• Our Medical Team

Our ships provide a full spectrum of high quality, evidence-based medical care to guests and crew.

“I can now say that I have been to every continent and visited over 100 unique destinations, including Antarctica.”

“A challenging clinical setting and an extraordinary lifestyle make working onboard an adventure that not everyone gets to experience.”

“My realization about the joy of life-at-sea largely surpassed what I had imagined when my friends described their experiences working onboard.”

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Embark your medical career on a new international voyage of discovery. Join our skilled Medical team working on any of our 90 ships across our nine brands: Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, Cunard, AIDA Cruises, Costa, P&O Cruises (UK) and P&O Australia. Our staff is passionate about providing quality healthcare to our guests and crew while they sail the world creating lasting memories.





“I knew I wanted to do something different, but I never expected just how much opportunity I could find working with Carnival. It’s more than an adventure – it’s the best career move I’ve ever made.”


"All of my past nursing experiences including working in intensive care and emergency settings were the foundation for success in this job. I love the variety of patient care opportunities that it affords, meanwhile traveling the world and interacting with fellow crew members from many countries"


“I never realized how broad my skillset was until I experienced working onboard cruise ships. Here I can go from a general practice consultation for someone with an UTI to intubating and sedating a patient, or administering thrombolysis to a patient, in just a single workday.”


“When I was working in the back of the ambulance, I gained the confidence and proficiency to care for my patients. Since working onboard, I developed my team dynamics skills, working along with the nurses and the physicians. They appreciate my skillset and I do value the multidisciplinary environment as a new way of improving my knowledge and skills.”


“Working onboard as a nurse is demanding at times. But the rewards of living on a cruise ship like this with a team like mine has been worth every moment.”



Review our process and FAQs below to know what to expect at every step.

carnival cruise line careers

  • Use our online application tool and set the pace of your application
  • Review and acknowledge position requirements
  • Complete your personal profile, educational background and work experience
  • A Cover Letter and Resume
  • Certified copies of your professional qualifications and certificates
  • Proof of professional registration and license
  • Details of specific clinical skills
  • Professional and personal disclosures

carnival cruise line careers

  • Allow us to share more detail through pre-recorded virtual introductions to our shore-side and shipboard teams
  • Participate in an online screening interview, in your own time
  • Listening, comprehension, English language skills for the position will be assessed
  • Applicants that pass the screening interview, are invited to a Clinical assessment
  • Successful applicants will receive a provisional offer, subject to review and validation of references, licenses etc.

carnival cruise line careers

Your current and recent employers (in supervising capacities) will be contacted for references.

carnival cruise line careers

Accepting an offer of employment, and all terms of and conditions, will allow us to start the onboarding process. As these next steps typically take place locally in your country of residence, your application may be handled by one of our local offices.

carnival cruise line careers

Our local administration offices will contact you with guidance on the next steps. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Credentialing (review of your professional license to practice, educational background, certifications, employment history etc.)
  • Pass a Regulatory Seafarer Medical Fitness examination
  • Verifying specific Health Screening requirements for medical staff
  • Obtain the necessary travel documents and visas (including C1D Visas for non-USA or Canadian applicants)
  • Criminal background checks or Police Clearance
  • Your start date availability
  • Additional requirements may be imposed by certain countries, Flag states or regulatory bodies, dependent on your nationality and country of residence

carnival cruise line careers

  • The onboarding process may take several months and once completed and you sign a legal contract, you will be ready to join your first ship
  • Provisional assignment details may be shared during times of critical need to help you plan and prepare
  • Always wait for instructions before engaging in any professional or personal arrangements in anticipation of joining a ship
  • Depending on our operational staffing needs, you may need to wait several weeks or months for an assignment to be available
  • All Job Positions
  • Marine Operations
  • Recruitment process

carnival cruise line careers

Set sail with Carnival Cruise Line and help us bring the FUN to life aboard one of our fantastic vessels as a Photographer Trainee.

