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Best Double Strollers of 2024

Double stroller are an investment, but crucial to getting out when you have two (or more) kids close in age., by jen labracio | medically reviewed by holly peretz ot.

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If you have more than one little one on the way or you’re having a second baby while your first is still in diapers , you probably have a lot of questions. Will I ever sleep again? How many cups of coffee is too many cups of coffee? And how will I get around with two kiddos in tow? Push two strollers ?

While we may not be able to help with those first two questions, we can help with the last two. Meet the double stroller : a parent’s best friend when you have two (or more) kids close in age.

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Double Strollers

  • Best Side-by-Side: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller
  • Best Convertible: UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller
  • Best More Affordable Convertible: Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0
  • Best Affordable Double: Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller
  • Best for Travel: Zoe Twin+
  • Best Lightweight: Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller
  • Best for Twins: Bugaboo Donkey5 Mono Complete Stroller
  • Best Jogging: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller
  • Best Stroller Wagon: Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Bumbleride Indie Twin Double Jogging Stroller
  • Best Umbrella: Summer Infant 3Dlite Double Convenience Lightweight Double Stroller

In This Article

  • How We Chose the Best Double Strollers
  • Our Top Picks

Do You Need a Double Stroller?

Types of double strollers, what to consider before buying a double stroller, frequently asked questions, babylist’s picks for the best double strollers, best side-by-side double stroller.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller - Jet - $539.99.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller - Jet

  • Quick, easy fold
  • Near-flat seat recline
  • Forever Air rubber tires

What Our Experts Say

Baby Jogger strollers are known for their easy, one-handed folds, and this double version is no exception. With just one handle pull, this side-by-side stroller folds down quickly and completely flat—no small feat for any stroller, but especially for a double. It’s definitely our favorite feature about this side-by-side double and the thing parents rave about the most. We also love this stroller’s maneuverability and that it fits through 36-inch doorways, which isn’t always the case with all doubles. Each canopy has its own peek-a-boo window and the seats have near-flat independent reclines for napping on the go, two more standouts.

What’s Worth Considering

This stroller can hold one car seat with an adaptor, but can’t hold two, so it’s not a great choice for twins. (For multiples, check out the City Select 2 , a convertible stroller that offers up to 24 riding possibilities, including adding two infant car seats.) The storage basket is also on the smaller side and tough to reach from behind.

What Babylist Parents Say

“It’s a bit big, and you should make sure it fits in your car first. But it maneuvers so well and makes it easy to stroll with two kids.” -Kenna

Additional Specs

Best convertible double stroller.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller - Anthony - $999.99.

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller - Anthony

  • Can accommodate up to three kids
  • Lots of configurations (including for twins)
  • Smooth ride and lots of high-end features

The Vista is a high-quality, extremely durable convertible stroller that’s just as popular with parents who use it in its single mode as it is with those who use it as a tandem double. It’s one of the best strollers around for a growing family, built to accommodate up to three kids with the addition of Uppa’s Rumble Seat and a Ride-Along Board . (It also works for twins; it can accommodate two bassinets, two car seats or two toddler seats at the same time.) It’s pricey, but it comes with a lot: a bassinet, a rain/bug shield, more than ample storage space in the basket for up to 30 pounds of stuff and a toddler seat for kids up to 50 pounds. It’s also beautifully designed, boasts an impressive suspension system for a smooth ride (even over uneven surfaces) and is sturdy enough to withstand years of heavy use.

There’s no getting around the fact that a fully loaded Vista is tough to push and steer. It’s especially front-heavy when a toddler sits in the bottom seat, which is probably the stroller’s biggest fault. It’s also bulky, pricey and not super easy to break down.

“We love it—both us and the kids. It’s a good value. The ability to add on the toddler standing board is very cool, and it’s easy to fold. The only drawback is it’s difficult to put the folded stroller into our trunk.” -Lisa S.

Best More Affordable Convertible Double Stroller

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 - Sky/Windowpane Canopy With Penny Leather - $450.00.

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller 2.0 - Sky/Windowpane Canopy With Penny Leather

  • High-end features at an affordable price point
  • 18+ different seat configurations
  • Modern, fun colors and fabrics

If you have your eyes on the Vista but can’t justify the price tag, you’re in luck. Mockingbird is a direct-to-consumer brand that skips the retail markups so they can bring you a luxury stroller for a whole lot less. Sharing many of the same features as UPPAbaby’s Vista stroller, the Mockingbird Single-to-Double 2.0 boasts 18+ configurations and a one-handed fold at about a third of the price. Both seats are the same size and can be switched to either forward- or parent-facing. This stroller works from birth with the addition of a car seat (it’s compatible with the widest range of top rated infant car seats —just remember you’ll need adapters), the Mockingbird Bassinet or Infant Seat Insert , both sold separately. There’s also a Riding Board if that attaches to the back of the stroller and lets an addition rider sit or stand as you stroll. And we love all of the fabric canopy color and pattern options.

Overall, the Mockingbird isn’t quite as sturdy and doesn’t offer quite as smooth of a ride as the Vista—but thanks to the updated suspension in the 2.0 version it’s pretty close, which is really impressive considering the stroller’s much more affordable price tag. And much like the Vista, it can feel a bit unwieldy when you’re pushing it in tandem mode.

For another single-to-double convertible stroller option that’s a little easier on the wallet, check out Evenflo’s Pivot Xpand . It’s not quite as luxe as the Vista or the Mockingbird but it’s versatile (works for one, two or three kids using various attachments), offers a fairly smooth ride and has some really nice features like a large storage basket, modular seating, large tires and rear-wheel suspension.

Best Affordable Double Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller - Clark - $215.99.

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller - Clark

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of accessories
  • Bench or standing option for toddlers

This budget-friendly double stroller is one of the most affordable on our best-of list and will save your wallet without sacrificing on features. The Duo has a ton of different riding options, which is pretty impressive considering its price tag. The stroller comes with two stroller seats, a bench seat and a standing platform, and you can mix and match as needed. It also accepts two infant car seats, making it a twin-friendly option. The other standout feature is the fold. It’s pretty compact and folds the same way as most single strollers, so although it will take up a bit more room in your trunk or storage space, it’s a definite pro. The storage basket is pretty large and each seat features a full-size canopy.

This double stroller offers a lot for the price, but there are some drawbacks. The Ready2Grow only accepts Graco brand car seats. It also has plastic wheels (not rubber), so it doesn’t ride smoothly on uneven terrain. The seats can be a bit cramped for two toddlers, and the rear seat can only be used in the parent-facing position.

“Super smooth and so easy to add car seat to. I wish the seats had more padded options and the front one had a snack tray, but not the end of the world. Much more realistic in price then the Mockingbird.” -Christina

Best Double Stroller for Travel

Zoe Twin+  - $449.00.

  • Lightweight
  • Quick, compact fold perfect for on-the-go
  • Disney-approved

Traveling with two kids can be stressful, but choosing a travel stroller doesn’t have to be. The Twin+ has all of the features we look for in a double travel stroller: it’s light, narrow, features a quick, one-handed compact fold and comes with a child snack holder and parent cup holder. At only 19 pounds and 29 inches wide, it easily fits through standard doorways and is Disney-approved. There’s even an option to turn it into a stroller for three (or four!) by adding a triple or a quad seat.

While pushing this stroller on (mostly) flat surfaces is easy, it’s not so great when it comes to bumpier terrain. There’s no option to attach car seats and the seats don’t recline completely flat, so it’s not a great choice for newborns.

“This stroller is everything! It is lightweight, allowing me to easily get it out the SUV, glides so smoothly across the ground and folds practically flat! Hands down the best stroller we’ve owned!” -Amy

Best Lightweight Double Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller - Black - $249.99.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller - Black

  • Lightest tandem on the market
  • Good for baby + toddler
  • Compact frame

Not all double strollers have to be big, bulky and heavy. Weighing in at just 23.5 pounds, the Joovy Caboose is the lightest tandem stroller on the market and one of the most compact. It’s built for a baby and a toddler, with room for the baby in a car seat or five-point harness up front and an older child in the back either sitting or standing on a sliding bench seat. Parents especially love the stability of the standing platform, much more so than stroller board attachments found on many other brands.

If your little one is, let’s say…willful, this sit-and-stand stroller may not be a great option. Joovy does sell a rear seat attachment for children under two and a half years old who aren’t yet ready to stand.

“Handles very well, and it sets up and breaks down easily, and it’s not too bulky. The storage underneath the stroller is too small though.” -S. Holmes

Best Double Stroller for Twins

Bugaboo donkey5 mono complete stroller - stormy blue.

