This Graceland Virtual Tour Takes You Inside Elvis’ Home


The magnificent mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, known as Graceland was the pride of singer and actor Elvis Presley. He spent his first night there on June 26, 1957, opening the gates to an amazing era of music history that remarkably lives on to this day. Over the 20 years he spent there, the property was “Elvis-ized,” with myriad changes to suit the eclectic taste of “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Today, it’s part museum and shrine, a bucket-list destination for millions of fans, as well as Elvis’ gravesite. With more than 600,000 annual visitors, it’s the third-most visited house in the U.S., behind the Biltmore Estate and the White House. 

Ready to take a peek inside? Slip on something comfortable (we recommend “Blue Suede Shoes”), and join us for this Graceland virtual tour!

Entering the Estate

Entering the Estate

The property is located at 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard.

It’s encircled by a wall constructed of pink Alabama fieldstone, built at a cost of $65,000 and installed shortly before the Presleys moved here. 

Signing the Wall

Graceland wall

Today, the wall is covered with graffiti and professions of affection for Elvis.

Don’t worry, there’s still room for your personal contribution, which we recommend you add before entering the gates.

The Front Gates

The Front Gates

The gates at the bottom of the curving driveway were installed at a cost $1,339 in 1957. They were designed by Abe Saucer and built by John Dillard, Jr. of Memphis Doors.

Adorned with musical notes and artistic outlines of Elvis playing guitar, they resemble sheet music. 

The Perfect Photo-Op

elvis gates

There are a number of photographs like this one of a beaming Elvis posing with the gates. He would even sometimes stand here and sign autographs for fans.

Just behind the gates to the right is the guardhouse, which was added in 1970.

Entryway to Graceland

Entryway to Graceland

At the top of the hill is the Entryway to Graceland. Here, you’re greeted by a pair of white lions, two white iron benches and four imposing Corinthian columns flanking the front door. 

The home’s exterior is covered with a special limestone, sourced from a quarry in Mississippi. It has a tan color that contrasts pleasantly with the green shutters on either side of the eight paned windows. Surprisingly, it exudes an air of subtlety.

The Doorway

graceland doorway

A beautiful panel of ornate stained glass sits above the doorway — four flowers around a “P” in a golden circle. The flower pattern flanks the front door as well in thin, vertical panes. 

Extravagant stained-glass artwork is found in many locations throughout Graceland.

A Little Graceland History

Standing Home Ownership Pointing Smiling Communication Building Exterior

Before we step inside the estate, here’s a little bit of history first. The estate received its identity from the original owner, who named it Graceland Farms after his daughter Grace. 

The nearly 14-acre property remained in the prominent Memphis family for several generations, leading to the construction of the 10,266-square-foot Colonial Revival style mansion in 1939.

The King Takes Over

The King Takes Over

Under the guidance of his parents, Elvis purchased it on March 19, 1957, for the then-princely sum of $102,500. He was just 22, less than a year from his groundbreaking “Ed Sullivan Show” appearance, a breakout star looking for a little privacy and something to grow into.

He’d spent only a year at his previous “Music City” residence (the nearby 1034 Audubon Drive), ultimately realizing the constant crush of fans gathered at the driveway was too much for the neighbors. 

A National Treasure

graceland national register

Graceland, which has 23 rooms, was extensively remodeled by Presley (his mother reportedly vetoed purple walls and white corduroy drapes) and authentically reflects his taste, as well as style influences of the 1960s and early ’70s. 

It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

First-Floor Map

First-Floor Map

Elvis’ parents, Vernon and Gladys, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae, actually lived with him in the 17,552-square-foot dwelling, which served as Elvis’ headquarters for two decades until his fatal heart attack there on Aug. 16, 1977.

The first floor features a luxurious living room and the adjacent, slightly understated music room. On the other side of the first floor is a formal dining room, with the kitchen tucked just behind it. A ground-level bedroom, accessed from the back of the foyer, was occupied primarily by Elvis’ parents. 

Shall we take a look?


Upon entry into the foyer, you face the staircase to the second floor, which is roped off and closed to the public. To the left, behind a white urn on a mirrored pedestal, is a framed baby portrait of Lisa Marie. Elliptical arch openings on either side lead to the Living and Dining rooms.

To the right of the stairs is a short hallway which ends at a first-floor bedroom. A small table, with a mirror hung above it, is the only decoration on it. As was the case when Elvis was alive, there’s always a vase full of flowers.


