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Best Travel Chess Sets

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Searching for the best travel chess sets might not be common for everyone, but for chess enthusiasts who relish the game on the go, it’s a typical query.

Chess, a strategy game from the 6th century, has a charm that extends beyond grand tournaments to spontaneous matches. Ideal for both seasoned players and beginners, travel-friendly chess sets enable enjoyment of the game anywhere.

This article is your ultimate guide to explore various options and select the best portable chess set that suits your needs, ensuring a delightful mobile gaming experience.

9 Best Travel Chess Sets Reviewed

This section brings you the top-rated travel chess sets online.

We’ll delve into the details and features of each to help you make an informed choice.

Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess Set

Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess Set

The Pitkin Stearns International, Inc. Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess Set by Sondergut is a game changer in the world of travel chess sets. Its unique design, incorporating high quality materials and compactness, make it a top contender for any chess enthusiast.

Firstly, this set is made from genuine, soft pliable leather, giving it a unique feel and aesthetic that’s pleasing to the touch and eye. The chess/checkers board is carefully embossed on the leather, maintaining the traditional 8×8 grid. The pieces are also made of quality materials, adding to the overall premium feel of the set.

The set rolls up into a compact cylinder measuring a mere 10 x 2 inches, easily fitting into most bags or backpacks. When unrolled, the board measures 10 x 12 inches, offering a decent play area while maintaining its portability. The magnetic pieces are stored in a velvet pouch, keeping them safe and secure during transportation.

One notable feature is its dual functionality. The set can be used to play either chess or checkers, making it a versatile choice for those who enjoy multiple games. The chess pieces are denoted by traditional symbols, while the checkers pieces are plain, fitting into the simplistic aesthetic.

QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Moving on to a more traditional design, the QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Folding Chess Board  stands out for its compact size, strong magnets, and robust construction. This is a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or functionality.

This set’s main feature is its magnetic design. The magnets are strong enough to keep the pieces in place during gameplay, while still being easy to move. This is perfect for on-the-go gaming, whether you’re in a car, plane, or just sitting in a park.

The chess board folds in half for easy storage and portability. When folded, it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to slip into a bag or carry on. Once folded you can store the chess pieces inside it, ensuring they stay organized and protected.

The board itself is a standard 9.8 x 9.8 inch square, providing ample playing space. The design is simple yet effective, with clearly marked squares and traditional chess piece designs. This makes it an ideal choice for beginners and younger players, but equally suitable for seasoned players who want a no-fuss, reliable travel set.

Finally, this set is durable. It’s made of high-quality HIPS plastic, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of travel and regular play. The pieces are also sturdy and well-made, promising longevity and consistent performance.

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The Yellow Mountain Imports 2-in-1 Magnetic Travel Chess Board Game Set is another dual-function game set that promises hours of fun. This set impresses with its larger playing surface, excellent craftsmanship, and inclusion of two popular games.

The main feature of this set is its size. Measuring 12.5 inches when unfolded, it’s larger than most travel sets, offering a spacious playing surface. This is ideal for those who prefer a more traditional-sized board, while still valuing portability.

The set also includes both chess and checkers pieces, which are magnetically attached to the board. This 2-in-1 functionality offers variety and allows you to switch between games easily. The pieces are well made, and the magnets are strong enough to keep them in place.

The board folds in half for convenient storage and transport. Inside, the pieces are stored, keeping them secure and organized. The external casing is robust, providing additional protection for the pieces and board.

The craftsmanship of this set is apparent. The board and pieces feature detailed designs and well-defined markings, making it easy to identify each piece. The checkered pattern on the board is clear and attractive, and the magnetic pieces are well-sized and easy to handle.

Finally, the quality of materials used in this set is commendable. The board is made of high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and a smooth playing surface. The pieces are also well made, offering a comfortable feel and good balance.

Get The Games Out Travel Chess Set

Get The Games Out Travel Chess Set

If you value the traditional aesthetic of wooden chess sets, the Get The Games Out Wooden Magnetic Travel Chess Set is a great pick. This set combines the beauty of a handcrafted wooden board with the convenience of a foldable design, making it an excellent travel companion.

First and foremost, the aesthetic appeal of this set is undeniable. The chessboard is made of high-quality wood, with each square carefully carved and polished. This gives it a rustic, timeless appeal that’s perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The chess pieces are also made of wood and feature felt bottoms for smooth movement across the board. Each piece is carefully carved with attention to detail, creating a beautiful and functional set.

In terms of portability, this set is foldable, which makes it relatively easy to carry around. When unfolded, it measures a substantial 14 x 14.25 inches, providing a generous playing area. When folded, it’s still large compared to other travel sets, but the aesthetic and playability make up for the size.

Inside the folding board, there’s a lined storage area for the pieces, keeping them secure and preventing them from scratching the board. The pieces are magnetic, ensuring they stay in place during gameplay.

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Wallet

Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Wallet

The Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Foldable Chess Wallet Set offers a unique design that’s both compact and practical. This set, measuring just 7.9 inches, is perfect for those who need a truly portable option.

The set’s standout feature is its wallet design. The board folds up to look like a wallet, with a secure snap closure to keep everything in place. This makes it extremely portable and perfect for slipping into a pocket or small bag.

The chess pieces are magnetic, ensuring they stay in place during gameplay. They’re also detailed and well-made, considering their small size. This set may be compact, but it doesn’t skimp on playability.

The board is made of quality materials, offering a smooth playing surface and clear markings. The wallet casing provides excellent protection for the board and pieces, ensuring they stay in good condition even with regular use.

Despite its compact size, this set offers a full game of chess, with all the pieces and a complete 7.9 x 6.6 board. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a portable set but don’t want to compromise on the full chess experience.

Finally, this set’s affordability is a big plus. It offers great value for money, considering its quality, portability, and functionality.

Big Mo’s Toys Magnetic Foldable Travel Chess Set

Big Mo’s Toys Magnetic Foldable Travel Chess Set

The Magnetic Travel Chess Set by Big Mo’s Toys is a cleverly designed set that transforms from a compact case into a full chess board. This set combines practicality, functionality, and affordability into one package.

This set’s unique feature is its transformation design. The case opens up to become a full-sized chess board, while the pieces are stored securely inside. This all-in-one design makes it extremely portable and convenient for travel.

The pieces are magnetic, ensuring they stay in place during play. They’re also well-made, offering a good balance and comfortable grip. The board itself is marked with clear squares and offers a smooth playing surface.

This set is also robust and durable. The case/board is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand regular use and travel. The pieces are also durable, ensuring they won’t chip or break easily.

Despite its compact size, this set doesn’t compromise on playability. It offers a full game of chess, with all the pieces and a complete board. This makes it a great choice for those who want to play chess on the go, without carrying a large set.

Finally, this set is affordably priced, offering excellent value for money. Its combination of functionality, durability, and affordability makes it a top choice for a travel chess set.

Mini Travel Chess Set by Vikutu

Mini Travel Chess Set by Vikutu

The Vikutu Foldable Magnetic Mini Chess Set is the perfect pick for those who prefer a truly pocket-sized option. At just 5.11 inches, it’s one of the smallest travel chess sets available, but it still offers a full game of chess.

The compact size of this set is its primary feature. The board folds into a small square that can easily fit into a pocket or small bag. Despite its small size, it opens up to a full chess board, providing a complete gaming experience.

The chess pieces are magnetic and small, but still well detailed. They stick to the board well, ensuring your game won’t be disrupted by movement. The pieces are stored inside the folding board, keeping them safe and organized.

The board itself is well-made, with clear square markings and a smooth surface. The folding design is sturdy and secure, ensuring the set stays in good condition even with regular use.

Despite its mini size, this set is fully functional. It offers a full game of chess with all the pieces and a complete board. This makes it perfect for those who want a compact, portable chess set that doesn’t compromise on playability.