At Carnival, we create FUN and MEMORABLE vacations, and our Photo Team captures these memories for our guests to enjoy long after their cruise is over! Working around the ship, taking pictures of our guests at backdrops o the promenade deck, in the Dining Rooms, or on the gangway, our Photographers are there to capture the FUN! You will be not only a great photographer but also have upselling skills to hit sales and photo capture targets by encouraging guests to take pictures with you.   

As with all of our team members, you’ll be a highly visible FUN ambassador and will constantly interact with our guests and help them with questions. The vacation experience we promise our guests will start with you!   


  • Minimum 1 year of experience in a photographer-related position


  • Photograph CCL guests involved in ship and tour activities throughout the cruise
  • Produce quality photographic products for sale to CCL guests
  • Sell photo department-generated products and services to CCL guests  
  • Interact with CCL guests, onboard staff and fellow crew members
  • Will shoot gangways, embarkation, deck, dining room, couples and costumes
  • Will help with the set-ups of portrait studios and photo props
  • Proper care and maintenance of photographic equipment
  • Effective use of perspective and composition ideals.  
  • Application and use of photographic equipment, including camera body controls, zone focus technique, flash/ lighting ratios, etc.  
  • Communicate effectively (in English), projecting a warm and friendly personality  
  • Be aware of waste and try to conserve photographic materials.  
  • Train on digital captures systems such as Sherlock as applied on digital on demand and hybrid vessels  
  • Maintenance of production equipment and will help keep photo lab clean and organized  
  • Display of photos in the gallery and will help to keep it well organized and clean
  • Assistance in stocking and storing albums, folios and all related items of photo department
  • Adherence to company policy in regards to proper use and handling of Silver Recovery System
  • Suggest reprints (copies) and additional services to passengers, such as film developing services
  • Be helpful and courteous
  • Help to clean and organize the photo gallery and sales area
  • Correctly shoot wedding videos  
  • Perform any task deemed appropriate by the Photo Manager, such as wearing costumes, etc.  

Undergo assigned trainings to develop skills & knowledge for the future positions.

Report any equipment malfunction, difficulties & concerns to the supervisor on duty.

Follow additional duties, other than listed in the job description, assigned by management due to the operational needs/shortages/changes.

Ensure beverage stations are full at all times and cleaned daily.

Engage in light conversations with guests always greet them with a smile.

You should have at least 1-2 years of experience in a similar role.

Advanced level proficiency in English is required.

Customer service experience gained in a similar role is required.

You must pass a Seafarers Medical Fitness Examination.

You focus on continuous improvement and collaboration.

carnival cruise line careers

Photographer - Trainee



What you'll be doing onboard.

  • What You’ll Do
  • What We Offer
  • Free Time and Perks
  • Ready to Join the FUN?
  • PLAYLIST DANCERS WHO SING What You’ll Do What We Offer Free Time and Perks Ready to Join the FUN?

carnival cruise line careers

Create FUN, Memorable Vacations for our Guests

You’ll jump right in to our teams on day one. You will help set up and host indoor and outdoor activities on board, including games, karaoke, theme parties, special events, and much more!

Safety and Security

Our interns will protect guest safety by following shipboard safety procedures and participating in regular trainings and drills.

carnival cruise line careers

Typical Day

Our interns work the same hours as the rest of our shipboard teams. You will work 8-10 hours every day, up to 70 hours per week, with late-night shifts on a rotational basis.

Youth Interns

Our Youth Interns entertain our mini cruisers. You will work with children ages 6 months - 17 years to ensure they have a fun and memorable vacation. You will host daily activities for the kids including theme nights, sports games, dance parties, competitions, and more!

carnival cruise line careers

Activity Host Interns

Affectionately known as The Fun Squad, you are our shipboard influencers! You will be the celebrities around the ship as you host an array of activities for guests of all ages.

carnival cruise line careers

3 - Day Orientation in Miami, FL

We’ll fly you to Miami, Florida for a 3 day, all expenses paid, orientation prior to joining your ship. You will learn the ins and outs of ship life and get to know the expectations prior to boarding.

