atlantis gay cruise october


atlantis gay cruise october


GET ready for the biggest party in the West when Atlantis takes over the massive Navigator of the Seas for a week of non-stop thrills and epic adventures.

Sail from LA to Mexico’s best beaches with 3100 guys from around the world. With more incredible places for a party than any other ship, Navigator is the perfect setting for our friendliest and easiest cruise of the year.

With fares starting at just $899 it’s the best deal ever in all-gay vacations!


atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 23, 2023 (DAY 1)      DEPART 4:00pm LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA Warm weather, fabulous beaches, and one of the largest, liveliest gay communities in the world, Los Angeles makes the perfect place to begin your trip. Check out great local restaurants and events before hopping aboard.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 24, 2023 (DAY 2) AWESOME DAY AT SEA Enjoy the endless possibilities of a lovely day at sea.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 25, 2023 (DAY 3)      ARRIVE 12:00pm     DEPART 6:00pm CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO Straddling the southernmost tip of Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is a sun-drenched paradise that offers exceptional scuba diving, snorkeling, and world-class fishing. For those seeking a more mellow and relaxing time, Cabo offers some of the peninsula's best beaches where the desert meets the sea. Cabo San Lucas's other main attractions include an underwater nature preserve and the striking Land's End rock formations at one end of the bay.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 26, 2023 (DAY 4)      ARRIVE 11:00am   PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO Puerto Vallarta has become Mexico's favorite gay destination in recent years, attracting travelers with its mix of classic Mexican charm, casual atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and fantastic year-round weather. Handicraft stores and art galleries line the cobblestone street its quaint town center. At night, Vallarta's many gay and gay-friendly restaurants, bars, and clubs offer everything from laid-back to the outrageous.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 27, 2023 (DAY 5)      DEPART 2:00am PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO We depart Puerto Vallarta in the early morning of October 27th, so you'll have almost a full 15 hours beforehand to experience Vallarta's beautiful beaches, restaurants, and shopping.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 27, 2023 (DAY 5)      ARRIVE 12:00pm     DEPART 6:00pm MAZATLÁN, MEXICO Mazatlán is an historic capital as well as a beach resort and lively, romantic town. Returning travelers rave about the welcoming Mazatlecos as well as the beaches, the food, the weather, the music, and the feeling of never wanting to leave.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 28, 2023 (DAY 6) GREAT DAY AT SEA After three day on the beach, it's stime to indulge. Treat yourself to a spa day. Or hang out by the pool with new friends. This day is all about relaxing... until T-Dance time and our biggest evening party of the week!

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 29, 2023 (DAY 7) RELAXING DAY AT SEA Relax. Connect. Play. Sleep in a bit, then join a few friends for brunch. Drop into the spa for a pampering treatment or refreshing workout. And wait until you see how we wrap up things for you with some of the finest entertainment at sea.

atlantis gay cruise october

  OCTOBER 30, 2023 (DAY 8)      ARRIVE 6:00am LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , USA Return to Los Angeles and spend a day or two wrapping up your trip with a visit to some of the best museums, scenic boardwalks, and an array of diverse, multicultural neighborhoods.


And don't forget to select the royal caribbean navigator of the seas october cruise.


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atlantis gay cruise october

The Globetrotter Guys

The Atlantis Gay Cruise: Review and Essential Guide

We had wanted to go on an Atlantis gay cruise for years! This is  the gay cruise that everyone talks about and the Atlantis gay cruise in particular is one of the best known and hosts the biggest gay cruise in the world.

To us it looked like pure fun in the sun with all the different themed parties, visiting spectacular destinations and all held on-board a luxurious ship! However take a minute to look past the incredible parties and you will see there so much more to an Atlantis gay cruise.

We have been on many Atlantis gay cruises and after our first, all of our expectations were exceeded and our preconceptions challenged.

In our Atlantis gay cruise review and essential guide, we will share all our personal gay cruise experiences as well as answering all the questions you might have about going.

Here is what you need to know about going on an Atlantis gay cruise and why you need to go on one at least once in your lifetime.

What is an Atlantis Gay Cruise?

atlantis gay cruise

Atlantis events is a company that is has been running gay trips for over 30 years. They started small and now charter some of the largest cruise ships in the world to host multiple Atlantis Gay Cruises around the world.

This means that Atlantis will buy out (charter) an entire ship from Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages or Norwegian Cruise lines, and then use the ship to run a gay cruise for normally 7 nights.

By chartering the ship exclusively for Atlantis guests, Atlantis can then run their own programme of events, parties and activities catered to gay travellers.

Who goes on an Atlantis Gay Cruise?

atlantis gay cruise review

We had some big preconceptions here, we thought it was only the sterotypical poster muscle boys and we were a little intimidated – however, and this is a recuring theme in this gay cruise review, we were wrong.

Yes there are plenty of poster boys, but having done multiple gay cruises we have seen every body type represented and celebrated, every age and people from all over the world. It’s amazing to see people just let loose and enjoy themselves no matter their body type.

Do not worry about your body, just turn up as you are and you are sure to have a great time! If you want to smash the gym pre-cruise that is also fine – it is all about what is good for you!

In terms of gender and sexuality, anyone is welcome to book an Atlantis gay cruise, we have met straight couples and lesbians onboard, but it is 90+% gay men.

We have also met plenty of solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, throuples and everything inbetween

Don’t take our word for it, read from other guests about who goes on gay cruise .

Are Atlantis gay cruises friendly?

For our first sailing, we didn’t know what types of people we would be meeting on-board. We had seen in advance through various Facebook groups that there were a lot of large groups of friends, and this being our first cruise and not knowing anybody in advance we were worried that it might feel ‘clique-y’ and that we might not fit in.

It turns out we were completely wrong.

Without a doubt the environment on the Atlantis gay cruise ship was the most friendly and welcoming environment we have ever encountered in our lives.

People would talk to you at every opportunity and it felt refreshing to experience this – people were just genuinely nice. We really wish it was like this in day to day life, people don’t talk to each other enough or simply ask how your day is going.

You will meet so many people and some will become lifelong friends – given that there are thousandss of people on-board and they booked immediately for the following year, you can see how the community builds and builds.

We purposely go on the same sailing each year to see a lot of familiar faces.

What are the parties like on an Atlantis Cruise?

Atlantis gay cruise party

The parties on an Atlantis gay cruise are a full scale production, exactly like you would expect from any big gay circuit party with international DJ’s and the party locations being turned into jungles, under the sea worlds or whatever the theme might be.

What are the Atlantis Cruise Party Themes?

On the topic of themes, we love to party and we (Sion mainly) loves a themed party.

For every cruise both the day time parties (T-Dance parties around 3pm) and the night time parties (around 11pm until as late at 9am sometimes!) have themes.

Guaranteed party themes include the dog tag T-Dance (military style), the White Party and the Disco T-Dance – other nights take on a range of themes (more below).