COBER Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess Set

COBER Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess Set

The COBER Leather Roll-Up Chess Set is a stylish and portable option for those who value aesthetics as well as functionality. This roll-up set is made of genuine leather, giving it a sophisticated look and feel.

The most notable feature of this set is its roll-up design. The board is made of soft, pliable leather that rolls up into a compact cylinder for easy transport. The pieces are stored in a velvet pouch, keeping them safe and organized.

Despite its portable design, this set offers a full game of chess. The board, when unrolled, provides a decent play area with clear, embossed squares. The pieces are well made and aesthetically pleasing, fitting into the overall sleek design of the set.

Finally, this set’s aesthetic appeal is worth noting. The black and white color scheme, combined with the leather material, gives it a sophisticated look. This makes it an excellent gift for chess enthusiasts, as well as a stylish addition to any travel kit.

Chess Armory Travel Chess Set

Chess Armory Travel Chess Set

Last but not least, the Chess Armory Folding Magnet Travel Chess Set offers a balance of size, functionality, and aesthetics. At 9.5 inches, it’s small enough for travel but large enough for a comfortable gameplay.

The foldable design is the standout feature of this set. The board folds in half for easy storage and transport. Inside, there’s a special slot for each piece, ensuring they stay organized and protected during transit.

The chess pieces are magnetic, providing a secure gameplay on the go. They’re also well-crafted and easy to handle, despite their small size. The set even includes two extra queens, a nice touch for those who prefer using the optional rule of pawn promotion.

The board itself is well made, with clear square markings and a smooth playing surface. The folding design is sturdy and secure, ensuring the set stays in good condition even with regular use.

Finally, this set’s affordability is a big plus. It offers great value for money, considering its quality, portability, and functionality. It’s a perfect choice for kids and adults alike, making it a versatile option for family trips.

Understanding Travel Chess Sets

Before the digital age, chess lovers who travelled often were presented with a unique challenge—how to play their favorite game on the move.

The answer was the travel chess set—compact, convenient, and designed for portability. Unlike standard sets, travel chess sets are created with mobility in mind.

They are usually smaller in size, often foldable, with dedicated spaces for each piece, and sometimes even magnetic to keep the pieces from moving around.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Travel Chess Set

When choosing your travel chess set, consider these factors:

When looking for a travel chess set, you must take into consideration several factors that can significantly influence your playing experience. Let’s explore each one in detail.


Travel chess sets should be easy to carry around. Consider the size and weight of the set. It’s also important to check if it comes with a protective case or a pouch for easy transportation.

The set should be robust and durable to withstand the rigors of travel. Some sets come with a soft-felt interior to protect the pieces from scratches.

Piece Design

The pieces should be well-crafted and stable. They should have a pleasant feel in your hands and should not easily topple over.

Board Design

A good board should have clear and distinct squares. It should also lay flat when unfolded.

Magnetic or Non-magnetic

Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for magnetic pieces that stick to the board, preventing them from moving around during travel or outdoor play.

Tips on Caring for Your Travel Chess Set

Caring for your travel chess set can significantly extend its lifespan. Clean the pieces gently and avoid harsh chemicals. When not in use, store the set in a secure place to prevent losing any pieces. Handle each piece properly to maintain its shape and integrity.

Enhancing Your Chess Experience while Travelling

To take your chess experience a notch higher, consider using chess apps and online platforms to play against opponents worldwide. If you’re keen on physical gameplay, organize mini-tournaments or chess meetups with fellow travelers. Remember, practice makes perfect. Use travel time to hone your skills and strategies.

Whether you’re a grandmaster or a chess enthusiast, a quality travel chess set allows you to enjoy this splendid game wherever your travels take you. While this guide provides a comprehensive starting point, your perfect set will ultimately depend on your personal needs and preferences. So, embark on this exciting journey, and may the best player win!

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Chess House - Chess in Every Home

4" Mini Magnetic Wood Travel Chess Set

4" Mini Magnetic Wood Travel Chess Set - Chess Set - Chess-House

Chess House Guarantee

  • Easy parts. When buying a chess set online, we've got you covered. With us, you have easy access to parts for years so your set is always playable.
  • Safe, timely arrival. Every order is thoughtfully packed. Plus, delivery time is clear from checkout until it reaches your door.
  • Peace of mind. Easy access to our friendly experts and 90 day, no-hassle returns.

That's why 21,522 people rate Chess House 4.8 out of 5 stars.

About The 4" Mini Magnetic Wood Travel Chess Set

  • Felted chessboard protects any surface from scratching
  • 4x4" chessboard
  • Individual slots for each piece
  • Protective canvas case with compartments and sturdy zipper
  • Easy to source replacement pieces from Chess House in the future means you'll never be without a playable set.
  • Chess House logo on carrying case
  • Made in India
  • Storage Case: 5 x 5 1/4 x 1 1/2" (12.7 x 12.7 x 3.8 cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Board size: 4 x 4 x 1/2" (10 x 10 x 1.2 cm)
  • Square Size: 7/16" (1.1 cm)
  • Entire base green billiard felted
  • King height: 13/16" (1.9 cm)
  • King base: 3/8" (0.9 cm)
  • Pawn height: 1/2" (1.2 cm)
  • 32 Chessmen -- No extra queen
  • Green cloth felt bases

Product Specs

Customer reviews.

I love the 4" Mini Magnetic set! It's beautifully made. The magnetic pieces have a classic shape, stick firmly, and you can identify them easily even though they are small. The board has a rich wood tone.

Here's how I personalized my set for traveling on a plane.

I initially bought the 8" Play-Keeper Magnetic Chess Set with the intention of using it on vacation to set up positions from a book, and being able to put it away with the position set up when the flight attendant came with snacks. However, it took up most of the room in my satchel and so was not practical to travel with, so I use this set at home. It's also a beautiful set. The 4" set looks identical to the 8" set, only scaled down.

I was inspired by seeing the Drueke Magnetic Set in your video of travel sets and bought the 4" Mini Magnetic Wood Travel Chess Set which is the perfect size, but you can't put it away with a position set up. To make it a "play-keeper", I bought a 6.3" x 4.33" x 1.38" metal tin box from Amazon and printed and taped a paper board inside it, and it's perfect! The box also gives you room to secure the captured pieces. It can be improved by using a slightly taller box that would accommodate the beautiful wooden board plus the height of the king. I attached pictures of the set in the tin box.

Thank you for your obvious passion for chess and making high quality sets available at reasonable prices.

User picture

Our grand nephew turned 7 and was so excited to receive the mini chess set. It is the perfect size for travel and he has taken it on the road already! He loves chess and is a member of the school chess club. He learned to play from his grandfather a few years ago. And his parents are so thrilled that replacement parts are available- should they be needed.!

The travel chess set is a hit! My husband loves it.

It does what I hoped it would. It is very attractive and would serve for play in a pinch. The pieces are a little too small to be truly functional for my meaty fingers. The magnets are strong enough to easily hold the pieces in place for gentle movements of the board but would not keep a position secure long term.

Growing up, we had a small (similar in size to this one) peg set we backpacked with. 60 years later, I've been looking for a similar lightweight small set that held the pieces when not in use and packed into a compact package. This set meets all of our requirements and is a quality product. It's great that it's finally back in stock.

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miniature travel set

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The Shabbat Collection


Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set™

miniature travel set

  • Default Title - $44.95

The 5-piece Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™   is the second set in the Shabbat Away™ range and is a compact modern designed custom bag with traditional style containing all the familiar and basic essential components for use on Shabbat anywhere in the world. 

The Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ is the ideal gift designed specifically for business travelers, back packers and off-to-college students and perfect for Bar & Bat mitzvahs, weddings and as out-of-towner gifts for any celebration.  It is "tradition in a bag" and the quintessential gift for just about anyone who would want to  Celebrate Shabbat Away with a little Piece of Home!

