Trek FX 1 Review: Is It A Good Entry-Level Hybrid Bike

  • By Daniel Shakibaie
  • Hybrid Bike , Trek Bikes

Trek FX 1

Welcome to my Trek FX 1 review in 2021.

Let me cut to the chase and go directly to my view of the best starting bikes you can have—the FX 1 checks all the boxes as the best entry-level bike.

This versatile hybrid bike comes with rack mounts, fender mounts, individual bike racks, and specially engineered aluminium frame. If you love casual riding, this bike is the perfect one because it is well equipped with rear derailleur, mechanical disc brakes, and alpha gold aluminium frame. If you want the perfect mountain biking experience while you track fitness progress, you need not look beyond this bike. The Trek FX 1 isn’t a high-end bike. BUT! at this price, you get more features, higher-quality component than any other hybrid bike.

Trek FX1 has a Shimano shifting system, which would normally be reserved for a much more expensive bike, while the other parts, including the wheels and fork, come from a range of different manufacturers. 

While Trek FX1 doesn’t have the mismatched parts problems which some bikes in this range can have, it also doesn’t have the synergy of a high-end bike with all parts from the same manufacturer, which are designed to work together either. 

In this review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of the Trek FX 1 in detail, including a close look at some of the most important parts of this versatile bike. As Trek FX1 is a good choice for new cyclists as well as experienced cyclists, we’ll also discuss the merits of having hybrid bike more generally. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hybrid Bike

Trek FX 1 Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes like Trek FX1 are designed to have a lot of the strengths of both road bikes and mountain bikes, without any of the disadvantages. Depending on who you ask, these bikes are more or less successful in that regard. Without the highly specialized designs of a road or mountain cycle, Trek FX1 or other hybrids don’t tend to excel in any one area. 

However, not being specialized also means that your hybrid bike can handle more variety in terms of cycling habits and location than road bikes, with some of the grip, suspension, and maneuverability advantages of mountain bikes. 

As they don’t tend to have the same slim design, many people consider hybrids to be more similar to mountain bikes than road bikes. They are a good choice for rural areas – anywhere with gravel or dirt roads – and for urban users who want to be able to take their bike out of the city from time to time. 

A hybrid isn’t necessarily a good choice for purely urban riders as they’re bulkier and less sleek than road bikes. They’re also not a good replacement for mountain bicycles or trek bikes, which have more maneuverability, grip, and suspension, and are designed to handle difficult mountain trails. 

These bikes are best for users who are looking for a good fitness bike. They work well on a variety of different terrains and have adaptations which make them easier and more comfortable to ride, meaning that these bikes also appeal to casual riders. 

Features & Benefits

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at the Trek FX 1 . Trek bikes are generally well-balanced performance bikes which perform extremely well compared to similar models from other manufacturers. 

The FX 1 generally gets good ratings. The system of Trek FX1 holds together well, and you have a great deal of control in the saddle. It’s a safe, effective, and affordable bike. 

But that is all about the Trek FX1 as a whole. You can really see the value and performance of a bike when you focus on the smaller details. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of this bike. 


The frame on Trek FX1 comes in 4 sizes, ranging from 15-22.5 inches. This makes it a comfortable bike for all from 4’10” to over 6”. The frame of Rek FX1 also has a comparatively high weight limit – up to 300 lbs – which compliments the design as a fitness bike as well as the high upper height limits. 

It has an aluminum alloy frame, which means it’s relatively lightweight, without the extreme lightness of carbon fiber, but also relatively durable. Aluminum is a good mid-range choice and works well for balancing the different strengths and weaknesses of this system. 

Trek FX1 also comes with a steel fork, which adds considerable durability to the design. While most people probably won’t need this feature, the fork also comes with lowrider mounts for a different riding experience. 

Suspension System

The suspension system on Trek FX1 is similar to that of a road bike. That is to say that it’s more minimal than that of a mountain cycle. However, Trek FX1 is still a relatively smooth ride, with the tires absorbing a reasonable amount of shock (and more if you upgrade them). 

The fork of Trek FX1 also handles some of the shock and vibration from riding, but it doesn’t have a telescoping option or the more advanced spring and dampening system of the best mountain bikes.  

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The Trek FX1 bike’s wheels are another compromise between the wider wheels of a mountain cycle and the thinner, taller wheels of a road bike. They’re Bontrager double-walled wheels, which have high durability and strength ratings. The wheels of Trek FX1 are highly unlikely to deform through normal use. 

They’re also designed to stay smooth, even with a lot of use over time, and this will help preserve the strength of your tires and prevent flats. 

Gear System

Gear System

For a hybrid bike, the Trek FX 1 has a surprisingly advanced, 21 gear Shimano shifting system. The Shimano brand is known for being particularly smooth and easy shifting, as well as being especially durable.

These high-end shifters are what you look for on a premium bike, and it’s no wonder that they’re included on this Trek bike. Since this is an extensive 21-gear system, it’s got a ton of flexibility for different riding styles and terrain types.

Shimano shifters do need occasional tune-ups and maintenance, but they’re no worse in that regard than other high-end shifters. That combination of performance without requiring a lot of specialty care is what makes these shifters so important. While Shimano is getting more common on mid-range bikes as well as premium ones, it’s still nice to see these high-end parts included in a more affordable version of Trek’s FX line. 

The brake system of Trek FX1 is a Tektro alloy linear pull. This is reasonably smooth and highly effective, giving users the ability to stop on a dime if needed. As with most mid- to high-tier braking systems, it works best when well-adjusted and requires occasional maintenance. The brake pads of Trek FX1 will also eventually need replacing, but not usually for several years as long as you perform regular maintenance. 

Overall, the brakes of Trek FX1 aren’t anything special, but they perform well and are a valuable addition to this model. 

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Social Proof

This is by far the most popular trek bike with more than 190 positive reviews. Take a look at these glowing reviews from real users like you:

Social Prof for trek fx 1

Of course, there are plenty of other reviews, both on Trek’s main website and on other sites. Reviews are a great place to look for more information before you buy, so we highly encourage you to read more, both good and bad ones, if you’re leaning towards the FX 1 for your next bike.


We also understand that no single bike is a perfect fit for everyone. We wanted to see how Trek FX1 holds up against several other options. We’ve evaluated the most important differences and similarities. While we don’t make a direct judgment as to which bike is the better option, we do make some recommendations as to which bike would suit which kind of rider. 

Trek FX 1 vs Trek FX 2 Disc

The FX 1 and FX 2 are very similar bikes with a few key differences. They have frames made from the same material, the same basic sizing, and even the same size wheels. However, the FX 2 is slightly lighter, which makes it the better option for riders who like to ride fast. 

Both offer very similar rim braking systems, which are smooth and highly effective. 

Both are also considered to be fitness bikes, rather than road or mountain bikes. 

The biggest difference between the FX 1 and 2, other than speed and weight, is the price. The FX 2 is significantly more expensive than the FX 1. The FX 1 is a good fit for consumers on a budget, while the FX 2 is a reasonable upgrade which still fits firmly in mid-range when it comes to both price and performance.  Check our details review of Trek FX2 here.

Trek FX 1 vs Giant Escape 3 

Looking at the Trek FX 1 and the Giant Escape 3, the biggest differences are in which parts are best designed and most durable. In terms of bike type and performance, both are remarkably similar. They’re also in the same price range, which is part of what makes them such natural comparisons. 

The FX 1 comes with better tires and can accommodate a wider tire set. That’s not a huge difference, as at some point you will need to replace the tires, no matter the quality you start with, and it’s possible to upgrade in an affordable way. 

More importantly, the FX 1 comes with a better derailleur. This means that it offers smoother shifting between gears and will last longer, assuming proper maintenance is carried out. 

The Giant Escape 3, on the other hand, has a lightweight and durable Chromoly fork, which is an improvement over the Trek FX 1’s rigid fork. It’s also generally considered to have a more durable and flashier frame, although both bikes have frames which are made from the same materials. 

The brakes are similar, and made by the same manufacturer, as are several other parts. 

When it comes to these two, it’s a matter of personal preference and whether you value a better fork or a better derailleur more. 