People get incredibly creative and you can wear anything you want at all.

Do people have ടex at the parties?

You will see everything at the parties, and by everything we mean everything.

This is not a bad thing at all in our eyes. In fact it’s quite liberating to see people taking the social stigma away from enjoying ടex and feeling free enough to do whatever they want – no one seemed to mind or care and everyone just seemed to have a good time! Do be mindful of staff, for the most part it’s deep in the crowd.

This extends well into the early hours of the morning…especially on certain ships that have the D*** Deck.

What do people wear on an Atlantis Gay Cruise?

Atlantis gay cruise outfits

Keeping on the theme of the parties, you might decide to wear very little (i.e just a jockstrap), be nervous stood in your room (like we were the first time) and then get to the party and realise you had nothing to worry about – no one judges you and it is super liberating!

On the other hand we have seen people dress full on as jelly fish, sea gods and polar bears!

We have an entire post on ‘What to pack for a gay cruise’ but here are the typical themes you can expect to see every year are:

  • White Party – the name says it all, wear all white. You can go all out and maybe don some angel wings , these white elastic body harnesses are a cheap and easy option for anyone or you can simply wear a white vest and shorts. We have never seen so many bare bums so feel absolutely free to simply grab yourself a white jockstrap and get ready to party!
  • Dog Tag T-Dance – This one is all about the military – think black, green and camo. Grab some camo speedos , some trainers or boots and you are good to go. If you want to take it further, you will see a lot of guys wearing a good quality leather chest harness and maybe getting into character with some face paints too. 
  • Disco Theme – We have never seen so much gold fabric! For this party, grab yourself a comedy disco wig , some gold pants  or maybe a ridiculous 70’s style shirt!

JJ Malibu tick all the boxes for ‘gay’ party attire and we stocked up before going on our first cruise (as you can tell in all these photos!). They have whole sections on their website for white parties, military themed parties, circuit parties etc.

In previous years the additional themes were ‘Under the Sea’ – think cheeky sailors; ‘Champions’ – think sports; Jungle and ‘Playground’ – cartoon characters and so on.

What to pack for an Atlantis gay cruise?

There is so much more to consider! Outfits, cruise cards to keep in touch with all your new friends, white boards. And we especially wish we had taken earplugs! The music was LOUD!

For the full list check out our list ‘ What to pack for a gay cruise ’.

Is an Atlantis Gay Cruise all about the parties?

We fully understand that parties are not for everyone, and so if you don’t want to go to them, simply don’t. You are probably on one of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world and there is so much else to enjoy.

You have the shows to watch, whether this be theatre based shows like Mamma Mia, or the incredible acrobatic Airotic show. The food is great and each night you can enjoy a 3 course or more fine dining experience. There are usually sports courts, climbing walls, surf riders, and more bars and cafes than you attend.

There is something for everyone so if you don’t like to party, do not worry, you will still have the best time in the friendliest environment.

What are the staff like on an Atlantis cruise?

Now you might be thinking ‘what about the poor staff?’

After speaking to many members of staff on-board they all know what to expect and in fact some actively volunteer to work on an Atlantis gay cruise. One member of staff even went as far to say “it was her favourite charter of the year regardless of destinations”. They say as a group we are friendlier, politer, more fun and tip more – and they even party with us! They also enjoy not having screaming kids and, in some cases, entitled parents on board!

We don’t need to tell you, but the staff do deserve so much respect and it was lovely to see everyone giving it to them!

Is there a compromise on cruise quality?

one of the stops on atlantis

Cruises are known for being high end vacations with exceptional service from the staff, exceptional food and the best facilities.

Just because this is a gay cruise with a heavy focus on partying does not mean that this is any less true. We thoroughly enjoyed the meals on the evening in the a-la-carte restaurant and did not miss one meal!

We made it to a couple of shows during our cruise too, before getting ready for the evening parties. And we even bravely fought the hangover to try the flow-rider, the climbing wall and on-board ziplines too!

The staff as we have already said, go above and beyond to help in anyway they can and the facilities on board the ship were top class.

The same can be said for the destinations – please make sure to drag yourself off the ship for a few places. This year we loved the water in the Bahamas, the vibe of Cozumel and the pool side bars in Costa Maya.

If you want an amazing cruise experience, you are still going to get one!

Do you need wifi on a Gay Cruise?

In all honesty, the wifi is not worth it. We know many people get it so they can stay active on Grindr, but actually most of the time location services does not work so neither do location based apps like Grindr or Scruff.

If you really need it occasionally then get it at the port without spending hundreds of dollars.

Like we said, everyone is super friendly, you don’t need an app to hook-up, if you want it you got it!

There is also an onboard app for free on Royal Caribbean Sailings you can use to message between rooms, this is what we did with our friends.

The one thing wifi can be useful for is when making new friends and trying to keep in contact on social media whilst onboard since not everyone checks the ship app.

What are the shows like on an Atlantis gay cruise?

atlantis gay cruise

We fully understand the temptation to go for a pre-party nap each night but the shows are really quite special.

The one that we loved the most this year was called Airotic. The show has many incredibly talented aerial performers showcasing their skills in silks, hoops, pole and many other disciplines. They absolutely know how to put on a show and it helps that the performers look incredible in their minimal costumes. A very impressive and sensual show indeed!

The other show we saw was the classic Mamma Mia! which we enjoyed, other nights showcased popular gay comedians . You are paying for the entertainment so you should definitely go and see it!

Is an Atlantis Cruise just a floating gay ടex cruise

It can be if you want it to be and that is absolutely fine , gay cruise ടex is widely available!

But the ship is so large with so much going on you could be in your own little world while all the “frolics” take place elsewhere – it is your vacation and you make it what you want and leave your judgement at home.

How much does an Atlantis Gay Cruise cost?

Naturally, a gay cruise is more expensive than an everyday sailing but you really can’t compare the two.

Prices per person for the week range from about $1,200 plus taxes per person at the lower end to much higher for the suites etc.

It’s not a cheap week but we always feel it is great value for money, mainly because you can’t get the same experience anywhere else.

Is an Atlantis Gay Cruise All Inclusive/ can you bring Alcohol?

In terms of what is included on an Atlantis Gay Cruise, it is all of your food, water, basic teas/coffee, parties, shows and entertainment.

Drinks are additional and depending on which ship they use you can sometimes get bulks buys or packages. You don’t normally have access to unlimited alcohol packages like you might on an everyday cruise (and it is easy to guess why!)

Like all cruises, you are not meant to bring your own alcohol onboard and this can be conviscated. However it is worth noting for a Royal Caribbean Atlantis Cruise you can bring two bottles of wine per stateroom.

Our final word -PACE YOURSELF!!!

There is so much going on at all hours of the day, and if you try and attend between 2-3 parties a day you will burn out! It is totally OK to take a night off!

We both get serious FOMO but knew we would not make it to the end of the week if we did not have a mid week rest and we ended up sleeping for 12 hours!

