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The boundless energy of Alberta’s largest city springs from its winding waterways to the tops of its towers.

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11 Epic Things to Do in Calgary (Perfect First Time Visit)

Things to do in calgary: the 11 best places to visit (all highlights).

You want to visit Calgary during your next trip?

Great idea!

Perched between the majestic Canadian Rockies and sprawling prairies, Calgary makes for a fantastic starting point to visit the national parks of Banff and Jasper . So, if you’re planning an itinerary through western Canada , make sure to put Calgary on the map!

In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this guide of the 11 best things to do in Calgary , with all points of interest and must-see attractions.

In addition to my list of things to do and activities, I will also give you optimized itineraries to visit Calgary in 1, 2, or 3 days as well as my selection of the best accommodations depending on your budget.

So, what are the best things to do in Calgary? Where to stay?

1. The Calgary Tower

2. glenbow museum, 3. kensington village, 4. heritage park historical village, 5. st. patrick’s island, 6. the calgary zoo, 7. canada olympic park, 8. the calgary stampede, 9. dinosaur provincial park and the royal tyrrell museum, 10. banff and jasper national parks, 11. waterton lakes national park, how many days to visit calgary, one day in calgary, 2 days in calgary, 3 days in calgary, where to stay in calgary, where to eat in calgary, how to get to calgary, tourist map of calgary, you’re traveling in canada these articles will help you, visit calgary: all must-see attractions.

If you’re planning to visit Calgary as part of a Canadian tour spanning several days or weeks, I’ve prepared detailed itineraries that include a city visit .

You’ll find day-by-day steps and my hotel suggestions for each spot. Just click on the orange links below:

  • Itinerary : 10 days in Canada : All my advice to plan your 10-day trip to Canada!
  • Itinerary : 2 weeks in Canada : Explore Western Canada in 15 days.
  • Itinerary : 3 Weeks in Canada : A step-by-step adventure through Western and Eastern Canada for 21 days

They’ll make planning your trip super easy!

And if you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments at the end of the article. I will gladly help you organize your stay.

The Calgary Tower is the city’s main attraction . To the locals, it’s more than just a landmark; it’s the very symbol of Calgary.

From the top of the tower, which soars 190 meters into the sky, you can access a 360° panoramic platform and enjoy a stunning view over Calgary, the Rockies and the prairies . The Calgary Tower also features a glass floor —perfect for a little thrill!

As in the observation towers of Vancouver and Toronto , you’ll find a revolving restaurant at the top where you can savor an excellent meal while admiring the view. The SKY 360 completes a full rotation in 60 minutes for dinner or in 45 minutes at lunchtime.

You’ll also find another restaurant, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, on the tower’s second floor. It’s known for serving up some tasty meats. So, meat lovers, take note!

To visit the Calgary Tower , I recommend buying your skip-the-line ticket in advance to avoid waiting in line. Just click on the green button below :

Calgary Tower

Located downtown, the Glenbow Museum is Calgary’s main museum. This museum is all about delving into the captivating history of the city and the Alberta region .

With its collection of nearly 33,000 works of art dating from the 19 th century to the present, it’s the largest art museum in Western Canada ! Its collection of artifacts related to the First Nations is truly impressive, making it a great opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle of the plains Indigenous peoples !

The museum is really well organized, with a visit taking between 2 and 3 hours .

In the museum’s library , you’ll also have access to numerous documents, books, and brochures outlining the history of Western Canada .

Plan your visit to the Glenbow Museum by checking out its official website .

Glenbow Museum

For me, Kensington Village is the coolest neighborhood in Calgary. It’s entirely pedestrian, allowing for peaceful and relaxing strolls!

There, you’ll find a slew of unique boutiques for a bit of shopping and a ton of cafés and great restaurants . Now you know where to go for a foodie break in Calgary !

And if you’re in the mood for more shopping in Calgary, check out 17th Avenue, Stephen Avenue, or the CORE Shopping Centre , Calgary’s only shopping mall. The mall even houses an indoor tropical garden with fish-filled ponds, fountains, and tropical plants. Quite a surprise in the heart of Western Canada!

To visit Calgary and gain insights into the various districts and monuments , I recommend booking a guided tour . You can choose from (click the orange links to book):

  • A 2-hour guided walking tour of downtown Calgary
  • A 3-hour guided bus tour , perfect for exploring many of Calgary’s tourist attractions like the City Hall, Zoo, East Village, Heritage Park, and the Olympic Park.

Heritage Park is a major tourist hotspot that’s a must-do when you’re tripping around Calgary .

At this 51-hectare park, you’ll dive headfirst into a typical Western Canadian town from the last century. From a blacksmith’s forge to a bakery, a school, a church, and a bunch of other little shops brought to life by costumed actors, you’ll find it all here. It’s the perfect place to learn a bunch of interesting facts about life back then .

Incredibly, some of these buildings are authentic , and they were brought there to be preserved. So, these aren’t just any old replicas.

At the park, you can also ride on a genuine steam locomotive , or, for that Tom Sawyer vibe, try a paddle steamer . It’s a great family activity to do in Calgary.

You’ll need at least 2 hours to explore as the park is quite expansive.

Start planning your Heritage Park visit now by buying your entrance ticket via the green button below. It covers access to all attractions, exhibitions, rides, and train and boat tours.

Heritage Park

St. Patrick’s Island sits right in the heart of downtown Calgary , nestled in the middle of the Bow River.

The island is the oldest city park . It went through a complete makeover in 2015, transforming it into a top tourist spot in Calgary. It’s also quite a hit with the locals. A new bridge even lets you get there directly from the East Village .

On the island, you’ll find bike trails for cycling, walking trails , a playground for kids, a picnic area, and even a beach for a quick dip . The island also includes an amphitheatre and a man-made 9-meter high hill specifically built for admiring the view over Calgary.

It’s truly the perfect spot to take a stroll in Calgary when you’re craving a break from the urban hustle and bustle.

St. Patrick’s Island hosts a load of events and festivals throughout the seasons. They even arrange outdoor film screenings !

You’re going to Calgary?

You probably know it: the hardest part of planning your trip is to find an hotel offering a good value for money!

And that’s even worse in big touristic cities like Calgary 😅.

The closer you get to your travel dates, the harder it will be to get a good deal. Lots of people will be visiting Calgary on the same dates as you , so you can be sure that the best deals are booked extremely quickly!

Hopefully, there is a pretty simple solution to this problem: do like me and book your hotel as early as possible!

So, my best advice is to take 5 minutes (now) to have a look at the list of travelers’ favorite hotels in Calgary.

And if you see a good offer, book it!

Most hotels offer free cancellation, so it’s quick, easy, and you will avoid the the inconvenience of finding nothing but mediocre rooms at exorbitant prices.

To check the current best deals for your hotel in Calgary, simply click on the green button below 😎:

Once you’ve booked your hotel, it will be time to continue reading this guide and find out more about the best things to do in Calgary!

Ile St Patrick

The Calgary Zoo is a must-see, especially if you’ve chosen to visit Calgary with family .

It’s home to about 1,000 animals from around the world , including hippos, giraffes, lemurs, grizzlies, and gorillas. Of course, a part of the zoo is dedicated to Canadian animals like bears, wolves, and cougars.

You’ll also discover a botanical garden and a dinosaur-themed prehistoric park , which is quite a sight to behold.

With its vast collection of animals and well-structured layout, the zoo makes for a fantastic afternoon out with your kids.

And guess what? The zoo also houses 4 giant pandas !

If you’re keen on visiting the Calgary Zoo, you can find all the information on the official website .

Zoo Calgary

The Canada Olympic Park is located to the west of the city. This is where the 1988 Winter Olympics took place.

Today, the park still serves as a training ground for future Olympic champions , and you can tour the facilities . Even better, you can try out a few of them!

On the agenda, you can experience a bobsleigh ride on the same track where the famous Jamaican team crashed – a story that inspired the movie Cool Runnings.

Or how about a thrilling zipline descent from a ski jump? It’s the fastest and longest in North America !

In winter , the park transforms into a ski resort , complete with toboggan runs, snow rafting, and ice hockey.

The Canada Olympic Park also houses a Canadian Sports Hall of Fame , a place that celebrates Canadian athletes and their achievements through interactive exhibits.

Find the list of all the activities you can do on the official website .

Parc olympique Canada Calgary

The Calgary Stampede is one of the largest festivals held in Canada each year . Drawing over a million visitors annually, it’s become a major tourist attraction in Calgary.

During this 10-day festival held every July , you’ll mainly get to watch rodeos , but there are also parades, barrel racing, performances, and country music concerts . Every morning, you can also enjoy a free pancake breakfast served at various stands throughout the city.

Don’t miss a spin at the Midway fair , where you can try the rides and the Ferris wheel.

And that’s not all! By the banks of the Bow River, you can explore the fascinating history of the First Nations through a meticulously recreated village, complete with traditional tipis .

Time to put on your cowboy hat and explore the West!

The Stampede park, where the festival takes place, is open all year round.

Guided tours are arranged to explore the permanent facilities.

The tour lasts 2 hours, and you can book it online by clicking here !

Stampede Festival

Best things to do around Calgary

Once you’ve explored the city, it’s time to extend your Canadian adventure by visiting the surroundings of Calgary .

To ensure you don’t miss a thing, I’ve compiled my list of places to see around Calgary .

Though it’s about a 2.5-hour drive from Calgary, I’d urge you to take some time out to visit Dinosaur Provincial Park .

The park is nestled in the Badlands , a rugged and barren landscape located southeast of Calgary . The Badlands are famous as the world’s largest dinosaur fossil graveyard and have rightfully earned their UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Over 500 specimens from 35 different species, dating back to 75 million years, have been discovered here.

Inside the park, you’ll find dinosaur exhibits and can even check out the fossils unearthed on site . It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the region’s geology and the unique conditions that have preserved these precious relics from ancient times.

The park’s sprawling expanse is serviced by minibus tours to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

You can also hike to take in the stunning landscapes .

To top off your visit, swing by the Royal Tyrrell Museum, a museum dedicated to paleontology. You’ll find it in Drumheller, about a 90-minute drive from Calgary . Around forty complete dinosaur skeletons are on display. The museum is truly fantastic and very well put together!

All the information for your visit can be found on the park’s official website and the museum’s website .

parc provincial dinosaur calgary

As I mentioned before, Calgary is often just a pit stop on a Canadian journey before going to visit Banff and Jasper National Parks .

The city is just an hour’s drive from the entrance to Banff National Park , making it the perfect base camp.

Banff National Park is famed for its gorgeous natural landscapes and super photogenic, stunningly colored lakes ! It’s the perfect opportunity for some breathtaking nature hikes.

Next, you can take the Glacier Highway to get to Jasper Park , which is every bit as stunning as Banff.


This national park is located a 2.5-hour drive south of Calgary in Alberta. It is home to mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and canyons .

Among the sites to see and activities you’ll find:

  • The Prince of Wales Hotel , built in 1926. It is nowadays a national historic site
  • A cruise on Upper Waterton Lake.
  • Cameron Falls
  • Red Rock Canyon , known for its vivid red and green minerals.
  • Panoramic routes – Red Rock Parkway and Akamina Parkway are the most famous.
  • Numerous hikes suitable for all levels. 

Departing from Calgary, you can book a full-day excursion with transportation included to the national park, featuring a guided tour.

Two days are enough to take in the main sights of Calgary.

On the third day, you can hit the road to reach the most famous national parks in Western Canada.

To visit Calgary in a day , try the following itinerary :

  • A visit to the Glenbow Museum to learn about the First Nations.
  • Climb up the Calgary Tower (tickets available here!) .
  • Lunch break
  • Explore the Heritage Park Historical Village .
  • Finish off the afternoon with shopping and dinner in Kensington Village .

To visit Calgary in two days , I’d recommend following the one-day itinerary and adding:

  • A visit to Dinosaur Provincial Park.
  • Discover the Royal Tyrrell Museum on your way back
  • If you have a little time to spare, take a stroll on St. Patrick’s Island in the late afternoon.

As you may have noticed, you can easily cover the must-sees of Calgary in just 2 days . For your third day, why not embark on a journey to explore the beautiful surroundings of Calgary and its region by taking the path to Banff National Park ?

If you have time, on the route between Calgary and the park, I recommend you stop at the Olympic Park to try out the bobsleigh run!

  • Wicked Hostels : This youth hostel is located opposite the Calgary Stampede. Bunk in a dorm from €25, breakfast included. Strong points: the central location, the full breakfast, the warm atmosphere, and free laundry. This is a fantastic budget-friendly accommodation choice in Calgary !
  • Coast Calgary Downtown Hotel & Suites by APA : Located right in the city center, 900m from Calgary Tower. Cozy and comfortable studio with kitchen from €130 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: the central location, the full breakfast, the cleanliness. It’s my favorite for its value for money in Calgary !
  • Grey Eagle Resort : Located a 10-minute drive from the city center. Modern and comfortable double room starting at €160 per night. Strong points: the indoor swimming pool, the room size, the hospitality.
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Calgary Downtown/Beltline District : Located 800m from the tower. Modern, spacious, and fully decorated studio with kitchen, from €210, breakfast included. Strong points: the abundant breakfast, the view from the rooms, the location.
  • Hôtel Le Germain : The hotel is located right opposite the Calgary Tower, ideal for exploring the city on foot. Modern and spacious double room from €250 per night, breakfast included. Strong points: exceptional hotel with attentive staff, delicious breakfast, comfortable rooms, the size of the bathrooms. The best hotel in Calgary for a luxury stay !

Calgary Canada

  • River Café : Restaurant located on Prince Island Park. It was voted among the top 100 restaurants in Canada in 2017! The dishes are delicious and really well presented. During the summer, you’ll have the delightful option of dining on the terrace overlooking the water, surrounded by a charming ambiance. Reservation recommended.
  • Cactus Club Café : Located slightly away from the city center, on 39 th Avenue. If you love burgers, this is the ideal place, they are simply delicious.
  • Ten Foot Henry : Located 200 meters from the Glenbow Museum. The dishes are not only delicious but also of outstanding quality. The warm and inviting atmosphere, along with the charming decor, makes for a delightful dining experience. Besides, the prices are very reasonable for Canada. Be sure to book and secure your seats in advance to ensure availability.

Calgary has an international airport , so you can choose to land there directly.

If you are already in Canada, you can also opt to take a domestic flight from Vancouver (1h35 flight) or Montreal (4h30 flight) for instance.

By car, it takes at least a 3-hour drive to reach Calgary from Edmonton, a 10-hour drive from Vancouver, and a 37-hour drive from Montreal!

Since flight prices to Calgary can vary enormously, it’s a good idea to compare them as early as possible. For this, you can use our flight comparison tool, in partnership with Skyscanner. This ensures you get the best price. Once on the results page, don’t hesitate to compare several websites to make sure no fees are added to the final prices.

To give you a better idea of the city’s layout, I’ve created a tourist map of Calgary, with all the best things to do and must-see attractions.

You can display the map’s legend by clicking the button with a small arrow located in the top left corner.

And now I’m curious, what exciting plans do you have in store for exploring Calgary? Share your thoughts in the comments! Safe travels and happy adventures!

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25 Best Things To Do in Calgary

Updated : April 18, 2024

AAA Travel Editor, SMT

Table of contents.

  • Calgary Zoo
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Heritage Park Historical Village
  • Calgary Tower
  • Scotiabank Saddledome
  • Spark Science Centre
  • Canadian Rockies By Train
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Fort Calgary
  • Calaway Park
  • The Hangar Flight Museum
  • Studio Bell
  • Glacier National Park Getaway
  • Banff Area 1-Day Tour
  • Calgary Bar Crawl
  • Lake Minnewanka-Lake Louise-Yoho National Park Day Trip
  • 3-Hour Bike Ride Tour
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
  • Kananaskis River Rafting Adventure
  • Snowshoeing in Kananaskis
  • Jasper National Park 2-Day Tour
  • Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site
  • Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Book Your Calgary, AB Trip Through AAA

Calgary is one of the best places to visit if you’re planning a trip to Alberta, Canada. There are plenty of things to do in Calgary, Alberta, and it’s a great destination for people of all ages. Not only is there a wide range of attractions and activities, but there’s also a wealth of national parks and scenic areas for you to enjoy regardless of the time of year.

