I went on a 3-day camping and hiking trip led by REI's travel company — here's why I recommend REI Adventures to anyone

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  • REI doesn't just sell outdoor gear — it also offers excursions across the world via its travel company, REI Adventures .
  • REI Adventures has more than 250 guided trips for a variety of activity levels, durations, and activities.
  • I attended a trip to Pinnacles National Park and was impressed with the entire experience REI curated.

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My alarm jostled me awake at 5 a.m. PT, around the same time I'd usually wake up on the East coast. But instead of getting dressed for work, I layered up in comfortable gear, made sure my daypack had enough water in it, and rolled out of my tent, ready as I would ever be for a sunrise hike in Pinnacles National Park. 

I owed this unique opportunity to REI Adventures , the travel company arm of outdoor co-op REI , which has been guiding adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts on these trips since 1987. This hiking and camping excursion through one of the country's newest national parks is just one of the many outdoor adventures it offers around the world. 

If the idea of an "outdoor adventure" sounds intimidating or intense, don't be discouraged. REI Adventures offers trips for a wide variety of activity levels, durations, and activities, so you can find one that suits your comfort level and interests. The more important point is to get you outdoors ( your body and mind will thank you for it ) with less hassle and work. 

See below for a glimpse into what my experience was like on an REI Adventures trip through Pinnacles National Park. At the end of this review, I've also included answers to a series of FAQs such as how long each REI Adventures trip is and how much it costs to attend.  

rei walking tours

After arriving at the park, we jumped right into the sunny afternoon with a five-mile hike.

rei walking tours

Our group of nine people total (seven participants and two guides) traversed mountainous terrain, stopping to admire distinctive rock formations and attempt to spot the elusive California condor. We learned a bit about the history of the park, its geography, and its notable features. 

With our first hike checked off and our bodies sufficiently warmed up, we drove back to the campground to set up camp. Everything for our trip fit in this van and small trailer.

rei walking tours

Packed into the trailer were tents, cooking equipment, food supplies for all three days, and camping chairs. 

The guides showed us how to set up our tents, which were surprisingly easy to assemble, even for a novice like me.

rei walking tours

I haven't camped in at least 10 years, so I was a little nervous about having to set up my own tent. But thanks to the clear direction of our guides and the simple design of the tents, I had my humble abode set up in no time.

In case you're wondering, we slept in these airy REI Co-op Kingdom 4 Tents ($399). Since I don't camp often, I appreciated that these were provided to us. I wouldn't use it enough if I bought one for myself, and I also have nowhere to store it in my own apartment. 

They also provided us with sleeping pads, small personal tables, and a woven mat to make the tent feel more comfortable. It was a nice and thoughtful touch.

rei walking tours

The guides are expert camp cooks and have all the equipment and food supplies necessary to make delicious meals ...

rei walking tours

... which meant everyone else in the group got to sit back and enjoy a drink by the campfire as we rested from our hike.

rei walking tours

I wouldn't mind helping make dinner, but I have to admit it also felt great not worrying about any of our meals throughout the trip. Our main task that evening was to be on the lookout for wily, hungry raccoons. 

And all the meals were amazing. I didn't expect to eat this well on an outdoors trip, where I'm usually getting by on dried meats, squished sandwiches, and mysterious stews.

rei walking tours

Our first dinner included salad, salmon, pork loin, and potatoes.

If you have food restrictions or allergies, don't worry — our guides were careful and attentive about concerns like keto or dairy-free diets in our group and always had alternatives available. 

Seriously, I don't even eat breakfasts this balanced and filling at home.

rei walking tours

Not having to prepare food, then filling ourselves with the delicious meals, meant we had plenty of energy to attack each day's activities. The guides also carried snacks and prepared picnic-worthy lunch spreads during our hikes. 

Of course, our guides were more than excellent cooks. Having personally scouted destinations and led countless trips before us, they were experts — professional, friendly, and energetic to boot.

rei walking tours

I felt confident in their capable hands as they led us through noteworthy parts of the park, and I learned a lot about the wildlife and geology of Pinnacles. The guides are also great resources for types of outdoor gear you should carry, cool parks and hikes around the world, and other tidbits of outdoors knowledge. 

They showed us different rocks ...

rei walking tours

... exposed us to woodsy areas that made Pinnacles feel like a completely different park ...

rei walking tours

... and took us into the dark and exciting caves that Pinnacles is so well known for.

rei walking tours

On the morning of the last day, we embarked on a short sunrise hike to Bear Gulch Reservoir, where we enjoyed breakfast and some quiet time.

rei walking tours

It's not often I can watch the sun rise and listen to the birds and other animals come alive in the morning, so I relished the respite from city life. 

Overall, I also enjoyed the company of my group.

rei walking tours

When you go on a trip with REI Adventures, chances are you'll be traveling with like-minded people. Everyone may have different backgrounds and interests in different outdoor activities, but you're ultimately bonded by a love of the outdoors. 

REI says that half of its trip participants are solo travelers, so trips are an excellent opportunity to meet new people. There are also friends, couples, and families who travel together. 

The bottom line: Explore the outdoors with REI Adventures.

rei walking tours

Thanks to these standout features from my experience, I wouldn't hesitate to go on another trip through REI Adventures.

  • The guides:  The organization, expertise, and friendliness of the guides are everything. They make the trips both fun and informative. 
  • The convenience:  Annoying hassles like large, expensive equipment and detailed itineraries are all taken care of, so you can enjoy your destination even more. 
  • The destinations:  Since the outdoor destinations are living, breathing entities, there's never any guarantee that you'll be able to see a specific animal or capture a specific view on your camera. However, there's no questioning that they're beautiful, interesting places to explore and appreciate. 

rei walking tours

Where are the REI Adventures trips offered? 

At the time of this writing, there are more than 100 trips you can choose from — all of which are domestic. REI previously offered trips around the world and on every continent, even Antarctica , but has since altered its offerings in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Prior to the pandemic, REI Adventures had trips that would allow you to kayak and zip line in Costa Rica , hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu , make the classic base camp trek at Everest, and more.

Though those are on pause currently, you can still narrow your search by a number of domestic regions or destinations to find one that fits where you want to travel (e.g. national parks). 

How long are REI Adventures trips? 

There are trips that are three days long, 23 days long, and everything in between. That means you can take a quick weekend trip when you're craving proximity to nature more involved than looking at your desk plant or collect all your vacation days to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. The majority of REI Adventures trips are three to nine days long. 

Are REI Adventures trips strenuous? 

No. Each trip has a number rating from 1 (relaxed) to 5 (strenuous). While a relaxed trip will involve a few hours of activity on flat terrain and with little or no elevation gain, a strenuous trip is designed for very active travelers and includes 10+ hours of activity per day, steep ascents and descents, elevation changes of up to 4,000 feet per day, and altitudes topping 14,000 feet. 

