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  • Year of built 2022
  • Length (LOA) 345 m / 1131 ft
  • Passengers 6264
  • Destination FRMRS-ESBCN
  • ETA June 17, 04:15
  • Speed 16 kn / 30 km/h
  • Temperature

Arvia has arrived: Biggest cruise ship built for Britain arrives home to Southampton

  • Cruise ship
  • Tuesday 20 December 2022 at 8:33am

arvia new cruise ship

ITV Meridian's Richard Slee reports from Southampton

The biggest cruise ship ever built for the British market arrived in her home port of Southampton for the first time this lunchtime. 

Arvia is able to carry 5,500 passengers with 1,500 crew. The ship is the latest on the P&O Cruises fleet. 

Hundreds braved the poor weather this morning to watch her arrive as she sailed down the Solent. 

The company say it’s a much needs boost to the south’s economy. 

At 185,000 tonnes, 345m in length with 16 guest decks and breaking new ground for guest experiences, Arvia is P&O Cruises' second ship to be powered by liquefied natural gas, the marine industry’s most advanced fuel technology to date.

Arvia, meaning “from the seashore,” is an innovative and future-focused ship and the latest evolution in the P&O Cruises experience, embodying the newest trends in travel, dining and entertainment to offer varied and contemporary holidays.

arvia new cruise ship

The top 10 biggest cruise ships in the world

M odern cruise ships continue to grow in size, with the biggest cruise ship, the Icon of the Seas , launching at the start of this year, and her sister ship the Star of the Seas expected to surpass her in size.

Both of these ships are operated by Royal Caribbean International, which operates five of the ten largest cruise ships in the world. Carnival Corporation, arguably the biggest cruise company in the world, features three times on the list through its subsidiaries P&O Cruises and Costa Cruises.

All of the heaviest cruise ships in the world were built within the last 20 years, although the majority – six of the ten – were built within the last five years.

So, here are the top ten biggest cruise ships in the world, by gross tonnage. 

10. P&O Cruises MS Arvia : 185,581 gross tonnes

The MS Arvia is P&O Cruises’ fourth ship to be built by German shipyard Meyer Werft. Weighing in at 185,581 gross tonnes, the 345m (1,130-foot) Arvia is slightly larger than her sister ship, the MS Iona . The 20-deck ship is the largest ship commissioned for the British cruise market and has a maximum passenger capacity of 6,264 passengers, with 1,800 crew onboard. 

The ship is the second liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered Excellence-class vessel for P&O, following the Iona . Arvia is powered by a 61,760kW LNG drive system, with a propulsion power of 37 megawatts. The LNG-powered propulsion system allows the vessel to sail at a maximum speed of 21.5 knots.

After being floated out in August 2022, the Arvia mainly operates itineraries around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean.

9. Costa Cruises – Costa Smeralda : 185,010 gross tonnes

The Costa Smeralda is the first LNG-powered vessel in the Costa Cruises fleet. With a gross tonnage of 185,010gt, the 20-deck Excellence-class ship measures 337m (1,106 feet) in length. The second LNG-powered cruise ship to enter operation in the world, she has a maximum capacity of 6,554 passengers with 1,646 crew and a service speed of 21.5 knots.

Construction of the Costa Smeralda began at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland, in September 2017. Meyer Turku collaborated with the Meyer Werft Papenburg shipyard to develop and integrate the LNG propulsion plant for the ship. She is fitted with four 16-cylinder, Caterpillar MaK 16VM46DF engines, with 15.4 megawatts (20,710 horsepower) output per engine, resulting in a maximum power of  37 megawatts (50,000 horsepower).

The ship, which was named after the Emerald Coast of Sardinia, entered service in December 2019 , departing Savona on its maiden voyage in the Mediterranean, where it has sailed since.

8. Costa Cruises – Costa Toscana : 186,364 gross tonnes

The Costa Toscana is the sister ship of the Costa Smeralda and is also powered by LNG . measuring 337m (1,106 feet) long and weighing in at 186,364 gross tonnes, the Toscana has a maximum capacity of 6,338 passengers and 1,678 staff across her 20 decks.

Like her sister ship, the Toscana was also built at the Meyer shipyard in Finland, with construction completed in 2021. She is also powered by four MaK-Caterpillar engines, with a total power of 57.2 megawatts (76,706 horsepower), and two ABB Azipod motors , resulting in a service speed of 17 knots.

