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Get Ready for Fun on the High Seas: RCI Cruises in 2023

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to explore the world? RCI Cruises is here to make your dreams come true. With a variety of destinations, activities, and amenities, RCI Cruises is the perfect way to get out on the open seas and explore the world. Here’s what you need to know about RCI Cruises in 2023.

Experience Luxury and Comfort

RCI Cruises offers a luxurious experience that will make you feel right at home. From spacious cabins with modern amenities to delicious dining options, you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Plus, with plenty of activities on board, you’ll never be bored during your voyage. Whether it’s lounging by the pool or taking part in an onboard activity, there’s something for everyone on an RCI Cruise.

Explore New Destinations

RCI Cruises offers a variety of destinations around the world. From the Caribbean to Alaska, there are plenty of places to explore and discover. Plus, with onboard experts providing insight into each destination, you can learn more about each port of call before arriving. With so many places to visit, you’re sure to find something that interests you on an RCI Cruise.

Enjoy Onboard Entertainment

Onboard entertainment is one of the best parts of cruising with RCI. With live music performances, shows, movies, and more, there’s something for everyone on board an RCI Cruise ship. Plus, with plenty of bars and lounges available throughout the ship, you can relax and unwind after a long day of exploring new destinations.

So if you’re looking for an exciting way to explore the world in 2023, look no further than RCI Cruises. With luxurious accommodations and plenty of onboard entertainment options available, it’s sure to be a journey that you won’t soon forget.

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mediterranean sea cruise map

Mediterranean Cruises

Maps of the Mediterranean 

There are 21 countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, and a cruise of the region is a great way to take in several countries with just one trip. The vast body of water (covering more than 960,000 square miles) is almost entirely enclosed by land, with a small connection to the Atlantic Ocean at the Straight of Gibraltar to the west and links to the Sea of Marmara and Black Sea in the east.

Cruises to the Mediterranean account for roughly three-fourths of all cruises to Europe, with the other fourth visiting the British Isles and Northern Europe. With many itineraries lasting seven days or longer there’s plenty of time for a variety of ports, activities, languages and tastes. Sun-worshippers can soak up the rays on the Riviera, while history buffs can admire ancient sites in Rome, Athens and Ephesus. The many stops on a cruise allow visitors to take in the stunning architecture of Florence one day before strolling through the botanical gardens of Cannes the next.

A cruise of the Mediterranean gives travelers access to some of the most popular cities in Europe, combined with the ease and comfort of cruising. Western Mediterranean trips typically call at ports in Spain, France and Italy. Some of the most majestic cities in Europe were built along the water and boast not only beautiful beaches and scenery but renowned cultural attractions. Often-visited ports include Barcelona, Nice, Florence and Rome. Cities in Portugal, Monaco, Tunisia and Morocco are also potential stops.

Itineraries for the Eastern Mediterranean include Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and also Italy again. The boot-shaped country’s central location in the region makes it convenient for trips to either side. Cruises visiting the Holy Land often combine Eastern Mediterranean ports with those in Israel and Egypt. There are also trips that focus specifically on the many islands in Greece.

mediterranean sea cruise map

Mediterranean Cruise Maps

mediterranean sea cruise map

CIA Factbook 

Those who love to cruise the Mediterranean recognize the diversity of the countries and the ports of call, but the vast history, art, and breadth of knowledge coming from this region of the world are mind-boggling. All of these factors make the Mediterranean Sea a marvelous cruise destination!

Twenty-three countries spanning three continents surround the Mediterranean. Some countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Turkey have many ports of call. Others like Croatia, Slovenia, and Morocco are just discovering what cruise tourism can do to help their economies. Finally, some countries are "off the beaten path" for cruise tourism, but you might be able to find a small or boutique cruise ship if you are determined to visit them.

Note: Since some Mediterranean cruises stopover in Portugal, it is included in this collection, even though it is not on the Mediterranean.

