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Night Safari

Nocturnal visits.

Embark on an adventure after dark at the Night Safari, an open air zoo that houses over 2,500 creatures of the night.

night safari car park

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Leong Chee Sheng

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night safari car park

NIGHT SAFARI: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

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Top Tips for Enjoying a Night Safari in Africa

night safari car park

After dark, the African bush becomes a place of sharpened senses, where predators roam and the darkness reverberates with strange calls and unexplained rustlings. The animals that wake with the moon are different to those seen during the day, and most of them are players in a fight for survival that lasts until morning. Night safaris offer a unique opportunity to explore this alternative world, and to experience firsthand the untamed drama of life after sundown. In this article, we take a look at a few top tips for getting the most out of your night drive experience. 

Spotting Wildlife

By definition, spotting wildlife at night is a completely different ball game to looking for animals during the day. After dark, colors fade into a myriad shades of gray and your vision reaches only as far as the beam of your flashlight. Night drive vehicles are equipped with spotlights, which the guide uses to scan the bush and illuminate passing animals. Sometimes, guides will allow you to bring your own flashlight. Ask for permission in advance, and opt for a spotlight with a strong, focused beam. Even if you can’t bring your own light, you can help the guide in his search. Follow the torchlight carefully, making sure to scan upwards into the trees as well. 

Find out about the area’s nocturnal animals before the night drive so that you know where to look, and how to identify animals when you see them. Keep an eye out for eyes shining in the torchlight, and for irregular or moving shadows. Don’t expect to witness a lion kill or to spot a leopard on the prowl on your first outing. Often, night safaris are about smaller species that are rarely seen during the day, including hares, porcupines, bushbabies, genets and small felines . For birders , night safaris offer the opportunity to add nocturnal species to your life list. In particular, keep an eye out for owls, nightjars, night herons, and thick-knees. 

What to Bring

Staying comfortable is key to enjoying your night drive experience. Make sure to douse yourself liberally with insect repellent before departure, as mosquitoes are often most active at dusk. This is especially important if you’re staying in an area afflicted by mosquito-borne diseases like malaria or yellow fever . Dressing warmly is important, and a warm hat, gloves, and even blankets all come in handy on a night safari. Don’t be fooled by hot daytime temperatures or by the fact that most night safaris start before dusk. Once the sun sets, most destinations get cool rapidly. A flask of coffee serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm and counteracting the drowsy effect of driving at night. Don’t forget to pack your binoculars, and your camera if you have one. 

Taking Photos at Night

Taking photos at night is tricky, and in some cases, impossible. However, while the lack of natural light undoubtedly impedes your ability to achieve good shots , there are a few tricks that might make the task easier. A flash (whether it’s inbuilt or external) provides an obvious solution to the light problem, but in most cases, using flash disturbs nocturnal animals and is not allowed. Instead, use your camera’s settings to capitalize on the light available to you, whether it’s the torchlight, the light of the full moon, or the last touches of sunlight before full dark. If you’re using a compact camera, make sure to select the inbuilt ‘night’ setting. You’ll need to hold the camera as still as possible to avoid blurry photos when you’re shooting without a flash. 

Tripods, monopods, and beanbags all help to reduce camera shake, but are only effective when the vehicle is at a standstill. If you’re shooting with a DSLR, set your camera to manual mode. Set the f-stop to the lowest number possible, in order to increase aperture size and allow more light to reach the camera sensor. Longer shutter speeds also allow for more light; however, the longer your exposure is, the more blurry moving subjects will be. Often, the best option when shooting at night is to hike up your ISO . The higher your ISO is, the grainier your photos will be; but this is your best chance of achieving enough light to capture your night drive experiences on camera. If an animal comes close to the vehicle, use the illumination from the guide’s beam to light your shot. 

Rules and Regulations

In order to keep you safe and to limit the disturbance to nocturnal wildlife, night drives throughout Africa are usually led by professional guides. Very few places, if any, allow you to self-drive at night. This means that very young children may not be able to take part, since most guided game drives have a minimum age requirement of at least 6 years old. Some national parks (especially in Kenya and Tanzania ) have banned night drives altogether because of the difficulty of monitoring which vehicles are legitimate and which belong to poachers operating under the cover of darkness. If you would like to experience an after-dark safari in these countries, make sure to spend at least one night in a private game reserve or conservancy .

And Lastly…

Night drives offer a completely different perspective to daytime safaris, and for many of us, they represent the ultimate African adventure. As always sightings can’t be guaranteed, but if you treat the experience as an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild world of the bush after dark, any animals that you spot are simply an added bonus. 

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Night Safari

night safari car park

remember to bring insect repellent just in case for mosquitoes. tickets need to be bought online in advance before entering

night safari car park

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Night Safari Highlights: Must-See Features and Attractions

As dusk falls, the shutters open at the Night Safari, welcoming you into a world of nocturnal creatures and their mysterious habitats.

Your eyes will take a while to adjust to the darkness here, but once they do, you’ll be greeted by close to 900 animals from over 100 species in this world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. 41% of these species are threatened, including many indigenous to the region, such as the endangered Asian elephant, Malayan tapir and Malayan tiger.

For those who prefer exploring the park on wheels, a Tram Safari ride with live commentary will you across six geographical zones of the world, from the rugged Himalayan Foothills to the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Exploring the park on one of the four walking trails lets you see even more animals not visible from the tram. Among them are the Fishing Cat Trail that recreates a nighttime trek through the jungles of Singapore, and the popular Leopard Trail, which features the largest collection of wildlife indigenous to Southeast Asia. Be sure to catch the newest Southern Three-banded Armadillo in action at the new Explorer Outpost along Fishing Cat Trail while you’re there.

night safari car park

△ Keep an eye out for all kinds of animals, from elephants to anteaters and zebras along the Safari Tram Ride!

night safari car park

△ Learn about the Aardvarks and meet the Malayan Tigers at the East Lodge Trail in Night Safari!

night safari car park

△ The multi-sensory wildlife Night Safari adventure comes with an onboard tram commentary

Recommendations Near Night Safari

Night safari reviews: insider insights and visitor experiences.


One night tour @ Singapore Night Safari 🐅🐆🫎🐗🦣🦏🦥🦡🦘🦇🦬 The last time i came here i think was 30 years ago 🤣🤣🤣 really time flies.......A very very interesting place to go that can get to see so many different types of animals in the night that don't get to see them in the day 👍👍👍 A great experience ✌️ Cheers 🍹🍹


It is far from the city, and it is cost-effective to take a taxi from the city to 150-200. The experience is very good. You can choose a small train or walk to see it yourself. Friends who are not good in English suggest to bring a wired headset. The Chinese translation of the machine on the small train can be heard. Remember to watch the performance, very good.


Night Safari Singapore is a very unique experience. it is cooling at night without the scorching sun, but it is also very dark. suitable for kids who are 5 years and older, as some kids might not be able to see well in the dark, or will be afraid of the dark. also, there is lots of walking to do and the place is huge. recommended to take the tram as it covers at least half of the attractions and animals.

Tiring but Thrilling Adventure at the Night Safari in Singapore. So many wild animals and the place is huge.Highly recommended for everyone.


We really enjoyed the Night Safari at Singapore Zoo. It gives a whole different slant on the zoo experience, and it was fun to see so many animals being active in the night. I fed the rhino a carrot, and we saw bats flying about the zoo naturally! And we heard the lions roaring. The little tram ride felt very Jurassic Park - the commentary was aimed at children but it was still fun. Try and have enough time to walk all the trails as well. Getting public transport from central Singapore takes a l


Just had the wildest night at the Night Safari in Singapore! Walking through the jungle under the stars, with all the nocturnal animals coming out to play—it's like something out of a movie. From prowling leopards to graceful giraffes, we can get up close and personal with all sorts of creatures that never see during the day. And we just cruising through the darkness with the tram ride and sounds of the jungle all around us.

Additional Information

Available amenities, night safari photos: trip moments.

Educational Creatures of the Night Show

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Everything about tourist attractions

Singapore Night Safari – tickets, prices, timings, Tram rides, shows

Night Safari Singapore

Singapore Night Safari is the World’s first nocturnal wildlife park.

During this Safari, which starts after dark, visitors get to explore a 35 hectares nocturnal Zoo on a 40-minute tram ride.

Even as the nocturnal animals roam around freely, the Tram winds its way through four wildlife trails with live commentary.

The Night Safari is divided into seven geographical zones.

The zones include the Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Indo-Malayan Region, Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley, and Burmese Hillside.

Visitors can see various animals, including tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hyenas, zebras, and many more.

The animals are active at night, and visitors can observe them in their natural habitats under the moonlight.

This night-time journey into the wilderness attracts 1.3 million visitors annually. 

The Singapore Night Safari is a unique and exciting way to experience wildlife and learn more about the animals that call the world home.

This article explains everything you need to know before you buy Singapore Zoo Night Safari tickets.

  • Top Singapore Night Safari Tickets

# Night Safari with hotel pickup

Table of contents

Walk and explore or take the tram, singapore night safari tickets, how to get to night safari, singapore night safari timings, best time to visit night safari singapore, recommended itinerary , how long does singapore night safari take, singapore night safari shows, keepers talk at night safari, singapore night safari map, night safari animals at singapore zoo, restaurants, singapore zoo vs. singapore night safari, faqs about singapore night safari.

