Fatima Amin ( The Hijabi Author, Podcaster and Poet )

Fatima Amin
Fatima Amin

Fatima Amin is an author, podcaster and a poet, based in India. She has been a part of The Literary Society of Indi as a Junior Writer and National youngest best-selling author.

Fatima Amin has been in writing industry for a while. She has a reader audience of over 10,000+ on Instagram, Google Play Books and Kindle.

In her short career, Fatima has written 5 books, her recent book Unheard Musings is her bestseller which was published by Pencil Publications Co.

She runs abdifatimaa Instagram page, where one finds quotes and write-ups related to the life, motivation, inspiration, love, hope and faith.

Fatima’s Writing Journey:

She has ever had this inclination towards penning since she was 12 years old. She ever loved to enactment her feelings, perspectives, and conceptions successful the signifier of words that are sweet, thought-provoking, and often beauteous poems that determination the readers. Fatima says that penning is simply a spiritual practise for her that brings retired each her emotions, thoughts, and things that she wants to talk from the halfway of her bosom and those she wishes to convey to the satellite retired there. Fatima says that she is ever grateful to her English teacher, who helped her to prosecute her imagination and motivated her passim her journey. 

Fatima's Book
Unheard Musings by Fatima Amin


  1. Grinding Words 1&2
  2. Sarfaroshii
  3. Murawwat
  4. Zenith in Quasar
  5. Unheard Musings

Real nameFatima Amin
Pen NameRukh
Date of BirthFebruary 19
BirthplaceLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Current ResidenceAligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Educational QualificationCurrently pursuing Graduation in English Literature
SchoolingAl-Barkaat Public School, Aligarh
College/University Integral University, Lucknow
ProfessionAuthor | Poet | Podcaster | Video Creator | Content Writer

Fatima Amin

Fatima Amin

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Unheard Musings


Frequently Asked Questions About Fatima Amin

  1. What is the relationship status of Fatima?
  • She is engaged.
  1. Where is Fatima Amin from?
  • Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  1. How many siblings do Fatima have?
  • She is a single-child
  1. What is Fatima’s motive of writing?
  • She want to help and develop faith in those who have depression and suicidal tendencies.
  1. Who is Fatima’s inspiration to write?
  • Rupi Kaur and Ashish Bagrecha

More about Fatima Amin and her Achievements

Fatima Amin

Fatima’s writing introduced her to the whole world and opened a lot of doors for her, and as every deserving talent receives praise one day. Fatima has received the name and fame she deserves. She won the Hindustan Author’s Award in 2021 and the Golden Arc Award, and her book Unheard Musings is available in more than 70 countries and is the best-selling book in Pencil House of Publication. She has been awarded for being the National Youngest best-selling author.

It was also stated in Dainik Jagran (2020) that Fatima was pushed into writing by her own English Teacher when she came to know that Fatima is into writing. She told in an interview of LSI that, ” her parents and her English teacher are the most supportive ones in her writing journey.”
Discussing her everyday schedule with Hi times, she said, “One thing I absolutely love about my job as an author is that I get to come up with write-ups that go well with one’s emotion. I want to tell the budding writers, who have just started their writing journey, that it is possible to be creative in poetry or podcast for themselves. I, in fact, feel confident when I write and people relate those write-ups with their lives.”

India has got very few Hijabi writers and fashion bloggers to celebrate and in this case, Fatima’s words sound fair and motivating. “I am too proud to be a Hijabi.
Sharing her most cherished dream with AIWA, she said, It’s my life’s mission to help people who are depressed and have suicidal tendencies through my writings. I try my best to prevent them from committing this unspeakable sin and face eternal damnation.”

Fatima’s Upcoming Project

She is working on her new book which is based on poetries and letter to self. This book is inspired by Dear Stranger,I know how you feel by Ashish Bagrecha.
This book will probably release in November 2022

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