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The 17 Best Men’s Travel Shirts for Style, Comfort, and Adventure

As much as I hate to admit it, the perfect men’s travel shirt doesn’t exist.  You might find comfortable travel shirts that look good – but those same “perfect travel shirts” may be too delicate to adventure hard in, dry too slowly, and get destroyed when you drop it off at a Southeast Asian laundry kiosk. On the other hand, a shirt may dry quickly and withstand a beating but be a little too ugly to be your only shirt. So what’s the solution?

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The solution to the “perfect travel shirt” problem is to strategically pick a few shirts for your travels with a dedicated shirt for looking good, a few shirts for adventuring and wandering hard, and an all-purpose shirt that sits somewhere in between – and I think I’ve mastered this compromise.

Read on to discover my favorite shirts for traveling, adventuring, and still looking good along the way

travel denim shirt


  • My optimal travel shirt setup
  • What to look for in a Good Travel Shirt Based on Your Travels
  • Technical Flannel Shirts
  • Travel Ready Dress Shirts
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords
  • Denim Travel Shirts
  • Hawaiian Shirts
  • My Favorite Travel Jacket: The Bluffworks Field Jacket


If you want your packing list to be ready for anything, pack the following shirts in addition to some travel-ready pants and travel-worthy shoes :

  • One shirt for looking good and going out – a versatile button down shirt, ideally short sleeve oxford that is sweat wicking and wrinkle free or a denim shirt
  • One shirt that doubles as a warmth layer but can be worn anywhere – I’m a fan of lightweight, technical flannel shirts
  • Three or more travel friendly t-shits –a mix of short sleeves, V-necks, and Henleys made of wool, synthetic materials (polyester), or a proven active wear blend to dry quickly and resist funk

If you stick to these three options, you’ll keep your bags light while still being ready for any occasion or adventure.  Read on to discover my favorite options for Men’s travel shirts.


Keep in mind that though a shirt might be branded as a great “travel shirt” it still may be over kill (or inadequate) for your travels.  To pick the right travel shirt, that will keep you comfortable, looking good, and smelling good through whatever travels you have in store, think heavily about your destination and consider these points in your potential shirts…

What is the right style for your travels (if any) based on the destination if any?

What materials are best (polyester, wool, or an active wear cotton blend), durability: how hard will your adventures be on these shirts.

  • Versatility: What situations will you need to dress for?

Smell and dirt resistance: How often will you be able to shower and do laundry?

If you’re going to Europe, having a nice short sleeve button down is highly recommended.  If you’re going to Southeast Asia, don’t even think about taking any long sleeve shirts.

If you’re doing the Banana Pancake Trail (Thailandà Laosà Vietnamà Cambodia) and the most you’ll do is a pub crawl, ditch the fancy stuff

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

And if you’re heading to Bali, plan on beachwear and your “nice clothes” being shorts and a nice short sleeve shirt.

In any case, think about the situations you’ll be in and the style required (or not required) to avoid extra clothing.  Here’s a quick cheat list to help

  • Southeast Asia: You’ll be in sandals and shorts the entire time.  No long sleeves.
  • South America: It may get chilly and adventurous, especially if you’re going to Patagonia, so a long sleeve flannel, an “island-ish” short sleeve button down, and plenty of Merino Wool/Quick Dry t-shirts will do you well.  Also, bring a set of nice clothes – as Buenos Aires, Rio, Cusco, and Medellin have some amazing nightlife
  • Europe: You’ll only need one or two “adventurous” pairs of clothes at most (unless you’re trekking).  Dress for the seasons as  winter in Europe is vastly different than summer
  • Middle East: Dress conservatively and plan for the deserts to be hot by day and cold by night. You’ll be surprised how far a wool t-shirt and flannel button-down will take you here.
  • North America: Dress for the seasons and for specific locations.  We’re all across the board in the US and Canadialand.
  • Central America: No long sleeves.  Plan to exist completely in shorts and sandals.

If you can afford it, wool is the most amazing material for shirts .  ( Read about how I decided to wear a wool shirt for a week straight to test the idea).  They resist funk, still keep you warm when wet, and dry quickly.  The only downside is these shirts will breakdown quicker than polyester – especial if you’re using an industrial washer.

Polyester/synthetic shirts are an excellent, cheap option, especially for hard adventuring.  You can purchase them at target for ~$10 or less and they stand up to heavy abuse.  Along the way, they dry quickly and insulate when wet. The downside is they don’t resist funk too well.  Personally, I always hike and travel (by bus, train, and plane) in synthetic shirts because they’re so cheap I don’t care if they get destroyed.  I recommend picking up at least a couple synthetic t-shirts for routine wear in hard conditions.

Cotton: Limit how much of your wardrobe is cotton.  Depending on how often you’re getting wet and how often you wash, cotton can be fine or can be a complete pain.  On the upside, some cotton shirts look good, they’re extremely durable, and they can stand to go a good amount of time between washes in a pinch (denim, not necessarily t-shirts). The only options I consider in cotton are Short sleeve button downs which class up very well, and denim shirts which are super durable, look good, and are a great protect layer for light adventures (like motorbiking in Asia .

The only upside of cotton is that it is much tougher than wool and polyester, with good abrasion resistance and actually gets better with wear.  This is why my denim shirt was my shirt of choice to wear during my motorbike ride through Vietnam , to save a little skin just in case I fell.  All the while, it still looked good enough for the bars.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

If you’re in Europe and (should be) showering everyday and have laundry nearby, materials and worrying about getting smelly shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

On the other hand, if you’re moving super quickly through humid Southeast Asia or adventuring through South America and can only wash ever week and a half, do yourself a favor and get shirts made of technical materials (wool, polyester, etc.) that wick sweat, resist odor, and do more to keep you dry.

Now that you know what to look for in a travel shirt, let’s take a closer look at your options


  • T-Shirts (Wool, Polyester, and active wear blends – timeless, simple, near perfect travel shirts)
  • Technical Flannel Shirts (every traveler should have one)
  • Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Short Sleeve Oxfords (great for looking good anywhere)
  • Denim travel shirts (the “all-arounder” and travel shirt underdog)
  • Hawaiian Shirts (for Beachy Travel)


(wool, polyester, and active wear blends).

As unexciting as it sounds, t-shirts are by far the best travel shirt option. They’ve been around for ages, worn in every activity, and performed well while staying stylish every step of the way.  If you take only one type of shirt traveling, stick to t-shirts.

In terms of style, you can’t go wrong with a well fitting t-shirt.

The small packing foot print of t-shirts makes them easy to pack and wash, lightening your load and making life easier.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good

Some might insist that t-shirts are too boring to wear for a year straight.  I disagree.

To stay looking good (and not get bored), avoid traditional crew neck t-shirts and light V-neck and Henley shirts in dark colors (grey, burgundy, darker blue, black).

For material, invest in at least two wool shirts and grab two cheaper synthetic shirts. 

I have been very satisfied with Wooly’s merino wool t-shirts, Bluffworks’ synthetic travel t shirt, Outlier’s insanely great Ultrafine Merino shirt, and a handful of others I’ve tested and highly recommend below. 

For active wear synthetic shirts, my go to is actually the Hylete Icon-2 performance Henley, designed as gym wear but looks so great I wear it on nights out. For a Target’s G9 Champion brand shirts which are comparable in quality, function, and style to Lulu Lemon’s men’s line and quite a few of Nike’s pieces, but available for ~$10 to $20 for us budget travelers .  

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…read on for the 17 best travel t-shirts for men, and you’ll definitely find the perfect gear for your upcoming travels.

My Favorite T-Shirts for Travel

1. bluffworks threshold tee.

travel denim shirt

This amazing t-shirt was obsessively designed specifically for travel. If you’re trying to keep your bags light by getting a shirt that you can wear over and over (without washing) in a variety of conditions, the Bluffworks Threshold T is a perfect candidate.

High breathability, great odor resistance, and a feel softer than cotton make this a great shirt to wear. A unique synthetic blend keeps this shirt super light while drying quickly and making hand washes and line drying possible for “one bag” travelers”

Where to buy: Click to see more colors at Bluffworks Online


travel denim shirt

This is insanely soft yet comfortable and durable shirt is absolutely the best wool shirt I have ever owned.

Made of 100% extremely fine Merino wool, this shirt naturally resists odor (I’ve worn the shirt for a week straight to test), dries quickly, and does a wonderful job keeping me cool even in tropical climates.

The construction is top notch, very durable and cut with a just slim enough and stylish fit. With 2 or 3 of these shirts, a traveler could easily wander the world with these as their only shirts.

Where to buy: Click to see more colors Outlier Online


travel denim shirt

The Hylete Icon 2 Henley is a perfect blend of style and function that fits daily life, adventure, and travel equally. The quad blend performance fabric (that is stretchy, odor resisting, and quick drying) and design are actually intended as hard core exercise that can be worn in everyday life. With the classic Henley stylish three button front, this dresses up nicely with Chinos and a blazer or will simply keep you looking good on long treks.

From the cool highlands of the Himilayas to the warm days and posh night clubs of Bali, this Hylete Henley has been a favorite piece of apparel in my pack and will continue to be. I highly recommend this affordable yet stylish piece of performance gear for your travels

Where to buy: Click to see more colors available at Hylete Online.


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

Woolly Clothing offers great wool clothing direct to you, which means its cheaper than many other options.  I own a few of their shirts (a V-neck and a Henley) and wholeheartedly vouch for the.  Great style.  Great performance

Where to buy: Check out the selection of Woolly Clothing on Amazon


travel denim shirt

Champion C9 is Target’s in house attempt to compete with active wear giants like Nike and Lulelemon for the men’s athletic wear market.  The result is great gym wear that wears beyond the gym for a great price.  I always load up on a few of these shirts for upcoming travels whenever I’m in the US.

Where to buy: $12.99 at Target


travel denim shirt

Though these shirts somewhat break my rule of avoiding cotton, the 95% cotton/5% Elastene blend works extremely well.  Not only do these shirts fit well and maintain that fit, they dry much quicker than normal cotton shirts and resist funk pretty well too.  I tested these shirts against high dollar “performance cotton” shirts from other brands (think $60-$80 per shirt) and the H&M slim fit shirts performed much better.

If you’re ever traveling and in a pinch need some shirts anywhere in the world, just drop by an H&M and pick these up. 

Where to buy: $24.99 for 3 at H&M Online


travel denim shirt

The Ridge Merino Journey tee is an awesome, travel-ready wool tee-shirt design for durability, hard use, and quick-drying comfort while still fighting funk. This Merino Wool shirt combines 13% nylon into the fabric, making it twice as durable as your average, 100% Merino wool t-shirt. The result is a high performing wool t-shirt that you can abuse for years.

I’ve carried my Ridge Merino Journey tee shirt for just over 2 years of travel and worn it for a week straight without washing, and the anti-microbial nature of the wool keeps me smelling fresh. Hard use of trekking, hand washing, and abrasion from backpacks hasn’t damaged the shirt at all over the two years, proving this is one tough t-shirt

If you’re looking for a single, comfortable t-shirt that looks good and is adventure ready, check out the Ridge Merino Journey t-shirt.

Where to buy: Click to see availability at Ridge Merino online


A single technical flannel shirt is a priceless addition to the traveler wardrobe.  Wool flannel shirts are great (I have a Pendleton Board Shirt that I love) and there are plenty of other synthetic “technical flannel” shirts combine nylon and polyester to be just as warm, more durable, and are much lighter and easier to pack.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Additionally, the right flannel shirts can add a touch of style if you pick the right one.  My current flannel works in nearly any occasion, and my Uniqlo Oxford Travel shirt works in the rest of those classy sitauations.

