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Dramatic sunset, with purple and orange clouds, over boats in the harbour, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Be it on land or sea, walking or adventure cruising – Croatia will have you in the palm of its hand.

Croatia's glittering Adriatic coast, charming cobblestone towns and thriving food and wine scene are certain to reward curiosities. Join one of our small group tours and wander through the ancient streets of Split to find the perfect gelato, dance up a storm in Dubrovnik’s castle nightclubs, and shout a hearty ‘zivjeli!’ while sipping sundowners on Hvar’s mountaintop fortress. You might even island hop in the Adriatic Sea , bathe in the turquoise waters of Zlatni Rat, or take a dip in the emerald-green lakes of Mljet. Trust us when we say uncovering the treasures of this Balkan beauty will be the adventure of a lifetime. 

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Croatian Coastal Cruising: Dubrovnik to Split (Aurora)

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Zagreb (population 930,000)

4.4 million

(GMT+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb



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Best time to visit croatia.

Croatia's peak season runs between July and August, with temperatures in the high 60s or mid 80s on the coast. But in this region, you can expect plenty of sunshine from May to October, which are the best times to visit if you want to take advantage of Croatia's beautiful beaches and islands. The inland areas are also hot in the summer but can get cold in the winter with low temperatures and snowfall. Winter on the coast is milder and frequent rain can be expected.

Read more about the best time to visit Croatia

Culture and customs

Generally, Croatians are very proud of their country and cultural heritage. While this may not be obvious in everyday life, the Slavic heritage of Croatian people becomes more evident during festivals and national holidays, where cities and villages come to life with traditional costume, folk music and feasts. While most of Croatia's population are Roman Catholic, there are also groups of people who identify as Serbian Orthodox, Muslim, Protestant and Jewish. Having endured war, hardship and frequent earthquakes, the people of Croatia have a great amount of national pride and connection to their country and family. It's quite common for extended families to live together and children to remain close to their parents well into adulthood. Time for leisure and family is highly valued, particularly along the coast, where many offices end their day at 3pm.

Eating and drinking

Croatian cuisine   is heavily influenced by its surrounding countries. Separated from Italy by the Adriatic Sea, cuisine along the coast tends to have more of a Mediterranean flair. Fish and seafood are integral to many coastal dishes, such as brodet (fish stew) and crni rizot (black risotto made with squid). Homemade pasta and olive oil are also dietary staples. Further inland, you’ll find heartier dishes with Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish influences such as cobanac (a goulash-like stew) and kulen (paprika-seasoned sausage).

Foodies will definitely want to visit Istria – home to award-winning olive oil, wild asparagus, rare white truffles and excellent wines – which has gained an international reputation as a foodie destination.

Croatians enjoy their beer (Karlovacko and Ozujsko are two of the most popular local brews), but they love their kava (coffee). Take a cue from the locals and spend a morning people-watching at a cafe over a kava – it’s a Saturday morning tradition in Zagreb. Rakija (brandy) is the spirit of choice, with many restaurants offering a small glass before a meal. Another favorite is Pelinkovac, a must-try bitter liqueur.

Things to try in Croatia

1. Pasticada

A slow-cooked beef dish usually served with gnocchi. This Dalmatian staple can be found in many restaurants in this region.

2. Manestra

There are many variations to Istria’s hearty take on minestrone soup, but it usually includes beans, corn and meat.

3. Paski sir

This popular hard cheese is produced exclusively from the milk of sheep on the Island of Pag. It gets its unique pungent taste from the sheep’s aromatic herb diet.

These grilled skinless sausages are common throughout Croatia and are usually served with onions and ajvar (a red bell pepper relish) on a flatbread

Geography and environment

Sharing borders with  Bosnia and Herzegovina ,  Slovenia ,  Hungary ,  Serbia  and  Montenegro , Croatia benefits from more than 5,000 km of coastline that spans along the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the mainland, Croatia also has many islands, some inhabited, some not. Croatia's terrain is very diverse and varies from flat plains to low mountains and highlands, limestone karst cliffs, wetlands, lakes and forests of cypress. Nature reserves and wetland areas are home to large populations of migratory birds, deer, bats and bears. Visitors will also see much of the land is used for agriculture with vineyards, lavender fields, olive groves and orchards being prevalent in rural areas. Croatia's cities, while developed, have managed to maintain a high level of charm with cobblestone streets, ancient housing, historic squares and heritage buildings being preserved and still used by the current population.

History and government

Early history.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the land now known as Croatia has been occupied by humans since the Stone Age. Croatia's geographical position in  Europe  allowed a great amount of influence from neighboring regions, with tribes and people from different cultures and groups making their mark. The first Kingdom of Croatia was formed in 925 but by the 12th century Croatia had formed a union with Hungary, with a Hungarian King instated as leader of both territories. During the 15th century, Croatia lost territory to the Ottoman Empire and, in later centuries, once again came under Hungarian rule. Evidence of these many cultural influences can be seen in the architecture, cuisine and archaeological ruins of contemporary Croatia.

Recent history

Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia formed a union in 1918 to create the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but the occupation of Axis forces during World War II lead to the creation of the Independent State of Croatia, which only lasted a couple of years during the war. By the end of the war in 1945, Croatia had become a Socialist Republic (within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, together with Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro), with the constitution of 1963 attempting to alleviate tensions surrounding the balance of power between Serbians and Croats. By 1980, after the death of President Tito (founder of modern Yugoslavia), economic and political difficulties resulted in a near collapse of government. What followed was years of conflict, polarity and political turmoil. The referendum of 1991 resulted in an overwhelming vote for independence, with Croatia and Slovenia declaring independence from Yugoslavia in June of the same year. Much armed conflict followed and lasted until 1995, leading to great loss of civilian life and displacement, creating large populations of refugees. However, the last two decades have been a time of peace and reconciliation for the people of Croatia and the country even joined the European Union in 2013.

Top 10 historic buildings of Croatia

1. cathedral of the assumption of the virgin mary.

One of Zagreb’s most visited historic sites, this grand neo-Gothic cathedral has been renovated and reconstructed many times since it was originally built in the 13th century. With massive twin spires, a marble interior and 800-year-old treasury, this is a monumental masterpiece.

2. Church of St Donatus

Considered one of the most impressive examples of early Byzantine architecture, this church in Zadar was built way back in the 9th century. With much historical value, its simplistic, circular design is quite unlike other buildings in Croatia, making it a standout, must-see church in a country with so many churches and cathedrals to see.

3. Croatian National Theatre

Built in 1895, this national treasure located in Zagreb is an elegant example of neo-Baroque style architecture. Visitors lucky enough to catch an opera, ballet or classical music concert here will be able to revel in all the fine details, from the luxe furnishings to the excellent acoustics.

4. Diocletian’s Palace

One of Split’s main attractions, this UNESCO World Heritage monument is considered one of the best-preserved Roman palaces in the world. The sprawling complex is home to many fine examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, so visitors will be able to admire open-air courtyards, marble arches, columns, gates and walls from a variety of different periods.

5. Cathedral of St Lovro

This cathedral located 30 minutes from Split is well known for its distinct Romanesque portal crafted by one of Croatia's most celebrated sculptors, Radovan. Mythological creatures and biblical figures all feature heavily, with saints, lions, sirens and centaurs all gracing the spectacular doorways.

6. Rector’s Palace

Also known as Dubrovnik Museum, Rector’s Palace is an impressive building in itself. With soaring arches, period furniture and a dramatic staircase, this structure steals the show from the museum exhibits it holds within.

7. Dubrovnik Synagogue

Reported to be the second oldest synagogue in Europe and the world’s oldest Sefardic synagogue still in use, Dubrovnik’s synagogue is still a place for the local Jewish community to worship on holy days. Sustaining damage from earthquakes and wars, this small but well-cared-for structure stills stands today due to its historical value and unique design.

8. Marco Polo Tower

While not the most elaborate or opulent building in Croatia, the Marco Polo Tower of Korcula has much historical significance. It is believed that Marco Polo was born in this medieval, walled city and this tower named in his honor rises above the town as a reminder of his legacy. Climb to the top for phenomenal views and panoramic photo opportunities.

9. Franciscan Monastery

Featuring 14th-century cloisters, intricately carved columns and a striking, sculptured facade this Dubrovnik wonder is also home to the third oldest pharmacy in Europe, so you can get a prescription filled while seeing the sights.

10. Trakoscan Castle

This lovely castle located in northern Croatia was inhabited from the 13th century right up until the 1940s. Featuring all good things a castle should have - including a dungeon, hunting room and tower - visiting here is like stepping back to a time when castles weren’t just historical monuments, but actual places to live.

Top places to visit in Croatia

1. islands of kornati.

There are plenty of enchanting islands along the coast of Croatia but perhaps none more so than the secluded Kornati, a collection of 89 spectacular islands full of islets and reef systems just waiting to be explored. Known as the largest and densest archipelago in the Adriatic region, the Kornatis present the perfect way to spend a couple of days with beautiful bays to swim in and fascinating nature parks to adventure through.

2. Dubrovnik

Steeped in both beauty and history, Dubrovnik’s UNESCO-listed Old Town is, quite simply, the undisputed jewel of the Dalmatian Coast. With its beautiful white stone-covered buildings, tiled-roof houses, and limestone streets all encompassed within sea-facing city walls, this city is full of charm and splendour. Whether you want to wander the bustling streets on foot or view the town from the sparkling water of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is one character-filled city you can’t miss. Wander the cobblestoned streets of Dubrovnik on our 15 day Dubrovnik to Athens tour or on our 15 day Dubrovnik to Bled tour.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik then setting sail for the small island of Lokrum is the best way to achieve it. Covered in lush vegetation and surrounded by sparkling blue waters you’re never going to want to leave, this sleepy island presents the perfect opportunity to relax under the warm Croatian sun. Whether you want to soak up the rays on rocks by the sea or wander through the Botanical Garden, you’re guaranteed to find peace within Lokrum’s stunning surroundings. Sail to the small island of Lokrum on our 10 day Dubrovnik to Venice tour or on our 8 day Explore Croatia adventure.

Another day, another magnificent city in Croatia to adventure through; this time, it’s Zadar. Once the capital city of Dalmatia, Zadar boasts a rich heritage that’s easily visible when you start wandering its ancient buildings such as the Roman Forum and St Donatus’ Church. From walking through cultural exhibitions at the Museum of Church Art and exploring the spirited fish markets at the port to admiring the ‘Greeting to the Sun’, a modern monument dedicated to the sun, this energetic destination will surely capture your heart (and your camera’s remaining storage). Explore historic Zadar on our 8 day Croatia & Slovenia tour.

Packed with a rich history you’re going to want to explore, Korcula Island is a hidden gem with as many beautiful sights and ancient buildings as some of the bigger islands, such as Hvar, but without the crowds. Offering a lot of sun to soak up, plenty of golden sandy beaches to lie on, and an abundance of sparkling blue waters to swim in, this seaside destination is truly one-of-a-kind. And you can't forget about the food. From traditional beef stews to the sweet delicacy of travarica, you'll never go hungry in Korcula. Marvel at the sights of Korcula on our 8 day Croatian Coastal Cruising or on our 7 day Cycle Croatia tour.

Split may be Croatia’s second largest city (after Zagreb) but it’s first when it comes to personality and soul with historic streets, a World-Heritage listed palace, and a vibrant mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants scattered throughout its picturesque Old Town. From sipping on frothy kava at a table on the Riva waterfront promenade to listening to street musicians filling ancient courtyards with their sweet sounds, Split promises to take your Croatian tour to another level. Eat your way through Split on our 11 day Slovenia & Croatia Real Food Adventure.

7. Plitvice Lakes National Park

If you thought Croatia couldn’t get any more beautiful, only one visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park is enough to make you change your mind. Gaining World Heritage listed status 20 years ago, this spectacular park covers 19 hectares of wooded hills and 16 turquoise-covered lakes all connected by a series of waterfalls that won’t hesitate to take your breath away. Whether you want to spot some wild animals (think wolves, deer, and birds), wander through the park’s forest vegetation, or simply marvel at the captivating landscape that surrounds you, this dazzling park will be etched in your mind forever. Walk through Plitvice Lakes National Park on our 26 day Budapest to Rome adventure or on our 17 day Dubrovnik to Rome tour.

If culture’s what you’re after, then visiting the spirited city of Zagreb should be high on your Croatia bucket list. Bursting with museums such as the quirky Museum of Broken Relationships or the more traditional Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, and historic locations such as the Mirogoj Cemetery and Lotrščak Tower, you’ll never run out of things to do in Zagreb. Perfect for exploring on foot, this lively destination blends the best of crafts, cuisine, and culture for an adventure you’ll want to relive over and over again. Absorb the Croatian culture on our 19 day Budapest to Venice tour or on our 10 day Dubrovnik to Venice tour.

On the surface, Osijek may seem like just another breathtaking Croatian town but as soon as you start wandering its streets full of grand buildings and popular landmarks, you’ll see why it deserves to be explored. With a laidback atmosphere and bubbling personality, this town will easily have you entranced from its many cafes and restaurants lining the Drava River to its captivating medieval structures. Spend your time walking through the Museum of Slavonia or strolling down the European Avenue for an in-depth look at this remarkable region. Stroll the streets of Osijek on our 29 day Vienna to Dubrovnik tour or on our 15 day Balkan Adventure.

If Dubrovnik is known as the ‘Jewel of the Dalmatian Coast’ then Hvar is the ‘Queen of the Dalmatian Islands’ thanks to its picture-perfect town full of wonderfully preserved Renaissance facades. Boasting plenty to do including admiring the views of the town and the Adriatic Sea from the Spanjola Fortress, wandering the streets full of unusual boutiques and interesting galleries, and sipping on cocktails at a bar by the water, this spectacular island town is like something straight out of a fairytale. 

Croatia has an interesting mix of quaint outdoor markets, modern malls and hip clothing boutiques. There's plenty of options that make better souvenirs than the usual lurid magnets or tourist t-shirts.

