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Darjeeling Tourism


Book Darjeeling Tour Packages Online- Explore Darjeeling's nook and corner with Darjeeling Yatra's best tour packages. Book a tour package online. Best price guaranteed.

Darjeeling Tour Packages

Darjeeling attracts countless visitors from and across the nation every year. This heavenly town is far away from the metro clamor. Hence, to have a blissful tour in the lap of nature visiting Darjeeling will be an excellent choice for a perfect vacation. If you want to have a family trip or expedition or even a honeymoon, the Darjeeling tour package offers you a wonderful tour blessed with the mighty Himalayas. Some of the most popular sightseeing places here in Darjeeling are Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Ghoom Monastery, the Japanese Temple, Peace Pagoda, Lloyd Botanical Garden, Happy Valley Tea Estate, and others.

Places to Visit with Darjeeling Yatra's Tour Packages

With Darjeeling Yatra's above-mentioned packages, these are the offbeat places you would love to enjoy.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

In India, mountaineering was pioneered by the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. You can look inside the institute's museum while you are there. Photos taken by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay of the fabled Mount Everest summit are on show in the museum. The world's highest mountain had never been climbed before in human history. On the other hand, this expedition and others have used climbing gear.

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling is an exquisite sightseeing point on the Darjeeling tour package. This is one of the major reasons for the growing tourism in Darjeeling. The stunning sunrise from Tiger Hill is an absolute scenario of paradise. The blazing sun rays scattered over the top of Kanchenjunga seem blissful. Visiting Tiger Hill is a must-do activity. Moreover, there are few shops selling teas and snacks which you can relish with the mesmerizing view of the sunrise.

Batasia Loop

You can witness Batasia Loop with all of our Darjeeling Tour Packages. The spiral railway track surrounding the beautiful garden in Batasia Loop is an instance of great engineering. In the year 1919, it was commissioned as it was an engineering requirement made for the toy train. As a result, the transport easily handled the steep gradient. Inside, you can see a wonderful garden and at the center, there is a shrine of soldiers to pay tribute to the martyred in the Kargil War.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

With any of our Darjeeling Tour Package, you will be able to experience a thrilling ride of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR). The famous toy train of Darjeeling runs from Siliguri to Darjeeling and also through Kurseong. Visitors will have a bewildering experience as you travel through the lush green forest and the mountain patches.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

This Zoological Park is also known as Darjeeling Zoo. The entire Zoo is magnificent to behold and it is named after Padmaja Naidu, the daughter of Sarojini Naidu and the former governor of West Bengal. Travelers will see animals like Snow Leopards, Takin, Asiatic Black Bears, and more.


Visiting Lepchajagat will be an enticing time spent in nature's tranquillity. Hawa Ghar is a popular spot for viewing the surreal vista of the sweeping mountains. You can also go to Ghoom Rock, which is essentially a viewpoint. Similarly, enjoy a breathtaking view of the valleys below and the snow-capped Himalayan ranges.

The tranquil abode is famous for its orange orchards. Sittong is a tranquil Darjeeling neighbourhood surrounded by lush mountains. You can enjoy the peacefulness of this location while admiring the stunning natural environment. Sittong has some exciting trekking routes to popular destinations. Tourists are drawn to Sittong because of its lush greenery.

Although the fabulous hamlet has a great temptation, very few people are aware of its beauty-defining serene suburb. In a nutshell, Chatakpur is a less-known Darjeeling destination. This suburb, surrounded by Pine and Oak trees, offers a captivating view of the dense forestation as well as a peaceful time in a splendid environment.

The Lamahatta eco-village is one of the most rapidly expanding destinations in Darjeeling. Locals, on the other hand, promote tourism in order to maintain ecological balance. You can go on a tour of the ancient monasteries and tea gardens. The entire place is surrounded by rainforests of oak and pine trees. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Japanese Temples and Peace Pagoda

The Japanese Temple, located next to the Peace Pagoda, provides a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga and the surrounding area. The awe-inspiring religious sculpture of Buddhism can be found inside the temple. It is a holy place where you can relax in the lap of Mother Nature. The temple is surrounded by a plethora of blooming flowers and other floras.

This is Darjeeling's tallest free-standing structure. The surrounding mountains and green vegetation are breathtakingly beautiful from here. Peace Pagoda, which was built in 1972, is one of the Buddhist community's most sacred temples. You can spend a peaceful time on the Himalayan foothills in a serene setting.

Happy Valley Tea Garden

Happy Valley Tea Garden features a large tea garden spread across the land, as well as a picturesque landscape. This is an amazing tea garden with a stunning view of the mountains and natural vegetation. On a clear day, Kanchenjunga can be seen clearly from the garden. Furthermore, if you want to try Darjeeling tea, you can buy it from the locals who sell it outside.

Ghoom Monastery

Ghoom station is the highest railway station in the country and the 14th in the world. This location, located at an elevation of 7,310 feet above sea level, provides a wonderful atmosphere with its surrounding mountain peaks and pleasant weather. In contrast, see the divine Ghoom monastery located here. SokpoSherabGyatso, a famous Mongolian astrologer and monk, built it in 1850. This monastery is commonly referred to as Yiga Choeling Monastery.

Lloyd Botanical Garden

Darjeeling's botanical garden is well-maintained and quite popular. Lloyd Botanical Garden is a must-see for nature lovers. Furthermore, children can benefit greatly from this garden. There are many plants to see, including Cryptomeria, Exbucklandia, and Alnus. This garden, with its treasury of vast vegetation, is one of Darjeeling's main attractions.

Mirik is a popular tourist destination included in Darjeeling tour packages. From the viewpoint in this small suburb, you can see the lush green tea gardens and the mountains. Mirik Lake is the most exciting thing to see in Mirik. Furthermore, the surrounding tea gardens such as Thurbo, Gopaldhara, and the popular Goodricke Tea Estate, among others, are a tremendous boost to any ardent traveler.

Dos and Don'ts to Remember During Darjeeling Tour

These are the Dos and Don'ts you must remember during your Darjeeling Tour with our packages-

  • Don't miss the toy train ride as it one of the prime attractions during your Darjeeling Trip.
  • Don't miss to pay a visit to Tiger Hill early in the morning to witness the magnificent sunrise.
  • Carry all your important documents along with you such as your Voter ID Card, Visa, Passport and more.
  • Have some warm clothing on hand because it will be chilly both during the day and at night. Rainfalls without warning are fairly common, therefore always carry an umbrella.
  • Bring a medical kit along with you. Carry medications you'll need in case of an emergency. Some recommendations include painkillers, bandages, antiseptic, etc.
  • Don't try to take photograph inside the monastery in Darjeeling as it is strictly prohibited.
  • Don't litter here and there as it destroys the environment and is also punishable offence in Darjeeling.
  • There would be a lot of walking required. Not all locations are accessible by car. Wear a walking shoe or a pair of sports shoes.
  • Always carry your own water with you. Safe drinking water will not be available everywhere in the city.
  • Don't forget to have a cup of Darjeeling tea as it is world renowned because of its taste and aroma.
  • Try to avoid visiting Darjeeling in the season of monsoon as frequent landslides are recorded throughout the rainy season.

F.A.Q's about Darjeeling Tour Packages

If i plan to visit to darjeeling, what should be the ideal duration for the tour.

If you plan to visit Darjeeling, the ideal duration of the tour should be 4 Nights 5 Days.

What makes Darjeeling famous among the travellers?

Darjeeling is actually famous among the travelers due to its immense scenic beauty, architecture, astonishing view of Kanchenjunga from Tiger Hill and more.

Can I customize all the above mentioned tour package?

Yes, before booking a Darjeeling Tour Package, you can customize the package as per your liking and preference.

What are the popular places included in these packages?

What are the the nearby offbeat destination to visit with these packages.

Mirik, Chota Mangwa, Dawaipani, Lamahatta, Latpanchar, Lepchajagat, Sittong, Sukhiapokhri, Takdah, Tinchuley, Chatakpur, Bara Mangwa, and Kurseong are some of the nearby offbeat and popular places to visit with these packages.

How is the road condition in Darjeeling?

The road condition in Darjeeling is good. However, if some offbeat destinations are included in the package, the roads can be in the bad state. Our car includes experienced driver, so you don't need to worry whether it is good or bad hilly roads.


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Darjeeling Tour Packages

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

Darjeeling is rightly known as the ‘Queen of the Hills’ as it is thronged by many visitors annually due to its mesmerizing locales, stunning views of the mountains and valleys, revelling natural beauty and old-world charm. Holidify’s various Darjeeling travel packages are the answer to a perfect getaway for all kinds of travellers. Explore the best places to visit in Darjeeling amongst its Himalayan railway, Darjeeling ropeway, Batasia loop and mountaineering institute etc. Darjeeling was the summer capital of the erstwhile British Empire, used as a sanatorium and an escape from the heat of the plains. So perhaps the first activity to add to your itinerary is to tour one of Darjeeling’s 80 tea estates like the Glenburn Tea Estate, Okayti Tea Estate and Puttabong Tea Estate! Tiger Hill is a must-visit in Darjeeling to catch a glimpse of the majestic Kanchenjunga, especially at sunrise and often at the tip of Mt. Everest. Nature lovers would undoubtedly love to explore Rock Garden, with its beautiful flower gardens, rocky hills, lake and excellent picnic spots, and fully immerse themselves in the pine, oak and rhododendron forests of Lepchajagat a small village. Darjeeling tour packages provide a chance to discover the region’s diverse flora and fauna at sites like the Singalila National Park and Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park that house snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan black bears, Saxifraga etc. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure activities like trekking and river rafting; the Sandakphu Trek Sikkim Trek and Phalut Trek are pretty famous. There are also several holy locations for you to visit on your trip to Darjeeling, like the Peace Pagoda, Ghoom Monastery and Aloobari Monastery. Furthermore, don’t forget to ride the Darjeeling Ropeway or the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and shop at Teesta Bazaar, Nehru Road and Chowk Bazaar. Darjeeling tour packages include Lachung, Gangtok and Pelling to provide a taste of the beautiful East. A gorgeous hill station boasting incredible views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, fields covered with bright rhododendrons, lakes like the Tsomgo Lake, breathtaking monasteries and temples and numerous chances for trekking, Gangtok is Sikkim’s most popular destination. Visit Pelling to experience its verdure, indigenous wildlife, Buddhist monasteries, views of the mountains, and embark on thrilling treks and outdoor excursions. The magnificent town and hill station of Lachung is a significant destination in North Sikkim that you mustn’t miss exploring its cascading waterfalls and rivers like the Lachung River, snow-clad peaks, orchards and more! So whether you are looking for a Darjeeling package for a natural getaway or just a Darjeeling holiday package with family and friends, pick the best one at Holidify. Offering customizable packages to suit every kind of traveller from Lachung, Gangtok, Pelling, Kolkata, and other parts of India and the world, Holidify’s Darjeeling tour packages are fully customizable for an incredible trip.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Tiger Hill: Tiger Hill is most famous for its splendid sights of sunrise from where you can see the peaks of Kanchenjunga illuminate before the sun is seen at lower elevations. The starting time from Darjeeling is 3.30 AM to reach tiger hill by 4.15 AM  The starting time becomes 4.15 AM in winters due to delayed sunrise time.  The roads get blocked by a convoy of jeeps and cars during the peak season. To get up to the sunrise spot, it requires a  short climb on foot from the parking spot. One can book a car or an Innova for INR 1200/ INR 1800 from a travel agency in the city or pay INR 200 per head. Batasia Loop: The Batasia Loop is a lush green toy train pathway that is meant to minimise the elevation of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The unique design of this magnificent attraction allows the track to wrap around itself through a hilltop tunnel. One of the most enchanting aspects of the Batasia Loop is its unmatched natural beauty. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is recognized as one of the best mountaineering institutes in the world. It has become a significant tourist attraction on account of its picturesque setting in the hill station of Darjeeling. It offers a magnificent view of the 8586-meter high peak of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Singalila National Park: Singalila National Park is the highest national park in West Bengal. It is most famous for the breathtakingly mind-stirring view of the Himalayan peak that it offers, providing a panoramic view of the gigantic Himalayas from Nepal to Sikkim and up to Bhutan. Singalila is home to the very rare and exotic Red panda and the Himalayan black bear. Darjeeling Peace Pagoda: Famous for its tranquillity, it offers stunning views of snow-clad peaks including the Kanchenjunga peak making it an ideal place for peace and nature lovers. The pagoda houses the four avatars of Buddha including Maitreya Buddha and was designed to bring together people of different faiths in search of peace. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park: Also known as Darjeeling Zoo, this is a splendid enclosure in Darjeeling housing a wide variety of animals. It is known for snow leopards, red panda, Asiatic black bear, barking deer, leopards, blue and yellow Macaw, Eastern Pangolin, Pheasant, Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Wolf, Lady Amherst, Leopard Cat, Macaw, Red Jungle Fowl, Red Panda, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sambar Deer, Temminck's Tragopan, Yak, and many more.  Happy Valley Tea Estate: It is the second oldest tea estate in the tea-rich town of Darjeeling, with its origins being closely connected to the history of cultivating and producing the world-famous Darjeeling Tea. It offers a natural scenic view with a breathtaking appearance of Himalayan foothills. Ghoom Monastery: The Yiga Choeling or old Ghoom Monastery is the oldest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Darjeeling. A 15-foot high statue of Maitreyi Buddha is seen in the central hall, made entirely of clay brought from Tibet. One can also find many rare Buddhist manuscripts within the premises. Mirik: Located on the banks of a huge lake, the hill town of Mirik adds to North Bengal's bounty. Amidst the Himalayan Valley, Mirik has more to offer than just beautiful mountains and lakes. Located 40km from Darjeeling, it is a popular place for a day trip from Darjeeling.