In this post, we list 25 of the best things to do in Calgary. We have options for families, adults and couples, so you’re sure to find different activities to make the most of your stay.

1. Calgary Zoo

calgary tourist information office

Located right on St. George's Island and surrounded by the Bow River, the Calgary Zoo is a great attraction to check out during your stay. This zoo first opened in 1929 and has over 1,000 animals from around the world. The zoo hosts regular events, like safari brunches on Sundays, as well as holiday events, like ZOOLIGHTS during the winter time. The zoo has different “zones,” like Wild Canada and Destination Africa, where you can find various animals from different regions.

2. Glenbow Museum

calgary tourist information office

The Glenbow Museum is one of the most educational things to do in Calgary , Canada, as it showcases different cultural artifacts from the area. Many of the exhibits teach visitors about Indigenous Canadians, like those belonging to the Blackfoot Confederacy. The different exhibit areas include Native North America, Community History and Minerals. The museum also has guided tours of different collections.

3. Heritage Park Historical Village

calgary tourist information office

There are many great outdoor activities in Calgary, and one that offers a beautiful setting is the Heritage Park Historical Village . The park is somewhat of a living museum. You’ll find horse-drawn wagons, a 19th-century paddle wheeler, a working steam train and much more history from the area. Not only can you ride on the steam train, but you can also take a tour of the S.S. Moyie.

4. Calgary Tower

calgary tourist information office

If you ask most people what to do in Calgary , they’ll likely mention the Calgary Tower. This is one of the city’s most famous attractions, located in the heart of its downtown area. This iconic tower has been around since the late 1960s and offers 360-degree views of the city, as well as the snow-capped Canadian Rocky Mountains. You can get a ticket to take the elevator to the top of the tower, where you’ll find an observation deck with binoculars and a restaurant that rotates to give you great views of the area.

5. Scotiabank Saddledome

calgary tourist information office

Sports fans visiting Calgary can catch an ice hockey game at the Scotiabank Saddledome . This stadium is the home of the Calgary Flames, and you can see them play during hockey season. Throughout the year, the stadium also hosts various concerts and events, so be sure to check their calendar before your trip.  

6. Spark Science Centre

calgary tourist information office

The TELUS World of Science is a spectacular building to see during the nighttime when the geodesic dome lights up the area. During the day, you can visit Science World, one of the more fun things for families visiting Calgary . Inside, different galleries host exhibits about various aspects of science, like physics and illusions. They also have an OMNIMAX dome movie theater and regular live science demonstrations. 

7. Canadian Rockies By Train

calgary tourist information office

If you’re planning a longer stay, you can see Calgary, along with more of Canada, by taking this train tour. The Canadian Rockies by Train allows you to explore the mountainous region on a multiday train tour with plenty of stops along the way. You’ll see areas like Lake Louise and the Athabasca Glacier. The train also goes through additional locations, like Vancouver, where you’ll visit Stanley Park and Granville Island.

8. Calgary Stampede

calgary tourist information office

One of the best ways to celebrate Canada’s Western heritage is by going to the Calgary Stampede . This annual event started back in 1923 and has a lot of different activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are First Nations cultural events, a midway, blacksmithing competitions and chuck wagon races. The Calgary Stampede also features various rodeo events, which it’s most known for. 

9. Fort Calgary

calgary tourist information office

Just east of Downtown Calgary, you can visit one of the city’s most historic locations, Fort Calgary . Built in the late 1800s, this wooden fort is over 100 years old and was constructed by the North West Mounted Police. When visiting Fort Calgary, you can go to the interactive exhibits and take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the area’s mounted police. There are replica barracks on location as well.

10. Bow River

calgary tourist information office

The Bow River goes through Calgary, so you can see it whether you’re downtown or near the edge of town. For a more relaxing time near the river, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can head toward the western side of the city. Here, you’ll find the Bow River Trail, a great hiking trail with some picturesque views and scenery. The river also offers additional fun outdoor activities like kayaking and fly fishing. One of the best parts about visiting the Bow River is that it’s perfect if you’re on a budget in Calgary .

11. Calaway Park

calgary tourist information office

Whether you’re looking for family fun or traveling as a group of adults, Calaway Park is a great way to spend a day in Calgary. Calaway Park is an amusement park with an assortment of rides and attractions for everyone to enjoy. The park has exciting roller coasters, bumper boats, and classic carnival rides like the Dream Machine and Free Fallin’. It’s also helpful to note that Calaway Park is seasonal and typically open during the summer months.

12. The Hangar Flight Museum

calgary tourist information office

The western part of Canada has some rich aviation history, which you’ll find at the Hangar Flight Museum . The museum has many exhibits featuring aircraft from throughout the area’s history, like the Avro 652 Anson MK. II, which dates back to the 1940s, as well as the Barkley Grow T8P-1. There are many more aircraft at the museum, along with an impressive engine collection.

13. Studio Bell

calgary tourist information office

Studio Bell in Calgary is a state-of-the-art cultural center, and it’s also where you can find the National Music Centre. The Studio Bell is roughly 160,000 square feet and has plenty to do and see. Here, you’ll find a museum, performance hall, radio station, media center and recording studios. There are also over 20 exhibitions, and you can come here to enjoy some live music.

14. Medalta

calgary tourist information office

The Medalta is another historical site in Calgary that’s open to visitors for tours and pottery workshops. The Medalta was open from 1916 to the 1950s and was a factory that created various forms of pottery, like dishes and storage crocks. Today, you can visit the museum to see their massive beehive kilns and the Yuill Family Gallery. They also have pottery classes for adults as well as children. 

15. Glacier National Park Getaway

calgary tourist information office

Glacier National Park is just outside of Calgary and offers an incredible adventure for those who love the outdoors. This getaway is four days and three nights long, and you’ll go on a sightseeing journey through the area. This national park has a wide range of wildlife, like bears, deer and elk. You’ll stay at the Glacier Lodge and also take a boat cruise through Two Medicine Valley to get great views of the area.

16. Banff Area 1-Day Tour

calgary tourist information office

Banff National Park is roughly 90 minutes west of Calgary and is another one of the perfect attractions for those who either want some relaxation or adventure. This specific Banff area 1-day tour takes you along a walking trail in Johnston Canyon, to Banff Avenue for lunch and to Bow Falls. While at Banff, you can also kayak and zip line in the summer or go skiing and snowboarding in the winter.

17. Calgary Bar Crawl

calgary tourist information office

If you’re in an adult group visiting the city, you’ll definitely enjoy a night out doing the Calgary Bar Crawl . This self-guided bar crawl uses the popular Let’s Roam app, so you can go at your own pace. While using the app, you’ll stop at great bars in the area, see some great Calgary landmarks and answer trivia along the way. 

18. Lake Minnewanka-Lake Louise-Yoho National Park Day Trip

calgary tourist information office

Just 15 minutes east of Banff, you can take a day trip to Lake Minnewanka, and you can also visit the nearby Yoho National Park and Lake Louise. Gorgeous foliage surrounds both Lake Louise and Lake Minnewanka , and you can hang out by the water for the day. At Yoho National Park, you can go on a shale fossil hike, go camping and visit the spiral tunnels.

19. 3-Hour Bike Ride Tour

calgary tourist information office

If you’re looking to explore the city of Calgary, this three-hour bike tour is a great way to do it. On this tour, you’ll see many different points of interest throughout the city and also ride along the Bow River. Some of the popular stops on this tour are the Peace Bridge, Prince’s Island Park, Fort Calgary and the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum.

20. Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology

calgary tourist information office

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a great place to visit if you’re taking a family trip to Calgary. This museum specializes in dinosaurs, and they have over 130,000 fossils as well as 30 complete dinosaur skeletons. There are 10 different galleries within the museum, and they also host activities like outdoor hikes and dig experiences where you can search for fossils in the area.

21. Kananaskis River Rafting Adventure

calgary tourist information office

For those looking for some adventure while in Calgary, you can go rafting in the Kananaskis River . This rafting adventure is hosted by professional guides who will teach you how to paddle and give safety instructions for your journey, which lasts about 90 minutes to two hours. While rafting, you may also see some wildlife along the banks of the river, as well as eagles soaring above.

22. Snowshoeing in Kananaskis

calgary tourist information office

If you’re visiting Calgary during the winter months and are looking for some outdoor activities in the snow, head over to Kananaskis. Kananaskis is covered with thick snow in the winter, and you can take a snowshoeing tour through the area. Snowshoeing is a 6000-year-old way people have traveled around the Kananaskis Valley, and you can embrace the experience as you enjoy the incredible landscapes surrounding the valley.

23. Jasper National Park 2-Day Tour

calgary tourist information office

Jasper National Park is just a few hours outside of the city of Calgary, and it’s perfect for exploring the Canadian Rockies during your stay. You can take a 2-day Jasper National Park tour to take in the beauty of the Canadian wilderness. On this tour, you’ll ride on the all-terrain Ice Explorer as you visit the Athabasca Glacier, and you’ll also get to see some of the waterfalls in the area. There’s also a 918-foot-high walkway that gives you great views of the wildlife and scenery.

24. Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site

calgary tourist information office

The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site is a fun historic location for the whole family. The mines date back to the 1930s, with over 130 mines in the area. This Calgary tourist attraction offers guided tours of the mines, and you can also go on their Mine Portal hike or ride on their 90-year-old train. While here, you’ll learn the history of the mines, the processing plant and about the Indigenous people from the area.

25. Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

calgary tourist information office

In addition to being able to attend a Calgary Flames hockey game, sports fans can visit Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame . The Hall of Fame is over 40,000 square feet and hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1988. There are various interactive exhibits where you can learn about different, lesser-known sports and try them as well. The Hall of Fame also has over 1,000 sports artifacts on display.

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Travel reviews

calgary tourist information office

  • Worth the detour

The spirit of the Old West lives on in Calgary, where the cowboy hat is just as fashionable in the boardroom as it is on the ranch.

If you visit Calgary in early July, you will experience the excitement of the Calgary Stampede , the largest rodeo event in Canada.

Then pick up a cheap rental car in Calgary and set off to explore the Canadian Rockies just a few miles away.  

  • Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower

Glenbow Museum

An art and history museum located right in downtown Calgary, the Glenbow Museum houses a wide variety of world-renowned exhibitions and the largest art collection in Western Canada, in addition to permanent exhibitions that tell the story of Southern Alberta and the West to thousands of visitors each year. Audioguides available.

Main building closed for renovations until 2024. Temporary address :  Glenbow at the Edison / Second Floor, 150 9 Ave SW, Calgary

8th Avenue (Stephen Avenue Walk)

Stephen Avenue Walk - Calgary

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Royal Tyrell Museum

Optional activities

  • Dine in the sky in Calgary
  • Heritage Park Village
  • Horseback Tour with a Cowboy
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology
  • Limousine transfer

Where to eat

  • $ Inexpensive
  • $$ Moderate
  • $$$ Upscale
  • $$$$ Fine dining

UNA Pizza + Wine ($$)

UNA Pizza serves some of the best thin-crust pizza in town, for dining in or takeaway. Also has an extensive wine list. Reservations not accepted so try to get there early, as it is a very popular spot.

Native Tongues Taqueria ($$)

This delicious little taco restaurant serves cuisine rooted in the traditional street and market foods of Mexico. Their crispy fried tortillas are topped with a variety of delicious garnishes to suit all tastes: meat, vegetables, refried beans, fish, and even grilled octopus! Try one of their specialty cocktails! On weekends, you can even enjoy a traditional Mexican breakfast from 11:30 a.m.

NOTABLE ($$-$$$)

If you would like to slow down and savour a delicious dining experience, pay a visit to this modern restaurant with its emphasis on slow food and its cozy, gourmet casual atmosphere. The menu offers fresh, original bistro cuisine. Favourite dishes include the rotisserie chicken.

CHARCUT Roast House ($$$)

Everything here, from the sausages to the breads, is made from scratch using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers. CHARCUT's style of food is best described as urban-rustic with Italian and Country French accents. True to its name, the restaurant is the ultimate destination for meat lovers. The menu features a variety of house-made charcuterie and grilled and charcoal-roasted meats as well as fish and vegetable dishes. With a glass of wine in hand and a carnivore's appetite, you will never want to leave downtown Calgary.

River Café ($$$$)

Built more than twenty years ago, the River Café is located in the middle of Prince’s Island Park, in a remarkable setting on the Bow River near downtown Calgary. River Café was one of the pioneers of the "farm to table" philosophy, working with small local growers and producers to source the finest Alberta ingredients, and identifying the provenance of the ingredients on the menu. The restaurant serves seasonal Canadian cuisine and is dedicated to the art of preparing everything from scratch, from making their breads and desserts in-house to butchering, curing and smoking their own meats. Enjoy an exceptional dining experience in an authentic setting, with a panoramic view of the park!

Where to sleep ?

  • The Fairmont Palliser
  • Hotel Le Germain Calgary
  • Alt Hotel Calgary East Village
  • Sheraton Calgary Eau Claire
  • Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Downtown
  • Hotel Arts Kensington
  • Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel
  • Hampton Inn by Hilton Calgary Airport North

Festivals calendar

Calgary stampede.

Dates:  mid-July

The largest annual event in Canada features an internatonally renowned rodeo competition, a fair, an agricultural exhibition, chuckwagon races, concerts, a First Nations "Indian Village", pancake breakfasts across the city, and much more. 

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Dates: end of   July

Calgary's most popular music festival. Featuring some 70 artists from around the world, Folk Fest celebrates a variety of musical genres including world music, country, alternative, blues, funk, bluegrass, traditional and more. A great activity to enjoy with friends or family.

Calgary Reggae Festival

Dates: June

Reggae fans can move to the rhythm of local and international reggae artists. An event that transcends racial, cultural and musical boundaries, Reggaefest offers something for everyone with a Kids Zone and food and craft stands.

calgary tourist information office

When to visit

  • Very Favourable
  • Unfavourable

For a one day stay this city is a long way to travel if you are then returning to Vancouver as you have to go back to Banff and then start heading down from the Rockies. Beware the museum's temporary opening times, which caught us out.

Good for a 1-2 day stop.

Museums at the highest level.

The Glenbow Museum in Calgary and the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller were highlights in Calgary and definite "must sees". The drive to Dumheller across the prairie (flat, flat, flat) served as a very good contrast to the previous days spent in the mountains.

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Calgary Tourist Information and Tourism

(calgary, alberta - ab, canada), more calgary information / fast facts and orientation.

  • Country: Canada
  • Location: Alberta (AB)
  • Status: city
  • Area: approximately 305 square miles / 790 square kilometers
  • Population: approximately 1.1 million
  • Language: Canadian English / Canadian French
  • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Time zone: GMT - 7 hours Mountain Standard Time (daylight saving time is observed)
  • Country dialing code: +1
  • Telephone area code: 403
  • Religion: various religions
  • Average daily Calgary January temperature: 0°C / 32°F
  • Average daily Calgary July temperature: 21°C / 70°F

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15 amazing things to do in Calgary

From a wooden fort that happens to be a museum, to a great farmers' market, there are many great things to do in Calgary

Calgary is a friendly and fun-loving city with a booming restaurant scene, great hotels, underground nightclubs, quirky antique shops, retro-themed bars and awesome museums. Bonus points: the locals are some of the friendliest in Canada . The very best way to see the city is to tour the historic venues and independent hotspots that make Calgary what it is. To that intent, we hereby highlight some amazing things to do in Calgary. Just a warning: you might never want to leave.

