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Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Transfigurations

The Enterprise rescues a mysterious patient in this week's Star Trek: TNG look-back. Here's James' take on Transfigurations...

star trek john doe

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This review contains spoilers.

3.25 Transfigurations

The Enterprise is enjoying some quiet time (Picard’s phrase, not mine) so Geordie and Worf are hanging out in Ten Forward. Geordi is trying to catch the attention of Christy Henshaw, but is too shy to go and talk to her. When La Forge tries to stop Worf staring, Worf advises him that “you must let her see the fire in your eyes” – apparently oblivious to Geordi’s lack of visible eyes.

This awkwardness is interrupted when Riker calls Geordi away, and the two head to a planet to investigate a crashed vessel. It’s an escape pod with one badly injured survivor. They need to transport him to the ship, but his brain is too damaged and can’t take the strain. Crusher rigs up the tricorder to link Geordi’s brain to the patient’s (wow, those things are powerful!) and despite a weird moment of feedback, it all goes fine.

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In sickbay, Crusher is attempting to save the patient while Riker reports that the crashed ship appears to have been an escape pod. Luckily they salvaged some kind of disco lamp which is probably the ship’s black box, so once they find out whether it runs Windows or OS X, they can figure out what it was and who attacked it.

The patient, who they call John Doe, survives his injuries and it’s soon clear he’s healing fast. Indeed, his cells aren’t just regenerating, they appear to be spontaneously mutating as well. John does wake up, but unfortunately he’s lost his memory completely. (Although… mutant cells, a healing factor, no memory of his past… is this guy Wolverine?)

In ten-forward, Data and La Forge are talking about decoding the computer module so much that Worf starts to get annoyed that all of his friends are giant nerds (except Riker, but he plays the trumpet). Taking the hint, Geordi decides to go and chat up Christy, while making subtle remarks like “I’ve never felt this confident!” or “boy, that brain zap sure did something to my mind!”

Soon, a month has passed. As John is rehabilitated, Crusher starts to get way too involved with her patient, but luckily Starfleet has a policy of not caring about this sort of thing. As the saying goes: what happens in the Zeta Gelis Cluster stays in the Zeta Gelis Cluster.

But John isn’t just charming, kind and medically improbable. He also starts getting weird glows and energy pulses bursting from his chest. “It’s probably fine,” everyone says unconvincingly. Then he heals Chief O’Brien’s dislocated shoulder with a touch. “Well, if anything that’s good news!” everyone says, even less convincingly. Then he freaks out and tries to steal a shuttle, accidentally kills Worf, and subsequently raises him from the dead. “Ah, this is probably a bit more serious.” everyone says.

As John’s memory returns, Geordi continues to strut around talking about how confident he has become. He and Data finally decode the computer module and learn the escape pod’s flight path, but he begs them not to take him home. Then a ship from his race, the Zalkonians, turns up demanding he be turned over to them for a swift and brutal execution. Picard isn’t keen on this idea for obvious reasons.

As Picard and the Zalkonian argue about who gets to keep John Doe, he suddenly appears on the bridge exhibiting a variety of god-like powers and displaying the kind of peaceful serenity that makes you want to punch him. When Picard refuses to hand him over without a decent explanation of his crimes, The Zalkonians use their magic suffocate-o-matic to stop the Enterprise crew breathing. It almost works, but John Doe is able to use his new abilities to protect them and restore breathing to the Enterprise.

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With his memories now returned, John explains that he and his fallen crewmates were killed for being honest and open about the genetic mutations which give them crazy superpowers, spreading social unrest as a result. The Zalkonian Captain wanted them all dead so that they could prevent the mutation of their species, but it’s too late. How do you stop a man who can restart people’s breathing with the wave of his hand? As if to underscore his point, he turns into a glowing mass of light, which is the second time someone has done that at the end of an episode.

Once the Zalkonians have left, defeated. John Doe gives Crusher the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech, Geordi thanks him for his free confidence boost, and then John turns into a ball of energy and flies away. And let us never speak of this again.

