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Synonyms for traveller

  • globetrotter
  • holiday-maker
  • excursionist
  • New Age traveller
  • travelling salesman
  • representative
  • commercial traveller

a person who changes location

Related words.

  • air traveler
  • air traveller
  • business traveler
  • fellow traveler
  • fellow traveller
  • motorcyclist
  • holidaymaker
  • bird of passage
  • travel and entertainment account
  • travel bargain
  • travel expense
  • travel guidebook
  • travel iron
  • travel plan
  • travel purposefully
  • travel rapidly
  • travel reimbursement
  • travel time
  • traveler's check
  • traveler's joy
  • traveler's letter of credit
  • traveler's tree
  • traveling bag
  • traveling salesman
  • traveling wave
  • traveller's check
  • traveller's joy
  • traveller's letter of credit
  • traveller's tree
  • travelling bag
  • travelling wave
  • travel-soiled
  • travel-stained
  • travel-worn
  • traversable
  • Traverse City
  • Traveling-Wave Multiple-Beam Klystron
  • Traveling-Wave Parametric Amplifier
  • Traveling-Wave Photo-Detector
  • traveling-wave phototube
  • Traveling-wave tube
  • traveling-wave-tube amplifier
  • Traveling-Wire Micrometer
  • travelingly
  • travelled across
  • travelled all over
  • travelled at a fast clip
  • travelled by
  • travelled for
  • travelled light
  • travelled on
  • travelled over
  • travelled through
  • travelled with
  • travelledly
  • Traveller Education Information Project
  • Traveller Education Services
  • Traveller Education Support Option
  • Traveller Health Unit
  • Traveller Information Services Association
  • Traveller Language Development List
  • Traveller Law Research Unit
  • Traveller Learning Support Assistant
  • Traveller Liaison Officer
  • traveller's check
  • Traveller's cheque
  • traveller's cheques
  • Traveller's Clot
  • Traveller's diarrhea
  • Traveller's diarrhoea
  • traveller's joy
  • traveller's joys
  • traveller's letter of credit
  • Traveller's palm
  • Traveller's Road Information Portal
  • Traveller's Syndrome
  • Traveller's Thrombosis
  • traveller's tree
  • Traveller's-joy
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Synonyms and antonyms of travel in English


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Synonyms of traveling

  • as in roaming
  • as in touring
  • as in traversing
  • as in flying
  • as in running
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Thesaurus Definition of traveling

 (Entry 1 of 2)

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • peripatetic
  • galavanting
  • gallivanting
  • fiddle - footed

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • nonmigratory
  • established

Thesaurus Definition of traveling  (Entry 2 of 2)

  • pilgrimaging
  • peregrinating
  • knocking (about)
  • perambulating
  • road - tripping
  • barnstorming
  • cutting (across)
  • passing (over)
  • proceeding (along)
  • crisscrossing
  • cannonballing
  • accelerating
  • cracking (on)
  • highballing
  • stepping on it
  • getting a move on
  • making tracks
  • shaking a leg
  • hotfooting (it)
  • stepping out
  • outstripping
  • catching up
  • fast - forwarding
  • hanging (around or out)
  • decelerating
  • slowing (down or up)
  • dillydallying
  • associating
  • collaborating
  • fraternizing
  • rubbing elbows (with)
  • keeping company (with)
  • messing around
  • rubbing shoulders (with)
  • befriending
  • taking up with
  • falling in with
  • socializing
  • consociating
  • being friends with
  • cooperating
  • palling (around)
  • getting along
  • affiliating
  • interrelating
  • confederating
  • splitting (up)
  • breaking up
  • cold - shouldering
  • dissociating

Phrases Containing traveling

traveling bag

Articles Related to traveling

woman looking at departures board

Is it ‘traveling’ or...

Is it ‘traveling’ or ‘travelling’?

A tale of two variants

Thesaurus Entries Near traveling

Cite this entry.