Named in homage to the Tuscany region of Italy, Costa Toscana mainly sails around the Mediterranean Sea but Costa Cruises has also used the ship to sail itineraries further afield, such as around Brazil and the UAE.

7. MSC Cruises – MSC World Europa : 215,863 gross tonnes

The only entry in the top ten from MSC Cruises, MSC World Europa measures 333m (1,094 feet) in length. With 215,863 gross tonnage, she can house more people than any other ship in the MSC fleet: up to 6,762 passengers across 2,633 cabins spread over 22 decks, in addition to 2,138 crew.

Built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France, the World Europa ’s LNG-power propulsion system was subcontracted to Finland-based Wärtsilä. Five LNG-powered, 14-cylinder Wartsila 46DF dual-fuel engines power the vessel, with a propulsion power of 44 megawatts ( 59,005 horsepower). She also features nitrogen oxide reduction (NOR) units, two Wartsila LNGPac fuel storage and supply systems, seven thrusters, and two fixed-pitch propellers. 

The MSC World Europa was floated out at the end of 2021 and was initially used as an accommodation vessel for fans attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with the ship berthed at Doha Port in Qatar during the tournament. Following the competition, the ship subsequently travelled several routes around the UAE, before sailing to the Mediterranean, where it has sailed itineraries since.

6. Royal Caribbean International – Allure of the Seas : 225,282 gross tonnes

The first of many entries on this list operated by Royal Caribbean, Allure of the Seas weighs in at 225,282 gross tonnes. Measuring 362m (1,187 feet), she is only 50mm (2 inches) longer than her sister ship the Oasis of the Seas . The Allure has a maximum capacity of 6,780 passengers and 2,200 crew across 18 decks.

Built at the Turku Shipyard in Finland, the Allure took two years to build , floating out in 2010. She features six Wärtsilä 46 diesel engines with a total power output of 97 megawatts (130,053 horsepower). It is propelled by three electric Azipod azimuth thrusters. The ship can travel at a cruising speed of 22 knots.

With a homeport of Galveston, Texas in the US, the Allure mainly serves itineraries around the Bahamas but she is scheduled to sail routes around the Mediterranean in 2025.

5. Royal Caribbean International – Oasis of the Seas : 226,838 gross tonnes

The oldest ship on this list, the Oasis of the Seas has been in service for over a decade. She was the biggest cruise ship at the time when floated out in 2009, with a gross tonnage of 226,838gt and a length of 360m (1,181 feet). The Oasis has a maximum capacity of 6,699 passengers and 2,181 staff across 18 decks.

The Oasis took two years to build at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland, with the keel laid on 12 November 2007 and the ship arriving at her homeport of Port Everglades in Florida, US, on 13 November 2009.

The Oasis is powered by eight Wärtsilä V12 diesel engines, which generate 5.6 megawatts (7,500 horsepower) each, alongside four bow thrusters. The main propulsion system consists of three 20-megawatt (26,820 horsepower) electric Azipod motors, resulting in a combined propulsion power of 82 megawatts (109,964 horsepower) and a standard cruising speed of 23 knots.

The Oasis mainly operates routes around the Caribbean, but occasionally repositions to offer itineraries in the Mediterranean.

4. Royal Caribbean International – Harmony of the Seas : 226,963 gross tonnes

The third Oasis-class ship built by Royal Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas weighed in bigger than her existing sister ships at launch in 2016, with 226,963 gross tonnage, but she has since been surpassed by newer vessels. With a total length of 362m (1,188 feet), Harmony has a maximum capacity of 6,780 passengers and 2,300 staff across 18 decks.

Royal Caribbean placed an order with STX France for the construction of Harmony of the Seas in December 2012. The first steel for the ship was cut at STX France’s Saint-Nazaire shipyard in September 2013, while the keel-laying ceremony was held in May 2014.

The Harmony is powered by three 18.9-megawatt Wärtsilä 16V46 16-cylinder main generator diesel engines and three Wärtsilä 12V46 12-cylinder engines producing 13.9 megawatts each. The propulsion power is provided by three electric Azipod azimuth thrusters and manoeuvring is assisted by four 5.5-megawatt Wärtsilä CT 3500 tunnel thrusters. The propulsion system results in 82 megawatts (109,964 horsepower) and enables the ship to sail at a standard speed of 23 knots.