If you do a survey of which Mediterranean country is the most popular with travelers, there is a good chance that Italy will be the easy winner.

Italy's location in the center of the Mediterranean means that it gets included in many Mediterranean cruises. Cruise ships often embark or disembark in Civitavecchia , the port nearest Rome; Venice , Genoa, or Savona. The most popular ports of call in Italy are Genoa , Portofino, Livorno (Florence, Tuscany, and Pisa), Civitavecchia (Rome), Naples (Capri, Pompeii , Mt. Vesuvius, Amalfi Coast), Messina (Sicily, Taormina), and Venice.

Some of the smaller cruise ships will port at Portovenere or one of the Italian cities on the east coast such as Bari.

Vatican City (Holy See)

Vatican City, or the Holy See, is a separate country located within Rome.

Vatican City is home to St. Peter's Cathedral, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel . Cruise ships porting at Civitavecchia, the port nearest Rome, provide easy access to Vatican City. Since Rome has a major airport, many cruise ships embark or disembark in Rome.

France is a favorite country for many travelers, and ocean-going cruise ships visit France from the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, or the English Channel.

France has several popular ports of call on the Mediterranean, including Nice , Cannes , Marseille , and Villefranche . Almost all of the large, mid-sized, and small cruise lines sailing the Mediterranean include French Riviera ports of call.

Monte Carlo, the capital city of the very small country of Monaco, is one of the richest cities in the world.

Cruise ships sailing the eastern Mediterranean, especially small and mid-sized ships, often include Monte Carlo and Monaco as a port of call.

Spain has several popular ports of call, including Barcelona, the busiest cruise ship port in the Mediterranean.

Almost all cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean have an itinerary that includes Spain. Many cruise ships embark and/or disembark in popular Barcelona . Other cruise ship favorites in Spain include Malaga, the port nearest Granada , and Cadiz, the port nearest Seville and Jerez.

In addition to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands of Mallorca , Minorca, and Ibiza are also excellent cruise destinations. These sun-kissed Mediterranean islands have long been a favorite of northern Europeans; however, cruise ship passengers also enjoy visiting them.

Portugal is not​ located on the Mediterranean, but many cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean have ports of call in Portugal or use the city as an embarkation point.

Portugal is a lovely small country on the Atlantic Ocean. Cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean often use Lisbon as an embarkation or disembarkation port. Other ships port in Lisbon when cruising from the Mediterranean to northern Europe.

The island of Madeira , off the coast of Lisbon, is an overnight sailing from the capital. This island is beautiful and advertises eternal springtime weather.

Morocco has ports of call on both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Morocco is less than 20 miles from Spain and can be seen from Gibraltar on a clear day.

Cruise ships often port in Casablanca, Tangier , or Agadir when stopping over in Morocco. Cruise passengers can take overland trips to​ Marrakech in the interior, but it usually involves an overnight stay away from the ship. 

Gibraltar is a very small country at the tip of Spain. Its citizens are very proud of their British heritage.

Many cruise ships on western Mediterranean cruises or those repositioning between northern Europe and the Mediterranean include Gibraltar as a port of call. Gibraltar is a great place to spend a day with something to interest everyone--history, natural wonders, and those marvelous Barbary apes!

Croatia is a beautiful country on the Adriatic Sea, with the Dalmatian Islands and interesting history. Cruise ships have now discovered Croatia.

Most cruise lines -- large, mid-sized, and small -- that sail the Mediterranean include one or more ports of call in Croatia.  Dubrovnik is the main port, but small ships also port all along the coast or at one of the many Dalmatian Islands. Hvar, Split, Korcula, and Zadar are all popular ports of call for the smaller luxury ships.

Dubrovnik is a wonderful old walled city right on the Mediterranean, and learning about the recent history of the Balkans is a terrific learning experience.

Greece's many islands , numerous harbors, and sunny Mediterranean weather make it a perfect cruise destination.