About half of the available trips have a 3 rating (moderate), which is suitable for outdoor novices and casual recreationalists. While browsing trips, you can filter by activity level rating and gauge which ones are most appropriate for you. 

How much do REI Adventures trips cost and what's included? 

The trips range from $759 to more than $10,000 per person. They're pricey but there are a couple of factors to consider: REI members get significant discounts, and the price is inclusive of things like park fees, meals, camping tents, cooking equipment, some transportation, and professional guiding expertise. 

Beyond the cost of expensive outdoor equipment, you might want to consider the price tag you put on convenience and expertise. If you're willing and able to pay for a less stressful outdoor experience in which someone else handles all the research and costs of itinerary design and equipment, then you should seriously consider an REI Adventures trip. 

I've signed up for an REI Adventures trip. Now what? 

After you sign up and submit a deposit, you'll get access to a portal where you can review everything you need to prepare for the trip. This includes a checklist of the gear you need to bring, forms about your medical history and physical fitness, and the option to purchase travel insurance.

In the days leading up to your trip, you'll also receive a final itinerary that includes the details of each day, as well as important contact information. 

What else can I expect from my REI Adventures trip? 

As part of an REI-sponsored media trip, I went on a shortened version of the Pinnacles National Park trip — it was three days instead of four, but the rest of the experience remained the same.

Keep reading to learn about all the details, including the tents we stayed in, the food we ate, and the guides who led us through the journey. 

rei walking tours

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Portuguese Camino

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Amalfi Coast: Hike & Kayak

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Lake Grey, Torres del Paine, Chile, Patagonia

Patagonia: Torres del Paine Classic W Trek

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Camino del Norte hike

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Couple exploring in Lamington NP, Queensland, Australia

Walk Queensland's Scenic Rim

5 days from 1240.

Step out and discover the national parks, mountains and wildlife of Queensland’s Scenic...

rei walking tours

Cinque Terre: Hike, Bike & Kayak

8 days from 2082.

Take an active adventure to experience the gorgeous Cinque Terre area in Italy in the...

Enjoy spectacular views of the Himalayas, as you trek through the Tamang & Langtang heritage trail

Tamang Heritage & Langtang Valley Trek

15 days from 1495.

Hit the track-less-travelled on this 15-day Expedition. Trek the sacred Tamang Heritage...

HIking in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA

Hiking Utah's National Parks

9 days from 3353.

Explore Las Vegas, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef, Arches National Park, Zion...

A hiker on trail toward Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Mount Toubkal Long Weekend Trek

5 days from 551.

Challenge yourself to this ambitious hiking trip and climb to the summit of Mount...


Serengeti & Kilimanjaro

15 days from 6084.

Explore the wonders of Tanzania and Kenya, including a trek to the summit of Mt...

Traveller hiking on the M'goun Valley in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco: Happy Valley in High Atlas

8 days from 1126.

Explore the High Atlas Mountains on foot with a trekking and hiking getaway in Morocco....

Milford Sound waterfalls, Fijordland NP, New Zealand

Walk New Zealand's Fiordland National Park

4 days from 1820.

Explore New Zealand’s South Island from Queenstown to Te Anau, exploring Fiordland...

Group of hikers standing in front of Cradle Mountain

Trek the Cradle Mountain Overland Track

6 days from 2235.

Tackle one of Australia’s greatest treks, among some of its most incredible scenery, on...

Woman hiking in Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile

Highlights of Patagonia

8 days from 4425.

A Patagonian hiking trip to remember – explore the diverse nature of South America with...

Group of hikers walking along bottom of Mont Blanc massif

Mont Blanc Highlights

8 days from 2464.

Join an International Mountain Leader on an 8-day hiking adventure in the Alps,...

Hiking in the mountains of Bhutan

Bhutan Expedition: Hike the Trans Bhutan Trail

11 days from 5180.

Discover a land of mysticism, proud traditions and pure happiness on an 11-day hiking...

Group walking in a beautiful landscape on the Great Inca Road, Peru

Peru Expedition: Trek the Great Inca Road

12 days from 4155.

Join an active 12-day expedition in Peru to hike the spectacular routes of the Great...

Man hiking in the mountains of Durmitor National Park overlooking Veliko Lake, Montenegro

Hiking the Balkans: Via Dinarica

10 days from 3040.

Get your heart racing on this hiking trip that highlights some of the most incredible...

PNG - Kokoda walking

The Kokoda Track

10 days from 3840.

Challenge mind, body and soul on this 10-day trekking adventure through Papua New...

Hikers posing on Cape To Cape track, Australia

Hike Western Australia's Cape to Cape Track

8 days from 2310.

Hike the Cape to Cape Track, a 8-day walking adventure that will reveal the most...

Traveller hiking along trail in the Sierra Nevada range

Hiking in Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada

5 days from 1489.

Explore the Sierra Nevada Range on a 5-day small group hiking tour which includes...

Hikers walking along Rota Vicentina coastline, Portugal

Hike the Rota Vicentina in Portugal

8 days from 1785.

Step off the beaten track in Portugal’s southwest, following an ancient fisherman’s...

Elephants in the Savanna, Kilimanjaro in the background, Kenya

Safari to Kilimanjaro - Machame Route

16 days from 7205.

Explore the wonders of Tanzania and Kenya including a trek to the summit of Mt...

Everest Base Camp Trek for young adults

Epic Everest Base Camp Trek

15 days from 1490.

Embark on the trek of a lifetime to Everest Base Camp on this trekking trip. Fly into...

Hiker descending Ben Nevis, near Fort William, Scotland

Classic Walks of Scotland

6 days from 1740.

Explore Scotland on two legs and conquer Ben Nevis, the United Kingdom’s highest peak,...

Group hiking across mountains in the Victorian High Country, Australia

Walk Victoria's High Country

5 days from 1750.

Walk Victoria’s High Country on this 5-day tour where you’ll discover gold rush history...

Hikers reach the third cave sign on the Kilimanjaro hike

Kilimanjaro: Rongai Route

8 days from 3820.

Trek the quiet Rongai Route to summit Mt Kilimanjaro on an eight-day trip that includes...

Travellers trekking along a mountain pass on the Great Inca Road

Trek the Great Inca Road and Inca Trail

19 days from 6215.

Hike routes of the Great Inca Road, see the hub of Huaraz, then tackle the Inca Trail...

Hiker admiring the mountain peaks of the Nangma Valley, Pakistan

Trek Pakistan's Karakoram Mountains

10 days from 2916.

Trek into Northern Pakistan’s Nangma Valley on a 10-day guided hiking trip from...

Travellers embark on the Kamuno Kaido forest trail hike

Japan: Koya-san & Kumano Kodo Trek

8 days from 3325.

