Revolut travel insurance

I am considering upgrading to premium account . But I am somewhat confused by the travel insurance there seems to be some conflicting information about. Some people say it’s only for 40 days maximum, but on a search on internet I saw this.

What is the maximum trip duration covered by Revolut travel insurance? The >maximum trip duration is 90 days per trip.

Also I can’t see any information regarding the upper age limit. Usually over 65 many other travel insurance companies don’t cover that. Be grateful for any up to date information.


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SG | Community Team

Another quick question I intend to depart in about 12 days time, so I am a bit concerned the card may not arrive on time.

@ro2124 , Your card order can take up to 3 business days to process before we ship. Your card details will be available for you to make online purchases or add to Apple/Google Pay immediately for normal card orders and once the design is approved if customised.

Once we are close to shipping, you will see an estimated delivery date in the ‘Cards’ section (the card icon in the top right).

Ok thanks for info. So I assume, if the worst should happen and the card doesn’t arrive on time, the travel insurance will still be valid?


Revolut Premium Review

revolut premium travel insurance reddit

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According to our extensive research, Revolut Premium, the mid-tier offering from fintech giant Revolut, is one of the best premium digital accounts you can open. With its panoply of savvy features and its modest price, Revolut Premium stands out among premium account offerings and rivals more expensive plans from Revolut and elsewhere. 

In this short review, we unpack what makes Revolut Premium special compared to other Revolut plans and how it stacks up to other premium offerings from competitors. Then, we offer our verdict on whether or not Revolut Premium might be worth it for you!

In our view, Revolut Premium is the clear leader of Revolut's plans and the best paid online account for most people. With its low costs and abundant benefits, it's the ideal account for users looking for many perks at home and abroad. ✨ Get three months of free Revolut Premium with our exclusive link (valid for first-time users upgrading within 72 hours of account opening before 31 Dec 2023 - T&Cs apply ).

Key Facts About Revolut Premium

However, before we look more closely at the details, let's take a look at the table below to get an overview of Revolut Metal's most interesting features and what we think about them:

Last updated: 28/04/2021 ¹ Discounted when paid upfront on an annual basis

Pricing and Minimum Duration

revolut premium travel insurance reddit

Revolut Premium, priced at £6.99 (or €7.99 or $9.99) a month, belongs to what could be called the "middle tier", between the cheap Revolut Plus and the pricier Revolut Metal. In its category, it stands on the more expensive side: it's cheaper than N26 You, which costs €9.90, but a bit more expensive than its main UK competitor, Monzo Plus, which costs £5 a month. Monese Classic is also cheaper, at £5.95 (€5.95), and even £4.16 (or €4.16) per month if you pay for a year upfront — albeit with fewer fancier features.

Revolut Premium does have a minimum contract duration of one year, but if you can afford to, it makes paying upfront a no-brainer since doing so gives you a discount of about 20%, resulting in a monthly price of £6 (or €6.84 or $8). If you live in the UK, that makes it a bit more competitive with Monzo Plus, which does, however, offer a slightly more convenient minimum contract of 3 months only.

Travel Features 

Like Revolut's more expensive Revolut Metal plan, Premium has many travel-oriented features. As of November 2022, your Revolt Premium account allows you fee-free international transfers and a 20% discount on incurred costs, a significant downgrade from its previous offering of unlimited transfers and payments to thirty supported currencies. If you need cash abroad, you can withdraw up to £400 (or €400) every month for free, though that limit also applies at home. 

Revolut Premium also comes with travel insurance, which covers medical emergencies — including if they happen on a ski slope, for example — as well as delayed luggage and late flights for trips of up to 40 days. On top of this, if one of your flights is delayed by more than an hour, you'll also get to wait for it in a lounge for free, thanks to SmartDelay.

These features are a rarity at that price point: only N26 You has a comparable offer, and it's not available in the UK.

Everyday Protection

While travel insurance is a flashy perk, you might make more use of Revolut Premium's "everyday" features, which are unique offerings for a fintech app. First, they include purchase protection for up to £2,500 (or €2,500) a year in case of accidental damages or theft. If you were planning to attend an event that ends up being cancelled, you could get your tickets reimbursed — up to £1,000 (or €1,000) per year — and you also get a 90-day window to return purchases if the seller's policy is shorter.

