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Underdog Games

“A great family game that can really spark discussions of the many wonders of the world.”

Trekking the World: The Award-Winning Globetrotting Family Board Game

A World Travel Game Your Friends and Family Will Instantly Love

  • A perfect gift, perfect for families
  • Share your love of travel
  • Created by travel lovers
  • Raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter

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travel the world game

2-5 Players

travel the world game

30-60 Minutes

travel the world game


travel the world game


travel the world game


board game image

Share the joy of world travel

A game that helps you share your greatest memories and dreams of travel. Inspire your family and friends to explore the world with this remarkable and intelligent game, designed by passionate travelers and based on an award-winning game design.  It's the world travel game your friends and family will instantly love. 

travel the world game

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Customer Reviews

Fun game to play with family!

Outstanding. Fun, plus we learn.

Great family game!

We love this game. It doesn't take very long to play and it's loads of fun too.

High quality imaginative game. We loved playing as a family

Love it !!!

Purchased several games for Christmas presents, I am so excited to play them all with the grandkids 🙂

So much to learn as we traveled around the world. The initial set up the first time was complex but then we caught right on. Ages 9-75 played and we loved it!!

These were ordered for Christmas gifts but I bet they will be perfect

travel the world game

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Walk Around 100+ Cities Around The Globe! Admire the beautiful scenery and street sounds.

Guess your location from your surroundings and walk around & admire the beautiful scenery!

Drive around and view the scenery from 100+ cities around the globe. Admire the beautiful sights!

Explore the world by walking, driving, flying, and viewing live footage of different locations around the world.

View LIVE Footage from different cities around the world. Enjoy!

Enjoy the view from above for over 80+ cities from around the globe/world.

Explore different famous & not famous monuments from around the world.

Click on cities on a map to view videos from that city!

Experience window views from hundreds of different cities.

Experience road trips by virtually driving between cities.

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The world travel board game your friends and family will instantly love

4.7 | 1800+ reviews.

"A great family game that can really spark discussions of the many wonders of the world." - Jen

As seen on:

Share the joy of world travel.

A game that helps you share your greatest memories and dreams of travel. Inspire your family and friends to explore the world with this remarkable and intelligent game, designed by passionate travelers and based on an award-winning game design.


A group of World Travel enthusiasts dedicated hundreds of hours to research and find destinations that provide the most fantastic World Travel experience.

Easy to learn for the whole family

Happy customers.

"...So easy to learn, but the decision points are interesting and angaging. As a lifelong gamer that owns 200+ board games, this game has enough meat and potatoes to keep me entertained, but it's also accessible enough that I can share it with anybody."

"Trekking the World is a gorgeous, beautifully put together game with quality pieces that should appeal to families as well as both casual and experienced gamers alike."

"Trekking the World's beautiful production & streamlined rule-set offers great depth & is my favorite in the Trekking series of games."

How long does a game take?

30-60 minutes, depending on player count and the pace of play.

How old do you have to be to play?

We recommend 10 and up, but we�ve seen some smart 7 year olds beat their parents!

What made us make this game?

The designer, Charlie Bink, was inspired to make this game after his parents hiked every National Park in the US together! Charlie�s dad, John, took many of the photos that are featured in the game.

Is it on Amazon?

Yes! Trekking the National Parks is available on both, and our main website, Underdog Games.

Who is Underdog Games?

We�re a board game publisher focused on making games your friends and family will instantly love. Our first game, Trekking the National parks, has sold 100,000 copies in 2 years. Our upcoming game, Trekking the World, recently raised more than 1,500+ on Kickstarter and will soon be published.

© Trekking The World Game. All Rights Reserved

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Explore the world!

Get dropped anywhere from the busy streets of new york to the beautiful beaches of bali. join 70 million players now, explore the world.

travel the world game

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travel the world game

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travel the world game

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travel the world game

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travel the world game

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14 Games That Take You Around the Globe

Here’s a list of our favorite travel games, so your imagination can wander the world—from home!

Travel games

Itchy Feet (2-6 players)

Available at Hallmark Race to collect items and passports and be the first to reach destinations around the world, like Iceland and Morocco . Be prepared for some card stealing along the way!

Discover: Lands Unknown (1-4 players)

Available at Fantasy Flight Games Adventure seekers can satisfy their itch for the outdoors with this epic survival game. Hike through and discover the unique mix of environments, characters, and storylines to find your way out of the wilderness!

travel the world game

Santorini (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon A perfect alternative for chess and strategy game lovers. Play as a Greek god or goddess as you compete to build your own version of Santorini . But keep a look out, your opponents are plotting against you!

Exit: The Game – The Pharaoh’s Tomb (1-6 players)

Available at Amazon Take part in this puzzling escape room game from the comfort of your home. Transport yourself to Egypt as you solve riddles to escape the ancient tomb!

Tokaido (2-5 players)

Available at Amazon Embark on a quest to be named the most experienced traveler along Japan’s East Sea Road . This game features gorgeous artwork, elegant design, and is played at a calm pace for gamers of all levels to enjoy.

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Trekking the national parks (2-6 players).

Available at Amazon Enjoy the beauty of the national parks with this board game, which provides an educational yet fun way to engage junior travelers on the historic parks across the country.

American Road Trip Trivia (unlimited players)

Available at Paper Source Keep your street smarts sharp while on the road with this trivia game and quiz your friends!

Ticket to Ride: France (2-6 players)

Available at Amazon Take on the challenge of being the most traveled in France by completing the routes on your destination tickets. There are also Ticket to Ride games for the US and Asia, too!

travel the world game

Scarabya (1-4 players)

Available at Blue Orange Games Compete against your fellow archaeologists to find the most scarab relics in this fun strategy game. Travel to the Egyptian desert, the Amazonian rainforest, the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, and freezing Antarctica for epic excavations!

Cartagena (2-5 players)

Available at Amazon Travel to the colorful Caribbean coast of Colombia with this family-friendly game full of nonstop fun! Play as pirates moving across the board and be the first to get your crew to victory.

Reef (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon Daydream your way onto a tropical island like Maui when you play this abstract strategy game. Each player acts as a reef, with their goal being to grow and develop for more points.

Lost Cities (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon Wanderlusting for destinations like Machu Picchu ? Satisfy yourself with Lost Cities, a fast-paced game with an emphasis on themes of expedition and adventure.

The Voyages of Marco Polo (2-4 players)

Available at Amazon Journey through time and space to find yourself alongside the original travel influencer–Marco Polo! Explore destinations like Jerusalem, Mesopotamia, and even the famous Silk Road in this game of strategy.

travel the world game

Space Park (1-4 player)

Available at Keymaster Games Blast off into space to explore extraordinary destinations across galaxies in this unique travel-themed tabletop adventure. Earn badges to prove yourself a worthy space cadet!

Online Board Games

For those of you looking to join in the board game fun without a physical product, check out one of these online board gaming hosts! Invite friends and family to join in on a game online or connect with other gamers around the world. Check out Board Game Arena and TableTopia .

travel the world game

Moon Travel Guides

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Moon USA State by State

Moon USA State by State

by Moon Travel Guides

From the Pacific to the Atlantic, through prairies and bayous to snow-capped mountains, uncover the best of the US with  Moon USA State by State . 

Also available from:

  • Barnes & Noble
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10 Amazing Games About Traveling The World | Where Will They Take You?

We are an affiliate. We really hope you enjoy the products we recommend! When you click on links we may receive a commission or other compensation at no cost to you. Thank you for coming to our site and for any links you use. We really appreciate it.

It’s raining outside and it’s months before your next vacation and the opportunity to travel. So what are you going to do in the meantime? How about traveling the world with friends? In this article I have gathered the top 10 games about traveling the world and where they will take you.

Here are the 10 best games that will transport you to far flung locations and help ease that hunger for travel.

  • Carcassonne
  • Codenames Duet
  • Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Ticket to Ride Europe
  • Trekking the World
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies

So, get on the phone to your friends and tell them to get out the khakis and dust off the pith helmet. You’ll soon be traveling along the east sea road of Japan in Takaido. Or perhaps taking a train journey across Europe with Ticket to Ride Europe. If that doesn’t get those travel juices going then perhaps traveling the world fighting ancient evil in Eldritch Horror will.

There is bound to be something that will be your next fun game to play. You never know, you might get inspired to make the next real life trip.

First stop on your travels will be Carcassonne, France.

10 amazing games about traveling the world

Table of Contents

Carcassonne – france, tokaido – japan, codenames duet – worldwide, sherlock holmes consulting detective – london, action phase:, encounter phase:, mythos phase:, santorini – greece, ticket to ride europe – europe, trekking the world – worldwide, pandemic – worldwide, tiny epic galaxies – space.

Picture of the Carcassone walls and turrets

First off let’s travel to the ancient city of Carcassonne in France. This fortified medieval city is beautiful and scenic. Located on the right bank of the Aude it is still inhabited. There are 52 towers and two areas surrounded by ramparts.

Carcassonne the game takes you to this city and its surrounding countryside. You start by placing the scoreboard down and each player places a meeple at the beginning space representing zero. As you score points you move your meeple along this scoreboard to keep track.

It is simple to learn and involves laying down tiles upon which you have a choice of laying down a meeple. The tiles depict:

  • Monasteries

Some tiles may have several of these such as a road and a monastery or perhaps some field and a city wall. The cities will be only partially on a tile and represented by the Carcassonne medieval walls. Roads typically go from one side or the other or may have crossroads or T junctions.

When you lay down a tile it needs to connect to one already laid. You can put an edge of your tile with a city against another tile’s city edge. You could put the field edge against another field edge and so on. Trying to place a city against a field or road edge would be illegal.

In this manner you begin to build up the countryside with cities, fields, roads and monasteries. When you lay down your tile you have an option to put one of your meeples down and, depending on where you put it, that meeple will gain a trade.

You can put your meeple down on a road if there is no other meeple on it. That meeple is now a highwayman. The road’s length is defined by terminating towns or cities. So the simplest will be a straight road between two towns.

If this road has a meeple on it and someone lays down the final town then the player with that meeple gets points depending on the number of road tiles. So if there are three tiles then that meeple earns three points.

There are different scores for the different roles of Knight (city meeple), farmer (field meeple), and monk (Monastery meeple). For example the Monastery meeple only gets points once the monastery has tiles on each of its sides and corners. That monk meeple then gets a point for each tile including the monastery tile making a total of 9 points.

Placing a meeple into a city will mean it may be contested in that others can place their meeple there too. Once the city is completed whoever has the most knights gets the points. This is quite a fun part of the game where you have to decide if you are going to cut your losses or go for broke. There can be a lot to fight for as each tile within a completed city is worth a whole 2 points.

Before long you will have a beautiful sprawling countryside just like the real picturesque medieval Carcassonne in France. You’ll almost be able to hear the braying in the fields and taste the Corbieres wine on the tip of your tongue. This game is perfectly simple and is beautifully drawn and made. If you get this game then it will be one you will play often.

View of Tokaido Road with lake and mountains

From the green pastures of Carcassonne we venture across the globe to Japan. Get your Seta’s on, dust off your Kimono and let’s take a journey along Japan’s Tokaido road linking Kyoto and Edo (modern day Tokyo).

Takaido is a game from Antoine Bauza and so comes from a lineage of fine games such as Hanabi, the awesome 7 Wonders, and Takenoko to name a few.

You are traveling the Tokaido road alongside your fellow travelers (your opponents) and this game is all about your one upmanship. The player with the most victory points will earn this honor. Each player chooses a traveler along with their marker to keep score.

Along the road you can experience anything from taking a nice bath in a hot spring, enjoying the local delicacies or visiting the temple to pay homage. Maybe take in a beautiful vista or pick up a souvenir along the way. All these will earn you victory points as you experience this wonderful journey.

Each activity only has enough space for so many travelers and so you must choose wisely on where you want to visit. Some activities do have space where some of you can meet up and experience the journey together. The Inns are spaces where you must all stay.

This is a long 500km journey to Edo so you can’t possibly make it in a day and so you and the other players must stay in Inns along the way. Whilst there you can buy meal tokens if you have enough money. These will earn more Victory points.

The first traveler has a choice of meals that totals the number of players plus one. So for 4 players they have a choice of 5 meals and can buy only one. They will not be able to buy that meal again as variety is the spice of life and you must experience as much as possible on your journey. The next traveler then has a choice of 4 and the next 3 and finally the last one only has a choice from two.

Once you are fully refreshed it is onward to the great city of Edo.

The game turn is also unique in that the last player along the journey is the next player to take a turn. This could mean that the last player may take a turn and still be last enabling them to go again.

There is no game quite like Tokaido and whilst it is beautifully rich in the culture of Japan it is also cutthroat and you will find yourself developing cunning plans to screw your fellow travelers over.

If you are looking for a game that will get your traveler juices flowing then Tokaido is a brilliant choice.

Codenames - spy travelling across world

Now for something with a little bit more intrigue and espionage. You may have heard of or played Codenames but now this great espionage word game is available for 2 players in Codenames Duet. Codenames Duet is a collaborative game that is very similar to Codenames.

In Codenames Duet you must still work together to identify your agents and watch out for that assassin. If you stumble across him then it will be game over. There is also a timer mechanism that means you have to find all 15 of your agents within a number of turns.

The timer is in the form of tiles with innocent bystanders on one side or correct guess checkmarks on the other. Your teammate will try and give a one word clue that may represent multiple words. So if there were agent words Caesar and Lunch they might say Salad -2. This tells you that there are two words like salad.

If you make an incorrect guess during a turn then you will have hit an innocent bystander and then take the token and place it on the incorrectly guessed word. If you guess all the words correctly then you take a tile and turn it over to the checkmark. If you guess the first one correctly you can choose to leave the others and still get your checkmark. Remember though you need to get all 15 agents so multiple correct guesses is the way to go.

In Codenames Duet the travel comes in the form of the Mission Map. Once you have managed to complete a game with 9 timers then you have completed the first Prague mission. You can now choose to travel to the next destination. However, the mission parameters will change. You will see on the map that the cities have numbers next to them.

So if you choose to go to Moscow from Prague then the number is 8-8. This means you only have 8 counters in the timer and all of them could end up as innocent bystanders. If you went to Cairo the numbers are 9-5. This means you still have a 9 turn timer but you can only hit a maximum of 5 innocent bystanders.

You get to travel around the world searching for your agents and experiencing games that have varying challenges. This game is great for just two players and at 30 minutes a game you can play several missions across the globe. It’s just plain fun.

Picture of Big ben and the houses of parliament from the other bank of the Thames

If espionage across the globe is not your thing then perhaps a trip to the streets of London, England? Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective will have you pitting your wits against the great man himself. There are several expansions for this game and each comes with 10 new mysteries for you to solve.

In this game you follow the clues before you in order to guess who dunnit. If you can do this and score more than Holmes then you are a true detective. The Thames Murders & other cases is the first in the series and comes with a map of London.

The London map shows locations where you can meet people and follow up leads. It is divided into districts so that it is easier to find locations.

Next you get a London Directory. In this you have all the people you may wish to meet. Simply look up their name and it will give you their location along with a corresponding lead. There is also a list of Informants. These are people that you can fall back on. Depending on who you choose they will be more or less helpful so choose wisely.

Finally you will get a bunch of Newspapers. Each mystery is in chronological order so you only read the Newspaper for the first mystery and scour it for clues. However, as you move through the mysteries you may find that there are clues or information that will help you solve this case. So make sure you read everything.

This is probably one of the most complex games in my list but you will love how you get pulled into these mysteries. You will spend time thinking about the information you have and if it is relevant and a clue or not.

The script writing is rich so it can transport you back into Victorian England where you will enjoy reading everything to the point where you are ready to make a guess at the solution.

At that point you will be asked two series of questions which you must answer. Once completed someone can read out the solution section. Once you have the final solution then you can open an envelope which will give you the lowdown on how well you did against Sherlock Holmes.

If you fancy yourself as a detective then travel into the depths of Victorian England with this great mystery game. Also, check out 5 Fun Board Games Like Clue that has some other amazing crime based board games that you will like.

Eldritch Horror world map

Eldritch Horror – Worldwide

Whilst we are in the past let’s take a look at Eldritch Horror that will take you across the world whilst fighting an ancient evil. This game is in the fantasy world of H.P. Lovecraft and so you will find yourself traveling around the 1920’s fighting monsters and trying to solve the mystery.

There is an ancient evil that is attempting to break into your universe and destroy life as you know it. As investigators you realize that something is not quite right and in this collaborative game you set out to gather clues, fight monsters and solve mysteries. If you fail then the world is doomed.

This game is beautifully written and the storyline will keep you engrossed during the game. There are 4 different Elder Gods for you to try and defeat. Each one has its own set of mysteries of which you will need to solve three in order to vanquish the Elder God.

There is also a Mythos clock that counts down to the impending Doom! If it reaches zero then it’s game over, not just for you but the whole of humankind.

Transdimensional gates will also be popping up throughout the world where monsters will break through. You will need to defeat the monsters and close the gates to prevent further breakthroughs.

It is quite likely that your character may not survive some of these battles and will then be out of the game. Their sanity may even hit zero which amounts to the same thing as they have gone mad. Luckily you will be able to take on the role of a new character and continue the fight.

The game turn has three phases: Action Phase, Encounter Phase, and the Mythos phase.

This is where you get to take actions from this list:

  • Prepare for Travel
  • Aqcuire Assets
  • Component Actions

Each character will have one encounter and this can have a positive or negative outcome. If there are monsters at their location then those must be resolved first.