It's a good idea to check with your local customs officials to ensure that you are able to bring certain items back into your home country. The   United States   and   Canada  generally have strict customs laws.

Things to buy in Croatia

1. Local produce

If you're able to take food products back to your home country, then Croatia's markets are filled with delicious gourmet produce. Honey, olives, cheese, wine and lavender products are good choices that help to support local farmers and the rural economy.

2. Traditional handicrafts

Embroidered tablecloths, handmade dolls and lace from the island of Pag make authentic gifts for friends back home.

3. Natural cosmetics

Croatia has many brands of natural soap, body butter and shower gel derived from ingredients like olive oil, goat's milk, lavender, almond oil and seaweed.

Festivals and events

Dance week festival.

This celebration of dance and movement hits Zagreb each year. Featuring a diverse range of contemporary and traditional dance from local and international dancers and choreographers, the eclectic program highlights the artistic vision of many coming together to celebrate their love of dance.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

Classical music, theatre, dance and opera combine to create an enriching program of events performed in open air venues around Dubrovnik. Held every year since 1949, Croatia's temperate summer climate ensures the perfect conditions for outdoor performances.

International Folklore Festival

This important festival held in Zagreb each year helps to preserve cultural diversity by promoting traditional dance, costume, music and handicrafts from all over the world. Visitors can see everything from African drumming performances to traditional Croatian dancing and Bulgarian bands.

Read more about festivals in Croatia

Public holidays that may impact travel include:

Anti-Fascist Resistance Day

Statehood Day

Homeland Thanksgiving Day

Independence Day

Please note that the dates of  Croatia's public holidays  may vary.

Further reading

Croatia travel faqs, do i need a covid-19 vaccine to join an intrepid trip.

Trips from 1 January 2023 onwards

From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Do you need a visa to visit Croatia?

Visas are the responsibility of the individual traveler. Entry requirements can change at any time, so it's important that you check for the latest information. Please visit the relevant consular website of the country or countries you’re visiting for detailed and up-to-date visa information specific to your nationality. Check the Essential Trip Information section of the itinerary for more information.

Is tipping customary in Croatia?

Tipping isn't mandatory in Croatia, although feel free to round up the bill or leave spare change for wait staff. Tip more if the service has been particularly good. Some restaurants and cafes will already include a 10-15% margin in the bill, to account for taxes and tips. In this case, generally no further tip is required.

What is the internet access like in Croatia?

Travelers will be able to access the internet at internet cafes and hotels in Croatia's large cities and tourist-orientated towns. Expect less internet accessibility in rural areas.

Will my cell phone work in Croatia?

Cell phone coverage is generally very good in Croatia's large cities and urban areas. Islands and remote areas may have less reliable service.

Ensure global roaming is activated with your service provider before arrival.

What are the toilets like in Croatia?

Western-style, flushable toilets are the norm in Croatia's cities and urban centres.

Can I drink the water in Croatia?

Tap water is considered safe to drink in Croatia; however, due to the different mineral content, some people may get stomach upsets from the drinking water if they aren't used to it. A better option is finding filtered water rather than relying on bottled water.

Are credit cards accepted widely in Croatia?

Large hotels, restaurants and tourist sites will most likely accept credit cards. Always carry enough cash for smaller purchases and when shopping at vendors like market stalls and smaller cafes and hotels, which may not have credit card facilities.

What is ATM access like in Croatia?

ATMs are readily available throughout Croatia. Cities and large towns will have more ATM access than small villages or rural areas, so prepare accordingly if traveling out of urban areas.

What is the weather like in Croatia?

Croatia's climate is split into two different regions - along the coast and in the mainland.

Depending on which region you're travelling to, the weather may vary slightly with temperatures higher in the mainland area due to a lack of sea breeze.

Winter temperatures are also lower in the mainland with snowfall expected and enjoyed, whereas on the coast, snowfall is quite uncommon.

Is Croatia a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travelers?

Discretion is advised for LGBTQIA+ travelers in Croatia. Homosexuality has been legal in Croatia since 1977 and is tolerated but not widely accepted. Public displays of affection between same-sex couples may be met with hostility in lesser populated cities. Gay venues are virtually non-existent outside Zagreb but this is improving every year. 

For more detailed and up-to-date advice, we recommend visiting   Equaldex   or   ILGA   before you travel.

What's the transport like in Croatia?

Intrepid believes half the fun of experiencing a new country is getting there, and getting around once there! Where possible, Intrepid uses local transport options and traditional modes of transport - which usually carry less of an environmental impact, support small local operators and are heaps more fun.

Depending on which trip you're on while in Croatia, you may find yourself traveling by:

No tourist coaches here! Travel through Croatia the way the locals do, aboard a local bus. It's a cheap, reliable and authentic way to get around.

Trip: Explore Croatia

Amazing views and quick access to the islands - what better way to see Croatia's splendid coast than aboard a ferry?

Trip: Cycle Croatia

Trip: Dubrovnik to Bled

Do I need to purchase travel insurance before traveling?

Absolutely. All passengers traveling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of their trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance

How do I stay safe and healthy while traveling?

From Australia?

Go to: Smart Traveller

From Canada?

Go to:  Canada Travel Information

From the UK?

Go to:  UK Foreign Travel Advice

From New Zealand?

Go to:  Safe Travel

From the US?

Go to:  US Department of State

The World Health Organisation also provides useful health information.

What is it like traveling on a small group tour?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or you’re about to embark on your first trip, traveling can be as intimidating as it is exciting. That's the beauty of a small group tour. From handling the logistics and organizing amazing cultural activities to local leaders who know each destination like the back of their hand (like which street has the best markets and where to get the most authentic food), traveling on a small group tour with Intrepid will give you unforgettable travel experiences without the hassle that comes with exploring a new place. Plus, you'll have ready-made friends to share the journey with. All you have to do is turn up with a healthy sense of adventure and we’ll take care of the rest.

Does my trip to Croatia support The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, all Intrepid trips support the Intrepid Foundation. In fact, we make a donation on behalf of every traveler. Trips to Croatia directly support our foundation partner, Humana Zagreb.

Humana Zagreb

Humana Zagreb provides job opportunities and education programs in sustainable fashion and textile industries for people with disabilities. Donations fund educational programs run by Humana employees with disabilities. These programs teach school children about the issues of fast fashion, the importance of reusing and recycling clothes, and the barriers that people with disabilities face when searching for employment.

Intrepid will double the impact by dollar-matching all post-trip donations made to The Intrepid Foundation.

Does my Intrepid trip include airfare?

While our Intrepid trips include many modes of transport, from tuk-tuks to overland vehicles, bullet trains and feluccas, airfare to and from your home country is not included in your tour package.

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Croatia 2024/2025

Top Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in Croatia. Below you will find 31 of the best tour operators and travel agencies in Croatia offering in total 252 tours and holidays through-out Croatia. Combined they have received 707 customer reviews and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The top tour activities offered in Croatia are: Sightseeing, attractions, culture and history, Boat tours, water sports and marine wildlife & Adventure and sport.

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31 Tour Operators in Croatia with 707 Reviews

Travel Talk

Travel Talk

  • Address 18 Exhibition House Addison Bridge Place, London, England
  • Response Rate 96%
  • Response Time 1 hour

best travel companies for croatia

  • Best-in-Class Top 5% of companies
  • Excellent Service Top 10% of companies
  • Superior Service Top 15% of companies

Exodus Travels

Exodus Travels

  • Address Grange Mills, Weir Road, London, England
  • Response Rate 85%
  • Response Time 2 hours


  • Address Nelson House, 55-59 Victoria Rd, Farnborough, England
  • Response Rate 94%
  • Response Time 3 hours


  • Address 6 Fife Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey,, London , England
  • Response Rate 84%

Intro Travel

Intro Travel

  • Address Level 2, 332 Kent Street, Sydney, Australia
  • Response Rate 89%

Grand Cuvée Tours

Grand Cuvée Tours

  • Address Maistrova ulica 2a, Menges, Slovenia
  • Response Rate 99%



  • Address 12 Rue De La Division Leclerc, Nedre Rhin, France
  • Response Rate 87%


  • Address Soi Pridi Banomyong 26, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Response Rate 52%

On The Go Tours

On The Go Tours

  • Address 3 Shortlands, 4th floor, Office 19, Hammersmith, England
  • Response Rate 88%

Tweet World Travel

Tweet World Travel

  • Address 8/587-591, B27, Magill SA, Australia

Penguin Travel

Penguin Travel

  • Address 2, Sveta Gora str. , Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Response Rate 100%

Destination Services

Destination Services

  • Address Edificio TUI, SM2, Calle Rita Levi, Parc Bit, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Response Rate 98%


  • Address 109 Power Road, Chiswick, London, England
  • Response Rate 81%

Traveling to Croatia? Chat with a local travel specialist in Croatia who can help organize your trip.

Robert Pinčević

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10 Best Croatia Tour Operators 2024 [Unbiased & With Reviews]

10 best croatia tour operators 2024.

Are you planning to visit Croatia, but unsure which tour provider to select? Now, you no longer have to waste time searching the internet and filling out dozens of contact forms. Simply fill out ONE form, we’ll send it off to multiple tour providers and they’ll contact YOU! You’ll be able to compare rates and find the lowest cost tour for the most affordable trip abroad.

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Would you like to tour and learn more about Croatian culture? Do you need help in your search for professional and trusted Croatia tours ? Do you want to know about the tour companies you can choose from?

Croatia is best known for its historic cities and scenic nature. Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is home to some of the best museums, galleries, and restaurants in Europe. Along the coast, you will find centuries-old harbor medieval towns built during the Venetian era and long pebble beaches that offer water skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing activities. On the Adriatic, there are multiple Croatian islands that are havens for yachters to relax There are multiple Croatian islands on the Adriatic that are havens for yachters to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean bliss and sunshine.

Even though a tour to Croatia is an exciting and thrilling adventure, you can quickly regret your decision when you find out the many hours it takes to narrow down the best Croatia tour operators that work great for you. To save time and money, you need to identify the different variables between tour companies in Croatia. They all have varying costs, tour packages, professionalism, and experience in the industry.

TravellersQuest has prudently researched hundreds of great options available in Croatia by comparing the reviews, prices, and tour packages to help you select the best operator. Use this article to help you in your decision. Be confident knowing that you have all the details and info you need to choose top-notch and affordable Croatia tours.

Below you can find this easy-to-follow list of the best 10 tour providers in Croatia.

Table update Feb 15, 2024

Booker Travel Agency

Booker Travel Agency is a top-rated tour operator in Croatia. Based in Split, Croatia, the company specializes in creating unforgettable day trips and excursions. Their services extend to airport transfers and pick-ups from designated locations in safe, air-conditioned vehicles. Booker Travel Agency’s team comprise of knowledgeable guides who showcase Croatia’s beauty through their unique perspective. From waterfalls and national parks to islands, caves, and lagoons, their diverse destination packages cater to varied interests.

Booker Travel Agency Best Croatia Tour Packages

Booker Travel Agency offers several exciting packages to explore the beauty of Croatia.

Experience the wonders of Krka National Park with a Full-Day Food & Wine Tasting Tour from Split . This tour includes visits to Skradinski Buk, an ethno village, and you’ll get to dive into Croatian history while enjoying a blend of local wines, olive oil, cheese, and bread at an authentic winery.

For a neighboring adventure, go on a Day Trip to Mostar and Kravice Waterfalls , guided by friendly experts.

For a dose of sun and sea, choose the Blue Lagoon & 3 Islands Tour . It features an adrenaline speedboat ride to the crystal-clear waters of Krknjasi Bay and help you explore Ciovo island, visit the UNESCO-listed town of Trogir, and make lasting memories in the stunning Croatian archipelago.

Booker Travel Agency Reviews

Booker Travel Agency is the best-rated tour company in Croatia with stellar rankings and reviews. In TripAdvisor, the company has 9,813 reviews with 5-star ratings and praise from the past clients. Booker Travel Agency is rated #1 of 88 Food & Drink providers in Split and is also a recipient of the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Amazing atmosphere, lovely staff. I will certainly recommend and return again. We were referred by friends to visit and we must say it was an amazing experience… Michael N

Read all reviews of Booker Travel Agency on TripAdvisor.

Embark on a magical adventure in Germany by choosing from our list of the 10 Best Germany Tour Operators , ensuring an enriching travel experience.

Dubrovnik Walks

Dubrovnik Walks is the best-rated tour agency in Croatia. Established in 2006, the company stands as the premier walking tour company in Dubrovnik, Croatia. With an impressive record of 11 consecutive Certificates of Excellence, the company offers some of the most amazing, affordable and leisurely walking tours in the country. Dubrovnik Walks comprise of professionally licensed and friendly local guides and the tours provide personalized insights and authentic Croatia experience.

Dubrovnik Walks Best Croatia Tour Packages

Dubrovnik Walks offers several exciting packages to explore the rich history and beauty of Croatia.

The Discover the Old Town Tour package provides a 1.5-hour Dubrovnik walks, highlighting landmarks like the Franciscan Monastery and Rector’s Palace. The tour offers a glimpse into 1,400 years of history.

For Game of Thrones enthusiasts, Dubrovnik Walks has Game of Thrones Tour . The tour takes you through the real King’s Landing, showcasing locations from seasons 2 to 8.

For a refreshing adventure, the Sea Kayaking Package is the best. You’ll get to paddle along the coastline to witness stunning views of the old town, city walls, and Lokrum Island while learning about Dubrovnik’s history.

Dubrovnik Walks Reviews

Dubrovnik Walks is one of the leading travel and tour operating agencies in Croatia with great reviews and rankings. The company has over 6,240 reviews with 5-star ratings. Dubrovnik Walks is rated #3 of 534 Tours & Activities in Dubrovnik and also received the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2023.

