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A suspenseful miniseries about a camping trip gone awry.

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bon voyage tv show

Linda Holder

bon voyage tv show

Daniel Ryan

Simon holder, rachael blake, elizabeth aldred, latest news see all.

bon voyage tv show

The Science Fiction Horror and Fantasy Film Review

Bon Voyage (2006) poster

Bon Voyage (2006)

Rating: ★★★.

Director – John Fawcett, Teleplay – Oliver Brown, Producer – Jake Lushington, Photography – Serge Ladouceur, Music – Edmund Butt, Production Design – Martyn John. Production Company – Box TV (In Production)/Cite-Amerique/The Movie Network/Showcase/Super-écran/NBB tv.

Ben Miles (Neil Aldred), Rachael Blake (Elizabeth Aldred), Daniel Ryan (Simon Holder), Emily Beecham (Rachel Aldred), Fay Ripley (Linda Holder), Cameron Ansell (David Aldred), Eric Bruneau (Nicholas), Vincent Leclerc (Alex), Macha Grenon (Sarah), Alexandre Nachi (Toby)

Husband and wife Neil and Elizabeth Aldred, along with their sixteen-year-old daughter Rachel and younger son David, cross the English Channel and drive through rural France on a holiday. At one campsite, they meet fellow English couple Simon and Linda Holder. They find the Holders’ over-friendliness a turnoff and decide to leave the following morning. However, Neil believes the Holders are following them and may have deliberately punctured their tire. They are stopped by police and questioned about the disappearance of Toby, a young boy who played with David at the campsite and has gone missing. While driving through the countryside at night, someone runs out in front of their car and they hit and kill him. This turns out to be Toby. Entering the nearby woods to search for help, Neil and Elizabeth find the Holders’ camper van there. They return to the car to find that Rachel and David have been abducted by the Holders. Hunted by the police who believe they killed Toby and hampered by not being able to speak French, they try to follow the scanty clues they have to the whereabouts of the Holders. Meanwhile, the Holders imprison Rachel and David in their home. Their two children drowned in an accident and they have been abducting others to fulfil their idea of a family. Rachel then becomes afraid of the increasing sexual interest that Simon shows towards her.

Bon Voyage is a psycho-thriller made for British tv and shown in two two-hour slots. The British television psycho-thriller is a considerably underrated genre and has produced a number of excellent movies and mini-series in recent years, including the likes of Cracker (1993-6), Wire in the Blood (2002-8), Cold Blood (2005-6) and Like Father Like Son (2005). Bon Voyage was directed by John Fawcett, the Canadian director who made the sharp and witty werewolf film Ginger Snaps (2000). More recently, Fawcett was the creator of the hit cloning tv series Orphan Black (2013-7).

There are a number of similarities between Bon Voyage and the psycho-thriller And Soon the Darkness (1970), which concerned two English girls on a cycling tour of the French countryside being stalked by a killer. In both works, the French countryside is at the fore, yet becomes something sinister and brooding as the protagonists’ idyllic holiday goes wrong and members of their party go missing. The central theme in both is of English tourists alone in a pretty countryside, isolated by not knowing the language. Bon Voyage makes considerable virtue of its locations. The journey through the French countryside in the first part comes with a rustic beauty as we accompany the family on their drive through quaint villages and past regal old churches. The locations have been chosen for maximum pictographic value and, if nothing else, Bon Voyage serves as a fabulous travelogue of the French countryside.

The threat presented by Daniel Ryan and Fay Ripley initially hovers with an ambiguity and does not fully emerge until the end of the first part. You wonder for a time if much of it is not simply in Ben Miles and Rachael Blake’s minds – the supposedly sinister couple seem terribly normal and we wonder if Ben’s impulsive decision to leave the morning after meeting them is not just snobbery, while other scenes like the crazed road race seem more like him hot-headedly acting to threats he only imagines. We also see tensions bubbling beneath the family – Neil’s obsession with his work and the constant interruption of their holiday by work calls on his cellphone, the suggestion that Elizabeth might have had an affair and Rachel’s desire for freedom from parental control. The plot snakes around with considerable dexterity. There comes a jolt at the end of the first part when the family run the missing kid down and then, in an attempt to get help, their own children are abducted and they find themselves blamed for Toby’s murder by authorities.

In the second half, the image of the couple, particularly Fay Ripley with her chirpy provincial accent, pretending that everything is normal and determined to force the children to enact their concept of a family unit proves disquieting. Director John Fawcett constantly emphasizes the ordinariness of things – the cat nonchalantly walking by as Fay Ripley and Daniel Ryan come downstairs from the room where the children are imprisoned, or the sheer banality of them all playing a game of cards. This sits aside a sense of danger that explodes with a moment’s notice – like where the children both defy orders to feed toast to the cat, only for Daniel Ryan to get up and abruptly snap the cat’s neck. There is also a constant lurking undertow of sexual predatoriness between Daniel Ryan and 16-year-old Emily Beecham.