Get a cultural workout on an eight-day small group trek on the Koya-san and Kumano Kodo...

Travellers hiking on Mount Stapylton, Grampians National Park, Victoria

Walk the Grampians Peaks Trail

Trek along some of Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park’s best trails through tall...

A hiker looks out at the Himalayas from a pond near Bimthang village on the Manaslu Circuit

Nepal Expedition: Manaslu Circuit Trek

16 days from 2060.

Reach altitudes of over 5000 m on a trek along the Manaslu Circuit, walking through...

Intrepid Travel hike at sunset

Kilimanjaro & Serengeti Adventure

15 days from 6494.

Group hiking through Kalbarri NP, Western Australia

Walk Western Australia's Kalbarri & Coral Coast

8 days from 3575.

Explore Western Australia on an easy 8-day walking adventure that will reveal the most...

Travellers walking along the Kangaroo Wilderness Trail, Southern Australia

Hike the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

5 days from 2130.

Explore Kangaroo Island on a scenic 5-day adventure that follows the Kangaroo Island...

Group in Karijini Gorge, Western Australia

Walk Western Australia's Karijini & Ningaloo Reef

10 days from 2585.

Explore Karijini National Park on a 10-day hiking adventure that includes the chance to...

Group in Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Patagonia: Torres del Paine Full O Circuit

11 days from 5900.

Trek the O circuit in Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, on this...

Traveller along the Tarkine Rainforest walk, Tasmania, Australia

Hike Tasmania's Tarkine Wilderness

6 days from 2395.

Hike the Tarkine region in Tasmania on a 6-day walking trip with inclusions like...

rei walking tours

Thailand Hilltribe Trek

5 days from 528.

Travel to Chiang Mai and trek through northern Thailand to discover hilltribe culture,...

Nepal Annapurna base camp

Everest Base Camp & Annapurna Circuit Trek

30 days from 3245.

Journey out from Kathmandu to the rugged Himalaya. Follow the footsteps of Hillary up...

Travellers hike the fields of sapa with their leader

Sapa Adventure

5 days from 423.

Trek through Vietnam's mountainous region in the north-west to experience hilltribe...

Man at North Rim of Grand Canyon, standing on overlook viewpoint, Arizona, USA

Hiking in the Grand Canyon: North & South Rims

5 days from 3110.

Discover the magnificence of the Grand Canyon on a 5-day walking adventure, exploring...

PIXE - Maria Island - Group Hike

Walk Tasmania's East Coast

6 days from 2355.

Discover the best of Tasmania’s coastal walks. From Launceston to Hobart, see Freycinet...

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Temples, Bikes & Whitewater Rafting

4 days from 460.

On this active trip, you’ll go trekking in Chiang Mai, explore Thailand's lush jungle,...

Galvans Gorge sand

Walk Western Australia's Kimberley

Join this Kimberley adventure for 12 days of camping, walking and four-wheel driving...

Group of travellers hiking the Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

Walk Tasmania's Bay of Fires

5 days from 1825.

Get out of town and explore the stunning Bay of Fires region up close on this five-day...

Map of Walk Tasmania's Bay of Fires including Australia

Hike the Great Ocean Walk

7 days from 2480.

Hike the Great Ocean Road on a seven-day walking adventure that will reveal the...

Group hiking through Cascade Falls, Northern Territory, Australia

Walk Kakadu National Park

8 days from 2453.

Travel through the rugged landscapes of Kakadu National Park, Katherine and Litchfield...

Travellers standing in front of Dutchman's Stern, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Walk South Australia's Flinders Ranges

7 days from 3040.

Set off on a six-day adventure through the Flinders Ranges, joining a local leader and...

Trekking the Maliau basin in Sabah, Borneo

Borneo Expedition: Maliau Basin - Sabah's Lost World Trek

8 days from 1720.

Embark on a unique 8-day Expedition into the heart of Borneo’s Sabah – the Maliau Basin...

Map of Borneo Expedition: Maliau Basin - Sabah's Lost World Trek including Malaysia

Hiking Washington's Olympic National Park

3 days from 2155.

Experience the very best of the Olympic Peninsula with a perfect balance of challenge...

group of hikers in the snow, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Winter Hiking and Backpacking in Grand Canyon: Rim to Rim

Escape the crowds, see incredible views, sleep under the stars, check out waterfalls...

Travellers at Annapurna, Nepal

Annapurna Homestay Trek

5 days from 375.

Travel to Nepal and hike the Annapurnas. Travel from Pokhara to Tanting, trekking to...


Kathmandu Valley Trek

4 days from 365.

Travel to Nepal and visit Kathmandu for a spectacular Himalayan experience. Trek from...

Happy hikers pose for a photo besides large pumpkins and sign in Vermont, USA

Hike Vermont: Fall Foliage

5 days from 3285.

Hike through the vibrant colours of Vermont’s changing seasons on this trip exploring...

Hiking amongst the Presidential Peaks, New Hampshire, USA

Hike New Hampshire's Appalachian Trail and Presidential Peaks

4 days from 1895.

Spend an incredible 4 days hiking the highest mountains in New Hampshire, the...

Hiker taking in the scenery, the Narrows, Zion NP, Utah, USA

Hiking and Camping in Zion

3 days from 1560.

Experience Utah’s most famous national park as a standalone canyon country experience...

Hiking in Yellowstone NP near a beautiful river, Wyoming, USA

Hiking and Backpacking in Yellowstone

4 days from 1605.

See the best of Yellowstone on an Intrepid small group hiking and camping adventure...

Tour group hiking through Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Hiking and Camping in Joshua Tree

4 days from 1775.

Experience Joshua Tree’s surreal landscapes, cool oases, and famous Joshua Trees on a 4...

Hikers enjoying the views of the prismatic pools in Yellowstone NP, Wyoming, USA

Hiking and Camping in Yellowstone

5 days from 2230.

See the best of this iconic national park on five spectacularly diverse, hand-picked...

Buck in Yellowstone NP, Wyoming, USA

Hiking and Backpacking Yellowstone's Bechler River Traverse

5 days from 2045.

Avoid the crowds and see the best of Southern Yellowstone National Park’s backcountry...

Hiking Utah's National Parks, USA

Hiking and Camping in Utah

6 days from 2360.

Experience Utah’s most famous national park destinations and see the best of Zion,...

View over Shining Rock Gap, North Carolina, USA

Hiking and Backpacking North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains

3 days from 1070.

Discover great trails, incredible views, spectacular summits and more on a small group...

View of Mount Ida beside the river in the valley, Colorado, USA

Hiking and Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

5 days from 2090.

Set up camp on the edges of Rocky Mountain National Park and hike past highlights like...

Man hiking near the Grand Staircase Escalante in Coyote Gulch, Utah, U.S.A.