There are two ways to explore the Night Safari – by walk or by Tram. 

Visitors who have been to the Night Safari Singapore multiple times recommend you must do both. 

First, take the Tram, do the 40-minute ride to see everything there is, and then catch one of the walking trails.

The walking paths have enough lighting, and Park Rangers are placed at strategic points to assist. 

Tip:  Because of the darkness and the vegetation, there are lots of mosquitos and insects. Do carry insect repellent.

Types of Tram

Singapore Night Safari Free Tram

To explore Singapore Night Safari park, you can opt from two types of Trams – 

1. Free Tram with English commentary 2. Multi-language Express Tram

Night Safari’s Free Tram 

Access to this Tram comes free with all  Singapore Night Safari tickets .

There is a queue to get into this Tram, but the waiting time usually doesn’t exceed 15 minutes. 

The live commentary on this free Night Safari Tram is in the English language. 

Night Safari’s Express Tram

If you don’t want to stand in the queue or if you want the live commentary in a language other than English, you can book the Express Tram.

The Express Tram commentary is available in eight languages – English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Thai, and Vietnamese.

When you book the Express Tram at the venue, you must stand in a queue and shell out S$10 for every person (including kids). 

Back to Top

Singapore Night Safari ticket

There are three ways to experience Singapore Zoo Night Safari. You can opt for – 

1.  Only Singapore Night Safari 2.  Singapore Night Safari with hotel pickup 3.  Singapore Zoo with Night Safari

All these tickets get you one ride on the Night Safari Tram and access to both shows – Creatures of the Night Show and Thumbuakar Performance.

After you book your Singapore Night Safari Entry ticket, you must choose from four time slots for your visit – 7.15 pm, 8.15 pm, 9.15 pm, or 10.15 pm.

Night Safari with hotel pickup

Since this is a nighttime activity, some visitors prefer to book the Singapore Night Safari ticket with transfers.

A local guide picks you up from your hotel, and after you have explored the world’s first night safari, drops you back. 

Pickup begins 30 or 45 minutes before the tour starting time, depending on your hotel’s location.

If you prefer, you can upgrade your experience by including a dinner.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (13+ years):  S$148 Child ticket (3 to 12 years):  S$82 Infant ticket (up to 3 years):  Free entry

Because of the excellent public transport system in Singapore, it is easy to reach Singapore Night Safari. 

Many tourists think that Singapore Night Safari and Singapore Zoo are the same, but they are two different attractions.

However, they are close to each other. 

Night Safari’s entrance is adjacent to Singapore Zoo’s entry gate. 

Address:  80, Mandai Lake Road, Singapore, 729826.

To Night Safari by MRT

Five MRT stations of North South Line are around the Singapore Night Safari Park.

MRT stations near Singapore Night Safari

Connecting buses from these MRT stations can get you to the Night Safari Park. 

Khatib MRT : Mandai Khatib Shuttle Choa Chu Kang MRT : Bus No. 927  Ang Mo Kio MRT : Bus No. 138 Woodlands MRT : Bus No. 926* Marsiling MRT : Bus No. 926*

*Bus No. 926 operates only on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Bus to Singapore Night Safari

If you plan to visit Singapore Zoo Night Safari from Bedok, Sengkang, or Tampines, the  Mandai Express Bus service  is the best option.

The Mandai Express operates on weekends, school, and public holidays as well.

The adult ticket costs S$3 while kids between 3 to 12 years of age pay only S$1. 

To get to the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, other bus service  Safari Gate Buses are also convenient.

Driving to Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is 30 minutes’ drive from the city center. 

You can choose to travel via Central Expressway (CTE) or Pan Island Expressway (PIE).  Get Directions

Taxis also follow the same route. 

Car Parking

The Night Safari shares its parking slot with the Singapore Zoo. 

There are two parking areas – one is a covered car park while the second is an open-air parking space. 

Cost of parking

The parking charges at Singapore Night Safari work out cheaper if you are carrying a cash card.

First 10 minutes: Free Next 1 hour: S$3 per hour Every additional hour: S$2 per hour

The maximum parking charges for a car get capped at S$10. 

If you pay by cash, parking your car will cost you S$10 for the day.

Jurong bird park to Night Safari, Singapore

Some tourists plan Jurong Bird Park in the morning and Singapore Night Safari later in the day. 

After exploring Jurong Bird Park, you can do the Night Safari because it starts from 7.15 pm and instead of walking you can explore the nocturnal Zoo on a Tram. 

SAExpress coaches run between the Bird Park and Night Safari.

The bus leaves Jurong Bird Park’s coach park at 4.45 pm and reaches Singapore Night Safari at 5.15 pm. 

This gives you ample time to grab something to eat, stand in the queue, and get in for Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari at 7.15 pm.

From Thursday to Sunday, Night Safari Singapore opens at 6.30 pm and closes at midnight. It also remains open on Public Holidays and on the eve of a Public Holiday.

The last entry into the Night Safari Park is at 11.15 pm.

The wildlife attraction remains closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The ticket counters open early at 5.30 pm and close by 11 pm.

The best time to visit Singapore Night Safari is 7.15 pm, which is the first time slot.

That’s when the gates open, and you can be one of the first to get in. 

This is the best slot because it helps you time your attendance at the shows, pick the Tram ride, and plan your dinner to perfection.

After you purchase your Singapore Night Safari tickets, you will get an email with instructions to select a time slot for your visit. You can choose from 7.15 pm, 8.15 pm, 9.15 pm, or 10.15 pm.

And on the day of your visit, you must be at the Night Safari Park’s entrance at the time mentioned on your tickets. 

Once inside the Night Safari Park, everybody rushes for the Night Safari Tram ride. As a result, there are long queues for the Tram. 

After the Tram ride is over, they all rush for the shows, crowding them too. 

That’s why we recommend you do precisely the opposite. 

Once you enter at 7.15 pm, go straight to the Creatures of the Night Show at the outdoor amphitheater.

The official time for this animal show is 7.15 pm, but since the visitors are just walking, you get a few minutes to settle down. 

Creatures of the Night Show lasts 25 minutes, after which you can get back to the Entrance Courtyard to watch the 7-minute long Thumbuakar Performance. 

The second Thumbuakar Performance of the day is at 8 pm, which means you may have to wait for 10 minutes or so before the show begins.

By 8.15 pm, you will have seen both the shows and will be all set for the Tram Ride. 

Even though there are long lines for the Tram Rides, the crowd management is efficient, and within 15 minutes, one can board the Night Safari Tram. 

Tip:   Buy Singapore Night Safari tickets online to save yourself at least an hour of waiting time. 

Most visitors spend around three hours at Singapore Night Safari.

Within three hours, you can go on the Safari Tram ride, walk one of the animal trails, see Creatures of the Night Show and Thumbuakar Performance, and also have dinner.

If you are in a hurry, you can skip the Trail walk and dinner and explore Singapore Night Safari in about two hours. 

The Singapore Night Safari has two shows, both of which are popular with tourists. 

Since both these Night Safari shows are in massive demand, we recommend you reach the venue 15 minutes before they start. 

Thumbuakar Performance

This show welcomes you to the Night Safari. 

Pyro warriors demonstrate their fire-twirling and flame-throwing skills to the beat of jungle drums.

This fire show happens at the Entrance Courtyard, and the objective is to get you all revved up for the Wild Night Safari experience. 

The fire eaters perform thrice on weekdays and four times on weekends. 

Weekdays: 6.45 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays: 6.45 pm, 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm Duration: Approx. 7 minutes

Creatures of the Night show

Creatures of the Night is Singapore Night Safari’s signature show. 

Otters, Binturongs, Civets, Heyna, and other animals display their natural talents during this interactive show.

Singapore Night Safari show

This Night Safari show happens in the big outdoor amphitheater amidst the rainforest. 

Weekdays: 7.15 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays: 7.15 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm, 10.30 pm Duration: Approx. 25 minutes

*Shows are weather permitting. If it rains, they can get canceled. 

Keeper chit chat is an interactive session with a wildlife expert who handles the animals.

You can opt to attend these sessions before or after your Tram ride through the 35 hectares of Singapore Night Safari.

Session with Lion’s Keeper

Location: Lion Lookout, along the Leopard Trail Timings: 8 pm and 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays

Session with Tiger’s Keeper

Location: Malayan Tiger Exhibit along East Lodge Trail Timings: 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holidays

Session with Pangolin’s Keeper

Location: Pangolin Exhibit along Fishing Cat Trail Timings: 8.30 pm, daily

Session with Wallaby’s Keeper

Location: Wallaby exhibit along Wallaby Trail Timings: 9 pm, daily

Session with Tasmanian Devil’s Keeper

Location: Tasmanian Devil Exhibit Timings: 8 pm, daily

The Night Safari has four trails – 

Fishing Cat Trail

Leopard trail, wallaby trail, east lodge trail.

The Singapore Night Safari map comes in handy if you decide to walk one (or many) of these trails.

Singapore Night Safari Map

Even if you decide to stick to the Tram, the Night Safari map will still help you reach the shows and find visitor services such as washrooms, restaurants, etc.

Almost a thousand animals from 100 different species inhabit the 35-hectare Night Safari Park.

Animals at Singapore Night Safari

Since more than 40% of these animals are in danger of being extinct, the Park also practices captive breeding of these species. 

