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Post Office Travel Insurance: A Getting Started Guide from the Experts!

The Post Office is regarded as the largest retail network in the UK as well as the largest financial services chain that’s been there for more than 370 years. However, apart from that, the company also offers insurance products, one of which is the post office travel insurance.

post office travel insurance uk

In this article, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know which regard to this particular travel insurance. But before that, let’s have a look at the achievements of the Post Office regarding insurances.

What is the Post Office?

Post Office has been voted the “Best Travel Insurance Provider” for 9 straight years starting from 2006 to 2015. Apart from that, it also received the Silver award from the British Travel Awards in 2016 and 2017.

As a massive network, the Post Office offers a wide range of options when it comes to their insurance policies. One of them is the rudimentary budget cover through the Super Economy Travel Insurance. There’s also the Premier Plus policy which provides complete coverage.

Primary Insurance Policies Offered

There are three main types of travel insurance policies offered by the Post Office, namely annual multi-trip, backpacker travel cover, and single trip.

Let’s have a breakdown of each of these policies:

Single Trip

The single trip insurance will provide coverage depending on your age when you obtain your insurance policy. The Post Office website states that those who are below 71 will be covered 365 days per trip. Meanwhile, those who are 71-75 will be covered 90 days and individuals 76-85 are only covered for 31 days.

post office travel insurance uk

As the name implies, a single trip policy will cover for you if you plan to take a single trip in the near future.

Annual Multi-trip

The multi-trip policy allows you to spread your trip abroad using a voluntary add-on. You can receive coverage of around £10 million for a medical emergency. They also have a 24/7 medical emergency helpline available.

This policy is perfect if you plan to travel several times a year without having to go through the hassles of obtaining concealment every single time.

For the single and multi-trip policies, there are five different levels available.

Here’s a detail detailing these levels alongside other important details:

All of the levels come with a personal liability cover ranging from £1-3 million. However, the Super Economy comes with various extras like death, personal accident, personal money, hospital benefits, and passport cover.

Backpacker Travel

The backpacker travel insurance is designed for backpackers who are price aware. As such, the Post Office provides two coverage options for them: Economy and Super Economy.

post office travel insurance uk

The two policies will provide coverage for up to 18 months. Moreover, you can come back home 3 times within a span of seven days. However, you have to keep in mind that the coverage doesn’t apply if you’re in the UK.

This is often the best option if you plan an adventure trip as it covers you from sharks to safaris and more. The policy can be availed of by anyone between 18 and 60 years old. You can also avail of additional cover for business, cruise, golf, and winter sports and add any of them in the above policies but for an extra cost.

Other Policies Offered

Apart from the major insurance policies offered by the Post Office, there are also several other policies which are as follows:

This is perfect for individuals who plan to go on a golfing holiday . Through this policy, you can enjoy the following:

  • Protection in case you can’t play due to injury or poor weather
  • Coverage against injury personal liability cover and while playing
  • Coverage for your golfing equipment against theft

Cruise Cover

If you plan to enjoy the luxury of a cruise, then this policy is for you. It protects you from any unforeseen risks that might come along with cruise holidays. It comes with the following features:

  • Coverage for a delayed transport
  • Coverage for damage or stolen evening dress
  • Replacement of any lost or misplaced damaged

Winter Sports Cover

Winter sports do come with their own risks, but this policy will ensure that you can still have fun despite that. It comes with the following inclusions:

  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Coverage for sports like ice skating and snowboarding
  • Protection from any injuries
  • Protection for a damaged or stolen equipment

Worldwide Cover

This policy ensures that you won’t suffer from any issues with your insurance when you go traveling around the world. It comes with the following features:

  • Emergency repatriation
  • 24/7 medical emergency helpline
  • Replacement for lost or stolen documents
  • Financial coverage for medical treatment in the event of injury or illness when traveling

Pre-Existing Medical Condition

post office travel insurance uk

Post Office’s coverage for a pre-existing medical condition ensures that you can get to have fun and enjoy life despite your condition. It includes the following features:

  • Quick and easy repatriation
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Payment for any medical expenses while you’re traveling

Family Cover

This is the perfect policy if you plan to travel together with your policy. This will allow you to avoid any hassles that come with obtaining individual policies for each of your family members. It includes the following:

  • Maximum of £10 million emergency medical coverage in the event of injury or illness while traveling
  • Assistance during a vehicle breakdown missed departure or delayed public transport

Cost and Coverage

One of the main reasons why the Post Office travel insurance has managed to outdo most of its competitors in the market is its very cheap cost. In fact, it has the cheapest insurance quotes available on the market.

post office travel insurance uk

When it comes to coverage, Post Office covers all basic forms of coverage including property damage, comprehensive coverage, and bodily injury liability among others. However, you can also gain access to special kinds of coverages that are exclusive to Post Office travel insurance members.

These special coverages come in the form of emergency road service, rental reimbursement, and mechanical breakdown insurance.

Policy Exclusions

These are the general exclusions that apply to any of Post Office’s travel insurance policies:

  • Claims due to war or act of terrorism
  • Traveling for the purpose of receiving treatment overseas
  • Traveling without heeding the advice of a medical professional
  • Personal injury caused intentionally
  • Taking part in an organized sports competition

Other Important Information about the Post Office Travel Insurance

  • Apart from providing coverage for any personal injury or illness sustained while traveling abroad, the Post Office will also offer guidance, assistance, and advice regarding legal proceedings and obtaining proper compensation.
  • When applying for any of their travel insurance policy, you can also choose to add an Excess Waiver. This will allow you to reduce your excess to zero, thereby removing the need to contribute to the cost of your claims. However, be prepared to spend an additional cost for this.
  • Even though there are only a few travel insurance providers that cover business travel, the Post Office’s policy will provide coverage for business travel that can greatly help professionals abroad. This policy will provide coverage for emergency couriers, employee replacement, equipment hire, computer equipment, and business money. This is only optional.
  • Not all optional cover types can be added to every policy type. Only the Cruise cover is applicable for the Premier and Premier Plus policies. Meanwhile, the Golf and Business cover is only applicable to Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus.
  • Various holiday activities and sports will be covered by the Post Office under the Standard policy. However, riskier activities like sailing and jet skiing won’t be covered for any personal accident claims.