  • Slim profile; fits through most doorways
  • Unmatched suspension and maneuverability

Not all double strollers are created equally, especially when it comes to twins. If you’re shopping for a twin stroller, you’ll want to make sure it accommodates two bassinets and/or two infant car seats at the same time. You’ll also want to be conscious of storage, maneuverability and the stroller’s width. Bugaboo’s Donkey5 gets an A++ in all of these categories. It’s one of the narrowest doubles on the market, so fitting through standard doorways and other crowded spaces won’t be an issue. There’s an incredible suspension system for a smooth ride even over bumpy terrain (it can even curb hop!) and an adjustable handlebar for strollers of different heights. It even pushes and turns easily, making you (almost) forget you’re hauling around twice the weight as most parents.

The Donkey5 is a luxury stroller and with that comes a luxury price tag, especially when you start adding on twin must-haves like the Duo Extension Set and the Twin Bassinet Fabric set. But if your double stroller is your main mode of transportation each and every day, we believe this expensive stroller is well worth the high price tag if you can swing it.

While still pricey, the Valco Trend Duo is another side-by-side option that’s about half the price of the Donkey and is similarly loved by twin parents.

Best Double Jogging Stroller

Bob gear revolution flex 3.0 duallie double jogging stroller - graphite black.

  • Effortlessly handles any terrain for a comfortable ride
  • 9-position adjustable handlebar
  • Tons of storage

Jogging with one kid is impressive enough, but jogging with two? You rock. The double version of Bob’s popular running stroller will help you get your sweat on with its impressive mountain-bike style suspension system, comfortable seats and nine-position adjustable handlebar for parents or caregivers of any height. There’s tons of storage—both under the stroller and in any of the ten pockets—and XL sun canopies so you can get out in any type of weather. It also pairs with many popular infant car seats and fits through most doorways.

Although this double jogger does fit through most doorways, it’s a big, bulky stroller—so be sure to do some measuring before you buy, especially if you’ll be loading it in and out of your trunk on the regular.

Looking for something a bit sleeker that can still handle any terrain? You may want to also check out the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller .

Best Double Stroller Wagon

Evenflo pivot xplore all-terrain stroller wagon - wayfarer.

  • Stroller + wagon hybrid
  • Tackles all types of terrain
  • Very versatile

We know what you’re thinking: this isn’t a double stroller. But wait! The Pivot Xplore is a wagon + stroller hybrid and a super fun way to transport two kids when you’re on the go. Stroller wagons can be a great alternative for pushing kids around, especially when you go to the beach or park. With one quick flip of the handle, the Xplore transforms from a wagon into a stroller that’s suitable for kids from six months up to five years old. (You can get even more versatility by adding in a toddler seat and a car seat adapter , sold separately.) The all-terrain wheels tackle almost any surface and the wagon features a telescoping handle to accommodate different heights.

The Xplore doesn’t handle all that well on the beach, especially on softer sand. For a beach-ready stroller wagon check out the Veer Cruiser .

“This is such a great wagon! It is definitely become one of our go-to strollers/travel system. We used it with the infant seat attachment when my son was a newborn and it was very sturdy. My son now sits in the wagon and loves being in it. It folds down to a great size and doesn’t take up the entire trunk. I love the push and pull options of the handle. I definitely recommend this wagon!” -Jessica

Best Eco-Friendly Double Stroller

Bumbleride indie twin double jogging stroller - sea glass.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dual car seat and bassinet compatible
  • All-wheel suspension

Bumbleride has kept one million plastic water bottles out of landfills since 2011. If that’s not reason enough to love them, we’re not sure what is. (Turns out their strollers are pretty great too.) The Indie Twin is an environmentally friendly stroller that’s great for twins or for kids of different ages. This side-by-side works from birth either with the fully reclining seats + adjustable footrest or with the addition of two car seats or two bassinets (sold separately) and features all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. There’s a one-step fold and gripped handles for carrying plus lots of convenient features like large canopies each with a peekaboo window and a roomy cargo basket.

The biggest complaint from parents is head and legroom; lots of parents wish there was a bit more, especially those with toddlers on the taller side.

Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Summer infant 3dlite double convenience lightweight double stroller.

  • Lightweight stroller
  • Carry handle for easier transport
  • Dual adjustable seats and canopies

While not the sturdiest or the most accessorized in the stroller world, umbrella strollers are lightweight, generally very affordable and super convenient for travel or day trips and make a great addition to your stroller lineup. This double umbrella stroller checks all of those boxes. Notable features include individually reclining seats and adjustable canopies, a compact fold and light weight, a carry strap for when you need to take it on the go, a fairly large storage basket and a parent cup holder.

One of the biggest flaws of umbrella strollers is that the handlebars don’t adjust up or down, making them tricky to push if you’re on the taller side. Other parent complaints include a fold that’s tricky to master without a little practice.

If you’re looking for a higher-end double umbrella option, check out the UPPAbaby G-Link V2 .

Other Double Strollers We Love

  • The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy is a lightweight option that makes a solid choice if you’re looking for a double travel stroller. It weighs in at about 20 pounds and is easy to fold and carry. It’s also newborn compatible.
  • Nuna’s DEMI Next Stroller is a convertible single-to-double option that rivals the UPPAbaby Vista V2. There are 25+ modes of use (including for twins) and features custom dual suspension for an incredibly smooth ride.
  • The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller is an affordable choice if you’re looking for multiple seating options for a baby and a toddler. Older toddlers love the independence of the standing bench and parents love the one-handed fold.
  • Joovy’s Kooper X2 Double Stroller is a side-by-side loved for its narrow width, one-handed fold and XL wheels.

How We Choose the Best Double Strollers

  • We analyzed results from Babylist’s Best Baby Products survey, which polled 6,000 Babylist users and asked them to share the baby products they love the most and why.
  • We utilized insight from the Babylist editorial team, including Gear Editor Jen LaBracio, an expert in the baby space for over six years and a mom of two who has written hundreds of baby gear guides and personally researched and tested hundreds of baby products, including many double strollers.
  • We reviewed customer reviews from hundreds of real Babylist parents.

Most parents with multiple kids close in age choose to purchase a double stroller—and use it a lot . But it’s a big investment. If you already have a single stroller and aren’t sure you want to pony up for a double, there are a few options to explore.

  • Stroller boards: Some strollers offer a ride-along board for an older sibling that attaches to the back of the stroller base. There are also universal boards that work with lots of different stroller brands. Before you to this route, though, you’ll need to make sure your child is up for—and capable of—the challenge.
  • Baby carrier: You can also explore using a baby carrier for your younger child and putting the older one in a single stroller. But this won’t work for twins , and will only work for as long as your second child can fit in a carrier.

There are three basic types of double strollers: side-by-sides, in-lines and convertibles. Each option has pros and cons, and choosing which one is right for you can depend on a few different factors.

Side-by-Side Strollers

Side-by-side strollers , as the name implies, have seats that are positioned next to each other.

In-line Strollers

In-line strollers , sometimes also called tandem strollers, are single-file seats with one seat in front of the other. The two seats can be the same height, but often in-line strollers have what’s termed as “stadium seating” with the back seat raised higher than the front for better viewing.

Convertible Strollers

Convertible strollers are strollers that can be used as a single stroller or converted into a double (or even a triple) by adding on a second seat and accessories . The majority of convertible strollers are in-lines, but there are a few side-by-side convertibles on the market.

What About Stroller Wagons?

Another option some families are considering when figuring out a way to cart around two little ones: a stroller wagon .

The stroller wagon—a stroller + wagon hybrid with the push and maneuverability of a stroller combined with the fun and functionality of a wagon—has been gaining in popularity recently, and for good reason. Stroller wagons can handle a variety of different terrain, hold anywhere from two to four children (some can work for infants with the addition of an infant car seat and adapters) and come with lots of accessories. They’re also, simply put, pretty fun. But there are a few things you need to think through if you’re considering one in lieu of a double stroller.

  • Stroller wagons feature both pull and push functionality, but even the highest-end ones aren’t as easy to maneuver as a tradtional double stroller. They’re also bulky, very heavy and often tricky to break down. If you’re looking for something to use for walks around the neighborhood or quick trips to the park, then a stroller wagon can be a solid choice. But they’re not ideal for consistent, everyday use, if you’re trying to navigate city streets or tight spaces or if you’re getting in and out of a car all day.
  • Not all stroller wagons accommodate infants, and the ones that do require separate (and often brand-specific) infant car seats and adapters. If you need to transport an infant and a toddler, you’ll need to be sure the stroller wagon you choose can accomplish that.