“Traveling.” Merriam-Webster.com Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/thesaurus/traveling. Accessed 30 May. 2024.

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noun as in person who journeys

Strongest matches

Strong matches

  • barnstormer
  • excursionist
  • globetrotter

Weak matches

  • displaced person
  • expeditionist
  • transmigrant

Discover More

Example sentences.

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, a flight deal was shared in an exclusive Facebook group for urban travelers.

Brands like Lo & Sons and Delsey are already tapping Travel Noire to connect with black travelers.

These days, to be featured by Travel Noire on Instagram is like a badge of honor for many black millennial travelers.

But their record shows that travelers to Indonesia need to be very wary of any flight connections they make.

There are few paved roads, and at the airport, soldiers outnumber travelers.

Yet it certainly would render the country more agreeable to strangers, whether sojourners or mere travelers.

When Europeans, native travelers and mails were swept out of existence they fought each other.

To travelers blessed with golden sunshine, the Rhine may wear a grander, nobler aspect, and to such I leave it.

This rule however does not apply to travelers walking along a rural highway.

He must keep a reasonably careful lookout for other travelers in order to avoid collision; also for defects in the highway.

On this page you'll find 43 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to travelers, such as: passenger, tourist, commuter, adventurer, migrant, and sailor.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Synonyms of 'traveller' in British English

Additional synonyms.

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What is another word for traveller ?

Synonyms for traveller trav·eller, this thesaurus page includes all potential synonyms, words with the same meaning and similar terms for the word traveller ., princeton's wordnet rate this synonym: 1.0 / 1 vote.

traveler, traveller noun

a person who changes location

Synonyms: traveler

Matched Categories

Dictionary of english synonymes rate these synonyms: 3.0 / 1 vote.

  • traveller noun

Synonyms: [written also Traveler .] wayfarer , voyager , itinerant , tourist , passenger , PILGRIM

PPDB, the paraphrase database Rate these paraphrases: 0.0 / 0 votes

List of paraphrases for "traveller":

voyageur , traveler , travellers , nomadic , passenger , travelling , nomad , voyageurs , travelers , passengers , itinerant , travel

Suggested Resources

Song lyrics by traveller -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by traveller on the Lyrics.com website.

How to pronounce traveller?

How to say traveller in sign language, words popularity by usage frequency, how to use traveller in a sentence.

Ry Cooder :

Travelling is hard. I'm no traveller. I hate flying, and I hate hotels.

George Bernard Shaw :

I'm not a teacher only a fellow-traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead-ahead of myself as well as you.

The skillful traveller leaves no traces of his wheels...

Michael Palin :

I am not a great cook, I am not a great artist, but I love art, and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller.

Francis Bacon, 1597-1625 :

When a traveller returneth home, let him not leave the countries where he hath travelled altogether behind him.

Use the citation below to add these synonyms to your bibliography:

Style: MLA Chicago APA

"traveller." Synonyms.com. STANDS4 LLC, 2024. Web. 30 May 2024. < https://www.synonyms.com/synonym/traveller >.


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  • traveling man
  • traveling preacher
  • traveling salesman noun
  • traveling wave noun
  • travelled adj
  • traveller's check noun
  • traveller's joy noun
  • traveller's letter of credit noun
  • traveller's tree noun

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traveller synonyms

Family infected with brain worm disease after eating black bear meat, CDC reports

A rare parasite hit six relatives at a may 2022 family gathering where they ate undercooked black bear meat. that led to an infection of roundworms, which can make their way to the brain and heart..

traveller synonyms

Six relatives got infected with brain worms after eating black bear meat one of the family members had harvested, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A group of nine extended family members gathered in May 2022 in South Dakota and ate grilled kabobs of vegetables and black bear meat, harvested by one of the family members in northern Saskatchewan, Canada in May 2022, the CDC says in a report published May 23 in the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report .

After a few ate some of the meat, they noticed it was undercooked, so they cooked the meat some more, according to the report , written by CDC and state health officials.