When you go down this trail (either by the Tram or by walk), you get to see the nightly routine of animals such as Leopards, Lions, Civets, Porcupines, etc. 

You also get to see two fantastic walk-through exhibits with flying foxes and flying squirrels on the Leopard Trail.

Some of the other animals you are likely to spot on this trail are Eagle Owl, Giraffe, Fruit Bat, Golden Cat, Otters, Tarsier, etc. 

The Fishing Cat Trail simulates the jungles of Singapore, which host animals such as Fishing Cat, Binturong, Pangolin, etc. 

The Pangolin in Night Safari was a hit and run victim who has now recovered except for a small limp.

When your Night Safari Tram passes through this trail, you can see animals such as Barking Deer, Himalayan Tahr, Indian Gharial, Mousedeer, Striped Hyena, Small-clawed Otter, etc. 

This Night Safari Trail is accessible from the East Lodge Tram Station.

It connects the Leopard Trail to the Wallaby Trail and leads you to the section of Night Safari where animals of the savannah (Africa) and the tropics (Asia) live side by side.

Some of the animals you can spot here are Sloth Bear, Bongo, Babirusa, Anoa, Serval, Spotted Hyena, Malayan Tiger, etc. 

If you decide to walk this trail, don’t miss the chit chat with Zoo Keepers of Malayan Tigers, at 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm every Friday and Saturday. 

This Night Safari trail lines up wildlife from Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea. 

The Wallaby Trail has been landscaped in the form of Australian deserts to make it as authentic as possible.

Besides the Wallaby, some of the animals you will spot here are Possum, Sugar Glider, White-lipped Python, etc. 

There are four food outlets at the Singapore Night Safari. 

1. Ulu Ulu Safari restaurant 

Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant is located at the Night Safari’s Entrance Plaza and is open from 5.30 pm to 11 pm. 

The restaurant resembles a charming village and is a perfect place to start or end your Night Safari.

You can order a la carte or opt for either the Asian or the Indian Buffet.

Ulu Ulu Asian Buffet

The Asian Buffet is designed to remind you of the traditional villages of the area. 

You can choose to eat your Asian Buffet within the cozy restaurant or dine alfresco (out in the open). 

Price: S$ 45/adult and S$ 34/child (Age 6 to 12 years) Timing: 5.30 pm to 8.15 pm daily

Ulu Ulu Indian Buffet

If you prefer an Indian touch to your dinner, opt for the Indian Buffet at the Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant.

The Indian Buffet works out better if you are a late eater because it is available till late. 

Price: S$ 29/adult and S$ 19/child (Age 6 to 12 years) Timing: 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm daily

2. Jungle Rotisserie

The alfresco Jungle Rotisserie restaurant is at the Entrance Courtyard and offers a ringside view of the Thumbuakar Performance, where fire eaters get on the stage.

To top it, the restaurant offers some of the best smoky meat around. 

It is open from 5.30 pm to 11 pm daily.

3. Safari Sizzles

Safari Sizzles is located at the Entrance Plaza of the Night Safari and is open daily from 5.30 pm to midnight.

They serve an excellent selection of gourmet hot dogs, fried snacks, chapati rolls, and alcoholic thirst quenchers.

4. Ben & Jerry’s

This is where all the ice cream lovers stop before or after their Night Safari. 

Since the weather is usually hot and humid, almost everyone lands up at Ben & Jerry’s. 

It is open from 5.30 pm to midnight, daily.  

Visitors have lots of interesting questions about these two attractions.

They are almost always trying to find out if Singapore Zoo and Singapore Night Safari are the same attractions, and if not what are the differences.

No, they are two different tourist attractions adjacent to each other.    Singapore Zoo is a daytime attraction, like all other Zoos.    Singapore Night Safari is a night-time attraction, which showcases nocturnal animals.  Buy Tickets !

It is hard to take sides here because both are award-winning, world-class tourist attractions.    Since they are so different, they can’t be an either-or decision.    If you are traveling to Singapore with kids or have the time on hand, it is best to see both.

Singapore Zoo opens at 8.30 am and closes at 6 pm, while the Singapore Night Safari opens at 6.30 pm and closes at midnight.    And they are within walking distance of each other.   There are two ways to visit the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari on the same day –    Option 1 This is the best approach when you are traveling with kids or elders.   Buy Singapore Zoo tickets online  (to avoid wasting time in ticketing lines), and be at the Zoo when it opens at 8.30 am. Spend 4-5 hours exploring, and then get back to your hotel and rest.   Come back at 6 pm and line up to get into the Night Safari gates, which opens at 6.30 pm    Option 2 If you are all adults or you have older kids, it is best to see both attractions one after the other.   Be at the Singapore Zoo by 1 pm, and explore it till 5 pm.    Since you have an hour and 30 minutes before the Singapore Night Safari opens, you can sit down and relax at one of the restaurants and recharge yourself.    Once the Night Safari gates open at 6.30 pm, you start your second wildlife experience of the day. 

If you can choose only one (for whatever reason!), we recommend the Singapore Night Safari.  Buy Tickets !   Inaugurated in 1994, it is the World’s first Night Safari ever.    It has been 25 years since and only two more Night Safaris have come up in rest of the World – Taiping Night Safari (in 2003) and Chiang Mai Night Safari (in 2006).    In comparison, there are more than 10,000 Zoos in the World.

There are lots of differences between the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. We list them below –   Time:  Singapore Zoo is a daytime attraction, while the Night Safari is a night-time attraction. Weather:  If you don’t go early in the day, Singapore Zoo can get hot and humid. In sharp contrast Singapore Night Safari is much cooler. Duration:  You need at least five hours to explore the Zoo, whereas you can explore the Night Safari in three hours or less. Exploration:  At the Zoo, you get to explore the animals at your own pace. At the Night Safari, the exploration happens at the Tram’s pace. Crowd:  Since the Zoo is open for longer hours the crowd seems spread out and the Night Safari seems crowded because it is only open for five hours per day. Animals:  At the Singapore Zoo, you get to see all the animals, while at the Singapore Night Safari, you can only see the nocturnal animals Cost:  At approximately S$48 for an adult ticket the Zoo is cheaper than the Night Safari, where the tickets are priced at S$50. Photos:  At the Singapore Zoo, you can take photographs, but you can’t during the Night Safari because it is dark and flash is not allowed.

Sources # Mandai.com # Visitsingapore.com # Tripadvisor.com # Wikipedia.org The travel specialists at TheBetterVacation.com use only high-quality sources while researching & writing their articles. We make every attempt to keep our content current, reliable and trustworthy .

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A Guide to the Singapore Night Safari: Worth It?

giraffe eating text says a night safari in singapore

Every city has certain must-see attractions, and Singapore is no exception. The first time we visited, we basically had to squeeze all the best things to see in Singapore into a day and a half.

Our friends were not impressed. “Next time, you have to go to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari!” they insisted. So peer pressure and thumbs-up TripAdvisor reviews talked us into visiting an attraction without knowing what to expect. The only thing we knew for sure was that we’d never hear the end of it if we didn’t make it to the Singapore Night Safari the next time we passed through the country.

After having visited twice, here’s our hard-learned travel guide to the Singapore Night Safari. Is it worth it? Read on to find out.

What is the Singapore Night Safari, anyway?

If you’re thinking that Singapore Night Safari is just another zoo, you’ve got another think coming. I mean, it’s not like going to the regular zoo at night. This is a separate attraction, right next to the Singapore Zoo, where they keep all the animals that do nothing but sleep while the sun’s out.

This is where you get to spy on those critters and see what they do after the gates close for the day.

If this idea intrigues you, read on. Maybe our review will help you determine if the Night Safari is worth your time and money.

Gharial looking at visitors

Why visit the Singapore Night Safari?

There are several reasons to visit the Singapore Night Safari: its unique nocturnal setting, diverse animal species, close encounters with animals through the tram ride and paths, and spectacular shows. Visits also support conservation efforts and educate visitors about the importance of protecting these animals.

#1 nightlife attraction in Singapore

When Night Safari opened in 1994, it was the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. The man who came up with the idea was a genius ( you can read his story here ). The Singapore Night Safari is considered a world-class attraction, and it welcomes more than 1.1 million visitors a year!

It has also become a significant conservation, rescue and research facility. Most encouraging of all, it has successfully bred a number of endangered species, including Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, fishing cats, Malayan tapirs and Asian lions.

The park’s lighting has been specially designed to be only as bright as the full moon, and since animals are used to that, they are awake and active. Visitors have to find their way around with only the “light of the moon” as a guide, but if you have ever gone camping, you will know that it is adequate.

As you might imagine, flash photography and flashlights are prohibited, not only for the well-being of the animals, but for the safety of others. Being suddenly blinded by an unexpected flash can really mess with your eyesight.

man looking at a sign with the Singapore night safari map

How to get to Singapore Night Safari

The Night Safari is next to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari. It’s only a 30-minute drive from Marina Bay and Orchard Road.

Shuttle bus

The best way to get to the Night Safari is by MRT and shuttle bus. Take the MRT to Khatib Station (NS14) on the North South line. Use Exit A to catch the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to the Night Safari.

The shuttle bus from Khatib MRT to Mandai costs SGD $2 and takes about 15 minutes. Click here to see the full schedule.

Public transportation

To get to the Night Safari by public transportation, take the MRT to Ang Mo Kio station (NS16). Cross the street and take bus 138 to Night Safari.