These features are also included with Revolut's cheaper Plus plan, though its purchase protection only goes up to £1,000 (or €1,000) a year, and it doesn't come with Premium's 20% discount if you want to insure your phone through Revolut.

While fintech apps like Revolut started by mainly focusing on current accounts, with no real saving opportunity beyond basic "pots" that don't accrue any interest, they have recently become more and more advanced by including savings accounts, on which Revolut Premium subscribers get preferential treatment. Here's what Revolut Premium has to offer:

  • Savings: Revolut's most basic offering in this domain is their savings "vaults", — which are only available in the UK and the US for now. Revolut Premium UK users get a pretty good 2.25% APY on savings – calculated daily – which means that for every £1,000 they keep in such a vault for a year, they'll have accrued £22.5 in interest after twelve months. In the US, Premium users get a less impressive 1.20% APY, which translates to $10.20 for every $1,000 held yearly in a savings vault. However, they get monthly bonus interest on an amount of their savings equivalent to their spending with their Revolut card over the last month. The bonus is set at an annual 4.5% rate, which, divided over 12 months, translates to a roughly 0.367% monthly rate: if at least $1,000 are kept in a savings vault, $1,000 spent with the Revolut card over a month means a $3.67 bonus interest the following month.

Exclusive Card Design

revolut premium travel insurance reddit

Mid-tier fintech app plans usually come with an exclusive card design, and Revolut Premium is no exception. You get to choose between three metallic finishes in space grey, silver, and rose gold, though your card is still plastic — you'll have to upgrade to Metal if you want something fancier. Still, if you're tired of Revolut's primary purplish card, it might make an exciting change!

Other Features

On top of all of this, Revolut Premium also comes with a host of other valuable features, often shared with Revolut Premium:

  • As we have seen, you get up to £400 (or €400) in free cash withdrawals every month, up from 200 with the free and Plus plans.
  • Your first international payment includes both cross-border and SEPA payments for free each month.
  • You get 24/7 priority customer support.
  • Any card you order is delivered for free with express shipping.

Is Revolut Premium Worth It?

As you have seen in our examination of its features, Revolut Premium is packed with features to a level that almost rivals the more expensive Revolut Metal plan and, that put, rivals most other fintech apps' offerings at any level. Not only do you get access to smart sending in different currencies, but you also get a generous insurance package, both abroad and at home, to make sure that your money works for you.  

If you are not going to rent cars that often, and especially if you don't need or want a metal card, the Revolut Premium plan offers everything you might need from an online account, at a lower cost than any other competitor. 

Of course, if you know you're not going to spend much time abroad and already have your ways of investing your money, it might be best to consider whether you genuinely need to pay a premium for your account. That said, if you trust Revolut and want to benefit from a slightly higher level of service in mobile finances, Revolut Premium might be the right choice for you!

If you like the sound of Revolut Premium and are considering opening an account, we recommend checking out their terms and conditions first to make sure it makes sense for you. You can also use our exclusive link to get three months of Revolut for free ( T&Cs apply ). You'll need to upgrade to Revolut Premium within 72 hours of opening your Revolut Standard account, which gives you a few days to test out the app and see how you like it.

FAQ About Revolut Premium

Yes. Revolut is now available to US users, along with all of its premium plans, including Revolut Premium.

Revolut Premium is packed with benefits. Not only do you get access to a smart online account and low-cost spending in different currencies, but you also get a generous insurance package, both abroad and at home, to make sure that your money works for you.

The answer depends on your needs. In short, if you're not going to rent cars often, and especially if you don't need or want a metal card, the Revolut Premium plan offers everything you might need from an online account, at a lower cost than any other competitor.

Revolut Premium is worth it for many people, but not for everyone. In short, if you're not going to rent cars often, and especially if you don't need or want a metal card, the Revolut Premium plan offers everything you might need from an online account, at a lower cost than any other competitor.

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revolut premium travel insurance reddit

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Revolut Premium Review: Is It Worth Upgrading Your Plan?

