1. Is Montego Bay Safe? 2024 Safety Guide

    montego bay travel safety

  2. Is Montego Bay Safe? What You Need To Know Before Traveling

    montego bay travel safety

  3. Is Montego Bay Safe?

    montego bay travel safety

  4. Is Montego Bay Safe?

    montego bay travel safety

  5. Understanding The Montego Bay Jamaica Travel Restrictions: What You

    montego bay travel safety

  6. Is Montego Bay Safe to Visit in 2024?

    montego bay travel safety


  1. New Highway Section Completed in Montego Bay


  3. Montego Bay Bypass Construction- Irwin Point, Montego Bay

  4. Jamaica Queens Road Montego Bay

  5. RIU Montego Bay

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  1. Is Montego Bay Safe?

    Best time to visit to Montego Bay. The dry season runs from December until April. Daily average temperatures during these months range from 78-80°F, with highs of 83°F and lows of 75°F (February is the overall coolest month to visit Montego Bay). Rainfall ranges from between 0.5-1.5 inches per each of these months.

  2. Is Montego Bay Safe for Travel RIGHT NOW? (2024 Safety Rating)

    Montego Bay has an average level of travel safety. The crime rate is medium to high. The main problems are related to the theft of things, car theft, and hacking, attacks, vandalism, and corruption problems. Some concern is the growing level of drug-related crimes. While Montego Bay is a relatively safe city, reasonable precautions should be ...

  3. Jamaica Travel Advisory

    Reconsider travel to Jamaica due to crime and medical services. U.S. government personnel under Chief of Mission (COM) security responsibility are prohibited from traveling to many areas due to increased risk. Please read the entire Travel Advisory. Country Summary: Violent crimes, such as home invasions, armed robberies, sexual assaults, and ...

  4. Is Montego Bay Safe? What You Need to Know Before Traveling

    Carry just as much cash as you think you'll need for the day and consider investing in a money belt or hidden travel wallet. 5. Use your credit/debit card as little as possible. Credit card skimming is a very real risk in Jamaica, especially in tourist areas like Montego Bay. As much as possible, use cash rather than your card. 6.

  5. Messages to US Citizens in Jamaica %

    U.S. Consular Agency Montego Bay Whitter Village, Ironshore Unit EU-1 (across from Burger King) Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica +1-876-953-0620 [email protected]. U.S. Consular Agency Cayman Islands 150 Smith Road Smith Road Center, Unit 202B George Town, KY1-1010 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands +345-945-8173 [email protected].

  6. Is Montego Bay Safe to Visit in 2024?

    Jamaica has a very high rate of violent crime, including homicide. According to the latest statistics, the homicide rate is a whopping 52.9 incidents per 100,000 people. This is one of the highest homicide rates in the Western Hemisphere, if not the highest. Many of these homicides occur in Montego Bay, which is one of Jamaica's most populous ...

  7. Is Jamaica travel safe? Americans warned to reconsider trips

    1:16. You may want to reconsider visiting Jamaica. That's the warning from the State Department, which is flagging crime and health concerns in the popular Caribbean destination. In a travel ...

  8. Is Montego Bay Safe? 2024 Safety Guide

    Overall, Montego Bay can be a safe destination for travelers, but it is important to stay informed and aware of the current safety situation. Always prioritize your safety and take the necessary precautions to ensure a enjoyable and safe trip. Montego Bay, Jamaica is a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful beaches, warm climate ...

  9. Is It Safe to Go to Montego Bay, Jamaica?

    Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa/Oyster. Located 45-minutes west of Montego Bay, Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa feels a world away from anywhere. Even compared to the island's typical large hotel complexes, the three-and-a-half-pearl mega-resort is massive. With an 86,000-square-foot pool complex, ten restaurants, late-night ...

  10. Travel advice and advisories for Jamaica

    Safety and security Crime Violent crime. Violent crime, including armed robbery and murder, is a problem in large cities and tourist areas, including parts of Kingston and Montego Bay, despite the presence of police to counter criminal activity.

  11. Is Montego Bay Safe? Our Guide to Staying Safe in Jamaica

    Is Montego Bay Safe? An In-Depth Look. In Montego Bay, crime rates are high, but tourist spots and resorts are usually safe if you're careful. However, it's not safe to travel past the A1 highway and The Queen's Drive from San San to Harmony Beach Park. These areas are too dangerous for most tourists, according to the U.S. State Department.

  12. Is It Safe to Travel to Montego Bay? Our Insider Guide

    Montego Bay is a top spot in Jamaica, famous for its stunning beaches, lively culture, and deep history. But, many travelers worry about safety in Montego Bay before deciding to visit. This guide dives deep into Montego Bay's safety scene, giving you the lowdown and handy tips for a stress-free vacation in Montego Bay.You'll learn about the current crime trends and the safest spots to help ...

