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The 31 Best Gifts for Frequent Travelers

A selection of our favorite gifts for travelers, including Aesop travel cosmetics, a book on national parks, an eye mask, and more.

By Samantha Schoech and Dorie Chevlen

Give the globe-trotter in your life a gift that will appeal to their sense of worldly wonder. These items will make flights, long lines at customs, and hotel stays feel less arduous and more comfortable. You could also give your favorite traveler special mementos and experiences to celebrate past trips and anticipate future expeditions. Whatever type of traveler you’re shopping for, there should be something here to suit their wanderlust.

Luggage helper

A person pulling a suitcase on wheels that has the Cincha Travel Belt bag attached to the handle.

Cincha Travel Belt

This wide nylon strap has a sturdy buckle to keep your shoulder bag, backpack, or carry-on firmly attached to your roller bag, for smoother trips through the airport.

Buying Options

Anyone who travels has surely precariously perched their carry-on atop their rolling suitcase, only to have it topple, swivel, or lurch. Solve that annoyance with the Cincha Travel Belt , a useful (if unglamorous) offering. The concept is simple: This adjustable nylon strap cinches a smaller bag to the telescopic handles of a suitcase, thereby freeing up a hand, shoulder, or back. Yes, your traveling friend could use a bungee or even a rope for that purpose, but this item has a few touches that make it worth the upgrade: The sturdy metal buckle releases like butter, and a hidden elastic loop keeps the belt attached, even when it’s unclasped. Yes, this is a practical gift, but for the right traveler, it will be a real gem.

The Penkou Portable Neck Fan in front of a blue background.

Penkou Portable Neck Fan

This fan’s battery lasts all day, and several accidental drops haven’t killed it. Also, it fits comfortably around the neck without being heavy, loud, or excessively gusty.

This past summer, heat records broke across the globe, and many travelers reported they found it difficult to stay cool and comfortable on the go. New York City’s own heat wave prompted associate staff writer Thom Dunn to explore the world of wearable neck fans , including the Penkou Portable Neck Fan . And the Penkou model, with a ring of 72 air slots that softly blow air up toward the head (but not directly into the face), was his pick. It weighs only about half a pound, and due to its smooth plastic design, it’s barely noticeable against the neck and shoulders. There’s one large button on the front right, making it easy to cycle through the fan speeds. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours, and the fan is compact enough to slip into a carry-on.

Handy sanitizer

A person's hands refilling a bottle of Noshinku Hand Sanitizer with a Noshinku refill pouch.

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer

This flat, pocket-friendly hand sanitizer comes in sophisticated scents like vetiver, eucalyptus, and bergamot. And it’s refillable.

Traveling requires a lot of surface touching: airplanes, subways, taxis. If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that we should clean our hands as often as possible. The lovely-smelling Noshinku Hand Sanitizer is an FDA-compliant germ-killer that also contains stuff like jojoba, rosehip, argan oil, and aloe, to keep skin from drying out. Each canister is about the size of a credit card, though not quite as slim. So it can be slipped into a back pocket or a purse pocket. The best part is the canister is refillable , so your recipient can continue to use it for a long time.

Reading light

Our pick for best reading light overall, the Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light, shown clipped onto a book that is open to a page in the middle.

Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light

This chic, compact device offers five light settings, and the power indicator makes it easy to tell when to charge it.

Whether your favorite traveler is reading on a plane, train, or bed, or they’re just rifling through their suitcase, they will surely appreciate some extra light. The tiny Glocusent Bookmark Style Reading Light is our pick because it’s so lightweight and easy to carry. It twists and adjusts, so the light covers a full page, and it has simple buttons, for changing the brightness and temperature of the lighting. This lamp is so small it can clip to a paperback without weighing it down, and it fits in a pocket.

Trip planner

A spread of two pages about Alta Badia in Italy, taken from Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When travel book.

Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When

This visual travel guide suggests events and destinations for every month of the year. It’s as much an inspiration as it is a planner.

Graphically exuberant and endlessly inspiring, Lonely Planet’s Where to Go When is arranged by month, so travelers can figure out where to head on any given day. Miami’s Art Deco Weekend is in January. Consider Botswana’s Okavango floods (the best time for dugout canoe safaris) in June. This book further categorizes potential trips by budget, family-friendliness, and “expensive but worth it” (a July road trip along the Westfjords of Iceland, for example). Even if the recipient is more of an armchair traveler than a frequent globe-trotter, this book is sure to kick their wanderlust into full gear.

Luggage tracker

Apple AirTags next to each other.

Apple AirTag

AirTags leverage Apple’s huge network of devices to track down a lost suitcase, and they’re impressively accurate at pinpointing an item’s precise location.

You save $20 (20%)

May be out of stock

Whether it was misrouted by the airline or left behind in a station waiting room, a lost suitcase can really dampen a trip. The Apple AirTag —our favorite Bluetooth tracker —does not work with non-Apple products. But if your beloved traveler owns an iPhone, AirTags are better than their competitors in just about every way—from ease of setup to location accuracy. They track belongings almost in real time. And if an airline does lose your favorite traveler’s suitcase, they will have an accurate map to point to when trying to locate it. Wirecutter staffers have also had success with slipping AirTags into the pockets of their restless kids.

Arrive refreshed

The Peace Out Puffy Eyes box next to the patches.

Peace Out Puffy Eyes

Each box contains six pairs of under-eye patches, which are infused with caffeine and hyaluronic acid to depuff tired, travel-weary eyes.

Nobody looks—or feels—as fresh as a daisy after a flight. But the Peace Out Puffy Eyes cooling under-eye patches—a longtime favorite of supervising editor Hannah Morrill—can help with both. Each box contains six pairs of crescent-shaped patches, made of a gelatinous (but not icky) biocellulose gel. The cooling effect is certainly pleasant enough. But the ingredients (caffeine, for a temporary tightening effect, and hydrators glycerin, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid) are what really do the trick for travel-worn eyes.

Safe drinking water

A person refilling a lifestraw water bottle with water from an outdoor faucet.

LifeStraw Go Series

This water bottle’s microfilter straw protects against all sorts of contaminants—from microplastics to E. coli. And it makes everyday tap water taste better.

To turn non-potable water into fresh, clean drinking water, staff writer Samantha Schoech swears by the LifeStraw Go Series water bottle (she recently sent her son off to Central America with one). Its replaceable filter removes 99.9% of contaminants and protects against common waterborne pathogens. This bottle is a little pricey, but it eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. And each filter cleans 1,000 gallons, which translates to roughly five years of daily use. (To learn a little more, see our article on the LifeStraw Max Water Filter .)

Plane entertainment

good travel presents

Nanoblock Birds Rosella Collection Series Building Kit

Flat bags packed with tiny building blocks keep bored hands and minds occupied on long treks. The resulting builds are about the size of a fist.

A person can only watch so many in-flight movies. On long hauls, we find these Nanoblock mini building sets to be just the ticket for restless hands and minds. They’re engaging but not mentally taxing, and the sets (ranging from about 100 to 200 pieces) are small enough to lay out on a tray table and later carry home in luggage. Finished pieces—from musical instruments to cats to pizzas—are only about 3 inches tall.

Power on the go

A Zendure SuperMini 20W.

Zendure SuperMini 20W

This is the smallest and lightest power bank we’ve tested. It has USB-C PD and USB-A ports, and it comes in several colors. It also has rounded edges, so it’s easy to slip into a pocket.

At some point, your constantly on-the-go pal will require some extra juice, and a portable charger will ensure they have it when they need it most. We like this power pack , which also happens to be the smallest model we tested. But there’s more to love than just its pocket size. The Zendure SuperMini 20W ’s USB-C Power Delivery (PD) port can charge most handheld devices (and recharge the power bank itself) at top speed, and the USB-A port can handle any older, non-USB-C devices. In other words, this thing is fast and versatile.

An unmissable luggage tag

An Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag.

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag

This brightly colored silicone tag displays the owner’s name but keeps other personal information out of sight.

There are a few features that make the Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag superior to pricier models in our testing . For starters, due to its sturdy, silicone-and-metal cable construction, it can withstand crowded overhead bins and rough tarmac treatment. Then there’s the issue of privacy: Although the owner’s name is always fully visible, address details are revealed only after you unscrew and remove the metal cable. Also an upside: This tag comes in a range of eye-catching colors. So it can help someone spot an otherwise-nondescript suitcase on a fast-moving carousel.

Premier toiletry transport

A State Bags Bensen Dopp Kit in blue, green, and yellow color block.

State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit

This bag includes a detachable pouch and other organizational options, so packing is easier for both long and short trips.

For all manner of travelers, the State Bags Bensen Toiletry Kit is the most versatile one we tested . If your traveling pal takes longer trips and often checks their luggage, this bag folds up to stash larger items, like full shampoo bottles or contact solution; the hook hangs smoothly from a towel bar, for easy access. Our favorite feature for light packers: a removable translucent plastic pouch that holds up to four 2.7-ounce travel bottles (ideal for carry-on security checks). Available in a dozen prints and patterns, the bag also looks great and feels like a fancy, will-last-a-lifetime gift at a relatively modest price.

Small servings

good travel presents

Cadence Capsules

These leakproof plastic travel containers hold half an ounce of solids, liquids, or capsules; magnetized sides keep them compact and easy to locate.

If your favorite excursionist wouldn’t dream of using hotel shampoo or missing a day of their skin-care regimen, a set of Cadence Capsules will serve as an anxiety-abating treat. (Less-particular travelers will appreciate our favorite simple toiletry bottles .) All six hexagonal cases are leakproof and magnetic on every side, and they can be filled with about a half-ounce of whatever the traveler’s heart desires—from serum and dry shampoo to omega-3 capsules and CBD gummies. The well inside each capsule has rounded corners, so the recipient can scrape out every last daub of their precious potions. Each vessel can be customized with a “tile” or label. But unless you know your recipient very well, we suggest giving a gift card , which will allow them to choose their own colors and tiles.

Organized packing

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set

Simple and solidly constructed, these packing cubes maximize luggage space and keep everything organized.

Even for the most enthusiastic traveler, packing remains an uphill battle. The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Cube Set (one of our favorites ) can make the task infinitely less arduous, and some of our testers found that this set made packing borderline pleasant. The three cubes are made of sturdy polyester, so they stay upright when empty, and the mesh windows let travelers easily scope the contents. With a clamshell design, these cubes fully open on three sides, so deeply stashed items are easily accessible. Another welcome note in the age of lost luggage: Pouches can help your favorite traveler compress stuff into a single carry-on.

Safety socks

Two pairs of Sockwell's Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks.

SockWell Men’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

These compression socks offer the perfect combination of function and price. They are made of a merino wool blend, which is typical of more-expensive options.

good travel presents

SockWell Women’s Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks

For a true frequent flier, wearing a great pair of compression socks is both a safety and a comfort measure. Long flights can cause deep vein thrombosis and gravitational oedema (the technical term for swelling caused by sitting around too long); compression socks facilitate circulation and reduce the instances of both. SockWell Lifestyle Firm Compression Socks (available in both men’s and women’s sizes) are comfortably snug, and they’re made of a luxe, merino wool blend that hugs without constricting. The socks are cozy on a nippy flight, and they come in a handful of prints and colors that aren’t as institutional-looking as those of other compression socks we tried.

A hands-free journey

A person is standing outside, wearing the Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack in sage green.

Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack

This neoprene pack blends style and function, fitting everything from a large wallet to a makeup kit—with room to spare.

For those who like to explore new places but don’t want to carry a purse, a modern, cool fanny pack is just the right accessory. Of the 22 we tested, the Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack offers the best marriage of handsome looks (eight suave colors!) and plenty of storage space—it can readily hold a smartphone, a passport, a wallet, and hand sanitizer, and there are extra pockets for a transit card and some change. Wide straps make this bag comfortable to carry, and the neoprene material (think wetsuit) will keep gear dry if the weather shifts unexpectedly.

A cozy cardigan

A person wears the White + Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan in a blush color.

White+Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan

This simple, luxurious, and flattering open-front cardigan will add a layer of warmth and elegance to a trip abroad.

There is nothing worse than boarding a flight and realizing you miscalculated just how chilly airplane AC can be. One of our favorite cashmere sweaters , the White+Warren Essential Cashmere Trapeze Cardigan is a simple and luxurious piece that will keep a traveler cozy both in transit and once they’ve reached their destination. This sweater is lightweight but soft enough to nap in (it can double as a blanket, thanks to its drapey shape), and it looks polished when layered over a tee or under a jacket. Available in six muted tones, the cardigan has an airy construction, so it can fold down smaller than expected for easy packing.

Colorful little notebooks

The Pantone 10 Notebooks set, which is a box with 10 brightly colored notebooks in it.

Pantone 10 Notebooks

Each brightly colored, pocket-size notebook has 48 grid-dot pages.

Not all travel journals need to be works of art, layered with watercolor and ink. The Pantone 10 Notebooks set includes 10 brightly colored, 4-by-5½-inch soft-cover notebooks that are perfect for jotting down ideas, an itinerary, or travel memories. Each notebook slips nicely into a tote or a pocket and has 48 grid-dot pages of decent-quality paper. Send your traveler out into the world with a couple of these and a good pen , and see what they return with.

Armchair travel to Japan

A family gathered around a table, playing Tokaido, the board game.

Set in Edo-era Japan, this game revels in the simple pleasures of traveling—in this case, from the city of Kyoto to Edo (what is now Tokyo).

Players journey along the Tokaido road with other travelers, stopping at hot springs, stores, temples, and inns (and collecting souvenirs and eating delicious meals as they go). The ultimate goal is to be the “best traveler,” or to have the richest experience by seeing, eating, or doing the most during your trip. The game itself is beautifully designed and simple to play; it’s not deeply competitive, though there is some strategy involved in attempting to win. The pleasure of playing Tokaido comes from relaxing and accepting the pace of the board, and letting the game reveal surprising discoveries—much like travel itself.

A window out into the world

A view into a window with flowers and a house. Words in the middle read: Open a new window somewhere in the world.

With each click in this free app, a view opens from a real window somewhere in the world, complete with sounds of birds, traffic, or blessed silence.

Sometimes the best gift is to remind someone that the world is both larger and more accessible than they realize. WindowSwap offers a strangely compelling experience, allowing someone to take a break to stare out a window in cities like Copenhagen, Prague, and Manila. Some of the window scenes are tranquil, others are not, but all suggest there’s an infinite number of new things to see, wherever you are. The app is free, but for $5 a month, your armchair traveler will be able to look out all of the windows ever uploaded, create unlimited bookmarks and playlists, and even access a back button so they can spend a little more time gazing out a favorite window.

Noise-cancelling bliss

A pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

These over-ear headphones are traveler-friendly, thanks to their noise-cancellation feature and lightweight, comfortable design.

A traveler can’t turn down the volume of an airplane’s engine, but the right pair of noise-cancelling headphones can. Such headphones are designed to reduce low-pitched droning sounds—in other words, exactly the kind of noise encountered in an airplane. After reviewing travel gear for more than six years, we think the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are the best to help travelers relax and block too-loud plane noise.

An eye mask and a travel pillow for catching z’s

A Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow.

Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

This lightweight, contoured mask comfortably fits a wide variety of face shapes and blocks light well. It’s best when you’re sitting upright or sleeping on your back.

good travel presents

Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

This compressible pillow has tall, memory-foam walls, and it offers more support than any other pillow we tested.

It’s perhaps an indictment of air travel in general that many travel items are designed to mitigate the environment, whether it’s the noise, the light, or even the cramped seats of an airplane. The Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask , a Wirecutter favorite , features contoured eyecups that rest around the eye sockets, instead of directly on the eyelids. By combining this mask with noise-cancelling headphones and a pillow, a traveler will be about as close to a sense of privacy as one can find on an airliner. For a headrest, we like the Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow . It’s simple to wear, doesn’t interfere too much with headphones, and provides support even when the wearer is sitting upright.

Tiny white noise machine

A person's hand holding the Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine.

Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine

This sound machine is about as small as the palm of a hand and weighs less than 5 ounces. And it features a USB-rechargeable battery.

There’s no guarantee that your beloved traveler’s hotel or Airbnb will be as quiet as it promises to be. A small, portable sound machine may create enough white noise to drown out sleep-disturbing intrusions. The Yogasleep Travel Mini Sound Machine is from the same company that makes the classic Yogasleep Dohm , which we recommend . The Travel Mini has six sound options, including white noise, brown noise, and three nature-inspired sounds. It also acts as a gentle night-light, with three dimmable options. What’s better than the gift of a good night’s sleep?

A game about the birth (and death) of words

good travel presents

Those who enjoy language immersion (and disorientation) will appreciate this card game, which has players generate a unique dialect.

Part of the experience of traveling to another country is feeling lost in its language, and Dialect can help fill the gap. This game involves the birth (and eventual death) of a language and the culture that created it. At its heart, Dialect—which requires almost no setup but plenty of imagination—is as much a discussion of what language is and why it exists as it is a game. It’s also good for last-minute shoppers: Order the standard physical edition, and you’ll get a digital copy, too (online access is emailed immediately, so your loved one can start figuring out how the game is played).

Global foods sampler

good travel presents

Tapas for Two Gift Box

This gift box for two takes you on a Spanish food journey, including favorites such as jamón serrania and chorizo.

Our kitchen team is wild about the Despaña Tapas for Two Gift Box , which offers a seemingly bottomless assortment from a famed Spanish food importer. (The box is among the other great options in our favorite gift baskets guide .) Staffers were particularly smitten with the anchovy-stuffed olives, trio of Spanish cured pork, and delectable Cabo de Peñas tinned sardines. The cornucopia of savory treasures comes in a brown paper box tied with a red ribbon, and there’s an option to add a card. In short, this box offers all of the interesting stuff your favorite traveler would grab off the shelves from a small grocery store en España.

Travel posters with classic appeal

good travel presents

Anderson Design Group World Travel Posters

These archive-quality, vintage-inspired prints depict destinations worldwide, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Years ago, senior staff writer Kit Dillon’s father went to Cuba and saw a clay statuette of Fidel Castro for sale. Kit said that when the vendor told his father the price, he said, “Castro no vale tanto” (translation: Castro isn’t worth that much). That may seem risky for an American to say while traveling alone in Cuba, but the statuette is here now looking at Kit, so somebody appreciated the joke. Ever since, Kit said when he finds a small token of Cuba—like this art print —he sends it to his father to remind him to take the trip again one day, only this time with Kit. For its World Travel Poster series , the Anderson Design Group created nostalgic images that hearken back to another era of travel—and they make an excellent promissory note for a trip to come. The collection currently encompasses every country in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Central, South, and North America, and it will eventually include every country in the world. The prints come in six sizes, and the images are available on canvas or metal.

Watercolors and travel journaling for the DIYer

The Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook open next to a pen.

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

With its page numbers, index pages, ribbon bookmarks, and sticker labels, this notebook is ideal for documentarians.

good travel presents

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set

This 14-pan watercolor set renders plein air painting possible, thanks to a slide-out palette, a water dish, and a quality brush.

Any traveler who’s interested in creating their own travel journal needs the right materials. The Leuchtturm1917 Notebook features thick, ink-proof paper, which works very well with pen and pencil. And as long as the artist isn’t too heavy-handed, it can also accommodate some light watercolor washes without warping. Your loved one can brighten their works with the Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set . This small, travel-friendly set of high-quality watercolors comes with everything a painter needs to get started (except the paper).

Cutlery to go

The Hydro Flask Flatware Set, displayed next to a plat on a dinner table setting.

Hydro Flask Flatware Set

This three-piece stainless flatware set helps climate-conscious travelers avoid single-use plastics, and it comes with a Velcro carrying case.

Airport food has come a long way. What hasn’t progressed: the flimsy and environmentally deplorable single-use plastic utensils you have to eat it with. Portable cutlery will give your recipient a dignified way to dine on the go. Wirecutter editor Ria Misra recommends the sturdy stainless Hydro Flask Flatware Set , which comes with a full-size fork, a knife that’s strong enough to butter a muffin (but that won’t alarm the TSA), and a spoon that’s perfect for ladling soup. This set also comes with its own carrying case, so it won’t get lost (or separated) in the dark recesses of your carry-on.

A pretty passport cover

Two hands hold a bright green Tusk Siam Passport Cover.

Tusk Siam Passport Cover

This elegant goatskin passport cover comes in 11 zippy color combos, and it won’t fade or scuff, even after years of traveling.

A bright passport cover will make it easy for your traveling pal to quickly locate their passport in a bag at the airport (or at home, when it’s shoved in the back of a drawer). Supervising editor Hannah Morrill loves the Tusk Siam Passport Cover , which is made from supple goatskin leather and comes in nine cheery color combinations. (Some other versions we’ve tried have a translucent pouch; in theory, this sounds ideal for flashing the relevant page at customs, but in practice, the cover ends up smudgy and embedded with crumbs.) Hannah reports that even after years of use, the slim folio looks clean and crisp. Plus, there are two inner card slots, which are excellent for stashing any stray forms you’re asked to hang onto at the airport or on the plane.

We love finding gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and well vetted. See even more gift ideas we recommend .

This article was edited by Hannah Morrill and Jennifer Hunter.

Meet your guides

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Samantha Schoech

Except for the time she gave a boyfriend her mother’s old toaster for Christmas, staff writer Samantha Schoech has a reputation as an excellent gift giver. She lives in San Francisco with two teens, two cats, a geriatric betta fish, and a bookseller husband. Her first book of short stories, My Mother’s Boyfriends, is coming out in 2024.

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Dorie Chevlen

Dorie Chevlen is a staff writer from Youngstown, Ohio, now living in Los Angeles. She has worked as a copy editor, fact checker, and sandwich maker, but this is probably her favorite gig. Beyond her Wirecutter work, Dorie writes screenplays and contributes frequently to other sections of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Review of Books, and Slate, among others. She has been called—both flatteringly and not—“a lot.”

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the best travel gift ideas, pet carrier, suitcase, passport holder, luggage scale

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Tripped Travel Gear Toiletry Bag Set

Toiletry Bag Set

You can’t count on ample counter space in every hotel room, which is why buying a hanging toiletry bag is such a smart move.

This three-piece set features a detachable 3-1-1 TSA-compliant liquid bag, along with a zippered pouch that’s large enough to hold a pair of men’s flip-flops. There are multiple mesh pockets inside and an outer pocket for quick-grab items.