Trek FX 1 vs Trek Verve 1

This is another very similar selection set. Both bikes are hybrids, both are fitness bikes, and both are designed for cyclists who are looking for a budget-friendly option. 

The biggest difference is that the Verve 1 is a comfort fitness bike, while the FX 1 is closer in fit and style to a road bike. The FX 1 will allow you to ride faster, encourages building good muscle groups for cycling in triathlon and race settings, and requires a more dynamic and somewhat difficult posture. 

The Verve 1 offers a wider saddle, wider tires, and a more upright position. This means that it is slightly easier to use and keeps the rider in a more comfortable and back-friendly position. 

Overall, the FX 1 is a better option as a fitness bike for riders who want to push their performance or work up to a premium mountain or trail bike. The Verve 1 is a fitness bike which is better designed for riders with pre-existing injuries, or who are looking for a more comfortable and relaxed workout.  Check our detailed review of Trek Verve 1 here.

Overall, the Trek FX 1 is a reasonable fitness hybrid. Trek FX1 is a good option for riders who are looking for a more casual bike but don’t necessarily want something which can handle difficult mountain trails or accelerate quickly in a race. 

It lacks the synergistic performance of high-end bikes made from all matching components, but it doesn’t have the performance lag of bikes which don’t have well-matched parts either. 

The Trek FX 1 is a great combination of price and performance. As a mid-tier hybrid, the FX 1 is an excellent addition to Trek’s line. 

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Daniel Shakibaie

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Trek FX1 Review

August 28, 2023

Trek FX1 Review | PedalChef

‍ Key Takeaways

  • The Trek FX1 is a hybrid bike with a comfortable and smooth ride on various terrains.
  • Its lightweight aluminum frame and cantilever brake mount ensure reliability and safety.
  • Built-in mounts for fenders and racks make this an excellent choice for all riders.

‍ Let our Trek FX1 review be your guide and banish your biking challenges as we pave the route to exhilarating freedom on wheels!

Trek FX1 is a biking giant with unbeatable performance, unmatched comfort. This cycling companion brings unmatched performance and comfort to elevate your rides. A must-have for enthusiasts seeking thrilling rides and cycling bliss.

I'm your go-to biking expert, fueled by passion and with first-hand experiences and expert opinions. With countless thrilling rides and in-depth knowledge, I've got your back on biking. Let's explore the world of two-wheeled adventures together with a comprehensive review of the Trek FX1!


‍ Trek FX1 Review

If you're in the market for a versatile and reliable hybrid bike, the Trek FX1 can be the perfect option. Combining the best features of road and mountain bikes, this fitness bike can safely take on a variety of terrains and conditions.

Its lightweight aluminum frame ensures a comfortable and smooth ride, whether you're tackling city streets or riding on mountain trails. One of the standout features of the Trek FX1 is its cantilever brake mount system, providing reliable stopping power in various weather conditions.

The Bontrager alloy components used throughout this bike give it a high-quality feel. In contrast, the combination of road and mountain bike features makes it an excellent choice for casual riding and daily commuting.

Overview of Trek FX1

The Trek FX1 is an excellent entry-level fitness bike, providing the basic features at an affordable price. As you progress to the FX2 and FX3 models, expect improvements in components, performance, and riding experience.

Category and Position in the FX Series

Trek FX1 is a hybrid bike that belongs to the popular Trek FX Series, which includes various models designed to cater to a wide range of riders with different needs.

These Trek bikes aim to balance the speed and agility of road bikes and the rugged durability of mountain bikes. Among all the FX models, the FX1 is the base model and is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable and reliable entry-level bike.

Entry-Level Considerations

The Trek FX1 is geared toward beginners and casual riders alike. With its lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminum frame, the bike offers smooth handling and easy maneuverability. One of the primary advantages of this aluminum frame is its durability.

It can support a maximum total weight limit of up to 300 pounds, making it suitable for riders of various sizes. Additionally, the Trek FX1 features rack and fender mounts, making it an ideal option for those looking to use their bike for daily commuting.

Moreover, this hybrid bike is DuoTrap S compatible , allowing riders to track their fitness progress using digital devices.

Comparisons with Trek FX2 and FX3

When comparing the Trek FX1 with the FX2 and FX3 models, it's essential to understand their differences in components and features and their intended use cases. Here's a brief comparison of these three similar bikes to help you decide which suits you best.

As the base model, the FX1 sports a reliable aluminum frame, Tektro alloy linear pull brakes providing ample stopping power, and Bontrager H2 Comp tires ensuring a comfortable ride on various terrains. At an affordable price, the FX1 is an excellent choice for beginners and casual riders.

Positioned as a step up from the FX1, the FX2 adds hydraulic disc brakes for improved braking performance in different weather conditions and a fork with a lighter weight design for better responsiveness. If you're looking for a bike with a few extra features and enhanced performance, the FX2 might be the right fit.

For more advanced riders, the FX3 offers even more sophisticated features, such as a carbon fiber fork and upgraded shifters and drivetrain components. The higher-quality components provide a more efficient and enjoyable riding experience for those looking to tackle challenging rides or longer distances.

Here’s a table comparing the Trek bike models.

Bike Features

The Trek FX1 is a popular and versatile bike that offers great value for its price. Let's take a closer look at some of its key features.

Frame and Weight

The FX1 comes with an Alpha Gold Aluminum frame which is not only lightweight but also extremely strong and durable. This aluminum frame contributes to the bike's overall weight, making it easy to maneuver and handle.

Fork and Comfort

The bike sports a steel fork which provides a comfortable and smooth ride. Although it's not as lightweight as a carbon fork, the steel fork used in the Trek FX1 offers a good balance between comfort and weight.

Drivetrain and Gears

The Trek FX1 uses a reliable Shimano Altus drivetrain, ensuring smooth and precise gear shifts for various terrains. This fitness bike is equipped with a steady range of gear, making it suitable for casual riding and daily commuting.

Braking System

The bike features dependable Tektro alloy linear pull brakes, which offer ample stopping power for various riding conditions. Although the Trek FX1 doesn't have hydraulic disc brakes, the linear-pull brakes used in this bike provide efficient and reliable braking.

Rack Mounts, Fenders, and Duotrap S Compatibility

The Trek FX1 features built-in rack and fender mounts , making it suitable for riders who need space for carrying items or want added protection from road debris.

Additionally, the bike is Duotrap S compatible, which allows riders to track their fitness progress and connect with other devices.

For a comfortable and reliable ride, the Trek FX1 comes with Bontrager H2 Comp tires. These tires offer great traction and control, making the bike suitable for different terrains, including city streets and dirt trails.

Here’s a summary table with Trek FX1 bike specifications.

Some key features of the Trek FX1 include:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Comfortable steel fork
  • Reliable Shimano Altus drivetrain
  • Tektro alloy linear pull brakes
  • Built-in rack and fender mounts
  • Duotrap S compatibility
  • Versatile Bontrager H2 Comp tires

Trek FX1 Performance

The Trek FX1 offers a versatile and adaptive ride, suitable for different terrains and purposes. It's efficient for climbing hills, commuting through busy streets, and casual rides.

The Versatility of the Bike

The Trek FX1 is a hybrid bike suitable for various purposes. Whether you're after a reliable fitness bike or a daily commuter, this versatile bike is a fantastic choice. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to maneuver, while the built-in rack and fender mounts provide options for carrying gear or offering protection in wet conditions.

Utilizing a comfortable Bontrager riser handlebar and a reliable cantilever brake mount, the Trek FX1 caters to riders with various preferences. Ideal for both casual riding and exercising, it's a nice bike that suits different lifestyles.

Terrain Adaptability

The FX1 boasts features that help it adapt to various terrains. Its tires are Bontrager H2 Comp , allowing a smooth ride on city streets, paths, and even light gravel. These tires, paired with a double-wall rim, provide durability and stability, while the threadless steel steerer ensures precise steering control.

With its fork made of FX Steel, the FX 1 can handle rough roads better than many road bikes, all while not sacrificing too much on the overall performance and efficiency.

Climbing Efficiency

The Trek FX1's gear system, featuring a rear derailleur and top swing, ensures efficient climbing on hilly terrains. Its Alpha Gold aluminum frame is lightweight, providing riders with a better power-to-weight ratio for uphill rides.