Are there any special policy rules for pregnant women who travel?

There are certain limitations for pregnant women who want to travel.

post office travel insurance uk

In line with the Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth policy, coverage for pregnant women will only include the following:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Emergency Caesarean sections and medically necessary termination
  • Gestational hypertension
  • Hydatidiform mole
  • Hyperemesis gravidarum
  • Placental abruption
  • Placenta praevia
  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Postpartum hemorrhage
  • Retained placenta membrane
  • Stillbirths and miscarriage
  • Premature births more than 8 weeks before the expected delivery date

Will the policy provide cover during a war or terrorist act?

Unfortunately, you won’t be covered for any terrorist act that doesn’t involve the use of chemical agents and nuclear weapons.

How many people are included in a family?

A family can either consist of a couple or a group consisting of up to 8 travelers.

post office travel insurance uk

It can also include a person with his/her partner, dependent children, and dependent grandchildren below 18 years of age. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the appropriate premium for this.

Wrapping Things Up

Post Office is one of the leading health insurance companies in the UK. With their wide range of travel insurance policies, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind as you go traveling into other countries.

post office travel insurance uk

The best part is, the policies offered by the Post Office are one of the most affordable options currently on the market.

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post office travel insurance uk

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Best travel insurance UK 2024 guide

post office travel insurance uk

We all deserve a break now and then. And the last thing you want to think of when booking your holiday is something going wrong. But it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard. That’s why you should always consider travel insurance when going on a trip.

But how can you find the best travel insurance policy for your needs? Read our guide below to find out more.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance protects you financially if your trip away doesn’t go as planned and you incur unexpected expenses for delays, losses or medical treatment.

All travellers can benefit from travel insurance. But travel insurance is particularly important if you are going on an independent trip without a tour operator, because if something goes wrong, you will have no other help.

There are three main types of travel insurance:

  • Single-trip cover: this is the most typical form of travel insurance, covering you for a one-off trip or holiday. There will be a time limit on the cover that can range anywhere between one month and 365 days
  • Annual multi-trip cover: this allows you to make multiple trips, or have multiple holidays, in a 12-month period, all under the same travel insurance policy. There may be a cap on how long each individual trip can be
  • Long stay, or backpacker, cover: this is normally used for around the world trips, gap years, and longer cruises, and can last for up to 18 months

To find the best UK travel insurance, compare policies before you go to ensure you get the right coverage for you and the specific trip you’re planning.

How to find the best travel insurance policy


When comparing policies to find the best travel insurance for your trip, you should consider: 

  • Type of cover you need
  • Excess (how much you’ll be expected to pay out yourself before the policy will cover you)
  • Amount of medical coverage, and why pre-existing conditions aren’t included
  • Limit on baggage claims
  • Coverage for specific sports and activities
  • Any potential rewards and discounts
  • Add-ons, such as gadget insurance

Best travel insurance deals and discounts

Looking for the best travel insurance deals from the best travel insurance companies? In most cases, the easiest way to find the best travel insurance deals is to use a comparison website. Travel insurance comparison websites let you compare costs and coverage side by side to find the best UK travel insurance.

The four main comparison websites – Moneysupermarket, Comparethemarket, Confused.com and GoCompare – also often have certain deals and discounts when you buy travel insurance from them, offering some of the best travel insurance deals on the market.

Moneysupermarket : Find the same deal for less, and it will price match and give you a choice of a £20 gift card. Only on annual travel insurance.

Comparethemarket : Two for one cinema tickets with Meerkat Movies and savings at restaurants when you dine out or order pizza in with Meerkat Meals, as well as 25 per cent off coffee and pastries at Caffè Nero every day of the week through the Meerkat app.

(In November 2023, Confused.com and GoCompare had no deals or discounts for travel insurance).

Price is obviously a big consideration when you are looking for the best travel insurance – you’ve probably already spent a lot on your holiday. But you may be able to get much better coverage for just a few pounds extra, so it’s worth scrolling down the comparison site’s list of providers before buying.

Medical costs abroad will undoubtedly be the biggest expense you face if you fall ill abroad, so don’t scrimp on those.

Then think about your next biggest expense (probably cancellation/interruption of your trip) and make sure that you have high-value coverage for that.

If you find you can get much higher coverage (the maximum amount you can claim per type of claim, such as medical or baggage) for not very much more money, go for the slightly more expensive option.

Going direct

Comparison sites won’t always find you the cheapest deals, however. For example, Direct Line offers some of the best travel insurance with Covid cover and is not on comparison websites.

Some of the best travel insurance companies also offer discounts for buying directly from them, as follows:

Bundled coverage options

When looking for the best travel insurance for your holiday, it can make sense to buy a bundle of coverage under one policy.

Comparison websites will often offer add-on gadget cover, winter sports cover or cruise cover all under the one policy. If you need that extra cover, it is typically cheaper to buy your travel insurance this way rather than as separate policies.

What is covered by travel insurance?

The best travel insurance companies will offer you comprehensive coverage across all types of claims. It’s easy to compare the best travel insurance deals using a comparison website.

Medical coverage

This covers you for medical expenses you incur if you become ill or have an accident while away. The best UK travel insurance will have a high level of medical coverage.

For example, medical coverage will pay for any necessary treatment if you come down with severe food poisoning or you fall through a window and have to be taken to hospital in an ambulance.

