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The 9 Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Keep your jewelry safe with one of these protective and stylish travel cases.

zip around travel jewelry case

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Our Top Picks

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Our Testing Process

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Traveling with jewelry can be risky business, so it’s important to pack your accessories thoughtfully. Sure, you can always use Ziploc baggies and tissue paper, but the easiest and safest way to keep your jewelry safe is by using a handy travel-size jewelry case.

Since travel jewelry cases come in all different shapes and sizes, we tried 25 options from trusted luggage and jewelry brands. After loading the cases up with jewelry, we tossed, dropped, and shook them to see how safe the jewelry would be in situations like traveling where rough handling can be expected. From testing, we selected the winning jewelry cases that will keep your jewelry safe and organized whether you’re a jewelry minimalist or maximalist.

Best Overall: Cuyana Travel Jewelry Case

Best budget: bagsmart jewelry organizer bag.

  • Best Roll-Up: Bagsmart Peri Folding Jewelry Organizer

Best Personalization: Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case

Best large capacity: kendra scott medium travel jewelry case, best for long trips: calpak jewelry case, best compact: vee & co. small travel jewelry case.

  • Best for Everyday Use: Levenger Mini Jewelry Organizer

Best Sustainable: Paravel Jewelry Case

The small, oval container is the perfect size for a weekend getaway.

It could use a few more organizational features.

Cuyana’s oval-shaped case is deceptively spacious in comparison to its smaller design. Perfect for minimalist jewelry wearers, the interior has plenty of room and designated spots for several rings and earrings, but there aren’t specific latches for necklaces or bracelets. The two slip pockets on each side of the case can hold bigger or longer pieces of jewelry, but they run the risk of getting tangled without a latch so we wish the organization was a bit better. Made with genuine leather, the case has a protective exterior with a soft suede interior to further guard the jewelry against scratching or other damage. Throughout six months of tests, we loved this case for weekend getaways and longer trips alike and found it to be the perfect size to toss in a backpack or personal item.

The Details: Italian leather | 5 in. x 3.5 x 1.25 inches

Travel + Leisure / Joy Kim

The bag is spacious yet compact and comes with a handle to carry it easily.

The quality feels a bit lower than other cases we tried.

Designed similarly to a toiletry bag, we love that this wallet-friendly jewelry case comes with a top handle to transport it to and from a suitcase with ease. The compact bag is also a great deal considering how much jewelry it can hold while still being easy to pack. The polyester material is protective and flexible so the bag can pack down to a smaller size depending on how much jewelry is inside. The interior has an earring panel, ring bands, necklace clips, and various zippered pockets for storing all of the jewelry you want to pack for a trip. While we didn’t notice any issues with quality during testing, the materials feel less durable than other pricier cases we tried. We tossed the packed jewelry case around a bit during our tests and the items remained perfectly safe without any tangling or damage. Even after traveling with the case on seven flights, trains, and throughout more than four roadtrips during our six months of tests, nothing became tangled and the case is proving to be durable and sturdy.

The Details: Polyester | 6.1 x 9.8 x 1.9 inches

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Best Roll-up: Bagsmart Peri Folding Jewelry Organizer

The compartments roll out, which makes it easier to pack jewelry.

It was slightly difficult to put the earrings on the designated card.

Bagsmart impressed us a second time with their roll-up jewelry organizer, which was the easiest bag to pack with jewelry during testing. After six months of use, we love that it can fit a lot of jewelry and has compartments big enough for even the biggest hoops and other dramatic earrings. The envelope-style case unrolls and lies flat so you can easily see all of the pockets, latches, and hooks for storing every piece of jewelry you could ever need for traveling thanks to the larger capacity. We had some slight difficulty getting earrings into the holes in the earring card, but it was just a minor inconvenience, and there are plenty of other spots to place hoops and studs. Made with cotton fabric, the case may feel a bit flimsy, but is soft and protective, and it’s very compact since it can lie fairly flat even after it’s packed with jewelry.

The Details: Cotton | 9.06 x 6.3 x 5.75 inches

Mark & Graham

It comes in 28 color and pattern options — plus it's monogrammable.

After six months of using the case, we wish it had more space for necklaces, bracelets, and larger earrings.

Looking for the perfect gift for a traveler? You can monogram this Mark & Graham jewelry case with up to three letters for a personalized touch that makes the gift all the more thoughtful. The square-shaped case has a sturdy exterior that feels like it will hold up perfectly in a packed carry-on and the pebbled vegan leather gives the box a sophisticated look while sitting on a desk or dresser. The interior is split into two sections with a mirror divider to separate the box, which makes it slightly difficult to fit larger jewelry pieces like a watch or chunky necklace, but after six months of testing, we did like that the separate sections help you access all your items without spilling everything out. We also love that there are tons of ring pillow slots so if you’re a big ring wearer, this jewelry case is an excellent option. In addition, there are several necklace or earring latches as well as a slip pocket and sections for bracelets or broaches.

The Details: Vegan leather, linen | 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches

Kendra Scott

The large size of this jewelry box makes it useful for heavy packers or at-home use.

It doesn’t have any necklace hooks.

Jewelry maximalists will appreciate the bigger size of Kendra Scott’s jewelry case. It looks like a traditional jewelry box that sits on a dresser, but it’s also very portable thanks to its lightweight materials and design. The interior has four large compartments to easily drop in bracelets, necklaces, or watches without any hassle and there are over 10 ring pillow slots for rings or earrings. To keep all the packed jewelry safe, the case comes with a divider to prevent items from jostling around on the go. The case also comes with a small matching zippered pouch that you can keep in the box or remove for extra storage. We found this separate pouch to be perfect for use on shorter trips when you may not need to bring the full case. While we wish the box had a few more organizational features like necklace hooks or earring holes, the jewelry remained perfectly intact after we shook it around, so we’re confident that the box keeps items safely tucked away. Plus, after six months of use, the stylish case still looks new and is a great option for home storage, too.

The Details: Polyurethane, polyester | 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

After six months of traveling with this case, not one necklace became tangled thanks to the plentiful hooks.

We wish it had more storage options for studs.

If you’re embarking on an international trip that includes a checked bag, we recommend this jewelry case from Calpak to weather the journey. Since the rectangular jewelry case is bigger, it can easily store enough jewelry for several weeks of traveling. The structured design makes it ultra-durable and our favorite part is that it has a built-in drawstring bag that does an excellent job of keeping bracelets, watches, or earrings safely secured in the bottom section of the jewelry case. The top part has a variety of necklace latches and a ring holder for even more security. When we rigorously shook the container, none of the jewelry budged from its original spots, so we feel confident that this case will protect your valuables in a checked bag with no issues.

The Details: Faux leather, faux suede | 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches

The square-shaped box is small enough to easily fit in a carry-on or backpack.

The jewelry might scratch up the mirror on the divider.

The lower price and superior functionality make this petite jewelry case an excellent option for anyone looking for a place to store their accessories. It’s smaller than a lot of the options we tested, so we think it’s ideal for travelers needing to save space in a backpack or suitcase. Despite its compact stature, this jewelry box can fit tons of jewelry from studs to a leather watch. It’s intuitive to pack the case with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more since there are designated latches, slots, and compartments for virtually everything. When we shook the case, all of the jewelry remained packed away in its original spot without any damage occurring. The box has a divider with a mirror on one side and our only worry is that the mirror could get scratched by the metals or vice-versa, so you may want to put a small piece of fabric between the mirror just in case.

The Details: PU vegan leather | 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

Best for Everyday Use: Levenger Carrie Mini Jewelry Organizer

The small design makes it easy to store the case in a purse.

It can’t fit large jewelry pieces.

Jewelry minimalists will love this tiny jewelry case for keeping track of just a few pieces of jewelry while on the go. After six months of use, we love that this Levenger mini jewelry case has latches, hooks, and pockets to protect and organize rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is on the small side with minimum space for studs, but light packers will appreciate the hard, durable exterior that still looks new after six months. The genuine leather exterior and suede interior feels luxurious and looks elegant, so this also makes a great jewelry case for newlyweds going on a honeymoon . We especially love the tiny zippered pocket in the middle of the case for storing extra small jewelry items like studs or stacking rings.

The Details: Leather, microsuede | 4.25  x 4.5 x 1 inches

All of the materials used to make this case are recycled.

The organizational features could be better and, after six months of use, we think it's a bit too large to pack in a carry-on.

Paravel is one of our favorite luggage brands , so we’re pleased to report that its jewelry case impressed us, too. The circular case is made entirely of recycled materials from post-consumer plastic water bottles and upcycled zippers to create an eco-friendly accessory for travel. Besides the sustainability factor, the case comes with a large drawstring pouch that makes it easy to drop in larger pieces of jewelry like bracelets or watches. The top flap of the case has a ring holder and earring post to store smaller pieces of jewelry, but we wish there were a few more organization features like necklace latches or zippered pockets. However, we love the vintage-style design and, like most Paravel bags, you can monogram the case with initials for a special touch.

The Details: Recycled canvas, vegan leather | 5.6 x 3.6 inches

Other Travel Jewelry Cases We Liked

The jewelry cases below get an honorable mention since they still performed well in testing, but fell slightly short compared to our top performers.

Benevolence Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry Box Organizer : This jewelry box can fit a ton of items, but you’ll want to make sure everything is secure before traveling since we noticed most of the jewelry became dislodged during testing.

Mejuri Travel Case : The case looks elegant and sleek on the outside, but the interior doesn’t offer much in the organizational department, so it’s best for minimalist travelers.

After thoroughly researching jewelry cases from trusted brands, we selected 25 options to first test out in our New York City lab. We packed each case with every type of jewelry you can think of, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, and more to get a feel for the usefulness of the organization features. Then, we tossed, dropped, and shook the cases (think Kourtney Kardashian level of salad bowl shaking) to see if the jewelry remained safely secured in place or if the pieces moved around. We also examined the cases for any scuffing or damage.

With our lab testing portion complete, we then rated the jewelry cases based on ease of use, capacity, design, and quality to determine the winners. We continued to test the jewelry cases for an additional six months so we could see how each one performed while traveling in a more natural setting after the lab testing, and then added those insights.

Tips for Buying a Jewelry Case

Buy the right size case for your needs.

First, you’ll want to think about how much jewelry you travel with to determine the best size for your needs. For those who travel with bigger pieces of jewelry like watches or chunky necklaces, consider getting a more structured case with large compartments. Delicate or minimalist jewelry will pack better in an envelope or binder style of jewelry case. And if your jewelry collection consists of just a few pieces, opt for a mini jewelry case to save space in your luggage.

Consider organization

Most jewelry cases come with latches, hooks, pockets, and pillows to hold pretty much any piece of jewelry you can think of. Like other types of travel organizers , some jewelry cases are more barebones than others, so you’ll want to buy a case according to your organization preferences or based on the type of jewelry you travel most with. If most of your jewelry consists of earrings, be sure to get a box that has pockets and hole cards with spots for hoops, studs, and dangling earrings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to keep your jewelry safe and organized is to use a jewelry case. The best thing about travel jewelry cases is that they often come with designated slots for all types of accessories to make packing intuitive and quick. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can always place tissue or fabric between your jewelry to prevent the pieces from rubbing against one another in transit.

Once your jewelry is packed into the case, we recommend placing the jewelry case between soft clothing for safekeeping or in a personal item in case you have to gate-check your bag when flying. It can be risky to place a jewelry case in a checked bag since you may run the risk of the bag getting lost, but it depends on your comfort level for flying with potentially valuable items.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

T+L commerce writer Anna Popp writes most of the team’s articles where all of the products were tested in our lab or in a real-world setting. She participated in this lab test and tested the Cuyana jewelry case for six months. Anna sifted through testing notes and used her expertise in traveling with jewelry to recommend the best travel jewelry cases for all types of trips.

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zip around travel jewelry case

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The 7 Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

Protect your precious gems while on the go.

zip around travel jewelry case

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks

Final Verdict

Our testing process.

  • How to Shop
  • More to Consider

Take Our Word for It

What is real simple selects.

Real Simple / Joy Kim

Stop tossing your favorite jewelry into a bag when you embark on a trip—it can quickly become tangled and scratched, damaging your most delicate pieces. A travel jewelry case solves this problem, offering a secure and stylish way to store your necklaces , earrings, and rings on the go. 

When it comes to buying a jewelry case for travel, look for well-constructed pieces that “have several compartments to keep the pieces from touching each other,” says Bennett Beutel , the product lead at Tiffany & Co. He adds that by separating the pieces, you can limit any damage that may occur from them bumping into each other. 

To find the best travel jewelry cases to suit every type of trip and traveler, we tested 25 options ranging in price and size and filled them with jewelry. We evaluated how easy they were to pack, how well they kept pieces in place, any notable organizational features, and their capacity. Whether you need to stash a few dainty necklaces or protect larger statement pieces, these cases will keep your jewelry in prime condition.

Best Overall Travel Jewelry Case

Mark & graham small travel jewelry case.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Capacity 5 /5
  • Design 5 /5
  • Performance 4.5 /5
  • Value 4.5 /5

This jewelry case can be personalized and has a built-in mirror to use on the go.

We wish the dividers in the main compartment were removable to allow for larger pieces.

This small square case is available in a range of classic and vibrant shades, which you can monogram to add a personal touch (whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for a jewelry-loving jet setter). It has a zip-around opening to glimpse all your pieces at once. Behind the handy built-in mirror, there are three hooks for necklaces or larger pieces—just note that it doesn’t keep them very secure. 

The main compartment is ideal for ring lovers, with space to hold seven rings in the center. We wish the surrounding small compartments had adjustable dividers to fit more of our favorite pieces. The case is sturdy and maintained its shape when we jostled it around, so we feel confident that it would protect our pieces even if it got squished in our suitcase. 