Mark & Graham Essential Tech Folio

Essential Tech Folio

Keep devices, chargers, and wires neatly stowed and organized inside this leather zip-around tech folio. It’s available in two sizes and four colors (both with enough space for a tablet and a smartphone) and plenty of pockets and slipcases on both sides. Plus, shadow-print monogramming costs an extra $12.50.

Epicka Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter

This compact universal travel adapter will charge up to six high-powered devices in more than 150 countries and weighs only 5 ounces. It features four USB ports and a 15-watt USB-C port, plus it offers overload protection.

Espro Ultralight French Press

Ultralight French Press

This portable 16-ounce coffee press weighs only 7.4 ounces and features a microfilter to ensure no grit or sludge ends up in a cup of joe. It’s made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, and its double-wall vacuum insulation keeps contents piping hot. There are six colors to choose from, including this eye-catching green.

EverSnug Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket

Unless they’re a business-class traveler, scoring a blanket isn’t always a given. So give them this cozy gift, which has a pass-through sleeve to attach it to a carry-on’s handle.

The plush polyester blanket tucks inside the zippered case for storage (which can double as a pillow), and there’s also a carabiner to keep it handy in flight. The two-piece set comes in five colors, all with the cute airplane and suitcase stitched on front.

Paravel Fold-Up Bag

Fold-Up Bag

It’s always a good idea to throw a fold-up bag into your carry-on for unplanned purchases. This one from Paravel is ultra-lightweight and zips into an integrated pouch that packs flat. It’s made of 22 upcycled plastic water bottles and is available in six colors, with monogram options ranging from $15 to $35.

Apple Beats Fit Pro With Noise Cancelling

Beats Fit Pro With Noise Cancelling

Noise cancellation is a must while traveling, and these cute earbuds will do just that. They also deliver excellent sound and their flexible wingtip design makes the comfortable to wear for a long flight. They come with two years of AppleCare+ to boot.

Paravel Packing Cube Quads

Packing Cube Quads

This attractive set of four packing cubes from Paravel will keep toiletries, gear, and clothing organized. They’re lightweight nylon, made of repurposed plastic bottled and feature contrast piping, vegan leather zipper pulls, and a clear panel on top to see what's inside.

TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer Bundle

All-in-One Suspension Trainer Bundle

This all-in-one suspension system equipment set lends itself to getting in a full-body resistance-training workout anywhere. It includes a main suspension strap with handles and two anchor straps, plus there are locking loops and hand and foot cradles for standing- and floor-based exercise.

The set comes with a 35-page workout guide and includes access to live virtual studio classes thought the app. All the components pack into a small drawstring pouch.

Malin + Goetz Travel Kit

Travel Kit

Tuck this colorful collection of travel-sized products in a carry-on to pass on whatever random-brand products are in the hotel bathroom. The set includes five 1-fluid-ounce tubes of Malin + Goetz’s hair, body, and face products and comes in a clear slide-lock pouch.

Welly First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Everything from adhesive strips in fun patterns to ibuprofen is packed inside this bright, appealing first aid tin, with a snap closure to ensure contents stay secure. All the components are individually wrapped and neatly organized in sections, and the kit is available in several sizes and styles, depending on what your giftee has in store for their trip.

Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch

Instinct Outdoor Watch

Garmin’s ultra-popular entry-level Instinct GPS watch comes in a range of styles and colors and boasts a three-axis compass and barometric altimeter. There’s also a trackback feature to help with navigation and preloaded training activity profiles.

Mark & Graham Passport Case and Luggage Tag Set

Passport Case and Luggage Tag Set

This vegan leather passport case and luggage tag set comes in five colors, with tons of shadow-printed monogram options. So even if the days of dressing up to travel may be long gone, your luggage will look good and you’ll always know where your important documents are.

Pinch Provisions Hemergency Kit for Men

Hemergency Kit for Men

There are 30 must-have travel essentials tucked inside this mini dopp kit. You’ll find bandages, pain reliever, and other first-aid gear, grooming tools, and all those small items to save you in a pinch, like extra cufflinks and shoe shine towelettes. There’s also a Minimergency Kit for Her .

Joby GorillaPod Tripod and Phone Mount

GorillaPod Tripod and Phone Mount

Forget the selfie stick and opt for this versatile gadget to get the best vacation shots. The flexible tripod and phone mount are compact and support devices up to 2.2 pounds, and the locking phone clamp mount rotates to portrait and landscape positions. The removable ball head can also fit on standard-size tripods.

Etekcity Luggage Scale

Luggage Scale

This may be more of a stocking stuffer than a gift to put under the tree, but it’s an important one. Prevent your travel-loving friend from getting slapped with extra fees for overweight baggage with this pocket-size luggage scale. It has a 110-pound weight capacity and a highly accurate digital sensor, plus it comes in a bunch of fun colors.

JETech Laptop Case with Small Bag

Laptop Case with Small Bag

This well-designed laptop sleeve features a tuck-away top-handle and zippered outer pocket, plus it’s paired with a small wrist strap bag to stash a smartphone, a charger, and other accessories. There’s a top-loading zipper to accommodate laptops up to 14 inches, while the inside is lined with protective foam and soft flannel.

Anker PowerCore Slim Portable Charger

PowerCore Slim Portable Charger

It’s a rookie move to travel without a power bank. Anker’s 10,000-mAh portable PowerCore Slim combines a 65-watt wall charger and a 10,000-mAh portable charger in one compact package. It features two USB-C and one USB-A port, and it weighs less than a pound.

Comrad Compression Socks

Compression Socks

Compression socks are essential for preventing swollen lower legs and feet during and after a long flight. Comrad’s stylish options for men and women include this classic striped pair, along with more than a dozen other options if your giftee prefers something more muted.

Herschel Charlie RFID Card Case Wallet

Charlie RFID Card Case Wallet

An RFID-blocking wallet is another essential to protect sensitive credit card information while traveling. Herschel’s Charlie card case is a popular pick for its slim design and style, featuring multiple slots and a top sleeve, plus the brand’s signature striped liner.

Headshot of Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein is a Senior Commerce Editor for Popular Mechanics , where she writes about everything from garden hose reels and patio furniture to mesh wifi systems and robot vacuums. She started her career as a daily newspaper reporter and was a travel editor for more than a decade before she started testing and reviewing luggage, noise-cancelling headphones, and other travel-related products. Fast-forward another five years and her area of expertise includes home decor, appliances, tech, and outdoor adventure gear. In her spare time, you'll find her planning her next trip, reading historical fiction, and seeing as much art as she can squeeze into a weekend. 

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Our editors' favourite travel gift ideas

By Lauren Burvill

Travel gifts 28 of our UK editors' favourite gift ideas for globetrotters

If you're set to give a gift to someone who loves travel or is planning a big trip, then consider this your cue to forgo a generic voucher gift and give something with a practical or travel-inspired twist. From must-haves for plane travel to inspiring books and time-saving gadgets, the following are our top picks of the best travel gifts to give in 2024.

The gift of stress-free travel

For all the joy a holiday can bring, the actual travel element can be rife with stress, from lost luggage to misplaced passports and navigating busy airports. As frequent flyers ourselves, our editors have navigated a multitude of bumps on our travels, and found that the below buys are great for making the journey a lot smoother.

good travel presents

For the loved one who’s a frequent flyer, Antler’s zippy hard shell Clifton cabin bag is a winner. The durable yet lightweight polycarbonate case features a twist-grip handle, making it very easy to wheel it around the airport at speed. A favourite of our editors, this case is both a great size and quality, and also looks smart, with seven subdued shades to choose from.

good travel presents

Aspinal of London’s travel collection makes for a classic gift to give any travel lover. Including a passport holder, luggage tags and travel wallet, the collection is made from full-grain leather and comes in six elegant shades and finishes. The brand also offers a personalisation option, so you can add the recipient's initials for a special personalised touch.

good travel presents

Anya Hindmarch’s in-flight travel bag is a game changer when it comes to staying organised on the go. Designed with air travel in mind, the carry-on bag has an array of clever features including a sleeve designed to sit over the bag of a luggage trolley and a clear removable pouch to store liquids. We also love the numerous internal and external organisational pockets, each with its own embossed label covering all of the travel essentials like ‘passport’ ‘keys’ ‘glasses,’ ‘headphones’ and ‘water.’

good travel presents

Since its release in 2021, Apple’s Bluetooth AirTag has become a must-have for frequent travellers or anyone prone to misplacing their keys. Simply attach the small button-shaped AirTag to your suitcase and connect to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth. Once connected you can find your item via the built-in speaker when it’s nearby or via the Precision Finding function on the app when it’s further away.

good travel presents

Finished, naturally, in beautifully soft Nappa leather, Mulberry’s passport cover has a soft grain effect and comes in a selection of chic colours to match your handbag. There are three slip pockets inside for all your docs along with four card slots. A must-have companion for keeping all your important travel documents together safely.

good travel presents

There's nothing like a dead battery to slow down a trip. Keep all your accessories charged up with a power bank. Anker is our favourite – it weighs just over 300 grams (or as little as a can as soup) but can charge an iPhone 8 almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 five times, or the iPad mini 4 twice.

good travel presents

A travel wash bag is key to staying organised — and avoiding spills in your luggage. We like this option from Away for its water-resistant materials and ample space for your toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, soaps, and more. A hanging bag also allows you to keep items tidy and off the bathroom counter.

good travel presents

For international travel, a power adapter is a must to make sure you can get devices charged up in the airport and your hotel room. Apple's World Travel Adapter Kit comes with seven AC plugs with prongs that fit into different electrical outlets around the world, and each one is labelled with the regions they are compatible with.

good travel presents

This is a fun idea for the friend who likes to be organised. Papier’s travel journals have pages for planning and memorialising six special trips, with space for noting down budgets, itineraries, packing lists and other important details. Long flight? There are travel games at the back, along with pages for journalling and scrapbooking.

The gift of sleeping on a plane

Standing down the hours of a long haul flight is made all the more easier with a gift that doubles as a travel hack. When it comes to feeling comfortable and getting some shut eye, the littlest luxuries can make a huge difference.

good travel presents

Trtl has revamped its clever wrap-style neck pillow to accommodate people of all heights more comfortably. The latest iteration is adjustable, to better suit your particular requirements, and the pillow section itself has been given a high-density foam makeover. Trtl’s offering is a lot smaller than standard U-shaped pillows, and weighs a petite 225 grams, so it won’t take up precious space in your hand luggage – or you could use the included clip to attach it to your rucksack .

good travel presents

Neal's Yard products make a lovely treat, whether you're travelling or not. This mini travel kit comprises all the skincare routine you'll need – bar SPF – for a 10 to 14 day trip, in a hand luggage-friendly size. This particular set is from the brand's Rose range, which uses highly fragrant roses grown and distilled in Bulgaria, farming co-operatives in Turkey and at high altitude on Mount Lebanon. Something globetrotters will surely appreciate.

good travel presents

When it comes to what to wear on a long flight , an oversized hoodie is hard to beat. Team it with a pair of comfortable leggings or a matching jogger, add a cashmere blanket and get ready to drift off. For a hoodie that makes a great gift, we love this elevated organic cotton style, embroidered with the Vogue logo for the ultimate fashion stamp of approval.

good travel presents

Skip the in-flight blankets provided by airlines – not only are they wasteful but also made from scratchy polyester. A much more luxurious alternative is a cashmere blanket, which not only feels softer but has an insulation capacity that's three times higher than wool, ideal for maintaining body temperature during a long flight.

good travel presents

Elizabeth Scarlett’s signature delicate embroidered designs features here on a 100 per cent cotton eye mask, helping travellers claw back a few precious hours’ shuteye while en route. Cleverly, the mask is filled with a sweet lavender blend to maximise the relaxation in use – a real treat.

The gift of jet-set style

Airport style had a big moment in 2023, with travellers walking the line between classic style and total comfort, and a subtle nod to celebrity paparazzi photos. The outfit formula is all about a designer loungewear set in a muted shade, teamed with comfortable trainers, a cap, sunglasses and a hardshell suitcase in a classic neutral shade .

good travel presents

German designer luggage brand Rimowa has some of the slickest suitcases on the market, with their classic aluminium cases proving the envy of all frequent flyers.

good travel presents

Merch fans will love the latest collaboration between designer denim brand Frame and legendary hotel the Ritz Paris. This Cashmere knit, embroidered with the hotelier's iconic logo, is the epitome of jet-set chic.

good travel presents

For a designer luggage tag that doesn't take itself too seriously, this cheerful lobster tag is part of a collaboration between cult cool-brand Loewe and the irreverent Paula's Ibiza. It's made in Italy from 100% leather and embossed with the brand's signature Anagram logo. It also comes with a dustbag, to keep him safe when not on his travels

good travel presents

Gucci has elevated the humble souvenir sticker with their ultra-stylish set of retro-logo luggage stickers. Perfect for personalising a suitcase, or adding to any travel accessory – travel wallet or luggage tag – these stickers are a playful way to add personality to any journey.

good travel presents

A secret beauty weapon for well-heeled travellers, this thick, creamy and super-hydrating mask is the key to caring for skin while in-transit. The mask features chestnut extract exfoliates to take away dullness, allowing for deeper penetration of Vitamin C to brighten. Green tea soothes and calms redness, and niacinamide reduces pores and fine lines. You can wear it throughout a flight, overnight or as a 10-minute mask.

good travel presents

This portable all-in-one dressing table by Beautifect is a game changer for regular travellers – it might even replace your makeup bag at home. The easy-to-carry box features a table, adjustable mirror, and storage, as well as an impressive lighting system that offers five different environments including true daylight. We also love that the box is powered by a standard USB-C and can last up to a month on just one single charge.

The gift of avoiding baggage fees

Packing hacks were a big talking point this year, with the below buys ranking top of our list when it came to travelling carry on luggage only.

good travel presents

It might be called an overnight bag, but if you pack strategically Antler's Chelsea bag can easily work as a weekender bag. This is a worthy investment for frequent flyers – in addition to numerous internal and external pockets and compartments, including a laptop sleeve and a water bottle pouch, it also has an over-handle sleeve, making it an ideal option to take on a long-haul flight . The bag is made in a durable water-resistant nylon and comes in nine different colour options, which of course match their Chelsea suitcase range .

good travel presents

For a do-it-all tote bag, it’s easy to see why this style from July is a best seller. Firstly the size – the large tote has room for 22 litres, plenty of space for packing a whole weekend’s worth of items. Then there are the organisation options – a dedicated laptop sleeve, a drink bottle holder, a pocket for a phone and wallet, as well as a zip-up pocket ideal for storing a passport. There are two external pockets, one that’s hidden and secured with a magnet, as well as a sleeve to slip over a luggage handle, so it can easily sit safely on top of a suitcase.

good travel presents

Australian luggage brand July has developed the world’s lightest carry-on suitcase. Weighing in at a dainty 1.8kg, the July Carry On Light, £195, offers a 32L capacity, aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell, specially-designed noise-reducing wheels, and a lifetime guarantee. The case is available in nine colours and also offers a personalisation service as well.

good travel presents

Packing cubes are a game-changer for hand luggage aficionados, helping you squeeze more into your case in a way that’s pleasingly effective. This set of four gives you space to separate your clothes, underwear, electronics and toiletries, while the mesh windows ensure you can see what you need to grab at-a-glance.

good travel presents

Even travellers with a library full of books at home have to admit it: E-readers are an essential travel accessory for bookworms . They are so much lighter than even one paperback book, and let you bring as many options as you want along for the ride.

The gift of armchair travel

Our pick of the best transportive gifts that bring the essence of travel to your home.

good travel presents

Loewe's collaboration with Paula's Ibiza perfectly captures summer in Ibiza in a rainbow ombre bottle. The woody-meets-floral fragrance combines notes of citrusy orange flower, jasmine sambac, incense essential oil and frankincense, creating an evocative bohemian scent that any sun-worshipper will love.

good travel presents

Transport your gift recipient to the fragrant fields of Southern India via Diptyque's delicately scented tuberose candle. Inspired by visits to Indochina in the 1930s, the heady yet fresh and green scent is available in a dreamy oceanic blue jar as part of the limited edition Don Son collection , which draws upon the childhood memories of Yves Coueslant, one of the Maison's founders.

good travel presents

Cult favourite London restaurant BAO released its first recipe book earlier this year, offering up the secrets to 100 of its most beloved Taiwanese-inspired dishes. Keen cooks can now recreate their famous steamed buns at home, as well as Taiwanese fried chicken, beef noodles, snack-size xiao chi, and more.

good travel presents

Assouline’s much sought-after coffee table books make for the ultimate wanderlust-meets-decor gift. On the outside these beautiful hardcover travel books add a fun splash of colour to any room, while inside they feature dreamy imagery and inspiring stories from some of the world’s most beloved destinations.

The gift of adventure

Practical gift ideas for those who prefer a hike over a sun lounger.

good travel presents

With an impressive 42L capacity, this Stubble & Co carry-on travel backpack is ideal for hands-free travel on trips that last three-to-five days. It's packed with clever features, including a 16" laptop sleeve, a clamshell opening for easy packing, a hidden valuables compartment, and a reflective rain cover to ensure you stay visible and your gear stays dry in wet weather. Compression straps keep everything as compact as possible, and there's a passthrough band to attach it to your case as well.

good travel presents

When we asked Victoria Beckham , earlier this year, about her most beloved travel item, she name dropped Yeti. The popular American drinkwear brand is the ultimate go-to for any adventure traveller, especially for camping or hiking trips. Their classic Rambler bottle is a winner when it comes to travel; made from stainless steel and vacuum insulated, so your water will stay cold for hours.

good travel presents

Okay, yes – it’s a gift card. But no gift guide is complete without one option and, as far as stereotypical vouchers-as-presents go, this is a pretty good one to receive. With a feast of stunning properties available to book across the globe, from London to New York and beyond, the keys to a new Airbnb makes an ideal gift for a globetrotting loved one ready to tick off the next trip on their list.

The gift of distraction

For the little travellers in your life, these clever buys will help to ensure an easier journey. For more ideas, see our pick of the best travel toys .

good travel presents

It’s rare to take a trip to the airport without spotting at least one of Trunki’s cheery suitcases in the waiting room. The designs are practical and fun, with a roomy 18 litre storage capacity for toys, clothes and games. As a bonus, the cases have a saddle seat and tow strap, allowing for easy tot transportation from check-in desk to gate.

good travel presents

This made-for-kids tablet could be the key to a peaceful flight, car journey, ferry ride and more. It comes with 1 year of Amazon Kids+ content so your little one can watch all the Peppa Pig they want, and has a sturdy kid-proof case (available in three different coloured) to protect it against the inevitable drops and bumps.

good travel presents

The mini size of the popular Yoto audio player is perfect for travelling. Compact and easy-to-use for kids aged 3+, the collectable cards which play stories and interactive games are also easy to pack.  It also doubles as a speaker and alarm clock and the extended battery life means it's a great companion for long journeys.

good travel presents

If the goal is to get maximum entertainment from just one toy, then busy boards are a miraculous invention for children from a few months to a few years old. The ARVRI Sensory Busy Board offers 15 different activities in a book-style carrying case that’s just a tiny bit larger than an A4 sheet of paper.

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The 50 Best Gifts for Travelers, According to Travel Experts

Afar editors and contributors weigh in on the best travel gifts to give this holiday season, including noise-canceling headphones for kids, our go-to travel shoes, and the cozy coat we’re tempted to splurge on..

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People wearing woolen Glerups slippers sitting on staircase

Gifts like these Danish Glerups slippers will take travel lovers from home to hotel and back again.

Courtesy of Glerups

The gift all travelers want is a first-class airplane ticket somewhere fabulous. But if that isn’t in your budget, the next best thing is to give them something that makes their voyages easier or a little more luxurious—especially if they’re flying in economy. We’ve compiled this list of 50 gifts for travelers recommended by our own editors and contributors. In it, you’ll find some of the best travel products we’ve tried and tested over the years, plus a few new items we’re excited to share from our favorite brands.

Travel tech and accessories

Purist Maker Coffee Mug

The Purist Maker Mug comes in a variety of colors, including the dark blue “Drift” seen here.

Courtesy of Purist

1. Purist 10-Oz. Maker Mug

Buy now: $38, ;

Pairing a reusable coffee mug with a bag of beans from a local coffee shop is the best way to encourage travelers to go eco-friendly on the road. Though this looks like a stainless steel bottle, the Purist Maker Mug is actually lined with an ultra-thin layer of nonporous glass so you can switch between coffee and water—heck, even wine—without the lingering scent of the previous beverage. This 10-ounce model comes with a leakproof scope top designed for hot coffee; it allows for sipping from any side. Purist also sells basic screw-top caps with carrying loops as well as flip-tops , for those who will also use this bottle for cold drinks.

hand held travel iron for clothes

The Nori Press is dual voltage, so you can use it in the United States and abroad without packing an extra voltage converter.

Courtesy of Nori

2. The Nori Press Steam Iron

Buy now: $120,

Hotel irons aren’t that reliable and nobody likes struggling with an ironing board anyways. This travel press, which was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2022, weighs just 1.4 pounds and is only 14 inches long, so you won’t mind packing it. Did we mention it steams, too?

Small white Bluetooth gadget that plugs into headphone jack

No need to pack an extra pair of corded headphones just for your flight.

Courtesy of Twelve South

3. Twelve South AirFly Pro

Buy now: $55, ;

It’s possible to use wireless headphones to watch movies on in-seat screens on airplanes with the Twelve South AirFly Pro wireless transmitter. It plugs into the headphone jack in airplane seats and sends audio signals via Bluetooth to up to two pairs of headphones. (It also works as an AUX IN adapter in a rental car.) It has a 25-hour battery life and is roughly the size of a matchbox.

Trtl Travel Pillow in gray

The Trtl Travel Pillow folds up neatly and weighs only half a pound.

Courtesy of Trtl

4. Trtl Travel Pillow

Buy now: $50, ; $60,

Any qualms about looking silly instantly disappear as soon as you use this ergonomically designed travel pillow (which keeps your head from bobbing around). “It feels a little strange putting it on the first time and sort of looks like a neck brace,” said Rosalie Tinelli, AFAR’s former senior audience development manager , in her review of the Trtl . “But who cares how it looks when you’re getting peaceful sleep on an airplane and waking up with zero neck stiffness?”