Combining these features allows the FX1 to hold its own against similar bikes when tackling hills.

Commuting Efficiency

As a hybrid bike, the Trek FX1 is an ideal choice for daily commuting. Its comfortable frame geometry and essential accessories, such as rack and fender mounts, cater to urban riders looking for a reliable and practical bike.

The braking system featuring Tektro alloy linear pull brakes ensures stopping power and safety in various traffic conditions.

Specifications that Make Trek FX1 Stand Out

With its quality components and affordable price, the Trek FX1 stands out as an excellent fitness bike or hybrid bike for beginners and seasoned riders.

Gear System Specifics

The Trek FX 1 has a Shimano Tourney TY510 front derailleur and a Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur, providing smooth shifting between gears. The bike's shifter is a Shimano Altus EF500, which is easy to use and reliable for daily commuting or casual riding.

The bike's cassette features a strong and lightweight aluminum frame that allows excellent gear range. This makes the Trek FX 1 a versatile bike suitable for various terrains, from steep climbs to fast flats.

Brake System Details

The braking system on the Trek FX 1 consists of Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes, offering adequate stopping power for your rides.

These rim brakes are reliable and durable, making them a good choice for city streets or mountain biking. Additionally, the brake pads are easily replaceable, keeping maintenance simple and cost-effective.

Remember that the cantilever brake mount is designed for linear-pull brakes, and upgrading to disc brakes may require additional components and adjustments.

Frame and Fork Specifications

One of the most important aspects of the Trek FX 1 is its lightweight and durable frame. The bike's frame is crafted from Alpha Gold Aluminum, which is continuously cold extruded and manipulated to create tube shapes that provide optimal strength and weight.

The fork on the Trek FX1 is constructed with a threadless steel steerer and has a 405mm axle-to-crown measurement. It also features a cantilever brake mount, making it compatible with the Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes.

The frame is available in four sizes: SM, MD, LG, and XL, offering riders a comfortable and customized fit. Moreover, the frame includes a built-in rack and fender mounts for versatility and convenience.

Let's go over some more specific details regarding the different components of the Trek FX 1:

  • Saddle: Bontrager Satellite
  • Tires: 700x35c, Bontrager H2 Comp
  • Rims: Double-wall, Bontrager alloy with 36H cross spokes
  • Handlebar: 620mm width, 25.4mm clamp, Bontrager riser steel
  • Seatpost: 27.2mm, Bontrager alloy with a 25.4mm clamp
  • Pedals: Wellgo nylon platform

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Danny Lawson

Danny Lawson

Mountain biking is more than just a hobby for me - it's a way of life. I love the challenge and excitement that comes with it, and I'm always pushing myself to go faster and ride harder. Some people might think that mountain biking is dangerous, but I see it as the only way to live.

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Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped review: Unspectacular but effective

The trek fx 2 disc is a versatile all-rounder with surprising levels of comfort and stability.

The Trek FX 2 Disc leans against a graffiti'd container

Cyclingnews Verdict

Built around a frame with a superb balance between responsiveness and comfort, the Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped will tackle any task required of a hybrid bike in an effective, if unspectacular, manner

The frame has a great balance between responsiveness and comfort

Equipped for night riding, bikepacking or commuting

Can carry a decent amount of weight

Stable ride for long distances

Would need a drivetrain upgrade to become a serious fitness bike

On the heavy side for a rigid frame

You can trust Cyclingnews Our experts spend countless hours testing cycling tech and will always share honest, unbiased advice to help you choose. Find out more about how we test.

A hybrid bike can and will mean different things to different people. But sometimes it is simply the bike that fills the gaps, that doesn't do any one thing but in fact does it all. Purists may scoff and say to compromise is to ruin the essence of life: if you are not something, you are nothing. But Trek has offered a repost: if you can't be something, be everything.

That certainly appears to be the aim of the Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped. It's the jack-of-all-trades, odd-jobber of a bike. It comes, as the name suggests, fully loaded with a pannier rack, lights, mudguards and even a kickstand but what elevates it to a place among the best budget hybrid bikes available today is that, as part of Trek's fitness range, all that versatility does not come at the cost of all rideability. 

And that's a crucial element. Just because a bike has more practical functions – going to the shops, commuting, family bike rides etc – doesn't mean it can't be fun, have its own personality and leave us looking forward to running that next errand.

Trek's FX range of bikes is quite extensive, starting at the £500.00/$599.99 FX 1 and going all the way to the full-carbon £3,050.00/$2,799.99 FX Sport 6. The FX 2 is available with a step-through frame – in both the Equipped and standard versions – and has been updated for 2023, with the main difference from the 2021 model being a move from a 3x8 to a 2x9 gearing system.

The FX 2 Disc Equipped is priced at £740.00 - it's not currently available in the USA - which is £90 more than the FX 2 Disc standard (£650.00/$799.99) which foregoes the rack, lights, mudguards and kickstand. Although it does come in a couple of extra colour options.

Design and specification

Recognising alloy frames' bad reputation for comfort compared to steel and carbon, Trek set itself a goal to "build more compliant frames that retain the acceleration and affordability that have always made aluminium popular" – and it is the fruit of that labour that the FX 2 Disc Equipped is designed around. 

The Alpha Gold Aluminium frame, while not the lightest, does offer a great balance between responsiveness and comfort. It is also strong: according to Trek, the FX 2 Disc can take weights of up to 136kg (for bike, rider, and cargo combined), which fares well compared to other hybrid bikes in the same class such as the Merida Speeder 200 (120kg) and Scott Sub Cross 50 (128kg). The pannier rack that comes with it is also very solid and suitable for carrying loads up to 25kg despite weighing less than 600g itself.

My size large test bike as a whole weighed in at 13.4kg with pedals. The rack, lights, mudguards, and kickstand account for just over a kilogram of that weight but it's still a touch on the heavy side for a fixed-frame hybrid in this price range. 

While the focus is on the practicality of the frame, it is by no means ugly – especially when stripped of all the accessories – with internal cable routing, a gentle curve to the top tube that is reminiscent of the Specialized Sirrus (one of the classic beauties of the hybrid world) and the choice of a striking Viper Red or classy Lithium grey colourway. The geometry is pretty much what you would expect from a hybrid, with perhaps a slightly longer chainstay length adding to its stability. It is not as upright as, say, the Sirrus but similar to the Cannondale Quick 3 – which is a good bike to use as a comparison in general.

Like the Quick 3, the Trek FX 2 comes with a Shimano Acera/Altus 2x9 drivetrain and has an integrated mounting system in the stem, as well as the ability to track cadence and other metrics using an integrated wireless sensor. 

Trek's Blendr stem system is designed for easy installation of computers, lights and other accessories to your cockpit. It does, rather annoyingly, require an additional base to be purchased (which plugs into the stem) and then a further mount for the specific accessory (which attaches to the base) but that does allow for a wide range of options to suit all needs.  

The DuoTrap S is a Bluetooth/ANT+ sensor that integrates into the chainstay and wirelessly transmits to a smartphone or computer to track cadence and other metrics. Again, it requires a separate purchase, but the frame is set up for it to be attached without the need for zip wires or other ungainly fasteners.   

Trek has made an effort to include ergonomic grips on the FX 2 Disc Equipped, although they are a little on the basic side, especially compared to those on the more expensive models in the FX range. 

The lights, however, are far more impressive, particularly the AXA Greenline 35 headlight. USB-charging, it has a wide beam, is also designed to be visible from the side and is discreetly mounted on the top of the fork, which avoids cluttering the cockpit.

The Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes are pretty standard now for mid-range hybrids. My test bike came with Bontrager H2 Comp 700x32c tyres but with the mudguards fitted there is room for up to 35mm and Bontrager H2 Hard-Case Light 700x35c tyres are listed as an option on the spec sheet. Without the mudguards, Trek says the frame can accommodate tyres up to 38mm in width.