Dimensions : 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.25 inches | Storage Compartments : 6 | Material : Vegan pebbled leather, linen

Best Budget Travel Jewelry Case

Bagsmart jewelry organizer bag.

  • Performance 5 /5

It has a convenient carrying handle and ample organizational features.

The panel for earrings is flimsy and can only accommodate hoops along the edges.

At almost 10 inches long, this jewelry case is impressively roomy, with plenty of space for your go-to pieces. It features five compartments: a ring band that snaps on and off, a panel for earrings, five straps to secure necklaces, a zippered pouch for storage, and a side zippered pocket.

For all of its convenient features, the handle was our favorite—we loved that we could carry it like a purse or toss it into our carry-on luggage . This case is lightweight and compact even when filled beyond the recommended capacity. While we struggled a bit with the earring panel, as the holes are very close together and can only accommodate hoops at the edges, the hardware was overall durable. 

Dimensions : 6.1 x 9.8 x 1.9 inches | Weight : 0.55 pounds | Storage Compartments : 5 | Material : Polyester

Best Large Travel Jewelry Case

Kendra scott medium travel jewelry case.

It’s spacious and easy to see all of your pieces at a glance.

There aren’t any hooks to hang necklaces from.

Crafted from high-quality PU leather, this elegant case features a removable zippered pouch and several sturdy and cushioned compartments to separate your jewelry, including a central section where you can safely secure rings and earrings. It’s simple and satisfying to pack—just drop your pieces into one of the compartments. 

The clutch-like rectangular shape makes this a bit bulky for a carry-on or weekender bag, but it’s a perfect companion for checked luggage. Since it’s easy to see your pieces on display once you open them, we like this for at-home storage, too. Our only gripe is that there isn’t dedicated necklace storage, but the compartments are large enough to store necklaces in individual pouches. 

Dimensions : 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches | Storage Compartments : 6 | Material : PU leather, polyester

Best Small Travel Jewelry Case

Vee & co. small travel jewelry case.

Despite its compact size, this case has a section to store every type of jewelry.

The included display mirror doesn't feel durable.

Travelers will love this case for its extensive organizational compartments, which give every piece its place to minimize scratching and tangling. We like the six plush ring pillows, three necklace hooks, and a built-in earring panel that borders the included mirror, but our favorite feature is the two removable dividers that you can adjust to accommodate delicate or chunky jewelry. The mirror is another convenient addition to this compact case, allowing you to try on different pieces or do your makeup—however, it seems less durable than the rest of the case. 

Dimensions : 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches | Weight : 0.37 pounds | Storage Compartments : 6 | Material : Vegan leather, velvet

Best Round Travel Jewelry Case

Cuyana travel jewelry case.

The detachable earrings bar is perfect for dangling or hoop earrings.

There aren’t any individual hoops for necklaces, and storing them on the provided detachable bar can lead to tangles.

Toss this pretty, petite pouch into your bag or jacket pocket for your next adventure, whether you're road-tripping or hopping on an international flight. It’s palm-sized and convenient to carry thanks to its ergonomic design, and the soft suede interior will keep your pieces protected on the go.

While there are only a few compartments—two small pouches, plus a detachable bar to store your favorite earrings and another for rings or necklaces—we found we could fit several pairs of earrings, a few necklaces, and nine (yes, nine!) rings, among other small pieces of jewelry. Light packers will love that this space-saving pick weighs less than half a pound and allows you to customize the design, as you can remove the earring and ring bar to free up space for larger pieces.

Dimensions : 1.25 x 5 x 3.5 inches | Weight : 0.33 pounds | Storage Compartments : 4 | Material : Leather, suede

Best Travel Jewelry Case for Maximalists

Calpak jewelry case.

  • Ease of Use 4.5 /5

The generously-sized drawstring offers enough space to store larger pieces, plus it has mini pockets on the inside.

It’s bulky and may be better suited to longer trips than weekend getaways.

Famous for its reliable, attractive luggage and travel accessories, Calpak is a go-to brand for frequent flyers—and this jewelry case is no exception. Jewelry lovers will rejoice at the sight of the drawstring pouch, which features ample space for statement bracelets, necklaces, chunky earrings, or watches. We love that it also has small pockets folded in, which helps to reduce any possible scratching and to maximize the space. 

This large case has enough room to hold several rings on the snap-off ring bar and four necklaces on the detachable hooks—there's even a sturdy earring card ideal for studs and small hoops. Those who don't want to leave their favorite eye-catching pieces at home will appreciate carrying jewelry in this durable, faux-leather case. 

Dimensions : 7 x 5 x 2.5 inches | Weight : 0.9 pounds | Storage Compartments : 6 | Material : PU leather, polyester, ABS

Best Travel Jewelry Case for Minimalists

Levenger mini jewelry organizer.

  • Capacity 4.5 /5

This compact pick has necklace hooks, an earring and ring bar, and a zippered pouch, making it perfect for just the essentials.

The earring bar isn’t spaced far enough apart for wider studs.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this ultra-lightweight and dainty case is ideal for anyone looking to keep a few favorite pieces from tangling or scratching without adding any bulk to their compact carry-on . Perfect for short trips or minimalists, this mini organizer has two hooks and a catchall pouch for necklaces, a small zippered pouch for bracelets or large earrings, a tiny removable ring bar, and a detachable earring bar that can fit two pairs of smaller earrings.

While we wish the stud holes were farther apart (you can only fit dainty studs or one pair of chunkier earrings), we could store larger hoops in the pouch. It comes in five colorful styles, and we found the leather exterior soft and scratch-resistant, while the suede interior helped protect our pieces. 

Dimensions : 4.25 x 1 x 4.5 inches | Weight : 0.25 pounds | Storage Compartments : 3 | Material : Pebbled leather, microsuede

The Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case is our top pick thanks to its stylish and sturdy construction, handy mirror, and how well it kept our jewelry secure when we jostled it around during testing. If you're shopping on a budget, opt for the Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer Bag , which has five compartments for all your favorite pieces.

We tested 25 portable jewelry cases for this article, packing up each piece with the same array of jewelry—three necklaces, four earrings, three rings, two bracelets, and one watch—noting if it all fit or if we could comfortably add in even more pieces. 

Next, we tested for durability and protective features by vigorously shaking the cases and throwing them up in the air and onto the ground, checking to see how securely they kept our pieces in place and whether anything became broken or tangled in the process. 

Finally, we evaluated how easy it was to load pieces into the case or remove them, particularly regarding detachable ring rods and earring posters. The jewelry cases that scored the highest across our categories—ease of use, capacity, design, performance, and overall value—earned a spot on this list. 

How to Shop for a Travel Jewelry Case Like a Pro

Depending on the type of jewelry you wear and the trips you expect to take, compare different case types to find the best pick for you. For short weekend trips, a small palm-sized piece should suffice. But if you're spending weeks abroad, you may need a large-capacity jewelry travel case with more organizational features. 

If you have a lot of jewelry or prefer bigger pieces, opt for a case with plenty of compartments. For instance, those who frequently wear hoops might find that a small earring placard designed for studs won’t suffice—you’ll want ample pouches or zippered pockets that could hold your go-to earrings.

If you tend to travel with just the essentials—maybe a few dainty rings, thin necklaces, and small stud or hoop earrings—then a smaller case like the Levenger Carrie Mini Jewelry Organizer will do the trick. For statement jewelry lovers, a larger case like the Kendra Scott Medium Travel Jewelry Case can properly store your hefty pieces.

Storage Compartments

The best jewelry travel cases “have several compartments to keep the pieces from touching each other and to limit as much scratching as possible,” says Beutel. There are several compartment types too, including pockets, pouches, necklace hooks, ring pillows, and more. If you wear a lot of rings, consider a ring pillow or ring bar—the former allows you to remove them individually, while the latter requires you to remove the bar and the rings on it to select the one you want. 

Beutel recommends cases with a hearty, protective exterior—think leather or PU leather—which will keep your jewelry safe in your bag even if it gets tossed around at baggage claim. For the interior, he prefers suede lining, as it’s non-abrasive and prevents scratching or dulling.

More Jewelry Cases for Travel to Consider

Mejuri Travel Case : Mejuri is best known for its dainty, everyday jewelry—and that’s what this tiny, trendy case is designed for. It’s great for minimalists and we love the streamlined design, but the price tag seemed too high for how little space it offers (there’s only room for four necklaces, three pairs of studs, and a few slim rings). 

Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer Roll : This budget-friendly soft-sided case boasts a range of compartments to keep jewelry organized and can accommodate quite a range of pieces, but inherently offers less protection than a sturdy leather case. The inner material is also far less soft than the suede lining. 

Questions You Might Ask

Is it ok to store all your jewelry together when traveling.

“From an organizational perspective, it’s definitely a good idea to have all your jewelry in the same place,” says Beutel, however, “every piece should be separated to a certain degree to avoid any potential scratching.”

Look for cases with hooks for necklaces, pillows or rods for rings, and small compartments or pouches for other large pieces to ensure everything has a designated place.

Can you use a jewelry travel case for everyday storage?

At home, keeping your pieces in their original packaging is preferred. “In an ideal world, one would pack their pieces in the original cases, but of course, that’s normally tough to do traveling,” Beutel says.

However, many travel cases can store your essential pieces at home and on the go, reducing the need to pack and unpack between trips. For extensive jewelry collections or statement pieces, consider a larger storage option designed for everyday use, which can typically accommodate and display more jewelry.

What are some alternatives to travel jewelry cases?

If you can't get your hands on a travel jewelry case before your trip, Beutel suggests rolling your jewelry in a soft cloth. “Nothing abrasive like wool or canvas," he says. "A hand towel or a shirt works wonders.” While these won’t provide as much protection for your pieces as a proper case, they can help prevent your pieces from getting damaged while in transit.

This article was written by Sophie Dodd , a contributing writer for Real Simple who covers travel, lifestyle, and home goods. To write this article, she evaluated our test results, which reflected our experiences with the jewelry cases after packing them with a range of pieces, tossing them around, and exploring how easy or tedious it was to put in and take out different pieces. She also spoke with Bennett Beutel , a product lead at Tiffany’s Jewelry Design and Innovation Workshop , about what to look for when shopping for travel jewelry cases and how to protect your pieces on the go.

Next to each product on this list, you may have noticed a Real Simple Selects seal of approval . Any product appearing alongside that seal has been vetted by our team—put through tests and graded on its performance to earn a spot on our list. Although we buy most of the products we test, sometimes we do get samples from companies if purchasing a product ourselves isn’t an option. All products go through the same rigorous process, whether they are purchased or sent by the company.

Love our recommendations? Check out more products that have earned the Real Simple Selects , from humidifiers to cordless vacuums.

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Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Anya Hindmarch Leather-Trimmed Nylon Pouch

Leather-Trimmed Nylon Pouch

“No one does organization like Anya!” Donaldson says. “Her pieces have excellent hardware, and many feature witty labels and charming accents.” Multiple zipped compartments make this one ideal for storage on the go. “The nylon in this case makes it light and practical, and I love the ample storage space for each jewelry category, especially the earring slots with room for multiple statement pairs.”

Dimensions: 5.1" H x 7.9" W x 2.8" D

Materials: Nylon, goat leather

Colors: Black

Paravel Jewelry Case

Jewelry Case

“For the conscious traveler, Paravel’s jewelry case features their signature Ecocraft Canvas, which is spill-proof and stain-repellent, not to mention made from eight recycled plastic bottles,” Donaldson says. “The zippered hard exterior and internal drawstring pouch keep things extra secure.” This case also has sizable internal pockets for larger items, plus a snap compartment for smaller things, like rings or earring studs.

Dimensions: 3.6" H x 5.6" D

Materials: Ecocraft Canvas

Colors: Scout tan, domino black

Wolf Palermo Zippered Jewelry Case

Palermo Zippered Jewelry Case

“With two separate levels and an anti-tarnish lining, this case is ideal for someone who loves to layer their look with lots of jewelry and can’t travel without a full wardrobe of pieces,” Donaldson says. The brand’s LusterLoc technology absorbs hostile gases and prevents jewelry tarnishing for up to 35 years, The case also contains four ring rolls, one earring tab, four necklace hooks, three storage compartments, and under =-lid storage—for those longer Euro summer trips. There is also a mirror that is “convenient for on-the-go styling,” Donaldson adds.

Dimensions: 2.25" H x 6.5" W x 4.25" L

Materials: Leather

Colors: Red

Shinola Jewelry Traveler Case

Jewelry Traveler Case

This foldable jewelry case is compact, flat, and perfect for a weekend trip or a shorter excursion. Crafted from the brand’s signature high-quality leather, this style will only look better with wear over the years. Snap open the exterior flap to reveal earring tabs that hold up to six sets, a snap necklace and ring tab, slip pocket for necklaces, and zippered pocket for bracelets, watches, or larger jewelry.

Dimensions: 6.5" L x 5.75" W x 0.25" D

Colors: Black, tan

Mejuri Travel Case Beige

Travel Case Beige

Simple and sweet, this square-shaped travel case by Mejuri has space for just the necessities. Four necklace hooks, six earring holes, and one long ring holder make up this easy, stow-and-go option. Small but mighty, it has been crafted with the same care you find in every Mejuri jewelry piece. The free custom monogramming option helps you make the case truly your own.

Dimensions: 4" L x 4" W x 1.4" D

Materials: Grain leather, anti-tarnish microsuede

Colors: Beige, black

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Tangle-free storage is the main goal of this foldable, envelope style. Keep everything from jewelry to hair accessories neatly organized, without the knotted mess that takes hours to entangle. Five large compartments offer buckle bands for rings and earrings, a necklace strap, an interlayer visible zip pouch, and a long zip pocket. From business trips to vacations, this travel organizer makes packing a breeze.