  • Avoid hefty bills or debt for medical assistance outside the UK
  • Access better treatment – for example, at private vs public hospitals
  • Often, as long as you declare existing conditions or pending treatment or tests, you are covered if you fall ill during your trip (check policy exclusions)
  • Even the best travel insurance companies will likely charge you more if you have a pre-existing medical condition
  • You might have to pay part or all your medical expenses first, then claim on the policy afterwards
  • Even the best travel insurance companies do not cover events that happen after you have consumed alcohol excessively or taken recreational drugs or other substances

Trip cancellation/interruption

This insurance pays out the cost of your missed trip if you have to cancel or cut your holiday short due to unforeseen circumstances.

Young woman in international airport looking at the flight information board, holding passport in her hand, checking her flight

For example, cancellation insurance would normally pay out if you broke your leg just before you were due to travel and had to cancel your trip.

Interruption insurance would cover you if you had to come home early for certain reasons beyond your control – for example, if the area you were staying in was engulfed in wildfires.

  • Money you would have lost on pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses is paid to you under the policy
  • It can be especially valuable if the trip you are planning is very expensive, as this is money you would lose if you couldn’t go
  • You’ll usually only be covered if your trip is cancelled or cut short for specific reasons listed in your policy
  • You usually won’t be covered if you miss your flight because you are held by customs or cancel because of a work issue or a pre-existing medical condition that is not covered

Baggage cover

This insurance covers the cost of replacing your luggage if it is lost or stolen.

For example, if an airline loses your luggage in transit or your suitcase is stolen from your hostel while you’re away, you can make a claim for the cost of replacing its contents.

You may also be able to claim for costs related to baggage delay if the airline temporarily misplaced your baggage.

  • You can claim for the actual cash value of your belongings or the cost of replacing them (whichever is less)
  • High-value items, such as jewellery or sports equipment, can be very expensive to replace without travel insurance
  • Standard policies usually place per item and total limits on claims.
  • If you are taking very expensive items away, check your policy carefully to ensure that you’re covered (and potentially get a separate policy)
  • Some items could be covered by your home insurance policy, so check your policy carefully to see what is any isn’t. It’s also important to note that, should a lost item be covered by both policies, you can only claim once; an attempt to claim twice would be considered fraud

Personal liability

This insurance covers you if you are held responsible for harming another person or damaging their property.

For example, it covers you in situations where you cause serious damage to your holiday accommodation or accidentally stumble into someone else, causing them to need medical treatment.

  • The cost of defending yourself in a legal case or repairing/replacing damage could be extremely costly without travel insurance
  • Your travel insurance company will take over dealing with a foreign legal system
  • You’re covered for the cost of any compensation (up to certain limits)


  • Not all travel insurance provides personal liability as standard
  • Policies may exclude personal liability while you partake in adventure activities
  • Claims related to you committing a crime or damage by wilful negligence won’t be covered
  • You likely will not be covered if you admit liability or make an offer to pay before talking to your insurer

Finding the best travel insurance with Covid cover

Looking for the best travel insurance with Covid cover? Many travel insurance policies now include cancellation cover for reasons related to Covid. This often applies within two weeks of being due to travel, according to the Association of British Insurers, but individual policies can vary.

To make a claim, insurers often require proof in the form of a medically approved positive Covid test. A lateral flow test or self-diagnosis is usually not accepted.

What Covid-related cover to look for

The best travel insurance with Covid cover should include the following:

  • Cover if you can’t start your trip because you tested positive for Covid before travelling
  • Cover if you or family members cannot return home because you/they test positive for Covid during the holiday
  • Cover for additional costs, such as alternative flights, accommodation and Covid tests
  • Cover if you cannot reach your final destination during transit due to Covid-19

Travel insurance providers with comprehensive Covid cover

Looking for the best travel insurance providers with Covid cover? Most travel insurance policies now offer some kind of Covid cover, but Churchill, Direct Line, M&S and Aviva have some of the most comprehensive offerings, with cover for cancellations and expenses related to Covid.

post office travel insurance uk

  • Covid covered as standard on travel insurance policies
  • Cover for trip cancellations if you, a close relative or a travelling companion is diagnosed with Covid-19 or another pandemic disease
  • Cover if you or a person you’re planning to stay with must quarantine (abroad or in the UK)
  • Cover if you can’t use pre-booked and pre-paid accommodation affected by Covid-19
  • Cover for quarantine or where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against travel within 28 days of departure
  • Cover for emergency medical expenses abroad due to Covid-19

Direct Line

post office travel insurance uk

  • Cover for travel to a destination where the FCDO is advising against all but essential travel 
  • Cover for medical expenses if you catch Covid-19 while you’re away 
  • Cover for additional accommodation and transport if you have to quarantine due to Covid
  • Cover for cancellation costs if you or a close relative get Covid-19 before you go
  • Cover for quarantine or if the FCDO changes its advice after you book your trip
  • Cover if you have to cut your trip short if the FCDO changes its country advice unexpectedly

post office travel insurance uk

  • Cover for emergency medical expenses if you catch Covid-19 during your trip
  • Cover for unrecoverable costs up to £6,000 if you must cancel your trip or return early, including if you have to self-isolate or quarantine before you travel due to Covid-19
  • Cover for if you need to cancel your trip due to a positive Covid-19 test or if the FCDO advise against travel to your destination in the 31 days leading up to your trip
  • Providing you haven’t travelled against FCDO advice, you’ll also be covered if you catch Covid-19 while abroad

post office travel insurance uk

  • Coverage of up to £5,000 per person if you must cancel your trip due to getting Covid (you’ll need to provide confirmation and evidence of a positive test result)
  • Cover for Covid-related emergency medical treatment and expenses while away
  • Cover if you unexpectedly need to quarantine, including extra travel and accommodation costs to get home (provided a return trip was booked) 
  • Cover for costs for any accommodation and excursions unused due to getting Covid where the costs can’t be recovered elsewhere
  • No cover you if you travel against FCDO advice*
  • No cover if you can’t travel because you don’t meet the entry requirements of a country (such as having had Covid vaccinations)*

* It’s worth noting that these clauses are not unusual and the majority of providers will have something similar

Tips for selecting the best UK travel insurance packages

Need some help picking the best UK travel insurance packages to make sure that you get the best travel insurance deals? Here are some tips for picking the best policy features for you.