Size and Maneuverability

Double strollers aren’t known for being compact—but there are some that are smaller and more streamlined than others. Consider how you’ll be using your double stroller and where you’ll be storing it. Do you need a double stroller that fits through narrower doorways? Will you be keeping it in your car, in an apartment or in a garage? Will you need to lift the stroller often, or break it down for storage? You’ll want to consider all of these factors before you decide which double stroller is best for you. You’ll also want to think through maneuverability. A city family in an elevator building using a stroller day in and day out needs a double that’s easy to turn, steer and push, whereas a family who plans to use a double more infrequently (or in a different living environment) doesn’t need to be as focused on maneuverability.

How important are features to you when considering a double stroller? Things like stroller configuration, modular seating, fabric, canopy size, basket storage, an adjustable handlebar, reclining seats, cupholders and suspension are just some of the things to consider as you shop. You should also think about if you want a double stroller that accommodates infant car seats or bassinets (and in which configurations) and research the weight range of your double stroller—both for each seat individually and the stroller overall.

Double strollers are an investment, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand. While pricier strollers tend to have more features such as higher-end fabrics, modular seats and better suspension, there are also many affordable doubles that are still high-quality. Consider how often and for how many years you’ll be using your double stroller and what features are important to you (and what you think you can skip) when setting your budget.

What Is the Best Double Stroller?

The best stroller for your family depends on your lifestyle and your personal situation. Consider how you’ll use a double stroller most often.

  • Do you live in a crowded city or in an apartment building with narrow doorways, or will you mostly be using your double stroller in the suburbs or in a more rural area?
  • How much room do you have to store a double stroller?
  • If you need it for two infants, do both seats accommodate infant car seats?
  • If you need it for a toddler and a baby, does the stroller have a high enough weight limit to accommodate older children?
  • Do you travel frequently?

Thinking through these types of questions will help you decide on the best double stroller for your family.

What age range is best for a double stroller?

The age range for a double stroller typically varies based on the weight and height of the children and the weight and height requirements of the stroller itself. Most double strollers are designed to accommodate infants as young as a few months old up to toddlers who are around four or five years old. However, it’s always important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure that the stroller is appropriate for your particular children’s age, weight and height.

Can I take a double stroller through the airport?

Yes, you can take a double stroller through the airport. However, it’s important to check with your airline beforehand to make sure that the stroller meets their size and weight requirements. You may also need to fold and check the stroller at the gate or at the check-in counter before boarding the plane. And be sure to arrive at the airport early to allow enough time for these procedures.

Jen LaBracio

Senior gear editor.

Jen LaBracio is Babylist’s Senior Gear Editor, a role that perfectly combines her love of all things baby gear with her love of (obsessive) research. When she’s not testing out a new high chair or pushing the latest stroller model around her neighborhood, she likes to run, spin, listen to podcasts, read and spend time at the beach. In her past life, she worked for over a decade in children’s publishing. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and their two boys, Will and Ben.

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Vista V2 FR-Free Twin Travel System

See estimated ship date in cart.

This item is not returnable or refundable. Learn more Don't worry! If your order arrives damaged or defective, please notify us within 24h [adhering to White Glove delivery instructions if applicable] to obtain replacement parts or units completely free of charge. Modern Nursery simply chooses to follow the strictest of safety and health guidelines and can't accept returns for this item. See our Refund Policy

Return Policy

Vista V2 FR-Free Twin Travel System

GREENGUARD Environmental Institute certifies products and materials through a nine-step process for low chemical emissions, including VOCs .

Why spend endless hours scrolling through the internet trying to figure out the best stroller setup for your children and worry about adapters and car seat compatibility, when you can let us do all the hard work. Modern Nursery to the rescue! Introducing the UPPAbaby VISTA V2 FR-Free Twin Travel System, our bestselling stroller - car seat combo that provides you with everything you need for on the go from the moment your little ones are born until they get on their feet - literally. With this bundle, you can relax and be assured that you have the safest, most comfortable setup for all your outdoor adventures with your kiddos.

Bundle includes:

  • VISTA V2 Stroller
  • 2 Bassinets
  • UPPAbaby V2 RumbleSeat, with adapters
  • 2x MESA V2 Infant Car Seat With Base and Infant Insert OR 2x MESA Max Infant Car Seat With Base and Infant Insert
  • Toddler Seat Bug Shield
  • Toddler Seat Rain Shield
  • Upper and Lower Adapters

VISTA V2 Twin Stroller specifications:

  • One-handed recline
  • Extendable and height-adjustable UPF 50+ canopies
  • Ventilated bassinet canopies with an extendable UPF 50+ sunshade
  • Bassinets approved for overnight sleep
  • Telescoping leather handlebar
  • One-step standing fold
  • Extra large, easy-access basket
  • Shock-absorbing, all wheel suspension ensures your little ones have a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain

MESA V2 Infant Car Seat specifications:

  • Infant insert with curved design, breathable mesh lining and two side wings for extra comfort and healthy posture
  • Simplified crotch buckle that doesn't need to be removed or repositioned when infant insert is in use
  • Retractable canopy made from stretchy UV-protective fabric
  • Fire retardant free and GREENGUARD Gold certified
  • Suitable for use from 4-11lbs with the use of an infant insert, and up to 35lbs or 32’’ in height
  • Seat weight: 9.9lbs
  • Dimensions: 27.5"L x 17"W x 24"H (on base); 26.4" x 17"W x 23"H (carrier only)
  • Allows seatbelt-only installation for when you’re traveling

MESA Max Infant Car Seat specifications:

  • XL canopy adds 43% more sun coverage and privacy
  • European routing provides a secure carrier-only installation, so you can use your MESA Max even without the base!
  • Added rebound carry handle position for increased safety in rear-impact collisions when installing without the base
  • Larger, infinite adjustable headrests provides a custom fit for baby with greater head containment
  • Simplified, one crotch buckle position
  • No-rethread harness that adjusts with headrest
  • Robust infant insert optimizes fit and body positioning of baby with a contoured design
  • Side ventilation for airflow
  • Carry handle with stroller release button
  • Removable and washable seat fabric
  • DualKnit (Gregory and Greyson styles): No fire retardant chemicals on fabrics or foams
  • Wool (Anthony, Jake and Noa styles): Naturally fire resistant without the use of chemical fire retardants; Wicking, Temperature Control
  • All styles are GREENGUARD Gold certified, so your little one isn't breathing in any nasty chemicals
  • Carrier weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Anti-Rebound+ Panel for increased safety in rebound + rear-impact collisions
  • Four-position adjustable foot for easy leveling
  • Load leg limits forward rotation in a frontal crash and reduces the potential for head and neck injury
  • SMARTSecure® System installs in seconds
  • Bubble level indicators on both sides
  • Red-to-green tightness indicator
  • Auto-retracting LATCH for effortless installation
  • Built-in lock-off for secure seat belt installation
  • Streamlined, low-profile base with finished bottom

twin travel system

Looking for Mesa V2 in Jake, Alice, or Stella? Modern Nursery proudly only offers fire retardant-free products and those models contain fire retardants in the foam. We are committed to only providing products that are 100% safe for your child. Options we offer are all 100% fire retardant-free!

Not sure which UPPAbaby fabric is going to complete your look? You can order free swatches HERE!

Virtual Product Manual

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twin travel system

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twin travel system

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Year of the Dragon special edition nano™ stroller shop now

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you're having twins - congratulations

Here at Mountain Buggy, we know just how special twins are - making up just 4% of global births. Being parents ourselves, we can imagine the thoughts that may be running through your mind: how am I going to leave the house with two? Will I need two of everything? How much is it all going to cost? We’ve curated a collection of products designed specifically with twins in mind. Here are our most frequently asked questions from parents expecting twins; with our advice to ensure you've got all the essentials you need to begin your journey with two in confidence.


Which double buggy will be best for our family?

When choosing a double buggy for twins, ask yourself - what is going to best suit your family's lifestyle… how often will you use public transport how often do you want to use your buggy off road do you need a buggy that’ll take up limited space in the house or in the car.

We have two incredible side-by-side buggies that are just perfect for twins: duet™ is our multi award winning, compact side-by-side; ideal for families that love the freedom of all terrain, but desire a double buggy that takes up the same footprint as a single buggy. shop duet™ nano duo™ is our incredibly light side-by side that’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre around, and is super compact when folded - beating any double, rickety umbrella stroller out there. nano duo™ is also built off our Red Dot award winning, compact buggy nano™.


What’s the best lie flat solution for my newborn twins?