Dimensions: 9" L x 6" W x 0.6" H

Materials: Cotton, polyester

Colors: Nine, including soft pink, black, teal, smokey blue, and rose

Gucci Gucci Savoy Jewelry Case

Gucci Savoy Jewelry Case

If you are looking for something with heirloom-quality appeal, Gucci’s Savoy jewelry case is one that will stand the test of time. Worthy of being passed down for generations to come, this structured, boxy case feels as glam as Old World luggage sets. It has both a top handle and crossbody strap for easy carrying capabilities, while the padlock closure keeps things secure. Inside you will find ample compartments to carry everything you need, with a soft lining for all things precious.

Dimensions: 4.5" H x 8.9" W x 5" D

Materials: Canvas, leather trim, palladium-toned hardware

Colors: Beige and ebony, black, beige and blue, dark blue

Stoney Clover Lane Classic Jewelry Roll

Classic Jewelry Roll

A jewelry roll is one of the best travel cases with ample storage in a small space. This one is made from nylon, so spills won’t destroy the exterior. One ring holder, one earring panel, three necklace snaps, and one large, zippable pouch make up the spacious interior with room to spare. Your most delicate pieces will thank you.

Dimensions: 8.5" W x 15" L open (or 5" L closed)

Materials: Nylon

Colors: Sapphire, white, flamingo

Mateo Vegan Leather Jewelry Case

Vegan Leather Jewelry Case

“Mateo is an incredible jewelry designer, so it’s no surprise his cases are equally considered,” Donaldson says. “The compact size makes this perfect for weekend getaways with minimal luggage space, and the emerald green, pebbled exterior won’t show scratches.” Made from vegan leather, this case has a suede interior that will hold everything from necklaces and rings to bracelets and watches, without any fuss.

Dimensions: 3.9" H x 3.9" W x 4.3" D

Materialx: Vegan leather

Colors: Green, black, red

Cuyana Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Case

Elegant and durable, the Cuyana travel jewelry case is anything but boring. The unique oval shape features interior bands for rings and earrings, plus two elastic pouches for the rest. True to the brand’s core DNA, the luxurious leather is certified by the Leather Working Group, affirming that the material is tanned in an environmentally responsible way, while being traceable, produced in factories in Turkey that have equally sustainable standards.

Dimensions: 25" H x 5" W x 3.5" D

Colors: Seven, including black, mango, cappuccino, ecru, and soft rose

Leatherology Large Jewelry Case

Large Jewelry Case

Pack it all in with Leatherology’s surprisingly roomy yet compact jewelry case. Zip around the rectangular pouch shape to reveal six snap tabs for necklaces, seven pairs of earring notches, two zippered pockets, and a snap-out ring bar. The brand suggests this case is for globetrotters who will be traveling a week or longer, or aficionados who like to layer and pile on the jewelry daily.

Dimensions: 8.5" H x 5.75" W x 1.75" D

Materials: Full-grain leather

Colors: 11, including black onyx, bordeaux, navy blue, cognac, and camel

Wolf Palermo Double Watch Roll & Jewelry Pouch

Palermo Double Watch Roll & Jewelry Pouch

Ensure your watch is kept safe along with your everyday bijoux rotation with this roll-style pouch. Featuring a watch guard dedicated for your trusty timepiece (which will fit two, if you’re a collector), and a separate, second compartment reserved just for your jewels, this case keeps everything neatly wrapped in a folded exterior with buckle closure.

Dimensions: 7.75" L x 3.3" D

Colors: Gold, rose gold, black, red

Smythson Travel Tray Jewelry Box

Travel Tray Jewelry Box

“Smythson is my go-to for impeccably crafted leather goods, especially travel accessories,” Donaldson says. “Everything they make is of beautiful quality and will last for years to come, making the investment worth it.” She personally uses a Smythson travel tray box herself. “This is a version of mine which comes everywhere with me, and I can’t recommend it enough,” she says. The well-organized interior has three compartments and seven ring holders, and closes neatly with a snap top. The tray box style also means it will sit nicely on any dresser or countertop, wherever your travels take you.

Dimensions: 1.6" H x 4.7" W x 6.5" D

Materials: Crocodile-embossed calf leather

Colors: Nile blue, sandstone, navy

Sophie Bille Brahe Large Velvet Jewelry Box

Large Velvet Jewelry Box

Lean into a truly luxurious option for those fine baubles you want to keep extra safe, with this Sophie Bille Brahe jewelry box. The velvet exterior, satin interior, and delicate, hanging tassel trim make it the truly fashion-forward option. It’ll look glamorous sitting on a bedside table, or packed nicely in any carry-on luggage.

Dimensions: 2" H x 7.9" W x 5.9" L

Materials: Velvet, satin

Colors: Emerald, black, red

Leepliar Travel Jewelry Case

Travel Jewelry Case

This Leepliar double-layer box is sturdy and has all the compartments you could need for a week on the road. The bottom layer features eight subsections with removable dividers, and the top layer has five ring pockets, two large partitions for statement earrings or bracelets, and a top that securely fits five hooks for necklaces. The polyurethane material makes it extremely lightweight, so it won’t bulk up your checked luggage either.

Dimensions: 2.85" H x 3.95" W x 7.17" L

Materials: Polyurethane, velvet

Colors: Gray, black, pink

Rapport London Sloane Jewelry Case

Sloane Jewelry Case

When choosing a case that will last, a leather exterior and suede interior is a good place to start. This larger case from Rapport London has all the compartments and space you could need, with ring holders, snap closure pockets, and trays broken up into compartments. The leopard print also means this case will stand out in a crowd and add a whimsical touch to your travel necessities.

Dimensions: 6.69" H x 10.6" W x 3.54" D

Materials: Leather, suede

Colors: Ocean, citrus, rose

Nordstrom Hexagon Fold-Up Travel Jewelry Case

Hexagon Fold-Up Travel Jewelry Case

Who hasn’t arrived to a hotel room that is most definitely smaller than what was shown online? This hexagon-shaped travel case solves the problem of limited counter space, with a sturdy, hangable loop. The unique, geometric shape unfolds into a long, cascading ribbon with nooks for your jewelry and can even be hung from a door or closet hook.

Dimensions: 6½" H x 3" W x 5" D

Materials: Greyboard, PVC, viscose, polyester, glass

Colors: Rose gold, black

Rapport London Travel Jewelery Case

Travel Jewelery Case

This simple, circular case is crafted from smooth leather and a suede interior, to keep all of your personal jewels intact while traveling. Zip it open to reveal a place for rings, necklaces, and earrings, with its two larger compartments and two ring holders. This smaller size will fit in small purses and large tote bags, ensuring those impossible-to-replace pieces are never out of reach.

Dimensions: 5" W x 1" D

Colors: Blush, beige, turquoise

Wolf Caroline Extra Large Jewelry Case

Caroline Extra Large Jewelry Case

The magnum of travel jewelry cases, this option by Wolf is made for the true bijoux connoisseur. Designed with a whopping 43 jewelry compartments, it really fits everything a maximalist could imagine. Everything is neatly organized into a 1950s-inspired, hardcover box shape with top handle, harking back to a time when travel looks were a little more glamorous.

Dimensions: 10.5" H x 16.25" W x 11" D

Colors: Black, ivory, rose quartz, red

Mark & Graham Medium Raffia Travel Jewelry Case

Medium Raffia Travel Jewelry Case

Look to Mark & Graham’s raffia case for a fresh take on jewelry travel organization. The natural, raffia finish feels summery, like your favorite straw bag, and makes for a nice display on your dresser or nightstand, when not in use for transit. The medium-size box is situated with one ring roll, one strap with earring holes, one zipper pocket, three necklace holders with pockets, and one removable pouch. This style can also be monogrammed with the brand’s signature bold, shadowed block letters.

Dimensions: 2.5" H x 8.25" W x 4.75" D

Materials: Faux raffia

Colors: Natural

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The Best Travel Jewelry Cases Byrdie Editors Never Pack Without

Take your organization game up a notch.

zip around travel jewelry case

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks
  • What to Look For
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trust Byrdie

Byrdie / Kristin Kempa

The last thing anyone wants to do while getting ready (especially on vacation) is spending time untangling a necklace . If you don’t have a well-organized travel jewelry case, chances are you find yourself in this situation more often than not. Since jewelry is an important part of a travel capsule wardrobe , it's just as important to invest in a quality jewelry case that'll keep your precious pieces protected and organized.

We put more than two dozen to the test to find the best option for you, evaluating each one based on its design, capacity, ease of use, performance, and value. We filled them up with a variety of jewelry, shook them around to see how the contents held up and tested what’s it like to use them. From affordable and compact options to personalized picks and more, we’re rounding up the travel jewelry cases that impressed us the most, and therefore, we believe are worth your money.

Best Overall

Calpak jewelry case.

Material: Faux leather and faux suede | Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 2.5" | Color Options: Black, Caramel + more

If minimalism is not your M.O. when it comes to jewelry, this travel case is for you. It comes with tons of storage options—from necklace hooks and a 28-hole earring card to a ring rod and a large pouch lined with pockets. You can take multiple pieces of each jewelry type with you, and we love that the large drawstring bag attached to the case is lined with pockets for extra storage and organization. We found that it was easy to pack and unpack, and everything remained in place when we shook it around. Though we wish it was a bit slimmer for more compact and lightweight packing, the design is pleasing and functional, and it’s not overly heavy. An added bonus is that it comes in neutral shades and limited-edition pops of color.

Byrdie / Joy Kim

Byrdie / Leticia Almeida

Best for Short Trips

Cuyana travel jewelry case.

Material: Italian pebbled leather and suede | Dimensions: H 1.25" x W 5" x D 3.5" | Color Options: Black, Soft Rose + more

When we first got our hands on it, we didn’t imagine that such a small case would be all that useful—but we were wrong. The compact design isn’t just chic and adorable, but it’s also quite functional for storing a few pieces of jewelry for a quick trip. It has detachable ring and earring holders (which makes putting jewels in and taking them out fast and easy), as well as two pockets to hold bracelets or other pieces. The ring rod can also be used to hang necklaces, though we do wish it provided necklace storage that was a bit better at keeping them in place. Overall, it’s compact and well-designed, and the leather and suede materials feel smooth and durable.

Best for Everyday Pieces

Levenger mini jewelry organizer.

Material: Pebbled leather | Dimensions: 4 ¼" W x 1" D x 4 ½" H | Color Options: Grape, Chilli Pepper + more

If you’re someone that doesn’t stray from your go-to jewelry pieces, there’s no need to add bulk to your bag by getting a large jewelry case. This one is perfect for minimalists because it’s ultra-compact. But don’t let the tiny design fool you, it provides excellent organization and protection for your jewelry.

It has removable panels for earrings and rings that feature secure snaps, snap hooks to prevent necklaces from getting tangled, an open pouch for chunkier pieces, and a zipper pouch. It’s very simple to pack and grab your pieces out of it on the go, and we were impressed by how well everything stayed in place. It’s also made with pebbled leather which resists scratches and scuffs, and the mini wallet-like design is easy to pop into your purse or even your makeup bag .

Best Budget

Bagsmart jewelry organizer bag.

Material: Polyester | Dimensions: 9.8'' L x 6.1'' W x 1.9'' H | Color Options: Lake Blue, Black + more

Amazon has tons of travel and storage items, and this travel jewelry case is a great one for anyone on the hunt for an affordable and accessible option. It’s spacious without being too clunky or heavy, and it features different storage options. It has snap hooks to keep necklaces straight, ring rods, an earring card, and plenty of pockets. It kept everything organized and in place during our test, and while it doesn’t feel the most durable or extravagant as others we tested, the functionality and price point make it easy for us to recommend.

Best Personalized

Mark & graham small travel jewelry case foil debossed.

Mark & Graham

Material: Pebbled vegan leather | Dimensions: 4.5" W x 4.5 D" x 2.25" H | Color Options: Black, Orchid + more

This option is best for short trips or minimalists, and we think it’s a fantastic gifting option for birthdays, bridesmaids, or that friend that seems to always be on another trip. It can be customized with a name or monogram in a few different fonts and in gold or silver lettering. The case also comes in tons of colors—everything from black and caramel to vibrant shades of orange and green.

As for the design itself, we like how compact it is while still offering various storage options. It has cushioned rows to store earrings, small sections for rings, and hooks for necklaces. It’s definitely better for storing small pieces like rings and earrings, though you can fit one or two bracelets and necklaces in it. We also appreciate that it has a built-in divider with a mirror and the materials feel durable.

Kendra Scott Medium Travel Jewelry Case

Kendra Scott

Material: Polyurethane, 100% polyester Lining | Dimensions: 8"L x 5.5"D x 2.5"H | Color Options: Lilac, Taupe + more

Another option for those planning on traveling with a lot of jewelry, this one from Kendra Scott is great for storing earrings, rings, bracelets, and chunky necklaces that aren’t prone to tangling. We wish it had better storage to keep necklaces from knotting up, but we do love how much storage there is for everything else. There are tons of rows to place earrings, and the separate compartments at the bottom are nice for keeping medium and large pieces organized. We also appreciate that it comes with a removable pouch and the design is sturdy and easy to pack and unpack. It’s just a bit heavy for traveling with (especially for storing in carry-on luggage), but it’s a nice option if you have a lot of jewelry and accessories to take with you. It’s also fitting if you want a case to organize your jewelry at home—the design is simple and would look nice on your dresser.

