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19 Most Popular Songs About Life’s Journey, Ranked

Most Popular Songs About Life’s Journey

Music has always allowed humans to express their emotions, experiences, and thoughts.

Songs can capture the essence of life’s journey, from its highs and lows, joys and sorrows, triumphs and struggles.

Countless songs speak about different aspects of life’s journey, and here are the most popular songs about life’s journey, which capture beautifully and are relatable.

1. “Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin

“Cat’s In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin is a poignant and thought-provoking song that tells the story of a father and son’s relationship, highlighting the importance of cherishing our loved ones while we can.

This powerful song reminds us to appreciate the little moments in life and not get caught up in our pursuit of success.

2. “Step By Step” by Whitney Houston

“Step By Step” by Whitney Houston is a timeless song that captures the essence of life’s journey.

It is an uplifting ballad encouraging listeners to keep moving forward, no matter their obstacles.

The lyrics speak about perseverance and taking things one step at a time, emphasizing the importance of not giving up.

It serves as a reminder that success does not come overnight but through consistent effort and determination.

3. “Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life” by Monty Python

“Always Look On the Bright Side Of Life” by Monty Python is a humorous and uplifting song celebrating life’s journey.

This lighthearted tune reminds us to maintain a positive outlook despite challenges and hardships. The song encourages us to find joy in every moment, no matter what life throws our way.

With its catchy melody and playful lyrics, it serves as a reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest.

4. “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts

“Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts is a song that perfectly captures life’s journey.

The upbeat and catchy tune is enjoyable to listen to and carries a powerful message about life’s ups and downs.

The lyrics speak about the twists and turns we all encounter in our journey through life, comparing it to a highway with its changing landscapes and unpredictable moments.

5. “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

“7 Years” by Lukas Graham is a touching and reflective song that takes the listeners on a journey through life.

The song is about reflecting on one’s past, present, and future as they navigate through the different stages of life.

The song explores themes such as childhood innocence, teenage dreams, adulthood responsibilities, and aging.

6. “This Life” by Vampire Weekend

“This Life” by Vampire Weekend is a vibrant and upbeat song encapsulating life’s journey.

The lyrics are nostalgic and optimistic, with the lead singer, Ezra Koenig, reflecting on his past experiences while looking toward the future.

The catchy chorus, “You’ve been cheating on, cheating on me/I’ve been cheating on, cheating on you,” speaks to the ups and downs of any relationship or situation.

7. “(Just Like) Starting Over” by John Lennon

“(Just Like) Starting Over” by John Lennon is a timeless classic that captures the essence of life’s journey.

The song resonates with listeners as it speaks about starting anew, leaving behind the past, and embracing the future with hope and optimism.

It reflects on the ups and downs of relationships, reminding us that sometimes we have to start over to find true happiness.

8. “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra

“That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra is a timeless classic that captures the essence of life’s journey .

With his smooth and captivating vocals, Sinatra takes us on a reflective journey through the ups and downs of life.

The lyrics tell a tale of resilience, acceptance, and perseverance in adversity.

9. “Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce

“Time In A Bottle” by Jim Croce is a timeless classic that captures the essence of life’s journey and the fleeting nature of time.

It serves as a reminder to slow down and cherish every experience, whether good or bad because they make up our unique journey in life.

10. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

“Yesterday” by The Beatles is not just a song; it’s a journey through life. The lyrics take us on an introspective trip through the memories and regrets of the past.

It’s about looking back on things we can’t change and coming to terms with them.

The sad tune captures the essence of longing for what once was and accepting that time moves on and we must, too.

11. “Life Is Life” by Opus

“Life Is Life” by the Austrian band Opus is a powerful anthem that celebrates the journey of life.

The song, released in 1985, became an instant hit and remains a classic.

The upbeat melody and rousing lyrics convey a message of hope and positivity, reminding listeners to embrace every moment and make the most of their lives.

12. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young

“Harvest Moon” by Neil Young is a heartfelt and nostalgic song about the journey of life.

The lyrics tell the story of two lovers reminiscing about their past as they dance under the “harvest moon” and reflect on their shared memories.

13. “Circle Of Life” by Elton John

“Circle of Life” by Elton John is a powerful and moving song that speaks of life’s journey in a significant manner.

The lyrics tell how we all begin as tiny seeds, growing and evolving into individuals with unique paths to follow.

It beautifully captures the cyclical nature of life, where every ending leads to a new beginning.

14. “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi

“It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi is a powerful and energetic song that resonates with listeners of all ages.

The lyrics tell the story of life’s journey, the ups and downs, the struggles and triumphs, but most importantly, it emphasizes the importance of living life on your terms.

15. “Livin’ La Vida” by Coldplay

“Livin’ La Vida” by Coldplay is a song that captures the essence of life’s journey beautifully and meaningfully.

The band’s lead singer, Chris Martin, sings about the ups and downs of life and how one must embrace both the highs and lows to live life to its fullest.

The lyrics speak about taking risks, trying new things, and not being afraid to fail because that’s all a part of living. It reminds us to cherish each moment and make the most out of every experience.

16. “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus

“The Climb” by Miley Cyrus is a powerful and inspirational song that captures the essence of life’s journey.

Through honest and heartfelt lyrics, Cyrus sings about the challenges, struggles, and triumphs one encounters while climbing toward their dreams.

The song reminds us that no journey is easy and it’s okay to stumble as long as we keep moving forward.

It speaks of perseverance, determination, and having faith in oneself, even during the most challenging times.

17. “Living in the Moment” by Jason Mraz

“Living in the Moment” by Jason Mraz is a heartfelt and uplifting song that captures the essence of living life to its fullest.

The song is a reminder not to get caught up in the past or worry about the future but instead embrace the present moment with open arms.

18. “Dream On” by Aerosmith

“Dream On” by Aerosmith is a timeless rock classic that has resonated with generations of listeners due to its profound lyrics and powerful music.

The song reminds us to never give up on our dreams and aspirations, no matter how difficult life may get.

It reflects on the struggles and hardships one faces while chasing one’s dreams and the satisfaction and fulfillment of persevering toward them.

19. “Let’s Live For Today” by The Grass Roots

“Let’s Live For Today” by The Grass Roots is a powerful song that captures the essence of life’s journey.

It encourages listeners to live in the present moment and make the most out of every day instead of worrying about what tomorrow may bring.

20. “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey

“‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey is a timeless classic that has resonated with generations of listeners due to its powerful message about life’s journey.

The lyrics paint a picture of a small-town girl and a city boy chasing their dreams in the big city, a relatable story for many.

What does music bring to life?

Music has always been integral to our lives, bringing joy and meaning to our world.

It can evoke powerful emotions, transport us to different places and times, and connect us with others.

Whether listening to our favorite songs or attending a live concert, music can bring a sense of unity, comfort, and excitement to our lives.

It can heal wounds, uplift spirits, and inspire us in ways we never thought possible.

How can a song connect to your life?

Music can evoke strong emotions and bring back memories of significant moments.

The lyrics may resonate with our experiences, reminding us of past relationships, struggles, or happy times.

The melody can also trigger emotions and create a sense of nostalgia for a particular time or place.

Is music the soul of life?

Music has been an integral part of human existence since ancient times. It can affect our mood, emotions, and even physical well-being.

Many people believe that music is life’s soul as it brings harmony and rhythm to our daily routines.

Music can uplift us in moments of sadness and inspire us during struggle.

What song makes you the most happy?

Music can lift our spirits and bring joy to our lives. And when it comes to making us happy, some songs never fail to put a smile on our faces.

From upbeat pop hits to heartwarming ballads, this list of songs will brighten your day.

  • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is a feel-good anthem that will have you dancing along in no time.
  • “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey is another classic song that never fails to make us happy with its empowering lyrics and infectious melody.
  • “Dancing Queen” by ABBA is a must-listen with its catchy chorus and disco-inspired beats.
  • “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston is a timeless track that instantly puts you in a good mood.

Do songs give motivation?

