1. 35 Top Travel-Inspired Baby Names

    travel baby boy names

  2. travel inspired baby names.

    travel baby boy names

  3. 50 Classic Baby Boy Names That Are Still Cool Today

    travel baby boy names

  4. Unique Baby Boy Names for Hipster Parents

    travel baby boy names

  5. Unique, Travel Inspired Baby Names in 2021

    travel baby boy names

  6. Top Baby Boy Names 2023

    travel baby boy names


  1. 61 Unique Travel-Inspired Baby Names You Will Love

    Meaning: To carry. Atlas is a unique geographical word name that is perfect for parents who love to travel. 11. Sky. Origin: Scandinavian. Meaning: Sky; Atmosphere seen on Earth. A light, easy-going name for a little sweetie who is ready to look up in wonder and take on the wide-open world. 12. Wilder.

  2. The Most Popular Baby Names Inspired by Travel for Boys and Girls

    Choose a short baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name to shake things up on the playground. Top 500 Short Baby Names When a parent chooses a name for baby, it's an undeniably hard job. Baby's future, attitude, potential beliefs, and a number of other factors all tie into what makes the decision so difficult.

  3. 118 Baby Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer, Or Seeker

    Boy Names That Mean Traveler, Wanderer, Or Seeker. 1. Ace. Ace means "winner.". The English name represents an adventurous soul who loves to take risks. The short name is powerful and evokes a person with a winning mentality. 2. Arvad. The name is derived from Hebrew and means "exile" or "voyager.".

  4. 35 Top Travel-Inspired Baby Names

    If you're in search of beautiful, unique, and top travel-inspired baby names, stick around for a few. I've compiled an awesome list of 35 Top Travel-Inspired Baby Names. Baby names associated with travel are inspirational and often well-admired by parents looking for names for little travelers to be and people who are bitten or smitten … 35 Top Travel-Inspired Baby Names Read More »

  5. Top 40 Travel-Inspired Baby Names

    1. Kingston, Jamaica. In first place, the most popular travel-inspired boy name is Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The Caribbean Island is known for reggae music, white sand beaches, lush rainforests, and a warm, sunny climate. More than 3,750 baby boys born last year share this city's strong, modern name. 2.

  6. 33 Adorable Travel-Themed Baby Names

    Jericho- place in Israel, also a biblical location. Marco- a famous explorer. Phileas- from the novel Around the World in 8 Days. Brooklyn- an area of New York. Gulliver- after the film Gulliver Travels. Darwin- founder of evolution in the Galapagos Islands. So that's my list of favourite travel-themed baby names.

  7. Travel-Inspired Baby Names for Kids Who Are Going Places

    Afton. At first glance, this may not seem like a travel-inspired baby name. It isn't as obvious as, say, Jett — but considering that "aft" means towards the rear of a ship or aircraft, it ...

  8. 60 Travel Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls

    Jackson - an American place name. Jet - from the gemstone or reminiscent of travel. Noah - Hebrew meaning "wanderer". Oslo - a Norwegian place name. Phoenix - American place name. Rhodes - a Greek island. Roman - people of Rome. Wilder - meaning "untamed". travel inspired baby names.

  9. 40 Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names In The US

    Most Popular Travel-Inspired Names for Girls Continued. 8. Journey - Baby Girls Named: 15,317. An adventure and travel name on the rise today, Journey is the 267th most popular name for girls in the US today. 7. Guadalupe - Baby Girls Named: 18,918. A popular Spanish name that relates to the patron saint of Mexico.

  10. 16 Travel-Inspired Baby Names That Will Spark Wanderlust

    Naming your newborn after a destination you adore is a way to keep your travel memories alive and top of mind 365 days a year. Here, 16 travel-inspired baby names that are totally unique and fun. Jillian Quint is the Editor-in-Chief of PureWow, where she oversees the editorial staff and all the fabulous content you read every day.

  11. Around the World: Travel Inspired Baby Names

    Bounce conducted a study over 20 years, from 2000 to 2020, and found the most popular travel-inspired baby names. Starting with the most popular baby names for boys and ending with popular baby names inspired by cities—Bounce even gives a little bit of historical context for the top performers in each category.

  12. 20 Most Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names

    Here, the top 20 travel-inspired baby names—according to a study conducted by the international luggage storage app, Bounce. RELATED. 4 Millennial Parenting Trends That Make Boomers Roll Their Eyes. ... Most popular travel-inspired names for boys: tatyana_tomsickova/Getty Images.

  13. Travel-Inspired Baby Names Trending in 2023

    The top 10 most popular travel-inspired baby boy names. Advertisement. Getty / hxyume. Hudson. Claiming the top spot for the most-used travel-inspired baby name is Hudson. The name originates from the Hudson River in New York, of course. More than 77,000 boys born since 2000 in the US have chosen Hudson because it's classic and timeless.

  14. 50 Geographical Baby Names Inspired By Travel

    Geographical Baby Names Inspired by Travel in the United States. Aspen. If you love skiing or beautiful mountain towns, Colorado's Aspen is a great choice for a baby name. Austin. Known for its music, tech culture and outdoor fun, Austin is both a popular name and place. Aurora. Located just east of Denver, Colorado, the city of Aurora is ...

