3 tour sram

Système des trois tours du SRAM

Le système des trois tours du  Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain  (SRAM) permet de gérer efficacement les demandes d'admission tout en assurant, au plus grand nombre possible de candidats, une place au cégep. Notez que la session d'automne comporte trois tours et la session d'hiver deux tours.

  • Vous ne devez faire qu’un seul choix de programme et de cégep au 1er tour.
  • Les candidats refusés au 1er tour doivent consulter le www.sram.qc.ca pour connaître les places disponibles pour un deuxième choix de programme et de cégep au 2e tour.
  • Les candidats refusés au 2e tour  doivent consulter le www.sram.qc.ca pour connaître les places disponibles pour un troisième choix de programme et de cégep au 3e tour.
  • Au 2e et au 3e tour, le candidat n'a pas à reconstituer un dossier ni à verser de nouveau les frais reliés à la demande d'admission. Le nouveau choix se fait par Internet.
  • Entre chaque tour, il y a du temps pour réfléchir et consulter.

Échéancier de la session d'automne

1er mars : date limite pour présenter une demande d'admission au SRAM. Chaque candidat ne fait qu'une seule demande; cette demande doit être complète et doit parvenir au SRAM dans les délais requis. Il faut être vigilant. Une demande qui parvient au SRAM après la date limite d'un tour est intégrée au tour suivant. Dans un tel cas, les chances d'admission du candidat s'amenuisent, les places disponibles se raréfiant.

Mi-avril : les candidats reçoivent une réponse à leur premier choix de programme et de cégep. Les candidats admis reçoivent du cégep l'avis d'admission et les directives pour les démarches ultérieures. Les candidats refusés doivent consulter le www.sram.qc.ca  pour connaître les places disponibles pour un deuxième choix de programme et de cégep au 2e tour, et devront informer le SRAM de leur choix par Internet.

Mi-mai :les candidats ayant participé au 2e tour reçoivent une réponse à leur choix. Les candidats admis reçoivent du cégep l'avis d'admission et les directives pour les démarches ultérieures. Les candidats refusés doivent consulter le  www.sram.qc.ca pour connaître les places disponibles  pour établir pour un troisième choix de programme et de cégep au 3e tour, et devront informer le SRAM de leur choix par Internet.

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SRAM Groupset Levels Explained

Got questions about SRAM groupsets? This comprehensive guide has all the answers about the different levels of SRAM groupsets for mountain, road, and gravel. Plus, you can browse the wide range of components we have available within the SRAM groupset hierarchy.

Shop All SRAM Parts

SRAM MTB Groupsets SRAM MTB Brakes SRAM Road Groupsets SRAM Gravel Groupsets SRAM Road Brakes Shop All SRAM Parts SRAM FAQs

What is a groupset on a bike?

A groupset, sometimes called a group or gruppo, is a collection of bike parts designed by a manufacturer to work together to form the entirety of a bicycle's drivetrain and/or brake system. Usually this includes chainrings, cassettes, chains, derailleurs, shifters, brake calipers, and brake levers.

3 tour sram

SRAM's offers various groupsets offer different levels of performance. You can purchase an entire groupset or you can just buy the individual component you need, but the group that part belongs to will tell you about the overall quality.

Shop SRAM Groupsets

SRAM MTB Groupset Hierarchy

In this section we break down the different level of SRAM mountain bike parts so you can quickly get a sense for which level makes sense for you and the riding you do.

Questions? Open Live Chat!

3 tour sram


SRAM’s entry-level groupset and the most affordable option within the Eagle ecosystem. Recreational riders can hit the trails with confidence and take advantage of the 12-speed gearing, a feature typically reserved for higher-end models.

  • Style : Cross-country
  • Gearing : 12-speed
  • Shifting : Mechanical
  • Weight : 2,328g
  • Range : 11-50t
  • AXS Compatible : No

3 tour sram


Another accessible entry point into Eagle groupsets, the NX Eagle comes with an upgraded 11/50t cassette that’s compatible with a standard 9, 10 or 11-speed Shimano HG freehub body. This makes the NX perfect for upgrading your MTB to a modern 1x12-speed setup or a first introduction to the Eagle ecosystem.

  • Weight : 2,049g

3 tour sram

SRAM GX Eagle (AXS compatible)

The Eagle groupset that started it all, the GX is SRAM’s launch pad into higher-end drivetrains and is AXS-compatible if you want to upgrade to electric shifting. The GX Eagle features SRAM’s XD driver and improved 10/52t cassette with a wider range than the SX and NX groupsets. Lightweight materials and several color options have made the GX Eagle SRAM’s most popular mountain bike groupset.

  • Style : XC, trail, enduro
  • Shifting : Mechanical or electronic
  • Weight : 1,754g
  • Range : 11-52t
  • AXS Compatible : Yes

3 tour sram

SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kit

This upgrade kit is SRAM’s entry point into wireless drivetrains and saves riders money if they already own the standard GX Eagle groupset. Take advantage of the impressive and budget-friendly compatibility across the Eagle ecosystem.

Shop SRAM GX AXS Upgrade Kit

3 tour sram

SRAM X01 Eagle (AXS compatible)

The X01 Eagle is the refined version of the already-tough GX Eagle groupset, making it the ultimate choice for aggressive trail riding and enduro racing. The X01 features carbon fiber crank arms and a shorter derailleur cage for additional ground clearance. The strong construction and increased durability will stand up to even the hardest-hitting trails.

  • Style : trail, enduro
  • Weight : 1,534g

3 tour sram

SRAM X01 AXS Upgrade Kit

The X01 AXS upgrade kit expands your groupset’s capability and costs significantly less than purchasing a whole new drivetrain. Take your epic trail and enduro riding to the next level with all the benefits of electronic shifting and the AXS system.

Shop SRAM X01 AXS Upgrade Kit

3 tour sram

SRAM XX1 Eagle (AXS compatible)

This top-tier groupset shaves 32g off of the X01 and claims the title of the lightest groupset in the Eagle ecosystem. The featherweight and fast XX1 setup is specifically designed for cross-country racing where grams make a difference. The XX1 is less robust than the X01, but stands out as an ultralight groupset with blingy chain and cassette finishes (rainbow, gold, or copper).

  • Weight : 1,502g

3 tour sram

SRAM XX1 AXS Upgrade Kit

Transform your existing system into the best electronic XC groupset on the market and stay within budget, too. Save weight and shift smoother with the AXS system for a podium-worthy performance every time.

Shop SRAM XX1 AXS Upgrade Kit

SRAM MTB Brakes Hierarchy

Dive into the SRAM MTB brakes lineup and find the right brake for your riding style.

3 tour sram

SRAM Level Brakes

Features two-piston brakes that can be more lightweight and affordable than their four-piston counterparts, depending on the model. Level brakes are great for general trail riding and for cross-country circuits where grams matter.

  • Pistons : 2
  • Style : XC, trail
  • Models : Level, Level T, Level TL, Level TLM, Level Ultimate

3 tour sram

SRAM G2 Brakes (formerly SRAM Guide)

G2 brakes are SRAM’s mid-tier option that hits the sweet spot between weight, stopping power, and adjustability. G2 brakes share a lot with the Level range, but have a stiffer caliper body, better pad material, and reinforcement for stronger braking.

  • Pistons : 4
  • Style : Trail, enduro
  • Models : G2 R, G2 RS, G2 RSC, G2 Ultimate

SRAM G2 brakes are the second generation of the former SRAM Guide range and feature impressive upgrades to a fan-favorite brake. The redesign strengthened the calipers, tightened tolerances, and introduced a more powerful organic pad compound.

3 tour sram

SRAM Code Brakes

It’s not hard to decipher that SRAM Code brakes are the best brakes available for conquering steep and chunky downhills. These top-of-the-line brakes impress with tool-free adjustability and a larger fluid reservoir for DH and enduro routes, as well as hefty electric mountain bikes.

  • Style : Downhill, enduro, ebikes
  • Models : Code R, Code RSC

SRAM Road Groupset Hierarchy

Whether you're shooting for PRs or podiums, check out SRAM's road groupset lineup and find the right drivetrain for your riding goals.

3 tour sram

Apex is the brand’s entry-level road groupset and has a wide gear range thanks to SRAM’s WiFLi system. Road riders can choose between 2x10 gearing or a more modern 1x11 setup with the Apex 1 group.