Trek deserves credit here for really delivering on its aim of a responsive-yet-compliant frame. It's one thing coming up with the jargon, but another bringing it to fruition at a genuinely affordable price. While the FX 2 Disc Equipped might come across as a bit of a plodder on paper, in reality, it has a surprising amount of responsiveness. Loaded up with a carry pack on top of the pannier rack, I was happy overtaking other cyclists on reasonably fast country roads, knowing I had the acceleration to get past and back across to the side of the road in ample time.

Yes, it's no speed demon – it doesn't have the playfulness of the Boardman URB 8.9 or the lightweight climbing ability of the Merida Speeder 200, two bikes at a similar price point – but where it completely outscores both is in comfort and stability, even with a rack, mudguards, light, kickstand all bolted on. 

Interestingly enough, I took it for a ride with all those added extras stripped off and, while significantly lighter – making an obvious difference on climbs – there was not a huge noticeable change in its performance on the flat. 

My test bike came with a slightly-different-to-advertised Microshift Marvo front derailleur instead of Acera T3000, which is roughly equivalent, and I had no issues with it. However, as a whole, I did find the drivetrain to be under-par for a fitness bike. It's perfectly functional and will get you pretty much wherever you need to go, but it is a little clunky and I noted that the next bike up in the FX range, the FX 3 Disc Equipped , comes with a 10-speed Shimano Deore groupset which, in my experience, is a huge step up in performance. 

In particular, I could not get to grips with the drastic change when switching chainrings on the 46/30 chainset. If I didn't downshift on the 4th sprocket or earlier I found myself spinning out – and this is perhaps a rare example of the FX 2 Disc Equipped coming a little unstuck wanting to satisfy in all areas. That 16-tooth difference in the chainrings (the same difference as a 50/34 compact road chainset, for example) means the bike has the range to get up steep hills while also having enough gas on the flats, but the user experience is compromised a little in doing so. 

Where it doesn't compromise, however, is in its comfort and handling, whether I took it on potholed roads, bike paths, or light gravel it felt so balanced and stable. I was even happy taking it on the grassy, rutted track of a nearby nature reserve – and this was all with the standard 32 mm tyres it came with. Even when there was a little rattling, you could tell it was coming from the rack, fenders, and lights rather than the frame. 

Taking it out at night in light rain did little to change my faith in its dependability and the lights were superb, particularly the wide-beam fork-mounted headlamp – a marked improvement from the usual glorified-torch-on-the-handlebars setup I usually use. Neither front nor rear light offered an intermittent option but, having been driven to distraction on long night rides behind blinking bulbs in the past, that was no great loss to me.

I took the Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped on rides around the countryside, trips to the shops, rides with the kids, rides at night, in the rain, for exercise, for errands and more, and on every occasion, it delivered. It is solid and dependable without feeling clunky or cumbersome. It's not sexy but it's not ugly. It's not overly fun but it's no chore to ride.

It will do what it needs to do in almost every situation you will need a hybrid bike for. Not necessarily to the highest level, but to a high enough level that you won't feel like you are missing out. 

Yes, I did find the Altus/Acera groupset to be restrictive in terms of performance but drivetrains can be upgraded, along with wheels and grips and seatposts etc. Having a top frame is such a great building block. I would stress, however, this frame still has a ceiling to what it can do as a fitness bike, even if it were upgraded in all those areas. It is built for sturdiness as much as anything else and the fact that its performance was similar with and without the rack, fenders, kickstand et al is quite telling. I'm not going to use it to take on the Brecon Beacons in the Dragon Ride but I might choose it over a more expensive performance-oriented bike for a long-distance overnight ride such as the Dunwich Dynamo , where comfort, stability and safety are the overriding priorities.

Tech specs: Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped

  • Price Trek FX2 Disc Equipped : £740.00 / $N/A
  • Price Trek FX2 Disc : £650.00 / $799.99 
  • Sizes : S, M, L, XL
  • Weight : 13.4kg (actual, size L, with pedals)
  • Frame : Alpha Gold Aluminium
  • Fork : FX Alloy
  • Shifters : Shimano Altus M2010, 9-speed
  • Front derailleur : Microshift Marvo
  • Rear derailleur : Shimano Altus M2000
  • Crankset : 46/30
  • Cassette : Shimano HG200, 11-36, 9-speed
  • Brakes : Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc
  • Wheels : Bontrager Connection
  • Tyres : Bontrager H2 Comp, 700x32c
  • Saddle : Bontrager Sport
  • Seatpost : Bontrager Alloy, 12mm offset
  • Stem : Bontrager Comp, Blendr Compatible, 7-degree, 90mm length
  • Handlebars : Bontrager alloy, 31.8mm, 15mm rise
  • Extras : Rack, Eurofender Snello mudguards, Spanninga SOLO rear light and AXA Greenline 35 headlight, Bontrager Satellite grips, kickstand

trek fx 1 stagger review

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Ben has been a sports journalist for 16 years, covering everything from park football to the Olympic Games. As well as cycling, his passions include podcasts, tennis and speaking enough Italian to get by on his snowboarding trips to the Dolomites. A DIY rider who is almost as happy in the toolbox as he is in the saddle, he is still trying to emulate the feelings he experienced as a nine-year-old on his first Peugeot racer – he couldn’t fathom the down-tube friction shifters then and he’s still wrestling with groupsets now. When he isn’t making a beeline for the nearest Chiltern hill, he is probably tinkering or teaching his kids how to clean a bike properly. He rides a heavily modified 1980 Peugeot PVN10 Super Competition (steel is real) when the road is smooth and dry, and a BMC Alpenchallenge when it’s not.

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Specialized S-Works Evade III helmet review - An all-round excellent option

Giro d'Italia Women: Lotte Kopecky dominates sprint to win stage 5

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trek fx 1 stagger review

Best bike select

Is The Trek FX1 Worth Buying? [Trek FX1 Review]

Table of Contents

The FX1 and Trek FX1 Disc , the most affordable of the Trek fx series, is also a popular hybrid bike for many commuter riders.

Trek FX1

This bike combines the features of a road bike and a cruiser bike, and the components are all relatively high quality stacked. Welcome to the Best Bike Select blog.

This is a review of the Trek FX1. We’ll break down the FX1 features step-by-step, as well as what we like about it and what we don’t like about it, and discuss whether the Trek FX1 is worth buying by comparing several bikes in the second half of the article. let go!

Features of Trek FX1

Alpha gold aluminum frame (4.5/5).

Trek FX1, Alpha Gold Aluminum frame

First of all, it must be admitted that the design of this frame is relatively traditional. It has been used since Trek 800. However, FX1 has been optimized from the previous one. This relatively specialized area, there is not much to say.

But the ruggedness of the frame will make your investment more than worthwhile, as the Trek Alpha Gold Aluminum frame has stood the test of time, and we have often praised the durability of this frame in our past Reviews.

DuoTrap S compatible

The Trek FX1 is the latest Trek FX1 model, with a lighter weight frame and reserved rack and fender mounts, as well as DuoTrap S compatibility. 2 water bottle cage mounts make it more suitable for fitness or commuting riders.

FX Steel Fork

Trek FX1, FX Steel Fork

Honestly, the Trek FX1 fork is relatively cheap. But it is very sturdy and slightly heavier than the alloy fork. It’s a fork that doesn’t easily deform when riding on gravel.

On the one hand, it is the price, on the other hand, it is the performance. We can still accept such fork configuration.

3X7 Drivetrain

Trek FX1 hybrid bike

The 3×7 drivetrain offers riders a lot of sizes when riding. While this is not one of the most popular drivetrain configurations, the most frequently used rear derailleur is the Shimano Altus.

The shifter of the same brand is not a cheap twist-shift either, with a gentle toggle to change gears and a clear digital display of the gears. This is a very friendly component for newbies.

Bontrager H2 Comp Tires

Bontrager H2 Comp Tires

The Trek FX1 uses 700x35c hybrid tires that provide excellent traction on city streets. And the 35c width of the tire is a width that will ensure riding speed and riding stability.

The 30tpi tires also have a soft casing that will absorb vibrations a little better.

Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes

Tektro alloy linear-pull Brake

Alloy linear-pull brakes are a low-priced accessory, but also a component that will impress commuter riders in terms of braking effectiveness.

If you live in the middle of the country, give proper consideration to the FX 1 Disc and get a hybrid bike with mechanical disc brakes for just $40 more of your budget.

