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  • Moscow, Russian Federation Change location

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‘Alestorm’ are in a league of their own, weaving together a genre that is widely recognized as “pirate metal”. They hail from Perth, Scotland, and are signed to Napalm Records, with whom they have released a handful of studio albums.

The band signed to Napalm Records in 2007, and their debut album, “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” was released on January 25th 2008. The album started to build the band’s audience on an international platform, as they embarked on tours building on their profile.

This was followed by “Black Sails at Midnight” released on May 27th 2009, which included a live DVD of the band’s performance at the Wacken Festival of 2008. They played on the Paganfest tour in Europe, and Heathenfest in the United States, but most notably The Black Sails Over Europe Tour, which was prior to the release of the album. The band had 1000 copies of a teaser CD burned with three songs from “Black Sails at Midnight” on it, to generate hype adding to their campaign.

The band visited Australia and even Hard Rock Hell: Road Trip in Ibiza, before embarking on a tour before the release of their third studio album “Back Through Time”. They earned themselves a spot at the Sonisphere Festival in the UK, and a main support slot for Kamelot on their headlining North American tour. The album “Back Through Time” was released on June 3rd 2011, and made it to #42 on the German Albums Chart.

This band have many accolades to their name, having played on the “70000 Tons of Metal” cruise in the Caribbean, having supported Dragonforce, and having headlined their own North American tour. Alestorm’s fourth album, “Sunset on the Golden Age” was released on August 1st 2014.

Live reviews

Now who wouldn't want to see five musicians dressed as pirates playing their unique brand of folk metal. Alestorm's show is exactly that yet so, so much more. Pioneering a new genre that they have dubbed pirate metal, the Scottish band originally from Perth have a huge cult following in the UK and continue to sell out shows to fans who want to hear their unusual sound.

Touring across the world, the band are synonymous on the metal scene and have played at some of the most prestigious venues including Metalcamp and Wacken Open Air. All this exposure has meant the boys have created a bizarre, boisterous live show with nautical themes running through the stage set up and the setlist. Their folk rock is pretty powerful stuff, with crowds head banging along to the likes of 'Over The Seas' and popular opener 'Walk The Plank'. The characters come out from time to time, and the charisma is partly what makes them so unusual as a metal band, brilliant crowd interaction during 'Wenches & Mead' leaves fans cheering for the eccentrics' return.

They reappear with a frantic encore of '1741' and the satirically titled 'Captain Morgan's Revenge' which leaves fans cheering long after the pirates have boarded their ship to the next venue. Alestorm are a band who understand the importance of standing out in a saturated market, and for anyone who wants to see an alternative to the usual metal performers, catch them on their upcoming UK tour.

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sean-ward’s profile image

Once again a disappointing show from the overly drunk underperforming weirdos that are Alestorm. (3rd live show for me) Somehow they manage to string together a coherent performance for their albums but live they are just awful, they either need to sober up, or get better at playing when drunk. They also seem to have lost their way, lots of people turned up expecting a pirate metal themed show, but instead we got a drug addled psychedelic vision of ducks, bananas and dog shirts. A lot of disgruntled fans... Plus so many of their fans are total d***s, looking forward to Sabaton not touring with these guys anymore, because so many of the Alestorm fans are just a pain to be in a room with. 2/10

nat-thomson-1’s profile image

Show was a blast. The supporting bands did great for mood and getting you amped up for Alestorm. Alestorm had a ton of energy as usual, and I was pleased to discover they have a thing where people holdup a hooked hand instead of the metal horns typical at shows. Their set was good, and the pit was a blast. Everyone out for everyone to have a great time. Chris Bowes crowd surfed to the bar after the set. I've not seen Alestorm and had a bad time yet, and I don't expect that to change.

rob-mcclintock’s profile image

The bands I saw were, in order, Adavant, Rainbowdragoneyes, the Dread Crew of Oddwood, and the fabulous bucaneers of Alestorm. Every single band knew how to host a properly pandemonious pirate party, and every single band was worth the money I spent even if they had been the only act that night. The floor was packed, the crowd was rowdy, and the rum was plentiful. If you're looking for a hearty good time with (optional) moshing, Alestorm is a sure bet anytime.

greg-norby’s profile image

I found the show great, a lot so singing and before they came 3 songs by Queen and everyone that I could tell was singing every work in time. It was a great start to the show, half way through the show they through out a huge plastic duck that was getting hit up into the air till it got killed it was great fun, they put on a great show all in all, security did an amazing job of catching crowd surfers

samsavatage’s profile image

What can I say, this was a brilliant concert! From the first note the whole audience exploded with singing and partying and it only ended when the concert was finished. The band does their very best to keep everybody entertained and continually invites audience participation. Excellent music, excellent atmosphere. Recommended!

bvdhout’s profile image

Epic as expected. Second time seeing them in London and I loved every minute of it, extremely enthusiastic crowd went perfectly with the fun loving band and their huge inflatable duck to make a memorable evening. Excellent music and excellent people. Will see yet again when they are around.

