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Easy and practical baby led weaning travel food ideas for babies 6 months & up

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It’s summertime and guess what… no one wants to have to stay inside when it’s beautiful and sunny out! 

That being said, when you have a BLW baby, sometimes the hassle of figuring out what to feed them while traveling, or on-the-go, seems like it’s more work than it’s worth. But it doesn’t have to be stressful!

I’ve got a list of easy, MINIMAL MESS and portable baby finger food ideas you can pack as a snack, or combine to make meals. Keep reading for 12 easy options for baby led weaning foods while on-the-go!

travel baby food

I know how hard it can be to think of what to feed your baby when traveling, on the road, or out having fun at summer activities. That’s why I came up with this list – I’m all about making things easier for you!

These foods work whether you’re on a plane, at the park, or at a restaurant. While the occasional purée pouch, other store-bought baby food option, or even homemade baby food in a reusable package, will always have its benefits (hellooo convenience and mess-free eating!), packing whole foods means that you don’t have to deal with wrappers and messy containers or utensils. Plus, you’ll be continuing to expose your baby led weaning baby to a variety of real food, real flavors and advanced textures . 

I’m a big proponent of minimizing processed foods for babies (and adults!) as much as possible, as well as keeping those more advanced texture exposures coming. I FULLY understand that it’s hard – time doesn’t allow for it sometimes – and that a bit here and there won’t hurt. 

But helping you keep it top of mind as you navigate this world of feeding your babe is my job, so this list will hopefully help take away the guesswork as to what can fit into this category of foods.

Travel Food for Babies should be mess-free!

travel food ideas for babies

The above is definitely not a scenario you want to get stuck in when out and about with your baby! While it’s super cute and funny when it happens at home, this is less than ideal on a plane, or in a restaurant, for example. 

That’s why, in general, most people are looking for mess-free foods (or minimal mess… nothing is really mess-free with baby led weaning ). For this reason, I like to recommend avoiding anything with sauce, that’s in a casserole type format, or anything that requires a utensil unless you’re feeding the baby yourself (and they let you). Think yogurt , applesauce…that type of thing. 

Nothing is more messy than a baby refusing to let you spoon feed them and then dunking their hands into a container of applesauce!

applesauce for baby led weaning babies

And while I know moms love to be prepared for the worst – and often pack more for an outing than is needed. Let’s save those extra clothes for blowouts…those happen when you least expect it and you don’t want to have wasted your spare outfit on a messy meal!

So here’s some examples. If you pack meat, make it plain chicken. If you pack pasta, keep it plain with no sauce to minimize mess. If you pack fruit, opt for a banana or freeze dried varieties over messy ripe berries. That type of thing.

With that being said, here are my go-to baby led weaning travel foods.

The best travel baby food options for baby led weaning

One thing I want to make sure you keep in mind is the age and development of your baby. Some of these options are going to require pincer grasp …so if your baby is just starting out on solid foods, they won’t be ready for these options yet. 

Make sure you choose the options that are in finger shapes so they aren’t struggling to eat, because this will just end in frustration for both of you. If your baby is a bit older and already has their pincer grasp developed, or is practicing it, any of these options will be a good fit!

baby led weaning travel food part one

Boiled Eggs

Keep in a container with an ice pack and feed the baby anywhere! Provides an easy source of protein for babies , and healthy fats .

Cooked Pasta

This is perfect as an easy snack or meal idea on the go. Pair the pasta with cheese or beans for a full meal ! You can also opt to pack pulse based pasta, such as chickpea pasta for an added protein boost on its own.

Nothing beats a food that comes in its own packaging! Need I say more?

Canned Beans or Chickpeas

No need to cook! Just rinse, dump into a container, and go! I like to buy ones that are canned with a BPA free lining, and that have no added salt, especially when offering to babies because we need to be a bit more cautious when it comes to salt for babies (but I don’t want you to panic either, just give them an extra rinse and monitor salt intake over the rest of the day/next day to balance things out).

You may want to slightly smush chickpeas before offering, just to be extra safe. Depending on your baby’s skill level, and how soft they are, they can be a choking hazard .

Shredded Cheese

Cheese is a great source of protein for babies, as well as a good source of fat – both of which babies need for proper growth and development. And as an added bonus, it’s usually a favorite amongst most babies! 

Please note that I’m recommending shredded cheese, not slices. Slices can be a choking hazard for babies, as it can be difficult to cut the cheese in a thin layer so it won’t pose a risk. Therefore, shredded is best, especially in the beginning as you just start baby led weaning. Watch this video below for more info on how to safely prepare cheese for babies.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Edwena 🙋🏻‍♀️| Dietitian & Mom (@mylittleeater)

Freeze Dried Fruit

Like I mentioned above, fruit is a great option, but you’re gonna want to stick with mess-free varieties! 

Freeze-dried berries are an excellent source of vitamin C, and therefore pair nicely with beans to boost iron absorption – something babies need a lot of! And if you pair that with the pasta and shredded cheese, you have all the pieces of my FFP+P rule for a complete, balanced meal that’s perfect for baby led weaning ! 

While freeze-dried berries are great for this, fresh berries are not great from a mess-free perspective. So, freeze-dried fruit for the win! It will literally hold up in any weather (no need to pack a cooler), and is mess-free!

A similar alternative would be to pack yogurt-based melts – they’re typically freeze-dried as well so they’re not messy like packing yogurt would be! Our favorites are the Amara Smoothie Melts. These are actually plant-based, so if your little one has an allergy or sensitivity to dairy these will be perfectly fine for them too. They have no added sugars, fillers, or other additives – just simple, clean ingredients which we love! They come in lots of yummy flavors with various fruits and veggies blended right in and they come in a resealable bag, making them perfect for snacking on the go. Check them out here and use code LITTLEEATER15 for 15% off your purchase.

baby led weaning travel food part two

Baby Led Weaning Toast Strips

Super easy for on-the-go! Just toast bread and cut into thin strips – coat with a bit of butter to soften them up slightly. But, for the sake of mess-free travel foods, avoid things like nut butter or hummus, unless you’re able to wash up somewhere! 

