1. Group Travel in 2022: The Top Trends and Insights

    group travel trends 2022

  2. 2022 Group Travel Trends Predictions

    group travel trends 2022

  3. Group travel is rising, but pandemic trends remain

    group travel trends 2022

  4. Top 5 Travel Trends for 2022

    group travel trends 2022

  5. [Video] Top trends shaping group travel in 2022

    group travel trends 2022

  6. 2022 Group Travel Trends Predictions

    group travel trends 2022


  1. The Future of Group Travel: Trends for 2022

    3. Expect a big boom in group travel throughout 2022. People are ready to get off their couches and back out into the world! More than half of travelers (62% to be exact!) are looking to travel in 2022, while another 43% have their sights set on a 2023 adventure. An additional 16% of people are looking even further out and planning their first ...

  2. Group Travel Revival Trends in 2023 and Beyond

    Trends in group travel. ... Shifting sustainability expectations. A report we published in 2022 found that of business travel leaders, 66% felt that sustainable business travel would be a moderate priority in the next 12 months, and 19% said it would be a high priority. Therefore, sustainability is especially important for business travellers.

  3. 2022 Group Travel Trends Predictions

    A New Year of Trends. Forecasting for group planning trends in 2022 is an intriguing topic to dive into. Each year brings with it a new set of trends that will inevitably shape the group trip industry as a whole, and below is a list of the most probable ones for 2022 based on past trends, present desires, and future demands.

  4. 05 Trends That Will Define Group Travel in the Future

    Business Conventions Are Making A Huge Comeback. 3. Sustainable Tourism Will Gain Prominence. 4. Millennials Are Opting For Interest-Based Travel Groups. 5. Be Prepared To Re-book Departures. Group travel is quite common across the world, in addition to being one of the most vital segments of the tourism and travel industry.

  5. Travel Trends for Spring 2022

    By The New York Times. Published Feb. 15, 2022 Updated March 8, 2022. As governments across the world loosen coronavirus restrictions and shift their approach to accepting Covid-19 as a manageable ...

  6. The Travel Trend Report 2022: The Experts Have Their Say, Part One

    Based on research from its clients, Audley Travel says the travel trends it has identified for 2022 include growing group sizes and increased spend as clients ensure their return to travel is ...

  7. Top 10 Travel Trends for 2022

    G Adventures' top 10 travel trends for 2022 travel are as follows: 1. THE TREND: Community tourism is the solution to responsible travel. According to G Adventures' latest panel research, 25 percent of respondents say they will place more focus on traveling responsibly in 2022. With the increased focus on community and support of locally ...

  8. Amadeus unveils five defining trends for the US group travel and events

    The five trends that will define group travel in 2022 are: 1. Changed group travel requirements: Amadeus MeetingBrokerâ„¢ data reveals that significant changes in group travel will persist in 2022 ...

  9. Five Trends That Will Define Events and Group Travel in 2022

    5 key trends that is governing 2022's group travel and events market. How the size, spend, duration, and mix of event business have changed. New traveler behaviors and priorities, such as hybrid meetings or working from home. The insights are gathered through interviews with hoteliers, industry experts, and Amadeus executives and using ...

  10. The 5 Biggest Trends in Travel Tours 2022

    Small and multigenerational tours. Family travel is another breakout in the American Express report - 79 per cent of respondents said they were most looking forward to travelling with family in 2022, while 58 per cent said they were more interested in multi-generational family trips than ever before. Globus's small-group "discoveries ...

  11. 15 Travel Trends That will Change the Industry

    Trend 4: Limited Hotel Services. In September, research from American Hotels & Lodging Association (AHLA) revealed that the U.S. hotel industry is likely to finish 2021 with 500,000 fewer jobs than in 2019, and that an additional 1.3 million jobs in restaurants, supply businesses and retail stores supported by hotels are also at risk.

  12. The Biggest Travel Trends of 2022

    The GOAT mindset: Expedia reveals 2022's biggest travel trends. Travelers are ready to shake up the status quo, according to Expedia's 2022 Travel Trends Report. Top findings from the report, which leverage Expedia data and a global research study, revealed that more than two-thirds of Americans (68 percent) plan to go big on their next trip.

  13. The Latest Travel Data (2024-03-04)| U.S. Travel Association

    Sentiment is also growing for upcoming leisure travel in 2024. The share of travelers reporting having travel plans within the next six months increased to 93% in January from 92% in December, according to Longwoods International's monthly survey. Travel price inflation (TPI) fell slightly in January as a result of falling transportation prices.