Greece and the Greek Islands are some of the most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean. Cruise ships sailing the eastern Mediterranean often visit Athens (Piraeus), Olympia, or some of the diverse Greek Isles.

Turkey is located in the far northeastern Mediterranean. Sailing through the Bosphorus at Istanbul, cruise ships enter the Black Sea.

Istanbul is the most popular port of call in Turkey, but many cruise ships also stopover in Kusadasi, which is near the ancient city of Ephesus. Other ports of call in Turkey include Kas and Antalya near Perge.

The island of Malta is found in the south-central Mediterranean. Its strategic location has led to its key role in several wars throughout history.

Several cruise ships include Valletta, Malta as a port of call on their Mediterranean cruise itineraries. The city of Valletta has a monochromatic look of all sandstone. It's very intriguing.

Limassol in the Greek Cypriot part of Cyprus is the main port of Cyprus. Celebrity, Costa, and Royal Caribbean all have cruises with Cypriot ports of call.

Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean and has long been a source of controversy between Greece and Turkey, both of whom claim the island. Cyprus is currently divided in half. Its history dates back to Roman times, but Cyprus also played an important role during many wars, including the Crusades and World War II.

Although Albania's economy is growing, the country is still one of Europe's poorest. However, more cruise ships port in Albania than what you might expect.

Albania is located in the Eastern Mediterranean across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Eastern Mediterranean cruise itineraries sailing from Venice or Athens sometimes include Albanian ports.

Montenegro is one of the previous Yugoslav republics on the Adriatic Coast north of Albania.

Only a few cruise ships visit Montenegro, but that number is bound to increase as travelers discover the beautiful coastline. Kotor is the primary port, and Viking Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn Cruises, SeaDream Yacht Club, and Silversea Cruises all include the country of Montenegro on Eastern Mediterranean cruises.

Slovenia is located on the Adriatic Sea south of Croatia. Only a small part of the country is on the coastline and Koper is the major port.

Viking Cruises, Holland America Line, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises include Koper, Slovenia as a port of call on some of its Adriatic Cruises.

Tartous is the main cruise port in Syria. Due to the current tensions in the middle east, no mainstream cruise lines currently port in Syria.

Until the Lebanon-Israeli war in 2006, Beirut was one of the eastern Med's most popular ports. No cruise ships currently include Lebanon on their itineraries.

Algiers, with a total population of about 3 million residents, is Algeria's largest city and the capital of the country. Algiers is the primary port of call.

Tunisia is on the northern coast of Africa and the capital of Tunis features the Bardo Museum , and the ruins of Carthage are nearby.

Israel is located in Asia on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Haifa, near Nazareth, is the most popular Israeli port.

Cruise ships sailing the eastern Mediterranean or on cruises between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea sometimes include ports of call such as Haifa or Tel Aviv in Israel. 

Tripoli, Libya , on the northern coast of Africa, was a cruise ship port of call until the 2012 terrorist attacks.

Most of Egypt is located in Africa, but the Sinai Peninsula is in Asia. The Suez Canal separates the two continents.

For a country mostly covered with desert, Egypt has many cruise options. Cruise ships sailing the southern or eastern Mediterranean usually port at either Alexandria or Port Said. Cruisers can travel to Cairo to see the Pyramids and Sphinx on full-day shore excursions.

Cruises to the Red Sea usually stopover at Sharm el-Sheikh (spelled Sharm ash Shaykh on this map) for excursions into the desert, St. Catherine's Monastery, or for diving into the brilliant, clear Red Sea. Red Sea cruises also might stop at either Al Grahdaqah or Safaga (spelled Bur Safajah on this map) to enable passengers to go into Luxor on either a full day or overnight excursion.

A description of Egyptian cruises would not be complete without a reference to Nile River cruises , which usually travel between Luxor and the high dam at Aswan, and often include the option of a day trip to Abu Simbel. Over 300 river ships sail the Nile, so there are plenty of options for Nile River cruises.