I tested Eddie Bauer’s Traveler Flannel Shirt and fell in love (you’ll see pictures all over the site of me in it) and purchased 3 while it was on sale.  Plus, there are several other options for travel ready technical flannel shirts– read on to discover my picks


8. eddie bauer technical flannel.

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A flannel shirt crafted perfectly for travelers.  Lightweight polyester and “FreeDry” technology insulates like a jacket when cold but wicks moisture and breathes to keep you cool and dry in the heat.  The fit on this shirt is more classic, giving you room to move make it great for exploring the outdoors and getting active.  The cuff accent colors offer a great touch too.

I’ve toted this shirt around for the last year, love it, and can’t recommend it enough.

Where to buy: From $35 to $70 at Eddie Bauer Online


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Pendleton Board shirt, originally rocked by surfers in the 60’s is a classic that goes anywhere, and being 100% virgin wool is extremely functional too.  It stays warm through the cold and the rain and still breathes in the heat.  I’ve worn mine around more campfires and in more national parks than I can remember – and with good reason.  Better yet, I can wear it right into the city and no one is the wiser.

A timeless shirt that you’ll literally be able to wear forever

Where to buy: $135 at


My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

Icebreaker’s new take on a classic.  100% Merino Wool, this shirt is as technical as it gets, performing in the outdoors (and traveling) while still looking good enough for city life. 

A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

The Merino wool fights odor and stays warm throughout.  Pair with a Merino wool t-shirt for best results

Where to buy: $135 at REI online


Most commonly labeled “easy care” and targeting business travelers, these shirts are a perfect “dress up” shirt for travelers.  They are usually sweat wicking, breathable, and wrinkle free but have the cut of a nicer button down Oxford.

Best yet, good options can be had for very cheap through Uniqlo and H&M and even better options can be found through Bluffworks that cost a bit more but are well worth the money.

One of my two current “dress up” shirts is actually a Uniqlo easy care oxford that I wore through the cold season of Europe and then came to Asia, chopped of the sleeves and had it sewn for ~$5, and now wear as my island shirt.  But there are plenty of shirts that you won’t have to chop in order to look good.  Read on for my faves.


travel denim shirt

This high tech, travel focused, easy care button down gives you the style of a dress shirt and the durability/easy care you need for travel.

49% Nylon added to the fabric delivers abrasion resistance and easy care properties that make a good shirt to tuck in the bottom of your bag or bring as your only shirt.

Finally, the slim and stylish fit make this shirt perfect for daily wear and long term “one bag” travel just as much as outdoor adventures.

Where to buy: $109 at Western Rise | Click here to check available colors


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

If you’re on a budget and still need to look good during your travels, Uniqlo’s easy care dress shirts are a great option.  The technical materials breathe, wick sweat, and resist wrinkles so you can wear them longer without caring. I wore one of these through Europe and then chopped of the sleeves to make it my casual island shirt…worked like a charm!

Where to buy: $29.90 at


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A completely “technical” dress shirt, blending 98% polyester and 2% spandex gives the sweat wicking, anti-microbial qualities so you can wear longer, along with wrinkle resisting qualities and freedom of movement so you can stay comfortable along the way.  If you need to “class up” on the road, the Bluffworks Meridian dress shirt is a safe bet.

Where to buy: $98 at Bluffworks


Though these commonly break the travel rule of “no cotton”, they actually manage to work very well.

My 11 Favorite Travel Shirts to Adventure Hard & Look Good |

First, the airflow you get from a button prevents you from sweating all over it and getting it completely nasty

Second, most people only wear button down shirts when lounging, so you get away with washing it infrequently.

Third, these shirts are always quite durable and can actually go a little longer without a wash than your common cotton t-shirt. 

Last, these are a classic style staple that can be had for cheap and worn with a bit of versatility.  My go to spot is the Gap – as the shirts always have a classic cut, have a more timeless design (fits just as well in the 1970’s as now and can be worn anywhere in the world), and you can always pay $5 to have the shirt tailored and the fit improved later on.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

A classic shirt made simply and durably make this another one of my go-to shirts when traveling.  The construction is surprisingly good meaning it will work on hikes and in active situations if you feel like pushing it.  Though this shirt is cotton, it breathes well enough to avoid funk for longer than your active t-shirt.  Beyond the adventures, it looks good enough for most any situation.

Where to buy: Starting at $35 at Gap online


Denim shirts are the unsung hero of travel shirts.  There is a reason that Levis Strauss made his “can’t bust ‘em” gear for goldmining rough necks out of cotton denim – because it works.  Denim shirts are a great all around travel shirt that sits side by side with the technical flannel.

travel denim shirt

Granted, these denim shirts don’t insulate as well, suck when wet, and take forever to dry, but they look better than flannel and are better if you’re in a situation where you might get thrown around and need an extra layer of skin – like riding a motorbike anywhere in Southeast Asia. Plus, the denim shirt looks good.

A travel tip I got from my buddy “Dr. Strangelove” and his Spanish friends was to actually carry a denim button down on adventures to throw on for nice pics – instead of wearing that sweaty hiking shirt.  That’s actually excellent advice – but I’m a touch too apathetic to execute.

So, if you want a good all-around shirt, that looks good, and you won’t be getting too wet or sweaty, consider the denim shirt.


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Classic cut and fit and constructed well enough to last through your travels.  I have a couple Gap denim shirts that I’ve worn for years and countless countries, and they keep getting better with age.  They’re durable and look good too.

Where to buy: From $40 at Gap


A List of the Best Men's Travel Shirts - By A Brother Abroad

Levi Strauss did something right with his first couple of creations, cementing “denim” as a style staple.  If you’re going to pick up a denim shirt, you can’t go wrong with the original – Levi’s

Where to buy:


Though you wouldn’t expect to see it on this list, if you are venturing to hot or humid climates, Hawaiian shirts are an excellent option.  For one, they’re fun.  People may judge you, but those who don’t will automatically assume you’re fun.

Second, they’re traditional Hawaiian shirts for a reason.  They’re great in the heat and allow just enough breeze while blocking the sun.  They’re also perfect for when you’ve just gotten out of the water.  So, if you’re heading to the islands, consider having some fun and making a Hawaiian shirt your shirt of choice.

Where should you buy these?  Honestly…nowhere in the US.  Buy one on the road as a souvenir.  You can have a custom one made in Southeast Asia for cheap or buy the Balinese version (with real coconut buttons) when you’re in the area.


So, you have your perfect travel shirt setup and now need something to layer over it to stay dry, warm, and stylish…what do you choose?

There are literally thousands of options to choose from, between waterproof puffy down jackets, to rainproof shells, but my travels have led me to…exactly one.

The Bluffworks Field Jacket .

This waterproof, windproof take on the classic M-65 military issue field jacket combines the best of style and function that travelers need.

Top of your torso by checking out this Bluffworks Field Jacket Review for full details and even better pictures…

Now that you have the top half of your wardrobe for travel worked out, what’s next?  Clearly you should figure out the best pair of bottoms for your trip by checking out the 15 best travel pants for men and the 5 best travel shorts for men followed closely by my 8 favorite travel shoes for men to create your perfect travel rig.

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Carlos is a nomad, slow traveler, and writer dedicated to helping others live abroad and travel better by using his 7+ years of experience living abroad and background as a management consultant and financial advisor to help other nomad and expats plot better paths for an international lifestyle. Click here to learn more about Carlos's story.

Travel Fashion Girl

11 Best Travel Shirts for Women Recommended by Readers

Shirts & Tops , Travel Clothing


Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. We earn from qualifying purchases made to the featured retailers. Thank you, we appreciate your support!

We’ve rounded up our readers’ top recommendations for the best women’s travel shirts. Take a look below!

Best Travel Shirt

Written By: Tae Haahr

Table Of Contents

Looking for the best shirts to travel with? They’re most likely ones that are easy to clean, fashionable to wear, and doesn’t wrinkle badly so they can be packed without worry.

We’ve asked TFG readers to share their picks for reliable, and pretty womens travel shirts—whether you’re headed to the beach, bar, or business retreat!

The Best Women’s Dress Shirts and Blouses for Travel


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Quince

Womens Linen Button Down Shirt: Quince Longsleeve Shirt

Comfy, lightweight, and chic, this Quince shirt is a top choice among readers. A traveler says of this top, “ Perfect weight, fit, and cut on this shirt. It really is a great capsule wardrobe piece! ” 

This shirt has a classic collar and long sleeves that can be folded up for a different look, and the linen fabric is stunning and feels absolutely dreamy!  It has a relaxed fit that looks good tucked in or out, comes in seven pretty colors, and is overall a must-have for polishing up your look in an instant!


Shop Sizes XS-XXL:   Eddie Bauer

Editor’s Pick: Eddie Bauer Ripstop Long-Sleeve Shirt

Womens button down blouses can come from the most surprising sources, and the Eddie Bauer Ripstop shirt is not only a top choice for readers, it’s another huge fave of editor-in-chief Alex. Sure, while this company is known for providing outdoor clothing, the verdict on this shirt? It’s SO versatile for anything!  

She says of this shirt, “I can pair it with denim shorts, wear it as cover up when walking down the beach, and tuck it into my favorite jeans while flying, I can’t get enough of this top!”


Alex at the beach in Eddie Bauer Ripstop Shirt , MaxSwim Bikini (beneath!), and Wallaroo Hat

Alex explains further, “This shirt has  SPF 50 sun protection and moisture-wicking capabilities so I don’t overheat, and the cut isn’t overly fitted or saggy. And it doesn’t wrinkle. I can throw it in my suitcase or daypack if I’m going hiking and it comes out looking fresh! Super easy to dress up or down.”

Find out why TFG readers constantly choose Eddie Bauer shirts for travel in this review !


Shop Sizes S-4X: Amazon  

No-Iron Plus Size Womens Dress Shirts: Riders by Lee Indigo 

This Riders by Lee easy care blouse comes in many fashionable colors that look great alone or under a lightweight jacket. Perfect for business trips and casual vacations, this has a classic collar, button front, and 3/4 sleeves. It comes in sizes 1X-4X and in sizes S-3XL.

TFG readers love this! One reader shares that “If you want pretty with a relaxed fit, look at Rider’s.” You can pack it in your bag and not have to worry about it wrinkling so much, which is why another reader mentions, “This is awesome for travel.”


Shop Sizes XS-XXL:  Lands End

Women’s Button Down Dress Shirts : Lands End Long Sleeve Non Iron

The Lands End long sleeve shirt is wrinkle-resistant, even after you’ve washed it, making it perfect to pack for a conference or a destination based work meeting. It’s got a typical shirttail hem so wonderful to tuck in, or even leave out if you’re dressing it down with leggings or something!

One TFG reader shares, “I have a number of these cotton travel shirts for women from Lands End. I Hang them overnight, and the wrinkles drop out.” It comes in multiple fashionable colors and patterns and in regular, petite, tall sizes right here and plus sizes here !

TFG readers love these classic white button down shirts for travel!


Shop Nordstrom: Sizes 2-18 | Plus Sizes 14-24

Women’s Button Up Dress Shirts : Foxcroft Taylor Non-Iron 3/4 Tunic

The Foxcroft Taylor shirt is a classic button-up tunic style with a turn down collar and a V-neck that’s very flattering!  It’s made out of cotton, so it can be machine washed (so long as you take it easy) and works with any outfit you want to wear!

One TFG reader says, “These shirts are great!” It has an amazing value for the price, looks stylish, and does not wrinkle much. You can wear it with jeans or dress pants, so it’s perfect for your next business trip and or that all-inclusive vacation.” Available in sizes 2-18 .


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon

Ladies Long Sleeve Button Down Blouse : Alex Vando 

Alex Vando is a popular travel dress shirt for business trips and a great pick to wear on the plane. With a contrast pattern on the inner collar and turned over cuffs all work to give this shirt a sophisticated look. All the chic details and classic shirttail hem make this a versatile piece to dress up or down. It’s even long enough to tie a knot at the front to create another look.