The white-carpeted 15-step staircase has a white-and-gold accented railing on the right side, with mirrors covering the left wall. 

Along with the mirrors, there’s a portrait of Elvis as a young man. He’s wearing a white shirt and a placid expression. His hair is noticeably lighter, which suggests he’d recently been discharged from the Army. Elvis wasn’t able to dye his hair black when he was a soldier.

The Chandelier

The Chandelier

The chandelier that hangs above the stairs was the third installed by Elvis. It was placed there in 1974.

Atop the stairs, at the first landing, there are blue drapes covering the wall, with gold trimming. To reach Elvis’ bedroom, you turn right to a landing that’s just outside the bedroom door.

Living Room

Living Room

Immediately to the right of the foyer is the living room. It features white furniture and white carpet, with an open doorway to the music room at the far end. 

A pair of elegant rainbow-hued stained-glass peacocks captures your attention immediately. The artful cacophony of color was the creation of Laukuff Stained Glass. The birds were installed in 1974 at a cost of $9,345, a price that included several other stained-glass pieces. Elvis commissioned them as an ancient Christian symbol of eternal life and resurrection.

Custom-Made Decor

Custom-Made Decor

The living room boasts mirrored walls, a white-marble fireplace and a 10-foot, glass-topped, custom-made coffee table. Just inside, to the left, is a portrait of Elvis hung on a mirrored wall above a cabinet with a framed photo of his parents. 

The sofa, while not wide enough to hold Elvis’ famed “Memphis Mafia” collection of friends and advisors, was a spacious 15 feet from armrest to armrest. It was purchased for $1,375 in 1957.

Music Room

Just beyond the living room, as you pass between the preening peacocks, is the music room. Originally used as a solarium by the previous owners, Elvis transformed the 17-by-14-foot space into a cozy location to entertain dinner guests on the piano. 

Several pianos occupied the room through the years, but the King’s favorite was a 1912 Knabe grand that he purchased in 1957 and had painted white.

The TVs

The room also contains the ubiquitous television. Elvis had them installed in countless locations throughout the house. 

As an RCA recording artist, he received them for free from the company, which was a leading TV manufacturer. 

Dining Room

Dining Room

The formal dining room is located on the other side of the foyer. It has curio cabinets in both corners, black marble flooring in the center and a carpeted perimeter.

The dining table featured a hidden button, installed on the underside, used by Elvis to buzz the kitchen, which is just through an open door to the right. 

Dining Room Windows

dining room windows

The windows in the dining room, which face the front yard, are nearly floor to ceiling, framed by lush blue drapes with gold tassels. 

A mirror sits between the two windows, partially obstructed by a massive oak cabinet displaying a collection of silverware.

The King of Blue Drapes

Blue Drapes

Elvis loved blue drapes so much that they didn't just adorn the dining room.

The same drapes are found in the living room and atop the foyer staircase. 


The kitchen has an upscale 1970s look, right down to the appliances. It’s cozy and functional, not grand. There’s a TV (of course) on a small counter and a breakfast bar with stool seats. 

In addition to the TV, two black-and-white monitors provide the live video feed from Elvis’ security cameras. A pair of stained-glass lights hang from chains; their artwork depicts fruits and vegetables.

Top-of-the-Line Kitchen Gadgets

Top-of-the-Line Kitchen Gadgets

The refrigerator, which held all of the fixin’s for Elvis’ favorite meals, is a double-door model that was uncommon in most kitchens. The oven, a Tappan Fabulous 400, is similarly state of the art for its time. Elvis loved to own the latest gadgets, evidence of which is an early model microwave oven.

Notably, patterned carpet covers the floor. One can only imagine the mess if a griddle-fried, peanut-butter-and-banana sandwich or perhaps BBQ spaghetti (among Elvis’ favorites) fell onto the floor. 

First-Floor Bedroom

First-Floor Bedroom

Tucked behind the living room is a small bedroom, originally used by Elvis’ parents and later by his grandmother and aunt. 

There’s a bathroom, allowing complete privacy for the inhabitant, despite its proximity to the main quarters. The bathroom’s wallpaper is decorated with poodles in various forms of fun and frolic.

TV Room

Remodeled in 1974 with a yellow-and-black theme, Elvis had a lightning bolt and cloud painted on the back wall in tribute to the logo he adopted in the 1970s.

A wall in the TV room is embedded with three TVs (inspired by the knowledge that then-President Lyndon Johnson had a trio of sets to simultaneously watch the network news) with a deep-pillowed couch to relax in.