12 - Week Paid Summer Internship

Want to get paid while you earn college credits to graduate? You will embark on a 12 week, paid, internship!

carnival cruise line careers

Covered Expenses

Costs associated with the required Seafarer’s Medical Exam, background checks, and all travel to and from your internship is covered by Carnival.

Room and Board

You will share a two-person cabin equipped with beds, closet, desk, TV, full bathroom, daily cabin steward service to change towels and make the bed, and wireless internet available at a discounted rate.

carnival cruise line careers

On the Job Training

Get ready to set sail into your training! Once you get onboard you will have safety and security training, hospitality training, environmental training, and much more.

Professional Development and Cross Departmental Meetings

Our interns have access to the Learning Resource Center onboard where you can learn a new language, take management courses, gain computer skills, and much more! Our interns also get the unique opportunity to participate in meetings with key managers on-board in departments other than Entertainment.

carnival cruise line careers

Career Growth

Once the internship is successfully completed our interns get the opportunity to be on our active team member roster for future contracts after graduation!

carnival cruise line careers

Guest Area Privilages

You will get a chance to enjoy the ship like our guests do. When you have some off time you can enjoy the specialty restaurants, go see a Playlist Production, go to the guest gym, and much more!

Explore Ports of Call

During your time off you can take a shore excursion, go to the beach, enjoy lunch outside, the possibilities are endless at our ports of call!

carnival cruise line careers

Crew - Only Activities

The Fun Team onboard plans activities for Crew Only. You will get to enjoy crew parties, crew bingo, games, and more with your fellow team mates.

Discounted Shore Excursions

Have you ever wanted to kiss a dolphin? Swim with a Stingray? Cave tube? Ride a horse on the beach? Well you can! In your time off you can enjoy a shore excursion at a discounted rate!

carnival cruise line careers

Cruise Discounts after First Full Contract

Your family will be so jealous of your cruise adventures that they may want to join you! Should you chose to complete a 6 month contract with Carnival after the internship you will be able to book your family cruises at a discounted rate!

carnival cruise line careers

Your summer internship awaits you! Join our team to earn college credits to graduate and for an adventure of a lifetime!

Carnival’s internship program has been recognized by WayUp as one of the top 100 internship programs in the country!

carnival cruise line careers

Resort and Commercial Recreation Association

Carnival’s internship program is nationally recognized by the RCRA! Have we convinced you yet?

What We’re Looking For

  • Students currently enrolled in and attending an accredited college or university
  • At least a second-semester Junior or Senior in college
  • 21+ years of age required
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher required
  • Ability to obtain a valid USA passport (Carnival does not sponsor visas for this program)
  • Full commitment to the inclusive dates of the internship program
  • Fulfillment of all Carnival Cruise Line pre-employment requirements
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Adaptable self-starters who can wear many hats
  • Fun, energetic, personalities who are the life of the party

Virtual Audition Instructions

What you'll need for a virtual audition.

  • Computer or mobile device with a webcam or front-facing camera
  • Clear audio capabilities
  • Proper lighting and professional attire and environment
  • Paper and pen for note-taking during live virtual interviews
  • Resume and unfiltered headshot
  • For a live virtual interview, expect to be online for approximately one hour


Choose both..

carnival cruise line careers

carnival cruise line careers

Carnival Cruise Line shares controversial dining policy

Cruise-line workers have very difficult jobs. 

Most work very long hours. Days off are rare and some staffers only rarely get to be outside or even see the light of day.

A bartender who works nights at the piano bar, which may not be open during port days, might be dispatched to a pool bar during the day. 

In other cases, onboard staff shifts to work on the private islands that have become a key part of business for Carnival, Royal Caribbean ( RCL ) , and MSC Cruises. 