Nice Aftermarket

Even if you buy on line, you can still get it installed in Trek. That’s why they rarely have bikes under $500.

Trek has tremendous confidence in the bikes they produce, and the FX1 comes with a lifetime warranty.

Other versions

Trek fx1 stagger.

The Trek FX1 stagger frame is designed to be more suitable for female riders, while the Lowstep frame is also suitable for older riders with limited mobility.

The price remains the same as the FX1, with no difference in components.

Trek FX1 Disc

Trek FX1 Disc

The main difference between these two models, as also mentioned when it comes to brake components, is the upgrade of the alloy cable pull brakes to Tektro MD-U310 mechanical Disc, and it’s only a $40 budget increase.

This is a very cost effective upgrade, if you buy this part separately expect to pay $50 for it and also the cost of getting it replaced properly by hand.

If you prefer a sturdier, more durable, less maintenance mechanical disc brake, the Trek FX1 Disc is well worth considering.

Benefits of the Trek FX1

  • Affordable price, the most affordable hybrid bike in the FX series
  • The 3X7 Shimano drivetrain offers plenty of gearing
  • Bontrager H2 Comp ensures a comfortable ride while also increasing the speed of the ride and increasing commuting efficiency
  • Leave the rack and fender mounts in place
  • Compatible with DuoTrap S, allowing fitness riders to clearly schedule their workouts
  • Great value after-sales service

What we don’t like about it

  • Pedal quality is relatively poor
  • The 3X7 drivetrain is a bit outdated
  • Seat is a bit hard

Trek FX 1 Specs

  • What is the body weight of the Trek FX1?

M – 12.57 kg/27.72 lbs

  • What is the weight limit for the Trek FX1?

This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

Trek FX1 size chart

  • What are the paint colors for the Trek FX1?

The FX1 is only available in Lithium Grey paint, and the FX 1 Disc is available in Solid Charcoal.

Comparison Table

Trek verve 1 disc vs trek fx1.

Trek Verve 1 Disc

The Trek Verve 1 Disc is one of the most affordable hybrid bikes in the Trek Verve lineup.

If we look at the braking system, it is the same mechanical disc brakes as the Trek FX1 Disc, but it is slightly more configurable and not a very noticeable difference.

Next, we look at the comparison of the drivetrain components, which are also the same configuration. The geometry design is also the same except for the frame shape.

We finally see the difference in tires, with the Trek Verve 1 Disc using the more comfortable 700x45c tires. The Trek FX1, on the other hand, uses the finer 700x35c tires considering the speed of the ride.

The difference between these two models is very small. If you need to ride a faster bike, go for the Trek FX1. If you are more into comfortable riding, the Trek Verve 1 Disc is a good choice.

Learn more: Is The Trek Verve 1 Disc Worth Buying? [Trek Verve 1 Disc Review]

Trek FX 2 Disc vs Trek FX1

Trek FX 2 Disc

The new model of Trek fx 2 starts with only the Trek fx 2 Disc brake.

For the comparison of these two models, let’s leave the brake system comparison aside for now. The Trek fx 2 Disc uses a flywheel with more gears, which also increases the cost of purchase, so it is still more expensive in terms of price. And the service life and shifting experience have been improved.

The Trek FX1 pedals were upgraded with the more durable Bontrager City pedals. Not much else has been done to the other components.

Lastly, the paint colors, Satin Lithium Grey and Satin Viper Red, are both great looking pop colors. If you’re looking for a better riding experience, you might want to consider the Trek FX 2 Disc with a slight upgrade.

Trek FX 3 Disc vs Trek FX1

Trek FX3 disc

The top of the FX series, the Trek fx 3 Disc, features a carbon fiber fork that reduces weight and 700x32c tires that are closer to a road bike configuration.

But what’s a bit odd is the drivetrain, which uses the most popular Shimano Deore 1X10.

This is what makes it touch the threshold of a competitive bike. But the bottom plate is still maintained and FX1 frame. The lighter-weight Trek FX 3 Disc is the higher end hybrid bike. It is also well worth buying.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike vs Trek FX1

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Priced even lower, the Schwinn Discover is for the commuter rider on a budget.

The aluminum frame and 3X7 drivetrain with shock fork are better suited for trail riding than the Trek FX1.

The performance on gravel surfaces is just as good. Also equipped with small 38c tires, the skills ensure speed and also allow the bike to challenge more terrain.

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is the hybrid bike to try.

Final Verdict (4.0/5)

The Trek FX1 maintains a quality frame design with a good balance of price and performance. A quality bike that will allow you to ride better for exercise or commuting cruising. So the Trek FX1 is the bike to buy.

In my view, this is cheap bikes, but for beginners, it could be the best fitness bike. This is because the investment is small, but it is durable enough.

We gave it a final rating of 4.0.

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trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek FX+ 2 Stagger Review

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  •   Trek FX+ 2 Stagger Review

2023 Trek Fx Plus 2 Stagger Electric Bike Review

  • Trek Reviews
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  • An affordable, quiet, light weight, feature complete electric bicycle. Available in three frame sizes and three premium colors. Assembled and serviced by one of the largest bicycle networks in North America, it comes with a two year comprehensive warranty with lifetime frame warranty.
  • The mid-step frame design is approachable, easy to step over, but also sturdy and light. They provided space to mount a bottle cage or other accessory on the downtube! Very clean integrated cables and wires. Excellent 9-speed drivetrain with wide 11-36 tooth cassette.
  • Decent 160mm hydraulic disc brakes are easy to actuate. The 700x40c tires are efficient and include reflective sidewalls for safety. Integrated front and rear lights are positioned well. Plastic fenders keep you dry and clean. The rear rack offers great weight capacity at 25kg or 55lbs.
  • Lower than average 250wh battery capacity and 250 watt motor pair nicely for an efficient ride, but aren't as strong or long lasting. The torque and cadence sensor aren't as instant as I was hoping for. The battery cannot easily be removed for storage and charging, so you need to park near a plug.

Video Review


Body position:, suggested use:, electric bike class:, learn more about ebike classes, availability:, model year:, bicycle details, total weight:, battery weight:, frame material:, frame sizes:, geometry measurements:, frame types:, frame colors:, frame fork details:, frame rear details:, attachment points:, gearing details:, shifter details:, brake details:, seat post length:, seat post diameter:, tire brand:, wheel sizes:, tire details:, tube details:, accessories:, electronic details, motor brand:, motor type:, learn more about ebike motors, motor nominal output:, motor torque:, battery brand:, battery voltage:, battery amp hours:, battery watt hours:, battery chemistry:, charge time:, estimated min range:, estimated max range:, display type:, drive mode:, written review.

This review was provided for free, but Trek Coquitlam supplied a temporary demo bike for me to test. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video and writeup are not meant to be an endorsement of Trek products. I welcome your corrections, additions, and feedback in the comments below, and the Trek electric bike forums .