It's recommended to keep newborns safe and comfortable in a lie flat position up to the age of 6 months (or when your babies have good head and neck control), and be well supported during the early years of growth and development. We also know how incredibly special the bond between twins is, and so, in designing a world first innovation for twins, we’ve kept togetherness right at the forefront. Our two NEW exceptional offerings provide a unique and more bonded parent facing experience; keeping twins close together like they were in the womb, whilst creating simplicity for parents who only need to purchase one lie flat solution instead of two separately.

carrycot plus™ for twins

carrycot plus™ for twins is a fully featured, double sized carrycot to take two; providing a safe and cosy environment where your twins can bond and lie close together. It also delivers longevity so you can use this product longer than any other carrycot out there in market, with its unique ability to convert into a parent facing seat for twins, allowing up to 15kg per seat. This is compatible with duet™ and duet™ as a single.

cocoon™ for twins

cocoon™ for twins is one double sized, yet lightweight bed to take two; providing a safe and cosy environment where twins can continue their unique bond and lie close together. Perfect for parents wanting a lie-flat solution at a thoughtful price point. This is compatible with nano duo™, duet™ and duet™ as a single.

What is a twin travel system and why is it a must have?

A twin travel system is a double buggy and an infant car seat set that are connected by a car seat adaptor.

A travel system will make little adventures with your twins effortless - with minimal disturbance to their rest, while keeping them safe and secure when moving them from car to buggy and back again.

What do I need to keep my twins cosy and comfortable?

At Mountain Buggy, it's our number one priority to enable parents to live their life without limit - no matter what the weather.

We’ve designed a thoughtful collection of essentials to ensure families can venture out all year round; allowing them to get outside in all seasons in comfort.

Our twins have an older sibling - how can all of us get from A to B without the stress?

We’ve seen many parents of multiple children struggle with pushing their children in the buggy, while their older sibling is getting tired too on the outing, and in need to rest their tired little legs.

freerider™ is an ideal and fun way to venture out with your toddler AND twins. This unique product offers dual functionality - as a standalone scooter, that can also transform into a stroller board by attaching to your buggy in seconds. A great solution for when your toddler gets tired from scooting or walking when out and about.

twin bundle ideas

nano duo and cocoon for twins bundle showing buggy and newborn cocoon for twins

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How to Set up a Twin Travel System

by Anna Younger | Last updated Jul 15, 2021

twin travel system

*This article may contain affiliate links , this means if you click on a link and go on to buy the product I recommend, I will receive a small commission, but you will not be charged a penny more – thanks in advance!

Table of Contents

Getting in and out of the car is easy, isn’t it? Not when you have twins to consider! That is two car seats, two wriggly babies, or tots, or toddlers to deal with. That is why it is vital to get a good twin travel system set up from the beginning. One that is going to work for you too, not just one that your neighbor’s cousin’s Aunt who had twins 20 years ago recommended.

There are a number of options to choose from, so take some time to research what you think is going to work for you. Your considerations should be, how much you go out, where you go when you are out, and your home/car situation.

My own twin travel system

Being a single Mummy , money was tight. But I knew that I had to manage twin babies on my own, and I knew I had to be kind to myself and go for something that would work efficiently.

My point of reference was always this: If I’m out with two tired, hungry, screaming babies and it’s pouring with rain, what will I need to make life easier and get us all to where we need to go with the least amount of fuss and stress?

Because people will always need quality baby items, I knew that I could sell the things that I only needed for a few months, which would help fund the next round of items I needed. So, the price was quite low down on the list of considerations. The first boxes to tick were safety, functionality, simplicity, and twin-friendly.

I knew that I needed to be organized, so I used to have checklists everywhere. It is probably why I love creating checklists for you, my Twins & More customers! When you have twins, your window of opportunity to do anything is pretty small, so don’t waste that precious time trying to think about what you need. Preparation is key.

What is a Twin Travel System?

The term twin travel system is not trying to trick you, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a practical and efficient system used when you are traveling with twins. Whether it be 5 minutes up the road to grab a well-needed coffee, to head to swimming lessons, or a long Christmas road trip, you are going to need to be prepared for how you will get there safely and with some shred of sanity left.

The twin travel system is the entire setup for when you are on the move with your twins. So that includes capsules, a twin stroller, bassinets, twin carriers… anything you are going to use to help you transport your precious cargo. It is called a system because it all works together cohesively. The capsules lock into attachments in your vehicle, and into the twin stroller. The bassinets easily click in and out of the twin stroller. It is designed to make travel with twin babies so much easier.

Every second counts when you’re traveling with twins. While you are buckling one in the car, the other could be getting into mischief (or drenched with rain), so it is important to choose a twin travel system that is quick and easy to use. It was one of the most stressful things I found as a new mom with twins: always having to think about the safety and wellbeing of two babies.

Building a Twin Travel System – What you need

Twin stroller.

The twin stroller will form the base of your twin travel system and will be the most used twin item you will purchase . It is also likely to require the most investment so it pays to do your research and shop around for the stroller that will suit you and your family.

I am not going to go into too much detail about purchasing a twin stroller in this article as I have another article (with a handy checklist of course) dedicated to that topic. But what I would like you to consider, is choosing a brand that is compatible with, or has adapters for, all the other elements that will make up your Twin Travel System.

Capsules for Twins

There is no escaping the fact that you will need 2 capsules to transport your babies in the car. Twins cannot travel in a vehicle unless they are in their own car seat. And a capsule is the best and safest method in the beginning.

A capsule is a car seat designed especially for infants. It is named because it looks like a capsule. When they are in it, the capsule protects your baby from all sides. Apart from the safety and practical aspects, one of the most amazing things about a capsule is that it has a handle!

On the face of it, that might not seem like much, but let me promise you, life without those handles would be much harder! Strap your babies into their capsules, and then using the handles, you can pick up one in each arm.

Top Tip: You will find capsules the easiest way by far to transport your new-born twins when you are running quick errands such as popping into a store to get the milk, visiting friends or going anywhere that doesn’t require your huge twin stroller. When you are shopping for capsules it is essential that you keep this in mind and go for a capsule brand that is light and compact otherwise it will be impossible for you to carry them once they grow.

Your capsules also come with the ability to click them into a compatible twin stroller so it is essential that you consider your twin stroller and capsule compatibility when you are making your purchases.

Anything you can do to make getting out of the house with your twins easier (especially in the early days) will make an enormous difference to your sanity and confidence. Having capsules that will click into your twin stroller will speed up the car park process, and who doesn’t want greater safety in the car park when you have two little lives to protect. Being able to leave them in their capsules and simply click them onto the stroller also means that you don’t have to move them when they are sleeping.

Just be mindful not to leave your babies in their capsules for extended periods of time. The position they are placed in within a capsule can affect their breathing .

Babies can remain in their capsules until they are around one-year-old – as long as they safely fit, or until it gets too heavy to carry the capsules. Then you will need to change to a car seat.

Capsule Bases

A capsule base is a fixture that you fit into your car while you are using your capsules. The base portion remains in the car and you can clip the capsule on and off. This means that you don’t have to worry about seat belting the capsule in every time you take it in and out of the car. Let’s not kid ourselves, you will be doing that a lot!

You will have to buy a base that is compatible with your capsule. Some come as a package deal, and some you have to purchase separately to the capsule.

Top Tip: Capsule bases are an absolute godsend with twins as you don’t even need to put the second twin on the ground while clicking the first twin into the car. And it’s quick.

Twin Stroller Bassinets

Many twin strollers come with a bassinet option and this can be a great idea for twins for the first 4-5 months, especially if you enjoy walking or wandering the shops. They can also be used as a portable day sleep option inside for those days they just won’t settle and need the gentle rocking and swaying that only a pram can give.

Top Tip: As the bassinets are only used for a few months you can usually get a good resale value from them to help fund the next purchase.

To sum it all up

Choosing all the components of a travel system can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available. It can be hard to know which brands are the best.

Take your time, research and if you have the opportunity, ask some other twin mums.

There are several considerations when choosing the components of a travel system. So, think safety, functionality, and if it is going to make your task of getting two babies out of the house and to your destination as easy as possible!

Did you find this article helpful? I would really appreciate it if you could take a second to share this article on your favorite platform just by clicking on the buttons below. Then other twin mamas can discover it too xx

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twin travel system

Hello and welcome! I’m Anna, the twin mama behind Twins & More. I am passionate about helping twin mamas just like you to feel less overwhelmed and more prepared to be the best twin mama you can be.

I created this space for YOU and I hope to nurture, support and inspire you through your twin pregnancy and your first years as a new mama of twins. I really hope you enjoy your visit.

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Twins and Travels

The Best Double Prams for Twins

Double prams are convenient for parents of two young children, but they are a necessity for parents of twins . When both kids are the same age, there’s no compromising with a double travel system; they both need a seat and possibly a place to nap – but which double pram do you choose?

Double prams aren’t incredibly hard to find, but they are also not excessively abundant. When it comes to children, parents only want the best so picking out a safe double pram for newborns that meets your needs is very important.

