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Travel Marketing 101: Everything You Need to Know

People are ready to travel. Where, when, and how varies as much as the individual. Passion, timing, and budgets lead the way. A smart media strategy, combined with evocative storytelling, will transport consumers to your destination.

  • What is Travel Marketing?
  • Top Travel Industry Trends

Essential Travel and Tourism Marketing Strategies

  • — Video Marketing
  • — Virtual Reality Experiences
  • — Augmented Reality
  • — Increase Search Visibility
  • — Content Marketing & Native Ads
  • — Digital Audio
  • — Personalized Messaging
  • Big Data in the Travel Industry

Get Started with Travel Marketing Today

What is travel marketing and why is it i mportant.

  • The Travel & Tourism market is projected to reach $54 billion in 2023.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate from 2027 of 4.41%, resulting in a projected market value of over one billion by 2027. 74% of this will be generated by online sales. 

It's clear why travel marketing is important. Having a data-driven travel marketing strategy makes all the difference in overall business performance. It promotes travel services to new markets, strengthens awareness of one's brand, and increases the rates of both conversions and sales.

Just as travelers— for business or pleasure—have priorities and purpose in mind, so too should travel and tourism brands. What distinguishes your hotel from the others? What’s unique about your location? Who are your primary targets and how are you going to make their experience exemplary to earn their affinity? It all starts with defining your audience personas, crafting your brand, and knowing your KPIs.

Top Travel Industry Trends (2022–2025)

Again, how and where we travel varies, just as much as the destinations themselves. Below are just a few ways people are traveling. Understanding who is traveling where—and why—will inform strategies and personalization.

  • Travelers Go it Alone : 25% of all American millennials plan to travel by themselves each year.
  • Travelers Crave Local Experiences : The “experience economy” is huge in the travel industry. Consumers crave authentic experiences that distance them from mainstream tourism.
  • Going Virtual : For consumers who want to sample and learn about different places without leaving their homes, there’s the alternative of booking a private tour and activity with locals around the world virtually, and viewing in the metaverse.
  • Bucket List Travel: Always wanted to see an Emperor Penguin? There’s a cruise for that. Interested in seeing the beaches of Normandy? There’s a personal tour guide for that. Chances are the journey for these experiences starts with a recommendation from a friend and a good old-fashioned Google search to get the lay of the land.
  • Business and Leisure Travel : Working remotely can mean Italy as much as Hoboken. The concept of being location-independent— traveling and working remotely— has become a new mainstay post-pandemic. In turn, digital nomads are searching for locations and deals on where to work and play.
  • Sustainable Travel : Most U.S. travelers believe there aren’t enough options when it comes to sustainable travel. Nearly 70% of travelers say they are more likely to book accommodations if they know the property is planet-friendly .

Travel Industry Trends Resources: Generational Marketing 2023 Marketing Trends and Predictions

One of the best travel marketing tips to keep in mind is that most customers are not really paying for products or services in their minds. They are paying for experiences . As with nearly all businesses, technology presents the travel industry with seemingly endless opportunities to connect with customers. Below are just a few way brands are getting noticed:

Video Marketing

In the travel industry, videos have long been an indispensable marketing tool. They show off destinations and hospitality businesses in their full glory. Travel marketers that lean into video creation—and that doesn’t have to equal big budget productions—will forge connections with target audiences. Digital video is an amazing way for brands to educate, elicit emotion, and tell compelling stories.

OTT Marketing Reaches Viewers with Non-Skippable Video 

Virtual Reality Experiences—The Metaverse and You:

It’s the ultimate test vacation. The metaverse can transport you just about anywhere and no passport is required. Like what you see? Post an offer and start planning. While still in the early stages, the tourism industry is already making the jump in the virtual reality (VR) world . Over the past few years, museums have introduced more creative ways to interact with exhibits and some have even taken consumers on pub crawls. Thomas Cook , a pioneer in the travel and tourism industry for more than 170 years, is using 360 VR films so travelers can test the waters of Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt and more. And if you’re trying to reach Gen Z, they’re here and they’re ready to go places.

