Star Trek: The Video Game review. A review of Star Trek: The Video Game featuring the voices of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Simon Pegg.

I played this game for Xbox 360.  Full disclosure: I am a sci-fi nerd.  I love both Star Trek and Star Wars and was really looking forward to playing this game.  That said, I wish they would have taken the opportunity to really flesh this one out.

Let’s get this out of the way early; if you don’t like Star Trek, you should probably stay away.  If you do like it, be prepared for some good voice work by many of the movie actors in what feels like a Trek-veneer of an old game.  Hit the jump for my full review.

The game isn’t bad.  It actually works pretty well.  The issue is that it works like a Tomb Raider game from a generation or two ago.  The puzzles aren’t really fun; sure, there is something for Trek nerds like me that do in fact show some detail to the cannon.  The problem is that they are put together in an altogether paint-by-numbers manner.

When the previews of this game came out, I thought maybe the idea of co-op – with Kirk taking the injured Spock over his shoulder you maneuver and your partner shoots – sounded pretty cool.  Actually, even in solo play this part ends up annoying and difficult to play.  That is one of many instances when the “teamwork” idea seems just pasted on instead of truly designed for.  Unfortunately, it just seems like a poorly produced makeover of a million other games of this ilk, again with the Trek mask applied.

For example, I always thought that the idea of a Tricorder was really cool.  Spoiler alert: much less cool when you have to walk around EVERYWHERE with the Tricorder mode on to find anything of interest.  Further, many of the puzzles are just re-skins of the usual stuff we’ve seen before – never anything original in the package.

It’s too bad, this game had the potential to be pretty awesome.  If you are a fan of both the old and new movies (like I am), you will get some enjoyment out of the game.  For new Trekkies, having the real voice actors is a boon.  But it just never really “explores strange, new worlds” like I hoped.

Scotty, there isn’t much down here.  Please beam me back up.

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Star Trek Review – Xbox 360

After the abysmal failure that was Aliens: Colonial Marines I had my concerns going into my review for Star Trek; not that the two games are affiliated in any way, but just that the “movie-license curse” seemed to be in full effect once again. Star Trek looked good on paper (and in screenshots) with a unique twist on gameplay that promised to offer the co-op goodness of games like Army of Two and Kane and Lynch, with a slick narrative that picks up after the original film (but before the sequel) and reunites us with one of Trek’s most infamous villains; the Gorn.

Star Trek is available on both console and PC and I got to review them both. Each has their pros and cons – mostly cons, and for the most part they deliver the same experience…the same boring, repetitive experience that has you wandering endless mazes of corridors and passages, or linear outdoor levels where you will face off against a seeming endless army of enemies, all made of from about five different types of opponents.

Co-op play is indeed available, but it is hardly required and not much help when you do bring a friend along other than to help overcome the broken AI for the single-player scripting and path-finding for the second character. There are numerous doors that require both characters to pry open, but these are more in-game checkpoints to make sure you are both together, but that won’t stop the other character from magically appearing in the turbo lift when you press the button. There are no combat techniques like flanking or distraction, and the other character often ends up being a source of infinite health assuming they can reach you before they too go down in combat.

Co-op on the PC is online only, and you can set your game to private, friends only, or public where any old stranger can drop into the Starfleet boots of whichever character you aren’t playing. I’m not a big fan of blind date matchmaking, but I had to endure a few sessions of awkward co-op on the PC since no one in my inner circle of gaming friends had the game. Those who play on the Xbox 360 will have the “luxury” of split-screen couch co-op, but the only thing I hate more than playing with strangers is splitting my screen, but at least you only need one copy of the game to boldly go where no one has gone before on the Xbox.

From the start you pick either Kirk or Spock. Kirk is the guns-blazing Rambo of the duo while Spock is better suited for non-lethal takedowns. Occasionally the two work in tandem when Kirk stuns an enemy and Spock does his Vulcan neck pinch thingy. In fact, this is strongly recommended when you start going up against humans infected with a Gorn virus. You don’t want to be offing your own crew now, do you? You’ll earn XP than you can use to upgrade your personal abilities as well as your weapons, inflicting more damage, lowering cool-down times, etc. If you’re playing alone you’ll need to upgrade both characters.