Hiking and Backpacking Utah's Coyote Gulch

4 days from 1740.

Take a hiking trip through Utah’s Coyote Gulch in the United States and trek past...

Group of Intrepid travellers walk through rock-strewn narrow passage

13 Days From 3765

Explore the Kimberley on a 13-day walking adventure that includes the Bungle Bungle...

Traveller stands in the Standley Chasm on the Larapinta Trail, Australia

Trek the Larapinta Trail

7 days from 2510.

From Alice Springs, hike the highlights of the amazing Larapinta Trail, taking in...

Hikers enjoying Yellowstone NP, Wyoming, USA

Hiking in Yellowstone

5 days from 3830.

Enjoy the luxuries of a lodge and rustic dining each evening in different locations...

Hiker admiring view of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee, U.S.A.

Hiking the Best of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

5 days from 3435.

Hike through the highlights of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, including a walk...

Travellers hiking along trail in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.A.

Hiking the Best of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

5 days from 4125.

Looking for a hiking trip in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park in...

Traveller admiring Cathedral rock on hike in Sedona, Arizona

Hiking Sedona's Red Rock Country

Discover the best of Sedona’s red rock country on this 4-day hiking adventure that...

Group of travellers watching the sunset in Arches National Park, Utah, U.S.A.

Hiking the Best of Moab: Arches and Canyonlands

5 days from 3480.

Hike through the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Moab, Utah, exploring valleys...

Hikers descending on the Grandview trail in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, U.S.A.

Hiking the Best of the Grand Canyon

3 days from 1965.

Discover the very best of the Grand Canyon on this 3-day hiking adventure through Grand...

Group walking along Cape Queen Elizabeth, Bruny Island, Tasmania

Walk Bruny Island & Tasmania's South Coast

6 days from 2130.

Discover the rugged beauty of Bruny Island on a Bruny Island 6-day hiking trip with an...

Popular walks, hikes & treks

Travellers walking past Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail in Peru

Machu Picchu

A group of travellers smiling at the camera during a Kilimanjaro climb

Kilimanjaro Trek

Travellers looking out over Toubkal Mountain in Morocco

Mount Toubkal

A couple of travellers smiling at Everest Base camp in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

A group of hikers standing on a smaller peak at Annapurna basecamp in the shadow of a larger peak

Annapurna Ranges

Two travellers hiking along the path of the Tour du Mont Blanc with mountains in the background.

Camino de Santiago

The natural formation of horseshoe bend at sunset in Arizona

US National Parks

Walks, hikes & treks by region.

Aerial view of the Larapinta Trek in the Northern Territory at sunset.

Australia walks & treks

Traveller looking out over a lush rainforest in New Zealand.

New Zealand walks & treks

A group of travellers walking by a river in Suffolk, United Kingdom

UK walks & treks

A local guide leading a group of hikers through Yosemite National Park

North America walks & treks

Group trekking in the dolomites, with mountains behind them

Europe walks & treks

Traveller trekking through the Altai Tavan Bogd Potanin Glacier in Mongolia.

Asia walks & treks

A group of travellers walking along the Choquequirao Trek in Peru

South America walks & treks

A group of travellers walking through the desert in Petra, Jordan

Middle East walks & treks

Walking vs hiking vs trekking.

Outline of a running shoe with a red strip on the side

Our walking trips will take you on defined tracks and over smooth surfaces – think the grasslands of northern Thailand, rice paddies in Mai Chau, and New Zealand's idyllic Queen Charlotte Track. There’s no need for fitness preparation or specialized equipment; just you, your comfortable walking shoes, and a healthy sense of adventure. And we promise there’s not a base camp in sight. 

Outline of a hiking shoe with red patch at the top

Make your way up magnificent mountains, through concentrated bushland, and across rugged, countryside trails on our range of leader-led hiking trips. Harder and longer than a walk but less physically demanding than a trek, hikes are the perfect in-between for those who still want to thoroughly explore the great outdoors without all the fuss of proper equipment. 

An outline of a person carrying a backpack

Treks are often in remote destinations where the trails are barely visible, and the terrain makes it harder to traverse without specialized equipment. These treks range from tackling Kilimanjaro to testing your limits at Everest Base Camp and generally feature high altitudes and overnight stops with basic accommodation. Yep, say goodbye to showers and hello to unforgettable memories.

Intrepid treks around the world

Famous mountains of the world infographic

Hiking and backpacking tours

A hiker admiring the views of Yosemite National Park in winter

Winter hiking and snowshoeing tours

Our small group walking tours , our small group hiking tours, our small group trekking tours, highlights of our walking, hiking & trekking trips.

A group of hikers ready to start the trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Make the heroic climb to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp

Some destinations are simply more life-changing than others and Everest Base Camp might just be the most profound of them all. Boasting the world’s highest peak and the number one spot on every bucket list, this larger-than-life mountain range will have you challenging yourself in every way. But for the unbelievable views you’ll come across and the Himalayan culture you’ll be treated to, the trek to its base is worth it every time. 

A traveller looking at a tree surrounded by grassy plains along the Camindo de Santiago.

Take in the epic vistas along the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago isn’t just an ancient pilgrimage route - it’s the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Whether you want to do a bit of soul searching, soak up centuries of history, swap stories with people from all over the world, or stare in awe at the picturesque panoramas along the way, this enriching trek will change you in the best way possible. And absolutely nothing beats the feeling of reaching Santiago de Compostela. 

Travellers standing on a rocky peak overlooking the mountain range of Denali.

Explore the Alaskan wilderness in Denali National Park

Step out of the city and into the wild in Alaska’s Denali National Park. Showing you just how talented Mother Nature really is, this national park will not only take your breath away but also refill your lungs with some of the freshest mountain air in the United States for the ultimate cleansing experience. Walk beneath snowcapped peaks, wander through rolling polar deserts, marvel at ancient glaciers, and watch as the northern lights illuminate the night sky. 

Two travellers walking toward the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites on a clear day

Uncover the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites in Italy

From small walks to larger hikes, and from easy routes to challenging treks, the Dolomites offer a little something for everyone. Promising to be an outdoor adventurist's dream, this jaw-dropping Italian mountain range is picture-perfect in every way from its enchantingly rugged scenery to the distinctive colours that play over the rocky peaks as the sun rises and falls. Easy to revel in the natural beauty all around you, this trip is one you don’t want to miss. 

Traveller looking out over the scenery at Annapurna Basecamp with brightly coloured flags are in the foreground

Trek your way through the Annapurna Range in Nepal

Impressive? Check. Challenging? Check? Unforgettable? Check – the Annapurna Range in Nepal ticks all the boxes. Remarkably different from the neighbouring Everest region, this trek boasts the best of monolithic mountain scenery and Himalayan culture for views and experiences that will quickly fill up your camera roll. From forests full of flame-red rhododendrons to fiery sunsets against Machhapuchhare Mountain, your memories of Annapurna will last you a lifetime.