Six days later, one of the family members, a 29-year-old man, was hospitalized with symptoms including fever, severe muscle aches and pains, swelling around the eyes, and eosinophils (high count of white blood cells that support the immune system).

During a second hospitalization, health care providers learned about the bear meat consumption and treated him with albendazole , which is used to treat trichinellosis, a disease caused by an infection of microscopic and parasitic roundworms.

The bear meat had been frozen and, while freezing kills many some Trichinella worms, others are freeze-resistant. When people ingest infected meat, larvae can evolve and produce more parasites.

Worms can make their way through the body to the heart and brain , which can lead to inflammation of the heart muscle and brain. There they can form cysts and potentially cause seizures.

Memorial Day grilling tips: Holiday weekend kicks off summer cookout season. Follow these tips to avoid food illnesses

Six at family gathering infected with roundworms

Symptoms of trichinellosis can include stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, the CDC says.

But some people who contract the worms may see no symptoms at all, infectious disease specialist Dr. Céline Gounder said recently in an interview with "CBS Mornings." Gounder added usually these parasites get "walled off by your immune system and they get calcified." CBS News first reported the CDC report.

After the Minnesota Department of Health began an investigation, researchers learned that the outbreak involved a total of six from the gathering who were infected – four who ate the meat and two who ate just vegetables. They ranged in age from 12 to 62 and resided in Minnesota, Arizona and South Dakota, according to the report.

Among those who were sickened, two more were hospitalized and also treated with albendazole, the CDC said.

How can eating bear meat lead to getting brain worms?

Black bears are likely carriers of roundworms. As many as 24% of black bears in Canada and Alaska may be infected, the CDC says. The bear meat in this case was tested and found to have Trichinella nativa, a freeze-resistant type of roundworm.

Still, reported cases of trichinellosis are rare, with the CDC logging only seven outbreaks from January 2016 to December 2022, with 35 probable and confirmed cases, the agency said. Bear meat was the confirmed or suspected source of infection in the majority of those outbreaks, the CDC said.

Bear meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees to kill the parasites. Since infected meat can cross-contaminate other foods, the raw meat should be kept and prepared separately, the agency said.

Brain worms have been in the news recently after a report in The New York Times that years ago doctors had found a dead worm in the brain of Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Contributing: Emily DeLetter and Eric Lagatta. Follow Mike Snider on X and Threads:  @mikesnider  & mikegsnider .

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traveller synonyms

Today's NYT Connections Hints and Answer for May 30 (#354)

Quick links, what is connections, hints for today's connections groups, today's nyt connections answers, how did we solve this connections game, how do you guess connections groups.

Connections is a game from the New York Times that challenges you to find the association between words. It sounds easy, but it isn't—Connections categories can be almost anything, and they're usually quite specific. If you need a hand getting the answers, we've got you covered.

Connections is a game from the New York Times. The objective is simple: sort 16 words into groups of 4. Each group of words will be connected by some common idea or theme. That common element could be anything. We have seen everything from games that rely on the number of letters in the words to categories that require you to spot an extra letter at the end of the word. Sometimes they're references to economics, other times they reference fairy tales. There is no telling what sort of association there will be between words.

Once you're confident you understand the connection, select 4 words, then hit "Submit." You have only four attempts in total, so don't be too guess-happy.

Here are a few hints for the 354th Connections game to get you started:

  • Yellow: When you attack and steal things.
  • Green: Social power.
  • Blue: Also, bald or a mullet.
  • Purple: ____ and needles is what you feel when your arm falls asleep.

If you still need help, the actual group names are:

  • Yellow: Plunder.
  • Green: Influence.
  • Blue: Hairstyles.
  • Purple: ____ Pin.

Plunder (Yellow):

Loot, Raid, Rob, Sack

Influence (Green):

Clout, Pull, Sway, Weight

Hairstyles (Blue):

Bob, Chop, Fade, Shag

____ Pin (Purple):

Bobby, Hair, Push, Safety

May 30th was a pretty average game. The first word I noticed was sway. Sway can mean to move back and forth, but it can also mean "influence." With influence in mind, cloud, pull, and weight seemed like good fits. Green was "Influence" in the sense of "She was very influential."