A Closer Look

tour of graceland youtube

If you look closer at the TV room, the ceiling and one wall are mirrored, and the carpet is yellow shag. A fireplace adds a feeling of warmth to the room, even if it appears that it was never lit.

Elvis’ collection of vinyl LPs and 45 RPM records sits on a shelf.

In-Home Theater Experience — Complete With a Wet Bar

Wet Bar

A pull-down projector screen descended from the ceiling for movie viewing. For sound, there’s high-powered audio equipment located in custom-cut shelves in the TV wall.

A U-shaped wet bar, with yellow Formica countertop and padded elbow-rests, along with shelves of cocktail-related curios, completed the entertainment hideaway. 

Jungle Room

jungle room elvis

Added by Elvis as one of the first true “man caves,” the jungle room looked out to the backyard. It was designed by Bernard Grenadier, who also created the estate’s meditation garden. 

On the room’s north end was a built-in waterfall wall of cut fieldstone.

The Ultimate Man Cave

Jungle Room

The rest of the jungle room features, among other extravagances, faux fur-covered Polynesian-themed furniture, hard-carved chests and cabinets, and lime-colored, shag carpet.

Note that the ceiling is also covered in the same carpet. 

A Temporary Studio Space

A Temporary Studio Space

There are hanging ferns, mirrors, an array of jungle-themed lamps and a Tiki bar at the far end of the jungle room. Animal figures are everywhere. Elvis had a thing for primates, in particular. His favorite was a chimpanzee named “Scatter” whose previous owner was a Memphis TV personality.

In early 1976, a mobile recording unit was set up at Graceland, and Elvis transformed the jungle room into a temporary studio, from which he recorded “From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee.”

Billiards Room

Billiards Room

Adjacent to the jungle room is the billiards room, where Elvis shot pool and relaxed with his crew. Originally a library, Elvis channeled the vision for his personal pool hall from a painting of an 18th-century billiards room. 

The room is covered in fabric — more than 300 yards of it! — including the ceiling. It reportedly took a team of workers 10 days to hang it. The project required the installation of hundreds of special rods so the fabric could extend from the walls in cascading ribbons. 

Other Billiards Room Accents

Other Billiards Room Accents

The stained-glass chandelier above the table’s green felt is surprisingly understated for a man of Elvis’ flamboyant tastes. The colors are blue and green, with a touch of red. 

A rip in the table’s green felt top remains, reportedly from a colleague’s failed attempt at a trick shot.

Second-Floor Map

Second-Floor Map

The second floor of Graceland remains closed to the public out of respect for the family’s privacy. It features a master bedroom and accompanying master bathroom, a small office and a dressing room that was converted into a bedroom for Elvis’ bodyguard. 

In the rear corner, diagonally opposite the master bedroom, is the bedroom that was occupied by Lisa Marie, Elvis’ baby daughter.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Unfortunately, we can't show you the luxurious master suite because the only people allowed to enter are Elvis’ former wife Priscilla, daughter Lisa Marie and the Graceland curator. It faces the front yard and was accessed by climbing the foyer staircase and turning right. 

A door at the top of the stairs leads to a short hallway with a black-upholstered leather door that opens to Elvis’ private area. What we do know is his black bed was 9 feet by 9 feet, and beside the bed, which at one time was draped in a red canopy with large gold tassels, sat a red telephone. The bathroom where Elvis died is to the right of the bed as you enter the suite.

Elvis' Upstairs Office

elvis upstairs office

While you can't see Elvis' upstairs office in person, a mock version of it was part of a VIP exhibit at Graceland.

The exhibit titled, "Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes,"  ran from 2012 to 2014.

Lisa Marie’s Bedroom

People Lisa Marie Presley

The room occupied by Elvis’ daughter looked out on the sundeck above the jungle room with a view of the backyard. 

It contained a circular, faux-fur, canopy bed and a private bathroom.

Racquetball Building

Racquetball Building Lounge Area

Set aside from the house, the racquetball building was added to the grounds in 1975, coming in at $200,000, nearly twice the price of the original Graceland purchase. 

It was Elvis’ personal sports complex, with a weight-training area on the ground floor, full-size racquetball court, Jacuzzi and dressing room upstairs. His shower was equipped with five gold-plated showerheads.

Racquetball Building Lounge Area

Racquetball Building

The building also had a lounge area with leather furniture, a bar, pinball machines and a piano for relaxing after a workout. 

The court is exactly as it was the day of his death, save for Elvis’ racquet under glass, just beyond a velvet rope that keeps visitors off the hardwood floor.

