1. Twodsix

    A Game System for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Twodsix: A system for use with the Cepheus Engine Core Rules, Traveller (unofficial), and other similar games. This Product is derived from the Traveller System Reference Document and other Open Gaming Content made available by the Open Gaming License, and does not contain closed content from products ...

  2. Traveller on VTTs

    I'm fairly new to Foundry VTT and, having taken the plunge, would like to play the current version of Traveller on there. At present there is a really excellent system for TwodSix SF roleplaying, using information based from Cepheus. It would be great to get official support for the VTT...

  3. Traveller on Foundry? : r/FoundryVTT

    You can use the 'twodsix' to run Traveller or Cepheus systems. I dont have Traveller specific tips, as I dont think running Traveller is much different on vtt than most systems. You have posted a question about FoundryVTT. If you feel like your question is properly answered, please reply to any comment in this thread with the word Answered ...

  4. Traveller Foundry Modules : r/traveller

    The second is an integration with Traveller Map. It allows you to search for worlds, and it will output their UWP into the chat. You can then display a jump map directly within Foundry. /uwp theev. Will grab information on Theeve and display it. Optionally, it will include a small jump map in the chat message, or you can display the map as a ...

  5. GitHub

    A Foundry VTT system for running games using various 2d6-based role-playing games, specifically those based on the Cepheus Engine. Install by either searching for Twodsix in in FoundryVTT's Game Systems tab and clicking Install or by clicking the 'Install System' button in that tab and entering the following as the Manifest URL: https://github ...

  6. Traveller Map Tools

    An Add-on Module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. Designed as a play aid for those playing Traveller (any system) in the Third Imperium setting, this module provides a simple integration between Foundry and Traveller Map. With a simple chat command of "/uwp <world name>" you can search for any world in Charted Space and display UWP data on that world.

  7. Any Foundry VTT support? : r/traveller

    It is also being updated VERY regularly. Of all the foundry modules I use, this is the one being updated the most,by far. We are talking several times in one day some times. Since foundry version 10 arrived in september, twodsix has been updated 43 times, (7 of them being this december alone) also, Robot sheets are in the works.

  8. New trade automation module for Foundry VTT

    General Traveller Discussions. Software Solutions . New trade automation module for Foundry VTT ... New trade automation module for Foundry VTT. Thread starter drl2; Start date Nov 26, 2023; D. drl2 SOC-5. Nov 26, 2023 ... as it's tied to the user interface and internal data storage mechanisms from Foundry, uses Foundry rolltables, Foundry ...

  9. Most Fleixbile VTT for Traveller-based Gaming

    Cosmic Mongoose. Feb 6, 2022. #4. Foundry is the most flexible, but you have to be willing to put in tens to scores of hours to get anywhere with it. And you have to be somewhat capable programer with it. Fantasy Grounds wants you to play Traveller and has a lot of tools to help automate to facilitate that play.

  10. Twodsix

    Twodsix: A system for use with the Cepheus Engine Core Rules, Traveller (unofficial), and other similar games. This Product is derived from the Traveller System Reference Document and other Open Gaming Content made available by the Open Gaming License, and does not contain closed content from products published by either Mongoose Publishing or Far Future Enterprises.

  11. Game Systems

    Browse available Packages which can be installed in Foundry Virtual Tabletop. ... Land of Eem RPG. Version 12 1 day, 10 hours ago 1.2.0. ... Twodsix - Cepheus & Traveller (Unofficial) Version 12 1 day, 16 hours ago 5.4.1. Jonas Karlsson Project URL Manifest URL ...

  12. Traveller VTT

    Cosmic Mongoose. Sep 7, 2023. #3. I have run my D&D campaign using a VTT for the past 20+ years. I use FG and will be starting up my Traveller campaign this fall. On the FG forums there is a decent level of involvement. The books are being converted slowly but surely. Smiteworks is committed to supporting the ruleset, it gets every update and ...