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Best things to do in Calgary

Calgary Tower

1.  Calgary Tower

What it is: Clagary Tower may look like an homage to the Space Needle, but it was in fact erected in 1967 to mark 100 years of Canadian independence.

Why go:   At 190-meters high, this towering observation deck makes for the perfect spot from which to get a good shot of the Rocky Mountains. There's also a restaurant up there that revolves and the staff love sharing their favorite sights,  so don't be afraid to ask.

Glenbow Museum

2.  Glenbow Museum

What it is: As one of the most widely-recognized museums in the city, Glenbow Museum’s art collection traces the legacy of western Canadian art and culture.

Why go: From landscape paintings to Aboriginal sculptures, walk through a collection of modern art, a window into Canadian art history, and take particular notice of the abstract paintings and historic oil portraits of famous Canadians.

Heritage Park Historical Village

3.  Heritage Park Historical Village

What it is:   Few things make learning more fun than getting hands-on. Heritage Park Historical Village quite literally does that, as it's a living museum.

Why go:  See the way folk once lived and worked in realistic mock-ups of situations from the 1800s. Learn to churn butter, hop in a horse-drawn cart and ride some antique amusements from 1904. There's a cafe and a restaurant onsite for when you get hungry.

Fort Calgary

4.  Fort Calgary

What it is: This wooden fort, built in 1875, is a museum and a restaurant all in one. The 40-acre fort is also a public park known as the birthplace of Calgary.

Why go: The museum is a walk into Canadian history, with interactive installations, old maps and newspapers all on display. Also on the grounds, walk through the oldest building in Calgary, the Hunt House, which was erected in 1876.

Spruce Meadows

5.  Spruce Meadows

What it is: This sprawling public park can be perused at any time of year. Expect walking paths, picnic grounds, a 1940s carousel, train rides for kids and a series of agricultural educational programs for adults.

Why go: Not only can you feed horses here, but you can also watch world-class horse jumping competitions. (As long as you visit between late January and late October).

Commonwealth Bar & Stage

6.  Commonwealth Bar & Stage

What it is: What was once a run-down warehouse has been converted into a contemporary and cool nightclub space that's popular with a young generation of revellers. 

Why go:  I f you want to dance and drink until late, Commonwealth is the place to go. They're open until 2am Wednesday to Saturday and have regular live DJs and bands. The space is big, but not so much so that you feel lost. The exposed brick walls and air ducts add a nice industrial touch.

Big Al's Bar & Grill

7.  Big Al's Bar & Grill

What it is: This neighborhood, down-to-earth bar is a traditional western Canadian hotspot with beer, rock music, cowboy hats and leather seating.

Why go: It's a fun place to watch a sports game, play pool and see live rock bands on the weekends. They offer 12 draught beers on tap and are widely known for serving pizza late into the night.

Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

8.  Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

What it is: Steps away from the Calgary Tower, this classic watering hole is one of the oldest pubs in the city. Since 1985, they’ve been serving well over 300 different kinds of beers, making it the largest selection in the city. Yep, impressive.

Why go: The large patio is the perfect place to admire a summer sunset. In the winter, the bar’s four rooms feel like a living room. The beer list boasts imported brews from Belgium and Germany alongside microbrews like Village Wit.

Ten Foot Henry

9.  Ten Foot Henry

What it is: Named after a cartoon character from the 1930s that was drawn by Carl Anderson, this restaurant has been a city staple for almost 40 years.

Why go: Mere s teps away from Haultain Park, this all-day-restaurant offers a vegetable-heavy menu for family-style dining. Plus (and trust us on this one) there's a spaghetti pomodoro to die for.

Native Tongues Taqueria

10.  Native Tongues Taqueria

What it is: This fun-loving Mexican taqueria serves a traditional Mexican food with a (spicy) twist.

Why go: To try the charcoal grilled tacos served "mercado style," which are perfect to share with the family or a group of friends. The stacked bar is centered around mezcal spirits, so expect potently delicious cocktails to wash down the awesome food.

Crossroads Market

11.  Crossroads Market

What it is: Since 1987, this farmers’ market has been selling goods made by Calgary’s top local businesses.

Why go: Beyond the fresh vegetables, there are crafts to bring home, like handmade jewelry, purses and clothing. Also expect street food vendors that sell everything from sausages to pancakes with Canadian maple syrup.

Iron Crow Antiques

12.  Iron Crow Antiques

What it is: The ultimate browsing place for secondhand gems, old art and design items, this is a treasure trove of Canadian goods.

Why go: From collectible tin cans to vintage vases and lamps, there are affordable knick knacks to bring home, whether to decorate your abode or in need of souvenirs.

Lunchbox Theatre

13.  Lunchbox Theatre

What it is: This independent theater has been bringing underground art to the forefront of the city’s culture for over 40 years.

Why go: It’s the place to catch the next great Canadian playwright before s/he makes it big in Hollywood. The space also hosts plays during lunch hour, starting at noon—the perfect break from work, if you ask us.

Broken City Social Club

14.  Broken City Social Club

What it is: This quirky nightclub is a city classic for its wide range of programming. Yep we're talking a whole host of events from open mics, standup comedy, concerts by local acts and punk rock bingo.

Why go: This is where you can belt it out on karaoke nights, drink an unpretentious beer and slide into a photo booth to take a snapshot. Basically, come here to have some fun.

Betty Lou’s Library

15.  Betty Lou’s Library

What it is: This eclectic bar is a hidden gem in the Lower Mount Royal district. If you ever wanted to go back in time to visit a retro 1920s living room, this is the place. Filled with velvet chairs and vintage chandeliers, the cocktail menu can be described as prohibition-meets-Parisian-glamour—and we’re oh-so into it.

Why go: The vibe. The drinks. The appetizers (made with local ingredients). Everything here is awesome.

Hungry for the best restaurants in Calgary?

The 20 best restaurants in Calgary

The 20 best restaurants in Calgary

From Thai to Italian, Afghani to Chinese, the best restaurants in Calgary reflect the city’s growing diversity and we are here to slurp it all up.

[image] [title]

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17 Top Tourist Attractions & Places to Visit in Calgary

Written by Chloë Ernst and Bryan Dearsley Updated Dec 28, 2023 We may earn a commission from affiliate links ( )

Despite being Alberta's largest city and Canada's oil capital, Calgary has never shaken off its "Cowtown" nickname. It's a reference to the city's long history as the center of a vast cattle-rearing region and is a name that has been of immense value to tourism marketers, conjuring up romantic ideas of cowboys, cattle drives, and an untamed Wild West.

Peace Bridge across the Bow River in Calgary

This is why, when you pay a visit to this dynamic city, you'll find many related things to do, from catching the famous Calgary Stampede each July to exploring the city's pioneer-era Heritage Park, an especially fun activity for families.

It's also a particularly stunning place to visit for those who enjoy beautiful vistas, too. Look to the western horizon and the Rocky Mountains appear like an insurmountable barrier rising up from the plains. The proximity of these mountains, with their well-known national parks , makes Calgary an excellent choice for skiing, hiking, or sightseeing vacations.

For those seeking entertainment right in the city itself, there are also plenty of tourist attractions to include on your Calgary itinerary. Walking the city's huge Prince's Island Park and across the iconic Peace Bridge is especially fun at night, either before or after enjoying a great restaurant in the downtown core.

To help you cram as much as possible into your travel itinerary, be sure to read our detailed list of the top attractions and things to do in Calgary, Alberta.

1. Visit during the Calgary Stampede

2. take a day trip to banff & lake louise, 3. take the kids to calgary zoo, 4. learn about calgary's past at heritage park, 5. see the views from calgary tower, 6. winsport: canada olympic park, 7. take a walk to prince's island park, 8. take the train: rocky mountaineer rail journey, 9. visit the glenbow museum, 10. studio bell, home of the national music centre, 11. hike around fish creek provincial park, 12. enjoy the seasons at bowness park, 13. see the planes at the hangar flight museum, 14. visit the home of the mounties at fort calgary, 15. visit the military museums of calgary, 16. tour the stables at spruce meadows, 17. take a seat in the devonian gardens, where to stay in calgary for sightseeing, map of tourist attractions & things to do in calgary.

Calgary Stampede

The 10-day Calgary Stampede can trace its roots all the way back to the 1880s and is the highlight of Calgary's summer calendar of events. Having cemented the Alberta capital's reputation as Canada's "Stampede City," this famous rodeo is now widely regarded as one of the top attractions in Alberta . It is held each July and includes all kinds of cowboy- and rodeo-style entertainment and exhibitions.

Billed as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," the Calgary Stampede now attracts millions of visitors who join the local population to dress up for the event in blue jeans and brightly colored Stetsons. Highlights of this must-visit event include a huge parade, rodeo competitions, thrilling chuck wagon races, and an authentic First Nations village . Numerous concerts and stage shows are also held here, along with a fun fair, pancake breakfasts, as well as agricultural shows.

Getting to Stampede Park, the festival's permanent home, is easy either by public transit or car, with plenty of parking available. And even if you're here in the off-season, a visit and tour, or possibly taking in a concert, remain one of the top things to do in Calgary.

Address: 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary

Moraine Lake

Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Canada due to its picture-perfect mountain setting, Banff National Park and the town of Banff make for a perfect day trip from Calgary.

While there are a variety of ways to get from Calgary to Banff , if you prefer to take your time and have the opportunity to stop and see the sites whenever the urge strikes, taking a car (either your own or a rental) may be the best option.

Drivable in under 90 minutes, the route itself is nothing short of spectacular. You'll take in incredible mountain vistas shortly after leaving the city, and they never let up along the way. After passing Canmore , another great place to stop for some sightseeing , you'll enter the park gates to find yourself in the town of Banff, the only community located in the magnificent Banff National Park.

It's a great place to explore either before or after touring the park, and features plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. You'll also find a wide range of first-rate accommodation options in Banff, too.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

One of the highlights of your visit, though, will be seeing Lake Louise . Famous for its dazzling turquoise waters framed by stunning snowcapped mountains, the tallest reaching heights of over 3,000 meters, it's the ultimate safe selfie spot, especially with the handsome Fairmont Château Lake Louise in the background. It's also a great place to pause and reflect on the splendor and natural beauty of this beautiful part of the world.

Other fun things to do in Lake Louise include strolling along the lovely lakeshore trail or enjoying a canoe ride. You can also take the Lake Louise Gondola for the chance to enjoy some great views of the lake.

If you find yourself wanting to cram as much as possible into a single day's visit to this beautiful area, you may want to consider joining a fun full-day tour of Lake Louise and the Icefields Parkway . Including round-trip travel from Banff, your adventure takes in some of the area's most spectacular scenery in comfort and style, and under the guidance of a professional tour guide. Along the way, you'll take in such sightseeing highlights as spectacular Bow Falls and Moraine Lake.

  • Best Hikes in Banff National Park
  • Best Hikes at Lake Louise

Calgary Zoo

Tracing its roots back as far as 1917, Calgary Zoo is one of the city's most popular family attractions and Canada's largest and most visited zoological park. Spread across a 120-acre site on St. George's Island in the Bow River, the zoo is home to over 1,000 animals representing some 272 species, including many examples of rare and endangered species.

There are also botanical gardens on the property, which are always fun to visit in spring. Spring's also a good time to visit due to the arrival of newborn animals; check the zoo's website for news and details of its animal residents.

Popular must-see sections include the Land of Lemurs, Destination Africa, and the Canadian Wilds. It's at the latter that you'll enjoy up-close views of fascinating creatures, including grizzly bears and the newest arrivals, a pair of pandas.

Other fun things to do include spending time exploring the six-acre prehistoric park attraction with its full-size replica dinosaurs. For those traveling in winter, be sure to visit the nighttime Zoolights Christmas festival held here each year.

Address: 210 St. George's Drive NE, Calgary, Alberta

Heritage Park

Calgary's Heritage Park is a typical village from the pioneering period, with dozens of reconstructed historical buildings and lively costumed interpreters from four different time periods. Along with exhibits and buildings ranging from an 1860 fur-trading fort to a 1930s town square, a highlight of a visit is riding the old steam engine, which provides transport around the park.

There's also a paddlewheel tour boat that offers scenic cruises across the Glenmore Reservoir, which offers plenty of great sightseeing and photo ops. The reservoir is also a popular spot for outdoor activities such as sailing, canoeing, and rowing.

Be sure to allocate a little extra time in your Heritage Village itinerary to visit the Gasoline Alley Museum . This fun attraction is popular for its hands-on, interactive experiences and one-of-a-kind vintage vehicles.

Address: 1900 Heritage Drive SW, Calgary

Calgary Tower

At the top of the Calgary Tower , a viewing platform with a glass floor and revolving restaurant enables sightseers to enjoy the thrilling sensation of being 191 meters above the city in one of its landmark buildings.

Opened in 1968 and until 1984 the tallest structure in the city, the tower still offers excellent views out over the city and beyond to the mountains. It is particularly beautiful at night, and the tower itself is lit up each evening to stunning effect.

In 1988, the tower's giant torch bore witness to the spirit of the Olympics, and is still lit on special occasions. A fun movie, shown regularly in the building, highlights the construction of the tower.

Address: 101 9 Ave SW, Calgary

WinSport: Canada Olympic Park

In the foothills of the mountains to the west of the city rise the strange-looking towers of WinSport, home to the Calgary Olympic Park . In 1988, this was the primary site for the XV Olympic Winter Games.

Today, the hill is still open to skiing and snowboarding, and there are opportunities to bobsled, zipline, toboggan, snow tube, and mountain bike down the slopes and hills. Indoor ice skating is also available, including professional competitions, casual sessions, and programming for tourists and locals to enjoy.

Guided Ski Jump Tower Tours give a panoramic view of the Calgary skyline from the top of the ski-jump slope. Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is located in the park as well.

Address: 88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary

Prince's Island Park

Prince's Island Park is a large 50-acre green space located to the north of downtown Calgary. Set on an island in the Bow River, the park is adjacent to Eau Claire Market , and many tourists make a joint visit to these two top attractions.

Connected to the mainland by three pedestrian bridges, the park offers walking and biking areas, as well as outdoor concerts and plays during the summer months. A popular restaurant is located on the island.

Address: 698 Eau Claire Ave SW, Calgary

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Journey

The award-winning, luxuriously appointed, and privately owned Rocky Mountaineer rail tour runs between Calgary or Jasper and Vancouver, the company's base, cutting westward on the historic Canadian Pacific line through the soaring mountain wall of the Rockies. At Canmore , providing the weather is good, there is a fine view of the snow-capped Three Sisters, a grouping of mountain peaks that make for a stunning backdrop to your journey.

Soon afterward, the popular resort of Banff is reached. Other highlights in this mountainous section, where peaks top 3,600 meters, are Lake Louise , Kicking Horse Pass , and Rogers Pass . A variety of day trip options are also available, and you can even break your trip up. A popular option for outdoor enthusiasts is to stop over in Banff for a few days of hiking in Banff National Park .

However you choose to tackle this epic rail journey, a word of warning: as one of North America's busiest scenic rail adventures, it's a good idea to plan your excursion well in advance, especially if you have a hankering to ride the first-class GoldLeaf dome car.

Antique camera at the Glenbow Museum

Established in 1966, the Glenbow Museum features some rare exhibits illustrating the historical development of Western Canada. The museum travels back in time, exploring the lives of early fur traders and the North West Mounted Police, Métis uprisings under Louis Riel, and the development of the oil industry.

This fascinating art and history museum also hosts temporary exhibitions from around the world. Guided tours and educational programming are also available.

Another good museum to visit is Telus Spark . Perfect for families to explore together, this first-rate science museum features a variety of fascinating interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations, as well as lectures and educational workshops.

Address: 130 9 Ave SE, Calgary

Studio Bell

Situated in Calgary's East Village area, Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre , opened in its new state-of-the-art facility in 2016. Able to trace its roots back as far as 1987, the huge structure houses a number of music-related attractions, including the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Collection.