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Mediterranean Cruise Port Map

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

There are many fascinating cities to explore along the Mediterranean coast  Access comprehensive travel information by clicking on the map icons on this map:

View Mediterranean Cruise Port Map .

Port of Marseille

Other Cities | Travel Map | Facebook | About   

Mediterranean Cruises Map

Mediterranean Cruises Map

$ 24.00


Explore the countries of the  Mediterranean with this Freytag & Berndt double-sided Mediterranean Cruises Map – one of the staff favourites!

Designed as a cruise destination map, this map is the best one we’ve found that shows the  Mediterranean  in great detail and is useful in it’s own right as a fantastic reference map.

The legend is in English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch and Polish.

This map covers all the Mediterannean coast of Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East (plus some part of the Black Sea), as well as the whole of the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Israel, Lebanon.

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Countries of the Mediterranean Wall Map

Countries of the Mediterranean Wall Map

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Greenways and Cycle Routes of France Map

Croatia Adventure Travel Map

Croatia Adventure Travel Map 3324

Czech Republic Adventure Travel Map

Czech Republic Adventure Travel Map 3322

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Mediterranean Sea Cruises Region Road & Rail Map

Freytag & Berndt Mediterranean Sea Cruises Region Road & Rail Map

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High quality road map of the Mediterranean countries showing the sea cruise routes and also showing monthly mean temperatures, rainfall etc. for each location.

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Black Friday Kickoff

Save 75% off your second guest’s cruise fare, plus save up to an additional $300 per stateroom. 

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Mediterranean Cruises

Tabs view cruises.

  • View Cruises

Discover the Timeless Beauty & Culture of the Old World

With history spanning thousands of years, glamorous ports, and dazzling scenery, a Mediterranean cruise is the perfect vacation—and there’s no better way to experience cruises to the Mediterranean than with Celebrity. Bask on the beach in Mykonos one day and watch a fiery sunset over Santorini the next. Sip a cappuccino in glorious Taormina while gazing at snow-capped Mount Etna in the distance, or dig into tapas in a sunlit square in Barcelona. Let us show you Europe’s most beautiful places in style on a luxury cruise to the Mediterranean with Celebrity.

Featured Mediterranean Cruises

Italy cruises.

Whether you dream of exploring the glorious Amalfi Coast or marveling at the ancient sites of Rome, Celebrity has the perfect cruise to Italy, with itineraries ranging from 7 to 12 nights. 

View Sample Itinerary Map

Greece Cruises

Cruises to Greece visit the very best of the islands and cosmopolitan cities on the mainland, including Athens and historic Thessaloniki. Each port bursts with character, from Santorini to Zakynthos, and Mykonos. 

Spain Cruises

Sail from Barcelona and take in Alhambra in Granada, the elegant capital of Palma and Seville, the home of flamenco. On cruises of 7 to 12 nights, you can feast on tapas, taste wines in Rioja, and unwind all in one culture-packed country.

View Popular Mediterranean Cruise Destinations

Find your perfect mediterranean cruise vacation, itineraries.

View All Mediterranean Cruises

Explore More

Celebrity City Stays

Mediterranean Ships

Mediterranean Shore Excursions

Why Cruise to the Mediterranean with Celebrity Cruises

Enjoy ancient port cities and glorious scenery on a Mediterranean cruise with Celebrity. You’ll find itineraries ranging from 7 to 12 nights offered by nine of our award-winning ships, including four of our revolutionary Edge-Series ships.  

On board, you’ll be immersed in personalized touches that make every Celebrity vacation special. As you sail from one historic port to the next, indulge in globally inspired menus in up to 12 specialty restaurants. Whatever the occasion, your certified sommelier can pour you the perfect vintage to match the moment, uncorked from a wine list that’s won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 10 years in a row. 

On Edge-Series ships, gaze at exquisite Greek islands or the glamorous Italian coastline, fringed with olive and lemon groves, from the vantage point of The Magic Carpet®, suspended high above the ocean. 