Would recommend 10/10

Sraids’s profile image

I went into the show with reservations (a friend brought the tickets)

Overall, i had an absolute blast! These guys are bludy Awesome!

Even the pre show bands were fkn cool!!

I've gone from a "yea i like em" to "fuck yes, these cunts rock!"

Will definitely see them again!!

katy-townson’s profile image

If you like their music, it is pirate metal so probably yes, you will love their live performance.

Really great band with a good vibe, massive performance and everything they play is dead on.

Had a fucking fun night out.

Also wall of death.

Perfect 10/10

J_D’s profile image

The show was amazing, the first cover band wasn’t really amazing in my opinion (the guitarists and drummer were brilliant) but I wasn’t a fan of the lead singer. The second cover band was actually really good and alestorm were fantastic as expected

joseph-murphy-10’s profile image

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Alestorm Concert Tickets - 2024 Tour Dates.

Past concerts

Majestic Music Club

Collosseum Club

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Alestorm tour dates and tickets 2024-2025 near you

Want to see Alestorm in concert? Find information on all of Alestorm’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025.

Alestorm is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 5 concerts across 5 countries in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

Next 3 concerts:

  • Leoben, Austria
  • Vizovice, Czech Republic
  • Helmond, Netherlands

Next concert:

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Popularity ranking:

  • Voz de Mando (4474)
  • Alestorm (4475)

Concerts played in 2024:

Touring history

Most played:

  • London (16)
  • New York (NYC) (14)
  • Los Angeles (LA) (13)
  • Toronto (11)
  • Glasgow (11)

Appears most with:

  • Sabaton (84)
  • Gloryhammer (58)
  • Turisas (51)
  • Hatebreed (48)
  • Arkona (47)

Distance travelled:

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Alestorm announces Spring 2024 North American headlining tour and new EP “Voyage of the Dead Marauder”

Alestorm North American Tour 2024 poster

But that’s not all! Later that same week, they will release their new EP, entitled “ Voyage of the Dead Marauder ”, out on March 22nd, 2024, via Napalm Records! The upcoming EP arrives as the successor to Alestorm’s epic seventh studio album, “Seventh Run of a Seventh Rum”, which peaked at #7 on the German Album charts and #5 on both the US Current Hard Music and Top New Artist Albums charts. Once more, Alestorm collaborated with producer Lasse Lammert (LSD-Studios), who produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the new EP and is known for his work with fellow genre greats Gloryhammer and Wind Rose.

The pirates are currently supporting Saltatio Mortis on their tour of Europe. Make sure to grab your tickets while they last and stay tuned for the first new “Voyage of the Dead Marauder” singles and pre-sale news!

Chris Bowes comments: “I am reliably informed that Canada and the USA are countries, so it only seems fitting that we play a few shows there. We’ll even play some new songs, as an inevitable consequence of releasing a new EP. We hope you enjoy it; it’ll be very awkward for all parties involved if you don’t. See you there”!

Tracklist: 1. Voyage of the Dead Marauder 2. Uzbekistan 3. The Last Saskatchewan Pirate 4. Sea Shanty 2 5. Cock

European Tour Dates 2023: 15.11.23 CR – Zagreb / Boogaloo 17.11.23 DE – Geiselwind / Eventhalle 18.11.23 DE – München / Zenith 19.11.23 AT – Vienna / Gasometer 21.11.23 DK – Aarhus / Voxhall 22.11.23 DE – Hamburg / Sporthalle 23.11.23 CZ – Prague / Roxy 24.11.23 DE – Ludwigsburg / MHP Arena 25.11.23 DE – Bochum / Ruhrcongress 26.11.23 BE – Liege / OM 28.11.23 FR – Lille / Splendid 29.11.23 FR – Meth / BAM 01.12.23 DE – Hannover / Swiss Life Hall 02.12.23 CH – Zurich / X-Tra 03.12.23 NL – Eindhoven / Effenaar (supporting Saltatio Mortis)