Trophy Building

Trophy Building

Known today as the trophy building, the wing was built in 1966. Elvis first used it for elaborate slot car racing tracks. 

Later, it housed his growing collection of awards. 

The Hall of Gold

The Hall of Gold

The Hall of Gold is, perhaps, the most striking aspect of the trophy building.

It displays all of Elvis’ Gold and Platinum albums and singles, along with three Grammy Awards.

Elvis Memorabilia to the Max

elvis memorabilia

The trophy building also displays a stunning array of stage costumes, musical instruments and movie memorabilia.

You can gaze at his birth certificate, his junior high report card and Priscilla’s spectacular wedding dress. 

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Added in 1957, the simple kidney-shaped pool and cut-stone patio was a playground for Elvis and his pals. Measuring 18 feet wide and 36 feet in length, it’s virtually unchanged in the decades since he passed. 

It’s surprisingly basic: white plaster, pale-blue tiles, old-style concrete coping and a diving board without railings or stairs.

Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Nobody is allowed to swim in the pool, but it has been maintained by Roy Reed for years. Reed has his share of stories, one of which features an opportunistic employee who sold tiny vials of Elvis’ pool water for $1 each. There’s also the tale of Elvis using the freshly dug pool as a temporary donkey pen.  

It’s filled with saltwater and was built at a cost of $8,481.

Meditation Garden

elvis meditation garden

Just south of the pool, the meditation garden was created in 1965 as a contemplative space. Now, it’s Elvis’ final resting place, alongside his parents and grandmother. There’s also a small monument in honor of Elvis’ stillborn twin brother, Jessie.

The garden was converted to its current configuration, as a burial memorial ground, after an attempt to steal Elvis’ coffin from nearby Forest Hill Cemetery. Reportedly, the plan was to hold it for ransom. 

Elvis' Grave

Elvis Presley

Elvis’ body and that of his mother were brought to Graceland on Oct. 2, 1977.

His father was interred there two years later, followed by his grandmother in 1980. 

The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame

Within the meditation garden, there’s a circular pool with five fountain jets, a pergola with Ionic columns and a brick wall with four works of stained glass set in arched openings.

An eternal flame burns above a plaque that includes the words “may this flame reflect our never ending respect and love for you.” 

The Barn and Stables

The Barn and Stables

Built in 1939, the barn is one of the oldest structures on the property. It’s located near the rear property line and serves as a stable for the horses at Graceland.

Horses still graze in the surrounding pastures, reportedly one each for Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie. The barn proudly remains a historic link to the estate’s original identity.

Elvis’ Source of Peace

Elvis’ Source of Peace

The presence of the steeds and the stillness of the barn were considered therapeutic and a source of peace for Elvis. His favorite was a golden Palomino quarter horse named “Rising Sun” who was purchased in 1966. Fittingly, he named the barn “House of the Rising Sun.” 

Elvis also owned a black Tennessee Walking Horse known as “Bear.” His daughter, Lisa Marie, rode a Shetland pony named “Moriah” that Elvis led on a halter.

Vernon’s Office

Vernon’s Office

The business of running Graceland was largely the responsibility of Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley.

He worked out of a little building that had the pictured hand-drawn message on a sign affixed to the door. We can't help but love the use of the word "loafing" here.

A Place of Normalcy

A Place of Normalcy

Vernon's office is oddly normal — like a traditional office, albeit with a number of Elvis portraits (much of them sent by fans) set here and there. It had wood-paneled walls, a collection of desks, file cabinets, a copy machine and electric typewriters. 

In a departure from the rest of Graceland, the carpeting isn’t shag, or eye-catching. It’s a tight, simple weave in a neutral color.

The Smokehouse Turned Shooting Range

Shooting Range

A one-story, two-room brick structure was a part of Graceland Farms before Elvis’ ownership. It was used as a smokehouse by Vernon Presley to cure and smoke pork. At one time, he even raised hogs on the property. 

Later, the humble smokehouse structure was converted into a Shooting Range for Elvis and his gun-loving cronies. At the rear of the building were four thick wooden posts, with a target hung in front of them. 

One of those paper targets, loaded with bullet holes from Elvis’ many firearms, fetched $27,000 at auction.

The ‘Lisa Marie’ Aircraft

Graceland Planes

Elvis owned five planes. Two are on permanent display at Graceland. The largest is a Convair 880 purchased in 1975 for $250,000. He named it “Lisa Marie” after his daughter. Elvis spent $350,000 refurbishing it, adding two half-baths, a lounge area, conference room, sitting room and a master bedroom with a queen-size bed. 