All the performances in the film are good to a person. Surprisingly, the best known among the group, Fay Ripley, gets the least screen time out of the adult principals and is unceremoniously outfitted in an obvious wig.

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bon voyage tv show

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bon voyage tv show

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bon voyage tv show

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When Neil and Elizabeth Aldred embark on a long-overdue holiday in the south of France with their children, Rachel and David, they are looking forward to spending quality time together as a family. But at their first campsite in the Pyrenees, they encounter a strange, overly friendly couple who may turn their vacation into a nightmare.

With Rachel and David kidnapped, the Aldreds are frantic to find help—but they meet with suspicion instead, when the authorities question them about Toby’s accident. Realizing they’re on their own, Neil and Elizabeth set out on a desperate search to save their children.

Cast & Crew

Neil Aldred

Rachael Blake

Elizabeth Aldred

Linda Holder

Daniel Ryan

Simon Holder

Emily Beecham

Rachel Aldred


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Bon Voyage (2006)

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The Best Moments from All Four Seasons of BTS Bon Voyage

the best moments from all four seasons of BTS Bon Voyage

In the almost eight years since BTS (방탄소년단) officially debuted into the K-pop music scene, they’ve garnered a staggeringly large fandom (collectively called ‘ARMY’) and have propelled themselves into international superstardom.

There are a multitude of reasons that ARMYs stan BTS, but one reason that resonates with us all is pretty simple: it’s their personalities.

You might scratch your head and wonder, “how could you possibly know anything about their personalities when you’ve never met them in real life??” Well, we’ve got their overwhelming amount of digital content to thank for that!

Alongside almost weekly videos on the official BTS YouTube channel , they produce their own reality and variety shows!

While there are so many BTS TV shows that we could talk about, we’re going to focus on one franchise in particular in this article: Bon Voyage .

Bon Voyage is BTS’ travel series with each season filmed in a new location. The episodes chronicle the members’ adventures through various cities and the activities that their team has laid out for them.

Of course, being the absolutely chaotic group that they are, their trips are never without a large dose of mishaps accompanied by cheeky antics left and right.

It’s during programs like Bon Voyage (and their extremely popular variety show Run BTS ! ) where they’re at their most comfortable, allowing fans to get a glimpse of their true personalities – not to mention witness the truly genuine love and respect between the members themselves.

Each season shows how they grow from clueless tourists to experienced travelers, and it’s a truly heartwarming experience to watch.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the most memorable moments from the four seasons of BTS’ Bon Voyage !

Bon Voyage Season 1: BTS in Northern Europe

In 2016, BTS witnessed the beautiful scenery and culture of Norway, Sweden, and Finland over a 10-day trip.

Because this was their first trip with no work involved, they had to handle everything themselves (barring the itinerary itself) without any help from staff or managers.

Needless to say, the mishaps never stopped and it was a chaotic learning experience for them all – especially for V, who had to fly in on his own due to scheduling conflicts!

Here are our top 4 iconic moments:

Jimin losing his luggage almost immediately

bon voyage tv show

As soon as they alighted from the airport bus on the way to their hostel, Jimin walked off to admire the scenery and completely forgot to get his suitcase from the bus storage. 10 minutes later he finally remembered but of course, the bus had already left.

RM, ever the leader, helped to call the consulate and airport bus company but vehemently insisted Jimin go alone to wait for the right bus and pick up his missing suitcase.

Poor Jimin – but the funniest part was him lamenting over his underwear being in the luggage and Jungkook saying, “you can just wash your underwear at night.”

V’s infamous prank camera debacle

bon voyage tv show

Like his best friend before him, V had forgotten his bag – with his money and passport in it – at a restaurant during one of their side trips in Norway. Unbeknownst to him, the camera crew had hidden it as a prank.

With the other members in on the joke, they began discussing what his options were and even had RM pretend to call the embassy. Eventually, it spiraled into an explosive argument between V and Jin, with V exclaiming he’ll just go home and walking off… only to return minutes later with his bag in hand!

As it turned out, he had caught on to their prank halfway through and to get his revenge, double-crossed the members by pretending to storm off. Peak acting from both V and Jin in that scene!

A prank comes true: RM loses his passport

bon voyage tv show

Truly living up to his reputation, RM somehow manages to actually lose his passport in Sweden.

For a while, it looked like there was still hope as he got travel documents from the Korean embassy. Later on, however, as they were enjoying their cruise to Finland, he and the members were informed that those documents would not be honored at the border and that he’d need to fly back to Korea.

It was pretty devastating because they all looked so bummed out that they wouldn’t be able to finish the trip as a complete group.

