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Disneyland Express (1 Ticket Left)

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French Riviera & Provence (SOLD OUT)

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Best of Scotland and Ireland (SOLD OUT)

lake bled

Slovenia Express

lake zurich

Rhine Falls & Zurich

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Budapest Express

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Poland & Polish Pottery Festival 2024

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Brussels Flower Carpet 2024

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Prague Express (Czech Republic)

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany & Milan (Italy)

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Amazing Amsterdam


Best of the Dolomites


Oktoberfest 2024

Oktoberfest 2024 – adults only.

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Berlin Light Festival

mont blanc

The Ultimate Alpine Adventure

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Vienna Express (Austria)

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Scandinavian Voyage – Columbus Day Weekend

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Halloween in Transylvania (Romania)


Best of Iceland

Normandy, Mont Saint Michel

Normandy – Veterans Day Weekend


Thanksgiving in England


Thanksgiving in Spain & Morocco

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Northern Lights Discovery


Baltic Christmas Adventure

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Christmas Special : Northern Lights Discovery

Northern Lights

New Year’s Special: Northern Lights Discovery


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Europe tours

On our trips to Europe, you can see it all on a sweeping journey across the continent, or get an in-depth look at a certain country that interests you.

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4.7 out of 5 stars

views of the aegean sea from the greek islands with white buildings in the foreground

4.6 out of 5 stars

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We offer 200+ immersive, guided tours around the world. Wherever you choose to go, you’ll enjoy lots of advantages that make traveling with us different.

That’s all it takes to secure a spot on one of our group tours when you sign up for AutoPay . Plus, you can pay in interest-free, monthly installments.

While you’re deciding what to take, we’ll be busy arranging your hotels, meals, tickets, and more tour essentials. That’s what going guided is all about .

Take off on your big adventure— but why stop there? Every trip you book with us earns rewards that you can use to keep expanding your horizons.

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What our travelers say about their trips to Europe

Travel guides for your next trip to europe.

eurotrip tour

Travel tips for our Europe tours

There are plenty of options when it comes to exploring the continent. Some of the most popular destinations to visit on a tour of Europe include Italy, Greece, Spain, and Ireland.

On our travel packages to Europe, you can choose to explore a particular location in depth, such as on a week-long Paris City Stay or a two-week Grand Tour of Italy .

If you're looking for a multi-country trip, you can join our Grand Tour of Europe: London to Rome , for a taste of several destinations. Our team of regional experts is available to help you find the adventure that aligns with your interests.

Discover six things to experience your first time traveling to Europe →

Europe is a year-round destination with varying climates across its many countries and regions. The best time to visit Europe depends on what type of experience you’d like to have and which destinations you’ll be visiting.

  • Summer. A popular time to travel to Europe is summer because warm, sunny days lend themselves to exploring the outdoors. In July, the average high temperature in London, England, is in the 70s Fahrenheit—while in Rome, Italy, the average high is in the 80s.
  • Spring and Fall. Some travelers prefer to travel on our Europe tour packages during the spring and fall because temperatures are more comfortable and popular sites are less crowded.
  • Winter. A wonderful time to take a European tour is the winter. During this time of year, travelers can stroll through festive holiday markets, visit excellent museums, and settle in for tasty meals of seasonal specialties. To take the stress out of planning a winter trip, we even offer Europe trip packages specifically designed for visiting  Christmas markets .

One of the main benefits of joining our guided tours of Europe is having the opportunity to visit must-see sites with an expert leading the way. When you go guided with Go Ahead we’ll help you skip the long lines at popular landmarks. Here are some attractions you’ll get the opportunity to see on our group tours of Europe:

  • The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
  • The National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy
  • St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy
  • The Alhambra in Granada, Spain
  • The Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain
  • La Sagrada Família church in Barcelona, Spain
  • The Acropolis in Athens, Greece
  • The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland
  • The Titanic Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary
  • Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria
  • The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway
  • Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

We recommend you spend at least six days in Europe. While our most popular Europe tours run from 10–14 days, you can enjoy a shorter trip if you limit your tour to one country or visit a handful of cities in neighboring countries.

Looking for ideas on where to spend a week in Europe? Check out our recommendations for Europe trips →

With its rich history, vibrant culture, and fantastic food, Italy is a popular destination for your first European trip. But plenty of other countries are worth visiting depending on your interests and concerns about international travel. For example, if the language barrier makes you nervous, Ireland, Scotland, or England make great first-time trips for visiting Europe.

Learn about the best international trips for first-time travelers  →

Yes! On our Europe tours, you’ll get the chance to explore multiple countries. Europe’s compact size and efficient transportation network make it easier—and more enticing—to take in numerous countries on one trip.

Some of our popular multi-country trips to Europe are Italy & Greece ; England & France ; Portugal & Spain ; Scotland & Ireland ; Germany, Switzerland & Austria ; and Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark .

Check out the best multi-country trips to book now →

Experiencing Europe—for the first time or your 10th time—should be all about taking in the culture, the food, the history, and the sheer joy of new discoveries. Imagine doing all that without researching or booking any of these travel essentials. That’s the advantage of our all-in-one tour packages. Every Go Ahead tour includes an expert Tour Director and talented local guides to lead the way, so you can sit back, relax, and soak in the beauty, history, and culture of Europe. No figuring out transportation, researching hotels, or booking flights is required.

Read about the 10 big benefits of seeing Europe on a guided tour →

The typical timeframe to book a trip to Europe is about six months or more. However, there are plenty of benefits to planning even further in advance. On our European tours, you can set up an automatic payment plan, work out what you want to see and do in your free time, and even connect with fellow travelers on our free EF Go Ahead Tours mobile app .

Looking to travel to Europe soon? Shop our Last-Minute Specials →

Yes! The holidays are an exciting time to travel on our Europe trips because they offer an exceptional opportunity to visit Europe’s Christmas Markets  and to experience countries’ unique holiday traditions. The holidays are a magical time in many European countries, allowing you to soak in the seasonal ambiance, enjoy festive food, and pick up unique gifts.

Thankfully, that’s a tough question to answer, as so many European countries offer delicious food. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, so you’re sure to find something you love no matter which country you visit. One strong contender for the top spot, however, is Italy.

Best known for its pasta, pizza, cheeses, and gelato, Italy is a foodie’s delight. That’s because the purest expression of Italian cooking relies on farm-fresh ingredients, and the cuisine changes from region to region. Fresh, delicious, and unlike anything you’ve tried outside the country, Italian food never disappoints the palate.

Wondering what to eat in Italy? Check out these regional dishes →

Another foodie's favorite destination in Europe is France. From its boeuf bourguignon to its pain au chocolat, France is known for its world-class culinary scene and timeless favorite dishes. While you’re guaranteed to taste delicious dishes no matter where you travel to France , the type of French food you’ll find depends on the region and season. The north of France features heavier dishes; the south features fresh fish, lean meat, and grilled vegetables.

Wondering what to eat in France? Check out these delicious dishes →

While individual countries take pride in their languages, English is widely spoken in Europe.

For tips on using the euro while on a trip to Europe, check out our blog post about currency exchange →

We recommend packing light for your trip to Europe. One suitcase and one carry-on per person is a good guideline to follow; you should feel comfortable managing your baggage at the airport. After you’ve reserved one of our Europe tour packages, we’ll give you information about how to prepare for your particular trip and even share a packing list in our mobile app.