  13. Tips on Montego Bay Warnings or Dangers

    However, like many tourists destinations, there are dangers and warnings that visitors to Montego Bay should familiarize themselves with before traveling. [viator_tour destination="432″] Stay ...

  14. Is Montego Bay Safe For Tourists? Answered

    Solo Travel in Montego Bay, Jamaica - Safety Tips. Solo travel can be a fantastic experience. You can explore a new place at your own pace, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. However, Solo travel can also be dangerous. Here are some safety tips to help you stay safe while solo traveling in Montego Bay, Jamaica:

  15. Is It Safe to Visit Jamaica Right Now?

    Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay is one of the most luxurious adults-only all-inclusive resorts on the beach in Jamaica. The Preferred Club is the way to go if you want a reserved pool, optional swim-out rooms, beach area, lounge, and all facilities at the trendy Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa.The 350 rooms at Secrets Wild Orchid offer tasteful contemporary decor, four-poster beds, jetted ...

  16. Is Jamaica safe? State Department advisory raises concerns; here ...

    MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica - Two months before my planned trip to Jamaica, the U.S. State Department advised Americans to "reconsider travel" to the popular Caribbean nation. I considered their ...

  17. Is Montego Bay Safe for Americans? Our Travel Safety Guide

    By keeping safe, staying alert, and respecting local customs, visitors can delve into Montego Bay's rich culture and beauty. Though fears about conclusion Montego Bay safety can be scary, exploring this island can be very rewarding. With the right planning and the right approach, American tourists can fully enjoy Montego Bay's magnificence.

  18. Is It Safe to Travel to Jamaica?

    Is Jamaica Dangerous? The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) stated in a 2020 report that travelers should exercise increased caution and avoid visits to Spanish Town and parts of Kingston and Montego Bay, which are all known for violent crime. Other parts of the country have violent crime as well, but it typically involves attacks by Jamaicans on other Jamaicans.

  19. Is Montego Bay Safe to Travel to: Montego Bay Travel Tips for Tourists

    Let's recap our top safety tips for visiting Montego Bay. With these travel tips, you're bound to have a safe yet enjoyable time in Montego Bay. If you're ready to explore one of Jamaica's beautiful beach vacation destinations, visit All Inclusive Outlet and browse through the best discounts on Montego Bay vacation packages today.

  20. Safe travel to Montego Bay,

    3. Re: Safe travel to Montego Bay, Jan 29, 2024, 8:31 AM. There is almost always a travel advisory in place for JA - The latest update adds concerns for available medical care due to an unfortunate incident that occurred recently at the airport where a woman either had taken some bad drugs or had a mental breakdown on departure.

  21. Is Montego Bay Safe?

    Montego Bay's crime rates, especially for petty theft and robbery, are relatively high compared to other tourist destinations.Travelers should exercise caution in certain areas and avoid carrying valuables. While violent crime is less common, be wary of scams and disputes. Regarding health, ensure routine vaccinations are up-to-date and be mindful of insect-borne diseases.

  22. Is Jamaica Safe to Visit in 2024? Travel Warnings And Safety Tips

    According to the Canadian government, Canadians should Exercise a high degree of caution. Armed robbery and murder rates are high among locals in Jamaica, and tourists are at risk of crimes of opportunity, especially theft and robberies. This was updated on January 29, 2024. Also, as of March 13, 2024, there is a general health warning (Level 1 ...

  23. This Is Why Jamaica Is Still Safe Despite U.S. Safety Warnings

    On October 5 th, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) updated its travel advisory for Jamaica, perhaps causing some travelers to wonder if they should think twice about visiting Jamaica's picture-perfect shores. Over the years, The DOS has issued travel advisories for Jamaica for various reasons, with the latest being crime.

  24. Montego Bay Cruise Port: Piers, Getting Around and What to Do

    Although Uber extended its availability to Montego Bay in 2021, it is mainly used by locals due primarily to safety concerns, as licensed cabs are vetted by the government and are far more ...

  25. Hurricane Beryl intensifies into an 'extremely dangerous ...

    Beryl, the first hurricane of the 2024 Atlantic season, intensified to an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph Sunday morning, as it made its way toward ...

  26. Hurricane Beryl: Season's first hurricane barrels toward the Caribbean

    Tropical Storm Chris developed in the Bay of Campeche and located about 105 miles southeast of Tuxpan, Mexico, by 11 p.m. Fueled by warm water:Hurricane Beryl, super-charged by warm seas, stuns ...