ARMYs joke that this was “The ‘Lost’ Season” because of how many times the members lost something – because Jimin, V, and RM weren’t the only ones (and RM lost his backpack once, too!).

J-Hope lost their cable car tickets, SUGA thought he lost his iPad, and they all lost track of Jungkook for a few minutes when he disappeared to take photos.

Oh, what did Jin lose? His patience – because everyone kept losing things.

Sauna time!

bon voyage tv show

I was hesitant to include any moments without RM, but their experience at the traditional Finnish sauna was just too funny.

What started as a relaxing session in the sauna room turned into friendly competitions to determine who would have to go into the freezing cold lake.

We all know how utterly hilarious their games can get and this did not disappoint – not to mention the screams of agony from the losers as they waded into the water!

Bon Voyage Season 2: BTS in Hawaii

In between the America and Asia legs of their Wings tour in 2017, BTS was able to take a short 9-day holiday in Hawaii! Thankfully, they didn’t lose a lot of things this time around.

The focus of this Bon Voyage season was “friendship” so they often spent time separately in order to “build up” their friendship: V and SUGA, RM and J-Hope, and Jin with Jungkook and Jimin.

However, these top 3 favorite moments from Hawaii are, of course, when all of them are together!

The chaos at Queen’s Marketplace

bon voyage tv show

Would it surprise anyone to learn that it was Jungkook at the helm of this chaos at the outdoor shopping mall. He decided to give every member a “solo performance”, following them around with a camera and blasting a song from his portable speakers.

The best part was when he tried to pull this off on SUGA, who was chilling with his iced coffee and absolutely did not want any part of it.

Despite the multiple cameras being waved around in his face (as Jungkook was now flanked by J-Hope, V, Jimin, and Jin), SUGA didn’t even budge. What a mood!

In the Behind Cut for this episode, we’re also treated to the gem of Jimin jokingly putting money into Jungkook’s hat as he sat singing on a bench – only for Jungkook to snatch it up and run away with it at top speed.

“What’s your name?” “Pornesian Parrapio.”

bon voyage tv show

The boys took a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center and the whole experience was full of fun memories.

Among these were the hula dance exhibition by V, J-Hope, and Jimin, Jungkook randomly screaming at the top of his lungs, and V accidentally spilling juice all over Jungkook and turning it into a life lesson with the “that’s just the way it is” line despite Jungkook’s death glare.

The part that has me wheezing, however, is when they went around and changed their names.

J-Hope became J-Dope, Jin became Bread Genie, Jungkook was Justin Seagull, Jimin became J-Move, SUGA became Yeon Kimin, and the most iconic of them all: RM’s Porrrrrnesian Parrrrrapio. The confused shock on Jin’s face was *chef’s kiss*.

The friendship cruise

bon voyage tv show

Make sure you have an entire box of tissues available nearby because I guarantee you’ll be sobbing.

The boys were asked to write letters to another member that they would be reading out loud on the end-of-trip cruise. When that time came, we were treated to one of the most heartwarming interactions between them as all of the letters were overflowing with memories, expressions of love, and overwhelming gratitude for being a friend and inspiration.

One particularly tear-jerking moment was when V read his letter for Jimin, who we all know to be his dearest friend in the group.

V mentioned how grateful he was to always be on the “receiving end” of Jimin’s care and how he was thankful to be able to debut with a friend who understands him “though [he is] lacking”.

Jimin responded that he was lucky to have a friend like V, which caused V (and all of us watching) to burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

Bon Voyage Season 3: BTS in Malta

The boys head back to Europe for Bon Voyage season 3 – but this time on the Southern end to the beautiful island country of Malta!

They stay in the capital city of Valletta and like in Hawaii, go on various “friendship” trips in pairs and groups (that changed up every day), giving them the chance to get to know each other better and perhaps have more serious, heart-to-heart conversations.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with the BTS boys in Malta!

Reunited once more!

bon voyage tv show

This short but sweet interaction between the members is enough to make your heart flutter with joy.

Due to personal reasons, V was a few days late to the trip and unfortunately, SUGA had to leave mid-trip as well – which meant they would have barely a day together as a complete group. When V finally arrives, you can see the pure joy in his signature boxy smile when he sees the others at their meeting place.

Jungkook is the first to spot him coming and as soon as he exclaims “Taehyung is here!”, the others immediately crane their necks and whip their heads around to find him. They exchange various greetings, with J-Hope even giving him a hug and quick kiss on the head.

They missed each other so much, and that was only a few days apart!

Jungkook and V debut as buskers

bon voyage tv show

On Jungkook and SUGA’s friendship night, SUGA decided to hit the hay early, leaving Jungkook with a flippant “do what you want”. Jungkook took the words to heart and sought permission from a small group of buskers to join them for one song (Adam Levine’s Lost Stars).