Elevate your vacation to the next level at The Retreat®, with luxurious suite accommodation, access to a private sundeck (on select ships) and tranquil lounge, and dining at the exclusive Luminae at The Retreat. And when you venture ashore, you’ll find carefully curated excursions geared to your personal taste, from Destination Highlights to Small Group Discoveries and custom-designed Private Journeys. 

From destination-intensive 7-night cruises to 12-night explorations across this historic region, Celebrity has the best Mediterranean cruise for you. With nine luxurious ships to choose from, including four of our ground-breaking Edge-Series ships, you’ll find the perfect setting as your luxurious home away from home in the heart of the Old World. 

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mediterranean sea cruise map

Best Places to Visit in the Mediterranean

The best places to visit in the Mediterranean feature incredible cultural treasures, idyllic landscapes, and some of the most well-known landmarks in Europe.

mediterranean sea cruise map

Insider’s Guide to the Towns of Cinque Terre

The watercolor towns of Cinque Terre, including Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, are strung along the rugged and impossibly beautiful Italian Riviera.

mediterranean sea cruise map

11 Spectacular Mediterranean Cities to Visit

For remarkable art, ancient history, contemporary culture, and gorgeous beaches, it’s hard to beat these Mediterranean cities.

mediterranean sea cruise map

The 17 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

The whole of the Mediterranean is fringed with dazzlingly beautiful beaches, and the greatest appeal is that they’re all different.

mediterranean sea cruise map

12 Stunning French Beach Towns to Visit

Gorgeous French beach towns are abundant, thanks to the country’s extensive coastlines along the English Channel to the north, the Atlantic to the west, and the Mediterranean to the south.

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The Ultimate Guide to Food in Athens

Athens, the cradle of civilization, boasts an incredible foodie scene ranging from high-end restaurants to the simplest of street food.

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11 Best Things to Do in Malta

From the capital, Valletta, to the countryside and coast, there are plenty of things to do in Malta for travelers in search of history, culture, and more.

mediterranean sea cruise map

19 Most Romantic Places in Greece

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Top Mediterranean FAQs

Where do Mediterranean cruises go?

Whether you love art, history, natural wonders, fine cuisine, or all of the above, a Mediterranean cruise lets you experience something amazing at every stop. The Mediterranean region is vast, including many countries each with its own personality, cuisine, and scenery. 

Celebrity’s Mediterranean cruises sail from Athens, Barcelona, Rome, Southampton, and Ravenna (Venice). 

Feel like an old-fashioned movie star on the French Riviera, learn about military history in Malta, explore Biblical history in Israel, and delve back more than 4,000 years in time to Egypt.

How long are Mediterranean cruises?

Mediterranean cruises on Celebrity last from six to 12 nights. Spend seven nights visiting popular ports in Spain, France, and Italy, or longer voyages that include Greece and Turkey. 

When’s the best time to cruise? 

The best time to cruise the Mediterranean will vary depending on your particular interests and schedule. The main Mediterranean cruise season runs from April through November each year, with June to September the peak months. But with Celebrity you can cruise Europe year round. 

July to September is the peak summer season in the Mediterranean, when most Europeans take their summer vacation. April, May, June, later in September, and October are all great months to visit, too. You can sail the Mediterranean with Celebrity right up to November, which is a wonderful time for sightseeing with fewer people around. The best time to head to the far south of the region is from February to April, when the climate is perfect for exploring Israel and Egypt.

What should I pack?

When you’re packing for a Mediterranean cruise, swimwear and beach outfits are essential. You’ll need comfortable shoes for sightseeing, whether this involves walking over uneven cobblestone roads or clambering over the rocky paths of the Acropolis in Athens. 

A good sun hat is essential If you want to visit churches, synagogues, and cathedrals we recommend long pants or skirt and a scarf/shawl to cover your shoulders.  

If you’re traveling at the beginning or the end of the season, the weather could be cool, so bring cover-ups and a light waterproof jacket.