  • Gearing : 2x10 or 1x11
  • Max. cassette range : 11-32t
  • Models : Apex, Apex 1
  • Weight : 2,419g (rim)
  • eTap AXS compatibility : No

3 tour sram

SRAM Rival (eTap AXS compatible)

SRAM Rival squeezes in an extra gear than the Apex for a fast and smooth 12-speed system that’s a solid entry-point into SRAM’s performance groupset range. The Rival uses lighter materials and is configurable with eTap AXS to achieve electronic shifting.

  • Gearing : 2x12 or 1x12
  • Max. cassette range : 10-36t
  • Models : Rival, Rival 1
  • Weight : 2,349g
  • eTap AXS compatibility
  • Power meter : Available as an upgrade

3 tour sram

SRAM Rival eTap AXS Upgrade Kit

The Rival eTap AXS upgrade kit is SRAM's most accessible way into electronic road shifting. Time and time again riders give glowing reviews about how they've been able to upgrade to perfect shifting without spending the extra money on a brand new group.

3 tour sram

SRAM Force (eTap AXS compatible)

The next step up is SRAM Force that’s even lighter than Rival due to high-grade alloys and carbon fiber components that shave additional grams. Ideal for competitive road riding and available in multiple configurations, SRAM Force is in direct competition with Shimano Ultegra.

  • Gearing : 2x11 or 1x11 mechanical / 2x12 or 1x12 electronic
  • Models : Force, Force 1
  • Weight : 2,054g
  • eTap AXS compatibility : Yes

3 tour sram

SRAM Force eTap AXS Upgrade Kit

The Force eTap AXS upgrade kit is a cost-effective way to get the most out of your drivetrain and ride like the pros. This package offers the key features of the higher-spec Red eTap AXS, but keeps electronic shifting affordable.

Shop Force eTap AXS Upgrade Kits

3 tour sram


SRAM’s most advanced groupset is Red eTap AXS with electronic 12-speed shifting, and it's without a doubt the crème de la crème of lightweight road groupsets. With multiple Tour de France victories, SRAM Red delivers pro-level pace with lots of carbon fiber parts, titanium, and ceramic bearings.

  • Shifting : Electronic
  • Models : RED eTap AXS
  • Weight : 1,778g

SRAM Gravel Groupsets

While you can definitely run any of the road groups on your gravel bike, SRAM has designed a new, entirely gravel-focused groupset called XPLR that revolves around a 12 speed drivetrain.

3 tour sram


This is SRAM’s dedicated gravel groupset with an impressive 10/44t gear range and a tough 1x AXS rear derailleur available in Red, Force, and Rival builds.

  • Gearing : 1x12
  • Max. cassette range : 10-44t

What are the different levels of SRAM road brakes?

3 tour sram

SRAM Apex Brakes

Apex brakes feature a high-performance dual pivot design that’s approachable for amateur road riders. This entry-level brake is a great value and comes with mechanical rim brakes or hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Brake Type : Mechanical rim or hydraulic disc

3 tour sram

SRAM Rival Brakes

SRAM Rival goes up one spec level with extra clearance for tires up to 28mm and a high-quality SwissStop pad compound. This mid-tier brake shaves off a few grams and stays within budget.

3 tour sram

SRAM Force Brakes

SRAM Force brakes are even lighter and include titanium main pivot bolts as well as an indexed quick release lever. The rim model has skeletonized arms and a powerful return spring and the Force 1 groupset runs hydraulic disc brakes for all weather stopping control.

3 tour sram


These top-of-the-range brakes are engineered to be more aerodynamic and leverage extra braking power. SRAM Red can be configured with disc brakes. or rim brakes that feature SRAM’s AeroLink arms and specially designed quick release lever have a sleek profile in the wind.

If you don't need a full groupset, you can still shop for the individual SRAM parts that make up the group. Some groups can be mixed and matched so you can invest in the parts that matter most to you.

Shop All SRAM Parts Here

Or click the appropriate section below:

3 tour sram

SRAM Derailleurs

3 tour sram

SRAM Shifters

3 tour sram

SRAM Chains

3 tour sram

SRAM Cranksets

3 tour sram

SRAM Chainrings

3 tour sram

SRAM Cassettes

3 tour sram

SRAM Brakes, Levers, Pads, & Rotors

3 tour sram

SRAM Brake/Shift Combos

Why is it called sram.

SRAM is an acronym made up the name of the brand’s founders, Scott, Ray, and Sam.

What is the SRAM lineup?

There are various SRAM component levels available within the brand’s mountain, gravel, and road groupsets. These options range from entry-level to professional specs.

Is SRAM as good as Shimano?

SRAM vs Shimano is a common debate— SRAM tends to lead the high-end bicycle componentry market whereas Shimano provides a large share of entry-level and mid-tier parts to other manufacturers.

What does AXS mean for SRAM?

SRAM AXS (pronounced “access”) is the brand’s wireless component integration that builds upon eTap electronic shifting technology. AXS-compatible parts connect to a mobile app so users can customize component behavior, measure performance, monitor battery levels, and more.

What is the difference between eTap and AXS?

eTap refers to electronic shifting and AXS elevates that technology with additional software and app to monitor bike stats and component settings.

Is Eagle AXS worth it?

Eagle AXS is a worthwhile groupset for dedicated mountain bikers who prioritize smooth, consistent shifting and don't mind paying the premium for electronic gearing.

Is SRAM Guide the same as G2?

SRAM G2 is the upgraded version of the brand's mid-tier mountain bike brake range formerly known as SRAM Guide.

What are the levels of SRAM Eagle?

SRAM Eagle is available in the versions (from cost low to high): SX, NX, GX, X01, XX1. The three higher-end groupsets are compatible with AXS wireless shifting.

How do I order SRAM parts?

SRAM parts can be purchased on our online store or at any of our five California locations. Shop All SRAM Parts

Regular programs

Information for international applicants

Regular applicants

Here are the important dates for the Fall 2024 admissions:

Here are the important dates for the Winter 2025 admissions:

The dates indicated in bold are important because they must absolutely be respected. No exceptions will be made once the deadline has passed.

Applications that have not been completed by the deadline are automatically carried forward to the next round. In this case, there is a chance that no places will be available in the program initially chosen. As such, it is very important to check if there are any places remaining in the next round and exactly how many are left. If there are no places left, you will be required to modify your choice before the round’s deadline and, of course, complete your application. 

If you receive a decision indicating that you are admitted (mettre l’icône admis dans admission.sram), the CEGEP will then contact you to provide information on important dates for registration. These dates must absolutely be respected. Otherwise, you risk losing the place that was attributed to you during the admission process.

International applicants

The following deadlines apply to international applicants submitting an application for admission:

CEGEP's decision will be posted in your online file . Incomplete applications will not be sent to CEGEPs for evaluation.

If you receive a decision indicating that you are admitted, the CEGEP will then contact you to provide information on important dates for registration. These dates must absolutely be respected. Otherwise, you risk losing the place that was attributed to you during the admission process.  

3 tour sram

Ready to apply?

SRAM DD3 IGH 3 Speed Hub with SHIFTER

  • Making sure the age of the rider is at least 16 years old.
  • If the user modifies the bike to go faster you do so at your own risk.
  • Understanding that this is an off-road bike for off-road use.
  • The rider will adhere to applicable helmet and safety laws.
  • 3 speed internal geared hub
  • Includes the shifter unit
  • The most durable 3 speed IGH we know of
  • 186% gear reduction between 1st and 3rd 
  • 2nd gear is straight through and can take thousands of watts of power
  • Read our story on the how awesome an IGH is on an electric bike
  • disc or rim brake compatible
  • 135mm dropouts

Unlike other shops we are selling this as a kit with a shifter. 

This is an IGH (internal gear hub) with 3 speeds built into the hub. 

For those mid drive owners  who are bummed about losing their front gear clusters, this unit offers the same 3 speed reduction (186 percent) that a   typical front triple would  offer, and then gives you up to 30 gears (with a 10 speed cassette).

This unit basically takes the place of a front derailleur system, or can be used as a sole transmission on an ebike with no derailleurs (3 speeds).

It will accept 9 speed cassettes or can be run with a single speed with a converter. (we can offer the single speed kit for an extra price.) The included shifter will allow you to pair the device with almost any standard 1:1 derailler on the market. There are some Shimano deraillers that have a 2:1 shift ratio that will not work with this setup but all SRAM derailler should work.

Although the SRAM DD3 can be used with a cassette to give you an outrageous number of gears which some people love. We at luna like to use this as a 3 speed and think 3 speeds is enough for a high powered ebike. 

IGHs are full of nice benefits. You can shift while standing still in the middle of a hill. 