Remember, fresh, untoasted bread is a choking hazard. If you’re looking for more info on toasting bread for your baby and serving it in a safe manner, check out this post all about toast toppings for babies and toddlers .

Roasted Veggies

Sounds complicated, but I’m actually going to suggest that you keep a bunch of these prepped ahead of time for easy meal ideas throughout the week. I personally always keep some on-hand in my fridge for snacks or quick meals. I make a big batch a couple times per week, and pull from it as needed. 

If you’re able to set aside the time to meal prep these (listen to my other fav meal prepping tips here ) then there’s nothing easier than just putting these in a container and offering them to your baby, any time of day. 

Some good veggies to try are bell peppers and zucchini. I’d avoid things like roasted sweet potato because it becomes so mushy that your baby will end up with orange mash all over them!

Baby Pancakes (only 3 ingredients!)

Ok, this one involves some cooking, but I swear it’s easy!

Mix together 1 ripe banana, 2 eggs, and 1 1/2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Scoop batter into a skillet and cook on low-medium heat until lightly brown, flipping once when you can see bubbles along the outer edge. Let them cool, cut into strips, and pack into a container. There you have it – simple, baby banana pancakes for on-the-go!

Fresh Fruit

I know this goes against what I just said above, but hear me out. There are fruits that are less messy that you can bring. Stewed pears or apples would be my top choice – no staining! You can also do kiwi wedges, plums, or oranges. These may be ever so slightly messy in that there may be a bit of fruit juice running on your baby’s hands, but nothing a baby wipe can’t handle.

I stand by my comment that fresh berries are just too messy – mashed bits of berry plus juice that stains…no thanks! But if you’re feeling risky – go for it!

travel food ideas for babies

Tofu Strips

Another super simple iron and protein source for your baby! You have two options here… 

  • Pan fry tofu for 1-2 minutes on each side. Include a bit of flavor in there too for your baby, try some turmeric, dill, or paprika. Let cool, and pack in a container to go! 
  • I love using Soyganic smoked tofu as another option – it’s non-gmo, organic and there’s no need to cook it. Just slice it, pack, and go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Tofu is my favorite to-go protein! It’s the perfect texture for a baby, no crumbly mess, and offers lots of calcium and protein! Plus, pair it with a fruit high in vitamin C, like some freeze dried strawberries, and you’ve got a great source of iron too!

Thawed Peas (from frozen)

No need to cook these! Just dump some frozen peas into a container and let them thaw out over a couple hours until ready to eat. Plus, the cold peas keep everything else you pack nice and cold too. Fast food at its finest!

And I know what you’re thinking…peas need to be mashed right? No, they don’t. They’re actually not considered a choking hazard because they’re so soft and are so easily mashed in your baby’s mouth. It’s round, hard foods that you want to look out for, think like grapes. But if it makes you feel more comfortable, there’s no harm in giving them a quick squish before offering them to your baby.

Homemade Muffin

travel food ideas for babies

One more yummy option is a homemade muffin, or mini muffins, – and I’ve got two ideas for them.

Option 1: Bake a tasty pastry muffin for your baby.

Choose baby led weaning recipes with no honey and no added sugar, besides some fruit. You can even freeze muffins and pull them from the freezer anytime you need one in a jiffy. One of my favorites, that’s popular with toddlers too, are shrek muffins – check out the recipe here .

Option 2: Egg muffins!

These are also great to keep in the freezer and pull out when you need them. I have a recipe available in my 60 Day Baby Led Feeding Meal plan – take a look here to get access to over 80 baby led weaning recipes perfect for your baby and family! Now, with this option you will need to pack those in a cooler, but there’s no mess and tons of nutrition so they make one of the most perfect on-the-go meal ideas !

baby led feeding meal plan

Travel Baby Food: Top Tips

Now that you have some meal ideas for what to feed your baby while on-the-go, let’s go over some of the other important details.

What About Food Safety for Travel Baby Food Options?

While you absolutely need to consider whether a food needs to be kept cold or not, you don’t need to worry about serving it cold or hot. Don’t stress if you can’t heat some of these foods up, room temperature is fine. 

With the exception of maybe the eggs, although I’ve definitely seen toddlers eat eggs at room temperature, as long as you follow food safety rules, they’re fine to eat that way.

Which leads me to my next point. If you’re out for more than 4 hours, or you’re traveling in the heat, make sure you throw an ice pack in your bag to preserve the food for longer. Babies are more susceptible to food borne illnesses, so you don’t want to take any risks with their food, just pack the ice pack (or frozen peas).

How Many Finger Foods to Pack for Baby Led Weaning While Traveling

travel food ideas for babies

Something to keep in mind when traveling with a baby led weaning baby (or any day, even at home), is that babies don’t need snacks between 6-10 months of age . After that, they need no more than 1, maybe 2 solid food snacks. 

Check out my schedules for how many meals to offer based on their age, including milk feedings as well, here .

This means that if the time comes and your baby is hungry, breast milk or formula will continue to do the job most times! It may just be main meals, and as mentioned, 1-2 solid food snacks (maybe one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon) that you offer as they get closer and closer to one year of age. 

So, really you don’t need to pack very much, especially if you’re just starting your baby on solids . I’d go with a few pieces of each food that you’re bringing per meal. And remember, if they eat all of it and they still seem hungry – don’t fret! Breast milk or formula can fill in this gap for now. They won’t starve, and it won’t cause any confusion or anything else you may hear – promise.