Things to Do in Darjeeling

Ride the Darjeeling Ropeway: the Darjeeling Ropeway is India's first cable car system, set up to cater to the tea gardens in the valleys which did not have easy access. With 16 cable cars, each car accommodates 6 people as it travels from the North Point in Singamari to the Singla Bazaar. The view of the numerous tea estates of Darjeeling, the cascading waterfalls, and the majestic Kanchenjunga makes this experience an essential to every tourist in Darjeeling.  Trekking in Darjeeling: Offering you a sweeping view of four out of the five highest peaks of the world Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse, all in a single stretch, Darjeeling offers some of the best trekking routes in the world. Singalila range is one of the most popular trekking routes while Sandakphu & Singalila Trek, Phalut Trek and Sikkim Trek - Dzongri & Goechala are some of the other trekking routes in Darjeeling. Visit Darjeeling Monasteries: You must visit monasteries in Darjeeling to experience the essence of the place. There are lots of monasteries spread across the city, all having their own relevance. A few famous monasteries are the Ghoom monastery, Bhutia Busty monastery and Aloobari monastery. Experience Tea Tourism in Darjeeling:  Popularly known as the "Mecca of Tea," Darjeeling leads in the area of tea tourism. The UNESCO World Heritage site boasts acres of resplendent meadows that also serve as the perfect tourist attraction. With 80 operational tea gardens sprawling across acres of land, Darjeeling produces what is known as the "Champagne of tea." The busiest time is from March to May, but occasional plucking occurs from June to November. Also, there is no plucking on Sundays. You can opt for a homestay with a tea picker's family, and you'll get to join your hosts for the morning work in the tea bushes. You can return home with a batch of your very own hand-plucked Darjeeling tea. Some popular tea plantations in Darjeeling include Puttabong Tea Estate, Glenburn Tea Estate, Makaibari Tea Estate, Gopaldhara Tea Estate, and Happy Valley Tea Estate, among others.

Why to Buy Tour Packages to Darjeeling

How to reach darjeeling , best time to visit darjeeling.

  • Spring in Darjeeling is a season of blooming rhododendrons, vibrant flowers, and pleasant weather.
  • The temperatures during this time range from 11°C to 20°C, creating a comfortable environment for outdoor activities.
  • It's an excellent time for nature enthusiasts and trekkers to explore the lush landscapes and embark on scenic hikes.
  • Autumn is another fantastic time to visit Darjeeling when the monsoon showers have refreshed the surroundings.
  • The skies are clear, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including the majestic Kanchenjunga.
  • Temperature ranges from 10°C to 18°C, making it suitable for sightseeing, trekking, and exploring the town.

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

Sikkim Darjeeling Package - 4 Night 5 Days

4 Nights / 5 Days

Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(2N)

₹ 18,500* per person

₹ 18,500*

per adult on twin sharing

Darjeeling 4 Days Tour Package in 3 Star

3 Nights / 4 Days


₹ 15,750* per person

₹ 15,750*

Darjeeling and Gangtok Tour Package - 5 Nights 6 Days Deluxe Edition

5 Nights / 6 Days

Gangtok(3N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 23,799* per person

₹ 23,799*

Darjeeling Gangtok Pelling Luxury Honeymoon Tour Package

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(2N) → Pelling(1N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 33,500* per person

₹ 33,500*

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Best Sikkim Tour Package with Darjeeling

7 Nights / 8 Days

Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachung(1N) → Pelling(1N)

₹ 30,500* per person

₹ 30,500*

Best Selling Kalimpong Gangtok Darjeeling Premium Tour Package

6 Nights / 7 Days

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Gangtok(3N)

₹ 28,990* per person

₹ 28,990*

Himalayan Orchid Tour Package

8 Nights / 9 Days

Darjeeling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Gangtok(2N) → Lachung(2N) → Gangtok(1N)

₹ 34,300* per person

₹ 34,300*

Trending Now

Darjeeling and Pelling Tour Package - Tiger Hill

Darjeeling(2N) → Pelling(2N)

₹ 16,050* per person

₹ 16,050*

Gangtok and Darjeeling Tour Package - Rafting Adventure

Gangtok(3N) → Darjeeling(3N)

₹ 27,750* per person

₹ 27,750*

Sweet Eastern Himalaya Tour Package

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(2N) → Pelling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N)

₹ 31,500* per person

₹ 31,500*

Darjeeling Kalimpong Gangtok Package - Premium Edition

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Gangtok(2N)

₹ 22,100* per person

₹ 22,100*

Splendid Darjeeling Weekend Trip Package

2 Nights / 3 Days


₹ 9,550* per person

₹ 9,550*

Sikkim Package for Couple with Valley of Flowers(Yumthang Valley)

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachung(2N)

₹ 30,200* per person

₹ 30,200*

Sikkim Tour Package for 7 Days - Excursion to Tsomgo Lake

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(2N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 28,017* per person

₹ 28,017*

Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok Tour Package

Darjeeling(1N) → Gangtok(2N)

₹ 13,800* per person

₹ 13,800*

Sikkim Darjeeling Honeymoon Package - Tea Garden

₹ 18,870* per person

₹ 18,870*

Darjeeling Package for Couple Including Gangtok and Kalimpong

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 21,691* per person

₹ 21,691*

Majestic Darjeeling Family Tour Package with Sightseeing

₹ 10,423* per person

₹ 10,423*

Gangtok Kalimpong Darjeeling: Himalayan Golden Triangle

Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(2N) → Kalimpong(1N)

₹ 27,800* per person

₹ 27,800*

Heaven on Hills Kalimpong & Darjeeling Tour Package

Darjeeling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N)

₹ 12,000* per person

₹ 12,000*

5 Days Itinerary for Darjeeling and Gangtok

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(2N)

₹ 16,000* per person

₹ 16,000*

2 Nights 3 Days Darjeeling Tour Package

₹ 10,500* per person

₹ 10,500*

Gangtok, Darjeeling, Yumthang Special -7 Nights 8 Days

Gangtok(3N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Lachung(1N) → Lachen(1N)

₹ 37,750* per person

₹ 37,750*

Stunning Sikkim, Kalimpong & Darjeeling Tour

10 Nights / 11 Days

Gangtok(4N) → Lachung(1N) → Pelling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 65,500* per person

₹ 65,500*

Honeymoon Special : Gangtok, Darjeeling & Mirik

9 Nights / 10 Days

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(3N) → Pelling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Mirik(1N)

₹ 41,500* per person

₹ 41,500*

Darjeeling Tour Package with Kalimpong

Kalimpong(1N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 12,900* per person

₹ 12,900*

Gangtok Darjeeling Sikkim Family Package

₹ 28,870* per person

₹ 28,870*

North Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour Packages - 9 Nights 10 Days

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachung(2N) → Yumthang Valley(0N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 46,400* per person

₹ 46,400*

Offbeat Explorer

Offbeat Northeast Tour Package: Lataguri, Darjeeling & More

Lataguri(2N) → Kalimpong(2N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Mirik(1N)

₹ 40,650* per person

₹ 40,650*

Best Tour Package to Darjeeling and Gangtok

₹ 34,020* per person

₹ 34,020*

9 Night 10 Days Sikkim Luxury Holiday Package

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachung(2N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 58,500* per person

₹ 58,500*

7-Day Adventure in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Dooars

Darjeeling(3N) → Kalimpong(1N) → Dooars(2N)

₹ 31,000* per person

₹ 31,000*

Sikkim Holiday Package - 5 Nights 6 Days

Bagdogra(0N) → Gangtok(2N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(1N)

₹ 23,599* per person

₹ 23,599*

Sikkim Tour Package for Couple - 8 Nights

Gangtok(2N) → Lachung(1N) → Gangtok(1N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 46,000* per person

₹ 46,000*

Darjeeling Tour Package for Family: Gangtok & Kalimpong

₹ 23,891* per person

₹ 23,891*

Best of Gangtok and Darjeeling Super Luxury Holiday Package

₹ 53,720* per person

₹ 53,720*

Explore Sikkim with Darjeeling Sightseeing Package

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachung(2N) → Pelling(2N) → Kalimpong(1N)

₹ 63,000* per person

₹ 63,000*

Darjeeling Tour Package with Zuluk and Pelling

Gangtok(2N) → Zuluk(2N) → Pelling(1N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 32,900* per person

₹ 32,900*

Misty Darjeeling Luxury Tour Package

Siliguri(0N) → Darjeeling(3N)

₹ 21,373* per person

₹ 21,373*

Romantic North Sikkim & Darjeeling Tour Package

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(4N) → Lachen(1N) → Lachung(1N) → Darjeeling(1N)

₹ 29,999* per person

₹ 29,999*

10 Days North Bengal with Sikkim Holiday Package

Kurseong(1N) → Darjeeling(2N) → Pelling(1N) → Yuksom(1N) → Gangtok(3N) → Kalimpong(1N)