  13. Foundry VTT and Traveller : r/traveller

    Foundry VTT and Traveller. Any VTT users out there ? Either Roll20 or FG? I have been looking at the new system 'Foundry VTT', which has a clean and elegant interface by all accounts but as yet lack support for Traveller. However, since all the systems are community created, it may be that some bright spark out there is already working on it.

  14. Traveller

    Welcome to the Far Future. The latest edition of Traveller is based on the original classic but tweaked, finessed and updated for the 21st Century! Every Traveller book is now printed in full colour and all core rulebooks and supplements are gorgeous hardbacks, packed with everything you have come to expect from your f.

  15. Free Trader Deck Plans

    Description ( Specifications) edit. Virtual tabletop gaming is becoming increasingly popular. This is the first of my new line of ship deck plans compatible with the system. Each map contains full-color detailed deck plans of starships, shuttles, starbases, outposts, colonies, and more. Efforts will be made to duplicate the classic ...

  16. Traveller: New Moscow mission from Mercenary box set. Overview please

    The Traveller mercenary box set has a mission set on New Moscow. Can anyone give me an overview of the mission and what kind of planetary info is in there please? I was planning on using the planet in another adventure and wanted to see if it was a good fit.

  17. Home

    A Self-Hosted & Modern Roleplaying Platform. Foundry Virtual Tabletop is software that provides an innovative online role-playing experience. The software supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and allows you to self-host a game server that players connect to for free directly through a web browser.

  18. Foundry VTT System

    Import Monster Descriptions into Foundry VTT automatically . Stephen Mariano Cabrera has created an excellent little Ruby script that converts monster descriptions from markdown and into JSON format, which can then be imported into Foundry with Javascript. Here is how you do it: Create monster Actors in Foundry; you can ignore descriptions for now.

  19. Any recommendations for a VTT for Traveller : r/rpg

    Any recommendations for a VTT for Traveller. I've got an online campaign going for a few sessions with some friends playing Mongoose traveller 2nd ed. At the moment we're using a combination of discord, excalidraw and pdf character sheets, and the experience ... well it sucks. There doesn't seem to be much support out there for traveller in VTTs.

  20. Roll20 Vs. Foundry: Which Is Better?

    Roll20 is a service that offers tools for tabletop RPG players, so that games can be organized online. Compendiums include the biggest IPs in the space, including D&D, Pathfinder, Vampire: The ...

  21. DriveThruRPG


  22. Traveller (Mongoose 2nd Ed) : r/FoundryVTT

    This is a subreddit for news and discussion of Old School Renaissance topics. We primarily focus on D&D (LBB, 1st ed. AD&D, etc.) and the retroclones. Other Old School games (Traveller, Runequest, Tunnels & Trolls, et al) are of course open for discussion. This is *not* a place to rant about how (your least favorite edition) sucks!

  23. Home

    Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules Virtual Boxed Set- Foundry VTT . View Cart $ 19.99. BUY NOW / Details. Super Powers Companion (SWADE) View Cart $ 19.99 - $ 39.99. BUY NOW / Details. Deadlands: The Weird West Core Rules Book . View Cart $ 19.99. BUY NOW / Details. Deadlands: the Weird West Core Rules Bundle for Foundry VTT .

  24. Anyone playing a campaign with the mercenary rules? : r/traveller

    This definitely reads like it needs a token but perhaps I am wrong. I also see huge potential to combine navy rules with mercenary rules for a complete end to end military campaign: space & land. I want to start playing and it seems like a colossal cliff to climb. However I see the potential. I love both wargames on PC, boardgames like Twilight ...

  25. My Guide on Introducing Players to FoundryVTT : r/FoundryVTT

    Familiarize yourself thoroughly with FoundryVTT before you start you game! You're going to be asked a ton of questions, mostly about the interface. Additionally, double-check your maps with a player token prior to your session. Sometimes default vision settings aren't appropriate for the scene. Or, you may have placed an inappropriate wall type.