Blog: AI in Travel Marketing

Augmented Reality Enhances Real-World Settings

AR, or augmented reality, differs slightly from virtual reality. AR uses apps and overlays to create an experience and show additions to a particular setting. Travel companies can use this to advantage by using AR to transport and showcase their offerings.

Increase Search Visibility and See Bookings Soar

It’s easy to take the importance of a focused SEO strategy for granted with so many other options vying for your attention, but that would be a mistake­. Not having a mindful search strategy as a key tenet in your media strategy would be like not seeing the Eiffel Tower when in Paris. A well-rounded SEO strategy facilitates direct bookings, drives site engagement, and increases overall cost-effectiveness.

Do it right, and you’ll see your Google rankings increase. Getting your brand name on the first page of results is the holy grail to success when 94% of search starts with a search engine and more than 25% click the first result that comes up.

While you may already spend on SEO, it's a good idea to have an SEO check-in from time to time to make sure you’re targeting the right folks and doing so the way they want you to.

MNI's Digital Advertising Solutions

Content Marketing and Native Advertising

Few things combine time and place to greater effect than native advertising. It’s the ultimate storytelling device, empowering marketers to say exactly what they want to say and where. A good magazine ad or digital native advertising piece will take the shape of an article—for example, by showcasing a vineyard in Napa on the cover of Travel + Leisure or a video highlighting the beaches of Mexico within a surfing site. The creative will transport viewers, and hopefully a nicely placed call-to-action leads to a website that will give audiences more of the information they seek.

A few native advertising tips:

  • Create content that encourages the reader to act
  • Know how you’re going to measure results: what is it that you want user to do after they read your article or play your video?
  • Try to be original. If you are one of several players trying to host destination weddings, why should they pick you? Are you offering a special incentive code?
  • Be authentic. Be real. Native content is storytelling, not overt advertising. It isn't directly selling, per se, but rather sparking ideas.
  • Find a fit: Be mindful of where you’re running your creative and complement the space. It’s a curated audience you’re being seen in, so make the most of it.

Move Consumers from Awareness to Action with Native Ads

For many, the first step to a journey is “hey Siri,” "ok Google," or “Alexa,” so it’s little surprise that increasingly travelers (and potential travelers) are turning to devices to book hotels or flights, and learn more about excursions and dining experiences. Markers can optimize content to capitalize on voice searches.

Free E-Book: Digital Audio Advertising Dominates

Personalized Messaging Enhances Customer Experience

The goal of effective advertising is to personalize messaging so it's as relevant and beneficial to the recipient as possible. If a travel brand is targeting a young family, it makes sense to highlight the activities for minors. If trying to become a bachelor or bachelorette destination, it may make sense to include in your ad the customized experiences available to enhance their stay (and perhaps a discount code). Leading with a customer-centric perspective distinguishes brands, creates affinity, and earns loyalty.

Data Draws the Big Picture: Big Data in the Travel Industry

The importance of data analytics to drive performance and ROI cannot be overstated and data visualization platforms play an important role in this. They—quite literally—provide a big picture of how all elements in any particular ad campaign are performing. Operators, in turn, can use this information to see what creative is performing strongest, and which platforms are driving the most visit to optimize performance.

Gathering the data enables travel and tourism entities to discern data sets and maximize budgets. Data visualization platforms, such as MNI’s industry-praised Optics , gives advertisers the ability to evaluate key metrics and optimize ROI.

  • Engagement rate: How are people engaging with your content? Are they commenting, saving, and sharing, or merely scrolling past? If you have a million followers but only 1,000 interact with your marketing, that is not a great return on your effort.
  • Targeting/Retargeting: Are your ads reaching new audiences and are you using data to re-engage potential leads or customers who leave your website without converting? Retargeting ads are designed to help advertisers reach visitors who do not convert right away. These campaigns are effective because they allow advertisers to target engaged customers with a highly relevant ad. Retargeting delivers strong results for increased awareness, website traffic, and conversion rate.
  • Putting it all together: Let the picture of what you see tell you where you want to go, where you should be spending more, what ads you should optimize. For the effort that your business is putting into collecting and maintaining a database, you should be able to obtain an equal or greater amount of value from the insights it gathers. 

