour to explore the Fujian Tulou , ancient colonial mansions, and architecture, the UNESCO-listed Wuyi Mountain , and sample seafood.

Located at China’s southeast coastline, Xiamen is a famous leisure city in China where you can feel the profound colonial history, Victoria-era style buildings, and relaxing artistic temperament in Gulangyu Island , admire Danxia landforms and Fujian tea culture at Mt. Wuyishan, explore the authentic Hakka culture at Yongding Tulou or Nanjing Tulou .

No matter you want a Xiamen weekend trip or an in-depth multi-day exploration, we have crafted many tours for your choice. For those who want a personalized Xiamen trip, please feel free to contact our travel consultants, they will be happy to customize your trip according to your inquiry, interests, and budget.

How to tour Xiamen?

  • How many days to stay in Xiamen?

Generally, we suggest 3-5 days to cover the popular downtown attractions, Gulangyu Island, Wuyishan Mountain, and Tulou dwellings. If you have limited time, then spend 1-2 days exploring the downtown area and Gulangyu Island, or just cover Tulou dwellings or Mt. Wuyi, each of which will need about 2 days to explore.

  • Best time to visit Xiamen:

Xiamen is green and verdant all year round, generally, the best times to visit Xiamen are Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). July to August in Xiamen may see frequent typhoons, so don’t forget to look at the weather forecast in advance if you plan to Xiamen during this period.

Best Xiamen Tours

Xiamen tulou tours.

  • Other Xiamen Tours

Xiamen Tours

Planning a Xiamen trip? The following top Xiamen tours will get you inspired. This romantic seaport city has much to experience. To offer you the best highlights of Xiamen, our Xiamen tours are well organized with its top attractions and best experiences: sea view, quiet temple, colonial buildings, beautiful garden, Gualngyu Island, Island Ring Road, famous Tulou cluster, etc. Want to create your unique Xiamen itinerary? Please feel free to contact our travel consultants to mention your interest, preferences, and special requirements.

One Day Xiamen City Sightseeing and Gulangyu Island Tour

2 days xiamen sightseeing with tulou, 3 days best xiamen leisure tour, 4 days xiamen amazing tour, 4 days xiamen & mount wuyi highlights tour, 3 days xiamen and tulou tour with huandao road cycling, 5 days xiamen tour with luxury golf experience, 5 days classic xiamen, tulou & quanzhou tour.

Featuring a unique architectural style and profound historical heritage, Fujian Tulou was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2008. In these carefully designed Xiamen Tulou tours, you will fully appreciate the outstanding architectural and design skills of Xiamen Tulou, the various interesting layouts of terraced fields, hills, valleys, and more, and explore its distinctive culture and stories. The Nanjing and Yongding Tulous are the most popular.

3 Days Best Xiamen Tulou Tour

2 days fujian tulou exploration tour, one day yongding tulou tour from xiamen, one day nanjing tianluokeng tulou tour from xiamen, 2 days xiamen essence tour with nanjing tulou, 4 days classic xiamen, nanjing tulou, fuzhou highlights tour, 5 days xiamen & tulou adventure with luxury tulou retreat, 6 days fujian tulou and xiapu mudflat tour, other xiamen tour packages you may like.

These are popular Xiamen side trips for your more in-depth exploration of this city, and extended tours to Xiamen and other popular tourist cities with more fun experiences. 

One Day Anxi Tea Garden & Hong’en Rock Tour from Xiamen

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Xiamen Chaozhou Shantou

From s$328 per person, tour overview.

Xiamen is a coastal city in Fujian Province in China. It has been an important port for centuries and became one of China's earliest Special Economic Zones in  the 1980s. The name Xiamen means "door to the house", referring to the city's centuries-old role as a gate way to China.

xiamen tour package


  • Air ticket and Airport Taxes
  • Travel insurance and personal expenditure such as soft/hard beverages, phone calls, laundry, internet access,meals not mentioned, optional tours, etc.
  • Tipping for Guide and driver
  • Other services not clearly indicated under ‘Inclusions’
  • Optional tour: Xiamen < Minnan Shenyun Show > + Night Tour = RMB200/pax

  Shopping: Tea, Commodity, Jianlaiya Health Care, Crafts (Option for No shopping, Add$100pp)

Tour Itinerary

Singapore - xiamen, xiamen - chaozhou, chaozhou - shantou, shantou - xiamen, day 1 : singapore - xiamen.

Depart Singapore – Arrive Xiamen(Nanputuo Temple, Island Circling Road)

Day 2 : Xiamen - Chaozhou

Xiamen (2H) Hua An(Hua ‘An Earthen House, Eryi Building (4H) Chaozhou

Day 3 : Chaozhou - Shantou

Chaozhou(West Lake Park, Ancient Residential Area, Queshi Scenic Zone) – Shaotou (White Tip Temple, Waterfront Promenade, People’s Square, Overseas Chinese Xin Chun Walking Street)

Day 4 : Shantou - Xiamen

Shantou (3.5H) Xiamen (Bailuzhou Park, Overseas Chinese Museum, Zhongshan Walking Street)

Day 5 : Xiamen

Xiamen (Gulangyu Island, World Architecture Museum) - Singapore

frS$328* per person

Private Day Trip to Yongding Hakka Tulou from Xiamen

  • Tour Style Private
  • We Promise No Shopping
  • Free Cancellation 24-hour Before
  • Tour Prices
  • Price Includes

xiamen tour package

  • Private English-speaking guide
  • Private driver & air-conditioned vehicle
  • Chinese lunch
  • Entrance fees to tourist sites
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfasts
  • Tips or gratuities for guide and driver
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Xiamen Cruise Port Tours & Transfer

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Aiming at giving travelers a memorable Fujian Tulou travel experience, we dedicated ourselves to fixing the issues in every aspect of travelling in Tulou area. We believe this will and perhaps already made us stood out from other travel companies.

The 6 tour packages bellow are ranked as the top Tulou tours by our customers. Click them for details and feel free to customize any tour to incorporate your preferred destinations, interests and schedule.

One day tour to Tianluokeng Tulou Clusters from Xiamen

Visit the masterpiece of traditional Chinese residential buildings in Nanjing-Tianluokeng Earth Building Clusters

4-day Xiamen and Hakka Earth Building Tour

Classic Xiamen and Hakka Earth Building tour to Chuxi Tulou Cluster by professional local expert.

Day tour to the most beautiful and less crowded Chuxi Tulou

If you are looking for a less crowded and more authentic tulou experience, Chuxi Earth Building Cluster is the perfect choice for you.

Day tour to Prince of Tulou-Hongkeng Earthing Building Cluster

With numerous shapes of the tulou in Hongkeng Village, it is definitely worth the visit.

One day Wuyi Mountain highlight tour

If you have limited time, take this tour. Experience the established Mt.Wuyi in ONE DAY with covering the highlights here.

2-day Private Fujian Tulou Exploration Tour to Nanjing and Yongding

This tour covers the most worth-seeing tulou clusters-Tianluokeng Tulou in Nanjing and Hongkeng Tulou in Yongding with authentic local family visit.


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