₹ 45,650* per person

₹ 45,650*

Best of Sikkim Package (9 Nights / 10 Days)

Siliguri(0N) → Gangtok(3N) → Lachen(1N) → Lachung(1N) → Yumthang Valley(0N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 61,320* per person

₹ 61,320*

Darjeeling Tour Package - Excursion to Tshangu Lake

Gangtok(2N) → Darjeeling(1N)

₹ 13,700* per person

₹ 13,700*

Sikkim Tour Package for 10 Days

Gangtok(2N) → Lachung(2N) → Gangtok (1N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 40,000* per person

₹ 40,000*

Full Sikkim Tour Package with Darjeeling

Gangtok(3N) → Lachen(1N) → Lachung(1N) → Pelling(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 34,000* per person

₹ 34,000*

Winter Deluxe Gangtok Darjeeling Holiday Package

₹ 16,400* per person

₹ 16,400*

New Years in Darjeeling

Gangtok(2N) → Darjeeling(2N)

₹ 18,800* per person

₹ 18,800*

Mesmerizing Darjeeling, Gangtok, and Lachung Package

Darjeeling (2N) → Gangtok (1N) → Lachung (2N) → Gangtok (1N)

₹ 24,726* per person

₹ 24,726*

5 Nights Gangtok Darjeeling Honeymoon Special Package

₹ 22,799* per person

₹ 22,799*

Best Sikkim Honeymoon Package with Darjeeling

₹ 27,500* per person

₹ 27,500*

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000


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India makes up for the best destination for backpackers by offering numerous exotic places to explore within budget. Darjeeling is one among many such destinations where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones without hitting your pocket hard. For Darjeeling affordable holidays, go through the packages listed on our website and select the one that best suits you. Our itineraries are designed in a way that you make the most of your time during a trip. Also, do not forget to avail offers and deals to spend cheap holidays in Darjeeling.

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The Queen Of The Hills

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A Taste Of The Hills 4 Nights

A Taste Of The Hills 4 Nights

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Darjeeling & Gangtok Couple Special

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Glimpse Of Himalayan Kingdom

Glimpse Of Himalayan Kingdom

Himalayan Delight

Himalayan Delight

  • Seller : ETravelMitra

The Himalayan Grandeur

The Himalayan Grandeur

Serene Sikkim Tour

Serene Sikkim Tour

The Himalayan Kingdom 6 Nights

The Himalayan Kingdom 6 Nights

Ultimate Eastern Chills Winter Special

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The Himalayans Week

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

Darjeeling Tour Packages

darjeeling tour packages under 5000

Every place has something special to offer travellers and this holds true for Darjeeling as well. Nestling in north-east India, the chilly hamlet is a refuge for nature lovers and travellers who are looking for an escape from hectic schedules. Offering travellers a chance to rejuvenate and recharge, the abundant natural beauty of Darjeeling works like an antidote.

Lush greenery, verdant fields, rolling hills and inviting tea plantations – we are all familiar with the stunning landscape of Darjeeling and the desire to explore it. And since everything about Darjeeling spells calm and peace, it’s best to book Darjeeling tour packages to explore the city and save yourself the trouble of planning and numerous bookings. Darjeeling tour packages can be completely customised to suit your travel preferences and your budget, so you can travel hassle-free.

An erstwhile summer capital, Darjeeling has always been one of India’s most popular hill stations. Famous across the world for producing the purest and best teas, the hilly hamlet is much more than just a beautiful retreat. One of the most popular attractions in Darjeeling tour packages is the toy train. Established in the year 1881, the train is still operational and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers travellers mesmerising and almost surreal views of the hilly hamlet. But that’s not all, Darjeeling tour packages also ensure that travellers can explore the history, culture and way of life in Darjeeling through enthralling sightseeing tours.

Located in West Bengal, one can reach Darjeeling by train or road. We definitely recommend booking Darjeeling tour packages which include transport from the closest airport in Bagdogra or the railway station in New Jalpaiguri. For those who are travelling from Kolkata, Darjeeling is about 700km away. Ensure that your transport is included in Darjeeling tour packages, so you can prepare for a memorable road trip from Bagdogra or a mesmerising train journey from New Jalpaiguri.

darjeeling tour packages under 5000

Darjeeling Highlights

Darjeeling is packed with experiences that ensure travellers keep coming back for more. From historical monuments, tea gardens, cable car rides to national parks, museums and shopping hubs - the small hilly hamlet promises a plethora of places to see and things to do.

If you’d like to explore the hill station at a comfortable pace, we suggest booking Darjeeling tour packages which give you at least five days in town. Most hotels in Darjeeling are located around the mall or the city centre and you’ll find that the area tends to get a little crowded. If you are looking for a quiet vacation, we recommend staying a little further from the city centre.

The first attraction in most Darjeeling tour packages is a joy ride aboard the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or as locals refer to it, Darjeeling toy train. The train runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling and travellers vouch that this is the best way to experience the picturesque hilly hamlet. But for travellers who have just arrived in Darjeeling, we do recommend the shorter joyride between Darjeeling and Ghum. A two-hour round trip, it’s one of the most popular experiences which is part of Darjeeling tour packages and is highly recommended by travellers. Offering one uninterrupted views of the small town and surrounding mountains, you’ll never take your eyes off the window. The train stops for some time at Batasia Loop, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Museum and War Memorial after which it finally stops at Ghum which is the highest altitude station on the DHR track.

Another popular attraction in Darjeeling tour packages is Tiger Hill. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Darjeeling, Tiger Hill offers breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga. In fact, most travellers head to Tiger Hill before sunrise to take in the spellbinding views. Imagine welcoming a new day in the midst of dreamy mountains, clear blue skies and among fellow travellers who know precisely how valuable the moment is. Typically sunrise tours for Tiger Hill are included in Darjeeling tour packages and also includes transport. If you are travelling on a budget, it’s best to book a seat in shared taxis which will take you to the base of the hill for a mere Rs.200. It’s a short climb from the parking lot to Tiger Hill so if you are travelling with children or elderly, we’d recommend you to be a little careful. 

Batasia Loop is one of the most popular attractions in Darjeeling tour packages and travellers must ensure that they don’t miss it. An integral part of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, the loop is an example of brilliant engineering and design skills. The loop offers unmatched and unforgettable views of town and the lush mountains.

Is there a better way to admire the mesmerising beauty of Darjeeling than from a great vantage point mid-air? We think not. Darjeeling tour packages include a cable car ride which is operated by Darjeeling Ropeway. Offering travellers a magical experience, this is one of the best ways to admire Darjeeling’s landscape and also add some adventure to an otherwise laidback trip. The trip begins in Singamari and ends at Singla Bazaar. One can view a plethora of tea estates that Darjeeling is known for as well as an array of waterfalls and small creeks. There is a small mountain cafe at the end of the ride where you can enjoy a hot cup of Darjeeling tea and hot steaming momos. If you are travelling with children, this cable car ride should be one of the top activities in your Darjeeling tour packages.

For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, a visit to Nightingale Park is a great attraction to include in Darjeeling tour packages. It’s popular among tourists for clear views of the Kanchenjunga ranges and also to enjoy the serenity the hilly hamlet offers. Earlier known as the Shrubbery, the park was a private garden for Sir Thomas Tartan’s Bungalow during the British era. The park has a majestic statue of Lord Shiva and a musical fountain which is popular among little ones. 

Rock Garden is a picnic spot which is part of Darjeeling tour packages and is popular among locals and travellers. Known for the stunning natural waterfall, Chunnu, the best time to visit the garden is during the day. Dotted with well-maintained lush gardens, one can spend time admiring the variety of flowers or head to one of the nearby tea-estates for a tour. We recommend keeping aside at least a couple of hours for the Rock Garden. Do remember to wear a sturdy pair of shoes since it’s a huge garden.

Singalila National Park is another attraction which is included in most Darjeeling tour packages. A must for wildlife enthusiasts, it’s one of the highest national parks in West Bengal and is known for the variety of fauna and flora. Dotted with rhododendron forests, the national park is surrounded by the Himalayas and one can expect to catch some unforgettable views from vantage points. Home to the Red Panda and the Himalayan Black Bear, the best way to explore the park is with the help of a guide. For those who can’t do without a trekking excursion, the park has umpteen marked trains which are a must-try. The trek can be slightly challenging so we strongly recommend you head out with a guide who is familiar with the terrain. 

Located 50km away from Darjeeling is the unmissable quaint hamlet of Kalimpong. One can customise Darjeeling tour packages to include a trip to Kalimpong – trust us, you won’t regret it. Overlooking the Teesta Valley, Kalimpong is full of Buddhist monasteries, archaic churches and Bhutanese temples which offer one a peek into the historical journey of the city. We recommend spending at least a couple of days here to truly enjoy the beauty of the hill station. 

Darjeeling Travel Blogs

The most important thing to remember when booking Darjeeling tour packages is the best time to visit Darjeeling. As is the case with all hill stations, the wrong season can mess up travel plans and itineraries forcing you to rethink your decision. The best way to know more about the best time to visit and places to see is by speaking to fellow travellers.

At Tripoto, we have a repository of travel experiences shared by travellers who have experienced the beauty of Darjeeling and the plethora of experiences it offers. We recommending give the below a read through before booking Darjeeling tour packages.

“Lover's meet viewpoint is located in Trinchuley village in Darjeeling. The view of the river Great Rangeet meeting Teesta is a treat to the eye for all the nature lovers. It's a point where the dark green crystal clear waters of the river Rangeet meets the mountain stream of the Teesta river at a point named "Triveni".” – Rachael Pereira

“The Japanese Peace Pagoda is situated in a very peaceful corner of the hills, away from the humdrum of the touristic town. The pagoda is coloured white, symbolising peace. All through the pagoda intricate artwork representing various stages of Lord Budhha’s life is carved. The Japanese temple adjacent to the Pagoda contains the main prayer hall. If you arrive at the right time there is a high chance you may catch the monks offering prayer while playing authentic Tibetan musical instruments.” – Tania Banerjee

“I took window seat and 10 am in the morning after few inspections and clearance from the maintenance team finally the journey started to a picturesque landscape, whistling train goes on zig zag tracks through small villages, shops you will be greeted by locals and kids waving and smiling at you.the train covers a total roundtrip distance of 14 kms from Darjeeling to Ghum railway station in 2 hours with a hop at Batasia loop and a tour to Ghum museum.” Ranjan Singh

Darjeeling for Couples and Family

Darjeeling is an ideal vacation spot for couples since it offers one a refuge from chaotic city life. With many places to see and things to do, you can spend anywhere between four to seven days exploring the hilly hamlet. For those who enjoy a laidback vacation, the hilly hamlet is home to a number of natural retreats including gardens, national parks and trekking trails.

The best time to visit Darjeeling is between the months of April and July just before monsoon hits. We also recommend booking Darjeeling tour packages which are customised for couples since they include accommodation, transport and local sightseeing tours.

On the other hand, Darjeeling tour packages which are customised for a family vacation include a number of things which all members of the family can enjoy. For those who are travelling with the elderly, you must keep in mind that the weather is a little severe, especially during the winter. It’s also best to include transport for all local sightseeing tours in advance else you’ll be paying far more on last-minute bookings. 