What to Bring (Besides Travel Baby Food Options)

travel food ideas for babies

As much as we prepare for no-mess meal ideas , we also need to prepare for our baby to surprise us and make a mess anyways…it’s just what they do! So make sure you also pack…

  • Bibs – long sleeved ones are the best for keeping clothes clean
  • Baby wipes or washcloths
  • A silicone suction mat (this is helpful to keep food contained as much as possible in one place)
  • Silicone plate with a lid to store all the food – these Bumkins ones are my favorites
  • Travel Booster Seat

Safety Tips When Feeding BLW Baby On-The-Go

baby led weaning travel food safety

Feeding babies comes with a risk no matter where you are, or what type of feeding you’re doing (purées or baby led weaning). 

That being said, when on-the-go, you should be extra careful of choking, especially if your baby is not seated in a proper highchair, or is moving around while eating. Both of which are likely when you’re out and about doing fun things – it happens! 

Here are my major tips to keep in mind…

1. Seat baby in someone else’s lap, if possible.

That’s right, let grandma or grandpa get some snuggles while the baby eats, because choking is usually a silent occurrence. This way, you have the best front view of your baby eating to make sure you catch anything happening right away in case, God forbid, they begin to choke. 

That’s why I recommend having someone else hold them in their lap while you do the feeding, so you can watch them better that way.

It also helps if you’re prepared ahead of time by taking an infant CPR course. Our favorite online option is by Safe Beginnings – it’s taught by a certified instructor and child safety expert, so you’re getting the best info available to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Take 20% off with code MYLITTLEEATER and enroll here !

2. Pull over before feeding in the car.

If required to feed in the car, try and pull over while feeding. Feeding in a car is not my favorite, but I know that sometimes it’s just unavoidable. A moving car is even more of a risk, so if you can, pull over first before offering food. 

Feeding while in a moving car can increase their choking risk as bumps and turns can cause babies to lose control of the food in their mouth making it more likely to become lodged in their throat.

And then you have to find a safe space to pull over to have enough room to perform any kind of maneuver on your baby, which takes up precious time, and that’s not a panic I want you to experience ever.

My second point on this is that I really don’t recommend feeding in a car seat, if at all possible, anyway. Again, your baby is not in the correct position for feeding, they aren’t fully upright. This means that their airway isn’t fully open, which again, can increase their choking risk . 

Instead, try to find a safe place to park where you can get out of the car to stretch your legs, and take your baby out to sit on someone’s lap to feed. At least this way they’re able to sit upright and have an open airway.

3. Avoid feeding in a stroller.

I think we’re seeing a theme here, but again, keep them sitting upright. So if a highchair isn’t available, someone else’s lap is the next best option as opposed to a stroller, car seat, etc.

Ok – there you have it! Keep things simple, remember that fast food can mean simple whole finger foods from home, and enjoy your summer out with your babe!

Want to learn how to feed your baby led weaning baby all these foods mentioned in this post, and more? Check out my Baby Led Feeding online course for a complete walk through on starting solids, including videos that show how to safely serve all foods like a pro!

travel food ideas for babies

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travel food ideas for babies

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travel food ideas for babies

4 Ways to 
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travel food ideas for babies

4 Steps to Overcome Your Fear of Gagging

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travel food ideas for babies

Travel food recipes for your baby: photos

Baby in a car seat eating from a spoon

Feeding your baby while on the go

A bowl of infant cereal

  • 1 cup rice ( chhota chawal )
  • 1 cup wheat grains ( gehu )
  • 1 cup finger millet ( ragi )
  • 1 cup split green mung ( hari moong dal )

Baby food purée in two jars

Fruit or vegetable purée

Oats banana porridge.

  • 1 ripe banana ( kela )
  • Roasted oats (as needed)
  • Baby's regular milk

Wholewheat biscuits

  • 2 cups wholewheat flour ( gehu ka atta )
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • A pinch of cardamom ( chhoti elaichi ) powder

Mini vegetable idlis

  • 2 cups idli batter
  • 1/4 cup carrot ( gajar ) - grated
  • 1/4 cup boiled peas ( matar )- mashed
  • Roasted cumin ( bhuna jeera ) powder - optional

Banana bread fingers

  • 1 banana ( kela )
  • 4 wholewheat bread slices
  • 1 pinch cinnamon ( dalcheeni ) powder - 1 pinch (optional)
  • Oil or ghee for frying

Wholewheat carrot cake

  • 150g wholewheat flour ( gehu ka atta )
  • 300g carrots, coarsely grated
  • 20 almonds ( badaam ), powdered
  • 20 raisins ( kishmish ) - finely chopped
  • 2-3 walnuts ( akhrot ), powdered
  • 4 tsp ground mixed spice (optional)
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 2 large eggs
  • 100ml sunflower oil, plus a little extra for greasing
  • 3 tbsp semi-skimmed milk

Well cooked eggs

Stuffed parantha.

  • 1 cup wholewheat or multigrain flour
  • Stuffing or purée of your choice
  • Oil or ghee for lightly frying

Cooked pasta shapes

travel food ideas for babies

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travel food ideas for babies

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34 Easy Homemade Travel Foods For Babies and Toddlers

Published: June 8, 2015 | Last Updated on: June 6, 2023 | by Dr Hemapriya

Before we dive into the world of travel foods for babies and toddlers, let’s embrace the evolving trends of parenthood. Gone are the days when parents had to wait for their children to grow up before embarking on adventures. Nowadays, little ones join in on the exploration, their curious eyes witnessing the vast wonders of the world. While modern conveniences have made life easier for parents, one concern remains: what to feed their children while traveling.

