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On this website our staff reviews some of our favorite road trips and popular travel destinations across North America.

Our travel guides include first-hand experiences, personal recommendations, and original photographs from our trips.

We love traveling around North America, and exploring the many exciting places and destinations that the USA and Canada have to offer. We also enjoy being out on the open roads, like cross-country trips on Route 66 The Mother Road.

From the Beartooth Highway to the Blue Ridge Parkway , from Utah Scenic Byway 12 to the Trans Canada Highway, it is always a fun driving adventure.

Recent trips include driving the Going to the Sun Road in Montana, Trail Ridge Road in Colorado, and the Loneliest Road in America in Nevada .

In 2019 we made a return visit to Victoria BC , one of our favorite destinations in Canada, along with stays in Banff and Lake Louise .

This website also features travel information and reviews on the most popular national parks such as  Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other museums and monuments, such as Mount Rushmore . And be sure to check out our newly published Alaska Travel Guide.

Hopefully our travel experiences will be of interest and benefit to website viewers as they plan their travel itineraries for 2024.

The interactive map below highlights many of the more popular travel destinations in America, including national parks, scenic byways, historic sites, museums and favorite travel cities.

Popular Road Trips on Scenic Byways

Historic Route 66 ... The Mother Road ... maps, history, things to see, photographs

"The Mother Road " stretched 2,448 miles from Chicago, heading south through Illinois and Missouri. From there Route 66 turned in a more westward direction through Oklahoma and Texas, with the final stretches in New Mexico and Arizona before ending in Los Angeles.

The famous Blue Ridge Parkway, winding through the mountains of North Carolina

The Blue Ridge Parkway meanders for 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina, offering endless outdoor recreational opportunities. It provides a slow-paced and relaxing drive revealing stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands.

The Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming, through glacial lakes, forests, valleys and high peaks

The Beartooth Highway, is one of the most scenic drives in the U.S., with views of the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains, and open high alpine plateaus. The road features glacial lakes, forests, valleys, waterfalls and a variety of wildlife. It traverses a series of steep switchbacks at the Montana-Wyoming border to the 10,947 ft Beartooth Pass.

Going to the Sun Road, across Glacier National Park in northern Montana

US 50 crosses the central portion of Nevada, from the west side of the state near Lake Tahoe to the east side near Great Basin National Park.

The Nevada portion of U.S. 50 was named "The Loneliest Road in America" by Life magazine in July 1986.

Travel on the Million Dollar Highway, US 550, in Colorado

U.S. Highway 550 in Colorado is a two-lane mountainous road. It is one of only two north–south U.S. Highways in Colorado which runs west of the Continental Divide.

The 25-mile section of U.S. 550 from Silverton to Ouray is frequently called the Million Dollar Highway .

Trail Ridge Road is a paved, 48 mile long scenic highway in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Trail Ridge Road is a paved, 48 mile long scenic highway in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It connects the park entrances in Grand Lake and Estes Park . The road features switchbacks and hairpin curves, and rises to a height of 12,183 feet above sea level. The road is open seasonally in non-winter months.

Ride the switchbacks on the Moki Dugway in southeastern Utah!

The Moki Dugway is a steep, gravel three mile road located in southeastern Utah, traversing 1,200 feet from the top of Cedar Mesa to the broad valley below. The road is actually part of Utah Highway 261, most of which is paved.

Travel to National Parks

Yellowstone National Park travel, directions, maps, lodging and things to do

Yellowstone National Park is the world's first national park. It is located mostly in Wyoming, and spans 63 miles north to south, and 54 miles east to west. Geysers, hiking, camping, bison, elk and more!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park travel, directions, maps, lodging and things to do

Smoky Mountains Park spans over 800 square miles in Tennessee and North Carolina, and is one of the most pristine natural areas in the Eastern part of the United States. An endless variety of outdoor activities!

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado ... travel, directions, maps, lodging and things to do

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado, and consists of 415 square miles of spectacular mountain environments. A highlight of the park is Trail Ridge Road which crests at over 12,000 feet. The park also features over 300 miles of hiking trails, lakes and wildlife.

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, travel, directions, maps, lodging and things to do

Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona, and is centered on a Colorado River canyon that is 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep.

Trending Destinations: February, 2023

Drive the Burr Trail in Utah: maps, directions, photographs, travel tips and lodging

The Burr Trail takes the adventurous traveler into some of Utah's most beautiful and extraordinary country, with views of the Henry Mountains, the colorfully contorted Waterpocket Fold, red Circle Cliffs, and Long Canyon.

The famous Burr Trail switchbacks rise steeply up through the canyon. The trail drops nearly 800 feet in about a mile, while zigging and zagging down the Waterpocket Fold.

Hoonah and Icy Strait Point in Alaska ... with maps, directions, things to see, and photographs

Hoonah is situated on the northwest shore of Chichagof Island across Icy Strait from the entrance to Glacier Bay on Alaska’s scenic Inside Passage.

Known as the Little City with a Big Heart, Hoonah is a family-oriented and closely-knit community of friendly and caring people. Hoonah is about 40 air miles west of the Alaska Capitol in Juneau.

Travel to the famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia

With a perfect growing climate, Victoria is known internationally as the City of Gardens. The Butchart Gardens, just north of Victoria in Brentwood Bay, are internationally known and appreciated, and host over a million visitors annually.

The Butchart Gardens feature a million bedding plants in over 900 varieties.

Travel Guide for Monument Valley Tribal Park ... maps, things to do, photos and more!

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is located in extreme southeastern Utah, on the northern border of Arizona.

The valley is host to towering sandstone rock formations that have been sculpted over time and soar 400 to 1,000 feet above the valley floor. Combined with the surrounding mesas, buttes, and desert environment, Monument Valley is one of the natural wonders of the world.


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25 Best Places to Visit in the USA

By Becky Griswold · Last updated on June 26, 2024

The USA is the cultural force of the modern era. A land built on immigration and pioneering, America is a bastion of modern-day pop culture, free thought and the relentless pursuit of the American Dream. Comprised of 50 states, the USA occupies an area that’s only just marginally smaller than Europe. It’s in this vast country that you will find an unbelievably diverse array of natural landscapes, cityscapes, people and cultures.

From the tropical islands of Hawaii to the desert landscape of the Grand Canyon, as well as mountains and forests, you’ll never be stuck for outdoor pursuits in America. Then there are its multicultural, global cities such as Chicago and NYC itself – the USA is an endlessly fascinating place to discover. Here are the best places to visit in the USA so you can get the most out of your big trip to The States.


One of the most famous ski resorts in the world, Aspen lies in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado . Named after the abundance of aspen trees that dot the region, the former mining camp was turned into a popular tourist destination in the mid-twentieth century and has never looked back.

Set amid some stunning snow-covered scenery, the town has four ski slopes – Aspen Highlands, Ajax Mountain, Buttermilk and Snowmass further down the valley. All of them boast large areas where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, sledging, and snowmobiling.

Aspen exploded as a silver mining town in the late 19th century; something reflected in the architecture from this time. Examples include the grand Wheeler Opera House and the brick built Aspen Community Church, among others.

While it is known as a winter destination, Aspen is wonderful to visit at any time of year. Its mountainous landscapes lend themselves perfectly to all kinds of outdoor recreational activities.

24. Atlanta


The capital and largest city of the state of Georgia , Atlanta is a sprawling, modern city with three urban skylines rising up from the picturesque scenery of rolling hills, pine forest, magnificent old oak trees and charming magnolia and peach trees. Established as a railroad terminus in 1837, Atlanta was burned down by Union forces during the American Civil War only to recover and emerge as the leader of the New South as well as an important national center of commerce and home of the world’s busiest airport.

The busy districts of Downtown, Buckhead and Midtown make up Atlanta’s three dazzling cityscapes of skyscrapers, businesses, shopping, dining and nightlife. The city’s top attractions are the CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, which features the world’s largest indoor aquarium. Other major places of interest include the boyhood home, church and final resting place of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the home of “Gone With the Wind” author, Margaret Mitchell. A stroll or drive through historic neighborhoods offer Southern culture, cuisine and antebellum homes.

Atlanta boasts an impressive arts and culture scene with many distinguished museums highlighting the likes of Southern art, Civil War history, ancient civilizations as well as numerous theater, symphony and opera venues. For sports and recreation, the city has hundreds of beautiful public parks and gardens of which Centennial Olympic Park and Grant Park are the most popular. Just outside the city, the Chattahoochee River provides facilities for swimming, fishing, boating and tubing.

23. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

One of the most visited national parks in the United States, Yosemite National Park is prized for its jaw-dropping beauty that comprises magnificent granite cliffs, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central eastern California , the park is home to an abundance of diverse wildlife and groves of giant sequoia redwood trees, which are the world’s tallest and oldest living trees.

Yosemite is a massive park area-wise, and while it would be impossible to see all of it in one day, one of the must-see sites is Yosemite Valley. The most visited section of the national park, Yosemite Valley is famous for its extraordinary scenery and incredible granite formations such as Half Dome and El Capitan, a popular rock climbing spot. The valley is also known for its many impressive waterfalls that include Bridalveil Falls and Yosemite Falls, one of the world’s highest waterfalls. Other sites not to miss are the groves of giant sequoia trees that can be found at Merced Grove, Tuolumne Grove and Mariposa Grove.

Scenic drives such as Tioga Road, as well as others, offer overlooks like Glacier Point where visitors can awe over breathtaking vistas. Hiking and shuttle bus tours present opportunities to view wildlife like black bears, bobcats and numerous species of birds. Additionally, the Yosemite National Park features historic landmarks like the Leconte Memorial Bridge and Ahwahnee Hotel as well as visitor centers where visitors can learn more about the park and its natural attractions.

22. Portland


Straddling the Willamette River in the shadow of the majestic Mount Hood, Portland is the largest city in Oregon as well as the third largest city of the US Pacific Northwest region. While the city is known for its frequent rain drizzle, it is Portland’s climate that produces it with picturesque scenery, including a plethora of rose gardens, which give Portland the nickname, “City of Roses.” Besides its natural attractions , Portland is a popular destination for its relaxed atmosphere, outdoor activities and large number of microbreweries.

A popular central point for locals and tourists alike is Pioneer Square, a charming, laid-back courtyard with chess boards, a cascading water fountain and artistic sculptures. Surrounding the square is the downtown district, bustling with modern high-rise buildings, commercial businesses, museums and significant landmarks like the Portlandia statue and the White Stag sign. Just north of downtown is Portland’s Old Town, where tourists can see historical remnants of the city’s original settlement.

