5 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Travel (32+ Reviewed)

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Silicon collapsible dog bowls ready to be tested and reviewed to find the best

It’s a fact:

Your dog needs to eat and drink.

Ideally out of a dog bowl.

But what if you are out and about with your doggy pal, and a bowl isn’t something nearby…

Well, you need a collapsible dog bowl !

This portable dog bowl is a traveler’s best friend, allowing you to easily feed and water your pooch while away from home.

Like any dog owner, you want the best for your precious canine friend.

But which collapsible bowl is best for your dog?

Well, we can answer that.

Our Top Picks

Prima Pets Collapsible Bowl Top Pick Best Silicone Travel Bowl

Best Silicone

Mud River Oasis Top Pick - Best Collapsible Canvas Travel bowl

Best Canvas Bowl

Mud river oasis.

Ruffwear cinch top portable travel dog bowl

Best Drawstring

Ruffwear Quencher Cinch

At DogLab, we spent over 80 hours testing 32 different collapsible dog bowls. With the help of our dedicated doggy testing team, we created the most detailed guide to collapsible dog bowls ever.

Which collapsible dog bowl was best?

We went into this review expecting to pick an outright winner.

However, with continued testing, it soon became clear that certain bowls were better suited to different needs.

For example, those of you who need a rugged collapsible bowl, like hikers and campers, have different needs to those who simply want a portable bowl to take with them on walks or car trips. Throw the dog’s size into the mix and choosing a single winner was virtually impossible.

So to begin with, we are going to cover the two best all-around collapsible dog bowls, one made from silicone and the other from canvas. These two dog bowls were most suitable for a wide range of dogs and applications.

After that, we list suitable options for those looking for something a little more specialized, including recommendations for flat-faced dogs.

Best canvas collapsible dog bowl

Best for camping and hiking.

A rugged outdoor dog bowl to take with you when hiking or camping. Folds up small.

Out of all the canvas dog bowls we reviewed, the Oasis takes our top pick. Mud River, a division of Boyt Harness, has been making rugged outdoor products for hunters and their dogs for years, and their collapsible dog bowl follows this trend.

When not in use, the Oasis folds down and stays put thanks to a sturdy Velcro strap. It takes up about as much room as a small paperback book, and even when jostled around inside my backpack while hiking, it remained collapsed.

The bowl is constructed of a waxed canvas on the outside and a waterproof lining on the inside. When filled with food or water, the bowl holds its shape without folding in, even as hungry dogs chow down as quickly as they could.

Tucker, the Yellow Labrador Retriever, eating food from Mud River Oasis collapsible dog bowl

Capable of holding a generous amount of food or water, what really makes the Oasis appealing is its suitability for dogs of all sizes.

At 8 inches across, this was one of the bigger canvas dog bowls we tested – easily large enough for your big-snouted dog to comfortably eat out of.

Thanks to the flexible sides, even our smaller testers were able to get their food or drink. Barney, our smallest tester, was able to get to his food by slightly bending the side of the bowl down. If your dog needs to bend the bowl to drink, we recommend only filling it halfway with water.

Even our flat-faced testers could smoosh their face inside to eat every last piece of kibble from the bottom of the bowl. However, we have a better recommendation for flat-faced breeds later in this review.

As for durability, well – the Oasis was subjected to an unplanned game of tug of war, as two 100+ pound Labradors decided that the bowl made a good play toy. After breaking up their game, I was surprised that there was no sign of tearing.

While it might not be dishwasher-safe, a quick trip through the washing machine followed by an air dry was all it took to clean the Oasis up for our next outing. Just make sure to remove any crumbs or gunk before placing it in your washing machine.

Best canvas dog bowl runner-up

The Ruffwear Bivy Ultralight Bowl is a canvas dog bowl that collapses into itself rather than folds. Compact and durable, there is a lot to love. The only downside is the price, but if you are after a premium pick, then check it out.

Best Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl

Prima pets silicone bowl.

A flexible silicone bowl that collapses to a fraction of it’s size.

The Prima Pet Travel Bowl looks like any other silicone collapsible bowl. So, why did we place it above the rest?

Well, it all comes down to the shape.

You see, in order for a collapsible silicone bowl to fold in on itself, it narrows toward the bottom of the bowl.

Prima Pet’s Collapsible travel bowl narrows out the least of all silicone bowls we tested.

This almost invisible design change allowed both flat-faced dogs and larger dogs with big snouts to easily eat kibble from the bottom of the bowl.

The wider opening also reduced the chance of our dogs accidentally collapsing the bowl when in use, something that we observed with other silicone dog bowls we tested.

Yellow Labrador Retriever eating kibble from Prima Pet collapsible silicone dog bowl

Made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, these silicone bowls squash right down to an impossibly small size when not in use.

Speaking of size, this is one of the few silicone dog bowls that allows you to choose a size, either small or large. Small is suitable for anything up to a Beagle. For breeds larger than this, or if in doubt, choose the large size.

As for the carabiner, well, you’ll either love it or hate it. There is no denying just how useful this simple addition can be – you can attach the bowl to your dog leash, water bottle or even bag loop. Not feeling it? The Carabiner can easily be removed if you want to cram the bowl inside your bag.

As for cleaning, like all silicone bowls, these came up as good as new with a gentle scrub. While many are top-rack dishwasher-safe, many users reported longer life by hand washing and leaving it to air dry.

Best collapsible silicone dog bowl runner-up:

Petmate Silicone Travel Bowl

Made from a single piece of silicone with no plastic, Petmate’s collapsible travel bowl was another strong performer. However, due to its slightly smaller size, and with no carabiner included, we had to award the win to Prima.

Best Bowl That Can Be Prepared With Food

Ruffwear Quesncher Cinch Bowl Top Pick - Best Drawstring Collapsible Travel Bowl

Ruffwear Cinch-Top

Your dogs own lunchbox. Fill it with food, cinch the top and take it with you.

Now for something different… Up until now, our recommendations focused on dog bowls that take up the least room. And to do that, it needs to be empty.

But what if you want a portable dog bowl that you can fill with kibble and take with you?

Truth be told, there was only one collapsible dog bowl that was up to the task. Fortunately, it performs great.

We were expecting a Ruffwear bowl to win at least one of the categories. They are a reputable outdoor company that produces a variety of durable products for adventurous pups, including a wide range of collapsible dog bowls.

At first glance, the Ruffwear Quencher Cinch Top looks like any other canvas collapsible bag. However, it has one very useful feature…

A drawstring built into the rim of the bowl.

This allows you to fill the bowl with kibble, pull the drawstring tight, and toss it in the bottom of your bag. When closed, no kibble escaped.

Yep, this dog bowl doubles as a doggy lunchbox!

Once your pooch has finished eating his meal, the dog bowl can be wadded into a ball or rolled up – it was just as portable as any other canvas bowl we tested.

Or if your pooch is too excited to finish his lunch, you can cinch the top closed and save it for later.

While the cinch top means there is extra material at the rim of the bowl that needs to be tucked out of the way, it did not hinder our dogs from eating out of the bowl.

Yellow Labrador Retriever eating food from Ruffwear Cinch Top portable travel bowl

Our only concern is that because the bowl narrows at the top, it is less suited to flat-faced breeds.

However, if you want to pack your dog’s lunch for a day trip to the beach or woods, no collapsible bowl performed better.

Best of all, it’s fully machine washable. Highly recommended.

Best collapsible dog bowl for flat-faced dogs

Best collapsible dog bowl for flat-faced dogs.

Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl Top Pick Best Travel Dog Bowl For Flat Faces

K-9 Backbowl

A soft, easy-to-carry dog bowl that folds flat when not in use.

Have a flat-faced dog? Buy a flat collapsible dog bowl.

The Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl is little more than a piece of canvas with snaps in each corner. Clip the snaps together to make a shallow portable dog bowl that is perfect for flat-faced breeds.

During testing, we noticed that most collapsible dog bowls are not designed for dogs with squashed faces. Either the bowls were too narrow at the bottom or the soft walls would cave in, making eating difficult.

Although it’s not specifically advertised for short-snouted breeds, the K-9 Backbowl solves all the problems our flat-faced testers faced with other bowls.

The wide opening meant that even large Mastiffs, who eat by smooshing their face into their bowl, could eat every last piece of kibble.

Flat Faced Bulldog eating from Mountainsmith Collapsible K-9 Backbowl

Thirsty dogs will be pleased to know that the K-9 Backbowl passed our leak test without difficulty.

Best of all, due to the simple design, you can fold or roll the bowl, allowing you to pack it as you see fit.

However, if you don’t have a flat-faced breed, we recommend looking at our other recommendations – longer snouts might find the bowl too shallow.

Best collapsible dog bowl for occasional use

Best collapsible dog bowl for occasional use.

Kurgo Zippy Travel Bowl Top Pick Best Collapsible Dog Bowl For Occasional Use

Kurgo Zippy

Pack it in your bag, stroller or glovebox just in case you ever need a dog bowl when away from home.

Our final recommendation is a collapsible dog bowl to keep on hand just in case. . It might not be something you use every day, but when the need arises, you’ll be glad you have it!

As the name suggests, when not in use, the Kurgo Zippy can be zipped up into a small triangular carry case – small enough to fit into your purse, backpack or even pocket.

No matter how messily you zip away the dog bowl, it will unfold perfectly, ready for use.

It’s this convenient size and shape that makes it perfect for cramming away until you need it.

As for performance? Well, it’s no slouch either.

At 7 inches tall, it holds enough food or water to keep a large dog satisfied. Have a smaller pooch? The soft walls allow you to roll them down, allowing your tiny pups to easily access their meal.

Harper eating from kurgo Zippy Collapsible dog bowl

However, it was these same soft walls that prevented us from recommending the bowl for day-to-day use – setting the bowl up so that the walls don’t fall in is a little fiddly.

Once mealtime is over a quick trip through the washing machine saw it looking as good as new.

Small enough to forget about until you need it and suitable for a wide range of dogs, it’s the perfect every-now-and-then collapsible dog bowl.

The collapsible dog bowls that didn’t make the cut

Unfortunately, you can’t have winners without losers. Our top picks stood out as being the best collapsible dog bowls. The following collapsible dog bowls didn’t compare and have flaws that held them back in one way or another.

However, that doesn’t mean that these are necessarily bad portable dog bowls. In fact, many users report that satisfaction with them. However, based on our testing, we see little reason to choose these over our top picks.

Okay, so the Guyot Designs Squishy Pet Bowl isn’t designed to be a collapsible dog bowl, but we wanted to see how if it would be a viable option for larger dogs. Made with high-quality silicone and multiple size options, it works well as a silicone bowl. But it just isn’t travel-friendly. While you could squish the bowl down into a tiny size, it popped back up if there was space – there was no way to keep the bowl compressed.

The Comsun Travel Bowl is the number one most popular collapsible bowl on Amazon. Surprisingly, it was our least favorite of the silicone bowls we tested. Only holding a single cup of dog food, it was too small for most dogs. The included carabiner was also of poor quality.

Remember how I said canvas dog bowls are more expensive than silicone? Well, the Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl is the exception to that rule. It’s the cheapest collapsible dog bowl we tested. The thin walls collapsed in on themselves during use, and it was unsuitable for dogs with flat faces. While it passed our water leak test, many reviews suggest leaking issues as the bowl ages.

The Timber and Tide Collapsible Dog Bowl is a good, tough canvas bowl. We couldn’t get the bowl to sit flat on the ground, even when filled with food or water. What really let this bowl down was the cost – you could get the much sturdier Mud River Oasis for the same price.

The Tuff Mutt Collapsible Dog Bowl , which is essentially the same product as the Mountainsmith K-9 Backbowl, came with a case that was nearly impossible to squeeze the bowl inside.

The Ruffwear Trail Runner Ultralight Blue was another solid performer. Easy to pack and unpack, our only complaint was that it didn’t hold its shape as well as similar collapsible bowls.

The Chuckit Hydro Bowl was both durable and waterproof. However, it was less suited to the snouts of larger dogs. Have a medium dog? Go for it!

Dexas is one of the only brands who create a portable elevated dog feeder, which is available in both single and double feeders. Folding down to an impressive 1 inch tall makes it easy to see why the Dexas Popware is such a popular portable feeder – it sports an eye-catching design. I really wanted to like this feeder. However, at 5 inches high, it was too short to truly be called an elevated feeder, but the frame was high enough to keep the bowl off the ground. Also, each bowl was surprisingly small, holding up to just 3 cups of kibble. We also had issues with the bowl popping out of the frame when we tried to collapse the bowl.

Messy Mutts made another silicone dog bowl that would be appropriate for small to medium dogs. This all-around quiet achiever, however, was more expensive and less commonly available than similar silicone bowls.

The Kurgo Mash and Stash Portable Dog Bowl offered something different, a triangular dog bowl. During testing, we soon discovered the reason most brands made round bowls – there are no corners for food to get stuck in. It is also less suited for larger dogs. While this bowl works just fine for water, we don’t recommend it for food.

Another entry from Kurgo, their collapsible portable travel bowl had a more traditional design. Another all-around performer that is priced just a little higher than similar bowls.

What’s missing?

We also really wanted to test the Grrowler bowl – a travel-friendly dog bowl that doubles as a dog collar. That’s right, you can make your dog carry his own bowl!

However, when we contacted Rocky Mountain Underground to obtain more information, such as whether the bowl would be available for sale in the next two months (Part of criteria for review is that the product is readily available for purchase), customer service responded and refused to answer our questions.

Given the poor experience, we decided to leave the Grrowler bowl out of this review.

What is a collapsible dog bowl?

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything special about a collapsible dog bowl – it looks like any other bowl that holds your dog’s food and water.

But if you look closer, you see that these bowls hide a secret feature…

When not in use, a portable bowl can fold in and collapse on itself, reducing the bowl to a fraction of its size.

Consider it your pup’s very own portable dog dish – one you can take with you when you leave your home.

When your dog needs to eat or drink, simply pop open your portable dog bowl and fill it up.

In order to transform to their tiny size, collapsible dog bowls are not made from a rigid material like plastic, ceramic or metal.

Instead, they are made of soft materials that allow the bowl to bend, shift and fold.

Some are made from a flexible silicone rubber…

Silicone collapsible dog bowl filled with food

Others are made from a waterproof fabric…

Canvas collapsible dog bowl filled with dry dog food

All told, collapsible dog bowls come in hundreds of different styles.

While each collapsible dog bowl may look different, they are all designed to do one thing:

Transform into a portable, travel-friendly size for easy storage.

Which dogs need a collapsible dog bowl?

While collapsible dog bowls are by no means an essential doggy product, many owners swear by them.

Whether you should buy a collapsible dog bowl entirely hinges on one question…

Do you need a dog bowl for traveling?

It’s as simple as answering that yes-no question.

If you are still unsure, let’s look at the common scenarios where you might need a collapsible dog bowl…

Walking your dog

Dog being walked on leash by owner through park

You travel with your dog every single day even though you might not realize it…

I’m talking about your dog’s daily walk.

Let’s face it:

Your dog needs to be walked. [ 1 ]

While it’s unlikely that you will walk so far that your dog will get hungry, there is a good chance your dog will need a drink of water – especially if it’s hot outside or you stop to play.

That’s where a collapsible dog bowl comes in. Simply fill the bowl with water from your water bottle, and you give your pooch a refreshing drink after a tiring game of chase-the-ball.

Car trips with your dog

Golden Retriever sticking his head out the car window on a road trip

It’s odd… My dog constantly gets thirsty on car rides. I can’t make him drink before a car trip, but the moment his paws step inside my Honda Accord, he gives me the where-is-my-water look.

While cars have drink holders for humans, they are not yet equipped with bowls for dogs – seriously, someone PLEASE invent a dog-friendly car!

So to offer my dog a drink, I pull off on the side of the road, pop open his collapsible bowl and let him slurp to his heart’s content.

If you take long road trips with your dog (or just spend hours stuck in traffic), then a portable dog bowl allows you to offer your dog a drink with minimal effort – store it in your glove compartment or under the seat of your car.

Vacations with your dog

Golden Retriever sitting in trunk of car with luggage packed for summer vacation reminding family to pack his dog bowl

It’s not a family vacation if your dog doesn’t come along too.

That means you don’t just have to pack a suitcase for yourself, your partner and your kids, but for your dog as well!

You must feed your dog on vacation, so you need to bring a bowl.

Just one problem…

That space inside your suitcase is precious, and you don’t want to waste it on bulky items.

A collapsible dog bowl squashes down to a fraction of its former size, allowing you to easily stuff it inside your already overflowing suitcase.

Hiking and camping with your dog

Dog on hike in mountains asking owner for collapsible water bowl

I love hiking through the woods. There is nothing quite like surrounding yourself in nature, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And if I can bring my four-legged friend along – even better!

When it’s time for a drink break, out comes my water bottle and also my pooch’s collapsible dog bowl – taking a moment to enjoy our surroundings while we rehydrate.

Love hiking as much as I do? I don’t need to tell you how important it is to pack light – even the easiest trail can be as challenging as Mount Everest with a heavy backpack.

Fortunately, collapsible dog bowls are lightweight. So light, in fact, that I can’t even tell if it’s stowed away inside my hiking backpack without checking.

Do you find yourself in any of the above scenarios?

If so, your dog is a suitable candidate for a collapsible dog bowl. If you are constantly on the go, then you might use your portable dog bowl more often than the one at home!

Yellow Labrador Retriever eating kibble from collapsible dog bowl on grass in park

During our research, we talked to local dog owners, pet store owners and chatted with my vet on the topic of collapsible dog bowls.

Collapsible dog bowls were almost universally praised by those who owned them.

One proud Cavoodle owner went as far as to say:

When I leave home with my dog, I make sure I have my house keys, mobile phone and collapsible dog bowl.

Now, that’s not to say that collapsible dog bowls are perfect.

The obvious drawback to any portable dog bowl is that they are not designed with stationary use in mind.

You see, collapsible dog bowls are best used in addition to the dog bowl you use at home.

Well, portable dog bowls are designed to be used for short periods of time. Because these bowls are designed to be travel-friendly, they are made from flexible materials that allow them to fold small.

The downside to these materials is that they won’t hold up to the same everyday wear and tear that your regular dog bowl does.

You know that stainless steel dog bowl that’s been sitting in your yard? Yeah, the one that’s been exposed to rain, snow and the harsh sun, accidentally stepped on, and even gnawed on by your dog.

Well, a collapsible dog bowl isn’t going to hold up to that same abuse.

Also, due to their lighter weight, collapsible dog bowls are easier to flip and push around than your stationary dog bowl. However, placing the bowl on a rough surface will severely reduce the chances of this occurring.

Finally, if your dog suffers from gas or bloat, a travel bowl won’t slow down your dogs eating in the same way a slow feed bowl would.

If you don’t travel, then I’m not sure you will find a lot of value in a collapsible dog bowl.

Have you decided a collapsible dog bowl is right for you? We tested over 30 different dog bowls to find the best of the best.

Want to know more about our testing process? Read on!

What is our testing process?

Canvas collapsible dog bowls ready to be tested and reviewed

At DogLab, we take reviews seriously. We never recommend a product that we wouldn’t happily give to our own dogs.

That’s why our testing team thoroughly evaluates each product we recommend.

By the end of the process, we spent over 80 hours researching, testing and reviewing the most popular (and even some unpopular) collapsible dog bowls on the market.

Which collapsible dog bowls did we test?

The first thing we had to do was decide on which collapsible dog bowls we would test.

It might surprise you to learn that there are hundreds of different portable dog bowls on the market.

Yep! It turns out that needing a travel-friendly dog bowl is a common problem. And, plenty of manufacturers want you to pay them to solve it, each claiming to have the best solution.

So, the first thing we did was narrow down our selection.

After researching the different collapsible dog bowls on the market, analyzing user reviews and interviewing experts, we narrowed down the selection to 32 bowls.

Now this may seem like a lot, but some brands manufactured multiple collapsible bowls in different sizes and designs, and we had to test them all.

By the end, we put 13 different brands to the test:

  • Guyot Designs
  • Mountainsmith
  • Outward Hound
  • Timber & Tide

With our list complete, it was time to go shopping. Each collapsible dog bowl featured in our review today was purchased on Amazon.com.

Yep, at DogLab, we buy every product at the same price you pay. We don’t receive discounts for reviewing these products.