Bus routes 138 and 927 both have a stop at the Night Safari.

Book an excursion

The most hassle-free way to visit the Night Safari is to book an excursion with a tour company. They will provide skip-the line tickets and hotel pickup and return, and you also get priority boarding on the tram. Learn more here.


We’ve also taken a taxi to the safari and called GrabCar to take us home. (GrabCar is the Uber of Southeast Asia.)

While it’s more expensive than taking the MRT, a taxi/GrabCar offers the convenience of traveling door-to-door, on your schedule. Note that the cost is PER CAR,   not per person, so factor that in if you’re comparing prices.

  • Taxi:  Calculate your fare  here . I couldn’t find a GrabCar price calculator, but I’ve been told that taxi and GrabCar prices are comparable.

Night Safari entrance

As with most parks, the zoo entrance is lined with shops and food joints. There are a number of places to eat at the Night Safari at assorted price points.

The food court has a traditional  kampong  (village) ambiance, in keeping with the overall adventure theme you’d expect at a zoo. Most special diets can be accommodated because it has a nice variety of options, from tasty satays to noodle soups, fish and even burgers and beer.

Your food options include:

  • Jungle Rotisserie (roasted quarter chicken) – you can watch the Thrumbuakar performance from your seat.
  • Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant (buffet plus local a la carte options like chicken rice and laksa)
  • Safari Sizzles (hot dogs & fried snacks, plus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Zebra Cafe (soft serve frozen yogurt, snacks and drinks of all types)
  • Ben & Jerry’s (ice cream treats)
  • Casa Italia (32 flavors of gelato)
  • Mandai Mart (fruit cups and slushies)

Ulu Ulu Indian Buffet table has breads and assorted dishes.

For us, it was Ulu Ulu on both occasions, because Dan enjoyed their delicious Indian buffet that much the first time. This is one case where doing a bit of prior research would have paid off. We arrived early so we’d have more time for dinner, only to find out that they offer an Asian buffet first.

Just so you know, their Indian buffet starts at 8:30.

Zebra seats at Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari’s Zebra Cafe has some really fun chairs.It’s obvious that the interior designer was talented. We were surprised by the designer’s attention to detail –  even in the washrooms! They are designed with an open plan, with waterfalls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lush landscaping that makes you feel like you’re washing your hands in a tropical garden. I’ve read that they won awards for them. (Umm … awards for bathrooms?)

IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT go to Singapore Night Safari expecting to get good photos. You won’t. Cell phone cameras are not equipped to capture good photos in limited light, especially when the subject is moving. A tripod and fast camera lens are essential for good photos, so if you have them, come prepared.

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Navigating the Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is divided into seven geographical zones. There are four pathways that lead you through them all.

Tip: Remember to wear shoes with good traction. Some areas can be wet and it is easy to trip in the darkness.

More than 59 exhibits and 1,000 animals live here. Their enclosures are grouped into geographical regions, accessible via 4 walking trails and a tram tour.

Map of Night Safari exhibits

Our suggested itinerary

We’d suggest that you plan your evening around the two live shows they offer. Here’s a good itinerary:

  • 6:00 – Dinner
  • 7:00 – Enjoy the Thumbuakar fire show
  • 7:15 – Walk through the trails
  • 9:40 – Tram ride
  • 10:30 – Creatures of the Night show
  • 10:50 – Gift shop

Thumbuakar fire show

Pyromaniacs will really enjoy this spectacle. Fire breathing tribal warriors display their skill as they dance and perform their fiery stunts.

  • Where: Entrance courtyard (weather permitting)
  • Time: Daily except Wednesdays at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm (and 10pm on weekends and holidays)

Creatures of the Night

The Creatures of the Night Show is a great opportunity to take a break and be entertained at the same time. You’ll see the natural abilities of some of the most fascinating animals in the park. The show lasts 20 minutes but because it’s so popular, you should arrive 30 minutes ahead to ensure a good seat.

  • Where: Amphitheatre
  • Time: 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm and 10:30pm (weather permitting)

Guided tram ride

Don’t miss the 40-minute guided tram ride with live commentary, because some of the animals can only be seen from the tram. Your knowledgeable tram guide will fill you in on the beasts and the 6 geographical zones as you drive through them all:

  • Himalayan Foothills
  • Indian Subcontinent
  • Equatorial Africa
  • Asian Riverine Forest
  • Nepalese River Valley
  • Burmese Hillside

Hyenas getting fed at the night safari in singapore

What you’ll see on your walk through the Night Safari paths

As you walk through the pathways, you will notice that there are no cages; all that stand between you and the wild animals are a moat and a low fence. There they are, only a little more than arm’s reach away, awake and doing what they normally would do in the wild.

  • Wallaby Trail – this Australasian-inspired trail includes an area where cute little wallabies hop back-and-forth across your path. (I almost tripped over one little guy, who wasn’t watching where he was going!) You can also enter a “cave,” complete with dripping water, to watch nocturnal cave critters.
  • East Lodge Trail – you can see wild African and Asian animals up close here, thanks to glass-fronted enclosures. Highlights include the splendid Malayan tiger and the devious spotted hyena.
  • Leopard Trail – the beautiful leopard has his own huge glass-fronted exhibit for your enjoyment. The trail also offers Mangrove Walk and Giant Flying Squirrel Aviary, two walk-through exhibits that allow you to experience creatures swooping around and above you.
  • Fishing Cat Trail – watch the fishing cat as it tries to reel in its fish dinner in front of your eyes.

In addition, the park has a special area for smaller critters, like reptiles, and each cage is small enough that it’s easy to find them. Even there, the caretakers were careful to create a natural environment for their well-being.

scorpions under a black light

Luxury experiences at the Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari offers private tours. You can book a VIP Safari Adventurer Tour , and a dedicated guide will take your group on a private tour of the park.

Ocelot resting at the night safari

Plan your trip

  • Hours:  Open daily from 7:15pm – 12.00mn daily (Last ticket sale at 11.15 pm).  Retail shops open from 5:00pm and restaurants open from 5.30 pm.
  • Cost:  Adult: S$45 | Child: S$30. Multi-park discounts are available.
  • Wheelchairs: Contact a guest relations officer to arrange a tram with wheelchair facilities. ( Here is a suggested itinerary for wheelchairs.)
  • For more of the nocturnal zoo, see our Night Safari photo gallery .

Also see our Singapore River Cruise review .

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Night shot of flamingos feeding . Thetext says a night safari in singapore

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Written by Linda

Linda is multilingual and has been to over 50 countries. Her insatiable love of travel, cuisine, and foreign languages inspired her to create As We Saw It, where she documents her trips, shares practical itineraries, and offers insider tips. She’s passionate about helping fellow travelers save time, money, and hassle, and loves to discover new places to explore.

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28 thoughts on “a guide to the singapore night safari: worth it”.

The night safari was awesome. We had an absolute whale of a time. The food was delicious as well.

So glad you enjoyed it! I’m guessing your answer to my question is that yes, it’s worth the expense.

Visit River Safari in Singapore for a wildlife experience themed around the world’s freshwater rivers. You’ll wander around eight river habitats, from the Yangtze to the Mississippi, to encounter animals of all types, including the beloved giant panda. Learn about the native animals and plants that are found around the world’s legendary rivers, and take a boat ride on the ‘Amazon River,’ if you wish (own expense). Hotel pickup and drop-off are included

River Safari is on our list because it’s Asia’s only river-themed wildlife park and it has the world’s largest collections of freshwater animals. The most interesting one is the Mekong giant catfish.

Wonderful post. Thanks for such detailed information. I am travelling in October with my family. My dad is hemiplegic so he will be in wheelchair. We want to cover both Singapore Zoo and River Safari. How much do we need to walk? Are the pathways easily wheelchair friendly? Is it like really very long walk combining both. Are the outside food allowed inside as I need to carry some homemade food for my father.

We’ve not visited the Singapore Zoo yet so we can’t tell you how accessible it is or how much walking you’ll do. The Night Safari has hills and some places have stairs so you might have to detour. We’d suggest checking the map on their website and planning a route to save some steps. As to outside food, there shouldn’t be a problem bringing it in.

Ahhh so cute!!! I love animals and I’m glad this zoo seems to be a good one that provides a good habitat for the animals. 🦓 🦒 🐅 I went to the Night Safari and it was awesome. These are awesome photos and great description. 🙂 Wonderful post. Thanks for such detailed information.

You are so welcome, Maria.

Short answer is NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Read TripAdvisor ‘terrible’ reviews to get the real picture, these are absolutely accurate. It is a tragedy of monstrous proportions. One of the worst things I did in my whole life.

Wow, it’s hard to believe an attraction could have been that terrible. Which things to do in Singapore would you recommeend?

Wow, this must be a Unique adventure for you. Wandering through the trails and finding animals in their natural surrounding is a bit exciting and Scary too. But they use proper protection so nothing to worry.

What we like most about the Night Safari is how easy it is to get close to the animals and feel completely safe. I hope we conveyed that in our article.

I haven’t been to the Night Safari in years – I think the fire show is fairly new, because I don’t remember it at all. It sounds great! The Creatures of the Night Show, though, left a lasting impression on me for all the wrong reasons: despite repeated requests to refrain from using flash photography in order to protect the animals’ eyes, I saw SO many camera flashes go off during those few minutes. Seeing that kind of blatant selfishness up close was really infuriating.