The Mythos Phase has its own deck of cards. One Mythos card is turned over and it will have several effects, typically none of these are good. Each of the effects on the card must be resolved in the order they appear on the card, top to bottom.

Eldritch Horror is a fantastic game that will not only take you traveling across the globe but it’ll be a fantastical adventure too.

Santorini - picture of the buildings and cliffs

We are off to the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. This time you will be gods helping the villagers of the island to build their village.

Sanotorini is a 2-4 player strategy game inspired by the cliffside villages on the island of the same name. It is very simple to play and a great game you can pick up and play a few games.

The game has a great 3D stand on which the 5×5 board sits to represent the Santorini Island and cliffs. It sells as 2-4 players but really is best with just 2. The objective of the game is to be the first to build three levels of building and place your worker on top.

In the two player game you control two workers. The game turn is very simple and consists of two phases.

First you can move one of your workers to any of the spaces that they are next to as long as they can only go up one building level. They can go down any number of levels.

Once moved the worker can build by placing one block anywhere next to the worker. There are three levels of building and the worker can also place a dome on top of the third level to prevent your opponent’s worker from winning.

It sounds fairly simple and it really is a very accessible game. However, there are a few nice touches in that as a god you do get a few extra powers to help you along the way. These are effectively modifiers that change how each player will play. For example as Artemis the god of power you will be allowed to move an extra space per turn. As Prometheus you can build 1 level and, as long as you don’t move up, move 1 space then build again.

This gives some great variety to the game play and allows you to pit yourselves against slightly different strategies.

If you fancy a light game that is quick to play and easy to setup then be transported to the beautiful island of Sanotirini.

travel the world game

Now on to one of my favorite games that will not only transport you across Europe but by train. Ticket to Ride is a great series of games that launched as the original Ticket to Ride USA in 2004.

Since then there have been all manner of expansions that will take you to various parts of the planet. However, Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride are considered the base games that you will need with some of the other expansions.

So, if you haven’t got Ticket to Ride yet then either of these two versions will be the best. In my opinion Ticket to Ride Europe has the edge as there are variations within the game that make it a little more interesting.

The object of the game is to collect routes between cities. You have tickets in your hand that will link destinations such as Palermo and Moskva or Cadiz and Stockholm. Completing these tickets will give you victory points. For example, Palermo to Moskva will earn 20 points.

To join these destinations up you must claim routes through Europe and in between each city. So, your first route claimed may be Palermo and Roma, then you may get Roma to Venizia and so on until you have routes connecting all the way to Moskva.

This sounds very easy and it is….if no one else is playing. The problem is that there is sometimes only one route that can be claimed between cities. As in the case of Palermo to Roma. If another player has already claimed that route then you will have to find another route such as Plaermo to Brindisi.

Some routes are doubled so that more than one player can claim between the same city. You do not need to claim routes consecutively between tickets. You can start in the middle and claim disconnected routes but get some strategic points.

To claim a route you will have a number of colored trains i.e. your color trains may be red and another players might be green. You will also have a hand of various colored train cards.

Between cities there will be a number of spaces and these will be a certain color. For example, between Cadiz and Madrid there are three orange spaces.

In order to claim that route you would need to have three orange train cards in your hand. You would then play those train cards and place three of your colored trains on those spaces to claim it. There are wildcard trains that you can use if you have quite got enough of the color you need.

The more trains you used to claim a route the more victory points you earn. For a three train route you would earn 4 victory points. 4 trains earns you 7 and if you manage to complete the route that has 8 spaces you get a massive 21 points.

This is a great game that will take you closer to Europe and if you have traveled Europe before then it will bring back happy memories. If you haven’t been to Europe before, then what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Ticket to Ride Europe and jump on the next train to who knows where.

travel the world game

Now we have a true traveling game with Trekking the World. The game is for 2-5 players and each game lasts between 30-60 minutes.

Trekking the World is a sequel to Trekking the National Parks and your goal is to collect as many victory points as you can. You do this by traveling to different destinations and visiting attractions and collecting souvenirs.

The board is beautiful and rounded in the shape of a world map which is a really nice touch. Souvenirs are randomly placed onto the board at the start and each player gets a backpacker meeple and suitcase. There are also 6 random regional bonuses that are placed on the board.

The start order is determined by the person who most recently visited an airport. They place their meeple down on one of the airports on the board. Then each of the other players do the same.

There are two decks of cards in Trekking the World. The first deck has 48 destination cards that are shuffled and placed in a draw pile. 4 cards are drawn and laid out face up. These are by far the most stunning part of the game as they are beautifully drawn.

The best thing about these are that there is a description of each of the destinations on the back about where they are in the world and very interesting information about them. Each card also has a nice pronunciation under each of the names to help too.

The next deck contains 78 trek cards again shuffled and in a draw pile. 3 cards from this deck are dealt to each player. Then a further 4 cards are drawn and laid face up in a row next to the deck the same as with the destination cards.

Each trek card has a number and a color/symbol. The number indicates how many spaces a player can move their meeple. The color/symbol is used to purchase a tour of one of the destination cards.

There is quite a lot to this game that changes the way it is played and improves the playability. One thing that does this is the two journey cards. The first time you play these are fixed but in further games you can randomly pick these from their decks.

Once set up the game begins and you will get to travel by using trek cards. You can play multiple trek cards to make up the amount you need but it must be exactly the right amount.

If you need to move three spaces and only have two trek cards totalling 4 then you will not be able to move three. You can only move a 2 or a 4.

If you land on space with a souvenir you can pick this up and place it in your suitcase. If you get a column of souvenirs then you will get some victory points, if you get the next column you get more and so on.

You can also gain victory points from having one of each type of souvenir in your suitcase. There are bonus VP cards for each type of souvenir too. If you have the most souvenirs of that type in your suitcase then you will gain those VP points. If another player gets more than you then that card will be passed to them. In this way the souvenir bonus cards will be passed around during the game.

The end game is triggered by either 5 of the 6 regional bonuses being collected or a player tours their 5th destination card.

This game is stunningly drawn and you will no doubt learn a thing or two from the destination cards too. You never know, you may even pick up a destination to start planning your next trip.

Image of the world with red blotches symbolising outbreaks and a man in face mask

This is another worldwide travel game and much like Eldritch Horror you are out to save the world. This cooperative game is for 2-4 players and sets you all against four viruses that are ravaging the earth. Believe me when I say you’ll need all the help you can get.

Each player has a character with a trait that specializes in one way or another that will mean each player must use theirs to the best advantage of everyone. For example the dispatcher role can move any player’s character to another player’s tile or move another player’s character as if it were theirs.

You have one way to win – find a cure for all four viruses. In this game though you have multiple ways to lose. This is a challenging game and that makes it fun. You can lose if:

  • 8 outbreaks occur which create a worldwide panic.
  • You run out of a colored disease cube and need to place one.
  • You run out of player cards meaning you have run out of time.

There is an infection deck which depicts how the virus spreads and where. The viruses are depicted in the game by colored cubes. A number of each virus is randomly put out across the board using the infection deck.

There is also a player deck that has city cards and event cards. The player deck is also interspersed with epidemic cards that trigger a sequence of actions.

Epidemic cards increase the infection rate which will require you to turn over more infection cards and speed up the rate of infection. You will also draw one card from the bottom of the infection deck and add 3 viruses to the city on the card. Finally take the discarded infection cards, shuffle them and place them back on top of the infection deck.

The last action doesn’t sound much but it is a real kicker in that you have likely recently put a virus out in those cities so it increases the chance of an outbreak.

If a city has three virus cubes and requires a 4th then this triggers an outbreak. The outbreak marker is moved up one and each connecting city is given an additional virus of the same color as the outbreak. If any of those cities already have 3 viruses then they in turn will outbreak creating a chain reaction of outbreaks. Remember, you can only get 8 outbreaks so this is really bad.

Once the epidemic card sequence has been completed that epidemic card is removed from the game so it will not happen again. The level of difficulty is defined by how many epidemic cards are in the player’s deck.

The city cards and event cards can be picked up by players who can then play event cards. Each city card will have a virus type on it. If you are at a research station and you have 5 of the same virus then you can find a cure for that virus by discarding all those cards.

Once a cure has been found players can begin to eradicate the virus from the board and any infection cards turned over for this virus can be ignored. Once all the viruses are removed the virus is cured and cannot come back.

This game might seem complicated but it is actually quite easy to play and you will pick it up quickly. If it sounds hard that is because it is. It is also one of the most entertaining games you can play. You will find yourself getting really invested in stopping the virus from outbreaking.

There will be moments where you hold your breath praying that the next player card is not an epidemic card. You will enjoy traveling across the continents saving lives and curing disease in the epic game. You will probably lose and then want to play again.

There is a legacy version of pandemic that is lots of fun and will provide you and your friends with a lasting memory. If you don’t know what the difference between Pandemic and Pandemic Legacy then you can find in What is the difference between Pandemic & Pandemic Legacy?

Picture of a fantasy space ship with a galaxy in the background

With SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic offering rides, space travel is a real possibility. If you are brave enough to consider space travel then what about expanding your empire across the entire galaxy?

This game is not only galactic and epic, it also comes in a small box that will fit in your backpack. So, next time you are on your travels this game could go with you.

Your galaxy is positively bulging at the seams and there is only one alternative – expansion. Your empire must go out and colonize other planets but it is a race as there are other empires with similar ideas.

This is a dice rolling game with the usual objective to earn the most Victory points. This is done by expanding your empire through claiming various planets and completing your secret mission.

The universal currency in the game is energy and culture and you can use these to further your empire. Each player has a galactic map, a culture token, an energy token, and an empire token.

The culture and energy tokens go on the circular track marked 1 to 7. This records how much of each you currently have. When you spend your resource you move that token down the track.

Your empire token sits on the empire track and as you play you will be able to increase your empire’s level and bring with it extra bonuses. As you increase your level you will get to roll more of the dice, earn victory points, and also release more rockets to enable you to fly off to more planets.

The game comes with 7 action dice. Rolling the dice provide you with several actions you can take during your turn. There are six different types of action as shown below:

At the start of the game your empire token will be on the star and the two tracks to the left symbolize the dice and ship tracks. You will see a 4 on the dice track which means you throw 4 dice for your turn. As you level up your empire then you will get to throw more dice.

You also start with two ships that are placed on the galaxy image in the center of your mat.

These ships allow you to visit planets and colonize them. You will see there are two additional ships on the rocket track that are released once your level reaches them on the empire track.

This is a really novel idea and gives you something to work towards and a reason other than victory points to level up.

There are secret mission cards that are shuffled and two dealt to each player. Players pick one from the two and discard the other. These cards give them a secret objective to complete and give them additional victory points if successful. These are placed under the mat face down so your opponents can’t see them.

Finally there is a planet deck of cards which are shuffled. If you are playing 5 players then 6 of these cards are dealt face up. If less than 5 then you deal the number of players plus 2 cards.

These are the planets you hope to colonize and expand your empire giving you victory points and also additional actions that you can use when the Utilize a colony dice comes up.

Once all setup the first person rolls the number of dice available to them. They then activate each action on the dice one at a time. This can be done strategically to give you the best outcome. You activate the dice by putting it on the mat on the activation track in the first position.

If you don’t like your roll then at any point, even after activating a few, you can reroll. The first time is free but after that you pay 1 energy to do this.

Another unique idea is the ‘Follow’ which means that when a player activates their action any other player can also do the same thing and ‘follow their action.’ This costs one culture though.

When you get the ‘Move a ship’ dice and activate it. Then you can move one of your ships from your galaxy map to a planet. There are two choices with this action. You can land on the planet that will activate it’s action for you. Or you can orbit the planet.

Orbiting the planet and reaching the end of the track will mean you have successfully colonized it. You can then take the card, return all players’ ships to their galaxy maps, then place it under your mat.

The game is a great strategic game to play giving you options to go after your secret mission, colonize planets, follow other players or level up your empire to the max. All of them will gain you victory points and so pick carefully.

Something that comes from such a little box and is so enjoyable to play can only be totally epic and live up to its name.

There you have 10 amazing games about traveling and where they will take you. If you love traveling and are in between trips then maybe Santorini will have you hankering after a trip to greece. Or perhaps Trekking the World will inspire you to plan a trip to visit the beautiful site of Angkor Wat.

Whatever the trip, whether it is to far flung beaches, roaring down the railroad across Europe or even colonizing another planet. These games will keep you and your friends entertained.

Memories will return or perhaps you will be inspired to plan your next trip.

Whatever you decide, I wish you a safe journey and epic memories.

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7 Addictive Online Geography Games to Learn About the World and Travel Virtually

These geography games will quiz you on knowledge of countries, places, and territories in unique ways and also teach you a bit about our Earth.

How well do you know this planet we live on? These geography games will quiz you on knowledge of countries, places, and territories in unique ways and also teach you a bit about Earth.

Don't worry; these aren't Q&A quizzes or boring tests. Instead, you'll be shown things like Google Street View images, walking video clips, and Google Maps altered to remove some information based on which you need to identify places. Right or wrong answers often come with trivia and extra information about the place. It's a lovely way to test your knowledge and even travel virtually when you're stuck indoors.

1. Geotastic (Web): Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative Online Game

GeoGuessr was one of the best educational Google games that took the internet by storm, with everyone trying to figure out where a Google Street View image is taken from. Unfortunately, GeoGuessr is now a paid online app, which is a pity because not many of us want to pay for a quick fun game. But don't worry, Geotastic gives you the same experience in the form of a free, crowd-funded online game.

You'll need to register to use Geotastic, and all your games are saved to track points and rank. You can choose from game modes like High Score Hunts (beat your own high score), Challenges (play challenges set by others), and Online Ranked (seasonal matchmaking modes with points and ranking). You can also play with friends locally or by creating or joining an online lobby.

The Geotastic game works exactly like GeoGuessr. Each round loads a Street View image of some place on Earth. By panning around, you must guess where you are and drop a pin on the map. The closer the pin is to the actual location, the more points you get.

So why is Geotastic free while GeoGuessr is paid? Well, as you might have guessed, Geotastic is ad-supported. You'll need to view a 15-second video ad each time you log in, but that's a worthy price of admission, right?

2. Hide and Seek World (Web): Multiplayer Free GeoGuessr Game for Fastest Guess

Geotastic is easily the best of the free GeoGuessr alternatives, but I have to admit, I found myself playing Hide and Seek World (HaSW) for a longer time. There's something more fun about its interface, as you try and compete against other players online to get closest to the Street View image shown.

You can either create your own game to play with your friends or join a Find Wolly public game. Wolly is HaSW's AI mascot who creates public games and "hides" in a location. All players then race to pin the location on a map, with points distributed according to who is closest and fastest, in that order.

The ticking clock for the countdown, the live-view game room where you see how close or far others are, and the pressure to get it right all come together for a fun experience. But know that you can only play two public games per day in the free version, while private games have no restrictions.

3. Geography Game (Web): Click the Right Country on a 3D Globe

How good are you at identifying countries not on a political map of the world but on a 3D globe? Geography Game is a smooth and beautiful way to test your knowledge of the world atlas. The name of a country or territory will pop up on the screen, and you have to click where it appears on the globe.

You can select a region (continents, 50 states of USA) or open up the whole globe. There are two game modes. In Traditional Mode , you'll be asked to identify all countries worldwide at least once. In Random Mode , territories are asked randomly for a predetermined number of rounds. All correct answers will stay highlighted, so you don't click them again.

By default, after three incorrect tries, the right answer will start blinking on the map. However, in the advanced settings, you can choose to disable showing the right answer or increase the number of incorrect tries before it is shown. You can also choose whether you want to be able to skip an answer or not.

4. City Guesser (Web): Guess the City From a Walking Video

City Guesser is a different take on the concept started by GeoGuessr. It replaces the Street View images with short walking videos taken by real people. Guess the city from the sights and sounds of the video in the shortest time possible to earn the maximum points.

There's a surprisingly wide collection of these videos bundled into several categories. As you might expect, you get the full world, continents, countries, famous states, and famous cities. But there are also special collections like busy places, fast food, nighttime places, coastal cities, beautiful views, etc. Those are actually a lot more entertaining and challenging.

Additionally, City Guesser offers a few game modes to up the stakes. There's a Streaks Challenge to see how many countries you can guess correctly in a row or set a radius limit to see how close you can get before a wrong answer. And there's a self-explanatory time limit challenge, along with an entertaining "no moving challenge" where the videos are taken from a stationary camera looking at a city in action.

5. Terraclues (Web): Scavenger Hunt to Solve Clues and Guess the Places

Terraclues calls itself a scavenger hunt built on top of Google Maps. The idea is to solve a clue whose answer is a location, and then pinpoint the location on a map of the world.

Here's how it works. Each hunt has a series of clues. The clues appear in a text box in the top-left. You can search in the box for a location, or use it to run a Google search in a new tab to solve the clue. Then you can return to the box to type the location name.

Often, you will need to zoom in or zoom out to the specified magnifying number for Terraclues to accept that you've solved the clue. You might even have to switch from Map view to Satellite view for certain answers. These varieties only make Terraclues more fun.

There are already a lot of user-created scavenger hunts available for free to play on the website. You can also create your own hunts and open them to the public, or share them privately with friends. You don't need an account to play, but you do need to register to create your own hunts.

This is only an online scavenger hunt. If you want to physically participate in solving clues and locating things, there are excellent apps for scavenger hunts that you can try.

6. The City Map Quiz (Web): Guess the City From an Unlabelled Map View

Google Maps has gotten all of us used to the look of top-down views of maps, noting roads, train lines, waterways, parks, and other landmarks. But can you guess which city it is if all the labels are removed? Put it to the test at The City Map Quiz.