Once every collapsible dog bowl arrived, it was time to test them!

How did we test the collapsible dog bowls?

Now that we had our pile of collapsible dog bowls, it was time to compare them to each other to determine which was truly the best.

To find the number one collapsible bowl, we used the following tests…

How portable was the collapsible dog bowl?

Let’s face it… The main reason you buy a collapsible dog bowl is:

Because you need a portable dog bowl to take with you on the go!

With this in mind, we decided that storage convenience should weigh heavily when choosing the winners.

After all, if it’s not easy to stow, then you wouldn’t pay extra for a specialized dog bowl, right?

Well, neither would we.

So, the first thing we did was measure just how small each collapsible dog bowl compressed down to.

Next, it was time for some real-world testing…

Some collapsible dog bowls came with a carabiner to attach the bowl to the outside of your bag or leash. However, we wanted to see how the collapsible dog bowls performed when discreetly stashed away.

We packed each bowl into a handbag filled with everyday essentials – the kind of stuff you would typically take when walking your dog:

  • Mobile phone
  • Water bottle

Some fit neatly….

Collapsible dog bowl folded neatly inside handbag

Others not so well…

Collapsible dog bowl squashed inside handbag poor fit

But this test only told half the story…

How easy is the collapsible dog bowl to open?

Next, we wanted to see how easy it was to set up a collapsible dog bowl mid-walk.

It might seem simple, but setting up a dog bowl can put your multi-tasking skills to the test.

Holding a dog leash in one hand, a collapsible dog bowl and bottle of water in the other while trying with all your might to stop your dog from chasing that squirrel…

It’s a lot to do all at once.

As a result, any collapsible dog bowl that isn’t quick to set up gets old, quickly.

Each bowl was set up on three different surfaces:

  • A dirt trail

The goal was to have the entire process, from setting up the bowl to packing it away, be almost seamless.

However, the needs of hikers are very different from dog owners who are camping or on vacation and want to set a portable dog bowl up for a few days or weeks.

To simulate these environments, we set each dog bowl up in a home environment and observed how it faired during regular use.

Does it hold food and water?

Collapsible dog bowl filled with dry dog food and water

This might seem like a silly test. I mean, it’s a dog bowl – what good is it if it can’t function like one?

Well, during DogLab’s research, we came across complaints that certain collapsible dog bowls leaked or trapped food in crevices.

The complaint of leaks was particularly prevalent in canvas bowls, and reports suggested a failure in the waterproof lining.

So, we tested each bowl with water from our drink bottle and kibble to see how each bowl held up.

Bowls filled with water were left to sit up to 24 hours at a time. Afterward, each bowl was thoroughly inspected for leaks.

Any collapsible dog bowl that did not pass this test was instantly failed.

We even used a few different collapsible bowls that looked like they could transport food inside them. The Ruffwear Cinch Top , for example, closed with a drawstring, allowing you to pre-fill the bowl with food to take on your hike. However, this was not a feature found with most collapsible bowls.

Testing observations

Suitability for chewers.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Chewing On Collapsible Dog Bowl

Now in order for a collapsible dog bowl to fold up, it needs to be made of a softer material – you won’t find a collapsible dog bowl made from plastic , stainless steel or ceramic .

Across the range of collapsible dog bowls we reviewed, silicone and canvas were the two most common materials.

If your dog loves to gnaw, then your toothy canine companion will be able to tear these materials to shreds in no time.

It is for this reason that collapsible dog bowls are less suited to chewers. However, one solution is to put the collapsible bowl down during mealtime and promptly remove it when your dog is finished – before he has a chance to take his bowl to chew city.

Out of the two materials, we found canvas collapsible dog bowls to be much more durable than silicone.

Ease of cleaning

Collapsible silicone dog bowls washed in soapy water in sink

Want to keep your dog bowl free from nasty bacteria and bad smells? Then, you need to wash it .

After all, who wants to take a stinky collapsible dog bowl that is covered in dried dog drool with them on their walk?

If you walk your dog every day (and you should), then you want a collapsible dog bowl that’s easy-to-clean and dries quickly.

So, we cleaned every dog bowl after use, observing the ease at which food was removed and how quickly it dried.

All told, we found collapsible dog bowls made from silicone much easier to clean than canvas. Food, dirt and other gunk could easily be removed without a trace left behind.

However, silicone needed to be fully dried before collapsing. Otherwise, it was prone to mildew spots.

Canvas dog bowls were more susceptible to stains and marking, especially if you put the bowls down on muddy soil. While this discoloration may look unappealing, it in no way impacted the performance of the canvas collapsible dog bowls.

Silicone vs Canvas

Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowl Vs Canvas fabric dog bowl side by side

Collapsible dog bowls are typically made from one of these two materials. Both have their pros and cons.

Silicone has the advantage of being cheaper. In many cases, you could buy two or three silicone bowls for the same price as one of our canvas recommendations.

Silicone also collapses smaller, so if you want a product that takes up as little space as possible, you won’t need to look past a silicone collapsible dog bowl.

However, the design of silicone dog bowls also has a flaw: The seams that allow them to compress are made of thinner silicone than the rest of the bowl. With repeated use, these will eventually wear out tear.

Canvas dog bowls, on the other hand, are often larger. While they don’t compress to the same mini size as silicone bowls, they were more suited to a wider range of dogs. They are also more durable and hold up to rough play better than silicone.

At DogLab, we prefer long-lasting products. Given a choice between the two materials, we choose canvas collapsible bowls every time.

Who tested the collapsible bowls?

Now that you know what and how we tested, it’s time to introduce to you who tested the collapsible dog bowls.

Five team members tested and reviewed our collection of collapsible dog bowls.

Let me introduce you to…

Collapsible dog bowl tester Tucker the yellow labrador retriever

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Tucker loves to walk, run and do all things outdoors. Once let off his leash, it can be difficult to get him to come back – he knows when the leash goes on, it’s the end of the walk. All that playing is thirsty work, and Tucker rehydrates himself with the help of collapsible dog bowls.

Collapsible dog bowl tester cooper the black labrador retriever

A little bit on the chubby side but super lovable, Cooper doesn’t love going for walks. In fact, when the leash comes out, Cooper hides. Since he has been instructed by his vet to lose a few pounds, he doesn’t really have a say in the matter. Testing collapsible dog bowls with food in them has been the highlight of Cooper’s outings.

Collapsible dog bowl tester - Harper the boarder collie cross german Shepherd

Breed: Border Collie x German Shepherd

If you mention the words trail or hike around Harper, you have to whisper. If Harper hears you, she gets super excited and won’t calm down until you take her to her favorite trail in upstate New York. Good news for this four-legged hiker – testing the collapsible dog bowls involved daily trail trips.

Collapsible dog bowl tester - Barney the Shih Tzu

Breed: Shih Tzu

Barney is 10 years old and spends his days lounging in the sunshine and is somewhat of a vacation addict, chasing the warmer weather with his owner whenever possible. This pint-sized tester scored himself a mini-vacation where he happily feasted from a variety of collapsible dog bowls.

Chelsie the Human reviewer of the collapsible dog bowl guide

Breed: Human

Me – Lover of dogs and vacations, I am a compulsive hiker, unprofessional photographer and enthusiastic reviewer. Thanks in part to my opposable thumbs, I played a major role in reviewing all the collapsible dog bowls – they were not going to unfold and fill themselves!

Alternatives to portable dog bowls

A collapsible dog bowl is not the only solution to feeding or watering your dog while traveling.

If you want to skip the collapsible bowl, here are some other methods you can use…

Feeding your dog straight off the ground

When going for walks, many dog owners bring a plastic baggie full of kibble with them. When the time comes to feed their pooch, they drop it on the ground for their pup to devour.

Depending on where you go hiking, this may be a suitable option. However, a muddy trail probably isn’t the best place to do this.

Letting your dog drink from your bottle

There are two ways you can do this:

  • Pour a stream of water into your dog’s mouth from the bottle
  • Have your dog slurp from the mouth of the bottle

I have long since given up on trying to training my dog to drink from a stream of water. She just doesn’t get it. More of the water ends up on the ground than in her mouth.

As for sharing my bottle with my dog? Nope. I mean, my dog has good oral hygiene, and I love doggy kisses as much as the next girl…

But dog backwash? That’s where I draw the line.

Using a dog water bottle

Yep, dog water bottles are a thing. The lid on these specialized bottles come with a lid that doubles as a drinking scoop.

The downside is that you need to pack two water bottles with you – a collapsible dog bowl is much lighter than bringing a second bottle filled with water.

There is no denying that a collapsible dog bowl is a situationally useful device.

Want to feed and water your dog while on the go? It really is the best option.

After all, your dog needs to stay hydrated and fed while away from home, and a collapsible dog bowl makes the entire process neater.

What’s your experience with collapsible dog bowls? Let me know in the comments below!

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dog airline travel bowl

The Best Travel Dog Bowls of 2024

Products are chosen independently by our editors. Purchases made through our links may earn us a commission.

Why trust Reviewed?

Reviewed's mission is to help you buy the best stuff and get the most out of what you already own. Our team of product experts thoroughly vet every product we recommend to help you cut through the clutter and find what you need.

Product image of Dexas Popware Single Elevated Feeder - Small

Dexas Popware Single Elevated Feeder - Small

Extendable legs allow for feeding in an upright position

Contracts for easy storage

Dishwasher safe

Nothing we could find

Product image of Gamma2 Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

Stackable, airtight canisters are Ideal for camping

Clips to outside of bag for easy carrying

Product image of Lixit Water Boy Water Tank

Lixit Water Boy Water Tank

Perfect for long car or plane trips

Hold 3 quarts of water

Too bulky to take on basic walks

Product image of Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

Ruffwear Bivy Bowl


Quick-drying fabric

1.8 Liter capacity

Wide, weighted base

Comparatively expensive

Not dishwasher safe

Product image of Kurgo Collaps A Bowl

Kurgo Collaps A Bowl

Made from food grade PVC and BPA-free silicone

Lifetime Warranty

A bit unsteady, which can cause spillage

Sarah Zorn

Updated May 29, 2024

Whether you’re going on a leisurely vacation or an active, outdoorsy adventure, it’s generally made twice as nice by the presence of your dog! But since room in one’s luggage (or packed-to-the-brim RV) is always at a premium, adding your pup’s belongings to the mix can seem a bit daunting. That’s where travel dog bowls come in. While furry companions can probably last a few days without their favorite blanket or artfully chewed stuffed toy, they’ll always need accessible food and water.

These are the best travel dog bowls available today.

One of our favorite things about the Dexas Popware Elevated Feeder is its collapsible legs, which means your pup doesn't have to hunch over.

We’re all accustomed to giving up some creature comforts when we travel. But being able to drink at a non-hunched over position is critical for the well-being of many dogs, especially when they’re potentially dehydrated and actively exercising on mountains and trails. That’s why we flipped over the clever design of the Dexas travel dog bowl. This is easily the best travel dog bowl when it comes to collapsing, that we looked into. This travel dog bowl even has extendable legs. When tucked away, the super light unit in this travel dog bowl takes up just 1.5 inches of space. Fully expanded, this travel dog bowl offers a 12-ounce capacity bowl and a set of sturdy legs that allow this travel dog bowl to stand about 5 inches off the ground. Not only do the legs keep this travel dog bowl from slipping and sloshing, while preventing detritus from gathering in the food or water, but they also let your pup sip without crouching, which helps prevent neck and back stress, and—perhaps most crucially—bloat. Did we mention the silicone materials are easy to hand-wash and are dishwasher-safe? This travel dog bowl also comes in a larger, 4-cup capacity.

Product image of Gamma2 Vittles Vault Travel-Tainer

If you’re spending overnights in the woods, you’ll need to equip your pup with more than just water. So, while the comparatively bulky Vittles Vault travel dog bowl may be overkill for a trail, you’ll find this travel dog bowl an indispensable addition to your camping gear. Comprising three stackable components, an airtight canister keeps up to 4 quarts of kibble or water fresh, while two one-quart bowls affix to either side, providing an all-in-one storage, drinking, and feeding system that can be clipped to the outside of a bag. For such a handy item, the Vittles Vault Gamma Travel-Tainer travel dog bowl is also shockingly inexpensive, coming in at under $10.

Product image of Lixit Water Boy Water Tank

It generally speaks volumes, when we end up appropriating an item for personal use after testing. To be honest, we were puzzled by the Lixit travel dog bowl at first, wondering how a travel dog bowl the approximate size and shape of a gas canister could possibly be viable for pet travel. And yes, the 3-quart Waterboy travel dog bowl makes little sense for a trail. But this travel dog bowl’s usefulness for car or plane travel is unparalleled. When set flat, the innovative design of this travel dog bowl allows just enough water to gather in the reservoir of the bowl, so there’s never any splashing or dripping (even from our own enthusiastic drinker). And amazingly, the entire unit can be flipped upside down, without leaking or spilling a drop. That means you can leave this travel dog bowl with your dog in the car for the entirety of a ride, and allow them to hydrate themselves at will, without fear of flooding the backseat (it’s also great for planes, hotels, and other places where you want to keep splashing to a minimum).

The Lixit Waterboy travel dog bowl comes equipped with a handle, making it easy to carry upright. This travel dog bowl still won’t spill, even when filled, although carrying this travel dog bowl empty significantly increases portability.

Product image of Ruffwear Bivy Bowl

Specializing in products for active dogs, it’s no surprise that Ruffwear’s Bivy Travel Dog Bowl proved especially trail-worthy. Made of lightweight, quick-drying waterproof fabric, this travel dog bowl weighs only 2.96 ounces empty, yet has a 1.8L capacity—very generous for a vessel that easily collapses into a flat disc. We especially appreciated the wider, weighted base, that allows this travel dog bowl to sit firmly on uneven terrain, and thus prevents this travel dog bowl from tipping over and spillage. The only issues are the price—this travel dog bowl was one of the most expensive travel dog bowls we tested—and the fact that this travel dog bowl isn’t dishwasher safe.

Product image of Kurgo Collaps A Bowl

Another favorite brand amongst the sporty dog community, Kurgo’s food grade, PVC and BPA-free silicone travel dog bowl comes in multiple colors and with a lifetime warranty. That said, it would take an awful lot of roughhousing to do damage to this seemingly impervious travel dog bowl, even after multiple passes through the dishwasher (yes, it’s top rack safe). This travel dog bowl holds up to 24 ounces, yet collapses to less than 1-inch high, and can be easily tucked into a bag, or clipped by a carabiner to the outside. This travel dog bowl is a tiny bit wobbly when folded out and set down, but not so much to significantly affect its ranking on our list.

Product image of Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls

Unique side-by-side design

Contains spills


Awkward to store

Product image of Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Able to be adjusted to hold 16 ounces of food or water, or a generous 40 ounces when fully expanded, the FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic Bonza travel dog bowl is dishwasher safe, yet simple to hand clean and air dry. That said, this travel dog bowl is a bit too collapsible, as it buckled in our hands when attempting to carry this travel dog bowl filled with water, and skidded on the ground when our pup tried to take a sip.

Made from FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic

Neither sturdy nor stable

Prone to spillage.

Product image of Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Portable Dog Dish

No bells and whistles here: the Outward Hound travel dog bowl is a simple nylon pouch that pops open to hold water or food and scrunches up for storage. This travel dog bowl has a good capacity at 48 ounces, but unless you fill this travel dog bowl up all the way, the thin-walled shape has a tendency to topple and sag. The best thing about this travel dog bowl is its total portability. The travel dog bowl weighs next to nothing at 0.8 ounces, and can be stashed pretty much anywhere. You can fit this travel dog bowl in a pocket, squeeze it in the tightest backpack, or use the attached loop to hook it to the outside of a bag.

Easy to store

Large capacity

Soft sides aren't stable

What to Look for When Buying the Best Travel Dog Bowls


Since the best travel dog bowls are made for use on the go (often during restrictive activities such as hiking, camping or car riding), portability is of utmost importance. The best travel dog bowls should be light enough to carry—either easy to stash inside or be clipped onto the outside—preferably collapsible, and can be stored in small spaces.

Since these travel dog bowls will frequently be used when on rough, dirty terrain, such as on trails or in the woods, they should be made of easy to clean and quick drying materials, that don’t hold onto odors/bacteria, and are sturdy enough to sit on rocky, grassy surfaces (or on a hotel room rug) without tipping over.

Certain travel dog bowls are also best for a specific type of travel—small, collapsible vessels made of silicone or cloth are ideal for hiking, travel dog bowls with long-term food storage options are the best travel dog bowls for camping, and travel dog bowls with non-spill features are especially equipped for planes, trains, and automobiles.

How Should I Clean My Travel Dog Bowl?

The best travel dog bowls should be easy to clean. To keep your travel dog bowl clean, the dishwasher is your best bet since it kills bacteria well. Of course, not every travel dog bowl will be dishwasher safe, so you’ll want to consider some alternative ways to clean your travel dog bowl.

You can also wash your travel dog bowl by hand with hot water and dish soap. Scrub the travel dog bowl well before rinsing it with hot water. In addition, you can kill bacteria in your travel dog bowl by letting it soak in vinegar to remove any odors.

Can My Cat Eat Out Of a Travel Dog Bowl?

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10 Best Dog Travel Bowls in 2024  – Reviews & Top Picks

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

Border collie puppy drinking water from bowl in a park

When shopping for dog travel bowls, you’ll find that you can choose from several options. Our reviews of the different travel bowls will help you get a better idea of what kinds are best for you and your dog. Keep reading to find out which dog travel bowl you’ll want for your next trip with your dog.


  • A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024
  • The 10 Best Dog Travel Bowls
  • 1. Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl With Carabiner – Best Overall

Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl

The Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl With Carabiner is the best overall dog travel bowl due to its versatility, convenience, and affordability. It’s great for all kinds of outdoor use, including hiking, picnicking, and at airports. It lies flat, and you can simply pop it open once you’re ready to use it. It also comes with a carabiner that you can use to attach to travel bags or your dog’s leash.

This bowl is made with 100% pet-safe food-grade silicone and has a durable BPA-free plastic rim. It’s also dishwasher safe, making cleaning simple and easy. The only minor inconvenience is that it doesn’t have a non-skid grip. The silicone material does a good job of keeping the bowl in place on flat and smooth surfaces, but the bowl may tip over if it’s placed on gravel or uneven patches of grass.

  • Lies flat when not in use
  • Comes with carabiner
  • Made with 100% pet-safe food-grade silicone
  • Doesn’t have good grip on uneven surfaces
  • 2. Mr. Peanut’s Premium Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Bowls – Best Value

Mr. Peanut’s Premium Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Bowls

Travel often comes with unexpected costs, so it’s helpful to find products that are both durable and affordable. Mr. Peanut’s Premium Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Food Bowls are the best dog travel bowls for the money because they come in packs of three and are often priced cheaper than single bowls with a similar design.

The bowls are made with food-safe silicone and are dishwasher-safe. Each bowl comes with a carabiner and can hold both food and water. However, it may be a bit shallow to hold water for large dog breeds as the bowl is just 2 inches tall when unfolded.

  • Comes in packs of three
  • Carabiners are attached to bowls
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Bowls may be too shallow for large dog breeds
  • 3. Dexas Popware for Pets Double Elevated Pet Bowls – Premium Choice

Dexas Popware for Pets Double Elevated Pet Bowls

If you have a fancy dog, they’ll appreciate this travel pet bowl set . It’s a bit smaller and ideal for small and medium-sized dog breeds, as it holds just up to 2.5 cups total, or 20 oz per bowl. However, it makes travel with your pet convenient and easy. The set comes with a tray that elevates the bowls so that your dog can eat with comfort and ease. The entire set collapses and lies flat, and it’s easy to store in your luggage or a large backpack. You can also clean it while it’s collapsed, and it is dishwasher safe.

  • Tray is fully collapsible
  • Easy to store away
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Too small for large dog breeds
  • 4. Frisco Travel Silicone Dog & Cat Travel Double Diner Bowl – Best for Puppies

Frisco Travel Silicone Dog & Cat Travel Double Diner Bowl

Traveling with a puppy can come with more challenges, and this food bowl is designed to make your trip easier. It’s a fully collapsible bowl and comes in one piece so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting and losing any bowls.