One user shares, “ My favorite shirt! Perfect for daily wear. The MOST comfortable blouse I‘ve come across. It washes well and I hang to dry, consistently it has no wrinkles… none! No ironing required.”  Comes in other pretty colors and sizes XS-XL .


Shop Sizes XS-3X: Spanx

Low Maintenance Dress Shirts for Women: Spanx Silk Button Down

The Spanx  is a TFG reader favorite brand and this silk button down is perfect as womens travel shirts. It’s a 100% silk shirt that’s designed to be a non-iron, has d ouble layered panel at chest for opacity , and front-button closure. This one comes in several colors and sizes XS-3X , so go pick one up!

One wearer shares. “This is the most comfortable button down I think I’ve ever worn! I tend to shy away from tops like this because they are such a hassle- hard to iron and stiff. Not this Button Down. Comfortable, easy, and as a tall girl with long limbs, I appreciate the length of the sleeves! I will reach for this top in my closet every time!” If you’re looking for a white shirt, here’s the best button down by Spanx!


Shop Sizes XS-3X: Eddie Bauer

No Iron Dress Shirts Womens: Eddie Bauer Departure 3.0

Women’s collared dress shirts like the Eddie Bauer Departure is perfect for a hot summer destination. It has sun-protection and moisture-wicking technology, plus roll-up sleeves, which lets you breathe and move.

This option is versatile enough for a night out or a business meeting as well. It’s high-quality and flattering, and one reader agrees, saying, “Eddie Bauer Departure are silky-feeling, wrinkle free travel shirts. I have it in three different colors.” Available in regular, tall, petite and plus sizes here !

travel denim shirt

Eddie Bauer Departure Shirt with   H&M Denim Shorts , Wallaroo Sun Hat , and Marc Fisher Pacca Sandals

In fact, it became a new favorite of editor-in-chief Alex as well! Here’s her mini-review of it, ‘The Departure is softer and looks more like a regular blouse vs. a travel or hiking top. As a plus, it still has all the same great features such as the UPF 50 protection and moisture-wicking capabilities which keep me relatively “cool” and dry in the Playa del Carmen heat.”

It’s offered in XS-XXL . 

These styles won the vote for the best white t-shirt for women!


Shop Sizes XXS-XXL: Nordstrom

Women’s Long Sleeve Blouses : Caslon Linen Button Up Shirt

The Caslon linen blend blouse is a fashionable shirt that comes in four colors, including this white color! It has long sleeves, a spread collar, and as the name would indicate, linen blend fabric. It’s perfect for a night on the town or a beach outfit.

One TFG reader shares, “I wanted to share a blouse I found at Nordstrom that I absolutely love! It’s a great material that is lightweight, soft, can go with so many things, can layer easily, and it’ll be a go-to with any travel I do.”


Shop Sizes XS-XL: Amazon | Lysse | Nordstrom 

Womens Wide Collared Dress Shirts : Lyssé Schiffer Button Down 

The Lysse Schiffer is a crisp shirt in white. It has long sleeves, a button-down front, and a front pocket. A wonderful, lightweight versatile choice for weekend or vacation wear. 

One happy user shares, “ This shirt is fantastic, no ironing, lays and hangs well. The hem does not have a rolled hem. It’s just cut, but the stretch in the fabric means it lays wonderfully. It’s become my go-to shirt. you can layer if needed, both over and under. In the warmer months I intend to roll the sleeves up and leave open over a tee.” 

Comes in other classic colors and sizes XS-XL .


Shop Sizes XS-1X: Numi

Sustainable Womens Silk Shirt: Numi The Simone

This is a new favorite of editor-in-chief Alex. Read her mini-review, “I am so excited!!! I THINK THIS IS THE BLOUSE I’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!!!  Over the past decade, I’ve been working to create my perfect capsule wardrobe . Because I’m a frequent flier, every clothing item I own (or the majority) has to work for everyday and for travel as well. I don’t own just “travel clothes” but I look for clothes that are functional, fit well, and make me feel good when I look in the mirror. In this search, I’ve discovered that a simple button down blouse with concealed buttons is an essential part of what’s now becoming my signature look. I can wear this type of blouse any day for almost any destination and it works for me.”

Alex says the Numi silk blouse is airy, light, and featherlight, making it incredibly packable! She explains further, “ I ordered a size small, but I was worried it would be too small for my bust. It works very well but the shoulder seams don’t line up where they should fall. Being petite, this is just a standard part of my experience with clothing and it’s not an issue with Numi. While I’ve never tailored a button down blouse, this is one that’s definitely worth the effort to make it the quintessential wardrobe staple in my capsule for a clean, chic appearance.”

Made of sustainably sourced silk, this is available in four colors and sizes XS-XL .

Want a whole list of no-iron options? Check out these women’s wrinkle free shirts !

Travel Shirts Comparison Chart

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How to Fold Shirts for Travel

Wondering how to fold dress shirts for travel, or other types of shirts? The best tip readers give is when it comes to folding women’s travel shirts and blouse, stick with wrinkle-free fabrics because no matter how you fold them, you aren’t worried about getting creases all over them.

One of the best wrinkle-free ways of folding dress shirts for travel is to roll them. It will help prevent more wrinkles. But make sure to test it out beforehand! Want more folding tips? Check out our folding vs. rolling article !


Compass Rose Packing Cubes

How to Pack Your Shirts

Many of our readers use packing cubes to roll up and organize their shirts. Compass Rose packing cubes allow you to do so by number and color so you know where you packed everything, even when you use the cubes to separate outfits. Learn more in the video below.

Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video !

We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!

What do you think are the best travel dress shirts or blouses? Share and comment below!

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After reading this post I ordered an Eddie Bauer Departure shirt, and I loved it so much I now have a second! They wash and wear well and do not wrinkle. Best of all, they come in tall sizes, which is great because I have a long torso. I always travel with one of these shirts, and they are in my regular rotation at home, too. Thank you for the recommendation!

Carolyn Korman

Wish you showed patterns.


I love the Eddie Bauer Departure Shirt!


This has been so helpful. I have never travelled with shirts as I loathe ironing. Will be checking out the wrinkle free options!

Lindsay Winkler

After reading all your travel shirt and white shirt blogs, I ended up deciding on the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt. I absolutely love it! No wrinkles, even when I tuck into my pants, not see through, super lightweight, and tons of stretch so it’s super comfortable yet structured. Thanks so much for the recommendations!

Heather Cressall

Thank you for including plus size options.

Susan Morrison

So many good choices. I have been thinking about several on the list for an upcoming month long trip to Europe. Love the comparisons.


I love the packing shirt ideas! I have bought a hole from Eddie Bauer.

Alice Vedder

After reading the reviews, I’ve added 2 Eddie Bauer Departure 2 shirts to my travel list for my Australia cruise. They will be easy to pack and versatile.


Thank you for the reviews! I too purchased the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt. It has exceeded my expectations and love I wearing this at home and while traveling

Julia D

Thank you for this! Shirts are an area in my wardrobe where I really struggle. All of these look like great contenders for a new addition to my closet!

Lisa Melchior

Thanks for this review! I found the Eddie Bauer ripstop shirt at Costco, I’m packing it for upcoming trip to Scotland.


Those white Eddie Bauer shirts look like just what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much!!!!

Danielle Fitzgerald

Love this list. Looking to add a button up top to my wardrobe. Starting with this. Thanks!

Pat Corn

Absolutely love the Eddie Bauer Departure shirt! I have it in tow colors and it’s been the workhorse of my recent trip to Ireland. So many different ways to wear it.

Heather Abbruzzese

I am so grateful that I found TFG blog and FB page! I am getting ready for 10 days in Italy in mid-October and was so stuck on what to pack and also wanting a capsule wardrobe. This blog has been tremendously helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I am wondering if it’s ok to wear jeans with “fashion rips” in them when in Italy? I have an awesome pair of black jeans but they do have a rip in the knee. Are Italians wearing ripped jeans??


I have two Eddie Bauer v-neck tank tops and a pair of pants from the Departure line that I love. They hang/drape nicely on the body. They’re lightweight, dries within hours after hand washing, wrinkle resistant and are UPF rated. My next purchase will be the long-sleeved shirt. If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have known about the line. Thank you!


Love reading what is best for packing as I plan my trip to Europe next year!

Debbie Rinaldi

I’m looking to build a travel capsule and love all the input on the perfect shirts. I will definitely be linking over to some of your sites to purchase. Thank you for all your wonderful tips.

Kari Lambert

I love your posts! I especially love your choice in tops. I have sometimes felt left out when I read about women who wear tops meant for tiny people. Your swimsuit and blouse choices are super classy and fashionable. Thank you for pointing the way to having better style when traveling. I especially love your Anatomie jackets. So cute!!

Linda Nelson

I love packing cubes I’ve labeled mine with embroidery for tops, bottoms, undies, bras

Susan A

I LOVE the EB rip stop shirt!! It’s been my go-to in the summer for sun protection and when I just need a layer to chase away a chill. Great for travel and it washes and hangs dry like a dream. I have white and am looking at more colors. Great recommendation from TFG!

Cindy Collins

I truly appreciate the curated list of shirts. I bought the Eddie Bauer. Love that you can wear alone or as a quasi-jacket. We are headed for safaris in Africa and then later to the Galapagos. I’m sure the shirt will be well-used. Thanks!


Wow, I’m so happy to learn about all the different brands for great travel clothing! My favorite is Anatomie. I bought two of their Buddha blouses for a recent trip and felt so pulled together when I wore them.

Raylene Lawrence

The reviews are so helpful. I’ve struggled for years to find the “just right” white button down. In a recent post someone suggested I have one altered. Brilliant!!! Now I’m looking at the Numi and thinking hmmmmm!!! ❤️

Lucinda Ingram

I love the Eddie Bauer shirts

Alisa Jaffe

Absolutely love Anatomie brand clothing. I’ve been wearing the brand for over 12 years. Highest quality and so easy for travel. Machine washable too.


I only recently added a. button-up shirt to my wardrobe but I’m really happy that I did – the shirt can pull double-duty as a swim cover-up!

Anel Muterspaugh

I just bought the EB departure shirt in white, have not worn it but can’t wait to take it on a short trip next month.

Sara B

Thank you for all your awesome recommendations! I look forward to your emails (especially the Nordstrom anniversary sale posts!) Been following for a few years now and your ideas came in very handy on my last trip to Europe!

Just picked up the EB departure shirt at Costco. While I have not worn it yet I can’t wait to take it on a test “trip”.


I always find the posts so informative. Lots of detail and very honest critiques.


I’ve purchased so many recommendations from reading here and the FB page but my most recent have been the EB Ripstop ( have in 2 colors now) and the EB Departure shirt in white which I love even more for how stretchy and classy looking! Thank you for all you do to share with us!


I love the elevated look of the Anatomie Alida! Think I need to add it to my closet and my suitcase.


Thank you! I have an Eddie Bauer dress and packable down jacket that I love for travel. I may need to try some shirts.

Mary Fritz

I always appreciate the summary and shopping info at the end of your blog posts. That way I can immerse myself in the descriptions and then check for the details on my favorites at then end. There are always a couple that are new to me— in this case, I will be keeping an eye on sales at Nordstrom for the TB shirt!


I really love that you have reviews for clothes women have tried and loved.

Paola Jesse

Thank you! I always like TFG’s posts. Very detailed and useful. They even tell us how to pack the shirts. After reading this article I’ll try the Eddie Bauer Departure.

Alessandra C

Always so helpful and great layout for seeing options, learning more about them and learning about where to buy them! I so admire you and love your newsletters and blog posts! I love to travel, travel for work and fun and to rotate with siblings for caregiving for our aging parents. Thanks to your advice, I have learned about and purchased several items that are spot on how you describe them. So thank you so much for sticking to your dreams!