  • Byrdie/Leticia Almeida

Vee & Co. Small Travel Jewelry Case

Material: Vegan leather | Dimensions: 3.94" D x 3.94" W x 1.97" H | Color Options: Blue, White + more

If you’re looking for an affordable and compact travel jewelry case that will keep your collection super organized, we highly recommend checking out this one. Though it’s small, it’s well-designed to fit earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets—they all have a designated place. We do appreciate that the earring card features a mirror in the center which is convenient to have on hand while traveling. We had no issues with the jewelry moving around during our shake test, and we felt that it was intuitive to pack and easy to get the pieces out when needed.

What to Look for in a Travel Jewelry Case

  • Organizational features: All travel jewelry cases have some storage organizational features, but some are far better than others. The right one for you will largely depend on what type of jewelry you wear and how much you’ll be taking with you, but generally, it’s wise to look for things like ring rods, earring cards, and necklace hooks.
  • Size: Consider the size of a jewelry case wisely—especially when it’s for travel. You’ll want something that can fit everything you want to bring, but you’ll want to avoid options that are unnecessarily bulky or heavy.

This answer depends on what type of jewelry you’re traveling with, but in general, it’s wise to secure each piece in a travel case rather than throwing it all in a loose bag or compartment which will likely lead to damage and tangles. For necklaces specifically which are prone to knotting, look for a travel case that has snap hooks to keep them straight.

It’s always wise to pack your jewelry in your travel tote or carry-on luggage that way you can ensure you know where it is at all times—especially if it’s expensive or sentimental. If you pack it in your checked bag, you take the rise that the airline loses your bag along with the jewelry inside.

Alyssa Kaplan is an experienced writer in the beauty industry and product tester specializing in cosmetics. She received a bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she studied marketing and product development in the cosmetics industry as well as fashion business marketing. Alyssa has been a commerce writer at Byrdie since 2022, where she covers all things beauty.

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The 16 Best Travel Jewelry Cases, According to Experts and Reviewers

Tangled necklaces? Ew.

a basketball on a white background

Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

Rae Liu, co-founder of Leatherology , agrees. “Investing in a jewelry organizer is about more than just storage; it’s about preserving the pieces that mark the milestones of your life. Organizers help ensure that each piece of jewelry retains its beauty, is ready to wear, and easy to find.”

Evasion Case

Best Designer

Hermès evasion case.

Travel Case

Best Square

Mejuri travel case.

Large Jewelry Case

Best Leather

Leatherology large jewelry case.

As someone who’s panicked more than once about misplacing an heirloom ring, I feel seen by this topic. While it’s especially poignant for fine jewelry collectors, costume pieces can have just as much sentimental value. “The time and effort we invest in building a jewelry collection justifies the need for a quality travel jewelry organizer,” says Kathleen Weber, Lesher’s colleague as head design manager at Mark & Graham. Liu even points out that she thinks having a case helps remind her to take especially good care of her collection. To all you ladies who store tangled necklaces in plastic sandwich bags, consider the bar raised.

Armed with advice from Lesher, Weber, and Liu, I chose the best travel jewelry cases based on their features, construction, and customer reviews; shop them all below.

Your brooches and baubles deserve a regal home, and this fits the bill.

Colors: Cognac, Vermillon, Marine

Dimensions: Diameter: 5.5 inches; height: 3 inches

Mejuri is already one of our favorite places to shop for jewelry, so you might as well pick up on of these while you’re at it.

Colors: Beige, Black

Dimensions: Length: 4; width: 4 inches; height: 1.4 inches

Customer review: “This little box is so amazing. I use it for travel as well as for the office. I throw it in my gym tote so I can store my jewelry while I work out...the quality is amazing. Bought this for three of my friends as a gift and they also adore.”

It’s just like a high-quality leather wallet, except it’s full of jewels.

Colors: 11 options

Dimensions: Length: 8.5 inches; width: 5.75 inches; height: 1.75 inches

Customer review: “ Beautiful, high quality leather and lining and so organized. Slides perfectly in my travel tote so I can easily carry my jewelry. Fits everything—earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets—all without tangling. Highly recommend.”

Mark & Graham Large Monogrammed Travel Jewelry Case

Large Monogrammed Travel Jewelry Case

I can’t emphasize enough how fabulous this oversized mirror is, as well as the second compartment it covers.

Colors: 7 options

Dimensions: Length: 9.75 inches; width: 7.25 inches; height: 2.25 inches

BEIS The Jewelry Organizer

The Jewelry Organizer

This rectangular option was designed to fit within certain BEIS toiletry bags . How ideal!

Colors: Beige

Dimensions: Length: 9.4 inches; width: 3 inches; height: 2 inches

Customer review: “ Love it; so great for organizing jewelry and hair accessories. Also, appreciate the no zipper feature as don’t have to worry of the zipper coming apart on its own as I’ve experienced with other generic jewelry organizers.”

Stoney Clover Lane Classic Jewelry Roll

Classic Jewelry Roll

Travel rolls aren’t just for watches. A folding, compact style, such as this one, will hardly take up any space in your luggage.

Colors: Flamingo, Noir, Blanc, Bubble Gum

Dimensions: Length: 15 inches; width: 8.5 inches (when open)

Customer review: “ Perfect for travel to keep jewelry organized. Cute color!”

ProCase Small Portable Seashell-Shaped Jewelry Case

Small Portable Seashell-Shaped Jewelry Case

You can shop this sweet, shell-shaped option directly from Amazon, and it even has a place for your lipstick.

Colors: 9 options

Dimensions: Length: 6.69 inches; width: 4.92 inches; height: 2.09 inches

Customer review: “ I travel frequently and I must have my earrings!!! This travel jewelry box is great for earrings, rings, and necklaces. Maybe not so much for bracelets...It’s made well so it’s durable and travel friendly. I got that the one and I really love it!!! Would totally buy again or even give as a gift.”

BAGSMART Foldable Jewelry Roll

Foldable Jewelry Roll

Although this folding case has a magnet closure, all of the compartments are secured or zippered, so you won’t have to worry about anything falling out.

Colors: 12 options

Dimensions: Length: 16.5 inches; width: 5.5 inches (when open)

Customer review: “ This is perfect to carry my jewelry while travelin g. Love that is cotton, soft, and compact. All the snaps are secure, zippers function, stitching is strong. Doesn’t consume space yet stores a lot!”

Vlando Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage

This one isn’t like most jewelry cases; it’s different. Rather than built-in organization, it comes with several small pouches to store each piece of jewelry separately.

Colors: 18 options

Dimensions: Length: 6.5 inches; depth: 4.5 inches; height: 3.3 inches

Customer review: “ This is so much better than I imagined. Thick leather with adorable bags inside to hold so many items. I just went to the Bahamas and Florida and packed all my fun jewelry plus some medication and still had a couple empty bags. Very well made. Zipper is not cheap. Plastic/vinyl on bags is very thick. EXCELLENT!”

BELALIFE Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Organizer

I was pleasantly surprised at how great Amazon’s selection is. This folding organizer, along with the other options I’ve included from the retailer, has rave reviews.

Colors: Purple, Pink, Lake Blue, Black, Blue Grey

Dimensions: Length: 13 inches; width: 8.5 inches; depth: 0.6 inches (when open)

Customer review: “ I was surprised at how much jewelry I could fit in it. I particularly liked that I was able to separate my necklaces so they were not a tangled mess. Most importantly, it folds up flat, unlike many that are cubes. It fits in a suitcase or carry on effortlessly.”

Nordstrom Initial Square Zip Travel Case

Initial Square Zip Travel Case

What a perfectly petite present.

Colors: Black, Cream

Dimensions: Length: 4.5 inches; width: 4.5 inches; height: 2.5 inches

Customer review: “Very nice quality and just the right size for my collection!”

Monica Vinader Leather Mini Oval Trinket Box

Leather Mini Oval Trinket Box

If you regularly take off your jewelry at your desk, the gym, or anywhere else, this sleek option is compact enough to keep in your purse.

Colors: Pebble Grey

Dimensions: Length: 4.75 inches; width: 2.37 inches; height: 1.5 inches

Wolf Sophia Mini Circle Zip Case

Sophia Mini Circle Zip Case

Unlike most options on the market, Wolf’s unique design features a circular case with a well in the center.

Colors: Forest Green, Jade

Dimensions: Diameter: 4.5 inches; height: 2 inches

Customer review: “ You need this! Another fine quality piece by Wolf!”

Nordstrom Mini Hexagon Fold-Up Travel Jewelry Case

Mini Hexagon Fold-Up Travel Jewelry Case

The beauty of this one is that it’s both structured and folding.

Colors: Black, Sage, Rose Gold, Natural Shimmer

Dimensions: Length: 4 inches; width: 3.5 inches; depth: 3.75 inches

Calpak Jewelry Case

Jewelry Case

Something about pulling jewelry out of a drawstring pouch feels so luxurious.

Colors: 6 options

Dimensions: Length: 7 inches; width: 5 inches; depth: 2.5 inches

Customer review: “ BEST PURCHASE OF THE YEAR! This case just makes my life easier!”

Smythson Small Jewelry Roll

Small Jewelry Roll

No, it’s not an eyeglass case...but Smythson does make those, too .

Colors: Black, Nile Blue, Navy, Sandstone

Dimensions: Length: 8 inches; width: 3.5 inches

Expert Tips for Buying a Travel Jewelry Case


  • There are two things that Lesher says matter most: quality and design. “When you buy something that is built to last, you won’t need to purchase a new one every couple of years,” she says. “The materials of the organizer are important for both beauty and durability.” Liu echoes the importance of this. “A soft lining is also important to prevent scratches; we use microsuede on ours,” she adds. “And, of course, a secure closure, especially for any kind of travel case.”
  • Lesher recommends looking for organizers with secure compartments, including the all-important feature that keeps your necklaces untangled. A well-made zipper is also crucial, she notes.
  • “You’ll want to focus on an organizer with a hard case or well-padded exterior that will provide crush support while traveling in your carry-on or weekender bags ,” says Weber.
  • Size matters, too. You might want enough room for bangles or collar necklaces, but Weber recommends avoiding any case that wouldn’t fit in carry-on luggage. “ Multiple compartments are crucial for accommodating various jewelry sizes and types,” says Liu.

Meet the Experts


  • Kate Lesher is the senior vice president of Mark & Graham, while Kathleen Weber is the brand’s head design manager.
  • Rae Liu is the co-founder of Leatherology.

Why Trust ELLE


Every product featured on ELLE.com is independently researched, tested, or editor-approved. We only recommend products that we stand behind, and the merchandise featured on our site is always driven by editorial and product testing standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships. Any content created in partnership with advertisers is marked as such.

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25 Best Travel Jewelry Cases You’ll LOVE: Leather, Personalized + Pretty!

Choosing the best jewelry case for travel is a bit tricky. They come in so many shapes and sizes, materials and features. Which is the best travel jewelry case for you: a box, roll or pouch? Hard or soft exterior?

Below are 25 fantastic jewelry organizers for travel, including sophisticated leather, hanging organizers, and personalized options, too. As you shop, consider how much jewelry you like to travel with and what kinds. The best travel jewelry case for big, chunky jewelry is different than for a few petite pieces.

If you’re looking for the best jewelry case for travel gift ideas, pick something elegant and compact. These organizers will be used by both the minimalist traveler and those who carry a few extra-special pieces in their handbag.

Best travel jewelry cases you'll love!

  • HOW TO CHOOSE the Best Travel Jewelry Case for You
  • 6 Best COMPACT Travel Jewelry Cases
  • 6 Best MID-SIZED Jewelry Cases for Travel
  • 4 Best Travel Jewelry Cases for MEN
  • 5 Best Travel Jewelry ROLL Organizers
  • 4 Best LUXURY Travel Jewelry Cases

5 Tips: HOW TO CHOOSE the Best Travel Jewelry Case for You

1. hard or soft travel jewelry organizer .

A hard jewelry case seems like the most sturdy, protective organizer for travel. But, this is only true if everything is held securely inside. Well-padded, soft travel jewelry organizers can sometimes do this better, while also saving on space. And while hard exteriors are generally easy to clean with a damp cloth, some fabric organizers can be tossed in the washing machine.

2. Spacious or Compact Travel Jewelry Case

Obviously, how much space you need in your travel jewelry case mostly depends on how much and what type of jewelry you like to travel with. If you travel minimally with only a few pieces, you can get away with a smaller, more compact travel jewelry case. But some small cases won’t fit your chunky bracelet or keep necklaces from tangling.

3. Variety of Features to Organize Travel Jewelry

The jewelry organizers below come with a variety of features. Some are best suited for small, petite pieces and others work well for large, chunky pieces. Do you need a travel jewelry case to secure long, delicate necklaces? A zippered pocket or pouch to store a watch or wide bracelet? Double-access ring rolls? A mirror and lots of clear pockets? Are clear pockets a must-have?

4. Closure to Secure Travel Jewelry

Consider whether you care how a jewelry case for travel is secured. Must it be a zippered closure, or are buttons, ties and buckles cool, too? While zippers and snaps feel the most secure, other closures might give you the wiggle room to fit that extra piece you really want to bring on that trip. 

5. Personal Style for Jewelry Travel Case

Do you like classy or quirky? Something timeless that works for all your travels or something a little more playful and fun? While personal style has a lot to do with the exterior material you like best, it also applies to how durable you need it to be. Tossing a travel jewelry case in a backpack is obviously different than keeping it in your carry-on (although backpacks can have a lot of cushioning!).

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Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry

25 BEST Travel Jewelry Cases: Leather, Personalized and Pretty!

Ready to find the best travel jewelry case for you or someone you care about? Below you’ll find leather organizers, personalized options and super cute and pretty ones, too.