It is important to not shift an IGH under serious load as you can damage the mechanism. Just cut the power and stop pedaling, shift, then lay on the power again. Most PAS systems have a short delay before power is enabled so that should be enough time for the IGH to shift without damaging it. If you are worried about it getting trashed then you can always add a gear sensor to your setup then you can shift whenever you want, even when pedaling.

SRAM DD3 is a unique shifting system that combines a three-speed gear hub with a traditional cassette body controlled by a derailleur. It gives you all the gearing you need, but simplifies the system by putting all the controls in one hand. This means a bike that's easier to use, and lets you focus on what you love most: riding.

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Tour Tech: why are pro riders using SRAM 12-speed set-ups that are unavailable to the public?

Both Movistar and Trek-Segafredo are riding team-issue only SRAM chainrings in this year's Tour de France. We look at the reasons why

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tour de france tech

Alejandro Valverde, at 40, is the oldest man in this year’s Tour de France . But that didn’t stop him showing up in Nice aboard an unreleased Canyon Aeroad equipped with SRAM chainrings big enough to eat your dinner off.

Clearly Movistar’s elder statesman still has the legs for another loop around France, selecting a huge 54/41t set-up for the race’s flatter stages. It’s not a gear-range for the faint-hearted. And it’s not a gear-range available to the general public.

Movistar made the switch to SRAM groupsets at the start of the 2020, ending their decades-old relationship with Campagnolo.

Like their Italian counterparts, SRAM produce a 12-speed road groupset, with the Movistar team using its RED eTap AXS offering. However, buy this groupset off-the-peg and the only road race-ready option is a 50/37t chainset (other options are 48/35t and 46/33t).

>>> Tour Tech: Why are pros running MTB discs and is that a new set of Shimano wheels?

The Spanish team began the year using these 'standard' chainrings. However, like members of the Trek-Segafredo outfit, the other WorldTour team sponsored by SRAM, riders quickly began experimenting with ‘team-issue’ chainrings in more conventional sizes.

Fast forward to this year's Tour and both teams are using larger SRAM chainrings that currently can’t be bought at your local bike shop.

In the mountains, Trek-Segafredo's team leader Ritchie Porte has opted for 52-39t chainrings with a 10-30t cassette on his Emonda SLR. If 52-10 sounds like a pretty tall gear, it is.

And here perhaps is the reason why the SRAM-equipped riders in this year’s race are running larger chainrings. They probably aren’t using that 10t sprocket.

3 tour sram

While SRAM designed their 12-speed road groupsets around that very starting sprocket, it appears for professional racers it’s not required.

>>> Tour de France 2020 standings: latest results

The reason, it seems, is drivetrain friction. There’s been plenty of testing done on the subject. Results show smaller chainrings paired with smaller sprockets produce more drag than a larger combination achieving the same gear ratio.

48x10t and 53x11t produce an equivalent gear inch but the latter, when ridden at the same speed, requires fewer watts to sustain it. In short, it's another marginal gain.

However for those of us not paid to race a bike, there's little need to tamper with SRAM's AXS groupsets. In fact, the science behind its 12-speed offerings makes a lot of sense for mere mortals.

>>> New Canyon Aeroad: Warren Barguil and Alejandro Valverde riding latest aero bike at Tour de France

The 10t sprocket essentially moves a portion of the gear range from the front of the bike to the back. Bingo. Smaller chainrings and cassettes, with reduced jumps between gears, allowing riders to remain in the same chainring for longer. Which, in essence, is far more efficient.

But if you want to ride what the pros ride you may, at some point, be in luck. Production is mere speculation, but the larger chainrings Movistar and Trek-Segafredo are using at the Tour look very refined and have clearly progressed from examples spotted at races earlier in the calendar. 

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Luke Friend has worked as a writer, editor and copywriter for twenty five years. Across books, magazines and websites, he's covered a broad range of topics for a range of clients including Major League Baseball, the National Trust and the NHS. He has an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University and is a qualified bicycle mechanic. He has been a cycling enthusiast from an early age, partly due to watching the Tour de France on TV. He's a keen follower of bike racing to this day as well as a regular road and gravel rider. 

Tadej Pogacar

It's the Tour of Mind Games and Tadej Pogačar's UAE-Team Emirates are on the back foot

By Chris Marshall-Bell Published 10 July 24

Strava's new Family Plan

Strava aims to enhance these befits of community with the launch of a new Family Plan that can be shared among any four friends, family members or teammates.

By Anne-Marije Rook Published 10 July 24

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HQ Tour: Inside SRAM's Drivetrain Development Facility

Image Ralf Hauser

Cool Features

Canyon logo

Women's WorldTour Team CANYON//SRAM Racing unveil new jersey and bike artworks

Canyon//sram racing present a kit collection designed exclusively for the tour de france femmes avec zwift, as well as special-edition canyon aeroad and ultimate cfr race bikes. .


Embargoed until Friday 21 July 2023, 11:00 – Last year’s first ever Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift heralded a new era in women's pro cycling. Now, Women's WorldTour Team CANYON//SRAM Racing are celebrating the race’s second edition on 23-30 July with an exclusive new kit collection and two Canyon CFR race bikes to match. 

Cycling’s new avant-garde 

Canyon have been all-in on women’s cycling for years, proudly supporting CANYON//SRAM Racing since 2016. Since its inception, CANYON//SRAM Racing has been a place for women to ride as a team, work as a team, and push women’s cycling to a whole new level as a team. 

With fifteen riders from nine different countries, the team is home to a diverse group of highly ambitious women who are actively shaping the future of cycling – and acting as role models for future generations of young cyclists to come. With their status as one of the world’s elite teams, CANYON//SRAM Racing are dedicated to fostering, supporting, and promoting the women’s cycling community worldwide – backed by a world-class team behind the scenes. 

The success story of CANYON//SRAM Racing is one driven by selfless teamwork and collaboration. To realise the potential of every athlete, every team member must operate together in perfect harmony – from physios, chefs, and mechanics, all the way to the sporting director. The team behind the team, working tirelessly with the same common goal: to provide an environment where the riders thrive and perform at their peak. CANYON//SRAM Racing, operating together with partners Zwift and SRAM, are a case in point of how sharing a vision and pulling out all the stops to achieve it can take you to the very top. And with a fresh new jersey to celebrate the upcoming 2023 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, the team has never looked so strong. 

From the beginning of CANYON//SRAM Racing, one of our main imperatives has been to increase the visibility of women’s cycling worldwide. Together with our main partners Canyon, SRAM, Zwift as well as Elite and Giro, we want to celebrate the 2023 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift with a standout special edition artwork designed by Canyon that we’ll use on our clothing, helmets, bottles, and bikes at this year’s race. One more iconic CANYON//SRAM Racing kit, one more step towards raising awareness of women’s cycling and helping cement the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift as a headline global event for years to come.  Ronny Lauke, Team Manager


Standout designs for a standout team 

Canyon//SRAM Racing’s achievements speak for themselves, with Kasia Niewiadoma’s win at the 2019 Amstel Gold Race and second place in the General Classification at the Giro Donne 2020 underlining the team’s credentials as one of the leading lights of the women’s peloton. At last year’s Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift, Canyon//SRAM Racing reached a new peak, with an incredible collaborative effort earning a Team Classification victory and Kasia again making the podium with a third place General Classification ranking. 

As a tribute to this remarkable team performance – and to draw attention to the women’s peloton in anticipation of the 2023 race – Ricarda Bauernfeind, Elise Chabbey, Kasia Niewiadoma, Soraya Paladin, Agnieszka Skalniak-Sójka, Alice Towers, and Sarah Roy will be competing in the second Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift with a new jersey and specially designed Canyon Aeroad CFR and Ultimate CFR bikes sporting a new bold and brilliant artwork.  


CANYON//SRAM Racing Limited Edition Jersey  

From the moment they burst onto the racing scene in 2015, CANYON//SRAM Racing have left an indelible mark on the sport with a series of progressive, dazzling designs that have become a proud legacy of the team. 

The team’s new, refreshed Limited Edition Jersey draws inspiration from their iconic Astral Burn aesthetic originally presented in 2015, now in a new iteration that capturing the untamed chaos of the elements to pulsate with the energy and dynamism that CANYON//SRAM Racing promise to bring to the 2023 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. 

Canyon's Global Creative Director, Ultan Coyle, explains the design ethos behind the new kit: “As with the Astral Burn design, I used satellite imagery of weather systems as a base and then layered meteorological data and wind patterns to give the print depth and chaos. In the latest iteration, we're adding in bold pink and orange tones as a nod to the colours of team partner Zwift.”  