I completely agree! We had the same experience when on the tram, but thankfully the guide reminded people to turn the flash off.

Absolutely disappointed. Do not waste your money. Go see the zoo in the day light. Photos are not worth the effort. Half the animals cannot be seen. We just love zoos, but not this Night Safari. Go have breakfast with the Oranatangs instead.

Thanks for the recommendation to see the zoo in the daylight, Graham. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the Night Safari, but Breakfast with the Orangutans sounds like a keeper.

Singapore didn’t seem terribly expensive – when compared with other major cities – like Tokyo, London, Barcelona. Hotels and transportation are the ones that are quite high-priced.

For sure accommodation is pricey in Singapore, but the hawker stands make up for it with some of the cheapest restaurant food on the planet. Maybe the reason Singapore has a reputation for being expensive is because of the contrast, as its neighbouring southeast Asian nations are so dirt cheap?

We also missed the fire-breathing Thumbuakar performance – It was drizzling and they had to cancel the show.. We ended up taking the buggy as it was drizzling and had a very tough time taking any meaningful picture..

Practically have no photos which are not blurred 🙂

Our sympathies; we discarded almost all of our photos because of how badly they turned out. I’m just glad we had a few marginally acceptable ones to include in this story. 🙂

Looks like fun, but I would be in the same boat as Dan – I love getting great photos and when it’s hard to do I get so frustrated. I’m not the best at shooting in low light as it is (need more practice). The bathrooms sound lovely, and of course the food looks amazing! 🙂

It was. I’d like to visit again but might not find the opportunity. There are so many wonderful places in Singapore that we’ve not seen yet!

Sometimes you just have to enjoy your surroundings without your camera – it’s so freeing when you do! The night experience looks really interesting… and not surprising Singapore has some really cool washrooms 🙂

I think you’re right, but sure Dan loves his photography….

First of all, I love the cool chairs – I mean, who would not want to sit on a zebra!! The food looks delicious and it looks like a fun and enjoyable experience. I can understand why it is hard to photograph there as usually a tripod is needed to exceptional night shots but give yourselves a pat on the back for the ones you captured and included in this post!

Thanks, Constance. It was a lot of fun.

Awesome night safari! The food looks scrumptious (looks like our Indian platter).

It was some of the best Indian food we’ve had so far. But then, we’ve not been to India yet…

Comments are closed.

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Prepare Travel Plans

Night Safari Singapore: Our Reviews & How We Get There

Night Safari Singapore Reviews

In our Night Safari Singapore reviews, my wife and I share our personal experiences from our visit to the zoo, detailing what we enjoyed and what we didn’t.

Plus, I’ll guide you on how to get to Night Safari Singapore using MRT and bus , making your trip smooth and straightforward.

For me, this zoo is a top night activity in Singapore for its unique glimpse into the nocturnal animal world.

Let me share more about this zoo and the things you should take note before visiting. Let’s get started! 😊

What is Night Safari Singapore

Our night safari singapore reviews and impressions, safari ticket savings strategy, best time to visit night safari, night safari singapore map, catch the night safari tram ride early: a must-do experience, guide to walking trails, reserve early for show timings, dining option, photography tips, my suggested itinerary.

  • By MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

Comparisons with Daytime Zoo Experiences

Related posts.

Night Safari Singapore is the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park . Housing over 900 animals from approximately 100 species , it offers two main experiences : a tram ride or a walking trail .

On the tram, you can see a variety of animals like Malayan tigers and White African lions, each in their element under the cloak of night.

If you choose to walk, expect close encounters with creatures like sloth bears and Asian otters.

The journey is made even more memorable with captivating animal show, where the nocturnal talents of these creatures are displayed, adding an extra layer of wonder to your visit.

Time We Visit:

We visited the Night Safari Singapore during the earliest time slot at 7:15 PM. I highly recommend doing the same because you get to see the animals in much better light.

Our Tram Ride Journey:

We began our adventure with the tram ride. It’s a great way to get up close with the animals, although taking good photographs from the moving tram can be a bit challenging.

Animal Show Experience:

After the tram ride, I recommend checking out the Creatures of the Night show at 8:30 PM. It’s not only entertaining but also really informative, giving you a fascinating glimpse into the world of nocturnal animals.

Walking Trails Feedback:

Finally, we explored the four walking trails. It’s a chance to see different species of animals, many of them are active at night.

While some animals are easily visible, others are harder to spot. It requires a bit of patience, but taking your time to observe the animals is definitely worth it.

How Much Time We Allocated for the Park Visit:

We spent around 3 hours exploring the park, and it was time well spent.

There’s so much to see and experience, so I recommend setting aside at least this much time to fully enjoy the Night Safari.

Overall Experience:

We thoroughly enjoyed the Night Safari Singapore as a unique zoo experience. It’s a fantastic place to spend an evening, and adding it to our Singapore 5-day itinerary was a choice I’m happy about.

Also, a useful tip: don’t forget to bring a water bottle. You can refill it at the free water dispensers near the washrooms, which is both convenient and eco-friendly.

Thing We Didn’t Like:

There are some mosquitoes at the Night Safari, so I highly recommend bringing mosquito repellent. This small preparation can make your experience much more comfortable.

When you buy tickets at the Night Safari’s on-site counter, the regular prices are SGD $55 for adults and SGD $38 for children aged 3 to 12.

But here’s a tip: book the Night Safari tickets online here to enjoy special pricing. We did this and it was a smooth process.

You’ll receive e-tickets in your email, which you can simply show on your phone for a convenient and easy park entry.

For the best experience at the Night Safari Singapore , aim for the earliest admission time at 7:15 PM .

Going early helps you see the animals more clearly, as it’s less dark. This also gives you plenty of time to explore without feeling rushed.

Additionally, more animals are active during this time , increasing your chances of seeing high-energy animals in action.

The park is open from 7.15 PM until midnight, with the last entry at 11:15 PM.

Entry Time Slots: 7:15 PM, 7:45 PM, 8:15 PM, 8:45 PM, 9:15 PM & 9:45 PM

Night Safari Singapore Map

To effortlessly navigate Night Safari, I suggest downloading the zoo map here . This will make it easier for you to explore the park using just your smartphone.

It’s not advisable that you use a hardcopy map because it can be very hard to see and read it at night.

Night Safari Singapore Tram

To make the most of your visit, I suggest having dinner early and lining up at the entry gate by 6:30 PM . This lets you catch the earliest tram ride at Night Safari and cut down on waiting times .

While it’s tough to take good photographs from the moving tram, the upside is that you can fully immerse yourself in observing and enjoying the animals. It’s a unique opportunity to see them up close without distractions.

Night Safari Singapore Walking Trail

The Night Safari Singapore offers 4 walking trails that allow you to see the animals up-close . These are Leopard Trail , Fishing Cat Trail , East Lodge Trail , and Tasmanian Devil Trail .

Each trail comes with a variety of animals. So, you just have to pick the trail that you are interested in.

1. Leopard Trail

Leopard Trail

The Leopard Trail lets you see nocturnal animals in action. You’ll spot popular cats like Sri Lankan leopards, clouded leopards, golden cats, civets, and lions.

But it’s not just about cats; as you walk further, you’ll also encounter porcupines, eagle owls, giant flying squirrels, and fruit bats.

2. Fishing Cat Trail

Fishing Cat Trail

On the Fishing Cat Trail, you’ll find predators like striped hyenas and fishing cats. These animals are highly alert and strategic in hunting their prey. Keep your eyes open to catch their impressive moves.

Besides these, you’ll also see binturongs, pangolins, Asian otters, and more!

3. East Lodge Trail

East Lodge Trail

The East Lodge Trail blends African and Asian wildlife, showcasing animals from both tropical and grassland environments.

Here, you’ll find Malayan Tigers, serval cats, sloth bears, and spotted hyenas.

Also, keep an eye out for unique species like babirusas, anoas, and bongos. If these animals fascinate you, this trail is a must-visit.

4. Tasmanian Devil Trail

Tasmanian Devil Trail

The Tasmanian Devil Trail offers a unique chance to see wallabies, often with babies in their pouches.

This area, focusing on wildlife from Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand, features charming animals like sugar gliders, barn owls, and possums.

You can also spot the impressive white-lipped python here.

Creatures of the Night Show

To fully enjoy your Night Safari experience, don’t miss the “Creatures of the Night” show at the Night Safari Amphitheatre.

The show runs at 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9:30 PM. On Fridays to Sundays, there’s an additional show at 10:15 PM.

This show puts a spotlight on some amazingly talented animals. You’ll be entertained by owls, civets, and fennec foxes, each showcasing their adorable antics.

Remember, you can only book seats 2 hours before each presentation. So, it’s crucial to plan ahead and reserve early to ensure you get a spot.

You can enjoy dinner at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant , located right next to the Night Safari entrance .

Designed in a rustic village style , the restaurant serves a variety of dishes, ranging from local specialties to international cuisine .

It’s an ideal spot for a quick snack or a leisurely meal, surrounded by the sounds of nocturnal wildlife.

When visiting Night Safari Singapore, it’s crucial to remember that flash photography is not allowed . This is to protect the animals, as bright flashes can startle and disturb them.

For night photography, here are some tips:

  • Use a High ISO Setting: This helps your camera capture more light, making it easier to photograph in low-light conditions.
  • Experiment with Exposure: Longer exposure can capture more details but requires a steady hand or support.
  • Be Patient: Night photography requires time and patience. Wait for the right moment to capture the animals in their natural behavior.