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links to excellent travel-related products. This means that if you use the links below to make a purchase, we’ll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Best COMPACT Travel Jewelry Cases

1. small travel jewelry box by vlando.

This small travel jewelry box from Vlando is compact and sturdy, and all the minimalist traveler would need. You can get it without the mirror, but I like that the mirror also keeps any loose jewelry in the bottom compartments from moving around. Tuck necklaces or bracelets into the elasticized pocket. There’s also space in the upper section for a small jewelry pouch.

2. Saffiano Leather Travel Jewelry Box by Minimale

Small travel jewelry box, Minimale

Another beautiful small travel jewelry organizer is made by Minimale . It organizes and secures earrings on a leather strap with space below to prevent bending, and rings on a separate roll. This small jewelry travel organizer includes four adjustable necklace hooks and two deep pockets to help prevent tangling. And the detachable double-pocket is perfect for bulkier pieces while cushioning pieces above and below.

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3. Two-Tiered Handmade Travel Jewelry Box by Meissa Handmade

Small travel jewelry box, Etsy MeissaHandmade

Here’s a bigger travel jewelry box handmade by Meissa Handmade on Etsy. It has a good-sized mirror and two levels with removable dividers, giving you lots of flexibility for organizing different types of jewelry. And no need to worry about earrings bending, as this travel jewelry case puts them sideways. Secure with a button closure.  

zip around travel jewelry case

4. MOST COMPACT Leather Travel Jewelry Case by Jewearity

Small travel jewelry box, Etsy Jewearity

Super compact and made of genuine leather, this small travel jewelry case will safely hold a surprising amount of jewelry. Four button closures and elasticized pocket keep necklaces and bracelets secure. Use the bottom section to hold three pairs of earrings, brooches or cufflinks, and the ring roll to safely stow them in a tidy little row. All secured with a zippered closure and available in eight colors. You can get it from from Jewearity on Etsy.

5. Small Floral Carpet Travel Jewelry Case by My Charm Workshop

Compact fabric travel jewelry case

My Charm Workshop on Etsy has a beautiful line-up of jewelry cases for travel, three of which are featured here! First up is this gorgeous little round case made from a rich tapestry fabric. The interior is satin, which absorbs moisture in the air and protects your jewels.

One thing I love about this store is how they build versatility into their products. This compact travel case includes four double-zippered pouches, so you can include (or exclude) however many you need. Plus, three removable bars on the lid, including two for earrings and one for rings. Order more inserts for more options! This case is available in six lovely colors.

6. Personalized Drawstring Jewelry Pouch by Cut Design

Suede pouch, compact jewelry case for travel

Let’s include a simple but elegant drawstring pouch from Cut Design with our compact travel jewelry cases. A drawstring pouch is an easy way to safely store a small amount of jewelry, though this idea is better for chunky jewelry that won’t tangle. Choose from plenty of great colors and personalize it, too. 

You might also combine this with inserts from My Charm Workshop (above), to give you a bit of organization inside.

Best VALUE Travel Jewelry Organizers

7. travel essentials tassels jewelry case by vlando.

Travel jewelry box, Vlando

If you like Vlando jewelry boxes but want something a bit bigger for your travels, here’s a great one for you. The travel essentials jewelry case from Vlando features a wide mirror and elasticized pocket on the top, and two covered compartments on the bottom. In the center are ring rolls and two small compartments with earring holes in the divider. No need to worry about earring backings getting bent! All secured with a zippered closure.

8. Wallet Jewelry Travel Organizer by BuzzyBDesign on Etsy

Travel jewelry organizer, Etsy BuzzyBDesign

Here’s a best-selling travel jewelry organizer on Etsy, and for good reason! This slim jewelry wallet packs a ton of features in its compact space. Find the perfect spot for all your jewelry, with three zippered pockets including a clear double-pocket. Flip over the clear pocket for four necklace loops with separate pockets and bands to prevent tangling. If you love your rings and earrings, you have plenty of spots for them. Secured with a button. Plus, it’s handmade from Buzzy B Design ! 

9. Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer for Long Necklaces by Pink Larus

Travel jewelry organizer, Pink Larus

If you LOVE your long necklaces, then check out this hanging organizer from Pink Larus . It has 5 necklace hooks in a separate pocket that folds out, with three bands to hold them in place and individual pockets at the bottom. Safely store other chunky jewelry in the removable zippered pocket. And there’s plenty of space for all your rings and earrings. All secured with a zippered closure.

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10. Jewelry Travel Organizer Pouch by Ellis James Designs

Travel jewelry organizer, Ellis James Design

Ellis James Designs also makes a fantastic travel jewelry organizer for long necklaces. Use the necklace loops on both ends to secure them, and the good-sized zippered pockets to store chunky jewelry. One zippered pocket is also removable, as is the large earring card. I love the quilted fabric exterior and simple, easy-to-clean interior. Plus, everything is kept safe with a zippered closure. 

11. Double-Decker Travel Jewelry Case by Teamoy

Large travel jewelry case, jewelry organizer for travel

Now, if you love the case above but want more space for chunky pieces, check out this double-decker jewelry case from Teamoy. It has a removable earring card and spots for dangly necklaces and earrings, too. Flip over the middle part, and underneath you’ll find a clear zippered pocket and a customizable area deep enough for chunky pieces.

The exterior is a pretty quilted fabric and interior is a soft velvet. Reviewers love it.

12. Hanging Travel Jewelry Case by BAGSMART

Travel jewelry organizer, BAGSMART

This hanging travel jewelry case by BAGSMART is an Amazon best-seller with fantastic ratings, and it’s easy to see why. You can organize a lot of jewelry in this travel case, and easily find what you’re looking for.

Choose from mini, small or large sizes. All sizes have at least one clear zippered pocket plus two regular zippered pockets. Plus, an earring card, ring roll and segmented pouches and bands to keep necklaces from tangling. Unfortunately, only the large size includes a super-handy 360-degree rotatable hanging hook.

This isn’t the smallest jewelry case for travel, but it can fold up pretty thin. It comes in multiple pretty colors and quilted cotton or rich velvet!

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What Do Women Want, Fine Jewelry

Best Travel Jewelry Cases for MEN

13. small travel jewelry box by m.m.a.

Travel jewelry case organizer, Aco&bebe House

This small jewelry box from M.M.A is great for minimalist travelers wanting to safely store a bit of jewelry on-the-go. Store watches and tie clips in the elastic pouch on the lid. And put rings and cufflinks on the bottom. The leather divider keeps pieces in place and prevents rubbing, with space for another jewelry pouch on top. Everything is secured with a zippered closure. 

14. Personalized Leather Travel Case from Byron and Brown

Watch jewelry travel case for men

If you love the idea of the travel jewelry case above but want more compartments, check out this travel watch case from Byron and Brown. It includes a section for a watch, rings and cufflinks. The zipper closure keeps everything secure. Choose from a variety of personalization colors, too.

15. Personalized Leather Watch Case by SK Leather

Leather watch case for travel

SK Leather has other beautiful styles of watch cases to choose from. Have it personalized for that extra touch.

16. Personalized Crazy Horse Leather Watch Roll by Broscolors Design

Leather travel watch roll organizer, Etsy BroColors Design

Rounding out our top travel jewelry cases for men is this elegant leather watch roll by Broscolors Design on Etsy. It’s made of premium crazy horse brown vintage leather and comes in two to six slots. Secured with a buckled strap. For an extra touch, get it personalized on the outside or inside.

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Best Travel Jewelry ROLL Organizers

17. rollio series travel jewelry roll case by vlando.

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Vlando makes a really cute and functional travel jewelry roll organizer. The exterior is a soft synthetic leather that comes in four pretty color options. Inside is a velvet lining and quality flannel to protect your jewelry. Safely store short necklaces and bracelets with the three hooks and two elasticized pouches. Plus, there’s a ring roll and 11 holes for earrings and brooches. 

My favorite part is the zippered pouch pocket that’s removable. Use it to store your larger jewelry, like bangles and watches, or throw it into your purse for a small makeup bag. Any travel jewelry case that can double as something else is pretty useful on a trip! 

18. Viaggio Small Jewelry Roll by Vlando

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Vlando

Here’s another super cute travel jewelry roll by Vlando . This one has three cups for organizing your travel jewelry, big enough to fit large earrings and watches. It’s the perfect solution for those who hate earring holes and necklace loops and want something pretty and compact to throw in their handbag. Do make sure you’re holding it the right way when opening it, though, so your treasures don’t fall out!

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Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

19. Personalized Hanging Travel Jewelry Roll Case by My Charm Workshop

Travel jewelry roll, hanging organizer, Etsy MyCharmWorkshop

If you want a sturdy travel jewelry roll but love clear pockets, here’s the perfect pick from My Charm Workshop on Etsy. It has a whopping NINE clear zippered pockets, with removable bands for earrings and rings. And to take advantage of all those clear pockets, hang it up to quickly find what you want! Secures with a leather tie rope. For the extra touch, get it personalized!

20. Fabric Jewelry Roll for Travel by Nature Quotes

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy naturequotes

If you want a travel jewelry roll that’s super compact, consider one made with a soft material. Nature Quotes on Etsy makes so many beautiful ones, with lots of cute fabric options and interior features. Some even have pretty feminine lace to hold dangling earrings. All travel jewelry organizers include a leather earring holder, fabric ring roll, and zippered pocket. Since they fold up like a wallet, they’d also work great for chunky jewelry. Everything is secured with a pretty loop and button closure.

Handmade in Ukraine. SO pretty!

Mini travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy naturequotes

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21. Custom Monogram Travel Jewelry Roll in Silk Dupioni by Plethora

Travel jewelry roll organizer, Etsy Plethora

Now, I want to end this list of best travel jewelry roll organizers with what I consider a true jewelry roll, with all its simplicity and potential! Plethora on Etsy makes a beautiful jewelry travel roll organizer from high end silk dupioni. It’s lined with satin, secured with a pretty rope, and features three zippered pockets. The larger roll also has a ring roll. Choose from a variety of colors and customized monogram.

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zip around travel jewelry case

Best LUXURY Travel Jewelry Cases

22. signature cotton jewelry organizer train case by vera bradley.

Travel jewelry case organizer, Vera Bradley Women

Vera Bradley is respected for producing high-quality luggage and handbags. And known for its quilted cotton designs in bold, colorful feminine prints. These bags wear well over time and are machine washable.

If you’re looking for a Vera Bradley travel jewelry organizer, the most widely available is the Signature Cotton Jewelry Organizer Train Case . It comes in a variety of bold, subtle and classy prints to suit any taste, and has two main compartments. The upper compartment features two tabs to safely store earrings and rings, plus a large clear zippered pocket. Underneath, you have two clear zippered pockets and two deep compartments for larger, chunkier jewelry. And everything is secured with a zippered closure.

The toughest thing about buying a Vera Bradley is choosing your favorite print!

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23. Luxury Tapestry Travel Jewelry Case by My Charm Workshop

Fabric travel jewelry case

Here’s another jewelry case for travel from My Charm Workshop on Etsy that you should seriously consider. This large tapestry travel case has the gorgeous fabric of the compact case featured above, but with much more space. The interior also has satin to absorb excess air moisture and protect your jewelry. (Not to mention, making it feel oh-so luxurious!)

Double compartments give you tons of space and ways to keep your jewelry organized while you travel. In the first compartment are eight removable necklace holders (can hold up to 32 necklaces!) and 16 clear pouches. And the other compartment has two large zippered clear pouches for chunky pieces, three smaller clear pouches, another zippered pouch and a slip-in pocket. The earring and ring boards can hold up to 18 pairs of earrings and 20 rings. Wow!!

24. Caroline Zip Travel Case by WOLF

Travel jewelry case, small jewelry box, WOLF

After all of the beautiful jewelry travel organizers above, we come back to a classic travel jewelry box. WOLF gives us its signature, handcrafted quilted genuine leather travel jewelry box in red or black , and dusty rose or ivory (sold in two different posts on Amazon). 

Part of what makes WOLF travel jewelry boxes so great is its LusterLoc interior lining. It absorbs the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing, and can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

The Caroline Zip Travel Case has everything a small jewelry travel organizer needs. Three necklace hooks with an elasticized pocket, 7 ring rolls, 4 small compartments and a mirror divider. If you have chunkier pieces, consider using a small jewelry pouch and tuck it inside. Everything secures with a zippered closure. Price depends on color choice.

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25. Caroline Portfolio  for Travel Jewelry by WOLF

Luxury WOLF travel jewelry case

How Should I Organize My Travel Jewelry?

In your favorite travel jewelry case!  Jewelry organizers for travel have brilliant little hooks, pouches and rolls designed for this.

Are you traveling with multiple, extra-long necklaces? Keep your necklaces from tangling when traveling by using travel jewelry cases that have the loops, pockets, AND mid-section holders to keep each necklace in place.

If you’re traveling with a lot of earrings, get extra earring insert cards from My Charm Workshop.

Where Should You Keep Jewelry on a Plane?

In your carry-on.  If you’d be sad or worried about your jewelry getting lost and not having it for your trip, keep it with you.

When going through airport security, simply set your travel jewelry case in a bin so it can easily be scanned. I’ve done this plenty of times without any issues.

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Best travel jewelry cases you'll love!

Featured photo credit: Andie Gomez-Acebo from Unsplash

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The Best Travel Jewelry Cases – Never Untaggle a Necklace Again!


For jewelry organization, you have a couple different options.

There’s the jewelry roll, which works best for long necklaces and short trips. Others like a small jewelry case that’s hard and can withstand shocks, pokes and luggage drops.

In between?

Soft leather pouches that can fit a mix of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and still gently be squeezed into any spare bit of suitcase space.

Here are some great jewelry organizers in every style.