Given the concerns surrounding packaged food and unhygienic food preparation in restaurants, many parents prefer to take matters into their own hands. This requires meticulous planning, but worry not! We are here to lend a helping hand. To ensure a seamless journey, we have curated a collection of convenient and nutritious travel foods for babies and toddlers. Let’s embark on this culinary journey together, making travel an enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones.

homemade travel food ideas for babies and toddlers

If you are breastfeeding your baby, there’s no need for any additional milk supplement during your journey. However, if your little one has been weaned, you can consider using substitutes for milk such as formula or commercially available milk powder. To prepare these substitutes while traveling, simply carry hot water in a thermos flask and mix it with the powder. This ensures that your baby’s milk is ready whenever needed, making it a convenient option for travel foods for babies.

Fruits to give to babies and toddlers during travel

Fresh fruits are one of the best travel foods for babies, being convenient and and hygienic. For toddlers, you can just cut up the fruit and feed them. For babies, you can mash and puree fruits like papaya , muskmelon , banana or chikoo . When ripe enough, they can be easily mashed with just a fork.

Instant Porridge

15 Instant Porridge Recipe

Here is a list of 15  instant porridge powder recipes , all of which require only hot water to be added.

No time to make these powder, no worry !! Just click, order and get home delivered here . We also have Instant food ‘trial’ packs available now, because you can never tell what the baby might like!

Main Meals – Lunch

Travel Food

Main meals like lunch and dinner are a little more difficult to handle while travelling as it isn’t easy to prepare a filling rice meal on the go. However, you can still work your way around this problem with a few tips:

1. If you have a rice cooker then all you need to do is plug it in to  make a simple khichdi with carrots or potatoes. You can carry carrots and potatoes as they last for more than 2 to 3 days without refrigeration.

2.For a convenient rice meal while traveling, dry roast rice and dal, grind them into a powder, and carry it in an airtight container. Mix the powder with hot water from your flask to cook. You can also add grated carrot for added nutrition. Discover more travel foods for babies to make your journey enjoyable and hassle-free.

If you don’t have time to dry roast rice and dal, you can easily order homemade  Instant Khichdi mixes here .

3. If you want to give lunch from a restaurant, ask for steamed hot rice with dal. Mash it with sanitized fingers or spoons and feed your baby.

travel snacks recipes for babies and toddlers

When it comes to snacks, most parents reach out for packaged foods like biscuits. But you can go healthy here too, especially since toddlers snack a lot and you don’t want so much junk going into their bodies! Try these homemade snack recipes that don’t require refrigeration.

  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Energy bars – Groundnut Bars, Maple Oat Cluster Bars  , Chocolate trail Mix

Tips for Feeding your Baby at a Restaurant

Travel Food

Sometimes, you find yourself with no option but to feed your baby from a restaurant. In such cases, there’s no need to panic; just keep these few tips in mind:

1.Ensure the safety of your baby while feeding from a restaurant during travel. Avoid giving raw foods like salads or chutneys. Opt for cooked and suitable meals. Prioritize the well-being of your little one by following travel foods for babies.

2. Along with raw foods, you should also avoid dishes with raw ingredients like mayonnaise, souffle, sushi etc.

3. Always try to go for steamed foods – steamed rice, steamed idlis  and cooked vegetables.

4. Use your own cutlery.

5. Ensure a safe eating experience for your baby by eliminating choking hazards from their food. When preparing meals, cut or mash food into appropriate sizes and avoid giving small, hard, or round foods that may pose a risk. Prioritize your baby’s safety during travel by following guidelines for travel foods for babies.

6. Prioritize your baby’s safety while traveling by avoiding new foods that may cause allergies. Stick to familiar and trusted options to ensure a worry-free journey. Explore travel foods for babies that are suitable and known to your child.

7. Stick to boiled/bottled water and don’t give baby juices or milkshakes.

8. Stay away from anything with artificial coloring or flavoring.

Don’t let the stress of feeding your baby or toddler during travel weigh you down. With some thoughtful planning and preparation, you can ensure a worry-free journey filled with delightful moments. Bid farewell to food-related concerns and embrace the convenience of travel-friendly and nutritious options for your little one. Let us be your guide in making your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable with our helpful tips and suggestions on travel foods for babies. Bon voyage and happy travels!

If your baby has recently started on solids, you might also want to check out our detailed post – High Chair Vs Booster Seat: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Feeding Chair.  Some of the feeding chairs recommended in this article are travel friendly too!

We have compiled a comprehensive Travel Food packing List for Babies and Toddlers

Download Packing List

  • Dr Hemapriya
  • Fabida Abdullah
  • Dhvani Shah

Buy Healthy Nutritious Baby, Toddler food made by our own Doctor Mom !

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Check this out! Instant Poha Moongdal Porridge powder for babies [Easy porridge recipe for Travel], a perfect nutritious travel food for your little one!

December 28, 2021 at 12:18 pm

Dear Dr. Hema,

Could you please suggest some travel foods for 2.5year toddler. I know by this age toddlers eat most of the foods, but mine doesn’t. Hence seeking your advice. Is it safe to offer outside food to 2.5 yr kid?

travel food ideas for babies

January 10, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Hi Madhavi, You can try the recipes given in this article. It should be a hit 🙂 You can give outside food if it’s from a trusted source.

travel food ideas for babies

February 3, 2021 at 1:20 am

Plz give ideas of travel food for 8 months old baby, for one week. Any suggestions and advices are welcomed

February 4, 2021 at 8:14 pm

The blog has so many ideas. Please use it according to the age recommendation. Hope you find it helpful 🙂

travel food ideas for babies

November 12, 2018 at 9:39 pm

hi Dr I m going to travel in train for 25 hrs can you suggest home made food for my 11 months old baby. he has cool body so pls tell me can i give him uncooked apple?