Songs have the power to evoke strong and deep emotions within us. They can make us cry, laugh, reminisce, and even motivate us.

Many of us have experienced the impact of a motivational song on our mood, attitude, and actions.

Music has long been used to uplift spirits and inspire individuals towards their goals.

A catchy tune, relatable lyrics, and an uplifting melody can provide that extra push we need to keep going when we feel discouraged or demotivated.

Songs also remind us of our dreams and aspirations, giving us the drive to work harder towards achieving them.

These songs about life’s journey remind us that we are all on our unique paths, but we can find comfort and inspiration in the experiences shared by others.

Each song tells a different story and offers valuable lessons about love, loss, growth, and resilience.

So whether you’re going through a difficult time or feeling grateful for where you are, there will surely be a song on this list that resonates with you.

Listening to these powerful lyrics and melodies may bring clarity and hope to your journey.

Keep on moving forward with the soundtrack of life guiding your way.

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Ranking All 52 Journey Songs From the ’80s

Journey moved more than 6 million albums in America in the '70s, most of them after Steve Perry joined in time for 1978's Infinity . Not bad.

Then their second proper studio album of the following decade, 1983's Frontiers , sold more than that all but itself. By then, however, they'd amassed so much commercial momentum that this LP was actually considered something of a letdown.

Journey kicked off the '80s with a trio of very different farewell projects as co-founder Gregg Rolie left the band. The Top 10 hit Departure arrived first as a proper studio album, selling three million copies. Journey followed that with Dream, After Dream (a little-heard largely free-form import movie soundtrack) and Captured , a double-platinum Top 10 live sendoff with two new songs.

Then Jonathan Cain supercharged the band's more recent pop-leanings, bringing along a new sensibility (and a song idea for their highest-charting single). Perry was still their honeyed frontman and Neal Schon was still their soaring guitarist – but something fundamental had changed.

READ MORE: Top 10 Post-Steve Perry Journey Songs

The chart-topping Escape proceeded to reel off three Top 10 hits, while moving a career-best 10 million copies in the United States alone. Prior to that, they'd never had a song go higher than the No. 16 finish for 1979's "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin.'"

Journey couldn't quite reach those heights again, concluding the decade with 1986's double-platinum Raised on Radio . But they still spun off four more Top 20 hits.

Along the way, they issued a little more than 50 proper songs in the '80s, including B-sides, bonus tracks and stand-alone releases. Here's how they ranked, with comments and insight from my new Amazon best-selling rock and pop band bio, Journey: Worlds Apart : No. 52. "Back Talk" From: Frontiers (1983)

This song almost single-handedly kept Frontiers from becoming Journey's best '80s album . That's enough to earn this spot. No. 51. "Departure" From: Departure (1980)

Pretty but insubstantial, this brief instrumental was tucked into the middle of co-founding member Gregg Rolie's last proper studio effort with Journey. No. 50. "I'm Cryin'" From: Departure (1980)

Steve Perry usually had a canny ability to convey emotion. "I'm Cryin'," however, slipped off into abject mawkishness. No. 49. "Positive Touch" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

The demos for this album were completed with a click track rather than in a room together as Journey had typically done in the past. That left drummer Steve Smith to either copy these metronomic sounds – heard to teeth-grating effect on "Positive Touch" – or to stay home. Partway through the sessions, it became the latter. No. 48. "Liberty" From: Time3 (1992)

A Frontiers -era leftover for those who wondering what Journey would sound like as a country band. No. 47. "Troubled Child" From: Frontiers (1983)

Another Side Two dud. Replace this with "Only the Young" or "Only Solutions," and all is forgiven.

No. 46. "Happy to Give" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Perry had trouble nailing the vocal on this too-atmospheric ballad, which should have told them something. (In fact, it got to the point where Cain started calling "Happy to Give" Perry's "pet song.") It's understandable: "Happy to Give" grew out of a soundtrack idea Cain had, and it sounds like it. Journey never played the song live. No. 45. "La Raza Del Sol" From: B-side of "Still They Ride" (1981)

The song's heart is in the right place, as Cain finds inspiration in the plight of immigrant California farm workers. Unfortunately, that narrative is surrounded by a meandering music bed that sounds like a rightly discarded leftover from their pre-Perry days. No. 44. "Mother, Father" From: Escape (1981)

An overwrought, understandably disjointed song that was pieced together from two separate ideas by Perry and Schon, then completed with another interlude written by Schon's dad. No. 43. "All That Really Matters" From: Time3 (1992)

Jonathan Cain took over the mic for this Frontiers outtake, returning to a sound that's more in keeping with his earlier tenure in the Babys . That's fine, but it's not Journey. No. 42. "Homemade Love" From: Departure (1980)

Despite discovering a newfound chart prowess, Journey was still prone to longing looks back to their earliest musical excesses. In keeping, this sludgy, clumsily salacious song couldn't have sounded more out of place on Departure . Positioning "Homemade Love" as the album-closing song made even less sense. No. 41. "Dixie Highway" From: Captured (1981)

"Dixie Highway" sounds like what it was: a throwaway track written on Journey's tour bus while traveling the eponymous interstate into Detroit. It was perhaps interesting enough to be tried out live, but not interesting enough to make it onto a studio album.

No. 40. "Keep On Runnin'" From: Escape (1981)

A pedestrian rocker, "Keep on Runnin'" is the only stumble on Side One of Journey's biggest-ever selling album. No. 39. "Dead or Alive" From: Escape (1981)

The second of two throwback-style songs on Escape that seek to approximate Journey's more rugged, fusion-leaning '70s-era, and the lesser of the pair. That "Dead or Alive" came directly after the too-similar "Lay It Down" didn't do the song any favors, either. No. 38. "Escape" From: Escape (1981)

Cain and Perry are credited as co-composers, but the title track from Escape still feels like the first of what became a series of not-always-successful attempts by Neal Schon to balance Journey's new knack for balladry with ballsier rock songs. That's certainly the role it played in contemporary setlists after he became the band's sole remaining original member. No. 37. "Line of Fire" From: Departure (1980)

A perfunctory rocker best remembered for a sound effect at roughly the 2:10 mark that Perry cribbed from Junior Walker's chart-topping 1965 R&B hit "Shotgun ." No. 36. "Precious Time" From: Departure (1980)

Rolie adds a gurgling harp squall, but not much else stands out.

No. 35. "Lay It Down" From: Escape (1981)

Steve Smith approximates early drummer Aynsley Dunbar's thudding, heavy-rock approach while Schon swirls into the stratosphere on one of two songs from Escape that could have seamlessly fit into a Rolie-era album. No. 34. "Chain Reaction" From: Frontiers (1983)

Schon finds a fusible groove, then joins Perry for a gutty vocal interplay. But "Chain Reaction" ends up getting lost somewhere along the way. No. 33. "Once You Love Somebody" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

They tried for a bluesy feel on a song echoing the relationship troubles that both Perry and Cain were then experiencing, but there's simply not enough grit to this. No. 32. "Natural Thing" From: B-side of "Don't Stop Believin'" (1981)

Your average classic rock radio-loving fan might not peg Steve Perry as a died-in-the-wool R&B guy who can totally pull off this sometimes very un-Journey style. Tell them to start here. No. 31. "Rubicon" From: Frontiers (1983)

This song drove a seemingly permanent wedge in the band. Schon said he was playing "Rubicon" when Perry walked over and turned down his amp . He argued that fans wanted to hear his voice rather than all of those guitars. They put out only two more albums together, and it took them 13 years to do it.