Next I saw loot. Loot can be a noun or a verb, but either way, I immediately thought of piracy. Raid, rob, and sack are also words that mean "to steal," so I figured they probably belonged together. Yellow group was "Plunder."

That left only 8 words left. Bob and bobby are annoyingly similar, and therefore probably not in the same group. Bob can mean to move (as in something floating in water), but it can also refer to a haircut. With haircut in mind, fade and shag stood out immediately. Chop is more often a verb unrelated to haircuts, but it also describes a trendy haircut. Together, bob, chop, fade, and shag were "Hairstyles" in the Blue group.

That left bobby, hair, push, and safety in Purple. As usual, I started throwing words on the end to see if anything felt right. Pin was the first word I tried out (what else goes after bobby?), and it also worked for every other remaining word too! Purple was "____ Pin."

There is no quick, reliable way to approach Connections like there is with Wordle, since Connections isn't algorithmic. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help.

  • Look for similar parts of speech . Are some words verbs and others nouns? Are some adjectives? Try mentally grouping them based on those categories and see if any other patterns jump out at you.
  • Are the words synonyms? Sometimes categories will just be synonyms for a phrase, or very close to synonyms. Don't rely too closely on this, though. Occasionally, Connections will deliberately throw in words that are sometimes synonyms to mislead you.
  • Try saying the words. Sometimes, saying the words helps. One puzzle we saw included the words go, rate, faster, clip, pace, speed, move, commute, and hurryall of which are obviously related to the idea of motion. However, when you say them, it becomes a little more obvious that only four (go, move, hurry, faster) are things you'd actually say to prompt someone to get moving.
  • Expect the red herring . Connections usually has words that could be plausibly, yet incorrectly, grouped together. Take the words Bud, Corona, and Light, as an example. You might instinctively see those three words together and assume they're lumped together in a category related to beerbut they weren't.
  • Look for distinct words. If a word on your board doesn't have multiple meanings or can really only be used in one context, try using that word as the basis for a category.
  • Shuffle the board. Sometimes, moving words around will help you look at them in new ways.

If you didn't solve this one, don't feel too bad—there's always tomorrow! And those words may align with a topic you're interested in, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Today's NYT Connections Hints and Answer for May 30 (#354)

Austrian Man Discovers Hundreds of Mammoth Bones While Renovating His Wine Cellar

Owner Andreas Pernerstorfer thought he’d found a piece of wood, but then he remembered something his grandfather had said about finding teeth in the cellar decades ago

Sarah Kuta

Daily Correspondent

Lots of different bones on the ground with a man leaning over them

Andreas Pernerstorfer was renovating his wine cellar in northern Austria when he stumbled upon something unusual.

Initially, he thought he’d found a piece of wood that had been left behind by his grandfather, he tells BBC News ’ Bethany Bell.

But then Pernerstorfer remembered something his grandfather had mentioned once about finding teeth in the cellar while renovating it decades ago. He wondered if what he thought was a piece of wood was actually something more special.

When he reported his discovery, it turned out his instincts were right: Pernerstorfer’s wine cellar was full of huge mammoth bones—at least 300 of them, reports CNN ’s Lianne Kolirin.

Since the middle of May, researchers with the Austrian Archaeological Institute at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) have been excavating the site, which is located in Gobelsburg, a small town about 45 minutes northwest of Vienna.

So far, they’ve found bones that belonged to three individual mammoths, plus charcoal and stone artifacts. They believe the bones—which were stacked on top of one another—are between 30,000 and 40,000 years old.

“I’ve worked in many parts of the world and have never seen so many mammoths in one place,” says Hannah Parow-Souchon , the Austrian Academy of Sciences archaeologist who is leading the dig, to the Washington Post ’s Victoria Bisset.

