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  • July 3, 2019
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Monkey Safari: “Our music is much more melodic and emotional now”

The duo follow up their last lp, ‘odyssey’, with this warm, inviting collection of music designed to brighten your day and complement the glorious sunny days that bless us during the summer. sven and lars learned some valuable lessons from their last long-player, and the new album ‘hi’ comes from a far more relaxed, easy-going place., an organic project that came together quite naturally, their third album sees the duo in high spirits ready to bring a large dose of positive vibes and emotional depth to the party. with lars about to welcome his first child, the duo are clearly full of goodwill, optimism and good vibrations and ‘hi’ is reflective of this positive headspace. monkey safari will be sure to touch all scopes of dance culture with no signs of deceleration on the horizon. their mandate remains the same, sending sunny vibes to make even the darkest dance floors smile..

We caught up with Monkey Safari to talk about ‘HI’ .

Electronic Groove: Hi, Monkey Safari, thanks for chatting with us. Congratulations about your new LP ‘Hi’. What’s the first word that comes to your mind regarding this achievement?

Monkey Safari: Hello all! A new chapter, since ‘ HI’ stands for welcoming the beginning of a lot of new things.

EG: We really enjoyed ‘New Day’ premiere. What was the inspiration to produce this track?

Monkey Safari: I think ‘ New Day’ is the perfect soundtrack for getting rid of things which bother you or starting a new chapter with a positive mind. In this sense you could also see it a bit as a symbol of the transformation we have been going through lately.

EG: What about the whole album. Any special focus on the sound you wanted to achieve?

Monkey Safari: We just recently decided to take a step back from the darker sounds and not to get influenced too much by the techno hype that has been happening lately. With this being said, we tried to produce a new sound that reflects our personality and what we are truly feeling. Our music is much more melodic and emotional now.

EG: How long did it take to produce the complete LP? Where it was recorded?

Monkey Safari: All of our songs are produced in our studio back home. The production of ‘HI’ took us about 6 months.

“HI stands for welcoming the beginning of a lot of new things”

EG: What would you say is the difference between ‘HI’ and ‘Odyssey’?

Monkey Safari: They are quite contrary . ‘Odyssey‘ was way deeper in comparison with ‘HI’ which is full of positive and happy sounds. You could say it’s the perfect summer soundtrack 🙂

EG: Any tours planned in order to promote the album?

Monkey Safari: We have a couple of shows coming up in India and a release party in our hometown. But since the festival season is right around the corner, we have plenty of possibilities to promote the album.

EG: Summer is here. What are your plans for the warm season?

Monkey Safari: We love all kind of outdoor parties, so we are really looking forward to that kind of shows. It’s always nice to play outside in the sun or a warm summer night and to have a good time with the crowd.

EG: What’s the origin of the Monkey Safari name?

Monkey Safari: We always wanted to produce happy songs which help people to enjoy themselves and make them forget about their everyday life. Kind of like you feel on vacation. I guess with this thought at some point the name ‘Monkey Safari’ just came up.

Monkey Safari’s ‘HI’ is already available. Stream and buy here . 

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Monkey Safari

Latest release.

  • MAR 22, 2024
  • Remedy - Single
  • Safe (Joris Voorn Remix)
  • Safe (Joris Voorn Remix) - Single · 2022
  • Safe - Single · 2020
  • After Saturday Night (Monkey Safari Remix)
  • Réciprocité Remixed · 2023
  • Walls (Bonus Tracks Version) · 2015
  • Are You Ready
  • Are You Ready - Single · 2024
  • Candela - Single · 2023
  • Talk to Me - EP · 2021
  • Cranes (Kölsch Remix)
  • Cranes - EP · 2015
  • Beach - Single · 2021
  • Love Will Set U Free
  • Love Will Set U Free · 2021

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monkey safari videos

Monkey Safari - Body Language Vol. 24

monkey safari videos

Monkey Safari - Kami EP

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Monkey Safari image

Monkey Safari Halle (Saale), Germany

  • Apr 26 Ritter Butzke Berlin, Germany
  • May 17 Sounds of Africa Marrakech, Morocco
  • Jun 1 Studio 338 Greenwich, UK
  • Jun 28 Festival LISB-ON Lisbon, Portugal

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Upcoming Concerts for Monkey Safari

  • Apr 26 Apr 26, 2024 Ritter Butzke Berlin View Concert
  • Apr 27 Apr 27, 2024 Tapasake Dubai View Concert
  • Jun 01 Jun 01, 2024 Studio 338 North Greenwich View Concert

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Watch: World's smallest monkeys take first step outside at West Midlands Safari Park as keepers ask for name ideas

Keepers at West Midlands Safari Park have asked for help in naming a group of adorable mini monkeys.