Black Yeti mug with handle and straw lid

It’s time to ditch that plastic iced coffee cup.

Courtesy of Yeti

5. Yeti Rambler Straw Mug

Buy now: from $38,

Drinking water out of a regular screw cap bottle while driving is not only frustrating—it’s dangerous. Yeti’s Rambler Straw Mug is designed to fit into all cup holders and comes with a reusable straw lid so you can easily take a swig without taking both hands off the wheel. Available in a 25-ounce or extra-large 35-ounce style, this travel mug is also great for iced coffee runs.

Red and purple belt securing a white tote bag to a suitcase handle

Secure any type of tote, backpack, or handbag to your suitcase handle with this travel belt that doubles as a sling bag.

Courtesy of Cincha

6. Cincha Travel Belt Bag

Buy now: $60,

These dual-purpose belt bags can be worn as a sling to carry small essentials like passports and keys, or can be used to secure personal items to a suitcase handle so they don’t slide off while maneuvering through the airport. Simply slip the elastic loop of the belt bag over the handle of your carry-on and snap its buckle around the front of your personal item. The strap is adjustable to 49 inches. For every belt sold, Cincha donates 100 airline miles to Miles4Migrants to help reconnect migrant families.

Black fleece headband with headphones built into it

These are also great for blocking out noise at loud hotels.

Courtesy of SleepPhones

7. SleepPhones Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Buy now: $100, ;

Sleeping on an airplane is tough—and virtually impossible when wearing a neck pillow and larger over-the-ear headphones at the same time. That’s why every traveler needs a pair of sleep headphones. Essentially a soft fleece headband with ultra-slim headphones inserted inside, this travel accessory allows you to sleep with your head flat against a pillow. While there are several brands that make a similar cord-free design, SleepPhones makes the most comfortable and highest-quality pair—but for a price. Meanwhile, this $20 pair on Amazon is budget-friendly but don’t expect too much from its sound quality.

Woman using a massage gun on her shoulder

Therabody just released a new version of its Theragun Mini that’s lighter and smaller.

Courtesy of Therabody

8. Therabody Theragun Mini

Buy now: $199,

After a red-eye flight, it wouldn’t be surprising if your neck and shoulders were knotted and sore. This portable massage gun is small—it weighs one pound and can fit easily into a purse or backpack. But it packs a punch, powerfully helping loosen tight muscles.

Packing essentials

Two Thule compression packing cubes

These packing cubes are sold in sets of two, including one medium and one small.

Courtesy of Thule

9. Thule Compression Packing Cubes

Buy now: $45 for two, ;

Once you try packing cubes , you’ll be hard-pressed to go back. Some of our favorites are Thule’s Compression Packing Cubes, which are made with Bluesign-approved ripstop nylon that is water-repellent, ultra-durable, and manufactured with minimal impact on the environment. A set of double YKK zippers allows you to close the cube and then zip it even tighter to eliminate extra air and reduce bulk.

Three Baggu pouches with a smiley face pattern on them.

This pouch set comes in all sorts of fun and colorful patterns.

Courtesy of Baggu

10. Baggu Go Pouch Set

Buy now: $40,

Baggu’s Go Pouch Set includes three all-purpose pouches that are essential for keeping your bags organized. The small one is perfect for stashing your keys, Airpods, and lip balm, while the medium doubles as a toiletry bag. The large is big enough to use as a packing cube for clothes. New patterns are released frequently—the set with clouds on it is particularly fun for frequent fliers.

Ries travel toiletry bottles being refilled

These TSA-approved reusable toiletry bottles come with built-in labels so you never confuse body lotion for conditioner.

Photo by Bailey Rebecca Roberts

11. Ries Essential Travel Bottles

Buy now: from $15,

Cut back on plastic waste and start decanting liquid toiletries into reusable travel-size containers like the 1.7-ounce or 3.4-ounce bottles from Ries, a Black woman-owned brand. AFAR’s newsletter editor Maliah West recommends the brand’s Mini Duo Starter Set , which comes with a pair of 1.7-ounce bottles that are equipped with a locking system to ensure a spill-free experience.

Two black and white vanity cases

A mini version of this vanity case is also available for $75.

Courtesy of Paravel

12. Paravel Cabana See-All Vanity Case

Buy now: $95,

Crafted from two recycled water bottles per bag, with leather details ecocertified by the Leather Working Group, Paravel’s vanity case is spacious enough to hold all of your travel toiletries and has see-through side panels for keeping its contents easily visible.

Olive green travel jewelry case holding rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Tangled necklaces are now a thing of the past.

Courtesy of Dagne Dover

13. Dagne Dover Frankie Jewelry Case

Buy now: from $55,

Know someone who travels with a tangled wad of necklaces? Dagne Dover’s Frankie Jewelry Case makes a smart gift (and subtle hint) to solve this particular packing problem. It comes in two sizes and three colors, with room for up to three necklaces, eight rings, four pairs of earrings, and more.

Green nylon packing cube for shoes

Keep your shoes separate from your clothes inside your suitcase with a special packing cube.

Courtesy of Eagle Creek

14. Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Multi-Shoe Cube

Buy now: $25,

The easiest way to get your loved ones to stop packing dirty shoes in the same bag as their clean clothes is to give them packing cubes designed specifically for footwear. This shoe bag from Eagle Creek is made with a durable material made from recycled polyester. It’s designed to fit multiple pairs of sandals, sneakers, and even boots up to men’s size 13.

>> Find more clever travel gift ideas under $100

Travel bags and luggage

brown leather belt bag

The Waverley 2 hip belt, seen here in cognac-colored cactus leather.

Courtesy of Lo & Sons

15. Lo & Sons Waverley 2 Convertible Bag

Buy now: from $126 (was $210),

The fanny pack —updated with sleeker style and even some high-tech materials—is back, according to AFAR contributor Courtney Holden . Thanks in part to its two-part adjustable strap, the Waverley 2 can be worn not only as a casual belt bag, but also as a cross-body bag, gala-ready wristlet, and shoulder bag. Available in two sizes—8 inches x 5.6 inches and 8.3 inches x 5.9 inches—the bag features an interior zip pocket for can’t-lose items, a handy slip pocket for little must-haves, and an exterior card slot perfect for stashing a hotel key. It comes in textured Saffiano leather, buttery smooth Napa leather, and a durable, scratch-resistant vegan leather made from nopal cactus.

Wax canvas tote bag

The Virginia Beach Tote by North End Bag Company is made in a beach town, but would look good on the streets of New York, too.

Courtesy of North End Bags

16. North End Bag Company Virginia Beach Tote

Buy now: $185,

The most versatile beach bags serve double-duty as both seaside companions and trusty personal items during flights to warm-weather destinations. Lovingly hand-crafted in a shop just four blocks from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, North End Bag Company’s signature Virginia Beach Tote is one great option, reports Holden. It pairs a handsome, water-resistant, waxed canvas exterior with leather straps to create an aesthetic that’s rugged enough for everyday use but also refined and ready for first class. The sleek slip pockets ringing the exterior could house flip flops or plane snacks, while additional internal compartments offer storage for goggles or electronics.

Paravel fold up duffle bag in olive green

This packable bag folds down to the size of a book.

17. Paravel Fold-Up Bag

Buy now: $75,

Paravel’s ultra-light duffel bag zips down into a small pouch and packs into big luggage for any space-challenged traveler’s gotta-have-it souvenir emergencies. It’s also AFAR editor at large Laura Dannen Redman ’s go-to weekend bag. She calls it the “ Trojan horse of weekend bags ” since it holds so much more inside than you’d expect. She can easily fit two pairs of shoes, two toiletry bags, and three days of winter clothing in it. An added bonus: The sustainable nylon material is made from 22 recycled plastic water bottles.

Ivory backpack with brown leather details

This totepack can be worn as a backpack or a tote bag.

Courtesy of Peak Design

18. Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Buy now: $180,

The name says it all: This 20-liter pack is designed for everyday use whether you’re carrying it like a tote on your daily commute or pulling out its backpack straps during your next hike. The outside is made with a recycled nylon canvas shell that can withstand rainstorms, so you can pack your laptop, tablet, and cameras in here with peace of mind. Available in all-black and ivory with brown leather details, it’s much more chic than other laptop backpacks out there.

Matador Freefly16 packable backpack shown unfolded and folded

The Freefly16 packable backpack stuffs into a tiny carry sack, shown here.

Courtesy of Matador

19. Matador Freefly16 Packable Backpack

Buy now: $80,

Matador’s Freefly16 Packable Backpack is designed to perform in wet conditions (it’s water-resistant, not waterproof) and weighs less than half a pound. A rarity for backpacks of this size and weight, it comes with a thin hip strap for better distributing weight, two water bottle cages (one on each side), and a spacious external pocket for stashing anything you need to reach quickly. It packs down into its own dedicated stuff sack, so you can easily toss it into your luggage and have a quality hiking or walking-about-town daypack on hand when you arrive at your destination. “Overall, I love this bag’s packability, weight, and additional features like the hip strap,” says Jessie Beck, AFAR’s associate director of SEO & Video. “I’ve used it on at least a dozen trips since getting it, and it’s proven to be durable and sturdy.”

Man holding brown leather weekend bag

A leather weekender that will last for years to come.

Courtesy of Leatherology

20. Leatherology Harwood Weekender

Buy now: $375,

Anyone in the market for a new overnight bag or personal item will love the Harwood Weekender by AAPI-owned Leatherology. This small leather duffel features pockets galore, smart magnetic clasps, and three different styles of monogramming. It also has a trolley sleeve to slide over your carry-on handle so it doesn’t fall off your luggage.

Longchamp x Robert Indiana Travel Tote

The Longchamp x Robert Indiana collection features the artist’s iconic Love image.

Courtesy of Morgan Art Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York

21. Longchamp x Robert Indiana Travel Bag

Buy now: $430,

Wear your heart on your, er, weekend bag. French leather goods company Longchamp just released a tribute to pop artist Robert Indiana with a limited edition collection of canvas totes and handbags featuring his iconic “LOVE” typography. (Modern art lovers may recognize his large-scale public sculptures from places like Midtown Manhattan, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis.) This oversized tote is made from recycled polyester canvas; it has a leather trim, a zip closure to keep everything inside, and a detachable shoulder strap to make carrying it easier.

Wine colored Cotopaxi Allpa roller bag suitcase

Merrily roll along with Cotopaxi’s latest addition to its Allpa line of luggage.

Courtesy of Cotopaxi

22. Cotopaxi Allpa 38L Roller Bag

Buy now: $350, ;

The AFAR-Approved Cotopaxi Allpa 35L Travel Pack now comes with wheels. Just like the original Allpa, this carry-on sized bag can easily fit in the overhead bin of an airplane and has plenty of zippered compartments for small accessories, clothes, and shoes. It comes with two rugged wheels that can take on cobblestone streets and dirt roads with ease.

Yellow suitcase

July’s suitcase colors are anything but basic.

Courtesy of July

23. July Personalized Luggage

Buy now: from $245 for luggage, $50 for personalization,

Australia’s July luggage is known for offering personalization on its hard-shell suitcases with a variety of fonts, colors, and even emojis to customize to your heart’s content. July also sells gift cards so you don’t have to worry about picking out the right color or customization for your giftee.

Pet carrier in green camo print with hot pink straps

The Out of Office Pet Carrier comes in fun colors and patterns, like this magenta and camouflage combo.

Courtesy of Roverlund

24. Roverlund Out-of-Office Pet Carrier

Buy now: from $159,

This durable yet stylish soft-sided pet carrier can function as a car seat during road trips and is also airline compliant. Once you arrive at your destination, the shoulder strap converts to a leash and the bag can be used as a mobile pet bed. Suitable for both dogs and cats, the small version fits animals up to 15 pounds, while the large is best for animals up to 25 pounds.

black and white duffel bag with hidden garment bag hidden inside

This two-in-one weekend bag is great for weddings, business trips, or anything that requires formal wear.

Courtesy of Brouk & Co

25. Brouk and Co. Capri 2-in-1 Garment Bag

Buy now: $120, ; $140,

This clever duffel bag has a hidden garment bag inside. To pack it, put suits or long dresses in the garment bag section first, then add shoes to the side pockets, zip it up, and then add everything else to the main section.

Travel toiletries and skincare

Small black jar of eye cream with blue type

Dab this rich cream around your eyes before take-off to arrive looking refreshed.

Courtesy of Blue Lagoon Iceland

26. BL+ Eye Cream

Buy now: $165,

This nourishing eye cream is the latest from Blue Lagoon’s proprietary skincare line, which is made with microalgae and silica sourced from the same geothermal source as those famous Icelandic blue pools. The travel-friendly 15 ml pot may be pricey—but a little goes a long way and makes for a luxurious gift. Pair it with the BL+ face cream to create your own gift set.

Bottle of Kinfield bug spray

This buy spray smells amazing, but more importantly—it works.

Courtesy of Kinfield

27. Kinfield Golden Hour Bug Repellent

Buy now: $22,

Yes, it is possible to find a DEET-free bug repellent that works. Kinfield Golden Hour uses a mix of citronella, lemongrass, and cloves to keep you bite-free (and smelling amazing). Plus, the three-ounce spray bottle is TSA-friendly.

Four travel size bottles of skincare items

Purchasing travel-size items is a great way to test products before committing to the full-size ones.

Courtesy of Standard Dose

28. Wonder Valley Little Wonders Kit

Buy now: $72,

California-based Wonder Valley uses its own olive oils to make clean skincare products like its oil cleanser, face oil, Wonder serum, and Hinoki body oil, which are bundled in TSA-approved travel sizes in this four-piece kit.

Travel clothes and shoes

Wool plaid women's coat

This women’s coat by Filson pulls design inspiration from the brand’s archival Wool Packer Coat.

Courtesy of Filson

29. Filson Women’s Wool Trapper Coat

On sale December 1: $995,

Filson started off in 1897 to outfit pioneers of the Yukon Gold Rush with rugged outdoor apparel. More than 100 years later, the Seattle-based brand is expanding its womenswear line with chic coats inspired by archival items like this one that will be available online on December 1, 2023. Made with plaid wool, this investment piece runs long to provide more coverage, its sheepskin-shearling collar can be worn down or flipped up for extra warmth.

30. Gobi Oversized Cashmere Scarf

Buy now: $229,

Cashmere is always a welcome gift, and Gobi crafts its clothing and accessories entirely in Mongolia from 100 percent Mongolian cashmere. Its unisex oversized scarf can be used as a travel blanket on the plane and a scarf or wrap once you arrive. It’s available in six colors, including multiple shades of gray as well as lavender and coral pink.

Man wearing camo print puffy poncho

This puffer poncho is made with elastane to provide just the right amount of stretch.

Courtesy of Mountain Hardwear

31. Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Poncho

Buy now: $300,

This insulated poncho doubles as a cover-up for quick changes on chilly beach days and as a wearable blanket at campsites. It’s made with a stretchy material filled with Responsible Down Standard–certified down. It’s available in two unisex sizes—S/M and L/XL—and three colors: black, sandstorm, and “blurple.” The kangaroo-style front pocket has a zippered pocket inside to keep items like keys and phones secure.

Silk bathrobe with marbled pattern

The bathrobes from Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans are some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.

Photo by Cristina Fisher

32. Hotel Saint Vincent Marbled Silk Robe

Buy now: $395,

It’s tempting to steal hotel bathrobes, especially when they’re as beautiful as the marbled silk robes at Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans. Now you can buy these unisex designs online through hotelier Liz Lambert’s Far West Collective retail shop. They are machine washable and sized to fit most people.

Blue rubber clog

More than a dozen colors of Calzuro clogs are available on Amazon.

Courtesy of Amazon

33. Calzuro Classic Clog with Holes

Buy now: $107, ;

In addition to being a deputy editor at AFAR, Katherine LaGrave is also our team’s resident clog aficionado. “I have ‘nice’ clogs, clogs for gardening, and clogs for indoors. But until recently, my clog wearing was limited to three seasons; I couldn’t find a pair that was a fit for summer and all its activities,” she says.

“Enter the Calzuro classic, which I discovered after a woman at my local dog park arrived sporting a pair in black. With a 1.5-inch heel, the slim plastic clogs are lightweight and durable, and you can purchase them with or without ventilation holes. Designed in Italy for medical professionals, the clogs can be bleached or washed in a dishwasher or washing machine, and getting rid of sand and dirt is as simple as putting them under a hose. Thrillingly, the clogs also come in a number of colors: hot pink, sunshine yellow, orange. I opted for a sky-blue pair and have already put miles on them out to lunch, at the beach, and at the dog park.”

Puffy clog slippers in brown

Each slipper has a loop on it so you can clip it to your backpack while you hike.

Courtesy of Chaco

34. Chaco Ramble Puff Clogs

Buy now: $75, women’s, ; men’s,

For those heading to the mountains instead of the beach this winter, we’ve also found clogs for you. Chaco’s cozy fleece-lined clogs look like tiny sleeping bags for your feet and will keep them warm and dry. They’re perfect for early-morning walks, late-night campfire chats, and stress-free airport experiences.

Forest green handknit beanie with pom pom

This beanie is available in 10 colors, including the forest green seen here.

Courtesy of Sh*t That I Knit

35. Sh*t That I Knit Rutherford Beanie

Buy now: $135,

Sh*t That I Knit is a woman-owned company that employs more than 400 artisans in Lima, Peru, who earn a fair wage for hand-knitting these sporty winter beanies. Made with 100 percent Peruvian merino wool, the hats are available in 10 different colors and come with a detachable faux-fur pom-pom.

Oversized sunhat in geometric pattern

This sun hat folds up into a small circular pouch for easy packing.

36. Baggu Packable Sun Hat

Buy now: $36,

With a brim diameter nearly two feet wide, these sun hats from Baggu are so large it’s hard not to make a statement wearing one at the pool. Thankfully, they fold down neatly into an included circular pouch for easy packing. Go ahead and purchase one for your friend who hides from the sun but basks in the glow of a little poolside attention.

Pink Turkish travel shoes

Sabah’s Condesa Pink shoe is inspired by the vibrant Mexico City neighborhood.

Courtesy of Sabah

37. Sabah Shoes

Buy now: from $210,

These lace-free unisex travel shoes—handmade in Gaziantep, Turkey—look as good poolside as they do at happy hour. Crafted out of leather and available in a rainbow of colors, the slip-on shoe is also perfect for seamlessly moving through airport security lines. The sole is rubber for traction and durability, and the fit is roomy yet chic. (The only difference in the men’s and women’s sizing is the men’s are better suited for wider feet. They also come in children’s sizes !) The brand’s earthy tones go with everything, while the trendy patterns and bold colors photograph well.

gray wool bootie

Woolen slippers from Danish brand Glerups are the key to staying cozy off the slopes.

38. Glerups Slipper Boots

Buy now: $155,

These unisex slipper boots from Denmark are made with grippy rubber bottoms and 100 percent natural wool felt. Glerups are the ultimate travel footwear for moments when coziness is key, whether it’s a red-eye flight or gathering around a fireplace for après-ski.

Bombas compression socks in navy blue and red

Compression socks are a travel essential.

Courtesy of Bombas

39. Bombas Compression Socks

Buy now: $28, women’s, ; men’s,

Compression socks aren’t a sexy gift, but they’re a must for any traveler to keep blood flowing and sore muscles at bay during long flights. The most comfortable compression socks on the market are Bombas, which are made with mild 15–20 mmHg compression levels, a seamless toe, and above-the-heel cushioning that extends to the toe. As with all other Bombas sock purchases, for every pair of socks purchased the company will donate another pair to a homeless shelter or other community organization.

Outdoor adventure gear

Red travel blanket and its carrying case

This blanket is campfire safe.

Courtesy of Rumpl

40. Rumpl NanoLoft Flame Blanket

Buy now: $130,

AFAR’s favorite packable blanket now comes in a fire-resistant version so you don’t have to worry about stray sparks at your next campfire. Rumpl’s NanoLoft Flame Blanket is also made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled insulation that mimics down for coziness and is machine washable for easy maintenance.

black and bronze mini coffee grinder

This portable coffee grinder grinds enough beans for one cup at a time.

Courtesy of VSSL

41. VSSL Java Coffee Grinder

Buy now: $160,

“The VSSL Java coffee grinder is durable and well worth the space it will take up among your camping gear—at six inches tall and weighing just 14 ounces, it’s not much,” says Svati Kirsten Narula , an AFAR contributor. “With stainless steel burrs and 50 unique grind settings, it allows you to create the perfect-sized grounds for your preferred brewing method. It’s made out of aircraft-grade aluminum to stand up to abuse and grinds 20 grams of beans at a time, enough for one strong cup of coffee.”

AeroPress coffee maker

Making quality joe on the go is easy with this portable coffee maker.

Courtesy of AeroPress

42. AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Buy now: $40, ;

All you need to make quality espresso while camping is an AeroPress Go, finely ground coffee, and hot water. You can also make a quick cold brew coffee with the AeroPress, although you need to remember to stir the grounds and cold water together for a full minute before pressing.

Person snowshoeing with poles in snow

This snowshoe kit is great for beginners.

Courtesy of Cascade Mountain Tech

43. Cascade Mountain Tech Expedition Trail Series kit

Buy now: $120,

Lightweight and easy to use, these snowshoes are a solid choice for those looking to become a four-season outdoor adventurer. “They’re in the Goldilocks zone of being both flexible (good for responsiveness), durable (so they’ll last years to come), and lightweight (important to preventing early fatigue),” AFAR contributor Bailey Berg says. “The kit also comes with twist-lock poles and a vented carry bag (handy because if you store your snowshoes wet, it won’t get funky).”

maven binoculars

Anyone heading to a national park needs a good pair of binoculars.

Courtesy of Maven

44. Maven B.3 Binoculars

Buy now: $525, ;

A good pair of binoculars helps bring wildlife—be that a bird on a hike or lions at a safari—into crisp high definition. The B.3 Binoculars make for a good starter set because they pair incredible clarity with a reasonable price point. (Maven’s designs can go up to $1,600.) “They’re also compact, lightweight, and durable enough to withstand bouncing around in a backpack or being dropped in water, so they’re built to travel,” Berg says. “Though if they do get damaged, Maven has an unconditional lifetime warranty.”