Together, these museums boast an impressive collection of 2,000 music-related artifacts, including numerous old and rare instruments. Among the larger exhibits are a mobile recording studio that once belonged to the Rolling Stones and a piano once owned by Elton John.

The building itself is simply stunning, especially its interior, which features more than 226,000 attractive terra-cotta tiles. In addition to its many exhibits-many of them hands-on and interactive-Studio Bell offers a diverse program of educational events and workshops, daily performances, as well as concerts.

Guided tours are available, along with a fun backstage pass tour that includes time playing some of the instruments you'll see.

Address: 850 4 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Canada's second-largest urban park, Fish Creek Provincial Park covers an area of nearly 14 square kilometers. Located in Calgary's far south, this huge green space is popular for its many pleasant walking and hiking trails, which lead through forest areas and along the creek, and some of which connect to other trails that crisscross the city.

Fish Creek Park has been designated a natural area, and as such is perfect for people looking for a taste of nature. It's a popular spot for bird-watching, with some 200 different species identified as living here.

Other fun things to do include fishing, swimming, biking, and participating in an organized nature tour. There are also a number of heritage buildings within the park that are fun to explore, as well as a visitor center and a restaurant.

Address: 15979 Bow Bottom Trail SE, Calgary

Fall colors at Bowness Park

If there's time left in your Calgary travel itinerary for another park visit, try to also squeeze in Bowness Park . Located in the city's northwest corner, this large 74-acre urban green space is especially popular for families and is a great spot for picnics or barbecues, with fire pits provided.

There's even a fun paddleboat ride in summer. Traveling with kids? They'll want to climb aboard the great little train that's available for kids to enjoy.

Come winter, the fun revolves around skating, as well as a fun new experience called "ice biking" (yes, it's literally a bike on skates!). Other winter activities include hockey, curling, and cross-country skiing. It's an especially nice place to visit in the fall when the leaves change color.

Address: 8900 48 Ave NW, Calgary

The Hangar Flight Museum

The Hangar Flight Museum focuses on the history of Canadian aviation and Western Canada in particular. Canadian pilots who fought in WWII started the museum, which has now grown dramatically since to exhibit a variety of aircraft. At last count, 24 planes and helicopters were on display here-simulators, aviation art prints, radio equipment, and information on aviation history.

There's also a fascinating display of artifacts and information related to Canada's space programs. The museum is located in a large building near the Calgary Airport. A variety of programming is also available, including lectures, tours, events, and aircraft-related movie nights.

Address: 4629 McCall Way NE, Calgary

Fort Calgary

The first outpost of the North West Mounted Police, Fort Calgary was set up in 1875 at the confluence of the Elbow and Bow Rivers. The foundations of the original fort can still be seen, and the Fort Calgary Museum helps interpret the founding of the city. On the other side of the bridge stands Deane House, built in 1906 for the fort commandant.

Also on-site is a gift shop, which sells souvenirs and RCMP collectibles, and a theater showing related movies. If visiting on a Sunday, arrive early and partake in the facility's popular brunch (reservations recommended).

Address: 750 9th Ave SE, Calgary

The Military Museums

The Military Museums of Calgary is an impressive collection of Canadian Forces museums that explore the history of Canada's Navy, Army, and Air Force. Exhibits emphasize interactive experiences, whether it's walking through WWI trenches or steering a ship from a wheelhouse.

A variety of military vehicles are located on-site, including several tanks, and there's also a library that's available for public use. The museum hosts events and lectures throughout the year, and a gift shop is located on-site.

Address: 4520 Crowchild Trail SW, Calgary

Spruce Meadows

A world-renowned equestrian facility, Spruce Meadows welcomes visitors throughout the year to tour the stables, watch show jumping and dressage champions in training, and stroll the pleasant grounds.

Outdoor tournaments take place in the spring, with indoor competitions in other seasons. There's also a football stadium located on the 505-acre site, as well as retail vendors and dining options.

Address: 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW, Calgary

Devonian Gardens

On the 4th level of the Core Shopping Centre, visitors will come somewhat unexpectedly upon the floral paradise of Devonian Gardens . Covering about 2.5 acres, the indoor gardens feature some 550 trees, including lovely tropical palms, along with sculptures, fish ponds, fountains, and a 900-square-foot living wall.

About 10,000 plants make up the displays, and despite Calgary's cold winters, they thrive under a glass ceiling. A children's play area is located on-site. The Devonian Gardens are free for the public to wander.

Address: 400 - 317 7 Ave SW, Calgary

The best places to stay when visiting Calgary are in the vibrant downtown area, which is central to many of the major attractions. Staying near the Bow River, which runs right through the city center, will put you near walking trails and lovely parks. Another popular area of downtown is 17th Avenue, with plenty of fun things to do, such as shopping in its trendy shops and dining in its world-class restaurants. Below are some highly rated Calgary hotels in convenient locations:

Luxury Hotels:

  • The elegant Hotel Le Germain Calgary , located in the central business district, is within walking distance of the Calgary Tower and EPCOR Center for the Performing Arts.
  • The modern and conveniently located Hyatt Regency Calgary features rooms with city views, a rooftop sundeck, and an indoor pool, and is connected to the Telus Convention Center.

Mid-Range Hotels:

  • Right downtown, just a short walk from Prince's Island Park in the Bow River and offering large suites at an affordable price, is the upscale International Hotel.
  • The award-winning, boutique Hotel Arts , an easy stroll from the Calgary Tower, has custom contemporary décor in all its rooms.
  • South of downtown, but very close to Fish Creek Provincial Park, is the Wingate by Wyndham Calgary . With an indoor pool and waterslide, this hotel is a good choice for families.

Budget Hotels:

  • A good downtown budget option is the BEST WESTERN PLUS Suites Downtown , with extra-large rooms that include either a full kitchen or kitchenette.
  • The Fairfield Inn & Suites offers large suites with city views and a complimentary breakfast.
  • Just south of downtown, near the Stampede grounds, is the BEST WESTERN PLUS Calgary Centre Inn with very reasonable rates.

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The Great Outdoors : Canada is known the world over for its vast stretches of wilderness, none more impressive than the outstandingly beautiful area around Tofino BC , popular for adventure seekers including hikers, bikers, and surfers. Of its many parks, perhaps the best known is Banff National Park , famous for its proximity to the turquoise waters of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Although more remote, the rugged splendor of Nahanni National Park Reserve in the spectacular Mackenzie Mountains straddling the Yukon and the Northwest Territories has much to attract adventure seekers.


Canada Vacation Ideas : No visit to Ontario should be considered without a day or two being spent in Niagara Falls , famous for thrilling, timeless attractions including the Maid of the Mist and the Journey Behind the Falls. Canada's capital of Ottawa is also a must-visit and features the amazing Rideau Canal, which, come winter, is transformed into the world's longest skating rink. The center of Quebec City is another great place to visit, any time of year, especially around historic Place Royale.

Calgary Map - Tourist Attractions

More on Canada

Canada Travel Guide

Calgary Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

Public art, Calgary, Canada

The biggest city in western Canada, Calgary's proximity to the Rocky Mountains has made it an international tourist destination. Calgary is also the sunniest city in Canada, making it even more attractive to lovers of the outdoors. But there's more to Calgary than mountains and sunshine, as great as they are. Although not the capital of its province, Calgary serves as a cultural hub for the region and is home to art galleries, museums, fantastic restaurants, and a great variety of shopping.

Calgary has its roots in cowboy culture, and you can see this Western heritage on display every year at the Calgary Stampede, one of the most popular festivals in the entire country. But Calgary is also the hub for Canada's energy sector, making it a rapidly growing place that's facing the future. Calgary offers visitors a little bit of everything, and it's the perfect city to explore what Western Canada has to offer.

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A weekend in Calgary

A weekend in Calgary gives you enough time to see some of the major sights without exhausting all there is to do. Drop off your bags at a Calgary luggage locker and travel light so you can experience the highlights of the city.

  • It's hard to miss the Calgary Tower. This iconic red structure rises above the buildings of downtown. Although no longer the city's tallest building, having been eclipsed by recent skyscrapers, it's still a great place to get tremendous views of the city. On clear days, you can see all the way to the majestic mountains outside the city.
  • See Canada's largest living museum at the Heritage Park Historical Village. This restored pioneer village contains over 200 exhibits and covers 127 acres of land. You can visit an 1880s First Nations encampment, delve into the lives of the people who built Canada's railways, and see how the city became what it is today.
  • Calgary is the closest city to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and is only around an hour's drive from the popular mountain village of Banff. Endless hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities in the summer are matched by incredible skiing in the winter. Head out of the city on a day trip to the mountains and experience the Canadian wilderness for yourself.

Modern skyscrapers, Calgary, Alberta

Calgary lockers

Calgary is sunny throughout the year, making it a city with glorious summers and astonishingly cold winters. Albertan weather changes quickly, so you'll need to bring clothing fit for four seasons no matter when you visit. Make things easier on yourself by dropping off unneeded bags at a Calgary bag storage. You'll have a lot more fun in the city if you don't carry more than you need to. And you can travel with peace of mind knowing your belongings will be safely looked after until you return to pick them up.

Off the beaten path in Calgary

Beyond its better-known attractions, Calgary has a number of quirkier places well worth visiting. Drop off your bags at a Calgary luggage storage service and embrace a lesser-known side of the city.

  • The boom and bust cycles of the oil industry have shaped modern Calgary. This wealthy city has plenty of money to spend on public art, and the downtown area is home to some stunning statues and sculptures. Visit the Stephen Avenue Walk to see beautiful treelike sculptures that also help reduce the wind.
  • Thanks to the Stampede, Calgary's definitely on the map of Western culture, and some of the biggest country music artists in the world regularly play in the city. However, you can check out more up-and-coming artists at the city's many music venues. Catch a live show at the Tubby Dog or Wine-Ohs to see some of the city's undiscovered musical talent.
  • Calgary is blessed with an abundance of parks. Prince's Island Park is an oasis of green space in Calgary's downtown, and is a great place to enjoy a picnic and a view of the city. In the winter, there's an outdoor skating rink, and in summer the park hosts concerts and other events.

What to do alone in Calgary

Calgary is a great place to explore by yourself. The city is remarkably safe and locals tend to be friendly to visitors. Visit during the Stampede, and you'll be welcomed as one of their own, especially if you don the de rigueur cowboy hat. But no matter when you visit, you’ll find plenty in Calgary to keep you occupied on a solo trip.

  • Enjoy a Stampede vibe no matter what time of year you visit at Cowboys Nightclub. The official headquarters of the Calgary Stampede, this megabar has been recognized as one of the top nightlife spots in North America. Visit this bar at any time of year, and you won't be alone for long.
  • Calgary is cowboy country, and there's no better way to celebrate that the with a horseback riding tour. Even if you've never ridden before, tour companies will help you learn the basics as you ride through the rolling grasslands and majestic mountains outside Calgary.
  • Go fishing on the Bow River. This river runs right through the heart of Calgary and is home to some of the best trout fishing in the world. With incredible scenery and productive waters, you can enjoy a taste of the wilderness without leaving the city.

Best souvenirs in Calgary

In this cowboy town, Western wear is always popular. Check out Lammle's for an excellent selection. If you're looking for something a bit more trendy, Local Laundry is a Calgary brand that makes all its clothes in Canada and supports the local community. For souvenirs that celebrate Calgary's lively art scene, visit the Glenbow Museum shop for books, jewelry, tote bags, and all kinds of other items. Canada is also coffee crazy, and a bag of coffee from local roasters Heritage Roasting Company is a great souvenir of your Calgary trip.

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Must Do Canada

The Best Things to Do in Canada

58 Best Things to Do in Calgary, Canada

April 2, 2024 By Matthew G. Bailey 13 Comments

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Things to Do in Calgary. Drone flight overlooking the city.

Things to Do in Calgary Last Updated: March 26th, 2024

Although known for the world-famous Calgary Stampede and its proximity to the Canadian Rockies, there’s so much more to this beautiful city.

With beautiful outdoor attractions and neighbourhoods, cultural hot spots, food tours, winter sports and festivals, Calgary is a hidden gem quickly gaining in popularity. Nestled in the Alberta Foothills, Calgary is one of Canada’s most multicultural and fastest-growing cities. Known for its laid-back Western atmosphere, it’s also a bustling tech town with one of Canada’s youngest populations.

Although we travel and write about the best of Canada, Calgary is our home city and we’ve lived here for 20 years. People are always asking us about the best things to do in Calgary, so we’ve created an extensive guide to help you explore the city. Whether you’re a local looking for the best restaurants in Calgary or a first-time visitor looking for the best Calgary tours , this is your guide to the best things to do in Calgary year-round.

Planning your trip to Calgary last minute?

Below are some of the top tours, hotels, and more! Don’t forget to plan ahead when considering the top things to do in Calgary!

🇨🇦 Top Activities and Tours in Calgary:

  • Best Kananaskis Horseback Riding Tour : This two-hour horseback tour in the Rocky Mountains is just over an hour’s drive from Calgary and has over 100 5-star reviews.
  • Best Calgary Biking Tour : See and learn about many popular areas of Calgary on this 3-hour biking tour with all 5-star reviews.
  • Best Whitewater Rafting Tour : With the Rocky Mountains nearby, a whitewater rafting trip is one of the most exciting ways to experience this beautiful area.
  • Best Calgary Walking Tour : Hear the stories and history that make Calgary an exciting cosmopolitan city and explore the +15 elevated walkways that add to the city’s unique character.
  • Best Private Tour to Banff : Immerse yourself in the scenery of the Canadian Rockies and enjoy a personalized experience of Banff National Park on this private tour from Calgary.

🛌 Top Hotels in Calgary:

  • Fairmont Palliser (luxury)
  • Alt Hotel Calgary East Village (mid-range)
  • Acclaim Hotel by CLIQUE (budget)

🚗 Visiting Calgary independently?   Be sure to book your Calgary rental car ahead of time to ensure availability!

Visiting the Calgary Tower is one of the best things to do in Calgary.

1. The Calgary Tower

Although it’s no longer the tallest building in Calgary, the Calgary Tower remains an icon of the city and offers beautiful 360-degree views of the downtown core and the Rocky Mountains on a clear day. It also features a glass floor for those who want to test their fears and look down 191 metres at the streets below. There’s also Sky360, the Calgary Tower restaurant for those who want fine dining paired with incredible views.

Fun Calgary Fact : If you’re exploring downtown Calgary, check out the +15 Pathway Network. This is one of the world’s most extensive pedestrian skywalk systems, comprised of 62 bridges for a total length of more than 18 kilometres (11 miles). In the winter, locals who work downtown make extensive use of the network, travelling between buildings without having to go outside. The Pathway Network is called “+15” because the skywalks are approximately 15 feet (roughly 4.5 metres) above street level. Download the map here.

(Want more fun facts? Check out our article about fun, cool, and strange Calgary Facts )

The Calgary Stampede is one of the best things to do in Calgary during the summer.

2. Calgary Stampede

Also known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede is indeed the biggest event in Calgary and the largest rodeo on Earth! Taking place in early July for 10 days, the Calgary Stampede is the best time to see the city come to life. Not only is the weather generally good in July, but the Stampede brings amazing concerts, a world-class rodeo, incredible performances, a massive mid-way, lots of interesting food, and all sorts of parties, some of which start before breakfast. Accommodation does become substantially more expensive at this time but if you’re looking for a party, this is the time to come.

Heritage Park Steam Train, Calgary, Alberta

3. Heritage Park Historical Village

During the warmer months, Heritage Park Historical Village is a wonderful place to spend the day. Not only is it a good chance to learn about some of Western Canada’s history but it’s also quite interactive with a beautiful fully operating steam train, a paddle-wheeler that takes visitors out on the Glenmore Reservoir, an active historical village with shops and bakeries, and a functioning old-fashioned amusement park. There’s also a beautiful museum with vintage cars, dining and concessions, and so much more. This is such a great Calgary attraction for the whole family.