When is the next Atlantis Gay Cruise?

Atlantis run gay cruises throughout the year across many different destinations, for the most up to date dates and locations head to their website .

We are itching to book our next Atlantis Gay Cruise!

Atlantis Gay Cruise: Review Conclusion

atlantis gay cruise october

An Atlantis gay cruise is an experience we know we will never find anywhere else in any circumstance.

The entire week felt like we were in ‘gay-topia’, surrounded by a protective little bubble from the outside world!  It was an incredible feeling of liberation, freedom, community and happiness.

The ships are beautiful, the staff incredible, the parties out of this world and you will make friends to last a lifetime.

Our biggest message from this post is just come on-board and truly, truly BE YOURSELF and feel liberated.

We hope you enjoyed our gay cruise review.

Once you have done your first one, we are pretty sure you will want to go back. Let us know your own gay cruise stories in the comments below!

Want to know more about being gay at sea? Check out:

  • Join us on our Gay Sailing trip to Croatia!
  • Are Celebrity Cruises Gay Friendly?
  • What to pack for a gay cruise?

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gay atlantis cruise

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Saturday 11th of January 2020

Do you happen to know about when booking opens up for the Jan 2021 Atlantis cruise? We are wanting to get a suite cabin and we know they are limited so we want to be prepared when it becomes available.


Saturday 2nd of November 2019

I've booked my first ever gay Atlantis cruise next march 2020 from.puerto rico im a solo traveller and am very nervous as ive chosen the single sharer option

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

It was such an amazing cruise... Will you boys being going again this January?

The Globetrotter Guys

Sunday 8th of September 2019

Yes! We booked for January 2020 almost immediately after this years :)

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My Atlantis Gay Cruise Trip – What It Was Like

Atlantis gay cruise

The Atlantis Gay Cruise Experience, First-Hand

While most of us have seen an Atlantis gay cruise via social media or advertisements, you’re probably still wondering…what are these Atlantis gay cruises really like?

atlantis gay cruise party

Johnathan N. from New York shares his personal experience joining an Atlantis cruise, telling it like it is and offering useful tips for travelers interested in booking!

What Did You Like Best About the Atlantis Cruise?

Total inclusivity on a massive scale was definitely the best part of joining an Atlantis Cruise. I’ve done some other gay vacations, but a huge gay cruise like this is pretty unique.

sexy cruise costume party

Other trips for international gay pride events, ski weeks, and events like Gay Days are great, but the Atlantis Gay Cruise just felt grander. Plus, everything was catered to the gay community.

How Were the Atlantis Gay Cruise Theme Parties?

I thought the Atlantis theme parties were awesome. But I wish I had a little more time to plan out the costumes. I think Atlantis gave us a 2-week notice of the theme, but even so, it was a lot of fun. I had a blast.

atlantis gay cruise themed party

Some of the commonly hosted themes include the Glow Party, White Party Dog Tag Tea Dance, and the Disco Tea Dance. So, at a minimum, you can start prepping the gay party accessories that you can wear to these.

wolfyy’s Travel Shop → Everything from underwear to luggage .

Any Recommendations for Which Rooms to Book?

Since there’s so much to do on the ship, you honestly don’t spend much time in your room. So, I wouldn’t stress out about which specific room you book.

If you’ve got the cash for a veranda and totally need that ocean view, then go for it. But in my opinion, an interior room is completely fine if you’re on a budget. Plus, if you book a budget room, you’ll have more money for the expensive booze!

ocean view room

The smaller interior rooms usually start around $1200 USD for two people, plus fees. When you have more than 2 guests sharing a room, there’s an additional fee. 

Oceanview and balcony rooms for two people can run anywhere from $1200 to $2400. And then when it comes to suites, prices can easily exceed $5000.

Is the Atmosphere Super Sexually Charged?

The sexual vibe depends on where you hang out on the ship. Without a doubt, there are areas where things are very sexy. On the dick deck at 10 PM, yes…you will get groped… and then some.

The rest of the boat is a bit more relaxed. It can sometimes be “cruisy” but it’s definitely not all sex, sex, sex. Lots of first-timers expect Atlantis gay cruises to be a constant sex party, but it’s not exactly like that.

events on Atlantis gay cruise

The Atlantis cruise I went on offered singles events. These can really help solo travelers or anyone who’s shy get out of their shell. I personally can’t fully credit the Atlantis Cruise event for meeting my newest travel buddy at the time. (We met the night before at a hotel rooftop).

But, we quickly found ourselves in an “it’s complicated” situation and ended up spending 95% of our time on the ship together.

What Should Travelers Bring on an Atlantis Gay Cruise?

Most importantly, you’ve got to bring some sexy swimwear attire. Check out my extensive list of the best gay swimwear brands . Get ideas from bikini thongs to printed trunks, plus everything in between.

People really get into decorating their room doors, too. While I didn’t on my first cruise I will do it on my next one. Most people pack mini dry erase boards to hang on their door along with photos so everyone can get a sneak peek of who’s in the cabin.

decorating doors on atlantis gay cruise

I’ve even seen some groups stick a small ticket box to their door along with some little colorful sticky notes so people can leave secret messages. It’s pretty cute.

I would really encourage getting some costumes for the themed parties. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on them, but you will feel a little out of place if you don’t participate.

At the very least, throw on a harness , a sexy jockstrap , and some shorts you wouldn’t mind losing! I definitely recommend getting some good circuit party gear for the trip.

Oh, and like any cruise, don’t forget your sunscreen , especially since it’s so expensive on the ship.

Related → wolfyy’s Gay Men’s Harness Guide

Did You Witness a “Lack of Diversity” Issue on the Cruise?

This was not the case in my experience. However, I did go on an international cruise, not a domestic one. Perhaps those could be different. There were people from every continent on mine, and it was a great time.

Can Atlantis Gay Cruises Be Overwhelming for First-Timers?

Real talk—I had a panic attack as we landed in Barcelona . I was traveling alone which I have done many times before. But for some reason, the idea of getting on a 5000+ person gay cruise hit me like a brick wall. Later that night, my anxiety started to go away, and getting on the ship the following day was fine.

atlantis pool party

I think it’s important to know that every Atlantis gay cruise has so many programmed events happening, that it’s truly impossible to do everything. It’s kind of by design.

The entire experience is sort of a “choose your own adventure” and that’s really what makes it so unique.

Want to go to a circuit party ? Great. Feeling horny and need a little help? Head to the dick deck. Feel like you overdid it the night before and need a more mellow night? Go to one of the many gay comedy, musical, piano bar, or drag shows happening on the ship.

Anything You Didn’t Like About the Cruise?

Honestly, the amount of money I spent on booze. It adds up. Ha!

Any Other Tips?