Outside the downtown district, trendy neighborhoods feature attractive architecture, the world’s largest independent bookstore and shopping, dining and nightlife options as well as beautiful gardens and urban parks like the Portland Japanese Garden, International Rose Test Garden and Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Covering thousands of wooded acres within city limits, Forest Park is the nation’s largest city park with many hiking and biking trails. The Oregon Zoo and the Oaks Amusement Park both provide endless family fun, while the nearby Mount Hood Forest Recreation offers a great excursion to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities like climbing, hiking, horseback riding and skiing.

21. San Antonio

San Antonio

The jewel of Texas , San Antonio is a city steeped in both rich history and modern day appeal. Located in south-central Texas, the city is one of the largest in the United States and best known as home to the Alamo. The city’s top attraction, the Alamo is a historical mission in which famous American folk heroes, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, died while defending it during the 1836 Battle of the Alamo. In addition to the Alamo, The San Antonio Missions National Park preserves four more historic Spanish missions.

Another of San Antonio’s most visited attractions is the Riverwalk, a vibrant pedestrian scene of restaurants, shops, hotels and entertainment venues stretching along both sides of the San Antonio River right in the middle of the downtown area. A number of museums offer excellent glimpses into the city’s colorful history and culture that consists of Spanish, Mexican and the Western cowboy. Families can enjoy hours of fun at the San Antonio Zoo, one of the largest in the nation, as well as at theme parks like Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

A couple of exceptional experiences not to miss in San Antonio are helicopter rides and ghost hunting tours. Just outside San Antonio city limits, tourists can explore the fascinating underground features of the Cascade Caverns and the Natural Bridge Caverns.

20. Savannah


The quintessential Southern city, Savannah draws millions of tourists every year to its charming scenes of Victorian architecture, cobbled streets, moss-draped oaks and leisurely pace. Lying on the Atlantic Coast in eastern Georgia, Savannah is the state’s oldest city, rich in history, hospitality and natural beauty.

Because Savannah was spared during the American Civil War, the city’s large Historic District is the most popular attraction . A walk around the district’s cobbled streets allows views and tours of beautiful old mansions and historic sites such as the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low (creator of the Girl Scouts) as well as one of the nation’s oldest Jewish synagogues, one of the oldest African-American Baptist churches and the impressive Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Also among the city’s most noted features are its historic squares that sit amid settings of lovely parks, huge oak trees, Victorian homes, statues, fountains and important memorials. Another tourist magnet is Factor’s Walk, a row of restored, old warehouses leading down to the riverfront, which now house attractive shops, galleries and restaurants.

Outside the Historic District, tourists can explore Civil War forts, visit state-of-the-art cultural centers and museums like the Jepson Center for the Arts and the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences. A number of parks, including Forsyth Park, offer lovely scenery and recreational activities. Savannah is also well known for its numerous ghost tours and historic cemeteries. With short day trips to nearby islands like Tybee Island and the Oatland Island Wildlife Center, tourists can sunbathe on the beach, frolic in the ocean and encounter native wildlife species.

19. Philadelphia


Often regarded as the “Birthplace of America,” Philadelphia is known as the city in which the country’s founding fathers signed the 1776 Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Commonly referred to by locals as “Philly,” Philadelphia is major US city in southeastern Pennsylvania and home to the iconic Liberty Bell and the Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

While Philadelphia is a modern city with a busy downtown of high office towers and a number of ethnic districts, it is the city’s colonial architecture and historic attractions that draw most tourists. One of the most visited sites is Independence Historic National Park, a concentration of important buildings and landmarks that include Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall.

Other places of interest include the former homes of Betsy Ross and Edgar Allan Poe as well as the 300-year old Christ Church where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin once worshiped. Reputed to be haunted, the old Eastern State Penitentiary presents intriguing tours. The residential districts of Society Hill and Germantown are popular places to see the city’s colonial homes and architecture.

There’s a host of interesting art museums to visit in the city, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is not only one of the largest in the world, but also famous for its long flight of steps which were featured in the 1976 film “Rocky”. Now that’s a claim to fame.


Next to the Grand Canyon, Sedona is one of Arizona’s most sought after destinations . Located in the north-central part of the state, the town of Sedona is known for its vibrant art scene and spiritual retreats. However, Sedona’s most popular attraction is the breathtaking array of red sandstone formations that create a striking red and orange backdrop to the town. What’s more, this natural wonder also provides a wide variety of outdoor recreation as well as spiritual experiences for many.

Attracting artists, photographers, spiritual seekers and outdoor lovers alike, Sedona’s brilliant landscape offers much to see and do. Incredible natural landmarks like Coffeepot, Cathedral Rock, Thunder Mountain and Chimney Rock present excellent photograph and artistic opportunities. For an interesting slice of architecture, head to the Chapel of the Holy Cross; dating back to the 1950s, this Catholic church is actually built into one of the iconic buttes.

Sedona itself is a beautiful town, teeming in scores of golf courses, art galleries, gourmet restaurants and numerous boutiques specializing in everything from Native American arts and crafts to New Age healing crystals and alternative medicines.

17. San Diego

San Diego

Centered around a natural harbor, the coastal Californian city of San Diego is located on the border with Mexico . It’s rich in Mexican culture, outstanding family attractions and blessed with a year-round mild climate. As you’d expect, the city is a popular tourist destination.

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San Diego was established as California’s first Spanish mission in 1769, and visitors today can see some of the city’s preserved buildings in the Old Town historic district. The modern downtown pulses with shopping, dining and entertainment as well as points of interests like the San Diego Maritime Museum, which houses a collection of sailing ships including the world’s oldest active one, the Star of India. Other museums display the city’s natural history, art and relationship with the US Navy.

The most popular attraction in San Diego is America’s premier zoo, which is located in Balboa Park with flowering gardens and Spanish architecture. The city is home to other family attractions like SeaWorld San Diego and the Birch Aquarium. Another tourist magnet, San Diego’s stunning coastline, offers miles of fantastic beaches featuring an array of fun activities like surfing, sailing, whale-watching and seal-spotting. Some of the most popular beaches like La Jolla, Mission and Pacific Beaches have restaurants and shops, while Point Loma and Ocean Beach offer a more quiet setting.

16. Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Covering a massive expanse of mountainous land in Alaska , Denali National Park is the third largest national park in the United States. Home to Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak, this US national park is located in the Alaska Interior among the jagged mountains of the Alaska Range. The word “Denali” means “the high one” in the native Athabaskan language and refers to Mount McKinley. Scores of people come to Denali National Park every year to spot amazing wildlife, engage in a number of outdoor activities and awe over the breathtaking landscapes of majestic mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes and tundras.

The park is enormous, and vast portions of it are only accessible by foot or dog sled. One single road, the Denali Park Road, winds several miles through the core of the park, connecting travelers to visitor centers, hiking trails and look-out points for wildlife and stunning panoramic views. Only the first few miles of the road are open to private vehicles. To go beyond, visitors must take park shuttle buses or arranged bus tours, of which many are narrated and informative.

Some of the amazing sights to see and photograph in the park include the magnificent Mt. McKinley, picturesque rivers and lakes like Savage River and Wonder Lake as well as outstanding wildlife species like grizzly bears, caribou and wolves. The park also presents thrilling outdoor activities and adventures like hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting and sled dog demonstrations.

Just outside of the Denali National Park entrance, visitors will find a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir shops, while within the park is a mercantile store selling camping supplies, groceries and other necessities.

15. New Orleans

New Orleans

Regarded as one of the most unique cities in the USA, New Orleans is widely known for its distinctive French Creole culture, cuisine, and architecture as well as jazz music and the annual Mardi Gras celebration. Situated in southeastern Louisiana , New Orleans is the state’s largest city and a major US seaport. Devastated by heavy flooding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans is now mostly recovered and remains one of the country’s top travel destinations.

Rich in history and diverse cultures, New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the USA. The city’s historic architecture is one of its main draws, which is best seen in the popular French Quarter with its iron balconies and notable places like the French Market, St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and the exhilarating Bourbon Street. Charming old neighborhoods also reflect the city’s roots with antebellum mansions and Creole cottages. Even the city’s historic cemeteries attract many with their elegant tombs, voodoo mystique and ghost tours.

Riverboat cruises, carriage rides and streetcars offer romantic and exciting ways to experience the splendor of New Orleans. Outside the bustling city, the moss-draped countryside and protected nature areas offer unforgettable experiences like boat rides through the swamps and tours of plantations and Civil War battlefields.

While New Orleans draws its biggest crowds during its famous Mardi Gras celebration, the city is known to always have a party going on at any time of the year with its plethora of bars, nightclubs and jazz clubs.

14. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The world-famous Niagara Falls straddle Ontario in Canada and the American state of New York. Although it is often called the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” Niagara Falls in recent years has also developed as a popular destination for family and adventure vacations. The magnificent beauty and enormous volume of Niagara Falls attracts millions every year from all over the world.

Located on the Niagara River, the falls are a culmination of the flow of water that gushes out of the Upper Great Lakes and are actually made up of three falls – Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Six million cubic feet of water cascades over the ridge every second, making for an incredibly impressive site.

One of the best places to view the Niagara Falls on the Ontario side is from Queen Victoria Park where the Falls are illuminated and fireworks are displayed nightly during the summer.

There are several ways to experience Niagara Falls. One of the most popular is the Maid of the Mist boat tour that brings visitors close enough to feel the spray from the plunging cascades. Visitors can also walk along a boardwalk beside the rapids or enjoy a cable car ride overhead. For the adventurous, there are also jet boat and helicopter tours available.


One of the oldest cities in the USA, Boston is best known for its wealth of American history, architecture and academic institutions. The capital and largest city in Massachusetts as well as the largest city in the New England region, Boston is spectacular sight in spring and autumn with flowering trees and fall foliage.

As the setting of many historic events that led up to the American Revolution, including the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, Boston is steeped in early American history. The city retains many historical landmarks from this time period such as Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church, which sports the steeple that was used to signal a warning to the American patriots of the approaching British soldiers. Once the scene of the Boston Tea Party event, the Boston Harbor today is known for its lighthouses and festivals.

Just outside of Boston in the Cambridge neighborhood is the country’s oldest and most prestigious institute of higher learning, Harvard University. The city is also home to America’s oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the country’s oldest public park as well as the famous pub from the television series, “Cheers.” The Charles River Esplanade and the Boston Harbor Islands State Park offer beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor recreation.


One of the most vivacious cities in the USA, Miami is best known for its Latin culture and sizzling nightlife. Located in southeastern Florida off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami is also a major port city managing the world’s largest number of passenger cruise ships. Attracting tourists from all over the planet, Miami is a melting pot of ethnic cultures with a wide array of exciting attractions and activities .