  • Sun protection. For all our trips, especially during the summer months in Europe, we recommend bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect your face and the back of your neck from the sun.
  • Layers. For tours of Europe, we recommend packing lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that can be easily layered to accommodate varying temperatures, as well as a light jacket or rainwear.
  • Comfortable walking shoes. Because you’ll be exploring new destinations with local guides while on your trip, a comfortable pair of walking shoes is essential. Whether hitting the landmarks of London or on a walking tour of Amsterdam, you’ll be glad you brought your most comfortable footwear.
  • Dressier attire. You may want to pack dressier attire if you plan to visit a high-end restaurant or attend a special performance on any of our Europe trips.
  • Full-coverage layers for religious sites. In Europe, it is preferable not to visit churches, temples, or other religious sites with bare legs or shoulders, and entrance may be denied on this basis.
  • Other must-bring items. A camera to take photos during your journey, and a notebook for jotting down notes or recommendations your Tour Director shares.

Know where you want to travel to in Europe?

See the latest from our travelers @goaheadtours.

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Europe Tours and Trips 2024/2025

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or you just enjoy the finer things in life, a Europe tour package has something to offer every type of traveler. These Europe package tours and trips explore any of the continent’s 50 countries that are diverse in size, climate, traditions - and cost! With fine cuisine, world-renowned art and music, and 23 officially recognized languages, a tour in Europe can be a cultural labyrinth that fuels wanderlust. 

Showing  4,508 Trips in Europe  with 10,887 Reviews

Europe tour reviews.

  • Jane B. Baltimore

Europe - Tour Package Highlights and Trip Insights

eurotrip tour

With so much to see, do, eat and buy, planning a Europe tour is no easy feat. There are, of course, the typical sightseeing musts: Paris’ Louvre, London’s Tower Bridge, and Rome’s Colosseum. Even Europe’s most frequent visitors will always find something new to discover. Read on for our top Europe tour highlights and Europe trip insights.

Europe Tour Package Highlights

  • Go back in time and explore the ruins of ancient civilizations in Italy and Greece
  • Snack on cheese and wine (or escargot, if you’re feeling adventurous) in the Champ de Mars, beneath the Eiffel Tower
  • Ride a bicycle through the townhouse-lined streets of Amsterdam before touring the canals by boat
  • Listen to the romantic songs of the gondoliers as you cruise through the canals of Venice
  • Indulge in an authentic Belgian waffle, drowned in chocolate
  • Enjoy an ice-cold beer from a beer stein at Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Hike from village to village in Italy’s Cinque Terre
  • Get lost between the shelves of some of the world’s most beautiful libraries, like those at Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), Mafra Palace (Mafra, Portugal), and the Clementinum Baroque Library Hall (Prague, Czech Republic)
  • Join a Europe tour that goes through many of Europe's travel highlights in countries such as Spain , France , Italy , Netherlands and Scandinavia .

Europe Trip Insights

  • Traveling by rail is one of the easiest (and sometimes cheapest) ways to get around Europe, especially if you plan to travel for a couple of weeks (or longer). Investigate rail passes before you visit, particularly ones that can be used between countries. Interrail and Eurail are very popular among travelers.
  • Don’t skip the “touristy” destinations. Everyone travels differently, but the most popular European highlights are popular for a reason. Brave the crowds and be sure to stop by those more cliché sites - you’ll be glad you did.
  • Try not to over prepare! One of the great benefits of visiting Europe is that it’s incredibly easy to travel between towns and countries. Allow yourself some flexibility to open yourself up to new adventures (and avoid travel burnout). If you've booked a Europe tour package with accommodation, activities, guides etc. get ready to indulge and relax - you are up for a Europe trip of a lifetime. 
  • Chances are you don’t speak 23 different languages, so be prepared before you travel. Avoid carrying around heavy guide books by downloading a translation app on your phone.
  • Note that not all European countries use the Euro, including the United Kingdom , Denmark and Hungary (among others). Do your research beforehand and be ready to juggle different currencies if you’re planning an extensive trip.
  • Travelling on a budget? Check our last minute holiday and travel deals to Europe . Also, consider looking for accommodation outside the city centre. Most large European cities are very well connected by public transportation, meaning all your bucket list sites are just a quick (and often inexpensive) bus, train, or metro ride away.

Tours in Europe - Questions and Answers

  • How do I plan a 15-day trip to Europe?
  • How many days are enough for Europe?
  • What is the best travel insurance for Europe?
  • How to travel around Europe cheap?
  • When can Americans travel to Europe?
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Glimpse of Europe

Glimpse of Europe

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,695
  • Special Deal 11% OFF - USD 188
  • Total Price from: USD 1,508

Best of Central Europe

Best of Central Europe

  • Brochure Price: USD 3,775
  • Special Deal 30% OFF - USD 1,133
  • Total Price from: USD 2,642

Europe Jewel

Europe Jewel

  • Brochure Price: USD 3,120
  • Special Deal 39% OFF - USD 1,206
  • Total Price from: USD 1,914

Croatia to the Greek Islands: Zagreb Nights & Santorini Views

Croatia to the Greek Islands: Zagreb Nights & Santorini Views

Treasures Of Classical Greece: Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi And Meteora

Treasures Of Classical Greece: Nafplion, Olympia, Delphi And Meteora

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,076
  • Special Deal 15% OFF - USD 161
  • Total Price from: USD 915

Europe Taster

Europe Taster

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,860
  • Special Deal 35% OFF - USD 657
  • Total Price from: USD 1,203

Walking the Amalfi Coast

Walking the Amalfi Coast

Classic Europe

Classic Europe

  • Brochure Price: USD 3,535
  • Special Deal 36% OFF - USD 1,269
  • Total Price from: USD 2,266

Irish Explorer

Irish Explorer

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,495
  • Special Deal 17% OFF - USD 251
  • Total Price from: USD 1,244

European Extravaganza

European Extravaganza

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas

Spain & Portugal: Flamenco & Tapas

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels)

All About Balkans (4 Star Hotels)

  • Brochure Price: USD 2,497
  • Special Deal 45% OFF - USD 1,124
  • Total Price from: USD 1,373

Europe Taster New Year

Europe Taster New Year

  • Brochure Price: USD 1,980
  • Special Deal 35% OFF - USD 690
  • Total Price from: USD 1,290

Baltic Capital Cities

Baltic Capital Cities


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Amalfi Coast

Best tours of europe.

Best of France: Paris & Provence

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Michelle Trachtenberg, Jessica Boehrs, Jacob Pitts, Travis Wester, and Scott Mechlowicz in EuroTrip (2004)

Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends.

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Did you know

  • Trivia 95% was filmed in Prague, and entire streets would be green-screened just to add in Big Ben and other monuments from around Europe
  • Goofs Bert says, "It's Mieke, a common German girl's name," but Mieke is a Dutch name that isn't very common at all in Germany.

[repeated line]

Cooper : This isn't where I parked my car.

  • Crazy credits After the credits, there is a brief reprise of the scene where Cooper tricks Candy into rubbing her naked breast.
  • Alternate versions In the German Version the whole segment inside the flat of Mieke's father is missing (boy goose-stepping). About 78 seconds have been removed. The DVD-Cover says "uncensored".
  • Connections Edited into EuroTrip: Deleted Scenes (2004)
  • Soundtracks Scotty Doesn't Know Written by J. Adams , Christopher Baird , Nicholas J.M. Cloutman & Bruce Fulford Performed by Lustra Courtesy of XOFF Records

User reviews 394

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  • Jan 11, 2005
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  • Is it actually Matt Damon singing "Scotty Doesn't Know" at the graduation party?
  • What are the differences between the R-rated version and the Unrated version?
  • What is the regulation regarding travelling in Europe without a passport?
  • February 20, 2004 (United States)
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Michelle Trachtenberg, Jessica Boehrs, Jacob Pitts, Travis Wester, and Scott Mechlowicz in EuroTrip (2004)

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The premier provider of cultural and adventure travel for groups, student groups (both youth & study abroad university), young professionals & specialty adult groups in Europe and beyond. Euroadventures has been providing safe, cultural and fun travel solutions to multiple European destinations since 2004.