Exceeded expectations by far. Totally cool to see filming locations and photos from the series. Guide was great. Super fun… Kimberly B

Read all reviews of Dubrovnik Walks on TripAdvisor.

Providenca Charter and Travel

Providenca Charter and Travel

Providenca Charter and Travel is one of the top Croatia tour operators. Founded in 2012 in Trogir, Croatia, Providenca Charter & Travel specializes in boat tours and charters along the stunning Dalmatian coast. Recognized among the best in Split-Dalmatia County, the agency offers services in Trogir, Split, Šolta, Vis, Brač, Hvar, and Makarska. With a focus on nautical tourism, they excel in speed motor boats, providing boat transfers, private and group excursions, and sailing courses.

Providenca Charter and Travel Best Croatia Tour Packages

Providenca Charter and Travel offers unforgettable experiences with their best packages.

Discover the wonders of the Adriatic Sea with the Private Blue Cave & Hvar, 5 Islands Tour . In this tour, you’ll get to explore the famous Blue Cave and the longest cave on Biševo Island.

For a romantic evening, choose the Private Sunset on The Speedboat In Town Sutivan, Island Brač Tour .  You’ll witness breathtaking sunsets in Sutivan, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, and savor the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Another enchanting option is the Private Sunset on The Speedboat in Village Maslinica, Island Šolta Tour . Experience the best sunset in Middle Dalmatia, swim near beautiful islets, and enjoy a romantic dinner in Maslinica with this tour.

Providenca Charter and Travel Reviews

Providenca Charter and Travel is one of the leading travel and tour operating agencies in Croatia. The company has 4,863 reviews raving reviews on TripAdvisor. The company is also ranked #1 of 82 Tours & Activities in Trogir.

Excellent guide and the views are wonderful. Blue cave, green cave, the bay and a few islands visit was hozy…Excursion28220820758

Read all reviews of Providenca Charter and Travel on TripAdvisor.

Dive into the heart of Greece with one of the 10 Best Greece Tour Operators , providing exceptional services for your exploration.

Dubrovnik Walking Tours

Dubrovnik Walking Tours

Dubrovnik Walking Tours is one of the finest travel agencies in Croatia. The company is a top-walking tours organizer in Croatia and has top-notch ratings on their touring packages. Dubrovnik Walking Tours’ team comprise of experience licensed guides who not only offer guidance but also ensure seamless and safe touring experience. Dubrovnik Walking Tours have years of experience in travel and tourism sector and have multiple awards from platforms like TripAdvisor.  

Dubrovnik Walking Tours Best Croatia Tour Packages

Dubrovnik Walking Tours offer captivating experiences with their exclusive packages.

Their Discover Dubrovnik Walk offers best walking experience in Croatia. Led by local experts, the tour uncovers the city’s golden age and modern charm in 90 minutes.

The Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour immerses you in the show’s magic, exploring key filming locations with insider commentary and anecdotes from guides who were part of the production.

For an extensive experience, the Dubrovnik Game of Thrones: Land and Sea Tour is perfect. It combines a 3-hour walking exploration with a panoramic boat trip, providing a unique perspective of Dubrovnik’s beauty.

Dubrovnik Walking Tours Reviews

Dubrovnik Walking Tours is one of the leading travel and tour operator in Croatia with top ratings and reviews. In TripAdvisor, the company has 5,240 reviews with 5-star ratings and praise from the past clients.

Amazing experience! As a fan of the series, I really enjoyed it. Thank you, guys! Special thanks go to Josip. Wasn’t bored a second!… Anastasia L

Read all reviews of Dubrovnik Walking Tours on TripAdvisor.

Adventure Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a perfect, safe, and professional Croatia tour operator, check out the award-winning  Adventure Dubrovnik . They are passionate about magical and unique adventures, so they operate their high-quality private guided tours in the Dubrovnik region. Founded in 2002 by local tourism experts, they are fully licensed by the Croatian government and internationally recognized by the American Canoe Association. You deserve a memorable Croatian adventure, so do not shy away from joining them for a life-changing tour.

Adventure Dubrovnik Best Croatia Packages

Adventure Dubrovnik has a great selection of tour packages in Croatia for you to choose from.

Sea kayaking Dubrovnik  will uncover scenic views of the City Walls, hidden caves, and Lokrum Island. You will have the opportunity to snorkel and learn more about Dubrovnik’s history.

With a knowledgeable English-speaking guide, join the  Dubrovnik’s Old Town Tour  through the streets and trace the city from its early beginnings to becoming one of the most advanced republics in the world.

The company’s Croatia Biking and Wine Tasting Tour is an opportunity to explore Cavtat, the 2000-year-old fishing village while tasting the locally produced wine.

Adventure Dubrovnik Reviews

Adventure Dubrovnik is one of the best tour companies in Croatia that has many great reviews. The feedback shows that Adventure Dubrovnik’s past customers are satisfied with the tour services they received. Of the 4404 reviews on Trip Advisor, 99 % of the tourists rated the operator as outstanding and excellent. See a glowing review here:

Sea Kayaking with Adventure Dubrovnik was fun for the whole family. I went with my fiance and my mother and we all had a great time… TravelBear

Read all Adventure Dubrovnik reviews on TripAdvisor . Explore the diverse landscapes of Romania by joining one of the 10 Best Romania Tour Operators , guaranteeing an immersive and enjoyable trip

Free Spirit Tours

Free Spirit Tours

Free Spirit Tours is a leading tour company based in Croatia. They are renowned for their top-rated services and a team of travel experts, destination specialists, and passionate tour guides. Their primary objective is to serve as the finest ambassadors of Croatia, offering travelers memorable and enriching experiences. Free Spirit Tours specializes in designing and operating a variety of tours, including city tours, day trips, and multi-day excursions across Croatia and neighboring countries.

Free Spirit Tours Best Croatia Tour Packages

Explore Croatia with Free Spirit Tours’ exciting packages. The Dubrovnik Tour takes you through the city’s history and culture in 1.5 hours, covering famous places like St. Blaise Church and Stradun.

In Best of Rovinj tour , discover the charm of the town, including the highest viewpoint in Istria. Foodies will love the Pula Food Tour , a 3-hour culinary journey in Pula. And for adventure, try the Canoe Safari Split on the Cetina River , suitable for all experience levels.

Free Spirit Tours Reviews

Free Spirit Tours has a long track record of outstanding customer service, proven by over 3720 positive and glowing reviews on Trip Advisor. As one of the best Croatia tour operators, Free Spirit Tours is ranked #1 out of 268 outdoor tour providers, with over 95% positive feedback from past travelers.  Here is a review left by a customer:

You will not regret this tour! We had our tour on Friday morning with Dijana, and it was a fantastic experience… Milana W

Read all Free Spirit Tours reviews on TripAdvisor .

Dubrovnik Islands Tours

Dubrovnik Islands Tours

Dubrovnik Islands Tours is an exclusive Croatia tour operator delivering the ultimate exclusive boat tours, charters, and transfers. With several years of experience in the industry, the company aims to provide complete freedom to customize packages and fully indulge in the great Adriatic Sea and its unspoiled nature while enjoying local cuisine and wines. Dubrovnik Islands Tours professional guides are skillful and well-trained with a passion for exceeding your expectations. Whether you like to explore or relax by the sea, the staff will tailor the excursion depending on your personal preference.

Dubrovnik Islands Tours Best Croatia Tour Packages

Dubrovnik Islands Tours offers some of the best bespoke tour packages to make your holiday once in a lifetime. You can join their Blue Cave Tour that allows you swim into caves, revealing stunning shades of blue and sunlight. The small group setting ensures personal attention and avoids crowds.

You can also explore the best spots of the Elaphiti Islands on a carefully planned tour that includes Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan, steering away from the usual tourist hustle.

For a more luxurious experience, you can rent a private speedboat that accommodates up to 12 people. This tour allows you to enjoy a quick and fun cruise, discovering secluded beaches, untouched nature, and local cuisine at your own pace.

Dubrovnik Islands Tours Reviews

On Trip Advisor, this highly rated best tour agency in Croatia has rightfully earned the rank of #10 of 245 tours and activities in Dubrovnik. They have earned a five-star approval rating with over 7709 glowing reviews. So many past clients have left lovely feedback, read what they had to say here:

Fully recommend this tour to nature and sea lovers, Blue cave is beautiful! our skipper Luca made the day incredible with his dedication and good energy!… Bob N

Read all Dubrovnik Islands Tours reviews on TripAdvisor .

Experience the natural beauty of Croatia by joining one of the 10 Best Croatia Tour Operators , creating unforgettable memories.

Toto Travel

Toto Travel

Toto Travel , based in Split, is a reputed Croatian travel agency with the biggest boat fleet for group and personalized tours. Their young and energetic team aims to give the best experience while exploring the beautiful Dalmatian towns and islands. Over the last six years, they have made more than 150,000 travelers happy with boat tours and trips to famous national parks like Krka and Plitvice. Toto Travel is renowned for its commitment to safety, boasting experienced skippers and well-maintained boats.

Toto Travel Best Croatia Tour Packages

Toto Travel offers many exciting and customizable tour packages in Croatia. They have the Blue Cave, Hvar & 5 Islands Private Boat Trip that offers an exclusive journey through the mesmerizing Blue Cave and top locations in the Split archipelago.

For a half-day of natural wonders, the Blue Lagoon & 3 Islands Tour from Split uncovers the untouched beauty of the Blue Lagoon area, allowing exploration of three picturesque islands.

They also have the Private Half-Day Sailing to Šolta package that provides a perfect escape from city heat. This tour offers the relaxing summer day filled with sailing and tranquility on Šolta island.

Toto Travel Reviews

Toto Travel is a reputable Croatia tour company. The travelers are quite satisfied with the tour packages offered by this company. Of the total 4170 reviews on Trip Advisor, 99% of the customers have rated it “great” or “exceptional.” See positive review below:

Vladka and Ivo, great ship tour through the islands. It was very pretty and beautiful. They were very kind with us. Maria D

Read all Toto Travel reviews on TripAdvisor .

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours

Welcome to Kings landing ande4 enjoy the ride with  Game of Throne Dubrovnik Tours , one of the top Croatia tour operators. With over seven years of experience in the industry, the company specializes in high-quality guided private tours and small group trips. Their goal is to make your vacation perfect by delivering high custom-made and personalized day tours in Croatia. You can expect friendly and fun tour guides to show you all the hidden gems in the country.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours Best Croatia Tour Packages

Join any of Game of Throne Dubrovnik Tours private tours in Croatia for a memorable adventure by yourself or with your friends and family.

The  Kings Landing Extended Tour  is the perfect trip to Fort Lovrjenac for magnificent views of the Old City to experience multiple scenes and discover the Dragon’s flyover got a moment of Khaleesi’s madness. However, for the whole experience, you can join the  Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour  to discover the filming locations from the Duel Arena, Tyrell’s Gardens, and the Trsteno Harbor.

Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours Reviews

Game of Throne Dubrovnik Tours has earned the rank of #7 of 534 tours in Dubrovnik, and this shows how past customers were satisfied with their Croatia tours. Out of 2043 reviews, more than 98%rated the company as great or exceptional. Read what one of their past customers said on Trip Advisor.

A great tour with our guide Mihela very experienced and a font of knowledge on GOT. Walking around Dubrovnik and Tristeno Arboretum was like being on set. 850Gee13

Read all Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Tours reviews on TripAdvisor .

We are confident that this top 10 list of tour companies in Croatia will deliver everything you want to make the best decision about your vacation in Croatia to experience the Kings Landing phenomenon. When you plan that you would like to travel abroad to Croatia and immerse yourself in the unique culture, TravellersQuest would like to encourage you to use this list as your reference during your research.

Once you arrive home from the tour in Croatia, please let us know about your escapades abroad. And if you have gone on a vacation with one of these Croatia tour companies in the past, send us a message, and let us know how your vacation went.

The best tour options in Croatia include exploring the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split, visiting the stunning Plitvice Lakes National Park, and enjoying the beautiful coastal areas.

A week is a common recommendation for a well-rounded experience, allowing time to explore both the coastal and inland attractions.

The cost of a trip to Croatia varies depending on factors such as travel style, accommodation preferences, duration, and activities. On average, a mid-range budget for accommodation, meals, transportation, and activities can range from $80 to $150 per person per day.

Croatia is famous for its stunning Adriatic coastline, historic cities, rich cultural heritage, and diverse landscapes. The medieval charm of cities like Dubrovnik and Split, the beautiful islands along the coast contribute to Croatia’s popularity. Additionally, the country has gained fame for its role in popular TV shows like Game of Thrones.

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Croatia Tours & Trips 2024/2025

  • Croatia Bicycle
  • Croatia 7 day
  • Croatia 10 day
  • Croatia Sailing
  • Croatia Hiking & Trekking

250+ Croatia tour packages with 2,302 reviews

Croatia Sailing Adventure Tour

Croatia Sailing Adventure

"Everything that you would want for your travel ninja. I would travel with Gema 100x more!" Yashomi, traveled in September 2023

Zagreb to Dubrovnik: Parties & Plitvice Lakes Tour

Zagreb to Dubrovnik: Parties & Plitvice Lakes

"Very happy with everything!" Taylor, traveled in September 2022

Sailing Croatia - Split to Dubrovnik Tour

Sailing Croatia - Split to Dubrovnik

"Magical! We developed new friendships and experienced a part of the world usually known only to locals." Jane, traveled in May 2022

CROATIA SAIL - Split to Split (The Dalmatian Voyager) Tour

CROATIA SAIL - Split to Split (The Dalmatian Voyager)

"Excellent experience, and will surely turn to Koda Sail again in future for a different voyage." Namit, traveled in June 2024
  • €100 deposit on some dates

Croatia Sail Adventure Tour

Croatia Sail Adventure

"The trip was fantastic and the highlights were the nights out in Dubrovnik and Hvar!" Sidnee, traveled in June 2024

Croatia Island Sail (8 Days) Tour

Croatia Island Sail (8 Days)

Explore Croatia Tour

Explore Croatia

"Trip experience was fabulous. you only get a good as there were some meeting times that were way to early for the actual activity." Jennifer, traveled in April 2019

Looking for tours beyond just Croatia?