November 13, 2018 at 5:20 pm

Hi Revathy,

Please find link below with easy travel recipes. Hope this helps you. Link –

travel food ideas for babies

August 31, 2018 at 7:45 pm

Hiii mam….I am travelling to North…. For 15days….. My baby is 10months old…. Can pls suggest me instant receipes… (no cooking)

September 5, 2018 at 11:09 pm

Kindly check on the link below for travel food ideas dear. You can also check for instant mixes from our shop. Hope this helps. Happy and safe journey 🙂

Link –

travel food ideas for babies

April 10, 2018 at 1:26 pm

Hi Doctor, I m traveling to north india for a week with my 1 year old… i will not have access to kitchen would like to purchase a few instant packs from you. I haven’t introduced my baby to anyinstant foods. Could you please suggest me a few required ones please!

travel food ideas for babies

April 12, 2018 at 12:55 pm

Hi dear, Thanks for choosing to purchase our products, you can choose and order from our instant packs here:

travel food ideas for babies

January 7, 2018 at 9:22 am

Could you suggest some veg food ideas for a 24hr train travel.. It is for a 1yr old kid.

January 8, 2018 at 11:37 am

Please check some of these options dear

travel food ideas for babies

November 13, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Hi Hema madam, As I m traveling out of my city for 15days with my 1.5 months old son.. Plz suggest some snacks for him..

November 14, 2017 at 1:16 pm

Dear this article has most options for kids and you can also check on our site for some wonderful ways to keep kids engaged. Just type “Travel” in search box.

travel food ideas for babies

September 20, 2017 at 4:29 pm

Hello Hema, I will be travelling on a 10 days holiday to New Zealand with my 8 months son in November. Please suggest me instant food I can give him thrice a day. I am very much tensed about his health during our stay at that time.

Thanks in advance

September 20, 2017 at 5:47 pm

Dear, while on travel the best bet is to feed, fruits, boiled potatoes, eggs, dry snacks (like biscuits which can be made and carried along). If you must feed outside you can take boiled rice and give along with curd, or some mashed fruit based on your kids preference. Also in most places now you get indian foods so that is another option you can pick while on travel. Don’t worry much, kids too adapt to changed food.

travel food ideas for babies

September 1, 2017 at 10:53 pm

Hi Mam..We r traveling for 4 to 5 days confused about water how will boil water or can v give bisleri to 10 months baby..? As flask will serve purpose only for 1-2 days..plz help with other options?..

September 21, 2017 at 10:32 pm

You can always request at some places restaurants etc. to help you with boiled water.

travel food ideas for babies

March 31, 2017 at 11:54 am

I was wondering if bottled mineral water should be boiled before being given to a 1 year old

May 7, 2017 at 6:20 pm

You can give it like that also, as eventually we have to give them such water.

travel food ideas for babies

October 4, 2016 at 3:56 am

Thanks alot for this information…..

travel food ideas for babies

October 19, 2015 at 5:22 am

Quick qs !! For the porridge do we need to soak dal and rice then dry to make a powder ? Or we can directly powder it.

Thanks, Akshita

February 29, 2016 at 4:55 pm

Dear Akshita,

You can check the recipe here

travel food ideas for babies

October 16, 2015 at 1:25 pm

These recipes were really helpful. Also please tell me how can we add sweetness to it. I have been using jaggery for my lil one. Now for these instant porridges, other than fruits what can be added for sweetness. Please help. Thank you

February 29, 2016 at 5:07 pm

Yes fruit purees can be added for sweetness

travel food ideas for babies

June 9, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Hi.. This post is very timely, we are travelling to Europe with my 15month old in July. I am quiet confused about what food to give him and also Milk. The instant porridge recipe needs no cooking? just hot water will be enough? Pls share any other tips you have.

June 9, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Hi apeksha,

Yes the instant porridges do not require cooking. Just add hot water and it is done,

travel food ideas for babies

September 9, 2015 at 5:35 pm

hello ma’am!! is warm water ok? for making instant porridges?

October 26, 2015 at 1:08 pm

The water has to be hot for cooking porridges or else the powder will not get cooked .

Hope this helps

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12 easy meal ideas for travelling with babies!

man carrying her daughter smiling

12 easy meal ideas when traveling with your bub

This is a question we are often asked because working out what to feed your little one when you are away can be tricky. So we have put together a list of 12 easy meal and snack ideas. If you want to learn more about what to focus on when it comes to prepping and buying meals or snacks while away, then check out our blog post on the nutrition side of things in our library.

So here we go, 12 super easy and nutritious options when you are travelling:

  • Yogurt, fruit, oats and nut butter (check out our post on the best yogurt pouches if you need some help with this!).
  • Avocado on rice cakes (Pure Harvest and Sun Rice both do low sodium options).
  • Four bean mix with tuna (can smash the beans for little bubs so they aren’t a choking risk).
  • Porridge, crumpets or pikelets with any toppings you have on hand.
  • Banana- the most portable snack! Pair it with a yogurt pouch for some protein and fats.
  • Ready-made ravioli or pasta and a sauce from the fridge section (the pasta can often be cooked in a microwave or even just left in boiling water in you only have a kettle on hand). The Latina, Coles and Mutti brands all do great sauces.
  • Ready to eat noodles in the noodle section come in small individual bags for less waste. The Obento Udon noodles are a great size and low sodium. They also don’t contain egg for our egg free bubs or those that haven’t introduce egg yet (we probably don’t want to try a new allergen while away if this is going to cause any worry for you). You can mix frozen veg through these as well as a quick sauce. Mix some milk and peanut butter through it and you have a DIY satay-ish sauce.
  • The black bean and corn flavoured bean mixes makes a good snack. They can be squished for little bubs with ease so they aren’t a choking hazard.
  • Microwave rice with canned salmon and veg you can grate through them or use a veggie pouch.
  • Any food pouches that work for you! You can always add in some protein foods and fats (peanut butter for the win) to boost the nutrition.
  • If you have cooking facilities, then eggs or omelettes are great. Eggs are another easy one to do in a microwave.
  • The Yumi falafel balls or the Wildly Good zucchini fritters are great for a snack or something to add to meals.