For a better and more convenient trip to Night Safari, check out my recommended itinerary below. It’s designed to help you fully experience and enjoy every moment of your visit.

  • 6:30 PM – Queue up at the entry gate of Night Safari
  • 7:15 PM – Enter Night Safari and hop on the tram ride
  • 8:30 PM – Watch Creatures of the Night show (25 Minutes Show)
  • 9:00 PM – Stroll along Fishing Cat Trail, Leopard Trail, East Lodge Trail and Tasmanian Devil Trail

How to Get to Night Safari Singapore

Buses and Taxi to Night Safari Singapore

Even if there’s no MRT station that takes you directly to Night Safari Singapore, no need to worry! You can easily reach the place from the MRT station then by bus.

1. By MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle

The best way to go to Night Safari is by MRT and Mandai Khatib Shuttle especially for first-time visitors.

Take the MRT to Khatib Station , then head for Exit A to board the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to Night Safari . The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs SGD $2 .

The shuttle operates from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM , with services running every 10 to 20 minutes .

Kindly take note that the Mandai Khatib Shuttle only accept EZ-link or NETS Flash card and it didn’t accept cash.

2. By Bus 138

If you’re staying close to Ang Mo Kio area , you can board the bus 138 go to Night Safari . The bus fare is SGD $1.72 (if pay by EZ-link or NETS Flash card) and SGD $2.50 (if pay by cash) . The one-way trip will take around 39 minutes .

If you’re paying with cash, it’s advised to use the exact fare, as no change will be provided.

To get on the bus 138, go to Ang Mo Kio bus terminal, which is connected to Exit C of Ang Mo Kio Station .

The bus 138 runs every 6 to 17 minutes from 6:00 AM to 11:45 PM.

If you want a comfortable way to get to Night Safari, then you can take a taxi. To save some money, you can take a taxi from the Exit A of Khatib Station and it costs around SGD $13.

Singapore Zoo and River Wonder

  • Singapore Zoo : Vibrant and traditional, it features a variety of animals in a lush, open environment with natural sunlight.
  • River Wonders : Specializes in aquatic and riverine animals, showcasing a mix of land and water creatures.
  • Night Safari: Focuses on nocturnal animals. It’s quieter, with a mysterious atmosphere, and animals are viewed under subtle lighting. The tram ride provides a guided tour through different zones, a feature unique to Night Safari.

In Summary:

Singapore Zoo and River Wonders offer a traditional zoo experience with a diverse range of animals.

Night Safari is perfect for exploring the nocturnal wildlife world, offering a serene and interesting experience.

We’ve come to the end part of our reviews of Night Safari Singapore. I hope that you find this helpful when planning for your itinerary.

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17 Best Things to Do in Singapore at Night to Wow You

5 Days in Singapore Itinerary, A Brand New Travel Guide

Singapore Itinerary: The Best 5 Day Trip for You to Copy It

SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews

Our SEA Aquarium Singapore Reviews & How to Go Guide

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All about Night Safari's trails and animals to spot on your adventure

Indulge in an exciting nocturnal adventure at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve in the Night Safari. Make friends with the famous Asiatic Lion and other endangered animals along your adventure.

Also Known As

Mandai Night Safari

Night Safari Singapore

Quick information

80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

7:15 PM - 12 AM

From S$ 50.40

The Night Safari is the first ever nighttime wildlife park in the world! While the world winds down, the animals at the Night Safari start their day.

The Night Safari is home to close to 1,000 different species of nocturnal animals from around the world.

Being a nighttime adventure, the safari does not allow flash photography inside the park. Instead, you can get a free guide on night photography from the website and carry your cameras for some stunning after dark pictures.

Book your Night Safari tickets online

What are the different trails in the singapore night safari.

Night Safari Zones

There are four major zones at the Night Safari that are referred to as trails. They house different animals and ecosystems within them and are a great way to see how endangered species from around the world coexist with one another.

  • East Lodge Trail
  • Fishing Cat Trail
  • Leopard Trail
  • Tasmanian Devil Trail

Animals you can spot in the East Lodge Trail

See how Africa and Asia come together in this wildlife zone in Night Safari:

Family watching an aardvark, Singapore Night Safari with Tram Ride

This Sub-Saharan creature mainly feeds on termites in savannahs and forests, living up to 18 years in the wild.

Babirusa in the wild

Also known as the deer-pig, this animal falls under the same family of wild pigs as warthogs and are found in the swamps and rainforests of Indonesia.

Night Safari Singapore - Bongo

This nocturnal antelope is a Sub-Saharan African forest dweller, mainly feeding on plants. Fun fact, these beasts have a craving for salt, often found licking salt or mineral deposits.

Night Safari Singapore - Malayan Tiger

Malayan Tiger

These carnivores are found in Peninsular Malaysia's forests and swamplands. They feed on deers and other hoofed animals and live up to 10 years in the wild.

Red River Hog - Night Safari Singapore

Red River Hog

Another member of the pig family, this animal is also known as the bush pig. Living primarily in swamps and rainforests of West and Central Africa, these are omnivores that consume everything from shrubs and leaves to lizards and cattle.

Night Safari Singapore - Sloth Bear

Also known as the Indian Bear, this species lives in the Indian Subcontinent and feeds on insects in the soil. They are related to the Asiatic black bear and are found in temperate parts of India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Night Safari Singapore - Spotted Hyena

Spotted Hyena

These carnivores also known as the laughing hyena, live in the Sub-Saharan part of Africa. These pack animals are the most commonly found carnivore in Africa.

Animals you can spot in the Fishing Cat Trail

Night Safari Singapore - Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat

These feline hunters prey on fishes and have a quick reflex that you might miss if you blink.

Night Safari Singapore - Pangolin

Animals you can spot in the Leopard Trail

Night Safari Singapore - Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion

Found mainly in grasslands of the Indian subcontinent, these lions are endangered apex predators. See them come alive in the dark at the Night Safari.

Night Safari Singapore - Malayan Flying Fox

Malayan Flying Fox

This species of bats prefer fruits instead of blood and meat and can be found in dark nooks of tree branches. They are originally found in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesian forests.

Night Safari Singapore - Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard

Predominantly found in the forests of Southeast Asia, these large wild cats prey on smaller animals for food. Males can weigh up to 23 kgs, while females can go up to 21 kgs.

Night Safari Singapore - Hog Badger

Originating from Thailand and Northeastern India, these creatures are now considered a vulnerable species by the IUCN. They are predominantly omnivorous, eating fruits and small animals.

Night Safari Singapore - Serval

These wild cats rely on their excellent camouflage skills to hunt prey and live up to 10 years in the wild. They are predominantly found in Central and South African savannahs.

Night Safari Singapore - Indian Rhinoceros

Indian Rhinoceros

These single-horned beasts are mainly found in North Eastern India and parts of Nepal. Found mainly in grasslands and temperate forests, you'll find them roaming near water bodies, munching on vegetation.

Animals you can spot in the Tasmanian Devil Trail

Night Safari Singapore - Morepork Owl

Morepork Owl

Found in New Zealand, these birds have a unique sound and like to hunt rodents, beetles, and smaller birds.

Night Safari Singapore - Common Brushtail Possum

Explore more at Night Safari Singapore

The creatures of the night show at 'Night safari singapore'


Catch the 'Creatures of the Night' live and see Asian otters, bearded pigs, fennec foxes, and raccoon dogs in action. These live presentations are a great way to see the conservation efforts of the park.

Keeper Talks

Keeper Talks

Hear about the quirks and behaviors of the Malayan tigers, Asiatic lions, Tasmanian Devils, Wallabies, and more straight from the caretakers themselves. These sessions are often interactive so don't miss out!

Night Safari Singapore

Private Tours

If you want a VIP experience, go on this private guided tour of the park. The buggy will take you deeper into each trail, and the private feeding sessions with the animals are a special treat.

Night Safari Singapore

Feeding Sessions

These paid feeding sessions will get you up-close-and-personal to the Indian Rhinoceros. You'll also get a snap with the uni-horned giant as a souvenir to take home. Please note: you need to be over 1.2 meters tall to be eligible for this activity.

Conservation efforts at the Mandai Night Safari

Night Safari Singapore

Mandai Wildlife Reserve places great importance on promoting conservation and biodiversity. Over the years, they have developed a captive breeding program through which they breed endangered animals such as Malayan tigers, Asian elephants, and lions among others. The Night Safari lets you see how the park has made efforts in protecting endangered and vulnerable animals from around the world in a sustainable manner. It's an enlightening experience that is worth the visit.

Frequently asked questions about Night Safari Singapore

There are currently close to 1,000 species of animals at the Night Safari . You can be sure to spot animals like the Asian Lion, Tasmanian Devil, Asian Elephant, Barking Deer, Malayan Flying Fox and more on your trip.

There are four different trails at the Night Safari, that you can discover by tram and on foot. These include the East Lodge trail, Fishing Cat trail, Leopard trail, and the Tasmanian Devil trail.

Yes, you can feed the Indian Rhinoceros during your visit and even get your photo taken! Make sure to visit between 7:30 PM - 9 PM if you want to take part in the feeding session.

Yes, there are guided tram tours of the Night Safari that will take you around the park and give you interesting information about the animals and their habitats.