Related: Carnival Cruise Line warns passengers about a pricey mistake

Cruise-employee contracts vary, but most waiters, room stewards, bartenders and other front-line service workers stay on board for six to nine months. That's a long time to work days that are often closer to 12 hours than 8, while they return to tiny cabins shared with at least one roommate.

When they're not working, regular crew members, including all the jobs listed above, do not have access to passenger areas. They can't grab a coffee at the onboard coffee shop or a meal at the buffet.

Officers and certain staff positions have more privileges than others. It varies by cruise line, but on Royal Caribbean, solo musicians, for example, are considered guest entertainers and essentially have full passenger privileges.

In addition, officers and select crew members are allowed to eat at the Lido Marketplace, Carnival's buffet. That might surprise passengers, but it also creates opportunities.

Carnival shares its buffet policy

Carnival's brand ambassador, John Heald, posts a lot on Facebook, and every one of his posts gets hundreds of comments. A post from May 4, however, had garnered more than 7,300 comments at last check. 

It was not a post that seemed all that controversial.

"We do allow some of the officers and staff to eat on the Lido," he wrote. "And while a few people have been writing this morning to me saying they do not believe they should be allowed, I hope that many more will enjoy seeing them there and perhaps interacting with them."

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That policy is similar to Royal Caribbean's rules. It's not uncommon to see officers in uniform and other workers wearing their job's outfit and eating at that cruise line's Windjammer buffet. In most cases, the cruise-line workers find an out-of-the-way table and, unlike passengers, they bus their plates.

Carnival's passengers seem to overwhelmingly support the concept of crew members eating in Lido.

Carnival passengers overwhelmingly support this

"I enjoy seeing the staff and crew eating on Lido with us," Joan Swanson wrote.

Many passengers said they liked getting the chance to interact with crew members.

"Love seeing them and speaking to them. Hearing them tell stories of their family. How hard they work to support them. We see how hard they work every day. I would love to have dinner with the staff," Debra Ramos posted.

Mary Downs O'Neal shared a practical reason she likes seeing cruise-line workers eating at the buffet.

"I love seeing the crew eating with the passengers. It tells me what is good to eat. For if it’s good to them, it should be good to me," she shared. 

Many responders suggested that Carnival should allow all ship workers to eat in passenger areas.

"I wish Carnival allowed all of the staff to eat up there. They work so hard to provide all of us a great vacation and deserve a nice meal," Cindy Lee wrote. "I actually struggle going on cruises because I feel the industry treats staff differently. Why do the entertainment staff get to eat with us, but those serving us can't?"

Carnival and Royal Caribbean aren't being cruel in not allowing many crew members to use common areas like the buffet. In most cases, both companies' cruise ships have between 0.3 and 0.5 crew members per passenger. If all those crew members could use passenger areas freely, those areas would be pushed beyond their capacity.

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Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have been working on enhanced crew areas as they introduce new ships to their fleets. 

The Carnival Panorama. Carnival Cruise Line Lead JS



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  14. Photographer

    Set sail with Carnival Cruise Line and help us bring the FUN to life aboard one of our fantastic vessels as a Photographer Trainee. At Carnival, we create FUN and MEMORABLE vacations, and our Photo Team captures these memories for our guests to enjoy long after their cruise is over! Working around the ship, taking pictures of our guests at ...

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    At least a second-semester Junior or Senior in college. 21+ years of age required. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher required. Ability to obtain a valid USA passport (Carnival does not sponsor visas for this program) Full commitment to the inclusive dates of the internship program. Fulfillment of all Carnival Cruise Line pre-employment requirements.

  19. Head of Sales

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  21. Carnival Cruise Line shares controversial dining policy

    Cruise-line workers have very difficult jobs. Most work very long hours. Days off are rare and some staffers only rarely get to be outside or even see the light of day. A bartender who works ...