TNG WTF: Not that it particularly bothers me, but you can’t help but be surprised at the oddly graphic close-up of John Doe’s body when they find him crash-landed on the planet. YOU CAN SEE HIS BRAINS.

TNG LOL: Worf gets some great stuff in this episode, believing that he’s teaching Geordi about women when he’s mostly just offering hugely impractical advice and taking credit for stuff he had nothing to do with.

Who’s That Face?: Julie Warner who plays Christy Henshaw was the co-star of Doc Hollywood and appeared in films like Flatliners and Tommy Boy . Those are some stone-cold early 90s credentials.

Time Until Meeting: 35:54. Picard, Riker, Troi and Crusher have a meeting with John to decide what they should do.

Captain’s Log: There are plenty of things about this episode’s premise which are quite good, but in general it all falls a little flat. The investigation into Doe’s past or powers is slow and uninteresting, and the Zalkonians, when they arrive, are one-note and so unreasonable you’re in no doubt what Picard will do with John.

Furthermore, the sub-plot about John and Beverly being attracted to each other lacks a lot of chemistry, and the plot about Geordi’s improved confidence just… ends. There’s no “the confidence was inside you all along!” revelation. John just suggests that maybe he awake something that was already in Geordi and that’s supposed to be the satisfying conclusion to that story. Still, given that we never see Christy again, we can probably assume it didn’t work out long-term.

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Read James’ look-back at the previous episode, Menage A Troi, here .

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James Hunt

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Published Mar 14, 2023

Dr. Beverly Crusher's Guide to Saving the Enterprise

The good doctor saved the day on more than one occasion, let's give her some credit!

Illustrated banner featuring Dr. Beverly Crusher at command of the Enterprise

As the Chief Medical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise -D in Star Trek: The Next Generation , Dr. Beverly Crusher dealt with an abundance of diverse challenges that would have been far too much for most surgeons to bear. From the common cold to Borg encounters, Crusher needed to prepare contingency plans for every possible situation. The doctor’s experiences extended well beyond medical matters, as she served as both a valued senior staff member and a trusted advisor for Captain Picard.

While Crusher worked marvels in Sickbay, her compassion and humanity shone through in many other ways. We may not be able to dive into each miracle that the doctor performed, but let’s rank the most prominent instances where Crusher’s actions ultimately proved vital to “saving the day.”

Outwitting Invaders in “ Conspiracy ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

When parasitic aliens attempted to infiltrate the Federation, the mysterious beings dispatched an infected Admiral Quinn to bring one of their kin to Crusher so it could assume control over the doctor. The plot demonstrated Crusher’s vital position on the flagship, but Riker’s interference threw a wrench in the invaders’ efforts and provided the doctor with the opportunity to study Quinn. After identifying the tell-tale gills that marked the officers who were infested by the creatures, Crusher warned the captain about the dangerous situation. Most importantly, the CMO devised the scheme wherein Riker pretended to succumb to the parasites in order to rescue Picard. The doctor’s plan represented a superb combination of her medical prowess and Starfleet’s standard tactical training. Without Crusher’s ingenuity and quick-thinking, the aliens might have overtaken the Enterprise and undermined the Federation.

Countering Terrorism in “ The High Ground ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

Crusher’s dedication to treating citizens wounded in a terrorist attack resulted in her being captured by Ansata separatists on Rutia IV, but the doctor faced her imprisonment with bravery and stoicism. Kyril Finn, the group’s leader and Crusher’s impromptu jailer, accused Starfleet of allying itself with the Rutian government, but the CMO repeatedly emphasized her mission’s merciful nature. Despite the cruel circumstances, Crusher willingly diagnosed the Ansata who suffered from an illness caused by dimensional shifting and sought to ease their pain.