This set is very flexible and easy to clean. You can wash it by hand or place it on the top rack of a dishwasher. It also rolls up and can be stored nearly anywhere. Just keep in mind that if it stays rolled up for too long, the tray won’t lie flat.

  • Food and water bowl and tray are all one piece
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t stay flat if rolled up for too long
  • 5. Gamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Dog & Cat Feeding System

Gamma2 Travel-tainer Complete Dog & Cat Feeding System

This travel bowl set is an excellent choice for camping and weekend trips. It has a clever design that has a container that stores up to 6 cups of food. It has two plastic bowls that conveniently fit on the top and bottom of the food container.

The entire set also comes with a handle, so it’s extremely easy to hold and carry around. It also has a food-safe sealing system to keep air and any insects out. The only downside is that this set isn’t insulated. So, it’s not suitable for containing wet food unless you have a cooler with you.

  • Stores up to 6 cups of food
  • Comes with a handle
  • Air-tight sealing system
  • Not ideal for wet food
  • 6. KONG Fold-Up Double Dog Bowl

KONG Fold-Up Double Dog Bowl

This KONG food and water bowl set is ideal for large dog breeds, as it holds up to 8.5 cups of food and water. It may be a little too large for toy breeds, but you can roll down the sides to make the bowls a little shallower. The bowls have a stylish design and waterproof lining. They’re also easy to clean and have a hygienic design.

Once they’re washed and dried, you can zip them up so that they remain clean and dirt-free. The bowls also store flat and are flexible, so you can easily fit them in your backpack and carry them around with you everywhere you go.

  • Holds up to 8.5 cups
  • Waterproof lining
  • Hygienic design
  • May be too big for toy breeds
  • 7. Pounce + Fetch Heavy Duty Silicone Travel Bag Bowl

Pounce + Fetch Heavy Duty Silicone Travel Bag Bowl

The Pounce + Fetch Heavy Duty Silicone Travel Bag Bowl transforms from a travel bag to a food bowl. It can hold up to 4 cups of dry dog food and has a ziplock closure to keep food inside. Just keep in mind that this bowl is designed to store dry food, and wet food can leak through the ziplock.

The bowl has a convenient handle on top, so it’s the perfect bowl to carry with you on walks and day trips. It’s made with BPA-free silicone and is easy to wash. However, it’s not dishwasher safe and must be hand-washed with dish soap.

  • Transforms from bag to food bowl
  • Has ziplock closure to keep food inside
  • Made with BPA-free silicone
  • Wet food can leak from top
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • 8. Alfie Pet Collapsible Fabric Travel Dog Bowl

Alfie Pet Collapsible Fabric Travel Dog Bowl

This collapsible travel dog bowl has a durable nylon outer lining and a waterproof inner lining. It’s designed to hold both food and water, and you can conveniently fold and zip it up when not in use. Since it’s flexible, it fits easily into backpacks, suitcases, and car glove compartments. It also comes with a keyring that you can use to quickly clip it to any loop.

The only downside to this bowl is that while it does hold its shape well, it can get knocked over fairly easily, and it’s easy for water to splash everywhere. So, it’s important not to fill it up with too much water.

  • Folds up and has a zipper
  • Flexible and easy to store anywhere
  • Keyring is attached
  • Can spill water easily
  • 9. Frisco Travel Non-skid Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Bowl

Frisco Travel Non-skid Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Bowl

This dog travel bowl has a cute and durable design. The bowl is made of stainless steel, and it comes with a plastic lid. It can store both dry dog food and wet dog food. It also has a non-skid bottom and maintains a good grip on different kinds of surfaces.

While this bow can hold water, we wouldn’t recommend storing water in it because the lid isn’t leak-proof. Also, the lid snaps on and off, and it can be difficult to pop it off the bowl. Users have had issues with food spilling out after having difficulty removing the lid.

  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Comes with a lid
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Lid isn’t leak-proof
  • Lid can be difficult to take off
  • 10. Kurgo Splash-Free Wander Dog Water Bowl

Kurgo Splash-Free Wander Dog Water Bowl

Carrying water with you on hikes and other outdoor excursions is extremely important, but it can be difficult to find a good travel water bowl that minimizes splashes. This travel bowl by Kurgo has a unique design that prevents a lot of water from splashing and spilling. It has a tapered lip that helps keep water in, and dogs can also easily eat their food from it. It’s made with food-grade silicone and is dishwasher-safe.

Most dog owners will find this bowl to be useful and effective. However, it doesn’t seem to perform as well with dogs that have a wider muzzle. They can have some challenges with drinking from the bowl and end up creating some splashes.

  • Tapered lip keeps water in
  • Made with food-grade silicone
  • Dogs with wider muzzles can still cause splashes
  • Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Best Dog Travel Bowls

There are several different kinds of dog travel bowl designs, and each design has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about some common types of travel bowls you’ll come across.

  • Collapsible

The most common type of dog travel bowl you’ll find is the collapsible travel bowl. This type of bowl is often made with food-grade silicone and has a plastic rim. These bowls are ideal for carrying with you on long walks and hikes . They’re lightweight and can lie flat when not in use, and they often come with a carabiner or keyring that you can use to attach to a bag or leash.

One thing to consider before purchasing this type of bowl is durability. They can get knocked over easily, and since they’re made with softer material, they can puncture or tear more easily than other types of dog travel bowls.

Nylon dog travel bowls are ideal if you’re looking to save space. They’re the most flexible option and can bend and fold to fit in smaller spaces. They also often have a zipper that helps the bowl stay folded and shut. This makes them cleaner and more hygienic than many other types of bowls. The only downside is that they tend to have some difficulty holding their shape, especially if they’ve been kept folded for a long period of time.

Young siberian husky dog drinks water from travel dog bowl in the heat

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel bowls are the most durable options. They usually come with lids, and you can find several options that have a leak-proof seal. So, they’re ideal if you have a dog that eats wet food . However, stainless steel dog travel bowls are the bulkiest type of bowl, so they can be difficult to carry with you when you’re going on walks and hikes. Most also aren’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to spend some extra time cleaning them by hand.


Our best pick amongst our reviews is the Prima Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl With Carabiner because it’s extremely portable, doesn’t take up too much space, and is relatively affordable. The best budget-friendly option is Mr. Peanut’s Premium Collapsible Silicone Dog & Cat Bowls . If you’re looking to travel in style and comfort, the Dexas Popware for Pets Double Elevated Pet Bowl is an excellent choice.

Overall, dog travel bowls have different designs and functions . Identifying your dog’s specific needs will help you find the right one for your dog.

Featured Image Credit: ubaru, Shutterstock

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Jessica Kim

Jessica is a freelance writer who spends bigger part of her day researching and writing while her furry companion Cavapoo , Nora, snoozes beside her. She loves dogs, pets and animals because there’s so much to learn from them, and they do so much for us. As a dog mom, she understands the strong connection that pet parents have with their pets. So, she loves sharing helpful information that pet owners can use to better understand their beloved pets. When she isn't writing, you may find her walking dogs, tending to her plants, or drinking her nth cup of coffee.

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10 Best Travel Bowls for Dogs (and 3 Alternatives!)

Last updated July 5, 2022 | Follow us on Facebook Here

To date I’ve made 5 cross country road trips with my two dogs .

I am literally an expert in discovering all the things not to do while traveling with dogs, which has (not surprisingly) helped me narrow down all the right things to do.

Including which travel bowls are the best. Not just for traveling, but for hiking, camping, and pretty much any other trip where you need to pack light.

dog airline travel bowl

Outward Hound Port-A-Bowl Collapsible Travel Dog Food and Water Bowl

My favorite thing about the Outward Hound bowl is it is literally 100% collapsible into a myriad of different shapes.

You’ll notice a lot of the silicone bowls on the list will fold or collapse flat, and that’s great, but the “cloth” bowls by Outward Hound (and also Ruffwear) can be folded, pressed, squished, whatever you need to stuff it in your dog’s pack or harness .

A few notes about the above list

A lot of the collapsible silicone food and water dog bowls are very, very similar. For example, take a look at each of the following:


Look familiar?

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing (or a good thing), I’m just pointing out for the sake of this post A LOT of dog bowls appear to be identical. In which case brand loyalty or brand awareness may play a role in choosing which one to go with.

For example, when all things are the same I’m partial to Ruffwear and Kurgo even though they’re a bit more expensive. I just know they’ll stand behind their product. And I know they are always testing their dog gear with actual dogs and dog owners.

Dog Travel Bowl Reviews: A Closer Look

I’m not going to go over all the bowls on the list in depth, well…because…they’re bowls. I’ve already talked about my favorite and rest are pretty self-explanatory, except for two.

#4 Lixit Travel Dog Water Bowl


The Lixit Waterboy is basically the “unspillable” dog bowl. This makes it great for road trips.

You don’t have to pour it our and keep refilling. Just fill it up and toss it in the car. When it’s empty, fill it up again.

The water level is dispensed to prevent splashing even if tilted.

#5 Dexas Popware for Pets


Dexas Popware offers a line of collapsible dog bowls designed to expand for use then fold up for convenient transport and storage.

The product is made for easy travel and is perfect for trips away from home. Constructed of durable, dishwasher-safe plastic, the Popware for Pets bowl is suitable for both food and water.

These portable dog bowls are offered in two sizes; small (8 ounce capacity) or large (20 ounce capacity) and there are four different color options to choose from.

They’re not going to pack quite as tight as any of the other bowls on the list, but if you prefer an elevated water bowl for your dog, this is the perfect travel version.

3 Alternatives to Traditional Dog Travel Bowls

#1 ziploc bag.

I’ll never forget the day I was emptying the dishwater at my mother-in-law’s house and discovered she washed her plastic sandwich bags.

I’m not sure if I was more shocked they didn’t melt in the dishwasher or that people actually washed Ziploc bags. Either way, the point is plastic bags can withstand a lot of punishment without leaking.

Above I mentioned the how you can squish up the Outward Hound bowl so it’s super easy to store. Well…plastic bags are even easier.

If you’re worried they’ll break or leak, just carry a couple.

The only downfall is they aren’t exactly great for the environment .

#2 Small stainless steel bowl


If space or weight isn’t an issue, then any small stainless bowl is still a great option.

They dry quickly, they’re more hygienic, dishwasher safe, and relatively inexpensive.

#3 Swim cap

No, this won’t make your dog the next Michael Phelps, but Swim cap, like plastic bags, are super cheap and super easy to pack away.

Any Speedo swim cap works well.

' src=

January 26, 2020 at 11:33 am

I love the soft water bowls for ultimate portability in any situation. Also, I love the ziplock bag idea though.

' src=

October 12, 2020 at 12:35 pm

Check out MobowlUSA. Let your favorite fur buddy carry their own bowl. Made with medical grade silicone, collasible, foldable and comes with a handy pouch that attaches to the collar, harness or leash. Made in the USA and is BPA free.

dog airline travel bowl


dog airline travel bowl


dog airline travel bowl

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Why Throwing Sticks for Your Dog Could Be Dangerous

Best Dog Travel Bowls

Angela Vuckovic

Dog travel bowls ensure your pet stays hydrated and fed wherever you go – no fuss, no improvisation needed. Take a look at our selection of these nifty travel accessories and choose something nice for your four-legged adventurer.

A lot of dog owners really enjoy traveling with their beloved furry companions. Particularly in the summer, getting out of the house can be the highlight of the day (or week) – whether it is to visit the park, a walk by the river, or perhaps even getting away for a short weekend trip or a camping adventure. Whatever option you choose – and there are many – you will quickly understand how important it is to be properly organized if you want to make your travels and outings truly pet-friendly. From proper accessories to gear designed especially for travel purposes, there are plenty of products that can make matters so much easier and more convenient.

Why do I need travel bowls for my dog?

To make sure your pet will stay fed and hydrated wherever you go, whether it’s a long road trip or an afternoon at the park, you have to have a bowl and drinkable water nearby. And that is exactly where dog travel bowls come in handy! One of the most convenient travel accessories to have lying around, these nifty collapsible bowls are easy to carry around, very compact, and super efficient. You can easily pack them in your purse or overnight bag – simply whip out your collapsible travel bowl, and fill it up with fresh drinking water. Your pet will stay hydrated, energized, and safe at all times. And no need for DIY solutions or crazy inventions. No need to get dirty, or have your pet drink from unsanitary containers. Keep it simple, keep it safe, and keep it clean – dog travel bowls make it all possible. The same goes for when it’s dinner time: if you’re traveling with your pet, you want them to get their meals from a sanitary, convenient container and that’s just what these compact bowls offer.

We’ve rounded up the best dog travel bowls on the market to help you make your pick- just scroll on to find a match for everyday use, camping, traveling, or all of the above.

1. Editor’s Pick: Kurgo® Mash & Stash Collapsible Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

The Kurgo brand’s expertise needs no special introduction. Their well known Mash & Stash portable water and food container is a fantastic, collapsible solution that really takes up no space at all. This dishwasher safe bowl is made from approved food grade silicone and can hold up to 24 fluid ounces. The unique triangular design perfectly caters to your pet’s eating habits, and the ridged sides leave nothing clinging to the sides. Added to the rim is a loophole for additional carrying options. Of course, the bowl is collapsible and can be carried even in your pocket. A fantastic solution from Kurgo!

2. Runner Up: Alfie Pet Fabric Collapsible Travel Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

Compact, portable, and convenient for travel, camping, or long hike in the outdoors, this collapsible pet water bowl folds down to less than an inch thin and features a nifty carabiner clip and a metal D-ring so you can attach it anywhere from your belt, purse, to your pet’s leash or collar for easy immediate access. Despite being very compact when folded and zipped up, this collapsible travel bowl can hold up to 50 ounces (6.25 cups) of water or food, so it is best suited to the needs of small and medium-size breeds. With durable nylon outer and waterproof lining, this travel bowl is suited for water, wet food, or dry food. Easy to clean and washable, it will be your new favorite accessory for any outdoor adventure.

3. Best Traditional: YOUTHINK Travel Dog Bowls Set

dog airline travel bowl

You think that travel bowls always need to be collapsible to be convenient? Well, think again! This brand offers a traditional, straightforward solution, packed in a modern and high-quality package. This cute set of two bowls combines the pair into a single easy to carry unit. The bowls fit into one another and are separated with leak-proof rubber seals. This means that you can fill them with food and water at your home, and safely head out to the park knowing that you can offer refreshments at any time. The outer layers are FDA approved BPA free food grade plastic, while the inside is stainless steel layered. The cover also features collapsible handles for ease of carrying. Roughly 37 ounces combined capacity, and a cute, nifty design make this travel bowl package simply one of the finest on the market.

4. Best for Road Trips: DogBuddy Travel Bowls

dog airline travel bowl

When you go on long roadtrips or camping with your pet by your side, you need to come prepared. This double set of bowls will make sure your pet doesn’t go hungry or thirsty even for a minute when you’re out and about. Made from food grade silicone that’s free of BPA, PVC, or phthalates, these pet-safe collapsible pet bowls measure 6 inches in diameter and each holds 2.5 cups of food or 20 oz of water when opened halfway and 3.5 cups of food or 28 oz of water when opened fully, which makes them a perfect fit for small dogs. Fully collapsible, these silicone travel bowls are compact when zipped up in their case- and as the case is attached to the bowls, it acts as a nifty tray to contain minor spills.

5. Best Compact: CoolerDog Pocket Bowl Dog Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

What if you could fit a travel dog bowl in your pocket? This ingenious design allows you to do exactly that, as this square-shaped bowl folds down to a wallet-like pouch you can easily stick in your pocket before you go on a walk or a hike in nature. This way, water will always be at reach without bulky pouches to deal with! The pocket bowl comes in two sizes: small which holds 24 oz of liquid or large that holds 56 oz of food and water. As a result, this travel dog bowl is suited for big doggos and small breed pooches alike. What’s more, there are two more options that come with two bowls, in either small or large, so you can have a double bowl setup suited for both water and food,, all at the tip of your fingerprints.

6. Best for Hiking: RUFFWEAR Bivy Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

Improve your outdoor adventures with this unique Ruffwear design that is made to endure the toughest trails and the most challenging wild environments, while still allowing for some quality eating and drinking for your pupper. Made from waterproof, unique, and highly durable welded fabric, this bowl features built-in ridges for quick collapsing and extremely easy storage. It is also very lightweight, weighing in at only 2,96 ounces (84 grams) but it boasts a capacity of 1.6 liters. A defining feature of this bowl is the high walls, which is great for those messy eaters that always spill some extra around. And as if all that was not enough, the bivy bowl features a reflective circle rim, allowing you to spot it even after dark. A camper’s dream come true!

7. Best for Vacations: Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls

dog airline travel bowl

This nifty design from Winsee helps you take care of both food and water – in one go! Replicating your pet’s bowls at home, these collapsible and flexible bowls will be the ideal replacement for when you’re on the go. Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls are made from premium flexible food-grade silicone, which is safe and 100% lead and BPA-free. This unique design also features a non-skid silicone mat that will ensure no sliding on flat surfaces, and will also catch anything your pet might spill while eating and drinking.

The bowls fold up flat when not in use, and can be stored virtually anywhere. An added carabiner clip will help you secure it to a place you choose, making it ready for use whenever.The bowl comes in two sizes- small and large- the small can hold up to 15 oz or 1.9 cups of food or water at full height, and the large one up to 4.5 cups of food or 35 ounces of water each, which is quite a good capacity for any dog breed.

8. Best for Camping: Arcadia Trail™ Collapsible Travel Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

Small, collapsible, lightweight – these are the defining features of the Arcadia Trail travel bowl. And, quite frankly, that is all you need when you are out and about. Made from FDA approved silicone, this bowl is durable and flexible. It has a 2 cup capacity (450 ml) which is more than enough for most pooch’s needs. Make travel easier and lighter, with this very efficient solution- the added stainless steel carabiner clip makes carrying all the easier.

9. Best Basic: SLSON Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

Traveling with your trusty doggo friend can be such a fun experience, but also one that requires timely preparation. Plenty of accessories can make this challenge less daunting, and travel bowls are one of ‘em. SLSON Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl is a practical choice in so many ways. A convenient, basic design, this bowl is great to always have around even when you’re not going on a vacation. And thanks to its unique design, it takes no space at all so it won’t be a hassle to have it with you. It is made from premium food-grade silicone that is totally safe for your pet, and also easy to maintain, being dishwasher safe. Without any toxic materials, it is ideal for both food and water.

The basic dimensions are good for roughly 1.5 cups of dog food or 12 ounces of water. An added carabiner buckle helps you attach it somewhere convenient, ensuring you don’t lose it while on your adventure. When collapsed, this bowl is just a disc – and can be carried literally anywhere, your pocket, backpack, leash, or your car’s glove box. With this nifty accessory, your pet will never again be thirsty on the road!

10. Best No Spill: Petmate No Spill Bowl

dog airline travel bowl

If the ride is bumpy, a classic travel bowl won’t cut it: they are easily tipped over and have no lid to speak off that could contain the spill if it happens. This no-spill travel bowl is designed particularly to prevent spilling of water, so it is perfect for car trips- or clumsy pets that always seem to find a way to knock over their water bowl when drinking. Made in the USA from study plastic, it holds 6 cups (48 oz) of water and features a convenient lid that prevents spills – you can fully turn it over upside down and the water won’t spill. Easy to clean, this travel bowl is dishwasher safe – just toss it in for a cycle and it will be fully disinfected and good as new!

Advantages of dog travel bowls

Hydration is a really big issue during the whole year, but even more so during the summer months. The same things go for both us and our pets, and even though we all enjoy the sunny days of summer, it’s no excuse to neglect our pet’s basic needs. When we decide to take our dog with us, whether it is a cross country RV journey or a traditional camping trip, you need to ensure that clean water is always on hand. Dehydration is no joke – fail to provide water to your pet and you risk lethargy, exhaustion, disorientation, and a string of issues you really don’t need. This is enough to let you know that water is always needed close at hand, even when you think your pet can manage a few hours without it- they really shouldn’t.

And what better way to offer the water to your pet than in a nice portable dog travel bowl? Always there when you need it, this accessory is a quick and easy solution to all water and food situations. No more bulky sets or huge bags – these collapsible designs are extremely easy to carry around and will fit into a bag, a backpack, and even your pockets. And even though they can be collapsed to a fraction of their size, they still don’t lose any of their toughness and durability. And when you are out and about, camping or in the park, durability really comes as an important aspect. And as we all know, durability is the big deal with all dog accessories – they need to be able to withstand the tossing and turning, biting and nibbling, and all else in between.