Manufactured by premium sportswear brand Etxeondo in the Basque Country, the Limited Edition Jersey combines an aerodynamic, women’s specific design with a comfortable fit that feels like a second skin. The limited-edition skinsuit goes one better, using premium PUSH+ fabric and featuring a full-length zip on the back. The suit reduces drag to an absolute minimum and is equipped with an Urraki chamois that absorbs moisture and reduces skin irritation.  

The collection will also feature a Limited Edition Race Cap and a Limited Edition T-Shirt. All products in the lineup feature Coyle's latest design and will be worn by the team during and after stages of the 2023 Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift. 

The CANYON//SRAM Racing Limited Edition collection will launch on Friday 21 July 2023, exclusively at canyon.com . 

  • Download PDF

About Canyon

Canyon is one of the most innovative bike brands in the world. The concept began in founder Roman Arnold’s garage and grew to be the world’s largest direct-to-customer manufacturer of road bikes , mountain bikes , triathlon bikes , gravel bikes , hybrid bikes , and electric bikes .

Canyon have earned their glowing reputation for innovation through consistently using advanced materials, thinking, and technology. The iconic Canyon design is easy to identify. Alongside being boldly competitive and ever-expanding, they are committed to making the global cycling community accessible for every rider.

While Canyon partners with some of the finest athletes on the planet, their mission, ‘Inspire to Ride’, highlights how they work to promote the power of cycling to everyone.

Canyon products are exclusively available online at  www.canyon.com .

Contact details

  • Ben Hillsdon
  • Global Communication Manager

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Related topics, related news.

  • 11 July 2024

High-performance Road and Off-road CFR race shoes for Canyon’s footwear debut

  • 11 June 2024

Canyon has announced the launch of its first-ever CLLCTV streetwear collection, with two initial drops known as the Core collection and Concrete College collection.

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Team Profile


3 tour sram

  • Ricarda Bauernfeind
  • Shari Bossuyt
  • Neve Bradbury
  • Elise Chabbey
  • Tiffany Cromwell
  • Maike Van der Duin
  • Chloe Dygert
  • Alex Morrice
  • Antonia Niedermaier
  • Katarzyna Niewiadoma
  • Soraya Paladin
  • Pauliena Rooijakkers
  • Agnieszka Skalniak
  • Alice Towers

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AG Insurance and Ceratizit-WNT snag Women's WorldTour licences for 2024

By Jackie Tyson published 12 December 23

News UCI confirms 15 women's teams for top tier of racing across next two years

Kasia Niewiadoma wins 2023 Big Sugar Gravel in the rainbow jersey

All's well that ends well – Niewiadoma conquers 'terrifying' season finale, builds confidence for 2024

By Maria David published 28 November 23

Feature The Canyon-SRAM rider and gravel world champion reflects on what she learnt in 2023 and how it will help in the year ahead

Ben Healy (EF Education-EasyPost) and Charlotte Kool (DSM-Firmenich) are two of our breakthrough riders of the 2023 season

The 10 biggest breakthrough riders of 2023

By James Moultrie, Daniel Ostanek published 16 November 23

In-Depth Healy, Kool, Uijtdebroeks, Realini among our picks of those riders who took a major impact this season

Alice Towers

Alice Towers: Flying sky high but still staying grounded

By Kirsten Frattini published 14 November 23

Interview 'It's been crazy ... it wasn't long ago that I was still at school and not even riding full-time' says the 21-year-old British rider

Kasia Niewiadoma (Poland) takes gold at the 2023 UCI Gravel World Championships ahead of Silvia Persico (Italy) and Demi Vollering (Netherlands)

'A victory that repays an entire season' – Niewiadoma claims world title at first gravel race

By Simone Giuliani published 7 October 23

News Rider from Poland delivers first UCI race win since 2019 in women's elite race at UCI Gravel World Championships in Italy

Tiffany Cromwell (Canyon-SRAM) at the Tour de Suisse in June 2023

Tiffany Cromwell reboots attack mode ahead of Gravel World Championships

By Simone Giuliani published 6 October 23

Interview ‘I know in gravel I can be competitive’ says Australian who is among the rainbow jersey favourites in 2023

TORGON SWITZERLAND SEPTEMBER 16 Katarzyna Niewiadoma of Poland and CanyonSRAM Racing Team crosses the finish line as second place during the 2nd Tour de Romandie Feminin 2023 Stage 2 a 1108km stage from Romont to Torgon 1097m UCIWWT on September 16 2023 in Torgon Switzerland Photo by Dario BelingheriGetty Images

Niewiadoma: I don’t have the easy answer for SD Worx ‘sandwich’

By Lukas Knöfler published 16 September 23

News Canyon-SRAM rider settles for second place and continues four-year drought for stage victory

Zoe Bäckstedt in the Canyon-SRAM jersey

Zoe Bäckstedt signs with Canyon-SRAM through 2026

By Laura Weislo published 1 September 23

News Briton inks three-year deal to start with 2023-2024 cyclocross season

Kasia Niewiadoma (Canyon-SRAM) won the best climber’s polk-dot jersey

Tour de France Femmes - Niewiadoma takes home polka-dots, amazing feelings

By Lukas Knöfler published 30 July 23

News Young teammates and new DS important influences on 28-year-old’s Tour

Tour de France Femmes 2023: Kasia Niewiadoma (Canyon-SRAM) pushing the pace out the front on the Col d'Aspin with Annemiek van Vleuten (Movistar) and Demi Vollering (SD Worx)

Niewiadoma faces Tour de France time trial with 'good legs' and groundwork laid

By Simone Giuliani published 30 July 23

News 'I came here to fight for a podium, so I will not let go of that' says second-placed Canyon-SRAM rider after aggressive queen stage

3 tour sram



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The New 2025 Salsa Cutthroat is Here

2024 outer shell drawcord handlebar bag

Previous Dispatch From Tue Jul 9, 2024

Introducing the Updated Outer Shell Drawcord Handlebar Bag

Author Photo

Hot on the heels of the Tour Divide, the race it was designed for, the latest Salsa Cutthroat now features SRAM UDH dropouts, an updated carbon fork, and fresh build kits. Check out the new 2025 Salsa Cutthroat here…

The Salsa Cutthroat is an ultra-endurance mixed-surface bike inspired by the Tour Divide. It was first released in 2015 and is always the most popular bike choice in our annual Tour Divide rig roundup. For example, this year, 25% of the 150 Tour Divide rig submissions we received were Cutthroats, and it’s a similar story every year. In 2019, Salsa updated the Cutthroat with a boost-spaced fork, more tire clearance, flat-mount brakes, and several other small design and geometry tweaks.

2025 Salsa Cutthroat

Beyond spec and color changes, today marks the first update in a number of years, and while it might not be the complete redesign some folks were hoping for, it still looks promising. So, what’s new? It’s no surprise to see the SRAM UDH compatibility on the 2025 Salsa Cutthroat, allowing for SRAM Transmission drivetrains. The Cutthroat’s carbon fork has been updated with a carbon steerer on all models, which they claim is 32% more compliant than the original. The fork has internal dynamo and brake routing, three-pack mounts, a 483mm axle-to-crown, and is backward compatible with all Cutthroat frames. They’ve also updated the abrasion-resistant plates on the fork and frame with a new material, helping protect the frame from mud and debris.

Aside from those small changes, the only other notable updates come in the form of paint jobs and build kits. The 2025 Salsa Cutthroat still has plenty of mounting options for cages, bags, and other accessories, the frame has clearance for 29 x 2.4″ tires with room for 29 x 3.0″ in the front, and it compatible with both 1x and 2x drivetrains as well as dropper posts.

2025 Salsa Cutthroat

2025 Salsa Cutthroat Geometry

*Measurements based on 29 x 2.2″ tires

2025 Salsa Cutthroat

2025 Salsa Cutthroat Rival GX AXS Transmission

Salsa is launching the updated Cutthroat with a brand new SRAM Rival GX AXS Transmission build, featuring a 1×12 Transmission drivetrain, Salsa Cowchipper bars, DT Swiss X1900 wheels, and 29 x 2.2″ Teravail Sparwood tires. It’s priced at $5,499 USD. Check out the complete build kit below and then head over to SalsaCycles.com to see more.