Woman in a red jacket brushing off a mammoth bone with a man kneeling nearby

Eventually, the bones will be given to the Natural History Museum Vienna for restoration. Since they started their work this spring, archaeologists have only excavated a 129-square-foot site. They hope to return in August to continue digging.

Roughly 150 years ago, a neighboring wine cellar turned up charcoal, flint artifacts and jewelry. The archaeologists think the two wine cellars probably belong to the same site. Meanwhile, other similar sites in Austria and neighboring countries were excavated more than a century ago and have “largely been lost to modern research,” according to a statement from the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The discovery marks the “first time we’ve been able to investigate something like this in Austria using modern methods,” says Parow-Souchon in the statement. “Such a dense bone layer of mammoths is rare.”

It’s not clear how or why three different mammoths ended up in the same spot—nor whether they died there or died elsewhere and were later transported to the site. One possibility is that early humans set up a trap or took advantage of the natural topography to ensnare them.

“We have strong indications that [humans] hunted for them but we have no idea how,” says Parow-Souchon to NBC News ’ Alex Holmes. “We know that elephants have issues with slopes, so maybe they were hunted on a slope and therefore vulnerable.”

Mammoths, including woolly mammoths , are the extinct ancestors of modern elephants. These huge, tusked mammals roamed the Earth during the Pleistocene and early Holocene epochs, before disappearing roughly 4,000 years ago . Today, discoveries of the remains of these massive creatures can reveal insights into the species—and the ways that early humans interacted with them .

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Sarah Kuta

Sarah Kuta | READ MORE

Sarah Kuta is a writer and editor based in Longmont, Colorado. She covers history, science, travel, food and beverage, sustainability, economics and other topics.

What you need to know before you go to the Netherlands

May 26, 2024 • 9 min read

traveller synonyms

Everywhere in the Netherlands is easily accessible, like Rotterdam with its mix of architecture © Victor Maschek / Shutterstock

With its beautiful cities and countryside of polders, dykes, windmills and canals connected by superb, sustainable infrastructure, the Netherlands is one of the easiest places to travel. As a visitor, you won’t find too many potential pitfalls, but there are still a few things to be aware of (starting with getting its name right!). Having written about this charming and fascinating country for almost two decades (and experienced it over a lifetime), these are my key tips for a smooth trip.

1. It’s the Netherlands (not Holland)

You’ll come across plenty of references to “Holland” as a synonym for the entire country (it’s only recently started transitioning out of use by the Dutch tourism authority ) but in fact Holland refers to just two of the country’s 12 provinces: Noord-Holland (North Holland; Haarlem is the provincial capital, while Amsterdam is the largest city and national capital) and Zuid-Holland (South Holland; Den Haag is the provincial capital and seat of government and royalty, with Rotterdam the largest city). The rest of the country is not Holland, and the nation as a whole is the Netherlands.

You might also hear references to the Randstad, the conurbation that takes in the Netherlands’ biggest cities in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Utrecht, which forms the country’s economic engine and is home to almost half of its population.

The Pllek cafe at NDSM wharf in Amsterdam's hipster area in Amsterdam Noord, Netherlands.

2. Remember there’s more to Amsterdam than the city center – and more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam

Amsterdam is where most people arrive, and for many it’s their only destination. With visitor numbers skyrocketing, the Dutch capital is balancing overtourism through measures such as raising tourist taxes; restricting short-stay apartment rental and house swaps; capping the number of annual overnight visitors; halving river cruises; and closing its ocean-liner cruise ship port completely. It is also deterring raucous, hard-partying “nuisance tourists” (by banning organized pub crawls and curbing central bar and club opening hours) while still welcoming respectful visitors.

You don’t have to go far from the center to discover fantastic, often under-the-radar neighborhoods, such as Amsterdam’s West, Oost (East) and Noord (North), where you’ll get a deeper insight into local life. Positive-impact tours run by Tours That Matter are also a great way to get off the tourist track.