Coverage limits

When looking for the best travel insurance companies to go with, check coverage limits. These are the maximum amounts your travel insurer will pay if you need to claim. You’ll see when you compare travel insurance policies that coverage limits vary for each type of claim and between policies.

The government-backed MoneyHelper website recommends that the best UK travel insurance should have the following minimum coverage for each type of claim:

  • Medical: £1m or more for travel to Europe and £2m or more for the US
  • Cancellation/interruption: £2,000 or more
  • Missed departure: £500 or more
  • Delay: £200 or more
  • Baggage cover: £1,500 or more
  • Personal liability cover: £2 million or more


Deductibles, also known as the excess, is the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket before your travel insurance will start paying for your claim.

You have to make a trade-off when it comes to choosing the excess and the best travel insurance policy for you.

The lower the excess on a travel insurance policy, the better for you if you have to claim because you will have less to pay from your own pocket (or, more often, deducted from your claim).

But lower excess travel insurance policies are more expensive because the insurer knows it has more to pay out if you claim. Higher excess policies are cheaper, but you’ll have more deducted from your claim.

An exclusion on a travel insurance policy is an event the policy will not cover you for.

Common exclusions on a standard travel insurance policy may not be obvious. According to the ABTA – The Travel Association, these include:

  • Incidents that occur after drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs
  • Theft of unattended possessions
  • Sports, extreme sports and activities such as skiing, white water rafting and bungee jumping
  • Medical treatment resulting from existing medical conditions you have not declared or conditions preventable by vaccine or advisable medication, such as antimalarials
  • Medical costs if you stay abroad after your doctor says you are fit to return to the UK
  • Strikes and industrial action if it was known when you booked your trip
  • Rescheduled flights where the airline has cancelled and then rescheduled your flight
  • Travel to destinations where the FCDO advises against all but essential travel

To get the best travel insurance deals, one way around some of these exclusions is to buy add-ons for adventure activities. In addition, make sure to declare all pre-existing conditions and keep an eye out for any travel disruptions before you book.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions are illnesses or medical conditions you have and are aware of before you travel.

Travel insurance companies will ask you to disclose any pre-existing conditions. If you use a comparison website, it will be among the first questions you’re asked before it shows you quotes. It’s important to be honest.

Some travel insurance companies, but not all, will offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions, while others will offer cover but exclude any claims arising from that medical condition. This will depend on the person being covered and the medical condition.

Most price comparison websites include an option to show insurers who do offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, so that would be a good place to start.

The following are likely to be considered pre-existing conditions you should disclose, according to the government-backed MoneyHelper website:

  • A condition where you are on a list for an operation
  • A condition where you are waiting for test results
  • Anything you have been to the doctor about in the last year, including minor things
  • Any serious conditions you’ve ever had – for example, cancer, heart trouble, respiratory problems or a mental health breakdown

A good tip for everyone, but especially if you have a pre-existing condition, is to buy your travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. If your condition gets worse and forces you to cancel your plans, you’ll be covered from the day the policy starts.

On family group policies, the cost will be determined based on the riskiest traveller (according to insurers), which could be someone with a pre-existing condition or an older individual. In this case, it is often cheaper for the group for that person to get a separate policy.

Add-on options

Add-ons are extras you can purchase in addition to a standard travel insurance policy. They cost a bit more, but you may find you’re not covered without them. 

Gadget insurance

This covers things that a standard policy may not, such as your mobile phone or laptop. If these items are covered, you may find the claim limits are far less than the cost of replacing them.

Close-up of a person holding a phone taking a picture of a beaut

Before you add this option to your travel insurance, check your home insurance policy, because you may already be covered.

Winter sports/adventure activities

Riskier activities, such as skiing or white water rafting, often require extra holiday insurance because insurers think that you are more likely to need to make a claim doing these things.

Winter sports/adventure activities cover is worth getting, or you may find you are not covered for medical expenses if something goes wrong.

Standard travel insurance is generally meant for land-based holidays so you’ll need to opt for a specialist cruise policy if your holiday is a cruise.

European FCDO travel advice extension

Most standard travel insurance policies are invalid if you travel when the FCDO advises against “all but essential travel”.

This add-on allows you to travel to Europe with a valid travel insurance policy, even if the FCDO has advised against it.

This can be an expensive add-on, but if you really must travel to a risky area, you will need this extension in order to make sure you have cover.

Best holiday insurance summary

Choosing the right travel insurance is an essential part of enjoying peace of mind while you are on holiday.

When looking for the best travel insurance deals, don’t just pick the cheapest policy. Instead, look for the cover limits that match your requirements. For example, baggage cover of £5,000 isn’t worth having if your baggage is worth £1,000; cancellation cover up to £10,000 isn’t worth having if your holiday cost you £2,000.

The easiest way to compare the best travel insurance is usually by using a travel insurance comparison website.

Think about the sort of activities you’ll be doing while you’re away. You may need extra holiday insurance for things such as winter sports or scuba diving or if you are going on a cruise.

Be honest about any pre-existing conditions when buying your travel insurance, or you won’t be covered if you have to claim.

The best travel insurance is a safety net for you and your family to enjoy your trip away stress-free, knowing that you’re covered for everything from medical expenses to cancellations if things go wrong.

Frequently asked questions about the best travel insurance UK packages

Is travel insurance necessary for domestic travel within the uk.