Although the doctor acknowledged Finn’s perspective, she refused to give in to the notion that fear and violence were viable solutions, even when the Ansata launched an assault on the Enterprise that could have killed Wesley. Crusher’s voice of reason failed to fully penetrate Finn’s harsh exterior before he perished at the hands of the Rutian police, but the doctor’s pleas did convince an Ansata boy to lower his weapon. While the outcome was far from ideal, Crusher’s commitment to her ethics saved the young man’s life.

Rehabilitating a Race in “ Transfigurations ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

The theme of valuing the treatment of individuals continued when the Enterprise rescued an enigmatic patient dubbed “John Doe” in the Zeta Gelis star cluster. Crusher devoted her skills to the apparently hopeless case, and, with assistance from the alien’s regenerative abilities, was granted the chance to get to know John in the process. Star Trek ’s wonderous 24th Century medicine often restores victims so swiftly that they depart Sickbay almost immediately after enduring horrific injuries, but “Transfigurations” offered a much-needed glimpse of a doctor collaborating with her patient through a more prolonged rehabilitation.

The episode underlined the concept that Crusher’s medical proficiency consisted of much more than simply relaying technobabble and waving a device over a wound to treat her wards. What began on a small-scale soon yielded an unexpected conclusion, as John remembered that he had fled Zalkon to avoid persecution and become the first of his kind to undergo a natural metamorphosis. Crusher’s kind acts opened the door for an entire species to enter a new realm of existence. How’s that for a day at the office?

Taking Command in “ Descent, Part I ” and “ Descent, Part II ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

A certified Bridge officer, Crusher assumed control over the Enterprise when Picard and the majority of the crew beamed down to search for Data after the ship encountered an unorthodox band of Borg drones. The CMO orchestrated an emergency extraction while under fire from a Borg vessel and retreated long enough to send a buoy to notify Starfleet about the situation. Crusher valiantly elected to return for her comrades, masterfully overseeing a ragtag command structure that included both novice personnel and veteran officers. The doctor gained the temporary Bridge staff’s trust as she outmaneuvered the enemy and executed a risky strategy within a star’s corona to destroy the Borg ship. Her tactical genius aside, Crusher exuded a well-earned degree of confidence, guided those who looked to her for leadership, and kept the Enterprise safe from harm.

Finding Oneself in “ Remember Me ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

As crew members began disappearing from the Enterprise due to a seemingly rogue warp bubble, a perplexed Crusher learned that only she recalled that those particular individuals had even existed. The CMO confronted doubts about her sanity from all corners, yet she exhibited a level-headed approach to the problem and brilliantly deduced that she was actually the one who was trapped in the warp bubble. With the problem uncovered, Crusher applied a scientific train of thought to hypothesize that a vortex she observed had been a gateway opened by Wesley and La Forge to allow her to return to reality. The ship itself might not have been in mortal danger in this episode, but Crusher’s mental fortitude and problem-solving capabilities lead to her own freedom. As the old proverb says, “Physician, heal thyself.”

Cracking the Case in “ Suspicions ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

Data’s interest in Sherlock Holmes garnered significant attention, but Crusher displayed her own aptitude as a detective following the alleged suicide of Ferengi scientist Dr. Reyga. Impressed by Reyga’s work with metaphasic fields, the doctor took it upon herself to act as a “scientific diplomat,” and gathered experts together to confer about the Ferengi’s research. Reyga’s death did not sit right with the CMO, prompting her to investigate the case and perform an unauthorized autopsy on the Ferengi. Crusher’s willingness to go against the grain and disobey the captain’s orders spoke to the doctor’s devotion to the truth, regardless of the cost to her own career. Crusher even put her life on the line to test Reyga’s metaphasic shielding, a course of action that exposed the Takaran Jo’Bril as the actual murderer. The lesson here? Don’t stand in the doctor’s way when she believes in a cause and ventures out to pursue justice.