Is it worth it to upgrade find out in this revolut premium review where i go through everything it offers to help you decide., this article may contain affiliate links, meaning we make a small commission on any purchases at no extra cost to you. thanks for your support for more info, read our disclaimer & privacy policy , especially if you need help to sleep., this article may contain affiliate links, meaning i make a small commission on any purchases at no extra expense to you. read our disclaimer & privacy policy here..

Table of Contents

Matthew Metcalfe Author Bio

Matthew Metcalfe

June 18, 2024.

Are you considering upgrading to Revolut Premium ?

The Revolut Premium card offers a lot more benefits than the free Standard plan.

But the truth is, it’s not going to be worth it for everyone.

In this Revolut Premium review , you’ll learn everything that the Premium plan has to offer to help you decide where you should upgrade.

You can also check out my complete Revolut Review to see everything that Revolut has to offer.

What is Revolut Premium?

Revolut Premium is a paid plan that Revolut offers.

It unlocks a lot of extra benefits for Revolut users.

revolut premium card review

The most significant benefit is the unlimited foreign exchange at the interbank exchange rate through the Revolut app. You’ll also get access to other exclusive features for:

  • Travel benefits
  • Security and protection
  • Savings and investments
  • Customer support

Revolut Premium is Revolut’s mid-tier plan that sits between the Free Standard plan and the higher-tier Metal plan.

Revolut Premium Review Of Key Features

Revolut Premium comes with a bunch of cool features .

I will do a Revolut Premium review of the top ones to help you decide if upgrading your plan is worth it.

It’s worth noting that Revolut offers different features depending on your country. I have covered each country as best as possible to point out individual features.

Let’s dive in!

Unlimited Foreign Exchange And Transfers

Foreign exchange fees add up when you’re overseas.

With Revlout Premium, that’s an issue of the past. You can send money overseas at the real international exchange rate. This means you can check the current exchange rate in Google and it will be very similar to what Revolut is offering.

I have found that Revolut’s exchange rate is better in some cases.

Revolut exchange rate

Need to send money overseas?

You can do direct bank transfers into over 140+ foreign currencies through the Revolut app at the interbank exchange rate. Your first 10 transfers each month on Revolut are free in most countries.

Revolut also allows you to hold money in 10+ fiat currencies. They can supply local bank account details so you can even receive money in foreign currencies.

This can save you a ton of money if you get paid in a different currency from your home currency.

It’s also possible to set up direct debit and recurring transfers on Revolut as well!

The unlimited foreign exchanges and transfers are what make Revolut Premium so attractive.

unlimited foreign exchange

You will save a ton of money overseas while using the debit card and it certainly beats using traditional banks.

The Standard Revolut plan caps the amount of free currency exchanges you can make each month. If you use Revolut as your everyday debit card, the Premium plan will save you a lot of money.

The currency exchange benefits on Revolut are the best of any digital bank available at the moment!

No Fees On ATM Cash Withdrawals

Here’s the truth:

I hate paying ATM withdrawal fees. If you have ever stomached the $8 USD fee that Thailand banks charge to make an ATM withdrawal, you’ll know what I mean.

Revolut Premium members get free ATM withdrawals worldwide up to a certain amount. That means that Revolut won’t charge you any fees.

free atm cash withdrawals

Unfortunately, you might still have to pay fees that the ATM charges, but you can even avoid this in some cases.

The amount you can withdraw depends on where you are from. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • United States – $1200 USD/month withdrawal limit
  • Australia – $700 AUD/month withdrawal limit
  • UK – £400/month withdrawal limit
  • Europe – €400/month withdrawal limit

These limits are about double what the free Revolut Standard plan offers. The Standard plan also only allows you to make 4 ATM cash withdrawals per month.

After you reach the withdrawal limits, you will pay a 2% fee for each withdrawal you make.

This is a pretty good benefit because the withdrawal fees you end up paying on the Standard plan almost cover the Premium plan fees.

If you are traveling to a country where cards are not widely accepted, Premium will save you fees on ATM withdrawals.

One-Time Use Virtual Cards

All Revolut members get access to virtual cards.

These are basically debit cards that only exist within the app itself. You can use the card details to make transactions online without needing a physical card.