Throughout the ship, casual resort wear, sundresses, shorts, polos, or button-downs are appropriate, paired with sandals, low heels, and loafers. In main and specialty dining, we ask guests to refrain from wearing swimsuits, see-through coverups or robes, bare feet, tank tops, T-shirts, and baseball caps. 

Smart Casual attire is required for entry to main dining, specialty dining, and the Celebrity Theatre. Smart Casual means you look comfortable yet tasteful in a dress, skirt, long pants, or jeans with a stylish top or button-down. Shorts and flip flops are not considered Smart Casual. 

Each itinerary features one to two “formal” nights that we call Evening Chic. Evening Chic means you dress to impress, glamorous and sophisticated in your own way, with a cocktail dress, skirt, slacks, or designer jeans, an elegant dress top, or blazer—some guests even pack a tuxedo or gown for onboard photos. 

The daily program, delivered to your stateroom and available at the Guest Relations Desk, will be your guide to the correct attire each evening. If you do not wish to participate in Evening Chic, Smart Casual attire is acceptable for dining and attending the theater.

What can I see while I’m there?

From the history-lined canals of Venice to the sun-soaked playgrounds of the French Riviera to the iconic architecture of Spain, our array of award-winning Europe vacations offers something special for every discerning world traveler.

Get up close to historic sites like the ancient Colosseum in Rome, the Acropolis in Athens, and the charming Old City of Dubrovnik. Take stellar photos at the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. See Michelangelo’s remarkable Renaissance artwork on the Sistine Chapel ceiling as you tour Vatican City.

In Portugal, experience the spectacular medieval architecture in Lisbon and taste a variety of Port wines in Porto. Explore our port of call in Italy, Trieste, and its ancient architecture, lively cultural scene, and Venetian-inspired coffeehouses. We’re also returning to Kusadasi, and Istanbul in Turkey.

Some of the most beautiful natural sights you’ll ever see may be the view of the whitewashed buildings and turquoise waters in Santorini or the pastel-colored fishing villages in the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Where are the best beaches?

The Mediterranean is fringed with  dazzlingly beautiful beaches . Here, you’ll find some of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the world, wild dunes, craggy cliffs, rocky coves, and aquamarine shallows on others.

For long sweeps of sand, great watersports, and a lively scene, try Mykonos. If black or red sand intrigues you, head for Santorini. For old-fashioned glamor, visit the beaches around Italy’s Amalfi Coast or the chic beach towns along the French Riviera. 

Sardinia arguably has the most beautiful turquoise water. Ibiza is fringed with pretty coves, some sleepy, some with cool beach bars and DJs spinning tunes all afternoon. 

What is there for families to do on a Mediterranean cruise?

The Mediterranean is fantastic for families. It’s educational, it brings history to life, the shopping is great, the ice cream unsurpassed, and the beaches superb. Mediterranean cultures love kids, too, and children are welcomed everywhere. 

Families can enjoy the Colosseum in Rome, gondola rides in Venice, the old walls of Dubrovnik, and cable cars for stunning city views or off-road buggy experiences. You can also experience Pompeii, the cave houses of Matera, and for soccer fans, Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. 

Should I book tours ahead of time?

If you are traveling in peak season, we recommend you book your Shore Excursions through My Celebrity Cruises as soon as you confirm your sailing as many attractions around the Mediterranean are extremely popular. 

Booking a shore excursion  with Celebrity also means you’ll be visiting attractions with a professional guide, and on a tour that guarantees to return you to the ship on time. 

Whether you're looking for a private, customizable experience, a carefully curated guided tour with a small group, or an unforgettable trip to iconic local landmarks, we have the right option to discover any destination, granting in-depth knowledge, expertise, and a truly extraordinary experience.

Can I get around with English?

Many languages are spoken around the Mediterranean, from Maltese to French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, and Hebrew. Most people working in the hospitality industry speak some English.

Do I need a visa?