No. 30. "Frontiers" From: Frontiers (1983)

The second-best song on this album's deflating flip side. Singing in a clipped, coolly detached tone, Perry offers a great put-down for heartless generals and politicians: " War is for fools; crisis is cool ." No. 29. "It Could Have Been You" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Schon's riffy contributions work in brilliant counterpoint to Perry's poignancy, underscoring why this partnership meshed so easily – and so well. No. 28. "Where Were You" From: Departure (1980)

There's a reason Journey opened their concerts with "Where Were You" for so long. It simply crackles with energy. They were just coming off an opening gig with AC/DC at this point, and the headliner's knack for outsized, riffy rockers obviously rubbed off. No. 27. "Little Girl" From: B-side of "Open Arms" (1981)

"Little Girl" was the the only proper song from 1980's Dream, After Dream , a soundtrack that's not part of the band's main catalog since it's otherwise filled with incidental music for a now-forgotten foreign film. Elsewhere, the instrumentals provide an untimely restatement of their old penchant for prog and fusion, considering Journey was already on a pop-chart roll. Dream After Dream disappeared without a trace once Journey issued  Escape , and the too-often-overlooked "Little Girl" only saw U.S. release as the B-side to their "Open Arms" single. No. 26. "Raised on Radio" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Radio holds a talismanic place in Perry's imagination for two reasons. His absent father owned a station. At the same time, it's a constant presence in the youthful places where he returns, time and time again, for creative sustenance. If things had gone another way, Perry has said he could see himself as a DJ, rather than a huge pop star. No. 25. "Ask the Lonely" From: Two of a Kind (1983)

Jonathan Cain once said Perry could write love songs in his sleep , and this only-okay leftover is an example of that assembly line-type approach. Yet, he gives his whole heart to every line. "This is my big theory on Steve Perry: Beyond being a great vocalist, I think the secret and maybe why generations connect with him is he is an empath," former Rolling Stone editor David Wild told me. By the end, "Ask the Lonely" still proves to be a better choice that most of what appeared on the back end of Frontiers .

No. 24. "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Written in tribute to their fans, "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" moved past its quite overt "Open Arms" / "Faithfully"-style ambitions on the strength of performances by Schon and Perry.

No. 23. "The Eyes of a Woman" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Steve Smith only appeared on three Raised on Radio tracks, but that doesn't mean he didn't have an undeniable impact. His anticipatory rhythm builds this quiet tension on the underrated "The Eyes of a Woman," as Schon's echoing chords surround the vocal. Perry has called this one of his favorite Journey songs, and that might be because "The Eyes of a Woman" is one of the very few here that fully recalls their Escape / Frontiers -era midtempo sound.

No. 22. "Suzanne" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

If Steve Perry sounds a little overwhelmed on the second single from this album, there's a reason for that. This No. 17 hit was written in tribute to an actual crush – framed as a fantasy encounter with a film star who also had a singing career. He never revealed her name.

No. 21. "Edge of the Blade" From: Frontiers (1983)

Side Two of Frontiers gets off to a roaring start. Buckle up, though. As things progress, you're in for a bumpy ride.

No. 20. "Be Good to Yourself" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

A throwback Top 10 rocker, "Be Good to Yourself" had little in common with the sleeker, more adult-contemporary feel found elsewhere on Raised on Radio . It didn't make for the most representative lead single, but manager Herbie Herbert insisted – because "Be Good to Yourself" sounded the most like Journey on their previous two albums.

No. 19. "I'll Be Alright Without You" From: 'Raised on Radio' (1986)

Schon, who earned a co-writing credit with Cain and Perry, told me he tried out a then-new guitar in search of a distinct sound for this song. Best known for using a 1963 Fender Stratocaster, Schon experimented with a graphite Roland 707 to see if he could get a different, more even tone. It worked: "I'll Be Alright Without You" remains Journey's penultimate Top 20 hit, followed by 1996's "When You Love a Woman." Cain, like Perry, was going through a breakup and called this track the other half of the emotions expressed in "Once You Love Somebody."

No. 18. "Only Solutions" From: Tron (1982)

Unjustly forgotten, and barely used in the film at all, the hooky "Only Solutions" would have greatly enlivened what turned out to be a letdown on Side Two of Frontiers .

No. 17. "People and Places" From: Departure (1980)

A circular vocal effect makes the song's larger point, as Perry and Schon share a vocal that examines life's maddening duality.

No. 16. "Faithfully" From: Frontiers (1983)

Journey was in the midst of a two-leg, 132-show tour in support of Escape and Jonathan Cain was feeling disconnected from his then-wife. Cain noticed the moon above their tour bus and, to him, "it looked like the midnight sun." He wrote that down then fell asleep. Upon awaking, Cain said the rest of "Faithfully" came to him in a rush. He wrote it in his own key, and that allowed Perry to explore a different vocal timbre. "'Faithfully' is to die for. I mean, Jonathan Cain's lyrics are amazing, and Steve Perry gave it everything he had," original MTV VJ Martha Quinn told me. "From the opening lines, he's just absolutely dripping with emotion. Every time you put the needle down, you can just feel it." Journey finished the song with a memorable back-and-forth between Perry and Schon, also completely unrehearsed.

No. 15. "Walks Like a Lady" From: Departure (1980)

A great example of the way Journey songs evolved in the studio. Perry brought in a rough sketch, Schon added a blues-inspired riff, then Smith picked up his brushes. All that was left to complete things was Rolie's greasy Hammond B3 groove, and he said it's one of his favorites.

No. 14. "Girl Can't Help It" From: Raised on Radio (1986)

Perry essentially took control of Journey in the run-up to this album, switching out band members for sidemen with whom he'd worked before then serving as the project's de facto producer. That led them to some song treatments that moved well away from anything Journey had done before, or since. "Girl Can't Help It," one of three Top 40 singles from Raised on Radio , was another exception. This was classic Journey, spit-shined up for a new era.

No. 13. "After the Fall" From: Frontiers (1983)

Perry began this song on the bass, perhaps an early indication of the changes in store for Journey. By the time they released 1986's Raised on Radio , Ross Valory had been replaced by Randy Jackson, later of American Idol fame. Smith departed too, but not before proving himself utterly invaluable here.

No. 12. "Good Morning Girl" / "Stay Awhile" From: Departure (1980)

Inextricably linked by their successive appearances on Departure , these two songs showcased Perry's dual gifts: "Good Morning Girl" was a fragile, impossibly beautiful ballad that emerged from a jam session with Schon, while "Stay Awhile" showed off his R&B chops.

No. 11. "Who's Crying Now" From: Escape (1981)

The initial single from Escape , a No. 4 hit, perfectly illustrates how Cain's new presence impacted Perry's writing style, then forever changed Journey. The first inklings of the track came to Perry as he was driving up to San Francisco on Route 99. But "Who's Crying Now" was a song with no real direction until Cain suggested the title. They worked out a cool b-section featuring only voice and keyboard, and their very first co-written composition was completed. "He helped me go to another place as a writer," Perry later gushed in Joel Selvin's Time3 liner notes. Inspired, Perry also fought to keep Schon's extended guitar solo on the single.

No. 10. "Someday Soon" From: Departure (1980)

The final major vocal collaboration featuring Perry and Rolie and, still, one of the more memorable for its thoughtful optimism. There were plenty of reasons for this upbeat outlook, even though "Someday Soon" appeared as Rolie exited. Departure reached the Billboard Top 10, then the band's highest-charting effort ever. Meanwhile, a subsequent, wildly successful tour was chronicled on 1981's Captured . But why weren't there more of these duets? "I didn't want to quit singing, but it got diminished, there's no doubt," Rolie told me. "I don't think Perry really liked me singing. 'I'm the singer.' Well, OK. But my answer to that is, you know, the Beatles did great with four singers. Four, right? Not one."

No. 9. "Open Arms" From: Escape (1981)

Jonathan Cain brought this to Journey after John Waite , the frontman in Cain's former band the Babys, rejected an early version. Schon didn't really want "Open Arms" either, but Perry intervened. He knew just what to do with it. "He was fascinating to write with because he's such a technician. I'd never worked with a vocal perfectionist," Cain told me. "I mean, he would memorize every line as we wrote it, then his voice — he'd put it in the register we wanted and deliver it how we wanted it. Steve rehearsed everything as we wrote it, so then when we got into the studio or rehearsal, he knew where it lived in his range. He was very specific about what words he wanted to say. I was kind of taken with it." That helped turn "Open Arms" a soaring paean to renewal. Oh, and Journey's highest-charting single ever.