Some people don’t leave the ship when docked at the ports. It seems most people do on the international cruises, but it sounds like the gay cruises out of Miami and San Diego are pretty much constant circuit parties .

tips for Atlantis gay cruise

Atlantis gay cruises can get quite expensive, so there generally wasn’t a huge number of younger people. Unless it was a “daddy” situation I would say 20 somethings made up less than 10% of the attendees.

Your Gay Cruise Alternatives

Gay guys are booking Atlantis cruises like crazy, especially now that we’re out of the woods regarding the pandemic. Check out some of the other scheduled Atlantis Cruises you can join.

If you’re thinking about browsing some tamer or not-so-gay cruises, there are plenty of fun alternatives.

friends on gay cruise

There are several bear weeks that take place on huge cruises. These are definitely worth a look, including the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady .

Cruise Critic  compiles a huge range of the best international cruises. Definitely check your booking options here as well.

Looking for other gay vacation options? Check out these epic gay sailing trips in the Mediterranean!

Explore the world with inspiration from wolfyy’s collection of   gay travel guides .

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PrimeTimers® of the Desert

PrimeTimers of the Desert is a social club for mature gay men

« All Events

PrimeTimers Mexico Halloween Cruise

October 26 - november 2.

atlantis gay cruise october

Friday, October 26th, 2024

  • There are 150 PrimeTimers signed up for the cruise to Mexico!
  • The entire ship is sold out.  No more reservations are being taken at this time.

Text Lonnie Dean to RSVP at (562) 746-6235.

PrimeTimers Mexico Halloween Cruise

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atlantis gay cruise october

PrimeTimers Alaska Cruise

Payment Event

Pay per check and send it to: Prime Timers of The Desert. PO Box 4508, Palm Springs, CA 92263

Or pay online

Vanco Payment

For Vanco and PayPal, add 3% convenience fee

Payment Possibilities Membership

Membership fees: Individual: $30.00 — Couple: $50.00

Your Application will only be processed, after the payment is received.

Breakfast: January 11th, 8:30 – 10:30 AM

Mixer: January 13th, 5 PM at the Roost in Cathedral City


The Ultimate Gay Cruise Guide

Atlantis cruises.

atlantis gay cruise october

LA to Mexico Cruise

October 23 – 30, 2023.

Get ready for the biggest party in the West when Atlantis takes over the massive Navigator of the Seas for a week of non-stop thrills and epic adventures. Sail from LA to Mexico’s best beaches with 3100 guys from around the world. With more incredible places for a party than any other ship, Navigator is the perfect setting for our friendliest and easiest cruise of the year. With fares starting at just $899 it’s the best deal ever in all-gay vacations!

atlantis gay cruise october

Singapore to Bangkok Cruise

November 11 – 20, 2023.

Atlantis returns to Asia in a big way in 2023 with an all-new, all-gay cruise from Singapore to Bangkok. In 9 magical nights, you’ll explore five of the world’s enthralling destinations from island paradises to thriving metropolises to fascinating temples. All as we sail the magnificent Norwegian Jewel, recently upgraded in every way and the perfect ship for exploring and enjoying all that Atlantis has to offer.

Get onboard this once in a lifetime exotic adventure for 2100 guys from all corners of the planet. There’s never been an Atlantis cruise like this with amazing low fares starting at just $1099 for 9 nights of pure magic.

atlantis gay cruise october

Oasis Caribbean Cruise

January 21 – 28, 2024.

Get onboard our all-new edition of the most outrageously fun cruise Atlantis has ever created! We’re sailing the fantastic Oasis of the Seas from Miami to four thrilling Caribbean islands to create a star-studded festival of pure excitement unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.   

Join 5200 guys from around the world for seven fabulous nights packed full of awe-inspiring parties, superstar performers, great friends, and endless surprises. There’s nothing like the Atlantis January cruise on sea or land. You have to experience this one for yourself.

atlantis gay cruise october

Virgin Exotic Southern Caribbean Cruise

March 16 – 23, 2024.

Atlantis charts a new course in 2024 when we set sail on Richard Branson’s Virgin Voyages from San Juan to four of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Discover a new way to play with unforgettable experiences everywhere! In seven magical nights you’ll discover jaw-dropping entertainment, fabulously original dining, gorgeous design, spectacular service and so much more on the dazzling new Brilliant Lady. It’s the perfect match of Virgin Voyages design plus Atlantis’ sensational entertainment and fun!

@keiynanlonsdale love in paradise 💕

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Cruise itinerary.

  • October 23 Los Angeles, CA Depart 4:00 pm
  • October 24 Awesome Day at Sea
  • October 25 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Arrive 12:00 pm - Depart 6:00 pm
  • October 26 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Arrive 11:00 am -
  • October 27 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Depart 2:00 am
  • October 27 Mazatlán, Mexico Arrive 12:00 pm - Depart 6:00 pm
  • October 28 Great Day at Sea
  • October 29 Relaxing Day at Sea
  • October 30 Los Angeles, CA Arrive 6:00 am
  • November 11 Singapore, Singapore Depart 7:00 pm
  • November 12 Port Klang (Kuala Lampur), Malaysia Arrive 9:00 am - Depart 7:00 pm
  • November 13 Langkawi Island, Malaysia Arrive 11:00 am - Depart 7:00 pm
  • November 14 A Relaxing Day At Sea
  • November 15 Playful Day at Sea
  • November 16 Ho Chi Minh City (Phu My), Vietnam Arrive 8:00 am - Depart 11:59 pm
  • November 17 An Indulgent Day at Sea
  • November 18 Sihanoukville, Cambodia Arrive 7:00 am - Depart 7:00 pm
  • November 19 Ko Samui, Thailand Arrive 8:00 am - Depart 6:00 pm
  • November 20 Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand Arrive 6:00 am
  • January 21 Miami Depart 4:30 pm
  • January 22 Nassau, Bahamas Arrive 8:00 am - Depart 4:00 pm
  • January 23 Coco Cay, Bahamas Arrive 7:00 am - Depart 5:00 pm
  • January 24 Extraordinary Day at Sea
  • January 25 Labadee, Haiti Arrive 8:00 am - Depart 5:00 pm
  • January 26 Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Arrive 10:00 am - Depart 6:00 pm
  • January 27 Awesome Day at Sea
  • January 28 Miami Arrive 7:00 am
  • March 16 San Juan, Puerto Rico Depart 8:30 pm
  • March 17 Epic Day at Sea
  • March 18 Oranjestad, Aruba Arrive 9:00 am - Depart 11:59 pm
  • March 19 Willemstad, Curacao Arrive 9:00 am - Depart 11:59 pm
  • March 20 Relaxing Day at Sea
  • March 21 Martinique Arrive 9:00 am - Depart 7:00 pm
  • March 22 Basseterre, St Kitts Arrive 8:00 am - Depart 5:00 pm
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The 9 best gay cruises for 2024 (+ planning tips).

Dance parties, drag queen performances and fun destinations await on these LGBTQ voyages.