Each level of the quiz shows a snapshot of a map of one part of a city, removing all points of interest, pins, or labels. You'll be given four options with it. Click the right one, and it turns green, the wrong one turns red.

By default, it starts with a worldwide city map quiz of 34 levels. But you can choose categories, such as countries or continents, and even select difficulty levels within that at times. Some of these require a paid subscription for $2.95 per month, but the free collection of map quizzes is large enough to test your skills.

7. Zoomtastic (Web): Guess the Place From a Satellite Map That Zooms to Reveal More

If you can stay productive and not get addicted to Zoomtastic, you're a better person than many others on the internet. This geography game is so intuitive, fun, and irresistible that it's advisable only to play it when you don't have a lot of work to do.

Here's how it works. First, you choose either world, cities (with options for continents or world capitals), or wonders of the world. Depending on your choice, a random satellite map will appear on the screen, and a countdown starts. After every few seconds, the map zooms out or zooms in, revealing more details about the location.

After 10 seconds, you'll see four possible answers to choose one. It displays which hemisphere it's from in the top-right corner. In the Wonders version, you can also avail of clues like a picture or the country's flag.

Play Anywhere, PC or Touchscreen

All the games in this article work on any web browser and are surprisingly good for touchscreen devices. Phone screens do feel cramped, especially when you need to see the place and the map simultaneously, but the experience on iPads or tablets is excellent. So go ahead, and test your geography skills.

The best board games for travel lovers

Ben Buckner

Jun 13, 2019 • 5 min read

The board game Tokaido is laid out on a white background

Tokaido © Funforge

You’ve got a copy of Risk or Sorry! collecting dust on a shelf. Or maybe last Christmas’ annual game of Monopoly led to tears and slammed doors. But we’re here to tell you – the board game industry is in the midst of a full-fledged golden age, with innovative gameplay systems, polished production values and star designers.

Here are some of our favorite modern classics for people who love travel – all are based on real places around the world. Each of these provides a level of depth you can’t find in a simple ‘roll-and-move’ game, but they aren’t rules-heavy or intimidating for first-timers. They’re known as ‘gateway’ games, so step through one and explore.

Our editors independently select the best products to help you have amazing travel experiences. If you purchase through links on our site, Lonely Planet may earn a commission from the retailer.

The board game Tokaido is laid out on a white background

The Tōkaidō road of Japan ’s Edo period was a seaside route between Kyoto and Edo (modern-day Tokyo ). In this gorgeous game players are travelers walking from one city to the other, in search of the most fulfilling journey. You must decide whether you want to focus on seeing beautiful landscapes, collecting souvenirs, having encounters with locals, relaxing in the hot springs, visiting temples or eating the most delicious meals.

The traveler who is furthest back always has the next move. You can jump ahead to make sure you don’t get blocked from an activity but if you do, you’ll be stuck for a while. Despite the tricky decisions to make, this is a zen-like game with stunning watercolor-style artwork in a minimalist white aesthetic.

Designed by Antoine Bauza; 2-5 players; 45 minutes; Age: 8+; Buy it on Amazon

The board game Ticket to Ride is laid out on a white background

Ticket to Ride

With more than 6 million copies sold, this modern classic is quickly becoming as ubiquitous as Battleship or Clue. Players take on the role of railroad barons, laying down train tracks between cities to build the most extensive, or most efficient, network of stations. Collect sets of cards to claim routes – the longer the route the more points it’s worth. Just make sure to connect the cities listed on your tickets before the end of the game, or you’ll lose points instead of gaining them.

The original Ticket to Ride is played on a map of the United States . But there are many different expansions, with new maps and game tactics to explore. From the Nordic Countries to the Heart of Africa , there’s a map for whichever part of the world interests you. For our taste, the stand-alone Ticket to Ride: Europe is the best combination of gameplay and travel theme.

Designed by Alan R. Moon; 2-5 players; 30-60 minutes; Age: 8+; Buy it on Amazon

The board game Scotland Yard is laid out on a white background

Scotland Yard

This classic introduced the ‘one-against-many’ system that has become a modern board game staple. One player is Mister X, a criminal mastermind on the loose in London . All the other players work together as detectives, trying to corner Mister X.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds – Mister X spends most of the game in hiding, and only shows himself on rare occasions.

The board for Scotland Yard is a map of London, with short taxi routes, longer bus routes and huge underground routes connecting spots all over the city. Detectives must communicate, use logic, and spend their transport tickets wisely in order to put the cuffs on Mister X. It’s a high-pressure thrill for detective and criminal alike, and even highlights some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

3-6 players; 45 minutes; Age: 10+; Buy it on Amazon

The board game Carcassonne is laid out on a white background


Carcassonne is a city in southern France with a fortified citadel dating back to the Gallo-Roman period. It was a key strategic point between the Atlantic and Mediterranean for centuries. In this award-winner, players take turns laying tiles with bits of roads, walled towns, fields and cloisters on them. When you place a tile, it must match up with the tiles on every side. You may also choose to put your own colored ‘meeple’ on a tile you place – once a feature is completed, any meeples on those tiles score points for the players who placed them.

As the tiled play area gets bigger and bigger, the extent of the region and its connecting roads becomes more and more impressive. And once you’ve mastered the base game, there are dozens of expansions to add everything from rivers to bazaars.

Designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede; 2-5 players; 30-45 minutes; Age: 8+; Buy it on Amazon

The board game seven wonders is laid out on a white background

The Pyramids of Giza ; The Colossus of Rhodes ; The Lighthouse of Alexandria ­– these were some of the real-life wonders of the ancient world. Take control of one of these regions and decide how you want to build your city. Will you put your resources toward building your wonder and other civic structures? Maybe you want your city to be known for its scientific discoveries. Or perhaps you will invite commerce – or war – with your neighbors.

At the beginning of each “age,” or round, everyone will have a hand of seven cards. You’ll choose one to add to your city, then pass the rest to your neighbor. Once you receive your new cards, you’ll do it all over again until all cards have been put into play. After three ages, points are scored in many different ways, depending on what kind of city you have built.

Designed by Antoine Bauza; 3-7 players; 30 minutes; Age: 10+; Buy it on Amazon

The board game Jamaica is laid out on a white background

If you’re just dying to chuck some dice, this gorgeously illustrated buccaneer adventure is a more strategic spin on the old roll-and-move system. Race around the island of Jamaica as one of several real-life pirates of the Caribbean . Along the way feel free to steal some treasure and battle your opponents.

You only have a few holds in your ship’s hull for food for your crew, gunpowder for your cannons and those all-important doubloons, so you’ll have to decide what to keep and what to throw overboard. Because it’s not only about who finishes the race first, it’s about who has the most gold when they do.

Designed by Malcolm Braff, Bruno Cathala and Sébastien Pauchon; 2-6 players; 30-60 minutes; Age: 8+; Buy it on Amazon

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Screen Rant

10 virtual travel apps for oculus/meta quest 2.

VR gives people the chance to travel the world from the comfort of their own house, and these ten apps are the best for the Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

Travel is a major goal for many people, but it can be inaccessible even in the best of times because of financial and mobility-related barriers. As unfortunate as it is, some people may never have the chance to visit all the places they want to. But VR allows its users to not only explore virtual worlds but also get a better understanding of their own.

Between 360-degree breakdowns of the world, guided tour videos, and documentaries, VR allows people to get closer to the places of their dreams than was previously possible. Many travel apps even include interactive features, so the users can feel like they're actually able to connect with different cultures and topography. As systems like the Oculus/ Meta Quest 2 become more widely available, and as programmers and cinematographers put more effort into advancing the technologies, travel will truly be possible without having to leave home.

Traveling While Black

Traveling While Black is an Emmy-nominated VR experience that talks about the process of traveling, specifically focusing on the barriers that have been put in place for Black populations, in history and in the present. The experience takes advantage of every benefit VR offers, which helps its message connect with the audience.

While this is not a documentary that focuses on the freedom of VR, it does try to get its users to think outside their own bodies and life experiences to see how other people can be limited in their own freedom. It tells an incredibly important story, which deserves to be heard by those who have now gained a deeper level of freedom through the digital realm.

For those looking for a way to walk around the world, Wander is the app to download. The app's primary function is to allow users to navigate the world similarly to Google Maps' StreetView, allowing them to enter an address and be transported to that spot. This can be a great way to explore new areas or look back on places you used to live.

In addition to immersive imagery, users can use the historical jumping feature to see what different areas looked like over the years. Many famous landmarks even have the ability to be explored from the inside, giving users the feeling that they're really there.

BRINK Traveler

BRINK Traveler gives users the ability to see some of the most amazing places on Earth from the comfort of their own homes. While there are currently only 17 locations for users to visit, the additional features make each one a true travel experience that may push them to travel in real life as well .

Virtual guides can explain the features and history of each spot, and an in-app camera allows users to take all the pictures they would want if they were to visit in person. Another great feature is the ability to travel in multiplayer mode, which lets users meet up with friends from anywhere while getting a remarkable view at the same time.

OtherSight is one of the most interactive travel apps out there because it specifically focused on including usable objects in every location. Currently, users only have the option of going to four different locations, but there's a lot that they can do at each one.

Users can visit churches, streets, and museums and really get a sense of how it feels to be there. The scale, texture, and movement qualities of interactive features are especially well done. While this is a fairly limited app at the moment, the developers are working on new locations, which can provide future explorations.

The Ocean might not be the first place people think of when they try to imagine their travel plans, but it is one of the great untapped resources on Earth. There is far more to be seen and discovered in the Ocean than there is on land, and Ocean Rift gives users the chance to explore that realm.

There are 14 different habitats to explore, which can be used as an educational program or one for relaxation, depending on the settings. The sea creatures are extremely detailed, and users can actually interact with many of them, giving the perspective of a true underwater safari. However, those with a fear of the ocean and its creatures may find some modes a little too realistic for their comfort level.

Blueplanet VR Explore

Blueplanet VR Explore is one of the most expensive travel apps, but that's in part because it is so extensive. The app allows its users to travel to 40 different cultural sites, with some offering the ability to interact with the landscape or even hang glide over it.

One of the best qualities of this app is the spacial breakdown, where users can truly explore the location. It is a physically navigable terrain, which creates a greater level of immersion than standard point-and-click systems. The one downside to the app, beyond its price, is that it takes up a lot of space, requiring a lot of memory and a strong internet signal while downloading.

Alcove is not technically a travel app, but it does offer a number of virtual tour experiences for free. The app itself is a virtual home, where users can download different in-app features depending on their interests. The travel features do include a number of tours on the ground, under the sea, and even in the sky, narrated by some of the most thorough guides available in VR.

The limitation of the app is that each experience is entirely pre-determined. There are no interactive features that would make it more immersive. However, given that it is free and has such incredible visual quality, that might be a sacrifice worth making.

National Geographic Explore VR

National Geographic Explore VR is a highly-interactive app that allows users to take on the role of a National Geographic photographer. They have the ability to travel to Machu Pichu or Antarctica, where they can navigate the landscape and take pictures of the many sights to see.

Users feel the strain of rowing boats and climbing cliffs, which makes for a more immersive experience . However, the quest is fairly pre-programmed, which means that individual decision-making is only possible in the pictures a user takes rather than in the experience as a whole. Coupled with another, more interactive app, this could be a great way to feel the travel in a way that images themselves cannot achieve.

Nature Treks VR

Nature Treks VR isn't overly concerned with realism, instead focusing on making a relaxing experience. Users have the ability to go on a walk on a variety of virtual paths, with exotic animals meandering by and control of the weather allowing the user to fit the experience to their preferences.

Because it isn't definitively located in any real-world locations , users have the ability to mold the world as they see fit, interacting with the trees to summon animals and controlling the sound levels to be more immersive or more relaxing. The detail work and spontaneity make it an engaging experience, though users should be aware that it is not intended to be a completely realistic one.

ecosphere is a photo-realistic breakdown of the Earth's most beautiful locations and the people that are working to protect them. Intended as a way to help the average person connect with the environmental crises of our time , these immersive documentaries show the importance of caring for the Earth before the damage is irreversible.

This is distinct from other user-directed travel apps but also provides a sense of depth and significance far beyond what other apps can offer. There are only a handful of experiences, but they go beyond visuals to explain what really matters about the different locations they portray. As an added bonus, the app is free, making these videos some of the most accessible ways for Oculus users to travel in VR.

NEXT: The 10 Coolest Games To Play On Oculus Quest 2

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Home » Gear » best travel games

Best Travel Games – Entertainment on the Go

Travel inherently means downtime. There’s waiting for transport to depart, the relocating bit, and a myriad of other periods of time when you can’t do much more than wait. How do you fill this time? You could impatiently look at your watch, stare into space, read a book – or enjoy your time by playing a travel game!

There are a whole host of travel games out there, and whatever your tastes you’re sure to find one that meets your needs! Whether you’re looking for the top travel size games for adults or maybe something for the kids, we’ve got it all covered.

Want to find out then? Simple – read on!

Quick Answer: The Best Travel Games

Best pick travel game, best travel board game, best travel card game, best travel games for adults, best travel game for couples, best travel games for flights, best travel games for road trips, best travel games for families, best travel game for kids, best travel game for pre-schoolers, best travel game for 2 people, best travel game for groups, best of the rest, how to choose the best travel game, how we tested this gear, faq about the best travel games, ready, steady, begin.

  • Best pick travel game – Bananagrams
  • Best travel board game – Travel Monopoly
  • Best travel card game – Exploding Kittens
  • Best travel games for adults – Cards Against Humanity
  • Best travel game for couples – The Date Game That’s Actually Fun
  • Best travel games for flights – Boggle
  • Best travel games for road trips – Battleship Grab & Go
  • Best travel games for families – Dobble
  • Best travel game for kids – Pass the Pigs
  • Best travel game for pre-schoolers – Buckle Toy Bizzy
  • Best travel game for 2 people – Connect 4 Grab & Go
  • Best travel game for groups – Farkle



  • > Lightweight
  • > Needs just 2 players

Travel Monopoly

Travel Monopoly

  • > Self-adhesive board
  • > Up to six players

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

  • > Easy to understand rules
  • > Small to pack

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

  • > Strictly for adults
  • > 4-20 players

travel the world game

The Date Game That’s Actually Fun

  • > Includes all you need to play
  • > Best played as a couple


  • > All the parts kept in a carry case
  • > Can be played for just 3 minutes

Battleship Grab & Go

Battleship Grab & Go

  • > No need to pass tokens between players
  • > Travel friendly


  • > Game for almost all ages
  • > Metal carry tin

Pass the Pigs

Pass the Pigs

  • > Doesn’t require adult supervision
  • > Simple to understand

Buckle Toy Bizzy

Buckle Toy Bizzy

  • > Specifically designed for pre-school children
  • > Educational

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Connect 4 Grab & Go

  • > Easy to set up


  • > Perfect for large groups
  • > Games can be varied in length

travel the world game

REI is one of America’s biggest and most-loved outdoor gear retailers.

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Bananagrams is a firm favorite for those in the know, is easy to set up and play anywhere, and adds little weight to your kid’s backpack . A word-based game, it consists of 144 Scrabble-like letter tiles, with some doled out to players and the rest left in a central ‘bunch’. The aim of the game is to use up all your tiles in creating interconnecting words – rather like a crossword grid. There are no turns to be taken, but each player working on their own grid as quickly as possible, making it a fast-paced and very addictive game. Requiring just two players, it’s also possible to play with anyone from reading age upwards.

  • Lightweight
  • Needs just 2 players
  • From reading age upwards
  • Tiles could get lost
  • Can’t be played alone
  • Not for pre-schoolers

Is Bananagrams for me?

If you’re looking for a travel game that’s going to keep you entertained without needing a large amount of baggage space, Bananagrams could be for you! Scrabble fans and lovers of word games will definitely enjoy games, which at a minimum of five minutes in length, can be played at almost any time!

Our team swear by Bananagrams for their trips as they find it to be super fun, engaging, educational and most importantly, it weighs hardly anything and takes up no room at all in their bags. They also love how simple the game is to play and pick up too.

Travel Monopoly

Travel Monopoly plays in exactly the same way as standard Monopoly, and the world’s favorite board game needs very little introduction! The small board folds in half so that the entire game takes up not much more space than a paperback book, and doesn’t weigh much more either (just 300g in fact), while a ‘self-adhesive’ board ensure counters don’t fall about the place at the first elbow nudge or spot of turbulence on an aircraft. With enough miniature versions of the traditional player pieces to make this a six-player game (with a minimum of two), it’s ideal for families, while the average game time of 45 minutes makes it a great distraction for airport waits.

  • Self-adhesive board
  • Up to six players
  • Playing time of around 45 minutes
  • Minimum 2 players
  • Small cards/pieces could get lost
  • Age range of 8+

Is Travel Monopoly for me?

Long waits and long journeys don’t need to feel like purgatory with Travel Monopoly in hand. Its 45-minute average playing time will see the time pass all the quicker, while the self-adhesive board helps the counters stay in place however bumpy the journey might be!

Our team are split on whether Monopoly is a good idea on a trip or not! They love the mini set up which plays pretty much the same as the bigger version and packs down pretty light. Some of them just wonder if it might cause a mid-flight emergency landing if things kick off!

Exploding Kittens

Adored by those who have played it, Exploding Kittens is as whimsical as its name might suggest. A rapid-fire card game, the aim is to avoid picking an exploding kitten from the stack of face-down cards, while action cards add to the peril by giving sneak peeks and mixing up the pack in various ways. No bigger than a pack of playing cards (out of the box), Exploding Kittens is perhaps one of the easiest games to take traveling. It’s suitable for 2-5 players of more or less any age, with each individual game lasting around 15 minutes.