One of Miami’s main draws is its sunny beaches that range from family resorts to party scenes and offer everything from water sports to shopping and entertainment. Across the bay from Miami on a barrier island is Miami Beach, known for its Art Deco architecture and glamorous South Beach. A visit to the beautiful Vizcaya Estate provides a glimpse into South Florida’s early 20th century history.

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A must-do is visit the Everglades National Park to see one of the country’s most unique ecosystems that consists of swamps, sub-tropical jungles and flooded wetlands that are home to crocodiles, manatees and Florida panthers. A great way to experience the Everglades is by an airboat ride.

11. Seattle


Home to global giants like Boeing, Starbucks and Amazon, Seattle is the largest city of the USA’s Pacific Northwest region. Seattle is a coastal seaport city nicknamed the Emerald City due to its lush scenery resulting from a rainy climate. The skyline of Seattle is a thicket of towering skyscrapers. The crowning glory is the futuristic 605-foot (184-meter) tall Space Needle, built in 1962.

The city is known for its music scene – it gave the world Nirvana and other grunge bands like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. You can read up on this – and more – at the city’s Museum of Pop Culture. It’s also famous for seafood, which you can try at the historic Pike Place Market. What’s more: the surrounding pine forests make for perfect hiking.

To learn about the city’s history, Pioneer Square and the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park offer historical buildings and artifacts. The Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium are outstanding places to encounter land and marine animals. At the Boeing Factory, tourists can watch airplanes being built. Urban parks and nature sanctuaries like Discovery Park and Green Lake offer hiking trails, outdoor adventure and wildlife. With close proximity to the mountains and ocean, Seattle tourists can enjoy hiking, skiing, sailing and kayaking.


Renowned around the world for its breathtaking beauty, Hawaii lies far off the coast of California in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Made up of 137 islands, the volcanic archipelago has long attracted tourists to its shores due to its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage.

Hawaii really does boast a plethora of natural wonders. The rugged NaPali Coast, plunging Waimea Canyon, and idyllic Waikiki Beach count among its most famous sights. Due to all the magnificent scenery, it’s worth spending as much time as possible outdoors, either hiking among the volcanoes, surfing the surrounding waves, or snorkeling above its colorful coral reefs.

As it was the last state to join the US in 1959, the islands still retain much of their unique Hawaiian identity. Visitors can immerse themselves in Hawaii’s rich culture and heritage while staying at any one of the luxury resorts that dot the archipelago. Of its many islands, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai are the most popular due to their natural beauty and abundance of tourist attractions.


Home to world famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is no doubt a favorite destination for family vacations. Located in central Florida, Orlando is a place where dreams and magic become reality. With several amusement parks, visitors to Orlando can meet their favorite storybook characters, reenact live famous movie scenes, ride thrilling roller coasters and watch dolphins and whales performing marvelous tricks.

However, there is much more to Orlando than just the theme parks. The downtown area features pedestrian streets lined with shops, restaurants, bars and comedy clubs. Botanic gardens and conservation parks showcase Florida’s amazing flora and fauna from orchids to alligators. What’s more, Orlando and its surrounding area is a paradise for sports lovers. Lakes and streams teeming in trophy fish are a sport fishing paradise, and golfers will be spoiled for choice among the numerous golf clubs and courses.

8. Washington DC

Washington DC

The capital of the United States and seat of the federal government, Washington is a city located on the country’s East Coast in the District of Columbia. A cosmopolitan city that is home to many diverse cultures, Washington is widely known by its many iconic landmarks like the White House, Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

Many of these monuments, along with others like the Vietnam War Memorial and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, are all located within the beautifully landscaped parkland known as the National Mall, one of the city’s most visited sites.

Washington boasts a large number of important museums, many of which are comprised within the Smithsonian Institute, the world’s largest research and museum compound. The National Zoo, historic churches and the colonial architecture of the Georgetown neighborhood are other popular things to see while visiting Washington. A good way to experience the main attractions of Washington is to take the hop-on hop-off trolley. A popular day trip from Washington is an excursion to the nearby Civil War battlefield of Gettysburg.

7. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The second-largest city in the USA, Los Angeles is located in southern California surrounded by the Pacific Coast, mountains and valleys. Often regarded as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, LA is awash with celebrity culture. You can see the handprints of film stars on Hollywood Boulevard or go on a tour to see stars’ homes in Beverly Hills.

For laid back days there’s the bohemian neighborhood of Venice Beach, home to Muscle Beach and a rambling promenade that doubles as a stage for all sorts of quirky street performers. The seafront city of Santa Moncia also offers a more relaxed pace of life with its old pier and aquarium. LA is also home to the world’s first Disneyland – great news if you’re traveling with children!

Some of the city’s most popular attractions include the Getty Center, regarded as America’s finest art museum, the Kodak Theater, host of the Academy Awards, and Universal Studios Hollywood. The Grove Farmer’s Market is a pedestrian paradise of shopping and entertainment, while Griffith Park and Knott’s Berry Farm are both fantastic family attractions.


Nicknamed the “Windy City” and best known for its towering skyscrapers, sports teams and unique style of hot dogs and pizzas, Chicago is the third-largest city in the USA. Located on Lake Michigan in the heart of the Midwest region in northeastern Illinois , Chicago is a major hub for finance, industry, and commerce. The city’s numerous sites range from the futuristic Millennium Park and the iconic Sears Tower to the Navy Pier with its parks, restaurants, and amusements. Numerous genres of music such as Jazz, Blues, and House music have roots in the live music venues around Chicago.

Chicago is a huge city with many ethnic neighborhoods and a buzzing downtown district that is quite walkable. A stroll downtown offers views of impressive skyscrapers, upscale malls, quaint shops, restaurants, bakeries and numerous hot dog stands selling the city’s distinctive beef frankfurter served on a poppy-seed bun with pickle relish, tomatoes, onion and yellow mustard.

Rich in American history, Chicago has many historic sites including Old St. Patrick’s Church, one of the buildings that survived the city’s Great Fire of 1871. Another historic site, the Cadillac Palace Theater, is worth a visit just for its exquisite interior. First opened in 1926, the theater still presents Broadway shows today.

Home to several major attractions, Grant Park is a huge, sprawling public park with beautiful gardens and recreational facilities as well as Buckingham Fountain, one of the largest fountains in the world.

5. Yellowstone


Yellowstone National Park was the world’s first national park, set aside in 1872 to preserve the vast number of geysers, hot springs, and other thermal areas, as well as to protect the incredible wildlife and rugged beauty of the area. Yellowstone lies on top of a gigantic hotspot where light, hot, molten mantle rock rises towards the surface. Subsequently, the park contains half of all the world’s known geothermal features, with more than 10,000 examples of geysers and hot springs.

The most famous geyser in the park is Old Faithful Geyser. It is one of the most predictable geographical features on earth erupting almost every 91 minutes. The largest hot spring in Yellowstone and the third largest in the world is the Grand Prismatic Spring. The vivid colors in the spring are the result of pigmented bacteria that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water. The bacteria produce colors ranging from green to red. The center of the pool is sterile due to extreme heat.

In addition to all the geothermal features Yellowstone is also home to one of the finest megafauna wildlife habitats in North America. Black bears, grizzly bears, deer, elk, bison and wolves can all be found within the park borders.

4. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

You wouldn’t think a city in the middle of the desert in Nevada would be as popular as it is, but it’s thanks to the cavalcade of casinos here that Las Vegas is so famous. The most well-known casinos themselves are practically household names: Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, the Bellagio. In addition to gambling, show girls and lavish performances, Las Vegas offers plenty more to suit people of all ages and interests. On the main street called the Strip, there are the Bellagio’s impressive fountain shows, a replica of the Eiffel Tower and of an Egyptian pyramid, among other landmarks.

Golfers will be happy to know there are more than 55 golf courses in and around Las Vegas. Just outside the city are state parks offering rock climbing and hiking trails. Also nearby is Lake Mead, which provides a variety of water sports.

3. San Francisco

San Francisco

Set on the tip of a peninsula, San Francisco is a beautiful city in northern California that is famous for a lot (and we really mean a lot) of things. Undoubtedly, the Golden Gate Bridge is the city’s number one attraction . Tourists can drive, bike ride or walk across this famous suspension bridge to admire and photograph stunning views. Another of the city’s most prominent landmarks are its historic cable cars, which present a memorable way to experience the steep inclines and main tourist attractions.

San Francisco is a city rich in history and culture known for its lovely Victorian homes and ethnic neighborhoods, of which Chinatown is the most famous with its colorful array of shops and markets. A popular waterfront district lined with souvenir shops and seafood restaurants, Fisherman’s Wharf is where tourists can take a ferry to Alcatraz Island to tour the notorious prison.

2. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Attracting millions of visitors every year, the Grand Canyon is one of the great tourist attractions in the United States . Located in northern Arizona, this massive natural wonder was carved by the Colorado River over a period of several million years and now measures 277 miles (446 km) long, over a mile (1.6 km) deep and up to 18 miles (29 km) wide. It is not the deepest or the longest canyon in the world but the overwhelming size and colorful landscape offers visitor vistas that are hard to match.

Managed and protected by the Grand Canyon National Park , the Grand Canyon is contained within the national park as well as within the Hualapai and Havasupai Indian Reservations. Awe-inspiring landscapes, wildlife viewing, historic sites and adventurous activities are just a few of the reasons that make the Grand Canyon one of the world’s most famous natural wonders.

The Canyon is divided by two main sections, the popular South Rim and the remote North Rim. As the most accessible part for tourists, the South Rim features many historic sites such as the El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon Railway Depot and the Desert View Watchtower. Also in the South Rim is the Grand Canyon Village where many tourists can find ample lodging.

There are numerous well-marked trails to try out, including the South Kaibab Trail. If you want a really long hike, go for the Rim-to-Rim Trail but don’t forget to pack plenty of water, this is an unrelenting desert climate, after all.

One of the most popular attractions in the Canyon is Havasu Falls, a spectacular waterfall that plummets 120 feet (37 meters) into a natural swimming pool of turquoise water. Other sights and experiences opportunities in the Canyon include whitewater rafting, jeep tours, helicopter rides and the Skywalk, a glass sightseeing structure extending 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) over the rim of the Grand Canyon.

1. New York City

New York City

The jewel in the crown of the USA when it comes to urban areas, New York is a megacity that is absolutely packed full of iconic places, areas, and buildings. World renowned for its concentration of skyscrapers and famous attractions , New York City is what many foreigners often visualize when they think of the USA. In fact, sometimes it feels like you’re walking through familiar territory, thanks to how often the city features in Hollywood films.