There are admittedly a few cool set piece moments, but they are few and far between. Only once do you get to command the actual Enterprise in a sluggish space battle that has you toggling your shields off and on to avoid incoming fire while delivering some destruction of your own. There are a few quick on-rails sections where you are spacewalking through debris fields or squirrel-suit flying on an alien planet. For most of this 8-10 hour game you’ll simply be taking cover and firing at endless swarms of enemies then moving on to repeat the same battle in a similar looking room a few seconds later. There are stealth sections and rewards for no being spotted but it’s hardly worth the effort.

Star Trek makes heavy use of the tricorder to provide an augmented view of your surroundings – think the detective view in Batman – and you also use this device to hack various objects like turrets, fire suppression systems, and even hack doors and consoles. Hacking consists of a few clever mini-games – clever until you do them 15-20 times then you merely order the “other character” to hack it for you unless it is one of the few doors that require a two-player hack. You’ll also want to scan for various secret messages on hidden communicators and the rare and elusive secret Tribble on each level.

The presentation ranges from good to bad. There are plenty of J.J. Abrams approved lens flares and the models for the various key characters look pretty good, but still a bit dated by today’s standards. The voice acting is also a bit hit and miss, and it is quite clear than these actors haven’t done much voice over work before, as their lines sound very divorced of the action or even the other lines in the same conversation. Gone is that wonderful chemistry we see in the movies where the actors actually get to play off one another.

Star Trek is just boring. There are limited aliens, limited missions types, uninspired level designs with repetitive construction, limited weapons, and worst of all, Star Trek fails in nearly every way to capture the essence of what Star Trek is…adventure and exploration. I would have loved a game that was more like the 1993 Judgment Rites, where you explored alien planets and did “adventury” types of things, but instead we get nothing more than your typical co-op shooting game with a Star Trek skin.

Diehard Trekkers can check this game out when it drops to $20 or less, but for casual Trek fans or those looking for a quality shooter, co-op or otherwise, move along…there are no signs of intelligent life in this latest Star Trek offering.

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Alyssa Harrison

Star trek: the video game (xbox 360) review.

I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness twice in less than a week. I loved the non-stop action, the Spock/Kirk bromance, and the overall sci-fi nerdiness of it all. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a Trekker (hardcore Star Trek fans consider “Trekkie” to be derogatory) by any means, getting most of my knowledge of the Star Trek universe second-hand through pop culture references. I know phasers can be set to stun, Scotty needs to beam you up, and you “punch it” when you go into warp. Other than that JJ Abrams’ flashy lens-flare-happy reboot of the series has been my only window into the final frontier. So without a lifetime of conditioning to love all things Star Trek, the thought of a tie-in game held very little draw for me. The movie cast providing the voice acting was the only possibility for me of the game having any chance at being good; however, sadly this was not enough to keep this ship from spiraling into a black hole of bad tie-in movie based games.

Early showings at E3 promised a co-op game featuring Kirk and Spock supporting each other while maintaining separate identities and skills relative to their personalities. When you choose your character it appears as if there are differences between the two, but really there isn’t. Sure, Spock can mind meld and nerve pinch and Kirk can use the a “Captain’s Gun”, but other than that their functions in the game are the same. Regardless of who you play as though it won’t change the fact that this game sucks. Good co-op games are hard to come across and this one sadly did not live up to its potential. This is a game that would have felt more appropriate on the last generation of consoles and is just not acceptable on current home consoles.

I played by myself as Kirk, letting the AI take over as Spock. I actually laughed out loud at how terrible the AI was. He would constantly be out of sight, sometimes choosing to linger in a room I had long vacated or running too far ahead of me to know where he went. He also had a tendency to walk into walls or stand in corners. Maybe it was just a Vulcan thing? Regardless, there wasn’t really much cooperation to the co-op part at all. Your partner is mostly only there to help open doors (as if you couldn’t manage on your own) or “hack” certain codes on locked doors. It was disappointing to say the least, given how well the Kirspock (do you like my new term?) bromance played out on screen.

star trek xbox 360 review

The most frustrating thing about the game, making it almost unplayable, was the abundance of AI glitches as a whole. On several occasions the other character would get stuck or fail to meet you at points that are needed to advance in the game. The only solution was to restart at the last checkpoint and hope your AI partner keeps up the second time around. Having useless AI partners is one thing but having one that prevents you from playing is not only stupid, it’s extremely frustrating. This almost made me want to quit but I kept thinking it could get better.