The custom touches include gold-plated seatbelt buckles, 24-karat gold-flecked sinks, leather-topped tables, state-of-the-art 8-track stereo connected to 52 speakers and a phone system.

‘Hound Dog II’

‘Hound Dog II’

There’s also a 10-seat Lockheed Jetstar on the grounds. Elvis dubbed it “x.” He purchased it for roughly $900,000 while waiting for the “Lisa Marie” to be refurbished. 

The interior has a funky green-and-yellow theme, and while not as customized as its counterpart, it was still luxurious. He didn’t fly on the jets for very long. Elvis died two years after their purchase, at age 42.

His Legacy Continues


Elvis fans continue to celebrate the life of the beloved rock star. Each year, there are candlelight vigils held at Graceland on the anniversary of his death.

This photo shows fans at his home on Aug. 15, 2017, to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Protect Your Trip »

Graceland tours: the best options & what to expect.

Advice for making the most of your time at Elvis' famous home.

The Best Graceland Tours


Andrea Zucker | Courtesy of Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

A visit to Graceland is a popular activity for both Elvis fans and Memphis tourists.

Note: Some tour providers on this list may be running more limited operations due to COVID-19 or may impose testing or vaccine requirements. Check with your tour operator about availability before you book.

When Elvis Presley was just 22 years old, he purchased Graceland – a 10,266-square-foot mansion that occupied a nearly 14-acre property in Memphis, Tennessee . After the singer's death in 1977, the executors of his estate found that the mansion's exorbitant operating costs proved difficult to maintain, so they decided to open Graceland for tours in 1982. Since then, more than 20 million people from around the world have visited the mansion – which now spans 17,552 square feet – and its surrounding Elvis-themed museums and shops. Read on to plan your Graceland visit.

What is Graceland?

  • Where is Graceland located?

Is Graceland open for tours?

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Graceland is a 120-acre institution dedicated to the life and music of Elvis Presley. The main draw is the mansion, but there's more to see than Elvis' former abode. Visitors can stop by Elvis Presley's Memphis, a 200,000-square-foot museum and entertainment complex. This building houses the Presley Motors Automobile Museum and a series of exhibits, such as "Elvis' Tupelo," which explores Elvis' early life in his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi. The Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum, which displays the entertainer's gold and platinum records, his famous jumpsuits and movie memorabilia, can also be found here. Tourists will also have access to 10 interactive exhibits and games. Located throughout the complex, the interactive features include quizzes, a simulated golf cart ride and photo booths that put travelers on Elvis' movie posters and album covers. Finally, the complex houses two restaurants, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor and a soundstage where tourists can watch Elvis' movies and attend live music performances.

After you learn all about the King, check out the Graceland Exhibition Center. This 80,000-square-foot venue features a variety of rotating museum exhibits, covering a variety of subjects, including motorcycles, Muhammad Ali and Van Gogh. The complex also boasts a food court, a bar and a separate, rentable event space.

Where is Graceland located?  

Graceland   is located in the Whitehaven community of Memphis, nearly 3 miles west of Memphis International Airport and 10 miles south of downtown.

Yes, Graceland is open for tours.

The cost per person varies depending on which tour experience you choose. Expect to pay about $30 to $200 for children 10 and younger. Adults can expect to pay around $50 to $200 per person. Keep in mind: Higher ticket fees mean a premium experience complete with VIP access, keepsakes, meal vouchers and more.

tour of graceland youtube

There are multiple tour options for visiting Graceland.

  • Elvis Presley's Memphis + Planes Tour : This is the basic tour option. It grants visitors access to Elvis Presley's Memphis Entertainment Complex and the Elvis' Custom Jets exhibit, but does not include access to the mansion. Tickets for this tour start at $48 for adults, with discounts for children.
  • Elvis Experience Tour : Tickets for this tour, which start at $77 per adult, include everything in the above tour, plus access to the mansion complete with an audio tour.
  • Elvis Entourage VIP : The Elvis Entourage VIP tour includes everything in both the other tour options, plus skip-the-line access to the mansion, a VIP shuttle to the mansion, access to a special exhibit, and a keepsake pass. Tickets start at $128 per person.
  • Ultimate VIP Tour : The Ultimate VIP Tour includes everything in the Elvis Entourage VIP, plus a guided tour of the mansion with an experienced guide, access to a VIP lounge, a meal voucher to an on-site restaurant, an archives show and tell, the chance to buy exclusive souvenirs and a photo-op. Tickets for this experience start at $196 per person; children 2 and younger tour for free.