Of course, these are just some ideas to get you started. The most important thing is that bub is fed and it isn’t feeling like a full time job to find food when you are away. This means that foods that are easy can be the priority over a perfectly balanced meal. Of course, anything you can share from your own plate with bub when you are eating out is also an easy way to feed them.

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travel food ideas for babies

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Baby and Toddler Foods To Carry & Avoid While Travelling

Gayatri Dawda

Video: Travel Foods for Babies and Toddlers (What to Carry and What to Avoid)

Food for babies while travelling, food for toddlers while travelling, foods to avoid while travelling with your baby or toddler.

Travelling with a baby in tow may seem challenging, but the key to ensuring a smooth journey that both you and the baby enjoy is to be prepared for anything you may need. A major part of travelling with your baby is having the right food around, as babies stomachs are delicate, and can’t handle outside food. Many parents are unsure about what kind of food to carry when travelling with a baby and toddler. To keep your baby’s hunger satiated and her mood happy, it is important to carry food that is both, travel-friendly and delicious. Here are some baby and toddler travel food ideas.

Babies between six to 12 months old are fairly new in the process of being introduced to solids , so it essential to be smart about the type of food you carry along for them. Here are some travel foods for babies.

1. Baby Food

Baby food is nutritious, yummy, and quite easy to prepare while travelling. This kind of food is generally given to infants above six months. There are various baby food premixes that are easily available and travel-friendly.

This is a complete food for babies and toddlers, due to the rich nutrients it contains. You can rely on breastfeeding the baby if you are travelling in a private vehicle, but it can be an issue in public places. Store breast milk beforehand, using a breast pump, and feed your baby during meal times. Formula milk is a great option, as it needs water and formula powder to make the mix.

3. Fruit Purees

These are wholesome, loaded with essential nutrients, and easy to prepare when travelling. This can be prepared on-the-spot since all you need is fruit, milk, a bowl, and a fork. Mash the fruit add milk and feed it to your tiny tot.

4. Carrot Cake

Travel isn’t fun without something sweet, right? Carrot cake is soft, healthy and delicious. You can always substitute flour and sugar with healthier ingredients such as whole wheat and jaggery or honey. Your child will be super happy when you bring out the carrot cake you’ve packed.

5. Porridge Mix

If your baby is over 6 months, you can carry easy-to-make porridge for him. Some easy and delicious porridges made out of sattu or ragi are easy to prepare as you simply need to pour hot water and mix. They are nutritious, easy to carry and a sure hit for your child.

6. Vegetable Puree

Boil vegetables like broccoli and carrot , and mash them until they reach a puree consistency. These can be seasoned and fed to your baby during travel to ensure his nutritional intake is sufficient for the day. Vegetables purees are easy to feed your child, and he will surely love the taste.

Between the ages of one to three, toddlers are now more accustomed to eating solid food, but require non-spicy, hygienic, and well-cooked dishes. Here are some food ideas for toddlers when travelling.

This superfood is easy to carry while travelling and is packed with essential nutrients such as calcium. Kids love the tasty flavours of yoghurt, which is light on the stomach. Ensure you pack yoghurt in travel-friendly jars for an easy feeding session. Ensure that you store yoghurt in a cool environment.

Choose O-shaped cereals while shopping for your trip, and it can prove to be an ideal travel food for one-year-old children and above. Slide them onto his fingers and let him enjoy this engaging activity while travelling. You can add dry fruits to make it healthy and enhance the flavour too.

This superfood is rich in calories and helps to boost the immune system. The unsaturated fats in eggs help in developing the brain. As you’re travelling, you can stick to serving them hard-boiled eggs, as they are the least likely to create a mess.

This Middle Eastern dish is rich in iron, which can prevent anaemia. Its thick texture means that kids are unlikely to spill it, and can be eaten with pita bread, which is filling. Make sure to refrigerate it before carrying and store it in a cool environment.

Parathas are filling, delicious, and can be prepared according to your baby’s tastes. You can prepare theplas at home and pack them for your journey, and your baby is sure to love them. Ensure that you let them cool completely before packing them.

6. Granola Bars

You can make soft energy bars or granola bars at home, loaded with healthy ingredients that are nutritious. They provide your little one with energy throughout the trip and are delicious and filling as well.

Date and dry fruit chikkis, rajgira or peanut chikkis are a good option for toddlers while travelling. These are healthy and stay fresh for a longer time.

8. Baked/ Roasted Makhana or Jowar Puffs

These are delicious, healthy, and filling, and a great option when travelling with toddlers. You can also add some milk flavours to them, which your child is sure to love.

Who doesn’t love cheese? Definitely not your toddler! Carry cheese cubes or cheese sticks and simply pass them to your child as finger food during the journey. It will keep him entertained and satiated for a while.

10. Cookies

You can bake healthy cookies out of ragi flour and jaggery before your journey and pack them. These are a great snack for long journeys as they are sweet and delicious, and last for long when packed well.

If you have a long journey, pack some idlis with sugar or jaggery for your little one. These are filled with nutrition and easy to hold and eat, so you can avoid any mess while travelling. For an extra zing, add spinach puree or beetroot extract to the idli batter to dye them green or purple.