Employing data visualization is now a necessity. Download our new e-book and see why.

Attitudes to travel are a moving target. Whether traveling for business or leisure, going by air or train or car, the desire to travel is real. Telling your target audience how you will be providing value and keeping them safe is essential. Step #1, know your audience. Step #2, connect with them. Step #3, embrace a multi-channel strategy. To do this, it’s incumbent to keep up to date with the very latest travel marketing strategies and to partner with those that do it best.

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The Best Travel Gear AFAR Editors Bought (and Loved) in 2023

Here’s how these holy grail travel products changed our lives this year..

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man sleeping sitting upright on a couch with the support of a Pluto Pod travel pillow

The Pluto Pod could be the perfect travel pillow for you, too.

Courtesy of Pluto

With travel habits like ours, AFAR’s editors and contributors are constantly on the lookout for gear that can make our time on the road more comfortable, convenient, and yes, more stylish. In 2023, we tried out hundreds of pieces of travel gear . Since we’re not in the business of gatekeeping, here are a few of our favorite discoveries that improved the way we traveled in 2023. From accessories under $25 that make road trips and long flights more comfortable to pricier totes and cross-body bags that will last a lifetime, we hope you love these pieces of travel gear as much as we do.

Filson Zippered Tote in tan canvas with brown leather straps

Don’t just take my word; this tote has 95 five-star reviews on Filson’s website from other satisfied customers.

Courtesy of Filson

Filson Rugged Twill Zippered Tote Bag

  • Buy now: $295, filson.com

My ideal personal item needs to check many boxes: It has to fit a 13-inch MacBook Air laptop, have a side pocket for easy water bottle access, a zip-top to keep everything safe inside, and also look cool enough to use every day. After exhaustive research, I invested in the Rugged Zippered Twill Tote Bag from the Seattle-based brand Filson. At 15 x 7 x 14 inches, it easily fits underneath airplane seats but is roomy enough to fit the aforementioned laptop and water bottle, plus a travel pillow, a book, my chargers, some essential toiletries, and an oversize scarf. The twill material is super durable without being heavy and is also lightly waxed so I don’t have to worry about my valuables getting drenched in a surprise rainstorm. I can tell this piece will last a very long time. The only thing it’s missing is a way to attach it securely to the top of my carry-on—but that’s where the Cincha Travel Belt comes in. I just slip the elastic loop of the belt over the handle of my carry-on and snap its buckle around the front of my Filson for a no-slip airport experience. —Lyndsey Matthews, senior commerce editor

Rectangular Rimowa Personal Crossbody Bag in silver aluminum with tan leather straps

With a removable strap, this Rimowa can be used as a cross-body bag during the day and a clutch at night.

Courtesy of Rimowa

Rimowa Personal Aluminum Cross-Body Bag

  • Buy now: $1,600–$1,700, rimowa.com

A few months after getting a Rimowa suitcase , I decided to go all-in on the luggage brand with one of its smallest cases: the Personal Cross-Body Bag. As someone who constantly struggles with overstuffed pockets—bursting with an iPhone 14 Pro Max in one, a wallet in another, with a sleeve of Dentyne Ice, Airpods, a USB cord, and sometimes a passport shoved in between—this small unisex bag seemed a smart choice for me.

The aluminum shell and the case’s finishings mirror those of Rimowa’s Original suitcase collection, making it an ideal travel companion to my checked bag but also a sturdy stand-alone mini case. The case is roughly the same size as a paperback book and snaps open to reveal a leather-lined interior with two open compartments, one zipped pocket, and three credit card slots—big enough to fit all my pocket essentials (and then some).

The case, available in “Arctic Blue,” silver, or black, can be carried in your hands or worn as a cross-strap bag thanks to an adjustable and removable Italian leather or webbed nylon strap that hooks onto two side D-rings. (Rimowa also sells additional colors of the webbed nylon straps separately for $220.) While I use the case as a cross-body bag for travel and work, my best girlfriends love borrowing the case sans strap as a stylish clutch for a night on the town. While I do think a price tag on par with my suitcase seems awfully high, my friends remind me this is no different than their splurges on designer purses. — Paul Rubio, points and loyalty special correspondent

Black airplane footrest supporting two feet

This airplane footrest is easy to install and won’t disturb the passenger in front of you.