  • Trek is one of the “Big Three” North American bicycle manufacturers (including Specialized and Giant). The company launched in 1975, specializing in hand-brazed steel frames, and then expanded to 90 different countries. In my opinion, they are one of the very best ebike makers with high quality designs, above average support, and a wide range of frame configurations, sizes, and accessories.
  • The motor and battery system used for this electric bike are familiar to me because they were also used for two Electra models that launched in prior years; the Cruiser Go! and Townie Go! It’s a light weight system that blends in, reduces noise, and keeps the cost relatively low. I’m calling this out because Electra is part of the Trek Bicycle Company, and you may see these models at Trek dealers. I think they are worth knowing about and considering for their different colors, relaxed cruiser geometry, and similar performance if you’re looking at the Trek FX+ 2.
  • These Trek FX+ 2 electric bikes look amazing, and are available in many sizes and colors! They come feature complete with matching fenders, lights, and a rear rack… They even have a chainring guard and chain cover. You can get the bike and just go, regardless of conditions, without needing to take extra steps. I love how the battery is completely hidden in the downtube and the planetary geared hub motor is so compact and painted black to match the spokes and rims… It is basically hidden behind the 160mm disc brake rotor and 9-speed cassette gear cluster. The result is an ebike that could easily be mistaken for a traditional bicycle. I found that the bike is also very quiet, even when using the highest level of assist.
  • The bike I tested was size medium, and it felt very comfortable to pedal and ride. I could even ride with no hands and the bike tracked well. The taller 700c (28″) wheels offer a low attack angle that smooths out cracks and bumps a bit… which is nice since there’s no suspension.
  • This is an electric bike that could be used for all sorts of activities, I see it as potentially being a best seller because it’s so versatile. So I love that they have both a high step and mid-step build. Both models still have bottle cage bosses for bringing fluids or an accessory along, or you can use this spot to mount a Range Extender battery pack to double your range! That’s an awesome and unique feature. In general, I was really impressed by how thoughtful the concept and range of options are for these ebikes.
  • The body position and geometry are fairly active, so this would be a great choice for people who enjoy pedaling and want to be semi-aerodynamic. You can find more upright relaxed models in the cruiser style from Electra if you want. I love that it has a 9-speed drivetrain with such a wide cassette range of 11 to 36 tooth sprockets! That’s above average for this price point in my experience.
  • It was very impressive to see a narrow-wide chainring on this ebike, which will help keep the chain from slipping or dropping. I usually only see that on mountain bikes or high speed models. This chainring pairs perfectly with the plastic guard to keep the drivetrain functioning reliably in many conditions.
  • This is a little thing, but all of the hardware is color-matched as black or silver. This includes hubs, spokes, rims, seat post, stem, handlebar, chainring guard, kickstand, and cranks. This is the level of detail that Trek is known for with all of their products, and it sets it apart when comparing to some cheaper brands.
  • While the battery is not easily removable, and the charging port is a bit low on the frame, I appreciate how easy it was to interact with, that it has a durable plastic cover, and that the charger is so light and compact. Also, you can remove the battery for repair or replacement with the help of a shop if needed! Trek warranties their bikes for two years comprehensive and lifetime on the frame, so I feel that this model and battery design will be supported for a long time.
  • Even though the display panel is very simple and compact, I found it to be less intimidating and distracting than some LCD computer displays. There are five green dots for charge level, and three red dots for assist level… and that’s it. Apparently there could be a smartphone app at some point, and Trek / Electra dealers can connect to the bike to perform software or firmware updates at the shop.
  • In addition to being one of the lightest electric bike from Trek, it’s also one of the most affordable at $2,499. This is very impressive to me considering it is sold at a dealer, comes with that great warranty, is offered in so many sizes and colors, and is feature complete. I love the bell, ergonomic grips, internal cable routing, and headlight placement! You can spend ~$700 less for one of the similar Electra models that use the same drivetrain, but they may not include the accessories and don’t have hydraulic brakes.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes are very easy to actuate and offer adjustable-reach levers to fit a range of hand sizes. This pairs perfectly with the range of sizes. I should mention also that the handlebar and crank arms change length to match the different frame sizes too, so it’s a more complete size difference with improved fit and comfort.
  • Interestingly, the Stagger version of the bike (step-thru model) uses a female specific saddle. I thought hey would have gone gender neutral because many people like the approachability of mid-steps and step-thrus, but I still found the saddle to be comfortable… and I’m a guy. Perhaps women will appreciate it even more. Note the stagger frame comes in three sizes while the high step comes in four.
  • Trek has included a clear sticker slap guard on the right chain stay that will keep the paint looking beautiful and might also reduce noise if the chain bounces into the frame. They also configured the motor to have a left-entry power cable that is tucked between the left chainstay and disc brake rotor. Some of the Electra models I saw with the HyDrive had the motor power cable on the right, protruding and cluttering the derailleur area.
  • I’m used to seeing affordable electric bikes specced with cadence sensors, but the Electra Townie Go! 7D comes with a torque and cadence sensing bottom bracket that feels a bit more natural and dynamic. The harder you pedal, the more power you get. It doesn’t feel jerky or surprising, but it does require a bit more pedal effort and rotation than a pure cadence-only sensor.
  • If you hold the minus button for a few seconds, then the plus button, the bike will offer walk mode which is useful if you get a flat tire or need to cut across a park or other crowded area. This is especially useful if the rear rack is loaded up, and I love that it has such a high weight capacity of 25kg 55lbs!
  • Compared to many of the other Trek electric bicycle models, this one has a lower battery capacity of 250 watt hours, no USB charging port on the display panel, limited display readouts, and a minimalist hub motor vs. multi-sensing mid-drive. It’s light, efficient, and inexpensive, but a lot less powerful and dynamic.
  • As much as I love the internally mounted battery design for keeping weight low and center, the pack is not easily removable. This means you have to park the entire bike near a plug to refill. This could be challenging for people who ride to work and have to park outside, and it also means the battery could be exposed to more extreme temperatures. That said, it’s cool that they sell an optional Range Extender battery pack that can be removed, which will double your range.
  • In general, the hub motor on this electric cruiser bicycle is weaker than most others in North America. It’s maxed out for European markets, offering 250 watts and 40 newton meters of torque, and it felt very satisfying to me, but a lot of the competition is at 350, 500, and even 750 watts. One downside to higher powered motors is that they use the battery energy up faster, which requires a larger battery, which makes the bike heavier and more expensive.
  • I noticed that the brake levers did not have motor inhibitors to immediately cut power whenever the rider is stopping. Considering the weaker motor and the torque plus cadence sensing pedal assist sensors, I feel that it’s still safe and was a good decision to reduce wire clutter and complexity, but there may be moments when the brakes are fighting the motor at the very beginning of a stop or if you accidentally keep pedaling while braking.
  • I love that they chose hydraulic disc brakes for this model, even though the rotors are fairly small at 160mm diameter vs. 180mm+ that’s probably fine for urban and city riding for most people. However, if you’re heavier, the bike is loaded up (including the rear rack), and you’re going down a big hill, the brakes just aren’t as strong. The combination of smaller rotors and taller 28″ 700c wheel size reduces the mechanical advantage given to the brakes.
  • I love that the bike includes fenders and lights, although the rear light only uses one LED and is a little exposed on the rack vs. surrounded or protected by the tubing. Try not to bump the light while loading the rack as it could crack more easily in this location. I was impressed that even though the fenders are plastic, they didn’t rattle a lot.
  • There’s no suspension on this electric bike, which is not uncommon for more affordable city models. It helps to reduce weight, improve stiffness and steering response, and of course keep the price lower. That said, the tires are fairly narrow and the pressure rating is kind of high at 55 to 85 PSI. If you ride on bumpy terrain or have a sensitive neck or back, consider a 31.6mm suspension seat post , but note that it will raise the minimum saddle height by a few inches.
  • The headlight has side windows to make it more visible from different angles and the tires have reflective stripes for improved visibility and safety, but I didn’t see a puncture protection rating. Neither wheel has quick release, so changing flats and doing bike maintenance could require more time. One benefit however, is the reduced chance of theft and tampering at public bike racks! Not even the saddle clamp appeared to have quick release.
  • The pedals that come with this model are very basic plastic with some shallow knubs. They are probably fine for most riders who are just casually riding through neighborhoods and city environments, but they aren’t super grippy and won’t allow snow or mud to squish through the way that other pedals might. Thankfully, pedals are easy and inexpensive to replace! I would consider a BMX pedal like this for myself.
  • The display panel button pad is discrete and less likely to be damaged because it’s so compact, but it doesn’t show your current speed, a precise battery readout, estimated range, or any of the other neat stats that a full LCD panels usually do. I was told that the bike might have a smartphone app in the future, but I didn’t see an obvious way to pair it, and even the walk mode setting was a little confusing to activate (hold the – key for a few seconds until the red lights cycle repeatedly, then hold the + button to make the bike move forward slowly).
  • This is a minor consideration, but I noticed a lot of ebikes with hub motors also have a throttle. This allows for easier starts and balancing, or simply not pedaling, which some people appreciate. All Trek/Electra ebikes are Class 1 and do not have throttles, which means they can be ridden in more places legally and tend to get better range because you have to pedal along.
  • The kickstand is positioned well, and I love that the length can be adjusted without the need for tools… but it just didn’t seem very sturdy. I had it slide to a lower position a couple of times and the plastic end tip actually fell off at one point when I was adjusting and standing the bike for photos. The mounting interface is very standard with 18mm spaced bolt holes. I guess if I were to do it over again, I wouldn’t mess with the length and I probably wouldn’t try to extend it to the longest (tallest) position because it might not be as sturdy there.

