1. Climb Mera Peak: Nepal's Highest Trekking Peak

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  2. A Complete Guide For Mera Peak And Island Peak Climbing In Nepal

    mera peak trek nepal

  3. Mera Peak Climb

    mera peak trek nepal

  4. Mera Peak Trek

    mera peak trek nepal

  5. Mera Peak Trek 2019 Visit Nepal

    mera peak trek nepal


    mera peak trek nepal


  1. Mera Peak Trekking Day8 Summit day!

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  3. Mera Peak Top Summit 6,160M. / Best view point / Nepal Peak climbing 2024

  4. Mera Peak

  5. Mera Peak


  1. Mera Peak

    Updated: May 5, 2023. Mera Peak is widely regarded as the one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal. The trek is suited for experienced high-altitude trekkers but does not require technical climbing skills as slopes rarely exceed 40 degrees. It is an Alpine Grade F (easy) except for the final 30 or 40 metres, which are Grade PD (not very hard).

  2. Mera Peak Trek in Nepal: Climbing Your First Six-Thousander

    This high-altitude ambition is more feasible than you may think! If you're after the full experience, Mera Peak is your mountain. Standing tall at 6476 meters, this non-technical trekking peak is one of the easiest six-thousanders in Nepal. The big bonus is the views from the summit across the highest peaks in the Himalayas, including Mount ...

  3. Mera Peak Climbing

    Mera Peak Itinerary. Day 01: Kathmandu arrival and Overnight at Hotel. Day 02: Walking Tour at Kathmandu and preparation for Climbing and Trek. Day 03: Kathmandu to Lukla Flight and uphill trek till Chhuthang. Day 04: Chhuthang to Tuli Kharka Trek crossing Zatrawala Pass. Day 05: Trek from Tuli Kharka to Kothe [4182m/13716ft]

  4. Mera Peak Climbing Itinerary: 15 Day Route

    Mera Peak Climbing Route Options. There are several different climbing routes available for Mera Peak. The most popular is to go over the Zatrwa La Pass on the second day. The pass is 4600m and you sleep at a whopping 4200m. Most of the people who came this way described it as extremely difficult, and most suffered altitude sickness on the ...

  5. Climbing Mera Peak: Essential Guide, Routes, and Tips

    Mera Peak is Nepal's highest trekking peak, standing at 6,476 meters, and is a destination for adventurers worldwide. It offers a challenging yet accessible climb ideal for both experienced mountaineers. The journey to Mera Peak begins with a scenic trek through lush forests, alpine meadows, and remote Sherpa villages of Everest region.

  6. Mera Peak Itinerary Guide: 14,17,18, and 21 Days

    Mera Peak is a majestic Himalayan peak standing at an elevation of 6,476 meters (21,246 feet) and is renowned as the highest trekking peak in Nepal. Its popularity stems from the stunning ...

  7. Mera peak climbing

    Mera Peak with an altitude of 6,476 m is situated in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It is well-liked by climbing enthusiasts. In principle, this peak is an exceptional initial peak for those without climbing knowledge. As you trek higher into this remote valley, following the river to the glaciers; you shall notice that this is a clear-cut climb ...

  8. A Guide to Climbing Mera Peak, Nepal's Highest Trekking Summit

    Climbing Mera Peak: The Route. The Mera Peak trek begins in the town of Lukla and ascends upwards, passing a town named Kothe (3,580m). There is only one route up to the top of Mera Peak from Kothe, but there are two different trails from Kothe to Lukla - one via the Hinku Valley and another which takes you over the steep Zatra La pass (4610m).

  9. Mera Peak Trek: A Journey To Nepal's Highest Trekking Peak

    The trail to Mera Peak unfolds like a story with each day revealing a new chapter. Here's a glimpse of the typical itinerary: Days 1-2: Kathmandu Captivation: Breathe in the vibrant chaos of Kathmandu, explore ancient temples, and gear up for adventure. Day 3: Lukla Landing: Take a thrilling flight to Lukla, the gateway to the Himalayas, and ...

  10. Mera Peak

    Mera Peak is a mountain in the Mahalangur section, Barun sub-section of the Himalaya and administratively in Nepal's Sagarmatha Zone, Sankhuwasabha.At 6,476 metres (21,247 ft) it is classified as a trekking peak.It contains three main summits: Mera North, 6,476 metres (21,247 ft); Mera Central, 6,461 metres (21,198 ft); and Mera South, 6,065 metres (19,898 ft), as well as a smaller "trekking ...