  14. The Travel Trends Report 2022

    KIDS RULE OK. One leading trend identified in the 2022 Trend Report from holiday rentals community brand Vrbo is a renewed focus on family travel . Dive into family adventures with Vrbo. "Over ...

  15. The 7 biggest tech trends influencing travel in 2022

    According to Phocuswright's latest travel research report Travel Innovation and Technology Trends 2022 , a dramatic acceleration in digital change has taken hold, from touchless journeys and robotic automation to the rise of remote working. We witnessed the turn in fortunes of SPACs, and the entry of tokenization and NFTs into common parlance.

  16. AARP 2022 Travel Trends: Domestic Travel Is Bouncing Back

    This is translating into bigger budgets for trips in the year ahead. Two out of three travelers age 50 and over expect to spend more on travel in 2022 than in 2021. Before the pandemic, Americans age 50-plus planned to spend $7,314 annually, on average, for travel. This year, older adults typically say they are ready to shell out $8,369.

  17. News Article

    The report, "A world in motion: shifting consumer travel trends in 2022 and beyond", shows that sustainability is a key element of the travel agenda, with travellers eager to reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainable tourism. ... Jane Sun, Group CEO, said: "Travel & Tourism is a powerful force in driving the global ...

  18. Travel trends: 2022

    This was a decrease of 24%. There were 12.1 million holiday visits to the UK in 2022, which were 39% of the total visits. This makes holidays the most common reason for visiting the UK. This is a change from 2021 when visiting friends or relatives was the most popular reason for travel to the UK.

  19. Watch Out These 31 Travel Industry Events for 2022

    North America. 1. IMEX America. 🗓 October 11, 2022, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. IMEX America is the largest travel and consumer event on the continent. The event is all about creating opportunities to get the latest industry knowledge, meet colleagues, and keep your fingers on the sector's pulse.

  20. Guide to Moscow for Traveling to Moscow in 2022

    The diversity of this mega-city is astounding. Only a few steps away from the solemn red facade of the Kremlin and the sounds of righteous church bells, a buzzing night scene and alternative-fashion boutiques can be found. Culture: In Moscow only the best goes. Be it a theatre, restaurant or gallery, the standards are certain to be world-class.

  21. New Study Shows Strong Demand for Business Travel in 2024

    Meanwhile, the average daily rate (ADR) for hotel bookings by business travelers in the U.S. increased by approximately five percent from 2022 to 2023. Additionally, travel agencies are proving ...

  22. Moscow 2022

    Moscow 2022 - Get the report with graphs and tables on! ... Travel, Tourism & Hospitality ... We provide information on industries, companies, consumers, trends, countries, and ...

  23. Six Summer Travel Trends to Know About This Year

    May 23, 2024 at 7:10 AM EDT. The busiest travel season of the year is about to begin: Almost 44 million people in the US are expected to unofficially kick off their summers by traveling on ...

  24. Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Trends in Pakistan: Activity Survey

    The Pakistan Blood and Marrow Transplant (PBMT) group was established in 2020, and this report is the first activity survey from January 2021 to December 2022 focusing on the trends of matched-related donor, haploidentical, and autologous transplants in a developing country. A total of 12 transplant centers contributed data on the modified PBMT ...

  25. Travel treasures: Moscow, Russia

    Moscow has been a complete surprise to me. I did not expect that much beauty (and that pastel colored architecture!) concentrated in the very center of it. I had two days off before starting the trainings and was basically strolling through the pedestrian streets, visiting a local food market in the outskirts and a very […]

  26. Ukraine-Russia war: Latest updates

    It has been the subject of conflicting reports, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy saying Ukraine had secured "combat control", while the Russian ministry of defence claimed its forces ...

  27. Ukraine-Russia war latest: What's happening with conflict right now

    In the two-plus years since February 2022, Uzbekistan has also boosted its relations with the EU. 21:03:22 Ukrainian forces mount assaults as Russian troops try and overwhelm defences

  28. Preventing maternal and child mortality: upcoming WHO Resolution must

    Global progress on improving maternal, newborn, and child survival has stalled. Many regions of the world continue to experience persistently high rates of maternal and child mortality, and despite improvements between 2000 and 2015, progress is now stagnating (1). The combination of ongoing and new conflicts, climate change, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic create a perfect storm to ...