Best Travel Jewelry Cases

Best personalized jewelry binder: pottery barn, best zip around travel jewelry case: wolf.

  • Best Travel Jewelry Binder: Bagsmart

Best Travel Jewelry Box: Container Store

Best travel jewelry roll: tumi, best leather travel jewelry case: royce, best small travel jewelry pouch: kipling.

  • Most Affordable Travel Jewelry Case: Amazon
  • Most Luxurious Leather Travel Jewelry Case: Cuyana


Travel Jewelry Organizer

Before I got a proper travel jewelry organizer, I never really brought jewelry on trips .

There’s nothing worse than fighting to untangle a knotty necklace and I was too worried about losing a favorite earring. So naturally, once I discovered travel jewelry cases I was hooked! 

Here are some of the best travel jewelry holders available so you can travel in style!

Jump to brand:

  • Container Store
  • Pottery Barn

Or save this article to read later by pinning it ⇟


Best Travel Jewelry Case

pottery barn jewelry box

Pottery Barn makes some of the most beautiful jewelry organizers.

Our favorite?

These slim jewelry binders, which are made of bonded leather and lined in soft suede.

You can personalize them with a monogram, and they’re slim enough to slip into any suitcase or travel bag without taking up much space.

Inside, there are TONS of organization options for your jewelry.

There are snaps to keep bracelets and necklaces tangle free, a removable panel for odds and ends and a zip closure so everything stays securely inside. 

Comes in 5 pretty pastel shades !

Pottery Barn Jewelry Case

Sold on Pottery Barn

See all colors and read more reviews here

Best Small Travel Jewelry Case: Vlando

jewelry travel case

This light weight, small jewelry case is perfect for the girl that likes options.

Its compartments allow you to carry any assortment of small jewelry , with 3 interior sections, ring rolls and an elastic wall pocket. Everything stays secure with the fully zippered closure!

You can even remove the divisions if you want, and have the organizer hold small makeup items or lipsticks! Best of all, this jewelry organizer is really affordable, as it’s made from a synthetic leather, but still looks expensive.

Amazon Jewelry Box

Sold on Amazon

Best Large Travel Jewelry Organizer: Bagsmart

jewelry organizer

I first discovered Bagsmart on Amazon, as their electronics organizer is fantastic.

It turns out the Bagsmart jewelry organizer is just as great!

The brand makes 2 different sized travel jewelry pouches, both featuring a soft polyester material, lots of interior space and a two way zipper closure.

Accessories lovers will  love  the large binder.

In the large option , you have 5 snaps for hanging necklaces or delicate bracelets, enough holes to fit 15 pairs of earrings and lots of padded loop rings and zipper pouches. 

For the traveler who likes to bring all her jewelry to match every outfit, this Amazon jewelry box is one of the best.

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

jewelery storage

I’ve spent way too much money at The Container Store . There’s just something so satisfying about having closets, pantries and junk drawers so neatly organized.

Their Stackers brand make some of the most functional and sleek looking jewelry organizers. I love their jewelry trays because they’re entirely modular .

You can start with a small tray and as you gradually build your jewelry collection over time, add more trays. The slim profile trays fit neatly within dresser drawers or closet shelves, and their small jewelry boxes are designed to fit within the entire system!

You can basically grab a couple pieces of jewelry from your at-home jewelry tray and plop them into the compact box. Each travel box has 5 compartments to keep all your rings, earrings and trinkets together but not tangled when traveling. 

They’re also fully lined, snap close, and quite compact – so you can take them out of your suitcase and straight into those tiny hotel safes.

Then when you get home, stick them right back in your jewelry drawer! Talk about being organized.

Travel Jewelry Storage Tray

Sold on The Container Store

travel jewerly bag

Wolf specializes in beautiful jewelry organizers in all shapes and sizes.

This zip around case is perfect for travel, with a fun medallion cutout design and leather exterior. 

What’s unique is the interior is lined with anti-tarnish LusterLoc , meant to keep your jewelry looking its best.

There’s a built in mirror, six ring rolls, six earring holes and a wall pocket to keep all your jewelry safely secured!

This particular design doesn’t have necklace clasps, so it’s best for those who usually wear earrings and other jewelry. 

Wolf Zippered Travel Jewelry Case

Sold on Amazon & Nordstrom

See all colors & read more reviews here

travel jewelry roll

Prefer a jewelry roll?

Tumi makes a sleek, neutral portable jewelry case featuring plenty of zipper pockets.

With 1 transparent zip pocket, 2 snap pockets, 2 velvet zip pockets and a ring roll, you can really stuff a lot  in here and have each item be stored in its own place!

As with all Tumi products , the construction and quality is phenomenal. The jewelry case is made from nylon, so it’s very durable for long haul trips and it’s small enough to fit in hotel safes.

The only caveat is if you stuff this roll, it can get a little bit heavy.

Tumi Travel Jewelry Roll

Sold on Zappos & Amazon  

See all colors &  read more reviews here


I love the simple, timeless look of this Royce jewelry case .

It’s hand crafted with full-grain American leather . The structured square silhouette is sturdy enough to hold up to the stress of travel, and inside there’s two small zip pouches for necklaces and bracelets.

There’s also an earring post board that can hold up to 8 pairs of earrings as well as a strap for securing rings and hoops!

Royce Leather Travel Jewelry

Sold on Zappos & Amazon


If you’re looking for a simple and affordable jewelry bag, check out Kipling .

The soft case folds flat when not in use, and has a zipper closure and interior mesh pocket. The roomy main compartment has a drawstring pouch to hold all your jewelry together!

Kipling Travel Jewelry Pouch

Most Luxurious Travel Jewelry Case: Cuyana


And finally, one of the most luxurious jewelry organizers on the market. 

This gorgeous leather jewelry case is available in 5 pretty pastel shades . It’s responsibly made by Turkish artisans using pebbled Italian leather for the exterior and soft Italian suede for the lining.

The simple oval shaped case can hold necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings so it’s not only luxurious to the touch, it’s quite functional and roomy!

What I like most is how slim the profile is, so it’s very easy to tuck into a suitcase or carry-on bag. You can also personalize the travel jewelry case with your monogram for an extra touch of glam!

Cuyana Leather Jewelry Travel Organizer

Sold on Cuyana

Shop Jewelry Organizers for Travel

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The 13 Best Travel Jewelry Cases and Organizers [2023]

Erin Miller's image

Erin Miller

Content Contributor

188 Published Articles

Countries Visited: 26 U.S. States Visited: 28

Keri Stooksbury's image

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The 13 Best Travel Jewelry Cases and Organizers [2023]

Table of Contents

Why buy a travel jewelry case, the 14 best travel jewelry cases and boxes, final thoughts.

We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our  Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

Keeping your prized possessions safe when you travel can feel like a chore. From lockable luggage and slash-proof backpacks that ward off wrong-doers to merely being able to organize your gear on the go, finding the right bag or box to keep everything in one place takes a little bit of preparation before you set off. That’s where jewelry cases and boxes come in.

Jewelry Case

No matter how big or small your adventures are, you will always want to take your favorite jewelry. Keep your valuable items safe by investing in a jewelry case that has enough room to store all of your favorite pieces. Specially designed jewelry boxes and holders will keep your items organized on your trip and give you the peace of mind that your treasured accessories are always secure and protected on the go.

Bottom Line: Jewelry cases are compact and portable, so they can easily fit into your carry-on bag , and come with useful extras like removable trays, combination locks, or keys and mirrors.

Not sure which is the best box or jewelry case for your next trip? Check out some of our favorites below:

1. Compact Folding Organizer Perfectly Sized for Travel

  • Travel Smart by Conair Jewelry Roll Bag

Not only is this polka dot case pretty as a picture on the outside, but it is also roomy enough on the inside to allow you to travel with all of your favorite jewelry close at hand. It is lightweight and stylish, featuring 3 small zippered pockets for earrings and 3 large pockets for bracelets, watches, and necklaces.

This folding organizer measures 12.2 x 5.5 x 1 inches, and can slide easily into your carry-on. There’s a handy hook to be able to hang on the back of a door for easy access.

What We Like

  • Small and lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Items can tangle if placed in the same pocket

2. An Elegant Quilted Jewelry Pouch With Padded Protection

  • Ellis James Designs Quilted Organizer

With a timeless quilted exterior design, this beautiful pouch unzips to reveal a large main storage area with a wide variety of compartments. There are 2 very handy removable sections, 1 earring carrier, and 1 separate zippered pocket , and the pouch is padded for additional protection. The organizer also features necklace, ring, and watch-sized straps.

This case is perfect for safely storing all your jewelry, to ensure you can continue to travel in style. It is available in 3 colors (black, cream, or light grey) measuring only 9.7 x 6.1 x 2 inches in size, making it ideal for your carry-on bag.

  • Has a removable pouch
  • Doesn’t fit larger statement necklaces

3. A Practical Case With a Range of Stunning Colors

  • storageLAB Travel Jewelry Storage Carrying Case

This case has everything you need to travel securely with your treasures. It is designed to neatly store your jewelry inside using the necklace loops, ring bar, necklace pouches, and earring holes. Tightly closing zips prevent any items from falling out along the way, while the soft faux leather suede lining protects your valuables.

Made from beautiful faux leather suede , this little beauty is available in 4 stunning colors (black, brown, grey, and pink). Measuring a compact 10.25 x 6.75 x 1.75 inches, this case is perfectly sized for your carry-on luggage.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Necklaces require double looping

4. A Classically-designed Small Storage Case for Traveling

  • Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box

This travel box from the Vlando Macarons series has a chic, modern design and is a great travel accessory for your jewelry. Once unzipped, the box contains 2 removable divisions to the left and ring rolls to the right for keeping your rings in place. There’s even an elastic pocket in the lid of the box for storing smaller items.

The soft velvet lining means your jewelry is protected when traveling . The high-quality PU leather box comes in a range of different colors, including black, blue, red, grey, pink, or white, meaning you can match your jewelry box to suit your mood.

5. Carry-on-Sized Jewelry Box With Great Storage and Fun Designs

  • Casegrace Portable Jewelry Case

A must-have for any traveler looking to keep their best bits of bling with them on the move, this box is compact and clever. It can remain secure to prevent any items from going astray, and it unzips to reveal a creatively designed area perfect for storing earrings, rings, necklaces, and other small items.

Choose from 11 different colors including blue, pink, and red, as well as some with feature designs to the lids. Store your jewels in a box that is as beautiful as your jewelry itself. Measuring just over 4” squared, this box is small enough to carry in any purse , backpack , or carry-on luggage.

6. Double-sided Hanging Organizer With Multiple Transparent Pockets

Freegrace hanging travel jewelry organizer.

This folding case is durable enough to take with you on a ton of different adventures and is made from durable and tear-resistant fabrics with a 360-degree rotating hanger . It is double-sided, with an integral hanger making it easy to use anywhere you go. The 25 zippered pockets allow you to organize all your jewelry when traveling, and the transparent pocket fronts mean you can see all your gear at a glance while deciding what to wear.

Available in beige, grey, or white, this jewelry organizer looks smart and professional and measures only 16.9 x 7.8 x 1.2 inches, making it suitable for stowing in your carry-on bag.

7. A Petite Jewelry Case Made From Specially-designed Vegan Leather

Case elegance vegan leather travel jewelry case.

The specially designed vegan leather of this case feels and acts like real leather without the need for you to compromise on your beliefs. Available in 4 colors (pink, cream, monogrammed pink, or monogrammed cream), this luxurious case measures a compact but useable 8 x 5.5 x 1 inches and is excellent for traveling with small pieces of jewelry in your carry-on.

With felt-lined compartments for protection, necklace tabs, ring bars, zip pockets, a pouch, and an earrings strap, you can keep everything you need to feel pretty close by. This is one carry-on essential you should have on your packing list .

8. Conveniently Sized Organizer With Multi-purpose Interior Pockets

Toksks travel jewelry organizer.

The multi-layered jewelry holder is perfect for those traveling with valuable items they wish to keep in their carry-on. At only 8 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches in size, this organizer features necklace, ring, and earring straps, as well as 2 transparent zip pouches.

The nylon fabric of the exterior is practical and durable for travel, while the padded interior is soft and protective for your jewelry .

9. A Classically-designed Case With Generous Storage Compartments

Bagsmart travel jewelry storage case.

Ideal for travelers that want to take all of their bling things away with them, this case has a large storage area with room for multiple items. This case comes in 3 colors (soft pink, blue, or black) and is made of soft polyester material with zips and a super-strong handle. At a generous size of 9.8 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches , this case is still portable enough to slip into your carry-on or backpack.

The interior of the case is spacious enough to store necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, and still have room for more, and the various separate compartments allow you to keep your precious items organized and damage-free when you’re on the go.

10. A Compact Case With High Capacity and Funky Designs

Nishel travel jewelry organizer case.

This compact jewelry case measures just 9.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 inches and comes in 5 different colors (2 shades of blue, black, pink, and purple). These cases are made from high quality, durable materials, and have enough room so that you can securely tuck all your jewelry away in style.

This particular case is packed with layers of useful storage compartments including necklace snaps, ring bars, removable earring holders, transparent zip pockets, and dividers.

11. Practical for Traveling With Small Items of Jewelry

Vlando travel tassel jewelry box organizer.

A luxurious case allowing you to travel in style with your precious jewelry. Although it is compact at just 4.53 x 4.53 x 2.56 inches, the tassel fastener opens to reveal 5 well-designed sections for rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small items. There’s even a mirror inside the lid for checking out your look while you are traveling.

The case comes in a wide range of colors in soft faux leather (including pink, blue, black, yellow, and red), and the interior has a beautifully soft velvet lining for protection.