Harmony of the Seas embarked on her inaugural seven-night Western Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona, Spain, in June 2016, and currently operates itineraries around the Western Caribbean from her homeport of Galveston, Texas in the US.

3. Royal Caribbean International – Symphony of the Seas : 228,081 gross tonnes

At launch in 2018, the Symphony of the Seas surpassed the Harmony as the biggest cruise ship, weighing in at 228,081 gross tonnes. Measuring 361m (1,185 feet), the Symphony has a maximum capacity of 6,680 passengers and 2,200 staff across 18 decks and was the testing ground for Royal Caribbean's new muster drill . With a total length of 361m (1,185 feet), She is roughly 30 metres (98 feet) longer than the largest military ships , the US Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and the USS Gerald R. Ford .

The keel-laying ceremony for the Symphony of the Seas was held in October 2015 at STX’s Saint-Nazaire shipyard in France, and the ship sailed out in June 2017. She is powered by six diesel sets, each composed of three Wärtsilä 16V46D engines and three Wärtsilä 12V46D engines, as well as three 20-megawatt electric Azipod main engines – resulting in 82 megawatts (109,964 horsepower) of propulsion power and a standard cruising speed of 22 knots.

The Symphony commenced her seven-day maiden voyage from Barcelona in April 2018, and since then has mainly operated itineraries around the Caribbean from her homeports of Miami, New York, and Fort Lauderdale.

2. Royal Caribbean International – Wonder of the Seas : 235,600 gross tonnes

Royal Caribbean's flagship, Wonder of the Seas is the fifth Oasis-class cruise ship built for the cruise company. Weighing in at 235,600 gross tonnes, the Wonder was the largest ship in the world when she was completed in January 2022. Measuring 362m (1,187 feet) in length, the 18-deck Wonder has a maximum capacity of 7,084 guests across its 2,867 staterooms, as well as housing 2,369 crew.

Built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, Wonder is powered by two Wärtsilä 16V46D engines and four Wärtsilä 12V46D engines; and uses three 20-megawatt electric Azipod engines for propulsion, combining for a propulsion power of 82 megawatts (109,964 horsepower and a standard cruising speed of 22 knots.

The Wonder sailed her maiden voyage in March 2022 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has since served itineraries around the Caribbean from her homeports of Miami and Cape Canaveral.

1. Royal Caribbean International – Icon of the Seas : 248,663 gross tonnes

Weighing 248,663 gross tonnes and measuring 365 metres (1,1967 feet), the Icon of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. Christened on 23 January 2024, the Icon has a maximum capacity of 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew across 20 decks. She is the lead ship of the new Icon-class, with a sister ship the Star of the Seas due to be delivered in 2025 and another ship planned for delivery in 2026.

Built by Meyer Turku in Finland, the Icon is the first ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet that can be powered by LNG. It uses three Wärtsilä 14V46DF and three Wärtsilä 12V46DF for its main generator engines, which provide 67.5 megawatts of energy to run the ship. She is propelled by three 20-megawatt Azipod thrusters as well as five 4.8-megawatt Wärtsilä WTT-45 CP bow thrusters, with a cruising speed of 22 knots.

After sailing her maiden voyage on 27 January 2024, the Icon now sails year-round itineraries of seven-night trips around the Eastern and Western Caribbean from her homeport of Miami, Florida.

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The top 10 biggest cruise ships in the world

Palm trees and parrots abound: What it's like on Margaritaville at Sea's new cruise ship

arvia new cruise ship

  • The line's new ship, Islander, has 13 bars and lounges.
  • The ship got a Margaritaville makeover, with parrots and palm trees abounding.
  • The vibes are good, with excitement on board even during the short preview cruise.

The door to my cabin had barely closed behind me when I saw the first margarita of my Margaritaville at Sea cruise. Or the recipe for one, at least.

On a shelf, “Margaritaville: The Cookbook: Relaxed Recipes for a Taste of Paradise” was opened to a recipe for “Jimmy’s Perfect Margarita.” Suddenly, a refreshment sounded quite good.

Luckily, I was in the right place aboard the line’s new ship, Margaritaville at Sea Islander , which has 13 bars and lounges. What better way to set my proverbial watch to “Islander time”? (“Welcome to Islander time” is an official greeting on board).