Useful Resources:

  • Trek electric bike dealers .
  • Official Trek website.

Review Updated On

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A great all-around electric bike that's capable on city streets and light trail, it replaces the Trek Dual Sport+ from earlier years. Proven Bosch Peformance Line CX motor with shift detection. The high-step frame has mounts for adding a second battery pack (Bosch Range Boost) to double capacity, but the step-thru does not. Durable and quiet plastic fenders, sleek and sturdy Racktime rear rack, bright integrated lights with…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Verve+ 2 Review

  • MSRP: $2,499

One of Trek's most popular and affordable electric bike models, loaded with accessories and high-quality components, available in a wide range of frame types, styles, and colors, backed by a fantastic warranty, and supported by a large network of dealers and repair shops. An excellent city and commuting Ebike thanks to full plastic fenders, integrated always-on lights, and…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Dual Sport+ Review

  • MODEL YEAR: 2019

A versatile electric bike that's efficient on road but capable of light trail riding as well, puncture resistant tires with tight knobby tread offer traction, stability, and a bit of comfort due to increased air volume. Durable spring suspension fork provides 63mm of travel with preload and lockout adjust, hydraulic disc…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Powerfly 7 LT Review

  • MSRP: $5,499

A stealthy, long travel, all-mountain electric bike with longer wheel base and adjustable seat stay hardware to optimize geometry for climbing and descending, proprietary "Active Braking Pivot" rear suspension reduces skipping, Knock Block headset and Hartzell Hug impact-absorbing downtube bumpers allow for straight downtube. Trek-invented Boost hub spacing improves spoke bracing angle and support for larger plus sized tires,…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Super Commuter+ 7 Review

  • MODEL YEAR: 2018

A stealthy looking, sturdily built, feature-rich urban electric bicycle complete with tubular alloy fenders, premium integrated lights from Supernova, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. Upgraded Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain with one-way clutch to reduce chain bounce, sleek proprietary derailleur…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Verve+ Review

  • MSRP: $2,299

A versatile city electric bike with sturdy paint-matched aluminum fenders, a bright and aimable headlight as well as a flashing backlight (both are powered by the main battery), and mounting points for a bottle cage and rear rack. Surprisingly comfortable, the wider tires provide cushion and stability, the saddle and suspension seat post…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Lift+ Lowstep Review

  • MSRP: $2,799
  • MODEL YEAR: 2017
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A comfortable, low-step, cruiser style electric bike with balanced motor and battery position, multiple fun color choices, and several sizes (also available in high-step). Nicer 10-speed drivetrain with clutch for reducing chain bounce and slap, easy to pull hydraulic…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek CrossRip+ Review

  • MSRP: $4,499

A lightweight, high speed, electric road bike with sturdy 12 mm thru-axle on the front wheel, Carbon fiber fork, and Alpha 200 Gold alloy frame to dampen vibration. Capable and comfortable on hard packed trails as a gravel grinder, sturdy Aluminum fenders and…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

2017 Trek Dual Sport+ Review

A lightweight, trail-capable, hybrid commuter electric bike, the larger 700c wheelset provides efficient rolling momentum and lower attack angle to smooth out cracks and bumps. Shimano STePs mid-drive is responsive, less power hungry than competing products, and relatively quiet, The…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Neko+ Review

A sporty hybrid electric bike offering a blend of efficiency and trail capability, suspension fork with lockout, hydraulic disc brakes. Removable battery and display panel reduce weight when lifting and transporting the bike, quick release…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Super Commuter+ 8S Review

  • MSRP: $4,999

A streamlined, feature-complete, commuter style electric bike with Class 3 high-speed operation (up to 28 mph), available through a wide network of dealers. 11-speed Shimano SLX drivetrain offers plenty of range for comfortable pedaling at low and high…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Powerfly 8 FS Plus Review

A full suspension trail bike from one of the "big three" brands in the US, it offers 130 mm travel with custom tuning for the added weight and power of the bike, excellent weight distribution. Quick-release wheels, removable battery, and removable display make the bike flexible and easy to transport…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek XM700+ Review

  • MSRP: $3,499
  • MODEL YEAR: 2016, 2017, 2018

A sleek, light weight, speed pedelec capable of reaching ~28 mph, built around the Bosch Performance Speed drive system and a Shimano SLX 10 speed drivetrain. Integrated plastic fenders and chain guard keep you clean and are reinforced to reduce rattle…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Conduit+ Review

  • MODEL YEAR: 2016

A light weight, high-step only electric bike with premium fenders, pannier rack and integrated LED lights that would be perfect for commuting or short range touring. Delivers Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, a 10 speed drivetrain with Shimano Deore derailleur and quality…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

Trek Lift+ Review

A light weight, efficient and more upright city style electric bike with a two year warranty, features an adjustable stem and is available in both high-step and step-thru frame styles in four sizes for improved fit. Leverages the Shimano STePs drive system keeping weight low and centered across the frame, the…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

2011 Trek FX+ Review

  • MSRP: $2,679
  • MODEL YEAR: 2010, 2011

An efficient road-style electric bike with narrow slick tires and carbon fiber fork available in five frame sizes. Integrated LED lights run off the main battery pack, lots of additional mounting points for…...

trek fx 1 stagger review

2011 Trek Transport+ Review

  • MODEL YEAR: 2011
  • Electric Cargo Bike Reviews

One of the earliest mass produced electric cargo bikes in the US (available in 2011) offered a purpose built frame with lots of attachment points (front basket, rear rack, running boards and included cargo bag). High-end drive system from BionX, rebranded as "Electric Propulsion Systems" EPS by Trek offering smooth,…...

Comments (7) YouTube Comments

Richard stallard.

Any comments on the smoothness of the motor assist? My wife has a Fx+ 2 high step model and finds the boost is too strong at low speed such as when maneuvering through an intersection over curbs, ramps, etc. After closer observations, we concluded the boost seemed to switch on/off in response to rider torque rather than the boost being proportional to rider effort, for example with the Trek Verve+ 2 bike with Bosch drive. Overall, we were disappointed that the Fx+ didn’t appear to be fully utilizing the capabilities of the torque sensor. We asked our Trek dealer to dial down the lowest boost level, which was easy for them to do. However, my wife still prefers to switch the boost off for low speed maneuvering situations.

Hi Richard! It’s interesting to read your comment about assist, and how the torque sensor might be less dynamic than Bosch and others. This was my experience as well, the torque sensor didn’t activate motor power as instantly as I had hoped, and I didn’t notice a variation of assist as much as low, medium, and high for each of the assist levels. It seemed much more like a traditional cadence sensor, and most of my rides were conducted using the highest level of assist. Thanks again for sharing your perspectives. My video review is now embedded on the page and live on YouTube so you can hear and see more thoughts realtime as I rode!

Like you, I was a bit anti hub motors because I thought they missed out on the gearing of the chain drive to increase torque, but then it dawned on me that even the lowest gear on most e-bikes with 1x gearing is more than 1:1 (e.g. 42:36 or 44:42) so the torque of a mid-drive motor is actually reduced by the time it gets to the back wheel, whereas the hub motor always has 1:1 torque factor.

Hi Richard, that’s a good point. I wouldn’t say I’m anti-hub motor, just recognizing the trade offs between different setups! I appreciate that hub motors can work even if the chain breaks or there is some other drivetrain issue with the cassette, derailleur, or chainring. I like how well they pair with throttle systems, and I definitely appreciate how inexpensive they can be. That said, it makes wheel maintenance more difficult because of the power cable, and adds unsprung weight if it’s a suspended wheel. It can also increase wear and tear on the drivetrain (chain etc.) unless there’s shift detection in place.

I bought mine like almost 2 months ago. My FX+2 sometimes doesn’t assist even I turned on my electric assist. I need to turn off and turn on like once or twice before it assists. Sometimes when it assists when I turn it on first try. Sadly, I find it hassle when I need to off and on multiple times before electric assist can read my pedaling. Did you experienced it as well?