We have created a list of the best double buggy, all of which are excellent choices that come with different price points, styles, and features.

All of these double buggies are suitable for siblings of different ages, and great twin prams too.

Table of Contents

Out n About Nipper Double V4

You don’t win awards for being an average twin buggy, which is why the Out n About Nipper Double is a solid choice for parents of twins or two young siblings. One of the best features of this double buggy is that it has a side-by-side configuration but still fits through a standard doorway.

It has all the features any parent would want, like retractable sun canopies with see-through hoods and excellent suspension for bumpy terrain. Adjustable seats and handles mean that this pram will be comfortable for both kids and parents.

It comes standard with a rain cover that will keep kids dry on rainy days, and pockets and a pouch for storage. The Nipper Double is suitable for children up to 4 years old, so it will go on plenty of adventures with the family.

We had this buggy and can personally highly recommend it!

Baby Jogger City Tour Double

The City Tour 2 Double Buggy makes getting around town with two kids easier than ever! It has a lightweight design that fits through a standard doorway and features an ultra-compact fold. It’s compatible with our exclusive Carry Cot infant bassinets, City Tour 2 can be used from birth (Carry Cot sold separately). This fully featured double buggy includes 2 comfortable padded seats with multiple recline positions as well as adjustable calf supports and UV 50+ canopies. Add-on accessories allow for easy customization of the City Tour 2 Double Buggy, so you’re equipped to carry on with your day, wherever it may lead you.


iCandy Orange Double Pushchair

Despite its name, this double pram comes in multiple colours, which is only one reason that parents love it. It is suitable for kids up to 25 kg, so it may be the only pushchair for twins, parents would ever need. This twin buggy comes with everything a parent would ever want in terms of comfort, including adjustable handles and seats.

The canopies extend out over the seat for great sun and rain protection, and a mesh window makes the seats breathable and allows parents to check in on their little ones. The stadium seating gives both kids a clear view of what’s in front of them, so they are entertained and engaged. It comes with a carrycot, which is perfect for a sleeping baby , and this inline double pram folds up nicely for better storage. The basket underneath is not the biggest, but it is still large enough to comfortably hold a diaper bag or a few shopping bags.

We also had the iCandy. We found it great if in cities as it took up less room on the pavement and when in shops – maybe this could be the best twin pram for you!

Britex Romer Double for Travel

This side-by-side pram is an affordable option that’s great for travel and everyday use as it folds down into an impossible-seeming footprint. It has mesh on both the shade hood and the back of the seat, making it breathable and comfortable for kids on hot days. The seat folds all the way back, creating the perfect area for babies and toddlers to nap. Parents will love the convenience of this double pram, too, with an under-seat basket to carry essentials and adjustable handles to find the perfect height.

City Mini 2 Double with Carrycot

The City Mini’s sleek design makes it look like an armored vehicle, but it’s designed to be a lightweight buggy. For a side-by-side pram, it maneuvers remarkably well and doesn’t sacrifice anything in style or features. It can support two carrycots for newborns and kids up to 22 kg, so it will grow with your children.

Large canopies provide exceptional protection from sunlight and rain and peek-a-boo hoods make it easy to check in on the kids at any time. In cases of extreme precipitation, this pram comes with a transparent rain cover that protects the entire seat and promises to keep your twins dry and comfortable. The under-seat basket is large enough to carry a nappy bag  and anything else you may need to bring with you.

Bugaboo Donkey Twin

The Bugaboo Donkey Twin is a customizable wonder that parents of twins, different aged young ones, and singles will equally love. This fantastic double pram can also work as a single buggy with abundant storage, including a spacious side basket as well as an under-seat basket.

The double travel system is expandable with just a few actions, and a single stroller turns into a double that can hold 2 kids. The wheels of this pram are specially designed to work on all terrain, which is excellent, especially for longer walks where the terrain may change along the way.

Photo of a bugaboo donkey double buggy

Graco Stadium Duo Tandem

Graco is a well-known and trusted brand that parents can rely on. This budget-friendly model is perfect for parents of twins looking to save money or who aren’t entirely set on the type of pram they want. The inline buggy fits kids up to 3 years old, so it’s excellent for babies and small toddlers, but won’t be the only buggy most parents of twins will ever own.

The seats have adjustable backs, but they don’t have as many positions as other models, especially the front seat, which only allows for 2 positions. On the plus side, this double pram can fold up with a single hand and works with all Graco model car seats. One more benefit to this double pram is the generous under-seat storage, which is uniquely shaped to hold more gear than most double travel systems.

Phil and Ted’s Voyager

The Voyager has got to be one of the most unique twin buggies on the market today, with so many customizable options that parents love it. It’s sold as a single-seat, but parents can buy a double kit to turn the Voyager into the perfect inline double buggy for twins. It works as a double seater for toddlers but can also be a double pram for babies, and seats can be configured in multiple ways to best suit the needs of babies and parents. There are 5 reclining options for the seat for maximum comfort, and the wheel suspension gives this pram a smooth ride on any surface. Parents also love it because they can push one-handed with ease. Like all great pram options, the Voyager easily folds down for storage.

The Perfect Double Pram at any Price

All of these options are unique in their own way and most parents would be happy with any of them. They run the gambit in prices and features, and most decisions will come down to which design works best for your family’s specific needs. When you’re armed with the best double buggy, being out and about with your twins is easier than ever.

Bio : Mikala Colman found out she was expecting twins in 2014. After she got over the initial shock, she set off on an adventure looking for all things twin; however, once her girls were born, she realized how hard it was to find the products she needed. Today she runs Things for Twins with another mum of twins, Jade, where they provide support and sell unique products for other mums and dads of multiples.


twin travel system

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Puggle Memphis 2-in-1 Duo i-Size Double Travel System - Midnight Black

twin travel system

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Key things to know

  • Compact Fold
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  • ECE R129/03 Safety Standards
  • Car Seat Suitable From 40-87cm
  • Quick Conversion From Carrycot To Pushchair Mode


Package Includes: Puggle Memphis Chassis Puggle Memphis 2-in-1 Seat Unit x2 Puggle i-Size Infant Carrier Puggle Memphis Footmuff/Apron x2 Puggle Storage Organiser Puggle Memphis Pushchair Raincovers x2 Standard Adapter Tandem Adapter Upper Adapter Lower Adapter The Memphis 2 in 1 Duo Travel System is completely adaptable to grow with your baby, twins or a baby and toddler combination. This elegant single to double baby travel system is suitable from birth to 22kg, with x2 2- in-1 seat units and an i-Size car seat included. The 2-in-1 seat unit gives you the option to have in carrycot mode, which is suitable from birth to 9kg (Approx. 6 months) or in seat mode, which is suitable from 6 months to 22kg (approx. 4 years). The seat unit can be rear facing allowing parents to keep a close eye on baby when out and about or forward facing allowing your baby to be a little explorer as they watch the world around them go by. For extra comfort, the Memphis seat unit features both an adjustable footrest and backrest. An extending UPF50 retractable canopy offers your baby protection from the harsh rays of the sun, whilst the peek-a-boo window allows you to view your child at any point when travelling. A major advantage to the Puggle Memphis Duo is how easily and quickly it can adapt to twins or newborn and toddler combination. The Memphis travel system can be fully adapted to a double buggy with 12 different versions when using the seat units and infant car seat! Additional car seat, available separately to make and additional twin duo travel system combination. i-Size certified, the Puggle i-Size car seat is suitable from 40-87cm (birth-13kg) and offers side impact protection, a 3-point safety harness and removable newborn support cushions, designed to offer the best protection whilst also being comfortable for your baby. The car seat can also be fitted into the car using the car's seat belt or with the Puggle Memphis i-Size Safety base (sold separately – NP59423). What’s more, the Puggle Memphis features those must haves that not only help parents but also keep baby safe and protected. These include two pushchair aprons, two liners, and two PVC rain cover that will not only protect your baby from the elements but offers a comfortable place to sit. For extra storage, the Memphis includes a large storage basket (max. weight 13kg), perfect for storing those much-needed baby essentials and shopping when out and about, as well as a stroller organiser, that will help keep items in hands reach, from pacifiers to mobile phones.

Category: Twin Prams & Pushchairs EAN: 5036549898827

Open - (H): 130-133cm (W): 60cm (L): 105-130cm Closed - (H): 48cm (W): 61cm (L): 97cm Weight: 16.5Kg

2-in-1 Seat Unit

I-size car seat, leave a review.