Explore tours with itineraries going through multiple countries, including Croatia.

Croatian islands cruise + Land tour with  Plitvice - from Zagreb Tour

Croatian islands cruise + Land tour with Plitvice - from Zagreb

"Plitvice Lakes is a must to see place! The food especially the fish dishes were excellent." Resti, traveled in September 2021

Croatia Island Sail (Premium, 8 Days) Tour

Croatia Island Sail (Premium, 8 Days)

"The itinerary for the trip was well set out it had a great balance of free time add ons provided through contiki." Matthew, traveled in June 2024

5-day Dubrovnik to Split one-way cruise - Classic Plus above-deck, 18-35s Tour

5-day Dubrovnik to Split one-way cruise - Classic Plus above-deck, 18-35s

"Great atmosphere, good amount of time at each port. The soups were delicious, home-cooked food and nice variety of food." Steven, traveled in September 2019

Croatia Tour Reviews

Amazing trip, tour guide Dom was sensational, did a very good job at showing us all the landmarks and being an all round good host.
Claudia was an amazing guide! Couldn’t have asked for anyone better. The trip was super fun, great group, and we did so much in the amount of time we had. Would absolutely go again!!
Captain was amazing. Great food and great company Lots of sailing when weather permitted Very well organized

Most popular destinations in Croatia

The clear blue waters, warm temperatures, and endless sunshine are a recipe for a fun-filled adventure. From island hopping and exploring Dubrovnik’s old town in Croatia to relaxing on beaches and driving through the beautiful Bays, you’re in for a vacation of a lifetime. 

Croatian Islands

Sailing the Croatian Islands is an incredible experience. Visit the ancient Diocletian’s Palace in Split, experience Hvar’s stunning beaches and lively nightlife, stroll the streets of Dubrovnik (also known as King’s Landing!), and sail to the laidback island of Korcula.

The Croatian region of Dalmatia is simply stunning. Explore the extraordinary Diocletian’s Palace in Split, enjoy fresh seafood in Makarska, relax on Hvar’s heavenly beaches, and visit the iconic city of Dubrovnik, also known as King’s Landing. 

Find the right tour package for you through Kvarner. We've got 16 trips going to Kvarner, starting from just 4 days in length, and the longest tour is 9 days. The most popular month to go is October, which has the most tour departures.

More exciting destinations:

Travel Croatia your way

Fully Guided

Select from our extensive range of 253 fully guided tours to enjoy a worry-free experience through Croatia with our expert guides leading the way.

Find the perfect tour for your family, catering to all ages with over 220 family tours available in Croatia.

Discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten paths with over adventures available in Croatia.

Sail Croatia's azure waters for an unforgettable vacation. Explore historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split, snorkel in the crystal-clear seas around Hvar, or simply relax on the sun-drenched decks of your boat.

More travel styles:

Top operators in Croatia


"Tru Travels will rip you off Dealt with in bad faith After waiting two days to confirm a spot on a trip, I received a payment link at 2am. I went to pay in full the same day and was told the price was now over $1,000 more. When asked about how long invoices / payment windows are (especially when issued while most people are sleeping at 2am) I was told they can change the price at any time and had done so because demand was high. Tru travels do not deal in good faith. The invoice also had a payment date one day prior to being issued to me.

TruTravels is an expert in:

G Adventures

"The itinerary, boat, and skipper (Ivan) all exceeded my expectations. Croatia is incredible and Ivan made it interesting and relaxing. Seeing it by boat was incredible. Everyone on board had a good attitude, which helped a lot. I highly recommend this route.

G Adventures is an expert in:

  • In-depth Cultural

SKR Reisen

SKR Reisen is an expert in:

Best time to visit Croatia

  • March 2025 20 tours
  • April 2025 90 tours
  • May 2025 popular 132 tours
  • July 2024 245 tours
  • August 2024 popular 299 tours
  • September 2024 popular 287 tours
  • October 2024 229 tours
  • November 2024 50 tours
  • December 2024 popular 29 tours
  • January 2025 19 tours
  • February 2025 18 tours

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Croatia Tours starting in

  • Starting in Split (163)
  • Starting in Dubrovnik (84)
  • Starting in Zagreb (62)
  • Starting in Zadar (18)
  • Croatia Travel Guide | All You Need to Know
  • Best 7 Day Croatia Itineraries 2024/2025 (with Reviews)

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best travel companies for croatia

In 1994, when Wanda S. Radetti, Tasteful Croatian Journeys Founder and President, explored designing and marketing five-star travel to Croatia, the national press referred to her approach as “avant-garde”. “Premature” would have been a more accurate reference. Croatia has come a long way in the last twenty years, and is now considered a World Class Travel Destination.

Wanda S. Radetti , has had the distinct honor of being recognized as the World Top Destination Specialist for Croatia by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine every year since 2006. In 2020 she was awarded a position on Travel + Leisure’s annual A-List , which showcases the 148 top agents and tour operators in the business.

Tailor-Made Travel

Every custom journey we design is comprised of luxury elements such as upscale lodging, chauffeured transport, and culturally immersive experiences – chosen with intention and thoughtfully arranged to satisfy the individual traveler’s vision.

best travel companies for croatia

Luxury Accommodation

best travel companies for croatia

Professional Guides

best travel companies for croatia

Private Transfers

best travel companies for croatia

Yacht Excursions

best travel companies for croatia

Connect with Culture

best travel companies for croatia

Culinary Experiences

best travel companies for croatia

Concierge Service

best travel companies for croatia

Natural Wonders

best travel companies for croatia

Special Access

“Wanda S. Radetti, the founder and president of Croatian Journeys cited by Conde Nast Traveler magazine as the World Top Travel Specialist for Croatia for more than three decades, knows the country inside and out.” – Forbes

best travel companies for croatia

Why Work with a Destination Specialist?

best travel companies for croatia

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

Tasteful Croatian Journeys’ in-depth knowledge of the region and more than 25 years of experience provide us with the skills, local connections, and expertise to craft tailor-made Croatian holidays unlike any other. We strive to create luxury experiences which meld history, art, culture, cuisine and scenic beauty, exceeding the expectations of even the most discerning traveler.

best travel companies for croatia

Time Saving Efficiency

We value the precious time our travelers have dedicated to travel, which is why from the moment you first contact us, to the moment you return home, we handle every detail of your trip management. From initial planning, to booking, and finally the overseeing of your trip – our team spends time handling the details so that you don’t have to.

best travel companies for croatia

Stress Free Travel

We take responsibility for the care of our travelers while they are in journey and seek to make each moment special and worry free. Our travelers benefit from the unique services of our local Tasteful Croatian Journeys Concierge , dedicated to delivering meticulous, personal attention and ensuring their journey is executed flawlessly while also delivering solutions to any possible inconvenience that might arise.cerning traveler.

Meet Our Founder and President

best travel companies for croatia

“I like to think of myself and my team as the “Caretakers of Wonder,” but I know that I am a designer of travel experiences. I craft and generate itineraries that are tailor designed to envelope our travelers in personal experiences that fulfill their special desires. The experiences available to our travelers are the result of relationships that have been continuously honed over the last two decades. I, along with my team, have developed and nurtured personal relationships with the people caring for our travelers, from the hotel general managers, to the housekeeper and the waiter that will serve them breakfast in the morning, to the professional chauffeurs that will respond to their curiosities when they wish to go off the beaten paths.”

– Wanda S. Radetti

Meet Wanda and the TCJ Team

What Our Travelers Are Saying

Wanda & Tia, What an amazing job you did in planning the most memorable and perfect 40th-anniversary trip! There were so many highlights along the way that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. From the moment our plane landed in Venice until our departure from Dubrovnik, we were treated like royalty. All the drivers were extremely professional and not having to lift a finger in handling our…   More »

Christine Dart – Weston, CT, USA

Hello Tia, We were absolutely blown away by the entire trip. We loved every minute of it, and we truly believed it was the trip of a lifetime. Some of the highlights included: Krka National Park was absolutely beautiful, our local connect recommended “Restaurant Dubrovnik” and it was truly one of the best meals we’ve ever had, and the wine/bike tour in Hvar was worth the trip…   More »

S. Schneider – November 22, 2023

Hello Tia and Wanda! I wanted to send you a huge thank you for all your efforts in planning our September trip for our group of 7. During our 12 days of travel I must have heard each of my fellow travelers say, at least once , “I am so glad we had Tasteful Croatian Journeys plan our trip”! They were typically referring to the ease and…   More »

Sandy Henderson – October 21, 2023

Hello Wanda, We wanted you to know what a wondertime experience it was for us to travel in Croatia on land and sea under you and your team’s guidance.  Thanks Joe Sontz – Delray Beach, FL October 3, 2023

Joe Sontz – October 3, 2023

Hi Tia and Wanda, Our trip was stupendous!  Thank you and Wanda for all you did to get us all the amazing tours, hotels and special places. We had the trip of a lifetime. I want to particularly mention how incredibly wonderful each and every tour guide was. These tour guides and drivers were an incredible wealth of knowledge and really enhanced the trip with the historic facts and…   More »

Debbi Wall – October 3, 2023

Wanda, I wanted to thank you and your staff for the experience they provided in my trip last summer to Croatia. The trip was caste into an adventure by what I felt was a lifetime experience! The many recommendations and boutique hotel properties I stayed while there made the trip both unique and a delight to see what would be next. Of course the area was beautiful…   More »

David Ward – July 18, 2023

Wanda, We had an amazing trip and the Tasteful Croatian Journey’s team exceeded our expectations. Everything was planned perfectly! I highly recommend using Tasteful Croatian Journeys. Mike Gard – Truckee, CA July 17, 2023

Mike Gard – July 17,2023

Dear Wanda, Really enjoyed staying inside the walls of the old town of Korčula. Had a great host and enjoyed several of the restaurants right on the water. Tasteful Croatian Journeys has a concierge residing in Croatia. She was wonderful to deal with, arranging for all the unusual services that we required. Thanks! Never seen such a beautiful series of lakes and waterfalls before. Loved the colors…   More »

John F. – June 19, 2023

Tasteful Croatian Journeys on Instagram

best travel companies for croatia

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best travel companies for croatia

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We specialize in unique, exclusive, personalized travel planning to Croatia and its surrounding countries. We design individualized journeys, small group tours, deluxe cruises and exceptional excursions, suited to each client based on years of personal experience, ongoing research, relationships, and professional expertise.

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How to spend a day in Dubrovnik

How to Spend a Day in Dubrovnik

Ancient sites in one of the best cities to visit in Croatia

The Best Cities to Visit in Croatia this Summer 

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best travel companies for croatia

Croatia Travel Experts

Custom itineraries, private charters, excursions, and tours.

Seeing Croatia for the first time is a life-changing experience. To visit time and again is to re-affirm life. Blessed with magnificent scenery and incredible history and enriched with folk traditions and delicious regional foods and wines, here is a region so divine that it has been named one of the best travel destinations and adventures in the world. Mediterranean, European, and Balkan influences have formed an ancient and distinctive cultural heritage throughout its pastoral countryside to its shimmering coastlines. From its lush national parks teeming with flora and fauna and stunning waterfalls to its glistening chain of lavender and citrus scented islands in the sun-drenched Adriatic Sea, this is truly one of the most beautiful tourist spots on Earth. An adventurous tour to romantic Croatia is a lovely and indelible memory that lives with you forever.


Over the past few years, our clients have given us a good indication of their favorite routings, itineraries, and services. here are some of our clients favorite itineraries..

best travel companies for croatia

Best of the Dalmatian Coast – Croatia

best travel companies for croatia

Escorted Through Croatia Private Tour

best travel companies for croatia

Explore Northern Croatia and Dalmatia

best travel companies for croatia

Signature Croatia Discovery Tour

best travel companies for croatia

Dalmatia Discovery – From Dubrovnik

best travel companies for croatia

Best of Slovenia – Custom Private Tour

How to spend a day in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, often referred to as The Pearl of the Adriatic, is a gorgeous seaside city, fil

' src=

Dramatic coastlines, delicious food, a rich history and culture, as well as pristine natur

Split, a city with the best vegan food in Croatia

Gastronomic Delights: Vegan Food in Croatia

Croatian cuisine reflects the diversity of the country’s history, geography, and cultura

Secluded bay where celebrities in Croatia are frequently seen

Celebrities in Croatia: Their Favorite Spots

Croatia, with its gorgeous coastline, historic towns, and fresh, local food, has become a

Hidden gems in Croatia

Unveiling Hidden Gems in Croatia

With its magical coastline, sparkling waters, and lush national parks, it comes as no surp

Two small motorboats floating in clear turquoise waters in the best beach town in Croatia

Discovering the Best Beach Towns in Croatia 

Croatia is a highly sought-after destination for many reasons, but the breathtaking beache

Signature Tour of Croatia

Signature Tour of Croatia

10 Day Custom Private Journey Available from April through October Visiting: SPLIT – TROGIR – ŠIBENIK – HVAR – KORČULA – DUBROVNIK

best travel companies for croatia

Our Adventures

Click the links to learn about our highlighted packages, ranging from historical tours, nature explorations, cruises, and small group journeys. To customize your own package, fill out the form above to request a quote!

best travel companies for croatia

Dalmatia Discovery


best travel companies for croatia

Best of the Dalmatian Coast

11 Day Custom, Private, Croatia Mainland and Island Hopping Land Tour Visiting: ZADAR – KRKA NATIONAL PARK – ŠIBENIK – TROGIR – SPLIT – VIS – BISEVO – And more!

best travel companies for croatia

Escorted Through Croatia: For the Mature Traveler


best travel companies for croatia

Deluxe Croatian Cruises

Choose from our customized cruise itineraries to enjoy the Adriatic Coast by sea. Request availability before they all sell out!

best travel companies for croatia

Croatian Culinary & Wine Custom Tours

10 Day Small Group Tour for up to 14 persons. Visiting: SPLIT – HVAR – PAG – ROVINJ – BUZET – LAKE BLED – LJUBLJANA


Croatia is full of experiences you don't want to miss nature, islands, heritage, gourmet foodie experiences and a few michelin star restaurants.

best travel companies for croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park


Krka National Park


Split Croatia

best travel companies for croatia

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Find inspiration for your vacation.