Studio Bell

4. Studio Bell National Music Centre

Not only is the National Music Centre home to Canada’s Music Hall of Fame, but it’s also an interactive treasure trove of musical instruments and memorabilia. Here you’ll learn about Canada’s musical icons and get the chance to play some instruments yourself. You can even take a “backstage tour”, which takes you through centuries of musical instruments and a visit to the famous Rolling Stones mobile recording studio. This is easily one of Calgary’s top attractions and to add some icing to the cake, it’s housed in one of the most beautiful architecturally-designed buildings in the province. This can be a great couples activity, a great family activity, or something to do with friends as well. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Calgary for adults, the National Music Centre also hosts adult-only nights, which include live music and pop-up bars.

Calgary Library

5. Calgary Central Public Library

While visiting a library is not typically a “must-do”, the Calgary Central Public Library is a bit different. While you certainly don’t need to browse the books, this building is certainly worth a visit for anyone interested in architecture. After all, it has been featured in publications around the world, including recognition from TIME magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Places of 2019.

It’s also located near City Hall, which makes it a very convenient place to explore. Other nearby attractions include Downtown East Village, Studio Bell National Music Centre, Olympic Plaza, and Stephen Avenue. The four-story building cost $245 million to construct and features an elevated floor above street level to accommodate the C-Train.

Calgary, Alberta.

6. Take a Calgary Tour

For those visiting the city, you might want to enjoy one of the many Calgary tours . Join a knowledgeable local who can show you the sights, teach you some history, and give you insider tips. From food and brewery tours to rafting, there’s something for everyone.

7. The Calgary Zoo (Wilder Institute)

Not only is the Calgary Zoo one of the most visited zoos in the country, but it’s also one of the most internationally recognized zoos in the world thanks to their conservation efforts. The Calgary Zoo is home to over 800 animals from around the world, including Africa, Asia, North America, and the tropics. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and is easily accessed via Memorial Drive or the C-train. If you’re looking for things to do in Calgary with kids, this is it. Plus, the Calgary Zoo just received two beautiful polar bears!

Watch a Calgary Flames game.

8. Watch an NHL Calgary Flames Game

As many know, when it comes to sports, ice hockey is what Canada is most known for. Luckily for you, Calgary is home to one of the seven NHL teams in Canada. The Calgary Flames play regularly between the months of October and April, and if you’re not picky about where you sit, you can attend a game for as low as $25. For the best seats, however, you can expect to pay upwards of $300. Either way, it’s a great way to spend an evening, so grab a seat, drink some of the infamous draft beer, and enjoy watching Canada’s national winter sport!

Rafting the Bow River is one of the best things to do in Calgary.

9. Float or Raft Down the Bow River

If you’re looking for a relaxing local activity in the summer, there’s nothing quite like a slow float down the Bow River. The Bow River is very popular due to its size and the fact that it goes through downtown and is easily accessible. When we first moved here, you had to buy your own tube, but now some companies rent rafts as well, making it easy for anyone to experience. You’ll notice many tubes going down the river during warm summer days. If you don’t have a raft, you can rent a raft or join up with a guided tour.

Calgary East Village

10. Explore the Bow River Pathway System

Calgary has the most extensive urban pathway and bikeway network in North America, with the city maintaining approximately 1000 km of regional pathways and 96 km of trails, all of which are available for Calgarians and visitors to enjoy, whether for walking, running, in-line skating or cycling.

For those visiting the city, we highly recommend exploring the Bow River Pathway System . It’s home to a variety of sculptures and art pieces, as well as the iconic bright red Peace Bridge, which takes you across the Bow River. There’s also Prince’s Island Park and the Bow River itself, which takes you all over the city. On a nice hot summer day or in the fall with colourful leaves, this is really one of Calgary’s highlights.

11. Visit Prince’s Island Park

If you’re already exploring the Bow River Pathway System as mentioned above, you really shouldn’t miss Prince’s Island Park . This is truly a beautiful slice of nature right in the middle of the city and right next to the Eau Claire Market area, which is home to a number of great restaurants. In the summer, there’s a variety of festivals that take place here including the Calgary Folk Music Festival and Expo Latino. There’s also a fine dining restaurant called the River Cafe, which is ranked as one of the top restaurants in Canada. Aside from that though, it’s just a pretty park where locals go to hang out, play frisbee, go for a jog, and admire the Canadian geese and ducks that also call this place home.

Visiting Prince's Island Park is one of the best things to do in Calgary.

12. Walk Across Peace Bridge

While visiting Prince’s Island Park, don’t forget to visit one of the most iconic sights in Calgary. Peace Bridge is a beautiful red pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Bow River between Memorial Drive and Eau Claire Park. It has become one of the iconic images of Calgary over the last decade and makes for a great way to explore other nearby neighbourhoods such as Kensington. It’s also a great place to take some photos.

13. The Glenbow Museum

Those looking for a beautiful museum in the heart of downtown Calgary should head to the Glenbow Museum . However, please note that the museum is currently closed as it received extensive renovations. Once complete, it will be called the JR Shaw Centre for Arts & Culture and will be free to explore.

This museum represents Western Canadian art and culture, both as a repository of important cultural history but also as a living record of contemporary life in this part of the world.  Their collection includes over one million objects, documents, photographs, and artworks, which make it one of the largest museums in Western Canada. In addition to art, however, the Glenbow Museum also features the history of Calgary and Alberta, as well as a great exhibit on the traditions, values, and history of the indigenous people who have lived in the Northwestern plains of Alberta and Montana for thousands of years.

During the renovation, visitors can go to the Glenow satellite gallery at the Edison on the second floor at 150 9 Ave SW.

Calgary Skiing

14. WinSport (Canada Olympic Park)

Formerly known as Canada Olympic Park (it was home to the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics), WinSport is Calgary’s top outdoor activity centre. Not only is it home to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame, but it’s also a great place to try a variety of activities and sports. In the summer, you’ll find the fastest zip line in North America, downhill mountain biking, and more. In the winter, you’ll find skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and even an Olympic bobsleigh track ! However, the Winsport Bobsled Track is currently under repairs with no set date of when or if it will reopen.

15. TELUS Spark Science Centre

If you’re looking for a great place to bring kids, It’s hard to find a better indoor attraction than TELUS Spark . It’s not just for kids though. This science centre has Calgary’s only Dome Theatre, which features incredible nature movies and live planetarium shows. There are also travelling exhibitions, an outdoor adventure space for play and risk-taking, a plethora of fun and interactive educational exhibits, and so much more.

16. Explore Stephen Avenue

Quite possibly Calgary’s prettiest street, Stephen Avenue is also the most historic. Right in the heart of downtown, running parallel to the C-Train and mostly closed off to vehicles, Stephen Avenue is the perfect place to go for a walk, especially in the summer months when there are more people out and about. You’ll see some of Calgary’s most beautiful historic buildings, shops, and restaurants. It’s also close to most of downtown Calgary’s top attractions such as City Hall, Olympic Park, the Calgary Tower, the Glenbow Museum, the Calgary Public Library, and the Bell Studio National Music Centre.

17. Devonian Gardens

Devonian Gardens is an indoor urban oasis located in the CORE Shopping Centre just off of Stephen Avenue. With over 500 trees, 50 plant varieties, a koi pond, and a dedicated children’s play area, it’s a haven for families and nature lovers. There’s even a vertical 900-square-foot living wall, which is a popular spot to snap photos.

These beautiful botanical gardens are open year-round, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. During the winter, you can visit Devonian Gardens to escape the cold temperatures outside.

18. Explore the 17th Ave Entertainment District

Known to some as the Red Mile, 17th Ave SW is one of the most popular places in Calgary. It basically starts right in front of the Saddledome (Stampede Park) and stretches all the way down to 14th street SW. This is where you’ll find lots of trendy shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. It’s a lively place during the summer months and is a great place to go for a walk, find a bite to eat or enjoy a night out at the bars.

19. Explore Kensington

With over 250 businesses, Kensington is one of Calgary’s most vibrant communities and one of the top neighbourhoods we recommend visiting. Located just across the Bow River from downtown, walkable from the famous Peace Bridge, this beautiful spot is home to trendy brunch spots, eye-catching public art, and specialty stores.

Those taking the LRT can simply get off at Sunnyside Station, which is practically in the heart of Kensington, making it a very easy place to explore.

20. Calgary’s East Village

One of the newest exciting neighbourhoods in Calgary is East Village, which was created to be “a catalyst of urban culture, a future-facing hub of optimism, ideas and energy that is helping the city live its next chapter.” Located right next to the Bow River, within walking distance from Inglewood, Studio Bell, and many other attractions, It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon with the family checking out the cool shops, pubs, restaurants, and public art.

Olympic Plaza is one of the top sights to see in Calgary, Alberta.

21. Olympic Plaza

Located right in front of City Hall and next to Stephen Avenue, Olympic Plaza was opened in 1988 to commemorate the 15th Winter Olympic Games that were held in Calgary. The plaza features a reflecting pool, an amphitheatre, and the Olympic Flame bronze statue. It’s right next to the LRT line and hosts a variety of events, including concerts. During the winter months, it’s also one of the best places to go skating as the rink is one of only two in Calgary with refrigeration, keeping the ice close to perfect on many days.

22. Inglewood

Another one of our favourite neighbourhoods is Inglewood. Not only is this Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, it’s also one of its coolest. Located at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, not far from East Village, Inglewood is full of charming local restaurants, shops, and historic buildings. Despite being next to Calgary’s downtown core, Inglewood has retained a small-town vibe and is very walkable and bike-friendly. Those who enjoy live music will also love The Ironwood Stage & Grill and The Blues Can, which is the unofficial house of blues.

23. The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre

Also located in Inglewood is the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre, which has been providing a safe haven for migratory birds since 1929. Despite being located near downtown Calgary, this is a wonderful spot to surround yourself with so nature and forget you’re even in a city. More than 270 species of birds, 21 species of mammals and 347 species of plants have been recorded at various times within the nature centre! Open from 10 am until 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre is free.

Nose Hill is a must-visit urban park in Calgary.

24. Explore Nosehill Park

If you’re looking to go hiking in Calgary, few places match Nosehill Park . This park is one of North America’s biggest urban parks with more than 11 square kilometres of nature. It also offers stunning views of downtown Calgary and is home to an ancient First Nations artifact: The Siksikaitsitapi Medicine Wheel. There are not many trees in the park, so make sure you bring a hat during hot summer days.

25. Explore Fish Creek Park

As if one massive urban park wasn’t enough, Calgary went ahead and made another. Actually, Fish Creek Park is a provincial park that happens to be located in Calgary and is the second-largest urban park in Canada! This park is much more extensive than Nosehill Park, taking up a big portion of Calgary’s southside, crossing over rivers and connecting to the beautiful Glenmore Reservoir. There are a variety of places to start from and you can walk, run, bike, or even rollerblade.

26. Bowness Park

Next to the Bow River and not far from downtown, Bowness Park is a beautiful outdoor space that offers something for everyone. In the summer, visitors can take a paddleboat out onto the lagoon, enjoy picnics by the water, or stroll along the scenic pathways. It’s also a great place to launch a tube or a paddleboard for a rafting trip down the Bow River. When winter arrives, the lagoon freezes and becomes an enchanting ice-skating rink which is free to use. It’s also possible to go cross-country skiing during winter when the city gets good snowfall.

27. Find Your Groove at the Calgary Folk Music Festival

One of our favourite weekends during the summer in Calgary is the Calgary Folk Music Festival , which takes place over four days in the beautiful area of Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary. With multiple stages and an incredible lineup of musicians and bands, this is a great place to get introduced to new music, dance under the hot sun, or just lay back and let the music soothe your soul. You’ll also find workshops, incredible food, an array of handicrafts, and cool stuff to buy.

Fishing in Alberta on the Bow River in Calgary.

28. Go Fly-Fishing

Did you know that Calgary’s Bow River is one of the top three trout streams in the world? That’s right! Alberta is home to some of the best trout fishing in the world and that attracts anglers from all over. Whether you bring your own gear or join a tour, there’s no better place to go fly-fishing than in and around Calgary. In terms of timing, the Bow River can technically be fished throughout the year. However, Calgary can get some harsh winters, which means the most comfortable time to fish would be between May and October.

29. The Military Museums

While Canada’s military is a fraction of the size of our neighbours down south, we did have one of the most important victories in both the First and Second World Wars. It was a crazy time in history and resulted in an unbelievable amount of casualties. During your visit to the Military Museum , you’ll learn about the stories of bravery during this troubling time in history. You’ll get insight into what life was like in the trenches, what it was like flying a bomber, and how everyone came together as a team to bring down the enemy.

The museum houses eight separate museums and is currently under renovation. However, it remains open to the public.

30. Downhill Karting

If you love excitement, then Downhill Karting is a must-do when you visit Calgary. Located at WinSport, you get to the top of the track via a chair-lift before racing downhill, descending more than 100 metres down a 1.8 km track with over 50 twists and turns. It’s a fun thing to do with friends, family, and kids.

31. Visit the “The Last of Us” Filming Locations

For fans of the show and video game, The Last of Us Part 1 was filmed entirely in Calgary and other parts of Alberta, becoming the largest series to be shot in Canada. Many of the spots are open to the public, such as SAIT Polytechnic, Fish Creek Provincial Park, and many parts of downtown Calgary.

Calgary is a great place for public art.

32. Explore the Public Art

People often say that Calgary lacks culture, but the city was named the cultural capital of Canada back in 2012. Since then, the number of art installations across the city has multiplied, making it a great city to explore public art. As locals, this is really something we’ve come to appreciate over the years. Art plays a crucial role in the development of modern, vibrant cities, bringing awareness of the spaces we move through while transforming landscapes with added texture and interest. From beautiful statues to stunning murals, there are so many art pieces to enjoy in Calgary .

Wonderland Sculpture Calgary

33. Wonderland at the Bow

Speaking of public art, this one is one of the most famous. The Bow is a 158,000-square-metre office building that stands 236 metres (774 ft) tall. It is the third tallest building outside of Toronto and when it was built in 2012, it was ranked among the top 10 architectural projects in the world. That’s why we recommend visiting. Since it’s an office building for both Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy, you won’t be able to go inside. However, it’s one of Calgary’s most iconic buildings and is truly beautiful to see. It’s also home to one of Calgary’s most iconic images. Wonderland is a 12-metre-high metal sculpture that resembles a girl’s head and is a great place to get that sought-after Instagram shot.

We highly recommend eating at the River Cafe as one of the top things to do in Calgary.

34. Eat at Award-Winning Restaurants

Those into food will have a great time in Calgary. With thousands of restaurants to choose from, as well as a thriving multicultural scene, there’s no shortage of options. We’ll list a few favourites below but don’t miss our guide to the 40 best Calgary restaurants , which features many award-winning restaurants for all budgets. We’ve also created a guide to the best breakfast in Calgary .

Peter’s Drive-Thru: When it comes to fast-food-style burgers, fries, and milkshakes, Peter’s drive-thru is the place to go. This is one of Calgary’s most famous dining establishments and if you go during the evenings or weekends, lineups will be huge. There’s no seating so everything is done like a drive-thru. You can either park and line up outside or sit in your car and go through the drive-thru. Either way, the food is delicious and fairly cheap, and they have the best burgers and shakes in the city.

River Cafe: Now for something polar opposite, let’s head down to the beautiful Prince’s Island Park area for one of Calgary’s top upscale dining options. Uniquely located next to the Bow River surrounded by trees, the River Cafe is perhaps the best setting for a romantic restaurant in Calgary. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly restaurants, serving up a wide range of Canadian cuisine with local ingredients.

Bridgette Bar: Another fancy restaurant located near downtown Calgary is Bridgette Bar. It’s been a while since we ate here but I’ll never forget having mashed potatoes with smoked butter and a delicious smoked Rainbow trout.