>> Find more gift ideas for campers that they’ll actually use

Travel gifts for kids (and their parents)

Pink wireless headphones for kids

The PuroQuiets Active Noise Cancelling Headphones come in four colors, including the light pink seen here.

Courtesy of Puro Sound Labs

45. Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Buy now: $139, ;

It might be tempting to buy cheap headphones for your kids to use on airplanes or in the car. But unlike other headphones, these volume-limiting headphones max out at 85 decibels, which the World Health Organization and other experts consider to be the upper limit for ear safety . They’re designed for ages 2 to 12 and are made with buttery-soft leather, so they should last for years.

Mini kids backpack with a dinosaur print on it

This backpack also has a matching suitcase that goes with it.

Courtesy of State Bags

46. State Bags Kane Kids Mini Travel Backpack

Buy now: $78,

Like an adult pack, this small backpack from State Bags comes with padded straps for comfort and a sleeve in the back for slipping it over the top of carry-on suitcases. Unlike larger models, this tiny pack is designed with a neon dinosaur pattern to delight the littlest travelers. The Mini Backpack is recommended for children ages 2 to 4, while the larger Kane Kids Backpack is designed for those ages 4 to 8.

Solar lamp in the shape of a flower

Use this solar-powered lamp as a travel nightlight or a flashlight for camping.

Courtesy of Studio Olafur Eliasson

47. Little Sun Original Solar Lamp

Buy now : $30,

Designed by Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, this portable, flower-shaped solar lamp can be used as a nightlight or worn around the neck as a flashlight. For each lamp sold, one is donated to Little Sun ’s partners in rural Africa, who are working to bring solar energy to those living without electricity. One of hundreds of environmentally minded products sold on Goodee, a socially conscious online marketplace, this solar lamp comes with a personal stamp of approval from co-founder Byron Peart’s niece, who says she loves using it to read in bed at night.

Ride-on suitcase for kids

Get kids excited for the airport with this ride-on suitcase.

Courtesy of Stokke

48. JetKids by Stokke

Buy now: $229,

The JetKids by Stokke ride-on suitcase allows children to move faster through the airport. Both of AFAR senior news editor Michelle Baran’s kids loved riding these so much on a recent trip to Europe that she ended up checking her stroller to her final destination. Once aboard the plane, the top props up to convert an economy airplane seat into a lie-flat bed with an included mat. The interior space has enough room for an iPad and headphones, some paper, coloring books, pens, a small stuffie, and a blanket. You can opt for the additional attachable backpack for some added room, which Baran’s kids used for sweatshirts and small toys.

2-gifts for travelers-wayb-pico portable car seat.png

This portable car seat is worth the splurge, according to the parents among AFAR staff.

Courtesy of WAYB

49. WAYB Pico Portable Car Seat

Buy now: $380,

OK, this one is more of a gift for parents who are done schlepping heavy car seats through airports. The eight-pound WAYB Pico Portable Car Seat folds into a compact 11.6 x 14.5 x 18.9-inch unit—basically the size of a medium camping backpack—that’s easy enough to lift on its own, and better still when stowed in a backpack carrier you can buy for an additional $95.

“As someone who has traveled alone with the kids and had to mount a full-sized car seat on my back, this is life-altering,” says Baran.

Fanny pack diaper bag

Make traveling with kids easier with the gift of a streamlined diaper bag.

Courtesy of No Reception Club

50. No Reception Club “The Sidekick” Fanny Pack

Buy now: $85,

For times when parents don’t need the whole diaper bag, No Reception Club’s three-liter Sidekick fanny pack is thoughtfully designed to hold up to a half-dozen diapers, along with some ointment and hand sanitizer. (It also comes with its own changing pad.) The back exterior pocket is designed specifically to hold baby wipes. “I love its magnetic flap closure,” says AFAR contributor Courtney Holden . “It’s a breeze to swipe and wipe.”

This article was originally published in 2022; it was updated on November 1, 2023, with new items.

The silhouette of a visitor in front of purple, illustrated projections at ARTECHOUSE in Washington, D.C.

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33 practical travel gifts anyone can use.

Shop the best travel gifts for every budget and style this holiday season.

Practical Travel Gifts

Close-up LCD monitor screen rear seat on the plane technology for entertainment. Airplane seats with screen monitor service for passenger entertainment on board.

Courtesy of Twelve South

The Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter is one of the year's best travel gifts.

Travel gifts don't have to be reserved for frequent jet-setters and aspiring globe-trotters. Luggage and travel accessories can also be a good option in those scenarios where you just don't know what to buy, but still want to give something meaningful and useful. Read on to find the best travel gifts – including new products and trendy favorites – at a variety of price points.

  • Gifts under $25
  • Gifts under $50
  • Gifts under $100
  • Gifts under $150
  • Gifts under $200
  • Gifts under $300
  • Gifts under $400

Mediheal Sheet Masks

Air travel can be especially drying for the skin, making these restorative sheet masks a favorite among jet-setters. The Mediheal Sheet Masks come in a pack of 10 and a variety of options to suit different skin care needs.

Price: $19.90 or less

TIGARI Passport Holder

Due to unusually long processing times, passport applications and renewals have been a nightmare for many travelers over the past year (plus). Help your gift recipient protect their precious new (or newly updated) travel document with a stylish wallet like the TIGARI Passport Holder, our top passport wallet pick . Travelers appreciate that this wallet comes in bright colors, allowing them to easily locate their passport.

Price: $9.99 or less

Etekcity Luggage Scale

For the chronic overpacker and/or souvenir shopper, the Etekcity Luggage Scale can determine whether or not their luggage weight will meet airline restrictions – and save them the hassle of paying excess baggage fees.

Price: $12.62 or less

Riemot Luggage Travel Cup Holder

It's nearly impossible not to spill coffee when you're trying to maneuver carry-on luggage , locate your gate and keep your travel companions together. This nifty gadget features two pockets for drinks (or other essentials), and recent reviewers confirm it really helps them multitask at the airport.

Price: $16.99 or less

Steeped Coffee

While the AeroPress is a timeless travel gift for adventure travelers, steeped coffee – which is basically a tea bag, but with ground coffee – is a newer option that can be just as good as a freshly brewed cup of Joe. If you can't find it at a local coffee shop, try the brand of the same name: Steeped Coffee. Based in Santa Cruz, California, the company sells a variety of roast profiles.

Price: From $14.95

Conair Handheld Travel Garment Steamer

While garment steamers are prohibited on cruise ships, they're useful to have just about anywhere else you go (think business trips and destination weddings ). Not only is this top-rated option by Conair good for travel, but it's also handy at home.

Price: $24.99 or less

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Veken Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a foolproof travel gift; there's no one who can't benefit from them, even if they already own a set or two. Available on Amazon, the Veken Packing Cubes include eight compartments in a variety of sizes, including one that's designed for toiletries and another that can hold a pair of shoes.

Price: $29.99 or less

Read: The Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Magicteam Sound Machine

You can't go wrong with the gift of sleep, and this portable sound machine is just one way to encourage a good night's rest (which can be difficult to achieve when you're in an unfamiliar place). The Magicteam Sound Machine offers 20 non-looping sounds and 32 volume levels to ensure your gift recipient will find the perfect setting for soothing. Recent reviewers agree this sound machine is small but powerful.

Stasher Bags

Not only are these reusable bags convenient for everyday use, but they're also useful at the airport – your gift recipient can put their medications and other essentials in the clear bags for easy identification and access. While they're a bit pricey, buyers appreciate that they're sustainable .

Price: $44.99 or less

CALPAK Tech Organizer

Phone chargers, travel adapters, laptop cords – they all need to come with you, but they can be awkward to pack. Enter the tech organizer, a trendy travel gadget that's actually useful. This one by CALPAK offers multiple compartments for storing a variety of cords, and its mesh paneling helps you see where everything is located.

Price: $38 or less

Apple AirTag

The luggage tracking device has become less of an accessory and more of an essential over the past year. Out of all the luggage trackers on the market, frequent travelers agree the Apple AirTag is best at keeping tabs on their belongings.

Price: $28.99 or less

Belkin Apple AirTag Holder

An AirTag holder is necessary for anyone using the popular luggage tracker, and this option by Belkin has great reviews on Amazon. Plus, at less than $15, it won't set you back much if you decide to gift it along with the AirTag itself.

Price: $12.99 or less

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow

Not all travel pillows are created equal. For a quality option that will fully support the neck and prevent aches and pains, choose the Cabeau Evolution S3, our top pick for the best neck pillows for travel . Your gift recipient will be thanking you for years to come.

Price: $49.99 or less

Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle

This stainless steel bottle not only keeps drinks cold but also filters out contaminants – especially useful when filling it with water in unfamiliar destinations. Because of the filter, reviewers note the bottle can be a tad awkward to drink from, but they ultimately recommend this product.

Price: $31.49 or less for 20-ounce bottle

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Happyluxe Wayfarer Travel Scarf Wrap

As perhaps the most versatile travel accessory, a wrap is useful on cold planes and cool evenings, as a swimsuit cover-up, or when you just want to dress up an outfit. Recent buyers say the Happyluxe Wayfarer Travel Scarf Wrap is a wardrobe staple, noting how soft it is.

Price: $48 or less

Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack

A modern take on the fanny pack , belt bags are one of the year's top fashion trends; better yet, they're especially useful for vacationing, allowing travelers to both safeguard and easily access their phone, credit cards and other essentials. The highly rated Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack takes it up a notch, with locking compartments, a slash-resistant build and an RFID blocking compartment. It can be worn around the waist or across the chest.

Price: $60.60 or less

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Twelve South Airfly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

If your gift recipient uses wireless earbuds, they'll appreciate this tiny device that allows them to wirelessly transmit audio from in-flight entertainment (which is otherwise limited to those with wired headphones). It also has 25 hours of battery life so it'll last a long-haul flight. Recent buyers say this is a must for air travel.

Price: $54.99 or less

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12

Instant photos are a great way to commemorate any trip, and they're just plain fun for both kids and adults. The compact design of these cameras – particularly the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 – makes them ideal for travel, too. Just note that the film is sold separately unless you purchase a package that includes accessories.

Price: $77.35 or less

Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs 

Quality beach chairs can be an investment – but a worthy one for anyone who frequents the sand and surf. The Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair remains the tried and true choice for many beachgoers, who appreciate its portability and comfort.

Price: $89.50 or less

Halfday The Garment Duffel

Halfday The Garment Duffel in blue against white background.

Courtesy of Halfday

One of the best garment bags for travel , this duffel style makes it easy to travel with suits, dresses and other formalwear. Available in several different colors, The Garment Duffel by Halfday gets rave reviews for its durable, spacious design and ability to keep clothing wrinkle-free.

Price: $98 or less

CALPAK Car Organizer

It's easy to clutter a car – even more so when you have kids – which is why just about anyone who drives will find the CALPAK Car Organizer useful for road trips and everyday errands. The water-resistant bag features three compartments and a carrying handle. It also folds down via snap buttons to be used as a makeshift tote bag, a feature recent reviewers love.

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Allbirds Tree Runner

The Allbirds Tree Runner remains a top-rated choice for those in search of comfortable walking shoes for travel . Available in a variety of colors for men, women and kids, these sustainable shoes are lightweight and breathable; they're also machine-washable. Allbirds wearers appreciate that these sneakers look good and feel good on their feet.

GetYourGuide Gift Card

Regardless of where they plan to travel next, your gift recipient will appreciate a GetYourGuide gift card. Available for any amount, this gift card grants access to a variety of guided tours around the world, from expert-led tours of the Vatican to airboat rides in the Everglades .

Price: Varies

BÉIS The Weekender

One of the year's trendiest bags, The Weekender by BÉIS makes a great gift for any traveler, from college students visiting home to your friend who likes to escape the city on weekends. Owners of this bag especially appreciate the shoe compartment, as well as its variety of color options.

Price: $108 or less

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RTIC Outdoors Soft Pack Cooler

A cooler bag can go a long way, from tailgate parties to camping trips to beach vacations and beyond. Our top pick for the best cooler bag on the market, the RTIC Outdoors Soft Cooler receives rave reviews for its durability and capacity (up to 40 cans for the largest size). Be on the lookout for sales – these coolers are regularly discounted on Amazon and elsewhere.

Price: $159.99 or less

Delsey Paris Helium Aero 19-Inch Carry-On

This chic bag meets most carry-on luggage size requirements for international airlines, making it an ideal choice for frequent globe-trotters. Recent buyers especially appreciate how lightweight it is.

Price: $179.99 or less

Airbnb Gift Card

From treehouses and houseboats to windmills and lighthouses, Airbnb offers unique accommodations across the globe. Treat your loved one to a memorable overnight experience with an Airbnb gift card, available in any amount. Gifts cards purchased online are digitally delivered, while physical gift cards are available at stores like Target and Walmart .

State Bags Logan Suitcase

STATE Bags Logan Suitcase in blue and green

Courtesy of STATE Bags

With ride-on and even sleep-on options, today's best kiddie luggage makes us want to be young again. But if you're looking for a timeless piece of luggage that's both fun and built to last, the Logan Suitcase by State Bags is highly recommended by parents. It's available in two sizes and a variety of colors and patterns.

Price: $225 or less

Peak Design Travel Backpack

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L in black and sage against white background.

Courtesy of Peak Design

Travelers rave about the versatility of this heavy-duty backpack, which can be used as a camera bag, a daypack, or as luggage for weekend and weeklong trips. Earlier this year we chose it as one of the best travel backpacks for men – but the truth is, it's perfect for any adult and any trip.

Price: $299.95 or less

Monos Carry-On Plus

The Monos Carry-On Plus has been getting a lot of attention, and here's why: It's perfect for frequent jet-setters who want to travel with a carry-on bag only, offering just a bit more space than your average carry-on suitcase. Travelers agree they're also drawn to this bag for its sleek design and color options.

Price: $275 or less

Travelpro Expandable 21-Inch Carry-On Spinner

Whether you choose the hard-sided version or the soft-sided spinner , you can't go wrong with any of the carry-on (or checked) luggage by Travelpro. One of the best luggage brands on the market, Travelpro is known for its quality luggage that is built to stand the test of time (and airport luggage handlers). Look out for luggage sales , as Travelpro regularly offers discounts.

Price: $369.99 or less

Read: Hard vs. Soft Luggage: Which Type Is Right for You?

Solgaard Carry-on Closet

The Solgaard Carry-on Closet is one of the ultimate travel gifts to give right now. Thanks to the patented shelving system that gives the bag its name, travelers say this suitcase lives up to all the hype you've seen on social media and TV. They also note that they've been able to use this as their only luggage for longer trips.

Price: $345 or less

Cotopaxi Allpa Roller Bag

Cotopaxi Allpa Roller Bag in blue against white background.

Courtesy of Cotopaxi

The popular Cotopaxi Allpa travel pack now comes with wheels. Launched in late 2023, this roller bag is slightly bigger than its predecessor but can still be used as a carry-on bag. Larger sizes are also available.

Price: $350 or less

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  • # 4 Bora Bora

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The Best Travel Gifts For All Kinds of Globetrotters

By James Stout

yeti water bottle go pro camera dopp kit

Beyond a voucher or a wad of cash put towards some imminent vacation, the best travel gifts go one step further to ensure that the actual trip itself goes off without a hitch. Any number of potential pitfalls can put a snag on that blissful OOO sojourn, from an unfamiliar outlet that can't charge your devices to screaming infants on your flight, but there are gadgets and gear that you can bestow upon someone to pre-empt all the expected challenges. And outside these purely practical choices , there are also some select splurges that will help fulfill their wildest travel dreams, like a souped-up GoPro camera or a piece of status-y luggage .

They'll have you to thank every time they slip on their favorite travel tee , or glide down the terminal with a shiny new carry-on bag. And you'll feel slightly less envious about all those dazzling photos from sandy beaches when you know you helped them capture all those moments, or made their trip a little smoother. Without further ado, all the best travel gifts for your favorite gallivanter.

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

good travel presents

Go Travel Coffee Press

Aeropress' eminently travel-friendly designs use wafer-thin filters and an impressive plunger design that requires almost no cleanup for your coffee grounds whatsoever. It's a no-brainer for any frequent traveler who wants consistently delicious coffee no matter where they are, on or off the grid.

good travel presents

Instead of relying on WiFi or Bluetooth, Air Tags ping billions of iPhone users all around the world to pinpoint their locaiton. Twenty eight bucks isn't much to spend for the gift of knowing your bag made it onto the flight, and isn't in fact spinning out somewhere over the ocean.

good travel presents

Mega Pillow

If he's secretly like the princess and the pea when it comes to pillows , this travel version (which packs down to the size of a soda can) will be a game-changer. Tell him to combine this with a window seat for the best sleep experience available in economy class.

good travel presents

Lightweight Standard Mouth Trail Series

This bottle will become his companion at the gym, on the trail, and on long trips. The Trail series Hydroflask bottles are 25% lighter than standard models, but still keep your water cold for up to 24 hours.

Meet the Couples Using Workplace Software to Organize Their Romantic Lives

By Sophia Benoit

43 Graduation Gifts for Him That Are More Useful Than a Degree

By Avidan Grossman

45 Stylish Gifts for Women That She Definitely Won't Return

By Lori Keong

good travel presents

America the Beautiful Pass 2023/2024

This pass is easily the best 80 bucks you'll ever spend, securing you entry to public lands from coast to coast.

good travel presents

Add some yee-haw energy to his travel rotation with these roper boots that have a slightly more accommodating fit than most, making them a great choice for first-time cowboys.

good travel presents

Random House

'There and Back: Photographs from the Edge,' by Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin has lensed some of the least-explored places on earth. With this coffee table book, maybe he'll find some inspiration to plan some of his own adventures, even if they're a little less extreme.

good travel presents

No Sweat Pants

We all know someone who needs to lose the sweatpants. Duer's "no sweat" pants look a little more dressed-up than joggers, but have the comfy feel of a lived-in piece of leisurewear.

good travel presents

Black Hole Wheeled Duffel 70L

Patagonia's iconic Black Hole duffels switch gears easily between white water rafting trips and weekends in the Hamptons. The wheeled version will even help him haul his gear across the airport or to the trailhead.

good travel presents

Accents Kit

With these high-vis Tumi accents, he'll never have trouble locating his bag in the crowded luggage carousel.

good travel presents

Sleep Mask Pro

The GOAT of sleep masks blocks out all sunlight with molded eye cups. It's not the prettiest sight in the world, but it may be the only thing that'll actually help him cure his jet lag.

good travel presents

Introduce him to his new favorite travel tee. The Manna is soft, sustainable, and odor-resistant, which makes long days navigating railways and airports a little bit less unpleasant.

good travel presents

Peak Design

The guy who is constantly untangling the giant bundle of cables he carries around everywhere could probably use a pouch that has all the space and organization he needs to achieve charging serenity.

good travel presents

Titanium Spork

Airline cutlery is the worst, and ordering takeout to your hotel with no utensils in sight is just as disappointing. But with this shiny spork in his bag, he'll be prepped to chow down whether he's in the mountains or in a meeting.

good travel presents

GoPro HERO11 Black Camera

Getting footage of your vacations is fun, but hauling around a clunker of a camcorder like your dad might have is not. The Go Pro Hero 11 Black Camera is small enough to stuff into pocket, and gives him a way to film on days when he wants to leave his phone back at the hotel.

good travel presents

Wave+ Multi-Tool

A good pocket multitool has all the essentials you'll need on the road in one lightweight attachment. The Leatherman Wave+ uses a 1/4" bit driver to allow you to customize the tool set to your needs.

good travel presents

Sea to Summit

Hydraulic Packing Cube Set

Sea to Summit's new Hydraulic packing cubes are water- and dust-proof, while keeping bulk to a minimum. Their translucent sides will also help him remember what he's packed, whether he's backpacking or booking into business class.

good travel presents

International Travel Adapter & Charger

Replace his bag of region-specific adaptors and USB converters with one that covers all his bases for charging just about anything, just about anywhere.

good travel presents

Moto Buds ANC True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Portable, noise-cancelling buds that don't feel as bulky as over-ear options when you're trying to get some sleep on a packed flight or just aiming to run some laps in your hotel gym.

good travel presents

Nalgene Polyethylene Bottle - 2 fl. oz.

If he likes to save money, or just wants to save the planet, these tiny, indestructible bottles are great for toting his toiletries on a trip—minus the mess.

good travel presents

Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket

Rumpl's puffy, lightweight down blanket works just as well on a flight as it does for sleeping under the stars on a summer night, and comes in tons of great colorways like this Blue Ridge-themed one.

good travel presents

Durable Bifold Wallet

This classic, GQ -approved canvas bifold is built to stand up to the rigors of hard winters in the outdoors, so it should do just fine in his back pocket. These wallets are also vegan, and can avoid unwanted snooping on his credit cards with their RFID blocker.

good travel presents

These over-ear headphones look great and sound even better. They also boast an active noise-cancellation feature that's efficient enough to drown out the drone of a plane engine, or the screaming baby a few rows back on your flight.

good travel presents

Field Shirt


Lightweight collared shirts are a timeless travel staple that can be dressed up or down for the occasion, and this Arcteryx Veilance model is one of the most versatile, blending modern fabrics and design with the utility of the classic safari shirt.

good travel presents

Fenix 7 Pro S

Garmin's Fenix 7 Pro S can run more than a month on a single charge, and functions as a fitness tracker , smartwatch, and GPS in one package. It's the perfect splurge gift for the guy who likes to stay in shape (or just micromanage his bio stats) while he travels for work.

good travel presents

PowerVolt Travel20 Wall and Car Travel Charger

Not being able to charge your phone in a rental car is frustrating, but not quite frustrating enough to travel with a 12V adaptor. This handy plug works as a wall to USB-C adaptor as well as a 12V to USB-C adaptor so he'll never be seeing the dreaded red blinking battery light.

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42 Best Travel Gifts for the Friend Who’s Always Planning Their Next Trip

By Andrea Navarro

best travel gifts  luggage tag passport cover Hydroflask travel case and Kindle on a background

Hear that? It’s the sound of duffle bags zipping and wheels spinning through airport terminals. The holiday season is busy, but the best travel gifts make taking a trip all the more fun—maybe even a bit less stressful. Gifting the jetsetter things they actually need, or indulgences that’ll make them feel as if they’re flying first class (even if they’re situated next to the bathrooms), can be just as exciting as the prospect of a freshly stamped passport.