Courtesy of Amazon

Airplane Footrest

  • Buy now: $22, amazon.com

It’s not glamorous, fancy, or stylish, but this small piece of travel gear feels like a hack to make flying much more comfortable. I’m 4’11” on a good day and that means that even when my feet rest flat on the floor (and they don’t always), the bottom of the seat digs into my thighs and causes my legs to fall asleep. In addition to wearing compression socks, obvi, I now take this little footrest contraption on my long flights. Picture a big looped strap; at the bottom is a wide, thick, hard-plastic rectangle covered in memory foam. The strap hangs over the tray table (which can be open or closed) and then I prop my feet up onto the memory foam section. The hard plastic keeps the footrest open (rather than folding up from the weight of my feet), and I can easily adjust the length of the strap so that my feet float lower or higher depending on what’s most comfortable at the moment. I learned about the footrest from a stranger in a middle seat earlier in the year—she swore by it. I never got her name, but I am indebted to her. And so are my legs. —Billie Cohen, executive editor

A pair of Allbird wool runner shoes in all black

These warm, water-resistant runners will get you through 10,000-step travel days easily.

Courtesy of Allbirds

Allbirds Wool Runner 2 Sneakers

  • Buy now: $110, men’s, allbirds.com ; women’s, allbirds.com

There are just some products that the Internet and podcasts and Instagram ads really want me to buy, and I always resist. This year, I finally gave in and bought a pair of Allbird sneakers, and they actually live up to the hype: The Merino wool makes them surprisingly warm in the winter, the bouncy soles are great support for urban exploration, and they’re actually as water-resistant as advertised. I went with a black-on-black design and though they’re far from dressy, they’re also unshowy enough that you could wear them into a wine bar or a nice-ish restaurant without anyone batting an eye—or frankly even noticing them. I’ve watched enough seasons of Project Runway to know the power of a little black dress that can go from day to night, and these are stealthily the sneaker equivalent. — Nicholas DeRenzo, contributing editor

Woman wearing a gray Pluto Pod travel pillow with large, dark eye mask

Unlike other travel pillows, the Pluto Pod comes with a built-in eye mask.

The Pluto Pod Travel Pillow

  • Buy now: $145, plutopillow.com

As a person who has trouble falling asleep in a normal bed, I can count the times I’ve managed to catch a snooze on a plane on one hand. I’ve tried and experimented with (seemingly) every type of travel pillow that’s out there, from hidden internal neck support pillows to ergonomic memory foam contraptions that are supposed to keep your head still and rigid, like a neck brace. But I finally found one that withstood the ultimate test: On a recent flight from Taiwan to the United States, I was able to catch a solid eight hours of sleep with the Pluto Pod while sitting in the middle (that’s right, the middle) seat.

Like other travel pillows, the Pluto Pod has a snug, wraparound neck component. But what distinguishes it is its pillowy, black-out hood element with a built-in eye mask. Sure, this helmet-like look may draw curious looks from fellow passengers, but it’s a small price to pay for protection from those glaring overhead lights. (I find it works best in combination with a traditional eye mask, but I’m extremely sensitive to light.)

As an added bonus, the Pluto Pod also folds up compactly into itself, making it easy to travel with. Simply roll up the hood portion of the pod, fold in the arms of the neck portion, and use the snaps to secure it to your luggage handle. And when it gets dirty, the Pluto Pod can be easily disassembled and the outer fabric thrown into the wash on a cold cycle. — Mae Hamilton, associate editor

Yeti 12-oz. Colster Can Cooler in bright red

This Yeti can cooler comes in many colors, including “Rescue Red” seen here.