Added to that, the Netherlands’ compact size and excellent transport puts the country’s grand cities, classic landscapes and exhilarating things to do (and invariably cheaper prices) right on Amsterdam’s doorstep.

3. Decide how long to spend in the Netherlands

Crossing the country takes just a few hours but there’s a lot to see. A week will give you time to experience Amsterdam and surrounding destinations (such as Haarlem , Utrecht , Leiden , Delft , Den Haag and Rotterdam ). The longer you have, the more you can explore all corners of the country, from the Frisian coast and islands to superbly preserved Hanseatic cities such as Deventer and Zwolle, and the hilly southeast around vibrant Maastricht .

When you’re putting together your itinerary, you can get a good sense of travel times on journey planner 9292.nl , which calculates the most efficient public transport routes throughout the country. Traveling by bike, using the country’s extensive system of short- and long-distance cycleways, is also entirely viable and an enjoyable way to get around. Cycling is part of the Dutch DNA (locals ride literally everywhere: work, dinner, the opera, you name it), so you’ll be in good company.

Discover the best ways to get around the Netherlands

Visitors in modern main hall in the new atrium of the Rijksmuseum. Entrance to museum, massive ceiling decorations and people in dutch national museum.

4. Book museum time-slots in advance to avoid missing out

As the home turf of artistic masters from Rembrandt and Vermeer to Van Gogh, Mondrian and MC Escher, the Netherlands brims with incredible art, and hundreds of museums also showcase the country’s rich history, traditions and diversity. Increasingly, museum entry requires you to reserve a time slot online. These can quickly fill up in advance, so book them a few weeks ahead (even earlier for the Anne Frank Huis ), so you have a framework for the rest of your schedule.

5. Lock in accommodation and popular restaurant bookings ahead of time, too

Especially if you’re traveling in the high summer season or during festivals, events and holidays, you should make sure you have your accommodation booked ahead. High-end and/or popular restaurants should also be reserved well in advance.

Netherlands, Hillegom, Tulip field in morning mist. Woman cycling

6. Pack practically and plan for fickle weather

There’s a reason windmills are a fixture across the flat landscape: it can get distinctly breezy here (the uniquely Dutch verb uitwaaien means “to clear one's head by taking a walk outdoors in the windy fresh air”), and the maritime climate also means plenty of rain, so pack waterproofs, no matter the season. You’ll also be glad of comfortable, sturdy footwear for walking on all terrains, a slimline daypack and layers you can quickly put on if things turn chilly. Warm clothes, gloves and a woolen hat are essential in winter.

The Dutch cycling culture means fashion is not only stylish (Dutch design is big here) but practical (such as flat soles and clothing that won’t get caught in bicycle spokes).

Consider traveling to the Netherlands outside the summer peak: here’s the best time to go

 7. Anticipate what to expect at your accommodation

Accommodation in the Netherlands can spring a few surprises on the uninitiated. In older buildings especially, there might not be air conditioning and elevators might be tiny or non-existent (and Dutch staircases can be precipitously steep, often more akin to ships’ ladders). Attitudes tend to be quite liberal and straightforward, and bathrooms can be more open-plan than you might expect and/or have limited screening (yes, often even the toilets). If modesty is important to you, this is something you’ll want to look into when booking; once you check in, alternative rooms might not be available.

To let natural light in, hotels and residential homes and apartments often have large windows without blinds or drapes, but in a small, densely populated country, people respect each other’s privacy.

Gin tasting at De Admiraal in Amsterdam where a barman pours gin into tasting glasses.

8. Get to grips with Dutch communication

The Dutch are clear, concise communicators, favoring directness over small talk. To visitors, this might come across as bracingly frank but it’s simply intended to be pragmatic, open and honest. Punctuality is expected in formal and social situations.