I spent two nights aboard the 2,650-passenger vessel ahead of its first official sailing for the line on Friday. Here’s what stood out to me.

Jimmy Buffett is everywhere

As the man behind the Margaritaville empire , I expected some Jimmy Buffett references on board. But I was struck by how the line leaned in. 

Buffett’s novel, “A Salty Piece of Land,” was on the coffee table in my Signature Grand Suite, and a sign on the wall displayed the lyrics to his song, “Lovely Cruise.” The words, “I’m sorry it’s ended, it’s sad but it’s true / Honey, it’s been a lovely cruise,” seem even more poignant following his death in 2023 .

Elsewhere the nods were less subtle, with multiple flip-flop art pieces featuring the musician’s face and two Jimmy Buffett concerts listed on the ship’s schedule during the first day alone.

The brand’s appeal goes beyond his fans, however. Margaritaville at Sea CEO Christopher Ivy said the line tries to celebrate the ethos the singer represented (he even recently interacted with a guest who didn’t know who Buffett was).

“It's become much more broad, and we try to bring that through,” he said during a media briefing on board. “So, if you're a fan, great, but the catalog and the lifestyle behind it, we try to really make resonate.”

But even as a casual Buffett listener – don’t come for me, Parrotheads – I enjoyed the effect like he was our honorary co-captain.

What should I pack for a cruise?: Here are 5 essential items to bring

The ship got a Margaritaville makeover

Islander is new to Margaritaville, but it’s not new. The vessel, which previously sailed as Costa Atlantica, was originally launched in 2000.

The ship was renovated before relaunching as Islander this month, and the line blended updates with retro remnants of its former life. Ivy said there “are really no areas of the vessel that didn't have an extensive reimagining.”

Parrots and palm trees abound, from illustrations on the ship’s exterior to wallpaper in the halls, and a giant flip-flop anchors the ship’s soaring atrium (this proved a popular photo spot on my sailing). As the cruise director put it on stage one night, “We worship the flip flop here on board.”

On the landings between staircases, signs read, “Where it’s always 5 o’clock,” accompanied by images of clocks set to that time.

The ship generally looks good for its age, but some parts appeared well-worn. I noticed tarnished handles on multiple doors in my cabin, for instance. A striking set of transparent stairs connecting the Port of Indecision Buffet to the JWB Prime Steakhouse – allowing guests to see seven decks down beneath their feet – was also marred by scratches and scuff marks.

The inside of my suite generally looked clean and modern. The sinks were spotless and the lighted mirrors looked straight out of a new-build apartment.

The vibes are good

In addition to its bars and lounges, with 12 eateries and three pool areas – all doused in the sunny Margaritaville aesthetic – Islander felt like a vessel for fun (pun intended).

Even during the short preview cruise, there was excitement on board. Guests milled about and chatted at the Flip Flop Atrium bar to the soundtrack of a violin cover of Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night.” During the country-themed “Conky Tonkin’ at Sea” show, aerial dancing was met with raucous applause and cheers, and mini-golf in the Dis and Dat Activity Zone was packed with adults and kids.

The Ultimate Beverage Chill package, which includes drinks like beer, wine by the glass, cocktails, soda, mocktails and more, costs $59.99 per person, per night. There is also an Unlimited Soda Package available for $10 per night, per guest.

The ship will sail four and five-night itineraries round-trip from Tampa, Florida to destinations like Key West and Cozumel, Mexico, before launching longer six and seven-night cruises in 2025. Prices vary by sailing date and stateroom category, but a four-night cruise departing July 26 currently starts at $349 per person . Fares include most meals, live entertainment and more.

Margaritaville at Sea CMO Amanda Travaglini said the brand aims to communicate a simple message.

“It really boils down to, I want people to look at what we do and very simply say, ‘That looks like a heck of a lot of fun, and I need to be there.’”

The reporter on this story received access to this event from Margaritaville at Sea. USA TODAY maintains editorial control of content.  

Nathan Diller is a consumer travel reporter for USA TODAY based in Nashville. You can reach him at [email protected].

The Key Points at the top of this article were created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reviewed by a journalist before publication. No other parts of the article were generated using AI. Learn more .