Shabbat is the seventh day of the week which symbolizes the Jewish day of rest and commemorates the day God ceased to work when He created the world.  It is a 25 hour day of observance when we refrain from work or secular activities and we engage in restful and spiritual activities to honor the day.  It offers a unique opportunity to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life and to spend time with one's family.

The Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ includes the following components which are fully re-stockable:

  • Shabbat Candle Holders *
  • Kiddush Cup
  • Mini Birkon
  • *Mini B'Samim Holder (with cloves included) 
  • Havdalah Candle

*newly designed Mini B'Samim Holder (screw top tin) in new sets

An additional zipped back pocket has also been included within the design of the bag for your own personal use.

*newly designed Shabbat Candle Holders and Mini B'Samim in new sets


  • Size: 21.5cm x 14cm x 3cm (29cm)
  • Colour: Black with Turquoise Piping
  • Material: 100% Nylon A Grade
  • Weight: 450g
  • Tevilah required
  • SKU Code: TSC016MTS1
  • Photographs by  Shiri Klein - Bezalel Photography Dept.

The Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ has been designed by Cristiana Camisotti from Studio Camisotti , London, England.

For all bulk order enquiries of the Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ please contact us directly at [email protected]

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Shabbat Away Travel Set™

Shabbat Away Travel Set™

Challah Cover

Challah Cover

Kiddush Cup - Collapsible

Kiddush Cup - Collapsible

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How to ‘visit’ 25 cities of Russia without leaving Moscow (PHOTOS)

miniature travel set

Travel by train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, climb Mount Elbrus by funicular and get stuck in traffic near Moscow City. All in one day. In the Moscow diorama museum ‘Tsar-Maket’ ('Tsar-layout') you can see Russia on a 1:87 scale model and meet its tiny inhabitants.

Travel Russia by a mini-train

miniature travel set

The first city where your acquaintance with Russia begins is Pskov with its ancient kremlin and giant train station. Just like on a real railway, apart from trains, there’s a locomotive repair depot, as well as several tracks with railroad switches and even people who’ve boarded the wrong trains!

miniature travel set

In general, trains and roads are the main theme of the layout. Its creators came up with dozens of different routes between settlements and, just like in real life, dispatchers follow them and promptly conduct repairs.

miniature travel set

Next stop is St. Petersburg. With its Palace Bridge that is drawn twice a day. With St. Isaac’s Cathedral, shipyards, a wedding on the embankment during a white night, a tourist bus that takes people along famous avenues. And a bit of irony about the climatic features of the city – it rains the whole “night” (or, as the locals say, it has rained in St. Petersburg since the day of its founding in 1703).

miniature travel set

Moscow, meanwhile, meets you with giant and very realistic traffic near the skyscrapers of Moscow City. Unlike cars in other regions, Moscow ones are not moving, they just shine their headlights sadly and honk their horns. But there’s a bonus for “pedestrians” – down the road from the traffic a chocolate factory is in operation, which can be run with a push of a single button to get a real chocolate bar from its window.

miniature travel set

In the middle of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin, of course, an archaeological excavation is underway. “Underground” you can see the Novoslobodskaya metro station and its astonishing mosaics ( we talked about them here ). Just like in the big format, trains arrive at the station every two minutes.

miniature travel set

From Moscow, we travel to the south of the country and find ourselves in Rostov-on-Don. What is Rostov without soccer? Every 11 minutes, “evening” comes and a giant stadium hosts a soccer match with fans gathering round to cheer for their favorite team.

miniature travel set

We move on to the main sea and mountain resorts of Russia. The highest point – of course, on Mount Elbrus, towards which travelers with backpacks strive.

miniature travel set

In the underground part of the mountain, of course, speleologists discover fantastic creatures.

miniature travel set

To reach Volga Region, we go through the countryside with cozy wooden cabins, animal farms and small vintage stores.

miniature travel set

There’s even “burned down” and “abandoned” buildings.

miniature travel set

Kaliningrad Region is located, obviously, aside from the main part of the diorama. You’ll immediately recognize its cathedral in the middle of the city and the tourist Fishing Village.

miniature travel set

The Tsar- Maket ’s “Easter eggs”

The ‘Tsar-Maket’ opened only in 2021, but 30 people have been working on it for five years and it is still a work in progress. They constantly add details, attractions and, of course, new narratives and new human models. As of today, the country is “populated” by about 100,000 tiny people. But not just people. If you take a good look, you’ll see very strange characters.

miniature travel set

At a rock-music festival, ninja turtles are ordering pizza; in Moscow, Kazimir Malevich paints from nature his abstract ‘Sportsmen’ on a roof.

miniature travel set

In a sleeping area of Moscow, you can see a replica of the famous photo ‘Lunch atop a Skyscraper’.

miniature travel set

In St. Petersburg, the four musicians from The Beatles cross a road in a familiar style.

miniature travel set

As the designers told us, they don’t know how many “Easter eggs” their colleagues hid in the diorama. For now, they have counted more than 30, but these ideas come to them spontaneously.

This is mini electric bus from mini Moscow.

This is mini electric bus from mini Moscow.

Right now, the designers are working on the continuation of the diorama in Siberia. The territory is vast, but they promise to finish it within a year. We’ll share a secret with you: we got a sneak peek at Lake Baikal and it was very impressive!

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miniature travel set

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Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow: The Best of Moscow!

I just got back from one week in Moscow. And, as you might have already guessed, it was a mind-boggling experience. It was not my first trip to the Russian capital. But I hardly ever got enough time to explore this sprawling city. Visiting places for business rarely leaves enough time for sightseeing. I think that if you’ve got one week in Russia, you can also consider splitting your time between its largest cities (i.e. Saint Petersburg ) to get the most out of your trip. Seven days will let you see the majority of the main sights and go beyond just scratching the surface. In this post, I’m going to share with you my idea of the perfect travel itinerary for one week in Moscow.

Moscow is perhaps both the business and cultural hub of Russia. There is a lot more to see here than just the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Centuries-old churches with onion-shaped domes dotted around the city are in stark contrast with newly completed impressive skyscrapers of Moscow City dominating the skyline. I spent a lot of time thinking about my Moscow itinerary before I left. And this city lived up to all of my expectations.

7-day Moscow itinerary

Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow

Day 1 – red square and the kremlin.

Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad on Red Line.

No trip to Moscow would be complete without seeing its main attraction. The Red Square is just a stone’s throw away from several metro stations. It is home to some of the most impressive architectural masterpieces in the city. The first thing you’ll probably notice after entering it and passing vendors selling weird fur hats is the fairytale-like looking Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It was built to commemorate one of the major victories of Ivan the Terrible. I once spent 20 minutes gazing at it, trying to find the perfect angle to snap it. It was easier said than done because of the hordes of locals and tourists.

As you continue strolling around Red Square, there’s no way you can miss Gum. It was widely known as the main department store during the Soviet Era. Now this large (yet historic) shopping mall is filled with expensive boutiques, pricey eateries, etc. During my trip to Moscow, I was on a tight budget. So I only took a retro-style stroll in Gum to get a rare glimpse of a place where Soviet leaders used to grocery shop and buy their stuff. In case you want some modern shopping experience, head to the Okhotny Ryad Shopping Center with stores like New Yorker, Zara, and Adidas.

things to do in Moscow in one week

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To continue this Moscow itinerary, next you may want to go inside the Kremlin walls. This is the center of Russian political power and the president’s official residence. If you’re planning to pay Kremlin a visit do your best to visit Ivan the Great Bell Tower as well. Go there as early as possible to avoid crowds and get an incredible bird’s-eye view. There are a couple of museums that are available during designated visiting hours. Make sure to book your ticket online and avoid lines.

Day 2 – Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Arbat Street

Metro Station: Kropotkinskaya on Red Line

As soon as you start creating a Moscow itinerary for your second day, you’ll discover that there are plenty of metro stations that are much closer to certain sites. Depending on your route, take a closer look at the metro map to pick the closest.