Revolut Premium members can unlock one-time-use disposable virtual cards.

revolut virtual disposable cards

That means once you use the card, it’s automatically deleted. Why would you need this?

Firstly it offers a new level of protection. If you make a transaction online and someone steals your card details, it doesn’t matter as much. They won’t be able to use those details again anyway.

Personally, I use it for online payment subscriptions that I’m not sure I want to automatically renew.

When I sign up for something, I put in my one-time-use virtual card so that it can’t be automatically renewed. This is just in case I forget to cancel the subscription if I decide I don’t want it.

Free Global Express Delivery

Most regular banks will only ever send a new credit or debit card to your registered home address.

Revolut will send it anywhere you happen to be!

That means if you’re traveling in a foreign country, Revolut will deliver the card directly to you. This alone is a huge benefit that I have taken advantage of multiple times.

With Revolut Premium, you get Free express delivery of your new card.

global express delivery

Express means you will receive the card within 1-3 business days. You’ll also get free tracking, so you always know where your new card is. I ordered my Revolut Premium card when we were in Bali, Indonesia and it took exactly 3 business days!

This is a big step up from the free Revolut Standard plan.

With Standard, you have to pay your card’s delivery cost and you only get Standard delivery times – usually about 7-11 business days.

LoungeKey Pass Access

Airport lounge access has become a big thing for travelers, remote workers and digital nomads.

And I get it…

Who wouldn’t rather sit in a comfortable lounge area enjoying good wifi and free food?

Ashley and I love a good lounge and we have used the Revolut LoungeKey Pass a number of times.

It gives you access to a network of over 1,000+ airport lounges worldwide.

Revolut lounge access

This network basically includes at least 1 lounge (often 4-5) in every major airport in the world. It can even include smaller airports, especially in the US.

LoungeKey Pass isn’t free.

What’s the benefit then?

You can purchase lounge passes at a discount. Depending on the lounge, you will typically pay about $30 to $35 USD per pass. This is usually 50% to 30% cheaper than you would pay if you just walked up to the lounge.

For 3+ hour layovers, we almost always take a lounge and Revlout usually gets us the best deal.

We usually end up spending $15 to $20 on food and drinks anyway, so you might as well pay that bit extra and enjoy a comfortable lounge as well.

How does LoungeKey Pass work?

On the Revolut app, search for the airport you’re at (you can also buy the passes in advance).

revolut premium lounge access

Revolut will then display the lounges that you can access and the features of each lounge.

Now you just select the lounge you want and pay the fee. The fee is deducted from your Revolut balance. You’ll immediately get a QR code that you can take to the lounge and they will let you in. Easy!

The whole process is smooth and instant. While this feature isn’t going to be for everyone, it will save you money if you like to use Airport lounges.

Smart Delay Free Lounge Passes

Want a free lounge pass?

Smart Delay is a feature that can get you and someone else a free lounge pass whenever your flight is delayed by 1 hour or more.

Here’s how it works:

Insert your flight number and flight information into the Revolut app.

smart delay free lounge pass

Revolut will track your flight and the moment it is delayed by for than 1 hour, they will issue you with 2 free lounge pass QR codes. You take the QR codes to the lounge and you’ll get access for free.

You do have to use the lounge passes within 48 hours. After that, they will expire.

The thing I love about this feature is that Revolut doesn’t try to be stingy. You just put the flight number in and Revolut does the rest. You don’t even need to tell them if your flight is delayed.

Everything is done automatically.

We got free lounge passes once with Smart Delay when flying from Mexico City to Merida as digital nomads . The flight was delayed by an hour and 30 minutes and Revolut delivered the free lounge passes instantly.

I was really impressed.

Travel Insurance & Medical Insurance

Premium Revolut members in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and the United States get travel and medical insurance included in their plan.

Australian Premium Revolut users don’t have this benefit and it doesn’t look like Revolut is planning to add it anytime soon.

revolut travel insurance overview

The above image is the insurance included in Revolut in the United States. Revolut travel insurance differs in benefits, deductibles and max limits in each individual country so make sure you double-check yours.

The Revolut Premium card travel insurance covers:

  • Foreign accidental emergency medical expenses
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Trip interruption and cancelation protection
  • Delayed flights over 4 hours
  • Delayed luggage over 4 hours
  • Lost or damaged baggage protection

Having insurance included in your plan is a pretty significant benefit, but there are some criteria you need to meet.