Voicing Humanity in “ I, Borg ”

Star Trek: The Next Generation -

In an intriguing twist, Crusher’s brightest moment only slightly related to her medical training. When an away team located the wounded Borg known as Hugh in the Argolis Cluster, the CMO strongly advocated on the drone’s behalf on multiple occasions. Crusher overcame protests from both Picard and Worf about the dangers of even treating Hugh to begin with. Upon hearing that the captain intended to infect the drone with an invasive program to disrupt the Collective, the doctor immediately objected and accurately described the plan to be a form of genocide. Crusher emphatically pointed out that they were discussing an injured boy, not a weapon. The doctor’s steadfast declarations served as the crew’s moral compass and evinced the very values that the Federation claimed to uphold. Picard and the crew eventually came to agree with the CMO’s assessment, but Crusher’s conscience had been true from the start. Without the doctor’s ardent defense, Picard’s destructive strategy would have haunted the captain for the rest of his life and spelled doom for Hugh.

This article was originally published on March 30, 2020.

Jay Stobie (he/him) is a freelance writer and consultant who has contributed articles to, Star Trek Explorer, and Star Trek Magazine, as well as to Star Wars Insider and Jay can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @StobiesGalaxy.

Stay tuned to for more details! And be sure to follow @StarTrek on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram .

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Observations in TNG: "Transfigurations"

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star trek john doe

Last modified: 08 Jun 2023

star trek john doe

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Fleet Yards

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series)

Transfigurations (1990), mark la mura: john doe, photos .

Gates McFadden, Patrick Stewart, and Mark La Mura in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)


John Doe : [to Picard]  Captain, my species is on the verge of a wondrous evolutionary change, a transmutation beyond our physical being. I am the first of my kind to approach this metamorphosis. They tried to convince us it was a sickness we would never survive, that the pain and energy pulses would kill us. They claimed we were dangerous, so they destroyed anyone who exhibited the signs of the transfiguration.

Commander Sunad : We were protecting our society.

John Doe : By murdering us? You saw the mutations as a threat to your authority. You were terrified of something you couldn't understand. Some suspected that what was happening to them was not evil. Four of us decided to flee Zalkon, and let the metamorphosis take its course. You hunted us down, killed the others. But I survived - with the help of a kind... and generous people.

Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge : John - I really want to thank you.

John Doe : For what?

Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge : I don't know how, or even why, but down on the planet, you gave me something, a... a new confidence.

John Doe : I doubt I can take credit for that. Perhaps I only helped you find something you already had.

[last lines] 

John Doe : Beverly, you gave me life, and more. I do not have the words for my gratitude... nor my sorrow, at leaving you.

[while trying to walk, John collapses and is caught by Picard] 

John Doe : I envy your reflexes, Captain.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard : I envy your strength of will.

John Doe : I feel strong enough... to fly.

[yet after only a few steps, his legs give way] 

John Doe : Perhaps I should concentrate on walking first.

John Doe : It's come back to me, Beverly. I know who I am. What I am.

John Doe : You may find this hard to believe, but sickbay can be an incredibly boring place to be.

John Doe : I am on some kind of a journey. Whatever brought me here, whatever is happening to my body, is all part of that journey. And I must complete it - before any other consideration.

John Doe : Who am I?

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Transfigurations Stardate: 43957.2 Original Airdate: 4 Jun, 1990

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star trek john doe

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YMMV / Star Trek: The Next Generation S3E25 "Transfigurations"

Edit locked.

  • Moral Event Horizon : If Sunad hadn't already crossed it for wanting to kill John Doe (and possibly having already killed his comrades) for supposedly being a threat, then trying to murder everyone on the Enterprise definitely puts him over the edge.
  • Nightmare Fuel : John Doe's appearance when he's first found by the Enterprise away team. More immediately apparent than the loss of his left arm is that he's received extreme facial trauma, with his brain exposed and skin ripped away from his cheek, exposing his back teeth.
  • Padding : The two-minute scene of Picard and Data trying to determine where exactly John Doe came from is one of the more notorious Techno Babble scenes in the show's history, with the two doing nothing but sitting on the bridge and spewing out meaningless jargon.
  • Special Effects Failure : At the end of the episode, John Doe is transformed into a glowing yellow energy being... which looks like a person wearing a glowing morphsuit. The HD remaster really doesn't help, turning what was originally a hit-or-miss effect on first transmission into a thousand-yard miss.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? : For some, this episode is oozing religious references. It helps this episode is called "Transfigurations."