  • Quick to play
  • Easy to understand rules
  • Small to pack
  • Family-friendly
  • Not for single players
  • Maximum 5 players
  • Cards could get lost
  • Games last 15 minutes

Is Exploding Kittens for me?

A quick action family-friendly card game if ever there was one, Exploding Kittens so wonderfully bizarre, kids will love it, while the easy-to-understand rules mean even grandma and granddad can get involved! Small and lightweight too, this is an easy travel game to slip into a pocket for those times you need a little entertainment.

Exploding Kittens is a big hit amongst the team and they love how fun and easy to play it is. The game is also super light and portable meaning it can fit into pretty much any backpack without adding any extra weight. They also like how the playing area for the game is really compact too meaning you could play it on train or plane trays.

Cards Against Humanity

Certainly not a travel game for the kiddos, Cards Against Humanity at its best is rude, offensive, and potentially libellous too. So how’s it work? It’s simple really. The dealer reads out an incomplete phrase, which each player tries to complete in turn using words found on cards they’ve been dealt in a hand. It’s the dealer who decides the winner of each round, meaning the winner can be the most outrageous, most poetical, or most polite. A game for up to 20 players, it soon develops a party atmosphere! It’s one of the best adult travel games for sure.

  • Strictly for adults
  • Simple rules
  • 4-20 players
  • Easy to pack
  • Requires a minimum 4 players
  • Not for the easily offended!
  • Not for public areas either!
  • Game time of around 45 minutes

Is Cards Against Humanity for me?

Definitely not if you’re under 18 or easily offended, but taking that into account, Cards Against Humanity is what could be defined as a right-rollicking travel game, made all the better by the fact you can get up to 20 people playing at the same time.

Our team loves Cards Against Humanity and rate it as one of their best travel games for adults. The game is perfect for getting out at the hostel and breaking the ice. The only drawback is that the game is a little heavier compared to some of the others on the list. But it’s probably the most fun!

travel the world game

The premise of The Date Game That’s Actually Fun is pretty simple – the 330 questions are intended to test how well you know your partner! Though we can see how this could well lead to an argument or two, it’s also a great way of getting to know your other half better and passing the dead time of travel.

The Date Game That’s Actually Fun comes with everything you need to play the game on the move, with 2 dice and 75 prompt cards, across six different categories so you can really get to know your other half.

  • Get to know your partner better
  • Includes all you need to play
  • Best played as a couple
  • Number of questions limits playability
  • Good for couples getting to know each other
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Could lead to arguments!

Is The Date Game That’s Actually Fun for me?

Certainly a travel game given its pocket size and weight, The Date Game That’s Actually Fun is a fun way for a couple to pass the time, or for hen/bachelorette groups, in particular, to get the party started. Hopefully, you know your partner well enough that it doesn’t lead to angry recriminations!

Our team felt this was also one of their favourite travel games for adults and kids alike with the addition of the different categories questions. They felt it was perfect for a bit of fun on the road especially when there is only the two of you.


The travel version of this word game is just as easy to play on an aircraft as the original is to play at home. Give the box a quick shake to mix up and settle the letter-inscribed dice within, open up the box, and turn over the sand timer. Each player must then create as many words as they can from the revealed letters, akin to a word search. Obscure words are best, since (infuriatingly) any word spotted by more than one player doesn’t count! But what’s great about this game is that you can play it for as little or as much time as you like (each round lasts just two minutes or so), and can even play alone!

  • All the parts kept in a carry case
  • Can be played for just 3 minutes
  • Can be played with one player
  • Infinite number of players
  • Dice shaking could irritate other passengers
  • Carry case lid isn’t hinged
  • No note paper included

Is Boggle for me?

If you enjoy word searches or other travel games such as Bananagrams, you’re going to enjoy Boggle too! Ideal for a flight because of its compact size and simple gameplay, it also has an almost infinite number of letter combinations, that will keep you busy for hours!

Our team feel this is their best game for travel if the size is one of your main concerns. They love how compact and light the game is with all the parts also being super hard-wearing. They also love that the game itself takes up hardly any room in use and uses the box as its playing area.

Battleship Grab & Go

Battleship Grab & Go

What makes Battleship Grab & Go so good for road trips? Well, it one of the few travel games that don’t require either a communal aspect (a deck of cards or bag of letter tiles) or the need to pass tokens between players. For anyone who doesn’t already know, this two-player (or two-team) game links guesswork with skill to track down the coordinates of each ship in the other player’s navy. The two playing trays are designed in such a way that pegs are firmly placed and can’t get shaken out of place whatever road obstacles you might come across!

  • No ‘communal aspect’
  • No need to pass tokens between players
  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy to play
  • For two players/teams
  • For ages 7+
  • Pegs a little fiddly

Is Battleship Grab & Go for me?

Road trips mean plenty of time in the confines of a vehicle where it’s difficult to reach a communal pile of cards or letters, and can be hard to pass tokens between players too! Battleship Grab & Go has no need for these game aspects, and is specifically designed for use on the road!

Battleship is an absolute classic and our team loves it! Many of them have fond memories of playing it as kids. The team liked that this edition was made from durable materials and included two self-enclosed playing boards that keep all the pieces organised.


A card-based travel game aimed at children but still very playable by adults, there’s little to have to carry with Dobble, making it a great option for families who already have more than enough baggage with them! Essentially a version of ‘snap’ built for the twenty-first century, five different games can be played with the 55 card Dobble pack. The most basic sees players reveal one card at a time, in an attempt to match images between cards – each one has 8 different images of various sizes to make it extra tricky! The player with the most cards at the end of the pack wins!

  • Game for almost all ages
  • 2-8 players
  • Metal carry tin
  • Not suitable for pre-schoolers
  • Cannot be played alone
  • Game time of 10 minutes
  • Won’t help teach literacy

Is Dobble for me?

This fun, fast, and sometimes raucous travel game can be played by anyone in the family old enough to be able to recognize different images (with another version available for younger children too). Educational and enjoyable to play, Dobble is a marvellous way of having fun as a family!

Our team are big fans of Dobble, especially for games nights in the hostel. They love that it comes in a metal box that keeps the cards safe when it’s thrown in their packs. The only thing they did say is that this game can get pretty energetic and rowdy, so maybe not ideal for enclosed spaces!

Pass the Pigs

If you’re after a game that the kids can play on their own without the supervision or input of a tired-out adult, reach for Pass the Pigs! Based on the traditional game of ‘pigs’ that uses the roll of a pair of dice to determine points, this version sees kids drop small model pigs (that they’ll love in any case) onto the playing board, which is made up of several squares which can take or give points. The trick is knowing when to stop or play on (all down to luck of course), which keeps the game fresh and risky time after time!

  • Doesn’t require adult supervision
  • Simple to understand
  • Very small to pack
  • 2-4 players
  • For reading age kids
  • Game time of 30 minutes
  • Pigs could get lost

Is Pass the Pigs for me?

The lack of a skill requirement means Pass the Pigs is suitable for a child of just about any age (although the board does include some writing). It’s also one of those games where you can leave them to it for a few minutes without supervision. It’s also small to pack and weighs very little, making it a good choice for traveling families!

The team felt this was a super fun game, especially for kids. They like that the pieces are made from durable and hard-wearing material and their box is strong enough to cope with the rigours of travel. They did feel it could get a bit tedious for the adults after a while though.

Buckle Toy Bizzy

Specifically designed to be attractive to pre-schoolers, the upper side of the Buckle Toy Bizzle is decorated with a bright and cheerful face, while the underside has tabs for numbers 1 to 5 which lift up to reveal a series of stitched animals. Stretching out from this soft central section are 6 colorful child-friendly buckles of different sorts to help develop a pre-schoolers motor, cognitive, and problem-solving skills without even realizing it. A zip pocket gives a further reason why the child would love to have this around, while its 6 x 6 inch size and fabric construction makes it very easy to travel with, however far you’re heading.

  • Specifically designed for pre-school children
  • Brightly colored
  • Educational
  • Small in size
  • For 1-4 years of age
  • For one player
  • No alternate games to play
  • Small danger of catching skin in clips

Is Buckle Toy Bizzy for me?

Good, educational travel toys for pre-schoolers are difficult to come by, and let’s face it, if you intend on traveling you definitely need something to keep these young minds occupied! Brightly colored, and with little extras such as the hidden animals, Bizzy could be your child’s favorite for months to come.

The team felt this toy was super well made, which is essential when it comes to something designed for toddlers! The game is small and light enough to fit easily inside a backpack whilst offering a surprising amount of different colours, numbers, textures and noises to keep the little ones distracted! They also love that you can attach it to a backpack or the back of a seat too.

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Connect 4 Grab & Go

Even if the name of Connect 4 doesn’t ring a bell right away, we suspect you’ll soon recognize its bright blue plastic frame and red and yellow counters. Connect 4 Grab & Go is the same as the original game, but smaller in size and with handy attached trays in which to place the counters. If you don’t immediately remember how to play, you’re simply trying to drop the counters into the frame in such a way that the result is a line of four consecutive counters of the same color – a little like an expanded version of noughts and crosses.

  • Smaller version of a favourite
  • Simple to play
  • Easy to set up
  • For just two players
  • Counters can get lost
  • Little variation in the game
  • Playing time of 10 minutes

Is Connect 4 Grab & Go for me?

This simple, near vintage, travel game is easy to set up and perhaps even easier to play. With an average playing time of 10 minutes, it can be brought out even during short waits, while you’ll be surprised how addictive a game it can become!

Our team felt this was one of the best travel games for 2 adults or kids. This classic game is easy to get the hang of and offers hours of fun! The travel edition is super small and being plastic it’s both light and hard-wearing.


Finding a travel game suitable for a larger group would be difficult if it wasn’t for Farkle. Best described as the dice game Yahtzee built into a larger game, it can be played by an almost limitless number of players due to the fact each person takes turns shaking the six dice. With only specific dice combinations giving a player points nothing is guaranteed, while everything can be lost if you hit the Farkle combination. The winner is simply the person who reaches the winning points margin first – and as this can be as large or as small as you want, games can fit into whatever time you have free!

  • Perfect for large groups
  • Made in the UK
  • Games can be varied in length
  • Dice can get lost
  • For ages 8+
  • No skill required
  • Dice quite small

Is Farkle for me?

If you’re looking for a game that can absorb almost any number of players (simply use more than one score sheet for larger groups – or draw your own) and doesn’t require skill or any complicated rules (we’re looking at you, Monopoly) Farkle is probably the game for you!

The team rate this game highly for travelling with it being so small and light. Another bonus for solo travellers or couples is that it works well with one or two people which is pretty rare, even rarer is that equally, you can play it with a big group. The team also feel the replayability is much bigger than many other games on the list.

travel the world game

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Reading the instructions and you might think Codenames is the most complicated travel game ever invented, but get stuck in and you’ll soon realize it’s not as difficult as it at first sounds! The aim of the game is to uncover all of each team’s secret agents, hidden within a field of possibles that includes ordinary bystanders and a very deadly assassin. But really, this is a game of word association, with clues given by a spymaster to their team linked in some way to the agents they are looking for. With so many combinations possible, you can play this game almost endlessly, with different combinations of team members making for very different results!

  • Simple at heart
  • Close to a traditional board game (without the board)
  • Can be played almost endlessly
  • Better with 4+ players

Is Codenames for me?

If you’re looking for a travel game that involves a little more skill and thought than the simple chance of something like Farkle, go for Codenames! This competitive and fun travel game will have you second-guessing every word given by your spymaster in the attempt to identify your undercover agents.

Codenames is one of my personal favourite games, I love how frustrating and fun it is anticipating your partners answer or trying to find a tenuous link between the cards! The game consists of just cards so it’s easy to take out of the box as we have and throw it in a sandwich bag for your travels. It lays flat and weight almost nothing. However, the game does need more room than a plane tray usually affords.


The traditional stylings of the box might not look much, but bear with us, for Catan is a big hit with everyone that plays it! Credited with igniting the recent craze for board games, Catan requires skill, strategy, and a little bit of cooperation between players too. The ultimate aim is to reach ten victory points and to do this each player begins building their own settlement through farming, trading, and other choices. Along the way, each player needs to watch out for the robber, who stops development of the settlements he’s landed on!

  • Almost infinite playing board
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Games last around an hour
  • Not simply luck
  • Requires space for the board
  • Just 3-4 players
  • Lots of small parts

Is Catan for me?

Want something more than a travel game of chance and luck? Catan meets this need, with its requirement for careful consideration and strategy. It also emphasizes the need for cooperation, which is great for children and has an almost infinite playing board thanks to its jigsaw-like setup.

Catan is a classic and it’s one of my favourite games. The full-sized edition, whilst a surefire hit in the hostels, might just be a little on the large and heavy side unless you’re travelling in a car or campervan. However, there are smaller versions available where two players can play too.

Sequence Travel Edition

Sequence Travel Edition

Made for travel, Sequence Travel Edition combines the basic premise of a number of games including Connect4 and poker into one large board-based travel game. The board has cleverly been placed within the lid of the plastic carry case of this travel edition and pegs that slot into holes replace the traditional chips used so that players don’t lose their place. Even the cards used in a miniature pack for travel, while the game itself is simple enough that children will be readily able to play. So what’s it all about? Fundamentally, it’s about connecting up a sequence of 5 cards in various ways that will keep your mind busy over and over again!

  • Special travel edition
  • Can be played by children
  • Pegs can be a little fiddly
  • Two-player version

Is Sequence Travel Edition for me?

Those who have played the full-sized version of Sequence might be a little unimpressed by the Travel Edition, however, for a game that will keep children and adults entertained for half an hour or more, we still rate Sequence Travel Edition as a fine travel game!

Our team felt this was a pretty fun little game that impressed them with its clever design where it was played inside its own plastic container. It meant it was compact and light and keeping all the various parts together wasn’t an issue. Most importantly, it could also be played easily on a plane, train or bus tray table.

Qwirkle Travel

Qwirkle Travel

The colorful playing pieces of Qwirkle Travel play rather like dominoes on steroids. The aim is to place connecting tiles next to each other, but instead of tiles comprising numbers, they are of various shapes and colors. An orange square can be placed next to a red square, which can be followed by a red circle, for instance. And to make it slightly more complicated, each color can only appear in a row once! The winner of each round is the player that has put down the most tiles, in the most rows, so some strategy is needed too.

  • Travel version of the popular game
  • Good for children and adults to play together
  • One of the heavier games on our list
  • For just 2-4 players
  • Lots of small pieces to lose

Is Qwirkle Travel for me?

Easy to understand, but requiring enough strategy to keep players entertained, Qwirkle Travel is family fun at its very best. Though it can be a rapid-fire game, the thought required also means a game can last 45 minutes – an ideal length of time for many travel experiences.

Our team loves that this is one of those simple yet complex games where you can really get stuck in and engaged in the game. It really passes the time well on long trips with the level of concentration needed! They also feel that the bag and pieces are pretty robust too and like that it can be played with 2 people.

Top Trumps Wonders of the World

Top Trumps Wonders of the World

If you don’t already know how Top Trumps works, where have you been? Nothing to do with the 45 th president of the United States (that we know of), the Top Trumps deck of cards is divided among the players, who try and beat the other players by besting them on one of the card’s selected categories. What makes the Wonders of the World version particularly relevant to travel is its world theme, with plenty of intriguing facts to keep everyone paying attention while the game goes on. And that game goes on right up until the time when one player holds all the cards!

  • Games can last as little as 2 minutes
  • Easy to travel with
  • Great for kids
  • Travel themed
  • Limited number of cards
  • Best with 4 players

Is Top Trumps Wonders of the World for me?

A particularly good choice if you’re looking to drill some useful facts about the world into your children without them realizing it (such as the height of Mount Everest), Top Trumps Wonders of the World is also easy to travel with, and argument free – since all the facts are written down! Perfect!

Top Trumps has been a hit with me and my partner since we first met each other as teenagers! We’ve collected heaps of different versions but of course, as avid travellers, this version is a firm favourite. The game is simple, filled with interesting facts and fun to play. The cards take up hardly any room and the plastic case keeps them in good condition on the road.

Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

The Exploding Kittens for the millennial age, Unstable Unicorns is as barmy a card-based game as they come! How does a player go about winning? By building up a powerful unicorn army of course! And you can’t do this without a little bit (alright, a lot) of friendly betrayal of the other players, seeing to the destruction of their own unicorn armies. With wonderfully vibrant imagery and an unpredictability no other travel game can match, Unstable Unicorns definitely belongs to the ‘once tried never forgotten’ list of travel games!

  • Great design
  • Ridiculously unpredictable
  • Up to 8 can play
  • 30-45 minutes playing time
  • For ages 14+
  • Higher price point
  • Requires table space

Is Unstable Unicorns for me?

A great way to spend some quality time with your teens, or just a group of friends, Unstable Unicorns is like no other card-based game you will ever have come across. Quirky, cute, and evilly vicious in equal turn, up to 8 can play, with games lasting right up to 45 minutes.

Our team absolutely loves this game from the hilarious illustrations to the cunning gameplay, it’s got it all! It’s a huge hit at the hostel and really gets everyone interacting and having fun from the off. They also like that there are various different versions and expansion packs too so the game has huge replayability.

Mille Bornes

Mille Bornes

With a strapline of ‘the classic racing game,’ you can know a little of what to expect from this card-based travel game. A Monopoly for cars, players need to fill up on petrol, avoid accidents, and block the progress of other players to reach the end of the 1000-mile journey. Ironically perhaps, this is actually an incredibly fast-paced game, so pay attention! It’s also very easy to learn the rules, so you’ll be up to speed (pardon the pun) and playing before you know it!