Watch more of our videos on Shots! and live on Freeview channel 276

The park's newest species, the pygmy marmosets, are the world's smallest monkeys.

They arrived at the attraction in October last year after moving from Drayton Manor Resort.

And the warmer weather has meant the six tiny monkeys – who were born between 2021 and 2022 – could take their first tentative steps into their new outdoor habitat last week.

Three of the females are named Eva, Dolores and Pipa but the region's safari park is asking visitors for help in naming the others by suggesting names on its Facebook and Instagram page.

Following the park's unique style of naming animals, the female born in 2021 will be given a name starting with 'J', whilst the two females born in 2022 will start with 'K'.

monkey safari videos

Head keeper, Amy Sewell, said: "We were thrilled to have welcomed a brand-new species to the Park last year, especially as we have never housed pygmy marmosets before, in our 51-year history.

"These tiny mammals are the smallest monkey to be found in the world. Due to this fact, they have been hunted for the pet trade and mixed with habitat destruction, it is thought that the wild population has been declining. This species is now classed as ‘vulnerable’ in the wild.

"The six females arrived last October, from our sister attraction, Drayton Manor Resort, and eagle-eyed guests may have already spotted them in their cosy indoor housing.

"We are thrilled as the weather is now getting warmer, that our marmosets are venturing into their outside habitat. We would love for our guests to get involved and suggest names for the three that are unnamed. We hope our guests will enjoy watching our troop as much as we do."

The pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world, only weighing between 120g and 130g, which is around the same weight as a smartphone.

They are small enough that they cling on to one human finger, earning them the nickname "finger monkey".

This has sadly made them attractive in the exotic pet trade, as they are hunted in the wild and caught from Amazon Basin in South America.

Alongside these areas suffering from deforestation, this has caused the monkey's population to decline by more than 30 per cent over a period of three pygmy marmoset generations.

The miniature primates can be found at Marmoset Mischief, located in the Safari Walk area of the park, which is included in the admission charge.

To help name the monkey's, people can cast their votes on the West Midlands Safari Park Facebook page or Instagram page.

Guests are encouraged to book online in advance for the best prices, with children under the age of three able to go free. For more information on tickets, go to wmsp.co.uk

monkey safari videos

Roads closed and car seized after two men left with stab wounds on Bilston street Plus Bilston | 2 hours ago

Wolves v Arsenal: Who's out and who's a doubt Wolves | 2 hours ago

Man dies as car overturns in crash at roundabout on busy road Lichfield | 1 hour ago

Man left fighting for life following 'single vehicle crash' near to Merry Hill shopping centre Brierley Hill | 4 hours ago

Alcohol and music licence application decision for music event delayed South Staffordshire | Apr 18

Watch CBS News

Cambodia grapples with rise of YouTubers abusing monkeys for clicks at Cambodia's Angkor world heritage site

Updated on: April 9, 2024 / 6:09 AM EDT / CBS/AP

Siem Reap, Cambodia  — A baby monkey struggles and squirms as it tries to escape the man holding it by the neck over a concrete cistern, repeatedly dousing it with water. In another video clip, a person plays with the genitals of a juvenile male macaque sitting on a limestone block from an ancient temple to get it excited for the camera.

The abuse of monkeys at the Angkor UNESCO World Heritage Site in northwestern Cambodia is not always so graphic, but authorities say it is a growing problem as people look for new ways to draw online viewers to generate cash.

"The monkey should be living in the wild, where they are supposed to be living, but the monkey nowadays is being treated like a domestic pet," said Long Kosal, spokesperson for APSARA, the Cambodian office that oversees the Angkor archaeological site. "They're making the content to earn money by having the viewers on YouTube, so this is a very big issue for us."

Cambodia Monkey Abuse

APSARA has few tools itself to stop the YouTubers from filming in general, but has opened an investigation with the Ministry of Agriculture to collect evidence for legal action against the most serious abusers — who are rarely on camera themselves, Long Kosal said.

"If we can build a case, they will be arrested for sure," he said. "Any animal abuser will be seriously punished by law in Cambodia."

Cambodia's battle with YouTube animal abusers has been seen elsewhere in Asia, and just last year a global ring accused of producing and spreading horrific videos of monkeys being tortured and even killed was exposed by a  BBC World Service investigation . At least 20 people in the United States and two in Indonesia were placed under investigation, including an Oregon man who was indicted in June 2023.


The investigation found hundreds of customers in the U.S. and other nations had joined social media groups used to share the disturbing content and were paying to see the torture of long-tailed macaques, even requesting specific forms of abuse.