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star trek john doe

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John Doe

  • 2 Powers and Stats
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"John Doe" was the name given to a Zalkonian alien discovered among the wreckage of an escape pod by U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2366.

"Doe" was one individual of many who served as a hallmark for Zalkonians as they began to evolve into a new form of existence. Persecuted by Zalkonian authorities, who viewed the evolution of these individuals in their society as a threat, Doe fled his homeworld and crash-landed on a different, more remote planet. When discovered by the Enterprise, Doe had several life-threatening injuries and Dr. Beverly Crusher believed that he would not survive, but "Doe" demonstrated tremendous recuperative powers and became well again. While recuperating, Doe began to manifest strange powers, including emanations of energy and the ability to heal wounds by touch, and even to restore life.

However, the injuries Doe had incurred included amnesia, preventing him from explaining his abilities or even why he had been on the run. When Crusher reported that his cell mutation had increased, he feared that he would become a threat to the crew and decided to leave, attempting to steal a shuttlecraft. When Lt. Worf, the Enterprise's Chief of Security, tried to stop him, Doe generated a large flare that killed the CoS. Worf had broken his neck and was dead, but Doe revived him by just touching him. The Zalkonians eventually found "Doe" aboard the Enterprise and the Zalkonian Commander, Sunad demanded his return as a criminal to face the death penalty. When Captain Jean-Luc Picard refused, Sunad, who enforced a genocidal program that almost wiped out all Zalkonians exhibiting this evolution, attempted to take Doe by force, using an energy beam that began suffocating the crew of the Enterprise. However, Doe was able to heal the crew and dissipate the beam.

He brought Sunad onto the Enterprise and explained to Picard that his species was on the verge of an evolutionary change. Doe tried to convince Sunad that this evolution was not evil nor were those like him a threat. Sunad refused his invitation and left, just as Doe completed his evolution into an energy being and left the Enterprise to begin his new existence, and to spread the word of the coming rebirth to his people.

Powers and Stats

Tier : Low 2-C

Name: "John Doe", G'il Inar

Origin:   Star Trek (TNG)

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, likely middle age

Classification: Zalkonian, transcendent being, new species

Powers and Abilities:   Reality Warping , Teleportation (Teleported Sunad to the bridge of the Enterprise and back), Cosmic Awareness ,  Biological Manipulation , Adaptation , Power Bestowal ,  Energy Manipulation , True Flight , Empathic Manipulation , Healing , Resurrection , Life Manipulation (Could evolve others to his level), Death Manipulation (Killed Worf instantly with pure energy), Matter Manipulation , Incorporeality , Intangibility ,  Mind Manipulation , Higher-Dimensional Manipulation , Higher-Dimensional Existence

Attack Potency : Universe level+  (Upon his evolution beyond that of a physical body, John Doe ascended to a higher dimension , describing a "higher plane of existence" where he and his people, once accepting the evolution, could live as energy beings that could control reality with their minds in a higher realm)

Speed :   Infinite (Capable of instantaneous movement. Moved from the bridge of the Enterprise to his home planet instantaneously)

Lifting Strength : Unknown

Striking Strength : Universe level+

Durability : Universe level+ (Evolved to a higher plane of existence)

Stamina : Unknown

Range : At least Universal

Standard Equipment : None notable

Intelligence :   Above Average (His species demonstrated a great understanding about the nature of existence and its concepts)

Weaknesses:  None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spontaneous Evolution: Evolve from being a 3-dimensional being comprised of matter to a higher-dimensional one capable of reshaping reality due to an evolution in a Zalkonian's body that allows them to achieve this. Can spontaneously help others evolve into higher beings as well, although this offer was refused by the Zalkonian who asked. "John" merely laughed and said there will be others who will follow him.