  • Travel version of a classic travel game
  • Easy to understand
  • Cards can be lost
  • High price point

Is Mille Bornes for me?

Looking for an alternative to Monopoly? Mille Bornes fills that niche, without the need for a board. The resulting card-based game is a classic, particularly in its birthplace of France. Nothing gets classic status without reason, so why not splash out and try Mille Bornes for yourself?

Our team love the unique premise of this game and felt it offered something pretty different compared to most card games out there. The retro metal packaging was also great for travellers because it was still pretty light but made sure all the pieces stayed together and undamaged whilst in their backpacks.


Another classic travel game is Uno. Developed in the early 1970s, it is as fresh today as when it was first invented, which says a lot about the simple elegance of this card game. Using a specially printed pack of 108 cards, the majority of which comprise a color and number, the basic aim is to be the first player to shed all their cards through picking up and putting down cards based on what’s face up in a central pile. It’s a little more complex than that, with skips and wild cards among other features, and the need to shout ‘Uno!’ not when you’ve won, but when you have a single card left in your hand!

  • A classic game
  • 2-10 players
  • 45 minute game time

Is Uno for me?

Uno rapidly becomes addictive, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a travel game when you have a lot of dead time to fill up without getting bored! Lightweight and easy to pack, and suitable for everyone from the age of seven upwards, your career as an Uno champion could start today!

Uno! What can we say, it’s a classic and a game all of our team needed no introduction to! I think we’ve all got a traumatic Uno story, ending up with a stack of cards just a few rounds after forgetting to shout “Uno”! But no one can deny the fun of this simple but tactical game that packs down super small and light.

OK Play

An award-winning family strategy game, OK Play is durable, waterproof (being plastic), and a good size for travel, although the small counters might be troublesome for some families to keep hold of. Once you’ve chosen your particular color of tiles – held neatly on their own stack until they are needed – it’s simply a matter of placing down one tile at a time until one of the players manages to sneak in a row of five counters in the horizonal, vertical, or diagonal. Recommended for children from the age of 8 upwards, four different color stacks of counters make it suitable for 2-4 players.

  • Award-winning
  • Designed for travel
  • Counters could get lost
  • Requires a playing table
  • For only 2-4 players
  • Slightly awkward shape for packing

Is OK Play for me?

This counter game is so easy to play you won’t bore children with a long list of rules and regulations, yet at the same time is flexible enough to allow continued development of the skills and strategies required to make it a success as a player. Its durability and waterproof nature also help to make it an all-around good family travel game!

This game was new to most of our testers but they really loved how simple, fast-paced and addictive it was. They also felt when it came to travel games, this one was probably the most perfectly designed. It was super compact, so light and really hard to break!

travel the world game

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What makes a game the best travel game for you, your family, and your friends? Here are some helpful hints and tips to guide you!


You’re probably already struggling to fit everything you want to take into your baggage, particularly if traveling as a family, so you don’t want to be carrying around a travel game that is either large in size, or overly heavy. Thankfully, these days the manufacturers have caught the hint, producing dedicated travel versions of many popular games, with Monopoly one of them.

Are you looking for a travel game that will entertain just a couple of people, have a group of adults enthralled, keep children busy during dead time, or maybe one that’s suitable for families? We’ve highlighted the age range each game is aimed at in our reviews, to make this really obvious for you!

Number of players

There’s no point getting a travel game that’s at its best with six players if there are only ever going to be two or you! Likewise, don’t get a game for two if you know the average number of players is going to be greater than this. Follow these simple rules together with our reviews, and you’ll find the best travel game for you!

There is no perfect or exact science when it comes to testing out travel gear, but when it comes to picking the best travel games, we’ve got plenty of experience between us!

Whenever we test a piece of gear, one of our team takes it out for a spin and puts it through its paces. When it came to travel games things were no different in our eyes, we just added in a few extra details.

So, we looked initially at how well-made the game is and whether it would stand up to the rigours of being thrown into a backpack every day. Then we accessed things like weight, size, packability as well as ease of set up and most importantly, gameplay!

Finally, we also take into account how much each item costs – when it came to picking out the best games for traveling, we also weighted up whether we felt each one was worth the price. We judged the more expensive items more harshly than the cheaper games as we expected to get more for our money.

Still have some questions about the best games for travel? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

What are the best travel games for long car-rides?

Battleship Grab & Go is a great option for long car rides or road trips. The two playing trays are designed in such a way that pegs are firmly placed and can’t get shaken out of place whatever road obstacles you might come across!

What is the best board travel game?

Travel Monopoly might cause one or the other family war, but it’s the best board game on the market.

What are the best games for families or a group of friends?

There are many great group travel games, but Farkle and Dobble are the best ones. They’re perfect for all ages and all types of travelling.

What is the easiest travel game?

Connect 4 Grab & Go is simple and fast to learn, however, it requires one or the other brain cells.

travel the world game

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Forget hours of boring waiting at train stations , airports, and on road trips with our selection of the best travel games! Whether it’s a classic like Uno or a new kid on the block such as Unstable Unicorns, or something for adults or kids (or both), we’ve got you covered with our review! Hopefully, you’ve found some good travel games for your next trip.

travel the world game

And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links . That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!

Ralph Cope

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travel the world game

Thanks for this kind of blog about travel. I wonder if you tried to go on baguio cafes in the philippines?

Just an FYI…. Bananagrams can be played with one person. Bananagram solitaire is extremely popular and is a great way for school-age children to build their vocabulary.

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Nerd Bear

25 Video Games That Allow You To Travel and Cure Wanderlust

By: Author Amar Hussain

Posted on Last updated: June 26, 2022

25 Video Games That Allow You To Travel and Cure Wanderlust

Travel may have changed forever and for some trips abroad to far-flung destinations could be a long way off. Wanderlust is calling and it’s hard to scratch the itch.

Luckily for us, there are several video games that will allow you to explore multiple places and worlds, all from the comfort of our homes.

In just a few clicks you can be flying over mountains, traversing jungles, driving through the British countryside, or diving under the sea.

Quick Links

Earth – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The middle east – journey, europe – euro truck simulator 2, under the sea – subnautica, u.k. – forza horizon 4, new york – spider-man, europe and africa – uncharted 4 – a thief’s end, colorado – horizon zero dawn, peru – shadow of the tomb raider, ancient greece – assassin’s creed odyssey, nepal – far cry 4, japan – ghost of tsushima, ancient egypt – assassin’s creed origins, san francisco – watch dogs 2, montana – far cry 5, caribbean – assassin’s creed iv: black flag, los angeles – grand theft auto 5, american frontier – red dead redemption 2, boston – fallout 4, washington d.c. – the division 2, oregon – days gone, tamriel – the elder scrolls v: skyrim, unknown – monster hunter world, the continent – witcher 3: wild hunt, alternative earth – super mario odyssey, final thoughts, best video games that allow you to travel.

Pack your virtual bags, we’re going for a ride.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Age: Everyone

Platform: Windows, Xbox One

Released: TBA

An upcoming new-gen title, Microsoft Flight Simulator, will be one of the best games to explore every possible Earth location .

The game will feature every part of the Earth. With 7 petabytes of satellite imagery being used as a reference, the game will be able to simulate every airport, city, and landscape available for us to visit.

What’s amazing is that the game will feature an accurate representation of a dynamic weather system, proper lighting per region, and accurate 3D representations places in the world.

So, if you’re tired of the rain where you currently are, you might as well take a break and vacation in a few tropical islands in Southeast Asia.

This one is perfect if you’re trying to make a plan for your next trip once this coronavirus pandemic is over.


Platform: PS3, PS4, Windows

Release Date: March 2012

It’s no wonder why this game holds up to this day.

It’s visually stunning, the music is an emotional masterpiece, and the world will let you feel what it’s like to be lost in the ancient ruins of The Middle East and its Arabian deserts , set in an astounding fantasy world.

The beauty that separates this game from its open-world cousins is that you’re not just here to play the game, but to visually and emotionally experience feel the journey.

Journey really is a rare gem that is worth a look.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Age: Everyone (10+)

Platform: Linus, Mac, Windows

Release Date: October 2012

Feel like visiting Europe while enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian countryside? Euro Truck Simulator 2 has got your back.

You will play as a trucker whose sole mission is to deliver packages all across Europe . Want to visit Latvia ? No problem.

Feel like crossing the Italian highways to get to Poland ? Easy.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a paradise for people who want to experience European beauty, and countries you can visit include the United Kingdom , Estonia , Hungary , Norway , Germany , Sweden , Denmark , and many more.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the land-based counterpart of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. If you’re tired of waiting for the MFS release, why not try Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a fresh experience.


Platform: Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: December 2014

Subnautica is probably one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the ocean without having to go anywhere near a wet suit.

The game is set on a planet filled with nothing but a large ocean and rich variety of aquatic life, from large squids and a mutant shark to different types of fishes and humongous flora.

They all cohabitate in the ocean with a deep and complex ecosystem.

Forza Horizon 4

Release Date: September 2018

Are you tired of the slow-paced driving in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Why don’t you give Forza Horizon 4 a try?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of city highways or country roads, because no matter where you like, Forza will have it all as it is set in the United Kingdom .

Explore the vast and open environment of Great Britain , from Edinburgh , up to Broadway and the Cotswolds , with hundreds of cars at your disposal.

Spider-Man Game

Age: Teen (13+)

Platform: PS4

If you’re not a fan of driving a truck across Europe, why don’t you fly a truck across New York ? Well, now you can, thanks to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

If you ever wanted to visit Times Square at any time of day and you’re having trouble getting there, you can just fling a couple of spider webs and weave your way around the entire cityscapes of New York City .

The open world in this game is massive as it stretches the whole of the Manhattan area. Perfect for anyone who fancies a trip to the big apple.

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End

Released: May 2016

One of Naughty Dog’s pride, Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End is the final installment of the game in the Uncharted series.

Generally well-regarded as one of the best storytelling game by many fans, Uncharted 4 offers a good mix of exploration and combat.

The game isn’t an open-world adventure but you can still explore many parts of the world.

For the most part, you’ll be playing a linear story that follows several places from the cityscapes of Italy, up to Madagascar’s rich deserts .

For the most part, you’ll be exploring ruins and finding treasures, as well as fighting off enemies.

It’s a pretty fun game, and it won’t give you too much trouble in the puzzles since they’re fairly easy to solve.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Platform: PS4, Windows

Release Date: February 2017

One of the most visually stunning and gorgeous open-world action RPGs, Horizon Dawn Zero, will have you in awe, especially with the amount of gameplay and tons of replayability it offers.

Explore the vast wilderness and environmentally-luscious greeneries that the game can offer.

The game takes place in Colorado , now infested with giant robot creatures and beautiful nature reserves , where humans are the ones that are always in danger of getting stomped on.

Horizon Zero Dawn tops the games of post-apocalyptic genres simply for being spectacular.

The gameplay is definitely one that is almost similar to open-world RPGs like the Witcher 3, but it doesn’t really fall short of things to do, especially if you’re always on the run against the territorial and hostile metal-plated animals.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Age: Mature (17+)

Platform: Linus, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Shadow of Tomb Raider is the most satisfying reboot of Lara Croft games franchise over the years.

Relive your nostalgia, now in full H.D. 1080p (4K, if you have one) and play as Lara Croft, the female counterpart of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted 4 series.

Experience the joy of exploring ancient ruins, the rich native culture of Peru, and the undiscovered beauty of both Central and South America .

You will meet not-so-friendly people along the way, but you can greet them in various ways. For example, with a knife, a bow, or a gun.

Choose how to live your rogue life and become the embodiment of freedom without boundaries.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Platform: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: October 2018

Wise men say, “Only fools rush in,” but Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato cannot stop anyone from doing a Leap of Faith straight into a haystack after surveying Athens’s from above.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the most satisfying games in the franchise. Who wouldn’t want to explore Ancient Greece ?

You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the center of Greek philosophy and knowledge in Athens , the lush environment of Kephallonia Island, the rich and culturally-diverse city of Korinthia , and many more.

You might as well explore the Lost City of Atlantis while you’re at it. You won’t meet Zeus here in Odyssey, that’s from a different game, but at least you can send your enemies to him.

Far Cry 4

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows

Release Date: November 2014

Do you know what the definition of insanity is? It’s playing the same game over and over again, expecting different results. But that’s exactly what Far Cry 4 offers.

The game is set in the fictional countryside of the Himalayan alps , in the country of Kyrat .

The rich culture of Nepal and its atmosphere can be experienced by playing this game, especially if you ignore the danger, like the civil war and people shooting at you for no damn reason.

The game features the legends of the Kyrati culture that allows the player to experience both the real and supernatural beauty of its rich and astounding lore.

Ghost of Tsushima

Release Date: July 2020

Recently released, Ghost of Tsushima will allow you to explore several regions in Japan, and the beautiful sakura blossoms during the Mongolian invasion, which is a pretty terrible start for such a visually-amazing game and a peaceful tour in the land of the samurai.

What’s amazing about Ghost of Tsushima isn’t just about the combat and the gameplay mechanics they added, but the Photo Mode.

It’s one of the best features the game has to offer, and if you’re a fan of editing photos, you’ll have the perfect vacation shot in Japan , as well as its serene and stunning environment and traditions, all without spending thousands of dollars to get there.

Whether you want to fight dirty or with honor, it’s up to you. The game itself is already a masterpiece without the fighting,  but it’s even better now since you can put enemies down in a single slash of your master-crafted katana.

This the perfect game for Japanese aesthetic enthusiasts and those who wish to master the blade.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: October 2017

Done exploring Ancient Greece in Odyssey? Why not try exploring Ancient Egypt as well?

Discover the roots and the start of a great civilization, you’ll play the first assassin in the history of Assassin’s Creed . Play as Bayek, a very tough and incredibly chill guy who is on his way to get revenge.

You see, when you’re playing Origins, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful and very sandy cities of Egypt , from Giza up to Alexandria , as well as the Pyramids of Giza , and the beautiful Nile River .

Unless you hate sand because it’s coarse, rough, irritating, and can get anywhere, this game is definitely one helluva deal for such a magnificent description of what it’s like to be ruled by Cleopatra .

It’s fascinating to see camels running faster than horses in this game, much more than a group of angry hippos destroying an entire village of fishermen.

Watch Dogs 2 Screensaver

Age: Mature (17+)  

Release Date: November 2016

This game is just GTA V with hacking and cool gear. It’s no wonder why this game is on our list.

Watch Dogs 2 is a very lighthearted and fun game to explore. It’s one of those games that you can play in many different ways.

The game is visually pleasing, the overall environment doesn’t sound as dead as any other game, and the people are quite loud (and you can hear what they’re usually talking about, even on SMS).

The general atmosphere of the game looks exactly (or better) than what you’ll see on the streets of San Francisco .

The core gameplay of this game is great fun. It’s an instant buy.

Far Cry 5

Release Date: March 2018

Probably one the best-liked Far Cry game in the series, Far Cry 5 takes place in the state of Montana .

This game is the definition of exploration—no minimaps, no HUDs, no maps, and fewer indicators that usually clutter up your screen.

There’s so much more to explore in this game; you can hunt animals like deer and bears for their meat and skin, or hike the mountainous regions with your Cessna, visit farms and small villages .

It’s definitely something you’ll see yourself in the real world, especially if you’re a U.S. citizen.

Far Cry 5 fleshes out the game’s open-world aspect, which gives the player a lot to explore and the freedom to do whatever they want.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Wii U

Release Date: October 2013

Aargh matey, you up for some booty hunting?

Assassin’s Creed IV takes place in the scenic and visually-stunning Caribbean archipelagos and islands .

Explore the rich environment that The Bahamas , Cuba , and Jamaica have to offer.

Hunt killer whales,  meet various types of aquamarine life, swim deep underwater to find hidden treasures and get wealthy in the process, or put down an enemy pirate and naval force ships.

You’re a pirate. The sea is yours as you are part of it.

You are no longer a mindless assassin whose noble ambitions and sense of justice are the primary driving force of the series.

As a pirate, you are the bane of the English, Dutch, and Spanish navies. Explore as much as you like and live off of your hard work.

The grind never stops. Keep hustlin’.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Platform: PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows

Release Date: September 2013

GTA V is Rockstar Games’ most successful game, and it’s no doubt why you’re going to love this game.

Any fans of San Andreas always have been dreaming of a beautiful, next-gen GTA to play with, that is almost as good as GTA IV, with the amount of enjoyment that San Andreas can offer.

GTA V is one of the best games that you can play to explore the entire city of Los Santos, which almost looks similar to Los Angeles .

This game is the closest you can get to exploring the landscape of California .

A beautiful bay area, tall buildings, and commercial areas, mountainous regions where you can ride your dirt bike.

A sky that has air traffic, jet skis in the ocean, and a diverse array of people. This game has it all and more.

This is even better on P.C. because of the tons of mods and customizations it can offer, as opposed to playing it with a console. But, even in vanilla gameplay, this game offers so much.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ready for some Wild West action?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sequel to the fantastic Red Dead Redemption, a timeless classic.

Take the helm of a troubled man, out here to ride on his horseback, take his horse to the old town road, and explore the American Frontier , during the Age of Cowboys and bounty hunting.

RDR2 is a very good game that explores the Wild West , featuring wild animals, wildlife, and teams of bandits. The old country is fraught with danger but you’ve got this.

Fallout 4

Release Date: November 2015

As post-apocalyptic games go, Fallout 4 doesn’t fall short of its shares of the environment of what it is like to wake up in the middle of nowhere, after a nuclear fallout (hence the name).