How to spend a day in Dubrovnik

Postcards from Croatia Video

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best travel companies for croatia

As Croatia’s luxury travel experts, Secret Dalmatia offers unique and passionate experiences, including charming holiday properties, luxury yachts, and exclusive cultural and culinary tours. All guided by top experts, ensuring a truly memorable and personalized Croatian adventure.

Secret Dalmatia is one of most trusted onsite partners. Their level of professionalism, and the attention given to our advisors and clients alike is exceptional. Alan and his team are flexible, reliable, and resourceful. We love working with this team for incredible trips to Croatia!

Amie O’Shaughnessy, Ciao Bambino, USA

Secret Dalmatia are the best in the business, period. We do not book the region without consulting them. It is a pleasure working with Alan and his entire team.

Darren Humphreys, Travel Sommelier, USA

Over the last several years I have used Secret Dalmatia for my top tier clients and I have received from each and every client rave reviews of the experiences as well as the guide and transfer services. I would not use any other DMC for this part of the world…

Martin Rapp, Altour USA

Secret Dalmatia rocks! Hvala for everything always.

Claudia Schwenger, Trufflepig Travel Canada

Their thoughtful and creative travel designers always suggest unique and once in a lifetime experiences that leave my clients in love with this amazing country! Secret Dalmatia is so well connected within Croatia that I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

Mackenzie Peyser, SmartFlyer USA

– as featured in –.

MORE MANDIĆ D.O.O. | BABČANSKA ULICA 10, TURANJ, 23207 SV. FILIP I JAKOV | Upisan u registar Trgovačkog suda u Zadru pod brojem Tt-17/2902-2 | MBS:060133552 | OIB: 30052107923 | PDV br. HR30052107923 | Žiro račun(IBAN) HR8823400091110248908 Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. | Iznos temeljnog kapitala: 5.455.700,00 HRK uplaćen u cijelosti | Osnivač društva: Alan Mandić | Osoba ovlaštena za zastupanje: Lučiano Mandić

Secret Dalmatia 2005. – 2023 .

Secret Dalmatia is your trusted luxury travel agency & DMC in Croatia since 2005.

Secret Dalmatia 2005. – 2024 .


To start the planning process, please fill out the form below. Based on input provided, we will establish the necessary groundwork and craft a detailed itinerary, perfectly tailored to individual preferences. Communication will be maintained throughout the journey to ensure an impeccable service.

You can also contact us via email , WhatsApp or schedule a call.

Luxury Croatia Travel Agency: Personalized Itineraries, Curated Experiences

Welcome to Secret Dalmatia, where unparalleled luxury meets the breathtaking landscapes of Croatia. Nestled along the shimmering Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a treasure trove of cultural richness, historic elegance, and natural wonders. From the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik to the serene beaches of Hvar and the gastronomic delights of Istria, Croatia offers a canvas of experiences waiting to be painted with the hues of luxury.

At Secret Dalmatia, we transcend the conventional boundaries of travel to offer you an odyssey of bespoke elegance. Our expertise lies in curating personalized itineraries that blend the essence of Croatia’s heritage with the exclusivity of luxury travel. Croatia is not just a destination to visit; it’s a realm to be experienced, felt, and lived, and we are here to guide you through its most secluded and majestic corners.

We believe that luxury travel is not merely about opulence; it’s about creating moments that become treasures of the heart. It’s about the joy of discovering a hidden bay accessible only by a private yacht, the tranquility of a luxury villa nestled amidst the whispers of ancient olive groves, and the exhilaration of a bespoke cultural tour led by experts passionate about their heritage.

Secret Dalmatia stands at the confluence of deep local knowledge and world-class luxury, offering experiences that are as unique as they are memorable. With us, luxury travel in Croatia is redefined. We invite you to embark on a journey where every moment is meticulously crafted to your preferences, ensuring a Croatian voyage that resonates with your dreams and surpasses your expectations.

Welcome to the art of travel, welcome to Secret Dalmatia.

Why Choose Secret Dalmatia for Luxury Travel in Croatia?

Our services: crafting your ultimate croatian journey.

Personalized Itineraries: Every traveler dreams differently. At Secret Dalmatia, we curate your journey with a meticulous eye for detail, tailoring each itinerary to reflect your unique interests and desires. Whether it’s sailing the Adriatic aboard a luxury yacht, unwinding in exclusive villa retreats, or delving into Croatia’s rich cultural tapestry through private tours, we craft each experience to ensure it’s inherently yours.

Curated Experiences: Croatia’s allure is as varied as the palettes it pleases. With Secret Dalmatia, indulge in gourmet dining experiences that tell the story of the region’s culinary heritage, explore ancient ruins with archaeologists, or embark on private historical tours that unveil the soul of Croatia. Each experience is carefully selected and customized, promising not just a journey, but a narrative of unforgettable moments.

Luxury Accommodations: Our portfolio of luxury accommodations is a collection of Croatia’s finest. From the elegance of boutique hotels nestled in historic towns to the serene beauty of villas perched by the sea, each property is chosen for its exceptional comfort, style, and location, ensuring your stay is nothing short of spectacular.

Destinations We Cover

Our expertise.

At Secret Dalmatia, our team is our pride—a collective of passionate locals and seasoned travel experts whose knowledge of Croatia is both deep and personal. We leverage this expertise to ensure that every aspect of your journey is enriched with local insights, offering you an authentic and comprehensive experience of Croatia that goes beyond the surface.

Sustainable Luxury Travel

Our commitment to sustainable travel is woven into the fabric of our experiences. At Secret Dalmatia, we believe in luxury that treads lightly, supporting local communities, preserving cultural heritage, and protecting the natural beauty of Croatia. Through our journeys, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the environment, ensuring that luxury travel not only delights but also contributes positively to our world.

Start Planning Your Luxury Croatian Adventure

You can contact us via email , WhatsApp or schedule a call to discuss your private tour of Croatia.

Luxury tours to Croatia

Tailor-made  travel experiences in Croatia & beyond

Private tours in croatia and beyond, top rated private tours in croatia & the balkans, unleash the thrill of discovery with limitless balkan dmc, top rated  croatia-based boutique travel agency. as a leading tour operator, we specialize in crafting customized private tours and travel packages , offering authentic travel experiences that let you explore the enchanting west balkan region and beyond. our team of travel experts create bespoke itineraries designed to immerse you in the unique tastes and cultural richness of private tours in croatia, slovenia and beyond. dive into the splendor of the adriatic, embrace the pulse of vibrant city breaks, or uncover croatia's hidden gems through our exclusive private day-trips and transfers. whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a group adventure with friends, our tailor-made journeys cater to your specific needs and desires.   at limitless balkan, we don't just plan trips; we curate experiences that create lasting memories - croatia private tours reviews . contact us today and let's start crafting your perfect private tour in croatia.

best travel companies for croatia


Unique experiences tailored to your individual needs and interests., the most popular private tour packages in croatia & the balkans, explore our curated selection of pre-designed signature trip itineraries in croatia and beyond, each customizable to align with your unique preferences and desires...

Immerse yourself in a personalized private tours and

tailor-made multi-day tours  across

Croatia , Slovenia , Montenegro , and Bosnia-Herzegovina

with Limitless Balkan - Croatia Tour Specialist.

Discover the unparalleled beauty of the Balkans with our professional English-speaking drivers and expertly guided private tours .

Immerse yourself in unique local experiences , all tailor-made to guarantee an unforgettable journey.

Choose from our collection of meticulously designed itineraries, or share your unique travel aspirations.

We're committed to turning your dreams into a reality by crafting itineraries that perfectly align with your desires and interests.

Trust us to curate a journey that resonates with your passion for exploration, taking care of all the details to create a trip that you will cherish.

Your dream vacation in the Balkans is just a click away.

Explore the selection of our Private Tour packages in Croatia and the Balkans.

"Dive into an authentic Croatian experience tailored just for you."

The best of Croatia in 10 days private tour package


Private multi-day tour of croatia 10 days from zagreb to dubrovnik highlights: zagreb, rastoke, plitvice lakes, šibenik, trogir, split, ston, pelješac, korcula, dingac, trsteno, dubrovnik.

Zagreb tours and Day-trips from Zagreb - Wooden trails of Plitvice Lakes on private tour

Zagreb tours & day-trips

Private Tours in Croatia, Day-trips from Split - Guided tour of Diocletian's Palace

Split tours & day-trips

Tours and Day-trips Dubrovnik - Private Guided tours in CRoatia and beyond

Dubrovnik tours & day-trips

Private day-trip to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb

Stunning beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park - Visit with Limitless Balkan DMC

Private walking tour of Zagreb

Discover gems of Zagreb on a private walking tour with a local licensed guide

Private day-tour to Bled Lake & Ljubljana from Zagreb

Experience highlights of Slovenia on a private day-trip from Zagreb with Limitless Balkan DMC

Private day-trip to Istria from Zagreb

Experience the gems of Istria on a private day-trip from Zagreb with Limitless Balkan DMC

Dubrovnik private tour

Experience the highlights of Dubrovnik on a private walking tour

Zagreb to Split private transfer via Plitvice Lakes

Travel from Zagreb to Split in a comfort of a private transfer with on route stop in Plitvice Lakes National Park with sightseeing included


Private Point A to Point B Transfers in Croatia and Beyond


Personalize Your itinerary and use our expertise to arrange Your own

tailor-made tour in Croatia


Multi-day travel experiences curated by the top local experts, Best tours in Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro

best travel companies for croatia

" Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida, applauded at every evening."

Alfred hitchcock.

best travel companies for croatia

Get Inspired: Stories from our private tours and more

best travel companies for croatia

The Crocker-Grebel's Unforgettable Family Adventure on a Private Tour of Croatia with Limitless Balkan DMC

best travel companies for croatia

"Discover Croatia's Enchantment: A Bespoke Luxury Adventure Tailored for You"

best travel companies for croatia

Exploring the Balkans: A Tailored 26-Day tour through Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Montenegro

Get Front Row Seats to Our Travel Stories

Dubrovnik overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the Dalmatian Coast.

Croatia Travel Agents & Reviews

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Customers rate Zicasso's travel referral service  4.9  on a scale of 1 to 5 based on  1560  reviews on Trustpilot

We match you with top tour companies that specialize in the trip you want,  whether it's a customized private tour or a group tour.

Our Croatia travel agents have the insider knowledge and expertise to craft an itinerary packed with must-see sights, hidden gems, and authentic local experiences.  When working with our travel agencies in Croatia, they take the time to listen and understand your travel dreams and preferences. From sailing the sparkling blue Adriatic to exploring medieval cities like Dubrovnik, our Croatia travel experts handle every detail to plan your dream trip.  When planning with our Croatia travel agencies, you can relax and immerse yourself in the magic of this breathtaking country.

Discover our Croatia travel agents, the top 10% of local specialists

Our Croatia travel agents have the insider knowledge and expertise to craft an itinerary packed with must-see sights, hidden gems, and authentic local experiences. 

When working with our travel agencies in Croatia, they take the time to listen and understand your travel dreams and preferences. From sailing the sparkling blue Adriatic to exploring medieval cities like Dubrovnik, our Croatia travel experts handle every detail to plan your dream trip. 

When planning with our Croatia travel agencies, you can relax and immerse yourself in the magic of this breathtaking country.

Life-Enriching Travel

Trips curated by the world’s top destination experts

Concierge-level service leading up to and during your trip

Unique, exclusive experiences and insider access

Zicasso in the News

Travel agent Natasa in Croatia

Natasa's Travel Agency

 Based on  133  reviews


Verified review.

The Zicasso travel agent made everything easy, from planning to being on holiday. Everything worked like clockwork. She arranged everything, making the entire experience stress-free.

best travel companies for croatia

Andrea's Travel Agency

 Based on  153  reviews

Zicasso's travel partner was the best choice for our trip in May 2024. It was absolutely amazing. Everything was set up for our two-and-a-half weeks. Arrangements were made from the very beginning of our trip to the end. We started in Venice, Italy, on to Trieste, then to Rovinj, Split, and Dubrovnik, Croatia. We ended in a small town in Italy. All of our hotels were beautiful and in prime locations. We had people pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel. The drivers and guides in each of our destinations were excellent. The drivers and guides were very courteous, punctual, professional, and friendly. The hotels that were set up for us were fantastic. It was so nice to have everything taken care of during our vacation. Croatia was an absolutely beautiful country and the places we visited were gorgeous. We so appreciated being able to reach out to our agent through WhatsApp. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a special vacation.

Travel agent Rok in France

Rok's Travel Agency

 Based on  1  reviews

My husband and I had a private nine-day tour of Croatia and Slovenia designed by the Zicasso tour operator. We were driven from Rovinj to Dubrovnik, with stops in Zadar, Split, Hvar, Trogir, Plitvice Lakes National Park, and Ston. We also spent time in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We were picked up in Padova, where we were staying, and returned there. Everything was perfect, from the initial planning to the completion of our tour. The travel agent drew up the itinerary, arranged for our driver/guide, booked the hotels, scheduled city guides, made restaurant reservations, and purchased all entrance tickets. Our private driver/guide was an excellent driver who gave intelligent and interesting information throughout the trip. He was very knowledgeable. In addition, he made sure we were well taken care of, from handling our luggage to making sure we were on time for all events. He was also fun and easy to be around. We always felt we were in good hands. We could not have had a better trip. We highly recommend this travel company and our driver/guide.