Even where medical costs in the UK are covered by the NHS, a sudden illness could lead to other expenses, forcing you to cancel your trip, the costs of which travel insurance would cover.

Lost or stolen luggage and broken gadgets or other claims for damage can just as easily occur in the UK as abroad.

What is annual travel insurance, and is it a good option for frequent travellers?

Annual travel insurance is a policy that covers you for multiple trips away within any 12-month period. It is often cheaper than buying a separate policy for each trip if you are planning to go away multiple times in one year.

Annual travel insurance is also useful if you are planning a long trip visiting several countries, as often insurers require you to buy travel insurance before you leave the UK rather than abroad mid-trip.

Are there any travel insurance companies that specialise in certain types of trips or travellers?

Specialist travel insurers cater to specific groups of people. It can make sense to seek out travel insurers that cover your needs.

Adventures Insurance, Sports Cover Direct and Snowcard tailor their travel insurance to those who enjoy activity holidays and extreme sports, for example.

Senior travellers are the focus of policies from All Clear, Avanti, Co-op Insurance Services, Free Spirit Flex, Good 2 Go Extra, Goodtogo Insurance, Saga, Staysure and Total Travel Protection.

Insurers offering business trip cover include Allianz, Direct Line, Coverwise and Insure & Go.

How do I make a claim with my travel insurance company?

To claim on your travel insurance while you are away, make sure that you take your policy number with you and the emergency number for your insurer. If you are travelling abroad, take any international numbers too.

Call your insurer as soon as you realise you need to make a claim. Keep all receipts and medical expense forms. If you are travelling with other people, make them aware of your policy details and the insurer’s phone number in case they need to call on your behalf.

To make a claim when you return home, check the following:

  • You haven’t left it too late to make a claim
  • What you’re claiming for is covered
  • The excess is not more than the value of your claim (if so, it’s not worth claiming)

Notify your insurer as soon as possible for a claim form, send it back fast and keep a copy of it. You should also include copies of paperwork to support your claim, such as receipts or medical certificates (keep copies of the originals in case your claim is queried or refused).

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I was really worried about making my claim after reading the reviews for Collinsons ( the underwriters) I needn't of. I found their service team quick to respond and full pay out of my claim took just a few weeks

Date of experience : 02 April 2024

Dreadful dreadful insurance

Dreadful dreadful insurance. Operated by Collinson insurance. Just had a very modest claim denied. Car was broken into and luggage stolen. We recovered most of it from neighbouring streets (discarded by the criminals) but despite having photos of broken window of car, police report, etc and not claiming for the hire car excess, they refused our small claim for missing items on the basis the items were left unattended (in a locked car!). We were a victim of crime and they refused the claim outright. Totally unacceptable - worthless insurance. Don’t bother.

Date of experience : 26 April 2024

Absolutely terrible

Absolutely terrible- I phoned them to check if we were covered as my husband lost his Apple earbuds. The person I spoke with started the claim so the assumption was that I was coveted. after hour on phone completing the claim I was advised we were not covered. Suggest they train their operatives and also provide listening skills!!! I also agree with other unhappy people about how rubbish cover is in relation to depreciation. Do not use this company.

Date of experience : 10 April 2024

Atrocious service, this must be a SCAM

Absolutely dire service, despite multiple e-mails, loads of attachments and two lengthy calls. I am still where I started. A simple loss of passport and delayed travel, all easily proven (receipts, new passport etc), sum total c £500 less excess is now becoming a pantomine. Four different contacts so far and very difficult language issues.

Date of experience : 18 April 2024

Broken toe before holiday!! Insurance rip off

Been insured with post office for quite a few years. Never claimed. Wasn't trying to claim but unfortunately my wife broke her toe a week before travel. Given all clear by Dr to travel but out of curtesy thought we'd better advise Post office. The net result of not cancelling our holiday and being honest resulted in £140 charge being added........ Needless to say we will not renew next year and would definitely advise anyone else to avoid them at all cost!! Just another insurance rip off!!

Date of experience : 16 April 2024


Stranded in Dubai for over 1 week. Had PREMIUM insurance. Barely covered for anything. DO NOT BUY POST OFFICE TRAVEL INSURANCE. Small print gets them out of everything. Had to argue my case for over an hour and a half to come out with very little. After sticking to my guns and pushing the agent she conceded to pay for my flights back from Madrid, which was the only place Emirates could get me to from Dubai. They refused to pay for any accomodation costs for the 6 nights I was stranded even though it was not my fault.

Date of experience : 29 April 2024

Zero Risk Mitigations

Beware: Post Office Insurance Falls Short a long way short on Basic Needs Coverage Post Office Insurance promises peace of mind, but my recent experience with them has been nothing short of anxiety inducing. Their policy, touted as comprehensive, fails to adequately cover basic needs, leaving customers vulnerable and frustrated. One of the fundamental purposes of insurance is to provide financial protection against unforeseen events. However, Post Office Insurance's policy seems designed to create loopholes rather than offer genuine coverage. From personal experience, I found that crucial aspects of my needs were left exposed, leaving me questioning the value of the product other than as a fake veneer of security easily pierced. First and foremost, their travel insurance policy was shockingly deficient in covering essential items. When faced with a travel delays, I assumed I was covered for the resulting cost of booking expencive missed connections. To my dismay, I discovered that the policy covered this for precisely £0. This lack of transparency is not only deceptive but also undermines the very purpose of insurance. Moreover, their customer service was abysmal. Dealing with representatives felt like navigating a maze of bureaucracy, with little empathy or willingness to address my concerns. Basic inquiries were met with generic responses, and attempting to escalate issues proved futile. It's disheartening to see a company prioritize profit margins over genuine customer care. (Not new for the PO, as we know) The lack of coverage for delays is unacceptable. It's as if they're stuck in a bygone era, oblivious to the evolving needs of their clientele. Who in their right mind would book travel insurance without the basics of travel covered? In conclusion, I cannot in good conscience recommend Post Office Insurance to anyone seeking reliable coverage. Their policies are riddled with loopholes, their customer service is lacking, and their failure to adapt to modern realities leaves customers exposed to risks as they would have been without insurance. For those in search of comprehensive insurance that truly covers basic needs, it's best to look elsewhere. Post Office Insurance falls far short of expectations, and potential customers would be wise to steer clear. The cost of the policy would have been a nice dinner while stuck awaiting out connections! Absolutely dire

Date of experience : 08 May 2024

Collinson are shysters

They use Collinson to handle claims and they are total shysters - they lie , change their tune, make accusations which are false - absolutely to be avoided at all costs !!!