The white marble walls of Christ the Saviour Cathedral are awe-inspiring. As you approach this tallest Orthodox Christian church, you may notice the bronze sculptures, magnificent arches, and cupolas that were created to commemorate Russia’s victory against Napoleon.

travel itinerary for one week in Moscow

How to Get a Decent Haircut in a Foreign Country

Unfortunately, the current Cathedral is a replica, since original was blown to bits in 1931 by the Soviet government. The new cathedral basically follows the original design, but they have added some new elements such as marble high reliefs.

Home to some precious collection of artworks, in Tretyakov Gallery you can find more than 150,000 of works spanning centuries of artistic endeavor. Originally a privately owned gallery, it now has become one of the largest museums in Russia. The Gallery is often considered essential to visit. But I have encountered a lot of locals who have never been there.

Famous for its souvenirs, musicians, and theaters, Arbat street is among the few in Moscow that were turned into pedestrian zones. Arbat street is usually very busy with tourists and locals alike. My local friend once called it the oldest street in Moscow dating back to 1493. It is a kilometer long walking street filled with fancy gift shops, small cozy restaurants, lots of cute cafes, and street artists. It is closed to any vehicular traffic, so you can easily stroll it with kids.

Day 3 – Moscow River Boat Ride, Poklonnaya Hill Victory Park, the Moscow City

Metro Station: Kievskaya and Park Pobedy on Dark Blue Line / Vystavochnaya on Light Blue Line

Voyaging along the Moscow River is definitely one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the city and see the attractions from a bit different perspective. Depending on your Moscow itinerary, travel budget and the time of the year, there are various types of boats available. In the summer there is no shortage of boats, and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

exploring Moscow

Travel Itinerary for One Week in Beijing

If you find yourself in Moscow during the winter months, I’d recommend going with Radisson boat cruise. These are often more expensive (yet comfy). They offer refreshments like tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and, of course, alcoholic drinks. Prices may vary but mostly depend on your food and drink selection. Find their main pier near the opulent Ukraine hotel . The hotel is one of the “Seven Sisters”, so if you’re into the charm of Stalinist architecture don’t miss a chance to stay there.

The area near Poklonnaya Hill has the closest relation to the country’s recent past. The memorial complex was completed in the mid-1990s to commemorate the Victory and WW2 casualties. Also known as the Great Patriotic War Museum, activities here include indoor attractions while the grounds around host an open-air museum with old tanks and other vehicles used on the battlefield.

How I Planned My Trip to Vietnam

The hallmark of the memorial complex and the first thing you see as you exit metro is the statue of Nike mounted to its column. This is a very impressive Obelisk with a statue of Saint George slaying the dragon at its base.

Maybe not as impressive as Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower , the skyscrapers of the Moscow City (otherwise known as Moscow International Business Center) are so drastically different from dull Soviet architecture. With 239 meters and 60 floors, the Empire Tower is the seventh highest building in the business district.

The observation deck occupies 56 floor from where you have some panoramic views of the city. I loved the view in the direction of Moscow State University and Luzhniki stadium as well to the other side with residential quarters. The entrance fee is pricey, but if you’re want to get a bird’s eye view, the skyscraper is one of the best places for doing just that.

Day 4 – VDNKh, Worker and Collective Farm Woman Monument, The Ostankino TV Tower

Metro Station: VDNKh on Orange Line

VDNKh is one of my favorite attractions in Moscow. The weird abbreviation actually stands for Russian vystavka dostizheniy narodnogo khozyaystva (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy). With more than 200 buildings and 30 pavilions on the grounds, VDNKh serves as an open-air museum. You can easily spend a full day here since the park occupies a very large area.

Moscow sights

Places to Visit in Barcelona That Aren’t Beaches

First, there are pavilions that used to showcase different cultures the USSR was made of. Additionally, there is a number of shopping pavilions, as well as Moskvarium (an Oceanarium) that features a variety of marine species. VDNKh is a popular venue for events and fairs. There is always something going on, so I’d recommend checking their website if you want to see some particular exhibition.

A stone’s throw away from VDNKh there is a very distinctive 25-meters high monument. Originally built in 1937 for the world fair in Paris, the hulking figures of men and women holding a hammer and a sickle represent the Soviet idea of united workers and farmers. It doesn’t take much time to see the monument, but visiting it gives some idea of the Soviet Union’s grandiose aspirations.

I have a thing for tall buildings. So to continue my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow I decided to climb the fourth highest TV tower in the world. This iconic 540m tower is a fixture of the skyline. You can see it virtually from everywhere in Moscow, and this is where you can get the best panoramic views (yep, even better than Empire skyscraper).

top things to do in Moscow

Parts of the floor are made of tempered glass, so it can be quite scary to exit the elevator. But trust me, as you start observing buildings and cars below, you won’t want to leave. There is only a limited number of tickets per day, so you may want to book online. Insider tip: the first tour is cheaper, you can save up to $10 if go there early.

Day 5 – A Tour To Moscow Manor Houses

Metro Station: Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno on Dark Green Line / Kuskovo on Purple Line

I love visiting the manor houses and palaces in Moscow. These opulent buildings were generally built to house Russian aristocratic families and monarchs. Houses tend to be rather grand affairs with impressive architecture. And, depending on the whims of the owners, some form of a landscaped garden.

During the early part of the 20th century though, many of Russia’s aristocratic families (including the family of the last emperor) ended up being killed or moving abroad . Their manor houses were nationalized. Some time later (after the fall of the USSR) these were open to the public. It means that today a great many of Moscow’s finest manor houses and palaces are open for touring.

one week Moscow itinerary

20 Travel Tips I’ve Learned From Travelling The World

There are 20 manor houses scattered throughout the city and more than 25 in the area around. But not all of them easily accessible and exploring them often takes a lot of time. I’d recommend focusing on three most popular estates in Moscow that are some 30-minute metro ride away from Kremlin.

Sandwiched between the Moscow River and the Andropov Avenue, Kolomenskoye is a UNESCO site that became a public park in the 1920’s. Once a former royal estate, now it is one of the most tranquil parks in the city with gorgeous views. The Ascension Church, The White Column, and the grounds are a truly grand place to visit.

You could easily spend a full day here, exploring a traditional Russian village (that is, in fact, a market), picnicking by the river, enjoying the Eastern Orthodox church architecture, hiking the grounds as well as and wandering the park and gardens with wildflower meadows, apple orchards, and birch and maple groves. The estate museum showcases Russian nature at its finest year-round.

12 Stunning National Parks and Regional Parks In France

If my travel itinerary for one week in Moscow was a family tree, Tsaritsyno Park would probably be the crazy uncle that no-one talks about. It’s a large park in the south of the city of mind-boggling proportions, unbelievable in so many ways, and yet most travelers have never heard of it.

The palace was supposed to be a summer home for Empress Catherine the Great. But since the construction didn’t meet with her approval the palace was abandoned. Since the early 1990’s the palace, the pond, and the grounds have been undergoing renovations. The entire complex is now looking brighter and more elaborately decorated than at possibly any other time during its history. Like most parks in Moscow, you can visit Tsaritsyno free of charge, but there is a small fee if you want to visit the palace.

Moscow itinerary

How To Stop Procrastinating When Trip Planning

Last, but by no means least on my Moscow itinerary is Kuskovo Park . This is definitely an off-the-beaten-path place. While it is not easily accessible, you will be rewarded with a lack of crowds. This 18th-century summer country house of the Sheremetev family was one of the first summer country estates of the Russian nobility. And when you visit you’ll quickly realize why locals love this park.

Like many other estates, Kuskovo has just been renovated. So there are lovely French formal garden, a grotto, and the Dutch house to explore. Make sure to plan your itinerary well because the estate is some way from a metro station.