Courtesy of Yeti

Yeti Rambler 12-Oz. Colster Can Cooler

  • Buy now: $25, yeti.com

On long, hot California family road trips, the kind where you need a bevy of snacks and drinks to keep everyone in the car quiet and happy, I love my Yeti can insulator. It fits around the most common size of can, whether you’re into LaCroix, Coke, or Spindrift, and slips easily into the car’s drink holder. It keeps drinks cool seemingly forever, looks great, withstands any number of drops on the ground, and can be thrown in the dishwasher when you get home. It also has a clever little screw-on ring to keep the can snug and safe inside. It’s an essential companion at the beach, in hot tubs, and on boats, too. Mine is navy, but they currently have some cool limited-edition colors like Cosmic Lilac, Camp Green, and Rescue Red. —Tim Chester, deputy editor

Dark blue Purist Maker Mug with black lid

The Purist Maker Mug comes in a variety of colors including the dark blue “Drift” seen here.

Courtesy of Purist

Purist 10-Oz. Maker Mug

  • Buy now: $38, rei.com

With other travel coffee mugs, I’ve struggled with the lingering scent of the previous beverage as I switched between coffee, tea, water—and yes, wine—on the road. Earlier this year, I invested in this Purist Maker Mug , which looks like other stainless steel bottles but is lined with an ultra-thin layer of nonporous glass that allows for even the most pungent beverages to wash right off. This 10-ounce model comes with a leakproof scope top that allows for sipping from any side, so I don’t have to worry about spills. —L.M.

Northern Lights

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The 13 Best Travel Accessories for Your Next Trip, Tested and Reviewed

We test thousands of products every year and these are our top travel accessory picks to make any journey as smooth as possible.

travel gear marketing corporation

In This Article

Jump to a Section

  • Our top picks

Our Testing Process

  • Tips for Buying
  • Why Trust T+L

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Travel + Leisure / Brian Kopinski

It doesn’t matter if you’re a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to travel, there is certain gear that is non-negotiable when packing. Think items you’ll always be grateful to have thrown into your suitcase or carry-on whether it’s your first or fifteenth trip abroad.

The right travel accessories should help to streamline your trip without weighing you down or malfunctioning while on the go — but getting the right gear on the first go can be tough. That’s why we personally tested thousands of different items in our lab and in the real world, all for at least six months. We continuously checked and rated for attributes like comfort, portability, and durability to best ensure our picks will actually go the distance.

The following items rose to the top for their overall quality and longevity so, here, find the best travel accessories, all reviewed by us.

Best Travel Pillow

Cabeau tne s3 travel pillow.

  • Comfort 4.5 /5
  • Quality 4.8 /5
  • Portability 5 /5
  • Durability 5 /5

There’s a headrest strap to keep the pillow in place and help reduce neck cramping.

It’s on the stiffer side at first so adjustments are necessary.

The Cabeau TNE S3 Travel Pillow earned the top spot in our books as the best travel pillow we tested — and once you’ve used it on a red-eye (or even a long car ride), it’ll be easy to see why. This travel pillow is supportive with seat-attachment straps to prevent your head from drooping, along with another strap for under your chin. Because your head and neck stay properly supported, we found this pillow to be comfortable even after spending more than 10 hours on an overnight international flight. Plus, despite its larger size, it rolls up into a compact and portable ball that can either clip onto a bag or even slip inside a larger backpack or tote.

This pillow also stands out for breathability if you sleep hot and we love that it was possible to machine wash the cover after using it on a full journey of planes, trains, and buses, too. It is on the stiffer side though, which while good for support, may require extra maneuvering to find your perfect position.

Best Packing Cubes

Gonex compression packing cubes.

  • Capacity 5 /5
  • Design 5 /5
  • Quality 5 /5

There is impressive compression to fit even more clothing inside than a standard cube.

The set is very large and might be too expansive for shorter trips or light packers.

The best packing cube set that we tested, the Gonex Compression Packing Cubes, earned top points across the board thanks to the impressive compression and seemingly endless room in each cube. The clothing cubes are ultra lightweight and the material has held up extremely well even through heavy-duty use. We also love that the zipper doesn’t show any signs of stress when the packing cubes are stuffed to their limit.