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demi™ next + pipa™ aire rx travel system

This DEMI next and PIPA aire rx travel system is the lifestyle upgrade you and your family deserve. Light on weight, heavy on style, the PIPA aire rx infant car seat is your go-anywhere, do-anything partner that’s in it for the long haul. This car seat is all about hassle-free adventures with all the perks. Paired with the DEMI next stroller that grows with possibilities and has everything you need plus everything you didn’t know you needed—this travel system sets a new standard for style, comfort, and security. This duo lets you enjoy hassle-free adventures with confidence knowing you can carry less, do more, and look good doing it.

  • 25+ modes–convert from a single stroller to a double or twin and use the included rider board or sibling seat accessory (sold separately)
  • Super easy to fold, flip the seat, or convert to bassinet or car seat mode
  • Four recline positions and an upright backrest angle for just-right rides
  • Easily adjust recline with just one hand

Rider board

  • Creates more riding options for family travels made easy
  • Cleverly positions your child between your arms for closeness
  • Easily attaches to the stroller's lower seat mounts
  • The PIPA aire rx is lightweight with zero compromises
  • A lightweight full-featured infant car seat
  • Ideal for city living and taxis as it can be installed with a vehicle seat belt and no base
  • Forward and rear-facing seat options
  • One-touch rear-wheel braking system for scuff-free shoe control
  • Custom dual suspension™ provides a nice, smooth ride
  • Wide, swivel-lock front wheels make it a master of smooth riding motion
  • One-hand adjustable calf support and footrest to accommodate growth
  • Self-guiding MagneTech secure snap™ buckles automatically lock into place
  • Quick-release 3 to 5-point harness makes it easy to fasten them in
  • Fenders and built-in hub caps protect from dirt and debris
  • Easily removable premium Merino wool insert provides ultra-soft comfort
  • Eye-to-eye connection is easier with the elevated seat level
  • Rotating and removable armbar fits kids of all sizes
  • Water-repellent UPF 50+ Aire protect canopy™ protects from the elements
  • Built-in privacy drape and ventilation panels in the canopy for ideal airflow
  • All-season seat keeps baby cozy in winter and easily converts to mesh in summer
  • Tires are tough, foam-filled, and ready for any terrain
  • No-rethread harness makes it easy to adjust for comfort and growth
  • Large basket with 22 lb capacity holds everything you need for the journey
  • Adjustable pushbar with luxe leatherette accents to accommodate varying heights
  • Included rain cover for when the weather doesn't cooperate
  • Compatible with the DEMI next sibling seat and DEMI next bassinet
  • Two swivel wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Holds up to 50 lbs
  • Flips into the stroller basket when not in use
  • Folds with stroller

PIPA aire rx

  • Integrated magnetic buckle holders keep straps out of the way when buckling baby in
  • Fabrics and inserts are conveniently machine washable
  • FAA certified for aircraft use with or without a base
  • Connects with all Nuna strollers to create a stylish travel system*
  • 5-second steel-reinforced True lock™ installation makes set up swift, simple, and safe**
  • Side Impact Protection (SIP) for ultimate baby safekeeping
  • Features Aeroflex™ foam that is cleverly lightweight, resilient, and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • 3-position height-adjustable headrest and 5-point harness keep little ones in place
  • Removable infant head and body inserts nestle baby in comfort and security
  • Tailor tech™ memory foam seat panel and headrest provides a comfortable custom fit
  • UPF 50+ canopy with 2 positions and a flip-out eyeshade protects from sun exposure
  • The iconic Sky drape™ provides baby with ultimate privacy for quiet moments
  • Soft yet durable micro-knit fabric for refined style and casual warmth
  • Super-resilient top-of-the-line plastics for a heavy-duty secure shell
  • Exposed aerospace aluminum handle adds a contemporary aesthetic and enhances the seat's intuitive functionality
  • Luxe leatherette carry handle for more secure gripping
  • From fabric to foam and beyond each element is smartly sourced to be both flame-resistant and contain no added fire-retardant chemicals making it safer for baby
  • Infant head and body inserts are made of environmentally friendly Merino wool and TENCEL™*** lyocell fiber blend that is soft, naturally controls moisture, and is environmentally friendly
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet some of the world's most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, and certified to not contribute to indoor air pollution or chemical exposure
  • Additional GOTS organic cotton infant insert and harness cover set
  • True lock™ rigid latch is 50% stronger than a typical belt latch
  • 4 bubble-free recline positions deliver customized comfort
  • Integrated anti-rebound panel provides an additional layer of rear-facing security
  • 4-position rigid latch adjusts to reduce or remove the gap between vehicle seat and base
  • Multi-position steel stability leg reduces forward rotation and telescopes for improved range of fit in more vehicles and middle seating positions
  • Crumple zone within the stability leg absorbs impact and minimizes force transferred to baby
  • Colored installation indicators confirm correct connections
  • Low profile base for super easy loading
  • Easy vehicle seat belt install provides options
  • Latch and stability leg neatly store away when not in use
  • Anchor latch guides make it easy to locate and install on lower anchor bars

**When used with Nuna PIPA RELX base ***TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG

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Direct 4 Baby

Collection: Prams & Pushchairs Travel Systems

Whether you're heading on a long or short trip, prepare you and your little one for the journey ahead with the collection of travel systems at Direct4Baby. Featuring a wide range of options, the collection of pram and pushchair bundles are designed to prepare parents for all eventualities. Equipped with pushchairs, carrycots, changing bags and a variety of other convenient accessories, the range of travel systems can help to save you both the time and money required from purchasing each item separately. With bundles available from a selection of well-known baby brands, including Egg, Mima, Venicci, Joolz and more, you can rest assured that these will deliver on both quality and function. From complete 11-piece travel systems to essential three-piece bundles, find a travel system that best suits your lifestyle requirements from the collection below at Direct4Baby.

417 products

Maxi cosi adorra luxe complete collection | grey twillic, joie versatrax & i-snug 2 on-the-go travel system | laurel, bugaboo donkey 5 duo pushchair & turtle air 360 travel system travel system - graphite/grey melange, bugaboo donkey 5 duo pushchair & maxi-cosi cabriofix i-size travel system - graphite/grey melange, bugaboo donkey 5 duo pushchair & cybex cloud t travel system - graphite/grey melange, bugaboo donkey 5 duo pushchair & maxi-cosi pebble 360 travel system - graphite/grey melange, bugaboo donkey 5 twin pushchair & maxi-cosi pebble 360 travel system - graphite / grey melange, icandy peach 7 pushchair & maxi cosi pebble 360 travel system bundle - dark grey | phantom, icandy peach 7 pushchair & maxi cosi pebble 360 travel system bundle | black edition, icandy peach 7 pushchair & maxi cosi pebble 360 travel system bundle - truffle | phantom, silver cross dune pushchair & dream i-size ultimate pack - space black, silver cross dune pushchair & dream i-size ultimate bundle - glacier grey.

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twin travel system

$ 999.99

Vista V2 stroller (Jake - charcoal, carbon frame, black leather) with Toddler Seat and Bassinet, both included with the stroller

Free shipping on all orders over $50!

White and Grey Chenille | Carbon Frame | Chestnut Leather

Oat Mélange | Silver Frame | Chestnut Leather

Blue Mélange | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather

Charcoal Mélange | Carbon Frame | Saddle Leather

Green Mélange | Carbon Frame | Saddle Leather

Charcoal | Carbon Frame | Black Leather

Rosewood Mélange | Carbon Frame | Saddle Leather

Navy | Carbon Frame | Saddle Leather

Dark Taupe | Silver Frame | Chestnut Leather

Not sure which fashion?

Get complimentary swatches.

  • Description

One for all.®

Our Vista stroller is intuitively designed to “grow” with your family! It starts as a single stroller but can easily transform to accommodate up to three children with added accessories and adapters — becoming the ultimate in portability and convenience!

  • Includes Bassinet and full-size Toddler Seat
  • Accommodates up to three children with additional expansion options
  • Extendable, UPF 50+ canopies and easy-to-peek window for added air flow
  • Extra-large, easy-access basket that holds up to 30 lbs
  • Luxurious fabrics and full-grain leather details

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twin travel system

Infant Mode

Our included Bassinet is perfect for naps on the go with your newborn. With just one hand you can detach the Bassinet and carry your sleeping infant anywhere.

twin travel system

Toddler Mode

With our reversible Toddler Seat, your growing toddler can ride forwards, backwards, completely upright, reclined, and anywhere in between.

twin travel system

Double + Triple Mode

The Vista allows for two infant car seats, two Bassinets, two seats (Toddler Seat & RumbleSeat), plus the PiggyBack ride along board so you can stroll with up to three!

twin travel system

Extra-Large Basket

The extra-large, easy-access basket can hold up to 30 lbs for all of your essentials

twin travel system

Simple One-Step Fold

The stroller stands on its own when folded and can be folded with or without the Toddler Seat on!

twin travel system

Comfort In All Conditions

The included rain shield, bug shield, and UPF 50+ canopy keeps little one comfortable

twin travel system

No-Rethread Harness

Convenient no-rethread harness can be tightened or loosened in a singular motion

twin travel system

Included Bassinet

The Bassinet creates a truly comfortable and safe space for your baby whether you’re out strolling or resting at home. The depth and ventilation of the Bassinet provides a perfect overnight sleep solution when paired with the Bassinet Stand accessory.