North American Tour 2024: 19.03.24 US – Cincinnati, OH 20.03.24 US – Grand Rapids, MI 22.03.24 CA – Toronto, ON 23.03.24 CA – Montreal, QC 24.03.24 US – New Haven, CT 26.03.24 US – Pittsburgh, PA 27.03.24 US – Detroit, MI 29.03.24 US – Milwaukee, WI 30.03.24 US – Omaha, NE 02.04.24 CA – Winnipeg, MB 03.04.24 CA – Saskatoon, SK 05.04.24 CA – Edmonton, AB 06.04.24 CA – Calgary, AB 08.04.24 CA – Vancouver, BC 09.04.23 US – Spokane, WA 10.04.24 US – Boise, ID 12.04.24 US – Sacramento, CA 13.04.24 US – Santa Ana, CA 15.04.24 US – Tucson, AZ 16.04.24 US – Albuquerque, NM 18.04.24 US – Oklahoma City, OK 19.04.24 US – St. Louis, MO 20.04.24 US – Indianapolis, IN 21.04.24 US – Nashville, TN (w/ Elvenking & Glyph)

Line-up: Christopher Bowes – Vocals, keytar Gareth Murdock – Bass Mate Bodor – Guitar Peter Alcorn – Drums Elliot Vernon – Keyboard


Whitechapel to release new live album “Live in the Valley” on January 26th 2024

Takida to release new studio album “the agony flame” on february 9th 2024, related posts.

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Queensrÿche announces Winter 2025 European and UK Tour

Thieves Of Liberty Shangri-La cover

Thieves Of Liberty to release debut full-length album “Shangri-La” on November 15th 2024

Crypt Of Reason Stargazer cover

Crypt Of Reason to release debut full-length album “Stargazer” on September 24th 2024

Nile - Six Feet Under US co-headlining tour poster

Nile announces Winter 2025 US co-headlining tour with Six Feet Under

Mammoth Caravan Frostbitten Galaxy cover

Mammoth Caravan to release new studio album “Frostbitten Galaxy” on October 4th 2024

1349 The Wolf and The King cover

1349 to release new studio album “The Wolf and the King” on October 4th 2024

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Russell / Guns to release debut album “Medusa” on January 19th 2024

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Tool announces May & June 2024 European Tour

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Reach Prophecy cover

Reach – Prophecy

Midas Fall Cold Waves Divide Us cover

Midas Fall – Cold Waves Divide Us

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Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment Live Show WI 2023

Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment live at The Rave / Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI, 2023

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alestorm tour setlist



Latest Setlist

Alestorm on july 8, 2024.

Summer fest slime quest 2024

Collosseum Club, Košice, Slovakia

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alestorm tour setlist

In 2004, in a small town in eastern Scotland, a bunch of lads decided to start an epic metal band with songs about pirates. That band was called Battleheart, and they had no idea what they were doing, but they managed to release a couple of demos and get a bit of a local following. In 2007, the band’s work caught the attention of world-renowned Austrian record label Napalm Records, and after changing their name to Alestorm, the band was signed for a 5-album record deal. The debut album Captain Morgan’s Revenge released in 2008 instantly catapulted the band to fame in the European metal world, leading to massive tours supporting famous bands such as Turisas, Sabaton, Dragonforce, Eluveitie, and more.

Alestorm’s popularity and critical acclaim increased greatly after the release of the 2017 album No Grave but the Sea, now with a stable line-up of Christopher Bowes (vocals), Mate Bodor (guitars), Gareth Murdock (bass), Elliot Vernon (keyboards) and Peter Alcorn (drums). The band scored several top 10 charting positions across the world, and quickly found themselves routinely playing sold out headline shows to over 2000 people a night.

They released their most ambitious album Curse of the Crystal Coconut in 2020, followed by a critically acclaimed Live DVD Live in Tilburg in 2021, which was filmed in front of an audience of over 3000 insane fans. In summer of 2022, the band released their 7th album Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum, which managed to hit Number 1 in the Hungarian album charts for 2 weeks straight and stayed in the top 10 for several more. After the release, Alestorm embarked on the biggest festival and concert tour of their career, including a massive European headlining tour in January 2023 playing to as many as 4600 people every night. 

  • Hard Rock/Metal

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alestorm tour setlist

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alestorm tour setlist

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  • Sheeran, Ed
  • September 16, 2023 Setlist

Ed Sheeran Setlist at Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA, USA

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Tour: +–=÷x Tour statistics Add setlist

  • Tides Play Video
  • BLOW Play Video
  • I'm a Mess Play Video
  • Shivers Play Video
  • The A Team Play Video
  • Castle on the Hill Play Video
  • Don't / No Diggity Play Video
  • Eyes Closed Play Video
  • Give Me Love Play Video
  • Boat Play Video
  • River / Peru / South of the Border / I Don't Care Play Video
  • Beautiful People Play Video
  • Are You Entertained ( Russ  cover) (with Russ ) ( Ed Sheeran live debut ) Play Video
  • Overpass Graffiti Play Video
  • Galway Girl (with Alicia Enstrom ) Play Video
  • Thinking Out Loud Play Video
  • Love Yourself ( Justin Bieber  cover) Play Video
  • Sing Play Video
  • I See Fire Play Video
  • Photograph Play Video
  • Perfect Play Video
  • Bloodstream Play Video
  • Afterglow Play Video
  • You Need Me, I Don't Need You Play Video
  • Shape of You Play Video
  • Bad Habits Play Video