Darjeeling Weather and Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Darjeeling and book Darjeeling tour packages is between the months of March and July when day temperatures are pleasant and nights are cool. It’s also when the hill station is enveloped in lush greenery and you can catch a glimpse of the mighty Kanchenjunga ranges.

For those who are travelling on a budget, we recommend visiting in September since it’s the time before the winter tourist season begins. Darjeeling tour packages are the cheapest during monsoon months but we recommend avoiding travel during this time. The rains are heavy and one may experience frequent landslides. 

Winter is a great time to book Darjeeling tour packages since the weather is beautiful, especially for those who enjoy winter. The temperature during the day is pleasant and nights are cold giving you an experience of classic hill station weather. 

Darjeeling Local Cuisine

Local cuisine in Darjeeling is influenced by Nepali, Bengali and Tibetan cuisines. Rice and potatoes are the main ingredients which are used in most local dishes including kwati , phambi, gundruk, Shyaa phaley and alu dhum . But the most popular local dishes here are momos and pork curry. 

We suggest heading to the main bazaar for a taste of local cuisine. On the other hand, if you don’t enjoy local cuisines, the city’s restaurants offer a multi-cuisine menu including Mughal, Chinese, Dalle and Italian.

Frequently Asked Questions About Darjeeling Tour Packages

How much do Darjeeling tour packages cost?

Darjeeling tour packages can cost anywhere between Rs.25,000 to Rs.45,000. The amount will vary depending on the number of days and the local sightseeing tours you include in your Darjeeling tour packages. 

Which is the best way to reach Darjeeling?

The best way to reach Darjeeling is via road from Bagdogra or via train from Jalpaiguri. By road, it takes about three hours and by train it takes about seven hours.

Which are the places one must include in Darjeeling tour packages?

One must include Tiger Hill, Kalimpong, Singalila National Park, Peace Pagoda, Happy Valley Tea Estate and Singalila National Park in Darjeeling tour packages.

When is the best time to visit Darjeeling?

The best time to visit Darjeeling is in the months of April, May, June and November, December and January. One can book Darjeeling tour packages according to budget and travel preferences to make the most of the trip.

What should I pack for my Darjeeling trip?

The most important thing to pack for your Darjeeling trip is a sturdy pair of shoes. Since it’s a hill station, light woolens are a must as well as basic medical aid. We also recommend carrying a torch, an umbrella and basic amenities for an impromptu camping trip. 

Which are the best hotels in Darjeeling?

The best hotels in Darjeeling which are mostly part of Darjeeling tour packages are Ging Tea House, Sinclairs, Mayfair, Windamere Hotel, Ramada by Wyndham Darjeeling Gandhi Road, Elgin, Singtom Tea Estate & Resort.

Which are the best mid-budget hotels in Darjeeling?

The best mid-budget hotels are Hotel Villa Everest, Mount Himalayan Resort, Hotel Yuma, Little Singamari HomeStay, Mount Himalayan Resort.

Which are the best restaurants in Darjeeling?

The best restaurants in Darjeeling are Glenarys, Kunga, Sonam’s Restaurant, Gatty’s Restaurant, Shangri-la, Lunar Restaurant.

Which are the best places to visit near Darjeeling?

The best places to visit near Darjeeling which can be included in Darjeeling tour packages are Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik, Lataguri, Dooars and Rajabhatkawa.

What are the best things to do in Darjeeling?

The best things to do in Darjeeling which you can include in Darjeeling tour packages are rafting in Teesta River, camping, cable car rides, tour of national parks and short hiking tours.

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

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4 Days 3 Nights Darjeeling Tour Packages

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Darjeeling Tour Packages

Lose yourself in the scenic environs of Darjeeling as they cast a magic spell with their scintillating beauty.

Darjeeling is a famous tourist destination in North-Eastern India that people visit for a tryst with the untouched beauty of nature. Perched at 2,050 meters above the sea level in the Indian state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is a city that spans a steep mountain ridge amidst beautiful tea plantations. Several remnants of the past can be seen in the city when you visit with your Darjeeling package as it greets you with its old-world charm. The friendly people of Darjeeling welcome you wherever you go in this quaint hill station. 

Offering the perfect escape into the hills, a Darjeeling package lets you explore the town that is home to several tea plantations that produce the delectable world-famous Darjeeling Tea. You can pluck some leaves yourself as you spend the perfect holiday with a specially curated Darjeeling package for the family. Jaw-dropping sunrises, toy train rides, the delightful sight of the Kanchenjunga peak, and the gorgeous colonial mansions should also form a part of your Darjeeling tour itinerary so you can capture the true essence of this destination. There are many Darjeeling holiday packages that travelers can opt for to cover all the important parts of the city. You can plan the perfect vacation with a cost-effectively priced online Darjeeling tour package and travel through the city without any worries related to trip planning, as you enjoy a trip that comes with a pre-planned itinerary.

Darjeeling Travel Packages

9 darjeeling holiday packages, joining & leaving.

Guests will Join tour at first destination and leave tour at last destination


Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok Lachung

Tour includes, super deal price, (30 may 2024) last 4 seats.


Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok - Pune


Darjeeling Getaway

Starts from.


Darjeeling with Rhino Safari


Gangtok Darjeeling


Darjeeling Pelling Gangtok


Darjeeling Glenburn Tea Estate Stay

Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages

Darjeeling Honeymoon Packages

Darjeeling Tour Package from Mumbai

Darjeeling Tour Package from Mumbai

Veena world tour reviews, what are you waiting for chalo bag bharo nikal pado.

"Hi, Veena World This is to thank you and your team fo... Read more

Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok - Pune feedback 1

"खूप सुंदर अनुभव..प्रवास तसा कठीण ,म्हणतात ना आवघड घाट,वळणाची वाट परंतु रम्य निसर्ग प्रवासात साथ करणारी तिस्ता नदी ,डोंगर ,आकाशी सपर्धा ... Read more

"SDGLP090524/A - Sikkim, Gangtok, Darjeeling Tour : This was our first tour with Travel Company and that too with VEENA WORLD.. I will d... Read more

"describe it in one line.. It was ' सुहाना सफर with VEENA WORLD '. It was well planned, organised and managed tour by VW. Our tour mana... Read more

Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok

"First of all thanks Veena World for their super specia... Read more

Sikkim Darjeeling Gangtok feedback 1

Darjeeling Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

How many days are enough for a trip to Darjeeling?

A Darjeeling tour is best enjoyed when coupled with other nearby cities. Situated in the Indian state of West Bengal, on the Indo-Nepal border, Darjeeling is one of the most famous hill stations in the country and is also renowned globally for its beauty. The hill station has many tourist attractions, and you should plan at least 5 days for exploring Darjeeling and its nearby towns. Any package to Darjeeling for less than a week will not allow you to completely immerse in the mystifying beauty of the hill station. You can sieve through our packages to find the Darjeeling tour itinerary that works best for you.

What is Darjeeling famous for?

While Darjeeling is best known all over the world for its tea, it is a town that is also adorned by some of the most beautiful tourist attractions in India. In fact, the Darjeeling Toy Train is also known as the “Heaven ride on earth”. The ride takes you with through some of the best sightseeing spots in Darjeeling. A globally famous destination, a Darjeeling tour itinerary can make anyone fall in love with the hill station. Our Darjeeling tour packages for the family are some of the most popular Darjeeling trip packages available on our website and will ensure that you can thoroughly explore the beauty of the destination.

Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Darjeeling?

While Darjeeling is a small and densely populated area, the district of Darjeeling is quite expansive and spreads over more than 3,000 sq. km. The region offers tourists some of the best trekking routes in the world. On these treks, you will also be able to get a sweeping view of four out of the five highest peaks in the world – Makalu, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, and Mt. Everest. Most Darjeeling tours will include a trek through the dense forests and verdant meadows that are abundant with a variety of beautiful flowers. Look through our Darjeeling packages for solo travellers, or you can book a family package for Darjeeling to know more about the treks and tours offered by Veena World. Some of the most famous treks in Darjeeling are: • Tonglu Trek • Going to the Mt. Everest base camp • Sandakphu and Singalila Trek

How can you reach Darjeeling?

The airport closest to Darjeeling is Bagdogra, at a distance of about 95 km. You can get a flight to Bagdogra from Guwahati, Delhi, or Kolkata. From the airport, it will take you about 3 hours to reach Darjeeling by cab or bus. When you book a Darjeeling tour package, it includes the cost of travel, stays, and tourism. What that means, is that you won’t have to worry about your travel or about how you are going to reach Darjeeling. You can book a family tour package for Darjeeling and relax, as we will take care of everything else for you.

What are the things to do in Darjeeling?

There is no dearth of things to do in Darjeeling. The hill station is blessed with sightseeing marvels, adventurous trekking spots, celebrated honeymooning locations, and so much more. What will make your tour even better is the low cost of our Darjeeling tour packages. Book a Darjeeling tour package for your family at Veena World make memories that you will cherish all your life.

Get to know more about Darjeeling before booking your tour packages

One of the top tourist destinations in West Bengal, Darjeeling is a gorgeous hill station set over a steep mountain ridge, offering immaculate views of nature. With the scintillating green tea plantations in the surroundings and a gorgeous view of Kanchenjunga, a Darjeeling package will impress you with the pristine beauty that you will be able to witness.

There are many Darjeeling tour packages for family, friends, or for solo travelling available at Veena World that let you tour every important spot in Darjeeling. Other significant things to check out with a Darjeeling trip package include the Buddhist monasteries, colonial-era architecture, and the buzzing bazaars. When you visit the bazaars, you can  shop for souvenirs from a range of Himalayan products. You can also hop aboard the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is a 140-year old railway waiting to enamor you on your Darjeeling tour.

From going for a trek to Singalila Ridge to riding a mountain bike through the beautiful hills, there are oodles of thrill and excitement waiting for you on your Darjeeling tour. However, when you are on your Darjeeling tour, do not forget to have a cup of the famous, aromatic Darjeeling tea in between the stops. Let the unspoiled beauty of the hills captivate you when you plan your perfect ‘hill escape’ with a Darjeeling trip package. You can also savour some delicious Tibetan cuisine on your trip when those hunger pangs come calling.

Make sure you opt for a cost-effectively priced Darjeeling tour package online that covers every important sightseeing spot during your Darjeeling tour. Opting for a Darjeeling holiday package is definitely the way to go if you wish to enjoy a perfect trip to Darjeeling.

Experience Darjeeling

Ethnic Gorkhas form the main population of the city of Darjeeling. Bhutias, Lepchas, and other groups are also present in the city. A majority of the people in the city practice Hinduism. The other religions that are practiced in the city are Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism. Many people have settled in the city permanently for the tranquil and scenic environs of the region. This has further added to the diversity. Given the ambiance the city offers, the cost of your Darjeeling tour package   will feel completely worth it.

When you chat with the locals here, you will find them to be very friendly. Along with the chance to discover a unique and diverse culture, there are many festivals celebrated by the different ethnic communities and groups, which offer an exciting experience. The festivals include Tendong Lho Rumfaat, Chotrul Duchen, and Maghe Sankranti. The city also hosts the Darjeeling Carnival, which promises a great time as you will get to see various cultural performances as well as performances by popular local brands.