  15. Discover these 22 Unique Travel Inspired Baby Names That Commemorate

    Travel Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls. Here are 10 travel baby names that are perfect for your little one: Kalani; You can use this traditional Hawaiian girl name if you have memories in Hawaii. Kalani is pronounced kay-LA-nee and is occasionally written Kaylani, while having a similar spelling and connotation to Kailani. This Hawaiian ...

  16. The Best Travel-inspired Baby Names

    Christopher is the patron saint of travel. Noah - another classic that has a travel meaning. Noah means 'wandering'. Hudson - named for the Hudson River, this is such a strong name for a baby with New York roots! Sawyer - this name is named after the protagonist adventurer in Mark Twain's books. Kai - means 'Ocean' in Hawaiian!

  17. Travel Baby Names

    Babies named: 38,655. Dakota is the second most popular boys' travel-related baby name, with 38,655 babies being named after the two US states. The name has seen a surge in popularity in the late 20th century, and several notable Dakotas have risen to celebrity status, most notably American actress Dakota Fanning. 3. Israel.

  18. 16 Most Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names

    Most Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names for Boys in the US . 10. London - Baby Boys Named: 7,137. As with girls, the capital of the UK is a popular choice for boys as well. However, this name has been trending down for boys in recent years. 9. Boston - Baby Boys Named: 7,541. The capital of Massachusettes proves more masculine in sound than ...

  19. The Most Popular Baby Boy Names for 2020 Are Inspired by Travel

    International names are a big hit. In addition to the SSA, baby-naming site Nameberry keeps track of interest in different baby names among its users. When it compiled its list of the most popular ...

  20. Travel baby names 2023

    1. Hudson | Babies named: 77,991 Topping the list of travel-inspired baby names for boys is Hudson. This name, derived from the famous Hudson River in New York, has been a popular choice for parents in recent years, with over 77,000 baby boys born since 2000 in the US with this name.. 2. Preston | Babies named: 58,384 Preston, ranking second on our list, is an English name with roots in the ...

  21. Traveling Lite Baby Names

    But the coolest traveling lite names follow a specific formula: four letters, two syllables, ends in I. Among the rising options are Leni, Remi, and Zuri. Along with Remi and Zuri, other traveling lite names in the US Top 1000 include Arlo, Ayla, Freya, Hugo, Kai, Maya, Roman, and Zara. Unique traveling lite names to watch include Gaia, Mavi ...

  22. The Most Popular Travel-Inspired Baby Names in the US

    Hudson and Sydney are the two most popular travel-inspired names for American baby boys and baby girls, respectively, according to new research from Bounce. Hudson, derived from the famous Hudson River in New York, has been a popular choice for parents since the turn of the century, with over 77,000 baby boys born since 2000 in the U.S. with ...

  23. Top 1,000 Boy Names for Your Baby Boy in 2024

    So, check out the most popular male baby names in the United States for 2022. With a popular name, your little guy will fit in well with his generation, so take a look at these awesome and trendy baby boy names. 1. Liam 2. Noah 3. Oliver 4. James 5. Elijah 6. William 7.

  24. 22 unique boy names for one-of-a-kind kids

    Oberon. A Shakespearean name meaning "bear-like". Finlo. A Manx name from the Isle of Man that means "fair Lugh.". Lugh is that island's sun god. Tarian. A Welsh name meaning "shield ...

  25. 150+ Unique Boy Names That Will Make Your Little Guy Stand Out

    Rare & Unique Baby Boy Names . If you really want a one of a kind name for your little dude, consider searching for names from the other side of the globe! These unique baby boy names are ...

  26. Scottish Boy Names: 192 Names That Are Cool, Different And Strong

    Scottish boy names: Find Scottish baby names for boys that are cool, classic, different, cute and strong. Get Scottish baby name ideas here.

  27. 24 Winter Babyberries Kick Off 2024

    This winter of 2024 has brought along 24 new birth announcements from our very own Nameberry users — 13 girls and 11 boys — and 51 unique names.. The most popular initials for girls this winter season were L and M, featuring gorgeous choices like Leonora, Lyra, and Linnea, Madelyn, Maple, Mary, Marie, and Marianne.. Two parents took the oh-so-fun route of classic, feminine full names with ...

  28. Scotland's top baby names revealed as Luca and Isla

    Scotland's top baby names were revealed by the National Records of Scotland (NRS). Luca pushed last year's most popular boy's name - Noah - into second place, with Leo coming in third. With 344 ...

  29. Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With I: Meaning, Qualities, And All You

    The qualities associated with this name include concertation and patience. Ishan: This could have been one of the names that came to your mind when you were suggested to name your little one with ...

  30. NHL's Boone Jenner, wife Maggie mourn stillborn son 1 month before due date

    NHL star Boone Jenner and his wife, Maggie, are mourning the death of their baby boy one month before his due date.. The couple announced in a joint statement on Instagram Wednesday that their ...