Dog travel bowls are not only good for offering water and keeping your pupper hydrated but they are also a good option for when it is dinner time! If you are out camping, we sure hope you brought a bit of dog food for your pet’s needs. Well, no need to look for DIY solutions or dump the food on the ground – with a nice collapsible travel bowl, your pet can eat in style, just like at home. And that is what is so great about travel bowls – they keep everything clean, sanitary, and healthy. No more improvisations or cheap, clumsy alternatives. No more water out of the palm of your hand or suspicious-looking roadside containers and taps. Clean, FDA approved, and sanitary containers can now be right there in your pocket – and all the better for your pet! You can make things easier for yourself and your four-legged friend – and with that, you can both enjoy your next adventure together.

Features to look for in dog travel bowls

There are some essential details that make dog travel bowls really worth the money, and these features all need to be taken into account. This will ensure that your purchase works well for your needs and gives you the best bang for your buck. While it is always better to invest in a pricier option – smart investments that actually help us and our pets are always the proper choices- you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality set of bowls that will last you a long time. The market today is filled with fantastic options and unique new designs, and making your choice can be challenging. That’s why you have to know what you’re looking for to make the right choice- and these are some features that all dog travel bowls should have:

With travel bowls, durability becomes imperative. With traveling, camping, and general carrying about, these bowls do see a lot of wear and tear. And not to mention the damage your pet can make – the nibbling and chewing in moments of boredom happen all too often. Luckily, many brands today offer unique FDA approved silicone and rubber solutions with durable plastic elements that stood up well to all tests canines put them through. Of course, it is really important to opt for approved materials that are food grade and safe, so don’t sacrifice safety over durability’s sake.

Size is equally as important. Always consider the size and breed of your pet when you are making your purchase. Getting a too small or too large bowl can defeat the purpose, and leave your pupper shortchanged. Small ones simply won’t contain enough water or kibble, and having to always refill them will be a hassle. But an overly large travel bowl is difficult to carry around and often cannot be collapsible. Opting for something in the middle is often the best possibility.

There are several unique design options available on the market today. You can opt for whatever fits your needs, but in general, the collapsible travel bowl design is the most common option. Not only is it flexible and durable, but can be collapsed to a fraction of its true size – and that makes traveling that much easier. You can also look for nifty carrying hooks or carabiner clips. With these, you will not risk losing your bowls, and you can even hook them to a backpack for easy and hands-free carrying. Of course, colors and patterns also fall into the overall design- you get to pick something both pretty and functional at the same time.


Now, what would a travel dog bowl be without being portable? You want to find a lightweight, small, and inconspicuous version that won’t be a hassle to carry around wherever and however you go. On camping trips, there are already enough of odds and ends and bits and bobs that you need to take care of. That is why a simple pair of dog travel bowls will be no nuisance whatsoever. And for anyone who is always on the go and loves traveling comfortably – this means a lot.

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Why Do My Betta Fish’s Fins Look Ripped?

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Study Reveals the Most Expensive Locations for Pet-Friendly Airbnbs

Are you considering taking a trip to a dream destination in the United States with your best friend by your side? If so, you’re not alone! A growing number of animal lovers are taking steps to include the whole family in their travel plans, with Airbnb reporting that close to 50% of nights booked include pets. But have you ever stopped to consider how much your furry family member is increasing the budget?The team at MarketWatch recently released a guide to pet-friendly Airbnb travel in the US with some startling stats.Data was compiled about the cost of renting 11, 676 Airbnbs and 11,753 pet-friendly Airbnbs located in 46 of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. By comparing the average nightly cost for pet-friendly and pet-free locations, they determined the price premium or the added cost pet parents must pay to include their furry friends.While we’re not suggesting that the cost of accommodations should be the sole deciding factor for your next vacation, this could impact your top choices.According to the guide, the most expensive city is Honolulu, Hawaii, with an average night stay costing $511. This is also the destination where pet parents will face the highest price premium for booking a pet-friendly location at $345.50.If you’re an avid traveler, this likely comes as no surprise. Hawaii is one of the country's more popular destinations for luxury travel. Not only is the cost of living in the state one of the highest, but the state also charges a Transient Accommodations Tax (TAT), further increasing costs.Of the 10 most expensive tourist destinations to book a pet-friendly Airbnb, 7 were in California. In addition to Honolulu, the list includes:Monterey, CA ($509)Sonoma, CA ($488)Napa Valley ($380)Santa Cruz, CA ($339)Palm Springs, CA ($329)Boston, MA ($238)Los Angeles, CA ($226)San Francisco, CA ($226)Yellowstone National Park, WY ($219)Don’t let these costs keep you from planning your next big pet-friendly getaway. Not only did they compile a list of the most expensive destinations, but they also identified the least expensive nightly rates in the US. This list is a great way to travel with your pet without worrying about your budget.They discovered that the least expensive city to book a pet-friendly Airbnb is Oklahoma City, OK, where the average nightly rate is only $110. Other locations that made this list include:St. Louis, MO ($111)Cleveland, OH ($114)Columbus, OH ($117)Houston, TX ($119)Salt Lake City, UT ($119)Detroit, MI ($124)Memphis, TN ($125)Indianapolis, IN ($129)San Antonio, TX ($130)Booking a lower-cost Airbnb is only one of many ways to keep the costs down when traveling with your pet. Pack all your pet’s travel essentials before your trip, including a leash, food/water dishes, grooming supplies, plastic waste bags, and a first aid kit. If you are driving to your destination, you can also pack your pet’s food to avoid shopping for it once you arrive. You can gather these items by shopping local sales rather than paying a premium to get what you need on short notice. Pet Insurance is another great budget-friendly travel tip. This may seem counterproductive, adding the monthly cost of your pet’s policy to your budget. But if disaster strikes, the insurance policy can help to significantly reduce emergency vet bills.Whatever your budget, we encourage all pet parents to get out and explore, making memories with their pets by their side. You won’t regret it!Join the PetGuide community. Get the latest pet news and product recommendations by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Is Rock Salt Toxic to Dogs?

Is Rock Salt Toxic to Dogs?

As winter comes, the roads become icy and treacherous and rock salt is used to make them less slippery. While roads covered with rock salt are common in the chillier months of the year, dog owners are wondering if it is safe for their pets to walk on rock salt or accidentally ingest it. After all, dogs are known to be inquisitive and eager to lick or nibble on anything and everything so the idea is not as far-fetched as some might think at first. So, without further ado, let’s find out if rock salt is toxic to dogs and how you can best protect your pet in the winter months.Is Rock Salt Toxic to Dogs?Sadly, the answer is yes – rock salt, commonly used for de-icing roads and sidewalks in winter, can be toxic to dogs if ingested in large quantities. Rock salt, or sodium chloride, can cause salt poisoning or hypernatremia in dogs. Ingesting excessive amounts of salt can lead to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, excessive thirst, increased urination, and in severe cases, it can even result in tremors, seizures, or death.And that is not all. In addition to the risk of ingestion, rock salt can also cause irritation to a dog's paws if they walk on treated surfaces. The salt can cause dryness, cracking, and discomfort, and dogs may try to  lick their paws to alleviate the irritation, leading to ingestion of the salt. After all, the roads are meant for cars and tires, so it was sadly never taken into account that pets would walk on them as well. Still, as a caring owner, there are a number of precautions that you can take in order to ensure that your dog doesn’t ingest rock salt – here are some of the most popular ways.Clean their paws after walks:Wipe your dog's paws with a damp cloth after walks to remove any salt or de-icing chemicals. Do this after every walk and as soon as you get home. Remember to take care of your pet’s paws and paw pads. When injured or unkempt, they can cause great discomfort. Furthermore, you can consider using  dog boots if your pet doesn’t mind it – they’ll keep their paws safe and warm.

Does My Dog Have Food Allergies?

Does My Dog Have Food Allergies?

Does your pup suffer from itchy skin? Are they struggling with digestive issues? As dog parents, when we see our best friend suffer, we want to find a solution – and fast!While food allergies in dogs are less common than environmental allergies, they can still be a frustrating mystery. From identifying the trigger for your dog’s allergies to managing their allergies with a carefully planned diet, there is a lot involved in giving your dog the best possible quality of life. But it is possible.This guide will help you identify the signs of dog food allergies and the steps needed to help your dog feel happy and healthy again.What Are Food Allergies in Dogs?Just like food allergies in people, dog food allergies occur when the dog's immune system reacts to specific foods. This reaction can range from a minor one, like itchy skin, to a more severe or life-threatening one, like anaphylaxis.Common Food Allergies in DogsYour dog could potentially develop an allergy to any food. This makes allergies challenging to identify and manage, especially for those who are new to this concern. However, some foods are more likely to trigger an allergic reaction in our furry friends.Researchers have found that the most common food allergies in dogs include:BeefDairy productsChickenChicken eggsWheat glutenSoyGiven the high rate of allergies to these food sources, they are a great starting point for identifying the allergen responsible for your dog’s struggles. Alternatively, if you have a dog with overly sensitive skin or other health issues that an allergy could escalate, you may want to feed a diet free from these common offenders.Signs That Your Dog Has Food AllergiesSimilar to food allergies in people, dogs may experience several different reactions when coming in contact with an allergen—these range from severe, obvious reactions to much more subtle and difficult-to-spot signs.Some of the more common signs of food allergies in dogs include: Itchy or irritated skinRed, itchy pawsItchy, irritated, or infected earsDigestive upset (vomiting, diarrhea)HyperactivityWeight lossLethargy or loss of energyUncharacteristic aggressionAll of these signs can be attributed to other health issues. If you notice anything is “off” with your dog, the first step is to contact your veterinarian. They will run tests to rule out any medical explanations for the change. If they determine there are no medical reasons for the signs, it’s time to consider the possibility your dog is experiencing an allergic reaction.The Difference Between Food Allergies and Food SensitivitiesFood allergies and sensitivities (also known as food intolerances) are very similar at their root: a reaction to a specific allergen. The difference between the two is the extent of the response. A food sensitivity is an adverse reaction but not too severe. A food allergy makes the reaction more intense and involves the immune system.While food sensitivity may not seem like a big deal (and it isn’t life-threatening), it can worsen in time. Often, a food sensitivity that is ignored or unaddressed will become much more severe and resemble an allergy. However, they still don’t involve the immune system, meaning the most dangerous reactions (like anaphylaxis) aren’t going to occur.

Penalties for Harming K9 Officers Gets a Lot Tougher in Some States

Penalties for Harming K9 Officers Gets a Lot Tougher in Some States

Longer prison terms and stiffer fines hoped to discourage would-be shooters.

Ready for the Solar Eclipse? What You Need to Know

Ready for the Solar Eclipse? What You Need to Know

Sunglasses? Sunblock? Treats? What should your solar eclipse arsenal include?

Golden Retriever Nurses African Painted Dog Pups Rejected by Their Mom

Golden Retriever Nurses African Painted Dog Pups Rejected by Their Mom

The Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana, recently welcomed a litter of eight endangered African painted dog puppies. After a rough start, only three puppies survived thanks to an unlikely surrogate mother - a golden retriever named Kassy.The Potawatomi Zoo announced that the pair of their African painted dogs, Bleu and Maurice, had a litter of eight puppies born in late September. However, it was soon clear to the care team at the zoo that the pack would not be able to raise the puppies successfully.“Bleu, an inexperienced mother, was not caring for her pups the way she should have, and Maurice was following her lead,” said the zoo. In their natural habitat, African painted dogs live in large packs with unique vocalizations and social dynamics. All adult dogs in the pack work together to help feed and raise the pups. The success of the birth and raising of the pups can be endangered if the pack doesn’t work together as they should. “We knew within 24 hours that we had to separate them,” the zoo’s executive director, Josh Sisk, told the South Bend Tribune. The zoo’s animal care staff consulted with the African Painted Dog Species Survival Plan (SSP), a group of zoo professionals who form the breeding plans for this endangered species in accredited zoos across the United States. The staff at zoos usually try to remain uninvolved, letting the packs raise the puppies as they would in the wild. This approach is often successful and helps the pups learn the complex social structure of their species. However, in this case, the decision was made to intervene and hand-raise the litter. Instead of bottle-feeding the puppies, the SSP recommended finding a surrogate dog to nurse the puppies. Within a few hours, the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare connected the zoo with a golden retriever named Kassy, who recently had a litter of puppies and had milk to spare. Kassy and her litter arrived at the zoo a day after the painted dog pups were born and immediately accepted them. The zoo’s staff watched as Kessy nursed and cared for the pups as if they were her own.“It was a crazy first month,” Sisk said. “Our team was there for four weeks, 24/7. We had a mattress next to the dogs.”The zoo’s veterinarian and care team worked around the clock to ensure that all of the puppies, including Kassy’s litter, were getting enough food and time with Kassy. However, despite everyone’s efforts, not all of the African painted dog pups survived. Four weeks after the litter was born, only three puppies remained. The surviving pups were named Blue, Red, and Orange for the colors staff used to track them since they were born. Originally, the zoo planned to reintegrate the pups with Bleu, Maurice, and Colby. However, the adult dogs didn’t show a positive interest in the pups, so the plan was changed. The zoo decided to build a home for the pups next to adult dogs, so they could still learn how to behave like painted dogs. Once the puppies get older they can either be integrated with Bleu, Maurice, and Colby or moved to another zoo.“Blue, Red, and Orange have had an unusual and challenging start to life, but the zoo hopes they will have a bright and successful future,” the zoo shared in a release. “These three healthy, active pups are just the start of this story and the zoo hopes to share more positive updates of their milestones in the future.”Join the PetGuide community. Get the latest pet news and product recommendations by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Dog Facial Recognition App Helps Scientists Fight Against Rabies

Dog Facial Recognition App Helps Scientists Fight Against Rabies

In countries where dogs aren’t microchipped, don’t wear tags, and usually run free, it’s challenging for authorities to determine which dog has already been vaccinated for rabies. A new mobile phone app could help improve rabies vaccination by identifying dogs using facial recognition technology.A team of researchers from Washington State University tested the app’s effectiveness in a rabies vaccination clinic in Tanzania, where they microchipped, vaccinated, and registered dogs. The idea behind this project is to take a picture of a dog’s face during initial vaccination. Then the picture needs to be entered into the database via the app, along with other important information, such as the dog’s age, sex, and coat color. When veterinarians return to the same area, they will take a facial photo of each dog they come across. If the app finds a close match in the database, it will notify the vet, who can then decide whether the vaccinated dog in the database is indeed the same dog they are currently examining. A vaccination team testing the app visited nine villages in Tanzania, where they photographed and vaccinated 1,420 dogs. After the initial check, 20 images were deemed unusable, leaving exactly 1,400 to work with. All of these photographs were added to the app’s database.Later, a different validation team visited the same villages, assessing 720 dogs via the app, not knowing which dogs were already vaccinated, and entered into the app’s database. Once again, some photos were deemed unusable for the study - 161 were rejected.Using those images, the app helped the team to correctly identify 76.2% of vaccinated dogs and 98.9% of unvaccinated dogs. These findings were confirmed using microchips that were implanted under the dogs’ skin when they were vaccinated, as part of the study.“Because domestic dogs are the main reservoir for human rabies, controlling human rabies globally requires the mass vaccination of dogs,” said Felix Lankester, WSU Associate Professor and the lead investigator of the study. Scientists are working to optimize the app’s registration process to minimize the number of rejected photos. “When carrying out mass vaccination, one of the major problems that we face is trying to identify which dogs have and haven’t been vaccinated. For example, microchips are too expensive to use at the scale needed to eliminate rabies, and collars can be removed by owners. We developed this app to see if facial recognition might work, and it’s showing great promise in helping us achieve that goal,” Professor Lankester added. The facial recognition algorithm used by the app is developed in collaboration with Canadian company PiP My Pet. It identifies a dog by looking at key features of its face and comparing it to previously stored photos of the faces of other dogs. Photos with the highest number of similar features are shown as possible matches, leaving it to the user to pick the right one.The app’s success depends on the image quality and information about each dog being properly recorded. Before unusable images and incorrect information about dogs were removed from the database, users were only able to match around 65% of the vaccinated dogs.For the time being, users must be online to use the app’s facial matching feature, but Lankester and his team are working to make the app operational even offline. “We’re not quite there yet, but I think with the investment, the technology can get there. I am excited by its potential,” Lankester said.Join the PetGuide community. Get the latest pet news and product recommendations by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Backyard Airbnbs Give Dog Owners A Private Leash-Free Space to Play

Backyard Airbnbs Give Dog Owners A Private Leash-Free Space to Play

Hourly backyard rentals provide a perfect alternative to the crowded leash-free environment.

China Zoo Busted for Chow Dogs Masquerading as Pandas

China Zoo Busted for Chow Dogs Masquerading as Pandas

Unable to bring in the real deal, this zoo dyed Chows to resemble the iconic bear... then got caught!

Camping Available at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary

Camping Available at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary

Are you searching for a pet-friendly camping solution for the upcoming travel season? If so, you’re in luck! Located in Kanab, Utah, the Best Friends Sanctuary offers a beautiful getaway for animal lovers.The location offers hiking trails, children’s activities, the Sanctuary store, the Angel Village café, and, of course, the animal sanctuary. Whether you plan on staying for a night or more, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your trip while making a difference for the most vulnerable.Located on 3,700 acres, it is home to up to 1,600 animals on any given day. The animals in their care include cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, horses, pigs, and others.There are 18 RV sites with 30—and 50-amp power, septic, and water hookups. Free Wi-Fi is also available to visitors. While the sites can accommodate larger RVs and trailers, any over 21 feet may have difficulty navigating the roads within the sanctuary, and it is recommended that these guests have a separate vehicle to get around during their stay.If you don’t have an RV, cottages and cabins are also available on-site. The most significant differences between these two options are the guest capacity and location. Cottages can accommodate groups of up to six, while cabins are designed for only one or two people. Unlike the cabins, which share a group patio area, each cottage has its own dedicated patio or deck.Visitors can reserve a tour of the sanctuary to see the beautiful views and the incredible work the organization is doing or sign up to volunteer. It’s the perfect opportunity for those who want to give back, dedicating a small portion of your vacation to helping around the sanctuary and leaving you with the good feeling of knowing you made a difference.You can schedule a volunteer shift up to a year in advance with tasks including:Walking the animalsPreparing and serving foodQuality time playing with or petting the animalsCleaning (dishes, mopping, etc.)Making toys or treatsGeneral maintenance and upkeep on the groundsThe minimum age for volunteering depends on the task, with the Bunny House and Parrot Garden accepting volunteers as young as eight.If camping isn’t your travel style, no problem. Five minutes down the road, you will find the Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile, a boutique pet-centric hotel. The location offers 40 rooms and suites, a complimentary vegan continental breakfast, an on-site pet grooming facility, and a dog park complete with a seasonal splash pad.With an allowed maximum of four pets per room and no pet fee, the hotel takes “pet-friendly” to a whole new level!Are you traveling without your pet and need to get your “fix” of cuddles and playtime? You can also host a sleepover with a dog or cat from the sanctuary at the hotel. Simply contact the hotel in advance to arrange for a furry sleepover guest.Of course, if you fall in love with an adoptable animal during your stay, you can always apply to add that furry (or feathered) friend to your family before leaving.Make your reservation to stay at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary on their website today!Join the PetGuide community. Get the latest pet news and product recommendations by subscribing to our newsletter here.