Bassinet Stand Accessory Bassinet Mattress Cover Bassinet Stand Hamper Insert

twin travel system

Included Toddler Seat

The full-size, reversible Toddler Seat features a UPF 50+ canopy, an adjustable leg rest, a premium leather bumper bar, and a five-point, no-rethread harness while also offering a variety of accessories so you can stroll in style while baby rides in comfort.

Infant SnugSeat Snack Tray CozyGanoosh

twin travel system

Stroller & Car Seat Combos

Direct attachment.

For families on the go, create a full-featured travel system that can keep up. All of our infant car seats are compatible with the Vista V2 for the ultimate solution in portability and safety.

Shop Vista V2 + Aria Shop Vista V2 + Mesa Max Shop Vista V2 + Mesa V2

More Ways to Ride

The Vista accommodates the PiggyBack accessory, two infant car seats, two Bassinets, two seats, or a combination – offering plenty of positions to go and grow with your family.


  • Bassinet suitable from birth up to 20 lbs or until infant can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first
  • Toddler Seat suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs
  • Frame + Seat: 27 lbs
  • Frame: 20 lbs
  • Seat: 7 lbs
  • Bassinet: 8.8 lbs
  • Unfolded: 36″ L x 25.7″ W x 39.5″ H
  • Folded with seat attached: 17.3″ L x 25.7″ W x 33.3″ H
  • Folded without seat attached: 13″ L x 25.7″ W x 32″ H
  • Perforated Bassinet mattress pad, vented base and canopy for added breathability
  • Extendable, pop out UPF 50+ sunshade
  • One-handed release from stroller
  • Depth and ventilation provide an overnight sleep solution
  • Zip out, water-repellent inner liner and boot cover are easy to remove and clean

Toddler Seat / Frame

  • Ability to transport up to three children with RumbleSeat and PiggyBack accessories
  • Full-size reversible Toddler Seat
  • Five-point, no-rethread harness
  • Extendable canopy with UPF 50+ protection, zip out fabric and mesh panels
  • Vented peekaboo window
  • One-handed, multi-position recline
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Extra-large, easy-access basket with 30 lbs weight limit
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Front wheel locks with visual indicators
  • Mesa Infant Car Seat attaches directly to stroller without adapters
  • 100% full-grain leather accents
  • One-step fold, stands when folded

What's Included


Toddler Seat Bug Shield

Toddler Seat Rain Shield

Toddler Seat Rain Shield

Bassinet Bug Shield

Bassinet Bug Shield

Bassinet Storage Bag

Bassinet Storage Bag

Must have additions.

twin travel system

Car Seat Adapters for Vista, Vista V2, Cruz, Cruz V2 (Maxi-Cosi®, Nuna® and Cybex)

RumbleSeat V2 - Jake (carbon) fashion

RumbleSeat V2+

Dusty Pink | Silver Frame | Saddle Leather

twin travel system

Travel Bag for Vista, Vista V2, Cruz, and Cruz V2

Infant SnugSeat

Infant SnugSeat

twin travel system

PiggyBack for Vista and Vista V2

Shop All Vista V2 Accessories

Selected FAQs ( view the complete Vista® V2 FAQs )

At what age can i begin to use the vista for my child (what is the age limit or weight capacity for the vista).

Bassinet: Suitable for infants from birth to 20 lbs, or until the child is able lift themselves up.

Toddler Seat: Suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs. Can be used from birth with the Infant SnugSeat accessory.

Can my child face both directions in the Vista?

Yes, your child can ride forward and parent-facing in the Toddler Seat, RumbleSeat, infant car seat, or Bassinet.

How do I fold the Vista stroller?

  • Activate brake to prevent stroller from rolling forward while folding.
  • Engage button on top of handle bar and extend to highest position. Handle must be in highest position and seat must be forward-facing for stroller to stand when folded.
  • Place index fingers on both slide release triggers and slide upward until frame begins to fold.
  • Once stroller begins to fold, hold handle bar with right hand and reposition left hand onto back leg.
  • Continue to fold stroller until latch on left side has engaged. Stroller will stand when folded.

What infant car seat adapters are available for the Vista?

The Vista is compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat without the need for adapters. We create adapters for the following infant car seat manufacturers and models:

Chicco models: KeyFit and KeyFit 30 models.

Maxi-Cosi models: Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Citi, Cabrio, and CabrioFix. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Maxi-Cosi Prezi.

Also compatible with Nuna Pipa and Cybex Aton, Aton 2, and Aton Q.

Quick Links

  • Manual (PDF 10MB)
  • Vista Expansion Tool
  • Stroller Selector
  • Cleaning & Care
  • Spare Parts

Parenthood, Understood.

twin travel system

Family, First

One-on-one customer service.

Whether it’s via Email, Text, Call, Live Chat, Video Chat, or Virtual Consultation, our exceptional Customer Experience Team is here to help you all day, every day, in every way.

twin travel system

The UPPAbaby Promise

Limited + extended warranties.

UPPAbaby has confidence in the quality of our products, and we are proud to offer warranty programs on all juvenile gear and accessories.

twin travel system

Where to Find Us

Hub locations + tune-up gear-up events.

Whether at one of our Hub Service Center & Showrooms or an event on the go, our helpful team of experts will have all the answers so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Moscow

Most Beautiful Metro Stations in Moscow

Visiting Moscow? Get yourself a metro card and explore Moscow’s beautiful metro stations. Moscow’s world-famous metro system is efficient and a great way to get from A to B. But there is more to it; Soviet mosaic decorations, exuberant halls with chandeliers, colourful paintings and immense statues. Moscow’s metro is an attraction itself, so take half a day and dive into Moscow’s underground!

The best thing to do is to get on the brown circle (number 5) line since the most beautiful metro stations are situated on this line. The only exception is the metro stop Mayakovskaya one the green line (number 2). My suggestion is to get a map, mark these metro stops on there and hop on the metro. It helps to get an English > Russian map to better understand the names of the stops. At some of the metro stops, the microphone voice speaks Russian and English so it’s not difficult at all.

Another thing we found out, is that it’s worth taking the escalator and explore the other corridors to discover how beautiful the full station is.

Quick hotel suggestion for Moscow is the amazing Brick Design Hotel .

These are my favourite metro stations in Moscow, in order of my personal preference:

1. Mayakovskaya Station

The metro station of Mayakovskaya looks like a ballroom! Wide arches, huge domes with lamps and mosaic works make your exit of the metro overwhelming. Look up and you will see the many colourful mosaics with typical Soviet pictures. Mayakovskaya is my personal favourite and is the only stop not on the brown line but on the green line.

twin travel system

2. Komsomolskaya Station

Komsomolskaya metro station is famous for its yellow ceiling. An average museum is nothing compared to this stop. Splendour all over the place, black and gold, mosaic – again – and enormous chandeliers that made my lamp at home look like a toy.

twin travel system

3. Novoslobodskaya Station

The pillars in the main hall of Novoslobodskaya metro station have the most colourful stained glass decorations. The golden arches and the golden mosaic with a naked lady holding a baby in front of the Soviet hammer and sickle, make the drama complete.

twin travel system

4. Prospect Mira Station

The beautiful chandeliers and the lines in the ceiling, make Prospekt Mira an architectural masterpiece.

twin travel system

5. Belorusskaya Station

Prestigious arches, octagonal shapes of Socialistic Soviet Republic mosaics. The eyecatcher of Belorusskaya metro station, however, is the enormous statue of three men with long coats, holding guns and a flag.

twin travel system

6. Kiyevskaya Station

The metro station of Kiyevskaya is a bit more romantic than Belorusskaya and Prospect Mira. Beautiful paintings with classical decorations.

twin travel system

7. Taganskaya Station

At the main hall Taganskaya metro station you will find triangle light blue and white decorations that are an ode to various Russians that – I assume – are important for Russian history and victory. There is no need to explore others halls of Taganskaya, this is it.

twin travel system

8. Paveletskaya Station

Another and most definitely the less beautiful outrageous huge golden mosaic covers one of the walls of Paveletskaya. I would recommend taking the escalator to the exit upstairs to admire the turquoise dome and a painting of the St Basil’s Cathedral in a wooden frame.

twin travel system

Travelling with Moscow’s metro is inexpensive. You can have a lot of joy for just a few Rubbles.