The Best Gay Cruises

A party on board The Cruise With La Demence

Courtesy of The Cruise with La Demence

Embark on an all-gay or LGBTQ-friendly cruise for excellent entertainment, food and excursions.

Whether you are looking to hop aboard a Pride Week cruise with a major line or sail away with a smaller company that specializes in LGBTQ voyages, the following cruise operators promise a fun, safe and memorable vacation.

(Note: While many of these cruise lines sail to LGBTQ-friendly ports of call, travelers should research destinations to learn more about cultures, customs and safety in each location and determine what's right for them.)

Virgin Voyages

Atlantis events, brand g vacations, celebrity cruises, royal caribbean international, the cruise with la demence, source journeys.

Travelers lounge on a gay cruise with VACAYA

Gabriel Goldberg | Courtesy of VACAYA

Founded by avid travelers Randle Roper, Patrick Gunn and John Finen, VACAYA bills itself as the first all-LGBT travel company in the full-ship charter/resort buyout sector of the travel industry to launch in more than 25 years.

"[VACAYA] was sparked by our own vacations, where we all had encountered two very different experiences," says Gunn. "The all-gay cruises were liberating, empowering and fun, but limited to a small spectrum of people. And while everyone loves a good time, there's more to a memorable vacation than just parties. Mainstream vacations offered more activities and destinations, and were accessible to a diverse set of people, but didn't always feel like a friendly, judgment-free environment."

As such, VACAYA set out to bring LGBTQ travelers from across the spectrum together in a welcoming, inclusive setting, while offering varied onboard activities and immersive itinerary options. Cruisers will enjoy traveling to ports around the world, in the Caribbean , the Galápagos, Europe , Antarctica and more. You can participate in shipwide events ranging from themed deck parties to performances by LGBTQ entertainers to rejuvenating yoga classes. Note that VACAYA's cruises are for adults only.

Previous cruisers had abundant praise for VACAYA's voyages, highlighting the company's responsiveness when booking and the kindhearted staff, as well as the genuine connections they made with other passengers on board. Many were also impressed by the events and entertainment options throughout their sailings.

In 2024, VACAYA will offer a number of voyages worldwide. The seven-night Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity Apex in February will sail round-trip from Fort Lauderdale, with several fun-filled days at sea in addition to stops in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Antigua. In August, VACAYA has a 12-night river cruise in Northern Europe on board Advance by Transcend Cruises; this sailing includes the Amsterdam Pride event. The 11-night Antarctica expedition on Atlas Ocean Voyages' World Navigator in December 2024 is sold out, but you can join the waitlist.

The pool on a Virgin Voyages cruise ship

Courtesy of Virgin Voyages

The Virgin brand has long been known for its celebration of the LGBTQ community, and cruise line Virgin Voyages is no different. The strictly adults-only cruise operator aims to provide a unique experience, with onboard tattoo parlors, impressive live entertainment, and dining options that include more than 20 eateries and menus created by Michelin star chefs. This line gets the stamp of approval from previous LGBTQ cruisers, who praise the ships' gender-neutral bathrooms, diverse staff and onboard shows with resident drag queens.

Virgin Voyages offers gay-specific sailings through travel companies like Atlantis Events, but its more mainstream itineraries still offer a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that attracts LGBTQ cruisers year-round. Virgin hosts a number of events during Pride Month each year, including deck parties and interactive social media campaigns.

"Each June here at Virgin Voyages, we like to go big for Pride Month with larger-than-life events … all monthlong," the cruise line says in a statement on its website. "It's an important time for us – both internally within our crew and for our sailors – to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community; who for so long has had to continually fight for equality and the right to be seen, heard and included."

Virgin Voyages sails to a variety of LGBTQ-friendly countries, including New Zealand, Greece and Spain. In June 2024, consider a seven-night sailing aboard Scarlet Lady departing from Barcelona with stops in Marseille and Cannes in France as well as Spain's Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza.

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The world's largest gay and lesbian travel brand, Atlantis Events was founded in 1991 and welcomes more than 20,000 travelers annually on LGBTQ vacations. For its all-gay cruises, Atlantis charters megaships from popular lines like Royal Caribbean International , Norwegian Cruise Line and Virgin Voyages in addition to smaller vessels with companies like Oceania Cruises so cruisers will have a fully immersive experience.

On board, travelers can enjoy all the perks these ships have to offer (think: pools, hot tubs, sports courts and plenty of dining choices), plus special events like drag performances, motivational speakers, LGBTQ movies on demand in each cabin and high-energy circuit parties across the ship.

"As an LGBTQ cruiser, you're looking for a ship with lots of entertainment, including dance parties and events," says Marcos Martinez, founder of Men Who Brunch, a Black gay lifestyle blog. "One of the best cruise [lines] for gay cruising is Atlantis, since you'll be able to meet hundreds of attractive men and party all day and night on the ship."

Atlantis hosts primarily gay men; women make up about 5% to 10% of bookings, according to the Atlantis website. Previous cruisers said the atmosphere on board was fun, friendly and welcoming, though some noted that the company's customer service could be better, especially when it comes to details about the cruise.

Due to the company's popularity, its three 2024 cruises are already sold out.

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Travelers on an all-gay cruise with Brand g Vacations pose in front of the Taj Mahal

Courtesy of Brand G Vacations

Specializing in all-gay river cruises – and now luxury ocean liners – Brand g Vacations was founded in 2011 and explores destinations all over the world. Chartered river cruises typically welcome between 40 and 200 LGBTQ passengers (and their straight allies), which allows cruisers to get to know one another in a smaller setting. Guests tend to skew more mature (think: 40 and older), and the line attracts both men and women.

Onboard entertainment differs slightly from larger ocean voyages: Expect more cabaret-style entertainment than massive all-night dance parties. Cruisers will also enjoy performances by drag queens, gay Broadway stars and more, on top of typical river cruise perks like sightseeing and lavish meals. Past guests recommend choosing Brand g if you're looking for a well-planned, relaxed and luxurious experience over a busier, more party-heavy vacation.

Brand g aims to provide a nearly all-inclusive cruise experience , with Mercedes or small van airport transfers, upscale hotel stays prior to embarkation, and unlimited alcoholic beverages as well as meals included in the fare. As such, prices tend to be on the high end. Plus, cruisers can feel good about their trip knowing that Brand g donates to causes in the U.S. and around the world that assist LGBTQ refugees, AIDS organizations, LGBTQ centers and more.

In 2024, Brand g sails through unique waterways around the world, including the Amazon, the Loire, the Danube, the Mekong, and the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The line's small cruise ship charters also take guests to Iceland, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Croatia and other European destinations.

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atlantis gay cruise october

Tips on Trips and Expert Picks

Travel tips, vacation ideas and more to make your next vacation stellar.