The only slight downfall is that the cubes are on the larger side and might be too big to really make a difference if you tend to use a carry-on or pack really light. If you’re looking for something that’ll help organize a small amount of clothes, you might want to choose packing cubes that are on the smaller side, or only bring one from this 3- or 4-pack.

Travel + Leisure / Vicky Wasik

Travel + Leisure / Jessica Juliao

Best Toiletry Bottles

Liquisnugs premium leak-proof silicone travel bottles.

  • Ease of Use 5 /5
  • Performance 5 /5

These TSA-approved bottles are incredibly easy to fill.

The set includes two 89-milliliter and two 60-milliliter bottles so, if you want four bigger bottles, you’ll need to buy two sets.

The quality and utility of toiletry bottles can vary greatly. While we’ve tried dozens while traveling in the past, none of them held a candle to the LiquiSnugs Premium Silicone Travel Bottles. These have a wide opening which makes it easy to squeeze your favorite shampoos and conditioners into portable, TSA-approved amounts. The silicone material is also much more flexible and durable than hard plastic bottles while the malleable material ensures you won’t have to deal with any leakage once you land.

Keep in mind that the price point for this set is higher than the average set of travel bottles (considering it only includes four bottles with no case), but it’s worth the splurge if you want something that’s easy to refill and durable enough not to spill when packed in your own case.

Travel + Leisure / Jhett Thompson

Best Toiletry Bag

Away large toiletry bag.

There are an abundance of pockets which makes it easy to stay organized on the go.

It’s expensive if you travel infrequently.

We’re already major fans of Away luggage — and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. We particularly like that The Large Toiletry Bag by Away is waterproof and has loads of different pockets inside including one for brushes and a clear pocket for makeup products, along with others for additional toiletry needs. The bag also has a convenient top handle which makes it easy to grab while on the go plus it’s worth noting the nylon material is super lightweight and can handle a lot of products without getting too heavy.

We think this bag is worth the splurge if you want something that’ll last for the long run while also providing an easy way to keep all your toiletries properly organized while in transit, and possibly even at home, too.

Travel + Leisure / Tamara Staples

Best Travel Jewelry Case

Pottery barn mckenna personalized jewelry binder.

Pottery Barn

It’s portable and sleek with a high-end leather finish.

It’s spacious but there’s only room for four necklaces.

The Pottery Barn Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Binder is our top pick for the best travel jewelry case for a number of reasons — but especially if you tend to bring a lot of baubles while traveling and have limited space for yet another pouch in your carry-on. The slim pick opens up like a binder rather than a traditional jewelry box which takes up way less room in your luggage. We also really liked how durable the exterior is, as it felt like it would quite literally take a truck running over the pouch for it to incur any visible damage to the exterior.

The compact jewelry case has a lot of room for things like rings and stud earrings — but it only has four distinct spots for necklaces. You may need to double up or slip them into one of the other various pockets built into the binder but, if you like using a jewelry case to keep more than four necklaces from tangling, this might not be the best option for you.

Best Money Belt

Raytix rfid money belt.

  • Comfort 5 /5

This breathable option won’t irritate the skin even with long-term use.

The belt is large enough to see when it’s under your clothes.

Shopping for a money belt can be daunting — you want something that’s secure and able to store your goods properly but it’s just as important to find something you can wear for hours on end. We found the Raytix Money Belt comfortable and smooth on the skin, while also noting that it can expand to accommodate many different sizes. The material also feels extremely sturdy and durable so you won’t have to worry about the bag wearing out, even after multiple trips.

Although we like that this money belt is large enough to accommodate bigger items (like a passport) without having to struggle to squeeze these in, the size is a little bit bulky and is actually visible with certain clothing types. This might not be ideal if you’re looking for something extremely discreet under a light layer, or a belt to pair with a travel dress .

Best Reusable Water Bottle

Thermoflask stainless steel water bottle.

  • Drinkability 5 /5
  • Portability 4.5 /5
  • Insulation 4 /5
  • Durability 4.5 /5

This unique water bottle comes with two different lids to suit a variety of beverages.

The exterior might get a bit dinged up with heavy use.