Because they’re a mix of practical and thoughtful, travel-centric gifts tend to be some of the best gifts to give all season. Many of our favorite ideas (think personalized luggage tags and leather-bound journals) hold prime spots on our best gifts for women list, while others make for great inspiration if you’re looking for gifts for husbands or gifts for boyfriends . Oh, and don’t forget about the pet parents in the crew. The holidays are the perfect excuse opportunity to spoil your furry best friends with a cute new carrier or custom travel case (more on that later).

From a selfie-taking kit to accessories that’ll make them feel like they’re on vacation before they even board the plane, the best travel gifts will make any globetrotter’s next trip one for the books.

Our top picks:

  • Most Unique Travel Gift: Tushy Travel Bidet , $35
  • Best Personalized Travel Gift: Mark & Graham Fillmore Passport Cover and Luggage Tag , $79
  • Best Travel Gift for Couples: Tinggly Fun Together Experience Gift Card , $129
  • Best Travel Gift for Parents: Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers , $39
  • Best Luxury Travel Gift: Samsonite x Jean Michel Basquiat C-Lite Carry-On Spinner , $600

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Busted headset? Flight delays? Days-long road trip? Make sure they have ample entertainment to stay occupied by surprising them with a Kindle —a foolproof gift for just about anyone who loves books and podcasts.

Rifle Paper Co. Memoir Notebook

Rifle Paper Co. Memoir Notebook

Rifle Paper Co

Pictures might say a thousand words, but so can a journal entry. Travelers can soak up all the memories and jot down every detail in this adorable travel journal. Good news: Glamour readers can score 20% off sitewide at through December 31, 2022 with code GLAMOUR20.

Cuyana Jewelry Travel Case

best travel gifts cuyana jewelry case

Help them avoid tangled necklaces, bent earring posts, and lost baubles with a compact hard-shell jewelry organizer . They’ll never have to worry about digging through their purse for an earring back again, since this zippered case has individual storage pockets. Spend an extra $15 and get it monogrammed.

Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle (32 Oz.)

best travel gifts hydroflask vacuum water bottle

Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth Vacuum Water Bottle (32 oz.)

Those who appreciate the great outdoors know that cheap, reusable bottles just won’t cut it on a hot day. A quality alternative? This Hydro Flask. It can keep drinks ice cold or piping hot for up to 24 hours, and this new tall design is lighter than older models, so it won’t weigh down their backpack as much.

Emily Ratajkowski Wins for Most See-Through Dress at the Met Gala 2024

By Héloïse Salessy

If Kendall Jenner Was the First to Wear Her Met Gala Dress, What Is Winona Ryder Wearing in These Pics?

By Kathleen Walsh

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala 2024 Look Was Designed for Drama, and It’s Getting Old

By Stephanie McNeal

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

best travel gifts dyson corrale hair straightener

Even if they’re not one to bring a ton of tools on a trip, who wouldn’t love to receive the Dyson Corrale ? The flatiron’s flexible plates are designed to move with hair instead of pulling it, reducing heat-induced damage (like flyaways and frizz). The real kicker, though, is that it’s wireless and has universal voltage, so they can pack it for any future international travels.

77 (Actually Good) Gift Ideas for Every Guy in Your Life

Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter

Twelve South AirFly

Twelve South AirFly

Let them say “thanks, but no thanks” to the low-quality earbuds for in-flight entertainment thanks to this handy device. They can plug this adapter into the jack on their seat and transmit the audio to their own AirPods or noise-canceling headphones.

Quince Trouser Socks

best travel gifts quince trouser socks

The last thing anyone should be worried about while on vacation is cold feet. Treat them to a luxurious pair of cashmere socks that are a supersoft token of appreciation.

Nadaam Cashmere Solid Scarf

best travel gifts nadaam cashmere scarf

What’s better than cashmere socks? A cashmere scarf , natch. No matter the final destination, they can enjoy the trip there by wrapping themselves up in the softest fabric ever.

Mark & Graham Fillmore Luggage Tag and Passport Case

Mark  Graham Fillmore Luggage Tag and Passport Case

Mark & Graham Fillmore Luggage Tag and Passport Case

Mark & Graham

Kiss the days of wondering “Is that my suitcase?” goodbye thanks to this personalized luggage tag. It also comes with a matching passport holder to keep their documentation and boarding passes safe.

Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Slippers

best travel gifts parachute slippers

Hotel slippers are always a nice touch, but as frequent travelers know, most of them get flat (and pretty useless) fast. Your sojourner can bring these along on their next trip to keep their feet warm wherever they go. These also make a great gift for parents who are always on their feet—even on vacation.

Free People Hailee Sweater Set

best travel gifts free people hailee sweater set

Free People

Matching sweatsuits aren’t only for WFH days or running errands. Anyone who’s ever traveled in a coordinating set knows it has limitless outfit potential. The oversized top can be layered over a white tank on a chilly summer night (or airplane), while the bottoms can sub as comfier pants on days when denim feels too restrictive.

Casetify Pangram Custom Phone Case

best travel gifts casetify pangram custom

These luggage-tag-inspired iPhone (and Samsung Galaxy) cases will make them want to book their next trip ASAP. Stuck on which one to get? Opt for the city they live in, their dream destination, or in true Casetify fashion, customize it with their initials so it looks as though they ripped off their luggage tag and stuck it inside a clear phone case.

Paravel Cabana Tote

best travel gifts paravel cabana tote

This personalized tote fits everything they’ll need to get through TSA but also makes for a great day bag once they hit their destination. Plus, you can customize the straps and color palette to fit their style, making it a chic gift idea.

Wild One Commuter Pet Carrier

best travel gifts wild one pet commuter carrier

Furry plus-ones deserve gifts too, and it doesn’t get much chicer than this carrying bag from Wild One.

Dagne Dover Mara Phone Sling

best travel gifts dagne dover mara phone sling

Dagne Dover

Carrying their phone around in their hands or pockets isn’t always the safest bet, especially while traveling. Help them keep their valuables safe in this compact sling that won’t weigh them down after hours of sightseeing.

Diptyque the Art of Hand Care Travel Set

best travel gifts diptyque hand care travel set

This luxe travel set takes hand care to a new level. Thanks to the gel sanitizer, soap, and hand cream that smell like heaven, their palms will stay fresh and clean wherever they go.

Save when you shop for the best travel gifts with these Nordstrom promo codes .

Mark & Graham Personalized Packing Cubes

Mark  Graham Personalized Packing Cubes

Mark & Graham Personalized Packing Cubes

Know a messy packer? This set of packing cubes will keep them organized. There are options for packing smaller items like undies and socks, and larger ones for bulkier items like sweaters and pants. Plus, they can be personalized!

Béis Reversible Cotton Canvas Tote Diaper Bag

Bis Reversible Cotton Canvas Tote Diaper Bag

Make travel easier for new moms with this diaper bag and clutch set perfect for storing the essentials.

Lack of Color Sunnydip Fray Boater

best travel gifts lack of color sunnydip fray boater

Lack of Color

A wide-brim straw hat will instantly transport them to turquoise waters and piña coladas.

Yogasleep Travel Mini White Noise Machine

Yogasleep Travel Mini White Noise Machine

Long-haul flights and time zone changes can mess up sleep. Help them fight jet lag with a packable white noise machine that can be used to relax when they inevitably wake up at 2 p.m. thinking it’s actually still morning.

FugeTek Bluetooth-Enabled Selfie Stick & Tripod

best travel gifts fugetek selfie stick phone tripod

FugeTek Bluetooth-Enabled Selfie Stick & Tripod

For the friend who shamelessly captures all their TikTok content on the street, a tripod with a Bluetooth-enabled remote is probably one of the most thoughtful gadgets you can get. This one extends to four feet, but it weighs barely more than a pound and collapses down nicely so they can toss it into a backpack without compromising on space. And they can sync the remote to their phone to shoot on self-timer—weird looks from strangers be damned.

Richer Poorer Bounce Knit Pullover

best travel gifts richer poorer bounce knit pullover

Richer Poorer

A relaxed pullover that’s perfect for plane rides, sightseeing, and chilling in bed surrounded by room service.

July Personalized Tech Kit Organizer

July Personalized Tech Kit Organizer

Anyone who travels with a lot of tech items knows how annoying wires can be. Travel accessories get tangled, become caught in other things, and create clutter if not stored properly. This water-resistant carrying case makes your portable chargers, power banks, headphones, etc., a lot more a packable—and it can be customized with an adorable little pet portrait.

Away The Cosmetics Bag

Away The Cosmetics Bag

This toiletry bag can fit a ton of products, thanks to its depth. They can store and organize their entire travel skin care routine and makeup essentials.

Steamery Cirrus 2 Travel Steamer

Steamery Cirrus 2 Travel Steamer

It’s not guaranteed that their hotel or place of lodging will have a steamer of its own, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Nobody likes a wrinkly ’fit.

Cadence Capsules

Cadence Capsules

They can store everything from vitamins and medication to shampoo and body wash in Cadence’s magnetic capsules.

Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat

Lululemon Carry Onwards Travel Yoga Mat

If their yoga practice never skips a beat, surprise them with this lightweight Lululemon yoga mat that takes up little room in a carry-on or duffle bag.

Patchology On the Fly Multi-Masking Travel Skin Care Kit

Patchology On the Fly MultiMasking Travel Skincare Kit

Patchology On the Fly Multi-Masking Travel Skincare Kit

We all have that one friend who shamelessly does an entire skin care routine up in the air. Support their mile-high beauty habit with this set of sheet masks, eye masks, and a lip mask.

Save when you shop for the best travel gifts with these Ulta promo codes .

Aesop Departure Travel Essentials Kit

Aesop Departure Travel Essentials Kit

Introducing the chicest hygiene kit you’ve ever seen. Aesop’s Departure set includes rinse-free hand wash, hand lotion, a hydrating face mask, face mist, mouthwash, and toothpaste that are all TSA-approved.

Tushy Travel Bidet

Tushy Travel Bidet

Speaking of hygiene, this teeny bidet is key for staying fresh and clean at all times.

Slip Frequent Flyer Set

Slip Frequent Flyer Set

A silk neck pillow, sleep mask, and face covering for extra safety. What more can a frequent flyer possibly need on a plane?

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Travel Wrap

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite Travel Wrap

Is it a blanket? Is it a scarf? It’s actually kind of both. They’ll be happy to pull this out (along with a travel pillow) if the plane gets chilly or it’s time to take a nap.

Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card

Gift them the option to choose a unique stay for the next time they visit their favorite city. Hotels are great, but sometimes an Airbnb is just the vibe they’re looking for.

Jacobsen Salt Striped Slide Tin Multipack

Jacobsen Salt Striped Slide Tin Multipack

Jacobsen Salt

Because even a restaurant enthusiast can never be too sure that food won’t be bland throughout their travels.

Tinggly Fun Together Experience Gift Card

Tinggly Fun Together Experience Gift Card

Struggling to find the perfect gift for couples ? Treat the lovebirds or newlyweds in your circle to a fun activity on their next trip. They can choose from 1,000 experiences available in over 100 countries.

Parks Board Game

Parks Board Game

This national-park-themed game is a great gift for the adventurous type. They can envision themselves hiking along some of the most historic trails or even get inspired to plan their next outdoorsy excursion.

Samsonite x Jean Michel Basquiat C-Lite Carry-On Spinner

Samsonite x Jean Michel Basquiat CLite Carryon Spinner

Samsonite x Jean Michel Basquiat C-Lite Carry-on Spinner

This best-selling Samsonite suitcase just got the Basquiat treatment. The globe-trotting friend who spends a chunk of their travels in museums will love pulling up to their designated gate with this lightweight roller.

Coordinates Collection Bracelet

Coordinates Collection Bracelet

Neiman Marcus

This timeless piece of jewelry will remind them of their favorite place each time they look down at their wrist.

Merit Mini Flush Blush Balm Trio

Merit Mini Flush Blush Balm Trio

A little blush can go a long way, especially if there’s already a vacay tan involved. Gift them an instant beauty refresh with this trio that enhances the natural flush in their cheeks. Getting ready has never been easier.

Save when you shop for the best travel gifts with these Sephora promo codes .

Hourglass Vegan Face & Eye Travel Brush Set

Hourglass Vegan Face  Eye Travel Brush Set

Hourglass Vegan Face & Eye Travel Brush Set

If they’re committed to a full glam even when on the road, these mini makeup brushes will do the trick.

Ouai BYOB Travel Hair Care Seet

Ouai BYOB Travel Size

Ouai BYOB Travel Size and Travel Bag

They’ll be able to keep their hair routine on lock with this custom bundle that includes three travel-friendly staples and comes packed in an adorable, ready-to-gift fuzzy tote.

Evolve Together Mosquito Repellent Patches

Evolve Together Mosquito Repellent Patches


They’ll happy to ditch their sticky insect repellant for these lightweight, DEET-free essential oil patches.

77 (Actually Good) Gift Ideas for Every Guy in Your Life

By Jake Henry Smith

The Best Travel Backpacks, According to Frequent Flyers

By Gabrielle Porcaro

48 Gifts for Aunts That’ll Make You the Best Niece or Nephew Ever

By Malia Griggs

The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog

55 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2024 – By Travel Experts

Written By: The Planet D


Updated On: February 28, 2024

We know that finding the perfect gift for travelers can be a difficult task but we’ve done the hard work for you. Dave and I have been  professional travel bloggers  since 2009 and have tried and tested nearly every  gadget  out there. This comprehensive list gives you ideas to choose the best travel gifts that your loved one will actually use while traveling or at home.

Here are our best travel-themed gifts that will get you the thumbs up when opened this holiday season.

Table of Contents

Best Gifts for Travelers

best travel gift ideas

After trying countless products over 20 years of travel we’ve narrowed down the best gifts for travelers that have personally tested.   No matter what your budget is these travel gifts are great ideas for the travel enthusiast in your life. Looking for more travel gifts for frequent travelers? Check out these 32 Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers and Adventurers

Best Gifts for Travelers under $100

1. apple air tags.

best gifts for travelers apple air tags

Lost luggage has become common and Apple Air Tags have been a huge help for finding our bags. We lost our luggage en route to an Alaskan cruise and actually sent the airline a screenshot of where our bag was in the airport. When looking for a travel gift, this is the most practical gift you can give. When you can’t travel carry on only, Apple Air Tags are a must-have travel gear item that helps give your loved one peace of mind.

2. Travel Packing Cubes

best travel gift for your favorite traveler

There is a reason that packing cubes are always popular. Packing cubes make great stocking stuffers and are an affordable option for organizing your travel bag. I stuff clothes, and electronics, and even use as a laundry bag to keep my back from from smelling. Everything is neatly packed away in color-coded cubes making my travels more organized and less cluttered. These compression packing cubes always make one of the best travel gifts every year.

3. White Noise Machine

best travel gift ideas white noise machine

Dave and I cannot sleep without white noise. This white noise machine will drown out loud neighbors, thumping music, and snoring loved one. We were recently in Chile and music was playing all night long. Others in our group didn’t sleep a wink, but we had our white noise matching going and didn’t wake up once. For frequent travelers or first-time travelers, this is the perfect piece of travel gear to add to their travel bag.

4. The Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

best travel gift ideas for your loved one - Trtl Travel Neck Pillow

Sleeping on planes can be a pain in the neck (See what I did there?), but with the Trtl Neck travel pillow , those days of needing to blow up a neck pillow are long gone. This is the Cadillac of all-neck pillows and one of the best gifts for frequent world travelers who are on planes a lot. It is scientifically proven to support your neck and aid sleep during long flights. And let me tell you this works. If you want to be comfortable on your next plane ride then get one of these.

5. Belkin Mini Surge Protector

Belkin Mini Surge Protector perfect gift for Traveling

If you read our blog often, you’ll know that I recommend the Belkin as one of the top pieces of travel equipment out there and one we recommend every year. The Belkin Mini Surge Protector is probably one of the most useful pieces of travel ger you can get someone. It not only protects your electronics from power surges, but it also charges several things at once with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports.

6. Portable Charger and Power Bank

Anker Portable charger PowerCore Lite best travel gift ideas

Everybody needs a portable charger when they are traveling. Nothing is more frustrating than having your phone or iPad die at the wrong moment. That is why we use the PowerCore Lite 20000 . It has 2 outputs and saves us from carrying 2 separate power banks. This portable charger is lightweight and it carries enough charge to recharge your phone up to 3 times! For those who want just one outlet for their portable charger, make sure to check out the PowerCore Lite 10000.

7. SleepPhones

sleep phones make best travel gift ideas

When it comes to travel accessories, comfort is key! I always suggest having noise-canceling headphones on an airplane, but when you go to sleep on long haul flights, it can be difficult to keep them on your head. And they get in the way. Plus, I never sleep in my Apple Air Pods for fear of having them fall on the floor and they’ll be gone for good.

These SleepPhones have Bluetooth technology and are wireless. They are great to use to fall asleep while listening to soothing music or audiobooks and they take up no space in your carry on. There’s an easy sizing guide that worked great. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. Check them out and see what you think

8. BioLite AlpenGlo 250

best travel gifts bio tech light

The BioLite AlpenGlo 250 great gift for travelers who love to get outdoors, go on camping trips and get off the beaten path. This lantern gives off ambient light with several different settings depending on your mood. Change the colours and even put it in a party mode where the colors change and flicker. It’s great for adding ambient light to the campsite, hotel room or to a cramped van when taking a road trip cross country. Plus a great additional feature is that the lantern is rechargeable and doubles a powerbank to charge your cell phone .

Best Travel Gifts Under $25

9. clickr phone grip and expandable stand.

best gifts for traveling under 25 dollars

CLCKR  is a perfect phone case for frequent travelers as it makes it easy to watch videos and online content while on a plane. This unique piece of travel gear has a built-in stand or universal grip that you can rest on your tray table and use as an airplane phone holder. It’s handy for watching or creating video content on the go as the case stands for your device in landscape or portrait mode. Its streamlined design also is very fashionable.

10. World Travel Adapter

Plug Adapter best travel gifts

Finding the right travel adapter over the years has been a challenge but after getting this OREI M8 All-In-One International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter we love it. This is a piece of travel gear we can’t go without as it converts plugs for any country in the world at the slide of a switch, which makes for great travel gifts for people who travel for work or leisure. Most importantly it is light and durable so you won’t have to replace it after a few uses like other models we have tried. If you are looking for a practical gift for frequent travelers, your friend will love it.

11. Portable Luggage Scale

Plug Adapter best travel gifts

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport check-in counter and finding out you have to pay a fee for overweight luggage. A portable scale has become an invaluable piece for frequent travelers. With a portable luggage scale, you can weigh it at home before you start your travels. We have even had our carry-on weighed recently while traveling, so it’s good to know before you go. This will definitely help frequent travelers save time, money, and hassle every time they leave home.

12. Travel Laundry Bag

gifts for your favorite traveler

We also use a dedicated laundry bag for clothing when traveling as well. Some people may want to save their cubes for packing, so get them a laundry bag to go with their set of packing cubes. They’ll be organized and all set for their next vacation.

13. Portable Carry-on Luggage bag

Foldable Carry on travel gifts

We have started carrying a portable carry-on travel bag on all of our trips because it has so many uses. It is big enough to fit extra souvenirs, to take clothes and towels to the beach, and a laundry bag when we are hiking. The Arxus Foldable Tote folds up really small, is lightweight and durable, and slides right onto the back of your suitcase for easy carry on. Read more: 22 Best Luggage Brands For Every Budget .

14. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

travel gifts uv toothbrush sanitizer

If you are traveling in the backcountry, sharing hostels, or going anywhere with a shared bathroom this Pursonic S1 Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will give you some peace of mind. This toothbrush sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. We started using this last year and fell in love with it. It is packed on every trip we take now.

15. Airplane Phone Holder and Tablet Holder

Travel Gifts Phone and Tablet holder

With more and more airlines making you watch their in-flight entertainment on your own device we were looking for something that we could use to hold our devices so our necks don’t cramp. After a lot of searching, we found the perfect solution for frequent travelers and casual travelers in the Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder that is specifically designed for air travel. Your loved one will thank you for this handy piece of travel gear when watching movies on the plane, just sling it over the tray table and preso, your mini movie theater. Trust me, you will never have a cramped neck again!

16. Airplane Moisturizing Kit

Moisturizing Travel Kit gifts for travel under 25 dollars

Everyone knows how dry it can get on the airplane, especially on those long-haul flights. That is why we always bring a Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Kit with us on our travels. This is a great kit that has all the essentials to help us to stay moisturized throughout the flight and our travels. My lips especially get dry on a plane and this kit comes complete with lip balm, hand salve, body location, and foot cream. With just a little care on the flight, you can arrive a little more refreshed.

17. No Ordinary Eye Mask

best gifts for traveling eye mask

One of the things I love about this Pretty Care Travel Eye Mask is that it doesn’t rest on your eyes. It is raised so there is no pressure on them like traditional eye masks. It’s padded it really blocks out the light making them the perfect mask for long-haul flights. It is always in my travel kit to bring on an airplane. I sleep like a baby on long-haul flights with this.

Best Travel Gift Ideas for at-Home

These gifts for travel lovers are great for those who are stuck at home but still dream of hitting the road. Or reminder them of their favorite travels around the world. If you want more travel gift ideas you may also like these 30 Work From Home Gifts – Great Ideas for Remote Working

18. Travel Scratch Map Deluxe

World Scratch Map best travel gift ideas

Remember the days when you put a pin on a world map to mark where you’ve been? Now there’s something better. The Luckies of London Scratch Map Deluxe has a gold foil layer that you can scratch off as you go and keep track of where you have been. Create your own wall art by showing off your travels and don’t worry about buying those pins to go with it. This is perfect for the person who is dreaming of traveling around the world.

19. Travel Cork Globe

Travel cork globe with pegs best travel gift ideas

This Cork Globe is the coolest gift idea for the travel lover to appreciate when at home. Your travel friends can pin all the places they’ve been onto this handy globe. The globe comes with 30 magnetic pins, but you can buy more from MapMagnet on Amazon.