These Are The Longest Living Cat Breeds, Study Shows

These Are The Longest Living Cat Breeds, Study Shows

On average, cats have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, and most breeds fit well within these limits. However, it seems that some kitties are built a bit differently – a new study in feline life expectancies has revealed which cat breeds are more likely to live longer than you’d expect. The study analyzed thousands of pet cats across the UK and revealed that some cats, like the Burmese or the Birmans, will live more than twice as long as the shortest-lived cat breeds.“In terms of life expectancy, there has been very little research done on cats,”  said Dan O’Neill, Senior Lecturer in Companion Animal Epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College in the UK. “They’re kind of invisible to science, especially compared to dogs.”O’Neill and his team analyzed data on 7936 cats that died between 2019 and 2021. This was some tremendous work that required plenty of patience. The data has been taken mostly from vets across the UK. And although it sounds grim, this careful data research has helped the team to learn a lot more about cat longevity. The results were interesting, to say the least. It was concluded that, on average, the studied cats had a life expectancy of just over 11.7 years. What is more, female kitties outlived their male counterparts – they had an expected lifespan of 12.5 years, compared to 11.2 years for males. However, the most interesting part of the study revealed that crossbreed cats tend to live longer than purebreds. The former has an average lifespan of 11.9 years, and the latter is at 10.4 years. But which breeds will live the longest? According to the data, the  Birman and  Burmese cats are at the very top of the list, both having an average life expectancy of 14.4 years. At the very bottom are  Bengal cats and  Sphynxes, having life expectancies of 8.5 and 6.7 years respectively. Another key result achieved by this team is known as “life tables”. This helps predict the average remaining lifespan of cats at different ages. It can also be used to help cat owners decide how to treat their ill pets. “If your cat is 11 or 12 years old and is only expected to live another year, then it’s probably not worth doing surgery, for example,” says O’Neill.

New Study Shows Surprising Effect of Pet Ownership on Seniors

New Study Shows Surprising Effect of Pet Ownership on Seniors

You’ve probably noticed how your four-legged bestie influences your mood for the better, but did you know that your pet might be beneficial to your brain? That’s right! The latest studies show that your pet and their company could be just the thing to lower the risk of dementia in your golden years. These findings are especially important for single senior pet owners who are at risk of this troubling illness as they reveal that having a pet can make a drastic change. A recent study that involved adults over the age of 50 who lived alone revealed that those living in the company of a loved pet will have considerably less decline in their verbal fluency and verbal memory - compared to those who lived without a pet. This research was published in the  journal JAMA Network Open and was based on data taken from 7,945 people in the mentioned age group.This study, however, only reflects on people who live alone and does not involve participants who lived with other persons in the household. Still, while the results reinforce the fact that loneliness is a major risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia in old age, they also reveal something new – that the company of a pet counts as much as the company of human family members, if not more so.The early signs of cognitive decline can be fluency, verbal issues, cognition, and memory problems, and so on. But if you have the company of a pet, whom you can address and care for, can greatly reduce the feelings of loneliness and keep these cognitive issues at bay. This study and its results are very important in today’s day and age and for many Americans in particular. Recent U.S. Census Bureau insights revealed that almost 28 percent of all households in the United States were “one-person households” in 2020. This is an alarmingly large number and shows us that many people aged 50 and older will face lonely senior years. Of course, even though the results of this study show that older people can maintain their mental health through the company of a pet, the research team emphasized that more advanced studies and clinical trials will be required to fully confirm the results. Yet even so, the lack of an effective therapy that can reverse or slow cognitive decline and treat dementia means that these results are a small but very important benefit for the understanding of these issues. And, needless to say, all those who are entering their senior years and want to spend them in a healthier and more beneficial way now know that their next station should probably be a local pet shelter. Find a pet you can love and cherish - and keep your brain healthy while showering them with affection.

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Collapsible food and water bowls perfect for pets traveling in cabin. Once collapsed fits perfectly inside pocket of soft pet carrier bags.

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Bird feeding dish

EXTENDED Bird Cage Feeder with Spacer Bar Anti-Seed Tossing

Introducing our STANDARD Kennel dish, the perfect solution for airline traveling pets. Proudly MADE in USA, our Hook-on double Dish clips on securely to kennel doors, ensuring your pet’s food and water stays in place during travel. Priced...

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The BOLT-ON PIT-BOWL® is a deep Strong Stainless Steel Bowl perfect for BIG Tough dogs required to traveling in IATA CR 82 Crate. Shaped like a deep PIT rather than saucer shaped to help prevent spills and to take up least amount of space in travel...

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The 11 Best Travel Water Bowls for Dogs, Tested by Our Experts And Real Dogs

dog airline travel bowl

In This Article

  • Our Top Picks

What to Look for in a Dog Bowl for Travel

How we tested travel water bowls for dogs, why trust the spruce pets.

Mary Jo DiLonardo / The Spruce Pets

Whether you’re going on a road trip or a hike in the woods, your dog needs to stay hydrated, just like you do. Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, travel water bowls and bottles are more convenient than lugging along your pet’s normal bowl .

We tested and researched dozens of containers to find the best travel water bowls, evaluating them on durability, material, portability, and ease of cleaning. Our top pick, the Leashboss Splashless Water Bowl, features food-safe silicone, a broad lip to keep it from spilling, and a geometric design to prevent tipping.

Best Overall

Leashboss splashless travel dog water bowl.

Mostly splashless

Doesn’t bend when you pick it up


Not recommended for flat-face, bearded, or giant breeds

The Leashboss Splashless has an interesting geometric design to help keep the bowl from tipping over in the car or even when a rowdy pup is stepping on it. The lip on the bowl helps keep water from sloshing out when you’re on the move. It doesn’t tip easily when you pick it up filled with water or when dogs are drinking. We’re not so sure the Leashboss is utterly splashless as it promises, but it does a pretty good job.

Made of soft silicone that is BPA-, PVC-, and phthalate-free, it has high sides and a tapered lip to keep water from spilling. It also has a skidproof base and holds more water than some of the other portable options. It’s dishwasher safe, but you might still have trouble cleaning out some of the slime that gathers in the pointy corners, so be sure to clean it regularly. This is one of the more attractive bowls, our testers thought.

Volume : 40 ounces︱ Materials : Silicone︱ Colors : Gray

Judy Duhr / The Spruce Pets

Best Collapsible

Bonza large collapsible dog bowl.

Large capacity

Has hook for water bottle

1-year guarantee

Heavier than some collapsibles

Collapsible bowls are so convenient, just clip one on your belt loop, keep it in the pocket of your car, or stash it in your backpack. They’re just so easy.

We tested so many collapsible silicone bowls, and they were all fairly similar. They looked the same except for different colors, but many appeared to be made by the same company. This one stood out because of its large capacity and several other key features. The packaging says the silicone is food-safe and BPA-free, whereas we’re not so sure with some of the others we tried.

It’s bigger than the rest, so you don’t have to keep filling it if your dog is big or particularly thirsty. (But that also means it won’t fit in your back pocket like some smaller products.) There’s a carabiner plus a silicone tab that can hook around a disposable water bottle to make it easier to keep everything together. The bowl is backed by a one-year guarantee and is dishwasher safe.

Volume : 40 ounces, 50 ounces︱ Materials : Silicone︱ Colors : Navy

What Our Testers Say

“This was by far my favorite. The size is great and it held plenty of water, and I liked the convenient clip to carry it with you.” – Maureen Curtis, owner of a chocolate Lab

Best for the Car

Valterra water-hole pet dish.

Hard to spill or splash water

Made in the U.S.A.

Lid can be hard to snap on and off

This is the one water bowl that didn’t spill or splash water in the car, even around curves or on bouncy roads. The top ring has an inner lip that keeps water from sloshing out. That lid can sometimes be difficult to pry on and off for cleaning, but once it’s on, you know that it’s very secure. Both pieces of the bowl are top-rack dishwasher safe.

The bowl is made from hard plastic and comes in either light blue or beige. One tester who often drives with dogs in the car said this has long been one of her favorites on the road.

Volume : 32 ounces︱ Materials : Plastic︱ Colors : Blue, beige

“It’s the only bowl that’s truly splashproof. I use it in the car and camper, and mostly it just stays in my car all the time and has for years.”– Judy Duhr, director of Speak Rescue and Sanctuary, who is always on the road with her dogs or transporting foster dogs

Best for Car (Runner-Up)

Kurgo no spill dog travel bowl.

Wedge bottom to stay flat on car seat

Can be difficult to empty of water

This colorful silicone bowl is angled like a wedge to keep it flat on a car seat. It also has a wide lip to prevent water from sloshing everywhere. It works pretty well, although water might splash out on bumpy roads or sharp turns. The soft silicone makes it easy to cram into a backpack or tuck into a suitcase.

Interestingly, because it’s splash-free, it can be hard to empty when your dog is done with it. Water keeps filling up inside the lip. But it is dishwasher-safe, so you know it’s easy to clean, and grime won’t collect inside the edge.

Volume : 24 ounces︱ Materials : Silicone︱ Colors : Blue, red

Best Bottle

Malsipree dog water bottle.

Fits in car cupholder

Can use it one-handed

Unused water goes back into bottle

Not dishwasher-safe

Our testers were surprised they liked this bottle so much. It’s easy to use just one-handed and fits in a cupholder, which makes it convenient in the car. When your dog is thirsty, just turn the bottle on its side, press the button, and fill the lid with water. If your pup doesn’t drink it all, press the button again and let the water pour back down into the bottle.

There’s a lock to prevent water from spilling out and a strap for carrying. This is made of BPA-free plastic and can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher. It comes in two sizes, but the smaller one is really only useful for small dogs or very short trips.

Volume : 12 ounces or 19 ounces︱ Materials : Plastic︱ Colors : Blue, pink

“I really didn’t expect to like this at all, but I really loved it. I was easily able to drive down the road and give my dog water right, and keep it in the cupholder.” – Judy Duhr, director of Speak Rescue and Sanctuary, who is always on the road with her dogs or transporting foster dogs

Best Bottle (Runner-Up)

Kong h2o insulated dog water bottle.

BPA- and phthalate-free

Water pours easily back in the bottle

Needs two hands to use

Hand wash only

This water bottle is insulated, so it keeps your pup’s drink cool on the trail, in the car, or at the beach . But the stainless steel also makes it heavier than the other bottle, so it’s a trade-off. The screw-off cap doubles as a bowl. Just pour water from the bottle into it, and if your pup doesn’t finish it all, it’s relatively easy to pour it back in.

Unlike the MalsiPree bottle, this one requires two hands to use, so it’s a little more unwieldy. The whole set is BPA- and phthalate-free and can be recycled. There’s a carabiner clip to attach to your backpack, and it comes in four colors. One tester with a large dog said her pup had trouble getting enough water out of the small lid-bowl.

Volume : 15 ounces︱ Materials : Plastic, stainless steel︱ Colors : Black, blue, orange, red

Best Budget

Outward hound port-a-bowl collapsible bowl.

Very lightweight


Will leak if left with water too long

This lightweight, foldable bowl is easy to tuck in your pocket. It takes up very little space, and it’s incredibly affordable. Because it’s made out of nylon, it’s only meant to hold water for short bursts, not to sit out in the car or your campsite as a water bowl. Leave the water to sit too long, and the wetness will just seep through.

You can spot clean it or machine wash it in cold water if it gets gross, but it takes some time to dry out. (You might not want to put it right back into your pocket.) It’s not incredibly rugged, and the bowl will collapse if a dog plays or pushes it too much. But for the price and the convenience, it’s useful to have on hand.

Volume : 48 ounces︱ Materials : Nylon︱ Colors : Green/gray

Best Splurge

Yeti boomer 8 dog bowl.

Made of heavy stainless steel

Lots of colors

More expensive than most

This sturdy and heavy stainless steel bowl is definitely a splurge. But people who own them think they’re pretty impressive. The bottom has a solid, recessed nonslip ring, unlike others that have small or too easily removed rubber feet. The bowl comes in all sorts of colors, in addition to just stainless silver. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to wash by hand.

Although the bowl isn’t insulated, it seems to keep water cooler than some other bowls. It’s definitely more expensive than most, but it seems like it’s durable and long-lasting. It’s not necessarily for in the car (water sloshes) or for hiking (too heavy), but some fans like to take the sturdy bowl on trips for when they arrive at a campground or final destination because it holds up and is easy to clean. Others use it in the car but just fill it up on stops. “If this had a lid, it would be absolutely perfect,” says one tester who travels all the time with her pups.

Volume : 32 ounces, 64 ounces︱ Materials : Stainless steel︱ Colors : Black, pink, red, coral, olive, orange, navy, green, seafoam, stainless

Best Fabric Bowl

Ruffwear quencher dog bowl.


Light and packable

No carabiner, just a hook

Made by outdoor gear company Ruffwear, this collapsible square bowl is made out of rugged polyester fabric with a waterproof lining. It’s easy to fold up and put into your backpack or pocket when you’re out and about. And if your dog is messy, you can throw it in the washing machine.

There’s an integrated loop for carrying the bowl but no carabiner to attach it to your gear. The flexible bowl holds up pretty well when filled but can be tipped over by very eager pups. It doesn’t take too long to dry out. It gets added points for the attractive, rich colors.

Volume : .75 liter (25 ounces), 1 liter (34 ounces), 2.5 liters (85 ounces)︱ Materials : Polyester fabric︱ Colors : Blue, brick, teal

Best for Messy Drinkers

Lumoleaf dog water bowl.

Deters spills and splashes

Slows down fast drinkers

Ring sometimes snaps off

Water seeps into floating disc

The LumoLeaf has a floating disc that controls water flow, which helps keep it from spilling but also prevents your pet from gulping down loads of liquid. Instead, he has to lap it up slowly as the top refills. Dogs might need a second to figure out how this works because only a little water is visible at the top of the bowl.

The floating disc keeps water levels mostly even, even on rocky surfaces or in the car. The bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe. The rim can get grimy, and the floating disc can trap water, so the manufacturer recommends it be washed about every three days. That includes taking the floating disc apart to wash it. That’s pretty high maintenance for everyday use.

Volume : 35 ounces︱ Materials : Plastic︱ Colors : Gray, white

"It took a minute for my dog to figure out how to use this. (He had to watch the foster puppies drink first!) He’s such a messy drinker that this forced him to slow down and lap a little at a time, which means less water all over the floor." – Mary Jo DiLonardo, Product Tester

KindTail Portable Dog Bowls

Lid with handle and two bowls all stack together

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Stays put while dog eats and drinks

Takes up more space than collapsible bowls

Inspired by bento box design, KindTails's Portabowls sets are made to keep food concealed while traveling nesting one bowl inside another and keeping to all secure with a dual-purpose lid. Once it's time to dine, the lid is easy to unscrew and turn upside to serve as a sturdy base for the smaller bowl with food. The larger external bowl can hold up to 18 or 40 ounces of water depending on your size selection (small or large). The larger bowl and the top of the lid both have a textured silicone surface to secure the bowls in place.

While testing the portable storage system, the set securely transported wet dog food without any spilling, and our dog participant enjoyed a dining experience that more closely resembled the ceramic bowls they use at home.

The Portabowls comes in five colors: rose pink, blue, light green, lilac, and grey, and two sizes. Small comes with a 10 ounce bowl and a 20 ounce bowl, while large comes with an 18 and a 40 ounce bowl. Both include a corresponding lid equipped with a handle. The set is made out of food-grade recycled BPA-free polypropylene and it is microwave and dishwasher safe. These portable kit is ideal for travel, picnics, and outdoor dining, but the set takes up more space than collapsible bowls.

Volume : 10 and 20 ounces (small); 18 and 40 ounces (large)︱ Materials : Polypropylene, silicone︱ Colors : Rose pink, blue, light green, grey, lilac

The Spruce Pets / Anna Mejorada

Final Verdict

We recommend the Leashboss Splashless Travel Water Bowl for the car and in your backpack. This mostly splashless silicone bowl has a design that keeps it from tipping or leaking. For convenience, we also like the Bonza Collapsible , a large-capacity silicone bowl that comes with a year guarantee.

Most collapsible bowls are made out of either silicone or fabric. Sturdier bowls can be crafted of plastic or stainless steel. Look for food-grade materials that are BPA- and phthalate-free. Know that if your dog likes to chew and play with his bowls, the allure of silicone and fabric (and even plastic!) can be tempting.


Some travel bowls are all about portability. They’re lightweight and either fold or collapse, so you can tuck them into a backpack or your pocket—which is essential when it comes to air travel products for dogs . They often have carabiners or loops so you can clip them onto your gear. But other travel bowls are more designed for car travel, with splashless rims and other features that keep water in on bumpy roads.


Bowls that are meant to be used in the car typically have a rim or special lid that keeps water from sloshing out. Some of these work better than others, and it all depends on how much water you put in the bowl, how eagerly your dog drinks, and how bumpy your journey.

Travel bowls often can hold less water than the bowl your dog uses at home, particularly one you’d use on a hike or in the car. The bowls we tested held from 12 to 64 ounces. If you have a small dog, the lower capacity should be convenient, but you might have to refill it several times for a larger dog. Also, check the size of the opening to make sure your dog’s snout isn’t too big for a tiny bowl.

You might not be able to pop a bowl into a dishwasher when you’re on the road, but be sure to clean it as soon as you get home. Not all bowls are dishwasher safe, and some might have rims or corners where slime can accumulate. If a bowl isn’t dishwasher safe, be sure it can be washed by hand thoroughly and easily.

The Spruce Pets has tested more than 700 pet products, in both our testing New York testing lab, and in home trials with volunteer testers and their pets. For travel water bowls, we first researched the most well-reviewed and bestselling travel water bowls available, eventually narrowing down our selection to 21 top candidates.

We then developed a methodology for testing each water bowl, evaluating each for usability, durability, and how easy each was to clean. The travel water bowls were subsequently tested in a range of environments by dog product expert Mary Jo DiLonardo, who was able to demo each bowl with both adult dogs and puppies. She subsequently evaluated each bowl, using both a numerical scoring system and detailed notes. From this, we narrowed down the field further, and selected our favorites to recommend.

For this story, we purchased nearly two dozen travel bowls that are popular with dog owners we know and have great ratings online. We asked dog owners to use them with their pets in the car, while out walking, and even at home. We rated them on effectiveness, durability, ease of cleaning, and overall value. Some didn’t make the cut early on, but there were some pretty popular choices.

This article was written by Mary Jo DiLonardo , who often reviews dog products for Spruce Pets. The proud mom of a rescue dog, she has fostered around four dozen dogs and puppies. She has tried lots of different bowls with her own dog and foster pups and is always looking for the most durable and effective pet products. For more than 25 years, DiLonardo has covered a wide range of topics focused on nature, pets, science, and anything that helps make the world a better place.

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6 Best Airline Approved Dog Crates In 2024

Picture of Ramona Gray

  • Last Updated: July 12, 2023

Best Airline Approved Dog Crate-Review

Imagine planning a tour with your pet to Mabali, Hawaii, or any other fun site in the summer vacations. Your adventurous soul is alive. Everything is ready, your bags, passports, and hotel bookings. Then, you go to the airport, but unfortunately, the airline says they cannot allow your dog to travel with you because its pet carrier is not from any airline-approved dog crates.

Well, I can feel the pain you would suffer but relax! We are here to help. Welcome on board!  International Air Travel Association (IATA)  approves some  travel dog crates  for international flights. We have summarized the top 6 best airline-approved dog crates so that not a single holiday plan of you both gets canceled anymore.

We will also inform you about the factors you should consider before choosing the best airline-approved dog crate for your cutie pie. Of course, we will also answer your concerns at the end of the article.

Product Details

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels-Review

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

  • LENGTH: 35.5IN

Ideal Choice

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier-Review

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

  • LENGTH: 40IN

For Larger Dogs

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel-Review

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

  • LENGTH: 48IN

Slide And Snap Design

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel-Review

Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel

  • LENGTH: 28IN

Affordable Choice

Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier-Review

Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier


Best for Medium-sized

Aspen Pet Porter Kennel-Review

Aspen Pet Porter Kennel

  • LENGTH: 36IN

Top Best Airline Approved Dog Crates

Selecting a pet crate approved by the International Air Transport Association is necessary if you want to take your pup on an international tour. However, the same issue can also happen on domestic flights, so you should never compromise on buying the best airline-approved crates for your furry friend.

Let us give you some best options from which you can choose the best for your travel mate. But still, ask your airline prior to the flight for any sudden policy change because most airlines have specific demands which you can find in these products.

1. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

Are you looking for a pet kennel that meets all the airline requirements? Congratulations! Your quest ends here.

This airline dog crate carrier features the best specifications. It is available in 5 sizes for dogs up to 27 inches. The kennel is made with a strong plastic with a rigid steel door and squeeze pins for easy opening and closing. The door can be zip-tightened according to the airline’s requirements. It is an overall bounty package with portable wheels, handles, bowls, nuts, and stickers.