Interesting, I did not experience this during my test ride Martel. However, I got a brand new model and only spent a day riding it. Perhaps there’s a loose connection from the battery to the motor controller? One of the big benefits of buying any Trek or Electra model is that they have a lot of dealers around the US and Canada. If you happen to be near one, I’d definitely take the bike in for a tuneup, maybe there’s even a new firmware they could load that would help! Sorry to hear about the issues, but I hope you can get them resolved and enjoy the bike as it was intended without issue.

Hi, I wondered if you got this resolved? My wife has the same issue on and of on her Fx+.

Regards, Gerard

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Trek FX 1 Stagger

  • AUS $ NZD $ USD $ CAD $ GBP £ EUR €

Size / SM, MD

At a glance

Where to buy.

Trek Logo


  • Frame Alpha Gold Aluminum, stagger top tube, rack & fender mounts, DuoTrap S compatible, cantilever brake mount, 135x5mm QR
  • Fork FX Steel, threadless steel steerer, rack mounts, cantilever brake mount, 405mm axle-to-crown, 5x100mm QR
  • Hubs Formula FM31 alloy, 135x5mm QR
  • Wheels Bontrager Connection, alloy, double-wall, 32-hole, schrader valve
  • Tires Bontrager H2 Comp, wire bead, 30tpi, 700x35c
  • Chain KMC Z7
  • Crank Forged alloy, 48/38/28, chainguard, 170mm length
  • Bottom Bracket Sealed cartridge, 68mm
  • Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney TY510, 34.9mm clamp, top swing, dual pull
  • Rear Derailleur Shimano Altus M310
  • Shifters Shimano EF500, 7 speed
  • Brakeset Tektro alloy linear-pull
  • Handlebar Bontrager Riser, steel, 25.4mm, 30mm rise, 600mm width
  • Saddle Bontrager Sport Women's
  • Seatpost Bontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset, 330mm length
  • Stem Bontrager alloy, 25.4mm clamp, 10 degree, 90mm length
  • Grips Bontrager Satellite
  • Headset 1 1/8'' steel threadless

Q: How much is a 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger?

A 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger is typically priced around $599 USD when new. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also look to the used market for a great deal.

Q: Where to buy a 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger?

The 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger may be purchased directly from Trek .

Q: What size 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger should I get?

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trek fx 1 stagger review

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"Its light, aluminium frame requires a lot less effort to ride than the steel alternatives above and its 21-speed Shimano Tourney/Altus drivetrain is a higher-quality range than any of the cheaper alternatives. It’s the finishing kit, though, where you’ll notice a big difference: the smattering of Bontrager components boost comfort at each of the bike’s key touchpoints (saddle and grips)."

No image available

"Best Affordable Hybrid Bikes"

"If you want an affordable bike that’s built to last, the Trek FX 1 could be for you. Its dependable yet lightweight frame won’t hold you back as you explore new terrain. Plus, it’s comfortable and sturdy. If you want a reliable ride for exploring trails near and far, you can’t go wrong with this Trek hybrid."

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Product features

Make it your own.

Customize your bike with fenders, racks, bottle cages, and more to make it your own.

Upgrade your pedals and love your bike more

Pedals are two of the five touchpoints that connect you with your bike, and even though this bike comes with a pair, upgrading to pedals that boost control and grip will greatly improve your ride. See the pedal guide and find the best pedals for your riding style. We recommend flat pedals for simple versatility.

Ride-ready gear

Deck out your FX with our favorite compatible accessories

Rack & fender ready

Built-in mounts make it easy to add racks and fenders for added versatility.

Alpha Gold Aluminum frame

Our high-performance lightweight aluminum is continuously cold extruded and butted, and formed into manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving.

DuoTrap S compatible

DuoTrap S (sold separately) integrates a Bluetooth®/ANT+ sensor into the frame. Log routes and track fitness progress on your computer or smart phone with no external sensor. Works with all major ANT+ wireless players, including Bontrager, Garmin, PowerTap, and SRM.

Stagger frame

Easy-on, easy-off stepthrough frame is perfect for anybody not interested in slinging a leg over the top tube.

How tall are you?

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trek fx 1 stagger review

  • Rider Notes

2020 Trek FX 1 Stagger

trek fx 1 stagger review

A 700c aluminum frame women’s fitness bike with modest components and rim brakes.

Manufacturer Price

For This Bike

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Based on frame geometry and build specs.

A bike with lower gearing will be easier to ride up steep hills, while a higher top end means it will pedal faster down hills.

FX 1 Stagger

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Add custom gearing

5'1" – 5'6"

5'4" – 5'10"

5'8" – 6'2"

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Nov 2018 · Ian Osborne

High-class fitness bike with proven road technology and a classy component package. Buy if you want a capable, high-spec yet sensible-handling bike with a flat bar

Comfortable-yet-fun ride, IsoSpeed decoupler, lightweight, Shimano 105

Cost is the biggest one, funky-looking grips, only available in black

Read Review

99 Spokes on YouTube

Last updated August 21 Not listed for 1,419 days


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    2024 Trek. FX 1 Stagger Gen 4. A 700c aluminum frame women's fitness bike with modest components and rim brakes. Compare the full range. Manufacturer Price. $499 $599. Weight: ... Trek FX 2 Disc Equipped review: Unspectacular but effective. Sep 2022 · Benjamin Page.

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    FX 1 Stagger Gen 4. $499.99 $599.99. Model 1042799. Retailer prices may vary depending on location and delivery method. The final price will be shown in your cart. FX 1 Stagger is a hybrid bike with a classic stepthrough frame design that's easier to mount and dismount wherever you like to ride.

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    FX 1 Disc Stagger A 700c aluminum frame women's fitness bike with modest components and mechanical disc brakes.

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    The FX 2 Disc Equipped is priced at £740.00 - it's not currently available in the USA - which is £90 more than the FX 2 Disc standard (£650.00/$799.99) which foregoes the rack, lights ...

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    The FX1 and Trek FX1 Disc , the most affordable of the Trek fx series, is also a popular hybrid bike for many commuter riders.

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    Price: $2499.00 | Model Year: 2023 | An affordable, quiet, light weight, feature complete electric bicycle. Available in three frame sizes and three premium colors. Assembled and serviced by one of the largest bicycle networks in North America, it comes with a two year comprehensive warranty with lifetime frame warranty.

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    FX 1 Stagger A 700c aluminum frame fitness bike with modest components and rim brakes.

  17. Noob questions regarding the Trek FX 1 : r/cycling

    Noob questions regarding the Trek FX 1. I'm planning to get hold of this bike to use for my ~5 mile commute, as well as a bit of casual exercise. I have a couple of very begginer-y questions that I hope someone can help me with: I will be riding on the road for at least half of my journey, but may also end up using it on other terrains if I ...

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    FX 1 Stagger is a hybrid bike with a classic stepthrough frame design that's easier to mount and dismount. It's perfect for anyone looking to get out more, ride as a family, do a bit of exercise, or commute to work on a versatile bike backed by a lifetime warranty. Compare. Color / Trek Black.

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    Specs, reviews & prices for the 2023 Trek FX 1 Stagger. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past bikes. View and share reviews, comments and questions on road bikes. Huge selection of road bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco and more.

  20. FX 1 Stagger

    FX 1 Stagger. $499.99 $599.99. Model 1042799. Retailer prices may vary. FX 1 Stagger is a hybrid bike with a classic stepthrough frame design that's easier to mount and dismount wherever you like to ride. It's perfect for anyone looking to get out more, ride as a family, do a bit of exercise, or commute to work on a versatile bike backed by a ...

  21. What's the difference between the FX1 Trek and the FX 1 Stagger?

    What's the difference between the FX1 Trek and the FX 1 Stagger? Looks like the Stagger is a step-through frame. Good if you can't swing your leg over the saddle (whether because you're physically limited or because you're wearing clothes that don't lend themselves to it). 1.1M subscribers in the bicycling community.

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    FX 1 Stagger A 700c aluminum frame women's fitness bike with modest components and rim brakes.