20. Wall Art World Map

Wall art World Map best Travel Gift ideas

If a Scratch Map isn’t what you are looking for then you may like this Vintage Canvas World Map . At 20X40 it is perfect to hang in your home office or living room. Use it to plan future travels or as a conversation starter with friends about places you have already been.

21. Hotel Lobby Candles

candles travel gift

Hotel lobby candle brand candles make an excellent gift for travelers due to their ability to trigger memories and emotions through scent, helping to bring back happy travel memories. These candles are conveniently portable and easy to pack in your carry-on, adding an element of comfort and hominess to any hotel room by creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Hotel lobby candles are known for their high quality, featuring long burn times and strong, pleasant scents that make them a luxurious and thoughtful gift.

Fun Travel Gifts for Women

I love all of these items even when I’m not traveling. But the items below are specially made to be lightweight, small, and easy to organize making them the perfect travel gear for women no matter what her taste is.

22. Seint Beauty Makeup

gifts for travelers make up

As my travels have changed from hard-core adventures to more urban and luxury as I age, I am now taking much better care of my skin. Luckily for me, my neighbor Uyen introduced me to the Seint Beauty system. Connect with Uyen on her Facebook Page for a colour match. This makeup was made for everyone’s skin at an affordable price. What I love about this is how it is all organized in one palette. I now have all my foundation, eye shadow, blush, contour, and concealer in one place. Add in a couple of brushes plus mascara, and now my travel makeup bag is small and manageable. Plus, I have never looked or felt better!

23. The Tangle Teezer

Gifts for Travel lovers - The Tangle Teezer

If you have long hair then I know you can relate to this one. Whether we are traveling to a tropical destination or trekking in the Himalayas my hair gets tangled. But, when I found the Tangle Teezer all that changed. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for a reasonable price. It is light, and compact and it works!

24. Silk Wrap

best travel gift ideas for your loved one - Silk Scarf

I can’t travel without a silk scarf. It keeps me warm on the plane when the air conditioning is cranked too high, it dresses up my evening outfit, and it keeps me modest when walking into a temple overseas. I have found that this particular Silk Scarf by Dana XU is the perfect combination of lightweight and soft. Your loved one will adore this unique idea.

25. Underwear Travel Organizer

Women's Travel Gift ideas - Bra and Underwear Organizer

Staying organized is a key factor in packing light. So having all my undergarments in one place is a must. I have ruined many a lovely bra during my travels by squishing them into my suitcase. Your loved one will appreciate this Fashion Portable Travel Organizer, I can organize all my undergarments and keep them neat and tidy in one place. This is one of the best gift ideas for travelers who want to stay organized.

26. Compression Socks

Compression Socks travel gifts for frequent travelers

Compression socks help with circulation and leg exhaustion when traveling on long flights. If you have frequent travelers on your list these make perfect gifts. This Multi-Pack from CHARMKING will give you enough to last for several trips. Compression socks really help if your legs and feet are constantly tired from all that traveling. Compression socks are also recommended to help frequent travelers from developing DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) which is a blood clot in the leg. I know many a traveler that has developed this and it can be very dangerous. Compression socks help minimize the risk.

27. Hand-Held Portable Travel Fan

best travel gift ideas hand held travel fan

As a maturing woman, my hormones are all over the place and when traveling in hot countries or even feeling the heat on a plane or a train, I seek comfort with my handheld fan. The lady in your life will love this travel fan that is rechargeable for longer battery life via USB, has 5 speeds, and is portable. For long flights, I’ve noticed that the temperature changes often. I love having a fan nearby to help me when a hot flash comes on.

28. Neck Fan

travel essential for frequent flier neck fan

I have also been wearing this neck fan to keep cool. It is less intrusive as most people think I am just wearing headphones. This has been a lifesaver for hot flashes while traveling on airplanes, buses, and trains.

29. Travel Jewelry Box

travel essential for women frequent fliers

I love wearing necklaces and bracelets from my travels and while traveling. It’s my main travel souvenir. But I must admit, I lose them and get them tangled constantly. A travel jewelry roll bag is perfect for women who want to organize their rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I don’t wear a lot of rings or earrings, so I prefer this rolling velvet clutch, but you can check them both out to see what is the best fit.

Cool Travel Gifts for Him

I had to consult Dave for this one. He owns every one of the items listed below. When I asked him what were some of his favorite travel gear for men, these were his choices.

30. Leather Toiletry Bag

best travel gift ideas Dopp Travel Toiletry Bag for Men

A man needs to be organized and this Elviros Travel Toiletry Kit is a classy way to store all his toiletries in one place. It has two main compartments and 5 mesh pockets to keep everything in place. It comes with a handy strap so you can hang it anywhere and the zippers are heavy duty so this will last for a long time.

31. ExOfficio Men’s Give-n-go Boxer Brief

Travel Gifts for Men Exofficio Briefs

Underwear is always a personal choice, but once you try ExOfficio’s Men’s Give-n-go Boxer Brief these you won’t wear any other pair. Now, I know at first, underwear is not something you might think of giving, but if your husband or significant other is looking for comfort down there (I guarantee he is) then these make a great stocking stuffer.

I have used these for years and don’t travel with any other brand. They are comfortable, easy to wash, and dry quickly. Perfect for the male traveler in your life.

32. Arcteryx Delta LT Fleece

Fleece Jacket for Traveling best travel gifts

After 10 years of traveling full-time Dave has tried many fleece jackets and this one from Arcteryx comes out on top. It’s good for layering, comes in a few different colors and it is stylish enough that he can wear it out at night. Note: These usually fit a little small so you might want to order a size up as I did.

33. Nomad Passport Leather Travel Wallet

travel gifts passport Wallet for Men who travel

When we first started traveling, fashion was not really a priority for Dave. But as we have gotten older he is looking into things that not only have great functionality but also look good. A Passport Wallet fits the bill. It is top grain leather, comes with Tile Tracking, and fits up to 10 cards plus your passport and boarding passes. If you are looking for fashion and function this is one of the best travel gifts for your man.

34. Tilly Hat

best Travel Gifts - Tilley Hat

The Tilly Hat is the best travel hat and we both own one. The wide brim protects your neck and face, and there’s plenty of ventilation to keep your head cool. It’s easy to clean too. If you know someone who does a lot of kayaking, hiking or spends a lot of time outdoors as we do then they will really appreciate this.

35. Travel Backpack

best travel gifts travel backpack

We love Peak Design and for a universal travel backpack, this unisex backpack makes for a great travel gift that can be used for day-tripping and sightseeing. A backpack is a travel essential whether you are using it for your luggage or for sightseeing. This travel backpack holds your camera gear and anything you need for a day out as a tourist. The stretchy external pockets can even be used as a water bottle pocket. You can open the bag from either side and it is safe and durable for travel.

Travel gear Ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

Travelers are very giving people. If you are looking for something unique to give during the holiday season, check out these Travel Charities – Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

36. USB Re-Chargeable Travel Headlamp

Hiking Headlamp gifts for adventure travelers

Having tried out many different headlamps over the years we have found Black Diamond to be the most reliable and the best value for your money. The Re-Volt from Black Diamond headlamp is rechargeable, durable, and water-resistant. It is the headlamp we use and recommend. This is the perfect gift for travelers and backpackers alike. It has so many uses and once you own one you will wonder how you traveled without it.

37. X-Brew Coffee Dripper

best travel gift ideas portable cup

For Backcountry Campers or anyone who likes to go on camping trips, this X-Brew Coffee Dripper is a better option than the French Press. This lightweight collapsible coffee dripper comes with a collapsible mug and reusable filter. It all collapses down to smaller than a beverage coaster! When looking for gifts for that caffeine fanatic, backpacker or camper this is a superb choice.

38. Sea to Summit Dry Bag Set

Dry Bags for Kayaking best travel gifts

You never know when you might need a dry bag in your travels. You may find you’re going on a water adventure or you might end up in a water festival in Thailand or Holi in India . The Sea to Summit dry bags are some of the most lightweight and durable ones around, and we have found they are the most reliable as well.

39. Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

Gifts for people that travel: Leatherman Wave

This is one of those adventure travel essentials that we don’t leave home without. It has come in handy on so many occasions. When you need a bottle opener, a screwdriver, a nail file, or a quick fix to the camera or travel gear this is our go-to tool. We use the Leatherman Wave but there is also a smaller version called the Leatherman Squirt . Any frequent traveler who takes on different adventures should have this in their backpack.

40. Wiseowl Portable Hammock

best travel gifts Portable Travel Hammok

I was never really a “Hammock” kind of guy but when someone gave me one of these that all changed. This Wiseowl Portable Travel Hammock is lightweight and can be set up almost anywhere and man is it comfortable. Make sure to throw this in your backpack or suitcase for your next trip to the islands!

41. Steripen Water Purifier

Water Filter best travel gifts

We have used the Steripen in backcountry adventures all around the world. It is easy to use and helps us reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Fill your water bottle with lake water, tap water in a developing country or even a pond and you’ll have clean water in seconds! The Steripen purifies water in 90 seconds for a 1-litre bottle using UV light.

Best Gift Ideas for Travel Photographers

Do you have a budding travel photographer on your list? If so, then check out these best gifts for the traveler who loves photography. They are guaranteed to help them capture the best image possible on their next trip.

42. Lenspen Cleaning Pens

Travel Photography travel gifts Lenspen

As a professional photographer, I know that keeping your lenses clean is a top priority. The last thing you want to see on your holiday photos is dust specks. I have been using the LensPen for years now and it has never let me down. This Pro Pack comes with 3 Lenspens that are safe, fast, and easy to use on any lens, filter, eyepiece, or LCD screen. It is everything you need to bring back sharp and clean images.

43. Travel Tripod

Travel Tripod by Joby best travel gifts

Versatility is something we look for in every piece of gear that we own and a tripod is no exception. Whether you want to capture beautiful shots of the Milky Way or just snap some great selfies while traveling solo every photographer should carry a tripod. The beauty of the Joby Gorillapod 3K is you can practically mount it anywhere. It is lightweight, has a ball head and it will support cameras up to 2.2 pounds. We use this on every trip and it has become a valuable addition to our camera kit.

44. Black Rapid Camera Strap

best travel gifts Camera strap for traveling

When it comes to camera accessories Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap is definitely my favorite piece of gear. This is the best-designed camera strap on the market. With a padded shoulder, an underarm strap for more comfort and stability, and a locking carabiner quick-release it covers all the bases. No more missing shots because your camera was in your bag. Be ready to capture any moment just by adding this to your camera gear.

45. Sony RX100 VII

best gifts for travel are cameras

Dave loves the Sony RX100 VII as a final addition to his two   DSLR Sony bodies. I use it for video and vlogging all the time! It fits great on my gimbal too keeping things lightweight but looking like a million bucks. With a Carl Zeiss lens and 20.1 megapixels, you’ll have professional-quality photos for a fraction of the price of other professional cameras. We love it. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to use and we often leave the bulky DSLRs behind for the day and use this as our camera to capture amazing travel photos.

Luxury Travel Gifts

No holiday travel gift list would be complete without including some ideas for the person who loves the finer things in life. These luxury travel gifts will help you choose the right present for the discerning traveler on your list this year.

46. Level8 Luggage for Traveling

best gifts for travel Level 8 Luggage

I think we have tried every type of carry-on luggage out there over the years and we love this Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket   by Level8. We felt so chic going through the airport with these hard cases and modern design and it was easy t o pop out my laptop and documents right from the front of my carry-on when going through security.

For our checked bags, our yellow Voyageur Check-In 28′ turned heads. We didn’t worry about anyone mixing up our bags on the conveyor belt with our unique color and design. We found the 28-inch a bit too large, but you can order 24′ or 26′. But with the large handle and ultra-quite 360° spinner wheels it was super easy to navigate through the airport.

  • On a personal note, my hard case carry on fell from the top of a van on my trip and because my laptop was secure in the front hard case pocket, it wasn’t damaged. That was a huge relief. Save 10% off all products with the code ThePlanetD10

47. Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

best travel gifts AirPods Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

I have used the Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones for years but recently bought myself a pair of AirPods Pro and have really fallen in love with them. They are much smaller and more lightweight than my previous noise cancellation headphones and with the advanced noise-canceling technology, the comfortable ear pads, and great quality sound out there these make long-haul plane flights bearable.

You can control the volume and skip songs at the touch of a finger and they don’t cover your ears so they are easy to sleep with. One other thing I found cool is that you can use the charging container as a phone holder to watch movies as well.

48. Kindle Paperwhite

best travel gifts Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Reader

With a glare-free display, the Kindle Paperwhite is like reading on paper. Even in the sunlight. It is much easier than carrying around heavy books. Plus it is waterproof, and the battery lasts for hours. Load it with some of your favorite travel books and give this bestseller to the travel lover in your life. Get this gift so the traveler in your life can pack light, but still read lots of books. You can just pop it into your carry-on and it takes up no space!

49. Sony Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

travel gifts Portable Bluetooth Speaker for travel

If you are someone who watches a lot of movies on their laptop or just likes to turn up the audio, the Sony Waterproof Portable Speaker is a luxury you will want to take with you. It is small enough that is doesn’t take up a lot of room it is waterproof and dustproof so it is durable and it has great sound quality. Many of the other speakers out there may claim to have crisp sound but this speaker actually lives up to the hype.

Best Travel Gifts – Fast and Easy

50. get your guide gift card.

travel essential for the frequent flier getyourguide gift cards

We just gave my nephew some GetYourGuide experiences for his honeymoon and it went over swimmingly. By giving a GetYourGuide gift card, you provide the recipient with the flexibility to choose their preferred tour based on their travel plans and personal preferences. They can browse through different options, read reviews, and select activities that align with their specific needs

51. Luggage Tags

best travel gifts luggage tags

People love it when their luggage looks good when traveling. Luggage tags are a necessity to help you identify your bags and these Smart ID DynoTag Web Enabled Luggage Tags take things up a notch and are a great addition to traditional luggage tags. The tag shows the contact and other information you set up so that viewers contact you to arrange pick up.

52. Passport Holder 

best travel gifts passport holder RFID

I love my PACSafe RFID passport holder. I tend to like having everything at my fingertips and this passport holder not only holds my travel documents, it holds all my credit cards, travel cards, money, and change. The RFID protection keeps my valuables safe and with plenty of compartments and zippers, I have everything I need for travel at my fingertips. 

53. Passport Cover

best gifts for travel passport cover RFID

If you want to give a stocking stuffer or something in a gift bag, this leather passport cover is a practical gift for family and friends. It is less bulky than the passport holder, specifically designed to hold travel documents plus compartments for ticket slot, 2 SIM Card Slots, 3 card slots, and a 4X3 inches clear card slot.

54. GoToobs

travel essential for the frequent flier gotoobs

We love using our GoToobs when traveling. These refillable tubes are perfect to put in your carry-on and fill with liquids from body wash to shampoo and any other small-size liquid you will want to have on you for international travel.

55. Laptop Sleeve

best gifts for travel laptop sleeve

We are all traveling with more electronics these days and they can take a beating on planes or trains. A Laptop Sleeve protector is one of the best travel gift ideas for business travelers or digital nomads. I have had carryons fall from the top of busses onto cement and fall off transportation, if my laptop wasn’t in a padded laptop sleeve, I can guarantee it would have been ruin

gifts for travel

And those are the best travel gifts for 2024. I hope you enjoyed all of our travel gifts and found something for the traveler or loved one in your life. Whether you are budget-conscious or a luxury traveler or you are just looking for a fun travel gift for a special occasion we can recommend all of the items above because we actually own them.

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Looking to book your next trip? Why not use these resources that are tried and tested by yours truly.

Flights: Start planning your trip by finding the best flight deals on Skyscanner

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Find Apartment Rentals: You will find the cheapest prices on apartment rentals with VRBO . 

Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it. Here is what we recommend:

  • Allianz - Occasional Travelers.
  • Medjet - Global air medical transport and travel security.

Need more help planning your trip? Make sure to check out our Resources Page where we highlight all the great companies that we trust when we are traveling.

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Hey Dave & Deb!

Love this list of gifts for travelers. As a website that’s dedicated exclusively to finding awesome gifts, we enjoyed going through your finds! We actually also have a travel gift guide as well and have also included popular travel-related items like a travel scratch map and the Kindle. Other cool items we’ve discovered include a filtered water bottle and a collapsible electric kettle!

Looking forward to more awesome posts!

Wow, great gift ideas. It’s a meaningful guide for me to choose a gift.

This is a great list of gifts. I have already selected few and they are going to be with me on my next backpacking trip. Thank you for this article!

I love your travel gifts, This list is great & amazing. very helpful. Thanks

My favorite gadget that was bought for me was a foldable solar panel the you can clip to the back of your pack to charge stuff while on the move. The solar panel charged an integrated battery which in turn charged things like my phone and tablet. I take that thing everywhere.

Great Post. Thanks for Sharing such best ideas for gifts

Great gift!

Interesting and brilliant post…I think GPS trackers also a good gift for travelers ..What you think?

love all of them, thank you so much for sharing.

What a great list with lots of variety! Thank you for such brilliant ideas!Awesome Pictures! Keep it up! Great post! I’m definitely going to bookmark this.

Really loved the way you explained everything.Thank you So Much for the Article and for sharing such beautiful pictures. Keep Blogging!!

Hi, thanks for sharing ideas and an awesome great list for a gift.

Wow, great ideas for travel gifts. It’s a meaningful guide for me to choose a gift.

Awesome gift guide, as always! Loved that piggy bank so much we included it in our own gift guide and gave you a shout-out for your good taste and travel savvy : ) Also congrats on your gorgeous new photography prints and thank you so much for including our books, Ultimate Journeys for Two and Comfortably Wild!

The most I loved was the go pro.. Great list…

Brilliant list of travel gifts, with plenty to consider. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing..

Being a travel geek myself I would love to have these gifts. These are absolutely great. Thanks for sharing these wonderful gift ideas. There are many things in the list which are pretty useful while traveling.

You pretty much covered everything on my Christmas list haha. Some cheap gift ideas could be some compression socks or eye mask with ear plugs. Thanks

But I want so many of these things for myself. What then?!?

This list is great. I love your gift ideas. Thanks

Thank you guys SOOOOO much for featuring our new book “Comfortably Wild”. You are the best! Now, let’s find a place to go glamping together!!!!

Informative best gifts list. I am very grateful to you for sharing a very important list.

The hammock looks great! How about a travel translator like Travis or Pocketalk? I’ve been meaning to buy one for my sister who loves to go on weekend trips around Europe.

Amazing list! I especially like the map and globe design – I had to go ahead and order one for myself. Keep up the great work!

If someone handover to me to select the best gift for a traveller, I would select Go Pro Hero 7. And I’m damn sure s/he will be happy after getting this kind of gift. Because an action camera is mandatory for a traveller nowadays. Travellers move from here to there and captured their memory, scenery and other things by a camera. In this way, Go Pro 7 is the best option. The quality of this camera is outstanding.

This is a great ideas, Thanks for sharing such an useful Information 🙂

The world map pendant looks interesting. Also, the collapsible water bottle is neat.

Hey guys, Amazing post! I liked that you have mentioned the gifts of all budget type. I really like that map pillow and glasses ideas.

Great list, I have the Power Bank and its saved me so many times!

The travel journal is a cool idea! Might get one.

One question when I am going to get a gift then ?:p

A waterproof iPhone case is a must. Nice list!

great blog. this may be the best gift for sharing this gift ideas

Very wonderful gifts and I like you rated I was very impressed by the gifts and special gifts that contained the maps it also fit geography lovers like me 🙂 Thank you very much for these tips that are of interest to any tourist in this world

Now this is what I call a great extensive guide for travel shoping. Usually these lists consist of 5-10 items, but you went the whole way and prepared 50. Thank you so much, I’m sure I’ll be returning to this list a few times in the future, ha-ha 🙂

very good and authentic things are describe in this blog it is very useful idea for me thanks for sharing.

I Love This Blog. Thanks for Sharing Amazing List

Thanks For Sharing Its is Awesome Gift List

Great list… With one exception (assuming gift recipient is traveling by air)…

I can name 3 different airports where that “Leatherman Multi-Tool” would get snatched by airport security (TSA in the U.S.A. and/or airport security worldwide) if carried in one’s pocket or in a carry-on…

The list is good, everyone will find the appropriate gift for an outdoorlover. The handspresso is a nice gift idea, thank you for sharing.

Great ideas thank you so much for sharing with us.

I wait for go pro hero 7 for my epic asian 2019 adventure, thank for share information

How about an Exway Electric Skateboard to cruise around on when you get to where you are going

Travel map is so underrated…always so cool to see everywhere you have been out on a map!

Wow and double wow. Spent a while perusing the list. Ended up ordering the World Map coasters. Thanks for sharing.

Just added a gimbal to my wishlist! Thanks for the specific recommendation (I hate sorting through reviews!)

Astounding Post! Every gifts are fascinating. Your endeavors are truly calculable. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing this post. Incredible blessing guide for all sort of explorers. Particularly for him and her.

Amazing Post….!!! Each and Every gift is interesting. Your efforts are seriously appreciable. Thanks for sharing this post.

Excellent article just in time for Christmas shopping!

Great list, You mentioned all the things that a traveler need. I have a 30,000 mAh power bank which helps me lot to be in the cellular network.

Great gift guide for all type of travelers. Especially the Go Pro Hero 6

I must admit you have some excellent gift ideas here. I have long been searching gift ideas and I finally found all the information i needed. Thanks for sharing.

Finally a blog that has so many wonderful and out of the box ideas for gifts for travellers. One of my best buddies is always on the move and I have been wondering what to give him for his birthday. I guess my search ends here! The global SIM card is indeed a very useful gift that I am going to go for.

Great gift guide for travelers all kinds.

Global sim card should be 1, 2, 3 in terms of importance for me 🙂 Def a must have. The solar power bank is also crucial. Great curated holiday gift list for the traveler.

Hey, great article! Found it very useful. I just want to add Rowkin earbuds to this list. Got one from my brother a few months ago and just loving it. Will look forward for next articles. Thanks.

These are fun travel gifts indeed, I absolutely love this list! My favorite one is probably the handspresso x)

Awesome list for travelers. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Great post and list of best gifts. Thanks for sharing such a good information

This list of accessories is very awesome and great for a traveler who has a true travel passion, thanks for sharing this detailed post.

Thanks for sharing a great list and ideas for best gifts for travelers. Happy holidays!