Wow! 10 yrs! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to get lucky and get one of the giveaways!

Melanie Cornelius

I love Coolibar UPF t-shirts for travel. They keep my skin protected, and the darker colors are easy to dress up in the evenings, if needed.

Nilam Patel

I love the Lands End shirt!


I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect packable button down; thanks for the curated list!

Elaine Lascher

Great list! I love my Lands End long sleeve no iron shirt in blue and white stripes. It has been a staple in my closet for years and still washes and dries wrinkle free. I also have a couple of long sleeve button up shirts in linen from Tommy Bahama. I’m a petite 4-6 and both of these brands offer petite sizes.

Janice Patterson

I’ve read a lot of comments from readers about the Eddie Bauer Departure. Going to try that one for my next trip.

Stacey Miles

Thank you! I’ve actually been wondering about 2 of these in my own and now I’m going to try them out.

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travel denim shirt

  • Travel Clothes

The Best Travel Jeans for Men and Women: A Buyer’s Guide

Published November 26, 2022

Written by:

travel denim shirt

Shawn Forno

If you want to learn about budget travel, minimalist carry on packing, or how to travel (and even live and...

travel denim shirt

Laura Lopuch

Laura’s first trip was when she was 3 months old, instilling an insatiable wanderlust. She hasn’t stopped traveling, or writing...

travel denim shirt

Taylor Coil

Taylor is the marketing director for Tortuga, the company that built this blog. A former full-time digital nomad, she’s lived...

Fred Perrotta

Fred Perrotta

Co-founder, tortuga.

Fred Perrotta is the co-founder and CEO of Tortuga. His first backpacking trip to Europe inspired him to start the...

travel denim shirt

The Tortuga Promise

At Tortuga, our mission is to make travel easier. Our advice and recommendations are based on years of travel experience. We only recommend products that we use on our own travels.

Table of Contents

Jeans are the original badass travel pants. In fact, jeans might just be one of the most enduring, rugged pieces of travel gear ever made.

Jeans were the original travel pants. When miners in the California Gold Rush asked for, “ A pair of sturdy pants that could withstand hard work,” Levi Strauss gave them jeans . The game changed and soon everyone was wearing this durable, yet oddly comfortable, denim fabric. Held together with copper rivets and stitching in the places where other pants frayed or ripped, jeans were truly state of the art travel clothing back when “travel” meant weeks of hitching trains and stagecoaches in pursuit of a better life.

But jeans also owe part of their DNA to the world of European fashion. Jeans or “jeane,” the sturdy cotton-based corduroy fabric, originated in Genoa, Italy. That’s right, denim nerds; while jeans are known as the iconic symbol of tough American gold miners, the fabric itself comes straight from the fashionable streets of Italy.

Carry-On-Sized Travel Backpacks

Pack for trips of one week or more without checking a bag.

  • Thick comfortable straps
  • Easy to organize
  • Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Backed by our Worldwide Warranty

Half European wonder fabric, half American icon, half comfortable as all hell, jeans are still great travel pants. Today, though, it’s a bit different. Lightweight spandex blends, new colors, fashionable cuts and styles, and travel friendly features like zippered pockets mean that travel jeans are one of the best items of clothing you can put in a  carry on backpack . They go with everything, never go out of style, and take an absolute beating.

Still on the hunt for a great pair of travel jeans? Here’s our reviews of the best travel jeans for both men and women .

travel denim shirt

The Best Travel Jeans Review

Let’s be honest. You buy travel jeans because you want to look good on the road. That’s ok. Heck, it’s more than ok. You  should  look good while you travel. Especially if you’re a digital nomad taking meetings, networking, or just living your life abroad.

Before you scoff at attempts to look good while traveling, remember jeans and leather shoes are the minimum level of dress required for many nightlife spots, especially in western Europe. Before you go chasing that hot foreigner into the trendy new club, make sure you didn’t pack like a dork.

Please stop dressing like your dad and being a tourist. Dress like you. Be a traveler.

The Best Travel Jeans for Men

travel denim shirt

Best All Around Travel Jeans:  Aviator Jeans ($109)

They claim to be the best travel jeans in the world… and they might just be. These jeans are the perfect blend of fashion and function in a package that you’ll actually want to wear (for a price you can afford). The stone washed slim fit denim looks awesome, fits great, and handles anything you can dish out on the road.

Features like the two hidden zippered pockets (plus the 5 regular pockets) feel natural, not tacked on like so many other travel gear gizmos. Although, the belt loop clip is a rad new features.

Bonus:  the pockets are actually big enough for a passport AND a phone. What a shocking concept to design pockets big enough for the two most carried travel items.

These jeans feel great on the plane, and look stylish enough to wear out on the town. I’m a big fan, and could easily travel for a week with just these and a pair of shorts. Plus, they come in a lot of sizes (aka odd numbered waist sizes) so you can find the perfect fit.

Finally, the 70/30 polycotton spandex blend (2% spandex) allows for just the right amount of stretch and give without looking (or feeling) like jeggings. These might just be the best travel jeans around.

travel denim shirt

Best Classic Look Travel Jeans: Bluffworks Departure Jeans  ($125)

I’m a huge fan of Bluffworks (they’re my  favorite travel pants ), so when I got my hands on their brand new travel jeans I was pretty excited.

If you want the classic look of denim without the bulk and hassle of actual jeans, Bluffworks’ travel jeans might just be the perfect travel pants for your next business trip or off the grid adventure.

Designed to be worn all day everyday, these jeans are cut for comfort and style. The regular fit is a more relaxed fit than I typically wear (I prefer the  slim fit departure jeans ), but either cut is a great option for anyone looking to pair down their packing list. (Side note: You’ll want to err on the slim side when it comes to sizing as these jeans stretch a little with use).

These jeans are even great for long flights (which is really saying something), thanks to the cotton, COOLMAX polyester, rayon, spandex blend. They stretch and breathe like a travel fabric, but you don’t have to worry about looking like a hot wrinkled mess when you land. Plus they have five sturdy deep pockets (including two super stealthy hidden zipper pockets along the rear belt) to keep your stuff safe while you snooze.

travel denim shirt

Most Stylish Travel Jeans:   Outlier Slim Dungarees ($198)

Outlier makes travel clothing that looks good, and the  Outlier Slim Dungarees  are no exception. If you want a pair of upscale jeans that can handle the “dust and grime” of the road, but still look good in the hotel lobby, look no further. Plus, they’re made in America (NYC!), so you’re getting the authentic denim experience.

These jeans kick ass and look awesome doing it because they’re the next generation of travel jeans. The “Workcloth” fabric stays dry in light rain, dries quickly, and shrugs off coffee stains like a boss. Slam that fifth espresso shot with shaky hands. No one can tell!

Just listen to a review of the Outlier from Tortuga co-founder and CEO, Fred Perrotta:

“I have  zero regrets about wearing jeans  when I travel or even why I fly. When I travel, I want to feel and (hopefully) look good, which means dressing like I do at home. My  Outlier Slim Dungarees  are the best travel pants that I’ve found. They’re are a modern, technical reinvention of jeans.”

The Best Travel Jeans Runners-ups

travel denim shirt

H&M 360° Flex Slim Jeans ($59)

If you’re into a stylish, modern, slim silhouette on a budget, the  H&M 360° flex jeans  might be for you. They come in a variety of colors (including classic blue jeans), and the 5% spandex/cotton weave means they give and move like crazy (5% spandex is HIGH).

travel denim shirt

Bonobos Slim Fit Travel Jeans ($128)

If you want to look good in some bright colorful travel jeans, go with Bonobos. 2% spandex stretch and a range of awesome shades makes these travel jeans a head turner for the beach or the club.

travel denim shirt

Uniqlo Stretch Skinny Fit Color Jeans  ($30)

Uniqlo has been quietly making awesome travel clothing for a while. Now they’re actually coming out and saying it with their “travel essentials” collection. Interestingly enough, jeans aren’t in the collection. Which is super dumb. Because jeans are awesome travel pants.

The nylon blend means they dry a little faster than traditional denim (awesome), and they can move with you while you bike, climb, run, or just win that dance battle with dope windmills.

travel denim shirt

Levi’s 541 Athletic Straight Fit Jeans ($49)

These pants aren’t the most flattering fit in the world, but I know that not everyone wants a tailored or slim fit pair of travel jeans. These jeans look great, feel super comfortable, and their friggin’ Levi’s. They’re the OG travel jeans, but with a 93% cotton, 4% polyester, 2% polyethylene, 1% elastane blend that makes them more stretchy and comfortable than ever.

travel denim shirt

The Best Travel Jeans for Women

travel denim shirt

Athleta Sculpek ($118)

Athleta claims you can do yoga or workout in these jeans. Truthfully, they’re super stretchy. Their site claims this pair “stretches 360 degrees then snaps back into shape without bagging.” From what I’ve seen, that’s true.

But I felt a bit straight-jacked into these babies, thanks to how their waist is designed. It’s designed to “keep you in.” Boy, does it do that.

I’d wear these jeans on a day of sightseeing or being on my feet most of the day. For a day of a flying? Skip these pants unless your stomach enjoys feeling like it was slowly being squeezed to death. For me, that feeling makes me want to barf. No thanks.

travel denim shirt

Aviator Best Travel Jeans In The World: Comfort Skinny ($110)

Still featuring all the awesome deep pockets, and the hidden zippered one, like the Performance Skinny, these jeans are slightly different.

Because of their material. Which is butter-soft and feels like your favorite yoga pants… in skinny jean form. Also, thanks to their long inseam that comes standard, my long legs felt — dare I say it? — at home in them.

I love how they move with my body instead of suction-cup to my ankles in dreaded skinny pant fashion. After a 2-hour flight, the bum wasn’t saggy, my legs were comfy, and I wasn’t too cold or hot on the plane.

Could I be in love?

Yes, it’s very possible.

travel denim shirt

Anatomie Luisa Skinny Jean Pant ($225)

Ok, you caught me. These pants are labeled as jeans on Anatomie’s website, but they’re not truly jeans. Because their material is a type of lightweight polyester that manages to be stretchy, comfy, and very flattering.

The barely-cropped cut shows an amount of ankle that Audrey Hepburn would approve of. Thanks to the dark blue color, I looked dashingly put-together for a day of sightseeing.

That being said, these pants are fantastic for summer or warm destination travel. They were too chilly for weather below 60 degrees.

I recently wore them on a weekend getaway to Austin, Texas. Normally, I’d bring just one pair of jeans on a 3-day trip. Because these Anatomie pants took up almost no room in my bag, I brought them with. And I’m so glad I did because they were perfect.

Lucky Brand Lolita Bootcut ($119)

I’ve talked before about how I love my Lucky Brand jeans. They fit me well, have the perfect amount of stretch, and dry quickly. Even when you’re out walking for hours in a damp, drizzling Vancouver night.

My other favorite part? They last for years. Seriously.

travel denim shirt

Aviator Best Travel Jeans In The World: Performance Skinny ($115)

Ok, yes, I admit it. I was skeptical. Especially with a name like “best travel jeans in the world.”

But these jeans score a 10/10 in the toughest category to master: deep pockets that double as a purse . Not those rinky-dink little “pockets” that barely hold a lip balm that are usually found on women ’s pants. Plus, they have a hidden zippered pocket inside one of the back pockets.

The thicker material feels like jeans, not wannabe cotton hoping to pass as jeans. And I loved the mid to high waist which protected against unwanted plumber’s crack.

Side note:  The pockets are awesome — seriously! I can’t get over how beautifully deep they are — these jeans are your perfect sidekick for concerts, nightlife, or strolling the city at night. In other words: any activity where you don’t want to bring a bag, but still need some MVP items that are usually too large for the super-small pockets on women ’s jeans.