Revolut Premium card only covers you for trips that don’t exceed 90 days. You also must have a return flight booked back to your home country.

Now for the big question…

Can you actually rely on Revolut Premium travel insurance?

Yes, you can as long as you meet the requirements to claim. But in all honesty, it’s not a great level of travel insurance. It’s not nearly as good as key competitors like the N26 black card or an AMEX credit card.

Make sure you check out their full policy before leaving for your trip to see if it’s right for you.

As digital nomads, the Revolut Premium insurance doesn’t work for us because we are gone for more than 90 days at a time. Instead, we use SafetyWing or Genki to cover us for travel insurance.

Looking for a good travel insurance provider as a nomad? These companies offer the best travel insurance for digital nomads . If you want a higher level of coverage you might prefer health insurance. Make sure you check out our complete guide on the best digital nomad health insurance .

Priority Customer Support

Support is a big issue on Revolut Standard.

It can take 4-12 hours for their customer service team to message you back. Have a time-sensitive issue? You could be in some trouble.

But that changes with the Revolut Premium Plan.

revolut live chat

You get priority customer support which means you’ll get an instant reply. The level of customer service I have experienced has also been much better on Premium than when I was on the free Standard plan.

It’s certainly a significant benefit to getting issues sorted quickly.

Exclusive Premium Design Card

You can’t have a Premium plan without a better card, right?

Revolut Premium cardholders get to choose between 3 different Premium card colors:

revolut premium card color design

You’ll also get an exclusive Premium card design so that people know you are a Premium cardholder. While it’s not as cool as the Metal card, I like that Revolut has done something to make Premium cardholders stand out.

Premium Security & Travel Protection

Revolut security features are excellent.

You can check out the in-app account security features here . But Premium UK and European plan members get a better level of protection while traveling.

The benefits include:

  • Theft and purchase protection up to £2,500 per year
  • Event ticket purchase protection up to £1000 for UK accounts and €1000 for European accounts per year
  • 90-day purchase protection

These benefits offer a decent level of protection if someone steals your card while you’re traveling.

Savings & Investments

Revolut offers a number of saving and investment tools.

This includes:

  • Crypto trading
  • Stock trading
  • Commodities trading
  • Savings interest

auto trading

Revolut Premium cardholders can trade cryptocurrency, stocks and commodities at a cheaper rate.

In the UK and Europe, you pay a 1.5% fee when trading, which is slightly better than the 2.5% that Standard members pay.

You can trade commission-free in the US and Australia anyway, so there are no extra benefits here.

Revolut US and UK Premium plan members also get a better savings rate. You will earn 0.07% APY (Annual percentage yield) on your savings in the United States and 0.40% annual interest paid daily with Savings Vaults in the United Kingdom.

While this isn’t amazing, you get some benefit from storing your money in a Revolut savings vault.

European Revolut members will start to earn interest on savings in 2022.

Revolut Australia doesn’t currently offer any interest on savings and there isn’t any plan to add it in at this stage.

Revolut Premium Pricing

Revolut Premium offers very affordable pricing .

This is how much the current monthly payment is:

  • United States – $9.99 USD per month
  • United Kingdom – £7.99 per month
  • Europe – €8.99 per month
  • Australia – $9.99 AUD per month

I think these plans are actually great value for money. The amount of benefits you get far outweighs the amount you pay. The money you save in foreign transactions alone can more than cover the cost of your monthly fee.

Here’s the problem:

You have to sign up for 12 months.

That means that you’re locked in for an entire year. What happens if you want to cancel early?

Revolut will charge you for 2 months as a dishonor fee. While that’s not the worst, it’s something to keep in mind if you are considering upgrading your account.

What if you want to upgrade to Revolut Metal?

You can upgrade your account to Metal at any time without paying any extra fees (except for the additional cost of the Metal plan). You only have to pay the dishonor fee when you downgrade to the free Standard plan.

Keep in mind that when you upgrade your plan from Premium to Metal, the 12-month period starts again.