Date of experience : 02 October 2023

Terrible company tried to renew my…

Terrible company tried to renew my policy ! I finally got through on the phone and after answering questions for 50 minutes st the end the chap cut me off dead I re did everything then again the payment section was down then again went through everything and again 40 minutes later the payment section went down after 4 hours trying I was told twice on two occasions someone would ring me at a certain time and to my disappointment again nobody rang me absolutely terrible service !!!!

Date of experience : 11 April 2024

Absolutley awful

Absolutley awful, wish I had read the Trust Pilot reviews before taking this out, they do NOT pay for any cancelled flights (cancelled due to to the airline, completely outside of our control), if the flight is internal or outbound to your destination! This was really not clear in the policy. APALLED that a trusted brand like the Post Office would use these underwriters. Terrible service, Im going straight back to Direct Line as soon as the policy runs out, they were a dream to deal with compared to these clowns.

Date of experience : 05 March 2024

Total FAKE insurance

Total FAKE insurance, AVOID this organized, syndicated, and criminal scammers using Post Offices name. They don’t do anything at all. Don’t rely on them. If you can sue them to make them bankrupt.

Date of experience : 12 March 2024

Utterly Pointless - total rip off

Travel insurance with extra gadget cover. My bag was stolen from beside me in a cafe, but although it was literally next to me - it was classed as unattended and they refused to pay out. 3 months of pointless requests for "evidence" for nothing.... £6.5k worth of kit gone. £2.5k maximum allowed to be claimed. £0 money paid out Utter rip off - no use at all. (My camera insurance with another company paid out within 3 days for the same instance)

Date of experience : 06 November 2023

I actually feel traumatised after…

I actually feel traumatised after dealing with Collinsons and Lena Francis! My God! The woman should be a prison screw, not a customer facing. I lost some stuff on the carousel at Gatwick - someone picked up my cosmetics but left a gold bracelet and a sterling silver and amber ring. Obviously this was a mistake - no one steals someone else's electric toothbrush and leaves an 18carat gold bracelet. Amazingly, the bracelet was found. It has taken 11 months to get to a settlement and despite having provided receipts for EVERYTHING in there, I have been offered less than half of the claim. My Tom Ford Lipstick was discounted to £3 - why? Because Lena Francis unilaterally decided I must have used it 90%. When I spoke to her she said she would discount by 10% to 30%. I realise people make fraudulent claims - but when some of the stuff - the £500 bracelet and the £250 ring were returned, I think you can safely assume the cosmetics were actually lost. I obviously had to buy toothbrush etc when I got there and sent in the receipts. But no. 11 months later and still no payment. ELEVEN MONTHS!!! I chase every few days - this is a full time job How can a blue chip company like the post office use these claims handlers? It has been a thoroughly humiliating experience. AVOID!!!!!! On top of it Lena Francis who I am assuming is a biological woman took great pleasure is asking why a woman needs HRT and this s not covered - (why not? It was in the bag; I had the receipts received just days before leaving) Such ageism and institutional sexism is just disgraceful.

Date of experience : 13 April 2024

SCAM do not use Post Office Travel…

SCAM do not use Post Office Travel Insurance, this is underwritten by Collinson Travel Insurance who run their company from Nigeria. They have no intention of paying any claims, and make it very difficult for you. The claim website has specific drop down sections and if what you want to claim is not there then that’s it. Also after spending hours inputting claim, the errors appear and you lose the lot. They make sure that anything you claim for is not covered under your policy, even a cancelled flight. You cannot contact them on the phone. I lost £400. Really an utter waste of money, post office cannot be trusted either. You have been warned. Martin Lewis has been informed.

Date of experience : 28 January 2024

One star because I can't do none

One star because I can't do none. They repeatedly requested information I'd already sent, insisted on scanned documents not photos so had to get help, took over a month to get a phone call back. Said they couldnt read emails I was looking at perfectly well. When they did ring they were unprepared and unfamiliar with the claim. Then turned out I couldn't claim for a basic hotel despite being stranded in Paris overnight, READ THE SMALL PRINT DO NOT USE!

Date of experience : 01 January 2024

Cheap to purchase, but a costly mistake

Collinson handle the claims. In June I placed my claim I broke my back and doctors advised against flight. Collinson claim department changed the email address on 4 occasions I am on my fifth call handler. They deducted almost £400 in excess from my claim. One handler wanted a cancellation letter another wanted refund letter another wanted no show letter. One wanted the letters in word format another wanted all letters in PDF. Everything was to delay settlement, finally after 7 months and over 60 emails they have settled minus £400 excess. I will never use them again, they were a cheap option but please do not use these scam artist.

Date of experience : 10 June 2023

Poor service all round.

Received a note to say incorrect postage paid cost to me £2.50 Collected item it had 1st class stamp on it but not the most modern type, so the stamp had been paid for. We have had at least 6 deliveries not delivered to our address, an international letter, supposedly tracked but processed incorrectly and not tracked. Talked to the lady on collection and she has worked for the PO for 25 years and now uses Evri for her parcels as she cannot trust the Royal Mail. Is this a one way service street ?