  11. Mera Peak Climbing Cost, Highlights, Best Season, Itinerary

    Mera Peak, standing at an impressive altitude of 6461 m/21190 ft, holds the distinction of being Nepal's tallest trekking peak. The Mera Summit offers a breathtaking view of five majestic peaks towering above 8000 meters. These include Lhotse (8516 m/27940 ft), Cho Oyo (8188 m/26864 ft.), Makalu (8481 m/27825 ft), Kanchenjunga (8586 m/28169 ft ...

  12. Mera Peak, Nepal

    Join guiding legend Vern Tejas on this classic ascent of Nepal's Mera Peak. Our Spring 2017 Mera Peak Team achieved 75% summit success! Join guiding legend Vern Tejas on this classic ascent of Nepal's Mera Peak. ... Camp route, we cross a spectacular pass into the almost uninhabited Hinku Valley and then trek northward to approach Mera Peak ...

  13. Mera Peak Climbing (6,476 m)

    10 Sep 2023 Prakash Devkota. Mera Peak Climbing is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous Himalayan expeditions that takes you to the summit of the highest trekking peak in Nepal.Mera Peak consists of three peaks, Mera Central (6,461 meters), Mera South (6,064 meters), and Mera North (6,476meters), this 10-day expedition leads you to the summit of the Mera Central which is considered to ...

  14. Mera Peak Climbing

    Your minimum climbing distance for Mera Peak will be approximately 125 kilometers, regardless of the routes you choose. The ideal trek to Mera Peak takes 17 action-packed days. Meanwhile, this expedition begins by departing from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and a historically significant city, for Lukla.

  15. Mera Peak : Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering : SummitPost

    In addition the Mera Peak trek is superb. The Hinku and Hongu valleys are spectacular Himalayan wilderness. ... It appears that many people who think they climbed the highest trekking peak in Nepal made a wrong turn! That Mera Peak is north of the Mera La, not south, and is known as Peak 41. There are no easy routes to its summit, which at 6654 met

  16. Mera Peak Climb

    Mera Peak Climb - Nepal. Dates : 1 October to 21 October 2023 and 2024. 21 days in Nepal (call/email for flexible date options) Full Service Cost: $4,450, £3,550, €4,150 (fixed in USD) Join the team. Famous high "Trekking Peak" located in a remote, unspoiled part of Nepal near Everest. Add on Baruntse and climb two fun mountains for one ...

  17. Climbing Mera Peak (6,476 m) in Nepal

    About Mera Peak. The Mera Massif is located in the Kumbu Region of the Nepal Himalaya and contains three summits. These are Mera North (6,476 m), Mera Central (6,461 m), and Mera South, (6,065 m).. Mera Peak Height: 6,476 meters Duration: 14-18 days Difficulty: Relatively easy Climbing Season: April - May & September - November The standard trekking route to the summit begins at the nearby ...

  18. Mera Peak Expedition

    Mera Peak (6476m/21,246ft) is the highest trekking peak in Nepal and a suitable challenge for a first time climb in the Himalaya. Our carefully devised itinerary allows optimum time for building fitness and acclimatisation - key factors that have contributed to our success record.

  19. Mera Peak Climb Itinerary & Cost-18 days

    Mera Peak Climb is a crucial trek ascent for hikers, expert or novice, who have aspirations of summiting the mountain. Mera Peak (6,476m) is the highest of the trekking peaks in Nepal which is also designated as one of the hardest treks ever completed in Nepal which seeks higher climbing experience. Mera Peak Climb Trip Introduction:

  20. Mera Peak Climb

    Mera Peak is one of the most famous trekking peaks of Nepal. It is a part of the Mansiri Himalayan Range, situated at an altitude of 6,476 meters. With three main summits- the Mera North, the Mera Central, and the Mera South, as well as a smaller trekking summit, Mera Peak presents panoramic views of Himalayan peaks like Mount Everest, Lhotse ...

  21. Mera Peak Climbing

    Mera is one of the highest trekking peaks in the Himalayas. Rising south of Everest, Mera was first climbed by the snow standard route. The ascent of Mera is technically straightforward, requiring little more than crampons and ice axe. We will fix ropes where necessary and our guides and Sherpas will assist.

  22. Climb Mera Peak

    At 6476m, it is the highest trekking peak in Nepal, and this brings all the challenges of trekking at really high altitude. These include the possibility of extreme weather conditions, and of course, altitude sickness. Unless you have already been to altitudes above 4000m without any problems, you should probably avoid Mera Peak.

  23. Mera Peak Climbing

    Lobuche Peak Climbing. 19 days. 0 /5. From $2575. More Information. The most popular trekking peak package is here. Join the Mera Peak Climbing 18 Days itinerary with Nepal Peak ...