Upon hearing that their Golden Maknae was going to busk, Jin and J-Hope ran to show their support. A few nights later, V gathered the courage to give his own short performance on the streets of Valletta, this time to Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning.

Though the two BTS vocalists seemed nervous with their impromptu performance, they were absolutely captivating.

The sky-high dinner

bon voyage tv show

BTS dressed up nicely on the last night, expecting a special dinner – but their production crew had another trick up their sleeve.

The members were visibly nervous when they alighted from the car in front of what seemed like an empty construction lot… only to realize that their special dinner would be taking place on a platform some 40 meters in the air.

After getting over the initial shock and fear, they did end up enjoying themselves. They took turns reading letters they had written to themselves prior, and it was yet another tear-jerking session for the viewers as they each talked about their hardships and questioned their happiness (made even more heartbreaking when you realize later on that this was the time that they were considering disbanding!).

In the end, Jimin asked that they applaud their leader RM who Jimin said when they suffered, RM suffered more.

Bon Voyage Season 4: BTS in New Zealand

In the latest season – and the last one before COVID-19 hit – the boys head to New Zealand, yet another gorgeous destination that many of them had on their travel bucket list.

This is the trip where we, the fans, really got to see how much the boys had grown.

They used to constantly struggle to stay within their assigned budget but now, they were taking turns to pay for meals and pit-stop shopping trips for everyone; they were driving everywhere on their own. And thankfully, they were no longer losing their suitcases, passports, gadgets, or themselves.

Still, it was comforting to see them enjoy the little things and marvel at the beauty of the New Zealand scenery. They may have grown up, but they still haven’t lost that playful nature we all know and love them for.

No one gets left behind – except J-Hope

bon voyage tv show

On their second day, the boys were just driving through the countryside to get to their next destination at Lake Tekapo. BTS are known for pulling mischievous pranks and it was at a gas station that J-Hope was on the receiving end of one.

After shopping for outdoor essentials, J-Hope went back to return something he bought by accident and the other members decided to jokingly leave him behind.

When J-Hope realized what was happening, he looked genuinely affronted and constantly exclaimed his disbelief that they would do such a thing.

Meanwhile, the other members were cracking up, discussing how long they would wait and who would drive back to pick up their stranded member. Poor Hobi!

The day J-Hope, Jin, and V found their courage on the swings!

bon voyage tv show

One major stop on their itinerary was Nevis Swing & Catapult, an outdoor sports company that allows you to, well, swing and catapult over a beautiful valley.

It was just Jin, RM, and of course Jungkook on board at first but after some convincing, J-Hope and finally, V decided to give it a try as well.

Jimin and SUGA adamantly refused, with SUGA saying there was only a 0.1% chance he would ever do it and even announced to the viewers that the time has come when BTS has finally gone insane. To everyone’s surprise, J-Hope and Jin (known to be amongst the group’s cowards) volunteered to go first, followed by RM and V, and finally, daredevil Jungkook (who went the extra mile by doing it upside down).

V seemed to have found his courage while swinging through the air because he volunteered to do the catapult with Jungkook as well! You only live once, right?

Bangtan Snowman + ARMY

bon voyage tv show

They took a helicopter tour in Hawaii and now, they’re taking one over New Zealand. When the choppers landed on the pristine snowy mountaintops, the excitement on all the members’ faces was contagious – especially Jimin’s, who absolutely loves snow!

SUGA immediately grabbed a taste of the untouched snow while Jungkook set about building a giant snowball. While the 95s (V and Jimin) focused on writing “ARMY” in the snow with their footprints, the other members turned Jungkook’s snowball into a snowman’s body. Jin built his head and to round off the look, RM contributed his beanie, J-Hope gave his scarf, and Yoongi gave his sunglasses.

Their unadulterated joy at playing in the snow is a moment that we ARMYs often like to look back on.

Their final dinner

bon voyage tv show

It’s always the last special event of the season that stands out and this was no exception. The members enjoyed home-cooked feast care of V, Jimin, and J-Hope and took a trip down memory lane with their earlier songs.

One memorable scene is them jamming to “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas” from their pre-debut days and when Jungkook was still a sub-rapper – the shock and embarrassment on his face when his rap verse came on and the members burst into laughter at hearing his young voice!

They ended the night with another round of their favorite game UNO and it may have been their most chaotic, most extra UNO round yet. A free dinner was at stake, after all, and Jimin and V were so confident that they even bet three free dinners for the members if they lost!

Luckily for them, SUGA was the last man standing and now owes them all a free meal.

All four seasons of BTS’ Bon Voyage series is filled with a healthy dose of both side-splitting and heartwarming moments. It’s through shows like these that we are able to see a more personal and genuine side of BTS that allows us to love them beyond their visuals, music, and talent.