DUER Performance Denim High Rise Skinny ($129)

The denim pants and shorts by DUER are a wonderful option for travel jeans. Made from a stretchy yet soft cotton-polyester-lycra blend, these jeans are built to perform. And we don’t just mean last a long trek out west. They’ll also keep you cool as you bike around town, flex with you as you stretch into weird trying-to-sleep-on-an-airplane positions.

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel jean option, DUER’s line of breathable jeans are an ideal choice to keep you looking good, but not suffocating in a sticky pair of jeans.

travel denim shirt

The Best Fit, Style, and Length for Travel Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans means something slightly different for everyone. Some people prefer skinny cuts, while others can’t stand them. Some love the almost ubiquitous spandex in today’s denim while true fanatics look for denim without.

For fit, you want to look for jeans that are comfortable and fit well, not necessarily made-for-travel jeans. They should also have sizable pockets that are big enough to fit more than two fingers in, which is a little more difficult for women than men.

The Problem With Skinny Jeans

I’ve always shied away from skinny jeans. They’re not great for long hours on a train, plane, or car, frozen in a certain position because you can’t move and your stomach feels like it’s slowly being sawed in half.

However, skinny jeans work really well with lots of types of shoes. Meaning: they’re a valid choice for traveling.

Straight Legs

If you, too, are very much “over” skinny jeans but are somewhat timid about venturing into voluminous territory, straight leg denim is a good starting point. Since straight legs don’t grasp onto your ankles and hold on for dear life, the legs have more movement and are less likely to ride down whilst you’re seated.

A bootcut is my favorite cut of jeans: slim through the legs with a flattering small flare. Your jeans stay put (i.e., around your waist to make your bum look cute) and your ankles don’t get chilly like with skinny jeans. Plus, many brands carry a bootcut fit, making it easier to find a pair of jeans that fit you.

Cropped Kick Flares and Wide Legs

I’m sure this will be polarizing, but I love a cropped kick flare for travel. The cut is forgiving yet figure hugging, stylish yet approachable. Kick flares aren’t universally flattering (they’re especially tricky on shorter folks) so try them on before buying.

Flares range from pretty tame, a la Paige  Colette  (my holy grail denim) to more voluminous ones by  Mother . For a lower-priced version, try  Everlane .

Cropped Wide Legs

If you’re willing to go bolder, may I recommend a pair of cropped wide legs? I particularly love this option in the summertime because the silhouette acts like two leg vents, letting your lower half breathe. Wide leg pants are much easier to fit because they don’t hug your thighs or derriere. The only consideration, really, is the waistband. Plus, I personally feel more stylish when wearing wide-leg denim.

However, full-length versions are a nightmare in wet weather. For traveling in the rain , I recommend a cropped version unless you’re headed to a literal desert. The  Loup Simone  is a higher-end favorite of mine and  Gap  currently makes a budget-friendly option.

travel denim shirt

The Best Fabric Weights for Travel Jeans

Denim weights are measured by how much a 1-yard piece weighs on a scale. You’ll typically see weights between 9-23 oz (though 9-16 is most common). For travel, stick to a lightweight denim (9-11oz) or mid weight jean (12-15oz).

  • Lightweight : 9-11oz jeans are lightweight, great for summer, and most common in denim. They’re less durable and more prone to the dreaded “saggy butt syndrome.” I find that I need to wash my lighter weight jeans relatively often because of this.
  • Mid-weight: 12-15oz jeans are stiff at first but, once broken in won’t stretch out, and last a long time. Since the fabric is heavier, they might feel uncomfortable in the summertime. It can be tough to find new denim in mid weights, but vintage options are a good mainstay. Vintage Levi’s are often between 12 and 14 oz.
  • Heavy weight : 16oz+ are not very common, or good for travel. Avoid them.

Opt for approximately 1-2% spandex or elastane.

More than that and your denim will stretch out more quickly. Less than that and you might not feel very mobile.

Are Jeans Good for Travel?

Jeans aren’t known for being great travel pants . They  are  great travel pants. They’re just not known for it. Here’s why jeans are great for travel:

Travel Jeans are Durable

Jeans can take a beating. Heck, they were designed for the mines. Hiking, climbing, biking, sitting in the dirt at  Coachella —it doesn’t matter. Jump in the ocean, stomp through the mud, climb a big ol’ nasty tree. Your jeans can take it.

Jeans also hide stains like a boss. Actually, stains make your jeans look even  better . Get a dark denim and staining your clothes is one less thing you have to worry about.

Travel Jeans are Comfortable

Jeans can take an insane amount of abuse and yet still feel great against your skin. It’s magic fabric. It really, really is.

If you can find a modern pair of jeans with a spandex or elastene blend, you’re in for an even bigger treat. These jeans give and bend with you to perform during any activity, from lounging in the park to biking across Mexico City.

Travel Jeans are Versatile

Jeans work for happy hour, an 11-hour flight, hiking a mountain, or just walking around town. You can bike in ’em, go to a concert, or even rock climb in ’em. Yes, I rock climb in jeans. Frequently.

Jeans are business casual if you’re taking any meetings on the road. They also look at home in a cafe while you tap out your latest blog, or the club where (stylish) jeans are usually on the dress code. The right pair of jeans can even make a t-shirt look iconic. Ask James Dean.

Oh, and before you complain about how jeans are hard to wash, stop. You don’t need to wash jeans. Ever. Actually, according to Chip Burgh, the CEO of Levi’s,  you shouldn’t wash your jeans . At least not for the first 6 months.  Hiut Denim  agrees:

“Raw denim is best given a good six months before washing. The longer you can leave it, the better your jeans will look.”

If you do cave and wash your jeans, just pay 2€ to dry them, you cheapskate. Or wear them damp. Body heat is an amazing way to dry clothes. Seriously.

Travel Jeans are Fashionable

Speaking of fashion, how are you gonna compete with jeans—especially on the road. Most travel pants look absolutely ridiculous. Zip-off shorts? Cargo pants? Sweat wicking trail pants that  *vvvvvippp vvvvvippp vvvvvippp*  down the street with every step? No thanks.

If you want to look like a tourist, wear techy travel pants. If you want to look like you know what you’re doing, wear a great pair of jeans.

Travel Jeans are Heavy

Yes, jeans weigh more than paper weight travel fabrics. But, pound for pound, jeans are a more valuable addition to your  travel capsule wardrobe . You don’t need to pack (or carry) as many different pairs of pants when you pack the right travel jeans. They’re good for daytime, nighttime, work and play. One pair of great travel jeans can be your go to for weeks of travel with just a few other pieces. Plus, you can wear the jeans while you travel (aka on the plane), making your bag that much lighter.

Cuff the jeans up when it’s hot, roll ’em down when it’s cold, and “break glass in case of emergency”—cut them into super stylish jorts (jeans shorts) if they’re “too heavy” or hot for the trip you’re on. I love my jorts. They’re like jeans but lighter.

Jeans Don’t Convert to Shorts

No kidding. Zipoff pants are hideous.

If something claims to do two different things, it probably doesn’t do either of them well. Case in point: ugly pants that turn into ugly shorts plus two extra pieces of fabric for you to carry. Convertible pants are also an indicator that their wearer is a tourist, so button your cargo pockets tight, because pickpockets will see you as a mark.

Travel Jeans are Hard to Clean

Actually, they’re the easiest pants to clean, ever. You don’t have to wash them. If they start to smell, just pop in the freezer overnight (cold kills odor causing bacteria), lay them out in the sun, or just hit ’em with some Febreeze. Easy. Peasy.

Travel Jeans are…

That’s it. Those are the only cons. And they’re not even cons. Enough of this nonsense. Here are our favorite travel jeans.

Jeans were made for travel. They’re rugged, comfortable, versatile, stylish, and timeless. Invest in a quality pair of travel jeans and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your trip (and when you get back home).

  • You don’t have to wash your travel jeans as much as your other pants; seriously
  • Jeans were designed for gold miners, they can handle sitting in the grass
  • Look for jeans with at least 2% spandex; it sounds weird, but it feels amazing
  • Guys can  jeans with zippered pockets and a big enough pocket for your passport
  • Gals, find a brand that you love and fits just right, then experiment with other cuts
  • Go wide leg and feel the freedom

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The Best Travel Skirts for Women

Tortuga travel backpack pro $350.

Max Carry On Size

If you want to learn about budget travel, minimalist carry on packing, or how to travel (and even live and work) in dozens of countries all over the world, Shawn is your guy. Shawn is not a New York Times bestselling travel author, but he is a full-time freelance blogger, copywriter, and content manager and is also a published photographer. He likes to rock climb, trek, surf, ride his bike, and read a bunch of sci-fi books.

Read more from Shawn

Laura’s first trip was when she was 3 months old, instilling an insatiable wanderlust. She hasn’t stopped traveling, or writing about it. As an expert in carry on travel, she’s flown on over 100 flights with only a carry on bag. Even on trips with her husband and kids.

She believes travel is the great educator — and vital to our humanity.

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Taylor is the marketing director for Tortuga, the company that built this blog. A former full-time digital nomad, she’s lived in and worked from more than 20 countries around the world. She usually travels with just a personal item.

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travel denim shirt

21 Denim Buys to Take Your Summer Travel 'Fits to the Next Level

Whether it’s a classic jacket or a pair of jeans, there are so many ways to style denim, proving that it’s worth a spot in your closet.

Mitti Hicks • Apr 24, 2024

Updated May 2, 2024

travel denim shirt

Denim is a must-have in your closet. Whether it’s a classic jacket , a pair of jeans, or a skirt, there are so many different ways to style denim, proving that it’s one of the best items to keep handy.

Contrary to popular belief, denim can be both stylish and comfortable in the summer. The best options for warmer weather will give you breathing room, maintaining a light fit while you’re making a fashion statement. If you purchase the right item, denim can be your comfortable, versatile travel companion on busy travel days. Beyond busy airports, train stations, and car rides, denim is one of the best ways to make your outfit edgier at a festival or day party. 

Don’t leave your denim behind this summer. From fanny packs and jean vests to sandals and a classic jean jacket, here are 21 of the best denim pieces to buy for the summer.

Our Top 21 Picks for the Best Denim Pieces for Summer Travel

Free people crvy 2nd ave one piece, duer performance denim slim for men, htd mini denim irregular skirt with pockets, ryannology men’s denim sleeveless cowboy jean vest, verdusa women’s fringe raw trim sleeveless denim vest, levi’s 90s trucker jacket for women, gap classic icon denim jacket for men, guangu denim bucket hat.

  • Steve Madden Hadyn Sandals For Women

COACH Tabby Shoulder Bag 20 with Quilting

  • Coach Charter Belt Bag 7 (Fanny Pack)

Neitivet Thick-Heeled Denim Boots

Gingtto men’s slim fit denim shorts, pinsv women’s high-waisted crossover denim shorts, kwoki women’s cropped denim shirt, wrangler authentics men’s short sleeve classic woven shirt, qjbmei women’s baggy vintage distressed short sleeve jumpsuit, verdusa women’s scoop neck denim crop tank top, curlcap satin-lined denim backless cap, giegxin jean denim headband knot headband set, luvamia high-waisted jean skort.

Free People 2nd Ave One Piece

Free People’s 2 nd Ave One Piece is a sexy take on a classic jumpsuit.  As a part of its CRVY Collection, the jumpsuit has a contoured waistband for a flattering look that highlights curves.  The back is open, the front comes with a zip silhouette and flare legs.  What’s also great about this option is that it comes in different denim variations ranging from light to dark, and it also comes in white.

Duer Performance Denim Slim For Men

One of the most comfortable and stylish jeans for men is by Vancouver-based apparel brand DUER.  Their performance denim for men is known to be more comfortable than sweatpants. The heritage rinse is a classic dark blue color that’s perfect for the evening.  DUER also has lighter options available to purchase.