The small size kennel has 1 handle and 2 bowls. The medium-sized kennel includes 1 handle, 4 wheels, and 2 bowls for water and food separately. While the large, extra-large, and largest kennel have 2 handles, 4 wheels, and 2 bowls. The wheels are detachable so that you can detach them while placing them in the plane. Otherwise, the crate would keep sliding.


For easy assembling, 4 nuts and 4 bolts are given. The tie-down holes are an additional feature thatprovides extra grip to the kennel.

Hinges are present on the sides for locking the upper part with the lower one. The floor has a removable gutter for convenient cleaning. The ventilation system is excellent.

Last but not the least, the company also provides travel stickers.


  • Squeeze pins on the door
  • Zip-tightened door
  • Holes for tie-down
  • Portable wheels
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Travel stickers
  • Gutter floor
  • The buyers were so happy to have the feature of a removable gutter because they could easily clean the crate. 
  • The users were glad over the portable wheels because they did not have to carry the crate in their hands.
  • Some pet owners claimed that it was too expensive for everyone to buy.

Testers Verdict

Our team was readily excited to take an international tour with their canine partner when they found such an astonishing dog crate for flying with their beloved. They called this kennel a premium package with such luxurious and comfy specifications.

The price of ” SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

Petmate is as famous as Grandmother’s love tales that she improvises according to every child. In the same way, Petmate has announced crates of 6 varying sizes suiting dog breeds of different sizes. Also, it meets all of the IATA airline requirements.

The Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier is eco-friendly. It is made of a heavy-duty plastic shell. The wire door is sturdy with a dial latch system for quick opening and shutting. In addition, the 4-way locking vault door makes it easy for the users to handle it.

The kennel is robust enough to keep your dog safe during a long journey because of the steady metal bolts, wing nut design, and extra strong steel wire. Moreover, the 360-degree ventilation and metallic side openings ensure your pooch’s comfort. The interior moat never lets your pet stay wet due to any reason.


This best dog travel crate’s handle and tie-down strap make the travel kennel suitable to carry. The two “live animals” stickers, a water and food bowl, an absorbent paper pad, and ID stickers are icings on the cake. 

You can carry cats in the same crates.

Honestly! What is not there to fall in love with Petmate Sky Kennel?

  • 6 varying sizes
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Eco-friendly
  • Plastic shell
  • The convenient dial latch system
  • 4-way locking vault crate door
  • Bolts and wing nut
  • 360-degree ventilation openings
  • Metallic side openings
  • Interior moat
  • Handle and tie-down strap
  • Additional items, water bowl, paper pad, and ID sticker
  • The pet parents were happy over the easy assembling of the Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier.
  • The dog owners said that their dog stayed comfortable in this travel crate.
  • Many customers were unhappy because the handle came in only two sizes; 21″ and 28″.

Our testers found this dog crate an awesome travel crate. It had ample space for all-sized dogs. It was easy to assemble and carry. Also, the door and food tray system made it easier for the airplane management to take care of your beloved.

The price of ” Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is the largest airline approved dog carrier from the petmate brand. This airline-approved pet carrier lets your furry friend enjoy world tours. It is specifically designed for big dogs weighing 90 lbs or more.

This airline dog crate is made up of durable and sturdy recycled plastic, and hence it is eco-friendly. Its unique feature is the ultra-solid side steel meshes to ensure your dog’s safety. Moreover, this travel crate provides 360-degree upper surround ventilation.

This airline approved pet carrier for large dogs has easy assemblage because of the tie-down strap holes for fixing the zip-tie. It makes the latching mechanism convenient. The crate performs dual functions as it can be used for air travel as well as in homes when you are going out and your furry friend is in JODO karate mode.


The kennel door is made of strong steel to keep your pet unharmed if your pup ever tries to pull the door inwards experimentally. In addition, the metal nuts provide extra security.

The travel crate only lacks in having good water and food trays, causing trouble for the staff when they have to open the door to feed the pet. Also, it does have a top opening door which would be reachable by the large dogs, and they can damage it.

  • For dogs weighing 90 lbs or more
  • Durable and sturdy recycled plastic
  • Side steel meshes
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Tie-down strap holes
  • Used for car and air travel 
  • The buyers were happy because the material of this airline compliant pet carrier   was secure and reliable for air travel.
  • The users were satisfied with the easy latch mechanism because they didn’t have to struggle every time while taking their dog in or out.
  • The clients were not satisfied with the top opening doors as the large dogs could reach them easily.

Our team checked this portable pet carrier for durability, and they found it highly reliable for airline travel. In addition, they only needed to include food and water trays because they are essential additions.

The price of “Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel

Petmate brand has fifty years of crate experience to announce the best airline-approved dog crate features.

Its unique feature is the slide and snap design that makes it easy to be assembled and use without using any tools. Another special feature of this dog travel carrier is the two-way lockable door system with a dual turn-dial door fastening system with 4 metal nuts.

Like the other Petmate products, the Petmate Compass Plastic Pet Kennel is made up of rigid plastic to make it eco-friendly. This travel crate is specifically designed for small dogs from 10-20 lbs.

It has an excellent ventilation system to make it roomy for your pooch. And the meshes provide enhanced visibility so that your dog can enjoy the scenes of the air travel. The crate also has a handle for convenience.


It does not have food or water bowls, but you must purchase them separately. Yet, this travel crate meets most airlines’ requirements. In addition, the company provides a 1-year warranty in case the buyer is not satisfied.

  • Slide and snap latching mechanism
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Visibility system
  • Two-way door
  • Dual turn-dial door fastening system
  • Carrying handle
  • For cats and dogs
  • The pet carers appreciated its slide and snap design.
  • The parents exclaimed that the two-way door was a desirable addition
  • The clients were unhappy because the crate did not have food and water trays.

Our team tested this product, and they found the slide and snap design exciting. However, testers were not happy with the fastening system that only had 4 nuts. In addition, though the ventilation and visibility were excellent, it lacked meal trays.

Overall, this product was good for dogs but not much for the dog carers.

The price of “Petmate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier

Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier is the best pet carrier for flying as it is an affordable product with the required important features of an airline-approved crate.

The crate features two separate compartments on the upper side for putting treats or your pup’s favorite toys and items. It also has separate food and water bowls attached to the door. Your beloved feels royalty having everything in its hand, and trust me, our pets deserve it.

The Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier also offers a personalized name sticker. This pet carrier comprises high-quality plastic and a wire resin kennel door. The company does not compromise on the product’s quality because that would equal risking pet safety over a few bucks.

The pups’ habit of wandering in the house and staying in the kennel can be difficult. However, the wire door is mighty enough to handle the continuous blows of your smaller pup when he starts bouncing on the doors to let him out. Only the plastic clamps are a problem because certain airlines disapprove of using them in travel crates.

It offers an amazing air crossing to make your pet feel like flying in the air. In addition, the hard-sided crates offer you and your dog more satisfaction and security.

  • Affordable product
  • Personalized name sticker
  • High-quality plastic
  • A wire resin door
  • Two separate compartments on the upper side
  • Attached food and water bowls
  • Amazing air crossing
  • Hard-sided crate
  • The buyers were happy to get a personalized name sticker so that the specific pups crate doesn’t mix with any others. 
  • The upper compartments were the best feature because the pet parents could put all the necessary items in one place.
  • The customers were unhappy about the plastic braces. 

Our testers specified this brand as the best one for airline travel. They agreed that this dog crate for airplane does not come with accessories like the Petmate Sky Kennel, but it stands out best in the cluster of other products available in the market because of its affordable range and special features.

Only the plastic clamps are an issue, but the users can fix this issue. 

Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier-Review

The price of “Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Aspen Pet Porter Kennel

Aspen Pet Porter Kennel is another wonder by Petmate store. This airline-approved dog crate has a durable plastic body with a strong metal door. It is best for medium-sized dogs.

It has an easy latch system and a handle. The 3-side ventilation is admirable to make your pup’s travel as soothing as yours. The metal bolts give toughness to the crate to make sure that your pet would safely land.

This crate is lightweight to be carried easily but does not compromise on the sturdiness in terms of the dog’s security. Its assembly is quick, and it is easily cleanable.

It meets almost all the necessary airline standards as the product claims. A surprising feature is that the buyers can also use it for cats. Its plastic is made in the USA, and other components, including the handle, are imported.

However, it does not have meal dishes that most buyers mostly require.

  • Best for medium-sized dogs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable plastic body
  • 3-side ventilation
  • Metal bolts
  • Easy assemblage
  • 1-year warranty 
  • The buyers were happy to have a product best designed for medium-sized dogs.
  • The clients were glad to find an easily portable lightweight crate.
  • Some customers claimed that the plastic body is not durable enough for long-term use.

Our testers checked this product on medium breeds, and the results were good. The crate was safe and comfortable. It was lightweight so that the owner could easily carry it. However, it was durable for heavy or large dogs.

The price of “Aspen Pet Porter Kennel” varies, so check the latest price at

Features of an IATA Compliant Dog Crate

There are plenty of dog crates available but choosing the best travel dog crate is always a concern. We have enlisted the important IATA-compliant features that should be present in a crate.

Before buying a dog crate for your canine make sure that your pup’s crate is airline approved to avoid any kind of mess prior to the flight and make your journey hassle free. The following must be the considered features before buying IATA approved dog crates.  

The pup will be uncomfortable if the travel kennels are smaller than the dog’s size. And, if it is larger, the dog will hit the walls when the crate is mistakenly handled forcefully.

According to the standards of most airlines, a travel kennel should be higher than the dog’s ear when he stands. It should be 1.5 times longer than your pet’s length. It must have enough room for the dog to turn sides, stand, sit and lay down. Just make sure not to buy such a bigger travel dog crate that your pup starts practicing for a marathon in it.

A portable dog kennel must be made of rigid materials like plastic, solid wood, plywood, fiberglass, and a wire mesh. Plastic nuts are not advised; however, metal nuts with plastic caps are preferred. In addition, it should have a zip-tight single metal door because plastic doors are not very sturdy.

Also, the pet crates should never have top-opening doors. The soft-sided carrier is never suitable for travel because the dog will be able to break them easily.


The airline-approved dog crates must have ventilation on the 4 sides of the crate to bless the pets with fresh air. The ventilation area should be 16% of the total space according to the guidelines of IATA . The ventilation mesh panels must be welded and tight fit so that the dog does not damage them. In addition, the meshes should be soft and plane so that they might not hurt the paws and nose of your little pup.

A solid and absorbable floor is preferred.

The best airline-approved dog crate should have the “Live Animals,” “Laboratory Animals,” or “This Way Up” labeling. Moreover, an ID sticker is more beneficial.

It will help if you buy travel crates with carrying handles. You do not have to carry the crate in your hands. Also, the airline staff would easily move the crate because of the handle.  

As per official international guidelines, the travel crates must have detachable wheels. Otherwise, they will keep rolling in the airplane, making it unsafe for the pet.

Separate Food and Water Dishes

The airline-approved crates must have food and water dishes attached with the lockable doors for the convenience of airline staff. So, they don’t have to open the crate every time to feed the dog.

No, the airlines do not provide crates. Instead, you have to buy one airline-approved dog crate yourself for your beloved.

Most airlines have different crate requirements, so confirm those before buying one.

Carrying regular dog crates on a plane is never allowed, but you can take an airline-approved dog crate. The airlines have specific demands for pet carriers, and if your crate meets all the demands, congratulations! You are all set to go.

The airplane crates must be 1.5 times higher than your dog’s length, and the dog’s ears must never touch the roof.

It should have enough space for your dog to change sides, lay down, sit or stand.

According to the airline standards, except for the crate, you should take your pet documents with you; its vaccination certificates, medical certificates, prescriptions, feeding instructions, health certificate, and passport.

Buy airline-approved dog crates and never choose soft crates for airline travel because they are not durable.

Some owners sedate their dogs so that they may not have to take care of them. But, according to airline regulations, you should never sedate your dog before flying because the airline looks after them responsibly.

Train your dog to stay in the crate because the anxious pets may get panicked if they are not already trained. Also, you should always inform the staff if your dog is allergic to any food or following some diet.

Always embellish your crate lining with a soft bed and cushions to save your sweetie pie from potential accidents.

Moreover, avoid long-haul flights because your dog may suffer from breathing problems if the temperature gets too hot or cold.

Tell the staff about your pet’s feeding instructions so that they do not have to face any issues dealing with your canine.

Human lovers demand stars and moons and many things to prove your love to them. But, on the other hand, your dog is humble and just wants to go with you when you are flying to another country. Therefore, you can fulfill its demand by buying an appropriate travel carrier approved for an international journey.

We have jotted down the top 6 best dog crates that you can opt for international or domestic tours, and the criteria for IATA accepted dog crates.

In the end, we wish you and your love to reach your final destination safely.

Written By:

Picture of Ramona Gray

Ramona Gray

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11 Best Travel Food Bowls For Dogs

Last updated:

What to Know

After reviewing numerous travel food bowls for dogs , I have made a list of the top 11 travel food bowls for your dog . I have taken into account various features like durability, value for money, collapsible features, and honest customer reviews.

While traveling with your dog , especially for long journeys, the most important thing to pack is his food bowl and water bottle. The travel food bowls for dogs are generally different from their regular feeding bowls .

They are extremely light-weight, easy to carry, do not take up much space, and some bowls have additional features that promote collapsibility and reducing spillage.

Before I start with the list of top travel food bowls for dogs , it is important to first understand the features that must be taken into consideration. It will help you in choosing the right bowl for your dog .

Features to consider

There are numerous food bowls available in the market that can be considered fit for use while traveling. But to differentiate between the right and wrong ones, it is essential to consider the following features.

As traveling in itself is heavy work that requires extensive packing, it is essential that your dog’s travel food bowl is lightweight. It would make carrying the bowl easier, without adding additional weight to your luggage.

Certain metal and melamine food bowls are present that are more of a burden and are not fit as travel food bowls for dogs .

2. Collapsible

I have come across several travel food bowls for dogs that come with a collapsible feature that makes storage of these bowls far easier while traveling.

These bowls do not take up too much space, and when needed, they expand as a food bowl for your dog ; thus, doing its job perfectly.

3. Low Spillage

If you are worried about spills then you can consider some food bowls that  come with a rounded or specialized border which reduces spillage. This feature becomes really helpful when you are traveling with your dog in a car or eating outside . It reduces the mess and is super easy to clean .

Of course, safety is always a top priority for your fur baby . After going through several options I have realized that there is no dearth of options for travel food bowls for dogs in the market.

However, I also understand that not all are safe for your pooch to be eating from. Chemicals like BPA etc can have quite an adverse effect on your dog .  It is important to choose a bowl that is extremely safe yet serves its purpose.

5. Durability

If you have a dog who likes to play or chew the bowl then durability of the bowl will also be an important factor to consider while purchasing your travel food bowls for your dogs .

Best 11 travel food bowls for dogs

1. comsun dog bowls.

COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The first in my list is this food bowl from COMSUN, which you will find incredibly convenient and safe. To start with, it comes in a combo pack of two bowls that can be used as a water bowl and food bowl .

Crafted from high-quality silicon, it is completely safe for your dog . I love that the bowls are extremely durable and can be reused. This makes feeding your dog while traveling very easy.

The bowls come with matching carabiners that make them easy to attach with your backpacks. And being collapsible, they can easily fit inside your bag or purse.

You can adjust the height of the bowls according to the height of your Bulldog , making it a perfect fit for puppies or adult dogs . They are BPA free and budget-friendly.

  • Collapsible bowls that can be easily carried and stored.
  • Comes with carabiners.
  • Height of the bowl can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Safe silicon makes it sturdy.
  • Combo pack for serving food and water to your dog .
  • Has no lid.
  • Not spill-proof.

2. SLSON Bowls for Dogs

SLSON Collapsible Dog Bowl

The next bowl I have for you has been specially designed for traveling and is very convenient to use. The folding and stretching feature in the bowl makes it very easy to carry and use whenever needed.

It is also lightweight and the buckles can be used to attach the bowl to your bag , belt or pocket.  One more feature that made me add this bowl to the top best is its odorless high quality silicon material .

There is no smell and it is perfect for your pooch to eat from whenever you are travelling.

Each bowl can hold up to one-and-a-half cups of your dog food . The bowl comes in attractive bright colors and can be used both indoors and outdoors . It is easy to wash and even dishwasher safe.

  • Comes in a set of two that can be used for two pets or one for water and the other for food .
  • Dishwasher safe bowl .
  • Made of durable silicone and easy to carry
  • The height of the bowl can be adjusted.
  • Carabiner ensures the bowl is securely held to your belt or bag .
  • Collapsible bowl .
  • Chewable material .

3. Travel Pet Bowl (Pack of 2)

Travel Pet Bowl for Food and Water

I found this one to be one of the most unique travel food bowls for dogs and it comes in a set of two. They are made from superior quality waterproof nylon that can hold your Bulldog’s food safely.

The bowls are collapsible and when not in use, you can keep them in your pocket or bag without any problem. I also find them extremely easy to clean and they dishwasher safe too.

A sturdy clip attaches the bowl to your bag making it ideal for traveling, hiking, or car rides. It is one of my favorite travel food bowls for dogs and comes in a bright red color .

  • Environment-friendly material , safe for your dog .
  • Easily folds up to store water or food for your dog .
  • Easy to wash.
  • Waterproof nylon ensures cleanliness.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Sometimes it smells like chemicals.

4. Outward Hound Pet Bowls

Outward Hound, Lightweight Dog Backpacks

These portable travel food bowls for dogs are very easy to fold and can be carried in your pocket. They dry very fast which makes them hassle-free travel bowls for your dogs .

It is made from rugged nylon that ensures its durability and at the same time makes it waterproof . What I like best is that this travel food bowl is leak-proof and is BPA free.

You can use it for water as well as food without worrying about spilling or cleaning it. It can hold up to 48 oz of water and, thus; makes sure your dog is properly fed and hydrated even when you’re traveling.

  • Safe and durable food bowl .
  • Collapsible design and can be folded flat to store easily in any bag .
  • Comes in a unique color combination of green and grey.
  • Has a band to carry it easily.
  • Has no anti-spill feature.

5. Ruff Products BarkBowl

Ruff Products BarkBowl (800ml)

If you are looking for something more rugged, sturdy and safe travel food bowls for your dog then I would consider this as one of the best choices for you.

Made from highly durable, tear-resistant, BPA-free silicon, this robust food bowl is a great choice for your Bulldog . Adding to its features, it is also microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe along with being 100% environment-friendly.

This travel food bowl is ideal for hiking or any kind of adventure travelling. A collapsible design and adjustable height makes this bowl a really good contender in this list.

You can choose from five different bright colors and the carabiner makes it really easy to carry it around with you. It is also very easy to clean and makes feeding your dog outdoors a hassle-free task. 

  • Durable food bowl .
  • Easily foldable and takes up very little space.
  • Attractive colors .
  • Safe for dogs .
  • Environment-friendly.
  • A little overpriced.

6. WINSEE Collapsible Dog Bowls

WINSEE Collapsible Dog Bowls with Mat

If you have a dog who spills while eating then this collapsible bowl with mat is the best choice for you. It has two bowls so you can use it for food and water or to feed two dogs at the same time.

Whatever spills, will be collected on the mat itself. So you no longer have to worry about  your car getting dirty or your surroundings. It is made of silicon and the bowls are safe and durable as well. 

And to add to it all the silicon mat ensures the bowls do not move or slide while your fur baby is eating.

Another feature added to these travel food bowls for dogs that has caught my attention is the frisbee that comes with it. You can use it to give your dog some exercise after eating.

It is also quite convenient to carry due to the sturdy carabiners attached to it which can be latched on to any bag .

  • Safe, food-grade silicone makes it completely safe for food .
  • Dual bowls .
  • Frisbee toy make it fun to carry it outdoors .
  • The spill-proof mat makes feeding dogs hassle-free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Silicon is not chew-resistant.

7. Bonza Large Dog Bowls

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you have large dogs then you will need an equally sturdy travel bowl . This portable food bowl is non-slip and does not collapse even when dropped from a height.

It is extremely tough and made ideally for heavy dogs, including Bulldogs . It can store it easily and the height can be adjusted according to your dog’s comfort. It also comes with a hook so that you can attach it easily to your bag or belt.