Bon Voyage is available for purchase on the official VLive BTS page .

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Den of Geek

All The BTS TV and Web Series to Watch From Chapter One 

BTS is entering a new chapter, which makes it the perfect time to watch (or rewatch) their many TV shows and web series from the past nine years.

bon voyage tv show

  • Share on Facebook (opens in a new tab)
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Five BTS members jump into the air while two crouch down for a picture in front of a New Zealand lake in BTS Bon Voyage Season 4

B TS announced today that, after nine years working and living together as a K-pop group, they will be shifting into a new chapter in which the seven members will devote more time to their solo music projects. While we will still be getting lots of music from the individual members (J-Hope is set to be the first to release another album, presumably before he headlines at Lollapalooza in July), the occasional episodes of Run BTS , and life updates via social media , BTS will not be making music and performing it together in the way they have over the past decade… at least not for the immediate future.

While the news has elicited sadness, especially perhaps from newer fans of the globally popular group, it has also been met with understanding and support from most members of the diverse fandom. And as we all wait for the next chapter in BTS history to begin, there is an expansive backlog of BTS content to watch or rewatch. While much of BTS’ content is, of course, music videos and performances, the Korean band has also produced a plethora of additional content in the form of web series, TV shows, and DVD boxsets. If you’re looking for something to binge while processing the transition news, here is you guide to reliving the adventures of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook so far…

Rookie King (2013)

How many episode s: 8 Where to watch: Viki

BTS debuted in 2013, and Rookie King was their first proper series. The variety show format is super popular in Korea, and many of BTS’ series use it. Rookie King is a variety show that features the members attempting different Korean TV program formats. In the show, BTS takes on different roles, including news anchors, bowlers, and basketball players. Early variety show BTS is truly a place where anything can happen. Rookie King would also give us our first proper example of BTS taking on cooking challenges, which continues to be a running (and hilarious) theme in BTS’ variety show presence today.

Ad – content continues below

American Hustle Life (2014)

How many episode s: 8

This BTS reality show that sees the members traveling to L.A. for two weeks to learn from “hip-hop tutors” like Coolio and Warren G can be tough to watch, as the series is nowhere near prepared to fully engage with K-pop’s history (and present) of cultural appropriation . That being said, sometimes discomfort is something to lean into, and the series can be a good jumping off point for non-Black BTS fans in particular to engage with the topic of K-pop cultural appropriation and also to see how far BTS has come since their debut. I recommend watching American Hustle Life in conjunction with analysis and insight from Black BTS fans, such as journalist Stitch of Stitch’s Media Mix , who has written extensively not only about BTS , but also about cultural appropriation in the age of K-pop .

GO! BTS (2014)

How many episode s: 1

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this one a series, as there is only one episode, but if you’re looking for more content from BTS’ early years, then Go! BTS is a good option. The 45-minute episode follows BTS on their trip to L.A. for KCON 2014. In addition to including some performance footage, the special gives us some of that variety program energy by sending the members on three missions around Laguna Beach.

BTS Summer & Winter Packages (2015-2020)

How many seasons : 6

While the terms “Summer Package” and “Winter Package” refer to entire content bundles, including photobooks and other kinds of merch, every package edition since 2015 has also included a “Making of” DVD that features the members of BTS on photos shoots in different locations around the world. The “Summer Packages” with behind-the-scenes featurettes have been shot in Malaysia, Dubai, the Philippines, Saipan, and Korea, while the 2020 “Winter Package” was shot in a very rainy Finland. If you like BTS Bon Voyage , but have already watched all of the season, then you should definitely check these out.

As with other DVD content on this list, the Winter and Summer Packages content bundles are not super easy to find, as they sold out quickly when they first went up on Weverse. However, you can find the DVDs on secondary markets like eBay, and also find the “Making Of” content via, um, secondary sites.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox!

BTS Gayo (2015-2017)

How many episode s: 15 Where to watch: VLive

BTS Gayo is another BTS variety show, in which the members play games that are specifically related to K-pop. For example, in the first episode, they have to guess iconic K-pop girl group songs based solely on dance clues from other members. BTS hasn’t released an episode of Gayo in a while, probably because the wider umbrella of Run BTS (see the next entry on the list) covers the sorts of K-pop-centric challenges BTS Gayo centers.

Run BTS! (2015-today)

How many episode s: 154 Where to watch: VLive

The ultimate BTS variety show , Run BTS has been, um, running since 2015. The show features the members competing in a variety of games, from zombie escape room challenges to foot volleyball to your classic game of mafia. If they win, they get a reward. If they lose, they get a punishment. Variety show games like this are only as effective as the degree to which the competitors take them seriously, and let me tell you: BTS is all in . These global pop stars may be millionaires, but they will throw down for a coupon like their lives depend on it. Early episodes of Run BTS include the members visiting many an amusement park, while later episodes have gotten both more contained and creative in the challenges. Rest assured, there is something here for everyone—just beware the spies and plot twists.