Boston ‘s depiction of a once lively city still has its charm, especially if you think your neighbors are extra loud during the morning, you’ll be glad that they’re all but memories of the old world.

Fallout 4 plays especially well for enthusiasts who want to explore what it’s like if Chernobyl happened, but people are still living there despite the radiation.

The game features a wide variety of bizarre creatures that spawned during the nuclear fallout along with many famous Bostonian landmarks.

The Division 2 Wallpaper

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Windows

Release Date: February 2019

The Division 2 is a sequel to the first game, The Division (obviously).

Explore the ruined city of Washington D.C. , the capital of great landmarks such as The White House , Lincoln Memorial , the Washington Monument , and many more.

If you ever feel like you need to cement your patriotism, come and play The Division 2 and see if you can make your mark among the anarchy.

Days Gone

Release Date: April 2019  

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to be a part of a biker gang?

Well, don’t fret, because in Days Gone, you’ll be able to play as one. Days Gone is an open-world, survival, action RPG.

The environment is filled with a variety of species, including the very hungry and carnivorous zombies that are always in groups.

The game is set in Oregon . Experience what it’s like to be a biker gang member and a wildlife hunter by eliminating a variety of enemies, which includes bad people most of the time.

This game is the perfect substitute for The Forest since this game offers forest reserves , rivers , and mountain ranges that are always available to explore, minus the base building.


Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows

Release Date: November 2011

Ah, yes. Todd Howard’s favorite baby. This game has been ported as many times as the bugs it has.

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs in the video gaming industry. Many people actually enjoy this game even if most of the time, the A.I. is dumbed down to a walking rock level.

This game offers so much content for you to last just about 50 hours and feel like it’s time to put it down.

Nevertheless, the beauty which this game offers is the rich and beautiful province of Skyrim , from the continent of Tamriel.

Skyrim offers a lot of places to explore, from rivers , caverns , dungeons , sanctuaries , castles , forts , snowy mountains , plains , and many more.

All in all, due to Skyrim’s popularity, a lot of people managed to practice their graphics and modding skills in Skyrim due to the game’s less complex system that allows it to be incredibly and visually awe-inspiring.

Monster Hunter World

Release Date: December 2017

Monster Hunter series has always been one of the best games that features a wide variety of exploration options.

These include abundant and colossal trees from the Ancient Forest , the stinking paradise of death that is Rotten Vale , the beautiful and coral reef jungle that is Coral Highlands , and the coarse and cavernous place that is Wildspire Waste .

It’s the core gameplay and general atmosphere of the Monster Hunter games that make it a refreshing game to play and get lost in. With the expansion of Iceborne, you’ll be introduced to a lot more maps that are waiting to be explored.

The game features several types of environments for every kind of adventurer or hunter you want to be.

MHW is rich and filled with great detail and storytelling about the existence of monsters and how the people survive in the treacherous and dangerous world of apex predators.

Monster Hunter World is definitely one of the most satisfying games, simply because of its natural environment that goes hand-in-hand with the great gameplay it can offer players.

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Release Date: May 2015

The Witcher 3 is hands down, one of the best RPGs of this decade. Few RPGs can match this one hell of a masterpiece by CD Projekt Red.

One of the best things about Witcher 3 is the exploration that makes the player travel The Continent , featuring the beautiful cities of the Novigrad region, The White Orchard , Velen , Skellige , the magical realms of Isle of Mists , and many more.

Honestly, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is incredible. The dialogue isn’t bland. The people aren’t necessarily emotionless and devoid of any kind of personality.

The cities are booming with vibrant and colorful designs and looks that make you feel like you’re living inside the game, and not just playing it.

What’s more, The Witcher 3 offers so much content that 100, 200, or even 400 hours isn’t enough to cover every bit.

There are times that you’ll waste a single day just riding your white horse while exploring the places of interest or just enjoying the view and scenery that it can offer.

Witcher 3 is a must, and people, regardless of whether they are a gamer or not, should at least experience this masterpiece.

Super Mario Odyssey

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Nothing bad can be said about this game. It looks incredible, everyone can play it, and it’s a sight to see when trying to play the game that honed most of every gamer’s childhood.

This game is the definition of “growing up but not growing out” of the things people tend to overlook and enjoy.

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best games that came out this decade, and honestly, it’s kind of satisfying and rewarding to see that most of our childhood’s favorite game is coming out fresh and new while retaining the elements of what we used to love about them.

It’s kind of exhilarating, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and it’s not stressful.

You’ll explore jungles , safaris , deserted places , underwater dungeons , ruins , and even a city replica that looks like Manhattan .

Everything that Super Mario Odyssey offers is something that you can’t simply refuse or just ignore by not playing it.

This game is one of its kind, and everyone is encouraged to at least try and see the real adventure that resides within this game.

These games are merely suggestions that will allow you to explore the world or the world in your mind by playing them.

With the amount of stress that’s already in this world, I think we should at least give our minds a sense of peace, and with these games, you can get lost easily.

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Saturday 17th of December 2022

It's a crime to not have the new Hitman trilogy in this list.

travel the world game

Going on a road trip? These games will help you pass the time 

From classics like Scrabble and Uno to newer hits that prioritize conversation and connection, these games will appeal to everyone in the car.

No matter where you’re going on a road trip, travel games can be a great way to pass long hours in the car and create lasting memories.

The best travel games should be small and light enough to pack with you. They should appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. And of course, they should provide hours of entertainment.

With that in mind, the classic card game Uno is our top choice for best overall travel game. It’s compact, fun for everyone, and easy to pack and pull out when the mood strikes.  

But it’s not the only one. We considered portable games in several categories too. From classic board games to Ping Pong-inspired matches, here are the best travel games to take on your next road trip.

The best travel games by category

We break down the best travel games based on different categories like board games, card games, and more.  

The best travel board games

Purple cow magnetic backgammon  .

One of the best travel board games is backgammon, considered the national game in many countries across the Middle East and the Mediterranean. This portable version of the classic board game is magnetized so the pieces don’t slide around. Simply open the case, roll the dice, and play. The board may be smaller, but the strategy remains the same.  

Keep in mind:   The magnets on the pieces aren’t the strongest but do a good enough job of staying mostly in place.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 |   Size: 6 x 3 inches  

Portable Puck Shot

Sturdy wooden pucks and a Baltic birch wood case make this portable hockey board game ideal for car trips, camping, or spending a cozy evening in a cabin. You don’t have to be a hockey lover to enjoy this fast-paced game either. It involves a simple sling that fires wooden pucks across the board at your opponent’s goal.  

Keep in mind:   The Portable Puck Shot game is a bit large and heavy, making it more suitable for a road trip than for carrying onto a plane.  

Product details:   Number of players: 2 | Ages: 6 and up | Minutes to play a round: 5 | Size: 17 x 10.25 inches  

Scrabble to Go

travel the world game

Buy it now on   Amazon

It’s not hard to see why Scrabble is one of the most popular board games around. It appeals to players across generations, stimulates the brain, and can spark fun debates. This miniature version comes with snap-in tiles that make it easy to play on bumpy car rides or pick up later, after a break.  

Keep in mind:   The tiles on this mini version are small, which may take some getting used to for some players.

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 4 | Ages: 8 and up | Minutes to play a round: 25 | Size: 10.63 x 2.50 x 10.63 inches

Best travel card games  

Song survivor.

travel the world game

This travel card game is a great way to kick off singalongs in the car or hotels after a long day of travel. Developed by Black-owned small business Doin’ The Most, the game involves drawing cards with one word, prompting each player to sing a song containing that word. If a player messes up the lyrics or can’t think of a song in time, they’re out. This card game is designed for players (and crooners) 13 and up, with easy and hard modes to help make the game as challenging as you want.  

Keep in mind:   Not everyone is into singing outside of the shower, so consider your audience of fellow players before bringing this one along.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages: 16 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: travel size  

52 Essential Conversations

travel the world game

The premise behind this intriguing travel card game springs from the idea that the art of engaging conversation never goes out of style. It’s a “social-emotional” learning game designed to get players thinking and talking about topics that can help people—including kids—open up, improve social skills, and spark creativity. The cards come in a small tin box, making them easy to keep organized and bring anywhere.  

Keep in mind: Although this travel card game is designed for players 5 and up, some questions lean more adult. If you’re playing with a multigenerational group, you can skip the questions better suited to adults or take them out of the deck before you play.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size:   3 x 2 x 1 inches

travel the world game

This popular family card game is equally fun to play while traveling. You can go head to head with just one other person or as many as 10. The objective is to be the first person to get rid of all your cards. But achieving that goal depends on the luck of the draw. Just don’t forget to shout “Uno!” when you’re down to your last card. We love that this version comes in a sturdy tin for safekeeping.

Keep in mind:   This version of Uno incorporates graphic symbols on the cards so players with colorblindness can play too.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 10 |   Ages: 7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: 3 x 2 x 5 inches

Exploding Kittens

travel the world game

Easy to learn and loads of fun, Exploding Kittens is a cheeky card game loosely based on Russian roulette. Players draw cards, but use strategy (plus special “immunity” cards) to avoid drawing an “exploding kitten” card. With its compact size and lack of any additional game pieces, this card game is a hilarious way to pass the time while traveling.

Keep in mind: This card game is available in English, but other languages (German, Spanish, Italian, and French) are in the works.  

Product details:   Number of players:   2 to 10 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: ‎4.41 x 6.38 x 1.5 inches  

Best travel games for adults

Pepper pong.

travel the world game

This portable spin on ping pong and pickleball is one of the best travel games for adults. About the size of a shoebox, the game sets up virtually anywhere in a matter of seconds. Place the foldable net (called a Fence) on a picnic table at the park or any other relatively flat surface, and you’re good to go. The game’s three ball sizes (called Peppers) give you options for how aggressively you want to play. You can also feel good about purchasing this portable travel game—the makers say they donate a set to a recovery center or addiction-focused homeless center with each set they sell.  

Keep in mind:   There’s no official age minimum for this game. If you can swing the racket you can play. You’ll need a flat surface to set up.

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 4 | Ages: 3 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size: 12 x 7 x 4 inches

The Hygge Game

travel the world game

Buy it now at   Uncommon Goods

Hygge is the Danish word for coziness and the basis for this 300-question portable travel game. The questions are designed to foster meaningful conversations among friends and family members. Play it during long car rides, in a candlelit, hygge-inspired restaurant, or anyplace where you want to spark fun and thoughtful connections.  

Keep in mind: Some of the questions go pretty deep and might surprise people who prefer more superficial lines of interrogation.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 and up | Ages:   14 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 |   Size:   5.70 x 5.70 x 1.80 inches

Parents Are Human

Like the Hygge Game, Parents Are Human is a card game that fosters understanding and connections. This specific deck (others are designed for friends, romantic partners, and siblings) focuses on immigrant families, making it a great game for family road trips. Each set includes 50 question cards and 20 action cards in English on one side and another language on the other ( Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, and Thai).

Keep in mind:   Some reviewers say you can’t play this card game many times with the same people.  

Product details:   Number of players: 2 and up | Ages:   13 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size: ‎3.81 x 2.81 x 1.44 inches

Where Should We Begin

travel the world game

This traveling card game stems from relationship therapist and author Esther Perel’s Where Should We Begin podcast and is ideally suited for adults. Cards with topics like “A dream I’ve never shared” and “One of the things that is keeping me up at night” help travel companions learn more about each other in an approachable way.

Keep in mind: Many reviewers prefer not to use the dice and pull randomly from the deck of cards instead.  

Product details: Number of players: 2 to 6 players | Ages: 18 and up | Minutes to play a round: NA | Size:   9.4 x 4.9 x 2.6 inches  

Best travel games for kids

Nex playground.

This compact game console works as a portable travel game that the whole family can play while on the road. The colorful cube uses motion sensors (with controllers or wearable gear) for family-friendly competition. Just plug Nex Playground into a TV and tap the library of more than 20 games and experiences ranging from dance-offs to sports competitions and activities like jumping in puddles with favorite cartoon characters.  

Keep in mind: You’ll need floor space of about 8 feet by 8 feet to play, since the game requires moving around. If you’re in a small hotel room or other tight space, that can be challenging.  

Product details:   Number of players: Up to 4 | Ages: 5 and up | Minutes to play a round:   5 | Size: 2.83 x 2.83 x 2.83 inches

Kanoodle Ultimate Champion

travel the world game

Popular on TikTok, this puzzle game can easily pack up and go with you on your next road trip. It comes with over 500 puzzles and a timer, challenging family members to use problem solving and spatial reasoning skills to beat the clock in time.  

Keep in mind:   This game requires two AAA batteries to operate.  

Product details: Number of players:   1 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 to 30 | Size: ‎5.75 x 2 inches  

Play Monster Take ’N Play Bingo

travel the world game

Kids can spend hours playing this traveling bingo game. The animal-based bingo cards are built into a metal case that closes for easy storage and transport. Two players take turns spinning the spinner and placing magnetic markers on the matching animals.

Keep in mind:   The magnet is built into one side of the marker pieces, so they’re not the strongest at staying put on the board. However, this game is hard to beat for an affordable and fun option.

Product details: Number of players:   2 | Ages:   4 and up | Minutes to play a round: 5 | Size:   1 x 6.50 x 6.50 inches

Pass the Pigs

travel the world game

Families will get a kick out of this adorable dice game that involves rolling a pair of pig-shaped pieces to score points. The first player to score 100 points wins. It’s also a great game to play anywhere while traveling, since it only requires a flat surface to play, plus the pigs, scoring pads, and pencils fit in a small plastic storage case that easily tucks into a backpack.  

Keep in mind: Small parts could pose a choking hazard for younger kids.  

Product details: Number of players:   2 | Ages:   7 and up | Minutes to play a round: 15 | Size:   1.63 x 4.25 x 9.25 inches

Our review process  

The best portable travel games are compact and light enough to take on a road trip or flight, can be contained in a case, and are still fun after multiple rounds of play.

Size:   Travel games shouldn’t be large and heavy. They should be small and light enough to fit easily into suitcases and carry-ons.

Multiplayer: Games for two or more players are best, since the whole point of travel games is to keep everyone entertained.  

Fun-factor: Travel games can help stave off boredom between activities, while you’re in transit, or during travel delays. So make sure you choose games that appeal across ages, interests, and have enough variety for the long haul.  

Tips for buying travel games

Size of the game

When it comes to the best travel games, size matters, whether you travel with just a carry-on suitcase or don’t want to bulk out your checked baggage. Look for games that are contained in a case small enough to fit into a backpack. On road trips, you can get away with larger games, especially if you’re driving your own vehicle.  

Game ratings and popularity

A game’s ratings and popularity can give you a good idea for whether or not it will work for your needs. A sure-fire tip is to look for reviews by customers with similar travel styles and companions as your own.  

Players’ ages

It goes without saying, but you’ll maximize fun by packing travel games that are appropriate for everyone in your group. Consider bringing a couple of games–one for spending time with the kids and another for adults.  

Time it takes to play a round

When shopping for the best travel games, keep in mind that some people can take longer to finish a game than others. Consider your travel companions’ attention spans and choose accordingly.  

Frequently asked questions

Are there travel-sized board games?

Yes, many classic and unique board games come in travel sizes. Some even have travel-friendly modifications, such as magnets to prevent pieces from sliding off the board and carrying cases that keep everything contained.  

How do you know if a game is good for traveling?

Some games are better suited to travel than others. Card games with a carrying case and board games that don’t have too many loose parts (or are magnetized) tend to be good options for the road. Consider the size and weight of the travel game’s carrying case too. Make sure there’s enough room among everything else you’re packing for your trip.  

What are the best travel games for an airplane?

Since space is limited on an airplane, look for games that don’t take up more room than a typical airplane tray table. You’ll also want travel games that can handle turbulence and that you can quickly and easily pick up, in case you need to get out of your seat for a neighbor.  

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travel the world game

For Competitive Travelers, the World Is a Life-Sized Game of Risk

Competitive travel might seem like a product of the digital age, but its origins actually go way back. The Travelers’ Century Club , a global organization founded for people who have ventured to 100 or more world territories, started recognizing these busy sightseers in 1954. Of course, back then, country-hopping was a pastime for members of the 1% who had tons of time on their hands. Today, travel is more affordable and accessible than ever. But one thing has remained the same: A burning drive to one-up fellow travelers by seeing and doing more—and bringing the receipts to prove it.

These competitive travelers may be propelled by an uncontrollable urge to roam, but the aim of the game for this exclusive group is often quantity over quality as they dash between destinations most have only dreamt of. Whether their amassed global perspective stems from privilege or enlightenment is a regular source of debate, but from a bird’s-eye view, there’s no denying that the world is simultaneously at their fingertips and under their feet.

How competitive travel works

Developers responded, and today downloads for competitive-travel apps like NomadMania , Most Traveled People (MTP), and Zonder number in the hundreds of thousands.

Each app scratches a different itch. NomadMania’s community focus has an interactive vibe where members can face off with fellow citizens for travel glory. Zonder allows users to decline competing altogether for a more single-player game-like experience . MTP can filter by demographics like gender and age, allowing users of all backgrounds to get the accolades they deserve. Once travelers find the app that best suits them, the game is on.

With 193 UN-recognized Member States and two Observer States (Palestine and Vatican City ) spread throughout the world, many travelers take great pride in ticking as many countries off their list as possible. But competitive travel extends beyond simple country-counting. These online platforms parse the planet into micro-regions, must-see UNESCO sites, and even super-niche categories like iconic castles and cable-car rides, thus making a huge concept like “the whole world” feel digestible. And every time a traveler marks a checklist box complete, that location is automatically added to their ongoing destination tracker.