  • 1 single journey: RMB 50 – € 0,70
  • 1 day ticket: RMB 210 – € 2,95

Like to know about Moscow, travelling in Russia or the Transsiberian Train journey ? Read my other articles about Russia .


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' src=

Wow! It is beautiful. I am still dreaming of Moscow one day.

' src=

It’s absolutely beautiful! Moscow is a great city trip destination and really surprised me in many ways.

' src=

My partner and I did a self guided Moscow Metro tour when we were there 2 years ago. So many breathtaking platforms…I highly recommend it! Most of my favorites were along the Brown 5 line, as well. I also loved Mayakovskaya, Arbatskaya, Aleksandrovski Sad and Ploshchad Revolyutsii. We’re heading back in a few weeks and plan to do Metro Tour-Part 2. We hope to see the #5 stations we missed before, as well as explore some of the Dark Blue #3 (Park Pobedy and Slavyansky Bul’var, for sure), Yellow #8 and Olive #10 platforms.

That’s exciting Julia! Curious to see your Metro Tour-Part 2 experience and the stations you discovered.

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Nuna DEMI Next Stroller, Rider Board, and PIPA RX Twin Travel System Lagoon

Nuna DEMI Next Stroller, Rider Board, and PIPA RX Twin Travel System

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twin travel system

Customer Reviews

We LOVE this stroller and car seat combo. Well worth every penny!!!

Great product however I got the double stroller with the rider board attachment because I am expecting twins and wanted an option for my toddler. Turns out the rider board uses the same attachment as the bottom seat, and therefore is useless. You can only use the rider board with one seat, which doesn’t make any sense because I would just put my other child in the second seat - so what’s the point of the rider board? Not sure why they advertised “double stroller with rider board” when you can’t use it that way.

This bundle is amazing for mamas with twins or multiple kids. I can’t tell you how convenient it is to have everything come in all together. The car seat bases are easy to set-up and move around from car to car. The car seat is very light weight. The stroller is better to have stacked rather than wide. I’ve had many mamas complement on the slimness of this stroller. The stroller is very easy to navigate and does have suspension for different terrains.

twin travel system

Earn 10% back in points on every purchase, then redeem them for a discount!

twin travel system

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twin travel system

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Twin Cities

50 years later, hotline to Moscow still relevant

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FREDERICK, Md.—The Washington-Moscow Hot Line, used by U.S. and Russian leaders for frank discussions about crises including the 1967 Six-Day War and the Soviet Union’s 1979 invasion of Afghanistan, marked its 50th birthday Thursday with the nations still grappling with competing interests in regional conflicts.

The direct connection established during the Cold War by a relatively simple telegraph system now includes telephone and email capabilities and will soon add video, said White House National Security Council spokeswoman Laura Lucas.

“The president continues to value the direct communications link between Washington and Moscow,” Lucas wrote in an emailed response to questions from The Associated Press about the hotline that was used at key moments and helped contact between senior officials at the White House and in the Kremlin.

The next crisis could be just around the corner, said Roald Sagdeev, a former director of the Soviet space exploration program who spoke at an anniversary celebration at Fort Detrick, where the Army maintains a satellite link for the hotline.

“It’s very important to make sure we can keep this, especially at the time of what’s happening in Syria,” Sagdeev, now a University of Maryland physics professor, said before the event. “We should stay with at least keeping what we have for the rainy day.”

Despite popular myth and movie lore, the president doesn’t use a red phone to talk with his Russian counterpart. In fact, the connection established in 1963 was for written communications only. A voice component was added two decades later as the system evolved from an undersea telegraph cable to today’s exchange of data by both satellite and fiber-optics.

“The system is very robust, as you might imagine,” said Craig Bouma, civilian executive officer of the Detrick Earth Station.

Bouma manages the twin satellite dishes and a staff of 16 civilian Army employees—eight technicians and eight linguists. They work around the clock to ensure the system is operating correctly. The station also handles secure communication lines for the Pentagon and the State Department, including a special link the nations use to alert each other to missile tests.

In June, the U.S. and Russia signed a pact to add a direct communication link to prevent the inadvertent escalation of misunderstood cybersecurity incidents.

Until February, the Washington-Moscow link was operated by Honeywell under a five-year, $8.4 million contract.

Bouma said the workers at Detrick have daily interaction with their Russian counterparts in written exchanges that sometimes reveal cultural differences.

“The Russians express themselves in very flowery text: ‘Dear esteemed colleague, greetings. Welcome to the shift,'” Bouma said. “My linguist says that’s very common in the Russian culture.”

The link was set up after the 1962 Cuban missile crisis to avert the accidental outbreak of nuclear war. Known at the Pentagon as MOLINK, for “Moscow Link,’ it went live Aug. 30, 1963, with the U.S.-generated message, “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’s back 1234567890.”

The hotline’s first use in crisis mode came during the six-day Arab-Israeli war in 1967, according to Michael Bohn, a former White House Situation Room director and author of the forthcoming “Presidents in Crisis: Tough Decisions from Truman to Obama.” He said Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin sent a message to President Lyndon B. Johnson at 7:47 a.m. on June 5, 1967, after Israel pre-emptively attacked Egypt, Syria and Jordan. The message expressed Russia’s hope that the U.S. government would “exert appropriate influence on the Government of Israel particularly since you have all opportunities of doing so.”

Bohn said the leaders exchanged 19 messages during the Six-Day War. Johnson notably used it after Israel attacked the USS Liberty to assure Kosygin that other U.S. ships rushing to the Liberty’s aid were not joining the hostilities.

Bohn also documented uses of the teletype link by presidents Richard M. Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

Starting with President George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s, telephone calls have replaced written messages as the preferred mode of communication between the nations’ leaders, Bohn said. He said that when the link was created, written messages were seen as a safer way of expressing oneself.

“In a tough situation, you have to be careful what you say. The process of sitting down and writing it out clears your head a little bit and makes you slow down a little bit and think twice—that’s what people have told me,” Bohn said.

The current system also enables emails and private chats, he said.

President Barack Obama uses the direct voice link to talk by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They spoke as recently as March, when Obama phoned Putin to welcome Russian cooperation on international efforts to confront Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The upgrade to voice and email communications reflects changing times and technology, said James Goldgeier, dean of the American University School of International Service.

“You know, 50 years ago was a long time ago, and the abilities to communicate—it just wasn’t as easy as it is today,” he said. “We just take it for granted now that we can text and we can Skype and we can communicate immediately with anyone over a variety of different mechanisms, and even that we can see the people we communicate with.”

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Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Moscow on the Hill

Moscow on the Hill has the most extensive vodka list in the city, with more than 100 labels from Russia, Poland, and Scandinavia.

by Steve Marsh

June 22, 2010

Back in the days before I could afford air-conditioning, I read somewhere that watching Dr. Zhivago was a cheap way to cool off during a humid July. This wishful tidbit of service journalism popped into my head recently while sitting at Moscow on the Hill ’s renovated bar.

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Ice cold vodka can chill the blood better than even the frostiest of DVDs, I suppose, but MOTH’s delicious, heavy cuisine—snails, liver, sauerkraut dumplings, mushrooms in sauce—is anything but seasonal. This is what vodka is really for: getting through a Russian meal.

Of course, on this side of the Bering Strait, where you have vodka you have martinis. Some of the best in the city are served here, my favorite being Mikhail’s Martini: Stoli Vanil, coffee vodka, and amaretto. But drinking at MOTH is all about gulping, not sipping. It has the most extensive vodka list in the city, with more than 100 labels from Russia, Poland, and Scandinavia, plus its own house infusions (the horseradish is killer). But be careful, comrades: This place is not for dilettantes. Prices are $5 to $8 a shot, and they pile up fast.

371 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-291-1236, moscowonthehill.com

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  4. Baby Elegance Cupla Duo Twin Travel System & Two Car Seats Bundle

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  22. 50 years later, hotline to Moscow still relevant

    FREDERICK, Md.—The Washington-Moscow Hot Line, used by U.S. and Russian leaders for frank discussions about crises including the 1967 Six-Day War and the Soviet Union's 1979 invasion of…

  23. Drinking at Moscow on the Hill

    Back in the days before I could afford air-conditioning, I read somewhere that watching Dr. Zhivago was a cheap way to cool off during a humid July. This wishful tidbit of service journalism popped into my head recently while sitting at Moscow on the Hill's renovated bar.

  24. What is Digital Twin Technology?

    System or unit twin: different assets come together to form an entire functioning system. Process twin: different systems come together to form larger processes, like production facilities. Connection along the entire lifecycle. The second characteristic—connection along the entire life cycle—refers to two key aspects of digital twin.