Run BTS went on hiatus at the end of last year, after six years and more than 154 episodes, but it is set to return during BTS’ hiatus. While it presumably will not have the same episode-a-week schedule as previous seasons, there will be new episodes!

BTS Memories (2015-present)

How many seasons : 6 Where to watch:   Weverse

For every year since 2015, BTS has released a “BTS Memories” DVD boxset that is an expansive behind-the-scenes chronicle of all of their activities from the year. If you’re a fan of BTS’ “Bangtan Bomb” series, which gives fans behind-the-scenes snippets from the members’ schedules, then you will love “BTS Memories.” “BTS Memories,” editions 2019 and 2020 are still available to purchase as DVDs via the Weverse shop, but you will have to get creative for previous years’ content.

Bon Voyage (2016-today)

How many episode s: 32 episodes, across 4 seasons Where to watch: VLive (Seasons 1-3), Weverse* (Season 4)

Bon Voyage is a travel reality show that follows BTS on various trips around the world, including northern Europe in Season 1, Hawaii in Season 2, Malta in Season 3, and New Zealand in Season 4. It’s interesting to see the members out and about in the world, having fun together and on a relative break. (This is still work, but they are not actively promoting or touring.) Over the course of Bon Voyage ‘s four seasons, you will see many a camper van adventure; many a games of rock, paper, scissors; and realize just how central Yoongi is to keeping these members fed when they are left on their own.

*For Weverse streaming content, purchase via the “media” section in the Weverse Shop app, then watch via Weverse via the app or online

Burn the Stage (2018)

How many episode s: 8 Where to watch: YouTube Premium

Burn the Stage is an eight-part series that tells the story of BTS’ massive 300-day The Wings Tour, which took up most of 2017 for the members. Including interviews and show footage, Burn the Stage follows a pretty standard concert film format, giving insight into BTS’ first major world tour. The series would later be turned into a movie, also called Burn the Stage , which was released later in 2018.

Bring the Soul (2019)

How many episode s: 6 Where to watch: Weverse

Similar to Burn the Stage , Bring the Soul is another glimpse into what BTS’ tour life is like. This six-part series follows the seven members of BTS during the Love Yourself World Tour, through the end of the tour’s third, European leg, which concluded in October 2019. It was also released in a more condensed movie format in Bring the Soul: The Movie .

Golden Closet Films (2019)

How many episode s: 7 Where to watch: YouTube, via the BangtanTV channel

Anyone who has ever seen a BTS performance knows how talented Jungkook is as a vocalist and dancer, but the golden maknae of BTS is also interested in filmmaking. Prior to directing the “Life Goes On” BTS music video in 2020, Jungkook released a series of short films in 2019 under the name Golden Closet Films, or G.C.F. The 20-something shot and edited each of the travelogues himself, giving his unique perspective into the life of BTS on the road.

BT21 (2019-today)

How many episode s: 8 main story shorts, plus many additional mini-stories Where to watch: YouTube

Latest Culture reviews

Little richard: i am everything reveals a sometimes reluctant rock pioneer, martin scorsese brings punk sophistication to david johansen documentary, moonage daydream is the ultimate look inside the mind of david bowie.

If you’re looking for some animated BTS content, check out the universe of BT21, a collaboration between Line Friends and BTS that you can see chronicled here . The members helped create the concepts for the BT21 characters, who are all adorable. From there, the animators began telling the story of Prince Tata, who hails from Planet BT, as he dreams about spreading love across the galaxy. Tata and guardian robot Van travel to Earth to begin the mission, where they meet Koya, RJ, Shooky, Mang, Chimmy, and Cooky, who band together with the ambition to become the most influential pop culture sensation in the galaxy. You can check out the members’ reaction to the initial storyline of shorts here .

Break the Silence (2020)

How many episode s: 7 Where to watch: Weverse

You didn’t think BTS was going to leave you hanging on the final leg of their Love Yourself World Tour, did you? The Break the Silence docu-series picks up where Bring the Soul leaves off, bringing fans on the final, Asian leg of the Love Yourself World Tour and into the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself extension of the tour, which extended the tour through October 2019. As you may have guessed, there is also a movie format version of Break the Silence .