Even the “Five Boroughs” that make up NYC are famous (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island). Then there’s the culture: Koreatown, multiple Chinatowns, the remnants of Little Italy, and communities from Jewish to African American make New York a true world city made rich by the people who’ve flocked here from all over the world.

Some of New York’s most notable landmarks that can be toured include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center. One of the city’s most important historical sites is Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants first arrived in America.

New York is also home to some of the most distinguished museums and art galleries in the world such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. Additionally, Manhattan’s Theater District is world known with its collection of Broadway theaters and other entertainment venues. Throbbing with flashing neon lights and glittering billboards, Times Square is the city’s dazzling entertainment district where tourists can catch a Broadway performance and shop for souvenirs.

For those who need to catch their breath from all the hustle and bustle of New York City, Central Park is the answer with its wide open green spaces, gardens, wooded paths and outdoor recreation.

Map of the USA

Map of USA

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June 1, 2017 at 7:02 am

Now I just want to go to visit New York City

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@Lindy… how dare u downplay Atlanta and include a NO NAME place such as Lynchburg??? GOH.

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February 7, 2017 at 9:34 am

By all means, visit Lexington, KY. Come during the Keeneland spring or summer meets. You’ve never visited a more economical and beautiful racetrack. Lots of hotels in all price ranges. Visit a horse farm. Visit multiple distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. Don’t miss the home of Mary Todd Lincoln, right downtown; tours are economical and high quality. Ride out through the horse farms. Take a daytrip to lovely little Midway for shops and independently owned restaurants.

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January 25, 2017 at 1:44 pm

It really depends on what you are looking for but Santa Fe NM, Tuscon AZ and Austin TX are great places to visit. And how did Savannah get picked over Charleston SC? Almost any American would pick Charleston over Savannah. A couple of these places baffle me as to how they made this list. Atlanta? Denver? Denver is just a place to fly into to go somewhere else. Lynchburg VA and Lexington KY are beautiful, fun places, to name a few. I have been to 47 of the 50 states. I am very confident in my comment.

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January 3, 2017 at 12:52 pm

I think one of the most interesting cities in America is Memphis, TN. From Rendezvous Ribs to Beale Street and BB King, to the Peabody hotel and on to Elvis’s Grace Land, there is more to do in this city than most people realize.

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February 24, 2016 at 6:14 am

@Rigo, She didn’t mention Orlando? Keep your bias to yourself, she said New Orleans. There’s also a lot of stuff in Orlando you won’t get in LA. Less traffic, cleaner air, generally people are not as rude, hotter, Disney in Orlando may not be the ‘original’ but is far far superior to Disney in Cali as is Universal.

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November 20, 2014 at 10:21 pm

Don’t worry Jess you can visit Disneyland(the original), California Adventure(across from Disneyland, and part of it), Universal Studios Hollywood(also original) and even the original six flags magic mountain while in Los Angeles, even San Diego its just an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles you can’t get all that in Orlando. Las Vegas is a short 4hrs drive through the Mojave desert rent a car it might be cheaper and on the way there you can stop at calico ghost town. Good luck and welcome to California enjoy your stay 😉

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November 13, 2014 at 4:55 am

I totally agree with this list! Can’t believe I’ll be going to four cities in this list in about a year. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York City. Flying all the way from Malaysia. Feelin’ so blessed, but I’ll have to wait for the visa exemption first. Thinking of going to New Orleans if possible, but I’m short of cash. I’ve only got enough for the four cities; tough luck for me.

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May 20, 2014 at 7:52 am

i loved all these pictures, especially from Orlando

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From national parks to iconic symbols of freedom and democracy, these popular and highly regarded U.S. tourist attractions cannot be missed.

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

U.S. Space & Rocket Center: Huntsville, Alabama

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Denali National Park and Preserve: Alaska

USA landmarks

Grand Canyon National Park: Arizona

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Hot Springs National Park: Arkansas

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco, California

USA landmarks

Pikes Peak: Cascade, Colorado

Top things to do in Connecticut

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Mystic Aquarium: Mystic, Connecticut

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DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum: Fenwick Island, Delaware

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Walt Disney World Resort: Orlando, Florida

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World of Coca-Cola: Atlanta, Georgia

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Road to Hana: Hana, Maui, Hawaii

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Kirkham Hot Springs: Lowman, Idaho

USA landmarks

Chicago River: Chicago, Illinois

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Indianapolis, Indiana

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

The Field of Dreams: Dyersville, Iowa

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of Oz Museum) |

Oz Museum: Wamego, Kansas

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Kentucky Horse Park: Lexington, Kentucky

Visitors and locals are all over in the French Quarter's  streets of New Orleans.

French Quarter: New Orleans, Louisiana

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Acadia National Park: Bar Harbor, Maine

Top attraction in every U.S. state

National Aquarium: Baltimore, Maryland

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Freedom Trail: Boston, Massachusetts

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Mackinac Island: Michigan

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of Mall of America) |

Mall of America: Bloomington, Minnesota

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of Elvis Presley Birthplace) |

Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum: Tupelo, Mississippi

USA landmarks

Gateway Arch: St. Louis, Missouri

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Glacier National Park: West Glacier, Montana

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Chimney Rock National Historic Site: Bayard, Nebraska

USA landmarks

Las Vegas Strip: Las Vegas, Nevada

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Mount Washington Cog Railway: Mount Washington, New Hampshire

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Cape May: New Jersey

Top attractions in every U.S. state

White Sands National Park: Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

USA landmarks

Statue of Liberty: New York City, New York

USA landmarks

Wright Brothers National Memorial: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Theodore Roosevelt National Park: North Dakota

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Cleveland, Ohio

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of First Americans Museum) |

First Americans Museum: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Top attractions in every U.S. state

Mount Hood: Oregon

USA landmarks

Liberty Bell: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Top attractions in every U.S. state

The Breakers: Newport, Rhode Island

USA landmarks

Fort Sumter National Monument: Charleston, South Carolina

USA landmarks

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: Keystone, South Dakota

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum) |

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: Nashville, Tennessee

USA landmarks

The Alamo: San Antonio, Texas

USA landmarks

Zion National Park: Utah

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

(Courtesy of Smugglers' Notch Resort) |

Smugglers' Notch Resort: Jeffersonville, Vermont

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Colonial Williamsburg: Williamsburg, Virginia

USA landmarks

Space Needle: Seattle, Washington

USA landmarks

White House and the National Mall: Washington, D.C.

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Top tourist attraction in every U.S. state

Lambeau Field: Green Bay, Wisconsin

USA landmarks

Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming

Top attraction in every U.S. state

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  • Alaska Road Map
  • Arizona Road Map
  • Arkansas Road Map
  • California Road Map
  • Colorado Road Map
  • Connecticut Road Map
  • Delaware Road Map
  • Florida Road Map
  • Georgia State Road Map
  • Hawaii Road Map
  • Idaho Road Map
  • Illinois Road Map
  • Indiana Road Map
  • Iowa Road Map
  • Kansas Road Map
  • Kentucky Road Map
  • Louisiana Road Map
  • Maine Road Map
  • Maryland Road Map
  • Massachusetts Road Map
  • Michigan Road Map
  • Minnesota Road Map
  • Mississippi Road Map
  • Missouri Road Map
  • Montana Road Map
  • Nebraska Road Map
  • Nevada Road Map
  • New Hampshire Road Map
  • New Jersey Road Map
  • New Mexico Road Map
  • New York State Road Map
  • North Carolina Road Map
  • North Dakota Road Map
  • Ohio Road Map
  • Oklahoma Road Map
  • Oregon Road Map
  • Pennsylvania Road Map
  • Rhode Island Road Map
  • South Carolina Road Map
  • South Dakota Road Map
  • Tennessee Road Map
  • Texas Road Map
  • Utah Road Map
  • Vermont Road Map
  • Virginia Road Map
  • Washington State Road Map
  • West Virginia Road Map
  • Wisconsin Road Map
  • Wyoming Road Map

US States Location Maps

  • Where is Alabama
  • Where is Alaska
  • Where is Arizona
  • Where is Arkansas
  • Where is California
  • Where is Colorado
  • Where is Connecticut
  • Where is Delaware
  • Where is Florida
  • Where is Georgia
  • Where is Hawaii
  • Where is Idaho
  • Where is Illinois
  • Where is Indiana
  • Where is Iowa
  • Where is Kansas
  • Where is Kentucky
  • Where is Louisiana
  • Where is Maine
  • Where is Maryland
  • Where is Massachusetts
  • Where is Michigan
  • Where is Minnesota
  • Where is Mississippi
  • Where is Missouri
  • Where is Montana
  • Where is Nebraska
  • Where is Nevada
  • Where is New Hampshire
  • Where is New Jersey
  • Where is New Mexico
  • Where is New York
  • Where is North Carolina
  • Where is North Dakota
  • Where is Ohio
  • Where is Oklahoma
  • Where is Oregon
  • Where is Pennsylvania
  • Where is Rhode Island
  • Where is South Carolina
  • Where is South Dakota
  • Where is Tennessee
  • Where is Texas
  • Where is Utah
  • Where is Vermont
  • Where is Virginia
  • Where is Washington
  • Where is West Virginia
  • Where is Wisconsin
  • Where is Wyoming

Location of US Cities

  • Pittsburgh on US Map
  • Where is Washington, D.C.
  • Where is Vancouver, Washington
  • Where is Baltimore
  • Where is St. Louis
  • Where is Detroit
  • Where is Portland
  • Where is Birmingham, Alabama
  • Where is Green Bay
  • Where is Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Where is Pittsburgh
  • Where is Miami
  • Where is Atlanta
  • Where is Edinburg, Texas
  • Where is Indianapolis
  • Where is Charlotte
  • Where is Memphis
  • Where is St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Where is San Diego
  • Where is Los Angeles
  • Where is Sacramento
  • Where is Denver
  • Where is Nashville
  • Where is Odessa
  • Where is Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Where is Ontario, California
  • Where is Salt Lake City
  • Where is San Jose
  • Where is Oakland
  • Where is Austin
  • Where is Tampa
  • Where is Tulsa
  • Where is Athens
  • Where is Cleveland
  • Where is Newark
  • Where is Jacksonville
  • Where is Dallas
  • Where is Orlando
  • Where is Omaha
  • Where is Albuquerque
  • Where is Honolulu
  • Where is Louisville
  • Where is Charleston
  • Where is New York City
  • Where is Norfolk, Virginia
  • Where is Houston
  • Where is Oklahoma City
  • Where is Phoenix
  • Where is Frisco
  • Where is Chattanooga
  • Where is Savannah
  • Where is Syracuse
  • Where is Kent
  • San Diego on California Map

The perfect itinerary for an epic USA roadtrip (48 states at once)

You are currently viewing The perfect itinerary for an epic USA roadtrip (48 states at once)

  • Post author: Andrew D'Amours
  • Post published: December 28, 2022
  • Post category: Travel inspiration / Trip itineraries & destination discoveries
  • Post comments: 24 Comments

Do you like roadtrips? They happen to be a very American tradition and we found the perfect itinerary to visit every state in the continental USA during 1 epic roadtrip. A great trip idea for those who have a lot of time but want to stay closer to home .