You can visit the Singapore Zoo on the same day as your Night Safari. They are both located in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve , so plan your visit such that you can finish the zoo visit during the day and head to the Night Safari by nightfall.

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an elephant walks in a thick growth of green plants next to water

US tourist killed after bull elephant toppled safari vehicle in Zambia

Four others were wounded in the attack at Kafue national park, in which the animal barreled into the side of a truck

An elderly US tourist was killed and four others hurt when an aggressive bull elephant charged and toppled their safari vehicle during a game drive in Zambia .

The attack at Kafue national park, in which the large pachyderm ran from a wooded area and barreled into the side of the truck, was captured on video and posted to social media by ABC News. It identified the tourist as 79-year-old Gail Mattson of Minnesota.

Keith Vincent, executive director of the safari operator Wilderness, told the network in a statement that the elephant’s charge was unexpected, and the driver had no opportunity to escape.

“Our guides are all extremely well trained and experienced, but sadly in this instance the terrain and vegetation was such that the guide’s route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm’s way quickly enough,” he said .

“This is a tragic event and we extend our deepest condolences to the family of the guest who died. We are also, naturally, supporting those guests and the guide involved in this distressing incident.”

Wildlife officials and local police say they are investigating Saturday’s incident, which took place in the national park about 220 miles north-west of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. Covering almost 8,700 square miles, Kafue is the country’s oldest and largest national park, and is popular with tourists for its abundance and variety of birds and animals.

Wilderness said four other guests in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries.

Family members of Mattson, who also had a home in Arizona, told Minnesota’s KSTP News that she was “living life” on the game-watching holiday. Photographs of her in a safari truck clutching a flower, taken on the day of her death, accompanied the network’s report.

John Longabauth, a friend from Arizona, told the outlet he would miss her adventurous spirit. “She had told us that this safari was going to be her last big adventure,” he said. “Because her birthday is in the summer, she was going to be 80, she felt like she would start slowing down.”

Zambia’s neighbor Zimbabwe has expressed recent concern at a growing conflict between humans and elephants from a rising elephant population, especially one that is migrating more as the climate crisis disrupts animals’ access to food, water and cover, in Africa and around the world.

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Charging elephant kills an American woman on 'bucket list trip' in Zambia

An American woman who was on what she had called her "last big trip" was killed when a charging elephant flipped over the car she was traveling in at a national park in Zambia .

The “aggressive” creature buffeted the vehicle carrying six tourists and a guide, tour operator Wilderness said in a statement Tuesday. It said the 79-year-old victim died after Saturday's incident on a game drive at the Kafue National Park in western Zambia.

The company did not name the victim but Rona Wells, her daughter, identified her as Gail Mattson in a post on Facebook. She said her mother died in a “tragic accident while on her dream adventure.”

A video circulating on social media apparently showing the incident shows a large elephant running toward a car, which slows down as the animal approaches its left side. The elephant then flips the vehicle over and the passengers can be heard gasping as the car rolls over.

NBC News does not know the condition or identity of the person who filmed the video.

Photos shared online of the car, which is emblazoned with the logo of the tour operator, show it tipped onto its side after the incident, with a deep dent in two of its side doors.

Wilderness, which describes itself as a “leading conservation and hospitality company” operating in eight African countries, including Zambia, did not respond to NBC News when asked to confirm the authenticity of the video and the photos.

But the tour operator’s CEO, Keith Vincent, said in the statement that the company’s “guides are all extremely well trained and experienced.”

"Sadly in this instance the terrain and vegetation was such that the guide’s route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm’s way quickly enough,” he added.

Gail Mattson, during a safari in Zambia

Another woman was also injured in the incident and taken to a medical facility in South Africa, the Wilderness statement said, adding that four others were treated for minor injuries.

“It’s extremely rare to see an elephant that irate,” Marlon du Toit, a wildlife photographer and safari guide, told the “TODAY” show Thursday. “Across Africa, there are thousands and thousands of guests on safari on a daily basis with no negative consequences.”

The exact cause of Mattson’s death was unclear, but the company said her body would be repatriated to her family in the United States with the support of local Zambian authorities and the U.S. Embassy in the capital, Lusaka.

“This is a tragic event and we extend our deepest condolences to the family of the guest who died,” the statement added.

NBC News has reached out to Mattson's family for further comment.

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest and oldest national park, according to its website, and spans an area of more than 8,000 square miles. Vast regions of the park remain unexplored and the website says it is home to a variety of untamed wildlife.

A 'bucket list trip'

Mattson spent her winters in Sun City West, Arizona, playing bridge and cards, but during the rest of the year, she "travels all over the world," her friend Brenda Biggs told NBC News. Biggs and her husband, John Longabauth, became friends with Mattson when they moved to the area 6 ½ years ago.

Longabauth said Mattson spoke to the couple about her upcoming safari trip about two weeks ago, and called it "one of her bucket list trips." He said she was very excited for the adventure.

Before she left, she gave the couple concert tickets for a show that would happen while she was traveling, telling them to enjoy the concert and "I'll see you when I get back," Longabauth recalled of the conversation.

Biggs said Mattson, who was almost 80 years old, told her that the African safari was her "my last big trip." She said Mattson was "super excited because it was like the culmination of all the trips that she had gone on."

An avid traveler, Mattson took to trips to Europe and Asia, Longabauth recalled, noting that she might have been to South America, too.

Biggs called her friend "flamboyant," "friendly" and "fabulous" and said she loved bright colors. Mattson had taken over Biggs’ job as the event planner for their 200-member bridge club, she said.

"Gail was one of the more up people you'd ever want to meet," Longabauth said. "She was always up. She was always optimistic. She was always seeing the good side of everybody."

night safari car park

Yuliya Talmazan is a reporter for NBC News Digital, based in London.

Rebecca Cohen is a breaking news reporter for NBC News.

night safari car park

American Tourist, 80, Dead After 'Aggressive' Bull Elephant Charges at Safari Vehicle in Zambia

The incident occurred 10 days after another elephant attacked a separate safari vehicle in South Africa

  • An 80-year-old American tourist died after an elephant attack in Zambia on March 30
  • The woman and five other guests were on a game drive through Kafue National Park around 9:30 a.m. local time when the “aggressive” bull elephant charged at their vehicle, according to a statement obtained by PEOPLE
  • The woman's body will be returned to the United States with support from local authorities and the U.S. Embassy

An 80-year-old American woman died after an elephant attacked a safari group in Zambia over the weekend.

The woman and five other guests were on a game drive through Kafue National Park around 9:30 a.m. local time on March 30 when the “aggressive” bull elephant charged at their vehicle, according to a media statement from hospitality and conservation company Wilderness obtained by PEOPLE.

The group, which was staying at the Lufupa Camp inside the largest game reserve in Africa, had gone out for a photography tour when the attack occurred, according to The Telegraph .

The woman killed in the incident will be returned to her family in the United States “with the support of local Zambian authorities and the US Embassy in Lusaka,” the company said.

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“This is a devastating incident for everyone involved and we are doing our best to support the family and all affected and to respect their wishes for privacy,” a spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

Footage of the incident viewed by PEOPLE, showed the elephant running behind the vehicle before heading toward them. The vehicle then stopped, and the elephant charged. 

One individual can be heard yelling at the animal before it made contact with the vehicle and flipped it.

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In Wilderness’ statement, chief executive officer Keith Vincent said the vehicle’s route was “blocked” due to vegetation and the terrain, making it so the “experienced” guide could not move the car out of harm’s way “quickly enough.”

“This is a tragic event,” Vincent aded, “and we offer our deepest condolences to the family of the guest who died.”

The five other guests were injured, including a woman who was transported to a private medical facility in South Africa, according to the company. The remaining four guests were treated for minor injuries.

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Vincent said Wilderness is supporting the guests and guide “involved in this distressing incident.”

The deadly incident in Zambia occurred just 10 days after another safari truck had a run-in with an elephant in South Africa.

A group of tourists were on a safari trip through Pilanesberg National Park on March 20 when the seemingly unhappy animal charged toward the vehicle and tossed it several times, according to the Associated Press. Luckily, no one was injured.

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Read the original article on People .

Henrik Karlsson/Getty The African bush elephant, also known as the African savanna elephant

American tourist, 80, killed by charging elephant during safari tour at Kafue National Park in Zambia

A terrifying video captured the moment a bull elephant chased down and attacked a safari group, tipping over their vehicle.

Wednesday 3 April 2024 21:03, UK

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

The incident took place Saturday morning in the Kafue National park

​​​​​​​An 80-year-old American tourist was killed by a bull elephant when the safari tour group she was part of was charged at by the animal.

Another female guest was also injured in the incident that took place in the Kafue National Park, Zambia .

The group of six guests and a guide had been on a safari from Lufupa Camp, when around 9.30am local time on Saturday 30 March, their vehicle was "unexpectedly charged" by the animal.

A video captured the terrifying moment the elephant chased down the tour group.

The group's vehicle was driving through the national park as the elephant could be seen closing in on them.

The vehicle came to a stop and in the moments before the elephant knocked it over, the guide could be heard shouting "hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!"

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night safari car park

People were heard screaming during the attack.