Sadly, the game just remained a disappointment. It tried to be too many things and failed at all of them. The shooting was extremely clunky and inaccurate while the degree of difficulty varied from laughably easy to unexplainably hard. There was no technique to it, you could mostly set your phaser to whatever and the enemies would be dispatched after a couple shots to the body. No such thing as headshots in this universe. It was impossible to develop a strategy against enemies since they only detected you some of the time, meaning that most of the time you could walk into a swarm of them and fire your way out of it. On screen hints tell you that instead of charging into the fray you can sneak around enemies in stealth mode, but when the enemies are so easy to get rid of there’s no point in taking the long way around. The environments are poorly laid out offering very few places to strategically cover and shoot, and the crouch function was quite shoddy. I was unable to register the command while standing next to shelter for goodness sake. I also found some weird camera angles when trying to get into cover that made things difficult.

star trek xbox 360 review

Another thing that I found misplaced about the shooting was the weapons themselves. Star Trek has never been about fancy futuristic weapons, so why are Vulcans handing over plasma pulse shotguns? Normally I would say variety of weapons can never be a bad thing but in this case it just didn’t belong. Starfleet is about diplomacy and exploration, not trigger-happy officers shooting everything that moves as if they were in an L.A. suburb. There were things that could have almost worked but just couldn’t come together. The storyline held some interest and stayed in line to the style of the JJ Abrams universe but the frustrating and glitchy gameplay just got in the way too much.

Visually, Star Trek: The Video Game was just nowhere near what is expected of current generation games. The environments lacked depth and texture and they pretty much did not allow for any interaction outside of the predetermined path. All of the gloss and polish from the movies was lost in this dull recreation. I have to admit, although I thoroughly enjoyed the action and storylines of the movie, the lead actors weren’t hard to look at either; however, as I played the game I avoided studying the characters faces for too long because it started to creep me out. Although Captain Kirk kind of resembled Chris Pine it was more like a Madam Toussade version left out too long in the sun. The mouths didn’t quite match up to the dialogue giving the whole thing a very animatronic-kung-fu-movie feel. The game just didn’t do justice to the mischievous sparkle in Kirk’s eyes or the way his smile can be arrogant but reassuring at the same time, or the healthy glow of his well conditioned hair… but I digress. Maybe the creators of the game got sucked through a rip in the space time continuum and thought they were making a game for the PS2 or original Xbox, because the graphics definitely belonged somewhere back in the early 2000’s.

star trek xbox 360 review

The one thing I thought could be the game’s redeeming factor was the inclusion of every movie counterpart providing the voice acting. Personally, playing a tie-in game of a movie I am very familiar with that doesn’t have the original voices is too distracting. I keep expecting to hear the voices I know and am annoyed when they pronounce something differently or have the wrong inflection on expressions. In Star Trek The Video Game, the entire main cast is here and it added some nice authenticity. The one thing I wish there was more of in the movies was more banter between Kirk and Spock, so I was hoping to get some of that in the game. There are some nice little exchanges but for the most part it sticks to generic co-op banter and repeated phrases. There was a big opportunity to take advantage of having the original actors and develop their interactions more but it didn’t give much extra than just the lines that drove the story forward.

As for the sound effects, they were a huge let down, but after everything else went wrong with the game it wasn’t the worst thing. I love ‘outerspace’ sound effects, the hum and beeps of the Enterprise with doors whooshing as they open and the “sealed in” feel of being in an environment that’s airlocked. The game really didn’t have much of that. The phasers would pulse and beep and the doors sounded like space doors, but there wasn’t anything that built an environment of sound. Effects filled the space when something was happening but there was no atmosphere to it. In regards to the games the soundtrack, it was straight from the movie but very cut and dry as there wasn’t much tension or build up. It just felt like someone was pressing play on a track when there was action or a dramatic moment. Sound definitely wasn’t the worst part of the game but it just wasn’t spectacular.