Day 6 – Explore the Golden Ring

Creating the Moscow itinerary may keep you busy for days with the seemingly endless amount of things to do. Visiting the so-called Golden Ring is like stepping back in time. Golden Ring is a “theme route” devised by promotion-minded journalist and writer Yuri Bychkov.

Having started in Moscow the route will take you through a number of historical cities. It now includes Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Sergiev Posad. All these awe-inspiring towns have their own smaller kremlins and feature dramatic churches with onion-shaped domes, tranquil residential areas, and other architectural landmarks.

Two Weeks In Thailand: The Perfect 14-Day Itinerary

I only visited two out of eight cities included on the route. It is a no-brainer that Sergiev Posad is the nearest and the easiest city to see on a day trip from Moscow. That being said, you can explore its main attractions in just one day. Located some 70 km north-east of the Russian capital, this tiny and overlooked town is home to Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, UNESCO Site.

things to do in Moscow in seven days

You Will Also Like: 3-Day London Itinerary

Sergiev Posad is often described as being at the heart of Russian spiritual life. So it is uncommon to see the crowds of Russian pilgrims showing a deep reverence for their religion. If you’re traveling independently and using public transport, you can reach Sergiev Posad by bus (departs from VDNKh) or by suburban commuter train from Yaroslavskaya Railway Station (Bahnhof). It takes about one and a half hours to reach the town.

Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius is a great place to get a glimpse of filling and warming Russian lunch, specifically at the “ Gostevaya Izba ” restaurant. Try the duck breast, hearty potato and vegetables, and the awesome Napoleon cake.

Day 7 – Gorky Park, Izmailovo Kremlin, Patriarch’s Ponds

Metro Station: Park Kultury or Oktyabrskaya on Circle Line / Partizanskaya on Dark Blue Line / Pushkinskaya on Dark Green Line

Gorky Park is in the heart of Moscow. It offers many different types of outdoor activities, such as dancing, cycling, skateboarding, walking, jogging, and anything else you can do in a park. Named after Maxim Gorky, this sprawling and lovely park is where locals go on a picnic, relax and enjoy free yoga classes. It’s a popular place to bike around, and there is a Muzeon Art Park not far from here. A dynamic location with a younger vibe. There is also a pier, so you can take a cruise along the river too.

Random Russian guy

How to Save Money While Traveling in Europe

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is by no means like the one you can find near the Red Square. Originally built for decorative purposes, it now features the Vernissage flea market and a number of frequent fairs, exhibitions, and conferences. Every weekend, there’s a giant flea market in Izmailovo, where dozens of stalls sell Soviet propaganda crap, Russian nesting dolls, vinyl records, jewelry and just about any object you can imagine. Go early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

All the Bulgakov’s fans should pay a visit to Patriarch’s Ponds (yup, that is plural). With a lovely small city park and the only one (!) pond in the middle, the location is where the opening scene of Bulgakov’s novel Master and Margarita was set. The novel is centered around a visit by Devil to the atheistic Soviet Union is considered by many critics to be one of the best novels of the 20th century. I spent great two hours strolling the nearby streets and having lunch in the hipster cafe.

Conclusion and Recommendations

To conclude, Moscow is a safe city to visit. I have never had a problem with getting around and most locals are really friendly once they know you’re a foreigner. Moscow has undergone some serious reconstruction over the last few years. So you can expect some places to be completely different. I hope my one week Moscow itinerary was helpful! If you have less time, say 4 days or 5 days, I would cut out day 6 and day 7. You could save the Golden Ring for a separate trip entirely as there’s lots to see!

What are your thoughts on this one week Moscow itinerary? Are you excited about your first time in the city? Let me know in the comments below!


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15 Fantastic and Easy Day Trips Close to Moscow

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When Is the Best Time To Visit Russia


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Ann Snook-Moreau

Moscow looks so beautiful and historic! Thanks for including public transit information for those of us who don’t like to rent cars.

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Yup, that is me 🙂 Rarely rent + stick to the metro = Full wallet!

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Mariella Blago

Looks like you had loads of fun! Well done. Also great value post for travel lovers.

Thanks, Mariella!

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I have always wanted to go to Russia, especially Moscow. These sights look absolutely beautiful to see and there is so much history there!

Agree! Moscow is a thousand-year-old city and there is definitely something for everyone.

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Tara Pittman

Those are amazing buildings. Looks like a place that would be amazing to visit.

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Adriana Lopez

Never been to Moscow or Russia but my family has. Many great spots and a lot of culture. Your itinerary sounds fantastic and covers a lot despite it is only a short period of time.

What was their favourite thing about Russia?

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Gladys Parker

I know very little about Moscow or Russia for the\at matter. I do know I would have to see the Red Square and all of its exquisite architectural masterpieces. Also the CATHEDRAL OF CHRIST THE SAVIOUR. Thanks for shedding some light on visiting Moscow.

Thanks for swinging by! The Red Square is a great starting point, but there way too many places and things to discover aside from it!

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Ruthy @ Percolate Kitchen

You are making me so jealous!! I’ve always wanted to see Russia.

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Moscow is in my bucket list, I don’t know when I can visit there, your post is really useful. As a culture rich place we need to spend at least week.

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Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for all the great info! I’ve never been in to Russia, but this post makes me wanna go now!

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Wow this is amazing! Moscow is on my bucket list – such an amazing place to visit I can imagine! I can’t wait to go there one day!

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The building on the second picture looks familiar. I keep seeing that on TV.

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Reesa Lewandowski

What beautiful moments! I always wish I had the personality to travel more like this!

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Perfect itinerary for spending a week in Moscow! So many places to visit and it looks like you had a wonderful time. I would love to climb that tower. The views I am sure must have been amazing!

I was lucky enough to see the skyline of Moscow from this TV Tower and it is definitely mind-blowing.

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Chelsea Pearl

Moscow is definitely up there on my travel bucket list. So much history and iconic architecture!

Thumbs up! 🙂

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Blair Villanueva

OMG I dream to visit Moscow someday! Hope the visa processing would be okay (and become more affordable) so I could pursue my dream trip!

Yup, visa processing is the major downside! Agree! Time and the money consuming process…

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5 fun activities for kids in New Zealand

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Maggie's Funtastic Garden. Located near Whakatāne, this 0.8ha garden features a Wild West town, mining tunnels, and intergalactic time travel adventures. Photo / Outdoor Kid

Set sail on a doughnut boat across a colossal lake or let the kids depart on some intergalactic time travel on these quirky family adventures , writes Ceana Priest

Sometimes, only locals know the best off-the-beaten-path spots to explore, but here are five places to feel like an insider and discover natural oddities dating back a few million years to some mind-boggling destinations to entertain the kids.

The Whitecliffs Boulders | Mangaweka

A slice of prehistoric New Zealand exists just south of Taihape beneath a dense patch of forest shading massive round boulders scattered across a swampy landscape. Made from mudstone, the spherical ball concretions were created millions of years ago when rivers carried sediment from land erosion to the sea. A little trail winds around the moss-covered boulders - some remain intact, while others have split and can be walked through - and there’s a picnic table to relax at and soak up the weirdly intriguing setting. The boulders are tucked away on Whitecliffs farm, a private property on the banks of the Rangitīkei River, and it’s about a 30-minute walk one way to the boulders along a farm track (relatively steep in places) to the forest.

Need to know: Allow a couple of hours return from the car park. 535 Peka Road, Mangaweka. $5 per person. Free for kids. No dogs. Open from October to July. No bookings required.

Doughboats Lake Taupō | Taupō

Nominate your captain, pack some snacks and cruise out onto the sparkly caldera of Lake Taupō with the perky peaks of Tongariro National Park on the horizon. Bob around in New Zealand’s only doughnut boats, casually cruising along at 5 knots until you find your manu launching spot or secret fishing location. Preorder a pizza to arrive before you depart the wharf and soak up tunes on the Bluetooth speakers as you float around for two hours before heading back to shore. If it’s a little chilly, there’s an onboard heater, and the sides can zip down for extra warmth. Book an evening cruise for a mini-rave with the techno lights. You’ll be towed out by the team on a jetski and provided with navigation instructions to find your way home.