Get matched with our top travel agencies

Tell us about you trip and preferences. We will hand pick the right travel agency for you.

Get Matched

Travel agent Andrea, specializing in Croatia, Montenegro; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia

 Based on  343  reviews

This is the fourth trip we've booked with a Zicasso travel agent and it was another success. We worked with our travel team and could not be happier with the experience. We had originally planned a Croatia-only trip, but expanded it to include Slovenia and day trips to Bosnia Herzegovina (BH) and Montenegro. These were areas we had no experience with and relied on our travel team's recommendations. There are several aspects to a successful trip: locations, hotels, activities, and organization, and all were well planned. First, we are so glad we added the three countries, especially Slovenia, which was spectacular. Every hotel was great and in line with what we like. In addition, the room choices were good, with upgrades to suites and rooms with views and great balconies. Ours was a two-week trip with activities scheduled for almost every day, including guides and five wine tastings. Every guide was fantastic and the wine visits amazing. We were especially surprised and delighted by the high-end and modern winery in Mostar, BH. The area’s wines are very good. Every aspect of the trip was organized. Our agent sent me 37 different vouchers for each of our hotels, drivers, guides, and activities. I can't recommend her enough.

Travel agent Jen in Croatia

Jennifer's Travel Agency

 Based on  17  reviews

Zicasso's travel agent was exceptional. Every detail of our girls’ trip (six ladies) was impeccable. That our agent lived in Croatia made her planning/knowledge and suggestions perfect for our group. The hotels, transportation, and tours were all taken care of in detail. She kept us informed, not only through text and WhatsApp, but with a trip planner for our phones so each lady could see all the details of the vacation. Her communication was excellent. She seemed to be on call 24/7. She was flexible and adapted to any suggestions the group had. When our airline canceled our flight, she immediately worked on new transfers and a new hotel, making the delay very easy for our group. All of us have traveled extensively and we all agreed that this was the best trip we have ever taken. I cannot say this enough, you will not be disappointed if you use our travel agency. They will offer you the trip of a lifetime.

best travel companies for croatia

Ante's Travel Agency

 Based on  230  reviews

The Zicasso travel agency was top-notch. Five stars plus!!! From the very beginning, they were the right company for us. They listened to what we wanted and created exactly the trip that met our interests and desires. The hotels were luxurious and in great locations. The drivers were superb… professional, knowledgeable, always on time, and flexible, and they never rushed us. They knew our interests and needs, and tweaked our trips as we went along. The guides were also professional and knowledgeable about their subjects. The agent was available 24/7 and tweaked our trip when necessary. We would definitely travel with them again and can’t rate them highly enough. They clearly work as a team and enjoy what they do.

Travel agent Graham in Croatia

Graham's Travel Agency

 Based on  27  reviews

Extremely well planned and customized to our needs.

best travel companies for croatia

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Cruise holidays for 2024 & 2025, tailored for you by our local croatia experts, we also offer holidays in slovenia & montenegro, you are in safe hands, this is our croatia #welovecroatia.

For over 15 years, we’ve guided curious travellers to hidden treasures around Croatia's most iconic regions. Creating award-winning, bespoke Croatian experiences, each one as individual as you are. Our team of travel experts have visited each and every one of our featured properties to bring you the most authentic Croatia. Our unrivaled expertise will take you away from mainstream travel to hidden places, boutique hotels and unspoilt locations, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  Don't forget we also offer holidays to neighbouring Slovenia, which you can visit as a stand-alone destination or why not combine both Slovenia and Croatia together to experience cities, nature, stunning landscapes and coastlines. Click here  to check out our Slovenian Holidays Why take a holiday, when you can have an experience?

Our Holiday Types

Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, Croatia has so much to offer, whether you are visiting for just a week or a longer 14 night break to see even more of this wonderful country. To help you navigate our vast array of properties, we’ve sorted them into helpful categories, so that you can find the perfect holiday for you. Have a browse of the different options – whether you’re looking for a romantic break for two, or a family beach holiday, there really is something for everyone.

Cruise holidays

Beach holidays, our hand-picked holiday collections.

These are our most popular holidays, hand-picked from the knowledge we’ve developed over our 15 years of experience travelling in Croatia. They are the perfect way to get the very best out of your Croatian escape, allowing you to experience a number of authentic Croatian hotels in a variety of towns, cities, or regions – over 7, 10 or 14 days - giving you a true taste of Croatia. There's no surprise our customers love them!


Split & islands, kvarner & islands, our favourite properties.

We work with lots of different partners to enable us to deliver the wonderful experiences you’re looking for. There’s so much to choose from that sometimes, it can be difficult to decide! That’s why our travel experts have visited all the properties we offer and have carefully selected their favourite holidays to give you some top picks.

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  • Includes bed & breakfast
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Explore Our Croatia Regions

The completely croatia, specialist team, 13 years experience, tailor-made specialists, bta nomination, financial protection, hand-picked properties, be inspired, about completely croatia, meet our experts, read our blog, enquiry form.

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Best of Croatia and Slovenia

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Best of Croatia and Slovenia Guided Tour

11 Day Croatia and Slovenia Tour from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

11 days, 2 countries and 11 cities


10 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners

View day-by-day trip itinerary

Idyllic islands and the remnants of Venetian riches dot this epic Croatia and Slovenia tour from Zagreb to Slovenia’s ‘green’ capital, all the way along Croatia’s sparkling Adriatic coastline with a stop in Bled you’ll be talking about years to come as you meet your warm hosts Monika and Gregor on their organic farm.

Looking to book in a group of 9 or more?

Deals, savings and exclusive private touring options available plus if you need a different date or itinerary change we can create a custom trip. Contact us for more details

Trip code: 

Low deposit from $200

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Free booking changes

Trip map & itinerary

Day by day itinerary

11 days itinerary trip from Zagreb to Dubrovnik visiting 2 countries and 11 cities

Download itinerary

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About this trip

Sightseeing highlights.

Explore Zagreb, Rovinj, Pula, Plitvice National Park, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik

Discover Bled, Ljubljana, Opatija and Ston

Visit the Postonja caves, the arena in Pula, Diocletian's Palace in Split and the salt pans in Ston

View the Park of Sv. Jakov in Opatija

See The Triple Bridge and Castle of Ljubljana and the Old City of Dubrovnik

Travel highlights

Specific transfer information can be found here:

Airport Transfers

An expert Travel Director and professional Driver

Cherry-picked hotels, all tried and trusted

All porterage and restaurant gratuities

All hotel tips, charges and local taxes

Breakfast daily and up to half of your evening meals

Must-see sightseeing and surprise extras

Audio headsets for flexible sightseeing

Luxury air-conditioned coach with Wi-Fi in most countries or alternative transportation (such as rail journeys)

Optional Experiences and free time

On occasion, hotels of similar standard and location may be utilized.

Three local female weavers in colourful traditional local dress including festooned hats, weaving colourful alpaca wool on the ground


Every one of our tours includes at least one conscious travel experience that supports one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS). Look out for yours within the day-by-day trip itinerary.

Find out more

Large People Preparing To Grow A Small Tree With Soil In The Garden 1198078044

Net-zero by 2050

Travel knowing our 4-point climate action plan will ensure net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Large BMG Australia Tasmania Mount Gnomon Farm With Guy Robertson

Support Local

Your tour directly supports local communities by visiting family-run businesses, UNESCO sites and places of cultural significance.

Large Aerial View Over Solar Panels And Windmills 1367402534

Sustainable Practices

Every part of our business, from trip design to how we run our offices, aligns to our 5-year sustainability strategy which ensures a positive impact on people, the planet and wildlife.


Philanthropic Efforts

Our not-for-profit, the TreadRight Foundation, invests in nature-based solutions to address climate change.

You’ll make a positive impact to people, planet and wildlife on this tour


Best of Croatia and Slovenia trip reviews


Real moments from real travelers, creating the greatest travel stories they’ll ever tell

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Best Croatia Tour Companies

Search 134 Croatia tour operators and travel companies, with 1,450 reviews.


Viking River Cruises

Grand Circle Cruise Line

Grand Circle Cruise Line

KE Adventure Travel

KE Adventure Travel

Hidden Places Travel

Hidden Places Travel

Kensington Tours

Kensington Tours

National Geographic Expeditions

National Geographic Expeditions

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Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

The Family Adventure Company

The Family Adventure Company

Voyages Jules Verne

Voyages Jules Verne

Saga Travel

Saga Travel

Senior Discovery Tours

Senior Discovery Tours

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Croatia Reviews & Ratings

Dinko pervan was an excellent leader; he.

Dinko Pervan was an excellent leader; he spoke knowledgeably and not too much :) I liked the format of the trip where we were given an introduction to a new locatio...

1. Excellent itinerary 2. Excellent logistics/transport to destinations 3.

1. Excellent itinerary 2. Excellent logistics/transport to destinations 3. Excellent trip guide

I like the Intrepid style of trip

I like the Intrepid style of trip where you are not organised all the time

Love small group tours, the free time

Love small group tours, the free time and travelling on loca...

The trip was actually split into two

The trip was actually split into two trips which made it difficult to develop a good rapport with the rest of the group & the tour leaders. We were just starting...

See all Croatia reviews

Related Trips and Tours

Trip planning.

Visit Croatia

Tour Operators in Croatia

Visit Croatia square

Here’s a listing of some of the best tour operators in Croatia, all of whom can help plan aspects of your holiday to the country. You may also like to take a look at our Tours of Croatia page for some multi-day tour options.

Adriagate Travel Agency Web: Specialist for authentic holidays in Croatia. They offer authentic accommodation in Dalmatian stone houses, lighthouses, isolated cottages on the islands, rural households in Istria and accommodation in heritage towns like Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Hvar and Korcula. They also organise unforgettable cruises along the Adriatic coast and islands.

Ambassador Travel Web: Email:  [email protected] Mobile/Viber/WhatsApp: +385 99 38 44 500 Ambassador Travel is Croatian cruise specialist that offers a unique cruise experience with small yachts of a maximum of 36 passengers. Their new highest category yachts, carefully prepared itineraries that cover all of the highlights of the Croatian coast and islands, and their personal touch will make your journey extraordinary. They have guaranteed departures and charters ideal for individuals or groups, which can be tailored to any specific need. The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. St. Augustine (354-430)

Croatia Family Holidays Villa Miljak, Stjepana Radica 12, 21312 Podstrana Web: E-mail: [email protected] Croatia: +385 95 505 7188 UK: +44 7966 058 507 Their successful adventure bases have been running for over 10 years, bringing English speaking families together. They have become the perfect solution for restless teenagers and active kids. Every day they create the wow factor, trying different activities and exploring new stunning places. Their aim is to show you the Real Croatia! Check out what others have to say on them on TripAdvisor .

Croatia Photo Tour Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: +385 98 411 171 Croatia Photo Tour specialises in photography tours for individuals or groups, in either preset or tailor-made arrangements, made by local Croatian guides. Browse their day tours from major Croatian towns or send them your desired itinerary and they will form a tour around your time frame and desires. Besides visiting attractive and sometimes off-beat locations, their guides provide on-location education and aid with technical or inspirational aspects of photography. Their tours also include good food and are adaptable to include specific sites or categories of places or events you are interested in. You can view their TripAdvisor page and contact them for advice regarding your photographic adventure in Croatia and beyond.

Dalmatia Aurea Travel (since 2000) K. A. Stepinca 118, 21 220 Trogir Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: +385 (0)21 88 58 56, Fax: +385 (0)21 79 63 79 specialise in vacation rental property, including elegant villas, charming country houses, and apartments in Dalmatian Region, Croatia. The properties they represent vary in price and style from apartments to restored country houses and grand villas. They personally visit and inspect all the properties on their site and have knowledgeable, bilingual staff. Their goal is to provide their clients with a clear and accurate understanding of the property they are considering.

Explorer Club Tel: +385 99 555 4413 Web: Email: [email protected] Offering once-in-a-lifetime itineraries…no matter the age, interests, or abilities of you and your group! Each tour Explorer Club offers has been meticulously crafted to uncover the best bits of Croatia, whether you’re into nature, gastronomy, adventure, culture, luxury, or leisure; bustling capital cities to quaint coastal towns, unexplored regions to happening tourism hotspots, super yachts to obscure eco-villages. Explorer Club was born to highlight the hidden gems in the country that only the most passionate and seasoned tourism professionals know – and it is a world we want you to discover.

Huck Finn Web: Email: [email protected] Reservations: +385 (0)1 618 3333 Huck Finn is the leading adventure travel organisation and outfitter in Croatia specialising in adventure and sustainable tourism. Their one-day adventures and multi-day trips are a well-balanced mixture of nature, culture and outdoor activities – sea kayaking, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, and sailing. They will help you enjoy your stay in Croatia, immerse you in the beautiful scenery and show you some of the rarer, more exclusive sights of the country.

Hvar Adventure Reservations: +385 (0)98 978 4143 Fax:+385 (0)21 717 813 Web: Email: [email protected] Hvar Adventure offers you the most exciting combination of ingredients for a perfect holiday. Join them on their tours and enjoy astonishing views, unspoiled nature, beauty and intensity of colours, scents and flavours, great food and wines prepared in traditional ways. They are a team of young, professional and hard working enthusiasts dedicated to the project of creating the best and most complete offer of adventure tours on Hvar island. Sailing, Sea kayaking, Hiking, Free climbing, combined in short breaks or multi-activity weeks, with the itinerary left flexible to suit individual interests and the curiosities of the group.

KAMAT Adventure Travel Web: or KAMAT Adventure Travel is a small destination management company that explores and promotes central Croatia and the city of Karlovac. The agency introduces nature, history, heritage, sport and gastro jewels of central Croatia, especially Karlovac and its mesmerising surroundings to everyone. They have licensed and experienced guides to ensure full and professional service and meet guests’ demands. They will take clients to the most interesting and secretive places in central Croatia any way they like it: walking, hiking, canoeing, biking, climbing, running, trail running, cruising by car or motorcycle… They offer team building activities and can prepare custom made adventures following clients’ wishes.