I’m not really sure whom this game will appeal to. Even for huge fans of the movies or the original series there just isn’t enough here to get over the terrible game mechanics and poor AI. It could make a decent rental if you’re looking for a game to play with a friend who doesn’t game much and won’t understand how bad it is, but personally I’d rather spend the time and money just watching the movies or reading Kirspock fan-fiction. Star Trek: The Video Game is definitely not worth the price of admission; spend the money and take a friend to see Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D instead.

star trek xbox 360 review

Developer: Digital Extremes

Publisher: Namco Bandai

Star Trek The Video Game Review

  • First Released Apr 23, 2013 released

Star Trek The Video Game is a mess of bugs, glitches, and thoroughly uninspiring shooting.

By Mark Walton on May 2, 2013 at 5:45AM PDT

The thing about Star Trek is that it has never really been about the action. Character drama and a continuing quest for knowledge have always been the show's raison d'etre over phaser blasts and exploding spaceships. Well, at least they were until J.J. Abrams got his hands on the property. And it's Abrams' action-packed, lens-flare-infused take on the Star Trek universe that forms the basis of Star Trek The Video Game, a homogeneous and vapid third-person shooter that reduces the inimitable Kirk and Spock to the role of gun-toting foot soldiers. Frankly, they deserve better.

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Now Playing: Star Trek The Video Game Video Review

It's not that the idea of a co-op cover-based shooter is inherently a bad one for Star Trek--even if it is a tad unimaginative--but the execution is dire. The plot sees the Federation under attack from the Gorn, a reptilian race featured in the original Star Trek series. They've been given a modern makeover here, turning from campy, rubber-masked creatures into a bunch of generic snarling monsters. They've somehow mustered the brainpower to open rips in space, and it's your job to journey from New Vulcan to the Gorn homeworld to stop them.

That involves being led through starbases, across dusty planets, and along the corridors of the Enterprise, hunkering down behind some conveniently placed cover, and shooting the living hell out of bad guys. There's little of that famed Federation diplomacy at work here: if it moves, you better shoot it. Then you move to the next room and shoot some more. This quickly grows tiresome. Aside from the jarring sight--even for the series reboot--of Kirk and Spock blasting monsters in the face with a phaser-powered shotgun, the shooting isn't that exciting.

The weapons all feel a little weedy, despite some nice "pew pew" sounds, and the Gorn suffer from some terrible AI and glitches. They often get stuck behind walls and fail to notice you shooting their compatriots, even when you're standing right next to them. Character animations are woefully bad, making it look like you're controlling some weird animatronics action figure, while your attempts to take cover often fail to register, leaving you at the mercy of the Gorn's laser fire.

No Caption Provided

Context-sensitive attempts to open doors or press buttons sometimes fail to activate, terrible signposting and waypoints often leave you with no clue where to go, and at times, your AI co-op partner disappears or gets stuck running into a wall. If that happens before you reach one of the tired co-op actions, such as prying a door open or giving your partner a leg up, then you've no choice but to restart from the last checkpoint. It's simply maddening. These co-op issues are resolved when playing with a buddy online, but despite a recent patch, matchmaking is still flaky, with connections often dropping out.

Some attempt has been made to expand on the corridor-based shooting, but the ideas are a poor mishmash of those from other games. For instance, you can try to complete each level using stealth by tagging bad guys with your tricorder and sneaking around them or by performing a silent takedown. Unfortunately, thanks to the inconsistent AI, the dodgy cover mechanic, and your flaky AI partner, trying to do so is far more trouble than it's worth.

Then there are the climbing sections that borrow heavily from the Uncharted series, offering up glinting sections of walls for you to awkwardly lurch your way along and platforms for you to leap across. The controls just aren't cut out for such endeavours, though, with the sloppy jumping making it difficult to complete these sections. There's also a slow space battle where you take control of the Enterprise's phaser turret, as well as hard-to-control underwater sections, and a level reminiscent of Portal where you're given a teleportation gun and must move your partner past obstacles.

None of these scenarios are particularly fun, and because they're poorly executed, they feel like an afterthought, rather than an integral part of the experience. The rudimentary experience-point system fares a little better, allowing you to upgrade some of your basic abilities, such as the strength of your shields and the power of your phaser. You can even hack turrets so they fire on the enemy, and jam weapons remotely. They are neat touches, but you're never pushed to use these abilities, either by the narrative or by the shooting itself, which remains very much a rote process throughout.