Aerial shot of Celebrity Cruises ship Celebrity Apex at sunset

Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises sets the scene for an excellent vacation for gay travelers, from its extravagant annual Pride parties to its daily LGBTQ programming throughout the year. The mainstream line has received numerous awards for its inclusivity, receiving accolades from the Cruizie Awards, TTG Travel Awards and Travel Weekly's Magellan Awards for being one of the best cruise lines for LGBTQ passengers.

LGBTQ cruisers can start their vacations off on a high note with a special welcome party on the first night of their voyage to meet other travelers on board. After night one, there are other social events for gay cruisers to party and hang out together. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises was the first cruise line to legally marry a couple at sea in 2018, and it continues to perform same-sex marriages on its ships.

Past cruisers enjoyed their voyages with Celebrity, noting that the line was welcoming, the food was delicious, and there were plenty of areas to hang out as a group with fellow LGBTQ passengers or other companions throughout the ship.

Although all itineraries are gay-friendly, consider booking a sailing during Pride Month in June for an extra special experience. Onboard entertainment during this month includes guest entertainers, a flag raising ceremony, Celebrity's signature Pride Party at Sea and more. The Italian Riviera & France cruise will depart from Barcelona on June 8, 2024, on the new Celebrity Ascent; this 10-night Mediterranean sailing stops at ports in France, Italy and Malta. Private travel companies like VACAYA also charter Celebrity ships for all-gay voyages throughout the year.

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Young Lesbian Couple on Boat Trip on Summer Vacations.

Getty Images

Specifically marketed toward lesbians and LGBTQ women, Olivia has hosted more than 350,000 travelers by land and sea over five decades. Cruisers can choose between river voyages or ocean sailings to destinations around the world. On the lesbian cruises, expect a mix of nostalgic decade-themed dance parties, folk singers, writing workshops, karaoke and other activities. Cruisers can also relax poolside, spend some time in the onboard spa or take it easy in one of the ships' lounges.

Travelers who are looking to connect with others who share similar backgrounds can do so in one of Olivia's specialized programs. There are group and solo traveler meetups, as well as programs like Sisters, which is for LGBTQ women of color; Gen-O, for cruisers 40 and younger; Women in Uniform gatherings, for veterans and those currently in the armed forces; and events for OWLs (which stands for "older, wiser lesbians"). Past cruisers on Olivia's voyages report feeling a true sense of community and belonging on board, resulting in a fun, carefree trip.

In June 2024, set sail with Olivia from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Dublin on Windstar Cruises' Star Legend. Or, visit the islands of Tahiti on the line's Star Breeze in September. Other cruise itineraries include Alaska, the Greek Isles, Mexico and the Panama Canal.

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Aerial shot of Royal Caribbean International cruise ship

Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International provides a welcoming and inclusive experience for LGBTQ travelers. The popular cruise line frequently partners with Atlantis Events to offer all-gay voyages throughout the year, but even the standard sailings earn praise.

Highlights of the sailings are the ships' entertainment options (including the Tony Award-winning musical "Mamma Mia!") and attentive staff, according to past cruisers. Itineraries typically include LGBTQ meetups at the beginning of each cruise for gay travelers to meet like-minded passengers. Outside of the sailing experience, Royal Caribbean has also publicly committed to supporting the LGBTQ community throughout the year, and it was the first cruise line to earn the title "Gay Traveler Approved" from GayTravel in 2016.

In 2024, consider a Royal Caribbean voyage that sails to gay-friendly destinations. "Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, [is] full of gay bars, clubs and gay beaches," says Martinez. Hop aboard Navigator of the Seas in May for a seven-night sailing round-trip from Los Angeles that stops in Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada, Mexico. Navigator of the Seas also hosts a seven-night itinerary throughout the year that calls on Mazatlan, Mexico, as well.

Ready to plan a cruise? Find the best value sailings on  GoToSea , a service of U.S. News.

A party on board The Cruise With La Demence

Courtesy of The Cruise With La Demence

According to past cruisers, if you're looking for one of the best party scenes on the open seas, consider an all-gay cruise with La Demence. Powered by a popular gay nightclub in Brussels with the same name, La Demence – French for "the madness" – primarily caters to a European crowd. Most passengers are male, though women are also welcome.

On board, passengers should expect to dance the night away at massive deck parties that last into the wee hours of the morning. The line prides itself on its top-notch DJs, impressive light setup and electric party atmosphere. Previous cruisers had high praise for the itineraries – which exclusively visit gay-friendly locations – as well as the fruity cocktails, themed nights (costumes strongly encouraged) and glamorous entertainment. Enjoy unique events like drag bingo, high heel runs and more.

La Demence sails every summer to European destinations like Greece, Italy and Malta. The 2023 cruise was chartered on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. Fares include all food and nonalcoholic beverages, plus access to all parties, shows and the onboard gym.

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Source Journeys has been planning luxury vacations for LGBTQ travelers for more than 20 years. The Miami-based company, with the vision of founder and chief executive officer Craig Smith, offers small group land tours and full-charter cruises for like-minded travelers with a focus on giving back to the communities they visit. The company also supports LGBTQ organizations, such as the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign.

Past guests of their tours say their fellow travelers were as fun and interesting as the destinations. They appreciated the excellent personalized planning for the trips by Smith and his life partner, Rafael Rodriguez.

The company's cruises in 2024 include a seven-night Galápagos sailing in late September on a Relais & Chateau luxury yacht: Ecoventura's new ship, Evolve. The intimate ship accommodates just 20 passengers. Source Journeys is also offering a seven-night river cruise through Burgundy and Provence, France, in June on Avalon Waterways' Avalon Poetry II, as well as a seven-night voyage from Venice along the Dalmatian Coast. This ocean cruise scheduled in August is chartered on Star Clippers' masted sailing ship, Royal Clipper.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to gay cruising, gone are the days of discreet "Friends of Dorothy" meetups. The term – a euphemism that dates back to the 1950s – was once used to indicate gay social events on daily cruise line programs, without explicitly calling out members of the community on board. It's a far cry from today's LGBTQ cruising industry, which loudly and proudly celebrates passengers from all walks of life.

According to experts, LGBTQ cruising is a market that will only continue to grow. Travelers can take their pick between cruise operators tailored specifically to queer communities and major cruise lines that offer festive Pride celebrations and inclusive onboard entertainment. As travel on the high seas continues to grow in popularity for vacationers, gay and lesbian travelers should consider setting sail on a fun-filled cruise vacation for their next trip.

When planning a cruise, vacationers should first consider what their ideal sailing looks like.

Gay-friendly vs. all-gay sailings: Cruisers should think about whether they'd like to travel aboard a gay-friendly mainstream line – such as Celebrity Cruises or Virgin Voyages – or opt for an all-gay, full-ship charter with a third-party vacation company.

"Each and every LGBTQIAPK person has a different level of comfortability in their 'outness,' " says Patrick Gunn, co-founder and chief marketing officer of LGBTQ vacation company VACAYA. Of VACAYA's all-gay charters, he adds, "For one magical week, our community gets to be the majority and live life out loud in the blissful utopia VACAYA creates on a gay cruise. That single change from being an always-minority to a sudden majority can have a profoundly positive real-world effect on individuals."