12. Instant Upma or Poha

You can dehydrate some veggies and make a poha or upma mix with very little oil. Once the dry base is prepared, you can pack it along and simply add hot water when it’s time for your baby to eat. These are easy to make and nutritious too.

There are certain kinds of foods to be avoided when you are travelling with a baby in tow. Strike them off your travel list to ensure you and your baby have a hassle-free trip:

  • Oily snacks (especially the ready-made variety) should be avoided, as they can lead to issues like heartburn and obesity.
  • Soft drinks are rich in sugar and can erode the enamel of your kids.
  • Cereals that are high in sugar can lead to early diabetes.
  • Thin liquids are easy to spill and cause a mess. Kids have less control over their motor functions and can easily spill and drop food.
  • Foods that are relatively small can get lodged in the windpipe and are a choking hazard.
  • New and untried food which may not agree with your baby’s tummy

Travelling with your baby should be special for you and your baby. Feeding your baby or toddler during an outstation trip should not cause any stress. All you require is effort and loads of patience, so the journey becomes enjoyable with food and feeding times are the least of your worries.


1. Feeding your baby: 6–12 months; UNICEF;

2. Prohibited Item List; Airports Authority of India;

3. Travel Recommendations for Nursing Families; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; ; July 2021

4. Foods and Drinks to Avoid or Limit; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; ; June 2023

5. When, What, and How to Introduce Solid Foods; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; ; August 2021

Papaya for Babies: Benefits and Recipes Iron Rich Foods for Babies and Toddlers Healthy Weight Gain Foods for Babies and Children

travel food ideas for babies


Moms, Paediatricians Have This Important Advice On Popular Health-Drinks For Babies

Moms, Paediatricians Have This Important Advice On Popular Health-Drinks For Babies

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Diet Plan for 24 Month 4 Week Old Toddler

9 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule, Recipes, and Tips

9 Month Old Baby Feeding Schedule, Recipes, and Tips

12 Most Important Nutrients Needed for Strong Immune System in Kids

12 Most Important Nutrients Needed for Strong Immune System in Kids

4 to 6 Months Old Baby Food Ideas

4 to 6 Months Old Baby Food Ideas

Diet Plan for 11 Month 4 Week Old Baby

Diet Plan for 11 Month 4 Week Old Baby

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travel food ideas for babies

Travel Vixta

What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

Travelling with a one-year-old can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. You need to prepare for their needs and make sure that you are prepared for any situation, especially when it comes to travel food for a 1 year old baby.

Travel food for 1 year old baby

You probably have thought about most of the travel baby essentials you need such as nappies, baby wipes, and spare clothes and have multiple baby bundle sets so you are prepared for anything, but what about travel food for 1 year old baby?

One of the most important things to think about is how your child will eat during the trip. Having travelled by car and plane several times when both our children were aged 12 months, I can assure you that so long as your child has plenty of drink, food and snacks for your journey then it will make it a lot happier for everyone travelling!

Here are some tips on how to feed your one-year-old during travel including the easiest and healthiest food to give your baby on the go.

Store-bought baby food pouches

While your one-year-old will be eating some solid foods now, it can be easier while travelling to take some baby food pouches, especially 100% fruit or vegetable baby pouches for a nutritious snack which doesn’t need any cutlery.

These are super easy for them to eat on the go and there are a variety of flavours to choose from in the baby aisle at the supermarket. They should also be less messy than trying to spoon-feed your baby on the go. The last thing you want while travelling by road, plane, train or air is to be worrying about messy mealtimes!

Another good point about store-bought baby food pouches is they don’t need chilling, so even if your journey is long, you can carry these in your bag without worrying about having to refrigerate them.

Homemade baby food

If you have time in advance, then you can make your own baby food for travelling to ensure you know the ingredients so it is as healthy as possible and preservative free . You can fill baby jars if you are on the road, but if you are flying or want to travel a bit lighter then use some reusable baby food pouches which are easily purchased from Amazon or eBay. Again, using pouches means baby can eat right from the pouch and no other utensils or cutlery are needed, helping you to pack light for your family road trip .

travel food ideas for babies

Cooked and cooled pasta

It’s best to avoid any hard foods when travelling with a one-year-old; you never know when you’ll hit a bump in the road or some turbulence in an aircraft. Save any hard foods for when you are stationary and there is nothing that might provoke a choking hazard. One easy and healthy carbohydrate finger food is cooked pasta. This can be cooled down and eaten cold, giving the baby finger food that is not a choking hazard for the journey.

Choose wholemeal pasta varieties for the healthiest option as they still include fibre and pick fusilli or penne so it’s a size that is easily held. Cook until soft and not too firm. Just avoid any messy pasta sauces! Ideally, just have the pasta plain to use as finger food. Baby can get the fruits and veggies needed from the pouches.

Overcooked carrot sticks

As mentioned, avoid any snacks that are hard, especially while on the move. But if baby loves carrots or other veggies as finger food, you can still take them, but make sure to have cooked and cooled them in advance. Cook until soft and no longer hard so they can easily be eaten on the go.

Slices of cucumber are always a winner. They’re also nice and refreshing if you’re stuck on a stuffy hot plane, or travelling through a hot country. They are slightly messy, so ensure baby has a bib that can catch any sloppy bits!

Bananas are always great travel food for anyone of any age! They come ready packaged(!) and can really satisfy a hunger pang, as well as provide energy and nutrition. Most one-year-olds are pretty messy eaters, however, so you might want to avoid this one in the car or anywhere you don’t want to make a mess! Maybe give this when waiting at a station or airport when you can easily clean up baby as they eat!