A group of travellers walking in the Perito Moreno Glacier as part of patagonia

Hike the rugged terrain of South America’s Patagonia

If you want to reconnect with nature, do it by wandering the remote wilderness of Argentina and Chile on what is guaranteed to be an extraordinary adventure. Marvel at the glacial lakes at Laguna Torre, discover the wild beauty of Torres del Paine National Park, point out jagged and impressive mountain peaks, and spot brightly coloured flamingoes as they primp and preen before your eyes. There’s a reason why hiking in Patagonia is as good as it gets. 

Traveller walking on the Cradle Mountain Overland Track on a sunny, blue day.

Discover Cradle Mountain’s beauty one step at a time

Tasmania’s not short on spectacular scenery but the Cradle Mountain region in the state’s northwest is natural beauty at its absolute best. Set out on one of Australia’s most famous treks – the Cradle Mountain Overland Track – and make your way through groves of eucalyptus trees, lush rainforests, across alpine moors, and along brilliantly coloured lakes that won’t hesitate to take your breath away. 

Lone traveller walking along Hadrian's Wall with rolling green hills on either side.

Embark on a historic journey along Hadrian’s Wall

Whether you’re a history buff wanting to retrace the footsteps of Roman soldiers from 2,000 years ago or an outdoor enthusiast itching to explore the breathtaking Northumbrian countryside, a walking adventure along Hadrian’s Wall promises to speed up your heart rate and set your mind racing. Embrace the past with every step as you make the journey to historic ruins saturated in ancient stories and secrets. 

Our walking, hiking & trekking trip reviews

Walking & trekking essential info/faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join a walking & trekking trip.

Trips on or before 31 December 2022

If your Intrepid trip starts on or before 31 December 2022, you must provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

If you are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons, you may apply for an exemption. Exemptions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. To apply, you must provide a medical certificate from a medical professional. 

Children under 18 are exempt. Children aged between 5 and 17 years old must provide proof of either vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID-19 test.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travellers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travellers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Learn more about Intrepid’s COVID-19 policy

What is the range of walking & trekking holidays available?

Our walking & trekking tours span the gamut of active adventures from relatively easy, leisurely walks to multi-day challenges in high mountains. We offer a range of tours in the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro and the Americas, as well as plenty of classic hikes in Europe, the UK, and Australia.  

What are the types of walking & hiking holidays?

We predominantly provide two styles of walking & trekking holidays: 

Centre-based – this style of holiday spends all (or majority) of time in the centre of the action. Think Chamonix in the French Alps, Dobbiaco in the Dolomites or a rustic hotel in Yosemite Valley. Enjoy the comfort of the same room every day (as well as only unpacking once), and a selection of the best restaurants and other attractions in the neighbourhood. All you have to do is sit back and relax as we pick the best combination of walks available either directly from the foot of your accommodation, or just a short transfer away (often a public bus or train). To put it bluntly – you'll be fairly comfortable while experiencing the best walks and hikes going 'round.

Point-to-point – this style of holiday makes you walk from one place to the other, pretty much every day. However, we do throw in a rest day every now and then, depending on the region and the amount of hiking we need to cover on a daily basis. On point-to-point tours, you'll start in A and finish in B. Think about the Inca Trail, the Mount Everest Base Camp trek, the Hadrian’s Wall hike or the Mont Blanc Circuit. In most cases, we'll transfer your main luggage across to the next destination, so all you need to carry is the essentials (water, sun protection, waterproofs, extra layers, snacks and a camera). 

How safe are walking & trekking holidays?

The safety of our clients (you), staff (us), and all the people around us (our local friends and other trekkers) is our highest priority. This means we don't cut corners. Ever. All our leaders are adequately qualified, experienced, and insured so you don't need to worry about a thing. We only hike on well-settled trails and we follow local rules. Always. If the local authorities tell us it’s not advisable to walk certain trails then we won’t. If the weather is not looking good, we'll change our plans. If the trail is too busy, we'll turn around and hike elsewhere. It's as simple as that. We're all about staying safe, enjoying the best trails possible, and being flexible to achieve the best hiking experience for you. 

What is included in walking & trekking trips?

We include accommodation as per the itinerary, as well as transportation to and from trailheads and to all other included activities (note: this transportation is often public as that's the way we like to travel). We also include ALL hiking permits, whether it is in the Himalayas or the US National Parks. On top of that, we provide our highly qualified and experienced leaders to guide you throughout the trip.

What level of comfort can I expect on a walking & trekking holiday?

Most of our walking & trekking holidays are in the Intrepid Original standard, staying in small, authentic, and atmospheric 2–3-star hotels, using public transport where possible, and including all breakfasts, as well as some dinners and lunches depending on the travel destination. However, some of the trips are in the Intrepid Basix style – in most cases, these are trips featuring more remote itineraries such as in the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, or Morocco. We then stay in either local guesthouses (or so-called teahouses in the Himalayas), or we camp. We often use private transfers on these trips too, as public transport options may not be available. Camping can be quite comfortable with spacious tents, clean water available, and where possible, a toilet tent set up. But we also want to make the experience as authentic as possible so you can always opt to camp under the stars. 

How sustainable are walking & hiking trips?

Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do, and walking & trekking holidays are no different. In fact, spending most of the time on your feet, scaling local trailheads is probably as sustainable as it gets. We also try to use public transport as much as possible and contract only small, family-run hotels and guesthouses. We also align our itineraries with local standards and follow all rules set up by local authorities. The hikes we choose are mostly a combination of the iconic trails (aka ones you don't want to miss) and the lesser-known ones, ensuring there's a little bit of everything. 

What to pack for walking & hiking trip?

All itineraries feature a packing list on the 'Essential Trip Information' document. Please read it carefully as it may contain trip-specific items you must bring. On a higher level, you always need to pack a backpack/day bag to accompany you on your daily walks, comfortable walking shoes or boots (depending on the trip), good trekking clothing (combination of lightweight and quick drying shorts, pants, short and long sleeve shirts), extra warm layers (sometimes even a down jacket) and waterproof gear. We also highly recommend bringing walking poles as these are very useful on steep ascents and long descents.  

Read more about what to pack your walking & trekking trip

Will I be required to carry my own luggage?

The short answer is no. Your main luggage is transported for you on point-to-point itineraries (often by porters, therefore it should be packed in a soft/duffle bag) and your luggage stays in your accommodation for all centre-based itineraries. However, you'll need to bring a small bag/backpack (around 25-30 litre capacity) to carry around all of your essentials (water, snacks, extra layer, waterproofs) when you're on the move.

Do I need any special insurance?