You will need a passport to travel to the Mediterranean, but the vast majority of countries visited by European cruises do not require a visa. From 2024, Americans, Canadians, and British citizens will be required to register for the new European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) to enter 30 European countries. 

This will be easy to apply for, inexpensive, and is simply a pre-authorization system similar to the ESTA that Europeans need to travel to the U.S. and Canada. Once you have the ETIAS, it will be valid for three years. You should make sure you have at least six months before your passport expires, too.

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Mediterranean - Black Sea Cruise Ports Schedules

Mediterranean - black sea schedules, terminals, wiki, news, live port maps,  aliaga ship breaking yard , turkey.

Aliaga is an Eastern Mediterranean/Aegean Sea port town in Turkey's Izmir Province, with population around 60,000. Aliaga is approx 50 km (31 mi) north of the province's capital Izmir. Port Aliaga...

 Messina , Sicily Italy

Port Messina is cruise port known as “the door to Sicily”. The city is located on Sicily Island, separated from mainland Italy by Strait of Messina (width 5 km / 3 mi). The city has...

 Varna , Bulgaria

Varna is a Black Sea port city located at the mouth of Provadiya River. The city covers a total area of approx 154 km2 (60 mi2) and has population around 340,000. Port Varna has locode BGVAR...

 Alicante , Spain

Alicante (aka Alacant/both are official city names) is a port city in Spain on Costa Blanca, as well as the capital of Alicante Province and of Alacanti comarca. Alicante is also a major...

 Mykonos Island , Greece

Mykonos Island is one of Cyclades Islands (Greece, Aegean Sea), located in the archipelago's center. The Cyclades form a circle surrounding the sacred Delos Island. Group's larges island is Naxos...

 Nafplio , Mycenae, Greece

Nafplio is a port town in northeastern Peloponnese (Greece) located close to Argolic Gulf's north end. is also cruise port to the Mycenae archaeological site (near Mykines, Argolis). Nafplio is...

 Zadar , Croatia

Zadar is an Adriatic Sea cruise port in Croatia. By population (around 75,000) the city is ranked the country's 5th largest - after Zagreb (capital), Split, Rijeka, and Osijek. Other major Croatian...

 Naples , Italy

Naples/Napoli is a major Mediterranean port (cruise, ferry and cargo) located in Southern Italy's Campania region. By population (around 970,000) the city is ranked Italy's 3rd largest (after Rome...

 Cefalu , Sicily Italy

Cefalu is a port town on Sicily Island (Italy), part of the Province of Palermo. The town is located on the island's northern coast, and on Tyrrhenian Sea, approx 70 km (43 ml) east of...

 Livorno , Florence-Pisa, Italy

Livorno (aka Leghorn) is a port city on the Ligurian Sea, located on the western coast of Italy's Tuscany region. The city has population around 160,000. Port Livorno (locode ITLIV) is Tuscany's...

 Genoa , Milan, Italy Riviera

Port Genoa/Genova also serves as cruise port to Milano City and is located on Ligurian Sea (Western Mediterranean). Genova City is the capital of Liguria (coastal region in northwestern Italy) also...

 Kotor , Montenegro

Kotor is an Adriatic port town in Montenegro, located in Bay of Kotor (aka Boka) and with population around 15,000. The port is surrounded by fortifications created during Venetian period...

 Malaga , Spain Granada

Malaga is a major port city and cruise port (together with Motril) to Granada City - the capital of Spain's Granada Province (Autonomous Community of Andalusia). By population (around 580,000) the...

 Civitavecchia-Rome , Italy

Port Civitavecchia is the passenger (ferry and cruise) and cargo port of Rome City - Italy's capital and largest city. Civitavecchia is approx 80 km / 50 mi northwest of Rome. The arriving cruise...

 Gibraltar , UK

Gibraltar is an UK cruise port and a British Overseas Territory on the Iberian Peninsula, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Gibraltar is connected to mainland...


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