No. 8. "Still They Ride" From: Escape (1981)

Cain and Schon earned co-songwriting credits on the lonesome "Still They Ride," and Steve Smith showed off an accomplished dexterity. But this song belonged in no small part to Perry. Its main character, Jesse, never left the town of his youth, and still drives through its darkening streets looking for some connection. Perry has admitted that this dreamer who refuses to give up on his youthful reverie works as a metaphor for himself. If you'd found yourself in mid-century Hanford, California, you might have seen Journey's future singer doing the same thing. Along the way, a touchingly emotional trip back to Perry's San Joaquin Valley youth showed that the seemingly ageless Escape could still produce a Top 20 single, more than a year after its release.

No. 7. "The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)" From: Captured (1981)

"After I left," Gregg Rolie told me, "it became more pop rock. It was a little heavier when I was in it." That transformation started with "The Party's Over," a Top 40 studio song tacked onto a live project which marked Rolie's exit. Journey's original keyboardist doesn't even appear on the track. Instead, the session featured Stevie "Keys" Roseman, who was later part of VTR with Ross Valory and George Tickner. He'd been working on a later-shelved project with Tickner, Valory and Schon in the next studio. He still hopes to have the old masters "baked so they can be released in some format," Roseman told me. "Neal played a couple of unbelievable solos that still need to be heard."

No. 6. "Stone in Love" From: Escape (1981)

Schon had a tape recorder going while he fooled around with the guitar during a party at his house in San Rafael. Perry and Cain did the rest. "Stone in Love" subsequently charted in the U.K., but never appeared on the main Cashbox or Billboard charts in America. After the release of "Open Arms" and "Still They Ride," however, it provided a welcome reminder that Journey had not given themselves completely over to balladry.

No. 5. "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" From: Frontiers (1983)

Cain and Perry looked on, feeling a little helpless, as Valory and Schon endured painful divorces. "There's got to be a more soulful way of looking at this," Perry countered in the Time3 liner notes. Just like that, the pair had the makings of the Top 10 opening single from Frontiers . "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" so energized Journey that they began performing it onstage before Perry had completely learned the words. Then they filmed a video that sharply divided some fans. "Rock aficionados may have said, 'Oh, that was cornball,'" Martha Quinn told me. "Well, ask people that are still doing send-ups today, down to every last camera angle. Those people love that video. That's something else you couldn't have predicted that would have stood the test of time — but it has. People love it."

No. 4. "Send Her My Love" From: Frontiers (1983)

One of four Top 40 hits found on the album, the lonesome No. 23 anthem "Send Her My Love" is notable for an ambient turn by Schon (he used a high-end Lexicon 480L echo unit) and perhaps the most intriguing drumming contribution on Journey's string of familiar ballads from Steve Smith. A jazz lover who later founded his own combo, Smith added a slyly involving polyrhythm lifted from Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way." "The drummer on that was Tony Williams," Smith told me, "and he played quarter notes with a cross-stick on the snare drum — a very hypnotic groove." Same here.

No. 3. "Only the Young" From: Vision Quest (1985)

Another song that, had it been included, might have pushed Frontiers past Escape as Journey's best Cain-era album. Instead, "Only the Young" appeared much later on this soundtrack, and by then Kenny Sykaluk – a 16-year-old fan suffering from cystic fibrosis – had already died after becoming the first person to hear it . The song is now credited with bringing Journey back together after a period of solo projects. "Only the Young" eventually opened every concert on Journey's subsequent tour, too. Still, it will be forever associated with Sykaluk's brave fight.

No. 2. "Any Way You Want It" From: Departure (1980)

Perry said the vocal and guitar interplay on "Any Way You Want It" was inspired by the performances of Phil Lynott , after Thin Lizzy opened for Journey. So, Perry sang "she loves to laugh," and Schon responded with a riff. Perry sang "she loves to sing," and Schon responded again. Then "she does everything" led into another guitar riff — just like Thin Lizzy might have. Perry and Rolie then brought a tight focus to the bursts of shared vocals that close things out, fashioning Journey's second-ever Top 40 hit – but not before Rodney Dangerfield's character in Caddyshack broke out in a hilariously awkward dance as "Any Way You Want It" blared out of a golf bag radio.

No. 1. "Don't Stop Believin'" From: Escape (1981)

It wasn't the biggest song of the year. In fact, "Don't Stop Believin'" finished at No. 72 on Billboard magazine’s year-ending Hot 100 singles of 1982. It wasn’t even the biggest song from Escape , which spun off not one but two songs that finished higher on the charts. It didn’t have a typical song structure, not referencing the title until 3:22 in, after three verses, two pre-choruses, and some abbreviated instrumental passages. It's set in a place — South Detroit — that doesn’t actually exist. So how did this become Journey's defining moment? "Who wants to keep believing? That would be everybody, you know?" Jonathan Cain told me. "And I think it's a certain song in uncertain times. You have this certainty about that song, and it has this rhythm to it that's just very assuring and very sure of itself. From the beginning piano line, it speaks — and it speaks to hope. I think people are looking for hope."

Nick DeRiso is author of the Amazon best-selling rock band bio 'Journey: Worlds Apart,' available now at all major booksellers' websites .

Rockers Whose Bands Tried to Erase Them

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

You Think You Know Journey?

More From Ultimate Classic Rock

Top 35 Videos by Journey, Together and Apart

  • Songs About Death

30+ Songs About Life’s Journey & Lessons Along the Way

Updated 11/5/2021

Published 07/7/2020

Amy Wolkenhauer, BA in English/Creative Writing

Amy Wolkenhauer, BA in English/Creative Writing

Contributing writer

Discover the best songs about life, including the journey, changes, death, and more.

Cake values integrity and transparency. We follow a strict editorial process to provide you with the best content possible. We also may earn commission from purchases made through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more in our affiliate disclosure .

If you’re looking to create a celebration of life ceremony for a truly remarkable person, then consider any one of the songs below. We’ve divided them into six sections to make the search a little easier.

Jump ahead to these sections:

Best songs about life’s journey, best songs about life’s changes, best songs about life and death, modern pop songs about life, r&b and hip-hop songs about life, country songs about life.

Each of the artists has something poignant to offer, whether that’s about learning from mistakes or revisiting one’s past. Or, how one’s journey is more intensely related to our thoughts than the roads we travel. So, check out some really great songs below and hopefully you’ll find a few that work well when honoring your loved one.

Example of a song about life's journey over an image of a person playing the guitar

Below are a few artists singing about the reflections and revelations made after taking journeys of the mind. Through their experiences, you’ll glean how these experiences lead to either affirmations or resolutions.

1. “One” by U2

While the meaning of the song is ambiguous, it’s nonetheless about relationships, whether they are political, social, or familial. The singer reveals that what is vital in life revolves around us all supporting one another and living life to the fullest .

2. “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding

Posthumously released in 1967, Redding’s song was the first of its kind to top the charts at number one. For six weeks after vocal cord surgery, he was forced to sit outside his temporary home—a boathouse in Sausalito—recovering and reflecting on the life that brought him there.

3. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young 

The full moon has been significant for Young’s decision-making, meaning that he would often decide to join projects guided by its presence. His long career now includes numerous environmental advocacy roles.

4. “Yesterday” by The Beatles

One man’s journey comes to a standstill in “Yesterday” as the subject of the song chooses to live in the past rather than move on after a breakup. He needs time to mourn a significant loss.

5. “Husavik” by Molly Sandén and Will Ferrel

This Icelandic-English song is about a partner who realizes that her journey no longer includes following her love interest—it’s at home. No longer will she give up her heart to follow the dreams of another, but she needs him to see that it’s his home, too.

Experiences and dreams mandate one’s path in life. No matter what happens, hope is the underlying vehicle for change.

6. “Náttúra” by Björk

 “Náttúra” has two meanings. The first is about environmental preservation, while the second is about convincing others to adopt the same mindset. This change in behavior is what Icelandic artist Björk hopes to achieve through protesting pollution while promoting Icelandic heritage.