The mansion tour will take about 90 minutes to complete. Those who decide to tour the rest of Graceland's offerings should budget at least 3 1/2 hours to explore.

Tourgoers can purchase tickets online or at the box office on-site. Tickets purchased online can be printed at home or downloaded on a smartphone (which saves time). You can also choose to pick up your tickets at will call; you must have a photo ID to pick them up. Patrons may also purchase a multiday ticket to access Elvis Presley's Memphis for an additional one, two or three days. Multiday tickets start at $17 per adult and can be purchased on-site only.

Tickets for exhibits at the Graceland Exhibition Center are not included in any Graceland tickets and require additional entrance fees. Tickets for those exhibits can be purchased on Graceland's website.

Which Graceland experience you choose largely depends on your fascination with the King. Graceland visitors mention that even non-Elvis fans will enjoy the tour and the up-close look at the entertainer's famous lifestyle. Visitors also appreciate the audio tour narrated by John Stamos. They recommend upgrading your tour to one of the VIP options, saying it is well worth the additional cost.

Graceland is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 or 5 p.m. (depending on the day of the week and time of year). It closes or has abbreviated hours on holidays. The last mansion tour begins at 4 or 5 p.m., depending on the day and time of year.

The best time to visit Graceland depends on what kind of experience you want. Travelers should check out Graceland's events calendar as the complex and its hotel, the Guest House at Graceland, host numerous weekend events, concerts and daytrips to Elvis' hometown throughout the year. Visitors in the mood for a festive atmosphere will want to book a trip in late November, December or early January to see the estate's holiday lights display and decorations.

Graceland Mansion, former home of Elvis

Andrea Zucker | Courtesy of Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • Visit the mansion after 2 p.m. to enjoy fewer crowds and shorter wait times, as this is the slowest time of day. (Multiple travelers note long wait times when arriving before this time). Check Graceland's website for exact opening times; there are certain days and holidays where hours vary.
  • You're welcome to bring cameras, but flash photography is not permitted.
  • Video cameras cannot be brought into the mansion, attractions or gift shops.
  • Note that two rooms in the basement of the mansion and the airplanes are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Bring a permanent marker to sign the famous Graceland wall before you leave.

Patrons can reach Graceland by car. On-site parking costs $10. The lot is located next to Elvis Presley's Memphis and the ticket booth. The only way to get to the mansion itself is by shuttle, which is included in your ticket price. The shuttle pickup is across from the ticketing pavilion.

There are also a few public transportation options. The Memphis Hop, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour, makes stops every hour at several attractions in the city, including Graceland. This bus generally runs Wednesday through Saturday (it may not operate on Fridays during select months), and tickets cost approximately $35 for adults and $25 for children ages 4 to 12. Memphis Area Transit Authority No. 42 bus route stops close to Graceland.

Nashville sits about 215 miles northeast of Graceland (an approximately 3 1/2-hour drive).

Yes. You'll find options for tours from Nashville (and more) below:

  • Gray Line Tennessee:  Nashville to Memphis with Skip-The-Line Graceland VIP Tour & Sun Studio. View & Book Tickets: Viator | GetYourGuide  
  • Graceland:  Elvis Presley's Childhood Home with Lunch & Transportation from Memphis. View & Book Tickets: Viator | GetYourGuide  
  • Memphis Best Tours:  Memphis City Tour with Admission to One Memphis Attraction.  View & Book Tickets »
  • Blues City Tours: Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour. View & Book Tickets »

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tour of graceland youtube

Elvis Presley's Graceland: Rooms Off-Limits to Tours

Elvis Presley ‘s Graceland is one of the most iconic private homes in the United States. For 42 years, the King of Rock and Roll’s private residence has been a mecca for music fans worldwide. However, some of the home’s most iconic rooms weren’t always open to the public and were considered off-limits to tourists. Here are the areas within Graceland that fans didn’t get to see.

Graceland’s downstairs area was open to fans except for two rooms

When Graceland opened for public tours in 1982, only some areas of the home were viewable. Initially, the mansion tour consisted of the living room, music room, dining room, TV room, pool room, and the trophy building.

The trophy building consisted of his gold record collection, awards, costumes, gun collection, and several other pieces of memorabilia. Fans were able to see Elvis Presley’s cars and motorcycles, which were lined up in the carport. That was considered the end of the tour.