HTD Mini Denim Irregular Skirt with Pockets

HTD’s mini denim skirt is perfect for any occasion this summer. The skirt takes a summer classic with a twist of its own as it folds over into a geometrical stylish piece. The design features a unique cut with a pocket on the side.

Ryannology Men's Denim Sleeveless Cowboy Jean Vest

A fantastic denim piece to add in rotation this summer is a denim vest. Dress them up or down, and style them in various ways, including with or without a shirt underneath.  Ryannology’s sleeveless cowboy jean vest for men can help you easily transition from work to a date or the beach to an evening party and so much more.

Verdusa Women's Fringe Raw Trim Sleeveless Denim Vest

This denim vest for women is perfect for festivals and summer concerts.  It’s made with a soft material and is a shorter style making it breathable this summer as the temperatures warm up.  The sparkly fringe on the back adds a little pizazz and fun to the vest. It comes in blue denim, white denim, and even black.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket For Women

If there’s one denim item everyone should have in their closet, it should be a denim jacket.  For the summer, a light wash is a must.  There’s no better classic denim jacket than Levi’s iconic trucker jacket. It’s known to make an outfit practical for the cooler summer nights.  Levi’s take on this jacket is to pay homage to the ‘90s.  It’s made with a relaxed fit and what the brand calls a “pitched silhouette” for a distinctly ‘90s feel.

Gap Classic Icon Denim Jacket For Men

Gap’s version of a men’s denim jacket is exactly as the name entails: iconic. It’s made with good quality and a near-perfect fit. Another great reason to buy this jacket is because it’s a great crossover, meaning it can be worn in the next season. It’s perfect to pair with a T-shirt in the summer and a hoodie in the fall.

GuanGu Denim Bucket Hat

Don’t count a denim bucket hat out this summer. GuanGu’s unisex hat is not only stylish but designed to protect you from the sunshine and wind, making it perfect for the summer days you’re spending outdoors.  Inside the hat is an inner sweatband to make you comfortable while wearing it.

Steve Madden Hadyn Denim Sandals For Women

Steve Madden Hadyn Denim Sandals For Women

A great take on denim this summer is wearing them on your feet. Steve Madden’s Hadyn sandal is a timeless sandal that’s designed with geometric cutouts on a single wide strap. These sandals are comfortable yet fashionable and are very versatile so you can dress them up or down this summer. Steve Madden created these in nearly every color, including denim.

COACH Tabby Shoulder Bag 20 with Quilting

Coach remains a contender when it comes to quality. Starting in July, you can buy the modern take on the archival 1970s Coach design known as the Tabby shoulder bag.  The quilted bag is finished with Coach’s signature hardware for an iconic touch on the classic and a leather-laced chain strap.

COACH Charter Belt Bag 7 (Fanny Pack)

COACH Charter Belt Bag 7 (Fanny Pack)

Another fun way to accessorize this summer is with a denim fanny pack. This is perfect for people who want to transform a casual look into a statement.  A denim fanny pack is one of the easiest ways to do it. COACH’s Charter Belt Bag is designed to make every journey, commute, errand, or activity feel like a first-class experience. The belt bag isn’t just for the waist. It can be worn as a crossbody or over the shoulder.

Neitivet Thick-Heeled Denim Boots

If you’re looking for a way to style your oversized shirts and shorts, these denim boots by Neitivet are an excellent find. The boots have a 3.7-inch heel, making it an easy way to add height to your style this summer. They are also designed with practicality in mind so they won’t hurt your feet while walking or standing at an event this summer.

Gingtto Men's Slim Fit Denim Shorts

These shorts are a favorite for men because they fit great and have just enough stretch, making them comfortable to wear all day long. They’re casual yet classy and are a top buy for men looking for denim shorts without the holes.  The best part about this option is that it, too, comes in various colors and styles. You can purchase black, medium, or light, as well as a pair with rips and holes.

Pinsv Women's High-Waisted Crossover Denim Shorts

Pinsv’s high-waisted crossover denim shorts are a top pair for women with curves and who want great coverage in the back. The shorts are made with a thin material, making it easy to move around while making a fashion statement.

Kwoki Women’s Cropped Denim Shirt

What women love the most about Kwoki’s cropped denim shirt is that it provides the look of wearing a tucked shirt, except the designer gets it and you can wear the tucked look without the bulk. It’s simple and stylish and can be paired with shorts, pants, and more.

Wrangler Authentics Men's Short Sleeve Classic Woven Shirt

Men should add this shirt to their casual denim rotation this summer. The Wrangler shirt has an excellent fit, is comfortable, and can be worn outdoors for an extended period. This is also a great option as it comes in various sizes to fit slim men or men who have an athletic build with broad shoulders and chest, and a narrow waist.

QJB Women's Baggy Vintage Distressed Short Sleeve Jumpsuit

This baggy denim short-sleeve jumpsuit is a fun outfit that can be dressed up, or worn with cowboy boots or tennis shoes for a sporty and comfortable look. It’s designed with stretch and breathable fabric.

Verdusa Women's Scoop Neck Denim Crop Tank Top

For a sexy denim top this summer, Verdusa’s zip-up denim crop tank is the perfect option. It’s a great top for going on a date or a day party and you can pair it with a skirt, joggers, shorts, and even jeans for a denim-on denim look.

CurlCap Satin-Lined Denim Backless Cap

Curly girls who want to wear denim hats during the summer can do so without breaking off or matting down their natural hair. CurlCap has a denim baseball cap that’s made to fit comfortably around your curls with its signature scrunchie-style opening in the back. Each cap also features a satin lining inside to protect your hair from friction.

Giegxin Jean Denim Headband Knot Headband Set

Another way to add denim creatively to your wardrobe this summer is with a headband. Not only do these fit well on top of the head, but they’re comfortable, and a three-pack means you can match them to your favorite skirt, shorts, or jeans.

Luvamia High-Waisted Jean Skort

Luvamia’s high-waist skort is a fashionable piece that allows people to enjoy the best of both worlds: style and comfort. The skort has two back pockets and an elastic waist, in addition to its stretchy, wrap design.

Our editors love finding you the best products and offers! If you purchase something by clicking on one of the affiliate links on our website, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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Flaty lay of white t-shirt, a plant, jeans, and sunglasses

The 10 Travel T-Shirts You Need in Your Suitcase

'  data-srcset=

Carol McPherson

Carol is an editor with SmarterTravel Media, specializing in travel writing, multimedia production, and trying every local cuisine she can find. You can follow her journeys @cj_mcpherson on Instagram.

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A good t-shirt is the unsung hero of the travel wardrobe—understated, layer-able, and easy to pack. We’ve given this suitcase staple the attention it deserves and rounded up ten of our favorite t-shirts for travel.

Best Travel T-Shirt for Hiking: Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily T-Shirt

Patagonia Capilene Cool Daily T-Shirt

For active trips in warm destinations, turn to the Patagonia’s Capilene Cool Shirt . The fabric is so lightweight it feels like wearing nothing—and it packs down to a teeny-tiny square. Plus, it’s quick drying and has built-in odor control, both important aspects when breaking a sweat on the trail. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Most Breathable Travel T-Shirt: K ü hl Arabella T-Shirt

Kühl Arabella T-Shirt

Made from 100% cotton, the Kühl Arabella T-Shirt is designed to withstand hot summer weather. It’s extremely lightweight, with intentionally roomy arm openings to let the underarms breath. This design also comes in v-neck t-shirt and tank top options.

Most Stylish Travel T-Shirt: Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee

Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee

Elevate your basic jeans-and-tee combo with the Everlane Organic Cotton Muscle Tee . The slouchy silhouette and oversized cap sleeves give it a vintage feel, creating visual interest while maintaining the same casual comfort expected from your favorite t-shirt. Made from 100% cotton, this top is super chic and comfortable for travel.

The Ultimate Packing List

Best T-Shirt for Long Travel Days: Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt

Unbound Merino Crew Neck T-Shirt

If you’re searching for a t-shirt you can wear every day of the week, look no further. This shirt from Unbound Merino is incredibly soft and hangs in a flattering silhouette without being skin tight. The cooling merino wool won’t leave you overheated, sweaty, or smelly, even after running through the airport to catch a tight connection. With some strategic outfit planning, this shirt can easily be reworn without a wash. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Eco-Friendly Travel T-Shirt: Toad&Co Grom Ringer Crew

Toad&Co Grom Ringer Crew

This playful crew neck from Toad&Co belongs in every sustainable traveler’s suitcase. It meets the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 criteria, meaning its certified free from harmful chemicals. The blended cotton and hemp fabric makes this shirt quick-drying, perfect for giving it a quick rinse in the hotel sink.

Best Cropped Travel T-Shirt: Mott & Bow Cotton Boxy Crew Tee

Mott & Bow Boxy Noble Tee

A brand best known for the science behind their denim , Mott & Bow has branched out to conquer the world of t-shirts. The Boxy Crew Tee is the perfect crop top for travel, designed to cut off right at the hips for a modern silhouette that’s still comfortable for travel days. The fabric is 100% premium pima cotton, which feels soft and airy but still maintains its structure. Get one in basic black or timeless white , or spring for a 3-pack and be set for multiple outfits. 

Best Longline Travel T-Shirt: Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top

Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top

For those who prefer their t-shirts with a longer hemline, the Lands’ End Sun Curve Hem Tunic Top is the ideal option. The hemline falls slightly lower in the back, hitting just at the top of the thighs. The fabric is moisture-wicking and resistant to wrinkles, fading, and shrinking. The extended hemline makes this top perfect to pair with your favorite comfy leggings.

10 Popular Travel Gadgets You Don’t Need

Best Moisture-Wicking Travel T-Shirt: Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt

Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt

Active travelers will love the Bluffworks Threshold V-Neck T-Shirt . Built with the brand’s commitment to durability and functionality in mind, its moisture-wicking, quick-drying, has UPF 50+ sun protection, and is odor and wrinkle resistant. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Wrinkle Resistant Travel T-Shirt: ONNO original bamboo t-shirt

ONNO original bamboo t-shirt

Bamboo fabric is known for being sustainable and wrinkle-resistant, any wrinkles from the suitcase smoothing out once its hung up at the hotel. This crew neck option from ONNO, made from a combination of 70% viscous bamboo and 30% cotton, is super lightweight. According to the site, its “made to move,” designed with comfort and durability as a top priority. Available in men’s and women’s size options.

Best Short Sleeve Button-Up for Travel: Vintage Wash Tencel Camp Shirt

Vintage Wash Tencel Camp Shirt

This ultra-stylish short-sleeve button-up from Quince is a step above your typical t-shirt. It’s made from super soft, static resistant biodegradable fabric. The loose fit and soft drape of the sleeves offset the formality of the buttons, keeping it a perfect swap for you go-to t-shirt.

The Ideal Travel T-Shirt: What Features Matter Most? 

There are a few key features to consider when hunting for the perfect travel t-shirt. They are:

Comfort: Comfortable, breathable fabric that won’t irritate the skin after hours of wear is the top trait to look for in a travel-friendly t-shirt. Smell-resistant and wrinkle-resistant fabrics like merino wool or bamboo are best for packability and re-wearability. Fabrics that are labeled as moisture-wicking or offer UPF sun protection are optimal for warm climates and sunny destinations.

Fit : Look for silhouettes that aren’t too tight and aren’t cropped too short. If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing or facing down twelve hours in a plane cabin, you don’t want your freedom of movement restricted by your outfit.

Durability: Sheer, flowing fabrics look great in vacation pics, but won’t stand up to a hard day of travel or a quick wash in the hotel room sink. Save the fancy fabrics for statement pieces and commit to a t-shirt that will stand the test of travel.