CRAFT Beer Market: Home to one of the coolest rooftop patios in the city, CRAFT is a great place to eat everything from fried pickles to pizza, tacos, and their popular bowls. Karla’s favourite is the Ahi Poke Bowl. As you may have guessed from the name, they also have more than 100 beers on tap.

Native Tongues: While there aren’t loads of amazing Mexican restaurants in Calgary, one of the favourites is Native Tongues, which features an array of popular tacos and tequila.

Railyard is one of the best breweries in Calgary

35. Visit a Brewery

If you love sampling delicious local beer, you’ve come to the right spot. There are lots of breweries in Calgary to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a creative sour, stout, or face-imploding IPA, there are more than 40 great Calgary breweries to choose from. If you want to combine award-winning food with award-winning beer, Last Best Brewing should be high on your list.

36. Take the Kids to Calaway Park

While Calaway Park is certainly more geared toward kids, it is Western Canada’s largest outdoor amusement park. With 32 rides, 23 carnival games, lots of food vendors, and even a 3D theatre, Calaway Park is a very popular attraction with the young and the young at heart.

37. Fort Calgary Historic Site

Fort Calgary Historic Site Is the city of Calgary’s birthplace. It was built in 1875 as an outpost for the North West Mounted Police and later became the trading hub. The park consists of restored barracks buildings, historical displays, and a replica North-West Mounted Police detachment. During the summer months, many events are held here, including outdoor movies, ghost walks, concerts, and more.

There is no fee to visit the park but the museum has a small fee.

38. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

Whether you’re into hockey, baseball, football, or even track & field, sports buffs will love Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame , which is conveniently located at WinSport Canada Olympic Park and is Canada’s largest and only national museum for sports. You’ll find a 40,000-square-foot museum, as well as the torch that was used to light the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. More than 700 Canadians have been inducted into the Hall of Fame making it’s a great opportunity to learn about sports in Canada.

39. The Hangar Flight Museum

Aviation enthusiasts will love the Hangar Flight Museum . Located near the Calgary International Airport, this museum has a range of vintage aircraft and artifacts on display, including military planes. Visitors can explore the evolution of aviation technology and learn about Western Canada’s aviation history.

40. Go Horseback Riding

With a deep heritage of cowboys and rodeos, it should come as no surprise that Calgary and the surrounding area is a great place to go horseback riding. There are a variety of companies offering horseback riding tours , with some of the most popular ones being out towards the mountains and Kananaskis.

41. Get Cultured at Expo Latino

If you love the multiculturalism of Canada, then you probably love all the vibrant festivals that occur across Canada. One of Calgary’s most popular ethnic festivals is Expo Latino , which is held in August, and just so happens to be Canada’s largest outdoor Latin Festival. On a hot summer day surrounded by Calgary’s city landscape, Expo Latino is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Latin culture, including live music, dance workshops, beautiful handicrafts, amazing food, and more.

42. Science is Fun at Beakerhead

Beakerhead is a fun and interesting Calgary festival that brings together science, engineering, and art. Visitors can be entertained and educated and the event is fun for all ages. It’s also located within the downtown core, with the biggest setups typically taking place around Fort Calgary or Prince’s Island Park.

43. GlobalFest Cultural & Fireworks Festival

Whether you’re into mind-blowing fireworks or experiencing new cultures, GlobalFest is a must-do festival in Calgary. This annual festival celebrates Calgary’s multicultural communities, featuring pavilions, performances, and international fireworks, illuminating the sky with a colliding orchestra of light and sound. The fireworks are a competition between a variety of countries, such as China, India, Austria, France, and Germany, creating some of the best displays you’ll ever see.

44. Chinook Blast

Despite being a winter city, there are not a lot of winter festivals in Calgary. However, a new festival that arrived in 2021 is called Chinook Blast , which brings in other festivals, such as the Calgary Folk Fest, into a wintery scene in downtown Calgary. Some of the features include the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Block Heater, the Glow Festival, the Ethnik Festival of Arts & Culture, the High-Performance Rodeo, and more.

45. Spruce Meadows

Located at the far southern end of Calgary, Spruce Meadows is home to internationally renowned horse-jumping competitions and has earned a reputation as one of the most important equestrian competition venues in the world. Numerous tournaments and competitions are held throughout the year here, with the Masters being the most prestigious. This is part of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, a four-competition season where riders can win up to 1 million Euros. The Masters is held every September for four exciting days on the grounds. Even celebrities, such as Alec Baldwin, have been seen here.

Globalfest Fireworks Calgary

46. Stagewest Calgary

Stage West Theatre is a great place to see live musical theatre while eating one of the biggest buffets in the city. We’ve seen all sorts of shows there, including Red Rock Diner, And The World Goes Round, and my absolute favourite – Jersey Boys! It starts with a 120-item buffet, which includes all sorts of things, such as crab legs, salmon, roast beef, perogies, sushi, dessert, and so much more. The menu changes slightly each time. Once dinner ends, the lights go out and the show begins. It’s a really great time and if you’re looking for a dinner theatre in Calgary, this is one of the best places to go.

47. Jubilations Dinner Theatre

If you’re looking for more of a traditional dinner theatre experience, where the actors serve you the food for example, you’ll want to buy tickets for the Jubilations Dinner Theatre . They have been a staple of the Alberta theatre scene for over 20 years, showcasing the best in pop culture and crafting hilarious parodies of the biggest names in movies, music, and TV. Take in the excitement (and the stunning live vocals) while you enjoy a delicious multi-course dinner served by our character servers.

48. Aussie Rules Piano Bar

Located in the same building as Jubilations Dinner Theatre, Aussie Rules is a popular piano bar where people come to request songs and sing-a-long with very talented pianists. It’s so fun that before you know it, you might be standing on chairs chugging beer to the chants of “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy”.

49. The Rec Room

If you’re looking for a super fun place to go with friends, check out the Rec Room , which combines a bar and restaurant with an entire suite of gaming opportunities such as redemption games, video games, shuffleboard, pool, arcades, and more.

mini golf in calgary

50. Play a Round of Mini Golf

If you love mini golf as much as we do, Calgary is a great place to be. Whether it’s a challenging championship-style course or a course filled with fun obstacles, there are many places to enjoy a round of mini golf in Calgary .

51. Shakespeare by the Bow

Shakespeare by the Bow is an annual summer tradition (July and August) that brings free outdoor theatre productions to Calgary. Typically held in Prince’s Island Park, but occasionally elsewhere in the city, this is a great attraction for theatre lovers. Past productions have included A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Merry Wives of Windsor, and The Comedy of Errors.

52. Calgary Farmers’ Market

If you’re looking for fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a wide variety of delicious food, there is no better place to visit than a farmers’ market. The Calgary Farmers’ Market has two locations that are worth checking out. CFM South is in the Fairview East Industrial area, while CFM West is in the Greenwich area, very close to WinSport.

With over 75 vendors at the Calgary Farmers’ Market, you can find everything from handmade gifts to baked goods while enjoying live music on certain days.

53. Get a Massage

Whether you’re a local or someone exploring the city for a few days, who doesn’t want a good massage or a day at a spa? Calgary has many places, ranging from luxury to basic, giving options for almost any budget. So whether you’re looking for a full package with pools, hot tubs, and rose pedals, or just looking for a deep-tissue massage, Calgary has a plethora of options.

54. Enjoy an Escape Room

Over the last few years, escape rooms have taken cities by storm. People love them! So if you and some friends feel the need to solve clues and feel like James Bond, Calgary has many escape rooms to try. Escape rooms can be a fun way for your friends and family to bond and work together, not to mention a great way for employers to bond with employees.

Enjoying High Tea at the Deane House.

55. Enjoy High Tea

No longer just for royalty, High Tea (also known as Afternoon Tea) can be enjoyed by everyone in Calgary. From luxury experiences at the Fairmont to unique experiences just outside the city, check out our guide to the best High Tea in Calgary .

56. Eat Some Ice Cream

Winter or summer, Calgary has some excellent places for ice cream and gelato. From classics like vanilla and chocolate to more creative options like Salted Caramel Pretzel and London Fog, check out our guide to find the best ice cream in Calgary .

Things to Do in Calgary.

57. Spend a Few Nights ( Where to Stay in Calgary )

As one of Canada’s biggest cities, there’s no shortage of hotels and other accommodations. There really is no “best place to stay in Calgary”. It just depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to be downtown? Do you want to be close to a certain attraction? Do you want to be close to the airport? Do you want cheap, mid-range, or luxury? There are so many options and there’s something for everyone.

However, although we’ve listed some great options below, you’ll want to check out our guide to the best hotels in Calgary for even more information on where to stay.

Calgary Hotels Downtown

For those who want to stay in downtown Calgary, there are lots of accommodation options, including the Fairmont for those who want luxury, and a plethora of other options for everything in-between. There’s also a variety of hotels that are not downtown. There are also a number of Calgary hotels with pools all over the city for those with kids or simply wanting to take a dip. Some popular options for where to stay in Calgary include:

Alt Hotel Calgary East Village : Once known as a rather sketchy neighbourhood, Calgary’s East Village has been completely transformed into one of the coolest and trendiest neighbourhoods in the city. Not only is it home to attractions such as the Calgary Library and the National Music Centre, but it’s also home to the new Alt Hotel. This Canadian hotel company provides trendy hotels for a great value. We stayed at the Alt Hotel in Ottawa and loved it. There’s a reason it has such high reviews from hundreds of guests.

Hotel Arts Kensington : If you’re looking for a smaller beautiful hotel just outside the city centre in the trendy neighbourhood of Kensington, this is it. Not only do they offer delicious food, underground heated parking, and beautiful rooms, but they also offer free bicycle rentals, which make for a perfect day considering the hotel is right in front of the Bow River Pathway.

Le Germain Hotel Calgary : If you’re looking to be right downtown in the middle of both the Calgary Tower and Stephen Avenue, then this is a great option. Consistently ranked as one of the top hotels in Calgary, this upscale hotel offers everything from typical hotel rooms to apartment-style suites. You’ll also find a 24-hour fitness centre, a lounge bar, and a complimentary continental breakfast.

The Calgary Tower.

Motel Village Calgary

One of the most popular places to stay in the city is Motel Village Calgary, which is a small area with a high concentration of mid-range hotels, such as the Best Western and the Holiday Inn. Although Motel Village is not downtown (and is certainly not all motels), it is in an awesome location, right across the street from McMahon Stadium (home of the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders), the University of Calgary, and the Banff Trail C-Train station, which is only three stops away from the downtown core and two stops from Kensington. If you’re looking for Calgary hotels Northwest, Motel Village is one option. Other options include Hotel Arts Kensington, and Westmount River Inn, as well as hotels around Bowness and Winsport Olympic Park.

Hotels in South West Calgary

Southwest Calgary is a big area that includes downtown Calgary and Macleod Trail . Popular options downtown include Marriott, Sheraton, Fairmont, and Delta. Popular options on Macleod Trail include Best Western Plus, Days Inn, Holiday Inn, and many others.

Hotels in North East Calgary

The most popular area for Northeast hotels would be around the airport. There are many hotels in this area including Best Western, Sheraton, Comfort Inn, and many others. Many of these Calgary airport hotels include a free shuttle.

Bed and Breakfast Calgary

We love a good Bed & Breakfast and Calgary has a few options. Options include Along River Ridge, Calgary Westways, Tending Gardens, Cozy Nest, and many others.

Cheap Motels in Calgary

We’re big fans of spending less on a place to sleep and more on fun activities. Calgary has many options for cheap motels including the Super 8, Econo Lodge, Olympia Motel, and many others.

Things to do in Banff

58. Enjoy a World-Class Road Trip

As you can see, there are lots of fun things to do in Calgary. However, when you’re done with the city, there are loads of cool things to do and places to see just around the corner. This is what we recommend.

The Foothills

Just outside Calgary are the beautiful Alberta foothills . They make a great day trip or you can even extend your visit and stay in one of the small communities. Popular areas include Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Okotoks, Nanton, and High River. You’ll find charming restaurants, little museums, and cool activities such as learning how to blacksmith, visiting local producers, and so much more.

One of the most popular places to visit near Calgary is Drumheller , which is known as the dinosaur capital of the world. Not only will you find the world-famous Royal Tyrell Museum, but you’ll also see dramatically different scenery. Instead of foothills and mountains, you’ll find the stunning Alberta Badlands .

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

If you’re into indigenous culture and history, one of the coolest places to visit is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump . Located just south of Calgary, near Lethbridge, this UNESCO World Heritage Site features an incredible museum and a beautiful place to learn about one of the biggest buffalo jumps ever found.

Banff and Canmore

Banff, Canmore , and the Rocky Mountains need no introduction. They’re one of the most famous tourist destinations in Canada and for good reason. Very few places in the world offer the stunning scenery found in Banff National Park, and it’s all less than 1.5 hours from Calgary. Enjoy world-class outdoor attractions, spas, a thriving restaurant scene, and so much more. For more, check out our guide for the best things to do in Banff .

Alberta Road Trips in the Kananaskis

The Kananaskis

Another popular Rocky Mountain area is the Kananaskis, which is a little closer than Banff and Canmore and can also be found southwest of Calgary when visiting the Alberta Foothills. This area is a provincial park and while there are very few accommodation options, it is a very popular place to enjoy one of the many famous Kananaskis hikes .

Getting to Calgary

If you’re a visitor looking for different ways of getting to Calgary, here’s some practical advice on how to get here.

Getting to Calgary by Car

Calgary to Edmonton : The drive from Calgary to Edmonton is approximately 300 km and takes roughly 3 hours. The highway is basically straight the entire way and the halfway point is the city of Red Deer. If you’re hungry, stop off in “Gasoline Alley”, which has a huge variety of restaurants, fast food, and gas stations. Our recommendation? Try a burger from Peter’s Drive-In. This is a famous local Calgary burger joint, which recently opened a location in both Gasoline Alley and Edmonton. Grab a milkshake while you’re at it.

Calgary to Vancouver : This is one of the most beautiful drives you can do along the Trans-Canada Highway and takes anywhere from 10-12 hours to do the nearly 1000-km stretch. However, you could easily spend weeks doing this road trip if you stop off and explore the many beautiful regions along the way. Popular stops include Kelowna and Golden BC .

Calgary is also very close to the USA border, a roughly 3-hour drive from Montana.

Getting to Calgary by Plane

Calgary is home to the Calgary International Airport (YYC), which is one of the biggest airports in Canada and just had a major renovation to make it even bigger and prettier. From the airport, there’s an array of options for renting cars, taking a shuttle, hopping in a private transfer, or taking a bus. There are also hotel courtesy shuttles that go to various hotels and the downtown shuttle leaves every 30 minutes at a cost of $15 one-way.

Other options include a taxi (25 minutes to downtown for roughly $40 – $50), Uber, and even public transportation at a cost of $8 per person. Once you arrive, there is plenty of staff around to help you navigate your way.

Getting to Calgary by Bus

There are a few buses that make their way to Calgary. Greyhound Bus is no longer an option but the Red Arrow is a good one. We haven’t taken many buses in Canada (we live here so we have a car) but the Red Arrow is one of the only ones we’ve experienced and it was great. It’s about $70 to travel between Calgary and Edmonton but their new less-fancy Ebus service will do it for $42. You can compare bus options using Busbud .

Calgary, Alberta.

Getting Around Calgary

Calgary has a lot of options for getting around the city, including public buses, C-train, taxis, and Uber.