You will need to have insurance that will cover hiking and trekking in certain destinations up to a certain elevation (in the Himalayas, Peru, and a few other destinations that feature altitude hikes). But you won't need any special insurance to cover technical activities. However, to be 100% certain your cover is adequate for the trip you're doing, we suggest you talk to an insurer and present the planned itinerary of your chosen trip. 

How big are the group sizes?

The maximum group size is 12 people on the majority of walking & trekking trips, however, some itineraries may go up to 16 people. But, on average, there are 7-10 people on each departure. 

Are walking & hiking holidays suitable for solo travellers?

Absolutely! In fact, most of our customers are travelling solo, and there is no extra fee for doing so. One thing to note is that if are travelling solo, you'll be room-sharing with another solo traveller of the same sex. If you would prefer to have your own room, please speak to your booking agent as we're often able to accommodate this at an extra fee. 

What ages are the group holidays suitable for?

The minimum age on our walking & trekking holidays is predominantly 15 (on some itineraries we can accept a lower age – sometimes even 12, so please enquire at the time of booking). But there is no maximum age limit. We’ll accept everyone who’s keen and physically ready for the challenge (no screening form needed – we trust your own judgement), regardless of age. After all, age is really only a state of mind, right? 

Will I get altitude sickness?

On some of our hikes you will encounter high altitudes. When climbing above 2,800 metres (9,200 feet), it is common for travellers to experience some adverse health effects due to the altitude, regardless of your age, gender and fitness. It even happened to Sir Edmund Hillary!

There’s no real way to tell how your body will react to the rigours of altitude trekking, so it is important that you monitor your condition and discuss any prevailing symptoms with your guide. If you have any pre-existing conditions that could be exacerbated by high altitudes, be sure to get them checked out by a doctor before you leave.

But above all, try not to worry, most of our travellers shake off the effects of altitude pretty quickly and enjoy a safe and rewarding trek.

How fit do I need to be to go on a walking & trekking trip?

We have walks ranging from relatively easy to rather challenging. But no matter what degree of difficulty or distance you choose to walk, we recommend that you have a reasonable level of fitness to ensure that you get the most out of your walk or hike. Try to commit to some type of physical training program around six weeks before you depart. Here are some suggestions: Long walks: go on some long walks of 3-6 hours duration before you leave, wearing the boots you’re taking and carrying a small backpack to get comfortable with carrying your gear for long stretches. Aerobic exercise: running, distance cycling and the various aerobic classes offered at gyms (like pump, spin, zumba and circuit classes) all help to give you fitness and stamina. Strength training: doing body weight training like pushups, squats, dips, lunges, etc. helps to build up your muscle strength, which is needed for the steady climb up a mountain if you’re embarking on this type of hike (bootcamp sessions are perfect for this type of training).

Read more about walking, hiking & trekking

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“It was an indescribable, life-affirming experience that I will always cherish. In particular, I wanted to commend your selection of Trip Leaders. Their skill, thoughtfulness, and dedication made the entire trip seem effortless even though the challenge was great.”

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Aoraki / Mount Cook mountain in New Zealand

Peter's Walking Tour

rei walking tours

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rei walking tours

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Kathlyn B

Peter's Walking Tour - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

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REI Is Cleaning House With a Massive Spring Sale — Shop the 50 Best Deals Up to 81% Off

Score Patagonia, New Balance, Cotopaxi, and more from just $4

rei walking tours

Best Apparel Deals

Best shoe deals, best camping gear deals, best travel bag deals.

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure

Since the arrival of spring, my mind has been consumed with non-stop thoughts of my upcoming outdoor adventures that will make the most out of the longer, warmer days. But as I learned the hard way last year, the trademark of any great trip is being prepared with excellent travel gear. Trust me, the last thing that anyone wants is to let uncomfortable athleisure hinder their enjoyment or have a flimsy tent spoil their camping trip. When it comes to exceptional outdoor gear, REI is my ultimate destination for purchasing high-quality and dependable travel essentials that are built to last.

If you've been searching for the perfect opportunity to upgrade your gear, then you're in luck, because REI also happens to be hosting an incredible (and under-the-radar) spring sale to ring in the season. With hundreds deals on top brands like Patagonia , Vuori , New Balance , Hoka , and Cotopaxi , this sale requires some diligent scrolling, so I’ve taken the time to carefully sift through them alls to curate a list of the  50 best ones, starting at just $4 ahead of all of your upcoming ventures. 

The apparel deals at REI are truly next-level. With mega discounts on the top-rated and extra stylish Outdoor Voices Doing Things Dress and Arc'teryx Men's Cormac Crew SS Shirt in Pytheas Heather , you have the chance to upgrade your wardrobe with high-quality pieces that are perfect for any adventure. And guess what? You can snag a pair of the REI Co-op Women’s Trailsmith Overalls in Washed Blue for just $27 and even get $50 off a pair of the Kuhl Men’s Renegade Rock Pants in Bedrock . We don’t know how long these deals will last, or how much longer they’ll be in stock. So if I were you, I’d get shopping. 

  • Vuori Women's Halo Essential Hoodie , $28 (originally $96)
  • Outdoor Voices Doing Things Dress , $32 (originally $108) 
  • REI Co-op Women's Powderbound Insulated Jacket , $100 (originally $199)
  • Vuori Women's Vintage Ripstop Shorts , $30 (originally $68)
  • Patagonia Women's Wind Shield Pants , $84 (originally $169)
  • REI Co-op Women's Wallace Lake Flannel Shirt , $18 (originally $75)
  • Arc'teryx Men's Cormac Crew SS Shirt in Pytheas Heather , $56 (originally $70) 
  • REI Co-op Men’s Trailsmith Fleece Jacket in Red Cascade , $45 (originally $90)
  • Kuhl Men’s Renegade Rock Pants in Bedrock , $49 (originally $99)
  • Patagonia Women’s Strider Pro Shorts 3.5-inch , $23 (originally $79)
  • REI Co-op Women’s Trailsmith Overalls in Washed Blue , $27 (originally $90) 
  • Topo Designs Men’s Patagonia Women's Wind Shield Pants , $84 (originally $169)
  • REI Co-op Men's Trail Pants , $30 (originally $100)

Vuori Women's Halo Essential Hoodie

Any experienced hiker, runner, or traveler will tell you that the shoes you wear (and pack) play an important role in ensuring a comfortable trip. If your shoe collection is lacking in that department ahead of spring hikes and other outdoor activities, then consider this REI sale as a clear indication that it's time for an upgrade. Whether its with a pair of the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X More v4 Sneakers to wear on your next run or the top-rated Merrell Men's Merrell Moab Women's Speed Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots for your next trek, be sure to take advantage of significant discounts on both pairs while they’re still in stock. 