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20 one-week europe trip itinerary ideas.

One Week Europe Itinerary Ideas

Wondering where to spend one week in Europe? These 20 ideas for your Europe trip will help you decide how to maximize your time.

This post contains affiliate links

How to Choose the Best One Week Itinerary for a Europe Trip: 20 Europe Itinerary Ideas

If you’re like most people and getting time off work or kids out of school is challenging, you may only be able to manage one week of vacation. Europe is a great destination to go for one week, simply because of the cultural diversity in such a small geographic area.

The small size, proximity, and ease of transportation between many of the countries in Europe make it a good choice for a culturally rich one week holiday. If you’ve only got one week in Europe, and really want to maximize your time, but you’re wondering where to go in Europe, here are 20 perfect one-week Europe travel itineraries.

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If you're heading to Europe and only have one week to enjoy it, try one of these 20 one week European itineraries that will help you make the most of your time. #Europe #Itinerary #Vacation

  • Before You go to Europe

Europe is an amazing destination, especially if you pick any of these awesome itineraries, but before leaving there are a few things you should consider when planning your Europe trip:

  • KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Before you go to Europe, be sure you follow my 50 travel tips for Europe. You can find those here. 

And the winter months are generally cold in most European countries, especially in the north.That doesn’t mean you should avoid those times, it just depends on your tolerance for crowds and your preference in weather.

  • WHAT TO PACK FOR EUROPE: What you pack for Europe will highly depend on what time of year you go and where you decide to go. This  packing guide for Europe will ensure you have the essentials.
  • GETTING AROUND: Getting around Europe can be a little daunting, but if you do some research before you go, you’ll be just fine. Transportation in every country in Europe is a little different. I’ve linked many of my articles with helpful advice below like   How to Survive Train Travel in Italy   and   Driving in Scotland . Some itineraries will require you to go by train, car, plane or boat. Travel around Europe doesn’t have to be scary if you learn what to do ahead of time.

If you’re renting a car, there are two companies we prefer to use: Rental Cars and Expedia Cars. We have had no issues with them and have been able to find the best prices available.

What to do in Europe for One Week: 20 European Vacation Ideas for Your Europe Trip

These are my best one week vacations in Europe. Taking a multi city European vacation can be a great way to experience several different cultures on one continent. I know that one week in Europe isn’t a lot of time, so I’ve picked cities that are either close in proximity or a quick and cheap flight between each other.

I’ve also tried to choose each Europe travel itinerary with a mix of classic sites and unique destinations. There are so many cool places to visit in Europe that are still undiscovered. Hopefully, some of these locations will be new to you and you’ll be able to discover a new European favorite!

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1 | Amalfi Coast + Rome

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Europe Itinerary- 20 Europe Trip Ideas

This is one of my very favorite European vacation destinations. There are hundreds of choices for stunning history and scenery when you visit Italy, but this Amalfi Coast and Rome itinerary gives you the best of both worlds. Rome is one of the top places to visit in Europe and offers history around every corner…literally, while on the Amalfi Coast you will be overwhelmed by breathtaking ocean views.

Spend several days in Rome, then head south to the Amalfi Coast via Naples and spend a few more relaxing on the beach and driving the coast. It’s one of the best European beach vacations you can take! Amalfi is also one of the most popular Europe vacation spots during the month of August, so you may want to take that into consideration when planning your trip.

Check out these other 5 amazing itineraries for Italy.  Italy is one of the best countries to visit in Europe due to its size and variety of landscapes, cultures, and attractions.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Rome

GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: Getting from Rome to Amalfi is easy. Take the train from Rome to Naples, from there take the bus to Sorrento. There are many tour buses that travel along the coast, or you can rent a car and do the driving yourself.

WHERE TO STAY Rome | Amalfi RESOURCES How to Spend One Day in Rome Family Guide to Rome How to Spend 2 Days in Naples How to Survive Train Travel in Italy The Best Places to Visit in Italy How to Spend 10 Days in Italy Tips for Renting a Car in Europe i Heart Italy

Europe Trip Itinerary

If you’re looking for a European vacation with a lot of history and class, this is it! I can’t even count the number of times that I have done the Paris/London combo. I’ve done it with kids, as a couple, as a girls’ trip, and as a field trip. No joke! And every time I go, it’s like completely different cities. You can follow completely different options for London and Paris itineraries and have an amazing time no matter what you choose. In my opinion, these are two of the best cities to visit in Europe as they offer a huge amount of culture, food, and entertainment bang for your buck!

When I plan our family trip to Europe each year, I make sure to always include both Paris and London. These are two of my favorite places in all of Europe. They are popular for good reason. Both Paris and London are so vast and diverse that you can have a new experience each time you visit. The best part about visiting these two cities is that they are very easy to travel between with the help of the Eurostar. It’s a quick journey from the heart of one city to the next that requires no airports, no flying, and no hassle. Note: You will need a   passport or visa   to travel between England and France and you will need to go through customs before boarding the Eurostar.

I’ve created an easy-to-use day-by-day itinerary for Paris and London so that you can show up and enjoy your trip. 

eurotrip tour

GETTING THERE: Fly into London or Paris GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: Take the Eurostar

WHERE TO STAY Paris | London

RESOURCES Paris Walking Guide Paris with Kids Foods You Must Try in Paris Paris Neighborhood Guide How to Use the Paris Bike System London Travel Guide Perfect London Itinerary London with Kids Christmas in London Paddington’s Guide to London How to Use the Paris Bike System

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

If you’re looking for a European vacation with wild nature and rural beauty, this option is a winner. While both of these spectacular islands really deserve their own week (or weeks really), a trip combining the two is possible, thanks to affordable flights between Iceland and Ireland. A good route would be Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, combined with the west of Ireland including Killarney, the Ring of Kerry, and the Cliffs of Moher. These countries are some of the best places to go in Europe if you love majestic natural beauty.

GETTING THERE:  Fly into Iceland as its one of the cheapest ways to get to Europe. GETTING BETWEN COUNTRIES:  From Iceland , take a quick flight to Ireland. Dublin , Belfast , Cork, or Shannon Airports are usually where you’ll find the best deals.

WHERE TO STAY Ireland | Iceland

RESOURCES Iceland on a Budget Bucket List Things to do in Iceland Iconic Things to do in Dublin Day Trips from Dublin What to do in Killarney Perfect Ireland Itinerary Ireland with Kids Ireland Packing List

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

This one-week European itinerary includes two of my favorite cities in Europe! Heidelberg, Germany, known for its ancient castle and walkable downtown is a perfect companion to Strasbourg, France only an hour and a half away, in the Alsace region of France, known for its impressive cathedral and half-timber houses. These towns are particularly spectacular during the Christmas season and some of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe. This will be the best Europe itinerary for those looking to spend time in provincial looking towns!

GETTING THERE:  Fly into Frankfurt, Germany GETTING BETWEEN COUNTRIES:  Drive for 1.5 hours or take the train for 1.5 hours.