In the Soop (2020-present)

How many episode s: 11 episodes, across two seasons Where to watch: Weverse

BTS gave us many gifts during the COVID-19 pandemic, but In the Soop may be the greatest. The series follows the seven members as they take a “break” from their work schedules to pursue hobbies, hang out, and watch Jin kill fish. Unlike BTS’ variety series, In the Soop has a much looser structure, allowing the members to relax a bit more. Each member made a list of activities they would like to try out while in the titular “soop” (“forest,” in Korean), but there is no reward or punishment for completing or not. Instead, the members can choose to spend their time as they wish, whether that be building Lego or racing remote control boats. (If you like In the Soop , don’t forget to check out shorter behind-the-scenes episodes, also available to watch via Weverse.)

In the Soop returned for a second, shorter season in 2021. Given that BTS will be producing episodes of Run BTS during their hiatus, it is possible they could produce another season of this popular show. At the very least, we will be getting an In the Soop “spin-off” season this summer, featuring V hanging out with his famous friend group, nicknamed the “Wooga squad,” which includes actors Choi Woo-shik, Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik and musician Peakboy.

The Rise of Bangtan (2021-present)

How many episode s: 21 episodes (and counting), plus bonus clips and deleted scenes Where to watch:  YouTube

While this fan-made docu-series isn’t made by BTS or HYBE, it has earned a spot on this list as one of the most comprehensive, well-made introductions to the first few years of BTS’ journey as a group. Made by professional editor and longtime ARMY Aneesa , The Rise of Bangtan follows Bangtan from their debut to (currently) the beginning of the “Love Yourself: Answer” era. With the series set to wrap up with “Chapter 23,” it is the perfect time to dive into this chronicle of what makes BTS special, if you haven’t yet already.

What is your favorite BTS series? Let us know in the comments below.

Kayti Burt

Kayti Burt | @kaytiburt

Kayti is a pop culture writer, editor, and full-time nerd who comes from a working class background. A member of the Television Critics Association, she specializes…


Bon Voyage (2006)

Bon Voyage

Streaming in:

Tubi TV

We checked for updates on 125 streaming services on April 9, 2024 at 12:03:48 a.m.. Something wrong? Let us know!

Bon Voyage - watch online: stream, buy or rent

Currently you are able to watch "Bon Voyage" streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads.

Where can I watch Bon Voyage for free?

Bon Voyage is available to watch for free today. If you are in Canada, you can:

  • Stream it online with ads on Tubi TV

If you’re interested in streaming other free movies and TV shows online today, you can:

  • Watch movies and TV shows with a free trial on Apple TV+

Newest Episodes

S1 e3 - episode 3, s1 e2 - season 1, s1 e1 - season 1.

When Neil and Elizabeth take their children on a camping holiday to France, they find themselves continually bumping into over-friendly couple Simon and Linda. Elizabeth finds the couple weird, but when they begin to spot Simon and Linda's campervan in their rear view mirror, and a young boy goes missing from the campsite, they realise the couple are more than creepy....they're dangerous.


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2006, Drama/Mystery & thriller, 2h 21m

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Bon voyage   photos.

A camping vacation in France becomes a nightmare for a family when they realize they are being stalked by a couple.

Genre: Drama, Mystery & thriller

Original Language: English

Director: John Fawcett

Runtime: 2h 21m

Production Co: Box TV, Cité-Amérique

Cast & Crew

Neil Aldred

Rachael Blake

Elizabeth Aldred

Linda Holder

Daniel Ryan

Simon Holder

Emily Beecham

Rachel Aldred

Cameron Ansell

David Aldred

Vincent Leclerc

Macha Grenon

Alexandre Nachi

John Fawcett

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    bon voyage tv show


  1. Bon Voyage (TV Mini Series 2006)

    Bon Voyage: With Fay Ripley, Ben Miles, Daniel Ryan, Rachael Blake. A married couple decide to take their children on a camping holiday trip to France but they soon find out another couple is stalking them.

  2. Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage - watch online: streaming, buy or rent. Currently you are able to watch "Bon Voyage" streaming on The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Freevee, Runtime for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video.

  3. Bon Voyage Season 1

    Streaming, rent, or buy Bon Voyage - Season 1: Currently you are able to watch "Bon Voyage - Season 1" streaming on The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Freevee, Runtime for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video.

  4. Bon Voyage (TV Mini Series 2006)

    Bon Voyage (TV Mini Series 2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  5. BTS: Bon Voyage (TV Series 2016- )

    BTS: Bon Voyage: With BTS, V, Jungkook, SUGA. BTS: Bon Voyage is a reality show about members of South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) travelling. It shows them in everyday situations that every traveller encounters and offers an unique insight in members' lives.

  6. Bon Voyage

    Find out how to watch Bon Voyage. Stream the latest seasons and episodes, watch trailers, and more for Bon Voyage at TV Guide

  7. Watch Bon Voyage

    Things take a very definite turn for the worst, a desperate search for the children begins.