No Caption Provided

Star Trek's saving grace is the characters, who not only bear the likenesses of the film stars who play them, but have their voices too. Of particular note is Simon Pegg's Scotty, whose thick Scottish accent and penchant for panicking never fail to amuse. There's also some neat back-and-forth between the cold, logical Spock and the charming Kirk as they exchange quips between shots. Kirk even manages a cheeky chat-up line or two along the way.

Still, these are but small wins for a game that never does the licence justice; it's a by-the-numbers shooter that just so happens to have the Star Trek name attached to it. Its numerous bugs and linear missions make it frustrating to play, and the story never grabs you like a good sci-fi adventure should. Even the most devoted of Star Trek fans will be hard pressed to find something to like in Star Trek The Video Game: there are simply too many glaring problems.

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  • Good voice acting from the film cast
  • Dull shooting mechanics
  • Bugs and glitches frequently interfere with gameplay
  • Terrible enemy and co-op AI
  • Full of borrowed ideas that aren't up to scratch
  • By-the-numbers story

About the Author


Mark Walton

  • @markalexwalton

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star trek xbox 360 review

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All star trek games for xbox consoles.

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star trek xbox 360 review

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Star Trek: Legacy – Reviews

Xbox 360 pc, detailed reviews.

  • 6 Legacy is not the game Star Trek fans have been waiting for - but it's not as terrible as they might expect. 12/26/2008 By Evil_Dave
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  • 8 Not for gamers expecting instant gratification. Still a great Star Trek Capitol Ship Simulator PC 09/14/2011 By KiraYamato2009

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  • 4 I waited all this time for this?!?! PC 12/11/2006 By newtekie1
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star trek xbox 360 review

GameSpot Review

star trek xbox 360 review

  • 4.1 User Score Based on 42 user reviews.
  • 55 ActionTrip The game is challenging enough to make you play for a few hours, but it seems that some slip-ups in overall design have easily diminished all hopes of undertaking a highly immersive and profound space adventure. If it weren't for the technical mishaps and awkward gameplay mechanics, this game would've been a worthy addition to the Star Trek universe.
  • 58 GameSpot This starship combat game simply can't overcome bad controls, frustrating mission designs, and a mess of bugs.
  • 63 PC Gamer I had high hopes that Legacy would be the game that rejuvenates the dormant Star Trek franchise, but it's just another addition to my pile of disappointing Trek games. [Mar 2007, p.58]
  • 60 Yahoo! Despite its long, long list of lazy omissions it's still a game that Trek fans will enjoy -- if only for the voices, fire-photon-torpedoes ambiance, and graphical effects. They'll just have to grit their teeth while they do it.
  • 5.7 User Score Based on 45 user reviews.
  • 78 Game Informer Soured by some nagging flaws, Legacy isn't a title that will appeal to everyone. However, its willingness to try something new deserves some healthy praise. [Jan 2007, p.92]
  • 82 GameSpot Star Trek Legacy for the Xbox 360 captures the grandeur and feel of the epic starship battles in the famous television series.
  • 80 Official Xbox Magazine This game excels at staging space battles on an epic scale. [Jan. 2007, p.70]
  • 50 Official Xbox Magazine UK The controls of your spaceships just aren’t good enough. You rotate your ship in 3D. You rotate the camera in 3D. You fight in 3D – it’s all just too much 3D.

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Star Trek Online – Xbox Series X|S Review

Alister Kennedy

Star Trek has had quite the resurrection over the last few years. From Discovery to Picard and even animated shows in between, the new Star Trek Universe that is being built is slowly becoming something quite special. 

As a kid I watched the adventures of Captain Jean Luc Picard on Star Trek The Next Generation. I was never the biggest fan of the show, something didn’t quite resonate with me. Perhaps it was the neat bow tied at the end of most episodes, or maybe it was the whole uniformity of the universe that didn’t sit well. Either way, Star Trek was never one of my favourites.

Later when Captain Janeway journeyed to the far reaches of space with Voyager, I started to get into things a bit more. The charismatic Ben Sisko and his giant space station never clicked with me either, I had no idea what it was about a sci fi series (my favourite genre) that I couldn’t adjust to. A little franchise called Star Wars may be to blame; Luke Skywalker and his adventures across the galaxy just sang to me. Now, I hear ya, stereotypical geek talk of Trek Vs Wars, but bear with me.

star trek online review 1

In 2009 a reboot/alternate reality version of the original Star Trek was unleashed to the world. And I loved it.