Personally, I love roadtrips and I hit the road as much as I can, despite also being an aviation geek: you can like both, right? What matters is traveling and seeing new places , no matter how.

So here are the maps and details of the 2 itineraries that allow you to see all the lower 48 states at once, depending on your travel preference.

Basics of the 2 epic USA roadtrip itineraries

The USA is a huge country, almost as big as Europe (it’s even larger than Canada when considering land area alone).

So the USA has a lot of variety in terms of landscapes, but even in terms of culture too (even if many who aren’t from the country don’t realize that).

If you aim to eventually visit every state, any 1 of these 2 itineraries is a great way to almost all of them at once. The only 2 states you’ll have left to visit after this roadtrip will be Hawaii and Alaska.

There’s a version for national parks and points of interest and a version for cities.

tourist map of america

I’m on the quest to visit all 50 states myself (in addition to also visiting every country obviously), and I’m not doing too bad with 47 already.

But let’s just say it would’ve been much quicker to get to 48 at once with this roadtrip instead of having to do it over dozens of trips.

Here are the details.

48-state roadtrip – national parks/points of interest version

Here’s a map of the 1 st itinerary.

tourist map of america

It was conceived by American Ph.D. student Randy Olson, on  his blog , and it was done scientifically to optimize the routing: each stop represents a national park or a point of interest.

So you’re not just seeing every state, you’re seeing cool parts of every state (which sadly wasn’t our case in North Dakota during our very random 1200-miles-nonstop-in-2-days Flytrippers roadtrip across the Midwest just for fun).

Good times. Roadtrips always make for great stories.

Anyway, the itinerary has also been optimized to be as efficient a route as possible to see all 48 states, so you can rest assured you won’t be wasting any time.

If you only stop to sleep, you can complete this roadtrip in only 9 days, but we recommend taking at least a couple of weeks to explore all these places obviously.

And gas is significantly cheaper in the US in case you were wondering. You can start anywhere, it’s a continuous loop, and it passes through many spots near the Canadian border.

You can even take a shortcut from Michigan to Vermont through Canada, as the stop in Cleveland is only to keep Americans without a passport from crossing into the Great White North.

Here is the complete list of all 50 landmarks (48 states + Washington, DC + a bonus stop in California):

1. Grand Canyon, AZ 2. Bryce Canyon National Park, UT 3. Craters of the Moon, ID 4. Yellowstone National Park, WY 5. Pikes Peak, CO 6. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM 7. The Alamo, TX 8. The Platt Historic District, OK 9. Toltec Mounds, AR 10. Elvis Presley’s Graceland, TN 11. Vicksburg National Military Park, MS 12. French Quarter, LA 13. USS Alabama, AL 14. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL 15. Okefenokee Swamp Park, GA 16. Fort Sumter National Monument, SC 17. Lost World Caverns, WV 18. Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, NC 19. Mount Vernon, VA 20. White House, Washington, D.C. 21. Colonial Annapolis Historic District, MD 22. New Castle Historic District, DE 23. Cape May Historic District, NJ 24. Liberty Bell, PA 25. Statue of Liberty, NY 26. The Mark Twain House & Museum, CT 27. The Breakers, RI 28. USS Constitution, MA 29. Acadia National Park, ME 30. Mount Washington Hotel, NH 31. Shelburne Farms, VT 32. Fox Theater, MI 33. Spring Grove Cemetery, OH 34. Mammoth Cave National Park, KY 35. West Baden Springs Hotel, IN 36. Abraham Lincoln’s Home, IL 37. Gateway Arch, MO 38. C. W. Parker Carousel Museum, KS 39. Terrace Hill Governor’s Mansion, IA 40. Taliesin, WI 41. Fort Snelling, MN 42. Ashfall Fossil Bed, NE 43. Mount Rushmore, SD 44. Fort Union Trading Post, ND 45. Glacier National Park, MT 46. Hanford Site, WA 47. Columbia River Highway, OR 48. San Francisco Cable Cars, CA 49. San Andreas Fault, CA 50. Hoover Dam, NV

These are all very enticing attractions, for the most part. It seems I’ve only seen 14 of those, so maybe I should hit the road again after all.

How about you? Tempted?

48-state roadtrip – city version

Here’s a map of the 2 nd itinerary.

tourist map of america

If you’re more of a city slicker, the map’s author has created a 2 nd version that routes you through amazing cities instead.

It is slightly shorter but quite as impressive: it makes you go through the “Best City to Visit” in each state, according to TripAdvisor .

But you won’t have all the lower 48 states, unlike the other itinerary. That’s because no city in Vermont, West Virginia, or North Dakota made the top 400 cities to visit ranking, unfortunately. So plan on making a few extra detours if you want to hit all states at once with this version of the itinerary.

Here is the complete list of all cities:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Francisco, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Park City, Utah
  • Jackson, Wyoming
  • Billings, Montana
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Portland, Maine
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • New York City, New York
  • Ocean City, New Jersey
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Houston, Texas
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Branson, Missouri

I do a little better on this list, with 31 already visited. You can see I love cities. How about you?

Want to get more content to discover awesome destinations?

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If you were looking for an excuse to go on a roadtrip, this is it. And since we always enjoy giving you more for your money, we think 48 states instead of only 1 or 2 is something you’ll enjoy!

What’s the coolest roadtrip you’ve ever been on? Tell us in the comments below.

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Discover free travel: Travel rewards

Featured image: The itinerary (image credit: Randy Olson)

Original publication date: May 29, 2018

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Andrew D'Amours

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This post has 24 comments.

' src=

Very informative and well-articulated, It’s always refreshing to see such useful content. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

' src=

Hello Andrew, the PHD student suggests in the 1st Itinnerary that the one stop to make in Washington State is the Hanford Nuclear Reservation?! Flat out, that is a terrible idea. It is in the middle of nowhere, I am just shocked it’s mentioned. Out of all the beautiful and amazing places to see in such a diverse state as Washington, a Nuclear Site was chosen? Surely this student could have done so much better. Thank you for allowing comments.

' src=

Having been all around the Olympic Peninsula, I agree that’s there are better stops. But my understanding is that he really optimized for the quickest way to do all 48 and had to choose a point of interest that wasn’t too far off that optimal path, hence that choice (I think).

' src=

thanks for sharing this information with us.

' src=

I have taken a road trip from California to the the most northeastern part of theUS. west Quaby light house. it was my 1st trip across the us. .I seen so many amazing places.

Quite the drive for sure! Must have been epic.

' src=

Why do Americans always think the Statue of Liberty is in NY? it is in NJ. I’ve done road trips now that have taken in 39 states. Here’s a quiz to see how well you know the USA: Which state has only one syllable? Only one city has been name-checked on the moon. In which state is it? Which is the most Northerly of the contiguous states? In which state were Tennessee Williams and Elvis Presley born? Which was the last of the contiguous states to be admitted into the USA? Which four states all share a border with each other? Which state has the lowest population? Twelve cities are name-checked in “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” but only three states. Which? Which state has the longest name? Which two states have the most borders with other states? In which state is the geographical centre of the USA – and which one if you exclude Hawaii and Alaska? Which of the states of the USA has respectively the most Northerly, Southerly, Easterly and Westerly points?

' src=

The official Statue of Liberty address is Liberty Island, New York, NY, 10004.

' src=

Wow, these comments are very rude for no reason. Thanks for the article, maybe when I graduate from college I’ll consider hitting part of one of these itineraries.

' src=

“it’s a huge country (even larger than Canada when considering land area alone).”

Canada – 3.855 million mi² USA – 3.532 million mi² Where does this math fail you?

Where did reading fail you :P? It explicitly says “ when considering LAND area alone ” The quote you copied literally has a link provided under “even larger than Canada” and if you read that, it explains how Canada is only larger than the US due to water area being counted 🙂

' src=

There is no stop in North Dakota on the city version. You should stop in Fargo after Billings and before Sioux Falls

' src=

I’m 46 years old .. I have been to all 50 states and I’m 17 away from all 50 twice .. I have driven to 47 .. flown to Alaska, Hawaii and Washington..

Wow! That’s impressive :O

' src=

This is awesome

' src=

This is inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

' src=

“this roadtrip in only 9 days“ is extremely false statement. It is only 9 days if you are driving non stop, no breaks to even get out of your car, get gas, or actually see these places. From start to finish drive time it is 225 hours, 16 minutes = 9 days. Wow. Take some time to enjoy the view.

Yes, that’s what we said too 😛

' src=

Thanks for the tip 😊

' src=

Do you know the total distance of this itinerary? At what moment of the year doing this trip would be the best? Thanks!

Hi! It is 13,699 miles (22,046 km) for the landmarks itinerary and 12,290 miles (19,780 km) for the city version. You can even have the Google Maps links on the creator’s original post (I’ve reposted the link below). As for the timing, I guess it depends on your preferences, but I’d want to avoid that top half of the country (so half the itinerary) in the winter for sure!

' src=

Crappy itinerary! Does not even include Zion National Park… and so many stops in the North Eastern states?? Nobody cares about those places except maybe a couple of places.

As explained, the PhD student who built the itinerary wanted to have one stop per state, and there are many states in the North-East so that’s why there are many stops there. I agree that Zion is an iconic spot, but his goal was also to optimize a routing that was as short as possible so that’s why it’s billed as an itinerary to see all lower 48 states at once and not an itinerary to see *the best spots*. But those interested in doing this can definitely adapt it and add many interesting stops for sure 🙂

' src=

Curtis, you are crappy. Obviously this is meant as a guide that can be adapted to add spots. I think it’s awesome.

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29 Best Things To Do In The USA – Road Trip Map

Things To Do In The USA (9)

The United States is as vast as it is exciting! Stretching for thousands of miles, it literally takes days (non-stop) to drive from one end to the other which is no mean feat, especially if you’re the designated driver that’s on the search for all the best things to do in the USA. 

24 Hours In Nashville, Tennessee (7)

Our last road trip from the Florida Keys to Los Angeles took approximately 50 hours of solid driving; thankfully, there’s no need to do this in one fell swoop. There are tonnes of incredible places to stop, chill out and explore on your route.

Things To Do In The USA (1)

That’s why I decided to create a map to showcase some of the very best places you’ll want to see.