For extreme nomads, digging into subcategories within travel tends to garner the best representations of their exploratory quests. This ultra-granular ranking mode helps more travelers, especially those with very specific tastes ( see MTP's 29 Arctic areas ), rise to the top of their specialized pool.

On most apps, there’s no set-in-stone standard for how much time or trekking is required to earn that coveted checkmark. In the spirit of “you do you,” members decide for themselves whether they’ve covered enough ground to earn the check. Some say a layover counts. Others believe they need to set foot on foreign soil, rather than just walk around an airport. And still others insist on a 24-hour minimum stay.

Of course, this general lack of regulation around standard milestones is a huge point of contention in an otherwise tight-knit community. Finding the balance between welcoming all travelers and also enforcing seemingly arbitrary rules can feel about as far off as visiting Kiribati. Yet NomadMania is the exception to this honor system format—the platform spot-checks travelers’ visa records to add a layer of authenticity.

“NomadMania sees itself as ‘breaking the rules’ in terms of a lot of things, including what we accept as a visit,” says founder Harry Mitsidis. “For example, going to the DMZ and claiming you've visited North Korea just doesn't cut it with us: We polled our community, which overwhelmingly rejected such visits.”

The good, the bad, and the lonely of competitive travel

While the vacation masses are mobbing Venice and Chiang Mai , competitive travelers are venturing deep into often overlooked areas , spreading the impact of tourism—both positive and negative—a little more evenly. From this perspective, dropping some cash in Algeria instead of lounging around an all-inclusive Costa Rican resort is probably a win for the global economy and the environment.

As things heat up in the extreme travel community, repeat trips are bound to become the norm, and they’re a great opportunity for nomads to dig even deeper. “Visiting twice means that my impressions of the first time have been confirmed—or sometimes not,” says Mitsidis, one of only three people confirmed to have visited every nation twice.

“We just launched a 'slow' travel list—in a way, it is still competitive in that you get a score, but the twist is you compete based on how long you've stayed in one country,” explains Mitsidis. “In other words, those who have not been traveling competitively are actually going to get more credit here.”

“The combined rise of a turn toward sustainability as well as Covid are perhaps dampening the enthusiasm with which people were ticking things off at a fast pace,” he adds. “I believe the younger generation, while still aiming to see as much as possible, is doing it in a way which may be different and ultimately less competitive.”

The NomadMania developer has also found that competitive travel’s structure and defined goals can help people connect in the typically lonely world of global travel. In addition to a bit of earned entitlement, the desire to lead an ultra-nomadic life is often a deeply intrinsic thing, and finding kindred spirits who really “get it” can be life-affirming. “In its own way, it does create community,” he says. “People get to know each other, and even if it appears as competition, they end up traveling together and making lasting friendships.”

When travel becomes a game, does anyone really win?

In a worst-case scenario, prioritizing striving for bragging rights could transform the art of travel into a superficial sport, one in which meaningful cultural exchange falls victim to a race from checkpoint to checkpoint. And, more pressing still, the world is only so big. What happens where there are simply no checkpoints left for the few completionists willing to scour the entire earth?

One traveler, Jim Kitchen , has visited all 193 nations and flown in suborbital space. It’s only a matter of time before subterranean shipwrecks and cosmic destinations claim a category all their own. And when they do, there will undoubtedly be a slew of apps to help travelers drop pins all over the next frontier. Want more Thrillist? Follow us on  Instagram ,  TikTok ,  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Pinterest , and  YouTube .

Colleen Kelly  is a contributor for Thrillist.

For Competitive Travelers, the World Is a Life-Sized Game of Risk

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Dragon’s Dogma 2’s cursed endgame is nothing but dessert

Is easy fast travel worth the apocalypse?

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A massive storm wreaks havoc on the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is about the journey, not the destination. It’s about exploring routes you’ve never taken before, camping in the wilderness, and having an unexpected run in with a Minotaur. Quests objectives are also left intentionally vague, forcing you to puzzle things out and speak to as many people as you can. If you could just easily fast travel to obvious quest markers you could certainly check them off your list more efficiently, but then you’d miss out entirely on the adventure of getting there.

[ Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for the Dragon’s Dogma 2 endgame.]

Then, you beat the game and the credits roll. However, if you don’t like that “ending” you can start the apocalypse instead. The sky turns an ugly crimson; the oceans dry up; the dead rise from their ancient graves. It’s rough out there.

Your goals then become much simpler in this Unmoored World . Just go to four points on the map and do two things:

  • Defeat a boss monster
  • Help any nearby townsfolk evacuate to a central city

To make this task easier, the game tweaks or outright removes a bunch of its mechanical friction. More fast travel hubs called portcrystals appear on the map, making it much easier to just fast travel to each quest marker. This wouldn’t have mattered much earlier in the game since you need to use up a rare ferrystone each time you fast travel, but now, monsters drop this item regularly. With all the lakes, rivers, and oceans dried up, you aren’t forced to take out-of-the-way bridges to reach your destination, either.

As you rescue each town, you also begin to assemble a central hub town that makes optimizing your gear much easier. All four blacksmith types eventually reside there, along with the duplicator and the Dragonforged. Instead of running all around the map to craft the best weapons, everybody you need is a few efficient steps away. It’s also much easier to get the best enhancement materials since high level monsters start prowling everywhere, especially in the dried up oceans.

A dragon recoils from damage in Dragon’s Dogma 2

I didn’t actually go to the Unmoored World right away. Instead, I started a new game plus after defeating the Dragon so I could experience some of the quests I’d missed from earlier in the game and level up more of my vocations. So after weeks of playing the game and absorbing complaints about its fast travel and “game-breaking” microtransactions , the Unmoored World’s design choices almost felt like a response. Here’s everything you were screaming for: easy fast travel, an efficient hub world, and no-nonsense quest design!

This tracks with the game’s narrative too. You’ve broken all the rules to get to this place, so the game’s rules are broken too. You’ve taken on god(?) and ushered in a new, albeit broken, world where the game doesn’t get in your way of completing your tasks and doing what you want.

But once you finish the simple objectives in front of you and there’s nothing left to do, eating all of this dessert gets boring. You aren’t really seeing the countryside anymore – just blinking from portcrystal to portcrystal. You’ll quickly tire of returning the undead to their graves since they never stop rising from the ground. You can’t even enjoy camping with your pawns anymore because of the aforementioned undead and also because time is itself a crucial resource as you rush to rescue everyone while resting as little as possible. Eventually, the day/night cycle blurs into one unending twilight and you can’t rest at all anymore as time figuratively stops.

You can play this way as long as you’ve got wakestones to heal yourself, farming high level monsters to enhance your gear, but it eventually feels hollow without any of Dragon Dogma’s 2 weird charms . It’s fun to revel in the excesses of the late game but it also puts into sharp relief why the developers made the decisions they did about fast travel and quest design. When you finally tire of this broken but very efficient world, you can end the apocalypse by starting a new game plus, more ready than ever to just enjoy the journey.

travel the world game

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Key art for the Steam FPS Fest

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Fortnite is showing us a new side to Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

4 things I hope RPGs and open world games learn from Dragon's Dogma 2

The quirky sequel isn't perfect, but it deserves to be influential.

A close up of a woman's face in Dragon's Dogma 2.

The return of the Dragon's Dogma series this year has been a real breath of fresh air. Not because the sequel is perfect—it certainly has its quirks and flaws—but because it so confidently walks its own path. There are all sorts of elements of it that make it feel so different from its peers, and the more I play it, the more I think I'd love to see other RPGs and open world games take a little inspiration from its choices. The 2012 original hasn't proved particularly influential over the intervening years, but I'm still hopeful Dragon's Dogma 2 might cast a longer shadow.

Character freedom

An archer firing an arrow in Dragon's Dogma 2.

I'm always baffled how many massive RPGs ask you to lock yourself into a character class or build at character creation, before you've even started your adventure. In many games, that choice can end up defining 50-100 hours of gameplay. Even in games that grant you more flexibility to grow your character in different directions as you play, you're usually pushed to specialise more and more, committing to one way of playing.

For me that's a recipe for analysis paralysis—I can't tell you how many RPGs I've started over after five hours because I've suddenly decided I'm playing the wrong class, race, or build. Sometimes you'll be able to respec, but it's often prohibitively expensive, complicated, or simply feels narratively strange within the game's world. 

By contrast, I love that Dragon's Dogma 2's vocation system never ties you down. You're free to change class on a whim, trying out different combat styles and exploring everything the game has to offer. Your pawns even comment on your vocation choices, grounding the system in the reality of the world. 

A mage casting a spell in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Flitting from class to class actually becomes an important part of progressing your character, because buffs unlocked in one can be equipped in others, allowing you to benefit from all your different experiences. Eventually, you unlock the Warfarer vocation, which lets you literally combine every ability you've learned into one fighting style —a proper celebration of the jack-of-all-trades life. 

I'd love to see more games take a similar approach. When I discover a cool new magic sword, I want to be excited to go switch over to Fighter, not bummed out that my Wizard can't equip it. And if we're going to have these sprawling, 100-hour adventures, surely they can only benefit from letting us enjoy as much variety as possible?

A physical world

A warrior holding on to the back of an ogre in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Even the very best open worlds often feel distractingly artificial. Huge amounts of time and money go into crafting enormous landscapes full of photorealistic vistas—but the ways you can interact with those landscapes are frequently very limited and directed. Events only happen when you trigger them, characters stand around blank-faced until you deign to talk to them, and smears of paint signpost which walls you're allowed to climb and which you aren't.

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Dragon's Dogma 2's world isn't necessarily the most realistic or detailed, but it feels brilliantly tactile and alive. You can lift almost any person, object, or creature, and climb around on monsters. Chaotic battles can destroy trees, break bridges, and set huge boulders rolling down mountains. Settlements run to their own schedules, with characters going about their lives and even getting into fights with the wildlife. There's a weighty reality to it all that gives the game a wonderful sense of place, even without a particularly large number of quests and events to discover. 

Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has maybe preempted Dragon's Dogma 2 in taking this kind of approach mainstream, but whatever the influence, I'd love more open worlds to feel less like theme parks and more like physical spaces.

A riftstone in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Though it's natural to be wary of online features encroaching on singleplayer experiences, I think truly huge games, as RPGs and open world games so often are, really benefit from features that help tie the community together. Unfortunately it's not something many games have pulled off well. Most attempts are simply too slight to really connect—as with the weirdly popular "someone killed another player here, here's a quest to avenge them!", seen in Diablo 4 and the recent Assassin's Creed games. 

Dragon's Dogma's pawns are one of my favourite elements of the series—customisable companions that, crucially, can be shared online with other players. Your pawn brings back stories of their adventures with other players and learns the locations of quests and secret items, hints at how others are exploring the world. And the pawns you recruit from others are revealing of their owner's personality and playstyle, in the way they're designed and equipped.

Pawns greeting the Arisen in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Though the Dragonsplague—a disease spread among pawns online that can cause them to murder NPCs in your game— has proven controversial , it's also done exactly what it was designed to do. The threat of infection has gotten the community talking and interacting more than ever, swapping tips on how to spot and deal with Dragonsplague and trying to figure out ways to warn someone their pawn has caught it. 

Not every game needs pawns, of course, but I think there's still a lot of untapped design space in the idea of allowing players to have a positive impact on each other's singleplayer adventures. I'd love to see more developers thinking about that as a core element of the experience, as Dragon's Dogma does, rather than an afterthought or, worse, an add-on to retroactively justify an always-online requirement. 

Meaningful travel

An Arisen running down a path in Dragon's Dogma 2.

The process of travel in games only seems to be deemphasised more and more. Developers spend years painstakingly building vast, intricate worlds, and then let you just teleport around skipping vast swathes of them. Easy fast travel is the norm, and on the whole design has become far more focused on the destination than the journey. 

For me, it's a triumph of convenience over fun. I don't play RPGs and open world games to tick off tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible—I play them to immerse myself in another world, and the process of actually travelling manually through a landscape can be a really crucial part of that immersion, even if it does slow down your quest.

A warrior walking through a dark tunnel in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is unafraid to inconvenience the player, and it revels in the journey. Though its treks aren't quite as gruelling and satisfying as the first game's , it's still a long walk (or an unreliable ox cart ride) to complete many of its quests. Through travel, you get to know its world, and experience all sorts of adventures between adventures, and it gives you the quiet space you need to grow attached to your character and your pawns. 

I'm not asking for fast travel to be abolished altogether, but certainly I wish games generally were less worried about rushing us along to the next set piece, and more willing to encourage us to simply take in and appreciate the virtual world around us. 

Robin Valentine

Formerly the editor of PC Gamer magazine (and the dearly departed GamesMaster), Robin combines years of experience in games journalism with a lifelong love of PC gaming. First hypnotised by the light of the monitor as he muddled through Simon the Sorcerer on his uncle’s machine, he’s been a devotee ever since, devouring any RPG or strategy game to stumble into his path. Now he's channelling that devotion into filling this lovely website with features, news, reviews, and all of his hottest takes.

The Fallout: London mod has been delayed by Fallout 4's planned next-gen update

Update: Fallout 4's lead writer reverses course, clarifies that main character is not actually a war criminal

Town-building survival RPG Bellwright hits Early Access this month

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travel the world game

Middle East latest: UN watchdog 'concerned' Israel could target Iranian nuclear facilities in revenge attack

The UN's nuclear watchdog has said it is worried Israel could target Iranian nuclear facilities, after its military chief vowed to respond to Iran's missile and drone attack despite international pressure to exercise restraint. Listen to a Daily episode on Iran as you scroll.

Tuesday 16 April 2024 09:25, UK

  • Israel-Hamas war
  • UN watchdog 'concerned' Israel could target Iranian nuclear facilities
  • Alistair Bunkall analysis: Israel will likely respond - with or without international support
  • Israel 'wants to carry out action against Iran coordinated with US'
  • US fighter jet squadrons remain in Middle East
  • What Israel could do now and what its allies are saying: Here's the latest from our experts
  • Michael Clarke analysis: All Israel's options for retaliation come with complications
  • Live reporting by Brad Young

A former head of MI6 has said it is not necessary to proscribe Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist organisation.

Sir John Sawers said anti-terror legislation was designed to be used against groups, not states, and calls in the UK to ban the IRGC were "a rhetorical position".

Israel has demanded the IRGC be recognised as a terrorist group after Iran launched more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel in response to a suspected Israeli attack on an Iranian consulate in Syria.

"Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, there's no doubt about that, but a state poses a much more substantial threat than a terrorist organisation does," said Sir John.

"If the head of MI5 came out and said 'I really need a proscription of the Revolutionary Guards in order to protect this country against the plotting they're doing here', well, that would be one thing, but I'm not hearing that."

The IRGC is an official political and military entity separate to the regular Iranian armed forces, charged with protecting the values of Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution.

It answers to Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. President Ebrahim Raisi's cabinet is primarily made up of former IRGC officers.

"I don't think the professionals in the government are calling for this [proscription]," said Sir John.

"I think it's more of a rhetorical position of people in various parts of the political spectrum looking for something to do without really thinking through the substance of it."

The Israeli foreign minister says he is leading a "diplomatic offensive" against Iran.

Israel Katz said the move comes "alongside the military response" - something many in the international community have urged against.

The minister sent letters to 32 countries and spoke with dozens of foreign ministers to call for sanctions on Iran's "missile project" and for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to be declared a terrorist organisation, he said.

Mr Katz's aim was to "curb and weaken Iran. Iran must be stopped now - before it is too late," he said.

The Israeli military has renewed warnings for Palestinians not to return to northern Gaza.

The north was a "dangerous combat zone", said Israeli military spokesman Avichay Adraee.

On Sunday, witnesses and medical officials told Reuters that Israeli troops opened fire and killed five people as displaced residents tried to walk back to their homes.

The Israeli military had no immediate comment. Sky News cannot independently verify these reports.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from the north after Israeli forces first launched their offensive, before seeking shelter in tent camps and schools-turned-shelters in the south.

Some fear remaining in Rafah, Gaza's southernmost town, as Israel plans an assault on what it says are Hamas battalions there.

"We want our homes. We want our lives. We want to return, whether with a truce or without a truce," said Um Nidhal Khatab, who was among those trying to reach the north.

Several witnesses told Reuters that Israeli troops opened fire as crowds of Palestinians neared checkpoints at Wadi Gaza.

Five people were killed and 54 wounded, according to officials at nearby Awda hospital in central Gaza.

While the world's attention turned to Iran over the past few days, a humanitarian crisis and Israel's military offensive continue to unfold in Gaza.

Here we take a look at news you may have missed from the territory.

Unexploded ordnance threat to evacuation: Israel's plans for an offensive in the southern city of Rafah would force 800,000 people to evacuate the city, putting them at high risk of unexploded ordnance en route to other areas, said Jamie McGoldrick, the UN's interim humanitarian coordinator.

'Inadequate' aid: Despite several commitments by the Israeli authorities to scale up aid assistance to northern Gaza, there was as yet no visible difference on the ground, Mr McGoldrick said.

Patients treated on church pews: Patients were found using pews as makeshift beds in a northern Gaza church after al Ahli hospital became severely overstretched, a WHO team found on 13 April. Many patients were in critical condition, including children, and urgently need to be evacuated.

'Smell of death' at neonatal clinic: A representative for the UN's maternal health agency, Dominic Allen, said the maternity and neonatal clinic at another hospital, the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, was "full of destruction and of the smell of death".