  • Life & Culture
  • Entertainment

What it’s like aboard Tampa’s new cruise ship Margaritaville at Sea

  • Sharon Kennedy Wynne Times staff

TAMPA — Starting Friday, a sold-out cruise will sail from Port Tampa Bay to Mexico with Parrot Heads aboard the newest ship in the Jimmy Buffett-themed cruise line Margaritaville at Sea.

We took a two-day preview tour of The Islander in advance of the first of its four- and five-night excursions to Mexico and Key West. The cruise line is known for its low prices and high-octane parties and music. The Islander is the second ship in the Margaritaville fleet, a completely refurbished 85,000-ton ship that was formerly operated by the Italian Costa Cruises.

The first sight on board is a dramatic 14-story atrium with a giant teal Margaritaville flip-flop (and nearby pop-top) at the base. It has multistory margarita glass chandeliers, floating fish, parrots and a replica of Buffett’s own personal seaplane soaring high above the Flip Flop Bar.

With 1,105 staterooms, The Islander has double the capacity of the Palm Beach-based Paradise ship that the cruise line has operated since 2015. Islander cruises start at $229 to Mexico and Key West and start at $479 for longer trips that in 2025 will include Belize on a seven-day itinerary.

The ship sports sleek retro and tropical stylings, all in service to the fans of the late singer known for bringing a chill attitude and appreciation for sun, surf and strong drinks with a twist of lime. Buffett’s music ranges from country to rock, folk and Caribbean tales of sun-bleached days searching for a shaker of salt. That gives the cruise line a lot to work with.

The Cheeseburger in Paradise burger bar offers up a tasty smashburger lunch next to the pool at the three-story Landshark Bar. The poolside jumbo screen plays films of Buffett’s concerts, like the time in 2010 he performed barefoot in Gulf Shores, Alabama, singing “Fins” with the Gulf of Mexico glistening behind him.

The trip begins with a 5 O’Clock Somewhere Sail Away Party that even in this week’s rainy weather drew passengers to the top deck to cheer as the ship sailed under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. A giant rainbow greeted the ship as it passed under the spans of the Skyway on its first excursion Tuesday.

True to its partying nature, there are 13 themed bars and lounges sprinkled throughout the ship, each with its own signature margarita and live music at some point in the day or night. And it’s not just Buffett’s music. Tom Petty and Paul Simon tunes drift out of the lounges, and live shows range from pop acts to an electric violin.

There’s a piano bar called Bubbles, a Coral Reefer Lounge and a tip of a Panama hat to Cuba in the Havana Dreaming Sports Bar that is a sports bar by day, with marble tabletops, crushed red velvet seats, a replica of an old Chevy as a picture backdrop and lots of rum drinks. At night, it becomes a Latin nightclub with a band loudly cranking salsa and Latin pop tunes.

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At the Stars on the Water Theater (named for Buffett’s 1983 country rock hit), dancers and aerialists put on high-energy shows. One, called Caribbean Heat, is set to tropical-themed pop tunes. In a new show called Conky Tonkin’ (the original name of Buffett’s pairing with Kenny Chesney in 2004′s “License to Chill”), the dancers combine a Coyote Ugly bar scene vibe with a jukebox musical of classic country tunes, from Johnny Cash to modern country hits.

“This ship is a home run ... in the making,” said veteran cruiser Harvey Horowitz, who traveled on the preview with his wife, Phyllis. The Lake Worth retirees have been on the Palm Beach Margaritaville Paradise ship many times. It’s cheap, they said, and close to their East Coast home. But this ship, at twice the size and sparkling in its newness, won them over.

The “in the making” caveat from Harvey comes from the many hiccups that a new operation understandably undergoes. The Wi-Fi broke, they briefly lost hot water in their room, and their meals were mostly up to par, though small serving sizes and some other misses gave them pause.

“But for the price, you have a lot to work with,” he said. “The layout is really easy to navigate, the staff is great and there’s lots to do. So I think this will be a home run for the area.”

Meals at the Port of Indecision Buffet or the Fins dining room were familiar cruise offerings like Cajun gumbo and Huli Huli chicken, though portions tended to be small without a lot of flair. The Mexican Cutie Cantina and a decent pizza at Frank & Lola’s are among the five complimentary dining options. There are six specialty dining options for an extra fee, ranging from JWB Steakhouse to sushi, specialty coffees and an adults-only Tiki Grill.