Take a look at 29 of the best things to do in the USA to include on your road trip across the United States . Have the best time visiting the United States. 

To use our map below, swipe left or right on it (using the tool in the middle)

tourist map of america

29 Places To Visit On A USA Roadtrip

1.) hike washington state.

Things To Do In The USA (11)

Not to be confused with the capital city, Washington State is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature.

Pack some walking boots, walk the coastal paths and visit the breathtaking peaks such as Mt. St Helens. It’s totally beautiful and one of the best things to do in the US

Read more: Best places to hike in Washington State

2.) Chow down at Pike Place Market, Seattle

12 Best Things To Do In Seattle (6)

Seattle is such a distinct city from many others in the US, its chilled vibe, incredible culture and gorgeous Pike Place Market will make you want to stay.

12 Best Things To Do In Seattle (11)

Don’t forget to grab some delicious clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls. They’re delicious on chilly winter days. 

Seattle is one of those cities where you can really enjoy that great mix of culture, gorgeous markets and easy access to the great outdoors. Visiting is easily one of the best things to do in the USA – just don’t forget a cup of jo whilst you’re there. 

Read more: Best things to do in Seattle

3.) Stroll across Cannon Beach, Oregon

Things To Do In The USA (3)

Arguably, one of the west coast’s best beaches, Cannon Beach is the perfect place to relax on a lazy day in the sun.

Things To Do In The USA (12)

Rent a bike, walk the coastal route or catch some waves near Haystack Rock.

Read more: Best beaches in the USA to visit

4.) See the geothermal pools of Yellowstone 

Things To Do In The USA (4)

Yellowstone National Park  is one of the country’s most stunning reserves and easily up there as one of the best things to do in the USA if you want to explore the National Parks. 

I loved my trip here.

Things To Do In The USA (7)

This gigantic park is filled with geothermal pools, luminous rock formations and volcanic activity. It’s a unique and diverse national park that’s well worth the visit.

Read more: Best things to do in Yellowstone

5.) Hike up Half Dome in Yosemite

Best Things To Do In Yosemite

Nestled in the stunning countryside of California , Yosemite is one awe-inspiring place to visit. 

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Half Dome before you go, there’s an allotted allocation per day.

Best Things To Do In Yosemite

If you’re not a hiker at heart, then take a tour of Yosemite Village and the Ansel Adams Gallery. Visiting is one of the best things to do in the USA, especially if you love to hike.

Plus, you can easily visit as part of a wider California road trip, too. 

Read more: Best national parks in the USA to visit

6.) Discover the city of San Francisco

Things To Do In The USA (9)

San Francisco is one of my favourite cities in the USA .

Perched on the bay, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the likes of Muir Woods, Nappa Valley and the melting pot of culture that is the city itself.

Free Things To Do In San Francisco (9)

Oh, don’t forget to visit Fisherman’s Wharf and see the massive seals that call the harbour home. Just remember to block your nose; they’re a little stinky.

Read more: Best free things to do in San Francisco

7.) Spot the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Things To Do In The USA (8)

Los Angeles and the surrounding regions are a perfect place to stop for a few days of sun, sea and culture. Make sure you check out the Hollywood sign and the Griffin Observatory too.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, make sure to check out Eggslut , they make the meanest (and biggest) hot sandwiches I’ve ever seen.

Read more: Best things to do in Los Angeles

8.) Admire the art at Salvation Mountain 

Have You Ever Heard Of Salvation Mountain in California? (3)

Salvation Mountain is a unique and special place!

Filled with colourful mountains, inspiring installations and lots of artistic flairs this place is perfect to stop at whilst on your journey east or west.

Read more: How to visit Salvation Mountain

9.) Try your luck in Las Vegas

Best Things To Do In Las Vegas (8)

One of the world’s most famous part towns, Las Vegas is one city that has to be seen to be believed. Love it, or hate it, visiting Las Vegas is eye-opening and one of the best things to do in the USA if you want a completely different type of city break. 

Best Things To Do In Las Vegas (5)

Walk (some) of the strip, spend a few $$$ at the casino and take a ride on one of the strip’s hair-raising rides!

Read more: Things to see in Las Vegas

10.) Walk within Antelope Canyon 

14 Best Places In Arizona To Visit (9)

Located in the Navajo lands within Arizona, Antelope Canyon is one of those spots’s you’ll likely have seen but never really knew where it was.

14 Best Places In Arizona To Visit (10)

Head here to walk through this stunning canyon and explore the incredible naturally carved landscape.

Read more: How to visit Antelope Canyon

11.) Drive through Monument Valley

14 Best Places In Arizona To Visit (4)

Monument Valley is an incredible place to visit.

Take your car through this 17-mile trail that weaves through this stunning landscape to enjoy the views.

14 Best Places In Arizona To Visit (8)

For an overnight stay, why not camp in the designated areas and enjoy the pristine, unadulterated skies of the US. Trust me, you won’t forget this place easily.

Read more: Best things to do in Monument Valley

12.) Walk the edge of a Meteor Crater

14 Best Places In Arizona To Visit (31)

When travelling through Arizona, make sure to make a stop at the huge, Meteor Crater .

This massive meteor Crater happened around 50,000 years ago when the region was struck by, you guessed it, a meteor. Take a tour of the crater and marvel at how huge this hole in the earth is!

Read more: Visiting Meteor Crater

13.) Go Alien hunting in Roswell 

Alien Hunting in Roswell, New Mexico (7)

If you’re interested in the conspiracy theories around Area 51 and the alleged UFO sightings in and around New Mexico , then you must head to this quirky town of Roswell.

Visit the UFO Museum, spot the extra-terrestrial artwork around the town and see if you can spot a UFO or two!

Read more: What to do in Roswell

14.) Explore the River Walk in San Antonio

Best Things To Do In San Antonio

This historic city of San Antonio  is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy a little slice of Texan life.

Best Things To Do In San Antonio

Make sure to explore the River Walk and head inside The Alamo, which is very important in the history of the United States. San Antonio is gorgeous and visiting is one of the best things to do in the USA whilst on a wider Texan road trip.

Read more: Best things to do in San Antonio

15.) Find the Presidential Heads

Pit stop in Houston, Texas? Go check out the giant Beatles and US Presidents! (6)

Houston has a lot going for it; the Space Center, the home of Beyonce  and some larger-than-life Presidential Heads .

Yup, most visitors to Houston have no idea about one of the city’s hidden gems that are hidden just off the freeway. Take a look at our full post visiting the Presidential Heads, right here .

Read more: Best things to do in Houston

16.) Gorge at Mother’s in New Orleans 

Things To Do In The USA (16)

New Orleans is one of the United States most amazing cities to visit, especially if it’s your first time.

Head towards the French Quarter , enjoy Bourbon Street (even if it gets a little crazy at night) and soak up the atmosphere at Preservation Hall.

Oh, and grab a mighty fine bite to eat at Mother’s too. Make sure to grab a cup of seafood gumbo or the original debris with au jus gravy. 

Read more: Things to do in New Orleans

17.) See manatees in Ichituknee Springs

Things To Do In The USA (5)

Ichituknee Springs is about 3 hours northwest of Orlando by car and well worth a visit.

Rent yourself a dingy, head toward the springs themselves and allow yourself to float downstream where you’ll float alongside wild manatees and a few other Floridian residents.

Read more: Best things to do in Flordia

18.) Enjoy the thrills of Orlando

Things To Do In The USA (10)

Orlando is one of the best places in the world for thrill-seekers like us!

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, USA (19)

Regardless of your age, places like Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Disney World are too much fun to miss. We had such a great time exploring all the parks… and they’re perfect for any age.

19.) Explore Miami

Things To Do In The USA (13)

Miami is a one-of-a-kind type of city! If cities were animals, Miami would definitely be a peacock.

Head to the beach, enjoy the art-deco architecture and people-watching in this fascinating city. As the day turns to night, be sure to party it up.

Read more: Best things to do in Miami

20.) See the stunning Florida Keys

Best beach In The Florida Keys

A few hours south of Miami is the gorgeous islands that are the Florida Keys where you can enjoy the humid heat, beautiful beaches and a laid-back way of life.

Best Things To Do In The Florida Keys

Head to Key West and discover the charming heritage of this amazing place.

Read more: Best places in Florida to explore

21.) Visit the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee 

Things To Do In The USA (2)

Tennessee is one of those states that we might not immediately think to visit, especially when you’ve got the big-hitting destinations in Tennessee of Nashville , Memphis and Knoxville .

Make sure to visit the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and take a hike towards some of the smaller peaks. It’s one of the best things to do in the USA, especially if you’re wanting an escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

Oh and don’t forget to make a stop at Dollywood too!

Read more: Things to do in Tennessee

22.) Find the impressive Mt. Rushmore

Things To Do In The USA (14)

If you’re heading to South Dakota , make sure to make a stop at Mt. Rushmore to see the world-famous presidential heads that are carved into the mountainside.

Very Best Places To Visit In South Dakota Mount Rushmore

This huge monument is pretty epic to see and a great place to stop on your way east or west.

Read more: Best things to do in South Dakota

23.) Discover the windy city, Chicago

Nicknamed the windy city, Chicago is one pretty cool city to visit.

10 Very Best Things To Do In Chicago (14)

Spend a few days exploring this epic place and discover the massive legume that now stands, in pride of place, in the city.

Read more: Best things to do in Chicago

24.) Explore Washington DC

14 Best Things To Do In Washington D.C. (4)

Washington D.C . has a lot going for it. Impressive buildings, stunning museums and quaint districts that you have to explore.

14 Best Things To Do In Washington D.C. (23)

Make sure to spend some time appreciating the Smithsonian Museums and the charming heritage of Alexandria.

Read more: Best things to do in Washington DC

25.) See the secret spots of New York City

Top Of The Rock In New York City! (5)

We all know the firm favourites of Lady Liberty , the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building ; but there are many other sites that are hidden from view too.

Things To See New York (67)

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, make sure to check out these mouth-watering eateries on your trip to the big apple. Visiting is one of the best things to do in the USA that’s totally iconic.

Just make sure to explore Manhattan and visit some of the other areas; like Brooklyn , too. 

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26.) Gorge on fresh lobster in Boston

12 Of The Best Things to do in Boston On A First Time Visit (16)

No visit to Boston would be complete without walking the historic, Freedom Trail and grabbing bite to eat from one of the many restaurants serving fresh lobster with lashings of garlic buttery goodness.

It’s easy to visit Providence, Rhode Island from Boston too.

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27.) See the beauty of the North-East

Things To Do In The USA (15)

The natural beauty of the north-east coastline has to be seen on your road trip across the east coast .

Make sure to make some stops in some of the main towns (and islands) that are just perfect for a day trip. 