When it comes to water bottles , the Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle is one of the best. It’s not flashy or overly expensive like other popular reusable water bottles on the market right now but it’s extremely durable and versatile. We really liked that this option comes with two different lids, one with a built-in straw and one that resembles a more traditional water bottle mouth. We also liked that this option was thin enough to fit in a standard cup holder and also very easy to grip.

During the testing process, we noticed that the stainless steel bottle did get a few aesthetic dings with heavy usage. That being said, the bottle didn’t leak at all nor did it become damaged beyond use throughout the entire process. This makes it well worth the price in our books.

Travel + Leisure / Conor Ralph

Best Noise-canceling Headphones

Bose noise cancelling headphones.

  • Functionality 5 /5
  • Sound Quality 5 /5
  • Noise Cancelation 5 /5

These headphones are intuitive to use and very comfortable to wear.

They don’t fit super tightly on the head.

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money on noise-cancelling headphones , the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones are going to be a great option. We find the price point totally justifiable as we could hear every instrument as clearly as if we were hearing the music live. We also really liked that the headphones offer different levels of noise cancellation depending on your preference and setting. (Plus, you can easily tap directly on the headphones to change the level or you can do it in the smartphone app.) We found a very dramatic difference from level 0 to level 10 which is great for transitioning from, say, walking in the city to settling into a sold-out red-eye flight. It’s worth noting that at the highest level of cancellation, the tester couldn’t hear a single thing so it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings.

These headphones also earned the top spot in our books due to the fact that they’re extremely comfortable and didn’t cause irritation even when wearing them for hours on end but that also means they don't fit as tightly as some others we tried.

Best Wireless Earbuds

Bose quietcomfort earbuds ii.

  • Battery Life 5 /5

These earbuds are super fast-charging and easy to connect to all devices.

The size is a bit more bulky than comparable wireless earbuds.

During the testing process, it was clear that the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II were the best option out of all the competing products. The earbuds were extremely quick to charge and had a 16-hour battery life which is more than enough to get you through most flights or the day-to-day. We also found the wireless Bluetooth functionality was very efficient and easy to pair with everything from a smartphone to a Roku TV, plus the noise-canceling capabilities were sufficient for drowning out the subway sounds or city streets while on the go.

The main drawback we noticed with this set is the bulkier size; these earbuds are quite a bit larger than the average earbud and might take some getting used to. The good part is that they come with three different tip sizes so you can adjust the in-ear part of the bud to properly fit your ear.

Travel + Leisure / Lydia Price

Best Sunglasses for Women

Eleventh hour essential polarized sunglasses.

Eleventh Hour

  • Appearance 4.5 /5
  • Value 4.8 /5

The thick material and sturdy arms last through heavy-duty usage.

The width of these sunglasses might be too large for those with a more petite face.

It’s hard to find a good pair of women's sunglasses that won’t break the bank — but we found something worth writing home about in the Eleventh Hour Essential Polarized Sunglasses. We really liked this pair for the thick material and sturdy arms; it felt as if they would last even with frequent, less careful usage. We were able to place these sunglasses on our heads multiple times throughout the testing period and haven’t noticed any stretching or widening of the arms so, if they fit now, you know they’ll fit a year from now, too.

Keep in mind that these sunglasses unfortunately only come in one size and the width might be too large for anyone with a particularly petite face structure.

Travel + Leisure / Alessandra Amodio

Best Sunglasses for Men

Raen aren polarized sunglasses.

  • Appearance 5 /5
  • Value 4.7 /5

The lightweight design is so comfortable, you may forget you’re even wearing sunglasses.

The frames are a bit small and might not feel comfortable on those who have a broad face structure.

The Raen Aren Polarized Sunglasses were our top pick for the best sunglasses for men. We tested dozens of sunglasses and this pair rose to the top for a lightweight design and stylish but versatile aesthetic. We found this pair to be so comfortable that we actually forgot we were wearing sunglasses at all. The dark polarized lenses also offered the right amount of sun protection without necessarily being too dark or difficult to see out of while in the shade.