Charges add up quickly for bigger rooms, technology packages, fancier restaurants, express check-in, drink packages, extra fees and gratuities. Some critics have complained that such nickel-and-diming can make the cheap admission price misleading. But defenders have noted that at that price you can expect middle-of-the-road fare on the dinner plate while enjoying the sleek stylings of a newly upgraded ship.

It has a Margaritaville-inspired cornhole and mini-golf course alongside family-friendly spaces like the Caribbean Amphibian Splash and Slide and a pickleball court.

Ashley Hartig, a Sarasota lifestyle and parenting influencer on Instagram @Ashley.Hartig and on TikTok @thehartigfamily , said after her time on the ship, “This is going to be really great for this area, to get that vacation feel so close to home.”

“It’s just a short trip and you get taken away to this Caribbean escape,” she said.

She said her impression was that it was going to be a booze-cruise party boat, “but this had way more options for kids and families than I expected.”

Sharon Kennedy Wynne is a reporter covering events, things to do and family experiences through the region. Reach her at [email protected].


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  19. P&O Arvia Cruise Ship

    P&O Cruises has unveiled details of new ship Arvia's impressive centrepiece - a stunning Grand Atrium with widescreen ocean views which will become the focus of entertainment for the ship. The Chandelier in The Grand Atrium on P&O Arvia Image: P&O Cruises

  20. Onboard P&O Cruises Arvia

    Arvia's New Sky-high Attractions Are Scary But Fun. Jo Kessel on the Altitude Ropes Course on P&O Cruises Arvia. Like sister ship Iona, which launched in 2021, Arvia carries 5,200 passengers and ...

  21. Arvia cruise ship queues spoilt Christmas, passengers say

    Arvia is the latest ship to be operated by P&O Cruises Passengers on a cruise ship's maiden voyage have complained of "horrendous queues", problems with Christmas dinner reservations and a lack of ...

  22. The top 10 biggest cruise ships in the world

    Weighing in at 185,581 gross tonnes, the 345m (1,130-foot) Arvia. is slightly larger than her sister ship, the. MS Iona. The 20-deck ship is the largest ship commissioned for the British cruise ...

  23. Cruise News Update: Passenger Limits, Brand to Shut, Delay

    Following the P&O Cruises Australia ship transfers, Carnival Cruise Line will operate 29 ships. The line also has two Excel-class ships on order and expected to enter service in 2027 and 2028.

  24. Our amazing new ship Arvia has arrived

    Arvia sails to Southampton. We're thrilled to have welcomed Arvia, our amazing new sunshine ship, into port in Southampton. All gleaming and raring to go, she looks simply stunning. Arvia's crew are already on board, making the final preparations for her first sailing on 23 December 2022 when she'll head to the warmth of Spain, Portugal ...

  25. Here's what $8K will get you on Silversea's new cruise ship

    Silversea Cruises is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the launch of a new ship. The 728-guest Silver Ray, the second in the line's Nova Class, was officially named in Lisbon, Portugal, on ...

  26. I spent two nights on Margaritaville at Sea's new ship: What to know

    Palm trees and parrots abound: What it's like on Margaritaville at Sea's new cruise ship. The line's new ship, Islander, has 13 bars and lounges. The ship got a Margaritaville makeover, with ...

  27. Arvia Cruise Entertainment: Spa, Fitness, Theatres

    Mission Control. New and exclusive to Arvia, Mission Control is a unique immersive experience. With two one-hour adventures to choose from, you'll form a team of marine explorers and underwater detectives and board the fictional submarine Arvia II, where your crew will work together to overcome danger and solve puzzles and problems at every turn.

  28. Arvia

    P&O Cruise on ARVIA 26th May to 9th June 2024. The room, Service and the food were excellent. BUT This ship has defiantly gone down market, we assume to appeal to families with children and the younger generation. We had several conversations with the more senior passengers all of whom expressed disappointment with the cruise. We also met ...

  29. Are Cruise Ship Stocks a Buy This Summer?

    Gerelyn Terzo. Published: June 15, 2024 1:25 pm. Cruise ship stocks aren't for the faint of heart. They have a way of making investors queasy, but they've also proven to be rewarding at times ...

  30. What it's like aboard Tampa's new cruise ship Margaritaville at Sea

    An aerial drone view of Margaritaville at Sea's The Islander docked at the Port of Tampa Bay. Tampa new cruise ship comes from the late Jimmy Buffett's cruise line with four- and five-day trips to ...