Read more: Best places to visit on the East Coast

28.) Enjoy the wintery landscapes of Alaska

Sailing The Impressive Tracy Arm And Endicott Arm Fjord To The Dawes Glacier, Alaska (18)

Yep, it’s pretty chilly and the roads can get super icy, so if you’re planning on visiting Alaska make sure you understand the driving conditions before you go.

Humpback Whales, Glaciers And Northern Lights – The Most Magical Experience Aboard Celebrity Cruises Solstice To Alaska (40)

Once there, there’s a shedload of epic spots and the best things to do in the USA, including some of these beauties . Just make lots of time for the gorgeous natural beauty of Alaska.

Oh, and always take care in exploring the great outdoors. 

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29.) See the awe-inspiring beauty of Hawaii 

Best Things To Do In Maui (28)

Look, you won’t be able to drive from the mainland but there’s no stopping you from carrying on your road trip to (and within) Hawaii itself.

Best Things To Do In Maui (31)

There are so many places to see in this volcanic archipelago, especially if it’s your first visit! For me, the island of Maui is so stunning. 

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Tips for driving

The Beautifully Colourful City Of St Pete, Florida (9)

In all, it took me around 7 weeks to complete a ‘circle’ starting in New York City, travelling north to Los Angeles and then from the Florida Keys to Los Angeles.

Each day, we drove between 3-8 hours, mostly around 4 hours and tried to get this finished by noon – this allows you to enjoy the rest of the day(s) at your chosen pit stop. Remember, as driving distances can be long, make sure to take lots of breaks and stop if you’re tired. No one likes a tired driver!

As with any of our posts, if you need any advice/tips on planning your route or any more info on the stops, make sure to send us a message.

We’re always happy to help and suggest heaps of the best things to do in the USA that we totally loved on our trip. 

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21 Fun Cities In The US To Visit

Check Out The Very Best Of Great Britain!

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tourist map of america

10 Best Things To Do In Malta & Gozo

tourist map of america

12 Best Places In The Scottish Islands To Visit

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Weekend diy lighting tips: tin can lanterns.

15 Best Areas In London To Visit

15 Best Areas In London To Visit

Vital Things To Know About Poaching In Africa

Vital Things To Know About Poaching In Africa

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The Punk Rock Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Tourist Map of the United States

Global country, which projects itself as the maximum exponent of Western culture. We are in front of the land of the “American dream” of the hotdogs, the big cities, the beautiful people, and for sure the biggest diversity of nationalities in pleasant union and looking to one side, the flag of the stripes and the stars. Our tourist map of the United States is loaded with all the information that will help you undertake the greatest adventure, in the country of Hollywood, of Abraham Lincoln, of the East and West coasts, of Marilyn Monroe and of the relentless nature so varied that it can be experienced from all over its geography. Let’s be honest, in your life you have wanted to come and kill leisure with its parks or simply to merge in the metropolis with one of the most open and libertarian societies in the world. This is your moment and you must live it.

It is officially named after the United States of America. It is the result of constant changes in its geopolitics since the 18th century, going from thirteen English colonies to a period of independence, from the Civil War to the consolidation of a union of fifty-four Confederate States. Country that fought spaces with two great countries of the continent as they are it Canada and Mexico. It participated in two world wars and a cold war with another antagonistic continental power. Who would have thought that the outcome of this nation would be that of the world’s leading superpower, and that with its influence even from ancient times it only had to occupy the privileged position it deserves in world tourism. The United States lacks nothing; the Caribbean, the Atlantic, and the Pacific and the continent are its natural migratory channels, where all converge to adopt the gentleness and strengthen this model of heterogeneous society.

tourist map of america

Tourism is geared towards recreating the American dream. It has designed a charm for every taste and all inclusive. The gastronomy and the architecture of vanguard are lived in cities like Chicago. The entertainment has been implanted in the heart of Los Angeles, and the good vibe of California, the best of the West Coast or West Side. Leisure and gambling remain in Las Vegas. The attractions of the marine world and the paradisiacal beaches have no competition in the state of Florida, along with its largest community of Latinos, with whom you can find some things in common. To the East Coast, New York; lavish glamour and modernity in a well-planned city and its Statue of Liberty. Not to mention the world’s largest museum complex, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC where you can access American history.

tourist map of america

Tourist Map of New York

tourist map of america

Florida Tourist Map

tourist map of america

Las Vegas Tourist Map

tourist map of america

Los Angeles Tourist Map

tourist map of america

Chicago Tourist Map

tourist map of america

San Francisco Tourist Map

tourist map of america

Philadelphia Tourist Map

tourist map of america

Tourist Map of Washington DC

tourist map of america

Orlando Tourist Map

Washington dc.

The country’s capital awaits you with its stately and historic sites. The vast variety of museums, the best in the world, the gardens, the monuments project respect. While it is true that you can visit it in a single day, you run the risk of not going deep into each site, and apart from that not enjoying the other side of the fun and exciting Washington DC. Its main neighborhoods like Georgetown have the momentum of a historic city; elegant but fresh, modern at the same time. You’ll love the National Mall with its huge obelisk and esplanade where the Washington Monument and Abraham Lincoln Memorial meet face to face. You’ll also want to cultivate your knowledge at the National Air and Space Museum, one of the many belonging to the Smithsonian Institution. The White House and the Pentagon are waiting for you, too.

Definitely the second capital of the country for its economic and cultural power has been New York. It seems to be a country apart and able to stand on its own feet; its way of life is longed for by many and envied by others. You’ll be facing five areas that make up the city in a strange mix of urban centers among well-connected islands with their own identity, with Manhattan at the forefront. The Statue of Liberty has been the icon of the city; an emblem of freedom in the world and the concept it has with the Yankee culture. The Times Square as a meeting point and the fifth avenue will make you enter in a city ecstasy, inviting you to navigate in its flow. Feel the financial pulse as you meet the bronze bull on Wall Street. If you want to go further you can visit Brooklyn, and the rest of its districts.

Los Angeles

The capital of entertainment and the seventh art. A place where the intimacy of celebrities rests with an open eye. Its famous Hollywood Avenue, Chinese Theatre and Universal Studios will make you sweat if you enter with the intention of leaving the same day. It’s worth giving yourself over to all that it has in store for you; put time and worry aside. You can take a photo tour to the Hollywood sign, and visit a lot of curious museums. Then you can get ready to enjoy one of the busiest nightlife environments on the West Coast. Los Angeles is the most popular city in Southern California and deserves a good time.

Mark an itinerary ahead of time before Las Vegas engulfs you with its full spell. The so-called City of Sin awaits you with the most striking game centers and unusual attractions in its huge hotels. A place for the nightly party to go at a frenetic pace. You will love the variety of nightclubs that manage to catch the visitors with their themes. Don’t forget your camera, don’t forget your lucky boots. You’ll have to prepare yourself for a crazy adventure with friends, or a joyful and entertaining evening with your loved ones. Las vegas is tailor-made for everyone. But have a look at this cliché phrase that should not be underestimated; what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

washington dc maps

Washington, D.C. Maps – Washington Tourist Maps

Home | Travel | North America | United States | Washington, D.C. | Washington, D.C. Maps – Washington Tourist Maps

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Are you looking for a Washington DC map to plan your trip? Look no further because I’ve compiled all the maps you need. The Washington tourist area is relatively small. You can get just about everywhere by walking, so these maps will help you find the main attractions in the city.

Below you’ll find the best 10 maps of Washington DC that you can print out or save on your smartphone so you can check them at any time.

  • Washington DC tourist map
  • Interactive map of Washington DC
  • Washington DC National Mall Map
  • Washington DC street map

Washington DC neighborhood map

  • Washington DC public transport map
  • Washington DC road map
  • High-resolution map of Washington DC

Map of the United States

  • Map of Washington DC for downloading

Washington, DC tourist map

To give you an initial idea of what the capital of the United States is like and what to do in Washington D.C , check out the following tourist map of Washington, DC:

The tourist map of Washington

Interactive Map Of Washington, DC

The following interactive map of Washington, DC will show you where all the attractions are and help you get to know the city in depth. I’ve marked the main memorials to the US presidents, museums, the White House, and much more.

Did I miss a tourist attraction? Leave me a comment and I’ll add it.

At the end of the article, I explain how you can check this map offline so you can always carry it with you and have it on hand .

Washington, DC National Mall Map

Below is a map of the main attractions of Washington, DC, with most of them located in the National Mall. Additionally, it includes a map of the Smithsonian where the main museums in Washington are.

The map of the National Mall of Washington D.C.

Map of the National Mall in Washington, DC

Washington, DC street map

With this Washington, DC street map, you’ll never get lost in this great city!

The street map of Washington D.C.

The following Washington, DC neighborhood map is also very useful. You can quickly and easily locate any point in the city with it. I also recommend you use it to find where to stay in Washington D.C.

Washington neighborhood map

Washington, DC neighborhood map

Washington DC Public Transport Map

Although I think the best way to get to know Washington, DC is by walking, sometimes it’s necessary to use public transport. This metro map of Washington, DC can help you move around the city when you’re short on time.

metro map of Washington D.C.

Washington, DC Public Transport Map

Washington, DC road map

I don’t recommend getting around the city by car, although a Washington, DC road map always comes in handy if you’re going to visit the surroundings or if you’re getting to Washington, DC by car.

The road map of Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. road map

High-resolution Washington, DC map

On the following high-resolution Washington, DC map, you can zoom in and find any point in the city. It’s perfect so that you don’t miss out on anything in the capital of the United States.

Washington D.C. map

Below is a map of the United States so you can see where Washington, DC is. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to locate the capital within the country.

Washington D.C. map, United States

Washington, DC map for downloading

The Washington, DC map for downloading is the last one. For me, this type of map is a must when I plan any trip.

Washington DC map for downloading

If you’re going to be offline, don’t worry because you can check it any time from your smartphone. Just download the and Dropbox apps. Once installed, search Washington, DC in and download the KML file to save it in Dropbox. Finally, open this file from your phone with the app so that all the tourist attractions are saved on your phone.

And that’s it! Now that you have all the maps of Washington, DC , you can start enjoying your trip.

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tourist map of america

Ascen Aynat

Dónde alojarse en Washington D.C., USA

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tourist map of america

Hurricane Beryl tracker: Storm makes landfall in Texas, see spaghetti models, path

Hurricane Beryl made landfall as a Category 1 near Matagorda, Texas early Monday morning.

The storm made landfall 110 miles south of Houston.

The state faces 75 mph winds and life-threatening storm surge. Heavy rainfall, and flash and urban flooding are expected to impact the eastern part of the state, according to the National Hurricane Center .