Limb facility 'in ruins': The hospital, once the biggest in southern Gaza, is now non-functional, the WHO said. A limb reconstruction centre established to prevent patients being amputated was in ruins.

Border destruction: Within the one-kilometre stretch of land along the Gaza border, west of the Armistice Demarcation Line, 3,000 out of 4,000 buildings analysed have been destroyed and 33% of arable and fallow land has been damaged, according to the United Nations Satellite Centre.

Iran will respond to any action against its interests, president Ebrahim Raisi has told the Qatari emir.

His comments, made to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and reported by the Iranian Student News Agency, come a day after Israel vowed to respond to Tehran's weekend drone and missile attack.

Iran's foreign minister previously told his Chinese counterpart that Iran was willing to exercise restraint and had no intention of escalating the situation in the Middle East.

Calls for restraint have come from all areas of the globe, but Israel has vowed to respond to Iran's attack.

Israeli military chief of staff Herzi Halevi said: "This launch of so many missiles, cruise missiles, and drones into Israeli territory will be met with a response."

The missile and drone barrage was itself a retaliation to a deadly suspected Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Israel's war cabinet discussed a range of options at its meeting on Monday, with the intention of hurting Iran but without causing an all-out war, Israel's Channel 12 news reported yesterday.

"We're on the edge of the cliff and we have to move away from it," Josep Borrell, the European Union's foreign affairs chief, told Spanish radio station Onda Cero.

"We have to step on the brakes and reverse gear."

French president Emmanuel Macron, German chancellor Olaf Scholz and British foreign secretary Lord Cameron made similar appeals. 

Washington and United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres also have called for restraint.

Russia has refrained from publicly criticising its ally Iran but has also urged restraint.

China said it believed Iran could "handle the situation well and spare the region further turmoil" while safeguarding its sovereignty and dignity.

Italy, which holds the rotating G7 presidency, said it was open to new sanctions on Iran and suggested any new measures would target individuals.

Despite the degree of international pressure for restraint, Israel will act alone if they are determined to respond to Iran, says Middle East correspondent Alistair Bunkall .

This may be a strike on Iranian proxies rather than Iran itself, and it could be in the coming weeks rather than hours, he explains.

"The Israeli psyche is that they will do it alone if necessary. 

"Clearly I think they would want to make sure that the US backing was there, but if they feel the need to attack Iran then that is what they would do."

Israel does not want a war with Iran, but a red line has been crossed.

"They don't seem to be able to accept the fact that Iran fired ballistic missiles," Bunkall says.

"That seems to be the red line that Iran crossed and the Israeli government feels that it needs to send a message back to Iran."

Israeli civilians do not want escalation, but they have lived under the threat of attack from Iran and its proxies for many years and as a result there is widespread support for the military.

US fighter jets and navy ships participated in the efforts to take out Iranian missiles and drones on Saturday, the Pentagon says.

The USS Carney and the USS Arleigh Burke, both navy destroyers, shot down missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, said spokesperson Major General Pat Ryder.

Additional fighter squadrons were moved into the region before the weekend and they remain there, he said.

He would not identify the countries where they were based.

Asked about Israel's vow to respond, Maj Gen Ryder said it was up to Israel to decide.

"We don't want to see escalation, but we obviously will take necessary measures to protect our forces in the region."

Pressed on whether such a response would be counterproductive to stability in the region, he said the US will "stay in close consultation with our Israeli partners, as we have done throughout the weekend. Again, we don't seek wider regional conflict".

Welcome to our live coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and wider tensions in the Middle East.

The fallout continues from Iran's massive drone and missile attack on Israel on Saturday, the first direct attack by the Islamic Republic on the Jewish state. 

Iran said it was retaliating after a suspected Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus killed several Iranian commanders. 

Israel has said it will respond to the attack, although it's not yet clear when or how. 

The United Nations nuclear watchdog chief said he was worried Israel could target Iranian nuclear facilities.

Before we bring you today's updates, here's more from the past 24 hours... 

  • Four Israeli soldiers were wounded in an explosion after reportedly crossing the border into Lebanon;
  • UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres warned the Middle East was "on the brink" of a full-scale conflict;
  • The White House said Iran's claim it had given advance warning of the attack on Israel was "categorically false";
  • Top US and Iraqi officials called for "restraint" from Israel;
  • Rishi Sunak said he would speak to Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss how to prevent further escalation.

Concerns about Israel's possible response to Iran and the debate over whether to label Iran's IRGC a terrorist organisation are two of the main topics in today's newspaper front pages.

You can see how the papers covered those topics - and others - by clicking on the link below:

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travel the world game

NBA Twitter reacts to Team USA's Olympic roster: 'The Avengers in Paris'

Team USA has announced 11 of the 12 players who will travel to Paris, France in the summer for the Olympic Games.

After consecutive failures in the last two FIBA Basketball World Cups, the United States wants to make a statement in global basketball. Team USA's roster includes Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant among other NBA luminaries

Here's how NBA Twitter reacted to Team USA's announced roster for the Olympics.

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Now Arriving at an Airport Lounge Near You: Peloton Bikes, Nap Pods and Caviar Service

In recent months, a handful of exclusive credit card lounges have opened in airports in the United States. More are coming this year.

The interior of a two-story airport lounge with chairs and tables, colorful wall art and brightly lit bar.

By Christine Chung

A handful of new lounges opened by credit card issuers, including Capital One and American Express, have recently landed in airports across the United States, promising posh spots of refuge for select travelers awaiting their flights. At La Guardia Airport, caviar service will be available for pre-order. At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, travelers can get complimentary massages, and at Denver International Airport, there are nap pods. In addition to amenities, the new lounges provide an ambience reminiscent of a luxury hotel lobby, both in interior design and scale, and fit several hundred people at a time.

“Lounges have certainly gotten busier, so we’ve expanded our footprint,” said Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel, which in February opened its largest Centurion lounge, at 26,000 square feet at Hartsfield-Jackson , bringing its total number of lounges in the United States to 14.

Broadly, there are three types of airport lounges available to travelers: airline operated; shared-use spaces that aren’t limited to one airline or frequent flier status (think Priority Pass); and credit card lounges. Many are operated in partnership with lounge development companies.

For more than a decade, American Express was the only credit card issuer with lounges in the United States. That changed last year, when Chase Sapphire and Capital One each opened locations at major airports across the country, with plans to unveil a handful more in the coming years.

The proliferation is driven in part by changing demographics and travel patterns of fliers today. This year may set a record for the number of air travelers, with an estimated 4.7 billion people expected to fly globally. According to a survey published last May by the polling firm Morning Consult, younger travelers are more inclined than older generations to book travel with credit card loyalty programs, and those in the Gen Z age group, in particular, have signaled a declining loyalty to airline frequent flier programs.

While credit card companies saw opportunities to expand their brand awareness with lounges, the facilities also provide additional benefits to card members who pay hundreds of dollars in annual membership fees. Card fees range from $395 a year for a Capital One Venture X to $695 for an American Express Platinum.

Here are the latest highlights of new credit card lounges from around the country.

Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club

Domestic locations: John F. Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 4, La Guardia Airport’s Terminal B, Boston Logan International Airport by Gate B40.

Forthcoming locations: San Diego International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas and Philadelphia International Airport.

Who can use: Travelers with the Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve or Ritz-Carlton credit cards who have activated their Priority Pass memberships. Those without these cards but who have Priority Pass can enter once a year. Chase Sapphire Reserve and J.P. Morgan Reserve cardholders can bring up to two guests per visit for free, and additional guests cost $27. Those with the Ritz-Carlton card can bring unlimited guests at no extra cost.

What’s on offer: Locally made draft beers and coffee, menus designed by local restaurants, private bathrooms with showers and, at La Guardia Airport’s 16,200-square-foot space spanning two floors, three suites with caviar service that can be reserved up to 72 hours before a flight ($2,200 to book).

American Express Centurion

Domestic locations: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Denver International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Los Angeles International Airport, Harry Reid International Airport, Miami International Airport, Kennedy Airport, La Guardia Airport, Philadelphia Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Forthcoming locations: Reagan National Airport later this year, Newark Liberty International Airport in 2026.

Who can use: Eligible American Express cardholders, and those with Delta’s SkyMiles Reserve Card or Reserve Business Card; details vary based on the card. Complimentary guest access depends on credit card use; American Express Platinum and Business Platinum Card Members who spend $75,000 or more a year can bring up to two guests in free per visit.

What’s on offer: A whiskey bar, phone booths and work stations, wellness rooms, food by local celebrity chefs, complimentary massages, game rooms and wine tastings

Capital One

Domestic locations: Dallas-Fort Worth Airport’s Terminal D, Denver Airport’s Concourse A, Dulles International Airport’s Main Terminal.

Forthcoming locations: Harry Reid International Airport.

Welcomed travelers: Venture X and Venture X Business cardholders, who can bring up to two guests per visit. Additional guests cost $45. All other travelers can pay $65 per visit to enter.

What’s on offer: A fitness room with Peloton bikes, nap pods, shower suites, small plate dining options and grab-and-go food, luggage lockers, coffee bars.

Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram and sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to get expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation. Dreaming up a future getaway or just armchair traveling? Check out our 52 Places to Go in 2024 .

Christine Chung is a Times reporter covering airlines and consumer travel. More about Christine Chung

Open Up Your World

Considering a trip, or just some armchair traveling here are some ideas..

52 Places:  Why do we travel? For food, culture, adventure, natural beauty? Our 2024 list has all those elements, and more .

Mumbai:  Spend 36 hours in this fast-changing Indian city  by exploring ancient caves, catching a concert in a former textile mill and feasting on mangoes.

Kyoto:  The Japanese city’s dry gardens offer spots for quiet contemplation  in an increasingly overtouristed destination.

Iceland:  The country markets itself as a destination to see the northern lights. But they can be elusive, as one writer recently found .

Texas:  Canoeing the Rio Grande near Big Bend National Park can be magical. But as the river dries, it’s getting harder to find where a boat will actually float .

travel the world game

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travel the world game

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The World Game - Geography Card Game - Educational Board Game for Kids, Family & Adults - Cool Learning Gift Idea for Teenage Boys & Girls

  • To view this video download Flash Player

The World Game - Geography Card Game - Educational Board Game for Kids, Family & Adults - Cool Learning Gift Idea for Teenage Boys & Girls

Purchase options and add-ons, about this item.

  • Flags, Capitals & Location - Show the country on the map, recognize the flags or name the capital city. All 194 countries & a world map included.
  • Family Friendly Game - Find the strongest fact about the country and win. Train your memory and brain while having fun.
  • For Kids & Adults - For all stages of knowledge. One of the best educational board games for kids 8-12. Smart birthday / Christmas gift idea for teen boys and girls.
  • Up-to-date Geography Game - An award-winning world learning card game. Can also be used as flash cards or trivia. Country's data is updated regularly.
  • Fun & Educational - The more you play the more you know. Take it on a travel or road trip. For 2 to 5 players.

Frequently bought together

The World Game - Geography Card Game - Educational Board Game for Kids, Family & Adults - Cool Learning Gift Idea for Teenage

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100 PICS Jokes Game | Kids Games | Card Games & Fun Travel Games | Toys & Games | Card Games for Adults and Kids | Family Gam

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geography card game for kids families adults boys girls travel educational

The World Game

We’ve created the Most Complete Geography Card Game on the Planet. It includes all 194 Countries and a World Map.

Cards with flags facts countries world map continents board game educational flash cards

We Made Geography Fun For Everyone!

  • Learn about flags, capitals, and locations of all world countries.
  • Very fun game to play with family, ranging from easy to difficult so nobody is left out.
  • This is an essential must have for any geography enthusiast.
  • Educational and fun! Cards can also be used as flashcards.
  • Take anywhere size – bring to parties or play in the car on road trips.

Cards with flags facts countries world map continents board game educational flash cards

Easy to learn, simple to play!

The basic game is to compete with facts between World Countries (a bigger country beats a smaller one, etc.). There are also 4 possible challenges: Flag, Location, the Capital City and a Continent challenge. A fun trivia board game for all ages!

great geography card game for the whole family

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The World Game - Geography Card Game Review

✅ Review Lab

travel the world game

The World Game - The Ultimate Geography Card Game

Video Widget Card

The World Game - UNBOXING

Video Widget Card

Why my kids learned geography with this game and not others

❇️ Kasey Mikelle

travel the world game

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Customers say

Customers like the entertainment value of the tabletop game. They say it is fun and entertaining for all ages. They also say it's a great learning opportunity for practicing and learning facts about all the countries in the world. Customers also like the appearance, and quality of the game. However, some disagree on ease of use, value, and size.

AI-generated from the text of customer reviews

Customers find the tabletop game entertaining and educational. They say it's fun for young to old, and a good game for kids learning geography. Customers also say it’s a great game to play with siblings and learn cool facts.

"This is a fun game you can take on the go and is fun at parties " Read more

"This game is a lot of fun , especially when you play your grandson in the 5th grade. Are YOU smarter than a 5th grader in geography?..." Read more

"Great quality and very knowledgeable game for kids" Read more

"This might be a good game for kids who are learning geography." Read more

Customers find the content of the game great and fun way of practicing and learning facts about all the countries in the world. They also say it's a great way to enjoy memorizing geography facts. Customers also mention that the challenges add a really great dynamic to the game.

"...It is somewhat helpful to have the population and square milage of the countries to give an idea of relative sizes...." Read more

"...So good game. Not magical, but educational and fun. We've played it multiple times. It's also nice and small, so could travel well...." Read more

"...My favorite feature is that the degree of difficulty can be changed based on how good individual players are at geography...." Read more

"...It is great to learn basics about the different countries-location and their flags -but it is not worth $27.99,..." Read more

Customers are satisfied with the quality of the tabletop game. They mention that the cards are beautifully made and the flags look very good. They also appreciate the durable cards and the map. Overall, customers find the game to be great and easy to play.

" Great quality and very knowledgeable game for kids" Read more

"...By the way, the cards are beautifully made and the flags look very good...." Read more

"...The quality of the cards are good .Where if fails is in the map, which is made of poor quality paper that does not look like it will last long...." Read more

"...and super excited to use in my classroom, looks great, excellent quality cards and box , my class would love - but then noticed it uses miles and..." Read more

Customers find the game great for all ages, and say it's good for acquainting children with geography basics. They also say it adapts to any age or knowledge level, and is great for the whole family.

" Best for older kids in my opinion. Three different ways to play. I’m learning about countries I never knew existed 😄..." Read more

"...It is very good for adults too - you will refresh your internal geography database and even learn something new.Pros:..." Read more

"...I can’t wait to take it to game night and play with a group. Great for all ages and all skill levels!" Read more

"...The game itself is quite fun and I loved that you could play with pretty much anyone regardless of how good they were at geography with the use of..." Read more

Customers like the appearance of the tabletop game. They say it looks great, is well designed, and colorful. They also appreciate the detailed, well marked colorful map for easier navigation.

"...By the way, the cards are beautifully made and the flags look very good ...." Read more

"...We've played it multiple times. It's also nice and small, so could travel well...." Read more

"Just received and super excited to use in my classroom, looks great , excellent quality cards and box, my class would love - but then noticed it uses..." Read more

"worth it for the country cards but the game is poorly designed ..." Read more

Customers are mixed about the ease of use of the tabletop game. Some mention that it is easy to learn and doesn't take too long to play, it's very user friendly, and simple to understand. However, others say that the directions are unclear, the features seem cumbersome, and the game can be difficult and has no strategy.

" Simple to understand how to playGood flexibility for different levels of knowledgeFun way to learn" Read more

"...It is easy to learn and doesn't take too long to play ." Read more

"...So just make sure you have time to enjoy playing. There’s really no strategy ..." Read more

"Great way to enjoy memorizing geography facts. Easy to play . Durable cards." Read more

Customers are mixed about the size of the game. Some mention it's compact size, good for road trip or camping, and pocket size. However, others say that it'd be better if the map was larger.

"...We've played it multiple times. It's also nice and small, so could travel well ...." Read more

"...The placement of the capital city is oddly placed. The cards are small and easily lost or damaged." Read more

"It's a small and compact box, great to carry it by a kid or in a purse. We play a lot with the game, learn facts about the countries...." Read more

"The game package is small for the price . Other than that, game instruction is easy to follow...." Read more

Customers have mixed opinions about the value of the tabletop game. Some find it worth the buy, educational, and fun with lots of replay value. However, others say it's overpriced and boring.

"...Where if fails is in the map, which is made of poor quality paper that does not look like it will last long...." Read more

"... Great purchase and easy to learn!" Read more

"...That's it. It's extremely overpriced . Not worth $30 for basically flash cards and a map. I wouldn't pay more than $10 for this game...." Read more

"...super fun too as we are challenging ourselves with other facts.... worth the price and a good educational game for sure!!! down side I guess..." Read more

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Top reviews from the United States

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travel the world game

Top reviews from other countries

travel the world game

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    Welcome to our live coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and wider tensions in the Middle East. The fallout continues from Iran's large-scale attack on Israel on Saturday, which saw Tehran launch more ...

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    Team USA has announced eleven of the twelve players who will travel to Paris, France in the summer for the Olympic Games. After consecutive failures in the last two FIBA Basketball World Cups, the ...

  29. Now Arriving at an Airport Lounge Near You ...

    The proliferation is driven in part by changing demographics and travel patterns of fliers today. This year may set a record for the number of air travelers, with an estimated 4.7 billion people ...

  30. The World Game

    Up-to-date Geography Game - An award-winning world learning card game. Can also be used as flash cards or trivia. Country's data is updated regularly. Fun & Educational - The more you play the more you know. Take it on a travel or road trip. For 2 to 5 players.