  • Frame: 2025 Salsa Cutthroat
  • Fork: Salsa Cutthroat Deluxe
  • Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX AXS Transmission
  • Cassette: SRAM XS-1275, 10-52T
  • Crankset: SRAM GX Eagle, 34T
  • Shifter: SRAM Rival AXS Hydraulic
  • Rotors: SRAM CenterLine 160mm
  • Headset: FSA No.42/ACB
  • Stem: Salsa Guide
  • Handlebar: Salsa Cowchipper
  • Seatpost: TranzX 90mm dropper
  • Saddle: WTB SL8
  • Wheels: DT Swiss X1900
  • Tire: Teravail Sparwood 29 x 2.2″, Durable Casing

2025 Salsa Cutthroat

2025 Salsa Cutthroat Frameset

For those looking to build up a custom rig, the 2025 Salsa Cutthroat is also available as a frameset for $2,499 USD. That price includes the frame, new fork, and an FSA headset. Check it out here .

2025 Salsa Cutthroat

Head over to SalsaCycles.com or your local Salsa dealer to learn more.

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Pipedream A.L.I.C.E. Review

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3 tour sram

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3 tour sram

Neve Bradbury takes first pro victory in Canyon-Sram one-two on stage 3 of the Tour de Suisse

N eve Bradbury (Canyon-Sram) took a memorable first professional win at the Tour de Suisse on Monday, chaperoned by her team-mate Kasia Niewiadoma. 

The 22-year-old Australian, who earned a pro contract when she won the Zwift Academy in 2020 , was part of the early breakaway on stage three to Champagne. She broke away with her Polish team-mate on a climb with 16km remaining, before the duo rode in tandem to the finish to secure first and second. 

Smiling after the line, Niewiadoma pulled the young Australian in for a hug and kissed her on the cheek in celebration. 

“It's crazy. I didn't think at the start of today that I'd be winning this stage," Bradbury said afterwards. "We really wanted to win this stage and make it a really hard race, and that's what we did, so it's great.” 

The Canyon-Sram rider added that, once she and Niewiadoma were clear, there was little discussion about who would win the stage. 

"The plan was to let me get the win to get the bonus seconds because I'm a bit higher on the GC," she said. "It would have been nice to gift Kasia the win because she was really strong, really, really strong, but in the end, it's for the GC.”

Bradbury's victory put an end to Demi Vollering's winning streak at the race, after the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift champion claimed back-to-back victories in the opening two stages. 

Sixth on the day, Vollering continues to lead the general classification by one minute and 22 seconds. Bradbury rose seven places to second, with Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek) in third. 

How it happened

Stage three of the Tour de Suisse Women traced a looping line north between Lake Geneva and Lake Neuchâtel. Starting in Vevey, it stretched out 125.6km and clocked almost 2,000m of elevation over a series of category two and three climbs. 

A five-rider breakaway formed inside 90km to go, spearheaded by Canyon-Sram duo Niewiadoma and Bradbury. Also present were Roland's Elena Pirrone, Visma-Lease a Bike's Femke de Vries, and Lidl-Trek's Amanda Spratt, the group's best-placed rider in the GC, three minutes and 28 seconds in arrears. 

The escapees' advantage yo-yoed between two and three minutes throughout the day, as the race weaved through verdant Swiss towns. On the final climb – a 4km-long kicker with 16km to go – Bradbury and Niewiadoma wriggled off the front, distancing their breakaway companions.

Behind, Vollering chose the same slopes to ramp up the pace in the peloton. The yellow jersey swiftly peeled away from the bunch, towing Elisa Longo Borghini, Gaia Realini (Lidl-Trek) and Kim Cadzow (EF-Education Cannondale), each with their own GC ambitions. 

A descent to the line in Champagne followed, but the gap to the leaders remained the same. Bradbury and Niewiadoma hit in excess of 73km/h as the road tilted downhill, holding off the bunch, and setting up a classy victory for the team. 

The Tour de Suisse Women concludes on Tuesday with another lumpy stage in Champagne. 

Tour de Suisse Women 2024, stage three: Vevey > Champagne (125.6km)

1. Neve Bradbury (Aus) Canyon-SRAM, in 3:16:36

2. Kasia Niewiadoma (Pol) Canyon-SRAM, at same time

3. Femke De Vries (Ned) Visma-Lease a Bike, +1:55

4. Amanda Spratt (Aus) Lidl-Trek, at same time

5. Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) Lidl-Trek, +2:11

6. Demi Vollering (Ned) SD Worx-Protime

7. Gaia Realini (Ita) Lidl-Trek

8. Kim Cadzow (NZl) EF Education-Cannondale, all at same time

9. Elena Pirrone (Ita) Roland, +2:49

10. Brodie Chapman (Aus) Lidl-Trek, +2:53

General classification after stage three

1. Demi Vollering (Ned) SD Worx-Protime, in 5:45:34

2. Neve Bradbury (Aus) Canyon-SRAM, +1:22

3. Elisa Longo Borghini (Ita) Lidl-Trek, +1:26

4. Gaia Realini (Ita) Lidl-Trek, +1:28

5. Kim Cadzow (NZl) EF Education-Cannondale, +1:39

6. Kasia Niewiadoma (Pol) Canyon-SRAM, +2:14

7. Juliette Labous (Fra) dsm-firmenich PostNL, +2:56

8. Amanda Spratt (Aus) Lidl-Trek, +3:11

9. Antonia Niedermaier (Ger) Canyon-SRAM, +3:22

10. Femke De Vries (Ned) Visma-Lease a Bike, +4:11

 Neve Bradbury takes first pro victory in Canyon-Sram one-two on stage 3 of the Tour de Suisse

Power Rankings: ISCO Championship

Power Rankings

Change Text Size

For the fourth time this season, PGA TOUR members who are not in the field of the week's 500-point FedExCup event are treated with an Additional Event to chase similar rewards, and it’s a construct that will repeat next week.

The ISCO Championship is the Additional Event contested concurrently with this week’s Genesis Scottish Open. It will be followed by the Barracuda Championship opposite The Open Championship. Each field reserves space for 156 golfers with about one-third of it at both Additional Events consisting of DP World Tour members.

The Champions Trace Course at Keene Trace Golf Club in Nicholasville, Kentucky, hosts the ISCO for the sixth time. Details on how it sets up, special stipulations regarding performance and more are below the ranking of those projected to contend.


  • Neal Shipley … While his contemporaries were hogging the attention in the Quad Cities, he was merely an observer after missing the cut, but don’t forget about him. He’s already performed well enough to know that he belongs, and with everything to gain, he can open the throttle and go flag-hunting. Keene Trace is the ideal stage for his talent to shine.
  • John Marshall Butler … Just when you were wondering who’s next, the recent national champion at Auburn enters the chat. After upending Neal Shipley in the semifinals of the NCAA Division 1 Championship, 2 and 1, he clinched the title by defeating Luke Clanton by the same score in the anchor match of the finale. Butler, who is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, also captured victories in two of his last three starts before the SEC Championship. Scaled to as high as 30th in the World Amateur Golf Ranking.
  • J.J. Spaun … At 150th in the FedExCup and with his winner’s exemption expiring this year, he’s answering the bell after months of silence. Couldn’t find any traction until a T10 at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. That laid the foundation for a T23 at the John Deere Classic. Second appearance at Keene Trace (T47, 2021).
  • Andrea Pavan … The 35-year-old from Italy is twice a winner on the DP World Tour but he needed a return to the Challenge Tour in 2023 to regain his status. He flourished with a win, a second and another two top 10s among 13 top 20s on the developmental circuit. That work has yielded a return to consistency with his irons as he’s currently 20th in greens hit back it the big leagues. More importantly, he’s 53rd in the Race to Dubai thanks primarily to a pair of recent top-five finishes among four top 25s on the season.

While the Genesis Scottish Open and The Open are great gets and potentially career-defining opportunities, there are only four weeks of tournaments before the field of 70 is determined for the FedExCup Playoffs, so the timing of being able to stay in the U.S. to pursue that long-range goal is invaluable on multiple levels.

Fittingly for the region arguably known best for its thoroughbreds, at least as it concerns outdoor sports, Keene Trace presents as a racetrack on which the competitors can keep rallies rolling or find their games. Scoring on the stock par 72 that tips at 7,328 yards has landed within a half-stroke on either side of 70 in all previous editions. Last year’s 70.43 is the highest but the final round (68.88) was one of the lowest of all courses all season.

Bentgrass greens averaging 6,000 square feet are prepped to 11 1/2 feet on the Stimpmeter. That’s a bone thrown to the 50 DP World Tour members in the field who are accustomed to such speeds as they globetrot. And that doesn’t factor in how soft the course might be at the jump.