A tornado watch will remain in effect for southeastern Texas until 10 a.m. local time, states the National Weather Service .

Beryl is now a post-tropical cyclone: See path and spaghetti models for post-tropical cyclone, hurricane remnants

Where will the storm go?

The storm is moving 12 mph north. The following areas can expect to see 3-5 inches of rain tonight into Tuesday:

  • Southeast Oklahoma
  • Southern Missouri

Live updates: Forecasters fear Beryl will rapidly strengthen as it heads for Texas

Hurricane Beryl path tracker

This forecast track shows the most likely path of the center of the storm. It does not illustrate the full width of the storm or its impacts, and the center of the storm is likely to travel outside the cone up to 33% of the time.

Hurricane Beryl spaghetti models

Illustrations include an array of forecast tools and models, and not all are created equal. The hurricane center uses only the top four or five highest-performing models to help make its forecasts.

Atlantic storm tracker

Contributing: Anthony Robledo, Gabe Hauari ,  N'Dea Yance-Bragg, Susan Miller, John Bacon, Jorge L. Ortiz, Dinah Voyles Pulver & Thao Nguyen, USA TODAY; Cheryl McCloud, USA TODAY-Network Florida

Watch CBS News

Map shows states where COVID levels are "high" or "very high" as summer wave spreads

By Alexander Tin

Edited By Paula Cohen

July 12, 2024 / 4:08 PM EDT / CBS News

More than half of states are now seeing "high" or "very high" levels of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in their wastewater testing, according to figures published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as this summer's COVID wave reaches a growing share of the country.

Nationwide, the CDC now says that the overall level of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater is "high" for the first time since this past winter. Levels remain "high" across western states, where trends first began to worsen last month, while other regions are now seeing steeper increases at or near "high" levels.

Friday's update is the first since last month, due to the Fourth of July holiday. 

The uptick is in line with a growing number of COVID-19 patients showing up in emergency rooms. The District of Columbia and 26 states are now seeing "substantial increases" in COVID-19 emergency room visits, the agency says.

Nationwide, the average share of emergency room patients with COVID-19 is also now the highest it has been since February and has increased 115% from a month ago. 

Map of COVID-19 cases

Overall emergency room visits and hospitalization trends remain at what the CDC deems to be "low" levels in several states, far below the deadly peaks reached at earlier points during the pandemic. 

But COVID-19 emergency room visits crossed the threshold into "moderate" levels in Hawaii last month, after a surge that topped the last two waves of the virus. Florida also is now at "moderate" levels, amid a wave that is at peaks not seen since this past winter. 

"We are seeing patterns that are consistent with what we have observed over the last couple of years in the summer, where we have seen upticks in activity that have occurred around this time of year that are not quite as large as what we see during the winter peaks," said Aron Hall, deputy director for science in the CDC's Coronavirus and Other Respiratory Viruses Division.


Health authorities in some communities have said in recent weeks that the uptick is a sign that now could be the time for people looking to avoid COVID-19 infections — especially at-risk Americans , with underlying health issues — to start taking extra precautions like masking and testing in many parts of the country. 

Hall said the recent increase did not look to be any more severe than previous summer waves, but served as a reminder of the importance of getting vaccinated and other steps, like seeking out treatment for those at increased risk of severe disease.

"The activity that we are seeing now is consistent with previous trends. It is not necessarily cause for any additional alarm, but is an important reminder that there are key measures that folks can take to protect themselves," he said.

When will COVID-19 peak this summer?

Most of the first states to reach "high" COVID-19 levels in wastewater last month were in the West , where the share of COVID-19 patients in emergency rooms has also accelerated. Reported infections in nursing homes have also grown in this region.

Other countries have also seen COVID-19 trends rise this summer earlier than last year. In the United Kingdom, COVID-19 hospitalizations are at levels not seen since February. 

But there are signs now that this summer wave may have now reached its peak across some states in this region, where the virus first picked up steam.

Forecasts updated by the CDC this week estimate that COVID-19 infections are growing across almost all states, but are "stable or uncertain" in three: Hawaii, Oregon and New Mexico. 

"It's hard to predict the future. And if COVID has taught is anything, it's that things can always change. But based on previous trends, where we have seen sort of a summer wave that has peaked around July or August, is what we might expect for this year," said Hall.

Nursing home infections have slowed for a second straight week in the Pacific Northwest, in the region spanning Alaska through Oregon. 

In Hawaii, where COVID-19 emergency room trends this summer had peaked at levels worse than both their last winter and summer waves of the virus, patients have slowed for multiple weeks now.

Hall cautioned that while COVID-19 trends have slowed after summer peaks in recent years, they still remained far worse than the low levels seen during past springtime lulls in the virus.

"We don't see necessarily a nadir or bottoming out, between the summer and winter waves, at least historically. So that's important as we think about protecting people that are vulnerable," he said.

What is the latest variant in this COVID-19 wave?

The CDC last updated its every-other-week variant projections after the Fourth of July, estimating that the KP.3 variant had grown to more than a third of infections nationwide. 

Behind it were the KP.2 and LB.1 variants, two close relatives that are all descendants of the JN.1 strain that dominated infections this past winter. Put together, these three variants — KP.3, KP.2 and LB.1 — made up more than 3 in 4 infections nationwide. 

Hall said there is "still no indication of increased severity of illness" associated with any of these variants, similar to what the agency has said in recent weeks. 

Hall said the agency tracks data from hospitals and ongoing studies, as well as detailed analyses of the genetic changes to the virus, to search for signs that the risk from new variants might have grown.

"None of those data sources have given us any indication that these variants cause more severe disease than what we have seen previously," he said.

Through the end of June, the CDC estimated that all regions of the country were seeing a mix of these strains, though some more than others depending on the location.

KP.3 makes up the largest share of infections in several regions of the country, while LB.1 is larger around the New York and New Jersey area and KP.2 is bigger in New England. 

For now, Hall said KP.3 and LB.1 are the variants that are spreading fastest, though their relative growth looks to be "considerably lower" than previous highly mutated strains like the original Omicron variant.

"It's not anything as dramatic as some of the earlier shifts in the virus that we've seen," he said.

  • COVID-19 Pandemic

Alexander Tin is a digital reporter for CBS News based in the Washington, D.C. bureau. He covers the Biden administration's public health agencies, including the federal response to infectious disease outbreaks like COVID-19.

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Why the new inflation report is good for homebuyers

She signed up for a complicated clinical trial. It may cure her lupus

Poll: Trump maintains edge over Biden in battlegrounds on eve of GOP convention

Credit card rates are near record highs. Here are 3 quick ways to get rid of your card debt now.


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    The USA tourist map shows all tourist places and points of interest of USA. This travel map of USA will allow you to easily plan your visits of landmarks of USA in Americas. The USA tourist map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free. Tourism in the USA is a large industry that serves millions of international and domestic tourists yearly as ...

  12. 25 Best Places to Visit in the USA (+Map)

    11. Seattle. Home to global giants like Boeing, Starbucks and Amazon, Seattle is the largest city of the USA's Pacific Northwest region. Seattle is a coastal seaport city nicknamed the Emerald City due to its lush scenery resulting from a rainy climate. The skyline of Seattle is a thicket of towering skyscrapers.

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    Photo: Wikimedia, CC0. The Midwest is known as "America's Heartland": the massive Great Lakes, the vast northwoods, wide-open plains full of corn and wheat, a patchwork of industrial cities and small towns, and one of America's greatest cities, Chicago. Chicago. Ohio. Illinois.

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    US Travel Map. Explore US tourist map, The United States offers a diverse array of places to visit, each with its unique attractions. For example, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona spans 1,217,262 acres and receives over six million visitors each year, showcasing its geological significance and breathtaking vistas.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Map Wizard! (Note: The name of a city is sufficient.) Step 3: Name, Save, & Print Your Map (Note: You must register to name, save and print your map.) For more map tools and features, please visit RTA's full service RoadTrip Map Center . If you are using a Mac and are having troubles sharing or printing a saved ...

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    The United States is as vast as it is exciting! Stretching for thousands of miles, it literally takes days (non-stop) to drive from one end to the other - 29 Best Things To Do In The USA - Road Trip Map - Travel, Travel Advice - North America, USA - Travel, Food and Home Inspiration Blog with door-to-door Travel Planner! - Travel Advice, Travel Inspiration, Home Inspiration, Food Inspiration ...

  20. Roadside America

    Roadside America App Road trip tools for iPhone/iPad: discover what's nearby or along a route. Special research targets & photo galleries. Map-a-City Web map pinpoints fun, odd attractions around a town or state. Search Tips Sift through 25 years of crazy reports and wise advice! My Sights Plan a Trip: Gather what you like, plot a route. Export ...

  21. United States map. Free detailed map of USA. Large highway map US

    Printable road map US. Large highway map US. United States detailed roads map. Atlas of America. ... Tourist map of Mexico Canada geographical map Atlantic ocean map Pacific ocean map USA Cities maps. Atlanta city map Baltimore city map Boston city map Buffalo city map

  22. Tourist Map of the United States in 2024

    Tourist Map of the United States It is officially named after the United States of America. It is the result of constant changes in its geopolitics since the 18th century, going from thirteen English colonies to a period of independence, from the Civil War to the consolidation of a union of fifty-four Confederate States.

  23. Washington D.C. maps

    Below you'll find the best 10 maps of Washington DC that you can print out or save on your smartphone so you can check them at any time. Washington DC tourist map. Interactive map of Washington DC. Washington DC National Mall Map. Washington DC street map. Washington DC neighborhood map. Washington DC public transport map. Washington DC road map.

  24. Hurricane Beryl tracker: See storm's path, spaghetti models

    Hurricane Beryl made landfall as a Category 1 near Matagorda, Texas early Monday morning. The storm made landfall 110 miles south of Houston. The state faces 75 mph winds and life-threatening ...

  25. Plan ahead for Eastside travel: full closure of northbound and

    Plan ahead for Eastside travel: full closure of northbound and southbound I-405 in Renton for drainage work ... WSDOT's Travel Center map, ... Website feedback: Tell us how we're doing. Highlights from the Gray Notebook. 166,800 electric vehicle. registrations in Washington in 2023, up from 114,600 in 2022. 87 wetland compensation sites.

  26. Gunman was a few hundred feet away from Trump, CNN analysis shows

    Former President Donald Trump was about 400 to 500 feet (120 to 150 meters) from the suspected gunman at the time of the shooting, according to CNN's analysis of their geolocated positions.

  27. Map shows states where COVID levels are "high" or "very high" as summer

    Summer wave of COVID-19 hitting U.S. 04:33 More than half of states are now seeing "high" or "very high" levels of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in their wastewater testing ...