The size , the non-slip base and light weight feature makes this travel food bowl for dogs a perfect choice if you have a large breed dog . Besides all these it is also dishwasher safe

  • Adjustable size .
  • Sturdy and durable silicon.
  • The anti-slip base makes sure the bowl stays firm.
  • Heavy-duty and robust.
  • Comes with no lid.

8. Kurgo No Spill Dog Travel Bowl

Kurgo No Spill Dog Travel Bowl

If you plan to do most of your traveling by car then you will definitely need travel food bowls for dogs that do not spill. The one I have added in this list is one of the best in this particular category.

Kurgo no spill dog travel bowl is made from food-grade silicone which ensures your dog’s safety . It has a tapered lip that prevents spillage of food . Most importantly, the wedge angled seat keeps the bowl balanced on the car seat and is anti-slip.

So now you can feed your dog in your car without worrying about spills and getting your car dirty. You also have a happy and well-fed pooch with you. 

This bowl has a one-size-fits-all design, making it perfect for dogs of different breeds and sizes. It has a capacity of 710 milliliters and is collapsible to fit in your bag or the glove compartment of your car .

You can choose from two attractive colors and can also be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Collapsible features make it very easy to carry.
  • Tapered lip ensures minimum food or water spillage.
  • The angled base keeps the bowl steady on car seats.
  • Durable, lightweight, and leak-proof.
  • Has no hook or carabiner.

9. EAXBUX Portable Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

EAXBUX Portable Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

Do you have a dog that can literally make food disappear then this slow feeder bowl should definitely be in your shopping list. It has obstacle pillars inside the bowl that are specially designed to slow down the eating speed of your pooch.

This ensures proper eating habits, good digestion and prevents vomiting and other stomach issues. Adding to its features, it is made from superior grade thermoplastic elastomer material making it extremely sturdy, and resistant to daily wear and tear.

With that said, this food bowl is designed to withstand rough environments. It is 100% BPA free and is completely safe for your dog .

This collapsible food bowl can hold up to 4.2 cups of food . It also comes with a carabiner that eases carrying and it takes up no space when completely folded.

  • A slow feeder that enhances digestive health , healthy eating, and slow feeding .
  • A collapsible bowl that is fit for any size of your dog .
  • Sturdy and durable material .
  • BPA free safe food bowl .
  • Spills food .

10. Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl

Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl

I love these simple travel food bowls for dogs because it serves its purpose just right. Made from waterproof , durable material , it holds on your pet’s food and water without any leakage.

You will love the cute blue color it comes in and most importantly, it comes in a pack of two. One is a larger size than the other. So you can use it for food and water or if you have two dogs then you can feed them simultaneously.

It is a great food bowl for your dog while traveling, hiking, going to the park , or any outdoor activities for that matter. You can easily fold it into a flat shape and fit into a purse, bag , or pocket.

The bowl is very easy to clean and dries fast. It can be attached to any hook through the loop it comes with.

  • Simple yet ergonomic design that serves the purpose.
  • Safe for your Bulldog .
  • Easy to clean and dries fast.
  • As it comes in two sizes, it is fit for puppies as well as adult dogs .
  • Has no carabiner.
  • The height is not adjustable.

11. Leashboss Collapsible Dog Bowls

Leashboss Collapsible Dog Bowls

Last on my list is this super-compact bowl , which is extremely lightweight and can be folded up to be flat. It comes in a set of two and are spacious and perfect for long tours.

Moreover, the bowl comes with a drawstring cover that can be used as a lid. The drawstrings are strong and you can also carry your dog’s food in the bowl itself.

After feeding your dog , you can easily fold the bowl and attach it to your bag or belt with the metal carabiner it comes with. What I like the most about this bowl is that it can hold up to 8 cups of food or water .

Additionally, the bowl is leak-proof and is very easy to dry . The interior lining is made with an odor-proof fabric, so it won’t smell bad. Lastly, you will find the reflective strip to be extremely convenient, as it makes the bowl visible in the dark.

  • Durable bowl made from waterproof material .
  • Has a compartment to carry food .
  • Simple design.
  • Reflective strip.
  • None found.

It is very essential to know about the various types of bowls that are available in the market.

While some are just regular food bowls that differ only in the material they are made of, some are customized according to the breeds and requirements of your dogs .

Is raised bowl bad for dogs?

Raised bowls have gained huge popularity in recent years. But its usage is entirely dependent on the feeding requirements of your dogs . This is not a size one fits all kind of a solution.

Raised bowls serve a particular purpose such as treating digestive issues, especially in small and medium-sized dogs .

These raised bowls are also ideal for flat-faced dogs like pugs and French bulldogs .

However, studies have shown that raised bowls may cause bloating in large breed dogs .

So, deciding whether raised bowls are good or bad for dogs is entirely dependent on the kind of fur baby you have.

The best advice in such a situation can be given by your vet .

What have raised bowls?

Raised or elevated bowls are feeding bowls for animals, especially dogs , that are big or tall or fast eaters.

Commonly, elevated or raised bowls come with a table or stand that allows placing the bowls on them.

The right size of the table or the stand depends on the height of your dog . While some stands have ridges to place the bowl , some are adjustable.

However, the main purpose of these feeding stands is to keep the food and water bowl at a raised height from the ground.

Benefits of raised bowls

Best Travel Food Bowls For Dogs PIn Image

Raised bowls have been found beneficial in several cases and are a potentially good buy if your dog needs it. Here are some of the benefits of feeding your dog from a raised bowl :

1. Healthy Posture

Regular food bowls are placed on the ground which makes eating hard for your dog . He has to apply force on his neck so that he can get the food out of the bowl .

It creates pressure on the neck region, legs, and posterior part of your dog . Constant bending of the neck can lead to mobility issues and strain. In this case, raised bowls can be a boon for your dog .

2. Bone Problems

There are numerous reports where dogs have developed certain bone problems due to prolonged strain on their legs, back, and neck while eating.

As the dog’s mouth is placed above the ground level, it would be helpful to place the bowl at a certain level where his mouth reaches easily.

3. Better Digestion

Some reports suggest that eating from an elevated bowl can lead to comfortable feeding that might make digestion better in dogs . This is true in flat-faced dogs as they have trouble eating because of their short snouts.

4. Cleanliness

Being a pet parent, I know how messy it can get after dogs finish off their food . Not only do they spill their food all over the floor but also nearby corners and walls.

As most raised bowls come with mats or platforms, they catch all the bits that are spilled and prevent them from messing the floor. Thus, it makes eating less messy than normal feeding bowls .

5. Keeping in place

Sometimes food bowls slide across the floor while your dogs are eating . This can lead to spilling and a very difficult cleaning job. To prevent this, elevated food bowls come with stands that have rubber bases.

This helps to keep the stands still and the bowls along with it. So your pooch can eat comfortably without chasing his bowl all over the house .

6. Megaesophagus

Certain dogs suffer from a condition called megaesophagus, which causes nerve problems in their esophageal muscles. It results in blockage of movement of the esophageal muscles.

Due to this condition, these muscles can no longer push the food into the dog’s belly for digestion . Some may even have trouble swallowing. To overcome this condition, vets often recommend raised bowls .

So if your dog has this problem a raised bowl would definitely be a great boon. 

7. Arthritis

Vets often prescribe raised bowls for dogs who have joint and bone conditions like arthritis and find stressing on neck or joints painful.

Drawbacks of raised bowls

Though raised bowls are very useful and have numerous benefits, they have a single drawback.

Bloating in large breeds:

It has been seen in a study, conducted about 20 years ago, that elevated or raised bowls increased the chances of bloating in dogs belonging to larger breeds .

Bloating is a very dangerous disease in dogs that occur when food and gas get stuck in the stomach . This creates a pressure that increases with time and may cause life-threatening diseases like stomach rupture.

Though there is not much evidence supporting this, it must be kept in mind while using raised bowls for larger breeds .

Dog breeds that need to be raised bowls

Raised bowls are actually beneficial for dogs belonging to smaller or medium size breeds . They make eating healthy and promotes bone and digestive health in dogs .

It is also seen that older dogs and the ones with bone issues, like joint problems , arthritis, or similar conditions need raised bowls .

How to choose the right size of the raised bowl?

After careful considerations or if your vet has recommended raised bowls for you dogs do remember to choose the right size as well. The general thumb rule for buying the right size of raised bowl is that the elevated bowl must be square of the size of your dog’s chest .

Following this rule ensures your dog doesn’t have to lift his neck up or down every time he gulps food or water . It ensures correct posture is maintained while eating. This also helps in avoiding bone and neck pain in dogs .

Final words

I hope, after keeping in mind the considerations I have listed here and your fur baby’s requirements, you can choose the best travel food bowls for your dogs that would ensure you enjoy your travel time with your pet.

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This Luxury Dog Airline Just Added Flights to Florida and Paris

Will there be bone broth macarons?

dog airline travel bowl

Courtesy of Bark Air

A new airline for dogs is getting a major route upgrade.  BARK Air , which took to the skies on May 23, recently expanded to new destinations both in the United States and around the world. Dogs, and their owners, will be able to fly to Paris, Chicago, San Jose, Phoenix, and Fort Lauderdale on new service that begins in October. These new routes will complement the existing service connecting New York, Los Angeles, and London.  “We’ve had such high demand, that we’re expanding service to five new destinations and seven new routes both domestically and internationally,” a BARK Air spokesperson shared in a statement to Travel + Leisure.  BARK Air operates on Gulfstream G5 jets, and the airline says that each plane can accommodate 14 dogs and humans, however the airline will never sell more than 9 tickets to keep things spacious. Passengers fly in and out of metro areas of major cities, but not necessarily the city itself. For example, flights marketed out of New York operate from Westchester County Airport, and flights to San Francisco actually operate from San Jose airport.  Upon landing, the airline provides free ground transportation within a 30 mile radius around the metropolitan area.  Domestic routes start at $6,000 and the international routes start at $8,000, with the New York to Paris journey totaling $8,500, according to the company's website. “We are excited to expand BARK Air’s service to new cities and through new routes, accommodating customer demand and bringing our unique, stress-free dog-centric travel experience to even more families,” BARK’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Matt Meeker said in a release about the new routes.  Since its launch, BARK Air social media feed has become popular with its videos and photos of dogs going viral. One Instagram Reel has over one million views as it details the extravagant amenities available for dogs as they board and fly on the plane. 

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dog airline travel bowl

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What to know about McDonald's new $5 value meal

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dog airline travel bowl

American Airlines' Dog Policy: 5 Things To Know

  • American Airlines allows carrying a dog or a cat in the cabin, though it must meet size, age, and destination restrictions.
  • The US-based legacy carrier accepts a maximum of seven kennels in the cabin, while the regional subsidiary, American Eagle, only allows five.
  • Besides the kennel, passengers are only entitled to another personal item, but no carry-on bag.

Some say that solo travel is the best way of exploring the world while reconnecting to our inner selves. Some others would never embark on an adventure without their travel buddy, and finally, we find those who love travel groups, whose motto is "the more, the merrier." However, airlines should not forget about another fundamental group of travelers, i.e., those who do not want to leave their pets behind. Indeed, increasingly, more people do not want their furry friends missing from the holiday portrait, which means they might need to bring them on a plane.

However, not all airlines have the same rules for carrying pets, which, on the one hand, is not welcoming news for airport staff dealing with customers at check-in desks. Neither is it for the customers, who must go through airline websites repeatedly to get all the information they need to ensure their cute travel companions reach their final destination. Simple Flying has put together five must-knows if you are planning a trip with American Airlines and are thinking of bringing your pets along.

Which Rules Surround Taking Pets On Airplanes In 2023?

It's raining flying cats and dogs, american airlines only allows cats and dogs in the cabin.

First things first, you should know American Airlines only allows cats and dogs in the cabin. Therefore, if you have any other kind of pet, say, a guinea pig, they won't be allowed in the cabin with this carrier. According to the airline's rules, a cat or a dog can be carried in the cabin as long as they meet size, age, and destination requirements. Should these conditions be met, the pet can be taken on most flights lasting up to 12 hours and on those to or from the following locations:

  • The 48 contiguous United States.
  • The United States and Canada.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
  • St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

On American Airlines' flights, passengers are allowed to bring one kennel onboard, provided that they have paid the carry-on pet fee and that the pet stays in the kennel, which must be placed under the front seat for the entire flight. Additionally, the kennel substitutes the carry-on bag if a pet is carried in the cabin. Therefore, passengers are only entitled to bring one personal item besides the kennel.

Flying your pet at all costs

The pet in cabin fee is $125 each way.

If you're traveling on a budget, you might want to double-check how much you will be charged to carry your furry friend in the cabin with you.

American Airlines charges its passengers willing to bring their pet in the cabin a $125 fee each way. Additionally, if you're flying domestically with a voluntary stop-over at one of American's hubs lasting more than four hours, you'll incur an additional $125 charge. Besides this cost, you might want to become an expert with aircraft types, as pets are not allowed on every plane in the American Airlines fleet. Indeed, because of a lack of under-seat storage, pets are not permitted on the following aircraft types:

  • Boeing B777-200
  • Boeing B777-300
  • Boeing B787-8
  • Boeing B787-9

As you're paying quite a sum to make your furry friend fly with you, you want to ensure they are fit to board a plane. When the carrier is American Airlines, this means the pet must not have been sedated. Indeed, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pets that have been given sedatives or tranquilizers incur a higher risk of respiratory or cardiovascular problems at higher altitudes.

Let's talk numbers

From kennel size to maximum number of pet in cabin per aircraft.

To make things easier for its passengers, American Airlines publishes the maximum number of pets allowed in the cabin for each flight.

On its mainline flights, American Airlines only allows seven kennels, even though service animals do not count toward this limit. American Eagle, the carrier's regional subsidiary, only accepts a maximum of five kennels per flight. Regarding the kennel, the airline allows soft-sided and hard-sided carriers. For the latter, the size requirements vary based on whether you're flying American Airlines or American Eagle.

On American Airlines' flights, hard kennels should not exceed the following size:

  • 19 inches by 13 inches by 9 inches (48 cm by 33 cm by 22 cm)

On American Eagle flights, measures for the kennel change to the following:

  • 16 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches (40 cm by 30 cm by 8 cm)

If it is the first time you are carrying your pet in the cabin, and you still have to purchase a kennel, American Airlines recommends a soft-sided one, whose measures are:

  • 18 inches by 18 inches by 11 inches (45 cm by 45 cm by 28 cm)

Checked pets

Not all pets are allowed as checked pets.

For now, if your furry friend does not meet the requirements to travel in the cabin, you are most likely not allowed to make them fly as checked baggage on your flight.

Indeed, American Airlines currently only accepts checked pets for active-duty US military and US State Department Foreign Service personnel traveling on official orders. Up to two pets can be checked, and these must always meet the destination's minimum age and health requirements. In case you are checking a pet, you are required to provide a health certificate, which must be issued by a vet within:

  • Ten days of departure
  • 60 days of return (for travel on the same ticket)
  • Ten days of return (for travel on separate tickets)

Suppose your pet does not qualify for cabin travel or as a checked pet. In that case, you might consider shipping it to your final destination through the American Airlines PetEmbark program, whose specifics are illustrated in the video below.

Temperature restrictions

These ensure the well-being of the pets.

Let's not forget that we constantly look for comfort when we travel. So would a pet. Therefore, American Airlines mandates some temperature restrictions to ensure its well-being while onboard.

These restrictions are mainly aimed at ensuring that checked pets and pets traveling in the cargo section are not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures at the following touchpoints:

  • The animal holding area
  • At terminal facilities
  • When moving animals between the terminal and the aircraft
  • On the plane

If the current or forecasted temperature at any location of the itinerary is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29.4 degrees C), the pet is not allowed to fly. Additionally, pets that are not traveling in the cabin cannot fly to, through, or from Phoenix (PHX), Tucson (TUS), Las Vegas (LAS), or Palm Springs (PSP) between May 1st and September 30th. On the other hand, pets are not allowed if the current or forecasted temperature at any location of the itinerary is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 degrees C).

The cold temperature limitation can be waived if you hold a written letter from a vet including the following points:

  • Your name and address
  • Your pet’s name
  • Your vet’s name and signature
  • Your vet’s accreditation date and number
  • The temperature your pet is acclimated to

Additionally, the letter must be issued:

  • Within 10 days of the first flight
  • Within 30 days of any other trips in the same itinerary

However, should the temperature drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6 degrees C), the pet is not allowed to fly even with a letter from the licensed vet.

Have you ever flown with your pet on an American Airlines flight? Let us know by clicking on the comment button below!

American Airlines


Airline Type: Full Service Carrier

Hub(s): Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Miami International Airport, New York JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Year Founded: 1926

Alliance: oneworld

CEO: Robert Isom

Country: United States

Airline Group: American Airlines Group

Region: North America

Loyalty Program: AAdvantage

American Airlines' Dog Policy: 5 Things To Know

What Counts as a Personal Item on a Flight?

By Blane Bachelor

A passenger waiting for departure in the airport lounge with their cabin luggage all gates sign hanging from the ceiling

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

It’s a common scenario while boarding a crowded flight: Flight attendants start Tetris-ing suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, jackets, and other items into overhead bins, trying to make sure there’s room for everyone’s luggage. A key piece of the what-fits-where puzzle is the personal item, which generally refers to the small purse , backpack , or tote bag that airlines allow passengers to carry on board for free—and which must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

But with packed flights on the horizon as the holiday season approaches, and more travelers trying to avoid paying checked-bag fees (along with the risk of the airline losing said checked bag), it’s essential for fliers to understand airline rules around personal items—and remember common courtesy when it comes to flight attendants, fellow passengers, and shared spaces on the aircraft. Here’s what you need to know about personal items for your next flight.

What counts as a personal item?

  • Does a pet carrier count?
  • What are the guidelines from major US airlines?
  • What about low-budget airlines?
  • What are the best personal items for travel?

Almost universally, carriers allow passengers to bring onboard a personal item like a purse, backpack, or briefcase, at no additional charge. This item is in addition to the free carry-on piece , such as a small wheeled suitcase, allowed by most major airlines (except, generally, on the cheapest fare class such as basic economy).

Except for mobility devices (such as crutches, canes, and wheelchairs) and items like car seats, personal items must be able to fit under the seat in front of you—a specification airlines clearly state on their websites. “A well understood, and accepted by the majority of airlines, definition of a personal item is a bag that can be stored under the seat in front of you,” explains Anton Radchenko, CEO of AirAdvisor , a Boston-based passenger claims management company. Radchenko also says that the exact dimensions can differ between airlines.

There are some notable exceptions to the personal item rule as well. Most major US carriers don’t count kid-specific items such as diaper bags, strollers, and car seats (the latter to be used onboard) as a personal item. In addition, most airlines allow passengers to bring extras—duty free purchases, food and drink bought after clearing the security line, and jackets, coats, or umbrellas, for example—that don’t count toward their personal item. And that’s where things can get complicated, especially on full flights.

“Often passengers will arrive with a suitcase, personal items, coats, and sometimes even shopping bags,” says Josephine Remo , a Copenhagen-based former flight attendant with Scandinavian Airlines. “Obviously, all of that does not fit under the seat.”

Cue a scenario sure to happen more often as the holiday travel season ramps up: flight attendants removing personal items like small backpacks, jackets, or shopping bags from the overhead bins and requesting owners to place them under the seat in front of them. “In general, passengers need to understand that the overhead bins are for everyone and no one is entitled to a certain amount of space,” Remo says. If you're boarding with more than one personal item, know that you'll likely need to condense your belongings to fit on your person or under the seat in front of you—additional overhead space is not guaranteed.

Does a pet carrier count as a personal item?

It depends on the airline, but generally, most major US airlines allow a pet carrier as a piece of carry-on luggage. But the carrier must fit under the seat in front of you (meaning your second bag may have to go in the overhead compartment), and passengers must make a reservation ahead of time, as most airlines have limits on the number of pets traveling in the cabin. There’s also usually an additional fee.

What are the guidelines for major US carriers?

American requires personal items to have dimensions less than 18" x 14" x 8". Good news for travelers flying basic economy on American: The carrier has announced those fares now come with one carry-on for free, in addition to a personal item, to all destinations.

Delta does not list specific dimension requirements for personal items on its website, but like other airlines, requires them to fit under the seat in front of you.