Awesome list of gifts for travelers! This is really amazing idea and inspiration. Thanks for sharing it.

Great gift list! I love seeing everyone’s recommendations each year for gifts for travelers! I just posted my “top 5” on my website too 🙂

Scratch Map Deluxe and Collapsable Water Bottle are fun gifts for travellers.

Awesome list! Thanks.

I joined Gaia Yoga as soon as I saw it on your list. I have a few of their DVD’s and now can have it with me anywhere.

Wicked. Glad we could give you the idea to join!

Great list! This is very useful for us. Thank you for sharing these great ideas. Great job.

Awesome list of gifts for travelers and very good idea to share this list with your readers.

The most I loved was the drone, hopefully this year ganhr a srsrsr gift!

Awesome list guys! Might actually pick up a couple of these things for myself 🙂

Great list, I have the Portable Power Bank and its saved me many times!

It’s the best isn’t it?

Amazing Post! thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing . Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!!

love this post. Thank you for this inspiration. 🙂 I hope I get one of those gifts. 🙂

Thanks! Have a happy holidays!

Decent list of goodies! Hard to choose unless you drive a campervan so you can take em all… Still waiting for my Mavic Pro to take on travels numbero one on the list!

Thanks for sharing such a good information. It is very much helpful for all travelers.

Truly great list! I loved magnetic globe & memory card holder. Thanks for sharing. It would be useful to gift travelers for this Christmas. Thanks again 🙂

All the gift idea for travellers are really good and all are very very useful for them.

I had gifted that DJI Mavic Pro to one of my friend long back. He really liked it too much and after 2 years also if we meet then again and again he says thanks for that amazing moving camera. It was costly for me (at $1250 i got that time) but i am very happy that my best friend is happy to use it.

Great posts! How do you always come up with such unique ideas?

hank you for sharing your blog

I love giving the Karmin T70 hair clippers as a gift 😉

Great post! I’ll be forward this to my family for some holiday shopping ideas. 🙂 I’m also really looking forward to the Pilot from Waverly Labs, which is an earpiece that translates foreign languages in real time. It sounds too-good-to-be-true, but the tech seems legit. While it might take away a bit of the fun from learning new languages, can you imagine the kind of interactions you’d be able to have with non-English speaking locals? What time to be alive!

I would love about…oh, 90% of the stuff on this list, even though in a few cases I already have something very similar to it already. Some would actually be great for the occasional travelers on this list or the many campers we have in my husband’s family. Thanks for providing some inspiration for my upcoming Christmas shopping!

Good list. I like everything on the list. Thank you for sharing these great ideas 😀

your post always different,i like it so much,all gadgets in your collection are good,thank you for sharing your blog………

Thank you for a long thoughtful list of gifts!

These gadgets are useless, though. Fun to own but no real value. Dumb.

If you want to read some practical travel gear, we have many posts on that. This is a post about Gifts for Travelers. I always think of gifts as being something you would love to have but not necessarily need. Nobody needs a magnetic globe, but they are sure fun to have. You can find more gear we love in our packing tips section.

Awesome list guys. We would love a lot of them in our stocking. We are massive fans of the Sony RX100 series. We had the mark 2 and that was amazing, I can’t imagine what the mark 5 is like. Definitely would love the Mavic. Cheers for the great post.

Great resource, i will use this list for birthday present 🙂

Great idea this list ) Have to say we either have most of these articles or were planning to buy them. Btw love the world map pendant =))

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site

Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

My Top Gifts for Travelers for the Holidays

A small digital camera wrapped in Christmas lights in front of a bright pink background

Travelers can be a fickle group of people to buy gifts for. We’re constantly coming and going, we usually don’t carry a lot of stuff with us, and no two travelers are alike. Finding the perfect gift for the traveler in your life can be tricky.

While a plane ticket is never a bad idea (I’m a window seat in case anyone is thinking of getting me one), I’ve put together this ultimate gift guide for travelers as there’s a lot of great travel gear out there these days that helps people travel cheaper and better.

Even me, the gear-adverse traveler, likes a lot of this stuff!

This is stuff I actually think is super useful. No nonsense. No fluff. Just the best gifts for intrepid travelers and globetrotting nomads.

Table of Contents

Gifts Under $25

Gifts under $100, gifts over $100, 1. a travel lock.

Master travel padlock

2. Loop Earplugs

travel ear plugs

3. Travel Adapter

travel adapter

4. Scratch Travel Maps from Landmass

travel scratch map

5. Passport Holder

A blue passport wallet

6. Hand-drawn Food Maps

hand drawn food maps from Legal Nomads

(Use code NOMADICMATT to save 10%)

7. Ten Years a Nomad (and Other Travel Books!)

$50 a day by Matt Kepnes

8. Celiac Travel Cards

Legal Nomads celiac logo

(Use code NOMADICMATT for 10% off!)

9. Dry Shampoo

Lush's dry shampoo in a clear plastic bottle

10. Packing Cubes

travel packing cubes

11. HostelPass

The homepage for the website HostelPass

12. Trip Chaser

The fun Trip Chaser boardgame being played on a table

13. DryFox Quick Dry Travel Towel

sea to summit travel towel

(Use code “nomadicmatt” for 15% off your purchase!)

14. Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup being held by a woman

15. Trtl Travel Pillow

a comfortable travel pillow

16. Travel Headlamp

travel head lamp

17. External Battery

Anker external battery

18. LifeStraw

lifestraw water filter

19. Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging

20. Suavs shoes

suavs shoes

21. Travel Backpack

REI Flash travel backpack

My favorite bag is the Flash 55 from REI but other companies that make high-quality bags include Osprey, Nomatic, and MEC (for Canadians).

Some bags worth checking out are:

  • Men’s Osprey Farpoint 40
  • Women’s Osprey Fairview 40
  • Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

(For a different backpack, check out my guide finding the right backpack for more options!)  

22. Travel Clothing from Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino wool shirt

23. MacBook Air

MacBook Air laptop

25. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Bose QC35 headphones

27. GoPro Hero 11

gopro hero 11 photo

Whether you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift for a traveler in your life or just looking for some inspiration for yourself, this list will help you find an awesome gift. No matter your budget, there is something here for you to help you level up your travels or the travels of a loved one.

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight Find a cheap flight by using Skyscanner . It’s my favorite search engine because it searches websites and airlines around the globe so you always know no stone is being left unturned.

Book Your Accommodation You can book your hostel with Hostelworld . If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, use as it consistently returns the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s comprehensive protection in case anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times in the past. My favorite companies that offer the best service and value are:

  • SafetyWing (best for everyone)
  • Insure My Trip (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for additional evacuation coverage)

Want to Travel for Free? Travel credit cards allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights and accommodation — all without any extra spending. Check out my guide to picking the right card and my current favorites to get started and see the latest best deals.

Need Help Finding Activities for Your Trip? Get Your Guide is a huge online marketplace where you can find cool walking tours, fun excursions, skip-the-line tickets, private guides, and more.

Ready to Book Your Trip? Check out my resource page for the best companies to use when you travel. I list all the ones I use when I travel. They are the best in class and you can’t go wrong using them on your trip.

Got a comment on this article? Join the conversation on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter and share your thoughts!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I recommend only products and companies I use and the income goes to keeping the site community supported and ad free.

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A book and a cup of tea on a desk in a well-lit office room

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The 40 Best Travel Gifts for the Coolest Frequent Flyers

Thoughtful presents to take wherever they go.

best travel gifts

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Why Trust Us?

Sure, engines become more fuel-efficient and in-flight experiences involve better tech, but travel gadgets have evolved too. Improved luggage , travel shoes , dopp kits , and packing cubes make the journey about as enjoyable as the destination. Itineraries change and random adventures ensue, but you can rely on good travel items like these to make that work trip or vacation all the better.

So, if you're looking for a great gift for the traveler in your life, look no further than this list. We've got travel gifts for every kind of nomad, from kiddos to Grandpa and everybody in between. And we're not just dealing in suitcases and travel wallets . No, the best travel gifts do way more than that. The best travel gifts heighten the experience and bring a bit of that familiar comfort from home along with you.

What do we mean? We're talking about gifts that will get some serious use and accrue a lot of frequent flier miles. For example, a sophisticated packing cube that separates clean clothes from dirty laundry ( Eagle Creek's Clean/Dirty Cube ) or a phone mount that attaches directly on to your tray table on the plane ( Perilogics' Airplane Phone Holder Mount ). And if the adventure needs an adventure, there are even rental companies like Polaris that can set one up with that vehicle (snowmobile, ATV, autocycle) they've always dreamed of driving.

Gift the traveler in your life something special. Read on for the best travel gifts in 2023.

Best Gifts for Men | Unique Gifts for Men | Best Gifts for Wives | Best Gifts for Dad | Best Tech Gifts | Best Fitness Gifts

Spigen Wallet S

Wallet S

Bulky wallets are the nemesis of any good traveler. This sophisticated option offers security via RFID blocking and enough space for 12 cards, all while appearing incredibly sleek and minimalist.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube

Pack-It Isolate Clean/Dirty Cube

The traveler will appreciate this pack-it cube, which separates the dirty laundry from the clean with a floating divider. It makes packing a breeze, keeps odors at bay, and is extremely lightweight, making it very, very portable.

Philips Sonicare Battery Toothbrush

Battery Toothbrush

Say goodbye to travel hygiene with cords and spare chargers. This smart toothbrush is battery powered and comes with a slick travel case.

Mezzanine Cali Backpack

Cali Backpack

Good travel backpacks are functional while great ones offer a bit of luxury. This one is of the latter category, touting a fashionable build with sleek pockets and gussets with hidden magnetic snaps.

Read more: Best Travel Bags

Mark & Graham 6 Piece Packing Cube Set

6 Piece Packing Cube Set

Form and function, that's what the packing cube is all about. When not in use, this one takes up very little space, with compartments fitting within compartments. When needed, the six individual bags look elegant and handle every travel item, from clothing to toiletries.

Anker Portable Charger

Portable Charger

A great travel gift does not have to break the bank. Proof? This portable charger, which will keep devices powered up no matter where the destination is. The charger is slim but built tough, meaning it can handle all the drops and other oopsies that come with travel.

Read more: Best Gifts Under $25

Away The Medium Suitcase

The Medium Suitcase

The word suitcase can conjure up heavy containers and colossal matching sets. This carry-on luggage is redefining the category, featuring a classic look with all the modern amenities. Travelers will admire the durable shell and the unique compression system on the interior, which allows for maximum packing efficiency.

Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

AirFly Pro Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter

Smart travel involves being practical. And it's a lot easier to be practical with this bluetooth wireless audio transmitter. Simply plug it into the audio jack on the plane and send that sound wirelessly from the source to your ear buds.

Google Chromecast


Dads like to unwind, perhaps even more so while traveling. Whether it's a work trip or vacation, he'll appreciate having his familiar streaming service at his side, allowing him to deep dive into a new series or rewatch his favorite movie.

Le Labo Hinoki Body & Hair Travel Set

Hinoki Body & Hair Travel Set

Grooming can get lost in the hustle and bustle of travel. Avoid that nonsense with this excellent travel set, candy for hair and skin. It comes with high quality shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body cream. No more not staying fresh while away from home.

Perilogics Airplane Phone Holder Mount

Airplane Phone Holder Mount

Does the traveler in your life need a stocking stuffer? This phone holder mount is just the thing, engineered to hang on to a device and clip onto the tray of your airplane seat. That translates to non-stop entertainment at 30,000 feet.

Read more: Best Stocking Stuffers

Manta Sleep Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

Cozy, adjustable, and breathable, this sleep mask set will set the traveler up with the same caliber of sleep they get at home anywhere they go. The mask is virtually weightless while allowing no light through, meaning a great snooze.

Beats Studio Buds

Studio Buds

Great travel headphones are small in size while delivering larger-than-life acoustics. The Studio Buds from Beats do that and more, set up with a built-in mic and 36 hours of battery life.

Mack Weldon Nova Travel Kit

Nova Travel Kit

Got a traveler friend who's still toting around that dopp kit they grew up with? Time for an upgrade. This one is made from recycled plastic, comes with a smart rubber base that can grip the counter, and even includes four refillable recycled bottles for those toiletry liquids.

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 Electric Trimmer and Shaver

OneBlade 360 Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Get the quality of a barbershop trim anywhere with this electric razor . The blade can stretch in all directions making it a great tool not just for beards and head hair but the entire body.

On Running THE ROGER Pro


Superior travel shoes are sneakers on steroids—they handle multiple surfaces, are a joy to wear, and look good enough for most outings. These tennis shoes ace the travel game, great for the actual game but so versatile they can be worn just about anywhere.

Olympus 8x25 WP II Binoculars

8x25 WP II Binoculars

The elder traveler in your clan will appreciate these petite binoculars. They offer stellar magnification without filling up your daypack and fold up nicely. Plus, the waterproof body can withstand whatever the weather throws at you.

Read more: Best Gifts for Grandpa

olukai Ulele


Built for the beach lover, these flip flops with arch support offer style and beach-y traits, like sliding on with ease and floating when dropped in the water. They grip well, offer tremendous comfort, and evoke just enough class that you can sport them off indoors as well as out.

Cadence The Originals - Set of 6

The Originals - Set of 6

So many things the traveler needs most—the toothbrush, the sub block, the fragrance—are thrown into the bag last minute. Keep grooming items organized in style with this innovative storage set. The honeycomb design makes it stackable while the size is up to the user, as the whole thing is customizable.

ARMANI Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette Travel Spray

Acqua di Giò Eau de Toilette Travel Spray

What makes a great travel cologne? A great scent, naturally, but also a packable sprayer that can destination hop with ease. Bonus points for delivering a fragrance that offers its own sense of travel, evoking a breezy cliffside in the Mediterranean.

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33 College Graduation Gifts He'll Actually Use

amazon outdoor gear sale may 2024

Amazon Has up to 50% off Camping Gear This Week

apple airpods sale may 2024

Apple AirPods Are Just $79 This Week


50 Perfect Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

best mother's day gifts for wife

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts They'll Love

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Protein Shakers That Will Maximize Your Gym Gains

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Save 33% on This 75-Inch TCL Smart TV


15 Great Deals Happening on Outdoor Furniture

dewalt 20 volt max xr oscillating tool with soft bag

Save 56% on This DeWalt Oscillating Tool at Amazon

a group of chairs outside

The 36 Best Wayfair Way Day Sales

The Best Gifts Under $25 for Travelers

By Meaghan Kenny

39 Best Gifts Under 25 for Travelers

All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Finding a budget-friendly gift that the traveler in your life will actually use and love can be quite the feat. The best gifts under $25 for travelers are thoughtful, practical, and can be used on their next adventure—and the one after that. We rounded up more than 30 travel-friendly gifts for everyone on your list that won't break the bank. From outdoorsy gifts like camping chairs and portable hammocks to in-flight essentials like phone mounts and passport holders, we have something for every type of traveler in here. And if you're really stumped on what to buy, we have some can't-miss gifts that just about anyone will love, like cozy socks, candles, and comfortable slippers. Whether you need a small stocking stuffer or something for each member of your travel crew, here are our favorite travel-themed gifts under $25.

This gallery has been updated with new information since its original publish date.

Our top gifts under $25:

  • For the frequent flier: Perilogics in-flight phone mount
  • For the hiker: Ododos crossbody bag
  • For the camper: Yeti stackable cup
  • For the cook: Fly by Jing Shorty Spice Set
  • For the Francophile: Anthropologie Holiday in the City mug

Find the best gifts under $25 by category:

  • Gifts for the frequent flier
  • Gifts for the overpacker
  • Gifts for the outdoorsy traveler
  • Gifts for the beauty guru
  • Gifts for the chef
  • Even more great gifts

For the frequent flier

good travel presents

The movie-obsessed traveler in your life will very much appreciate this travel essential. This in-flight phone mount hooks onto your seat tray and allows you to watch your favorites hands-free.

Image may contain: Cell Phone, Electronics, Mobile Phone, Phone, Modem, Hardware, and Computer

A must-have for day trips and long hikes, this slim portable charger quickly charges your phone on the go. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in a sling bag or crossbody .

Image may contain: Accessories, Accessory, Wallet, and Text

A sleek passport holder is a must-have for every traveler. This faux leather one is lightweight but has room for all the essentials (cash, credit cards, boarding passes, and more). Plus, its elastic band and magnetic clasp keep everything secure.

good travel presents

Bring along this memory foam sleep mask the next time you're headed on a red-eye. The raised sections over your eyeballs make it more comfortable than a completely-flat mask. There's an adjustable head strap for additional comfort, too.

For the overpacker

Image may contain: Bag, Handbag, Accessories, Purse, and Accessory

This gift is for the friend who can’t travel without her entire beauty and skincare routine. A hanging toiletry bag saves space on hotel bathroom counters and makes finding what you need a breeze.

A pouch organizer.

Chances are, the man in your life could probably use a new toiletry bag . This one has plenty of zippered compartments and elastic holders to keep soaps, shampoo, deodorant, and more essentials secure.

good travel presents

Shopping for an overpacker? Gift them the ultimate travel essential: packing cubes . This set of five keeps keeps you organized and allows you to fit more clothes in your suitcase (they will thank you later).

good travel presents

Every traveler could use a few water-resistant pouches in their suitcase or weekender bag. Store everything from toiletries and makeup products to wet bathing suits or beach essentials inside. This set of three from Calpak will certainly come in handy on your giftee's next adventure.

For the outdoorsy traveler

good travel presents

Made of a durable, water-resistant nylon, this slim bag is a great option for running , hiking, or other outdoor adventures. It can be carried as a belt bag, shoulder bag, or a sling—making it a versatile pick for travelers.

good travel presents

Here's something I'll definitely be purchasing for a few people on my holiday shopping list. Yeti's travel-friendly, stackable cup is a great gift for coffee lovers, commuters, and campers. Hot and cold drinks stay ready-to-drink for hours and make taking your favorite drink on the go easy. Did I mention they're dishwasher safe?

A watch.

Get this portable charger for the friend who can't go anywhere without their Apple Watch. It's compact enough to fit in a small purse or fanny pack and fully charges the watch within two to four hours.

good travel presents

An essential for beach days and picnics alike, this cooler bag fits up to 24 cans and keeps drinks cold for 12 hours. The insulated sections allow you to pack food and drinks separately, too.

Image may contain: Furniture, Human, Person, and Hammock

The ultimate gift under $25 for the outdoor lover in your life, this lightweight portable hammock will be a hit for camping trips, backyard adventures, and stargazing.

good travel presents

This portable hanging LED lantern is made for travelers who plan frequent family camping trips. Not only is it a useful gadget for the outdoors, the kids will love the smiley face and removable “hat.”

good travel presents

Your outdoorsy friend (or parent to sporty kids) will get plenty of use out of this portable camping chair. It features a drink holder and a nylon mesh back to keep you cool in warm weather.

good travel presents

One of our favorite ’90s trend, the fanny pack, is back and here to stay. Versatile bags like this one from Adidas are great for any outdoor activity when you want to be hands-free, like hiking, biking, or sightseeing.

good travel presents

A perfect gift for the hiker or camper in your life, this compact personal water filter works as a drinking straw while also filtering out over 99.999 percent of bacteria, parasites, and any sediments. It's easy to store in your backpack or fanny pack for emergency use.

good travel presents

Anyone who loves a new gadget will be impressed by this practical, hands-free portable neck fan. You’ll feel a cool breeze surround you, thanks to its wraparound design, making it an ideal accessory to bring on long, hot walks around a new city or theme park.

good travel presents

These comfortable gloves will keep travelers warm for hours. As colder weather approaches, your giftee will be happy to have a cozy pair of gloves to throw in their backpack for hikes or keep as a backup on ski trips.

For the beauty guru

good travel presents

This limited-edition duo of bestsellers from Milk Makeup is a great stocking stuffer for mom. These lip and cheek cream products are tiny enough to fit in you purse and add the prettiest pop of color to the face.

good travel presents

If you haven't tried Charlotte Tilbury's iconic lip shade “Pillow Talk” yet, please treat yourself! It's the perfect nude and this travel-friendly set features a mini lip liner and lipstick of the best-selling shade. I keep a mini “Pillow Talk” liner in my purse at all times.

good travel presents

Need one more stocking stuffer for the beauty guru in your life? Treat them to the Summer Fridays lip balm. This bestseller is hydrating and gives lips a subtle tint.

Image may contain: Person, and Bottle

Heatless curls are one trend that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Kitsch's satin heatless curling set is gentle on hair and helps prevent damage.

good travel presents

After a long-haul flight and days of indulging in delicious, salty foods on vacation, a little extra skincare may be needed. This ice roller de-puffs your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.

For the chef

good travel presents

For the home chef who isn't afraid of a little heat, gift them the Shorty Spice Set from Fly by Jing. It features the brand's best-selling Sichuan flavors in travel-friendly sizes.

good travel presents

Has there ever been a more chic way to grip your just-out-of-the-oven pots and pans? These fit perfectly around Our Place's popular cookware and don't take up much kitchen space.

good travel presents

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love this Snacking Bakes cookbook featuring simple recipes for yummy cookies, brownies, and cakes. It's also a cute addition to anyone's kitchen.

Image may contain: Food

The hot sauce fan in your life will be thrilled to open up this gift from Austin-based brand Yellowbird. The set of four flavors includes a range of heat levels: serrano, sriracha, habanero, and ghost pepper.

good travel presents

Whether you're shopping for a new homeowner or a friend who loves to cook, a unique salt and pepper set like this one will be greatly appreciated. They're festive and so adorable—what's not to love?

good travel presents

For the bourbon connoisseur, a special glass only adds to the experience. Each glass is carefully designed with a map of your choice of city, from the Big Apple to Chicago or Toronto.

Image may contain: Bottle, and Shaker

Shopping for a cold brew lover? This one’s for you. The Hario coffee bottle makes five cups of cold brew in eight hours—perfect for early risers who want to prep their coffee the night before and have it ready to go in the morning.

good travel presents

Bring a little extra zen to anyone's life with a sleek diffuser. This one comes with a remote control and looks chic on any bedroom nightstand.

good travel presents

Get this sweet mug for the friend who's dreaming of a trip to Paris . With views of the city's most iconic landmarks, they'll get a little dose of Paris at home. Snag a similar option for the London lovers , too.

good travel presents

Maybe you're shopping for the friend who has everything or someone you don't know super well. In that case, a pretty candle is a no-fail gift and is always appreciated. Voluspa's gorgeous embossed glass jars look great in everyone's home and they smell amazing.

good travel presents

Satin pillowcases will help your favorite traveler get a better night's sleep—they’re gentle on skin and hair, help control frizz, and keep you cool. And it doesn't hurt that they look chic on your bed.