Date of experience : 19 December 2023

Avoid Avoid Avoid

Currently my wife is trying to claim for an eye issue whilst in Jamaica. The claim is only for about £350. So far they have lost emails containing personal data, they continue to request documentation that has nothing to do with the claim and continue to be obstructive.

Date of experience : 16 February 2024

How Complaints @ Collinsons turned…

How Complaints @ Collinsons turned things around! My 🌟 rating of Jan 23 review was more than Claims Service deserved. I paid some £1330 to clear debts to hospital and medical services in the US. I lodged a formal “complaint” and was about to send off to the ombudsman. At the last moment Complaints turned up with the goodies. I got the money in three bits thanks to the terrible Claims handling Service.

Date of experience : 25 April 2023

Had Post Office travelinsur - so let down

Had Post Office travel insurance as it’s a brand I trust and I won’t skimp on cheap insurance especially when abroad While in Barcelona I was robbed of my gold necklace Police involved over all horrible experience I thought at least im insured! When I returned called PO insurance they couldn’t be less helpful Told me my £1000 necklace was worth less than £100 scrap value so less than my excess No amount of discussions helped Was so upset and typical behaviour from a poor insurance company I expected more from Simon

Date of experience : 23 April 2023

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For further information about the Horizon IT Scandal, please visit our  corporate website

  • Teenagers going on holiday without their parents

Having your son or daughter go on holiday without you for the first time can be one of the most traumatic experiences for a parent, but one of the most exciting for a teenager.

How old should they be to go? And where? What should they pack? Our guide may help prepare for the inevitable day when you wave them off.

Posted: 25/1/2022 | By Amanda Duffy

post office travel insurance uk

When can they go away without you?

If going abroad, the laws are different depending on which country your teen is going to. For instance, under-18s travelling to Portugal must have travel authorisation from their parents and could be refused entry if they can’t prove someone is taking responsibility for them during their stay. Other countries, such as Spain and Greece, are more lenient but you should check with the country’s  embassy  before booking.

It’s also worth checking with the airline as they all have different rules when it comes to under-18s travelling without their parents.

Make sure your children have travel insurance to protect them when they go.

Where should they go.

Of course, where your teenager goes on holiday is dependent on where they want to go and how comfortable you are with them going to certain parts of the world. Some teenagers will decide they want to stay close to home and stick to the UK, while others may want to jet off to Ibiza or explore an entire new continent. You need to consider how responsible they are, how much experience they have travelling alone , who they are going with, what they are going to be doing and, ultimately, how much you trust them.

Male in red beanie and red jacket with camera over right shoulder looking up at departures board

Talking to your teen

It’s unlikely you will let your teenager leave the house without some words of advice, but rather than preaching and nagging, you should talk to them as an adult, explaining your concerns and getting them to think about how they would react in certain situations. Example situations on a teenage holiday without parents include what they would do if one of their friends drank too much and became unconscious, one of them had an injury, or they became separated from the group and needed to get back to their hotel. Your teen needs to be aware of the potential dangers of being on holiday, without being frightened or thinking the worst could happen.

Four young males on hill top laughing and looking at each other with green hillside in distance

What they should pack

When it comes to clothes and toiletries, your teen should know what they need by now – just make sure they have enough of them to last the length of their holiday. However, while running out of shampoo may not trouble your teen too much, making sure they have enough money and medication (if they require it) will. So check how much money they are taking and consider giving them an emergency credit card in case they get into trouble. If they take medication, include a letter from your child’s GP explaining what the medication is for.

As well as the all-important passport , tickets and Global Health Insurance Card ( Ghic ) – as well as copies of each – you should also make sure your child has adequate travel insurance to cover any medical bills or any lost or stolen valuables.

Package holidays

Package holidays are always going to be one of the best holidays for teenagers. A week in the sun with friends and the chance to party and meet new people may fill them with excitement but it is also likely to fill you with dread as a parent. The key point is that most travel companies will require either written parental permission or one of the travellers to be over 18. Check with the individual tour operator to make sure that your son or daughter has the correct permissions before they book.

Young men and women dancing in sunny location

UK holidays

For many, staying closer to home is the best holiday for a teenager travelling without their parents, perhaps staying in a caravan or a tent near a holiday town. But many caravan or camp sites won’t take groups of under-18s or single-sex groups, so you may have to search around for a suitable site or accommodation that will take them. However, youth hostels in the UK will accept those aged 16 and over, and there are hostels all over the UK.

Another option for a first teenage holiday without parents is one of the many music festivals that happen every summer up and down the UK. Over-16s can get into Reading and Leeds festivals, V Festival and Glastonbury without an adult. Some of the smaller festivals include Camp Bestival in Dorset and Latitude Festival in Suffolk.

Interested in travel insurance?

Other travel products.

Order foreign currency online or in selected branches. Pick up in any branch or get it delivered to your home.

One prepaid Mastercard™ that stores up to 22 currencies.

Get your passport application right the first time. We can even complete and submit it for you digitally.

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post office travel insurance uk

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Travelpac: travel to and from the UK (2023 edition)

Travel to and from the UK, with detail on traveller age and sex, trip purpose, length, and spending. From International Passenger Survey (IPS), quarterly data.


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  1. Travel Insurance

    Get a quote for travel insurance from Post Office, the award-winning provider with Defaqto 5-star rated cover. Choose from single-trip, annual multi-trip, backpacker and winter sports policies, and add optional extras like gadget cover and trip disruption.

  2. Compare Travel Insurance

    Find out the differences between Single-trip, Annual Multi-trip and Backpacker policies from Post Office, and the optional extras you can add to enhance your cover. Learn what's included in each policy and how to choose the best option for your travel needs.