7. “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley dedicated his life to the Rastafari movement, relief for the socially deprived, and living a life that was true to himself and his beliefs. For these reasons, Marley is an icon in the African diaspora fighting for rights and truth. That makes this one of the top albums to listen to before you die .

8. “Season of Wither” by Aerosmith

You’ll come to this song at different times in your life, and with a different take on its meaning each time. But, because it’s almost so foreboding by nature, you won’t be able to help but choose the worst parts of your life on which to reflect.

9. “Sweet Sixteen” by Billy Idol

When love turns to obsession, there’s no other song that competes. Idol’s interpretation of one man’s lifelong plight to retrieve a lost love highlights how passion turns into addiction. That compulsion is now the famous Coral Castle located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. 

10. “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke

Civil rights, the search for equality, and desegregation are fluid thoughts within this song. Although Cooke may not have been alive to see the changes, his song resonates with communities on the paths toward better tomorrows. It’s truly an inspirational song .

Example of a song about life and death over an image of a person playing the drums

Both in fictional and non-fictional references, songs about life and death take hold. Below you’ll discover ones that match truth and circumstance against the backdrop of stories told with creative license.

11. “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen

Queen was commissioned to write and perform this beautiful song for the original Highlander film starring Christopher Lambert. In it, Lambert’s character must say goodbye to his true love, knowing he’ll outlive any lover now or in the future.

12. “Buffalo Soldier” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

The Buffalo Soldiers were African Americans fighting against Native Americans during the Indian Wars from 1866 to the 1890s. Marley’s song reveals the protest and subjugation of people being forced to kill and create a subjugated people.   

13. “Lithium” by Nirvana

Lithium is a drug used by doctors to help prevent the risk of suicide. The song is about a man who finds god amid suicidal thoughts. Tragically, Nirvana’s lead singer committed suicide not many years later.

14. “November Rain” by Guns-n-Roses

The prolific “November Rain” may be about contemplation or shadows. Nonetheless, as the song and interpretations go, the rain can only last so long. 

15. “Ebony Eyes” by The Everly Brothers

In the fictional song, “Ebony Eyes,” the story unfolds with a marriage prevented by a plane crash, flight 1203. While the song was banned from the UK radio for being too upsetting, it reached 8 th in the pop charts here in the US.

Because life is categorized by individual experiences, songs that can resonate with your personal experiences will be diverse. Considering that, each of the artists below has a unique way of conveying life with meaning.

16. “Yellow” by Coldplay

Commitment and sacrifice are inherent in the lyrics. That devotion has less to do with love and more to do with humanity as a whole.

17. “Good Times” by All Time Low

Creative exploration of one’s life isn’t without the “bare-knuckle” recognition of a recent past. It’s also an appreciation of how one’s past helps them find the nerve to move forward into a life unknown.

18. “I Lived” by OneRepublic

Gut-tethered, honest lyrics pay homage to a fan with cystic fibrosis. The words conjure an ambition to live past one’s limitations and create a life worth living.

19. “Float On” by Modest Mouse

The song reflects on the idea that no matter how much pain or strife comes at you, there’s an absolute truth to living. No matter how heavy the events seem right now, things will eventually get better.

20. “Running with the Wolves” by Courtney Jenaé and Adrian Grahn

This super short tune on the “Eurovision” soundtrack has a distinct theme of wolves and pack running. The underlying theme rests on finding a space where you belong among people that accept you for who you are.

Example of a hip-hop song about life over an image of a concert

The few songs below are about resolution and strength. Sometimes in the journey of the mind that brings you there.

21. “Good as Hell” by Lizzo

This “self-loving anthem” by Lizzo is about finding your true self above the pain. Although relationships end, there are no reasons to get down on the fabulous person that you are.

22. “7 Years” by Lukas Graham

This piano-led song leads the listener down a path of remembrance. In it, you’ll discover that achieving great things requires that you bring your whole self along the way. 

23. “Just Fine” by Mary J. Blige

Blige sings that no matter what is happening in life, or how wild it seems, as long as you’re positive and doing everything you want to do, everything will be just fine.

24. “Soldier of Love” by Sade

A trumpet and snare drum engage the listener from the onset. Then the lyrics invite you into a world where the singer is an expert on love. She knows her journey is to remain steadfast in the goal of achieving all things related to life with respect.

25. “Not Afraid” by Eminem

If you’re looking for a king of life anthem, take a listen to Eminem’s “Not Afraid.” You’ll come to realize that it’s less about life’s little transgressions and more about being bigger than them.

The country songs below speak to the reflective journey. Everything you experience makes you who you are today.

26. “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett

Rhett makes a case for being open to the circumstances as they come. That thinking has led him to find a wife, have three daughters, and enjoy a budding career. All of this has been the result of being open to love as it became available.

27. “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Lambert’s song recognizes that returning home can help you remember who you are and also help with the healing process on this short road of life.

28. “Letter to Me” by Brad Paisley

Paisley's song reflects on the idea of writing a letter to your younger self. He also understands that fatherhood can give you a second chance to make things right.

29. “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift

First loves are going to happen with or without a happy ending. Swift's song doesn't just come from that angle, though. She also begins with the idea that you can't take everything so seriously in life.

30. “Springsteen” by Eric Church

Some people merely exist in our lives fleetingly or because their presence was triggered by a circumstance. That said, they still have value, because without them, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. 

Celebrating Remarkable Journeys

It’s not easy to find fitting songs to celebrate someone because of all the complex histories and journeys they’ve lived throughout life. But hopefully, you’ve found several here that you.


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song happy journey

she hurt him and now he's leaving.....telling her someone else is happy to give what she needs....but it's not him....she still loves him....but realizes that he's gone now....because there's someone else happy to give....

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71 Songs About Journeys (Pop, Rap & More)

30 Aug 2022 — Filed Under: Music

I. Latest Songs About Journeys

Ii. pop songs about journeys, iii. country songs about journeys, iv. r&b songs about journeys, v. rock songs about journeys, vi. christian songs about journeys, 1. with christ by journey worship co..

Artist: Journey Worship Co. Album: Volume One (Live) Year: 2021

The song is a worship song about how we are never alone with Christ by our side. No matter what we are going through in life, He is always with us and will never leave us. The song talks about how Christ is our hope and our strength, and how we can always trust Him.

song happy journey

2. Sovereign God (Green Room Session) by Journey Worship Co.

The song Sovereign God is a worship song about the power and majesty of God. The lyrics declare that God is sovereign over all things and that His love is everlasting. The song is a reminder that we are never alone, and that God is always with us.

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Artist: Journey Album: Escape Year: 1981

The song is about a man who is down on his luck and is trying to make his way in the world. He is told by someone that he should never give up on his dreams and to never stop believing in himself.

2. I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash

Artist: Johnny Cash Album: Unchained Year: 1996

The song is a list of places the narrator has been, with the refrain “I’ve been everywhere, man.” The narrator claims to have been to all of the places mentioned in the song, which span several continents.

3. Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

Artist: Steppenwolf Album: Steppenwolf Year: 1968

1. “The Road” by C.W. McCall 2. “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Hank Snow 3. “The Wanderer” by Dion 4. “City of New Orleans” by Arlo Guthrie 5. “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson 6. “Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers Band 7. “The Times They Are A-Changin'” by Bob Dylan 8. “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot 9. “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop 10. “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica

4. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

Artist: The Proclaimers Album: Hollywood Soundtracks Year: 1987

The song is about a man who is willing to walk 500 miles to be with the woman he loves. He is determined to make the journey, no matter what the obstacles, and he is sure that he will be happy when he finally arrives at her side.

5. Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz

Artist: Lenny Kravitz Album: 5 Year: 1998

The song is about leaving everything behind and starting anew. It talks about how sometimes we need to let go of our past in order to move forward. The chorus repeats the phrase “fly away” which could symbolize letting go of what’s holding us back.