LS ADRIATIC TRADE d.o.o.  Od graca 14, 20 000 Dubrovnik Web: Email:  [email protected] Tel: +385 0 20 420 392 Mob: +385 0 98 914 16 58 Travel agency, rent a car & boat service. Private accommodation in Dubrovnik 5 min from old town & beach. Experience in private accommodation, travel, transfers, excursions, and tourist guide in Dubrovnik and 1000 islands in Adriatic coast in Croatia. Trust them and enjoy your stay in Croatia.

Malik Adventures Molat 40, 23292 Molat, Croatia Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: +385 91 784 75 47 Malik Adventures is a Croatian boutique adventure agency that is a specialised island expert for the northern Dalmatia region. It focuses on sea kayaking adventures in UNESCO protected Kornati National Park and the northern islands with little, relaxed and picturesque villages known for organic farming (goat cheese, olive oil, fresh produce) and with rich fishing tradition. Signature day trips are the Kornati 7 day kayaking tour and the 3 islands 7 day kayaking tour .

Secret Dalmatia Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: +385 (0)91 567 1604 Secret Dalmatia is a boutique travel agency specializing in unique and custom tailored tours in Croatia. They are dedicated to presenting their country’s rich cultural and historic heritage to discriminating traveler working hard on creating the most interesting and original programs. Please see their sister sites for more travel ideas: and

Supertours Web: Supertours  is a travel specialist in Croatia with a good selection of apartments, luxury villas, hotels and private rooms, plus a range of services including, transfers, tours, rent-a-car, daily trips, yacht charter and activities. They also offer unique private tours according to the needs and wishes of our clients. Supertours is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies).

Val Tours – Biograd (Dalmatia) Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: + 385 23 386479 Val Tours – Croatian travel agency, situated in Biograd (Dalmatia) provides services such as: accommodation, B&B, houses, scuba diving vacation, sea kayaking, canoe, rafting.

The Yacht Break, Roza Vetrov D.O.O. Web: Email: [email protected] Tel: +386 31 259 198 Offering sailing holidays along the Dalmatian coast, they also hold valid tour operator and travel operator licenses.

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6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers!

Croatia is a phenomenal country with no less than 21 national parks and nature reserves that equate to about 10% of the country, plus the 1246 islands and an abundance of photogenic medieval towns.

I’ve visited Croatia on three different occasions, each time to a different region.  As much as I love Croatia, I did find it challenging at times as an independent traveller being reliant on public transport. Although solo travel in Croatia is fine between the major cities, it wasn’t as easy getting to some of the more off-the-beaten-track places and away from the crowds.

With so many stunning places to explore, you might be thinking of joining one of the small group tours to Croatia. There are loads of great options out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to go for.

If you’re a solo traveller , you may be all too familiar with this huge pet peeve of mine; most tour companies will charge their unfair ‘single supplement’ fee.

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

Please note that some of the links on Meet Me In Departures are affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!

I wanted an easier way to explore more off-the-beaten-track places and to make the most of my limited vacation time, but I was also only interested in using companies that didn’t have this annoying solo traveller fee.

In this article, I delve into the best small group tours of Croatia that not only have a great reputation but tick that vital box of no single supplement charge. So, if you’re having the same dilemma as I was, then check out these awesome Croatia group trip ideas.

Which Are the Best Solo Travel Companies?

There are dozens of Croatia tour companies out there, however, when I was searching for the best travel companies for solo travellers, it was frustrating to find so many that had this annoyig single supplement charge.

Because I was travelling to Croatia alone, this was a big contender in which company I opted for. The best companies I found for small group adventure travel, that didn’t charge for solos were:

  • G Adventures
  • Intrepid Travel

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 1

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The Best Small Group Tours to Croatia – 6 Tours At a Glance

Below is a glance at the best tours in Croatia, based on a mix of things including the style of travel, what things were included, having a small group size, and the all-important no solo traveller charge.

Discover the Balkans Tour

Highlights Overland Tour by G Adventures

  • Starts in Zagreb
  • Finishes in Dubrovnik
  • Max. group size 16
  • Age 12+ (under 18s must have an adult with them)
  • No Solo Supplement

Find Out More

Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro

Sailing Tour by G Adventures

  • Starts in Split
  • Max. group size 8
  • Age 16+ (under 18s must have an adult with them)

Sailing Croatia, Dalmatian Coast

Sailing Tour G Adventures

Croatia Sail, Cycle & Yoga

Overland & Sailing Tour Contiki

  • Starts in Opatija
  • Finishes in Opatija
  • Max. group size 30
  • No children permitted

Croatia Hike, Bike & Kayak

Overland & Sailing Tour Intrepid Travel

  • Starts in Zadar
  • Finishes in Starigrad
  • Max. group size 12
  • Age 15+ (under 18s must have an adult with them)

Highlights of Dalmatia Tour

Overland Tour Intrepid Travel

  • Starts in Dubrovnik
  • Finishes in Split

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

What Are Small Group Tour Companies Really Like?

My idea of hell are those great big coaches, you know the ones, where you’re stuck in a group of 60 people or more. They drop you off at an attraction and then you’re herded about like cattle. I was not interested in spending my precious travel time like that, and if you’re reading this article, I’m sure you feel the same way.

Like I mentioned before, sometimes, doing solo overland travel can be difficult outside of towns. I could hire a car, but then when you’re on your own, it’s not that cost-effective. That’s why I started using small group tour companies, like the ones I’ve mentioned, to get around this problem.

If I’m on a longer trip, then typically I’d travel solo for a large chunk of it, and then join a group tour for a week or so to explore areas in more depth where it would be a logistical nightmare to plan myself. It’s also nice to have someone do the planning for a few days and not need to think too much – I am on vacation after all.

Out of the companies I listed above, my favourite of the three is G Adventures tours. For me, Contiki is a little more about the partying vibe, and the quality of the accommodation isn’t quite as good as on G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

G Adventures is the one I keep going back to, and I’ve done several trips with them now (you can read about the epic Inca Trail tour in Peru I did with them here). Their group sizes are super small, which for me, is a big selling point. They also focus a bit more on ethical travel as well as some more off-the-beaten-track places.

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What About COVID and Small Group Travel?

This is one thing that’s going to be with us for a little while longer and has changed the way we book travel. Group tours can be expensive so it’s good to know the covid policy in place before you book.

Each of the companies has its own Coronavirus policies, and if you’re worried about it, click and read each company’s policy.

  • Check out the G Adventures Coronavirus FAQ page and the ‘Travel With Confidence’ guarantee here .
  • Read Contiki’s Coronavirus travel update here
  • Read Intrepid’s flexible booking policy here

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

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Which of These Small Group Tours to Croatia Is Best for You?

Here’s a bit more detail about each of the small group tours. Croatia is a great destination, so whichever one you opt for, it’s going to be outstanding. These are the shortlisted, top three group tours from the original six.

Discover the Balkans – Highlights Overland Tour with G Adventures

  • No solo travel supplement

Check Availability

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

This is a great option if you want to avoid sailing. This overland tour calls in at some of the most iconic landmarks in the Balkans. It not only covers some of the best things to see in Croatia , but you also venture into Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Trip Highlights Include:

  • The Medieval City of Zagreb, Croatia’s capital   
  • UNESCO world heritage Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
  • The imposing ruins of the Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia
  • The iconic Stari Most bridge in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • The city of Sarajevo including the Tunel of Hope and Trebevic Mountain, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
  • The UNESCO city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Read the full itinerary for Discover the Balkans

Check G Adventures Covid Policy

During the 11 nights, you’ll stay in a mix of hotels with breakfast included. The majority of transport will be in a comfortable air-conditioned private mini-van. Stopping off regularly to look a the stunning view. You’ll also have an official  G Adventures guide with you for the whole trip, along with other attraction-specific local guides throughout.

If you plan to stay a few extra days in Dubrovnik at the end of the tour, take a look at this useful Dubrovnik city guide .

Find out more about Discover the Balkans Tour

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

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Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro Sailing Tour with G Adventures

  • Starts in Split*
  • Sailing in a Yacht

Visiting Croatia? Check out these Croatia Itinerary ideas for 8, 12, and 15 days. THE BEST small group tours to Croatia. They are perfect for solo travellers too, as there is NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT CHARGE. | G Adventures Croatia | Croatia Guide | Vising Croatia | Croatia Highlights | Where to go in Croatia | Best things to see in Croatia #VisitCroatia #GAdventures #Balkans #Adriatic

* This tour is also available in reverse, starting in Dubrovnik and finishing in Split

If you’re interested in sailing then this is one of the top small group tours to Croatia and Montenegro. You’ll get to explore the Dalmatian coast in a relaxing yacht, stopping off at tranquil beaches and coves to swim and snorkel along the way. If you’ve never seen the colour of the Adriatic sea, then just know that it’s the most dreamy, beautiful turquoise colour.

  • Sailing in a 52-foot yacht   
  • Secluded beaches and coves for relaxing, swimming or snorkelling
  • Hidden bay of Herceg Novi in Montenegro (only accessible by boat)
  • The Budva Riviera, Montenegtro
  • The swim in picturesque waters surrounding the village of Bigovo, Montenegro
  • The UNESCO Heritage site of The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
  • Walking and kayak excursions to see Roman Ruins, National Parks and Secluded Beaches
  • The lively and picturesque town of Split, Croatia

Read the full itinerary for Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro Sailing

For this tour, you’ll be spending all 14 nights sleeping on the yacht. The yacht has a fully licenced crew and all your snorkelling equipment to use. You will have a G Adventures guide with you for the whole trip, and you’ll have attraction-specific local guides at different destinations.

If you wondering what to see in Dubrovnik, you’ll get a tour, but check out this Dubrovnik itinerary to get a heads up. 

Find out more about Dalmatian Coast & Montenegro Sailing

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 2

Sailing Croatia – Split to Dubrovnik with G Adventures

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 3

This trip features some of the same destinations as the previous one, it’s just done in a shorter time frame, and doesn’t venture into Montenegro, which is great if you don’t want to spend 2 weeks on a boat.

Your days are spent sailing along the Dalmatian coast and beautiful Croatian islands, stopping off regularly at tranquil beaches and coves to swim and snorkel in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

  • Sailing in a 52-foot yacht
  • Opt to visit the national park in Mljet
  • Kayak through gorgeous inlets of Korčula
  • Explore the island of Hvar, at night

Read the full itinerary for Sailing Split to Dubrovnik

The tour includes 7 nights of accommodation on the yacht with a fully licenced crew. All snorkelling equipment is included and you’ll have an official G Adventures guide with you for the whole trip.

This trip ends in Dubrovnik, there’s a ton of stuff to see in this city, take a look at this comprehensive guide to Dubrovnik so you don’t miss any of the best bits.

Find out more about Sailing Split to Dubrovnik

the city of korcula in croatia with blue sea and a mountain behind it, there are some boats in the sea surronding the city

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3 More Small Group Tours, Croatia Worth Mentioning

Croatia sail, cycle & yoga with contiki.

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 4

If you’re more intersted in active holidays then this is one of the best Croatia trips that combines hiking, swimming, cycling and yoga.

There’s pleny of time to relax on the yacht, as you island hop though some of Croatia’s hidden gems including Lošinj and the Kvarner islands.

Spend 8 days on the boat, waking up for (optional) morning yoga in a different desitnation every day.

Read the full itinerary for Croatia Sail, Cycle & Yoga

Check Contiki’s Covid Policy

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 5

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Highlights of Dalmatia

Croatia group travel tours faqs.

Here are some frequently asked questions about doing these small group tours of Croatia. If I’ve not answered your question here, then drop a comment below.

Who are G Adventures?

G adventures are Canadian-based travel company that focuses on ethical small group travel experiences. Their full name is GAP adventures, which is an acronym for Great Adventure People. Their GAP adventures Croatia tours are some of the best out there.

Why Choose a G Adventures Croatia Tour?

G Adventures have set the bar insanely high when it comes to choosing the best trips in Croatia. True, there are plenty of other small group tour companies out there, I mentioned Contiki and Intrepid Travel already, and there are loads more. However, not many Croatia tour packages have the perks that these three do ….no single supplement being the main one.

With the standard set so high (I’ve not had a single shoddy tour with G Adventures), I’m always reluctant to use anyone else. I have tried other companies in the past, but they never quite seem to be as good. Don’t just take my word for it, ask anyone who’s used G Adventures.

  • Offer the most genuine experiences
  • Work with local guides with insider knowledge, who know the region inside out
  • They only offer small group tours, and they know how to do this well
  • They are ethically driven (check out their Planeterra foundation where they give back to the locals)
  • They’ve got a really solid and generous Covid Policy
  • and my favourite, they cater to travel alone tours …..they won’t penalise you for being a solo traveller!
  • See All G Adventures Croatia Tours

What about the Contiki and Intrepid Travel Croatia Tour?

These are both equally as robust and great companies for solo tour groups.

If you’re younger or on more of a budget, then Contiki Tours is a great option. They definitely have a more party vibe going on, they are also slightly cheaper, but their groups are larger and they don’t use quite as good quality accommodation.

Contiki cater for a more of a typical backpacker crowd, which is great if you’re travelling solo, want to meet people of your own age and see a load of stuff. They don’t charge for solo travel, group tours work by buddying you up with another solo traveller of the same gender.  

G Adventures and Intrepid are similar in how their solo traveller option works, but are also a great option if you are travelling as a family with slightly older children, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Both of these companies attract people looking for a more cultured experience. Intrepid Travel offers similar tours to G Adventures, but I’ve always found them a bit more expensive.

52 Beautiful Pictures of Dubrovnik to give you wanderlust. Photos of Croatia Old City Walls, UNESCO sites, Game of Thrones Locations & the Azure Sea.

How many people are on these Croatia group tours?