For even more great gifts under $25

good travel presents

The last thing you need when you're unpacking from a stressful travel journey is to find all of your necklaces and bracelets tangled together. A compact jewelry case is a great solution to keep valuables safe in transit and makes a thoughtful gift.

good travel presents

A great gift for dad or anyone who loves to spend their time in the great outdoors, the Carharrt cuffed beanie is equally comfortable and practical. Plus, it's available in just about every color you can think of.

good travel presents

A cozy pair of slippers will always be appreciated. These warm, memory foam slip-ons come in plenty of colors from chestnut to pink, tan, black, and gray.

good travel presents

Socks may not sound like the most exciting gift you’ll ever receive, but this pair from Ugg will easily be the coziest. These soft socks are sure to be your friend’s new favorite pair to lounge around the house in and slip on before a long flight.

Need some more inspo? Check out  Traveler' s  Amazon Storefront  for even more of our favorite travel gifts.

22 Unique Travel Gifts for Dads Who Are Jet-Setters

Whether he's traveling for work, heading abroad for a big vacation or planning a quick weekend getaway, these ideas are ideal for fathers with wanderlust.

amazon basics luggage and the gonex compression packing cubes are two good housekeeping picks for best travel gifts for dads

We've been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process.

One of the most notable and universal things about traveling with a dad is the lack of stuff he’ll want to pack. Personally, I prefer just a backpack, even for 10- or 14-day trips, a fact that horrifies my daughters. But there are travel gifts for dads like me that they’ll love, will improve their life on the road and keep them comfortable, entertained and safe.

Looking for even more great gift ideas for him? Check out some of our top gift guides for dad:

The Best Gift Ideas for Men | Meaningful Gifts for Dad | Clever Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

Gonex Compression Packing Cubes

There isn’t a Dad on Earth who doesn’t love the challenge of packing the trunk perfectly like a real-life Tetris game. These compression packing cubes will allow him to get the most out of his carry-on luggage and backpack space , too, fitting so much more stuff.

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Amazon Basics Hardside Carry-On Luggage

Amazon Basics Hardside Carry-On Luggage

What’s the absolute best travel gift for Dad? The ability to carry on all his stuff and never, ever wait around the baggage carousel after landing. This Amazon Basics piece is highly rated by our very own Good Housekeeping Institute pros because the wheels roll smoothly, it doesn’t dent easily and is well under $100.

RELATED: The Best Carry-On Luggage, Tried and Tested

RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet

RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet

Scammers are getting more clever, so help Dad stay one step ahead with this RFID-blocking, pocket-sized wallet for his passport, credit cards, cash and important documents.

RELATED: The Best Passport Holders, According to Travel Enthusiasts

Travel Power Strip with UK/EU Adapters

Travel Power Strip with UK/EU Adapters

If your Dad is anything like me, he has a lot of stuff needing to be charged in each and every hotel room, Airbnb or hostel. With this travel power strip, his Bluetooth earbuds, smartwatch, phone, camera, laptop, tablet, razor and more will always have the juice needed to get to the next destination.

Trek Insect Repellent

Trek Insect Repellent

Formulated with a blend of essential oils like lemongrass, cedarwood and peppermint, Lemongrass Farms' Trek insect repellent will ensure Dad won’t return home with a parade of bug bits up and down his arms and legs.

Tushy Travel Bidet

Tushy Travel Bidet

If he’s committed to staying super clean even when he’s on the road for work, at the campsite and on his fishing trips, the Tushy Travel Bidet will help Dad keep his "down belows" tidy even when he’s roughing it in nature.

Compact Travel Umbrella

Compact Travel Umbrella

It's not something you think of bringing with you until you're stuck in a rainstorm somewhere. Luckily, this top-rated travel umbrella is so compact, Dad can leave it in his suitcase, and just grab it when he needs it.

RELATED : The Best Travel Umbrellas

Car Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder

With over 30,000 5-star reviews on Amazon, it's hard to not get this for him, especially if he loves a good road trip. It'll hold Dad's phone perfectly in place to help with directions. Amazon reviewers were impressed by how sturdy it is, even during the bumpiest trips.

RELATED: Best Car Accessories on Amazon

Dash Portable USB Blender

Dash Portable USB Blender

This all-in-one travel blender lets Dad keep making his fresh fruit and protein smoothies no matter where he is for work or play this week, from San Diego, California to Santiago, Chile.

Dionis Goat Milk Foot Therapy

Dionis Goat Milk Foot Therapy

After he’s done mowing the lawn or walking miles on his travels, Dionis Sole Keeper and Sole Soother goat’s milk foot care treatment is exactly what Dad needs to relax and recharge to go again tomorrow.

The Adventure Challenge Solo Edition

The Adventure Challenge Solo Edition

Make his trips more engaging, fun, and adventurous, with this clever book of scratch-off challenges and games, with space to store his thoughts and memories . This is one of the most unique travel gifts for dads you can buy right now, and the budget-friendly price is perfect. In addition to a solo edition, there's a couples edition and a family edition , among others.

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360

Philips Norelco OneBlade 360

Maybe he can leave home for a day or two without thinking about his beard and ‘stache, but anything longer, and he’ll need a travel gift like the Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 to edge, trim, and shave his facial hair so that he looks great in front of the client and in his travel selfies on social media.

Roku 4K/HD Streaming Stick

Roku 4K/HD Streaming Stick

Whether he's hitting the road solo or with the kids, this is the perfect portable streaming device to turn almost any TV into a home entertainment system. He'll be able to watch his favorite movies, TV shows, Roku Originals and 400+ live TV channels, plus access a dedicated kids and family channel.

Shiatsu Massager

Shiatsu Massager

I’ve been traveling the world and wearing myself out making my book, Street Cats and Where To Find Them. Travel takes a massive toll on the human body, especially an older Dad’s bones and muscles. A massager he can pack to relieve pain in his back, shoulder and neck is a genius travel gift for Dad.

Sitka Radiant UPF Hoodie

Sitka Radiant UPF Hoodie

I own this hoodie and I wear it like second skin when traveling. In hot weather and when it’s chilly, and in sunny or shady conditions, this hoodie is breathable, comfortable and protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Plus, the thumbholes are so rad!

Kobo Libra Colour

Kobo Libra Colour

Finally, with no glare and most importantly, absolutely no distracting pop-up notifications, the brand-new, full-color Kobo Libra eReader lets Dad take his favorite books, magazines and audiobooks with him wherever he goes. This waterproof and sturdy eReader is also a journal for note-taking, with easy access to borrowed ebooks, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Noodle & Boo VitaSea Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Noodle & Boo VitaSea Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Applying sunscreen is a PITA, but not with this sunscreen stick that works just like deodorant. Give Dad all-day sun protection while he's traveling with ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc oxide.

BrüMate Paragon Hydration Pack

BrüMate Paragon Hydration Pack

Whether he’s hiking the Grand Canyon or kicking it with his favorite bands at a music festival for the weekend, make sure Dad always has cold water to stay hydrated. This durable, leakproof 40-ounce insulated reservoir will keep his water chill for over 24 hours.

Manscaped Men's Travel Hygiene Kit

Manscaped Men's Travel Hygiene Kit

Four travel-sized and TSA-friendly manly self-care cleaning essentials in a handsome bag at a great sale price make a superb travel gift for any dad who is no stranger to hotel bathrooms.

Kin Corduroy Bucket Hat

Kin Corduroy Bucket Hat

Satin-lined on the inside and rich corduroy on the outside make this bucket hat designed for big heads and big hair the perfect travel accessory for any Dad.

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The 12 Best Mother's Day Gifts at Amazon That Will Arrive in Time for Sunday — Starting at $6

Score luggage, comfy shoes, travel-friendly skincare sets, and more.

good travel presents

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you put off your shopping until the last minute, don’t worry, you don’t have to resort to snagging an overpriced flower bouquet and calling it a day quite yet. Amazon continues to be a one-stop shop for everything on your to-buy list, and seeing as the site is stocked with unbeatable deals on travel gear , it’s also your best bet for finding meaningful gifts for your favorite traveler before time runs out.

Regardless of the destination your mom (or mother figure) prefers to visit while traveling, we’ve rounded up the 12 best Mother's Day gift markdowns to shop right now that will arrive just in time for the celebration, and are perfect to pack from the beach to the city streets. Best of all: everything is priced under $120, so shoppers of all budgets can snag a favorite child-level gift — starting at just $6.

Samsonite Omni 2 Hardside Expandable Luggage

If your mom is a frequent traveler, the best thing you could gift her for Mother’s Day is a brand-new suitcase to take with her on her next adventure. This shopper-loved checked bag from Samsonite is the perfect choice while it’s on sale for an impressive 45 percent off, and it’s built to withstand the wear and tear of travel thanks to a durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell. The bag expands up to an additional 2 inches to provide more space for overpackers, and your mom can trust that her belongings are safe once they’ve been packed away since a TSA-approved lock is built directly into the side of this reliable case. 

Bagsmart Hanging Toiletry Bag

Give your mother the gift of organization this year with the Bagsmart hanging toiletry bag. It’s so compact that it will easily fit into her carry-on while providing convenient access to liquids while heading through TSA — and it’s even on sale for just $23 right now. This bag eliminates the clutter of products covering the bathroom counter at the hotel since it hangs from the back of any door with the help of a simple hook, and it boasts several pockets and pouches within each section of the bag to keep bottles and other products upright while avoiding spillage. It’s great for road trips, long flights, and even camping excursions.

Homesick Candle

Bring your mom’s favorite travel destination straight to her home with the help of Homesick Candles, a unique brand that offers 52 candle scents (one for each state). The candles boast a burn time of up to 80 hours, and from zesty orange to a refreshing sea breeze, they effortlessly transport you to your fondest memories without splurging on a plane ticket. And if you live far away from your parents, gift your mom a candle from your current destination so she can think of you whenever she lights it. Even if she’s not traveling any time soon, her at-home oasis is about to get a major upgrade.

Apple AirTag

Practical tech is never a bad gift idea, so we recommend putting the finishing touch on your present with an Apple AirTag. They're currently on sale at Amazon, making now the best time to snag one for your mom to tuck into her suitcase. The compact device simply connects to any iPhone so she can track her checked bag from the moment it leaves her eyeline, doing away with the threat of lost luggage for good. More than 152,000 travelers swear by this tracker for providing peace of mind while on the go, which is an invaluable gift to give.

Vlando Travel Jewelry Box

Jewelry is one of the most common Mother’s Day offerings, so why not pair a nice necklace with this travel organizer to keep everything contained during your mom’s next trip? The jewelry box has four compartments that are the perfect size to hold small earrings, while several ring pillows keep fragile items firmly in place. And if your mom is tired of her necklaces tangling while she’s on the go, three hooks alongside an elasticized pocket allow for simple storage that keeps chains and charms neatly stowed away.

Frank Mully Women’s Knit Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are the hottest shoes of the season, and they are also incredibly comfortable and packable for travel. These knitted flats from Frank Mully are a top-notch gift for your stylish parent as they’re easily paired with nearly anything she might have tucked inside her suitcase, effectively cutting down on her footwear needs. Plus, they’re designed with non-slip rubber soles alongside lightly cushioned insoles for a supportive fit no matter what’s on the agenda. Certain colors are on sale for as little as $39 at Amazon right now, so if you’re planning to snag several gifts for your mom this year, this is one budget-friendly option.

Hoxis Oversize Vegan Leather Tote Bag

Just because a carry-on bag should be sensible doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, and this stunning vegan leather tote will quickly become your mom’s new go-to for vacations of any length. The spacious design can be taken from the airplane to a day of shopping (and even to the poolside) with ease, and it’s available in 10 stunning neutral and bright shades to match your mother’s personality and taste. A magnetic closure at the top of the bag promises to keep her belongings safe and protected, and the lightweight design is easy to carry and will instantly elevate any outfit it’s paired with.

Cosrx All About Snail Travel Skincare Set

If your mom has a hard time investing in her skincare routine but still loves the finer things in life, this four-piece set from Cosrx will likely be a welcome addition to her toiletry bag during upcoming travels — and right now, it’s on sale for just $21. This shopper-loved Korean skincare set features a cleanser, serum, peptide cream, and hydrating lotion so your mother can enjoy a spa-like experience from the comfort of her hotel room. The set boasts a number of benefits, from firming the skin to adding radiance and hydration, and at just over $5 apiece, this is a great add-on gift.

Veken 6-piece Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are essential for making the most of limited luggage space, and if your parent is an overpacker, this set of six bags from Veken is guaranteed to transform her travels in the coming year. Complete with a shoe bag, laundry pouch, and four other packing cubes in varying sizes, this set is a dream for optimizing space within a carry-on, and right now, it’s on sale at Amazon for a mere $20. We’re certain your mom will love the opportunity to take her organization to the next level.

Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Nobody wants to splurge on an overpriced water bottle at the airport, so the Owala FreeSip Insulated water bottle is the perfect thing to gift ahead of your mom’s next vacation. This travel-friendly best-seller is designed with a unique locking mechanism to prevent spillage (even when the bottle is laid down in a bag,) while a hidden straw ensures that, even during turbulence, she can stay hydrated. And with 22 fun colors to choose from, there’s sure to be one shade available that your mom will love.

Grace & Stella Moisturizing Eye Masks

Air travel can be incredibly dehydrating to the skin, so your mom will be happy to have a pack of these moisturizing eye masks tucked into her carry-on to keep her looking and feeling fresh from takeoff to landing. A set of six pairs is currently on sale for $10 and works to alleviate dark under eyes, puffiness, and dull skin, leaving her skin looking even better at the end of her flight than at the beginning. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and horse chestnut in each set, these patches are guaranteed to become a mainstay in her carry-on — and even her at-home beauty routine.

Happyluze Wayfarer Travel Scarf Wrap

From the beach to the plane and even an al fresco dinner, this multi-purpose scarf wrap will play so many roles in your mother’s wardrobe, making it a thoughtful and functional gift. The material is made with UPF 50+ to protect sensitive skin from harsh sun rays, and it can even work as a blanket on chilly flights if a simple cardigan isn’t warm enough. If your mom can’t ever seem to get warm, this shawl (or scarf or poncho), is a four-in-one solution that will be cherished for years to come.

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good travel presents

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AI, self-service are taking over travel. Will everything become a DIY experience?

Annette Johnson thinks the travel industry is taking self-service too far. She has watched airlines drop their phone support and add fees for airport check-ins that use a human agent. Some air carriers are even tearing out their kiosks and prodding passengers into using a phone app at the airport.

"It feels like you're being punished if you need a little help," said Johnson, a travel adviser based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. "I hate that."

The trend started earlier this year when Frontier transitioned to "fully digital" communications by eliminating its phone center. Last month, Alaska Airlines removed check-in kiosks at nine airports and told customers to use Alaska's app to download boarding passes or print them at home. It's part of Alaska's $2.5 billion plan for "a more seamless" travel experience.

Check out  Elliott Confidential , the newsletter the travel industry doesn't want you to read. Each issue is filled with breaking news, deep insights, and exclusive strategies for becoming a better traveler. But don't tell anyone!

All this is happening against the backdrop of the artificial intelligence revolution, which is spreading quickly in the travel industry. Expedia last month announced a new in-app travel planning experience powered by ChatGPT , which allows users to get travel recommendations from AI. Kayak also said it would begin using ChatGPT to help customers plan trips. These developments promise to remove human advisers from travel planning almost completely.

Learn more: Best travel insurance

Travelers are lukewarm to the idea of automation. A recent study by travel technology company Travelport shows most travelers (77%) have already interacted with a chatbot, although it doesn't specify if the exchange was positive or negative. It's not hard to guess: Three-quarters of respondents still want the option of talking to a person.

Refunds Why are travel refunds taking so long now? Here are some tips to get your money back.

What if: What if summer travel isn't as hectic as expected? Why last-minute plans could work out.

So what's getting automated in travel?

There's no question about it: Travel is becoming more of a "do it yourself" experience. Here's what's getting automated:

  • Booking. Artificial intelligence powered by technology like ChatGPT is slowly replacing human agents. Expedia's foray into AI is just one of what will be many announcements. AI is clearly the future of booking.
  • Check-in. Airlines and hotels have introduced mobile check-in options that allow you to check in for flights or rooms using your smartphone. In some cases, this is replacing the self-service kiosks at the airport.
  • Customer service. Many travel companies have added chatbots to their sites that can answer common customer questions and help with booking and other tasks. The technology uses AI and natural language processing to understand customer queries.

By the way, I asked ChatGPT to tell me what the travel industry was automating. It got two out of three right. (Hey, ChatGPT, scan this story.)

I'm not even including all of the automation that isn't customer-facing, like back office and revenue management systems that use AI. And I skipped the novelty items like robots serving meals – although at the rate things are going, those will soon be common.

ChatGPT vs travel agent Can you use ChatGPT as a travel agent? Here's what I learned about AI vacation planning.

Why travelers don't like self-service

Travelers don't hate the whole do-it-yourself movement – just parts of it. 

Johnson, the travel adviser from Colorado Springs, said she likes the convenience of self check-in and uses it herself. But her agency, which specializes in theme park vacations , works with passengers who aren't as comfortable with it, so she has to coach them through the self-service check-in process.

"Frontier has recently started asking if you will need assistance at the counter," Johnson said. "If so, then you pay an extra $20 per person (in) each direction." 

When her daughter tried to check in online for a recent Frontier flight from Denver, the system blocked her and directed her to talk to the agent.

"She was afraid this would mean she would have to pay an extra $20," Johnson said. 

Fortunately, the agent checked her in without asking for more money. But Johnson wonders who is really benefiting from the automation – passengers or the airline?

Frontier says it's passengers.

"Automating our processes for check-in, bag tagging and generating a boarding pass are designed to help customers breeze through their travel experience and avoid waiting in line," Frontier Airlines spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz said. "Automation also helps us keep our costs down, which ultimately benefits consumers in the form of lower fares."

Passports: Waited too long to get a passport? Here's what to do.

Do-over: When travel goes bad, can you get a vacation do-over?

What's good about self-service in travel?

The travel industry likes to frame automation as a "win-win." Customers benefit by getting faster service and maybe even lower prices, and companies save on staffing.

Sometimes it is. Adam Harris, CEO of the hospitality management software company Cloudbeds , said he just spoke with a customer who loves automation. Installing a virtual check-in at her hotel group has saved her about 16 hours a week in staff time.

"In checking in guests, there's a lot of standing around and waiting for your guest to arrive, and delays happen all the time," he said. "After switching to virtual check-ins, she turned the former receptionist position into a guest experience manager, whose job now is to curate local experiences for the guests."

The results? Guests loved the new experience manager, leading to an increase in positive ratings. But win-wins are rare.

What the critics think of travel industry automation

As you can probably imagine, the travel industry also has mixed feelings about self-service. Airlines and hotels love the potential money savings. But travel advisers are not thrilled.

Mitch Krayton, a travel adviser and owner of Krayton Travel in Denver, says the trend benefits only the companies. The businesses have no intention of passing the savings along to their customers. Bottom line: There's no substitute for a professional ticket agent or hotel receptionist.

"Self-service only gives you false expectations that you will be as successful as a professional," he said. "It doesn’t – and you won't."

Automation may support basic travel bookings, but observers say it has yet to prove itself when it comes to fixing some of the problems that are likely to emerge this summer. Those include rebooking complex itineraries o r taking care of a passenger with special needs .

"Self-service bookings and check-in facilities can be problematic enough," said Bill McGee, a senior fellow for aviation and travel at the American Economic Liberties Project . "But self-service troubleshooting never works."

Tell us your story: Mobility device lost or damaged by an airline? USA TODAY wants to hear your story

Trouble in the skies: Sitting next to an unruly airline passenger? Here's what to do

Is self-service here to stay in travel?

Still, self-service is a thing in travel, and the trend is only accelerating. That means it's just a matter of time before you find yourself at an airport without even a check-in kiosk, fumbling for your phone. Or at a hotel with no check-in desk. Or talking to ChatGPT when you contact a company.

"To introduce automation effectively, you must lead with a human-centered approach," said Mario Matulich, president of Customer Management Practice . 

Customer service experts tell me there's a silver lining. In a self-service, AI-enabled travel industry, it'll be easier to find quality airlines, car rental companies and hotels.

"The human element is crucial, and personal service can be a major differentiator," said Mike Taylor, managing director for travel, hospitality and retail at JD Power . The best companies will refuse to outsource important customer service functions to an AI or force their customers to use a self-service app. And over time, that will become increasingly clear.

Maybe that's a good thing. I see a future where travel companies that don't care about customer service go completely self-service. ChatGPT answers the phones. You're basically on your own. Figuring out which companies are worth booking shouldn't be that difficult.

Elliott's tips for dealing with self-service travel

  • Learn the shortcuts to a human. If you're stuck talking to an AI, there's almost always a way out. Words like "operator" or "agent" will usually get you to a human. And if not, you can always hang up the phone or discontinue the chat and try again. Many companies have apps with a "chat with us" function that can connect you to a human being.
  • Make arrangements before you leave. If you don't have a cellphone or can't use technology, you can usually call an airline's special services desk to find out how to check in manually with a human agent. At a hotel, politely ask for help if you can't check in with your phone. 
  • Avoid extreme DIY. It will soon be obvious which airlines are aspiring to be the Ikea of the skies, where you have to check yourself in and tag your own bags. If you'd rather avoid that experience, now is the time to steer clear of the worst offenders.

Christopher Elliott  is an author, consumer advocate, and journalist. He founded  Elliott Advocacy , a nonprofit organization that helps solve consumer problems. He publishes  Elliott Confidential , a travel newsletter, and the  Elliott Report , a news site about customer service. If you need help with a consumer problem, you can  reach him here  or email him at  [email protected] .


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    Calpak has the best luggage, diaper bags, packing cubes, and any other kind of bags she could need. Right now, save 15% on orders over $100. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.