What’s left of Hurricane Beryl will skirt northwest of the greater Lexington area overnight on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, thus potentially impacting practice and the pro-am, but it’ll be long gone by the time the tournament launches proper on Thursday morning. When it does, criminally calm air will mean green lights all day long amid sunshine and a high temperature in the mid-80s. The only difference for Friday’s second round will be heating to maybe 90 degrees which locks in for the weekend. Breezes freshen ever so slightly after the cut falls.

If the champion is a PGA TOUR member, he banks 300 FedExCup points and exemptions into the 2025 editions of The Sentry, THE PLAYERS Championship and the PGA Championship. (A berth into the Masters is not a benefit for winning an Additional Event.) His membership exemption also will be extended in the winners category through 2026.

If the champion is not a PGA TOUR member, his membership exemption, which is optional to accept, would extend only through 2025. Also, the 300 FedExCup points would not contribute to a membership total in 2024.

The provision for top-10 exemptions also is modified. It does not apply to non-members for whom it would otherwise pay forward for entry into the Barracuda. However, for DP World Tour members only, a top-five finish would yield entry into Barracuda via the spots reserved for that circuit. This is how Adrien Saddier gained entry into the Barracuda last year after finishing T3 at the ISCO.


* - Rob is a member of the panel for PGATOUR.COM’s Expert Picks for PGA TOUR Fantasy Golf, which also publishes on Tuesday.

Rob Bolton is a Golfbet columnist for the PGA TOUR. The Chicagoland native has been playing fantasy golf since 1994, so he was just waiting for the Internet to catch up with him. Follow Rob Bolton on Twitter .

1 person dead, 2 missing after tour chopper crash off Kauai’s Na Pali Coast

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One person was confirmed dead and two others were missing Thursday following a tour helicopter crash off Kauai’s Na Pali Coast, authorities said.

The crash happened about 1:20 p.m. fronting the Hanakoa Valley.

Mayor Derek Kawakami offered his condolences to the families.

“While we do not know all the details surrounding the incident at this time, we do know that our first responders are doing everything they can in this emergency operation,” he said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all involved.”

Meanwhile, multiple agencies are continuing to search for the two others onboard.

One person was killed and two others were missing after a helicopter crash Thursday.

The FAA said the chopper that went down was a Robinson R44. Sources confirmed to Hawaii News Now that the helicopter belonged to Ali’i Air Tours and Charters, based in Lihue.

Officials said the person found dead was recovered about 2:25 p.m.

The identities of those onboard were not released.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the loved ones of those involved in this terrible incident,” said acting Gov. Sylvia Luke, in a news release.

In addition to Kauai County first responders on scene, the Coast Guard and Hawaii Emergency Management crews were dispatched. The FAA and NTSB will also be investigating.

Officials said hikers along the Kalalau Trail witnessed the helicopter crash into the water and reported the incident to dispatchers. Search and rescue operations with county assets will be paused at sundown, but the Coast Guard will search throughout the evening Thursday.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Copyright 2024 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

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Rep. Mark Nakashima official photo.

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Tour de France Behind The Scenes & Sports Tech!

3 tour sram

The Tour de France is in full swing, and with it, a few days ago, the time trial stage. That’s always an interesting opportunity to check out which sports tech riders are using, such as bike computers, trainers, as well as things like laundry machines and fans (the swirling variety, not the screaming variety).

In the above video I give a walk-through of the entire team/technical zone (called the paddock), where I show how it all works. From the warm-up routines/schedules, to each step along the way from warm-up to the starting gate (including UCI checks, additional warm-up trainers at the starting gate, and more). And obviously, we talk pineapples too.

Now when it comes to Tour de France stages, they’re basically in two core buckets: Regular stages and Time Trial Stages. I suppose there’s now gravel stages too, but we’ll keep things simple. These two buckets employ different bikes, and we see teams use additional equipment not typically used on a road stage. For example, very few riders will warm-up for a regular road stage – since the warm-up is built into the first 10KM or so of the race. Some teams will use trainers for a cool-down after a stage though.

Likewise, when it comes to bikes, being different bikes we often see different groupset configurations used, as well as different bike computers and bike computer mounts used. For example, at this year’s time trial stage, I saw even more teams using the tiny (and old) Garmin Edge 130 Plus than any previous time trial stages:

3 tour sram

If you’re looking for marginal gains at the absolute pointy end of this TT, I suppose saving a few grams and possible aero hit, in this area makes sense. Of course, sometimes it’s just logically easier to fit mount-wise within the aerobar gap space.

Of course, the use of TT bikes means this isn’t a good stage to take a closer look at which bike computers teams are normally using. And likewise, which power meters companies are normally using. Most of the power meter pieces do line-up to their team Shimano/SRAM sponsorships, with an exception for one team on SRM (Team UAE). There are 15 teams on Shimano, 4 teams on SRAM, and 3 teams split on FSA or SRM.

But on normal road stages, you’ll also be able to sometimes sneak a look at which Shimano teams are putting power meter pedals on there to get more accurate data. Teams continue to pressure Shimano in this area, and outside of visible races where people like me take photos of bikes, many Shimano-equipped teams and riders are using power meter pedals for more accurate training power data.

3 tour sram

Now, while some things aren’t easily seen at TT stages – one item that’s not easily seen at regular stages is trainers. Thus, let’s dive into that. As always, all of these trainer partnerships are sponsored by their respective manufacturers. Notably, we saw Elite announce the Elite Justo 2 and Elite Avanti trainers just two days prior at Eurobike 2024 , and sure enough, a number of the Elite teams were using those during their warmups. Some Justo 2, some Avanti. Here, a Justo 2:

3 tour sram

However, the most interesting Elite tidbit was probably the one unannounced item, the below trainer with Team Decathlon:

3 tour sram

At first glance I saw the long-available Elite Direto XR , but then I noticed the “Team Edition” sticker. I figured that was just a random marketing thing since it was with the team, but after texting with Elite, turns out that’s actually a legit new edition of the Elite Direto XR with new software features.

Specifically, this new Elite Direto XR Team Edition will feature: Race Mode (10Hz data transfer), Shimano Di2 Trainer Control, Pain Break, and Standalone Mode. It’ll be available exclusively at Decathlon later this summer. A clever partnership, and cool to see Elite add those features in.

Beyond that, we saw Tacx kit out some of their teams with the Tacx NEO 3M , but others were on the Tacx NEO 2T . As usual, Tacx had skinned their trainers (NEO 3M units) for teams currently holding title jerseys, like the KOM/sprinter/etc jerseys.

3 tour sram

Interestingly, I found out via Instagram, that the skinning of these trainers isn’t done directly by Tacx, but rather a 3rd party company, Wrap My Bike .

We see similar skinning/stickers of trainers for teams by Wahoo as well, such as this one for Team EF:

3 tour sram

And further, we see skinning of bike computers too. You can see yellow jersey holder Tadej Pogačar, with his yellow-decal Wahoo BOLT V2:

3 tour sram

In any event, here’s the complete run-down of which teams were using which trainers. In cases where there may have been a mixture, I went with whatever trainer was most prevalent. In most cases though, when there was an odd-ball trainer, it was usually just one or two of a different model.

3 tour sram

Oh, and lastly, near the starting gate for the TT, you’ll have found a collection of trainers for riders to ride on. It’s unclear to me if various teams were leaving these there for all riders, or how it was working. But there was basically a Noah’s Ark of trainers down there, at least one, if not two from each brand to ensure riders had options in case they wanted to continue their warm-up right down to the final seconds. These were usually done on secondary road bikes the team mechanics brought down:

3 tour sram

Though, there were two sets of Elite rollers floating around as well, in case a rider wanted to do so on his TT bike and not deal with the last second wheel swap.

With that – stay tuned for more sports tech in some future Tour de France stages, as well as the women’s side (since that handily starts in the Netherlands this year, where I live).

Thanks for reading!


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Pink. Yellow. And RED.

SRAM athletes win every 2023 Grand Tour

Dear rider,

Sepp Kuss’ victory in the men’s Vuelta completes a remarkable statistic. In 2023, a SRAM-sponsored athlete racing RED eTap AXS won every Grand Tour on the calendar. Each victory had tense, exciting and fast racing, but also represents months and years of painstaking work, many many parts coming together to create a whole.