Edits and Comments

24 activities (last edit by event_monkey , 31 Oct 2023, 23:21 Etc/UTC )

Songs on Albums

  • Bloodstream
  • I'm a Mess
  • Thinking Out Loud
  • Overpass Graffiti
  • Castle on the Hill
  • Galway Girl
  • Shape of You
  • Give Me Love
  • You Need Me, I Don't Need You
  • Eyes Closed
  • Beautiful People
  • Are You Entertained by Russ
  • Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
  • Don't / No Diggity
  • River / Peru / South of the Border / I Don't Care

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alestorm tour setlist

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Ed Sheeran Joined 50 Cent Fans in London in Surprise Appearance

Levi's stadium.

  • Maisie Peters Start time: 6:00 PM 6:00 PM
  • Russ Start time: 7:00 PM 7:00 PM
  • Ed Sheeran This Setlist Start time: 8:15 PM 8:15 PM

Ed Sheeran Gig Timeline

  • Sep 09 2023 A Little White Chapel Las Vegas, NV, USA Add time Add time
  • Sep 15 2023 Fox Theater Oakland, CA, USA Start time: 8:30 PM 8:30 PM
  • Sep 16 2023 Levi's Stadium This Setlist Santa Clara, CA, USA Start time: 8:15 PM 8:15 PM
  • Sep 16 2023 Levi's Stadium Carpark Santa Clara, CA, USA Add time Add time
  • Sep 19 2023 Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA, USA Add time Add time
  • Sep 21 2023 Amazon Music Live Los Angeles, CA, USA Start time: 9:20 PM 9:20 PM

33 people were there

  • Fuzzygaming1
  • jessicalaurenmc
  • jordyn_schairer
  • nowimyourdaisie
  • PhantomTitan42
  • stevecarlson

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Tour Update

Marquee memories: lime cordiale.

  • Lime Cordiale
  • Jul 8, 2024
  • Jul 7, 2024
  • Jul 6, 2024
  • Jul 5, 2024
  • Jul 4, 2024
  • Jul 3, 2024
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alestorm tour setlist


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  7. Alestorm Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2025 & 2024

    Alestorm tour dates and tickets 2024-2025 near you. Want to see Alestorm in concert? Find information on all of Alestorm's upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2024-2025. Alestorm is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 10 concerts across 7 countries in 2024-2025. View all concerts.

  8. Alestorm announces Spring 2024 North American headlining tour and new

    Infamous metal pirates Alestorm are set to return with another batch of mischief! Today, Alestorm announces their "Tour of the Dead Marauder" North American headlining tour, kicking off in Cincinnati, OH on March 19th, 2024. The month-long tour will feature support from Elvenking and Glyph, with venues to be announced soon. Tickets go on ...

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  10. Alestorm Concert & Tour History (Updated for 2024)

    The next Alestorm concert is on July 11, 2024 at R. Jelinek Distillery in Vizovice, Zlín, Czechia. The bands performing are: Judas Priest / Bruce Dickinson / Tobias Sammet's Avantasia / Accept / Electric Callboy / Alestorm / Doro / Rage / Stratovarius / Tri state corner / Sodom / KK's Priest / Soilwork / Moonspell / Dynazty / Sirenia / Turmion Kätilöt / Delain / Cyhra / Unleash the archers ...

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    13. Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship. 14. Fucked With an Anchor. Powered by. More Setlists ». Find concert tickets for Alestorm upcoming 2024 shows. Explore Alestorm tour schedules, latest setlist, videos, and more on

  14. Alestorm Tickets, 2024 Concert Tour Dates

    Alestorm was a very fun band to see live and they made every note/word seem effortlessly created. They were goofy and honestly that made it really awesome. Because of the show I have listened to them and appreciated them more afterwards, and have downloaded their music. 5/5 stars, for whatever my review is worth.

  15. Alestorm Tickets, Tour & Concert Information

    Alestorm's popularity and critical acclaim increased greatly after the release of the 2017 album No Grave but the Sea, now with a stable line-up of Christopher Bowes (vocals), Mate Bodor (guitars), Gareth Murdock (bass), Elliot Vernon (keyboards) and Peter Alcorn (drums).

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    Tour set list? Hi I'm seeing Alestorm on the tour in Feb, I hadn't heard of them before I was introduced by a mate. They're great, but I'm not that familiar with them yet. I'll be listening to their most recent album a lot to get to know the tracks, but what songs are they likely to play from the back catalogue - what are the must play live ...

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