You can also save 20% if you pay the entire year upfront instead of paying monthly. This is a good idea if you have the cash and are completely committed to Revolut.

Pros And Cons of Revolut Premium

As you can see, Revolut has done a good job of offering some solid benefits for the Premium plan.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pros and Cons of Revolut Premium:

Revolut Premium Pros

  • Lots of great features that will benefit digital nomads, travelers and remote workers
  • Not that expensive when compared with other travel cards and digital banks
  • Unique and exclusive card design and choice of three colors
  • Double the free ATM withdrawal limits for most countries including Europe, the UK and Australia
  • Lower cryptocurrency and stock trading service fees at just 1.5%.
  • Easy and fast plan upgrade process
  • Express delivery of Premium card is only 2-5 business days

Revolut Premium Cons

  • Have to commit to 12 months on the Premium Plan
  • Travel insurance covers trips only up to 40 days
  • Plan benefits can vary significantly depending on your country of residence

Revolut Premium vs Revolut Standard vs Revolut Metal

Looking for a direct comparison of all the plans that Revolut offers?

Here is a curated breakdown of the features and benefits of the Revolut Standard, Premium and Metal cards.

New Revolut Plus Card

Revolut has recently launched the Plus plan.

They have only rolled it out to UK and European citizens and residents. It costs:

  • United Kingdom – £3.99 per month
  • Europe – €3.99 per month

The extra benefits might be worth it for some people because the pricing is so low. The Revolut Plus additional features include:

  • 24/7 priority customer support
  • Better international ATM cash withdrawals
  • £1,000/year limit purchase protection
  • Higher interest on your savings

Personally, it hasn’t got me that excited because you might as well just make the jump to Premium at that point.

We will have to see if they roll it out to Australia and the United States in the future.

Wrapping It Up

Revolut is a great digital banking solution.

The Revolut Premium plan adds more benefits to the already great Revolut debit card and app.

But the main question…

Is it worth paying the fee and upgrading your plan to Revolut Premium?

Yes, if you are traveling regularly and use Revolut as your primary way to make everyday card payments, it’s a no-brainer in my opinion.

The unlimited foreign exchange and international transfers are big benefits that alone make it worth it. The extras can also be beneficial depending on your situation.

Sign up for Revolut Premium here .

It might even be worth you upgrading to the Metal card plan, which I am now on.

If you don’t travel regularly or mostly travel in your home country, Revolut Premium won’t offer as many benefits. This is especially true if you can’t take advantage of the included travel insurance.

Want to learn all the benefits you get with Revolut? Check out my full Revolut Review .

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do you get with revolut premium.

With Revolut Premium you get a whole bunch of benefits. You’ll get unlimited foreign exchange transfers, high ATM withdrawal limits and a ton of extra travel features. The benefits you can get from Revolut Premium far outweigh the fees you pay for it.

Is Revolut Premium worth getting?

Yes, Revolut Premium is worth getting if you travel regularly and plan to use Revolut as your everyday card. The savings alone on the international transaction fees make it worth the monthly fee.

How much is Revolut Premium a month?

The price of Revolut per month varies depending on your country. Here’s how much Revolut Premium costs per month in each country:

– United States: $9.99 USD per month – United Kingdom: £7.99 per month – Europe: €8.99 per month – Australia: $9.99 AUD per month – Singapore: $9.99 SGD per month – Japan: ¥980 per month

What is the difference between Revolut Premium and Metal?

The difference between Revolut Premium and Metal is the benefits you get. With Revolut Metal you get higher free ATM withdrawal limits, 1% cashback on international transactions, a card made from real Metal, higher purchase protection and better travel features.

What happens if I want to cancel Revolut Premium?

Revolut Premium plans are locked in for 12 months, which means that if you cancel your plan or want to downgrade to Standard, you will need to pay a dishonor fee (equal to two months of your plan).

If you cancel within 14 days, you will receive a full refund of the fees you paid, minus the cost of the Premium card and postage.

If you cancel after 10 months, you will not receive any refund but will also not need to pay the dishonor fee.

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  • Getting started with travel insurance
  • Travel insurance coverage
  • Documentation required to file a claim
  • How do I make a travel insurance claim?
  • Cover for cancelled and interrupted trips
  • Cover for delayed trips
  • Emergency medical assistance abroad
  • Coverage and Eligibility
  • Travel insurance provider switch
  • More help with travel insurance

Who is covered for travel insurance?