  • New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X More v4 Sneakers in Summer Aqua , $112 (originally $150) 
  • La Sportiva Men’s Jackal GTX Trail-Running Shoes , $117 (originally $195)
  • Black Diamond Women's Fuel Approach Shoes , $93 (originally $170) 
  • Allbirds Women's SuperLight Wool Runner Sneakers , $60 (originally $120)
  • Helly Hansen Women’s Cascade Mid HT Hiking Boots , $88 (originally $160)
  • Keen Women's Targhee III Waterproof Mid Hiking Boots in Atlantic Blue , $82 (originally $165)
  • Keen Women's Astoria West Sandals , $81 (originally $125) 
  • Oboz Bozeman Women's Mid Hiking Boots , $74 (originally $135)
  • Rockfish Women's Chelsea Wellington Ankle Boots , $66 (originally $135)
  • La Sportiva Men's Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX Hiking Boots , $140 (originally $199)
  • Hoka Men's Arahi 6 Road-Running Shoes , $113 (originally $140)
  • Merrell Men's Merrell Moab Women's Speed Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots , $102 (originally $170)
  • Columbia Men's Rostra Beachcomber PFG Flip-Flops , $32 (originally $50)

Keen Women's Astoria West Sandals

Complete with stellar deals on spacious tents and campsite must-haves , REI has some of the best discounts on camping gear across the web right now. If you’re looking to turn your next camping experience into a glamping experience, I recommend snagging the REI Co-op Outward Hammock while it's on sale for $99. Or, if your camping accessory department needs a bit more love, you’ll have to check out the TheTentLab The Deuce UL Backcountry Trowel while its on sale for $15, the Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp for just $21, and the cooling and UV-blocking Sunday Afternoons UVShield Cool Face Mask for a mere $4.

  • Sunday Afternoons UVShield Cool Face Mask , $4 (originally $20) 
  • GSI Outdoors Cascadian 1-Person Table Set , $9 (originally $18)
  • Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 2 Tent , $390 (originally $650)
  • Alpine Mountain Gear Weekender Tent 4 , $65 (originally $150) 
  • Alps Mountaineering Dash Chair , $45 (originally $120)
  • Princeton Tec Snap Solo Headlamp , $21 (originally $40)
  • TheTentLab The Deuce UL Backcountry Trowel , $15 (originally $20)
  • Hydro Flask Cooler Cup , $15 (originally $25)
  • Mountain Equipment Starlight I Sleeping Bag , $90 (originally $205)
  • Leki Jannu FX TA Trekking Poles , $110 (originally $150)
  • Trekmates Bomberlite Sleeping Pad , $54 (originally $120) 
  • REI Co-op Outward Hammock , $99 (originally $199)

Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 2 Tent

So you’ve shopped for new camping accessories, clothes, and shoes, but what about something to carry those precious valuables in? You'll need a durable backpack, duffel, or suitcase to withstand the weight of your essentials, so that’s where REI’s deals on spacious and practical bags come in. Shoppers can score the stylish Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18-liter Backpack , a roomy and sleek hiking bag for just $65 off and high-quality Eagle Creek Tarmac XE 2-Wheel 95-liter Wheeled Luggage while it's sporting an enticing $100 discount. That’s not all, as customers can also enjoy steep discounts on daypacks and hip packs for a fraction of their price. But you’ll have to act accordingly because there’s no way these bag deals will be in stock for much longer. 

  • Eagle Creek Tarmac XE 2-Wheel 95-liter Wheeled Luggage , $240 (originally $339)
  • Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18-liter Backpack , $45 (originally $60) 
  • Granite Gear Perimeter 35 Pack , $112 (originally $230) 
  • Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack , $24 (originally $35)
  • Patagonia Fieldsmith Roll-Top Pack , $70 (originally $129)
  • Osprey Heritage Aether 30 Backpack , $98 (originally $180)
  • Topo Designs Mini Shoulder Bag , $27 (originally $39)
  • Gregory Men’s Zulu 30 Pack in Fiery Red , $120 (originally $160)
  • Sherpani Women’s Cabo Convertible Pack , $52 (originally $75)
  • Kavu Wombat Pack , $45 (originally $65)
  • REI Co-op Big Haul 28 Recycled Duffel , $70 (originally $100)
  • Mountain Hardwear Camp 4 Duffel , $91 (originally $130)

Eagle Creek Tarmac XE 2-Wheel 95-liter Wheeled Luggage

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REI holds grand opening for largest REI store in Oregon

by KATU News

An REI store sign. (Victor Park/KATU)

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KATU) — REI is hosting a grand opening on Friday for the store's largest location in Oregon.

The store will be located at Walker Center in Cedar Hills and the grand opening celebration will last three days.

REI says the store will be more than 39,000 square-foot featuring gear and apparel for camping, hiking, cycling, running, fitness, paddling, and more.

A specialty bike shop will be staffed with certified mechanics to tune or repair equipment to help cyclists ride trails and streets year-round.

The store says in the winter there will be a ski & snowboard shop.

The store plans on opening its doors at 10:00 a.m. Learn more about the grand opening festivities here .

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  • Handbags & Purses
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These Are The 23 Best Deals In REI’s Sale Section Right Now

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If you’ve got spring hikes and summer camping trips on the brain, REI is a one-stop shop for just about anything you might need. Even better, REI’s sale section is currently stocked with thousands of deals from major brands like Cotopaxi , Hoka and Fjallraven —not to mention its popular in-house brand .

REI's sale section is stocked with thousands of deals from brands like Fjallraven, Cotopaxi, ... [+] Allbirds and more right now.

The REI sale section isn’t just a great place to find discounts on camping and hiking gear—it’s also full of deals on past seasons’ apparel and shoes. So whether you’re in the process of revamping your gear for the warmer months ahead or looking to taking advantage of winter clearance markdowns, you’re sure to find some enticing offers. Here are the best deals available right now.

How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress? Here’s What We Found

The best hypoallergenic pillows, according to an allergy specialist, the best deals from rei’s sale section at a glance:.

  • Fjallraven Vardag Pile Fleece Jacket (Women) : Now $82, Was $165 (50% Off)
  • Cotopaxi Del Dia Luzon Pack (18 Liter) : Now $45, Was $60 (25% Off)
  • REI Co-op Trailmade Pants : Now $35, Was $70 (50% Off)
  • Nemo Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair : Now $194, Was $300 (35% Off)
  • Outdoor Research Aspire II Gore-Tex Jacket (Women's) : Now $112, Was $225 (50% Off)
  • Hoka Arahi 6 Sneakers (Men) : Now $113, Was $140 (19% Off)
  • The North Face Wawona 6 Tent : Now $350, Was $500 (30% Off)
  • Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Crew Base Layer Top (Women) : Now $80, Was $115 (30% Off)
  • Allbirds Tree Runner Shoes (Men) : $49, Was $98 (50% Off)

Best REI Deals On Apparel:

A popular down jacket, cotopaxi capa hooded insulated jacket (women's).