Notable Matchups

Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


  • 1 Tiering System
  • 2 Godzilla (MonsterVerse)
  • 3 Attack Potency

Memory Alpha

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The Zalkonians were an advanced warp-capable humanoid species native to the planet Zalkon .

By 2366 , many Zalkonians began to undergo a process in which their DNA would mutate, causing them to transform into powerful non-corporeal lifeforms . They began experiencing isoelectric bursts and acquiring psionic potential as part of this process. The Zalkonian people were frightened by those undergoing the change and their government began exterminating anyone showing symptoms. Some of those affected fled their homeworld but were ruthlessly pursued by the Zalkonian military , including Commander Sunad .

In 2366, the USS Enterprise -D discovered a crashed Zalkonian escape pod , and rescued one survivor that had suffered critical injuries. According to Dr. Beverly Crusher , the survivor suffered major trauma to his head and chest cavity, massive plasma loss, and severe damage to most of his organs . Dr. Crusher claimed that the survivor's body had amazing recuperative powers and that the damaged tissue had been repairing itself at a phenomenal rate. This survivor exhibited almost complete memory loss and so she named him " John Doe ". "John" began to undergo the symptoms of a mutation while on board. This mutation often caused John pain and manifested as a yellow glowing energy in his chest. It also had its benefits. Miles O'Brien dislocated his shoulder and after coming into sickbay , "John" healed him with a single touch, much to his amazement. A similar contact with Geordi La Forge resulted in increased confidence on La Forge's part. "John" was even able to revive Worf after he fell from a raised platform and was fatally injured.

Later, the Enterprise -D was intercepted by a ship commanded by Sunad. Sunad demanded "John"'s return, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard refused to turn "John" over without an explanation as to the nature of his crimes . Sunad attacked the Enterprise -D with a weapon that choked the entire crew of the ship (with the possible exception of Data), but "John" stopped the attack. Now that Sunad posed no danger to him, "John" finished his transformation and departed into space . ( TNG : " Transfigurations ")

  • " John Doe "
  • Unnamed Zalkonians

Background information [ ]

They were called Falacians in the first draft script.

According to an internal reference document, listing all the aliens seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation , which was circulated around the time of the production of TNG Season 5 , the Zalkonians were given the description of "Humanoids with distinctive, heavily wrinkle-lapped foreheads and cheeks, with ridge lines forming the top of each ear."

  • 1 Abdullah bin al-Hussein

star trek john doe

The Fascinating Story of How John De Lancie Landed His Iconic Q Role in Star Trek

J ohn de Lancie’s journey to becoming the enigmatic Q on “Star Trek” was as serendipitous as the character he would come to play. In 1986, despite the popularity of “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” directed by Leonard Nimoy, de Lancie was unaware of the franchise’s current developments. His agent provided him with an audition opportunity for the role of Q in the upcoming “Star Trek” series. The actor recalled:

“[My agent] said, ‘You have an audition tomorrow at 4:30, and it’s for … gee, there must be a typo, it’s just the letter Q. And it’s for “ Star Trek .”‘ And I went, ‘” Star Trek ?” I thought they did “ Star Trek .”‘ ‘Well, they’re doing it again.’ I didn’t go because I was rehearsing a play, and I was one of the leads.”

De Lancie, deeply engrossed in a pivotal stage play rehearsal, chose not to attend the initial audition, focusing instead on his commitment to the theater—a decision marking professionalism within the acting community where leaving one’s cast is frowned upon. Regardless, his agent scheduled the audition, but de Lancie remained steadfast in fulfilling his theatrical obligations. After a period of time, his agent, evidently perturbed, called once more concerning “Star Trek”.

This time, to appease his persistent agent, de Lancie decided to attend the audition, a choice that would prove fortuitous. His experience underscores the potential held in unexpected opportunities and the significance of at least considering what one’s agent urges, as it might lead to life-changing roles.

FAQ Section

What character did John de Lancie play in “Star Trek”?