Do not forget to satiate your taste buds with the scrumptious food of Darjeeling. Treat yourself to a hot plate of momos, sinki, gundruk, and kinema. Also, make sure to try the ‘thupka’, a delicious dish of noodles with vegetable/meat. Then, of course, there is the   popular Darjeeling tea that you will definitely love, especially if you are a chai lover. With over 86 tea estates, Darjeeling is the producer of the world-renowned ‘Darjeeling Tea’. You can also visit a tea estate to relish a locally brewed cup of steaming hot tea!

Things to Do in Darjeeling

There are many interesting things to enjoy with a Darjeeling tour package at nominal costs. Here are some of the best places for you to visit during your trip:

  • Tiger Hill:  Perched at an altitude of 2590 meters, Tiger Hill should be one of the first places to visit in your Darjeeling tour itinerary. Known for offering an enchanting sunrise, the hill offers panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains shrouded with cotton clouds. Forming an important part of Darjeeling travel packages, the hill is also the summit of Ghoom, which is the highest railway station of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. So, do make a pit stop at Tiger Hills in the morning to catch a sight of the peaks of Kanchenjunga being draped in golden shimmers as the sun rises from the horizon.
  • Batasia Loop:  If you love train journeys and wish to ride on a quaint train route, the Batasia Loop should definitely form a part of your Darjeeling package. The loop is a toy train pathway designed in a striking manner. The design is such that the train wraps around itself with the help of a hilltop tunnel. The lush green pathway is included in many Darjeeling tour packages. You will get to see several picturesque sights when you hop aboard the Batasia Loop and ride through the pristine sight of nature at its full glory. The magnificent loop is a must for you just to see it rise from the middle of a carpet of emerald mountain vegetation. The loop even overlooks the snow-clad peaks of Kanchenjunga and takes you on a wonderful journey where you get to tear through white clouds and can even spot some mesmerizing flowers on the way.
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute:  An important part of any Darjeeling tour package is the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Credited as being the best mountaineering institute on earth, the institute is set amidst a gorgeous setting. When you reach the institute, you will be awestruck with the mesmerizing views of the 8586 m high Kanchenjunga peak, which is enough to leave you gazing for hours. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute was set up on 4th November 1954 with an aim to encourage, improve, and provide support to the interest that people had in the mountaineering sport. Till date, people who aspire to be mountaineers visit the institute for skill development.
  • Singalila National Park:  Singalila National Park covers the finest area for trekking, the Indian side of the beguiling Singalila Ridge. The park offers scenic views of the eastern side of the Himalayas, serving as a wonderful respite for all travellers. If you visit the park in late April or May, you will not help but gawk at the beautiful sight of the rhododendron forests here.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

The best time to visit Darjeeling is from April to June. If you travel during these months you will experience pleasant weather as the temperature does not exceed 25 degrees. The bright sunshine during this time offers the perfect weather to explore the best tourist places in Darjeeling.

Many people opt for a Darjeeling tour package at affordable costs in the winter months of October, November, and December as well.

darjeeling tour packages under 5000

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

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darjeeling tour packages under 5000

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Darjeeling tour packages under 5000

  • Darjeeling tour packages under 5000

01 Night/02 Days

Rs. 5000 / Person

Darjeeling tour packages under 5000  are impossible! but we are serious about our customers that’s why we create a beautiful tour package (under @5000) for our customers so, that everyone can spend time in “Darjeeling” with their special person.

Darjeeling, a fabulous hill station in West Bengal, is a big hit with tourists. It is a mountain beauty aptly designated as the ‘Queen of Hills’. It is well known for its snow-capped mountains, colonial architecture, gardens, Toy Train (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Buddhist monasteries, and much more. In Darjeeling, there have beautiful offbeat places.

(We Will Arrange Your Tour Plan And All Facilities. Don’t Need To Worry About Your Comfort, Thank You.)

It is Budget trip to Darjeeling   : Book your 1 night 2 days Darjeeling tour package for a compact and enchanting holiday in the picturesque town of Darjeeling. Tailor-made for travelers looking for an affordable holiday in northeast India, this 2 days customizable Darjeeling tour package is economical and worth your time and money.

Visit this hill town for numerous tourist attractions ranging from architectural marvels to lush green gardens, hills, tea estates, zoological parks, holy temples, monasteries, and more. Offering many adrenaline-pumping as well as amusement activities to its visitors, these packages have been designed by our travel experts to have you an indelible holiday experience.

Daywise Tour Itinerary

Darjeeling day trips  -  Welcome to north-east India as part of your 1  night 2 days Darjeeling tour package .  Arrive at the Siliguri NJP station/Bagdogra Airport, where we booked a luxury share car will receive you and transfer you  taxi stand and you will transfer to  bookedhotel in Darjeeling by yourself , the enchanting northeastern city known for its stunning views of the mighty Himalayas. Complete the check-in formalities and relax in your room as your day is at leisure.

Saunter amidst lush tea gardens and snow-capped mountains in the evening, and revel in the beauty of nature. You can also explore Mall road & local markets, and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Come back to the hotel after a delectable dinner for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Darjeeling day trips

Tiger Hill:   At a distance of 11 km from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Station, Tiger Hill is a sunrise viewpoint in Darjeeling. It is the highest point in Darjeeling and among the most picturesque places to visit in Darjeeling.

Tiger Hill stands at an altitude of 2,590 m overlooking the spur of the snow-capped mountain ranges of the Eastern Himalayas. It is one of the two points in India from where you can capture the entire panorama between Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga on a sunny morning. The first rays of the sun shoot ahead and shed light upon the twin peaks of Kanchenjunga painting it pink, and then bathing it in a beautiful orange color, which is an amazing thing to experience.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park: (closed on Thursday):  

At a distance of 3 km from Darjeeling Railway Station, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is a zoo situated in the beautiful hill town of Darjeeling, West Bengal. Popularly called Darjeeling Zoo, it is one of the best zoo parks in India and among the must-visit Darjeeling Tourist Places.

The zoo was formerly known as Himalayan Zoological Park and was established in 1958 as a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal. The park was renamed in 1975 when Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, visited the park and dedicated it to the memory of Padmaja Naidu, who was also a poet and daughter of the famous freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu. Situated at an altitude of 7,000 feet, this is the largest high-altitude zoo in India.

2nd Day our private car will pick up from your hotel and ready for seight seeing as per below and then transfer to NJP/IXB

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute: 

Located in Darjeeling, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is recognized as one of the best mountaineering institutes in the world. Established on 4th November 1954, the primary purpose of this initiative was to encourage, enhance and support the interest of the people in the sport of mountaineering, and to channel the abundant energy of the youth into a productive and self-awarding sport.

Aspiring mountaineers from all over the world come to this institute to develop their skills. Besides being one of the best mountaineering institutes in the world, the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute has become a significant tourist attraction on account of its picturesque setting in the hill station of Darjeeling. The magnificent view of the 8586-meter high peak of Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world, from this institute is genuinely mesmerizing.

Tenzing Rock:  Rock Garden is an exquisite picnic spot terraced with a natural fall known as Chunnu summer fall, located 10 km away from Darjeeling. It is also known as Barbotey Rock Garden which is surrounded by a beautiful hill stream along with a slope covered with fascinating flower gardens and sitting arrangements at various levels. It is considered one of the most preferred visiting destinations for nature lovers traveling to Darjeeling.

Ghoom Monastery:   At a grand elevation of 8,000 feet, the Yiga Choeling, or old Ghoom Monastery is the oldest Tibetan Buddhist Monastery of Darjeeling. Established in 1850 by Lama Sherab Gyatso, this shrine is part of the Yellow Hat sect known as Gelupka who worship the ‘Coming Buddha’ or ‘Maitreyi Buddha’. A 15-foot-high statue of Maitreyi Buddha is seen in the central hall, made entirely of clay brought from Tibet.

This statue was installed during the tenure of the second head of the monastery Lama Domo Geshe Rinpoche. One can also find many rare Buddhist manuscripts within the premises. Visitors are treated to a beautiful view of the majestic Kanchenjunga outside the monastery. Prayer flags are flown by the resident monks in the typical Tibetan tradition.

Batasia Loop:  Perhaps one of the most picturesque train routes in all of Darjeeling, the Batasia Loop is a lush green toy train pathway that is meant to minimize the elevation of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The unique design of this magnificent attraction allows the track to wrap around itself through a hilltop tunnel. One of the most enchanting aspects of the Batasia Loop is its unmatched natural beauty which is a wonderful sight to behold. Located on Hill Cart Road (NH 55), you can enjoy a panoramic view of Darjeeling in all its verdant glory.

Darjeeling Peace Pagoda:  Located on the slopes of Jalapahar hills in Darjeeling, the Peace Pagoda, or the Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the peace pagodas designed to establish unity, harmony, and goodwill amongst people belonging to different sects of society. Famous for its tranquillity, it offers stunning views of snow-clad peaks including the Kanchenjunga peak making it an ideal place for peace and nature lovers.

At last Transfer to  NJP /IXB/SILIGURI

Package Cost

Budget trip to Darjeeling

Tour Cost Per Person as Per Itinerary: 

- Total price – 5,000 per head ( Minimum 2 Pax)

- Price may be changed! It depends on the season or off-season time.

- 2 start quality hotel with breakfast and dinner included.

* Priche might be change depend on season - please call us for details of price - +91 9434086128

Pease contact for details- 09434086128

Cheapest flight ticket / Flight booking / Flight ticket booking  -  www.dbstravels.in

  • 2Star  Hotel Accommodation
  • Share Car for Transfers &
  • private car Sightseeing
  • Sightseeings as per the Itinerary
  • All Transport & Hotel Taxes
  • Entrance fees at the monuments/ temples
  • Meals not mentioned in inclusions
  • Personal Expenses / Purchase of things
  • Any kind of insurance
  • Any increase in the govt. taxes and state taxes
  • Anything not mentioned in the itinerary.

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Find the right tour for you through Darjeeling. We've got 94 adventures going to Darjeeling, starting from just 3 days in length, and the longest tour is 76 days. The most popular month to go is October, which has the largest number of tour departures.

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Wanderful Holidays LLC

"An amazing experience. From the culture and history to the vibrant busy streets to calm and spiritual. This trip gave us a taste of the North of India. It was very well planned and organised. We felt safe and very well looked after. Everyone was considerate, helpful and friendly. We would love to go back to different areas of India, we will also look at tour radar and wanderful holidays for other travel experiences. Thank you so much.

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Darjeeling is a perfect collage of snowy and mighty Himalayan hills, winding, valleys, monastery, trekking, momos, tea plantations, and toy train, also known to as the 'Queen of Hills', Darjeeling is one of the most lovely and appealing hill stations in India. Live this experience of paradise with our Darjeeling tour package as well as enjoy our legacy to travel, explore & celebrate life. The world's third highest peak of Mount Kanchenjunga conveys an exciting view from the land of Darjeeling at the times of sunset as well as sunrise.

Darjeeling Packages

Darjeeling tour packages (“queen of the himalayas”).