  • Public Transportation: As with all major cities, Calgary has a robust Calgary transit system . The bus system, however, might be somewhat difficult to navigate BUT the C-train system is very easy. The C-train is Calgary’s metro system. Most of the track is above the ground and each station has a place to buy tickets, which go for $3.40 for 1.5 hours worth of travel. You can also buy a day pass if you plan on riding 3+ times. Most stations also have parking if you have a car and just want to get around the city easier. TIP: the downtown line of the C-train is actually free! So, if you’re jumping on the train between City Hall and 7th or 8th Street SW, you do not have to pay. You’ll notice that the intercom system will tell you that you are leaving the “ free fare zone ” when you are going out of the free area.
  • Taxis: Taxis are plentiful in Calgary. Examples include Checker Cabs, Calgary Cab, Associated Cabs, Delta Cab, and a few others.
  • Uber: This is also a great option in Calgary. Simply download the app and voila. The only downfall with Uber is that you need either WiFi or data to use it. This is sometimes tricky for travellers.
  • Peddle Bike: Calgary is quickly growing its biking paths and there are many great places to peddle a bike around the city . You can easily rent a bike and peddle around the city in the warmer months, exploring all the beautiful parks.
  • Scooters and Electric Bikes: Lime scooters are a new fun option for getting around the city is by scooters or electric bikes. These are the green scooters and bikes you’ll see in various parts of the downtown core. However, you’ll need to download the app and use data to really take advantage of it.

top things to do in calgary

Weather in Calgary (Aka: Best Time to Visit)

Calgary is a year-round destination, but the most popular time to visit is between June and October. These are the warmer months with more festivals and more outdoor activities. However, Calgary is also beautiful in the winter and has loads of things to do in the colder months, not to mention being close to Banff for those looking for a winter wonderland experience or world-class skiing and snowboarding.

Another advantage of the summer is that the days are very long as the sun doesn’t set until after 10 PM. It’s also home to the famous Calgary Stampede, which is known as the greatest outdoor show on Earth.

In the winter, the sun sets before 5 PM and can be very cold. However, Calgary’s proximity to the mountains brings a phenomenon known as the Chinook. These warm winds sweep into the city and dramatically change the temperatures. It can be -25 Celcius one day and +5 Celcius the next. This makes our winters partially mild. In addition, Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, so even if it’s cold outside, the sky will likely be blue, bright, and beautiful.

Want more? Enjoy these Canadian travel guides below:

  • Driving from Calgary to Banff
  • Driving from Banff to Jasper
  • Best Breweries in Calgary
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  • Camping in Alberta
  • Drumheller Camping

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I’m in Edmonton but it’s been a couple years since I’ve been to Calgary. I definitely want to check out the National Music Museum and The Glenbow (learned admission there is now free).

And my tradition when driving to Calgary is to stop in Red Deer at The Donut Mill for donuts.

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haha yeah that donut shop is popular. Glenbow is still under renovations but not sure when it’s opening

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[…] it one of the things to do in Okotoks as well. In fact, I’d also say it’s one of the things to do in Calgary […]

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12 Best Things to Do in Calgary, Alberta

By Alex Schultz · Last updated on May 4, 2024

Although often overlooked in favor of Toronto , Montreal and Vancouver , the cosmopolitan city of Calgary has a lot going for it and is often ranked among the best places to live in the world. Situated at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, it lies amidst the endless foothills and prairies of the western province of Alberta.

The fourth-largest city in Canada, Calgary has gorgeous outdoor spaces to explore with interesting tourist attractions, modern architecture and artworks. Amidst its sparkling sea of skyscrapers are countless restaurants and bars, and the city also noted for its pounding nightlife scene. In addition to these things to do in Calgary, Alberta’s most-populous city is renowned for hosting one of the nation’s largest and liveliest festivals, the Calgary Stampede which takes place each July.

12. Bow River Pathway

Bow River Pathway

Winding its way through the center of Calgary is the beautiful Bow River which is lined by parks and green spaces on both banks. Connecting them is a network of pedestrian and bicycle paths, which are great to walk, jog or cycle along past stunning scenery and nature.

The network of paths stretches just under 30 miles in length and meander from Bearspaw Dam to Fish Creek Provincial Park. Interspersed along the route are bridges and benches, as well as bird sanctuaries, and golf courses. Since construction began in 1975 to celebrate the city’s centenary, the picturesque paths have proved popular with generations of locals and tourists alike.

11. Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows

If you’re after an exciting, adrenaline-filled experience then it is well worth heading to Spruce Meadows; a world-class equestrian center that hosts high profile events and tournaments. Named after the surrounding spruce trees, it lies just to the south of Calgary on the outskirts of the city.

Since 1975, the large, multi-purpose sports facility has put on countless competitions and is well known for showjumping events, such as the prestigious ‘Summer Series’ and ‘Nakoda Series’.

Besides watching jockeys compete for national titles from the grandstand, visitors can also explore its grounds and stables, and even see the horses being trained. In addition, it also serves as the home pitch of Cavalry FC who play in the Canadian soccer league.

10. Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary

Offering a fascinating look into the history and heritage of the city is the fantastic Fort Calgary, set at the strategic spot where the Bow and Elbow Rivers meet. Built in 1875, it acted as an important outpost for the Canadian Mounties with present-day Calgary having risen up outside its walls.

Although the original fort is long gone, the living museum has replicas of barracks and stables to explore and several historic homes. In its interpretive centre guests can find extensive artifacts and exhibits documenting the early days in Calgary and the role of the Mounted Police in the area.

In addition, this National Historic Site has some gorgeous grounds to wander around and an interesting art installation to check out.

9. Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge

Exhibiting a delightful design is the Peace Bridge that spans the Bow River and connects Downtown Calgary to the community of Sunnyside. Besides being a practical way to get from one side of the river to the other, it is worth checking out for its attractive architecture, scenic setting, and viewpoints.

Built in 2012, the bridge was designed by Santiago Calatrava and has helical steel arches that spiral around its pedestrian and cycle paths. Stretching 425 feet in length, it stands out magnificently against its surroundings as it is painted red and white; the colors of Calgary and Canada’s flags. As well as connecting the south side of the Bow River Pathway to the north, it also offers great views of the downtown skyline.

8. Wonderland Sculpture

Wonderland Sculpture

One of the city’s most unique and unusual attractions is the Wonderland Sculpture, an arresting art installation that lies right in the center of town. Very popular with both locals and tourists alike, the public art piece depicts the portrait of a young girl’s head. The sculpture has been on display in front of The Bow building since 2013.

Created by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa, it towers 40 feet in height and is entirely made out of bent wire mesh. Besides marvelling at its artistry and inventiveness, visitors can venture inside the artwork through its neck and see the glass buildings and skyscrapers of downtown rising around them. Thanks to its striking silhouette and see-through materials, the sculpture makes for some incredible photos.

7. Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum

Just a short stroll from the Wonderland Sculpture is the Glenbow Museum, which boasts an extraordinary collection of artifacts, artworks, and archaeological findings. One of the biggest and best museums in the nation, its extensive exhibitions offer an interesting insight into the people, places and ideas that have shaped Calgary and Western Canada.

Since it was established in 1966, the art and history museum’s collection has expanded considerably, and now encompasses over a million objects. As well as galleries full of African, Asian and European artworks, it has sections dedicated to the culture of First Nations tribes and military memorabilia. In addition, it acts as an important research centre and holds talks, workshops, and cultural events during the year.

6. Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower

Towering high above both the museum and the rest of downtown is Calgary Tower, a freestanding observation tower that offers unrivaled views over Calgary and its surroundings. Built in 1968 to celebrate Canada’s centennial, it has been one of the city’s standout symbols and sights.

Reaching nearly 625 feet in height, the iconic landmark sports a minimalist design with a revolving restaurant at the top. Other than enjoying a delicious meal and basking in its breathtaking views, visitors can also learn all about the tower at its information center.

Here you’ll find informative displays, models, and a short film on the history, architecture, and construction of the building, which is majestically illuminated in the evenings against the night sky.

5. Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park

A very popular place to visit, Fish Creek Provincial Park is just twenty minutes’ drive to the south of the center. One of the largest urban parks in North America, it has splendid scenery and nature to explore with untold outdoor recreational activities on offer.

Due to its proximity to the city center and its pristine forests and wilderness, many people go hiking and cycling in the park. Fishing and swimming can also be enjoyed in Bow River, Fish Creek or at Sikome Lake. In total it has over 60 miles of paths to wander along taking you through dense woods and past craggy cliffs with beavers, deer, and coyotes to be spotted from time to time.

4. Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

A fun and family-friendly place to visit, Calgary Zoo lies just to the east of downtown. Founded in 1929, the zoo has educated and delighted countless generations and is renowned for its spacious enclosures and conservation research.

As one of the largest and oldest zoos in Canada, it is home to an astounding array of animals, with everything from pandas and penguins to gorillas and grizzlies on show. Besides boasting over 270 different species of mammal, the zoo’s massive menagerie also includes innumerable bugs, birds, and fish with life-size dinosaur replicas scattered about its Prehistoric Park.

As well as local Canadian wildlife and nature exhibits, there are also areas dedicated to animals from Africa, Eurasia, and Antarctica to explore, among many others.

3. Prince’s Island Park

Prince's Island Park

Popular with both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Prince’s Island Park is located a stone’s throw from downtown. Surrounded by the rushing waters of the Bow River, it is connected to the city center by three footbridges and offers lovely scenery and nature for visitors to enjoy.

Protected since the 1950s, the island park is home to many trails and green spaces and also features park benches, playgrounds, and picnic areas. From its scenic shoreline, you can bask in the beautiful views of Calgary’s skyline and watch the waters of the river flowing by. While it is usually quiet and peaceful, the park hosts several large and lively festivals in the sunny summer months.

2. Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Historical Village

An absolute must for anyone interested in learning about Calgary and Canada’s past, Heritage Park Historical Village can be found just fifteen minutes to the south of the center. The second largest living history museum in the country, it has an astounding array of artifacts and exhibits with countless historic buildings and structures to explore.

Founded in 1964, to preserve Alberta’s rich heritage, the park now has four areas that represent different time periods. Alongside a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading fort, you can find a small settlement, prairie town, and village center lined by shops and saloons. Besides learning about the region’s history through informative displays and costumed re-enactors, visitors can also go for rides on the steam train and paddle steamer.

1. Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede

Billed as ‘the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’, the fun and festive Calgary Stampede certainly lives up to its reputation with over a million people attending the ten-day event each year. Besides having one of the world’s largest rodeos, it also has a parade, stage shows and concerts to enjoy, alongside agricultural competitions and First Nation exhibitions.

Held every July since 1923, the Calgary Stampede is now inextricably linked to the city’s identity; Calgary is even being nicknamed ‘Cowtown’ thanks to its famous festival. In addition to action-packed races, rodeos, and competitions, there are sprawling fairgrounds to explore and wild west shows to attend. Due to its electric atmosphere and exhilarating events, the Calgary Stampede is not to be missed when in town.

Best Time to Visit Calgary

Calgary is most popular to visit between mid-May and late September when temperatures average 16 to 23°C (61 to 73°F). As well as being the warmest period, summer is when many of its main festivals take place.

Although the prices and crowds are at their highest and the city sees a bit of rain, this is by far the best time to enjoy its exciting outdoor activities. Aside from seeing the center, you can always hike about Banff National Park or kayak around Lake Louise.

Cowtown has a wonderful lively feel in summer with the world-renowned Calgary Stampede drawing massive crowds. Other than watching its rodeos and races, there are its blues, folk music and Fringe festivals to enjoy. Countless concerts and events are also held for Calgary Pride and the Lilac Festival.

While the shoulder seasons of April and October can be lovely, they are more unpredictable weatherwise. Prices are cheaper, however, and the city is less crowded with big events like the Calgary Expo and Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival still taking place.

As temperatures drop to -5 to 3°C (23 to 37°F), getting even colder at night, barely anyone visits during winter. Some do head here to ski or snowboard though at resorts in the Rocky Mountains.

Map of Things to Do in Calgary

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Calgary   Travel Guide

Courtesy of Henryk Sadura | Getty Images

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19 Best Things To Do in Calgary

Updated Feb. 11, 2021

There are numerous reasons to go to Calgary, the most obvious one being to hit the slopes. Perched in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, the city becomes a home base for many winter sports enthusiasts. Stop by the Canada Olympic Park to watch

  • All Things To Do

calgary tourist information office

Glenbow Museum Glenbow Museum

Heralded as one of Canada's finest, the Glenbow Museum caters to history buffs and art lovers alike. Exhibits here focus mainly on the culture of Western Canada, featuring everything from interactive displays on the First Nations tribes to an extensive collection of military memorabilia. However, there are also displays of European Art, Asian sculpture and even West African artifacts, plus plenty of hands-on activities to keep children entertained.

Recent visitors praised the museum's fascinating exhibits, treatment of history and its interactive arts and crafts opportunities.

calgary tourist information office

The Military Museums The Military Museums

Consisting of the four founding regimental museums and the Naval, Army and Air Force Museums of Alberta, the Military Museums of Calgary is the second-largest military museum in Canada. Visitors can learn about history, heritage, art and more about the Canadians who served their country throughout the years. Highlights in the various collections include the Enigma Machine in the Naval Museum. Known as the Enigma-K, the device on display was introduced in 1927 and was built by the Swiss to encode and decode military communication. Another must-see is the CF-104 Starfighter, a Cold War era fighter aircraft located in the Air Force exhibit. But these two items are just the tip of the iceberg at the vast complex.

Recent visitors advised giving yourself plenty of time to explore the museum, which is quite large, with fascinating exhibits and in-depth historical overviews. Others praised the volunteers stationed on-site, who happily provide more context to the exhibits. 

calgary tourist information office

Prince's Island Park Prince's Island Park free

Prince's Island Park spans nearly 50 acres and is a hit with visitors in need of beautiful walk. Trails lined with cottonwood trees appeal to walkers and bikers alike, while regular festivals and an outdoor theater beckon to culture hounds. For food, just follow the footbridge across the Bow River to the stalls of Eau Claire Market. Looking for more refined dining? Then check out the River Café .

Visitors and locals both love the park in every season, praising its peace and quiet, as well as its beauty.

calgary tourist information office

Popular Tours

Moraine Lake & Lake Louise Tour from Calgary/Banff/Canmore

Moraine Lake & Lake Louise Tour from Calgary / Banff / Canmore

(766 reviews)

from $ 115.14

Banff Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Tour from Calgary Canmore

Banff Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Tour from Calgary Canmore

(74 reviews)

from $ 80.97

Day Trip to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Yoho from Calgary, Banff

Day Trip to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Yoho from Calgary, Banff

(286 reviews)

calgary tourist information office

Calgary Zoo Calgary Zoo

The massive Calgary Zoo houses nearly 1,000 animals – from tigers to gorillas – in enclosures that are representative of their natural habitats. Stop by Panda Passage to meet the zoo's two giant pandas or check out Canada's furry friends like moose and bears in the Canadian Wilds section. But the animals aren't the only reason to visit: The complex is also home to a sprawling botanical garden, featuring flora from across the world; and the Prehistoric Park, which showcases the region's history as a stomping ground for dinosaurs.

Many recent visitors agreed this zoo is a must-do for young families and for many, the pandas were a big highlight.

calgary tourist information office

WinSport Canada Olympic Park WinSport Canada Olympic Park

A tribute to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, this massive sports complex is still used throughout the year as training grounds for young athletes. If you're in town for a taste of fresh powder, consider stopping here first for a quick how-to on riding the slopes; downhill and cross-country ski lessons are available for both kids and adults. You can also try your hand at other pastimes like bobsleigh and the luge. If you're looking for a more relaxed outing, stop by Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, which is home to the world's largest collection of artifacts from the competition's history, including costumes, photographs and the torch used to carry the flame from Greece.

The museum was a big hit with recent visitors, though some have mixed feelings about the complex itself, depending on what activity they did, with some complaining about high prices and others enjoying their ski lessons.

calgary tourist information office

Heritage Park Heritage Park

Calgary's Wild West past still thrives at this 66-acre living-history village. Nestled beside the Glenmore Reservoir and just south of downtown, this history-lover's paradise swarms with costumed staff re-enacting times gone by. You'll explore an 1860s replica of a fur-trading post, a ranch and a historic village. You can also take a ride on a steam locomotive or a horse-drawn wagon or cruise the reservoir by paddle-wheeler boat. For a better understanding of Calgary's history, check out the Gasoline Alley Museum, home to numerous artifacts representing the city's frontier days.