Sepp Kuss, Primoz Roglic, and JOnas Vingegaard cross the finish line together at the Vuelta a Espana

Today we have the privilege to work with many of the world’s best athletes in men’s and women’s professional road cycling.  Sepp Kuss, Demi Vollering , Jonas Vingegaard ,   Primož Roglič , and Annemiek van Vleuten didn’t win the biggest races on earth because of SRAM, but their drivetrains were designed to handle the weeks of intensity as they pursue victory. Years of development to ensure our power meters are accurate and reliable, our gearing options allow optimization for every stage, and our brakes are comfortable and easy to use on long days, is proven out over the 313 hours and 12,621 km of the men’s and women’s Giro, Tour and Vuelta.

Demi Vollering wins the Tour de France stage on the tourmalet

Our part of this story began in 2005 when we got a big idea to go road racing, and Team Orbea and Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada agreed to join us. We believed that having professional racers as a part of our development process would push us to make our best possible product. Having them put their faith in our vision gave us both the inspiration and the pressure to deliver race worthy products and started us on a great path into the road world.

Annemiek van Vleuten wins the Giro Donne and Vuelta Femenina

At SRAM we race because we love it when our athletes succeed, we race because it puts our products into the toughest environments, and because it drives our team to deliver products and support that is truly world class. We have a bigger team than we did in 2005, a much more complete and advanced set of products that we deliver, but it remains our commitment, our passion, and our effort that drives us. 

Jonas Vingegaard lifts his bike over his head after winning the men's Tour de France.

I look back on the hard work, the amazing relationships, the trust, the commitments and the challenges, with pride, but also with the responsibility to continue to push ourselves to work as hard as our athletes and their teams do to meet their goals.  We are truly honored to be able to play a small part in their success.  We will take a moment to celebrate this special year, and we will again say a big collective thank you to all of you who have played a part of this result. Then we’ll get back to work on next year.

Primoz Roglic holds the Giro d'Italia trophy over his head

Thank you for believing and trusting us, thank you for choosing SRAM, and thank you for being a part of our big family.

Ron Ritzler

Vice President of Product Development

Shop eTap AXS

Browse bikes with eTap AXS

Primož Roglič seen during the Bora - HansGrohe launch in June 2024.

Bike check: This is Primož Roglič's 2-wheeled Tour de France beast

Introducing the red bull – bora – hansgrohe tour de france bike.

Enter the Red Bull hangar for the build of Jai Hindley's Tour de France bike as Red Bull - BORA – hansgrohe prepare to chase victory.

Red Bull - BORA - hansgrohe's Specialized S-Works bike

© Red Bull - BORA - hansgrohe

Frame detail from the Red Bull - BORA - hansgrohe Specialized S-Works bike

Components of Red Bull - BORA - hansgrohe's Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8

  • Frameset : Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL8
  • Paint: Red Bull – BORA – hansgrohe World Tour Team
  • Front Derailleur: RED AXS
  • Rear Derailleur: RED AXS
  • Shifter/Brake: RED AXS HRD Shift-Brake lever with custom SRAM graphics
  • Rotors: Paceline X 160mm front, 140mm rear
  • Cassette: RED XG-1290, 10-33T
  • Crankset: RED AXS Power Meter, 172.5, 52/39T chainrings with custom SRAM graphics
  • Wheels: Specialized Roval Rapide CLX II
  • Handlebar/stem: Specialized Roval Rapide
  • Bar tape: Supacaz Super Sticky Kush
  • Seatpost: S-Works Tarmac Carbon
  • Saddle: S-Works Power
  • Tyre Front: S-Works Turbo
  • Tyre Rear: S-Works Turbo
  • Head Unit: Hammerhead Karoo
  • Bottle Cages: Specialized Rib Cage II

Find out more

Red Bull - BORA - hansgrohe is set to fight for Tour …

Primož roglič: the pro cyclist who turns setbacks into …, road cycling scouting programme red bull junior …, what size bike does primož roglič use.

Primož Roglič's 2024 Tour de France bike

2024 Giro d’Italia Women: Stage Recaps and Results

The SD Worx-Protime rider had the perfect leadout, overpowering sprinters in a tactical final kilometer.

35th giro ditalia women 2024 ndash stage 5

>How to Watch the 2024 Giro d’Italia Women" class="body-link css-f828e2 emevuu60">>>How to Watch the 2024 Giro d’Italia Women

July 11 - Stage 5 - Frontone to Foligno - 108km

Stage winner: Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx Protime) Race leader: Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek)

A slightly shorter, flatter stage for Stage 5 meant that sprinters were preparing for the finale from early on in the race. Despite UAE Team ADQ’s best efforts, it was SD Worx Protime’s Lotte Kopecky finally took a stage win in a textbook sprint.

Small attacks and breakaway attempts flew throughout the race, but none managed to grow a gap much over 30 seconds, thanks to a surging peloton that was counting on a sprint finish. By 10 kilometers to go, the peloton remained largely together, with Marta Jaskulska (Ceratizit-WNT) only holding onto a solo attack ahead of the peloton by a few seconds.

With a technically difficult finish with plenty of twists and turns coming into the final kilometers, teams were clearly preparing for the finish much earlier than usual, and Jaskulska was caught.

EF Education-Cannondale was the first team to go to the front with just under two kilometers to go, winding through the sweeping corners that led riders to the finish line—including a slightly terrifying righthand turn 250 meters before the finish.

UAE Team ADQ and SD Worx Protime were the two teams ahead coming into the corner, and it was Kopecky who smoothly sailed to the win with a perfectly timed sprint.

“The last kilometer was very hectic, roundabouts and high speed, but I had teammates who put me in perfect position,” Kopecky said. “It was I think the best leadout I’ve ever had.”

Unfortunately for Lidl-Trek, Elisa Balsamo was forced to abandon the Giro due to illness. Two Cofidis riders, Julie Bego and Severine Eraud, also withdrew from the race.

Results from Stage 5

  • Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx Protime)
  • Chiara Consonni (UAE Team ADQ)
  • Arlenis Sierra (Movistar Team)
  • Kathrin Schweinberger (Ceratizit WNT)
  • Barbara Guarischi (SD Worx Protime)
  • Vittoria Guazinni (FDJ-SUEZ)
  • Ruby Roseman-Gannon (Liv AlUla Jayco)
  • Martina Alzini (Cofidis)
  • Laura Tomasi (Laboral Kutxa-Fundación Euskadi)
  • Franziska Koch (dsm-firmenich)

General Classification Standings After Stage 5

  • Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek)
  • Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx-Protime)
  • Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (FDJ-SUEZ)
  • Juliette Labous (dsm-firmenich PostNL)
  • Kimberley Le Court Pienaar (AG Insurance-Soudal)
  • Antonia Niedermaier (Canyon//SRAM)
  • Niamh Fisher Black (SD Worx-Protime)
  • Mavi Garcia (Liv AlUla Jayco)
  • Katrine Aalerud (Uno-X Mobility)
  • Pauliena Rooijakkers (Fenix-Deceuninck)

July 10 - Stage 4 - Imole to Urbino - 134km

Stage Winner : Clara Emond (EF Education-Cannondale) Race Leader : Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek)

The longest stage of the Giro d'Italia Women kicked off today with plenty of climbing in the second half of the course to shatter the peloton—if the heat didn't get to riders first. A huge solo effort from EF Education-Cannondale’s Clara Emond surprised the peloton, and she was impressively able to hold her gap on the chasers all the way into Urbino.

Teams attempted early attacks, but Carmela Cipriani (Bepink-Bongioanni), Silvia Zanardi (Human Powered Helath) and Alice Palazzi (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) were the first riders to actually create a gap on the peloton, building a minute gap. But Stage 2's attack artist (who came so close to the stage win) Ana Vitória Magalhães (Bepink-Bongioanni) and the Canadian Clara Emond (EF Education-Cannondale) took up the chase, closing the gap to the leaders.

On the first big climb of the day in San Marino, the breakaway again split, with Emond and Magalhães going clear with a five minute gap on the peloton. The climb was too much for Magalhães, who dropped back and a large chase group absorbed her as well as the other three early attackers. The main peloton hovered around three minutes behind Emond, who seemed comfortable going solo.

Heading up the climb into Urbino with under seven kilometers to go, Emond's gap remained 1:20 to the chase group with Erica Magnaldi (UAE Team ADQ) and Elise Chabbey (Canyon//SRAM) leading, with the peloton a minute behind them. The chase group pushed the pace in the final kilometers of climbing, trying to close the gap to Emond, but the gap remained stubbornly at over a minute. It was a nail-biting last couple of kilometers as the gap dropped just below a minute and Emond hit the final descent just ahead of one last climb to the finish with the pursuit behind pulling back seconds on the young Canadian, with Cecil Uttrup Ludwig (FDJ-SUEZ) and Kimberley Le Court (AG Insurance-Soudal).