YouTube, Facebook and other sites remove the videos with graphic content, but scores of other clips of cute monkeys jumping and playing remain on the platforms, generating thousands of views and subscribers.

Just making those videos involves very close interaction with the monkeys, however, which authorities and animal-rights activists say creates a host of other problems, both for the macaques and people visiting one of Southeast Asia's most popular tourist sites.

On a recent day outside Angkor's famous 12th-century Bayon Temple, at least a dozen YouTubers, all young men, crowded around a small group of long-tailed macaques, pushing in close to get shots of a mother with a baby on her back and tracking her everywhere she moved.

The wild monkeys feasted on bananas tossed to them by YouTubers and drank from plastic bottles of water. One young macaque briefly amused itself with half-eaten neon-green popsicle discarded at the side of the path, before dropping it to move on to a banana.

A blue-shirted APSARA warden looked on but those filming were unfazed, illustrating the main problem: Simply taking video of monkeys is okay, even though feeding them is frowned upon. At the same time, it's making them dependent upon handouts, and the close interaction with humans means they're increasingly becoming aggressive toward tourists.

"The tourists carry their food, and they would snatch the food," Long Kosal said, flipping through multiple photos on his phone of recent injuries caused by the macaques. "If the tourists resist, they bite and this is very dangerous."

Cambodia Monkey Abuse

The search for food from tourists also draws the monkeys from the surrounding jungle in to the ancient sites, where they pull away pieces of the temples and cause other damage, he added.

Tourist Cadi Hutchings made sure to keep her distance from the monkeys, after being warned by her tour guide of the increasing risk of being bitten.

"What they want is your food, but you also need to appreciate that there needs to be a boundary between human intervention in nature," the 23-year-old from Wales said. "It's obviously a great thing that so many tourists come because it's such a lovely place, but at the same time, you have to be careful that with more and more people … the monkeys don't get too acclimatized."

Many other tourists, however, stopped to take their own photos and videos — some holding out bananas to draw them closer — before heading to the nearby temple site.

YouTuber Ium Daro, who started filming Angkor monkeys about three months ago, followed a mother and a baby along a dirt path with his iPhone held on a selfie stick to get in close.

The 41-year-old said he hadn't seen any monkeys physically abused, and that he didn't see a problem with what he and the others were doing to make a living.

"The monkeys here are friendly," he said. "After we take their pictures we give them food, so it is like we pay them for them giving us the chance to take their picture."

As he spoke, a young macaque scrambled up the leg of an onlooker, trying — unsuccessfully — to grab a plastic bottle of water out of his pocket.

One YouTuber said he had started filming monkeys during the COVID-19 pandemic after the numbers of tourists plummeted, making it impossible to earn a living as a tuk-tuk driver.

Daro said he was looking for a way to supplement his income as a rice vendor, and that he's too new at it to have realized many returns.

Many, like Phut Phu, work as salaried employees of YouTube page operators. The 24-year-old said he started filming monkeys 2 1/2 years ago when he was looking for a job in the open air to help him deal with a lung problem.

Cambodia Monkey Abuse

He's generally at it daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., earning $200 a month — equivalent to a Cambodian minimum-wage job — and said he hoped authorities wouldn't try and put an end to it.

"I need these monkeys," he said, holding a Nikon Coolpix camera with an extreme zoom that his employer provided, the same model most of the YouTubers were using.

With the difficulties involved in identifying and catching those responsible for the physical abuse of the monkeys, coupled with the draw of easy money through YouTube videos, Long Kosal said APSARA's task is a tough one.

"This is the problem for us," he said. "We need to find solid reasons which we can use against them not to make content by abusing the monkeys."

For Nick Marx, director of wildlife rescue and care for the Wildlife Alliance — which implements conservation programs across Southeast Asia and is involved in releasing wildlife back into Angkor — the answer is simple, though perhaps equally as elusive.

"The biggest problem is these (videos) are generated to make money," he said in an interview from Phnom Penh. "If people that don't like this kind of thing would stop watching them, that would really help solve the problem of abuse."

  • Animal Abuse
  • Social Media
  • Animal Cruelty

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Two-thirds of boomers nearing 65 don't have enough saved for retirement

Germany arrests alleged Russian spies scouting U.S. military facilities

Prosecutors intend to bring up fraud, sexual abuse cases if Trump testifies in N.Y. trial


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    Keepers at West Midlands Safari Park have asked for help in naming a group of adorable mini monkeys. ... Watch more of our videos on Shots! and live on Freeview channel 276 ... "These tiny mammals ...

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