  8. Bon Voyage (2006)

    Bon Voyage is a psycho-thriller made for British tv and shown in two two-hour slots. The British television psycho-thriller is a considerably underrated genre and has produced a number of excellent movies and mini-series in recent years, including the likes of Cracker (1993-6), Wire in the Blood (2002-8), Cold Blood (2005-6) and Like Father Like Son (2005).

  9. Watch Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage. Season 1. A married couple decide to take their children on a camping holiday trip to France but they soon find out another couple is stalking them. 6 2006 2 episodes. 13+. Suspense · Drama. Freevee (with ads) More purchase. options.

  10. Watch Bon Voyage S01:E01

    TV-MA. Thriller · Mystery. A family camping holiday in France becomes a nightmare for Neil and Elizabeth when they bump into Simon and Linda. Subtitles: English. Starring: Emily Beecham Ben Miles Rachael Blake Fay Ripley Daniel Ryan Vincent Leclerc. Directed by: John Fawcett. Season 1.

  11. BTS: Bon Voyage: All Episodes

    Premiered July 5, 2016. Runtime 45m. Total Runtime 1d 5h 48m (32 episodes) Country Korea, Republic of. Languages Korean. Studio Big Hit Entertainment. Genres Reality. Links IMDB, TMDB, TVDB,, JustWatch, Wikipedia. BTS: Bon Voyage is a reality show about members of South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) travelling.

  12. Bon Voyage

    Bon Voyage Thriller 2006 Available on Prime Video, Tubi TV, Amazon Freevee, Plex A British family's plans for a restful vacation in the south of France turn into every parent's worst nightmare when they encounter a mysterious couple who seem to be stalking them. ... ACORN TV Released 2006 Rated TV-MA Languages Subtitles English (United States ...

  13. Bon Voyage Season 1

    Bon Voyage is available to watch for free today. If you are in Canada, you can: Stream 2 episodes online with ads on Tubi TV. If you're interested in streaming other free movies and TV shows online today, you can: Watch movies and TV shows with a free trial on Apple TV+.

  14. Bon Voyage (TV Mini Series 2006)

    Bon Voyage is a very well made two part drama. It starts off at a fairly slow pace, but transforms into something much darker, the threat that is posed turning out to be much more menacing than first anticipated. As it progresses, things begin to make sense, you kind of put the pieces together as you go along.

  15. The Best Moments from All Four Seasons of BTS Bon Voyage

    Each season shows how they grow from clueless tourists to experienced travelers, and it's a truly heartwarming experience to watch. With that being said, let's take a look at the most memorable moments from the four seasons of BTS' Bon Voyage! Bon Voyage Season 1: BTS in Northern Europe. In 2016, BTS witnessed the beautiful scenery and ...

  16. BTS: Bon Voyage (2016)

    Buy on Amazon. Add to List. 8.6. Your Rating: 0 /10. Ratings: 8.6 /10 from 3,667 users. # of Watchers: 6,904. Reviews: 4 users. In season one, let's see stories of BTS travelling around North Europe during 10 days, celebrating their 3rd year! Edit Translation.

  17. BTS Bon Voyage (Seasons 1-4)

    Bon Voyage Synopsis. Bon Voyage is a reality show that can be purchased & viewed on the global platform, Weverse. This show follows BTS as they travel the world and tackle different situations that travelers might encounter while vacationing. As of 2020, there are a total of 4 seasons and they can be purchased via Weverse Shop:

  18. Bon Voyage

    Currently you are able to watch "Bon Voyage" streaming on Freevee, Runtime for free with ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video. Newest Episodes . S1 E3 - Episode 3. S1 E2 - Season 1. S1 E1 - Season 1. Synopsis. ... Every Guy Ritchie Movie and TV Show, In Order - and How to Stream Them;

  19. Bon Voyage!

    Harry must sort out the romantic messes if he's going to get his family home in one piece. Genre: Comedy. Original Language: English. Director: James Neilson. Release Date (Theaters): May 17, 1962 ...

  20. All The BTS TV and Web Series to Watch From Chapter One

    Bon Voyage is a travel reality show that follows BTS on various trips around the world, including northern Europe in Season 1, Hawaii in Season 2, Malta in Season 3, and New Zealand in Season 4 ...

  21. Bon Voyage

    Currently you are able to watch "Bon Voyage" streaming on Tubi TV for free with ads. Where can I watch Bon Voyage for free? Bon Voyage is available to watch for free today. If you are in Canada, you can: ... you can: Watch movies and TV shows with a free trial on Apple TV+ ; Newest Episodes . S1 E3 - Episode 3. S1 E2 - Season 1. S1 E1 - Season 1.

  22. Bon Voyage

    Movie Info. A camping vacation in France becomes a nightmare for a family when they realize they are being stalked by a couple. Genre: Drama, Mystery & thriller. Original Language: English ...