  • Travel style: Some cruise operators (think: Atlantis Events and La Demence) are known for their electrifying all-night parties, which may be perfect for gay groups of friends. Meanwhile, other companies like VACAYA and Olivia look to provide a more diverse selection of activities, ranging from tea dances (LGBTQ parties that, historically, included tea service) to philanthropic service activities to immersive onshore experiences.
  • Ports of call: Some of the most LGBTQ- and gay-friendly destinations for cruises include: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Sydney; Barcelona, Spain; Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan; Helsinki; Quebec City; Auckland, New Zealand; Mykonos, Greece; Reykjavik, Iceland; Amsterdam; Tel Aviv, Israel; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and San Francisco. Countries that gay travelers may want to avoid include the Maldives, Jamaica, Morocco, Malaysia and Haiti, as homosexuality is illegal in these destinations.

Why Trust U.S. News Travel

Gwen Pratesi has been an avid cruiser since her early 20s. She has visited destinations around the globe on nearly every type of ship built, including the newest megaships, luxury yachts, expedition vessels, traditional masted sailing ships and intimate river ships on the Mekong River. Pratesi covers the travel and culinary industries for major publications, including U.S. News & World Report.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Logo for Atlantis Events

About Atlantis Guests

What is the typical Atlantis guest like?

There is no typical guest on an Atlantis vacation, which is what makes the experience so much fun. Our guests range from their 20s to retirement age and beyond. They come from all over the US and all over the world. And their interests and experiences are as varied as the gay community overall. Community is what it's all about at Atlantis, so wherever you are, you'll feel at home.

Do I have to have a great body to fit in on an Atlantis vacation?

Very funny. Seriously, while we have some great bodies in our brochure and website (remember it IS marketing!), Atlantis is really all about being yourself and feeling great about who you are. Whatever shape you're in, you're going to feel right at home on Atlantis. We promise.

Are women welcome on Atlantis vacations?

Absolutely. Women have traveled on every Atlantis vacation ever produced. They typically represent between 5 and 10% of our guests, but we're working to make that number grow. Most of our female guests are couples. Check out our page on Women & Atlantis for more information.

Is there a minimum age?

At this time, the minimum age for our guests is 18. Guests between 18 and 21 must travel with a companion over the age of 25, staying in the same stateroom.

Is it easy to connect with others on an Atlantis vacation?

You bet. Meeting new people is the most valued part of the Atlantis experience for most of our guests, and it's why so many guests return again and again. Every Atlantis vacation is chock full of parties, events, and gatherings that make it easy for you to introduce yourself to other guests. And we have our Atlantis team the whole time to facilitate fun and interactions.

About Atlantis Vacations

Is there Internet access on Atlantis cruises?

All our ships are equipped with satellite internet service, accessible via wifi from your own computer or from public computers onboard. There is a fee for this service, which can be quite substantial if used frequently.

Which is better for me: An Atlantis Cruise or Atlantis All-Inclusive Resort vacation?

Our cruises and resorts both offer a phenomenal vacation experience that is about community and having a fun, relaxing time. The variety of events and entertainment is what makes all Atlantis vacations special. You can't go wrong either way. However if you really love time on the beach, want a relaxed environment, or really get into sports activities, you may prefer a Club Atlantis resort vacation. If the non-stop excitement, endless entertainment, and multiple ports of a cruise appeal to you, then join us as we set sail. Of course, you could always try both.

I'll be traveling alone. How does that work?

Almost half our guests travel on their own, so we make it easy and affordable with our Room Share Program. If you would like to share a room, we will find a roommate for you at no additional charge. Roommates are assigned by smoking preference; share rooms are available in the categories listed on each program and are subject to availability. If you would like a resort room for single occupancy, we can accommodate you for a modest supplement. Cruise staterooms are subject to a 100% surcharge for single occupancy. Availability of single rooms is limited. Please check out our page on Single Travelers for more information.

Are the staff members of the cruise lines or resorts gay-friendly?

Absolutely. We work very closely with the cruise and resort companies to ensure that their staff members welcome Atlantis guests just as they do everyone else. Actually, most staff members request to work our weeks because the group is so much fun. You can rest easy.

What is included in my Atlantis vacation?

Virtually everything is included in our cruise and resort vacations: meals, entertainment, most sports with instruction, activities, parties, and tips. Our Club Atlantis resorts even include all your drinks! All Atlantis vacations include everything described on the individual tour descriptions of the website and brochure.

What is not included in my Atlantis vacation?

The things that are not included in an Atlantis vacation are few and far between. Optional excursions, optional specialty restaurants, some sports, bar charges, spa services, telephone calls, and shop purchases can usually be charged to your room and settled upon departure.

What is a "Non-Commissionable Fare and Port Fee" charge for?

The non-commissionable fares and port fees cover the cost of various port taxes, port fees, tonnage charges, and other costs related to your cruise that are not covered in the price of the cruise ticket. These charges may contain administrative fees and other direct costs of your vacation as well.

How does Atlantis assign rooms/cabins to guests?

Reserving early gets you the best selection of rooms. Cruise staterooms are assigned at the time of booking. Resort rooms are assigned in order of reservation. We make every effort to honor special requests, subject to availability and prior requests.

What are the accommodations like?

Atlantis uses only top-rated cruise lines and resorts, with high standards for rooms throughout. You can learn more about the specific accommodations in each price range by checking out the vacation descriptions on the website.

Is smoking permitted on Atlantis vacations?

Smoking is permitted only in designated areas on Atlantis cruise and resort vacations. Most of our restaurants are designated non-smoking.

Can Atlantis handle special dietary needs?

Our cruise lines and resorts will make every attempt to accommodate dietary needs and restrictions. Please advise us of special needs at least two weeks prior to departure.

Are there 12-step meetings on Atlantis vacations?

Yes. Atlantis offers a daily meeting for members of all 12-step programs.

Before You Book

Do I need a visa or passport?

A valid passport is required for all travel. Citizens of other countries may require a visa. Your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months following your trip to avoid any potential problems. All documentation is your responsibility so please make sure that everything is in order before your departure..

When will I receive my travel documents after booking?

Once you've made your initial deposit, we will email you a statement confirming your booking. Please review this information to make sure it is correct. Approximately one month prior to your trip departure, we will email your travel documentation that includes cruise registration, packing suggestions, and other specific information pertaining to your trip. In addition, we make much of the pre-departure information available on the Atlantis website several weeks prior to departure, in the Already Booked section of the cruise page.

What are my payment options?

You have three ways to pay for your Atlantis vacation.

Option 1 offers an initial deposit and up to 2 installment payments thereafter, with the final balance due 90 days before departure.