The policyholder must meet the following coverage requirements:.

  • You’re a resident of the EEA (excluding Gibraltar and Switzerland)
  • You’re at least 18 years of age and not older than 75
  • Your primary residence matches the address on your Revolut account
  • Your journey meets the definition of a trip

The policyholder’s children (including fostered, adopted, and step-children) are covered under this policy, as long as they’re:

  • Maximum 17 years of age at the time of travel
  • Travelling with the account holder

your spouse or cohabitant is covered under this policy, as long as they’re:  

  • A spouse by marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union
  • Living with the policyholder for at least 12 consecutive months prior to travel and is at least 18 years of age and their primary residence complies with the country address of the Revolut account holder
  • Travelling on a journey that meets the definition of a trip

To check your insurance policy in-app:

  • From the 'Home' screen, go to 'Lifestyle' on the bottom menu
  • Tap 'Insure'
  • Tap 'Travel' and choose a cover type
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  1. Experience with Travel insurance via Revolut Premium package?

    Ended up getting a full refund for my ticket via PayPal, lesson learned never travel via bus with luggage again and definitely don't rely on revolut insurance. I had a flight delayed by 5 hours and requested compensation per the policy. Apparently you can only get compensated if the flight is from / to your place of residence.

  2. What are your experiences with Revolut Premium Travel Insurance?

    Happened to me from Brussels to Vienna. They put me on the next flight and refunded my ticket. As for the travel insurance, idk. Ive never had to make a claim. Reply reply. [deleted] •. The Ryanair flight is not Revolut fault. Ryanair only offers money back and flight with them when it is available.

  3. Revolut Travel Insurance Success : r/Revolut

    Revolut Travel Insurance Success. I have Metal which includes travel insurance and after our flights were cancelled due to strikes in Germany I thought I would put in a claim for the 2 additional days we needed to pay for a hotel and food until the next earliest flight home. It was my first time making a travel insurance claim of any kind and ...

  4. Have you tried Revolut's premium travel insurance and do you ...

    Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog Careers Press. Terms & Policies ... I'm going on a trip in several countries in Africa and I'm debating whether the Revolut travel insurance is enough or if I should go for a more specialized one like Chapka. Would love to know about some of your experiences with Revolut and ...

  5. Premium travel insurance : r/Revolut

    There is a reason any proper travel health insurance costs €100+ per month. You don't want to rely on some random 3rd party online travel insurance in an emergency. As for subscribing and cancelling - that won't work. It is a 12 month contract. If you cancel after a month, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

  6. Revolut Premium no longer covers travel insurance : r/Revolut

    The company's mission is to maximize the value and utility of digital assets through our comprehensive product suite including advanced trading solutions, liquidity aggregation, tax-efficient asset-backed credit lines, a high-yield Earn Interest product, as well as the Nexo Platform and Nexo Wallet with their top-tier insurance and military ...

  7. Revolut's Travel insurance : r/Revolut

    I downgraded my Revolut account instead and found a proper travel insurance company to spend my money on. Issuer is Chubb, which is a very solid company. The limits on the policy though are pretty low, so it is really bare bones. Claimed (3k£ for infant going hospital care).

  8. Travel insurance : r/Revolut

    Welcome to the unofficial Revolut subreddit - for users and anyone interested in the discussion about Revolut. ... If travel insurance is still part of your package, they removed it in the UK. Be sure to report phone to your provider within 24 hours, and the police and get a report reference. ... What does all that mean bro, why doesnt premium ...

  9. Revolut Metal Travel Insurance changes : r/Revolut

    "Important changes to travel benefits. Travel insurance: from 25 July 2024, we're making changes to your travel insurance terms. · Travel insurance will only cover trips purchased with your Revolut account. Trips purchased before 25 July 2024 (even if purchased with a non-Revolut card) will stay covered under the travel insurance.