More on Animals

Mehrad Houman holds his dog, Mishka, after she was examined by veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury in Harper Woods, Mich., Friday, March 29, 2024. Mishka was discovered in suburban Detroit, eight months after disappearing in San Diego. (Corinne Martin via AP)

Missing dog turns up nine months later - and 2,000 miles from home

night safari car park

'Dr Death' among gang convicted over 'brutal' international dog fighting ring

Pic: Pembrokeshire Hogspital

Appeal after hedgehog found in Pembrokeshire 'shot with air gun'

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The second guest who suffered an injury was rushed to a private medical facility, while the other four guests received treatment for minor injuries.

The moment the elephant flipped the safari vehicle

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Keith Vincent, Wilderness chief executive officer, said: "This is a tragic event and we extend our deepest condolences to the family of the guest who died. We are also, naturally, supporting those guests and the guide involved in this distressing incident."

Mr Vincent added the vehicle had stopped because "sadly in this instance the terrain and vegetation was such that the guide's route became blocked and he could not move the vehicle out of harm's way quickly enough".

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  1. Getting Here

    Taxis are available for hire at the taxi stand at Mandai East Carpark (Car Park 2). All fares are metered. A $3 surcharge is applicable to hired taxis departing from Mandai Wildlife Reserve (Bird Paradise, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Wonders). This surcharge is applicable daily from 1.00pm to 11.59pm. Private Hire Cars

  2. Plan Your Visit

    Upgrading works are taking place at Night Safari as we prepare to bring you more wildlife experiences. The park remains open during this period and we are extending local WildPass holders and tourists discounts* on Night Safari admission tickets. *T&Cs apply. Seat bookings for the Creatures of the Night presentation can be made on our Booking Portal from 2 hours before each presentation.

  3. Getting Around

    Drive into the tunnel of Bird Paradise and park your car at Mandai Wildlife WEST Carpark (P1 West). Parking charges are applicable. ... Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Wildlife Reserves Singapore are copyrighted by and/or trade marks of Singapore Zoological Gardens (and/or its affiliate(s)) in Singapore and/or other countries, as the case may ...

  4. Night Safari

    As dusk falls, the shutters open at the Night Safari, welcoming you into a world of nocturnal creatures and their mysterious habitats. Your eyes will take a while to adjust to the darkness here, but once they do, you'll be greeted by close to 900 animals from over 100 species in this world's first nocturnal wildlife park. 41% of these ...

  5. Singapore Zoo / Night Safari Car Park

    Singapore Zoon / Night Safari car park in Singapore. Entrance to car park is on Mandai Lake Road.At the time of this recording (August 2019) the multi-story...

  6. NIGHT SAFARI: All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

    Night Safari. As dusk falls, get ready as over 1,000 nocturnal animals start their nightly rituals. Come up close to them as they frolic, graze and hunt. With an exciting tram ride that takes you through 7 geographical regions and more, embark on a fascinating journey through the world's very first wildlife night park.

  7. Night Safari: The World's First Night Zoo With Free Guided Tram Rides

    Night Safari Singapore. Night owls are constantly searching for things to do in the wee hours. If you're bored of just grabbing supper or are tired of always visiting the same bars and clubs, consider hitting up an unconventional late-night spot - Night Safari Singapore. Officially opened in 1994, Night Safari Singapore was the very first nocturnal wildlife park in the world. 90s kids ...

  8. Top Tips for Enjoying a Night Safari in Africa

    Set the f-stop to the lowest number possible, in order to increase aperture size and allow more light to reach the camera sensor. Longer shutter speeds also allow for more light; however, the longer your exposure is, the more blurry moving subjects will be. Often, the best option when shooting at night is to hike up your ISO.

  9. Night Safari, Singapore

    The Night Safari, Singapore is the world's first nocturnal zoo located in Mandai, Singapore.One of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, it forms a part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, consisting of the Singapore Zoo, Bird Paradise and River Wonders and the upcoming Rainforest Wild Park.. The concept of a nocturnal park in Singapore was suggested in the 1980s by the former ...

  10. Night Safari: Photos, Map & Reviews [2024]

    Zoos. Open today at 19:15-23:59 (Admission ends at 23:15) Reservation required. Recommended sightseeing time:3-4 hours. Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826Map.

  11. Singapore Night Safari

    Singapore Night Safari is the World's first nocturnal wildlife park. During this Safari, which starts after dark, visitors get to explore a 35 hectares nocturnal Zoo on a 40-minute tram ride. Even as the nocturnal animals roam around freely, the Tram winds its way through four wildlife trails with live commentary.

  12. After Dark Fun at the Night Safari: Tickets, Tips, & Things to Do

    Night Safari Tickets. From. SGD 49.5. Opened in May 1994, the Night Safari (also known as Mandai Night Safari) is regarded as the world's first nocturnal wildlife park. It is part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve along with the Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Bird Paradise. The Night Safari is home to over 100 species of animals including ...

  13. Park Map

    Download a map of Night Safari in your preferred language and explore our park with ease! 1 of 2: The Tiger exhibit is closed from 26 Mar to 2 Apr 2024 (tentative).

  14. A Guide to the Singapore Night Safari: Worth It?

    The Night Safari is next to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari. It's only a 30-minute drive from Marina Bay and Orchard Road. Shuttle bus. The best way to get to the Night Safari is by MRT and shuttle bus. Take the MRT to Khatib Station (NS14) on the North South line. Use Exit A to catch the Mandai Khatib Shuttle to the Night Safari.

  15. Night Safari Singapore: Our Reviews & How We Get There

    What is Night Safari Singapore. Night Safari Singapore is the world's first nocturnal wildlife park.Housing over 900 animals from approximately 100 species, it offers two main experiences: a tram ride or a walking trail.. On the tram, you can see a variety of animals like Malayan tigers and White African lions, each in their element under the cloak of night.

  16. Night Safari Singapore

    The Night Safari is the first ever nighttime wildlife park in the world! While the world winds down, the animals at the Night Safari start their day. The Night Safari is home to close to 1,000 different species of nocturnal animals from around the world. Being a nighttime adventure, the safari does not allow flash photography inside the park.

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    The safari tour prices often don't include the park entrance fee (about $25 per person per day), which I paid when I got to the entrance. My three safari trips and park fees came to around $280.

  18. American tourist killed after elephant rammed truck on African safari

    The American tourist killed by a charging bull elephant that flipped over their safari vehicle in Zambia over the weekend has been identified as an adventurous 79-year-old woman who wanted the ...

  19. Things to Do

    Park Entrance. Daily. 6:30pm - 12:00am. Night Safari. In park. Bring home plush toys of our unique night creatures at the Night Safari gift shop! Here, you'll find plenty of eye-catching souvenirs to remind you of your visit. Also, do bring food souvenirs such as chocolates, cookies and our local favourite kaya spread at the Village Shop.

  20. US tourist killed after bull elephant toppled safari vehicle in Zambia

    An elderly US tourist was killed and four others hurt when an aggressive bull elephant charged and toppled their safari vehicle during a game drive in Zambia. The attack at Kafue national park, in ...

  21. Charging elephant kills an American woman on 'bucket list trip' in Zambia

    An American woman who was on what she had called her "last big trip" was killed when a charging elephant flipped over the car she was traveling in at a national park in Zambia.. The "aggressive ...

  22. Elephant attacks safari vehicle, killing American tourist; video

    Feature Vignette: Analytics. Footage has surfaced showing the harrowing moments last Saturday as a massive bull elephant chased and flipped a safari vehicle in Zambia, causing the death of a U.S ...

  23. About Night Safari

    1.3 million visitors annually. Located within Mandai Wildlife Reserve, Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal wildlife park. It is home to over 900 animals from approximately 100 species, of which almost 41 per cent are threatened. Committed to the conservation of threatened species, the park is actively involved in a number of global ...

  24. American Tourist, 80, Dead After 'Aggressive' Bull Elephant ...

    An 80-year-old American woman died after an elephant attacked a safari group in Zambia over the weekend. The woman and five other guests were on a game drive through Kafue National Park around 9: ...

  25. Wildlife Experiences

    Safari Adventure Tour. 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Up to 7 pax (Include adult and child of any age) See the World's First Nocturnal Wildlife Park anew with your own personal guide and buggy. From mocktails to getting the insider scoop on our nocturnal animals, your multi-sensory journey begins here! Make your experience a truly memorable one with our ...

  26. American tourist, 80, killed by charging elephant during safari tour at

    The group of six guests and a guide had been on a safari from Lufupa Camp, when around 9.30am local time on Saturday 30 March, their vehicle was "unexpectedly charged" by the animal.

  27. Tourist killed by elephant on safari in Zambia's Kafue National Park

    Peta Thornycroft in Johannesburg 3 April 2024 • 2:41pm. An 80-year-old American woman has been killed while on safari in Zambia after an elephant charged at her car and flipped it over several ...

  28. FAQ

    Visitors to Bird Paradise can park at Car Park 1 at Mandai Wildlife West. The first hour (inclusive of a 20-minute grace period) is chargeable at $3. Every additional hour or part thereof is chargeable at $2 per hour. ... Our presentations at River Wonders and Night Safari are operating with limited seating capacity.

  29. Night Safari

    Upgrading works are taking place at Night Safari as we prepare to bring you more wildlife experiences. The park remains open during this period and we are extending local WildPass holders and tourists discounts* on Night Safari admission tickets. *T&Cs apply. Seat bookings for the Creatures of the Night presentation can be made on our Booking Portal from 2 hours before each presentation.