Country: India

State: West Bengal

District: Darjeeling

Elevation: 2,042 m

Area: 10.57 km²

Population: 1.32 lakhs (2011)

Ideal duration: 03 to 04 days

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra

Time zone: UTC+5:30 (IST)

Languages Official: Bengali and Nepali

Best Time to Visit: February to March, September to December

Darjeeling incepted in the Indian state of West-Bengal and is popularly known for its tea industry. The city is located amidst the lower Himalayas that are also known as the Mahabharata Range. The town was developed in the mid-19th century by the British as well as soon the town became known for its huge tea estates that generate the most effective Tea in the country. The city was managed by the kingdom of Sikkim till it was taken by the Gorkhas and consequently the British. The town lies at an average elevation of 2050 meters and also comes under the eastern Himalayan Zoo-geographic area.

Our collection of Darjeeling packages is tastefully crafted to suit those searching for a family vacation in North East. Ranging from a family vacation, adventure expedition romantic honeymoon, or escape from the din of the city and back to nature, there is no room for disappointment left on your part. Once you begin your journey to the place of hills, you get the best memories built there.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

While summer months from April to June are the ideal time to take a trip to Darjeeling, some tourists including couples also prefer to visit the gorgeous town during cold weather from October to December. Nonetheless, it would certainly be terrific to take a look at the monthly breakup of Darjeeling's weather conditions so that you can plan when to go:

October to March: October is when the monsoon seasons end and a slight chill is observed in the weather. The winter season at Darjeeling sways between the months of mid-November to January when the average temperature level is between 7 and 5 degrees Celsius mostly. Snowfall is hardly ever seen in Darjeeling. But sometimes, the temperature level can drop down to -2 levels Celsius, so make sure you pack some woolens.

April to June: The months from April to June reflect the summer season in Darjeeling which is quite pleasurable and enjoyable. The maximum temperature during summers is around 25 degrees Celsius. Bright sunlight packed with windy air at evenings produces a fantastic vacation in Darjeeling amidst the picturesque surroundings. This season time is thus, helpful for sightseeing as well as carrying out various other enthralling activities.

July to September: Darjeeling witnesses rainfalls or the monsoon season from the month of July to September. It might not be the best time to check out the place during the downpours as you can come across some roadblocks. However, if you like the rains, do not miss the lush-green environ soaked in water which requires wonderful photo shoots also. It is generally said that September is a good time to visit the place as there’s less rainfall and the greenery remains intact.

How to Reach Darjeeling by (Air, Road and Train)

Darjeeling by Air - Bagdogra airport is the nearest airport to Darjeeling which lies at a distance of around 95 km. The Bagdogra airport is well connected to all the major cities like Kolkata, Delhi and also Guwahati. On getting to the flight terminal, vacationers can hire taxis for reaching Darjeeling.

Darjeeling By Rail - If you plan a trip on railways, then the fact that the nearest railway station to Darjeeling is New Jalpaiguri remains very important. The railhead connects Darjeeling to major parts of the nation consisting of Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar and also Kochi. After reaching the railway station, tourist can hire exclusive taxicabs which are available outside the station to get to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling By Road - Darjeeling is well connected to major cities such as Gangtok, Kolkata and also Kalimpong through the roadway. Buses, as well as exclusive taxis, are the major sources of conveyance to reach Darjeeling.

7 Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling Tour

One of the most popular hill stations in India - Darjeeling Tour Packages is an ideal collection of snowy and also mighty Himalayan arrays, winding strolling tracks, valleys, abbey, momos, tea vineyards and also and toy train. The beautiful vegetation and scenic vistas in the midst of the eco-friendly grey hills, guarantee you cherishing vacation.

1. Tiger Hill

If you have a yearn for nature, then Tiger hill is going to have lots in store for you is one of the best tourist places in Darjeeling. If you can bear the chilling cold, climb up this hill to witness the charismatic very first rays of the Sun on Mt Everest. Drive to Tiger Hill before sunset and also fix your camera settings and also shutter speed for the mesmerizing aura. It happens with a blink of an eye.

2. Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop is a railway loop in Darjeeling of West Bengal which is located at a distance of 4 km from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. It is situated below the Ghoom station and recognized as one of the mesmerizing places to visit in Darjeeling.

3. Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park

Known for its famous Red Panda and also the Snow Leopard breeding program, the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is spread in an area of 67.56 acres. The zoo is located at a typical elevation of 2,134 meters above sea level as well as is the largest high altitude zoos in India. Snow leopards, red pandas, Himalayan Salamanders, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan mountain goat, and Siberian tigers are some of the rarest and endangered species that are found here.

4. Rock Garden

Rock Garden of Darjeeling is one of the famous tourist spots of Darjeeling. It is a manufactured rough garden enriched with flora, waterfalls, and bridges. With a lot of activities to do over a wide expanse, this park is a popular tourist destination in Darjeeling. So, if you are seeing Darjeeling with your family members, do visit the garden!

5. Himalayan Railway Station

The Darjeeling toy train, officially known as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, delivers travelers with the reduced reaches of the Eastern Mountain ranges to the undulating hills and also lush eco-friendly tea haciendas of Darjeeling. Like a lot of various other hillside negotiations in India, Darjeeling was as soon as a summer season resorts of the British. The railway was completed in 1881 and also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

6. Nightingale Park

The Shrubbery Nightingale Park in Darjeeling is a beautiful public area which is wonderful for relaxing back and enjoying the superb view of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. From the Mall area, which is one of the major tourist destinations of Darjeeling, the park is around a 10 mins' walk.

7. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

Located in Darjeeling, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is recognized as one of the best mountaineering institutes worldwide. Established on fourth November 1954, the primary purpose of this initiative was to encourage, enhance as well as support the interest of the people in the sport of mountaineering.  Another important aspect of the Institute is to bring into focus the energy of the youth into a productive and plausible sport. The Institute has maintained a record of witnessing aspiring mountaineers from all over the world to develop their skills.

Top 6 Things to do in Darjeeling Tour

Darjeeling attracts visitors from India as well as throughout the world thanks to the peace, greenery and enough of places to visit as well as things to do here. If you are wondering what to do in Darjeeling Tour, read our suggestions mention below:-

1. Take a walk in The Rock Garden

This is also known as the Barbotey Garden and located about 10 kilometres from the city centre. This exceptionally designed nature park uses rock surfaces that are cut out at various levels to develop benches where you and also your family can sit.

2. Ride the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway also referred to as the DHR, and also carefully called the 'Darjeeling Toy Train', is a 2 feet narrow-gauge train that operates between Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri, in West Bengal, India. The construction of this 88-kilometer long railway line took place between 1879 and also 1881, and also a ride on this train route has been a desirable experience since. A trip to the Darjeeling Toy Train has fantastic sights with pleasing mountain views and go by towns and local shops heading, with children merrily waving at them.

3. Tour the Tea Gardens

Darjeeling is nestled with more than 80 tea gardens all across the hills and any trip there wouldn't be complete without visiting a few. As you leave Darjeeling town, you'll discover gardens all over and can stop at any kind of that appeal. Most will allow you to take a stroll around. Many sell teas too.   

4. Explore the Local Market

Hit up Darjeeling's important Chowk Bazaar (also known as Lower Bazaar) for a real local market experience. It's located to the south of town, downhill off Hill Cart Road, and is where the town's residents most likely to acquire pretty much everything at bargain costs. Its lanes are filled with a bevy of products that you will be willing to purchase including wholesale spices, tea, vegetables, meat, Buddhist artefacts, masks, household items, shoes, textiles, rugs, and caps.

5. A thrilling ride on Darjeeling Ropeway

The incredible views of Darjeeling have spellbound you however, for a further wonderful experience; try out a ride of Darjeeling Ropeway. The Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car is just one of the best ways to experience the panoramic views that the hill station of North East India is so famous for.

6. Explore Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, can be referred to as one of the major tourist attractions in Darjeeling which is the highest point in the region. It stands at an elevation of 2,590 meters neglecting the spur of the snow-topped chain of mountains of the Eastern Himalaya. The Tiger Hills is one of the two points in India from where you can capture the whole view in between Mount Everest and also Kanchendzonga in addition to various other heights like the Kabru, Rathong as well as Kokhtang on a warm early morning. Phalut, at 3,600 meters is another point from where you can have a glimpse of a similar panorama which can be only reached by trekking on your part.

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Why should you book a darjeeling tour package with swan tours.

Swan Tours is well-known as well as a recognized travel agency with a long history of happy customers. We work together to provide you with the utmost comfort and also recreation minus any kind of sort of chaos and havoc. Aside from taking prominent care of all the processes of a trip from scratch, we also make sure that the traveler doesn't face any trouble or concern for safety, throughout the trip.

Affordable packages that include the best locations are our specialty. Swan Tours is here to offer you a wide range of Darjeeling tour packages that satisfy various requirements from traveling and accommodation to meals and sightseeing throughout your trip to the aforementioned.

Frequently Asked Questions about Darjeeling Packages

Q1. What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Darjeeling?

Ans. Darjeeling is one of the ideal Himalayan appeals that one can take a trip to. The following with list gives you places to visit on a sightseeing trip to Darjeeling:

  • Batasia Loop
  • Darjeeling Zoo
  • Bhutia Busty Monastery
  • Dali Monastery
  • Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park
  • Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute
  • Observatory Hill and Mahakal Temple

Q2. How many days are enough for Darjeeling?

Ans. You can quickly cover all the important Darjeeling tourist locations, also to excursions to Mirik and a visit to a tea estate, in a stay of 2 or 3 days.

Q3. What is Darjeeling famous for?

Ans. Darjeeling is most famous for its narrow-gauge Toy Train, known officially as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and also a course for the world-famous Darjeeling tea that is grown here.

Q4. What should I buy in Darjeeling?

Ans. You can bring back a lot of souvenirs and also purchases from Darjeeling, such as various types of Darjeeling tea, woolen items like shawls, scarves, hats, and jackets, Tibetan products and handicrafts, etc. Book lovers can also buy books from the Oxford Bookstore in Darjeeling.

Q5. Is Darjeeling safe?

Ans. Darjeeling is quite safe in all seasons. But don't push the limits like doing late nights or wandering around in secluded areas. No place on earth would then be safe. Otherwise, you should be fine.

Q6. What is the best time to visit Darjeeling?

Ans. If you decide to plan a vacation to Darjeeling, then the best time would be in the months of February, November, March, and September because these months do not have a harsh climate and offers soothing of the soul and body.

Q7. What are the major languages spoken in Darjeeling?

The major languages that are used as the mode of communication are Hindi, English, Bengali, and Nepali to be very precise.

Q8. What is the climate like at Darjeeling?

Ans. During the summers, the climatic conditions differ from 11 degrees to 19 degrees where the highest also goes up to 26 degrees. On the other hand, in winters the temperature differs from 2 degrees to 9 degrees.

Q9. What are the major attractions at Darjeeling?

Ans: There are many places of interest at Darjeeling and they are,

  • Ghum Monastery
  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological park
  • Peace Pagoda
  • Mt. Kanchenjunga
  • Singalila National Park
  • HImalayan Mountaineering institute
  • NIghtingale Park
  • Darjeeling Rock Garden

Q.10. How to reach Darjeeling?

Ans: Darjeeling does not have any airport or railway station. The nearest airport is Bagdogra and the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri from where you will be dropped to Darjeeling by the means of proper conveyance.