WHERE TO STAY Heidelberg | Strasbourg

RESOURCES Best European Christmas Markets European Christmas Market Treats What to do in Strasbourg What to do in Heidelberg, Germany What to do in Strasbourg, France

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

If you want to spend your Europen vacation wandering charming streets and feeling like you’re in a fairytale, this is it. Basel, Switzerland holds a special place in my heart and is often an overlooked town. Only a quick 45-minute train ride from the popular and iconic Colmar, France, Basel offers a unique culture that only a town on the border of three countries can. Basel is especially fun during Herbstmesse, the local Autumn Fair when the city literally turns into a fair! Combine these two beautiful cities for a one-of-a-kind holiday.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Basel or Zurich GETTING BETWEEN CITIES:  Drive 45 minutes or Train 30 minutes

WHERE TO STAY Colmar |  Basel

RESOURCES What to do in Basel Guide to Colmar, France

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

No European vacation list would be complete without including the unimaginable beauty of the Swiss Alps. Switzerland is a wonderland of natural beauty for the outdoor enthusiast or even anyone who has a remote interest in pretty scenery! It’s one of the best countries in Europe for those who love outdoor activity and natural beauty. It’s just jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

For such a small country, there is so much to see and with two of Switzerland most breathtaking areas just a few hours from each other, it’s worth visiting both of them. These areas offer pristine lakes, ancient gorges, colossal mountains, and a vast array of cultural activities.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Zurich, Switzerland GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: Train to Lucerne, Train to Interlaken

WHERE TO STAY Interlaken | Lucerne

RESOURCES Switzerland Itinerary Swiss Food Guide Switzerland Packing List 24 Hours in Zurich What to do in Interlaken What to do in Lucerne

One Week Europe Itinerary

If you’d like your Europe trip to have a good mix of beach and mountain time, this is the perfect combination. Lake Como is probably one of my top favorite places on the planet. It is totally magical and peaceful, and I’ve written about it multiple times and helped friends and family plan trips there. Don’t skip Lake Como on your next trip to Italy. One of my favorite parts of Lake Como is its proximity to the Swiss border. You can actually hike over the borer and into Switzerland! But if you’d rather not hike, hop in the car and take a trip to Zermatt, Switzerland, home of the famous towering mountain, Matterhorn.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Milan, Italy GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: Drive 3 hours to Zermatt or take a 4 hour Train ride from Milan

WHERE TO STAY Lake Como | Zermatt

RESOURCES Guide to Lake Como Boating Lake Como Guide to Zermatt Best Places to Visit in Italy How to Spend 10 Days in Italy i Heart Italy

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

This is a European vacation full of charm, but also a healthy dose of history and reality. A Paris-Normandy itinerary of Europe combines all the glamor and romance of the city of light with the charm, history, and beauty of Northern France. Spend several days in Paris, taking several day trips, including the impressive floating Mont Saint Michel. This area is one of the best places to visit in Europe for history lovers.


WHERE TO STAY Paris | Normandy

RESOURCES Paris Itinerary Paris Walking Guide Paris with Kids Foods You Must Try in Paris Paris Neighbgorhood Guide Guide to Normandy Guide to Visiting Mont Saint Michel France with Kids

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

Two naturally and culturally beautiful countries are just a short and cheap flight apart and a great combination for a one-week European itinerary, although both countries could take weeks to explore on their own.  Spend a few days in Iceland, then take a cheap hopper flight and explore the mystical highlands of Scotland.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Reykjavik GETTING BETWEEN COUNTRIES: Fly into Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, or Aberdeen

WHERE TO STAY Iceland | Scotland

RESOURCES Iceland on a Budget Scotland Itinerary What to do in Inverness What to do on the Isle of Skye Scotland Packing List

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

Some of my favorite Italian destinations, Venice and Lake Como, both built on water, are ideal locations for aquatic enthusiasts. Taking a ride on a gondola in Venice is one of the best things to do in Europe! Take the Vaporetto (water bus) in Venice, then take a short drive or train ride to Lake Como and enjoy boating and relaxing on the beach in one of the adorable villages lining the lake.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Venice or Milan GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: 3.5 hours by car or 10 hours by train

WHERE TO STAY Venice | Lake Como

RESOURCES Guide to Lake Como Boating Lake Como Surviving Train Travel in Italy Guide to Venice Best Places to Visit in Italy How to Spend 10 Days in Italy i Heart Italy

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

If you’re interested in cheap Europe trips, the gorgeous Ionian islands of Greece are one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. Naturally and culturally diverse, affordable, and downright beautiful, Kefalonia and Corfu make great choices for one week in Europe.

Explore ancient ruins, relax on pristine beaches with locals, and dine, affordably, like a Greek god. If you’re travelling Europe on a budget, this is a great option and Greece is one of the best places to visit in Europe in summer if you’re looking for gorgeous beaches at affordable prices.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Kefalonia from London on Ryanair GETTING BETWEEN ISLANDS: Take a ferry between the Ionian Islands from Greek Ferries

WHERE TO STAY Kefalonia | Corfu

RESOURCES Guide to Kefalonia Greece The Ionian Islands The Best Beaches on Corfu What to Wear in Greece Guide to Athens

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

Two countries on one island? Yep! Take a visit to Ireland AND Northern Ireland. Two countries that are very similar, but also very different. Explore the entire island with this perfect itinerary.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Dublin or any airport in Ireland GETTING BETWEEN COUNTRIES: Rent a Car. Driving in Ireland can be tricky and slow, but worth the views and the adventure.

WHERE TO STAY Ireland | Northern Ireland

RESOURCES The Best Places to Visit in Ireland Perfect Ireland Itinerary Ireland with Kids What to do in Killarney Scotland and Ireland Itinerary Ireland Packing List

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

Scotland is one country that should really be given an entire week. You could definitely say that about any destination, but for a relatively small country, but it has so much to offer that you could spend years here and not see it all.

For one week in Scotland, I recommend visiting Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands, including the Isle of Skye. Read here for an entire Scotland Itinerary, here for Edinburgh , here for Inverness and the Highlands , and here for the Isle of Skye.

GETTING THERE:  Flying into Edinburgh is usually the cheapest option. GETTING BETWEN AREAS:  It’s best to rent a car or hire a driver or tour company. Be sure to read my guide to driving in Scotland.  

WHERE TO STAY Ediburgh | Inverness | Isle of Skye

RESOURCES Perfect Scotland Itinerary What to do in Edinburgh What to do in Inverness What to do on the Isle of Skye Scotland Packing List

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

What could be more charming than a week spent in these “poor provincial towns.” Ok, so they’re definitely not poor or provincial, but you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Belle’s hometown from Beauty and the Beast .

The ancient half-timber homes built along scenic rivers provide a feast for the eyes, while the patisseries, boulangeries, shops, and restaurants provide a feast for the tongue. Split your time between these two idyllic towns and enjoy a peaceful trip back in time.

If you visit Colmar or Strasbourg during Christmas, these towns will be even more magical! Strasbourg is known as “The Capital of Christmas” and both towns have incredible Christmas markets and decorations!

GETTING THERE:  Fly into Zurich GETTING BETWEEN COUNTRIES:  30 minutes by train or 1 hour by car

WHERE TO STAY Colmar | Strasbourg

RESOURCES 24 Hours in Zurich Guide to Colmar Guide to Strasbourg The Most Magical European Christmas Markets Must-Have European Christmas Market Treats 

One Week Europe Trip Itinerary

Divide your time between the ancient and modern city of light and the historic Loire Valley , home to magnificent palaces, stunning gardens, and green pastures. This one-week itinerary is the perfect balance between city and country life and will provide you with a mix of excitement, peace, and romance. It can be hard to squeeze everything you want into one week European itineraries, but this is a must!

Be sure to map out the castles and palaces you want to see along the way. Our favorite is Chenonceau ! Don’t miss it!

GETTING THERE: Fly into Paris GETTING AROUND:  Rent a car and drive two hours to the Loire Valley

WHERE TO STAY Loire Valley | Paris

RESOURCES Walking Guide to Paris Paris with Kids Day Trips from Paris Foods You Must Try in Paris Guide to the Loire Valley 15 Affordable Castles You Can Stay In

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

This London and Cotswolds Itinerary provides the best of both British worlds, encompassing both the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s oldest and largest cities and the peace and tranquility of the quaint cottage speckled Cotswolds.