Need to know: Prices start from $145 for up to six people for two hours. All ages. Bookings essential.

Doughboats on Lake Taupō. New Zealand's only doughnut boats offer a unique cruising experience, complete with onboard pizza, Bluetooth tunes, and mini-raves. Photo / Outdoor Kid

Maggie’s Funtastic Garden | Whakatāne

Venture into the whimsical realm of artist and sculptor Maggie Fenton’s mind-boggling themed gardens near Edgecumbe. Spanning 0.8ha, explore the Delmingo old western town, which offers a taste of the Wild West with its saloon, bank, and vintage bathhouse. Then, tiptoe through mining tunnels past TNT explosives to unearth gold nuggets before dodging the lurking crocodile at the pond, surrounded by pink flamingos. Set some co-ordinates for intergalactic time travel, with Quantum Teleportation guides offering handy space-travel tips. Bring a picnic and lounge around on the grassy area, before the kids are let loose on the climbing forts. Say hello to Basil, the sun-bleached skeletal Baslosarus, and eyeball Thelma Triceratops and Mavis the Megalosaurus on your way out.

Need to know: Bookings essential on 027 272 9828. $5 for adults and $2 for children. 34 McCracken Rd, Edgecumbe, Whakatāne, New Zealand

Carlucci Land Mini Golf | Wellington

This epic ‘junkyard’ 18-hole mini golf course near the rugged coastline of Ōwhiro Bay has cascading putting greens weaving around off-the-wall sculptures, with a friendly ball-chasing chicken providing a quirky wildcard. Artist and sculptor Carl Gifford repurposed greens from old tennis courts and football turf and created obstacles from remnants of diggers, boats, and even World War II submarine nets. Keep an eye on the balls as they spiral around trees, drop through hidden passages and bypass tiny metallic spiders and cheerful little creations while attempting a few hole-in-ones.

Need to know: $15 adult and $10 kids. Open 9am to 9pm daily. 81 Happy Valley Rd, Ōwhiro Bay, Wellington

Carlucci Land Mini Golf. In Wellington, families can enjoy an 18-hole junkyard mini golf course with offbeat sculptures, quirky challenges, and a ball-chasing chicken. Photo / Outdoor Kid

Awakeri Rail Adventures | Awakeri

Tootle along a nostalgic railway journey on self-driven carts through the picturesque Rangitāiki Plains. Once a vital part of the East Coast main trunk railway, these rails have transported steam locomotives ferrying logs, livestock, and even a few circus elephants during its heyday. Depending on how much time you have, choose from a speedy journey to feed the chickens on the kid-friendly Chicken Run or spend more time on the 10km-long railway tracks with the early morning two-hour Express Run or the leisurely 2.5-hour Bush Walk Run that includes a guided bush walk, tea and biccies and a few spooky tales on request. Guests fully control the rail carts on this self-driving experience, allowing plenty of photo stops as the landscape transitions between open country roads and native forests.

Need to know: Bookings essential. 0800 5374 7245. State Highway 2, Awakeri.

Ceana Priest is the author of the Outdoor Kid Auckland and Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau guidebooks

Awakeri Rail Adventures. Offering a nostalgic journey through Rangitāiki Plains, guests can drive self-propelled rail carts, exploring scenic landscapes and historical railways. Photo / Outdoor Kid

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19 Unique And Fabulous Experiences In Moscow

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  • Destinations

Thinking of visiting Russia? When visiting such a famous city, one must, of course, visit the iconic landmarks first. Moscow has plenty of those, most of them in the center of the city, which is very well-planned for tourists. Once you’ve seen the sights that are on most travelers’ lists, it’s time to branch out and visit some of the lesser-known sites, and there are some fascinating places to see and things to do.

I know this list is long, but I just couldn’t help myself. You probably won’t have the time to see them all. But that’s okay. Just scroll through the list and choose what sounds the most interesting to you. Where possible, make sure to book in advance, as things can get crowded, especially during high season.

Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia

1. The Red Square, Kremlin, And Surroundings

Red Square (Krasnya Ploshad) is the heart and soul of Russia, and where much of the country’s history has unfolded. This is the most famous landmark in Moscow and indeed the whole country, it’s an absolute must-do! The square is always full of people and has a rather festive atmosphere!

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

This is the famous church with the rainbow-colored, onion-domed roof. The cathedral was commissioned in the 1500s by Ivan the Terrible and according to legend, the Tsar thought it was so beautiful, that he ordered that the architect’s eyes be cut out afterward, so he could never build anything more beautiful! He wasn’t called Ivan the Terrible for no reason!

Lenin’s Mausoleum

The “love-it-or-hate-it” of tourist attractions in Russia. A glass sarcophagus containing the embalmed body of Russian revolutionary, Vladimir Lenin. It may seem a bit bizarre to display the mummy of a person, but it has been there for almost half a century and the 2.5 million visitors who come each year, clearly feel the queuing and thorough body search are worth it, to be in Lenin’s presence.

Pro Tip: no photos and no loud talking are allowed inside the Mausoleum.

Eternal Flame

There is an Eternal Flame in honor of an unknown soldier on the left side of Red Square. The hourly changing of the guards is worth seeing.

The Kremlin is the official residence of the Russian president. You can see it from the outside, or you can take an excursion to one of the museums located inside. This is the biggest active fortress in Europe, and holds a week’s worth of attractions! Once behind the 7,332-feet of walls, there are five squares, four cathedrals, 20 towers, various museums, and the world’s largest bell and cannon to see. Worth a special mention is the Armory Chamber that houses a collection of the famous Faberge Eggs.

Pro Tip: You can only go inside the Kremlin if you are part of a tourist group.

Interior of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscos

2. Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre translates to “The Big Theatre” in Russian, and the building is home to both the Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera — among the oldest and most famous ballet and opera companies in the world.

Pro Tip: It’s hard to get an inexpensive ticket, so if you’re reading well in advance of going to Moscow then try buying tickets on the official website . Last-minute tickets cost around $250 per person. If this is out of your budget, about an hour before a performance, you can try buying a ticket at the entrance from a reseller. Most can speak enough English to negotiate the price.

Tour the Bolshoi Theatre: You can take a group guided tour of the Bolshoi Theatre which focuses on the history and architecture of the theatre and behind the scenes. There’s an English language tour that lasts 2 hours and costs around $300 for a group of up to six.

GUM, a popular department store in Moscow

3. Luxury Shopping At GUM And TSUM

Russia’s main department store, GUM, has a stunning interior that is home to over 100 high-end boutiques, selling a variety of brands: from luxurious Dior to the more affordable Zara. Even if shopping is not on your Moscow to-do list GUM is still worth a visit; the glass-roofed arcade faces Red Square and offers a variety of classy eateries. TSUM, one of the biggest luxury malls in town, is right behind the Bolshoi and GUM. It’s an imposing building with lots of history, and worth a visit just for its design and its glass roof.

Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow

4. Christ The Savior Cathedral

This is one of Russia’s most visited cathedrals and is a newer addition to the gorgeous array of Muscovite cathedrals, but don’t let its young age fool you. After perestroika, in the early 90s, the revived Russian Orthodox Church was given permission to build a cathedral on this site. It did the location honors and built the largest temple of the Christian Orthodox Church. The façade is as grand as you’d expect, but it’s the inside that will mesmerize you, with its domes, gold, gorgeous paintings, and decor!

The cathedral is located just a few hundred feet away from the Kremlin and was the site of the infamous Pussy Riot protest against Putin back in 2012.

Pro Tip: Bring a shawl to cover your hair as is the local custom.