About Darjeeling Tourism

Darjleeing Tourism Tips for Travelling to North East India Weather and Climate of North East Darjleeing Tourism Video

Places to Visit Around Darjeeling

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Things to do During Darjeeling Tour

Rafting in North East India Trekking in North East India Wildlife in North East India Monasteries in North East India Yak Rides in Sikkim Camping in North East India

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10 Awesome Trips You Can Take In India Under Rs. 5000

10 Awesome Trips You Can Take In India Under Rs. 5000

Introducing our incredible "Budget Explorer" tour package! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure without breaking the bank? Our Tour Package Under 5000 is designed for savvy travelers who seek unforgettable experiences on a budget. Discover captivating destinations, immerse yourself in local culture, and make lasting memories, all while keeping your wallet happy. Join us on this wallet-friendly journey and explore the world without compromising on the quality of your travel experience. It's time to turn your travel dreams into a reality with Holiday Packages Under 5000 ! 

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and adventure with our Solo Trip Packages under 5000 in India . Our affordable solo trip packages provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore India at your own pace. Join us for an unforgettable solo travel experience that won't break the bank

1. Darjeeling


Experience the enchanting beauty of Darjeeling without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly trip packages under Rs. 5000! Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Darjeeling is a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Our affordable packages offer a perfect blend of scenic vistas, serene tea gardens, and thrilling experiences, all within your budget. Explore this picturesque hill station with our carefully curated itineraries, including accommodation, sightseeing, and more. Discover the essence of Darjeeling without the financial stress – your dream getaway is now within reach!

Book your Darjeeling Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

2. Vrindavan


Vrindavan is known as Lord Krishna’s birth place. City offers a treat to those who are on a spiritual journey. This town has lots of temples dedicated to Radha and Krishna, Meera bai and  Balarama. Other sacred places are Seva Kunj, Sriji Temple, Jugal Kishore Temple, Kusuma Saro, Imli Tal, Kaliya Ghat, Chira Ghat, Varaha Ghat and Samadhi of Swami Haridas. The flowering branches of Kadamba trees touch the ground, swans play in the water of the Yamuna, Bumble bees enjoy their time in Vrindavan, all these make the place beautiful scenery for the nature lovers. Frequent buses from Delhi are easily available and ticket cost is very low. Accommodation cost can be INR 600 per day as this place is dedicated for temples and religious places.

Book your Vrindavan Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

3. Taj Mahal

3. Taj Mahal

Both the places can be visited in a single day if you are travelling from Delhi or near around areas.Accommodation cost can be around INR 3000 and guided tour of both the world famous monuments will cost you around INR 1500 . Still you have INR 500 which can be used for local lunch. Don’t forget to taste the sweet Agra ka petha.

Book your Agra Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

4. McLeodGanj


At a distance of 400 Kms from Delhi, this place in Himachal Pradesh is a must visit when it comes to budget friendly tours and travels. It is the home to spiritual guru, Dalai Lama and has many places, one must visit like Bhagsu Falls , Shiva Café etc. Trekking and other adventure activities are there for the adventure lovers. One can find accommodation aslow as INR 300 per day. Government and private buses both are easily available and can cost up to INR 500.

Book your McLeodGanj Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.


If you are anywhere in and around Bengaluru, Hampi, city of ruins is a must visit. The distance from Bengaluru to Hampi is around 340 Kms. Travel cost is around INR 1000 and stay at a comfortable place can cost you INR 1500. A perfect destination for those who are interested in temples, history and ancient architectural beauty of India. Lying on the two sides of Tungabhadra, city has its own charm; you will not find anywhere else.


Interested in wildlife sanctuary? Why not pay a visit to Binsar, just 400 Kms from Delhi, this city offers a perfect natural beauty for the tourists. In late 90s, this place was d as important bird region. Transport cost can range up to INR 1500 and staying cost can be INR 2000. Sometimes tourists can spot barking deer or a leopard.

Book your Binsar Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.


Though the place is little far from Delhi, but it is definitely a must for the natural lovers. Famous for the amazing hill and mountain views, hippie crowd, adventure tracking trails and cool bars, this place is on list of tourists always. Transport cost from Delhi to Kasol will cost you between INR 800-1000 and accommodation, food everything is very cost effective.

Book your Kasol Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

8. Varanasi


Known as the oldest city in the world, Varanasi is famous for its spiritual quotient. Train fares range between INR 350-700. Hotels and accommodation can be as low as INR 200per day. Food and transport cost are also within travelers budget. Those who are planning a spiritual tour should definitely pay a visit to this place. City offers them a treat from Kasi Vishwanath temple to series of magnificent ghats.

Book your Varanasi Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

9. Kanyakumari


For people in South India, Kanyakumari is a great destination when comes to travel budget. It is situated at a distance of 85 Kms from Trivandrum bus stop, from where the bus ticket is INR 250 and the accommodation cost start from INR 800. Thus, the travellers still haveINR 3000 in hand to spend as per their interest. Food is also cheap and one can enjoy a wide iety. Vivekananda Rock Memorial is the place where tourists still wait with sleepy eyes to catch a glimpse of rising sun.

Book your Kanyakumari Tour Packages at best price with HelloTravel.com & get exciting deals.

10. Rishikesh


Darjeeling is very famous among people from West Bengal and near around areas. Very budget friendly in terms of transportation cost, food and accommodation, a heaven for nature lovers. They can enjoy Mother Nature at its peak. From Kolkata, it is located at a distance of 625 Kms. Don’t miss the toy train which runs between Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling through the steep and beautiful mountains. Tourists can visit Buddhist monasteries, visit the tea plantation, enjoy and understand how tea is processed and reach to our cups as well as enjoy a ride on the chairlift.

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11. List of places that you can visit in India under Rs 5000

List of places that you can visit in India under Rs 5000

  • Family Holidays

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Tour Packages Under 5000

Tour packages.

Tour Packages Under 5000 : rated 4.8 /5 (based on 114387 reviews) | Packages starting from ₹999/-

Tour Package Under 5000

You can choose from a variety of destinations based on the things that you want to do, your interests and favorite food, whether you are going with your family or friends, the season in which you want to visit and many other factors. You can go for a camping and adventure sports trip with your friends to Rishikesh or you can choose to go for a religious tour to Vrindavan, Mathura or Haridwar with your family and visit the various temples and sites there. You can also choose your mode of transportation and plan your budget accordingly for these travel packages under 5000 .

Places that can be Toured with Holiday Packages Under 5000

  • Kasol: You can enjoy peace at this quiet hamlet in Kullu and visit places like Chalal Trek Trail for camping, Bridge for Chalal Trek and take bath in various hot springs in Kasol.
  • Lansdowne: At this place, you can enjoy camping, boating at he the Bhulla Lake, go for trekking at the Show Viewpoint, go for bird watching and nature walk and enjoy the clean air and surroundings around you.
  • Vrindavan: You can go for an extravagant temple tour in Vrindavan and visit the Prem Mandir, Iskcon Vrindavan, Banke Bihari Temple, Radha Damodar Temple, Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakhi Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Keshi Ghat, and many other religious places.
  • Mcleodganj: You can go for sightseeing tour of Mcleodganj and visit the various famous monasteries, museums, temples, waterfalls, and lakes. You can shop and try local cuisines and also go for boating, trekking, and hiking there.
  • Agra: When in Agra, you are sure to visit the majestic Taj Mahal along with many other places like Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Tomb of Akbar and many other places as you explore the rich culture and history of this place.
  • Delhi: Delhi offers you to witness impressive modern architecture, art, and a lively vibe. The capital is replete with numerous tourist attractions such as The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Akshardham, and more. Whether you are looking for pilgrim or historical sites, you will find them all in one place. Additionally, if you have budget constraints and still wish to explore Delhi, you can check out the best tour packages below 5000 .
  • Mount Abu: If you want to avoid the sweltering heat of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is the place to be. Attractions like Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, Sunset Point, Honeymoon Point, etc. beautifully enhance its beauty. You may also enjoy trekking and other adventurous activities if the thrill is all you’re looking for.
  • Athirapally: This is an ultimate place where travelers are bound to get enthralled by majestic waterfalls, glistening rivers, and lush forests. Athirapally makes an amazing place for people who are seeking sheer tranquility and have a fondness for nature. Some of the best attractions that should not be missed include Vazhachal Waterfalls, Charpa Waterfalls, Illithode, Thumboormuzhi Dam, etc. Interestingly, for travelers seeking the best trips in India under 5000 , Athirapally poses as a great pick.
  • Cochin: This culturally rich place offers you numerous delightful experiences. Tourist spots like Kaladi, Dutch Palace, Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple, Chottanikkara, Fort Kochi, and Chinese Fishing Nets allow you to witness the best of Cochin. Furthermore, the local food is likely to tickle your taste buds as the traditional delicacies are incredibly toothsome.
  • Rishikesh: If an adventurous trip under 5000 is in your mind, pick Rishikesh blindly. While being famous for river rafting, the place also offers numerous adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, flying fox, etc. Moreover, the spiritual ambiance that you will find here would surely soothe your senses.

Best Time to Visit

Based on the season in which you are planning to book holiday packages under 5000 , you can choose a destination accordingly. For example, mild winter is best for places like Agra, Vrindavan, monsoon is the best season for visiting Mcleodganj and the best time to visit Lansdowne is during the spring and the summer season. You can plan a trip in your favorite season, it totally depends on you. It will be wise to choose a destination which is not so far from you to save your time on traveling.

How to Reach?

Based on your destination, you can choose your mode of transport like a bus or train to reach your destination. All of these places are well connected with various modes of transport which can be easily accessed. In addition to this, you can also book your own cabs when traveling with friends and family. When you reach, depending on your destination, you can find plenty of options for traveling within the city. It will be wise to keep some extra cash just in case you need it for transportation as it may not be cheap everywhere. Vacation packages under 5000 are available with or without flight tickets, so book for your packages as per your own convenience.

Bestselling Tour Packages Under 5000

Shortlisted Packages

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  • Select at least two packages

Type Of Destination

Duration ( in Days )

Hotel Star Rating

Showing 79 Tour Packages Under 5000

Idyllic Lansdowne Tour Package For Family

Idyllic Lansdowne Tour Package For Family

₹ 3,749/- ₹ 4,120/-

Per Person on twin sharing

  • Jungle Trail
  • Hill station

Hotel included in package:

  • Lansdowne (2D)

Located in the Lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is one of the most popular hil....

Upto 3 Stars


Mesmeric Mount Abu Family Package

Mesmeric Mount Abu Family Package

₹ 4,500/- ₹ 4,945/-.

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Mount Abu (3D)

A vacation enjoyed with family in Mount Abu imparts memories to treasure for a lifetime....

No Room(s) Selected

Best Chakrata Tour From Dehradun For A Refreshing Getaway

₹ 4,724/- ₹ 5,080/-.

  • Hill Station
  • Chakrata (2D)

Mesmerizing Getaway To Kochi

Mesmerizing Getaway To Kochi

₹ 4,180/- ₹ 4,593/-.

  • Leisure Time

Get to experience one of the unique cities of the southern India as you embark on a two....

Adventurous Rishikesh Package

Best-Selling Rishikesh Uttarakhand Tours For A Refreshing Getaway

₹ 3,938/- ₹ 4,332/-.

  • Rishikesh (2D)

Upto 2 Stars

Amazing Alleppey Tour Package

Catch The Beauty Of The Setting Sun In Alleppey

₹ 4,479/- ₹ 4,922/-.