12. A Handy and Convenient, Multi-functional Jewelry Box With Mirror

Vee jewelry small faux leather box.

This box is super compact and incredibly lightweight , making it perfect for your stashing in your carry-on luggage when traveling. The box unzips to give you space to neatly store your rings, earrings, necklaces, and other small accessories.

It is elegantly styled while still being practical enough to have a variety of compartments, including a ring bar, dividers, elasticated pocket, and even a mirror inside the lid. Choose from either the mini-sized or small box which comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, blue, or grey), with all offering soft beige velvet interiors.

13. A Multi-functional 2 Layered Case With Magnetic Ring Holders

Dream & glamour travel jewelry case.

Available in plain black, pink, or white, this case is the ultimate solution for those traveling with lots of lovely jewelry and accessories. It has double-layer storage compartments capable of holding 5 necklaces, 10 pairs of earrings, and 12 rings.

Measuring 6.3 x 4.33 x 2 inches and made from high-quality, faux leather that is waterproof, this case is durable and should last you for a fair few adventures. The soft interior will ensure your jewelry stays safe and well-organized.

Travel in style with all your treasures. Invest in a jewelry case that offers easy access, excellent organization, and is compact enough to carry everywhere with you.

There are cases out there to suit every traveler and every trip. With a travel jewelry case, you can neatly and securely keep your jewelry in your carry-on or backpack and grab what you need when you need it. These boxes and bags also offer an extra layer of security when you travel.

Looking for all of our favorite travel products in one place? Head over to our one-stop travel product page .

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep your valuable items safe by investing in a jewelry case that has enough room to store all of your favorite pieces. Specially designed jewelry boxes and holders will keep your items organized on your trip and give you the peace of mind that your treasured accessories are always secure and protected on the go.

What are the best jewelry cases?

Some of the best jewelry cases include:

Can you carry a jewelry case in your carry-on?

Jewelry cases are compact and portable, so they can easily fit into your carry-on bag, and come with useful extras like removable trays, combination locks, or keys and mirrors.

What style of jewelry case is best?

Roll-up jewelry cases are real space savers and can slot anywhere into your bag, while hard case cases will be heavier and bulkier but will provide more protection.

Was this page helpful?

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22 Of The Best Travel Jewelry Cases To Store Your Fave Pieces Safely

In case you've ever had the urge to bring your entire jewelry collection on a two-day trip.

Allison Jiang

BuzzFeed Staff

1. A beyond adorable teensy travel jewelry case  reviewers say looks way more expensive than it is, and has everything you need to take your essentials (and more, TBH) wherever you go. 

reviewer collage of zipped up and open black jewelry case

This jewelry case is also available engraved with the letters A, S, M, or J!

Promising review: "Okay, show of hands: who else is here looking at this because $75 is way out of budget for the Mejuri travel case ? Same. Whether or not that’s what brought you here, this case rocks. I don’t have a lot of jewelry and I wanted something small, of good quality and carry-on/travel friendly that can hold it all. This hits all of the marks. I like the mirror that lifts to reveal the necklace hangers and that it can be pulled outward and made into a stand (as to be used without having to hold the case open). The removable dividers are cool too, making the main compartment versatile and able to hold whatever size items you need it to. I added a few photos showing the compartment inserts both in and out of the case. The stud holes around the mirror are a nice touch also. Overall, the quality on this case is A+ and it looks great, aesthetically. Definitely choose this one if you’re debating between others!" — Meg

Get it from Amazon for $11.19+ (available with or without the mirror and 14 colors).

Looking for earring organizers ? We've got you covered.  

2. Or a slightly higher-end travel jewelry case  made with a genuine leather exterior and suede interior, as well as handy-dandy hooks to prevent your necklaces from tangling into the dreaded ball of doom.

reviewer pic of the inside of the organizer with jewelry in it

Promising review: "I just received this and I couldn't be happier! A friend of mine has the Mejuri one, but I like the look of the Saffiano leather on this one much better. It's a little bit taller than hers, but I don't mind since it's still pretty compact and it means I have space to pack a watch and bracelet. At less than half the price of the other brand (but still genuine leather!!), this is such a steal. I'm already thinking of who I can give this to for Christmas!" — danielle

Get it from Amazon for $36.99 .

3. A zip-up or button-up mirrored travel jewelry case  in several different configurations, which include such features as (but not limited to): a flip-up stud earring tab, removable grids, an elastic pocket, and hidden compartments for your chunkier items.

reviewer photo holding green jewelry case out in the sun

Promising review: "I absolutely love this jewelry case. I love the color and the texture on the top. The snap closes tightly but it’s easy to open. It can definitely hold quite a bit of jewelry. I love the section for stud earrings and the snaps/ pouch area for chains and bracelets. I also really love that it has a mirror and that the earrings/mirror section can stand on itself. It’s a great size for a purse or bag. Love it and highly recommend it!" — Calysta Spedoske

Get it from Amazon for $9.99+  (available with or without mirror panel, and with zip-up or button-up closure; available in eight colors).

4. A super   mini travel jewelry case  made from 100% Italian velvet to safely store those few core pieces you just can't travel without, and give them the protection they deserve.

model opening pink velvet mini jewlery case, rings inside

Made In Rose is an Etsy shop based in New York City that makes handmade personalized wedding goods.

You can get this monogrammed with your name or initials for a little over $2, with your choice of three fonts. 

Promising review: "Super nice quality, was torn between the dusty pink and the blue but went with blue per others' reviews and glad I did. Got five as gifts for college friends that I will be seeing at a girls' trip soon and think it is the perfect welcome gift bag stuffer! Something to put your daily jewelry in when you travel, etc. So soft and plushy, very well made. There were a LOT of these same ones all over Etsy and online in general but I went with this seller and glad I did because shipping and packaging were also top notch. Don't hesitate to buy!" — Anya Macias

Get it from Made In Rose on Etsy for $13.79+ (available in seven colors).

5. A Shark Tank- famous Lion Latch travel jewelry case  if you never want to risk losing your most beloved pieces — the carabiner design makes it easy to latch onto your other belongings, and never, ever open by accident, ever.

reviewer photo holding turquoise Lion Latch

Lion Latch is a woman-owned business founded by Lerin Lockwood, a high school art teacher from Texas.

Promising review: "This genius little invention is absolutely perfect for keeping jewelry safe! I love that you can clip it to your keys, bookbag, purse, etc. I plan on using this when I travel and go hiking to keep my engagement ring safe. If the lid is on and the clip is through the holes, there is no way you can lose anything. It's perfect!" — Hollie Daniels

Get it from Amazon for $15.95 (available in 10 colors, as well as packs of three).

Check out more Shark Tank products our readers actually swear by!

6. A Saffiano leather  wrap-up travel case  that will keep your stuff wrapped up and secure, sans jangling and clangling, not to mention it looks like a gorgeous clutch purse .

product image of the wrap-up jewelry case

You can get this monogrammed with your initials for an extra $12.

Promising review: "The jewelry case is an outstanding-quality travel case. I travel frequently and this jewelry case, is by far, the nicest with the best organizational set up for jewelry. The size is perfect to carry in a travel tote/carry-on bag, as well as a purse. The lining is superb for keeping each piece of jewelry from rubbing together. I am recommending this to my travel friends. It's early, but a great Christmas gift!" — Lavona K. Cooper

Get it from Amazon for $37.77+ .

If you're in need of some regular jewelry holders , we've got those too.

7. A  monogrammed jewelry case  just begging to be given to as a cute personalized gift for the special people in your life — or, a treat for yourself that will spark joy on every excursion, no matter how short.

closeup of monogrammed jewelry case

Sprinkled With Pink  is a woman-owned Etsy small biz based in Dallas, Texas that creates custom bachelorette and engagement goodies.

My editor  Ciera Velarde  loves this: "I bought these as a gift for my bridesmaids and they were a hit!! You can personalize it with their initials and also customize it with any text and shadow color you want. They even provide a mock-up tool so you can see what the colors look like together before you order. When they came, they were much higher quality than I thought they'd be, and there's plenty of room in them to store anything you need for a trip. If you're already gifting someone jewelry, this is a budget-friendly and highly practical item you can add to the gift that anyone would appreciate!"

Promising review:  "The jewelry box is very cute and I'm excited to give them to my bridesmaids as part of their gifts. The monograms look really nice. Plus, Kendra and her team are fantastic! At first my shipping date got delayed and wasn't going to make it in time for my wedding. I contacted them and we made a slight change to make sure that I got them on time for my wedding!! Thanks!!" — Carissa Heath

Get it from  Sprinkled With Pink  on Etsy for  $19.99  (available in 28 design colors).

8. A foldable  jewelry roll  complete with a ring band, earring panel, a buckled strap for your necklaces, and two zip pouches to keep your most precious pieces safe from the woes of travel.

reviewer photo of folded up jewelry case next to hand

Promising review:  "I saw this recommended on TikTok and bought it on a whim. I never knew a jewelry organizer would be so useful! I absolutely love this organizer and think everyone should have one!!" — Savana Bishop

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in two sizes and nine colors/patterns). 

9. An adorable floral jewelry case  almost as cute as the jewelry itself, and perfect for storing the armfuls of emotional support bracelets you've accumulated over the years.

model holding Pura Vida floral jewelry case

Promising review: "I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but every now and again I want to pack a necklace and a few pairs of earrings, and usually they just get thrown into my bag because I didn’t really have a better option. This mini case will be perfect for those few things I want to pack with space for quite a bit more!" — Hayley M

Get it from Pura Vida for $24 .

10. A set of TSA-compliant  travel capsules  made from recycled ocean-bound plastic ideal for storing any face creams, serums, and of course, your small jewelry pieces. You'll never go digging around in your bag again, thanks to the power of these magnetic doodads. 

hand pulls out same capsules all stacked together in a white color from cosmetics bag

Cadence is a woman-owned small business specializing in personal care travel solutions. 

BuzzFeed writer Jasmin Sandal loves these travel capsules: "I love my little containers that allow me to downsize but still carry my necessities while I'm traveling. They're not only cute to look at but they're pretty practical. I have used mine to store my vitamins, earrings, face cream and have not run into any issues. They have tight, screw-on tops so you know everything is secure *and* you can customize their labels so you know exactly what's in what. Oh, and the fact that they're magnetic? Genius. This way, they stay tightly together in your case or can be conveniently stored in a makeup bag." 

Promising review: "Just tried them all out for the first time this past weekend — life-changing when it comes to travel! They fit sooooo much more than you would think and the jewelry one is perfect! I don’t sleep with my rings on and have been known to leave them places. 😳 Also, the magnetic aspect of these are incredible! It doesn’t matter where you throw them, they find each other and stick together so you never have to search for any of them. I highly recommend so much that I’ve already sent my best friend a set and am planning on buying a set for my husband who is constantly traveling! LOVE this product!!" — Gina B.

Get a set of six from Cadence for $76  or a single capsule for $14  (available in 14 colors).

11. A birth flower travel jewelry case  that would make an amazingly thoughtful, personalized gift for the travel junkie in your life that you might just have to buy double for yourself.

model holding up rawhide color birth flower travel jewelry case

ATHENUS  is an Etsy small biz that makes vegan leather personalized travel accessories. If you want a name engraved along with the birth flower, just type it into the text box on the right before purchasing!

Promising review: "I bought this for my cousin's 18th birthday for her to have while she travels for the summer after high school. It's very well made and not too big and not too small. The name and flower came out beautifully. I will be ordering more for Christmas presents!!!" — Heather

Get it from ATHENUS on Etsy for $24.95+ (available in eight colors).

Check out some gorgeous pieces of jewelry that would make perfect gifts ! 

12. A leather jewelry case  with a beautiful oval shape and convenient zippered compartments so all your jewelry doesn't mish-mash together and cause a massive headache.

collage of burgundy red oval leather case, zipped close and opened

Promising review: "I do not wear jewelry very often and I would usually keep it in my bedside stand. Plus I have tissues and other stuff in there that made it difficult to find. This box is just the right size for people who need a secure and convenient place for their jewelry. Worth every penny and would be great for travel." — Judytheornery

Get it from Kohl's for $55.08 (originally $72; available in three colors).

13. A round jewelry case  compact enough to throw in your carry-on, like the world's most functional macaron.

olive green round jewelry case

Olive & Piper is an Asian woman-owned jewelry small biz based in Vancouver.

Promising review: "I ordered this with a few pairs of the anniversary mini earrings . I took out the divider on the right to make room for the longer earrings. Perfect size to carry a few pieces and the metallic taupe color is beautiful." — Agnes L.

Get it from Olive & Piper for $36 .

14. A travel jewelry case  available in five goooorgeous designs (obsessed with the black croc-embossed version that says "treasure me") that will make packing for your travel so much more fun.

three of the different designs of travel jewelry case

Estella Bartlett is a jewelry small biz based in London founded by brother-sister duo Nick and Louise Bartlett. Check out the rest of their beautiful printed jewelry boxes and cases here .

Get it from Estella Bartlett for $42 (available in five designs).

15. A sturdy faux leather  travel jewelry case  with plenty of depth — since it's impossible to choose which earrings you want to bring for your two-day trip, might as well bring every pair you own. 

the travel jewelry case on a desk

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $36.99 (originally $61).

16. A privacy jewelry case  if you're feeling a bit of ~fance~ for your next trip, with a removable drawstring pouch for your more sensitive baubles and a delicate Saffiano leather exterior.

collage of the jewelry case, closed and open showing privacy bag inside

Get it from Neiman Marcus for $37 (originally $75).