However, two rooms were off-limits to fans during the early days of tours. These were the kitchen and a bedroom used by Presley’s Aunt Delta . Delta Mae Presley Biggs moved to Graceland in 1966 after the death of her husband.

She continued to live in the home even after it was opened to the public until her death at the age of 74 on July 29, 1993. After Delta’s passing, those rooms were added.

The most iconic Graceland room wasn’t original to the home

Graceland’s Whitehaven location was relatively isolated and rural when Elvis Presley purchased the property on March 19, 1957, for $102,500. Presley immediately began adding to the mansion, expanding the house to 17,552 square feet.

One of the most iconic rooms in Graceland wasn’t original to the home. Presley added the area as an extra family room during the 1960s. First, it was a screened porch. Then, it became an actual room. Fans call it the Jungle Room, but Presley called it the den.

Initially, Elvis saw the Polynesian-inspired furniture in a store in Memphis. It reminded him of his favorite vacation spot, Hawaii, and he purchased the items in the room in half an hour.

The Jungle Room became even more iconic when it became a makeshift recording studio. Songs recorded there were featured on the albums From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee , and Moody Blue . All Elvis’ Jungle Room sessions are featured on the 2016 compilation album Way Down in the Jungle Room .

Lisa Marie Presley’s Favorite Part of Graceland Lies Outside the Jungle Room

Elvis Presley’s ‘Queen’ Linda Thompson Shares Intimate Photos Taken Just Outside The King’s Bedroom

During a virtual tour of Graceland, the property’s Vice President of Archives, Angie Marchese, revealed one of Lisa Marie’s Presley’s favorite spots in the home, per Express . Whenever the late celebrity visited her childhood home, she enjoyed quiet time outside.

Marchese discussed how Elvis’ daughter liked sitting in the porch area outside The Jungle Room. This area was where her great-grandmother Minnie Mae also wanted to relax, as it had a view of the stables.

The area features a large bench and an assortment of chairs. They are placed under a covered awning.

Lisa Marie Presley’s other favorite room in Graceland was her father’s bedroom. The room is on the home’s second floor and is off-limits to visitors .

In a YouTube interview with Jezebel, Lisa Marie revealed that Elvis’ bedroom was where she went to find solace. At the 4:55 mark, she discussed Elvis’ private upstairs quarters.

“It’s the one place I feel the safest,” she admitted. “I keep the key for upstairs with me. Up there is just his [Elvis’] room and my room. It was his sanctuary. I can shut that door and feel the safest and the calmest I can feel.”

Elvis Presley’s Graceland is open for tours 363 days a year. It is closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

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Graceland Tours | Visiting the Home of Elvis Presley

tour of graceland youtube

This post will cover all the best tours of Graceland, including information about ticket prices, availability, the length of each outing, and what you can expect to see and learn about from your tour guide.

Graceland is a top attraction in Tennessee. It is about 3.5 hours to get to Graceland from Nashville.

Graceland Tours

This article elaborates on some amazing Graceland Tours and offers a bunch of discounts on Graceland Tours, including a Combo Package which includes admission to Stax Museum.

These discounts and Coupons allow you to save money on your way to Graceland Tours. We have also added the Memphis Music Attraction Pass for music fans.

We'll also include information about how to get tickets, which activities are included with each tour, and even day trips from Memphis.

The gates of the Graceland property. Image source: Pixabay user David Mark.

Here are a few of the most common questions about visiting Graceland:

Is Graceland open for Tours?

Yes, Graceland is open for tours for about 7 hours daily.

How much are Graceland Tours?

The cost varies as per the tour.

As an adult, you must keep your budget from $50 to $215 (a premium tour including Elvis’ planes, meal voucher, and an expert guide is $215 ).

The average cost for kids under 10 years is $30 to $200 .

When is Graceland open?

The opening hours on typical days are from 9 am to 5 pm. These opening hours may vary on weekends or special holidays.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Graceland is in the afternoon as it is less busy and you will not have to wait too long. The last tour commences at about 4-5 pm.

How to get to Graceland from Memphis

You can get to Graceland from Memphis by bus or a shuttle.

The property of Graceland provides a variety of tours that cover the life of Elvis Presley, including access to several exciting attractions such as the following:

  • Presley Motors Automobile Museum
  • Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum
  • New Making of ELVIS Movie Exhibition
  • Elvis Discovery Exhibits

Depending on which type of tour you select, you may also have access to the Graceland Mansion, Elvis' Custom Jets, and other usually off-limits areas.