As much as I love London (it’s my favorite city), I do get tired of the crowds and the constant noise. It is so refreshing to get into the countryside and have a change of scenery during your time in London. The Cotswolds are a fairytale-like dream trip. Be sure to grab cream tea every chance you get!

GETTING THERE: Fly into one of three London Airports GETTING AROUND: Rent a car and explore the whole Cotswolds area

WHERE TO STAY London | Cotswolds

RESOURCES London Travel Guide Complete Guide to London Perfect London Itinerary London with Kids Paddington’s Guide to London Christmas in London Guide to the Cotswolds

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

I call this itinerary the best of Northern Italy. Italy is huge and has so much to offer geographically and culturally, but one of my favorite parts of Italy is the train system. The trains in Italy allow for easy access to most major sites, but it can be slightly confusing, so be sure to read this guide to train travel in Italy before you go. Getting between Florence and Cinque Terre is simple with the right knowledge.

The great thing about this itinerary is that you will get to see a big city full of culture, history, and art, and also spend time swimming at the beach and on a boat soaking up rays in in the Liguerian Sea. Read here for Florence, here for Cinque Terre, here for Trains in Italy.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Florence GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: Two hours by train

WHERE TO STAY Cinque Terre | Florence

RESOURCES Guide to Cinque Terre Guide to Florence How to Survive Train Travel in Italy Best Places to Visit in Italy How to Spend 10 Days in Italy

Europe Itinerary

I think Prague and Vienna might be some of the most underrated cities in Europe, and they are worth dedicating an entire week to. Stunning architecture, delicious cuisine, and cultural activities abound in these cities that are just a few hours apart.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Vienna or Prague GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: 3-hour drive or 4-hour train ride

WHERE TO STAY Prague | Vienna

RESOURCES One Day in Prague What to do in Vienna

One Week European Itinerary

If you’re looking for cheap European vacations, the farther east you go, the cheaper it generally gets. These are two cities that had never really been on my bucket list, and to be honest, I had never even heard of Bratislava, which is in Slovakia by the way! Both cities are charming and culturally rich. They are especially festive and beautiful around Christmas time.

Bratislava is on the way between Budapest and Vienna (you can even cycle between Budapest and Vienna ) and Budapest and Prague, so if you’re thinking of doing a combination of any of those cities, it’s a great stop.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Budapest GETTING BETWEEN CITIES: 2 hours by car, 2.5 hours by train

WHERE TO STAY Budapest | Bratislava

RESOURCES What to do in Budapest European Christmas Markets What to do in Bratislava

Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

These incredible destinations in Italy are not well known, but that is part of the appeal. I would say they are a good option for a cheaper and less crowded alternative to the  Florence and Cinque Terre itinerary.

Lucca is a walled city in Tuscany offering stunning architecture and culture with great family fun activities such as riding bikes along the top of the medieval wall around the city. Sardinia is a heavenly island, just a ferry ride away full of breathtaking beaches, delicious food, and friendly locals. Known as one of the five blue zones in the world- places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth-Sardinia will make you feel younger and more alive just by visiting.

GETTING THERE: Fly into Rome or Florence GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS: Take a Ferry from Civitavecchia to Olbia

WHERE TO STAY Lucca | Sardinia

RESOURCES One Day in Rome What to do in Lucca Sardinia Best Places to Visit in Italy How to Spend 10 Days in Italy What to Wear in Italy

eurotrip tour

Portugal is a beautiful country full of diverse landscapes, amazing beaches, and cultural city centers. Lisbon is a stunning city and the Algarve region in the south of Portugal offers sunny beaches with world-famous surfing. There are some really cheap flights to Lisbon from the US right now and you can either drive, train, bus, or fly to the Algarve easily. As a southern European country, Portugal is a great choice for a winter destination. We were there last January and could still get in the water. There are many towns to choose from in the Algarve and they are all equally unique and beautiful. 

GETTING THERE: Fly into Lisbon GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS: Take a plane, car, or bus to the Algarve.

The Perfect Portugal Itinerary

eurotrip tour

This one week in Europe spent in Austria is a dream. Combining the culture of Vienna and Salzburg with the picturesque feel of Hallstatt, it’s sure to satisfy any traveler. In my opinion, this is a great winter destination if you don’t mind the cold. Vienna and Salzburg have several amazing Christmas markets and Hallstatt is simply a dream to see in the snow! 

GETTING THERE: Fly into Vienna GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS: Take a train to Salzburg (2.5 hours). A great way to see Hallstatt is to take a day trip from Salzburg.

Hallstatt Day Trip

European Christmas Markets

Christmas Market Treats

eurotrip tour

If you’re into coastal towns, walled cities, and breathtaking scenery, this combination is for you. The Dalmation Coast is absolutely stunning. The bordering country of Montenegro is really the hidden gem of Europe, offering the same draw as Croatia, but with far fewer tourists. I recommend going during shoulder season (April-May or September-October) to be able to enjoy warmer weather with fewer crowds. 

GETTING THERE: Fly into Dubrovnik, Croatia  GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS:  Take a Day Trip to Montenegro

eurotrip tour

Two of the most underrated cities in Europe if you ask me, Budapest and Bratislava are both cities that offer an amazing array of culture and also incredible food. If you’re up for the cold weather, these cities all have incredible Christmas markets and stunning decorations around the holidays. These cities are also all connected by rail so you can easily navigate between them. 

GETTING THERE: Fly into Vienna or Budapest GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS: Take the train between each city. Bratislava would be a good day trip from Vienna.

25 | Berlin + Prague

eurotrip tour

If you love history and architecture, then these two cities will captivate you! Split your time between the two, rent a car and take a road trip between them to enjoy some beautiful scenery. 

GETTING THERE: Fly into either Berlin or Prague, whichever airport is cheaper.  GETTING BETWEEN DESTINATIONS: Rent a car and take a road trip between Berlin and Prague.

Whichever Europe Itinerary you choose, you’re guaranteed to love it. You can definitely see so much of Europe in a week and you really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Just remember to relax and enjoy and also remember that this probably won’t be the last Europe trip of your lifetime.

Not the Trip You Need?

Not exactly the trip you’re looking for? Don’t worry, I also offer custom trip planning by request for many destinations! Learn more here.

Book Your Flight s and Car Find a budget airlines by using  Skyscanner . This is my favorite way to search for flights because they crawl websites and airlines around the globe, so you always know you’re getting the best deal. Learn more tips for finding the best flight deals here. For cars, I like to use Rental Cars because they have good filters and its easy to search for multiple companies.

Book Your Accommodation My preferred way to stay around the world is VRBO . I find it usually gives you a unique local experience in any destination. If you want to stay in a hotel, use  Booking , as it consistently gives the cheapest rates for guesthouses and hotels. I use them both all the time.

Always Get Travel Insurance Travel insurance protects you and your family against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It’s peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. I never travel without it. I’ve been using World Nomads for the last few years and love how easy it is to use. I have also used Allianz . Compare rates to see which is best for the coverage you need.

Looking for ways to save money on travel? Check out my  resource page  for the companies I use for traveling! I share everything I use to save me time and money.

eurotrip tour

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Hi there, My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next March and would love to go somewhere in Europe for a week. I have only been to Italy (over 20 years ago) and he’s never been. I’m a bit overwhelmed by even trying to figure out where to go. Can you help? Thanks! Hannah

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Hi Hannah. I can definitely help! I’ve got several Italy Itinerary ideas for Italy here: I also do custom trip planning, specifically for Italy, if you’re interested in that, you can find more info here: Italy will be so much fun! One of my favorite places on earth! xo Vanessa

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Very helpful! Thank you. We are planning a one year stay & this helped with our itinerary tremendously.