  3. Post Office Travel Insurance Review

    Learn about the cover, pros and cons of Post Office travel insurance, a trusted brand with over 350 years of service. Compare prices, features and ratings with other policies and find the best option for your trip.

  4. Travel Insurance

    Find out how to buy, manage, claim and contact Post Office Travel Insurance online or by phone. Get answers to common questions and check for travel alerts and disruptions.

  5. Post Office travel insurance review

    The latest data from the Financial Conduct Authority show that Post Office's underwriter - Astrenska - paid out 85-90% of claims made on annual European policies in 2022. This was above the average rate of 76%. It accepted 85-90% of claims made on annual worldwide policies - above the average of 82%. It paid 80-85% of claims made on single trip ...

  6. Worldwide Travel Insurance

    Get travel insurance for over 150 countries with Post Office, covering medical expenses, luggage, gadgets and more. Check the latest travel updates and foreign advice before you book your trip.

  7. Travel insurance for seniors

    As an example, Post Office Travel Insurance has the following age limits: Single-trip policies : if you're up to and including 70, you can qualify for the longest possible trip of 365 days. If you're between 71 and 75, the maximum length of your trip drops to 90 days. And if you are 76 or above, the longest trip you'd be covered for is 31 days.

  8. Travel Insurance

    Find out how to buy, claim and manage your travel insurance policy with the Post Office. Learn about the cover options, age limits, trip durations and Covid-19 protection for your trip.

  9. Best travel insurance UK 2024: companies and polices rated

    All Clear travel insurance - Platinum. 79% policy score - joint 7th out of 161 policies rated. We like: All Clear was the highest-scoring medical specialist insurer in our analysis. Its policy covers outbound, connecting and returning flights that you miss because of delays.

  10. Post Office travel insurance review

    Post Office travel insurance customer reviews. The Post Office travel insurance has a rating of 1.3 out of 5 stars from just 105 reviews on the customer review site Trustpilot. Customers detailed problems with claims being paid and refunds for policy cancellations. As with all travel insurance policies, it is important to do your research and ...

  11. Compare Post Office Travel Insurance

    The Post Office isn't just for sending letters and parcels. It also offers customers a range of financial products, including travel insurance, which was introduced in 2007.. Since then, it has paid out over £177 million in travel insurance claims, and has won the Best Travel Insurance Provider at the Your Money Awards in 2023.

  12. Post Office Travel Insurance: A Getting Started Guide from the Experts!

    The single trip insurance will provide coverage depending on your age when you obtain your insurance policy. The Post Office website states that those who are below 71 will be covered 365 days per trip. Meanwhile, those who are 71-75 will be covered 90 days and individuals 76-85 are only covered for 31 days. As the name implies, a single trip ...

  13. Best travel insurance UK 2024 guide

    The government-backed MoneyHelper website recommends that the best UK travel insurance should have the following minimum coverage for each type of claim: Medical: £1m or more for travel to Europe ...

  14. Post Office Travel

    Buy, add, and manage your Travel Money Cards, travel insurance, holiday extras and more all in one place. Take the new-look Post Office travel app on your adventures today. Combining all the travel features our loyal app users love, this refreshed version's now cleaner and simpler to use. So, it's even easier to relax on your travels.

  15. PDF Single Trip & Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    Company: Post Office Travel Insurance is arranged by Post Office Limited and Post Office Management Services Limited. Post Office Limited is an appointed representative of Post Office Management Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 630318. Product: Post Office Standard Cover

  16. PDF Your Travel Insurance Policy

    Thank you for choosing to insure with Post Office Money® The enclosed policy will outline everything You need to know about Your cover. Have a read and make sure You're completely happy. If You have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to call Us on 0330 123 3690. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and

  17. Post Office Reviews

    10 reviews. GB. 16 Apr 2024. Broken toe before holiday!! Insurance rip off. Been insured with post office for quite a few years. Never claimed. Wasn't trying to claim but unfortunately my wife broke her toe a week before travel. Given all clear by Dr to travel but out of curtesy thought we'd better advise Post office.

  18. PDF Single Trip, Backpacker & Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    Company: Post Office Travel Insurance is arranged by Post Office Limited and Post Office Management Services Limited. Post Office Limited is an appointed representative of Post Office Management Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 630318. Product: Post Office Economy Cover

  19. Compare Post Office Travel Insurance

    Post Office travel insurance offers three different levels of cover - Economy, Standard and Premier. In fact, its Premier policy has a five-star rating from Defaqto. Post Office was the winner of the Best Travel Insurance Provider at the Your Money Awards 2023. It has paid out over £177 million in claims since launching travel insurance in 2007.

  20. Your teenager's first parent-free holiday

    However, youth hostels in the UK will accept those aged 16 and over, and there are hostels all over the UK. Another option for a first teenage holiday without parents is one of the many music festivals that happen every summer up and down the UK. Over-16s can get into Reading and Leeds festivals, V Festival and Glastonbury without an adult.

  21. PDF Single Trip & Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

    Company: Post Office Travel Insurance is arranged by Post Office Limited and Post Office Management Services Limited. Post Office Limited is an appointed representative of Post Office Management Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 630318. Product: Post Office Premier Cover

  22. Post Office

    Post Office offers single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance to cover you whatever your needs: Single trip covers a one-off trip within the UK or abroad, whether it's a short break or a longer holiday up to 365 days. This policy covers any age of person but the maximum number of days you can be away for varies depending on your age.

  23. PDF Important information about cover for Covid-19

    your insurance. Changing your insurance may be subject to additional premium and may require the underwriters' approval The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office advises against ALL travel to your intended destination due to COVID-19 Not Covered. We suggest you try to rearrange your trip. Please contact us to discuss altering your ...

  24. Travelpac: travel to and from the UK (2023 edition)

    Travel to and from the UK, with detail on traveller age and sex, trip purpose, length, and spending. From International Passenger Survey (IPS), quarterly data.