17. A travel jewelry box  spacious enough to fit every jewelry option to go with every potential outfit you may  or may not don on your vacation.

reviewer photo of the open jewelry case

Promising review: "I wanted a jewelry box for travel that didn't leave things tangled, or hard to find, and that didn't need to be unrolled to see everything. This box is perfect! The size is just right for my two-month trip, I can bring everything I need. The inside cushions are soft and the dividers seem very sturdy. While it is short, I feel like I can double wrap the necklaces and I like that there is a pocket to keep them contained. I love the color as well, it's very rich. I can't wait to use it on my trip!" — Beth S.

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in 12 colors).

18. A  jewelry case  whose three collapsible compartments fold into the world's cutest little baguette, protecting any oddly shaped jewelry pieces you have and fitting into your bag with ease.

un-collapsed three-tier jewelry case

Promising review: "This jewelry case is perfect for bigger pieces that don’t or can’t lay flat, bend, etc.! I have chunky Cuban chokers and necklaces, wrap bracelets, hoop earrings, etc that didn’t travel well in a standard square-shaped travel jewelry box. They seemed jumbled and stuffed in the box and would often get tangled, also my wrap bracelets would be flattened and bent out of shape. The circular shape of this case is perfect! Keeps my rounded jewelry in its form and the three sections are perfect to keep everything orderly. The case seems durable and love the colors. I’m glad I finally bought this case!" — New Mrs JR

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in nine colors).

19. A Beis hanging jewelry case  ideal for feeding the extra, outfit-obsessed demon that comes out of you on vacation — it comes with a built-in hanger, as well as a butt-ton of clear zip pockets allowing you to see your entire collection at a glance.

product image, model holding the folded travel bag in the air

Promising reviews: "Functional, stylish, sleek. Very easy to pack. Can hold a lot of essentials and more! I use it for jewelry as well as small travel size essentials! Can fit a lot of accessories and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for! It is a lot easier to pack versus packing a jewelry box for all your essentials. The website does a very good job at describing what you’re getting. Definitely will be a good gift for those who love to travel with accessories!" — Deanne D.

"Waited for this to go back in stock and am SO happy it did! It’s great for anywhere between a weekend or week plus of travel! There’s so many different compartment sizes for various types of jewelry. It’s also very well made and the zippers/plastic are really durable. I love that it folds and is easy to pack and doesn’t take up much space in my other luggage!" — Stephanie M.

Get it from Beis for $48 .

20. An elegantly embellished leather  travel jewelry case  made with a LusterLoc lining that protects your jewelry from tarnishing.

collage of the white embellished travel case, folded and unfolded

Promising review: "I wanted something small for overnight trips when it was just a matter of a couple pairs of earrings and other pieces. This is definitely perfect! I like it for short business trips when I’m not packed my bulky earrings and chunky pieces." — NordieNOVAShopper

Get it from Wolf for $52.50  or Nordstrom for $75  (available in two colors).

21. A  Calpak travel jewelry case  with just about everything you need for a tangle-free trip: snap tabs for your rings and necklaces, a removable earring card, and a drawstring bag you can gleefully open and close à la Gollum from the Lord of the Rings (my jewels... my precious.....).

gray jewelry case with drawstring bag, removable earring grid

Promising reviews: "This is classy and very well made. It is sturdy and the fabric is soft, so I feel completely comfortable storing my more expensive items while traveling. Thank you!" — Erin D.

"I do not know what I would be doing without this lifesaving jewelry case! It makes traveling with the essentials extremely seamless, and I even have got into the habit of using it as a storage container when I'm home! Love every single detail that this piece was designed with. If you're debating it, DO IT! I've had mine for two years now, and I still am 100% loving it!!" — Saara

Get it from Calpak for  $98  (available in six colors).

22. A jewelry case  giving off ethereal jewelry box vibes, featuring a sturdy construction and a compartment with some depth, so you don't have to choose between your favorite pieces.

floral design deep jewelry case, open showing compartments

Promising review: "Really cute print and perfect size for travel. I love this print so much! It's the perfect size for storing plenty of baubles into organized compartments so you have a visual inventory of everything at a glance and your necklaces or bracelets won't wind up in a tangled mess at the bottom of a bag." — Meghan S.

Get it from Bando for $28.95 (available in two designs).

You, determined to finally transport your jewelry without making a tangled mess:

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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Travel Jewelry Case Zip Closure

Travel Jewelry Case Zip Closure

Customizations Total: $ 0.00

NOTICE: This order won't be fulfilled because the customizations require JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript to continue shopping.

Introducing our Travel Jewelry Case - the perfect companion for your jewelry on the go! Keep your precious accessories organized, secure, and easily accessible with this stylish and functional case. Here are the key features:

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4.125"W x 4.125"L x 2"H
  • Print Area: 3.8"W x 3.8"L
  • Weight: 4oz
  • Available Colors: Teal Blue, Pink, and Gray
  • Process: UV Printed
  • Interior: Gray, lightly textured plush corduroy fabric / Tan inside Pink
  • Exterior: Leatherette for a sleek and sophisticated look
  • Made in China

Organizational Features:

  • Earring Compartments: Four square compartments designed specifically for your earrings, keeping them separate and tangle-free.
  • Necklace and Bracelet Hooks: Three hanging hooks ensure your necklaces and bracelets remain untangled and ready to wear.
  • Zipper Pocket: A convenient zipper pocket provides additional space for small items or those you want to keep extra secure.
  • Ring Slots: Six dedicated slots for your rings, preventing them from scratching or getting lost.
  • Zip Around Design: The case features a secure zip-around closure for both security and easy access, allowing you to quickly grab your favorite pieces on the go.

Stylish and Practical: The Travel Jewelry Case combines style with practicality, featuring a leatherette exterior in Teal Blue, Pink, or Gray. The interior's plush corduroy fabric adds a touch of luxury while protecting your jewelry from scratches and damage.

Whether you're a frequent traveler or just looking for a compact and organized way to store your jewelry at home, our Travel Jewelry Case is the perfect solution. Elevate your accessory game and bring your favorite pieces with you wherever you go. Order now and experience the convenience of organized and secure jewelry storage!

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11oz White Custom Coffee Mugs

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3" Round Personalized Ceramic Ornament

3" Round Personalized Ceramic Ornament

Regular price $ 17.99 From $ 4.95

Black Inner Handle

11 oz Inner Handle Mug (Multiple Colors)

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Swizzle Jewelry Case

$40.00 USD $50.00 USD You save: 20% ( $10.00 USD )

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zip around travel jewelry case

  • Measurements

Bigger than its cube-shaped counterpart, the Swizzle Jewelry Capsule keeps your rings, earrings, cufflinks, and necklaces beautifully well-organized. It features one main zip-around compartment, a top handle for easy portability, five super-soft-lined sections inside, a removable pouch, and extra little pocket — in true Lug fashion.

  • Dimensions: 7"W x 3"H x 3.5"D Weight: 0.25 lb Top Handle Drop: 1"
  • One main zip around compartment
  • Body/trim/lining 100% polyester
  • Five soft lined sections for rings or cufflinks
  • Hook and loop closure removable divider
  • One hook and loop closure removable mesh zipper pouch
  • Two soft lined cargo pockets

zip around travel jewelry case

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Elektrostal Localisation : Country Russia , Oblast Moscow Oblast . Available Information : Geographical coordinates , Population, Area, Altitude, Weather and Hotel . Nearby cities and villages : Noginsk , Pavlovsky Posad and Staraya Kupavna .


Find all the information of Elektrostal or click on the section of your choice in the left menu.

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Elektrostal Demography

Information on the people and the population of Elektrostal.

Elektrostal Geography

Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal .

Elektrostal Distance

Distance (in kilometers) between Elektrostal and the biggest cities of Russia.

Elektrostal Map

Locate simply the city of Elektrostal through the card, map and satellite image of the city.

Elektrostal Nearby cities and villages

Elektrostal weather.

Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Elektrostal.

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Elektrostal Hotel

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Elektrostal Nearby

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Elektrostal Page

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Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Saturn Stadium

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Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • History of Russian Scarfs and Shawls Museum
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Fryazino Centre for Culture and Leisure
  • Military Technical Museum
  • Church of Our Lady of Kazan
  • Drama Theatre BOOM
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Borisoglebsky Sports Palace
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Church of Vladimir
  • Shirokov House
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Pavlovsky Posad Museum of Art and History
  • Saturn Stadium
  • Zheleznodorozhny Museum of Local Lore
  • Stella Municipal Drama Theater
  • Fairy Tale Children's Model Puppet Theater
  • Fifth House Gallery
  • Likino Dulevo Museum of Local Lore
  • Malakhovka Museum of History and Culture
  • Art Gallery of The City District


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    Cuyana Travel Jewelry Case at Cuyana.com ($98) Jump to Review. Best Travel Jewelry Case for Maximalists: Calpak Jewelry Case at Calpaktravel.com ($84) Jump to Review. Best Travel Jewelry Case for Minimalists: Levenger Mini Jewelry Organizer at Levenger.com ($90) Jump to Review.

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  7. 16 Best Travel Jewelry Cases, Tested & Reviewed for 2024

    Enter, travel jewelry cases—like a jewelry box but mobile. ... Wolf Sophia Mini Circle Zip Case. $95 at Nordstrom $95 at Bloomingdale's $95 at wolf1834.com. Pros. Anti-tarnish microsuede lining ;

  8. 21 best travel jewelry cases for rings and necklaces in 2023

    Other selling points include a center zip pocket divider, a zip-around closure, a seven-hole ring bar, three necklace hooks and a built-in mirror. $115 at Nordstrom Aurate Travel Pouch

  9. Vera Bradley Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case

    This Vera Bradley Zip-Around Jewelry Folio Bag features an allover printed pattern. Recycled cotton construction. Comes with two ring holders, two earring holders, and five necklace holders. Two zippered interior pockets. Four interior compartments. Zippered closure. Lining: recycled cotton. Buy Vera Bradley Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case ...

  10. Vera Bradley Performance Twill Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case

    Buy Vera Bradley Performance Twill Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case and other Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry at Amazon.com. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. ... Whether used for every day or travel, the Zip Around Jewelry Folio Organizer Case is the perfect side measuring 7 inches high, 5 inches wide, & 2 inches ...

  11. 25 Best Travel Jewelry Cases You'll LOVE: Leather, Personalized + Pretty!

    The Caroline Zip Travel Case has everything a small jewelry travel organizer needs. Three necklace hooks with an elasticized pocket, 7 ring rolls, 4 small compartments and a mirror divider. If you have chunkier pieces, consider using a small jewelry pouch and tuck it inside.

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    Best Travel Jewelry Cases. Best Personalized Jewelry Binder: Pottery Barn. Best Zip Around Travel Jewelry Case: Wolf. Best Travel Jewelry Binder: Bagsmart. Best Travel Jewelry Box: Container Store. Best Travel Jewelry Roll: Tumi. Best Leather Travel Jewelry Case: Royce. Best Small Travel Jewelry Pouch: Kipling.

  13. Lug Ziparound Jewelry Case

    Style: Swizzle. Top handle, main zip-around compartment. Five soft-lined sections, hook-and-loop removable divider, hook-and-loop removable zipper pouch, two soft-lined cargo pockets, two snaps to hold chains. Measures approximately 7" x 3" x 4" with a 1.25" handle drop; weighs 0.25 lb. Body/trim/lining 100% polyester. Imported. Print this Page.

  14. The 13 Best Travel Jewelry Cases and Organizers [2023]

    NISHEL Travel Jewelry Organizer Case. This compact jewelry case measures just 9.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 inches and comes in 5 different colors (2 shades of blue, black, pink, and purple). These cases are made from high quality, durable materials, and have enough room so that you can securely tuck all your jewelry away in style.

  15. 22 Best Travel Jewelry Cases To Store Your Fave Pieces

    5. A Shark Tank-famous Lion Latch travel jewelry case if you never want to risk losing your most beloved pieces — the carabiner design makes it easy to latch onto your other belongings, and ...

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    Zip Around Design: The case features a secure zip-around closure for both security and easy access, allowing you to quickly grab your favorite pieces on the go. Stylish and Practical: The Travel Jewelry Case combines style with practicality, featuring a leatherette exterior in Teal Blue, Pink, or Gray. The interior's plush corduroy fabric adds ...

  17. Amazon.com: Zip Around Organizer Case

    Vera Bradley Women's Performance Twill Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case. 4.5 out of 5 stars 33. $43.43 $ 43. 43. FREE delivery Thu, Jan 11 . ... Decorebay Everyday Genuine Cow Leather Zip Around Mini Travel Jewelry Box Organizer with Zipper Closure (Midnight Black) 4.5 out of 5 stars 11. $27.99 $ 27. 99. FREE delivery Thu, ...

  18. Swizzle Jewelry Case

    Swizzle Jewelry Case. Bigger than its cube-shaped counterpart, the Swizzle Jewelry Capsule keeps your rings, earrings, cufflinks, and necklaces beautifully well-organized. It features one main zip-around compartment, a top handle for easy portability, five super-soft-lined sections inside, a removable pouch, and extra little pocket — in true ...

  19. List of Postal / ZIP Codes in Moscow oblast

    Moscow oblast zip code list, postal code, list of all zip codes, zip codes by city, zip code list by county, what is a postal code Kodhe pos|PIN code|Postcode|CAP ...

  20. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.

  21. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Travel Guide. Check-in. Check-out. Guests. Search. Explore map. Visit Elektrostal. Things to do. Check Elektrostal hotel availability. Check prices in Elektrostal for tonight, Jun 15 - Jun 16. Tonight. Jun 15 - Jun 16. Check prices in Elektrostal for tomorrow night, Jun 16 - Jun 17. Tomorrow night.

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    Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right. Vacation Packages. Stays. Cars. Flights. Support. All travel. Vacation Packages Stays Cars Flights Cruises Support Things to do. My Account. Members can access discounts and special features.