John de Lancie played the character Q, known for his omnipotent powers and recurring role as both an antagonist and an unpredictable element in the “Star Trek” franchise.

Why did John de Lancie miss his first audition for “Star Trek”?

De Lancie missed his first audition because he was rehearsing for a stage play where he was one of the leads and did not want to leave the production.

Did John de Lancie’s agent schedule an audition without his approval?

Yes, despite de Lancie’s initial decision not to attend, his agent went ahead and booked the audition for him.

How did John de Lancie react to his agent’s persistence about the “Star Trek” audition?

After some time and out of obligation to his agent, de Lancie decided to go to the “Star Trek” audition.

John de Lancie’s anecdote reflects the often serendipitous nature of casting in the entertainment industry. His initial reluctance to audition for “Star Trek” due to his dedication to theater, and subsequent decision to eventually attend, resulted in his casting as the character Q. This highlights the interplay between responsibility to current commitments and the openness to new prospects—illustrating the complex decision-making actors face in their careers. De Lancie’s portrayal of Q became a defining role, a testament to the potential behind every chosen opportunity, no matter how unexpected it may be.

The Fascinating Story of How John De Lancie Landed His Iconic Q Role in Star Trek

star trek john doe

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  1. John Doe

    "John Doe" was the name given to a Zalkonian discovered among the wreckage of an escape pod by the USS Enterprise-D in 2366. "Doe" was one of many who represented the next evolutionary step for Zalkonians as they shed their corporeal forms and became beings of pure energy. "Doe" and three others fled his homeworld due to persecution by Zalkonian authorities, who viewed the evolution of ...

  2. Transfigurations

    Transfigurations. " Transfigurations " is the 25th episode of the third season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the 73rd episode of the series overall. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the Starfleet crew of the Federation starship Enterprise-D.

  3. "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Transfigurations (TV Episode 1990)

    Transfigurations: Directed by Tom Benko. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. The Enterprise finds a deserted planet where a ship has crashed, and, with it, the lone survivor with no memory, but extraordinary healing powers.

  4. Transfigurations (episode)

    The injured John Doe. The scene with John Doe transformed was in fact done live with only minor post-production touch-up. Actor Mark La Mura wore a fluorescent orange suit that glowed on the special film used. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (2nd ed., p. 129)) Sets, props and costumes []

  5. Remembering TNG Guest Star, Mark La Mura, 1948-2017

    Back in 1990, La Mura -- officially credited as Mark Lamura -- stepped into the Trek universe as a Zalkonian refugee, dubbed John Doe, who was treated aboard the Enterprise-D. Doe's breed was transmutating into energy-based beings while the Zalkonian junta attempted to annihilate them. Doe was successful, with Dr. Crusher's help. La Mura is survived by his wife and daughter.

  6. Star Trek

    Star trek - The Next Generation.Season 3 - Episode 25 - Transfigurations.

  7. Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Transfigurations

    3.25 Transfigurations. The Enterprise is enjoying some quiet time (Picard's phrase, not mine) so Geordie and Worf are hanging out in Ten Forward. Geordi is trying to catch the attention of ...

  8. Recap / Star Trek: The Next Generation S3E25 "Transfigurations"

    Power Incontinence: At points, John Doe's power goes beyond his control, including one burst of energy that critically wounds Worf. Thanks to Doe's Healing Hands, though, Worf survives. Resist the Beast: As "John"'s transformation progresses, he has to force down the energy coursing through his body, lest he start blasting things. Worf briefly ...

  9. star trek

    4. In the ST TNG episode, Transfigurations (S3 E25), "John Doe" is discovered inside an escape pod and over the course of the episode, is transfigured into his species' next evolutionary state, which obviously comes with quite a few perks. Did Starfleet ever encounter "energy being John Doe" again?

  10. Dr. Beverly Crusher's Guide to Saving the Enterprise

    The theme of valuing the treatment of individuals continued when the Enterprise rescued an enigmatic patient dubbed "John Doe" in the Zeta Gelis star cluster. Crusher devoted her skills to the apparently hopeless case, and, with assistance from the alien's regenerative abilities, was granted the chance to get to know John in the process.