As she hit the final climb with half a kilometer to go, Emond seemed to have done what no rider had been able to do thus far in the race: A solo win. She began to smile as it seemed clear that she had made the early break stick all the way to the finish line.

Emond comfortably took the win with just enough time to celebrate, with Canyon//SRAM’s Soraya Paladin and Uttrup Ludwig rounding out the podium.

“It’s my first win ever, so it feels super good,” Emond said. “It’s my first big win.”

From the peloton, Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx Protime) and Elisa Longo-Borghini (Lidl Trek) had an incredible sprint up the final hill, sprinting each other for valuable seconds the GC standings, with Longo-Borghini just getting her at the line—and holding on to the pink leader’s jersey.

Results from Stage 4

  • Clara Emond (EF Education - Cannondale)
  • Soraya Paladin (Canyon//SRAM)
  • Elise Chabbey (Canyon//SRAM)
  • Giada Borhesi (Human Powered Health)
  • Erić Jelena (Movistar)
  • Mie Bjørndal Ottestad (Uno-X Mobility)

General Classification Standings After Stage 4

July 9 - stage 3 - sabbioneta to toano - 113 km.

Stage Winner: Niamh Fisher-Black (SD Worx-Protime) Race Leader: Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl-Trek)

Stage 3 marked the first climbing stage in this year’s Giro d’Italia Women. With a 13-kilometer climb to end the race and a blisteringly hot day in Sabbioneta, the peloton made a concerted effort to stay smooth and smart for the first 100 kilometers of racing. SD Worx Protime’s Niamh Fisher-Black perfectly timed her attack on the climb to take the win, while her teammate Lotte Kopecky won the sprint in the chase group, and Lidl Trek’s Elisa Longo Borghini managed to scoop up fourth to protect her GC lead.

Early in the race, small groups tried to break away without much success. In fact, the average peloton speed was reportedly higher than even the speediest predictions. FDJ-Suez’s Jade Wiel was one of the few to make a breakaway stick momentarily—just long enough to score the intermediate sprint.

Sarah Roy (Cofidis) made a solo breakaway stick and was eventually joined by Elena Pirrone (Team Roland). The two managed to hold off the peloton until the climb began, and their 90-second advantage quickly disappeared.

But it was all about the final climb. Canyon//SRAM led at the start of the climb, setting a high pace as top GC riders like Grace Brown were left behind.

The lead group whittled to roughly 20 riders in the final five kilometers, with Canyon//SRAM’s Antonia Niedermaier, Neve Bradbury, and Mavi Garcia of Liv AlUla Jayco largely controlling the pace. However, race favorites Kopecky and Longo Borghini hung out in the group as well.

In the final two kilometers, the riders had a momentary respite before hitting the final half kilometer, one of the steepest parts of the climb, straight into the finish. García made the first attack with two kilometers to go, with SD Worx Protime’s Niamh Fisher-Black leaping onto her wheel. The two build a small advantage of 13 seconds within 500 meters, but no one in the chase group seemed willing to work to close the gap as they hit the slight descent ahead of the climb.

Fisher-Black attacked García just as the steepest part of the climb began and made a clean break, sprinting towards the finish in the final 500 meters. Garcia was reabsorbed into the chase group as Fisher-Black was able to handily take the win at the top of the mountain. Behind her, Kopecky took second place, with Juliette Labous (dsm-Firmenich) in third and race leader Elisa Longo-Borghini protecting her GC standings with a fourth-place finish.

“I had good feelings coming into today… something about this stage spoke to me,” Fisher-Black said at the finish.

Results from Stage 3

  • Neve Bradbury (Canyon//SRAM)
  • Kimberley Pienaar (AG Insurance-Soudal)

General Classification Standings After Stage 3

July 8 - stage 2 - sirmione to volta mantovana - 102 km.

After only five kilometers of racing, Ana Vitória Magalhães (Bepink-Bongioanni) and Alessia Missiaggia (Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) attacked and grew a small gap—a gap that they would maintain for nearly the entirety of the race. The peloton kept the pace steady, allowing a gap of over six minutes to grow over the early kilometers of the race as small chase groups tried to form, but were ultimately reabsorbed into the peloton.

With 30 km to go, Missiaggia was dropped on a climb as Magalhães continued her solo mission towards the finish. The 23-year-old Brazilian maintained a strong gap of over two minutes even as the race ticked down to the final 10 kilometers. The peloton seemed to initially struggle to organize a chase, with UAE Team ADQ leading the initial chase with Canyon//SRAM, Lidl Trek, and FDJ-Suez finally coming to the front to drive the pace.

At eight kilometers to go, Magalhães was forced to up her pace as the top racers in the peloton, including Niamh Fischer-Black (Canyon//SRAM), started to bring the gap down to just over a minute with seven kilometers of racing left.

With two kilometers to go, Magalhães was caught by the peloton—holding on to the Queen of the Mountain jersey thanks to her climbing today. As the peloton absorbed her, teams began to swarm to organize their leadout trains for the final sprint. Anouska Koster (UniX-Mobility) was the first rider to launch an attack, but was unsuccessful.

But it was UAE Team ADQ’s Italian rider Chiaria Consonni who took the sprint over Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx ProTime) and Elisa Balsamo (Lidl-Trek). Elisa Longo Borghini finished in the top 10, maintaining her GC lead in the pink jersey.

“I have no words today. I think the team was super,” said Consonni. “I was super focused on my sprint because I know there aren’t many of these opportunities.”

Results from Stage 2

  • Elisa Balsamo (Lidl-Trek)
  • Arlenis Sierra (Movistar)
  • Mylene De Zoete (Ceratizit WNT Pro Cycling)
  • Kimberely Le Court Pienaar (AG Insurance-Soudal)
  • Silvia Zanardi (Human Powered Health)
  • Letizia Borghesi (EF Education-Cannondale)
  • Elisa Longo Borghini (Lidl Trek)
  • Kathrin Schweinberger (Ceratizit WNT Pro Cycling)

General Classification Standings After Stage 2

  • Grace Brown (FDJ Suez)
  • Brodie Chapman (Lidl Trek)
  • Juliette Labous (Team DSM Firmenich)
  • Ruth Edwards (Human Powered Health)
  • Cédrine Kerbaol (Ceratizit WNT Pro Cycling)
  • Loes Adegeest (FDJ Suez)
  • Franziska Kock (Team DSM Firmenich)

July 7 - Stage 1 (individual time trial) - Brescia to Brescia - 14.6 km

The eight-stage race kicked off this morning with a 15.7 km individual time trial in Brescia, Italy. Temperatures rose into the high 70s, but it was the inconsistent rain that made for interesting racing as riders took to the relatively flat route with a few tight turns.

Italian Carmela Cipriani (Bepink-Bongioanni) was the first rider to take the course, with riders following in 60-second increments. Many of the bigger-name riders made the last-minute decision to take to the start earlier to beat the rain, switching spots with their teammates who would have typically hit the course earlier. (The strongest riders are usually the last to hit the course.)

Lidl-Trek’s Elisa Longo Borghini rode the course in a blisteringly fast 20:37, a full 25 seconds faster than Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx-Protime), one of the other time trial top contenders.

Heavy rain started around 2:00 PM, and the riders who were hitting the course later in the day were subject to downpours as they navigated the roads.

Longo Borghini’s time was unbeatable by the time every rider made it through the time trial, but Grace Brown (FDJ-Suez) came close at only a second slower. Longo-Borghini’s teammate Brodie Chapman also had a solid time trial, only 13 seconds slower than the win time. All 153 women on the start line finished the race, but the times ranged from 20:37 to nearly five minutes slower than the winning time—a nearly insurmountable gap heading into stage 2. Some of the race favorites, like UAE’s Silvia Persico, had surprisingly slow times (Persico was 1:37 down from Longo-Borghini), which will make a strong overall performance in the Giro much more difficult in the coming days.

Results from Stage 1

  • Elisa Longo-Borghini (Lidl-Trek)
  • Grace Brown (FDJ-Suez)
  • Brodie Chapman (Lidl-Trek)
  • Lieke Nooijen (Visma-Lease a Bike)
  • Elena Hartmann (Roland)
  • Cédrine Kerbaol (Ceratizit-WNT Pro)
  • Loes Adegeest (FDJ-SUEZ)

General Classification Standings

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