Although we found these sunglasses to be very comfortable (even during long days), it’s worth noting that the frames are a bit small compared to other sunglasses for men. This shouldn’t be an issue for most but if you do have a more broad face structure, it’s something to be aware of.

Travel + Leisure / Chris Abell

Best Compression Socks

Away travel the compression socks.

  • Support 5 /5

These compression socks look just like regular socks.

The price tag is a bit steep for a single pair of socks.

Looking for compression socks that don’t, well, look like compression socks? The Away The Compression Socks are basically compression stockings for people who don’t want to compromise style for comfort. We loved that this pair was functional and efficient but still looked like any other sock. We were able to wear them with regular outfits and nobody would be the wiser, plus the lightweight, cotton/polyester blend held up extremely well, even after multiple wears and washes.

It’s admittedly quite expensive for a single pair of socks — but these compression socks are comfortable, durable, and surprisingly stylish so it’s worth the investment for a pair that’ll last for years.

Best Car Phone Mount

Andobil car phone holder mount.

  • Stability 5 /5

This car phone mount is very sturdy and won’t fall off once properly installed.

The installation process might involve some trial and error at first.

The Andobil Car Phone Holder Mount will be the last phone holder mount you’ll purchase — or at least that’s how we felt after trying this for ourselves. It can be set in any position once installed and it doesn’t wobble around or fall off. It also has space on the bottom for a charging cable and a built-in release button so you don’t have to worry about squeezing your phone in and out each time you leave your car.

The only downside we noticed was that the installation process might involve some trial and error. This phone holder mount has three different options for installation in your vehicle: there’s a suction cup using a 3M pad to stick on the dashboard or directly onto the windshield, or there’s a different attachment to click into the vent instead. This is great for variety’s sake but can mean trying out a few different methods to see what you like best.

The Travel + Leisure team tests thousands of different travel accessories, gadgets, and gear both in our New York City lab and in the real world. Any products we test and like, we continue to test for at least another six months to best gauge exactly which items will hold up for the long term while on the road. We evaluate each product category using attributes like comfort, durability, and portability in order to rank which items work best for trips of all types, and our results from various tests lead to this best-of-the-bunch list.

Tips for Buying Travel Accessories

Prioritize usability.

There are a lot of really nifty travel accessories on the market, but when you’re shopping for your next trip you’ll want to really focus on usability over novelty (not to say unique and practical items don't exist). Consider whether or not each item is actually essential for your trip or the destinations you frequent. For example, if you always have to have a drink in hand then a drink caddy for your luggage and stroller could prove indispensable. You’ll also want to reference real-world reviews — like ours — to get an idea of how well a given item works and whether or not it’ll last through the rigors of regular travel. Your carry-on and checked luggage space is precious so there’s no sense filling it with accessories that won’t streamline your experience.

Consider your trip length and type

Each trip will require a slightly different packing list so to avoid overpacking you’ll want to be sure to think about what each item will actually bring to the table. For example, if you’ve scored an upgrade to business class for your red-eye, you can probably leave your travel pillow at home this time. If you’re jetting off for a quick weekend trip, you likely won’t have to bother with packing cubes the same way you would for a multi-destination trip with different climates to consider.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this article, Kaitlyn McInnis worked with travel editors to determine the results for the best travel accessories based on a series of tests completed by expert product testers in our New York City lab.

Love a great deal? Sign up for our T+L Recommends newsletter and we’ll send you our favorite travel products each week.

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Travel Gear Headquarters

Let's travel, travel gear headquarters.

Travel Gear Headquarters began when we wanted a one stop shop solution for travel gear. Travel Gear Headquarters is always looking for new and innovate travel products by researching the latest in travel gear that consumers want. Always looking for quality, and the most functional products ever.


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    About Us. Travel Gear Headquarters began when we wanted a one stop shop solution for travel gear. Travel Gear Headquarters is always looking for new and innovate travel products by researching the latest in travel gear that consumers want. Always looking for quality, and the most functional products ever.

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    We are a Certified Manufacturer Direct Distributor and a leading online retailer for some of the most sought after and unique travel gear and accessories on the market today. We are family owned and operated and have been in the retail and customer service business for over 40 years.


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