6. You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Artist: Josh Groban Album: Closer Year: 2003

“You Raise Me Up” is a song originally composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden. The music was written by Secret Garden’s Rolf Løvland and the lyrics by Brendan Graham. After the song was performed early in 2002 by the Secret Garden and their invited lead singer, Brian Kennedy, the song only became a minor hit. In 2003, the song was recorded by the Irish singer Josh Groban, whose version became a global hit. Groban’s recording was produced by David Foster and Humberto Gatica and released on his album Closer. His single achieved considerable adult contemporary and easy listening radio airplay and peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 2004. In the United Kingdom, Groban’s version of “You Raise Me Up” peaked at number one in January 2005, becoming his first number-one single there.

7. Kokomo by The Beach Boys

Artist: The Beach Boys Album: Kokomo Year: 1988

“Kokomo” is a song by American rock band the Beach Boys from their 1988 album Still Cruisin’. The song was written by Mike Love, Terry Melcher, and John Phillips, and produced by the Beach Boys and Bruce Johnston. It was released as a single on July 18, 1988, peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 the following month. In the UK, the song peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart.

8. The Wanderer by Dion DiMucci

Artist: Dion DiMucci Album: Runaround Sue Year: 1961

The song is about a man who is a wanderer and has no home. He has been everywhere and seen everything. He is tired of moving around and wants to find a place to settle down.

9. In the Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Artist: Sarah McLachlan Album: Surfacing Year: 1997

The song is about a person who is struggling and feels alone, but is comforted by an angel. The lyrics talk about how the person is going through a tough time and how the angel is there to help them through it.

10. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

Artist: The Righteous Brothers Album: Just Once in My Life Year: 1965

The song is about a man who is longing for his lost love. He is hoping that she will return to him and they can be together again.

11. Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

Artist: John Denver Album: Poems, Prayers & Promises Year: 1971

The song is about the beauty of West Virginia and the desire to be home. The singer longs for the simplicity of the country life and the peace that comes with it. The song has a nostalgic and wistful tone, and speaks to the longing for a simpler time and place.

12. Around the World by Daft Punk

Artist: Daft Punk Album: Homework Year: 1997

The song is about a journey around the world, starting in France and ending in Japan. Along the way, the traveler experiences a variety of different cultures and sounds.

13. Paris by The Chainsmokers

Artist: The Chainsmokers Album: Memories…Do Not Open Year: 2017

The Chainsmokers are an American electronic music duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The song is about a young couple in love in the city of Paris. They are in awe of the city and all it has to offer. They are excited to be in each other’s arms and to experience everything the city has to offer together.

14. The Road to Hell by Chris Rea

Artist: Chris Rea Album: – Year: –

The song is about a man who is headed down a road to self-destruction. He is aware of the danger he is in, but he seems to be powerless to stop himself. The song is a warning to others about the dangers of this road, and the singer pleads with them to turn back before it’s too late.

15. Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright

Artist: Rufus Wainwright Album: Shrek Year: 2001

The song Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright is a religious song that talks about praising God. The song is upbeat and has a lot of energy.

16. The Road to Hell (Part II) by Chris Rea

Artist: Chris Rea Album: The Road to Hell (Deluxe Edition) Year: 1989

The song is about a man who is driving down a road to hell, and he is reflecting on his life and how he got there. He talks about how he made some bad choices that led him down this road, and how he regrets them. He also talks about how he is trying to find his way back to the living, and how he is hoping that someone will help him.

1. On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

Artist: Willie Nelson Album: – Year: 1980

The song is about a man who is on the road again and is looking forward to the journey. He is excited to see the different places and people he will encounter along the way.

2. Amazing Grace by LeAnn Rimes

Artist: LeAnn Rimes Album: You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs Year: 1997

The song is a cover of the traditional hymn “Amazing Grace.” Rimes’ version is a slower, more emotive take on the song, with her powerful voice conveying the message of the lyrics. The song speaks to the power of God’s grace in saving us from our sins, and how it is something that we can always rely on.

3. Ramblin’ Man by The Allman Brothers Band

Artist: The Allman Brothers Band Album: Brothers and Sisters Year: 1973

The song is about a man who is always on the move and can’t stay in one place for very long. He is always looking for something new and exciting to do.

4. Take It Easy by Eagles

Artist: Eagles Album: Eagles Year: –

The song is about taking it easy and enjoying life despite the challenges that come up. The singer encourages the listener to relax and not worry too much.

5. The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Bob Dylan

Artist: Bob Dylan Album: The Times They Are a-Changin’ Year: 1964

The song is about how the world is constantly changing and how people need to change with it. Dylan sings about how the old ways of doing things are no longer effective and how people need to adapt to the new ways. He also talks about how the future is always unknown and how people need to be prepared for it.

6. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

7. city of new orleans by arlo guthrie.

Artist: Arlo Guthrie Album: Hobo’s Lullaby Year: 1972

The song is a ballad about a train, the City of New Orleans, traveling from Chicago to New Orleans. The singer reflects on the various people and places the train passes through and how they all contribute to the journey. In the end, the singer arrives in New Orleans, where he is “welcomed like a long lost friend.”

8. John Michael Montgomery by Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)

Artist: Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) Album: – Year: –

This song is about a man who goes to a Grundy County auction and ends up buying a date with a woman named John Michael Montgomery.

9. Rascal Flatts by Rascal Flatts

Artist: Rascal Flatts Album: Me and My Gang Year: 2006

This song is about a young man who is in love with a girl who is in love with someone else. The young man is trying to figure out what to do and how to tell the girl that he loves her.

10. Lynyrd Skynyrd by Sweet Home Alabama

Artist: Sweet Home Alabama Album: – Year: –

“Sweet Home Alabama” is a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd that was released in 1974. The song is about the state of Alabama and how the band members feel about it. They talk about how much they love the state and how it is a great place to live.

11. Willie Nelson by Willie Nelson

The song is about the life of country music singer Willie Nelson. It talks about his humble beginnings, his struggles with addiction, and his eventual success.

12. Travis Tritt by Travis Tritt

Artist: Travis Tritt Album: Down the Road I Go Year: 2000

The song is about the country singer Travis Tritt and how he became successful. It talks about his humble beginnings and how he worked hard to get where he is today.

13. Country Roads – John Denver by John Denver

The song is about the beauty of nature and how it can make people feel. It talks about how country roads can take people away from their troubles and make them feel at peace.

1. Good as Hell by Lizzo

Artist: Lizzo Album: Barbershop: The Next Cut (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Year: 2016

The song is about how good Lizzo feels, and how she knows she looks good. She sings about how she doesn’t need a man to make her feel good, because she already does. The song is empowering and uplifting, and makes the listener feel good as well.

2. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell

Artist: Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell Album: United Year: 1967

The song is about how no matter how high a mountain is, it cannot stop two people in love from being together.

3. 7 Years by Lukas Graham

Artist: Lukas Graham Album: Lukas Graham (Blue Album) Year: 2015

The song is about a man looking back on his life and reflecting on all that he has accomplished in the span of 7 years. He talks about how time has flown by and how he has grown and changed as a person in that time. He reflects on some of the biggest moments in his life, both good and bad, and how they have all led him to where he is today. In the end, he is grateful for all that he has experienced and learned in those 7 years and looks forward to what the next 7 will bring.

4. I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff

Artist: Jimmy Cliff Album: Cool Runnings Year: 1993

I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff is a song about how the singer has finally been able to see clearly after going through a tough time. He talks about how he can see the good in life and how he is grateful for what he has.

5. Respect by Aretha Franklin

Artist: Aretha Franklin Album: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You Year: 1967

The song Respect by Aretha Franklin is about a woman demanding respect from her man. She is tired of being treated like a doormat and wants him to show her some respect. She sings about how she has given him everything and how she deserves to be treated better. The song is a powerful anthem for women everywhere who feel like they are not being respected.

6. Not Afraid by Eminem

Artist: Eminem Album: Hits June 10 Year: 2010

The song is about overcoming fears and being strong in the face of adversity. It is a motivational song that encourages people to face their fears and to be confident in themselves.

7. Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

Artist: Otis Redding Album: The Dock of the Bay Year: –

The song is about a man who is sitting on the dock of a bay, watching the tide roll away. He is thinking about all the things he has done in his life and how he is now at peace with himself.

9. The Weight by The Band

Artist: The Band Album: – Year: –

The Weight is a song written by Robbie Robertson and originally performed by The Band in 1968. The song is about a traveler who arrives in a small town and is asked to stay with a family there. The traveler is then asked to do various tasks for the family, including carrying their groceries and picking up their laundry. As the traveler does these things, he thinks about the people he has left behind and the things he has left undone. The song is about the choices we make in life and how they can weigh us down.

10. Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival Album: Cosmo’s Factory Year: 1970

The song is about a man who is on the road and looking for adventure. He is tired of his everyday life and is looking for something new. He is willing to take risks and is open to new experiences.

11. Soldier of Love by Sade

Artist: Sade Album: Soldier of Love Year: 2010

The song is about a soldier of love who is willing to fight for love even though they know they may not win. The song is about being willing to risk everything for love.

12. Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J

Artist: LL Cool J Album: Less Than Zero Year: 1987

The song is about a man who is returning to Los Angeles, California after living in New York City. He talks about how he misses the weather and the women in California.

13. Just Fine by Mary J. Blige

Artist: Mary J. Blige Album: Growing Pains Year: 2007

The song is about a woman who is going through a tough time but is determined to remain positive. Despite her challenges, she is doing just fine.

14. Keep On Pushing by The Impressions

Artist: The Impressions Album: – Year: –

The Impressions’ “Keep On Pushing” is an anthem of hope and perseverance. Despite the challenges faced by the singer and those around him, he remains determined to push forward and make a better life for himself and his community. The song features a positive and upbeat message that is sure to inspire listeners to keep fighting for their dreams.

2. The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles

Artist: The Beatles Album: Let It Be Year: 1970

The song is about a relationship that has ended and the singer is looking back on all the happy times they shared together. He is sad and regrets all the things he didn’t do to make the relationship work.

3. Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Artist: Led Zeppelin Album: Led Zeppelin II Year: 1969

Ramble On is a song by Led Zeppelin from their 1969 album Led Zeppelin II. The song was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and is one of the band’s most popular songs. The song is about a young man’s journey through life, and his encounters with love, death, and the devil. The song has a very catchy riff, and is one of Led Zeppelin’s most well-known songs.

4. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Artist: Fleetwood Mac Album: Rumours Year: 1977

The song is about a relationship that has ended and the person is telling their former partner that they need to go their own way.

5. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

Artist: Bruce Springsteen Album: Born to Run Year: 1975

The song is about a young man’s escape from his hometown. He is in love with a girl named Mary and he wants to take her away to a better life. The song is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt trapped by their circumstances and longed for something better.

6. Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp

Artist: Supertramp Album: Breakfast in America Year: 1979

The song is about a man who is tired of his life and decides to take the long way home. He is tired of the city and the people in it. He wants to find a place where he can be alone and find peace.

7. Running on Empty by Jackson Browne

Artist: Jackson Browne Album: Running on Empty Year: 1977

The song is about a person who is “running on empty” and needs a break. The person is tired of the rat race and just wants to relax and take it easy for a while.

8. Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

Artist: The Beatles Album: Abbey Road Year: 1969

The song is about the hope that comes with the arrival of springtime.

9. Where the Streets Have No Name by U2

Artist: U2 Album: The Joshua Tree Year: 1987

The song is about poverty and longing for a better life. The lyrics describe the frustration of living in a slum where there is no escape from the grinding poverty and despair. The singer longs for a place where the streets have no name and where there is hope for a better future.

10. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey

Artist: Journey Album: Frontiers Year: 1983

The song is about a couple who have grown apart and are now living separate lives. The singer is reminiscing about the good times they had together and how they are now living in different worlds.

11. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

12. send her my love by journey.

The song is about a man who is thinking about a past love. He is wondering how she is doing and if she is happy. He still loves her and thinks about her often.

13. Lights by Infinity

Artist: Infinity Album: – Year: –

The song is about a person who is in a relationship with someone who is not good for them. They are trying to get away from this person, but they keep coming back. The person is warning them that they need to get away from this person before they get hurt.

14. Wheel in the Sky by Journey

Artist: Journey Album: Infinity Year: 1978

The song is about a person who is searching for meaning in their life. They feel lost and alone, but they continue to search for answers.

15. Open Arms by Journey

Artist: Journey Album: Escape Year: –

The song is about a couple who are going through a tough time and are struggling to communicate with each other. The song is about the idea of trying to find comfort in each other’s arms and being there for each other no matter what.

16. Faithfully by Journey

The song is about a man who is struggling to keep his relationship alive despite the fact that he is always on the road. He is faithful to his love, but he knows that it is taking a toll on their relationship.

17. Any Way You Want It by Journey

Artist: Journey Album: Departure Year: 1980

The song is about a person who is willing to do anything for love. They are willing to go to any length and do whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

1. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe

Artist: MercyMe Album: The Worship Project Year: 1999

The song is about a person imagining what it will be like to be in heaven. The person imagines being in a beautiful place with no more pain or suffering. They imagine being reunited with loved ones who have died and being able to worship God freely. The song is a reminder that even though we don’t know what heaven will be like, we can trust that it will be better than anything we can imagine.

2. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers

3. what a wonderful world by louis armstrong.

Artist: Louis Armstrong Album: – Year: –

The song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong is a feel-good song about how great the world is. Armstrong’s vocals are smooth and comforting, making the listener feel at ease. The lyrics talk about all the wonderful things in the world, from the beauty of nature to the happiness of children. It’s a simple song, but it’s one that always makes people feel good.

4. With Christ by Journey Worship Co.

5. through life’s journey by drew greenway.

Artist: Drew Greenway Album: Through Life’s Journey Year: 2015

The song is about a man’s journey through life and how he has been changed by it. He reflects on the people and experiences that have shaped him and how they have helped him to grow and become the person he is today. He is thankful for the journey, even though it has been difficult at times, and he knows that it has made him a better person.

6. The Journey by ICF Worship

Artist: ICF Worship Album: Valleys and Wonders Year: 2016

The Journey is a song about the ups and downs of life and how God is always with us through it all. The song talks about how we all have a journey to take and how we need to trust God to lead us through it. The song is a reminder that no matter what happens in life, God is always with us and will never leave us alone.

7. Jesus on My Journey by Kids On The Move

Artist: Kids On The Move Album: Greater Is He Year: 2011

The song is about a young child’s journey with Jesus. The child starts off by asking Jesus to come with them on their journey, and then talks about all the different places they go and the things they see. The child eventually gets tired and wants to go home, but Jesus tells them to keep going. The child then talks about how they finally make it to the end of their journey and how happy they are to be there with Jesus.

8. My Christian Journey by Pilgrim Jubilees

Artist: Pilgrim Jubilees Album: Trouble In The Street Year: 1997

The song ‘My Christian Journey by Pilgrim Jubilees’ is a song about a person’s journey through life and how their faith has helped them along the way. The lyrics talk about how the person has faced many challenges and obstacles, but their faith has always been there to help them overcome them. The song is a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, our faith will always be there to help us through it.

9. Through All of It by Colton Dixon

Artist: Colton Dixon Album: Anchor Year: 2014

The song is about continuing to push forward even when life gets tough. It talks about how God is always there for us, even when we feel alone. It is a song of hope and encouragement.

10. Sovereign God (Green Room Session) by Journey Worship Co.

11. the prayer by marcelito pomoy.

Artist: Marcelito Pomoy Album: Split Year: 2013

The song ‘The Prayer by Marcelito Pomoy’ is a beautiful ballad that tells the story of a man who is asking for God’s guidance and strength. The lyrics are full of emotion and the music is very moving. This song is sure to touch the hearts of those who hear it.