Gates at Gorky Park in Moscow

5. Gorky Park

Moscow’s premier green space, Gorky Park (Park Gor’kogo) is the city’s biggest and most famous park. There is entertainment on offer here for every taste, from outdoor dancing sessions to yoga classes, volleyball, ping-pong, rollerblading, and bike and boat rental in summer. In winter, half the park turns into a huge ice skating rink. Gorky Park is also home to an open-air movie theater and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. There is also Muzeon Art Park, a dynamic contemporary space with a unique collection of 700 sculptures. It is located right in front of Gorky Park.

6. Sparrow Hills Park

If you take a walk from Gorky Park, along the Moscow River embankment, you’ll end up in the city’s other legendary park, Sparrow Hills. Although the park doesn’t offer as many activities as its hip neighbor, it has a great panoramic view of the city

Pro Tip: You can take a free walking tour to all of the above attractions with an English-speaking guide.

River cruise in Moscow

7. River Cruising

One of the best ways to experience Moscow, and see all the famous landmarks, but from a different angle, is from the Moscow River. Take a river cruise. Avoid the tourist crowds. There are little nameless old boats that do the cruise, but if you are looking for a more luxurious experience take the Radisson Blu cruise and enjoy the sights with some good food and a glass of wine.

Moscow Metro station

8. Metro Hopping

Inaugurated in the 1930s, the Moscow Metro system is one of the oldest and most beautiful in the world. Started in Stalinist times, each station is a work of art in its own right. I’d recommend touring the stations between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. This way, you’ll be able to properly see it without the crowds. Ideally, I’d recommend taking a tour with a knowledgeable guide with GuruWalk, who will tell you stories of forgotten stations and how the history of the country is interconnected with the metro development. If going by yourself, then I definitely recommend checking out: Mayakovskaya, Ploschad Revolutsii, Kievskaya, Kropotkinskaya, Kurskaya, and Novoslobodskaya stations.

Visit the free Moscow Metro Museum: For real train enthusiasts, located in the southern vestibule of Sportivnaya station is a small free museum. Here you can take a peek into the driver’s cabin, see a collection of metro tokens from different cities, and see different models of a turnstile, traffic lights, escalator, and more.

Moscow State University at dusk

9. Moscow State University View

In his effort to create a grander Moscow, Stalin had seven skyscrapers built in different parts of town; they’re called the Seven Sisters. The largest of these buildings and the one with the best view is the main building of the Moscow State University. Although this is a little outside the city center, the view is more than worth it.

Izmailovsky Market in Moscow, Russia

10. Izmailovsky Market

Mostly known for the city’s largest flea market, the district of Izmaylovo is home to a maze of shops where you can get just about anything, from artisan crafts to traditional fur hats, handcrafted jewelry, fascinating Soviet memorabilia, and antiquities. It’s also one of Moscow’s largest green spaces. There are often no price tags, so be prepared to haggle a bit. Head to one of the market cafes for a warming mulled wine before continuing your shopping spree.

The History of Vodka Museum is found here, and the museum’s restaurant is the perfect place to sample various brands of the national drink.

Once you’ve covered the more touristy spots, Moscow still has plenty to offer, and the places below will also be full of locals! So for some local vibes, I would strongly recommend the spots below!

The skyscrapers of Moscow City

11. Moscow City

With a completely different vibe, Moscow City (also referred to as Moscow International Business Center) is like a mini Dubai, with lots of impressive tall glass buildings. Here is where you’ll find the best rooftops in towns, like Ruski Restaurant, the highest restaurant both in Moscow City and in Europe. Moscow City is great for crowd-free shopping and the best panoramic views of the city.

Art in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow

12. Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery started as the private collection of the Tretyakov brothers, who were 19th-century philanthropists. They gave their private collection to the government after their deaths. If there is just one museum you visit in Moscow, I recommend this one!

Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve, former residence of Catherine the Great

13. Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

Tsaritsyno was a residence of Catherine the Great more than two centuries ago. It became derelict during the Soviet era but has now been fully renovated. With its opulently decorated buildings, gardens, meadows, and forests, Tsaritsyno Park is the perfect place for a green respite in Moscow.

Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve in Moscow

14. Kolomenskoye

A 10-minute metro ride from the city center is Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve, where you can get an idea of what Russia looked like 200 years ago. You’ll find ancient churches (one dating back to the 16th century), the oldest garden in Moscow, and the wonderful fairytale wooden palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great.

Ostankino TV Tower in Moscow at night

15. Ostankino TV Tower

Built in 1967, Ostankino TV Tower was the tallest free-standing construction in the world at the time, it’s still the 8th tallest building in the world and the highest in Europe. It’s also the best observation deck, with a glass floor and 360-degree views. The speedy elevators take you 1,105 feet in next to no time.

Pro Tip: You need to book in advance; entrance is based on specific ticket times and the capacity is limited and only a certain number of tourists are allowed per day. Don’t forget your passport, you’ll need it to get through security.

The floating bridge of Zaryadye Park in Moscow

16. Zaryadye Park

Zaryadye is a newly opened, landscaped urban park so new you won’t find it in a lot of tour guides. The park is near Red Square and is divided into four climatic zones: forest, steppe, tundra, and floodplains, depicting the variety of climatic zones in Russia.

These last three suggestions are a little quirky, but all are really worth checking out.

17. Museum Of Soviet Arcade Games

Release your inner child playing on 66 arcade machines from the Soviet era! What a great way to spend a couple of hours when tired of visiting museums and palaces. The staff speaks excellent English and are happy to explain how the games work.

The rooftops of Moscow, Russia

18. Moscow Rooftop Tour

Take a 1-hour private Moscow rooftop tour with an experienced roofer. I can just about guarantee none of your friends will be able to say they’ve done it! For your comfort, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes. Take your camera, there are some amazing photo opportunities out there!

A pool at Sanduny Banya in Moscow

19. Sanduny Banya

This classical Russian bathhouse opened its doors in 1808 and is famous for combining traditional Russian banya services with luxurious interiors and service. If you enjoy spas and saunas, then you should experience a Russian bathhouse at least once in your life! Go with an open mind and hire a specialist to steam you as it’s meant to be done — by being beaten repeatedly with a besom (a leafy branch)! This is said to improve circulation, but is best done by a professional!

So there you have my list of things to do in Moscow. I could have gone on and on and on, but I didn’t want to try your patience! There are so many things to do in this vibrant city that you’ll definitely need to allocate several days for exploring.

Here are some other reasons to visit Moscow and Russia:

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  • Russia 30 Years (And 30 Pounds) Ago
  • Massive Mysterious Craters Appearing Again In Siberia

Image of Sarah Kingdom

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, before moving to Africa at the age of 21, Sarah Kingdom is a mountain climber and guide, traveler, yoga teacher, trail runner, and mother of two. When she is not climbing or traveling she lives on a cattle ranch in central Zambia. She guides and runs trips regularly in India, Nepal, Tibet, Russia, and Ethiopia, taking climbers up Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro numerous times a year.

Beloved ostrich dies at zoo after swallowing worker’s keys: ‘We are devastated’

TOPEKA, Kan. ( WIBW /Gray News) - An ostrich at a Kansas zoo has died after it reportedly grabbed a set of keys from a staff member and swallowed them.

“The Topeka Zoo is saddened to announce the untimely passing of Karen, one of our community’s favorites here at the zoo,” representatives with the Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center shared on Friday.

The zoo described Karen as a vibrant and beloved ostrich, but she “tragically succumbed to complications arising from consuming a foreign object.”

According to zoo officials, Karen reached beyond her exhibit fence to grab the keys of a staff member and immediately swallowed the keys.

The animal care team said they consulted experts from across the country for surgical and non-surgical options, but the efforts were unsuccessful.

“We are devastated by the loss of Karen. She was not just an animal -- she was a beloved member of our community,” Fawn Moser, interim director of the Topeka Zoo, said. “Our thoughts are with our dedicated animal care team, who formed deep bonds with Karen during her time with us.”