Excellent, fluent English is widely spoken, but a few words of Dutch can help grease the wheels of communication, such as goedemorgen/goedendag/goedenavond (good morning/day/evening), tot ziens (goodbye), alstublieft/alsjeblieft (formal/informal for please), and dank u wel/dank je wel (formal/informal for thank you). Toast a frothy beer or jenever (aka genever; Dutch gin) with proost (cheers) while making eye contact with everyone you’re toasting. Dutch drinking culture is social, revolving around food and friends, starting with borrel (“drinks”) before uitgaan (going out).

9. Embrace sustainability

In a country lying mostly below sea level, environmental concerns have long been top of mind, and the Dutch are blazing the way on sustainability. The Netherlands is aiming for a circular economy by 2050 , reusing, repairing and recycling renewable materials to eliminate waste, and rapid progress is being achieved across day-to-day life. Everything you can do as a visitor (using eco-friendly transport, minimizing energy consumption, packaging and food waste, dining on local and organic produce and shopping sustainably) will help.

10. Understand tipping etiquette

In the Netherlands, remuneration in hospitality professions includes service, so staff here aren’t working for tips. That being said, many people do tip moderately (up to around 10%) for excellent service, especially in restaurants and bars where drinks are brought to the table.  

11. Carry both cards and cash

Contactless cards and app-based ”smart wallet” digital payments are becoming increasingly common (such as the public transport system), and many businesses such as cafes, restaurants and shops (even some supermarkets) in larger cities especially are entirely cashless. On the flipside, many traditional establishments don’t take cards and only accept cash. It’s handy to have a mix of cash and cards to cover your bases.

A woman rides a cargo bike with children in Amsterdam

12. Beware of bike lanes

Bike-lane traffic can move much faster, and in much higher volumes, than you might expect. Along with speedy cyclists, beware of motorized electric bikes and larger cargo bikes. As a pedestrian, be vigilant when crossing the road. Wandering into a bike lane without looking in both directions can cause serious accidents. Drivers should be extra mindful.

If you’re joining the locals and cycling yourself, watch out for other cyclists and oblivious pedestrians as well as vehicles, and ring your bicycle bell as a warning as often as necessary. Cross tram tracks at a sharp angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck. Before heading out, familiarize yourself with the rules of participating in Dutch traffic .

Save this guide to the best cycling routes in the Netherlands

13. Take care on and around canals

The Netherlands’ picturesque waterways in its cities, towns and countryside are rarely if ever fenced or protected by barriers. Keep an eye out, especially if you’re traveling with young children. If you’re renting a boat to explore (one of the best things you can do in the Netherlands), ensure life jackets are provided for all passengers, including for kids.

14. Drink the tap water freely

Tap water is high quality and safe to drink throughout the Netherlands (any exceptions will be clearly indicated).

15. Don’t be alarmed by the signal testing of sirens (but do take them seriously in an emergency)

If you’re here at noon on the first Monday of the month (public holidays excepted), you’ll hear the Netherlands’ public warning sirens sound for an uninterrupted one minute and 26 seconds, when they’re simultaneously tested across the country. If you hear them at any other time, you should assume it’s an emergency (such as a fire or flood) and follow local instructions.

16. Stay safe and know how to find help if you need it

The Netherlands is an extremely safe country, but you should take the usual precautions in big cities, and watch out for pickpockets in areas where tourists congregate (such as main railway stations). Protect against bicycle theft by parking in secure bike-parking stations where possible, and always use two locks (one should be attached to a fixed structure like a bike rack).

For a minor illness or injury, an apotheek (pharmacy) can provide advice and sell over-the-counter medication, and advise where to get more specialized help.

It’s important to be aware that cannabis is illegal in the Netherlands, and while small quantities (up to 5g) are generally tolerated by authorities, it’s policed differently by municipalities across the country, and some areas enforce cannabis-smoking bans in public places. (Government policies are also apt to change.) Never buy any drugs on the streets – fatalities can and do occur.

In a serious emergency, contact the police, fire and ambulance services by dialing 112. If things do go wrong during your trip, it will help to have easily accessed back-up copies of your travel insurance policy.

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