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Journey - Happy To Give Lyrics

Artist: Journey

Album: Raised On Radio

Genre: Rock

song happy journey

Journey Miscellaneous Happy To Give Happy to Give - Journey I was born a believer, played the fool Lonely dreamer, left to choose I don't know where the love is, there's a promise undone Someone's cryin', in a room all alone Shadows fall, after the hurt is gone Through it all, we love and we lose Where is the one, someone who's happy, (happy to give) Happy to be with you, it's where you belong, with someone Who's happy (happy to give) happy to give you love A song for the singer, one book of dreams Take this heartache, away from me A page in a story, ah romance untold Sharing secrets, we call, our own Shadows fall, after the hurt is gone Through it all, we love and we lose Where is the one, someone who's happy (happy to give) Happy to be with you, it's where you belong, with someone Who's happy (happy to give) happy to give you love Happy, happy, oh happy (Happy to give), oo happy to give Oh somebody's happy to give you love, Your love, your love oh yeah

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Popular journey lyrics.

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song happy journey

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Happy Journey

Happy Journey

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A massive scam targeting older Americans who own timeshare properties has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars sent to Mexico.

Maria Abi-Habib, an investigative correspondent for The Times, tells the story of a victim who lost everything, and of the criminal group making the scam calls — Jalisco New Generation, one of Mexico’s most violent cartels.

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song happy journey

Maria Abi-Habib , an investigative correspondent for The New York Times based in Mexico City.

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    song happy journey

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    song happy journey

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    song happy journey

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    song happy journey


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  1. Hank Locklin

    a big thanks to Muzikgirl67 for sharing this one, visit & sub Her channel, She has playlist's sorted by year - (Eliz...

  2. Happy Journey (song)

    Happy Journey (song) "Happy Journey" is a song written by Charles Nowa, Fred Jacobson and Nicola Wilke. It was originally recorded by American country singer-songwriter Hank Locklin. In 1961, it was released as a single and became a major hit on the American country chart that year. It would later be released on Locklin's studio album of the ...

  3. #14 Happy Journey|Genshin Impact

    Album name: Genshin Impact - The Wind and The Star TravelerLabel: miHoYoType: Studio albumGenshin Impact's first OST album "Genshin Impact - The Wind and The...

  4. Happy To Give

    Lyrics:I was born a believer, played the foolLonely dreamer, left to chooseI don't know where the love is, there's a promise undoneSomeone's cryin, in a room...

  5. 19 Most Popular Songs About Life's Journey, Ranked

    9. "Time In A Bottle" by Jim Croce. "Time In A Bottle" by Jim Croce is a timeless classic that captures the essence of life's journey and the fleeting nature of time. It serves as a reminder to slow down and cherish every experience, whether good or bad because they make up our unique journey in life. 10.

  6. Hank Locklin

    Happy Journey Lyrics: Happy journey and auf wiederseh'n / Oh my darling, till we meet again / Happy journey, happy journey / Don't forget the one who loves you so / I'll be lonely waiting just for you

  7. The Meaning Behind The Song: Happy To Give by Journey

    The chorus of the song, "Where is the one, someone who's happy (happy to give), Happy to be with you, it's here you belong, with someone who's happy (happy to give), happy to give you love," is a plea for someone who is willing to give love unconditionally. It speaks to the longing we all have to find that person who accepts us for ...

  8. journey

    Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (Official HD Video - 1979) Journey. 3:59. Don't Stop Believin' (Escape Tour 1981: Live in Japan) Journey. 4:21. New recommendations. Greatest journey hits are curated in this music video playlist. Enjoy the greatest hits of journey in this playlist.

  9. Happy Journey

    Happy Journey by Hank Locklin released in 1962. Find album reviews, track lists, credits, awards and more at AllMusic. ... This Song is Just for You (1962) Happy Journey (1962) Hank Locklin (1962) Ways of Life (1963) Sings Hank Williams (1964) Sings Eddy Arnold (1965) Once over Lightly (1965)

  10. Ranking All 52 Journey Songs From the '80s

    No. 27. "Little Girl". From: B-side of "Open Arms" (1981) "Little Girl" was the the only proper song from 1980's Dream, After Dream, a soundtrack that's not part of the band's main catalog since ...

  11. Happy Journey (album)

    Happy Journey is a studio album by American country singer-songwriter Hank Locklin.It was released in January 1962 via RCA Victor Records and was produced by Chet Atkins. Happy Journey was Locklin's third studio album released in his recording career. It contained a total of 12 tracks, three of which were hits on the country chart: "You're the Reason," "Happy Birthday to Me" and the title track.

  12. 30+ Songs About Life's Journey & Lessons Along the Way

    Marley's song reveals the protest and subjugation of people being forced to kill and create a subjugated people. 13. "Lithium" by Nirvana. Lithium is a drug used by doctors to help prevent the risk of suicide. The song is about a man who finds god amid suicidal thoughts. Tragically, Nirvana's lead singer committed suicide not many years ...

  13. Journey

    Where is the one, someone who's happy (happy to give) Happy to be with you, it's here you belong, with someone Who's happy (happy to give) happy to give you love A song for the singer, one book of dreams Take this heartache, away from me A page in a story, romance untold Sharing secrets, we call, our own Shadows fall, after the hurt is gone

  14. Journey

    "Happy To Give'' by JourneyListen to Journey: more Journey videos: to t...

  15. 71 Songs About Journeys (Pop, Rap & More)

    I. Latest Songs About Journeys. 1. With Christ by Journey Worship Co. Artist: Journey Worship Co. Album: Volume One (Live) Year: 2021. The song is a worship song about how we are never alone with Christ by our side. No matter what we are going through in life, He is always with us and will never leave us. The song talks about how Christ is our ...


    Where is the one, someone who's happy, (happy to give) Happy to be with you, it's where you belong, with someone Who's happy (happy to give) happy to give you love A song for the singer, one book of dreams Take this heartache, away from me A page in a story, ah romance untold Sharing secrets, we call, our own Shadows fall, after the hurt is gone

  17. Journey

    Shadows fall, after the hurt is gone. Through it all, we love and we lose. [Chorus] Where is the one, someone who's happy (happy to give) Happy to be with you, it's here you belong, with someone ...

  18. Happy Journey Music

    Download happy journey royalty-free audio tracks and instrumentals for your next project. A Small Miracle. Romarecord1973. 1:16. acoustic ukulele light. Feel It Tonight (Tropical Island) AlexGrohl. 1:37. adventure advertising.

  19. Journey

    Journey - Happy to give. Sixth song from the album "Raised on radio" (1986). With lyrics.Journey "Departure" (1980) album:

  20. Free Happy Journey by Yu-Peng Chen sheet music

    Share, download and print free sheet music of Happy Journey Yu-Peng Chen for piano, guitar, flute and more with the world's largest community of sheet music creators, composers, performers, music teachers, students, beginners, artists and other musicians with over 1,000,000 sheet digital music to play, practice, learn and enjoy.

  21. Happy Journey MP3 Song Download

    About Happy Journey Song. "Where words leave off, music begins!". Wynk Music brings to you Happy Journey MP3 song from the movie/album Happy Journey. With Wynk Music, you will not only enjoy your favourite MP3 songs online, but you will also have access to our hottest playlists such as English Songs, Hindi Songs, Malayalam Songs, Punjabi ...

  22. How One Family Lost $900,000 in a Timeshare Scam

    The Daily is made by Rachel Quester, Lynsea Garrison, Clare Toeniskoetter, Paige Cowett, Michael Simon Johnson, Brad Fisher, Chris Wood, Jessica Cheung, Stella Tan ...

  23. Journey

    Track listing:01. Only the Young 00:00 02. Don't Stop Believin' 04:1903. Wheel in the Sky 08:30 04. Faithfully 12:42 05. I'll Be Alright Without You 17:12 06...

  24. Happy Journey Lyrical

    Song Title : Happy JourneyAlbum / Movie : #JHSP / Joruga Hushaaruga Shikaaru Podhama Music & Original Score : Naga VamshiSinger : KarthikLyrics : VengiLyrica...