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Thanks so much! Me too! Going as soon as it’s safe!!

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We have a set minimum age of 10 for our tours, but we're happy to consider younger children on a case-by-case basis. Just let us know your request, and we'll do our best to accommodate it. Expat Explore reserves the right to accept or decline the request at our discretion. We want to ensure everyone has a great time exploring with us!

We make every effort to include local cuisine on our tours to ensure an authentic experience for you. You'll receive an email before the tour begins, where we'll ask for your dietary preferences. We always have a vegetarian option, and we'll work hard to accommodate any other dietary needs or preferences you may have.

Contactless payment is widely accepted across Europe – it’s best to bring a payment card with no overseas withdrawal fees. * Keep in mind that certain optionals are payable in cash to your tour leader whilst on tour. We suggest that you talk to your Tour Leader about when & where to draw cash to pay for the optional excursions.

While Expat Explore cannot assist with booking pre or post-tour accommodation, we recommend for affordable accommodation options prior to and after the tour. If hotel information is available, we can provide you with the details in advance so that you can book accommodation at or nearby the start hotel. Please request this by sending a message through on the conversation page.

While Expat Explore endeavours to stay current on all major entry requirements, we are not a registered visa agent. We are, however, able to make things a little easier by providing you with the required supporting documents for a visa application once your tour is paid in full. It is a requirement of the embassies that tours are paid for in full before visa support documentation is requested and applications are made. When you have made the final payment for your booking, simply reach out to our Customer Support Team to request your visa support documents and confirm which embassy you will be applying to.

This is up to you and will vary depending on how much you wish to spend on snacks, drinks, souvenirs etc. We do not include entrance fees to attractions and museums. We do, however, provide you with free time to see everything you want, and our tour leaders will have all the information on pricing and locations so you can manage your own budget. Please refer to your tour-specific pre-departure information and optional excursions guide for further details.

It's your responsibility to arrange sufficient travel insurance for your trip. When you travel with Expat Explore, both you and your personal belongings do so at your own risk. A comprehensive insurance policy should cover medical expenses for illness or accidents before or during the holiday, as well as reimbursement for lost holiday funds due to cancellation, curtailment, or other insurable events. Make sure there are no exclusions that would limit coverage for the activities included in your tour. We generally recommend WorldNomads because they cover a wide variety of nationalities, but you are welcome to use any supplier that offers you the most comprehensive plan. You are able to obtain travel insurance through one of TourRadars partners, XCover. Please reach out to receive a quote.

We embrace travelers of all ages and backgrounds, prioritizing attitude and mindset over age restrictions. However, our tours are fast-paced and jam-packed with experiences. Regrettably, individuals with mobility limitations or those using wheelchairs may find this tour challenging. Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring quaint towns and navigating cobblestone streets. We want every traveler to fully enjoy their journey, so we encourage reviewing the itinerary carefully before making your booking decision.

When you book for more than one person, we will by default group you together in the same room(s), unless you request single supplements or specifically request us not to. If there are unequal numbers (3, 5, 7 etc.) then the remaining traveller will be roomed with another passenger of the same gender, unless you opt to add a single supplement (subject to availability) to your booking. Please note that minors under the age of 18 cannot share with another traveller outside of your group's booking. If you are making separate bookings and would like to share the same room(s), please send us an email with the booking references for each of the travellers and the details of your preferred rooming allocation.

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Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre (Zvezdny Gorodok - Star Town) (7 hours)

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The Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center is a Russian training facility responsible for training cosmonauts for their space missions. It is in Star City of Moscow Oblast, a name which may refer to the facility itself or to its grounds. (Read more about Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts training center )

The secret Star City was built to train Soviet cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, the 1st man in space. Many other famous Russian cosmonauts trained here with Gagarin: German Titov, Valentina Tereshkova, the first female cosmonaut, and Alexei Leonov, the first cosmonaut to exit the spaceship into space . The best facilities were built for them: the world’s largest centrifuge and hydro laboratory. Many cosmonauts from other countries (USA, Japan, Germany and many others) also have trained here together with Soviet Russian cosmonauts. On this Star (Space) City Tour you will see:

  • Models of Soyuz Soviet spacecraft 
  • World's largest centrifuge with an 18-meter radius 
  • Hydro laboratory, with the model of the International Space Station in water, which allows to simulate the weightlessness and many more

Important info

Ask a travel expert.

  • Professional English-speaking guide assistance. Other languages upon request (additional charge may apply)
  • Roundtrip transportation to and from your central hotel (Comfortable car/minivan with A/C)
  • Fully private tour to ensure a personalized experience
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (territory)
  • Entrance fee to Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre Museum
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Food  / Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities to guide/driver (optional)

The tour price already includes all the taxes & fees, you will not see any of them later during the checkout.

Adult pricing applies to all travelers

IMPORTANT! To book the tours please provide us with the copy of your passport (scan of page with photo) and the following information (for all the travellers):

1. Surname / Names (as in passport) 2. Passport number 3. Passport expiry date 4. Date of birth 5. Place of birth (country, city, state) 6. Place of current residence (country, city, state) 7. Citizenship 8. Place of work 9. Position held 

This information is required to get access to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, as per their security policy.

If it took Gagarin 1 year to get prepared, now it takes 7 years to become a cosmonaut, and 50 days to pass  security  check for foreign visitors.

Due to the security policy of the Centre, the guided tours are to be arranged in 50 days before the tour date. Last-minute arrangements are not available. 

Departure: from your Moscow hotel

Return: to your Moscow hotel (or any other place in Moscow that you choose)

Sights included in program

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Also you get 5% discount and get the best, top-rated and most experienced and knowledgeable hand-picked tour guide appointed on a priority basis. In our experience, exceptional travel experiences are almost always delivered by exceptional people. With that in mind, we utilize a comprehensive approach to select and employ the best tour guides only. Multilingual and well travelled, each possesses deep insight into the diverse attractions and cultural patterns throughout the region. With us guides undergo a rigorous selection process, achieving outstanding knowledge of local culture and language. Rest assured that the best tour guides only will be working on the tours to give you excellent opportunity to explore the best of the sights during both short and long-term stay in Russia.

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Out of the Centre

Savvino-storozhevsky monastery and museum.

Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar Alexis, who chose the monastery as his family church and often went on pilgrimage there and made lots of donations to it. Most of the monastery’s buildings date from this time. The monastery is heavily fortified with thick walls and six towers, the most impressive of which is the Krasny Tower which also serves as the eastern entrance. The monastery was closed in 1918 and only reopened in 1995. In 1998 Patriarch Alexius II took part in a service to return the relics of St Sabbas to the monastery. Today the monastery has the status of a stauropegic monastery, which is second in status to a lavra. In addition to being a working monastery, it also holds the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum.

Belfry and Neighbouring Churches

eurotrip tour

Located near the main entrance is the monastery's belfry which is perhaps the calling card of the monastery due to its uniqueness. It was built in the 1650s and the St Sergius of Radonezh’s Church was opened on the middle tier in the mid-17th century, although it was originally dedicated to the Trinity. The belfry's 35-tonne Great Bladgovestny Bell fell in 1941 and was only restored and returned in 2003. Attached to the belfry is a large refectory and the Transfiguration Church, both of which were built on the orders of Tsar Alexis in the 1650s.  

eurotrip tour

To the left of the belfry is another, smaller, refectory which is attached to the Trinity Gate-Church, which was also constructed in the 1650s on the orders of Tsar Alexis who made it his own family church. The church is elaborately decorated with colourful trims and underneath the archway is a beautiful 19th century fresco.

Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral

eurotrip tour

The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is the oldest building in the monastery and among the oldest buildings in the Moscow Region. It was built between 1404 and 1405 during the lifetime of St Sabbas and using the funds of Prince Yury of Zvenigorod. The white-stone cathedral is a standard four-pillar design with a single golden dome. After the death of St Sabbas he was interred in the cathedral and a new altar dedicated to him was added.

eurotrip tour

Under the reign of Tsar Alexis the cathedral was decorated with frescoes by Stepan Ryazanets, some of which remain today. Tsar Alexis also presented the cathedral with a five-tier iconostasis, the top row of icons have been preserved.

Tsaritsa's Chambers

eurotrip tour

The Nativity of Virgin Mary Cathedral is located between the Tsaritsa's Chambers of the left and the Palace of Tsar Alexis on the right. The Tsaritsa's Chambers were built in the mid-17th century for the wife of Tsar Alexey - Tsaritsa Maria Ilinichna Miloskavskaya. The design of the building is influenced by the ancient Russian architectural style. Is prettier than the Tsar's chambers opposite, being red in colour with elaborately decorated window frames and entrance.

eurotrip tour

At present the Tsaritsa's Chambers houses the Zvenigorod Historical, Architectural and Art Museum. Among its displays is an accurate recreation of the interior of a noble lady's chambers including furniture, decorations and a decorated tiled oven, and an exhibition on the history of Zvenigorod and the monastery.

Palace of Tsar Alexis

eurotrip tour

The Palace of Tsar Alexis was built in the 1650s and is now one of the best surviving examples of non-religious architecture of that era. It was built especially for Tsar Alexis who often visited the monastery on religious pilgrimages. Its most striking feature is its pretty row of nine chimney spouts which resemble towers.

eurotrip tour

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  • What Is Cinema?

The Summer of the Throuple Is Upon Us

eurotrip tour

By Chris Murphy

Image may contain Couch Furniture Kissing Person Romantic Dining Table Table Architecture Building and Dining Room

Hot girl summer is over. This year, it’s all about the ménage à trois. Yes, trios have been having a moment across the entertainment landscape this year—from film to scripted TV to reality TV—adding an extra touch of frisson to steamy stories while moving the Overton window for audiences. What is most thrilling is that these new throuples are also marked by power dynamics that may be even more subversive than the sight of three people sharing a kiss at the same time.

Historically in popular culture, threesomes have been a mostly male-dominated enterprise. Frat bro films from the early aughts like EuroTrip , Road Trip , Old School, and American Pie positioned threesomes as the pinnacle of male sexual conquest, where the man was in control and the women (it was always one man with two women, often twins) were objects to be pursued and won. Threesomes were sexy punchlines meant to stroke the male ego.

But not anymore. The most explicit threesome in this new era turns that very notion on its head. Netflix’s Bridgerton steams things up in the latter half of its third season (coincidence?!) with an outrageous and unexpected threesome subplot surrounding the second-oldest Bridgerton brother, Benedict, played by Luke Thompson . Benedict romances the adventurous widow Lady Tilley Arnold ( Hannah New ), only to wind up fooling around with Tilley and her male friend Paul Suarez ( Lucas Aurelio ), at Tilley’s request.

Before the excitement picked up on Bridgerton, the threesome trend was already in motion thanks to Luca Guadagnino ’s Challengers and its central triad, tennis phenoms Art Donaldson ( Mike Faist ), Patrick Zweig ( Josh O’Connor ), and Tashi Duncan ( Zendaya ). The overwhelming sexual tension and ever-changing power dynamics between Art, Patrick, and Tashi set the internet ablaze with Challengers -centric throuple memes and helped Challengers, the rare R-rated film not based on any existing IP, crack into the zeitgeist.

While its protagonists never consummate their three-way relationship as explicitly as the Bridgerton crew, the film has plenty of three-way-coded moments, from hotel room hangouts to churros to sauna sessions. And while the film’s ending may have been intentionally ambiguous , Guadagnino seems pretty clear as to what happened immediately after the credits rolled. “They go back to the hotel room,” Guadagnino said to Times reporter Kyle Buchanan . We all know what happens in hotel rooms.

Naturally, Luke Thompson can see the parallels between his show and Guadagnino’s film. “ Challengers I’ve seen recently, and I think that was really interesting,” the Bridgerton star says in a recent interview with VF. “It’s such an interesting relationship, and the dynamics within it are so interesting.” But he also noted that similar dynamics have been depicted in older stories, like Noel Coward’s 1932 play, Design For Living. “You’re saying [threesomes] are having a moment, but I guess what I’m saying, in terms of Coward, as well, is that they’ve always been there,” says Thompson.

That’s true—but both throuples and polyamory in general have become much more visible in mainstream culture in recent years. In April, The New York Times went long on a 20-person polycule , unpacking the trials and tribulations of maintaining a massive multiple-person relationship in a post Sam Bankman-Fried society. New York Magazine published its own polyamory-focused issue back in January, around the same time that Molly Roden Winter ’s More: A Memoir of Open Marriage became a bestseller. Network comedies traditionally known for more wholesome fare have been pushing the envelope this year as well, with CBS sleeper hit sitcom Ghosts showcasing a spooky threesome of its own.

The experiment of dating multiple people at the same time has been a hallmark of reality television since the genre’s invention (see The Bachelor, for starters). But an explicit focus on trios and polyamory is relatively new. In February, Peacock debuted a reality show called Couple to Throuple that took four couples new to non-monogamy, introduced them to a host of more experienced singles, and left them with the choice to pursue a relationship as a threesome or return to monogamy. While we’ve seen almost every possible ending for two romantics looking for love on, say, The Bachelorette, we’ve never seen a Bachelorette end the show in a relationship with two of her paramours.

New on Netflix: June 2024’s Best New Movies & Shows

By Eve Batey

“Directors Don’t Cry!” Madonna, Rosanna Arquette, and the Wild Birth of Desperately Seeking Susan

By Susan Seidelman

Searching for happiness outside the boundaries of traditional monogamy makes sense to Thompson: “There’s something about that I find really moving, actually, because it feels like there’s a real human thing of saying, ‘Let’s try and break free of this thing,’” he says. But, of course, it’s not always as simple as that: “Then you realize that, actually, although you do break free of something, other complications arise.”

Those complications take center stage on the Paramount+ show Couples Therapy . For the first time in the show’s four-season history, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik opened her doors to a throuple this year, Josh, Lorena, and Aryn, who were trying to figure out how to make ethical non-monogamy work for them.

Josh and Aryn, a circus performer, have been together for eight years. Lorena was brought into the fold as another romantic partner for Josh within the past two years, in part due to the demanding nature of Aryn’s job. (Lorena and Aryn are not in a relationship together). Sitting side by side by side on Orna’s couch, the trio struggles to divest from the hierarchical power structures that tend to emerge even in polyamorous relationships, calling Aryn the “anchor partner” rather than the “primary partner” and trying to hold space for each other’s feelings.

“Doing anything that’s non-normative and against the culture is really hard,” Lorena said in one of her final sessions with Dr. Orna. “I feel like it just stays messy.”

Thompson expresses the messiness of three-way relationships in another way. “What I find moving is that, strangely, pure freedom does not exist,” he says. “It just doesn’t exist. There are other limitations and other complications that will come up, because we’re humans, and we’re complicated, and we’re scared, and we’re all of those kinds of things.” Diving into a complex and nuanced three-way relationship dynamic on Bridgerton, the actor adds, is “a really nice way of tapping into those human emotions.”