All of the products featured in this story were hand-selected by our travel editors. Some of the links featured in this story are affiliate links, and SmarterTravel may collect a commission (at no cost to you) if you shop through them. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

You Might Also Like:

We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. Some products are sent to us free of charge with no incentive to offer a favorable review. We offer our unbiased opinions and do not accept compensation to review products. All items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time of publication. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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travel denim shirt

Trending on SmarterTravel

The 30 Best Denim Shirts for Men in 2024, According to Style Experts

They're like jeans for your top half.

best denim shirts

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

Denim shirts for men however are much less appreciated, despite possessing all the same properties that make jeans so beloved. We’re here to correct that oversight and give denim shirts some love. Denim shirts are the ultimate go-to button-down shirt for guys to fall back on for an easy-to-layer, easy-to-style fit. Denim shirts can also help you pull off bolder pieces like a paisley blazer or patchwork spring pants . And a reliable denim shirt can even be worn with running shorts , tuxedo pants, and just about anything in between.

Barstow Western Denim Shirt

The Essential Denim Shirt

Levi's barstow western denim shirt.

Classic-Fit Denim Shirt

Best Dressed-Up Denim Shirt

Polo ralph lauren classic-fit denim shirt.

Italian Two Pocket Utility Long Sleeve Shirt

Best Denim Work Shirt

Todd snyder italian two pocket utility long sleeve shirt.

Best Denim Jackets | Best Long-Sleeve T-Shirts | Best Dress Shirts | Best Rugby Shirts

Let’s break down the denim shirt a bit before we get into the list. There are four categories of denim shirts plus an open-ended fifth category for the exciting leftovers that don’t quite fit in with the others: The Oxford Style: This is a traditional button-down Oxford shirt that usually, but not always, has a chest pocket and button-down collar.

The Western Style: This has snap buttons that are usually pearl but can be anything from black onyx to turquoise. It should have a pointed collar, yolk details on the front and back shoulder, and double chest pockets with snap button flaps. A detail to look for is that you want two or three snaps on each cuff and maybe one more on the wrist.

The Work Shirt: This is a traditional American-style work shirt that has two chest pockets. The left pocket will usually feature a pencil sleeve. The collar may have a tab, and bonus points if it does. These are traditionally cut a bit longer in the body but you don’t see that very often for styling purposes.

The Tailored Shirt: This is definitely the least common category because it is a bit counter-intuitive to make a tailored dress shirt but they look great. They have a spread collar, preferably a French placket, and are slim-cut.

The Wild Card: Designers are doing some exciting things with denim shirts these days and some of them just don’t fit into one of the above categories. We still love them all the same.

Ahead are the 30 best denim shirts for men that will go with just about everything.

Countless menswear brands make denim western shirts, but there is just something so perfect about the Levi's Barstow button-up. Maybe it comes from the fact that Levi's invented denim so it just feels like they have the authority to say "this is thee denim shirt." We don't disagree.

Ralph Lauren, the man, has always intermingled denim and formalwear with a masterful touch. So his oxford style denim shirt is the ultimate way to match denim with elevated clothing. You can wear it with a suit and tie or throw it over your tank with a bathing suit for a day at the beach. It anchors any outfit.

Todd Snyder has perfected the denim work shirt for this look. Pair it with any chino, over a plain white tee, and your favorite sneakers, and you're good to go.

Abercrombie Relaxed Denim Shirt Jacket

Relaxed Denim Shirt Jacket

Abercrombie made a no frills, light blue denim button down shirt that's so simple, it's perfect. Try to come up with something that you couldn't wear this shirt with.. we'll wait.

Buck Mason Denim One Pocket Shirt

Denim One Pocket Shirt

Dyed just right, this slim-fit, Oxford-inspired button down denim shirt can be dressed up or down—however you wish. From the back, a box pleat elevated the whole fit for an office look. And since it’s washed for a lived-in facade, it’s casual enough for your Sunday fits.

J.Crew Midweight Denim Workshirt

Midweight Denim Workshirt

J.Crew went with a little thicker denim on this oxford-style shirt. The extra heft feels like a good pair of jeans.

Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt

Bone Button Western Shirt

Getting the buttons right on a snap button western shirt is crucial. Flint and Tinder understood the assignment, starting with great fasteners and building a fundamental western shirt around them.

Taylor Stitch The Western Shirt

The Western Shirt

The pointed flap pockets on this western shirt from Taylor Stitch are angled inward for a unique twist on the classic design. The white pearl buttons are a great finishing touch.

Wrangler Regular Fit Snap Shirt

Regular Fit Snap Shirt

If there is a brand that can rival Levi's for claim to the Western Shirt Throne, it's Wrangler. Their signature "W" stitching on the chest pockets is just as much a part of the western shirt blueprint as the snap buttons.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt

Billy Reid put a workwear spin on the western shirt by using solid brass hardware. It's a little heavier, and cost more, but it will age perfectly as the fabric grows a fine patina around it.

Banana Republic The Western Denim Shirt

The Western Denim Shirt

BP’s take on an old-fashioned denim ranch shirt, which is softer yet burlier, is great for anything from outdoor adventure to commute. You'll usually find them at country concerts and line dancing nights at your local honkey tonk.

Brooks Brothers Regent Regular Fit Japanese Stretch Denim Shirt

Regent Regular Fit Japanese Stretch Denim Shirt

This oxford style denim shirt from Brooks Brothers has a bit of stretch in it for extra comfort and mobility.

Port and Company Long Sleeve Value Denim Shirt

Long Sleeve Value Denim Shirt

Port and Company made a simple, all-purpose denim shirt at an affordable price. Putting "value" in the title is an understatement with the amount of use you can get out of this shirt.

Orvis Lined Teton Denim Shirt

Lined Teton Denim Shirt

This workwear style denim shirt from Orvis has a fleece lining for extra warmth through the winter. The rivet buttons, like you would find on the waist of most jeans, are a nice little detail.

L.L. Bean 1912 Heritage Lined Shirt Jacket

1912 Heritage Lined Shirt Jacket

L.L. Bean winterized the denim work shirt by putting a fleece lining in it. It also doubles as a light jacket for fall and spring.

Madewell Denim Perfect Long-Sleeve Shirt

Denim Perfect Long-Sleeve Shirt

This is a slimmer fit and cut a bit higher in the waist than most oxford-style dress shirts for a casual look. I.e., it's meant to be worn untucked.

Express Denim Short Sleeve Shirt

Denim Short Sleeve Shirt

Jeans shirt isn’t exclusive to the long-sleeve button-downs. Express has a short-sleeve take, available in several washed, for all your summer denim fits, allowing you to look rugged and feel cool at the same time.

Outerknown Asbury Denim Workshirt

Asbury Denim Workshirt

Outerknown is known for high-quality classics. They built a prototypical denim work shirt to the highest standard here that'll only get better with age.

Mavi Rio Denim Shirt

Rio Denim Shirt

Mavi updated the western shirt design by cutting it into a slimmer, more tailored fit. They also swapped out the pearl snaps for these cool nail head buttons.

Bonobos Hemp Denim Overshirt

Hemp Denim Overshirt

Bonobos’ denim shirt is rendered in the form of a chore coat to function as both a solo layer or a shacket. But the best part about it is its cotton-hemp blend which is breathable and durable.

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Travel With Confidence.


“The pants that I’ll keep taking around the globe.”

Men's best sellers, "best travel pants for women", women's best sellers.

Restocked Just In Time...

The Non Stop Short 3.0

Endorsed by....

"I only EVER fly in Aviator jeans."

- Condé Nast Traveler

"Super-soft and Impossibly Comfortable."

"The Best Travel Jeans in the World."

- USA Today

"You’ll want these jeans for your next trip!."

- Smarter Travel

"a solid, more sustainable everyday staple."

- Bloomberg

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When it comes to travel wear, think comfortable clothing that allows the skin to breathe as well as allowing for freedom of movement. Cotton shorts and shirts provide people with an easy to care for wardrobe that is also comfortable. For a more dressy look that is still comfortable and that travels well, choose khakis and a polo shirt, like one from the vast collections of Polo Ralph Lauren.

Traveling means being prepared for a variety of different weather conditions. This includes having the appropriate outerwear available so comfort and protection are always assured. An all weather jacket , complete with a hood, that is waterproof and lined is a necessary item that will keep a person cozy and comfortable during those unexpected downpours or a chilly evening.

Comfort shoes are also an important item to consider when putting together travel wear outfits. Sneakers, such as ones from Coach, Asics, Echo, and more, offer a wide range of different styles to choose from. This makes it easy to coordinate footwear with the rest of the outfit.

If a beach or pool visit is in the plans during travel time, sandals are a natural part of travel wear. Designed to be comfortable and stylish while also keeping the feet cool. Naturalizer, COACH, and Skechers are just a few of the manufacturers that offer a wide range of sandals for women, men and children. Choose from thong sandals or slip on versions to suit the style of the person wearing them.

Stay comfortable by packing a few essentials when traveling. An umbrella is always a good choice to have handy in the event of an unexpected rain shower. Carrying a stylish tote will allow a woman to keep her hands free while also being able to carry her important items with her such as her wallet and cell phone.

Looking for all the latest in travel wear? Find a great selection for everyone in your family the next time you shop at Macy's.

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travel denim shirt

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12 Versatile Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is just as essential as your LBD.

travel denim shirt


We could talk for hours about the wonders of denim . It’s one of the most durable, classic, and versatile fabrics. That’s why adding a denim shirt to your wardrobe should be a no-brainer, as it is the perfect staple to an assortment of chic looks. In fact, we would argue that a denim shirt is just as essential to have in your wardrobe as your LBD .

Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to see just how many ways you can make this classic piece work for you.

With White Jeans

White jeans with denim make our hearts pitter-patter with happiness. The relaxed ready-to-wear look makes us think of our best and most stylish vacation days . Complete the outfit with a sleek saddle bag that can easily hold your passport, and you’re ready for take-off.

With Cropped Khakis

Seeing two classic materials like khaki and denim together makes the person wearing them look absolutely chic. Pair it with some chunky accessories to complete the outfit.

There is something so fun and fitting about a denim and tulle duo. The mix of cotton-candy-esque whimsy paired with an everyday piece will guarantee to bring a smile to everyone you strut past. And let's be honest, every time we see iconic Carrie Bradshaw clad in a tulle skirt on the opening credits of SATC , we’ve been looking for any excuse to wear one as well. 

With Animal Print

Animal print is a bold print on its own, so try pairing it with simpler pieces. Denim is the perfect fabric to pair with an animal print maxi as it’s strong enough to carry the print without getting in its way. Give this outfit some more structure by adding a neutral belt and get ready to prowl your way through the day. 

With Floral Skirts

There is something about denim and flowers that reminds us of all the best parts of spring. Here, the floral midi skirt and denim shirt make the perfect pair.

With Pajama Pants

Yes, you can wear your pajama pants outside. We only ask you to give them a quick steam if they’re wrinkled and pair them with a structured denim shirt . With this look, you’re set up for a comfortable day.

With A Maxi Dress

Nothing screams warm weather like a maxi dress. But if you spot some clouds in the sky or can still feel a bite in the breeze, tying a denim shirt over your maxi dress will provide you with ample style and warmth. 

With Layers of Denim

When it comes to denim, there is never too much of a good thing. So, go all out with a head-to-toe denim look. 

With Leather

Leather—or faux leather—adds a commanding boldness to an outfit. The softness of this denim shirt balances the look. Round out the ensemble with a pop of color at the bottom.

With Faux Fur

We love blending textures. This specific fusion of fur and denim works for day or night.

Tied Around Your Waist

A denim shirt tied around the waist is a great way to make an outfit more casual. Try slinging one around your hips during the daytime with an outfit that you would usually save for evening outings, and voila , you’re ready for a cocktail-fueled brunch. 