Recent visitors agreed that Heritage Park is a must-see, especially if you have kids, though most found that everyone from small tots to teens and adults enjoy the park. Several reviewers also commented on the fun of visiting during the holidays, when special events and activities are held.

calgary tourist information office

Stephen Avenue Walk Stephen Avenue Walk free

Occupying three blocks of downtown's 8th Avenue, the Stephen Avenue Walk is one of the city's most popular shopping venues. This pedestrian-only shopping area – also dubbed a National Historic District – is lined with trendy stores, delectable restaurants and even several nightclubs. This downtown stretch is also the place to go for avid culture hounds; street performers, local artists and even festivals are often found here. Business travelers will likely make several stops here as the street is home to the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and the Hyatt Regency Calgary and the Calgary Marriott Hotel .

Recent visitors loved the hustle and bustle of the area and praised the variety of restaurants and shops.

calgary tourist information office

Spruce Meadows Spruce Meadows

If the Calgary Stampede doesn't satisfy your appetite for equine action, make your way to Spruce Meadows. This top-notch sporting facility – whose name springs from the surrounding spruce trees – hosts some of Canada's most prominent horseback riding events. Here, talented jockeys compete for national titles (and prize money) in adrenaline-pumping events like show jumping.

For visitors, Spruce Meadows is more than your average riding arena. You can get up close and personal with the horses while touring the stables, explore the exquisitely manicured gardens, or let the kiddos run wild at the Canadian Superstore Playground. The facility also hosts numerous events, like the Christmas Market, which is a must-do, according to recent visitors.

calgary tourist information office

Discover Banff National Park - Day Trip

(421 reviews)

from $ 131.49

Lake Louise Moraine Lake JohnstonCanyon fromCalgary/Canmore/Banff

Lake Louise Moraine Lake JohnstonCanyon fromCalgary / Canmore / Banff

(18 reviews)

from $ 95.82

Explore Banff National Park with Our Premium Day Tour

Explore Banff National Park with Our Premium Day Tour

(121 reviews)

from $ 112.91

calgary tourist information office

Calgary Stampede & Stampede Park Calgary Stampede & Stampede Park

Located just south of downtown Calgary, Stampede Park captures Canada's attention every July during the world-famous Calgary Stampede. This massive festival features rodeos and all things Wild West. Don your hats, polish your boots and prepare for several days of horse races, concerts and even a parade. When the festival has passed, Stampede Park continues to entertain visitors with a hankering for cowboy culture. 

Calgary's most notable event earns mixed reviews. Some raved about the excitement, while others complained about the crowds and a lack of authenticity. Most, however, agreed if you're in town during this time, it's a must-see event.

calgary tourist information office

Scotiabank Saddledome Scotiabank Saddledome

For a taste of true Canadian sportsmanship, make your way to Scotiabank Saddledome, home of the National Hockey League's Calgary Flames. Having moved from Atlanta in 1980, the Flames won Calgary over in 1989 when they claimed the Stanley Cup. Since then, this beloved sports team has been a symbol of pride for Calgarians; they celebrate the Flames' wins on 17th Avenue SW or "The Red Mile."

The Saddledome plays an active role in city life during the offseason, hosting special events like concerts, rodeos and even visits from such notable world figures as Queen Elizabeth II and the Dalai Lama. It gets its name from its saddle-shaped roof.

calgary tourist information office

Calgary Tower Calgary Tower

Standing a whopping 626 feet high, this landmark was once the tallest building in the city. It was originally constructed in 1967 to celebrate Canada's centennial and in 1988, the Calgary Tower also sheltered the Olympic flame. Today, the tower now acts as the city's centerpiece, offering tourists spectacular views of Calgary and the Rocky Mountains.

After riding the elevator to the observation deck, head to the Theatre Room. In the Theatre Room, make sure to check out the short film, "Calgary Tower – Building and Icon," and Travel Alberta's most recent fly-through video, which shows footage of Alberta from the sky. The films run every 15 minutes from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and admission is included with your elevator ticket purchase. 

calgary tourist information office

Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre

Studio Bell is home to five floors of interactive exhibits that showcase the sights, sounds and stories of music in Canada. There are 22 exhibition spaces that allow visitors to experience music and Canadian music history in a hands-on way. Visitors can play the guitar, mix a track and sing in vocal booths. Other exhibits feature memorabilia from Canadian music icons and Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductees. The Kimball Theatre Organ, without a doubt, is a highlight for many recent visitors. The organ dates back to the 1924, when organs were used to provide sound effects and score music to silent films. Organ demonstrations are conducted at 3 p.m. Wednesday to Friday and at noon and 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Reviewers also praised the museum's architecture and the variety of exhibits as well.

calgary tourist information office

Fort Calgary Historic Park Fort Calgary Historic Park

This 40-acre National Historic Site encloses the remains of the original mounted police stronghold, which until the 1970s, were buried under the expanding city. Today, you can explore the fort's remains and, with the help of recently uncovered artifacts, learn what life was like for these western Mounties.

While some visitors said they very much enjoyed their time here, others write this attraction off as kind of boring. However, history aficionados will especially enjoy it, according to recent visitors.

calgary tourist information office

Lake Louise & Yoho (Moraine Lake June - Oct) from Calgary / Banff

(243 reviews)

from $ 118.86

Full Day Tour in Moraine Lake, Lake Louise & Yoho N.P.

Full Day Tour in Moraine Lake, Lake Louise & Yoho N. P.

(7 reviews)

Super DEAL! Canadian Rockies visit Banff, Jasper and Yoho, 5-days tour

Super DEAL! Canadian Rockies visit Banff, Jasper and Yoho, 5-days tour

(23 reviews)

from $ 1098.04

calgary tourist information office

Calaway Park Calaway Park

This amusement park has plenty of rides, shows, attractions and play areas for everyone from tiny tots to thrill-seeking teens. Bumper cars, bumper boats, a log flume, roller coasters and more are among the attractions. Add to that, live entertainment, games, food venues and 3D movies, you can keep busy all day.

Recent visitors said there is plenty to do for the whole family, with lots of fun rides and attractions.

calgary tourist information office

Fish Creek Provincial Park Fish Creek Provincial Park free

This large park south of downtown offers lots of opportunities to hike, swim, fish, cycle, ski and simply enjoy nature. What's more, the park's visitor center has a theater and exhibit area showcasing artifacts found in the park.

Recent visitors praised the park for its beauty, the variety of outdoor pursuits available and the opportunities to see wildlife. Others enjoyed the numerous walking and cycling paths.

calgary tourist information office


This science museum offers plenty of hands-on opportunities to learn about everything from technology to the brain. In the Creative Kids Museum – designed for kids ages 9 and younger – children can learn about flotation in a water play area, crawl and climb in a climbing structure, design and make inventions, and stage a play, among other activities. Live science demos are another highlight for visitors, as well as shows in the planetarium.

While many recent visitors loved the museum for its interactive exhibits, others found it too expensive for what's on offer. However, one upside is that admission to the Dome Theatre, which screens planetarium shows and movies, is included in the overall entrance ticket.

calgary tourist information office

Central Library Central Library free

Read More »

calgary tourist information office

Peace Bridge Peace Bridge free

calgary tourist information office

Banff Area & Johnston Canyon 1-Day Tour from Calgary or Banff

(133 reviews)

Banff & Yoho Parks | Lake Louise | Moraine Lake | Emerald Lake - PRIVATE TOUR

Banff & Yoho Parks | Lake Louise | Moraine Lake | Emerald Lake - PRIVATE TOUR

(47 reviews)

from $ 395.59

Jasper National Park 2-Day Tour

Jasper National Park 2-Day Tour

(9 reviews)

from $ 423.80

calgary tourist information office

Wonderland Sculpture Wonderland Sculpture free

calgary tourist information office

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There will be changes to traffic flow and patient access at Wetaskiwin Hospital and Care Centre beginning this week as emergency department renovations begin.

listing-home-news,_2024 News Release,_News Release,Central - News Release | Hospital access to change as Red Deer parkade work continues

As work to expand the parkade at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre continues, temporary changes to traffic flow around the site will be necessary this month to prepare for the arrival of precast concrete that will form the parkade’s two new levels.

listing-home-news,_2024 News Release,_News Release,Central - News Release | Temporary changes to access at Hardisty Health Centre

Patients and visitors to the Hardisty Health Centre will be temporarily unable to access the facility through the main entrance as work starts on a flooring renovation project.

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Our work takes place on historical and contemporary Indigenous lands, including the territories of Treaty 6, Treaty 7 & Treaty 8 and the homeland of the Métis Nation of Alberta and 8 Métis Settlements. We also acknowledge the many Indigenous communities that have been forged in urban centres across Alberta.

calgary tourist information office

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  1. Tourism Calgary Visitor Information Centre

    calgary tourist information office

  2. Tourism Calgary Visitor Information Centre

    calgary tourist information office

  3. Visitor Hub

    calgary tourist information office

  4. Travel Within Calgary

    calgary tourist information office

  5. Tourism Calgary visitor centre is open! #yycisopen

    calgary tourist information office

  6. Things to Do Downtown Calgary

    calgary tourist information office


  1. Visit Calgary

    Visit Calgary has everything you're looking for to plan your vacation or become the ultimate host in Calgary Canada. Discover popular activities, attractions, events, and things to do in the city and surrounding Rocky Mountains. Plus find hotels, deals and local tips.

  2. Visitor Hub

    Ways to connect with Tourism Calgary: Email us: [email protected] Text us: 587-333-8501 Call us: 1-800-661-1678 Facebook Messenger Virtual Office Hours: 9am to 5pm MST Monday to Friday. Chat Now. Maps & Visitor Guides. From maps, travel guides, day trip ideas, and translated itineraries we have you covered!

  3. Frequently Asked Questions| Tourism Calgary

    Find updated weather information for Calgary on the Environment Canada website. Expect warm summer weather, cold temperatures in the winter, and a mix in the fall and spring. You should expect to wear shorts and t-shirts comfortably in summer months and a warm coat during the winter. Calgary sits at an elevation of 1,045 metres above sea level.

  4. Our City's Best

    Client Portal. Access to your secure Meetings & Conventions Calgary portal. Login My Portal. Become a Local Champion. Help us bring Calgary's vision to life. Learn More

  5. Tourism Calgary

    Tourism Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. 163,647 likes · 1,728 talking about this · 1,098 were here. Your guide for everything you need to see, eat and do in the world's friendliest city! Join us as we...

  6. Visit Calgary

    Calgary Top Attractions in One Day. Home to over 800 animals from all over the globe including the Canadian Wilds, Africa, Europe, and more. Enjoy amazing 360 panoramic views of the bustling city from the 190.8-meter tall tower. A lush green urban city park with plenty of wildlife and recreational options.

  7. Tourism Calgary

    Tourism Calgary. The boundless energy of Alberta's largest city springs from its winding waterways to the tops of its towers.

  8. 11 Epic Things to Do in Calgary (Perfect First Time Visit)

    Dinosaur Provincial Park near Calgary. 10. Banff and Jasper National Parks. As I mentioned before, Calgary is often just a pit stop on a Canadian journey before going to visit Banff and Jasper National Parks. The city is just an hour's drive from the entrance to Banff National Park, making it the perfect base camp.

  9. 25 Best Things To Do in Calgary

    The incredible city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, is a great place to visit any time of the year, and we have 25 of the best things to do during your stay. ... a fun historic location for the whole family. The mines date back to the 1930s, with over 130 mines in the area. This Calgary tourist attraction offers guided tours of the mines, and ...

  10. Calgary travel guide 2024

    Consult this free tourist guide to plan your trip to Calgary. Written by local Authentik Canada travel agents, the Calgary travel guide includes the following information: when to visit, what to do and the best attractions to visit, places to eat, a map and suggested itineraries in Calgary, travel reviews, photos, a promotional video from the Calgary tourist office, a PDF tourist guide you can ...

  11. Calgary Tourist Information and Tourism

    The main tourist information center in the city is the Tourism Calgary office along 8th Avenue Southwest, which stocks city maps, walking-tour maps, brochures and general information about Calgary's top tourist attractions. Calgary Airport is also home to a number of useful tourist information booths, situated in both the arrivals and ...

  12. Who We Are

    With community spirit at its core, Calgary is a young, energetic and diverse city full of shareable experiences. We encourage you to share your memories, with us and with others, by tagging @tourismcalgary and #CaptureCalgary where you can on social media.. Whether you're here to experience the energy that takes over the city during the Calgary Stampede or wind-down and relax from a bucket ...

  13. Things to do in Calgary

    4. Fort Calgary. What it is: This wooden fort, built in 1875, is a museum and a restaurant all in one. The 40-acre fort is also a public park known as the birthplace of Calgary. Why go: The museum ...

  14. 17 Top Tourist Attractions & Places to Visit in Calgary

    3. Take the Kids to Calgary Zoo Calgary Zoo . Tracing its roots back as far as 1917, Calgary Zoo is one of the city's most popular family attractions and Canada's largest and most visited zoological park. Spread across a 120-acre site on St. George's Island in the Bow River, the zoo is home to over 1,000 animals representing some 272 species, including many examples of rare and endangered species.

  15. Calgary Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

    Calgary is the closest city to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and is only around an hour's drive from the popular mountain village of Banff. Endless hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities in the summer are matched by incredible skiing in the winter. Head out of the city on a day trip to the mountains and experience the Canadian ...

  16. 58 Best Things to Do in Calgary, Canada

    If you love excitement, then Downhill Karting is a must-do when you visit Calgary. Located at WinSport, you get to the top of the track via a chair-lift before racing downhill, descending more than 100 metres down a 1.8 km track with over 50 twists and turns. ... The Bow is a 158,000-square-metre office building that stands 236 metres (774 ft ...

  17. 12 Best Things to Do in Calgary, Alberta (+Map)

    6. Calgary Tower. Towering high above both the museum and the rest of downtown is Calgary Tower, a freestanding observation tower that offers unrivaled views over Calgary and its surroundings. Built in 1968 to celebrate Canada's centennial, it has been one of the city's standout symbols and sights.

  18. Calgary Maps & Guides

    Calgary Maps & Guides. visitor hub. Visit the base of the Calgary Tower to pick-up some brochures and start exploring! Still planning your trip? Check out the digital downloads below. Calgary Tower: hours of operation | 101 - 9 Avenue SW, Calgary, AB.

  19. 19 Best Things to Do in Calgary

    26 Cheap Beach Vacations for Travelers on a Budget. Ranking of the top 19 things to do in Calgary. Travelers favorites include #1 Glenbow Museum, #2 The Military Museums and more.

  20. Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

    Manage YourCookies. Ⓒ Banff & Lake Louise Tourism 2024. Plan and book your visit to Banff and Lake Louise, AB with the official tourism website - the source for accommodation, activities, webcams, weather and resort information.

  21. Five Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting Calgary

    #2 Underestimating Calgary's City Centre As A Tourist Attraction . While Calgary's downtown skyline is dominated by office towers, it is much more than just a place to work. It is literally an outdoor art park, with 150+ sculptures, statues and murals. There is even more art if you pop your head into the many office lobbies.

  22. Calgary, Canada

    Addresses, phone numbers and contact information for visitor centers and other organizations that provide tourism information in the Calgary area are listed below. Feel free to call any of them during normal business hours with your questions. Calgary Tourism Resources Search Calgary Tourism Resources Keyword

  23. Things to do map

    Nightlife. Nature & Parks. Sports & Recreation. Sports & Recreation. Beyond Calgary. Indigenous Experiences. 100+ Things to Do in Calgary. Discover fun things to do in & around Calgary. Read the Guide.

  24. Home

    Not every condition requires an emergency department visit. Measles Symptoms & Prevention. Organ & Tissue Donation. Wildfire Resources. ... listing-home-news,_2024 Feature Stories,_Feature Story,Calgary - Feature Story,Central - Feature Story,Edmonton - Feature Story,North - Feature Story,South ...