  10. Revolut Premium travel insurance

    Harrier25 wrote: As you say, all package travel insurance products always exclude pre-existing medical conditions, so no different with Revolut than it is with the likes of Nationwide etc. The exclusion list with Amex is fairly long too. The Amex list, like the HSBC Premier list is an inclusion list (ie pre-existing conditions it is willing to ...

  11. Did anyone use the Health Travel Insurance?

    alikhtin 6 September 2022 09:08 18. Only after sending a claim for health insurance, I've got the following reply: "Please note that eligible claims are subject to a deductible of 50 EUR/beneficiary that will be retained from the total compensation amount in accordance to the Conditions for Beneficiaries.".

  12. How does Revolut break even for you? : r/Revolut

    Context: I'm based in the UK and have paid for Revolut Premium for a years primarily for the Travel Insurance and SmartDelay - it turned out to be a good deal compared to a standalone insurance ad paying for lounges when needed.

  13. Travel Insurance

    Just to clarify my earlier comment…. Revolut have dropped cover for your partner or spouse on the Premium Card Travel Insurance. Its still covered on Metal. But it's been done without any communication to Premium Card holders. I travelled to Ireland last week in the belief that both myself and my wife were covered.

  14. r/Revolut on Reddit: Time to find a change? What alternative you think

    Well, first of all, I've been a happy user of Revolut since 2017. Have never had any issues, only good things. Cashback works, travel insurance works, finance management and investment also work. I've been introducing Revolut to many of my friends (oh yeah, lovely ref. rewards). If all are good stuff, why should I bother moving to something else?

  15. Revolut travel insurance

    SG.Mandal 26 April 2024 11:32 2. Hello @ro2124 , Welcome to our Community. Thank you for considering us regarding the Travel Insurance. The maximum trip duration is 90 days per trip. If you travel for longer, you'll be covered for the first 90 days only. Unfortunately, we're unable to extend any trip coverage beyond the maximum duration ...

  16. Travel Insurance

    Our insurance products are arranged by Revolut Travel Ltd and Revolut Ltd, which is an appointed representative of Revolut Travel Ltd. Revolut's stock trading products are provided by Revolut Trading Ltd (No. 832790), an appointed representative of Resolution Compliance Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  17. Revolut Premium Review: Is It Still Worth It in 2024?

    Revolut Premium also comes with travel insurance, which covers medical emergencies — including if they happen on a ski slope, for example — as well as delayed luggage and late flights for trips of up to 40 days. ... While travel insurance is a flashy perk, you might make more use of Revolut Premium's "everyday" features, which are unique ...

  18. Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance on Revolut's paid plans is provided by Chubb Group. For any questions, contact Revolut using the Revolut mobile application or by calling the number on the back of your card: (844) 744-3512, or write to the Program Manager at 107 Greenwich Street, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10006.

  19. Looking for Finance and Travel Insurance Advice : r/Insurance

    Monzo, Revolut,…) for travelling internationally and there is so much information I am lost. I am planning to do a gap year where I move from one volunteering experience to another and maybe do a bit of solo travelling all within different countries worldwide.

  20. Revolut Premium Review: Is It Worth The Upgrade? [2024]

    The above image is the insurance included in Revolut in the United States. Revolut travel insurance differs in benefits, deductibles and max limits in each individual country so make sure you double-check yours. The Revolut Premium card travel insurance covers: Foreign accidental emergency medical expenses; Emergency dental treatment

  21. Looking for Finance and Travel Insurance Advice

    Monzo, Revolut,…) for travelling internationally and there is so much information I am lost. I am planning to do a gap year where I move from one volunteering experience to another and maybe do a bit of solo travelling all within different countries worldwide.

  22. Who is covered for travel insurance?

    Our Travel Insurance policy is provided as a benefit with Premium, Metal and Ultra plans. You don't have to use your Revolut account to pay for the trip to be eligible for the coverage. Coverage requirements: You must be a resident of the UK or the EEA (excluding Gibraltar and Switzerland). Minimum 18 and no more than 75 years of age.

  23. Who is covered for travel insurance?

    The policyholder's children (including fostered, adopted, and step-children) are covered under this policy, as long as they're: Maximum 17 years of age at the time of travel. Travelling with the account holder. your spouse or cohabitant is covered under this policy, as long as they're: A spouse by marriage, domestic partnership, or civil ...