With Wide-Leg Pants

Wide leg pants can have a mind of their own. Pairing them with a tapered denim shirt will balance the look. Finally, complete the outfit with some celestial silver earrings for an even more beautifully grounded appearance. 

Lead image wardrobe provided by H&M and Revolve.

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  • These 16 Best Dress Pants for Curvy Figures Deliver Comfort and Style
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  • These 10 Denim Jacket Outfit Ideas Provide the Ultimate Spring Style Inspo
  • The 17 Best Faux Leather Leggings, According to Experts

travel denim shirt

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • Active Shirts & Tees

travel denim shirt

Image Unavailable

prAna - Men's Journeyman T-Shirt, Will Travel

  • To view this video download Flash Player

prAna - Men's Journeyman T-Shirt, Will Travel

Pineneedle Heather

Product details

About this item.

  • Organic cotton/Recycled polyester blend lightweight jersey
  • Graphic tee
  • Woven label on wearer's left sleeve hem

Customers who bought this item also bought

prAna Men's Journeyman T-Shirt

From the manufacturer

Prana Sustainable clothing for men and women

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.57 x 7.54 x 0.96 inches; 4.97 ounces
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ M13190641
  • Department ‏ : ‎ mens
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 4, 2019
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Prana
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07V2S314P
  • #2,315 in Men's Activewear T-Shirts

Looking for specific info?

Product description.

The prAna Will Travel Journeyman is made with an organic cotton/recycled polyester blend. The shirt features a graphic of a van and is standard fitting.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

  • Sort reviews by Top reviews Most recent Top reviews

Top reviews from the United States

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travel denim shirt

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10 Best Denim Jackets, Hand-Picked by Style Pros

Denim is timeless. Find your forever denim jacket.

best denim jackets

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

Women's Original Trucker Jacket

Best Overall

Levi's women's original trucker jacket.

Women's Jean Jacket

Amazon Essentials Women's Jean Jacket

AE Dreamy Drape Stretch Cargo Cropped Denim Jacket

American Eagle AE Dreamy Drape Stretch Cargo Cropped Denim Jacket

With that in mind, all that’s left is to go shopping. To help you narrow down the best denim jackets , we compiled a list of trendy styles and classic silhouettes, ranging from oversized denim jackets to perfectly cropped pieces. Below are our top picks, including recommendations from GH staffers and style pros, to help you find your timeless piece.

This is your wear-anywhere jacket. It’s truly versatile and can complete any outfit. Constantine shares, “The most popular style of denim jacket is a classic trucker jacket. It has a boxy look with large patch pockets and silver or brass button details.” This Levi’s jacket comes in various washes — like the wear-with-anything medium wash we love — and according to Amazon buyers, it fits true to size. With an added bonus of deep pockets perfect for fitting all your essentials, this is a staple piece.

Designer denim can get downright expensive, but this pick from Amazon Essentials has a designer vibe for an affordable price. One Amazon reviewer writes, “The fit is perfect. It has plenty of room in the shoulders and bust to close without pulling. The material has a slight stretch and is super soft.” This jacket offers comfort, quality, fit and different washes for an affordable price. With a wide range of sizes from XS to 6X, this size-inclusive pick is a no-brainer.

With an edgier style that blends an oversized slouch with a crop so it won't overwhelm you, this AE cargo jacket is the perfect piece to make your outfit a stand-out. If you have more of an athletic build or are looking for a roomier fit, the wider arms provide a comfortable yet stylish look. Cargo pockets on the sleeves and front enhance this jacket creating a casual and sporty everyday look.

Free People We The Free Opal Swing Denim Jacket

We The Free Opal Swing Denim Jacket

This is the perfect jacket to get that effortlessly comfortable, oversized look. Online reviewers confirm the jacket runs slightly large, so if you're looking for only a little oversized, we suggest sizing down. Dropped shoulders for shape and pleating in the back allow this jacket to fall in a chic way that won't swallow you up. Sometimes oversized jackets can wear you if you’re not careful, but the crop keeps it from feeling overwhelming.

Calvin Klein Women’s Trucker Jacket

Women’s Trucker Jacket

Calvin Klein's breezy light-wash denim jacket has a visible tag on the front pocket and topstitching details that help create a structured shape. One reviewer described it as being “soft, stretchy and lightweight,” making it perfect for cool summer nights. Reviewers also confirm it runs true to size, so you won’t have to order three different options to try on. The Marbled Beacon wash is the true light-wash option, but if you want to branch out, it's also available in dark-wash, white and black.

Madewell Button Front Denim Jacket

Button Front Denim Jacket

I’ve been searching for a white denim jacket for ages, and this pick from Madewell finally ended my chase. The white wash can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Textiles Lab Analyst Grace Wu tested this pick and shared, “It’s casual but still looks put together, and the dropped sleeve makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The fabric feels soft yet structured.” The gold hardware detailing is unique, though reviewers say the cut runs slightly large, so you may want to size down for a more fitted look.

Gap Belted Denim Shirt Jacket

Belted Denim Shirt Jacket

Looking for a stand-out piece? This shirt jacket from Gap adds a built-in belt that helps to cinch your waist , creating a more fitted, contoured shape. Choose from regular, tall and petite sizing to ensure the right fit for your body type. I own this jacket, and the thick denim makes this affordable piece feel elevated and high-quality. The belt is removable, so you can also style it like an overshirt, giving you more bang for your buck.

Love, Bonito Hetti Denim Boxy Jacket

Hetti Denim Boxy Jacket

This cropped jacket is a summer essential for pairing with skirts, dresses and high-waisted pants. Wu owns this jacket and said, “The material is the perfect weight — not too flimsy or too heavy — and the boxy design makes it comfortable to wear in warmer weather.” If you are looking for a more fitted look, there are adjustable buttons on the sides near the hem that give you the option to make it more slim-fitting.

Marine Layer Embroidered Denim Jacket

Embroidered Denim Jacket

Denim jackets can serve as a blank canvas for tons of cute details like patches and stitching. This embroidered pick from Marine Layer keeps it subtle but stand-out. The medium wash features colorful stripes along the back and collar of the jacket, while the light wash has sunrise stitching on the back, stripes on the front pocket and detailing on the sleeve. These two washes are a great way to spice up your jackets if you're looking for something besides plain denim. An online reviewer wrote, “It fits perfectly and every time I wear it I get so many compliments.”

Universal Standard Denim Chore Jacket

Denim Chore Jacket

If you're looking for something other than a classic blue denim jacket, this black-wash style from Universal Standard is worth a look. The style fits oversized, long and relaxed for a workwear look. Pair it with jeans to keep it casual or a sundress for a fun contrast. The snap-shut side vents allow you to add more room in the hips, or keep them closed for a more streamlined look. We love the inclusive size range — 4XS to 4XL — that ensures you'll find the right fit for your body.

Headshot of Alexandra Kahn

Alexandra Kahn is an editorial intern for Good Housekeeping . She just finished her Sophomore year at Tulane University where she is pursuing a Communications major and a double minor in Strategy, Leadership & Analytics and Political Science.

preview for Featured Videos From Good Housekeeping US

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beach essentials you'll need this summer

The Best Water Bottles for Kids

best water filter pitchers

The Best Water Filter Pitchers

serta mattress review

Serta Mattress Review: An Unbeatable Value

comfortable dress shoes for women

The Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

smart doorbells

The 8 Best Doorbell Cameras of 2024

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The 12 Best Baby Strollers

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The Best Latte Machines of 2024

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The 5 Best Smart Locks of 2024, Tested by Experts

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The Best Food Processors of 2024

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The Best Laptop Backpacks

3 best automatic selfcleaning litter boxes to keep your cat happy

The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

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  • Travel Products

This $33 Best-selling Striped Dress Is My New Summer Travel Uniform — and It's From Amazon

I’ve worn it for everything from sailing on a superyacht to going on a safari.

Travel + Leisure / Amazon(3)

I’ve always loved this quote from the late Diana Vreeland, former editor at Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue : “It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.” I couldn’t agree more with the Parisian-born fashion writer (whose name is in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame, so clearly she knows what she’s talking about). Still, I think sometimes, the life you lead is also made possible by the dress you wear. For example, I’m a travel writer and I’ve worn this ultra-comfy yet stylish Amazon T-shirt dress everywhere from onboard a superyacht in the Adriatic to a safari in the Kalahari Desert. And, right now it only costs $33 when you use this coupon .

Although it’s not exactly high fashion (we aren’t talking about Jennifer Lopez’s iconic green Versace number from the 2000 Grammys), this comfortable summer dress is versatile, packable, and machine-washable — three prerequisites for most things that make it onto my packing list . I love that it’s an affordable summer outfit: One day, I’ll be in the market for a (used) Vera Wang. But for now, I prefer to spend my disposable income on plane tickets to exotic destinations. 

Merokeety Striped T-shirt Dress With Tie Waist 

Made with a super soft polyester and rayon blend, this dress is both comfortable and stretchy, mimicking the feel of the T-shirt you reach for when you want to curl up on the couch. Yet, it looks like a dress you can wear on the golf course. 

In May, I wore this dress on a Via Croatia superyachting trip. My travel companions were luxury travel advisors with $3,000 Louis Vuitton trunks, while I traveled with a $250 Monos Carry-on . But every time I wore this dress, I got at least one compliment. Thanks to the nautical stripes, I was channeling Coco Chanel (and no one knew I was doing so on a budget). 

Travel + Leisure / Katie Jackson

But it isn’t just its style that I love. The Merokeety T-shirt dress is also so breathable and lightweight which made it perfect for wearing on a recent safari in the Kalahari Desert. I sported it on mid-day game drives without overheating. It was even nice enough to wear afterward to my seven-course tasting at Klein JAN , a restaurant founded by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, the first South African chef to be awarded a Michelin star. 

Because I primarily travel solo , I also love that it’s a pull-on piece (I hate asking strangers to zip me up). The two front pockets offer perfect convenience, too. They’re deep enough to hold my essentials and, most importantly, my hands (I never know what to do with them in photos). The tie-waist also won me over. Because I have Crohn’s disease, I get bloated easily. With this dress, I can simply adjust the waist so it never feels too tight or uncomfortable. It’s also fun to play around with the bow placement to switch up the style. And, if you want more than one option for your next trip, you can choose from 16 colors, or buy the same dress with longer sleeves if you’re looking for shoulder coverage. 

As much as I wish this dress was a custom creation, it’s obviously not — in fact, it's incredibly popular. More than 1,200 dresses, including the longer-sleeved version, were sold in the last month. Together, both looks have nearly 23,000 five-star ratings, with most people praising its versatility. 

“It kept me cool enough in extreme heat & humidity. It's conservative enough for family events, if needed, but can be dressed up for dates too,” wrote one traveler . “[It] packs nicely and was not a wrinkled mess,” mentioned another person who wore theirs over a bathing suit for day trips and excursions. One traveler found it was perfect for a work trip that required business resort wear, writing: “I loved this dress so much that I came back and ordered a second color.”  

Many people also mentioned getting tons of compliments while wearing this dress. I recently wore it on a trip with my fashionista friend, fellow travel writer Laura Studarus . Not only did she shower me with flattering comments, but she also asked where I bought it, assuming it was fresh off the rack from somewhere like J.Crew, Nordstrom, or Banana Republic instead of Amazon.

Because this dress is so travel-friendly, I can genuinely lead my best life while wearing it. It’s my ticket to looking cute and feeling comfortable on the road, on a cruise, or even on safari. And of course, I’m bringing it when I go to Paris next month for the Olympics . No matter what type of trip you’re embarking on, save room in your suitcase for this versatile piece. 

Interested in even more options? Below are a few other highly-rated t-shirt dresses from Amazon. 

More T-shirt Dresses at Amazon:

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At the time of publishing, the price started at $33. 

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