Highlighting the messy and nuanced dynamics of three-way relationships has made the overly simple, chauvinistic, male-driven threesome of the early aughts seem like a relic of a foregone era. Now, it’s Tashi Duncan who is pulling the strings and playing with Art and Patrick like Ken dolls. It’s Lady Tilley who has agency—who broaches the potential of a secret three-way rendezvous with Benedict and Paul in the first place. Even in Couples Therapy —a female, female, male relationship—true clarity and resolution only comes when the women in the relationship, Lorena and Aryn, communicate and get on the same page, as Josh learns to take a step back and simply listen.

Of course, throuples and three-way relationships are still taboo, but society seems more interested in exploring that taboo than ever before. And, at least as of late, it’s the women who seem to be taking the reins. Maybe it is still hot girl summer after all.

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What Is Cinema? Filmmaking Masters Share Their Secrets

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Staff writer.

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“It Was the Princess’s Decision”: What Kate Middleton’s Trooping the Colour Appearance Symbolized to Her Country

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    The Netherlands. We are the best at what we do. Like a Pro PLAN YOUR TRIP Like a 24/7 Trip Leader, our app offers the latest trip info, weather, maps and city guides. Endless Possibilities. Simply book a trip and receive the VIP access code. Everything you need will be at a touch of a button!

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    Browse the best tours in Europe with 88,472 reviews visiting countries like France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and many more. Book now on! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,224 reviews) 24/7 customer support. Deals of the Week Vibrant North Africa Up to 50% OFF. Deals end: 1d 0h 54m 15s. 0.

  3. Tours

    The Ultimate Alpine Adventure. Date: 5th - 6th October 2024 --> Includes 1-night accommodation! France, Switzerland. October 2024. From 239,00 €.

  4. Europe Tours

    Save up to $500. Don't miss out on some of the best travel deals of the year! Book your 2024, 2025, or 2026 tour by June 28.†. Shop the sale. A Week in Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini. 9 days | 12 days with Rome extension. 1116.

  5. 1 Month in Europe: The Perfect Europe Itinerary

    Best Time to Visit Europe. One of the greatest challenges of planning a big Eurotrip like this is working out the best time to visit. Whether you choose to visit Europe in the summer, winter, or shoulder season, you'll have to consider a lot of different climates and events (all presenting their own pros and cons), as this trip will take you right across the continent.

  6. Europe Tours and Trip Packages 2024/2025

    These Europe package tours and trips explore any of the continent's 50 countries that are diverse in size, climate, traditions - and cost! With fine cuisine, world-renowned art and music, and 23 officially recognized languages, a tour in Europe can be a cultural labyrinth that fuels wanderlust. +300 Trips in Europe with 12,878 Reviews.

  7. Europe Trip Planner & Multi-City Itinerary Builder

    The world's most powerful trip planner. Design and book all in one place. Welcome to Triptile, your ultimate online tour planner for global adventures. While Europe remains a focal point, we offer over 3,990 locations worldwide to explore. With 7,625 hand-picked activities and 436 customizable templates, craft your dream journey with ease.

  8. 10 Best 7 Day Europe Tours & Trips

    Find the best 7 day tours to Europe with TourRadar. Choose from 2862 tours with 18786 real tour reviews. Book now and save with! Shop 2,500 operators. 4.5 stars on (6,224 reviews) 24/7 customer support. Deals of the Week Vibrant North Africa Up to 50% OFF. Deals end: 1d 3h 44m 58s. 0.

  9. EuroTrip Adventures

    EuroTrip Adventures. 6 reviews. #1 of 1 Tours & Activities in Lenting. City ToursCultural ToursHistorical & Heritage Tours. Write a review. About. Lenting, Bavaria, Germany. Contact. Suggest edits to improve what we show.

  10. Europe Budget Travel: Backpacking, Hostels, Eurail Trains, Cheap

    Europe travel advice, cheap air travel to Europe, deals on Eurail train travel in Europe, save on hostels in Europe and bus travel around Europe.

  11. EuroTrip (2004)

    EuroTrip: Directed by Jeff Schaffer, Alec Berg, David Mandel. With Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Kristin Kreuk, Cathy Meils. Dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends.


    Save time and money by booking with Eurotrip. We offer a wide array of services specific to the backpacking community. ... Tours. Find a tour specifically designed for you! Be independent and travel with like-minded people while having fun and enjoying all Europe has to offer. Car Rentals. Don't worry about timetables again! Car rental ...

  13. Europe Vacations

    This top seller in Spain is a perfect introduction to Europe.Visit Madrid (its famous museums, nightlife and endless energy) and Barcelona (Gaudi, Gothic Quarter and always in the biting edge of fashion, architecture, food, style, music and good times).A flight connects these destinations. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

  14. Home

    The premier provider of cultural and adventure travel for groups, students (both youth & study abroad university), young professionals & specialty business travel in Europe and beyond. Euroadventures has been providing safe, cultural and fun travel solutions to multiple European destinations since 2004. Day, Weekend & Week Long Trips.

  15. 10 Best Budget Europe Tours & Trips 2024/2025

    Greece Tours. South Korea Tours. Vietnam Central Highlands tours. Central Portugal Spring tours. Botswana and South Africa Luxury tours. Bolivia, Chile and Peru Active tours. Guide of the Year Awards - Cultural. Find the right budget tour in Europe with TourRadar. Choose from 1113 trips with 15462 customer reviews.

  16. 20 One-Week Europe Trip Itinerary Ideas

    This post contains affiliate links. How to Choose the Best One Week Itinerary for a Europe Trip: 20 Europe Itinerary Ideas. If you're like most people and getting time off work or kids out of school is challenging, you may only be able to manage one week of vacation.

  17. EuroTripr

    Meet Other Eurotriprs 🤝. Lots of people love traveling to Europe solo, but Europe can be a lot more fun when you travel and meet new friends. Find travel partners going to the same places you are and plan a trip together. Grab a coffee or beer with other Eurotriprs at local meetups in Europe's top cities. Meetups.

  18. Eurotrip

    BMORE Lifestyle's Eurotrip to Germany kicks off with a Food lover's guide to Frankfurt! Good Morning Washington's Kidd O'Shea took Condor Airlines nonstop fligh

  19. THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Elektrostal

    Angels Land SOT Dubai - Nightclub, Restaurant & Lounge Dinosaur Ridge Pfeiffer Beach National Garden Funivia del Monte Faito Honda Collection Hall Mercado San Juan de Dios Seitan Limania Beach Wild Waves Theme & Water Park ATV Tour 3 Mountains Medellin Key West Sunset Cruise: Dinner and Drinks Included Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour Aruba Semi-Submarine Cruise from Palm Beach Huacachina ...

  20. Visit Elektrostal: 2024 Travel Guide for Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast

    Cities near Elektrostal. Places of interest. Pavlovskiy Posad Noginsk. Travel guide resource for your visit to Elektrostal. Discover the best of Elektrostal so you can plan your trip right.

  21. Europe Escape by Expat Explore Travel with 743 Tour Reviews ...

    For tours departing after August 11th, 2024, a minimum payment of 10% is required to confirm your booking with Expat Explore Travel. The final payment will be automatically charged to your credit card on the designated due date. The final payment of the remaining balance is required at least 50 days prior to the departure date of your tour.

  22. Yury Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre (Zvezdny Gorodok

    Toll Free 0800 011 2023 ... Day tours. Tours by Region

  23. Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and Museum

    Zvenigorod's most famous sight is the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery, which was founded in 1398 by the monk Savva from the Troitse-Sergieva Lavra, at the invitation and with the support of Prince Yury Dmitrievich of Zvenigorod. Savva was later canonised as St Sabbas (Savva) of Storozhev. The monastery late flourished under the reign of Tsar ...

  24. The Summer of the Throuple Is Upon Us

    Frat bro films from the early aughts like EuroTrip, Road Trip, Old School, and American Pie positioned threesomes as the pinnacle of male sexual conquest, where the man was in control and the ...