Option 2 offers guests the ability to spread payments over a period of time with a low initial deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. Monthly payments are due on the 1st day of each month, with the final payment due 60 days before departure.

Option 3 offers the ability to pay in full. Learn more about these options and specific costs on our  Terms & Conditions  page.

Does Atlantis have a monthly installment payment plan?

Yes. Atlantis also offers a flexible payment options that lets you pay for your vacation in easy, automatic monthly payments, at no additional charge. Depending on the payment plan, your final balance may be due 60-90 days prior to departure.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is detailed in Atlantis Guest Reservation Terms and Conditions .

What is the likelihood of a trip cancelling?

It is highly unlikely that an Atlantis Cruise or Club Atlantis would be cancelled. In 31 years of operation, the COVID-19 Pandemic was the first cause for such cancellations. We have great relationships with our travel partners and do everything we can to provide incredible experiences while providing a safe environment to ensure the health and wellness of our guests.

What does Atlantis do versus the cruise lines and resort operators?

Atlantis Events is a charter company. We work with various suppliers (cruise lines and resorts) to take over their ships/resorts for a specific period of time, creating bespoke experiences for the charter/resort including customized entertainment, parties and itineraries. In order to do this, we enter into a contract with the cruise line/resort operator, typically a year or more in advance, granting Atlantis exclusive use of the ship/resort for the specific period of time, including all staff, services, and amenities. Atlantis then ‘owns’ the inventory of the cruise/resort, and in turn, markets and sells cabins/rooms for the contracted time period to our customers (as detailed in the  Atlantis Guest Reservation Terms and Conditions ).

Why doesn’t Atlantis have flexibility in cancellations?

When Atlantis enters into a charter agreement (or resort contract) we own the inventory of the ship/resort for the specific contractual period. We are contractually obligated to pay for this inventory upfront. Unlike the cruise lines/resort operators, we do not have multiple ships and an open calendar of dates to reschedule guests on. We have designed our  Cancellation and Transfer Policy  to be fair and equitable, allowing for changes and cancellations with escalating cancellation charges over time, based on the cruise departure date (or resort start date). In the unlikely event that Atlantis does cancel a cruise or resort prior to departure (i.e. if the supplier is unable to fulfill their contractual obligation), Atlantis does refund all monies to our guests.

Should I buy trip insurance?

Absolutely. You’re spending thousands of dollars for your vacation and a few extra dollars will help protect you from emergencies. You insure your car and home, why not your vacation? Some policies offer a waiver of all pre-existing medical conditions and help protect many unexpected occurrences. There are many types of travel insurance, but we offer Travelex. You may purchase Travelex Insurance  here .

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries and may be changed without notice. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travelex Insurance Services, Inc. CA Agency License #0D10209. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276. V94


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    WHAT: The only Mexico Atlantis cruise of the year, and the only one to sail from the west coast. WHEN: October 20-27, 2019. WHERE: Sails from and returns to Los Angeles, California, USA. Itinerary & Ports. October 20 Los Angeles. October 21 At Sea . October 22 Cabo San Lucas. October 23 Puerto Vallarta. October 24 Mazatlan. October 25 At Sea ...

  10. Final Prep & Boarding Advice! Atlantis 2022 LA-Mexico October

    It's almost time for the Atlantis 2022 LA-Mexico October gay cruise and I've got David and Jeremy to help give you some tips and tricks for the days leading up to your vacation, getting to the port and boarding the ship, and settling in after you've boarded.

  11. My Atlantis Gay Cruise Trip

    On the dick deck at 10 PM, yes…you will get groped… and then some. The rest of the boat is a bit more relaxed. It can sometimes be "cruisy" but it's definitely not all sex, sex, sex. Lots of first-timers expect Atlantis gay cruises to be a constant sex party, but it's not exactly like that. The Atlantis cruise I went on offered ...

  12. Flights & Hotel for the Atlantis 2022 LA-Mexico October Cruise

    When to fly and where to stay, both before and after the Atlantis 2022 LA-Mexico October gay cruise!All advice for this cruise:

  13. PrimeTimers Mexico Halloween Cruise

    The all-gay Atlantis Halloween cruise begins on October 26th and finishes November 2nd. The sailing will visit Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Cabo San Lucas. A $50 onboard credit will be given to all those who book through the PrimeTimers of the Desert. The PToD will provide free bus transportation from Palm Springs to San Diego and back.

  14. Gay Cruises

    November 11 - 20, 2023. Atlantis returns to Asia in a big way in 2023 with an all-new, all-gay cruise from Singapore to Bangkok. In 9 magical nights, you'll explore five of the world's enthralling destinations from island paradises to thriving metropolises to fascinating temples. All as we sail the magnificent Norwegian Jewel, recently ...

  15. Kathy Griffin explains an Atlantis gay cruise to Jimmy Kimmel

    You can see legendary comic Kathy Griffin live on our upcoming LA to Mexico Cruise, sailing October 23-30. A few rooms are still open from just $899 -- cheaper than staying home and a lot more fun!

  16. Atlantis Halloween Mexico Riviera Cruise

    Atlantis returns to America's Favorite City San Diego to set sail on the Largest Party Cruise on the West Coast. Mexican Riviera Cruise Halloween Edition. October 26 - November 2, 2024. On the Newly Remodeled Beautiful HAL Koningsdam Ship with 2650 Guests. It is the 1st time Atlantis is using this HAL class of ship on the West Coast.

  17. Atlantis Events

    Atlantis All-Gay Cruises and Resorts. Atlantis Events, West Hollywood, CA. 117,380 likes · 192 talking about this. Atlantis All-Gay Cruises and Resorts ...

  18. Joey's Guide to: Atlantis Harmony 2023 Cruise

    This page will be updated as Atlantis and Royal Caribbean releases more information on the cruise, so check back often! ... The Ultimate Gay Cruise Packing Checklist #7: Final Preparations & Boarding Day. Bonus: Get familiar with the ship. Cruises Joey T January 2, 2023. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes.

  19. The 9 Best Gay Cruises for 2024 (+ Planning Tips)

    For its all-gay cruises, Atlantis charters megaships from popular lines like Royal Caribbean International, ... Updated on Oct. 17, 2023: ...

  20. @kathygriffin explains an Atlantis gay cruise to Jimmy Kimmel before

    @kathygriffin explains an Atlantis gay cruise to Jimmy Kimmel before her appearance on our LA to Mexico Cruise sailing October 23-30, 2023. She might have embellished things a bit, but it was absolutely hilarious! We can't wait to see her onboard and have a big green dot waiting for her!

  21. Frequent Asked Questions

    Halloween San Diego to Mexico Cruise Oct 26 - Nov 2, 2024 Sold Out! Resorts. ... Are the staff members of the cruise lines or resorts gay-friendly? ... It is highly unlikely that an Atlantis Cruise or Club Atlantis would be cancelled. In 31 years of operation, the COVID-19 Pandemic was the first cause for such cancellations. ...