Cotopaxi is known for its well-made, colorful designs. This insulated jacket is lightweight, water-repellent and has a scuba hood that helps keep the cold out. This deal price is currently only available in the pictured colorway—but it’s the best price you can find for the jacket online right now.

Some Versatile Pants

Rei co-op trailmade pants (men's).

These lightweight, durable pants are tear-resistant and made with UPF 50+ fabric—perfect for your next big adventure. This deal price is available in three colors for an impressive 50% discount.

A Pair Of Best-Selling Shorts

Prana 8-inch zion shorts ii (men's).

Durable and attractive, these Prana shorts will comfortably take you from a hike to happy hour. They’re stretchy, moisture-wicking and rated UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun’s rays. At over half off, this deal matches the best price you can find for these shorts, but it’s limited to the sepia shade.

A Classic Base Layer

Smartwool thermal base layer (women's).

Smartwool makes some of the best base layers on the market, and this one is a bestseller. At $80, it’s certainly still an investment, but this top will keep you warm, comfortable and dry regardless of the conditions you’re venturing out in.

An Insulated Coat For Rainy Spring Weather

Fjallraven kiruna padded insulated parka (women).

If you’re looking for a coat that will keep you dry and toasty warm during rainy spring walks, this Fjallraven parka is a great option. The coat is warm and water resistant, and this deal is the best price you can find online right now.

This Cozy Fleece For Cool Nights

Fjallraven vardag pile fleece jacket (women's).

This basic fleece is a great transitional piece, and it’s currently half off in all sizes of the black and brown shades. Keep in mind that this style has been discontinued, so this may be one of your last opportunities to snag it.

This Waterproof Rain Jacket

Outdoor research aspire ii gore-tex jacket (women's).

Windproof and waterproof, this Outdoor Research jacket will keep you comfortable in inclement weather. It has zippered pockets, an adjustable hood and is currently on sale in three colorways. Sizing is limited, though.

Some Casual Shorts

Vuori vintage ripstop shorts (women's).

Reviewers say these will become your go-to shorts this summer. You can pull them on for a trip to the beach, a hike or an afternoon of errands. They’re on sale in three colors, but you’ll find the most sizes available in the charcoal color above.

An All-Weather Jacket

Fjallraven high coast hydratic jacket (men's).

Here’s a windproof and rainproof option for guys. It’s half off in black, green and orange—at least for now. We expect this jacket to sell out fast at this price.

This Breezy Workout Dress

Outdoor voices doing things dress.

This Outdoor Voices exercise dress was originally $108, but right now you can pick it up for only $32. It’s made of cooling fabric and has built-in shorts with pockets, so it’s great for low-impact workouts and casual wear.

Best REI Deals On Outdoor & Travel Gear:

A one-of-a-kind cotopaxi pack, cotopaxi del dia luzon pack (18 liter).

Cotopaxi’s bags are made from 100% repurposed fabric, so each bag is unique. This simple bag cinches at the top and can hold 18 liters of gear. It also has a front pocket and an internal hydration sleeve (though you’ll need to provide your own water pack). This 25% off deal is the best price you can find for the streamlined pack online.

A Cult-Favorite Camping Blanket

Rumpl original puffy recycled blanket.

The Rumpl blanket is made of the same material as a classic puffer jacket, so it’ll keep you nice and warm. It’s also conveniently machine washable. Versions of this blanket are often on sale, but this discount matches the best price you can typically score for this size.

A Reliable Headlamp

Black diamond onsight 375 headlamp.

A headlamp is great for everything from navigating a dark campsite to an evening walk around the block. The model is a dual-beam design that emits up to 375 lumens at up to 88 meters. It also offers a sturdy IPX7 rating against dust and water. Black Diamond has a red version of this headlamp available for a few bucks less, but $33 is the best price online for the black and white options.

This Versatile Camp Towel

Nomadix original towel.

If you’re a Douglas Adams fan, then you know a towel is the most important tool an intersteller hitchhiker can have. Even if you’re sticking planetside, a great towel will keep you dry and can double as a blanket (or even a yoga mat, in the case of this slip-resistant design). Pick it up for 30% off right now.

This Luxe Camp Chair

Nemo stargaze reclining camp chair.

This Nemo chair improves upon the classic camp chair with padded arms, an adjustable headrest, suspending rocking and an auto recline, so you can truly sit back and relax by the fire. While this may seem pricey for a camp chair, this is the best price you can find for the luxury Nemo online right now.

This Family-Ready Tent

The north face wawona 6 tent.

A larger version of our top pick for the best camping tent overall, the six-person Wawona is a double-walled, three-season design. It has lots of pockets for internal organization and a shaded vestibule for storing extra gear or lounging away from the sun’s rays. Right now you can get it for $350 instead of the full $500.

Best REI Deals On Footwear:

A pair of best-selling sneakers, hoka arahi 6 sneakers (men's).

Great for walking and running, these breathable sneakers offer extra support without superfluous weight. While 19% might not feel like a huge discount, you’re unlikely to see these sneakers on sale for much lower anytime soon.

These Insulated Hiking Boots

Merrell thermo chill mid waterproof boots (women's).

If you do a lot of winter hiking, check out these Merrell boots. They’re lightweight, insulated and have removable contoured insoles to keep you supported throughout your trek. Psst, they’re also on sale for 50% off at the moment.

A Lightweight Sneaker For Summer

Allbirds tree runner shoes (men's).

Lightweight and breathable, these casual Allbirds are great for every day wear—especially as the weather warms. You can also machine wash the insoles as needed to keep them fresh. This deal matches the best price we’ve seen for these sneakers, but it’s only available in two colorways at the moment.

A Solid Everyday Sneaker

Hoka bondi 8 road-running shoes (men's).

These Hoka sneakers are another great everyday shoe. Their lightweight, supportive foam can handle casual runs and long days on your feet. This deal is currently only available in one colorway, but it matches the best price we’ve seen for the Bondi 8.

These Cozy Slippers

Manitobah shearling cabin loafers (men's).

These cozy loafers are perfect for shuffling around the house, but their rubble outsole makes them durable enough to join you on that quick errand. Although you can technically find this slipper on sale for $2 less straight from Manitobah, it’s only available in sizes 6 and 7. REI has sizes 8, 9, 10 and 13 in stock for $62.

Some Strappy Chacos

Chaco z/2 classic sandals (men's).

If you’re looking for a simple, comfortable sandal, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Chacos. This style features adjustable straps, podiatrist-certified footbeds and a grippy outsole so you won’t slip around. This deal is by far the best price you can find a pair of Z/2s online right now.

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