  11. Ex Astris Scientia

    Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Transfigurations" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R). "Transfigurations" HD Screencaps @ TrekCore. The unnamed sun and planet in the Zeta Gelis cluster previously appeared as the sun Delos and its ...

  12. Mark La Mura: John Doe

    "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Transfigurations (TV Episode 1990) Mark La Mura as John Doe. Menu. Movies. ... John Doe : [to Picard] Captain, my species is on the verge of a wondrous evolutionary change, a transmutation beyond our physical being. I am the first of my kind to approach this metamorphosis. ...

  13. Mark La Mura

    Mark La Mura (18 October 1948 - 11 September 2017; age 68) was the actor who portrayed "John Doe" in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "Transfigurations". Born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, La Mura was seen in the 1976 telefilm comedy Bernice Bobs Her Hair with Dennis Christopher. In 1989 La Mura appeared in See You in the Morning with Theodore Bikel and Alice Krige and ...

  14. The Next Generation Transcripts

    Star Trek The Next Generation episode transcripts. Transfigurations Stardate: 43957.2 Original Airdate: 4 Jun, 1990. Captain's Log, Stardate 43957.2. ... Medical Log, Stardate 43958.8. I have removed patient John Doe from the emergency bio-support unit. In just thirty six hours, most of his major organ systems have regenerated themselves to the ...

  15. YMMV / Star Trek: The Next Generation S3E25 "Transfigurations"

    Moral Event Horizon: If Sunad hadn't already crossed it for wanting to kill John Doe (and possibly having already killed his comrades) for supposedly being a threat, then trying to murder everyone on the Enterprise definitely puts him over the edge.; Nightmare Fuel: John Doe's appearance when he's first found by the Enterprise away team. More immediately apparent than the loss of his left arm ...

  16. "John Doe"

    "John Doe" was the name given to a Zalkonian alien discovered among the wreckage of an escape pod by U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2366. ... Name: "John Doe", G'il Inar Origin: Star Trek (TNG) Gender: Male Age: Unknown, likely middle age Classification: Zalkonian, transcendent being, new species

  17. Watch Star Trek: Discovery, Season 04

    November 17, 2021. 53min. TV-14. After months spent reconnecting the Federation with distant worlds, Captain Michael Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery are sent to assist a damaged space station - a seemingly routine mission that reveals the existence of a terrifying new threat. Store Filled.

  18. Zalkonian

    John Doe evolving and his final form as a non-corporeal lifeform. The Zalkonians were an advanced warp-capable humanoid species native to the planet Zalkon.. By 2366, many Zalkonians began to undergo a process in which their DNA would mutate, causing them to transform into powerful non-corporeal lifeforms.They began experiencing isoelectric bursts and acquiring psionic potential as part of ...

  19. Watch Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation) explores Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' exciting Season 2 finale, "Hegemony" from every angle, including behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Plus, the artists at Legacy Effects Studios reveal the secrets behind the Gorn, and much more.

  20. Star Trek the Next Generation, John Doe Undergoes the Final

    Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 25, TransfigurationsAir Date: June 4, 1990

  21. The Fascinating Story of How John De Lancie Landed His Iconic Q ...

    John de Lancie's journey to becoming the enigmatic Q on "Star Trek" was as serendipitous as the character he would come to play. In 1986, despite the popularity of "Star Trek IV: The ...

  22. Twisted Metal: Who's the Masked Woman at the End of Season 1?

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Renewed ... John Doe. Earlier in the episode, it's revealed that John is originally from San Francisco and had a family before the fall of the country. That family ...

  23. Watch Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3

    S3 E2 - Far From Home. October 21, 2020. 53min. TV-MA. After the U.S.S. Discovery crash-lands on a strange planet, the crew finds themselves racing against time to repair their ship. Meanwhile, Saru and Tilly embark on a perilous first-contact mission in hopes of finding Burnham.