The Topeka Zoo team said they remain committed to ensuring the well-being of all their animals and are implementing rigorous protocols to safeguard against such incidents in the future.

Copyright 2024 WIBW via Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Blue Mesa Bridge in April 2024.

TRAVEL ALERT: Highway 50 closed indefinitely due to safety concerns caused by cracking

TRAVEL ALERT: I-70 westbound closed near Horizon Drive, hazmat crews called in for diesel spill

TRAVEL ALERT: I-70 westbound has reopened following crash, say police

Colorado Mesa University

Staff members from Little and Mini Mavericks fired after child abuse accusations

Donald Trump Jr. (left) and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert (right) hug at an event.

Departing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert announces event featuring Donald Trump Jr.

A person grabbing their mail

Outgoing mail operations moving to Denver

Latest news.

Last second voting surge lets Hines snag Play of the Week

Last second voting surge means Hines snags Play of the Week

Five young people were shot Friday afternoon when gunfire broke out during a high school...

Five shot at high school student gathering in Maryland park

(Source: WJLA)

Police speak about shooting in Maryland

On Thursday, April 18th, the state issued a public health order aimed at tackling the spread...

Syphilis cases on the rise in Colorado newborns


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UAE floods: Indian embassy advises citizens to reschedule non-essential travel


Abu Dhabi: The Indian embassy in the UAE on Friday advised the inbound Indian passengers travelling to or transiting through Dubai International Airport to reschedule non-essential travel till operations normalise after the city witnessed unprecedented rains this week. The United Arab Emirates is trying to recover from the record-setting rains this week which has caused massive flooding in Dubai and surrounding areas.

The embassy in the advisory said while the UAE authorities were working round the clock to ensure normalisation of operations, the airport authorities have advised that passengers may travel to the airport "only after" final confirmation from the respective airlines regarding the departure date and time of flights.

Due to disruption caused by unprecedented weather conditions in the UAE earlier this week, Dubai International Airport has temporarily limited the number of inbound flights, the advisory said. Dubai International Airport, the world's busiest for international travel, hoped to be back on a normal schedule within 24 hours.

Airfare from UAE to India plunges to Rs 6,500 from Rs 43,000-64,000 a month ago

Airfare from UAE to India plunges to Rs 6,500 from Rs 43,000-64,000 a month ago

Desert safari season all set to start in the Gulf | All you need to know

Desert safari season all set to start in the Gulf | All you need to know

"Inbound Indian passengers travelling to or transiting through Dubai International Airport are advised to reschedule non-essential travel till operations normalise," the statement said. "To assist Indian nationals at the Dubai International Airport, the Consulate General of India in Dubai has operationalised emergency helpline numbers which have been functional since April 17," the statement said. 

⚠️ IMPORTANT ADVISORY ⚠️ For Indian passengers travelling to or transiting through the Dubai International Airport. 24x7 @cgidubai Helpline Numbers: +971501205172 +971569950590 +971507347676 +971585754213 @MEAIndia @IndianDiplomacy — India in UAE (@IndembAbuDhabi) April 19, 2024

Air India cancels Dubai flights

Air India cancels Dubai flights

UAE floods: Indian embassy advises citizens to reschedule non-essential travel

Reschedule non-essential travel: Indian embassy advises travellers due to floods

Cancelled flights due to UAE floods? Here's how to rebook, replace tickets

Cancelled flights due to UAE floods? Here's how to rebook, replace tickets

Airlines change routes after Israeli attack on Iran: Details

Airlines change routes after Israeli attack on Iran: Details

Overcrowding in reservation coaches: Vande Bharat won't solve common man's problem, say passengers

Overcrowding in reservation coaches: Vande Bharat won't solve common man's problem, say passengers

Thrissur Pooram: Food, medical care, ayurvedic drinking water, ambulance services in place

Thrissur Pooram: Food, medical care, ayurvedic drinking water, ambulance services in place

Safety at Thrissur Pooram: QR code bands for kids, mini control rooms and more

Safety at Thrissur Pooram: QR code bands for kids, mini control rooms and more

Dubai rains: 3 flights from Kerala cancelled, several delayed

Dubai rains: 3 flights from Kerala cancelled, several delayed


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  5. Fantastic and elegant miniature travel sets in leather scale

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  6. Fantastic and elegant miniature travel sets in leather scale

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  3. A Beautiful Miniature Travel Car.!

  4. Eastleigh Lakeside Railway spring gala 20/03/11


  6. Miniature Travel Bag|Paper crafts ideas|#crafts #diy #miniature


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    Mini Travel Chess Set by Vikutu. The Vikutu Foldable Magnetic Mini Chess Set is the perfect pick for those who prefer a truly pocket-sized option. At just 5.11 inches, it's one of the smallest travel chess sets available, but it still offers a full game of chess. The compact size of this set is its primary feature.

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    Create a display for your travel memories using this miniature figurine set paired with a photo collage, ticket stubs and more. This set will also add the perfect finishing touch to a handmade gift for the explorer in your life. Details: Multicolor. 4 pieces. Handmade. Metal, paper, cotton and resin. Size Information:

  12. Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set™

    The 5-piece Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ is the second set in the Shabbat Away™ range and is a compact modern designed custom bag with traditional style containing all the familiar and basic essential components for use on Shabbat anywhere in the world.. The Mini Shabbat Away Travel Set ™ is the ideal gift designed specifically for business travelers, back packers and off-to-college ...

  13. Travel Set Mini

    Check out our travel set mini selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

  14. How to 'visit' 25 cities of Russia without leaving Moscow (PHOTOS)

    Travel by train from St. Petersburg to Moscow, climb Mount Elbrus by funicular and get stuck in traffic near Moscow City. All in one day. In the Moscow diorama museum 'Tsar-Maket' ('Tsar ...

  15. Travel Itinerary For One Week in Moscow

    Day 6 - Explore the Golden Ring. Creating the Moscow itinerary may keep you busy for days with the seemingly endless amount of things to do. Visiting the so-called Golden Ring is like stepping back in time. Golden Ring is a "theme route" devised by promotion-minded journalist and writer Yuri Bychkov.

  16. 5 fun activities for kids in New Zealand

    Need to know: $15 adult and $10 kids. Open 9am to 9pm daily. 81 Happy Valley Rd, Ōwhiro Bay, Wellington Carlucci Land Mini Golf. In Wellington, families can enjoy an 18-hole ...

  17. 19 Unique And Fabulous Experiences In Moscow

    5. Gorky Park. Moscow's premier green space, Gorky Park (Park Gor'kogo) is the city's biggest and most famous park. There is entertainment on offer here for every taste, from outdoor dancing sessions to yoga classes, volleyball, ping-pong, rollerblading, and bike and boat rental in summer.

  18. Travel Themed Miniatures

    Miniature Themed Crystal Kit - Tiny Crystal Travel Set, Miniature Crystal Kit for your Purse, Office, Car, Backpack, Unique Gift (73) $ 13.00. Add to Favorites Beach Day Play Set | Adorable Dollhouse To Go, Handcrafted Travel Toy, Travel Play Set, Nursery Toy, Pretend Play Toy for Children (2) $ 44.99. FREE shipping ...

  19. Beloved ostrich dies at zoo after swallowing worker's keys: 'We are

    TOPEKA, Kan. ( WIBW /Gray News) - An ostrich at a Kansas zoo has died after it reportedly grabbed a set of keys from a staff member and swallowed them. "The Topeka Zoo is saddened to announce ...

  20. UAE floods: Indian embassy advises citizens to reschedule ...

    Photo: Reuters. Abu Dhabi: The Indian embassy in the UAE on Friday advised the inbound Indian passengers travelling to or transiting through Dubai International Airport to reschedule non-essential travel till operations normalise after the city witnessed unprecedented rains this week. The United Arab Emirates is trying to recover from the ...