It varies on the company and the type of tour. I particularly love G Adventures for this aspect, the largest group is 16, and on average, it’s around 12 people for land-based tours. Intrepid Travel has a similar group size and they both specialise in providing small group experiences.

Contiki has the largest groups, sometimes up to 30, but this is also reflected in them being slightly cheaper compared to Intrepid Travel and G Adventures. Although they can be smaller depending on the limitations of the transport, such as minivan size.

What’s the typical age on these Croatia group tours?

Contiki is definitely more geared towards a younger party crowd, they even cap their age range between 18-35. The average age is about 24

Intrepid Travel and G Aventures don’t have an upper age limit, they do have a lower age limit (from about 12 years old) so you can bring a child with you. Most of the G Adventure tours I’ve done have had a decent mix of ages, from the early 20s right up to 60somethings. It’s more about the state of mind, the 60soemthings certainly kept up with the ‘youngsters’.

G Adventures do offer a very limited range of trips aimed at the 18-30s. These are generally cheaper and the accommodation isn’t as good, and travel between destinations may be by public transport, as opposed to a private minivan.

What’s included in the price when I book Croatia group travel?

This will depend on which of the tours you choose but typically it’s your accommodation, some of your meals, the guide, transportation and entrance to attractions are included.

All of these tours have bolt-on options, so you can choose whether or not you want to do an activity. If you opt out of the bolt-ons, when these activities happen, you get some free time to explore on your own or do a different included activity with the group.

It’s also worth knowing that all three companies offer some great last-minute deals. Check out the latest last minute deals from G Adventures here so see if you can save a mini fortune.

Will I Be Penalised if I’m on a Solo Trip to Croatia?

This is one of the things I put as a priority when I look at any group tour. The single supplement, to me, is just so unethical as I’m being penalised for travelling solo. If you intend to travel Croatia solo and join a tour part way through, this should also be something to bear in mind.

All three of these Croatia group holidays will never charge you a single supplement. In most cases, they will just buddy you up in the accommodation with another traveller of the same gender.

If you are really adamant about having your own space, you can pay extra for it, but this is purely optional and you’ll have to request this option at the time of booking.

How Much Extra Money Do I Need to Take on These Croatia Small Group Tours?

Naturally, this is going to vary, depending on your spending style. If you want fancy bottles of wine with every meal, then sure you will spend more, the same goes for any extra excursions you might want to do.

As an average amount, allow for around $25 per day and some extra for tips. If you’re a frugal spender, then you’ll come home with change from that.

What if I have dietary needs?

When you book any of these group tours to Croatia, you’ll be asked this question and they will be able to cater for you.

I’m a vegetarian and my food request has always been met, sometimes my non-veggie travel buddies even have food envy.

At the beginning of the tour, they will always ask this question again to double-check what each person’s needs are.

Are there any specific Croatia tours for singles?

If you mean Croatia singles trip like dating, then err no. If you want to meet people of a similar age, then Contiki Tours is geared up to this a little more, but strictly speaking, none of these tours are exclusively for singles.

Is it easy to travel around Croatia alone?

If you’re worried about Croatia solo travel, it’s straightforward, affordable and with regular services between the major towns and cities. It does, however, become more challenging when you want to get away from the bustle of the city.

I’ve found the best prices for travel between the main cities on either Omio App , or via Flixbus .

Read Also: Island-hop over to Losinj , Croatia’s Hidden Gem

Am I safe to travel around Croatia solo?

If you’re travelling Croatia solo you might be worried about safety. On the whole, Croatia, like most of the rest of Europe, is very safe. The most likely problem will be pickpockets in busy places, but even that isn’t a problem if you’re sensible.

Some Croatia solo travel tips are:

  • Tell your accommodation where you’re going, if you’re exploring off-the-beaten-track places or hiking in the mountains
  • Take a day pack, with snacks, water, two methods of payment (eg cash and a credit card) and ID with you.
  • Store the name and contact details of your accommodation on your phone, so if you’re lost, you can ask for directions.

Which of These Small Group Tours to Croatia Are You Going On?

So, I’ve given you six of the best Croatia group trips. Are you like me, and going to opt for a Croatia G Adventures tour, or are you more of a party animal, and prefer the sound of the Contiki Croatia tour?

Croatia is an outstanding country, and if you have time at either end of your trip, then I 100% recommend exploring some of it by yourself. If you’re travelling to Croatia, then take a look at these other inspirational destinations to add to your Croatia solo trip

  • The complete guide to Dubrovnik
  • How many of these things are on your Croatia Bucket List ?
  • Travelling in the region, then hop over to Slovenia .

Save it for later

If you found this best small group tours to Croatia article useful, or know someone that will, then please like and share or pin it for future reference.

If you’ve got a question I didn’t answer about these Croatia adventure tours, then comment in the space below and I’ll try to answer it for you.

6 Of the Best Small Group Tours to Croatia, Even for Solo Travellers! 6

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In other words, I’m a bucket-list traveller, on a mission to experience the best things our fabulous little planet has to offer with the least environmental impact.

When I'm not climbing mountains, scuba diving, spotting wildlife or exploring ruins, you'll probably find me sipping coffee, or with a glass of wine in hand planning my next adventure.

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Exploring Croatia: Travel Tips And Insights

  • Last updated Jul 07, 2024
  • Difficulty Beginner

Cagri Burak

  • Category Travel

what to know about traveling to croatia

Croatia is a diverse and incredibly safe country to visit, full of fairytale-like architecture, some of the world's best natural sites, and a vibrant culture. With 1244 islands, a glittering coastline, and dramatic landscapes, it's no wonder that Croatia has been steadily climbing people's must-visit lists.

- Croatia has a very low crime rate and is considered a safe place for women and solo travellers. However, pickpocketing is common in tourist areas, so always be vigilant.

- The country has a rich history, having gained independence in 1991, and its people are proud of their freedom. Be respectful and avoid referring to Croatians as Yugoslav.

- The official language is Croatian, but many locals also speak English, German, or Italian. Learning some basic phrases like thank you (hvala) will be appreciated.

- The currency is the Euro. Carry cash, as many services are cash-only, and some prefer smaller bills.

- Tipping is practised but not mandatory. 10% is customary in restaurants, and rounding up the bill is common in bars and cafes.

- Croatia has a well-developed tourism infrastructure, with excellent resorts, hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals.

- The tap water is safe to drink, and the country has plenty of natural springs. Bring a reusable water bottle to reduce plastic waste.

- Croatia has a good public transport system. Buses are clean, efficient, and affordable, but trains are less reliable. Ferries are a great way to get around the islands.

- The country has some of the world's most beautiful national parks, including Plitvice Lakes and Krka, known for their pristine lakes and waterfalls.

- The beaches are often pebbly or rocky, so bring water shoes and be cautious of sea urchins.

- Croatia has a vibrant food scene, with fresh seafood, meat dishes, and local produce. Try the local wine and olive oil, which are excellent but not widely known outside the country.

- The country has a vibrant festival culture, with events like Gay Pride in Zagreb and Split, and celebrations for local patron saints.

- Croatia has occasional earthquakes and some areas with landmines, but these are well-signposted, and the chances of encountering them are slim.

What You'll Learn

Croatia's currency is the euro, english is widely spoken, travel during the shoulder season, croatia is considered a safe place to travel, the beaches are pebbly and rocky.


The Euro was adopted as the official currency of Croatia in 2023, replacing the Croatian Kuna (HRK). The Kuna was the currency of Croatia from 1994 until 2023 and was subdivided into 100 lipa. The word 'Kuna' means 'Marten' in Croatian, a reference to the use of marten skins as a form of tax and currency in the Middle Ages. The Euro is used throughout many European countries, so you can choose to convert your money before arriving in Croatia or once you're in the country.

ATMs that are linked to international networks can be found in most major towns and islands in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik, Korcula, Split and Hvar. Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are widely recognised and accepted in most tourist areas, but it's always good to have some cash on hand if you're travelling off the beaten path.

A good rule of thumb for budgeting is to average around €50 per day, which could get you two mid-range meals, transport to the beach, an excursion, a few drinks, and a bottle of water. Of course, this depends on your spending habits and how much you plan to do each day.

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English is taught in schools in Croatia, and many Croatians have also picked up the language from TV shows and music. In addition, the country has a strong tourism industry, so many people who work in hospitality and tourism speak English.

If you're planning to visit Croatia, it's always helpful to learn some basic phrases in the local language. Some key phrases include "hello" ("bok"), "goodbye" ("dovidenja"), and "thank you" ("hvala"). It's also good to know that "Hrvatska" is the Croatian word for "Croatia."

If you're travelling to more remote areas or interacting with older generations, you may find that fewer people speak English. In these cases, having a translation app or dictionary can be helpful.

Overall, though, you should be able to get by with English in most places in Croatia.

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The shoulder season in Croatia is from May to mid-June and from mid-September through October. During this time, you'll find fewer crowds and more reasonable prices than in the peak season. While the weather can be a bit unpredictable, with temperatures in the low to mid-20s°C, it's still a great time for sightseeing and exploring. Here are some tips for travelling to Croatia during the shoulder season:

  • Take advantage of the lower prices on accommodation, tours, and activities. You can often find great deals, especially if you book in advance.
  • Expect smaller crowds, especially in the popular destinations like Dubrovnik and Split. This means shorter wait times for restaurants and attractions.
  • Pack accordingly for the weather, as it can be unpredictable. Bring a raincoat and dress in layers, as temperatures can vary.
  • Consider renting a car to make the most of the ideal driving conditions. Traffic is lighter during the shoulder season, making it a perfect time for day trips and road trips.
  • Take advantage of the operational ferry lines and explore the islands. Ferry prices are also more affordable during this time.
  • Look out for food and wine events during the shoulder season, such as the Zagreb Beer Fest, Open Cellars Day in Istria, and the Good Food Festival in Dubrovnik.
  • If you're flexible with your travel dates, late September or early June are ideal times to visit, as you'll have fewer tourists and more comfortable temperatures.

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Croatia: A Safe Haven for Travellers

Croatia is considered one of the safest countries in Europe for travellers, with low levels of violent crime and a strong police presence. According to the US State Department, street crimes such as pickpocketing are rare in Croatia, and it has been assigned a Level 1 travel advisory, the safest level. In fact, only 0.3% of all criminal cases filed in Croatian courts were violent offences.

A Safe Haven for Women

Women travellers can feel particularly reassured by Croatia's reputation as a safe place. Solo women travellers should have no issues exploring the country independently, although it is always wise to ask your accommodation provider if there are any areas that are best avoided.

A Safe Haven for the LGBTIQ+ Community

While Croatia is considered a relatively conservative country, homosexuality is tolerated, and LGBTIQ+ travellers should feel welcome. However, it is recommended to be discreet to avoid any potential hostile reactions from locals. The gay scene is growing, with Gay Pride festivals held annually in both Zagreb and Split.

A Safe Haven for Adventurers

Croatia offers a plethora of outdoor adventures for enthusiasts. From mountain biking and hiking to kayaking and exploring national parks, there is something for everyone. The country boasts breathtaking scenery, from rugged mountains to pristine coastlines.

Safety Tips

While Croatia is incredibly safe, it is always important to take some basic precautions to ensure a worry-free trip. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep copies of important documents like your passport with you at all times.
  • Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded tourist spots.
  • Avoid walking alone through secluded areas at night.
  • Purchase travel insurance before your trip.
  • Keep your valuables secure and zipped up in a bag.
  • Use licensed public transportation or taxis, especially at night.
  • Be cautious of scams, such as overcharging taxis, fake tour guides, or accommodation scams.

Croatia is a safe and welcoming destination for travellers, offering a unique blend of rich culture, stunning natural sights, and friendly locals. With its low crime rates and safe reputation for women and the LGBTIQ+ community, it is an ideal choice for those seeking an enjoyable and worry-free holiday. So, pack your bags and explore Croatia with confidence!

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Croatia is known for its pebbly and rocky beaches. While there are some sandy beaches, they are few and far between and tend to get very busy during the high season. The benefit of pebble beaches is that the waters are often much clearer, adding to the beauty of the Adriatic. However, walking on pebbles can be uncomfortable, so it is recommended that you bring a pair of water shoes or flip-flops to protect your feet.

Croatia's beaches are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including crops of trees, vegetation, and picturesque harbours. The country's beaches are also very well-maintained and monitored, with the Blue Flag programme regularly awarding many of them for their excellent water quality.

  • Wear water shoes or flip-flops: This will protect your feet from the pebbles and rocks, making it more comfortable to walk to the water's edge.
  • Bring a towel: Many of Croatia's beaches are rocky, so a quick-dry towel will come in handy when you want to lay down and soak up the sun.
  • Consider visiting less-crowded beaches: Some of the more popular sandy beaches can get very busy during the high season. Consider exploring other beaches in the area or taking a day trip to a nearby island to find a quieter spot.
  • Ask your accommodation host for recommendations: They may know of hidden gems or less-crowded beaches that are worth visiting.
  • Check the Blue Flag website: This website provides information on beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag for their excellent water quality and other amenities.
  • Be aware of the surrounding terrain: Some of Croatia's beaches are surrounded by steep cliffs or rocky coves, so use caution when exploring and consider bringing appropriate footwear.
  • Visit during the shoulder season: July and August are the hottest months in Croatia and the busiest for tourism. Consider visiting during May-June or September-October to avoid the crowds and still enjoy warm and sunny days.

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Frequently asked questions.

Yes, Croatia is considered a very safe country to visit, with low levels of violent crime. The most common issue for tourists is pickpocketing, but even that is on a much lower scale than in other European countries.

July and August are the hottest months in Croatia and the busiest tourist months, with millions of visitors. To avoid the crowds and the heat, it is recommended to travel to Croatia in May, June, September or October.

The best ways to travel around Croatia are by renting a car, taking the ferry to the islands, and booking bus tickets.

Croatia's currency is the Euro.

Yes, tap water in Croatia is perfectly safe to drink.

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