Finally I had figured out what was wrong and it allowed me to divide Star Trek into two separate eras – Film Grain Trek and Shiny Lens Flare Trek. This may come across as blasphemy to Trekkies but the shiny Star Trek finally made me fully appreciate the franchise. Silver and gleaming white hallways combined with sleek retro-future looking computer consoles slotted everything in place for me. This look was continued with Star Trek Discovery (another divisive show) and I absolutely loved it. This was a Star Trek I could buy into.

Now while I have gone back and rewatched the Kelvin Trilogy as I was preparing this review, I was also drawn back to another series that again divided fans – Enterprise. Taking things back before Captain Kirk was in diapers really worked for me, and while Captain Archer may have been part of my Film Grain era, I really enjoyed the episodes I watched. Anyway, that’s plenty of groundwork laid down, let’s get down to the main event.

Star Trek Online is a MMORPG that has just celebrated its 13th anniversary. Debuting on PC in 2010, the game made its way over to Xbox on 2016. I initially fired up the game way back when it launched for Xbox and thought it was decent, but short on campaigns. The loading was abysmal and systems were very complicated. Has any of this changed for the recent Xbox Series X|S update? Let’s see.

Right off the bat, there are way more starting points than before. We now get the option of six starting points for our new character, each with a different race or time period to select. Most importantly for me, they have added in the Discovery era. Hopping right in I found the story engaging (pun intended) and the missions short and punchy, not often common for a MMO game. I finished the discovery campaign in a few hours and was sad to see it go. That’s when I knew Star Trek Online had its hooks in me.

star trek online review 2

For those who have never played Star Trek Online, the game is very welcoming to newcomers. 90% of the content can be played solo, only really requiring groups at the latter stages of the endgame and for PVP. Playing very much like Mass Effect Lite, Star Trek leans heavier into RPG than it does MMO at the start. I would say this is an absolutely great starter MMORPG for those unfamiliar with the genre.

Gameplay, as I said, is very much like the Mass Effect series , conversing with characters from across the Star Trek Universe (many voiced by original actors) to shoot outs planet side. Combat doesn’t have as much of a chunky feel to it and can feel a tad too light and flimsy at points. Taking the battle to the stars, ship combat is an absolute highlight, balancing systems and learning ship positioning. All in, the package (for a free to play title) is well rounded and enjoyable.

So, we need to address the actual upgrade… and I say that lightly. Frame rate is improved across the board, and that means running around Starfleet has never been smoother. Sadly this optimisation is the only true next gen upgrade, and it doesn’t hold a stable 60fps. Graphics may have had a bit of a spit shine but scream more original Mass Effect 1 than the Legendary Edition Remaster . Menus are still laggy for whatever baffling reason, and a lot of patience is required in trying to even apply a new uniform to the crew.

Disappointing upgrade aside, Star Trek Online is still a very easily recommendable title, especially at the whopping cost of free, and no forced microtransactions, as those are mostly cosmetic. Sure, the odd ship may be more powerful than the ones earned or given in-game, there is nothing more significant than a point or two. The various storylines are going to be devoured by Star Trek fans as the cameo appearances and authentic voice acting really put the cherry on top.

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An all round fun experience that sadly hasn’t been given the Series X|S boost it deserves, a Shiny Lens Flare look is what would really go down a treat in Star Trek Online. For me, the starships should glisten and the shine in every aspect should be forefront, and sadly the graphics did not receive a huge boost like this. The lack of features brought by the Xbox Series X|S upgrade does not detract from the fun available in Star Trek Online, but you’ll need to look past the 2007 graphical style.

I’ll finish with a direct quote from our review coverage back at Star Trek Online’s Xbox launch in 2016 , as it still remains true to this day.

“ At the end of the day Star Trek Online is a great game. Okay, the ground combat is definitely rough around the edges as well as occasionally annoying with its targeting system. And yes, I did encounter a few bugs that were extremely frustrating, and the visuals will never blow you away. However, it still doesn’t detract from the quality of the experience being offered here. Space combat can be great fun, as well as seeing and hearing about all of the iconic places, characters and sounds from years of Star Trek, and for free, there’s no reason to not jump in.

What are you waiting for captains? Engage!”

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Alister Kennedy

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star trek xbox 360 review

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star trek xbox 360 review

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