All JetBlue fares include a personal item that must fit under the seat in front of you and must not exceed 17" 13" x 8." Passengers with Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares can bring a carry-on bag (space permitting) that fits in the overhead bin, plus a personal item. The airline also specifies that any additional or larger carry-on bags brought to the gate will incur a fee ($65 for the first or second checked bag) and need to be checked.

Blue Basic fares only include one personal item. There are a few exceptions, however: Mosaic members; travelers on a JetBlue transatlantic flight; those who combine a Blue Basic fare with an Even More Space seat (on all legs, if connecting); active US military; and unaccompanied minors.

Southwest allows a personal item for all passengers such as a purse, small backpack, food container, or laptop. The carrier does not specify the required dimensions of personal items, but states the item must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Personal items on United flights must not exceed total dimensions of 17" x 10" x 9". United has an online baggage fee calculator to estimate costs to check a bag, noting that it’s cheaper to pay for these fees ahead of time.

What about personal items on budget airlines and low-cost carriers?

The personal item issue gets a bit trickier when it comes to budget carriers, which generally allow passengers one free personal item but charge for full-size carry-on luggage. Spirit Airlines, for example, has a range of fees for a carry-on beyond the personal item included in ticket prices. But, as its website notes, if you know you’ll have a larger carry-on bag, it’s advisable to pay during the booking process to avoid paying more later in the game (like a recent $99 at-the-airport carry-on fee we found on the carrier’s “Spirit Bag-O-Tron” baggage calculator ).

Not surprisingly, passengers adamant about not paying such hefty fees sometimes try to pass off larger bags as personal items. While social media is full of viral videos showing space-saving tips for carry-on luggage, some travelers take their packing hacks even further by stuffing travel pillows with clothes or making a small purchase in the airport and then using the store bag to fill with additional items, since airport purchases and duty free items are technically allowed by most carriers. However, travelers who egregiously flout an airline’s policy on personal items should proceed with caution, Radchenko advises.

“We have been made aware of instances where passengers have tried to pass off larger bags as personal items, which we strongly advise against,” he says. “Airlines have safety obligations to meet in terms of the size of bags that can be placed in seating areas, and they take these obligations seriously. Trying to get away with using a large bag as a personal item can result in passengers having to pay high on-the-day prices for an additional cabin or hold item, which they will also not be able to access easily, or at all, during a flight.”

Editor-approved personal items

Below, eight bags Traveler editors regularly take on the road.

dog airline travel bowl

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Karen Read murder trial

Live courtroom video

New airline designed for dog travel adding flight destinations

Dog on plane

Fido-friendly: File photo. A new airline is offering exclusive seating accommodations for dogs -- but the ticket is expensive. (New Africa/Adobe Stock )

“Yeah I’ll be king, when dogs get wings,” Tom Petty sang 30 years ago. Canines may not have wings, but they will be able to fly on airplanes tailored to their needs.

BARK Air , which debuted on May 23 out of Westchester County Airport in New York, is a Fido-friendly airline that has also included flights out of the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and London, Forbes reported.

The company announced five new routes to other metro areas -- domestically and internationally -- according to WMAQ-TV . The new destinations going to the dogs include Midway in Chicago, and metro airports in San Francisco/San Jose, Phoenix, Miami-Fort Lauderdale and Paris, according to the television station.

BARK Air, a boutique airline that offers "white paw" dog-first flight experiences for dogs and their humans, is now flying out of the Bay Area. https://t.co/B0cZn6hOKh — KRON4 News (@kron4news) June 13, 2024

Flights for the new routes became available for booking on June 12, with routes becoming operational in October, WMAQ reported.

BARK Air’s maiden voyage was sold out and departed New York for Los Angeles on May 23, according to WBBM-TV . One-way tickets cost $6,000 for one dog plus a human from Los Angeles to Chicago, the television station reported. A cross country flight from New York to Los Angeles costs $6,500 one way.

“There were a mix of breeds onboard including chihuahuas, a golden retriever and dachshunds,” Katharine Enos, BARK’s chief of staff, told Fox Business . “Happy to report there was no dog drama, some dogs played in the aisle while the smaller dogs took nice long naps. All dogs snacked on BARK cereal treats for dogs, dog-friendly cupcakes, chicken-flavored puppuccinos and doggie champagne (chicken broth). The humans onboard all got along as well and felt connected in their shared obsession with their dogs.”

Flights are not sold to full capacity, giving dogs and humans enough space, KRON-TV reported. No crates are needed on BARK Air, according to the television station.

BARK Air, which debuted out of New York’s Westchester County Airport, was sued by Westchester County on May 30 for allegedly violating county law, Fox Business reported. The airport claimed that Bark Air uses a Gulfstream Aerospace GV jet that can seat 14 passengers; the airport’s rules state that only jets with nine passenger seats or fewer could fly out of the airport.

The lawsuit’s bark apparently had no bite. It was settled on June 10.

Any size or breed of dog can fly on BARK Air, Forbes reported. All animals must have up-to-date vaccination records and must be leashed when the aircraft takes off, lands or experiences any “ruff” turbulence.

All human passengers must be at least 18 years old, according to the website.

“The interest and enthusiasm around BARK Air to date have been overwhelming,” Matt Meeker, co-founder and chief executive officer of the company, said in a statement, according to WMAQ . “We are excited to expand BARK Air’s service to new cities and through new routes, accommodating customer demand and bringing our unique, stress-free dog-centric travel experience to even more families.”

  • Baby moose rescued from lake in Alaska as mother looked on
  • 6 puppies rescued by police from woman who had them stuffed in bag
  • 13 dogs, 2 birds killed by high levels of carbon monoxide after residential fire
  • Salty-tongued parrot named Pepper looking for home
  • 3 puppies from Texas shelter adopted by 3 members of Tyler Childers’ road crew

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Live video, updates: Karen Read trial resumes after judge says key defense expert can take stand

Severe thunderstorm watch issued for parts of Massachusetts

Severe thunderstorm watch issued for parts of Massachusetts

‘You have really hurt me’: See all the messages Karen Read and John O’Keefe exchanged before he died

‘You have really hurt me’: See all the messages Karen Read and John O’Keefe exchanged before he died

‘I (expletive) hate you’: Voicemails Karen Read left on John O’Keefe’s phone played in court

‘I (expletive) hate you’: Voicemails Karen Read left on John O’Keefe’s phone played in court

Donald Sutherland, ‘M*A*S*H,’ Hunger Games star, dies at 88

Donald Sutherland, ‘M*A*S*H,’ Hunger Games star, dies at 88

Expedia Rewards is now One Key™

Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Saturn Stadium
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center

Members can access discounts and special features

Elektrostal, visit elektrostal, check elektrostal hotel availability, popular places to visit.

  • Electrostal History and Art Museum

You can spend time exploring the galleries in Electrostal History and Art Museum in Elektrostal. Take in the museums while you're in the area.

  • Cities near Elektrostal

Photo by Ksander

  • Places of interest
  • Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
  • Central Museum of the Air Forces at Monino
  • Peter the Great Military Academy
  • History of Russian Scarfs and Shawls Museum
  • Ramenskii History and Art Museum
  • Bykovo Manor
  • Balashikha Arena
  • Malenky Puppet Theater
  • Military Technical Museum
  • Church of Our Lady of Kazan
  • Drama Theatre BOOM
  • Balashikha Museum of History and Local Lore
  • Pekhorka Park
  • Pavlovsky Posad Museum of Art and History
  • Saturn Stadium
  • Borisoglebsky Sports Palace
  • Church of Vladimir
  • Orekhovo Zuevsky City Exhibition Hall
  • Shirokov House
  • Noginsk Museum and Exhibition Center
  • Zheleznodorozhny Museum of Local Lore
  • Stella Municipal Drama Theater
  • Fairy Tale Children's Model Puppet Theater
  • Fifth House Gallery
  • Fryazino Centre for Culture and Leisure
  • Likino Dulevo Museum of Local Lore
  • Malakhovka Museum of History and Culture
  • Art Gallery of The City District

dog airline travel bowl

dog airline travel bowl

Press Herald

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  • Local & State

Celebrate Juneteenth at these Maine events

The holiday is Wednesday, but events start this weekend and run through the end of the month.

dog airline travel bowl

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dog airline travel bowl

Westbrook Middle School students Bella Zollarcoffer, Priscila Nzolameso and Sarikong Oak held tables educating and informing the community on Black hair history at Westbrook’s Juneteenth celebration last year. Cullen McIntyre/Staff Photographer

Juneteenth, which became both a federal and state holiday in 2021 , celebrates the anniversary of federal troops’ arrival in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, to ensure all enslaved people had been freed. This year, the holiday falls on Wednesday, but celebrations are happening over the next two weeks.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. –  Indigo Arts Alliance presents The Welcome Table, an intergenerational symposium celebrating global cultural and culinary histories. Activities include art, movement and meditation workshops led by activists and cultural workers. 60 Cove St., Portland.  indigoartsalliance.me

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. –  Victoria Mansion is hosting a community day with free admission and a recitation of the Emancipation Proclamation by local actors. 109 Danforth St. Portland.  victoriamansion.org

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. –  Space and the Tate House Museum are putting on a Juneteenth community day with free admission and tours of Ashley Page’s “Imagining Freedom” exhibit at the museum. The historical art piece puts viewers into the shoes of an enslaved woman named Bet. 1267 Westbrook St., Portland.  space538.org Advertisement

1-6:30 p.m. –  The first event of “The City that Carries Us: Pain, Streets, and Heartbeats” will take place at the Public Theatre in Lewiston. The celebration will have a parade and a block party with performances, as well as scheduled activities and rituals throughout the day. It is hosted by the organization Maine Inside Out. 31 Maple St., Lewiston, maineinsideout.org

2-3 p.m. –  Through “Poems of Reckoning and Resilience,” the Portland Museum of Art and Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance seek to honor the legacy of Black Americans. Featured poet Nathan McClain will join local poets in the Great Hall at the museum to celebrate Black liberation and creativity. The museum is also offering free admission Saturday through Monday, in celebration of both Juneteenth and Pride Month. 7 Congress Square, Portland.  mainewriters.org

11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. –  The fifth annual Juneteenth Celebration on House Island in Casco Bay will focus on Black joy, as well as nature, health and economic opportunity. Guests can stay for one or two days, and partake in activities like camping, hiking, yoga and games, all led by BIPOC leaders. Fortland, House Island, Portland.  eventbrite.com

4:30-7 p.m. –  The Community Organizing Alliance is putting on an event with speakers, live performances, poetry readings, a voter registration drive and catering by Bab’s Table. There will also be opportunities to get involved in the racial justice movement. The Atrium at Bates Mill, 36 Chestnut St., Lewiston.  eventbrite.com

1-3 p.m. –  Riverbank Park in Westbrook will host a community event with art, poetry, music and guest speakers. There will also be a barbecue picnic, a student fashion show, hair braiding, pick-up soccer and more activities sponsored by the city. 667 Main St., Westbrook.  On Facebook.

7-8 p.m. –  The Portland Yoga Project is putting on a class called “Liberated Breath: A Juneteenth Yoga Experience” that seeks to reflect on the holiday through yoga. The class is free for BIPOC community members and is sponsored by the Portland Public Library. 7 Bedford St., Portland, allevents.in

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  2. How to Fly Internationally with a Dog

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    dog airline travel bowl

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    dog airline travel bowl


  1. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Dog Travel Bowls

    132. 1 offer from $19.99. #20. Guardians Dog Travel Water Bottle Collapsible Bowls, 2 in 1 Pet Food Container with Collapse Bowls, Outdoor Portable Water Bowls for Walking, Traveling, Camping and Hiking (Pink) 2,641. 1 offer from $16.99. #21.

  2. 5 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Travel (32+ Reviewed)

    The Comsun Travel Bowl is the number one most popular collapsible bowl on Amazon. Surprisingly, it was our least favorite of the silicone bowls we tested. Only holding a single cup of dog food, it was too small for most dogs. The included carabiner was also of poor quality.

  3. Pet Supplies : Airline Approved Pet Travel Bag, Weekend Dog Travel Set

    Airline Approved: This dog travel bag dimensions is 16''(L)*14''(H)*8''(W), Airline Compliant and fit under seat. Durable And Safe: Water Repellent oxford outer material with PVC backing, and Leak-Proof inner lining. These bowls are made of silicone and are dishwasher safe, making it the safest dog travel bowl in the business!

  4. 8 Best Travel Dog Bowls of 2024

    Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl. Able to be adjusted to hold 16 ounces of food or water, or a generous 40 ounces when fully expanded, the FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic Bonza travel dog bowl is dishwasher safe, yet simple to hand clean and air dry.

  5. 10 Best Dog Travel Bowls in 2024

    4. Frisco Travel Silicone Dog & Cat Travel Double Diner Bowl - Best for Puppies. Traveling with a puppy can come with more challenges, and this food bowl is designed to make your trip easier. It ...

  6. Amazon.com: Airline Pet Travel Kit

    Complete - MD Deluxe Pet Airline Travel Kit with Pad, Dishes, Live Animal Labels, Water Funnel, Metal Nut Bolts, Name tag, Travel Document Holder. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 131. ... Includes Live Animal Labels Pet Travel Bowl Storage Bag Dog Travel Accessories for Pets Dogs Cats. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 17. 50+ bought in past month.

  7. Petmate Kennel Airline Travel Kit

    Description. The Petmate® Kennel Airline Travel Kit for has everything you need to ensure safe travels for your pet and to make traveling easier for you. This travel kit contains a spill-resistant food & water cup, an absorbent kennel pad, two Live Animals stickers, a temporary Pet ID tag, a shipping identification sticker, 12 zip ties, (12) 1 ...

  8. 10 Best Travel Bowls for Dogs (and 3 Alternatives!)

    3. Healthy Human Portable Dog & Pet Travel Bowls with Lid. See it on Amazon. 4. Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl. See it on Amazon. 5. Dexas Popware for Pets Single Elevated Pet Feeder. See it on Amazon.

  9. 10 Best Dog Travel Bowls 2024: According to Reviews

    Prima Pets Collapsible Silicone Travel Dog & Cat Bowl with Carabiner, Large, Grey. 365. $11.99. Is this right for my pet? Breed Size. Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, Giant Breeds. Lifestage. Adult, All Lifestages. Material.

  10. Best Dog Travel Bowls

    Dog travel bowls ensure your pet stays hydrated and fed wherever you go- no fuss, no improvisation needed. Check out our choice of best dog travel bowls. Join Now; ... no changes to American Airlines' pet travel fee have been made. According to the company's website, the fee remains fixed at $150 and applies per kennel, each way. For now, pet ...

  11. 10 Best Travel Dog Bowls in 2024

    Best Overall: Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl. Best Portable: Outward Hound Dog Travel Bowl. Best Collapsible: PetBonus Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls. Best for Car: Kurgo No Spill Dog Travel Bowl. Best Stainless Steel: Healthy Human Portable Dog Bowl. Best with Mat: Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls with Mat.

  12. Airline Kennel food water cups bowls and dishes

    Travel Food Water Dishes. Hook on food and water cups, bowls and dishes for pets (dogs, cat, rabbits, birds ferrets and small animals) traveling on airlines. Hook on any pet carrier kennel or crate with grated doors. Also Bolt-on options for cages that are hard to find bowls to fit. Collapsible food and water bowls perfect for pets traveling in ...

  13. The Best Travel Water Bowls for Dogs, Tested by Our Experts

    Best Overall: Leashboss Splashless Travel Dog Water Bowl at Amazon ($23) Jump to Review. Best Collapsible: Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl at Amazon ($14) Jump to Review. Best for the Car: Valterra Water-Hole Pet Dish at Amazon ($20) Jump to Review.

  14. Dog Travel Bowls To Pack on Your Next Adventure

    Kurgo Splash-Free, No-Spill Dog Travel Bowl. $12.75+ at Amazon. $12.75 at Chewy. If you like bringing your dog on road trips, this travel bowl's unique wedge design enables it to sit flat on the car seat so it doesn't spill, while its tapered lip reduces water splashing. Made from food-grade silicone, the bowl holds up to 24 ounces of water or ...

  15. 6 Best Airline Approved Dog Crates [Reviewed 2024]

    Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is the largest airline approved dog carrier from the petmate brand. This airline-approved pet carrier lets your furry friend enjoy world tours. It is specifically designed for big dogs weighing 90 lbs or more. This airline dog crate is made up of durable and sturdy recycled plastic, and hence it is eco-friendly.

  16. 11 Best Travel Food Bowls For Dogs 2024

    These portable travel food bowls for dogs are very easy to fold and can be carried in your pocket. They dry very fast which makes them hassle-free travel bowls for your dogs. It is made from rugged nylon that ensures its durability and at the same time makes it waterproof. What I like best is that this travel food bowl is leak-proof and is BPA ...

  17. Pet Travel

    Find out if your pet qualifies to travel. Your animal doesn't qualify for pet travel and is subject to different import regulations and export regulations if you: Don't see your pet listed below. Are exporting semen or embryos from any animal. Have a pet that's considered livestock or poultry, like pigs or chickens.

  18. This Luxury Dog Airline Just Added Flights to Florida and Paris

    A new airline for dogs is getting a major route upgrade. BARK Air, which took to the skies on May 23, recently expanded to new destinations both in the United States and around the world.Dogs, and ...

  19. Lifestyle News

    Get the latest lifestyle news with articles and videos on pets, parenting, fashion, beauty, food, travel, relationships and more on ABCNews.com

  20. Amazon.com: Travel Bowls

    Barkin' Trails Travel Dog Bowls, Portable Dog Bowls, Outdoor dog water bowl, BPA-Free Dog Food and Water Bowl Set, Food Grade Plastic Dog Travel Bowl, Dog camping essentials, Travel Dog Food Container. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 6. 100+ bought in past month. $22.95 $ 22. 95.

  21. American Airlines' Dog Policy: 5 Things To Know

    American Airlines allows carrying a dog or a cat in the cabin, though it must meet size, age, and destination restrictions. The US-based legacy carrier accepts a maximum of seven kennels in the ...

  22. What Counts as a Personal Item on a Flight?

    It depends on the airline, but generally, most major US airlines allow a pet carrier as a piece of carry-on luggage. ... As the most discerning, up-to-the-minute voice in all things travel, ...

  23. New airline designed for dog travel adding flight destinations

    BARK Air, which debuted on May 23 out of Westchester County Airport in New York, is a Fido-friendly airline that has also included flights out of the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and London, Forbes reported.. The company announced five new routes to other metro areas -- domestically and internationally -- according to WMAQ-TV.The new destinations going to the dogs include Midway in ...

  24. Elektrostal, Russia: All You Must Know Before You Go (2024

    Things to Do Restaurants Flights Travel Stories Cruises Rental Cars More. Add a Place Airlines Travelers' Choice Help Center. Plan Your Trip to Elektrostal: Best of Elektrostal Tourism. By crimso76. 513. Elektrostal, Russia. Essential Elektrostal. Do. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences.

  25. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right. ... Shop travel. Shop travel. Stays Stays. Flights Flights. Cars Cars. Packages Packages. Things to do Things to do. Cruises Cruises. Deals. Groups & meetings. Expedia Magazine. Download button with download icon. Get the app ...

  26. Elektrostal Map

    Elektrostal is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Elektrostal has about 158,000 residents. Mapcarta, the open map.

  27. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right. ... Flights. Support. All travel. Vacation Packages Stays Cars Flights Cruises Support Things to do. My Account. Members can access discounts and special features. Sign in Create a free account. List of Favorites. AARP Member ...

  28. Travel News, Tips, and Guides

    The latest travel news, deals, guides and tips from the travel experts at USA TODAY. All the travel insights you need to plan your dream vacation.

  29. Amazon.com: Travel Water Bowls For Dogs

    Dog Water Bowl Dispenser,Travel Dog Bowls for Camping Hiking Dog Park, 77OZ Dog Water Dispenser with Pull-Out Travel Water Bowls for Dogs,Dog Travel Water Bowl Dispenser Pet Dog Water Bottle,BPA Free. 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,484. 900+ bought in past month. $37.69 $ 37. 69. Join Prime to buy this item at $28.19.

  30. Celebrate Juneteenth at these Maine events

    Questions about your account? Our customer service team can be reached at [email protected] during business hours at (207) 791-6000.