This section provides the necessary details to pick the right tickets for you!

Elvis Experience Tour

The Elvis Experience Tour lets you experience an independent tour of Graceland Mansion Elvis Memphis Entertainment Complex.

You will explore Elvis’ automobiles, his career, jets, wardrobe, and much more. The tour lasts for 4-5 hours. 

  • Adults - $79.75
  • Children - $45.50
  • Purchase tickets or learn more .

Elvis Entourage VIP Tour

With the Elvis Entourage VIP Tour, you will visit the mansion through a VIP shuttle which means you get to skip the line.

The tour includes an independent tour of Graceland Mansion and exclusive VIP Exhibits with full access to Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex.

Keepsake Backstage Pass, Front-of-the-Line Mansion Access, and unlimited visits are additional perks of this tour, which lasts about 4 hours. 

  • $135 per person

Elvis Movie UVIP Tour

The Elvis Movie UVIP Tour provides you with a private guide who will elaborate on how Baz Luhrmann did the research for his movie ELVIS at Graceland. 

You will go to Graceland Mansion, Elvis' bespoke jets, and Elvis Presley's Memphis Entertainment Complex with a small group of up to 10 people.

This tour includes a special VIP exhibit, hanging out in a lounge, taking pictures, and reviewing your archives. 

  • $195 per person
  • Kids under 2 can go for free.

Before it closes, you can return as often as you like. About 3 hours are spent on the excursion.

Ultimate Graceland VIP Tour

The ultimate VIP Tour includes Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley's private jets, and the Elvis Presley Entertainment Complex. 

The complex has numerous museums, a theater, and an event area. You can also book time in the library's archive, a VIP display, a beautiful location, or a lounge. 

If you reserve before 1:30 pm, the trip costs $215 per person + $45 for dinner. After 1:45 pm, the trip's price goes down to $195 , and you won't get a ticket for dinner.

You can make multiple visits till they close. It will take you about 4 hours to finish the whole trip.

Day Trips to Graceland

There is at least one day trip from Memphis that includes admission to Graceland, and it’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to pay for Graceland tour tickets and transportation to the landmark simultaneously.

Elvis Presley’s Upbringing Tour

This tour is retro and exciting as you explore the birthplace of Elvis: Memphis, Tennessee. You will watch Elvis movies on your way to Graceland and savor a delicious lunch and snack on your way back. 

The main advantage of this day trip is that it provides transportation to and from Graceland, so you won’t have to worry about renting a car, using an uber, or hopping on a bus.

  • $99 per person
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Not suitable for kids under 5

Discounts on Graceland Tours

There is a specific criterion for each ticket given below. You must bring proof of eligibility to pick up your tickets at Will Call Window at Graceland.

Senior Citizen Discount

With a proper ID and the code Senior22, seniors 65 and older can get 6% off the Elvis Experience Tour or Elvis Presley's Memphis tour (except VIP or Saturday). There are no savings for tickets to other shows.

AAA Members Discount

AAA members can save 6% on the Elvis Experience Tour for up to four people with a current membership card (except VIP or planes tickets). Must show card and ID at the Ticket Office.

US Military & Law Enforcement Officials Discount

Active and retired U.S. military, cops, and firefighters can save 6% on the Elvis Experience Tour for up to six people with a government-issued ID.

Graceland Members Discount

With a valid membership and ID, Graceland Insiders members can buy one Elvis Experience Tour and get the second half off. They can do this once a year.

Combo Package Discount Deal

This Combo Package at Tiqets includes two tours: Stax Museum Tour and Elvis Experience Tour at a discounted price of $76.09 . You must opt for your tour date, complete secure payment, and download the tickets.

Discount Sites for Graceland Tours

Several other websites are available online where you can get discounted Graceland tour deals. 

These Sites like Groupon and LivingSocial provide a bundle of discount coupons to their subscribers at a relatively lower rate. 

You might get a heavy discount if you visit these sites before finally getting your Graceland Tour Ticket.

Tourist Passes: Memphis Music Attraction Pass

With tourist passes, you can enjoy free or discounted tours at many of Graceland’s tourist attractions. The Memphis Music Attraction Pass is one of the best options in the city. 

This pass is valid for 30 days, costs $129 per individual, and lets you see four places that celebrate the music of Memphis:

  • Graceland, where Elvis lived
  • Rock 'n' Soul Museum, a Smithsonian exhibit
  • Sun Studio, where many stars recorded
  • Stax Museum of American Soul, a tribute to soul music

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