  • Cruise along the backwaters
  • Leisure Day
  • Houseboat Stay
  • Alleppey (2D)

Adventure Packed Rishikesh Tour Package

Adventure Packed Rishikesh Tour Package

₹ 3,999/- ₹ 4,395/-

  • Adventure Activities

To relish the charm of Himalayas with some excitement, book this well-designed ....

Spellbinding Cochin Family Tour Package

Spellbinding Cochin Family Tour Package

₹ 4,480/- ₹ 5,091/-

  • Unlimited Fun
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Cochin (2D)

Experience the magic of the port town of Kochi on this 1 night 2 days Cochin to....

Amazingly Thrilling Rishikesh Package From Delhi

Most Affordable 1 Night 2 Days Uttarakhand Tour Packages From Delhi

₹ 2,800/- ₹ 3,360/-.

  • River Rafting
  • Watersports

Alleppey 2 Days Honeymoon Tour

Best Selling 2 Days Alleppey Honeymoon Packages For A Romantic Getaway!

₹ 4,799/- ₹ 5,274/-.

  • Romantic getaway

Delightful Athirapally Tour Packages

Delightful Athirapally Tour Packages

  • Athirapally (2D)

Book lucrative 1 night 2 days Athirapally tour packages for a perfect ....

Phenomenal Delhi Tour Package

Phenomenal Delhi Tour Package

  • Qutub Minar
  • New Delhi (3D)

The capital city of India, Delhi is a commercial hub dotted by numerous places to visit....

Exciting Delhi Family Tour Package

Exciting Delhi Family Tour Package

The capital of India, Delhi is huge metropolitan area with a large population composed ....

Mount Abu 1 Night 2 Days Package

Adventurous & Cherishable Mount Abu Tour Packages For 2 Days

₹ 4,999/- ₹ 5,434/-.

  • Mount Abu (2D)

Spectacular Cochin Tour Package

Spectacular Cochin Tour Package

₹ 3,973/- ₹ 4,515/-

Visit the scenic plantations and top tourist hotspots of Cochin on this  1 ....

Shimla Chail Kufri Tour Package

Shimla: The Gem In Himachal’s Crown

₹ 5,000/- ₹ 5,435/-.

  • Picturesque sights
  • Shimla (3D)

Rajasthan Tourism Package For Honeymooners

Rajasthan Tourism Package For Honeymooners

₹ 5,000/- ₹ 5,494/-.

  • Historical Tour
  • Lake Pichola
  • Chittorgarh Fort
  • Udaipur (4D)

Home to grand palaces, spectacular forts, and enchanting lakes, Rajasthan is an ideal p....

Adventurous Sariska Tour Package

Adventurous Sariska Tour Package

₹ 4,500/- ₹ 5,354/-.

  • Sariska Tiger Reserve
  • Morning safari
  • Sambar deer
  • sariska (3D)

An amazing wildlife experience awaits you on this Rajasthan tour package,

Alluring Agra Sightseeing Tour Package

Alluring Agra Sightseeing Tour Package

  • Scenic Landscapes

If you are looking for a quick escape this weekend, then take our recommendation and pl....

Delightful Mount Abu Family Package

Delightful Mount Abu Family Package

  • Ideal for families

Located at a distance of about 475 kilometers from the pink city of Jaipur, Mount Abu i....

Perfect Family Tour To Lansdowne With Family

Perfect Family Tour To Lansdowne With Family

₹ 4,725/- ₹ 5,192/-.

Looking for a quick weekend getaway to the hills with your family? Buy our Lansdowne fa....

Upto 4 Stars

Kochi City Tour Package

Kochi City Tour Package

₹ 3,324/- ₹ 3,613/-.

  • Best sellers

The most serenely beautiful state of South India, Kerala is a world away from the rest ....

Shirdi Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

Shirdi Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

₹ 4,949/- ₹ 5,439/-.

  • Religious Tour
  • Shirdi (2D)

For the people who have been looking for a tour that lets them take a trip to Sha....

Exciting Mount Abu Honeymoon Package

Exciting Mount Abu Honeymoon Package

₹ 2,199/- ₹ 2,365/-.

  • Ideal for couples

Your dream Honeymoon vacation comes true as you book this customizable 1 night ....

Dhanaulti Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

Dhanaulti Tour Package For 1 Nights 2 Days

₹ 4,724/- ₹ 5,026/-.

  • Dhanaulti (2D)

Situated in the foothills of Himalayan, Dhanaulti is a small hill station in the state ....

Where can I travel with 5000 rupees?

While there are countless places that can be travelled to with a budget of 5,000 rupees, some of the most recommended destinations are Rishikesh, Kasol, Kasauli, Vrindavan, Lansdowne, Binsar, Mcleodganj, and Agra. Please note that your expenses will depend on the number of days, accommodation, and the activities you participate in during your journey.

What are the top selling tour packages under 5000?

Some of the best and top selling tour packages under 5000 are:

Adventurous Rishikesh Package

What are the top places to visit from Delhi under a budget of 5000?

Delhi lies in the Northern part of India, so there are various places in north that can be easily visited from Delhi under a budget of 5000. Some of the best ones are given below:

  • Rishikesh: For the love of river-rafting
  • Agra: Witness the beauty of Taj
  • Kasol: To enjoy the hippie culture
  • Mcleodganj: Explore the beautiful monasteries
  • Haridwar: For the spiritual soul
  • Jaipur: To witness the royal culture and cuisine
  • Jim Corbett: For the love of safari and wildlife
  • Mussoorie: For the love of hills
  • Neemrana: For a relaxed vacation
  • Lansdowne: To feel the beauty of nature

What are some adventures to try in Mussoorie?

Mussoorie is one of the best hill stations in the northern part of India. People especially youngsters often flock to Mussoorie for trying out different adventures here. Some of the best adventures to try in Mussoorie are:

  • Wildlife Safari
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Cable-car Ride
  • Roller Skating
  • Paragliding

What will be the duration of any of these tour packages below 5000?

The duration of these tour packages below 5000 will mostly be 1 to 2 days and in some cases 3 days at the maximum. Increasing the duration would result in additional cost which will increase the budget from 5000. These packages are available without flights and includes only sightseeing and accommodation.

What are the best things to do in Jaipur under a budget of 5000?

Jaipur can be fully explored in a budget of 5000 Rs. There are amazing sightseeing options in Jaipur which includes Jaigarh Fort, amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Rambagh Palace, Hawa Mahal, Galtaji Temple, Birla Mandir, etc. Entry to some of these places is free while for some is under 50 Rs. Also, shopping can be enjoyed in Jaipur for very low prices at markets like Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar. If you still have some money left, you can try out things like Rajasthani cuisine, camel ride etc.

Where can one enjoy adventure activities under a budget of 5000?

There are so many places to try out adventures under a budget of 5000. Some of them are given below:

  • Rishikesh: River-rafting
  • Bir-Billing: Paragliding
  • Jaipur: Camel Ride
  • Mussoorie: Camping
  • Kasol: Trekking
  • Lansdowne: Nature walk
  • Jim Corbett: Jungle Safari
  • Koch: Birdwatching

What are the activities that can be enjoyed in a budget of 5000?

There are so many activities that can be enjoyed in a budget of 5000 Rs like sightseeing to places that are free of cost or have very less entry ticket, having food from the local street shops or vendors rather than dining at some fancy restaurants, shopping from the local markets rather than from malls, and adventures like trekking, rafting, camping, mountaineering etc can be enjoyed in a low budget.

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Amit Kolekar

Sunilkumar's 7 days trip to Himachal

Sunilkumar Posina

Andhra pradesh

Raghu's 8 days trip to Ladakh

Raghu Vegesna

Tanya's 6 days trip to Singapore

Tanya Rastogi

Deepak's 4 days trip to Goa

Deepak Mongia

Ssaliansupriya's 7 days trip to Sri Lanka


Sudhir's 6 days trip to Turkey

Sudhir Menon

Hotels and Cuisine

You can choose from a variety of hotels and can also book rooms on a sharing basis when on a tour package under 5000 . In addition to this, you can also choose to camp at Kasol or Mcleodganj with your friends and acquaintances. But, do not camp alone as nights are not really safe unless you're in a group. Depending on the place you choose to visit, you can try the local cuisine, street food, and munch on cheap yet mouthwatering snacks which are available. Also, it will be good if you try to interact with the local population, make new friends and make your experience, a really amazing one.

Safety Measures To Follow During Your Trip

  • Get your Covid test done and carry a negative RT PCR report with you.
  • Abide by government protocols and maintain social distancing while keeping 6 feet distance from fellow travelers.
  • Don’t forget to carry extra pair of masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.
  • Avoid being a part of any crowd, whether in religious ceremonies or public festivities.
  • Limit your contact with surfaces such as knobs, doors, light switches, tables, handles, etc.
  • Stay updated with local news, weather, and road conditions before heading for a trip.
  • If planning to visit a remote area, make sure to inform someone beforehand and keep them updated at certain intervals.
  • Make copies of your important documents such as AADHAR Card, Driving License, Voter ID, or any other form of identification and keep it with you always.
  • Make sure to carry travel essentials like medicines, power bank, sanitizer, mosquito repellant, first aid, extra carry bags, etc.
  • Carry enough cash and change as there would be several places where cards are not accepted.
  • Don’t forget to pack your bags with comfortable shoes and clothes. Pack according to weather conditions.
  • It is recommended to research the ideal time of the destination where you’re planning to visit.
  • In case of emergency, reach out to local authorities and people first as they can help you the best.

With so much information regarding the budget destinations under 5000, you must have been tempted to book one for yourself. There are plenty of scenic and attractive destinations in India under the budget of 5000 which will definitely give you an experience which is worth 50000. With tour packages under 5000 , it becomes easy to plan for the trip that is cost effective and enjoyable at the same time. From enchanting hill stations in the north to the traditional ethnicity of west and the pleasant aura of the south to picturesque beauty of east, each and every place that fits the budget of 5000 has been added to these packages. So, choose from the wide variety of destinations that can be visited under 5000 and make your travel journey stupendulous.

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    Darjeeling Tour Packages ("Queen of the Himalayas") Country: India State: West Bengal District: Darjeeling Elevation: 2,042 m Area: 10.57 km² Population: 1.32 lakhs (2011) Ideal duration: 03 to 04 days Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Time zone: UTC+5:30 (IST) Languages Official: Bengali and Nepali Best Time to Visit: February to March, September to December Darjeeling incepted in the Indian ...

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    ₹5,000. Price (per person) 3 Days. Duration. Fixed Tour. Tour Type. contact agent 08048736393. enquire now Itinerary. Day 1 ... Tour Packages For Darjeeling. darjeeling Best 3 Days 2 Nights darjeeling Tour Package by A to Z Tours And Travels. From ₹7,500/- ...

  21. 10 Awesome Trips You Can Take In India Under Rs. 5000

    1. Darjeeling. enquire now. Sent. Experience the enchanting beauty of Darjeeling without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly trip packages under Rs. 5000! Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Darjeeling is a dream destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

  22. Tour Packages Under 5000

    With tour packages under 5000, it becomes easy to plan for the trip that is cost effective and enjoyable at the same time. From enchanting hill stations in the north to the traditional ethnicity of west and the pleasant aura of the south to picturesque beauty of east, each and every place that fits the budget of 5000 has been added to these ...