Strips of wholemeal pitta bread

Not all bread is healthy, but wholemeal pitta bread is usually made with very few ingredients and only natural ingredients, but check the label to be sure. Strips of pitta bread make a great snack for baby to chew on while travelling, and they may be less messy than breadsticks or any other more crumbly breads.

12-month-old friendly rice cakes are also a great food item to take. They aren’t overly messy and there are many versions from popular baby food brands that are made with natural ingredients and wholegrain ingredients so they are as healthy as possible for your little one.

Water and milk

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and milk to keep your baby hydrated. Pack this ready in the right stage sippy cups and bottles ready for baby to grab and drink from when needed. Pack more than enough in case of travel delays.

What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

Tips for feeding your one-year-old while travelling

Hopefully, you now have lots of ideas for travel food for 1 year old baby to make your journey a happy and healthy one with fewer worries. To make sure your one-year-old gets adequate nutrition alongside their travel food, you can always supplement with vegan baby multivitamin drops too.

Some more useful tips for food when travelling with a 12-month-old include:

  • Ensure you plan extra travel time for stops for baby’s feeding times, toilet stops and fresh air.
  • Try to avoid baby feeding times when booking travel if at all possible. Most babies are quite regimented in their feeding schedules, so you’ll want to prevent baby crying because they’re hungry at 12pm and you can’t feed them as the plane is about to take off!
  • Don’t pack anything overly messy for eating in the car or on public transport.
  • Have a drink and snack to hand, or easily accessible in a pocket or bag, so you can quickly give to baby when needed.
  • Many airlines will allow you to take baby food and milk with you through security. Check with the airline and airport just to be sure and to see if there’s a limit on the amount of food and drink you can carry per baby.
  • Pack snacks and meals that don’t require heating or refrigeration.
  • Pack extra food in case of traffic jams or other travel delays.
  • Even if you usually prefer to make homemade food, it can sometimes be less hassle to opt for store-bought snacks that are age-appropriate for your baby and from healthy, organic baby brands to make things easier when travelling with a baby or young child.

What to feed your one-year-old while travelling

Before you go…

If you’re travelling with young kids or babies for the first time then it can be quite overwhelming. We’ve travelled a few times by car and plane with our children as my husband has lots of family in Germany, so we took the kids to see them regularly when they were babies and toddlers. Check out some of our other articles on how to make flying with young children and babies easier, as well as long road trips with kids!

Tips when flying with young children and babies

How to survive a long car journey with kids

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    travel food ideas for babies

  4. Travel Food Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

    travel food ideas for babies


    travel food ideas for babies

  6. Healthy Travel Snacks for Babies and Toddlers

    travel food ideas for babies


  1. What Is a Baby Octopus Called?

    Upon hatching, a baby octopus is referred to as “larva.” After making their way to the ocean’s surface, the larvae remain there for one to three months. They are defenseless at this point, and many become food for predators.

  2. What Is a Baby Tortoise Called?

    A baby tortoise is called a hatchling. It uses its egg tooth to break the shell of the egg and emerge. Hatchlings are very vulnerable for the first few days of life, and rely on the embryonic sac for nutrition until they are strong enough t...

  3. What Are Some Facts About Baby Monkeys?

    When monkeys are born, the babies are often a totally different color from the parent, helping the monkey community to better identify and care for the offspring. Baby monkeys are virtually helpless, so in order to travel, one of the parent...

  4. Easy and practical baby led weaning travel food ideas for babies 6

    The best travel baby food options for baby led weaning · Boiled Eggs · Cooked Pasta · Banana · Canned Beans or Chickpeas · Shredded Cheese · Freeze Dried Fruit.

  5. Travel food recipes for your baby: photos

    Travel food recipes for your baby: photos · Feeding your baby while on the go · Cereal · Fruit or vegetable purée · Oats banana porridge · Wholewheat biscuits.

  6. 34 Easy Homemade Travel Foods For Babies and Toddlers

    Dear, while on travel the best bet is to feed, fruits, boiled potatoes, eggs, dry snacks (like biscuits which can be made and carried along). If

  7. 12 Easy meal ideas for travelling with babies

    12 easy meal ideas for travelling with babies! · Yogurt, fruit, oats and nut butter (check out our post on the best yogurt pouches if you need some help with


    Yes, you can bring baby food on planes. If it is in your hand luggage and it is for your baby on the flight, then it is NOT subject to the 100ml

  9. Baby and Toddler Foods To Carry & Avoid While Travelling

    1. Baby Food. Baby food is nutritious, yummy, and quite easy to prepare while travelling. · 2. Milk. This is a complete food for babies and toddlers, due to the

  10. Best Travel Food For 1 Year Old Baby

    Store-bought baby food pouches · Homemade baby food · Cooked and cooled pasta · Overcooked carrot sticks · Cucumber · Bananas · Strips of wholemeal

  11. Travel Food for Babies

    Instant Poha Porridge For Babies and Toddlers | Travel Food For Baby · Phool Makhana Porridge Mix Recipe for Babies | Phool Makhana for Baby · Whole Wheat Almond

  12. Travel Food For Babies

    Travel Food For Babies | Instant Baby cereals | easy baby food @Mywhitepot #whitepot #travelfood #babyfood #babyfood #babfoodieas Subscribe

  13. Healthy Travel Food Ideas (to share with babies and toddlers)

    Protein · Peanut butter - individual packets are super convenient as it allows you to simply squeeze some right on top of raw veggies, bread

  14. {UPDATED} 14 Best Travel Snacks for Babies & Toddlers

    {UPDATED} 14 Best Travel Snacks for Babies & Toddlers ; 1. String Cheese. Child Eating String Cheese ; 2. Yogurt. Child Eating Yogurt ; 3. Apples.