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Select from our 2023 / 2024 weekly FAM Trip dates, some of our FAM Trips allow you to select your own date!

Best yet, we welcome your friends and family and we encourage travel agents to bring their guests along. Some of our FAM Trips allow your guests to benefit from the same rate!

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This collection of FAM Trips is our way of thanking you for your support for over 60 years!


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What You Should Know About a FAM Trip

Annie Brigham, Digital Marketing Coordinator

What is a FAM trip?

Who attends a fam trip, who pays for a fam trip.

What are the benefits of a FAM trip for Travel Agents and Media Personnel?

What are the benefits of a FAM trip for the Hosts?

What are some things to keep in mind when planning a FAM trip?

A FAM trip stands for “familiarization trip” and is one incentive of being in the travel industry. FAM trips are exclusive educational trips for travel agents, media personnel, and resellers. These familiarization trips provided by travel businesses such as travel operators, tour operators, and accommodation suppliers allow them to experience their services and destinations first-hand. FAM trips are opportunities for travel businesses to familiarize agents and media personnel with their destination and immerse them in the local culture, introduce them to local operators, and highlight the benefits their company offers, essentially take them backstage. For instance, they can have the opportunity to meet a celebrity chef that they have been referring their clients to.

The usual people presented on these trips are Travel Agents, suppliers, and media partners such as Journalists, Editors, Influencers, & Tour Operators. These individuals are necessary for countless travel businesses’ success, and as suppliers and travel operators, you are looking to build a long-term working relationship with them. The aim is to keep track of key industry influencers and invite people relevant to your industry’s success. These invitations may rope in a travel agent you have worked with in the past, who you want to enhance your relationship with or introduce new offerings to, or a new prospect who has recently jumped on your radar who can potentially help you collect new business.

Though FAM trips are endlessly changing and evolving, and differentiate per business, tour operators, cruise lines, and hotels interested in showcasing their points of interest typically provide everything for these trips. FAM trips are more often than not fully sponsored invite-only events unless there is a partnership with a rental car company or airline that exists. Sponsorships are customary because the host provides the money or product in exchange for their visit.

What are the benefits of a FAM trip to Travel Agents and Media Personnel?

Familiarization trips present numerous benefits to the attendees. The head benefit of a FAM trip is that it allows travel agents and other travel industry providers to gain ideal first-hand experience. This involvement enables them to understand better the several benefits that different kinds of trip excursions offer to their clients. As a result, they can better supply the perfect services and vacations to their client based on their desires and needs and effectively inform their clients on what they can expect. In addition, media personnel, travel writers and editors, and photographers can gain first-hand experience that can help provide better content, details, and photographs for their future publications. These trips grant journalists opportunities to develop tailored stories that they may want to develop further. For example, the trip may introduce them to a chef who has a fascinating life story or recipe to share. A further benefit is that the FAM trip guests can expand their professional network by building connections with other travel agents, suppliers, and media personnel; most FAM trips embrace downtime to relax with other professionals. This schedule allows them time to get in touch with industry experts and exchange stories on what has worked for their business. By developing long-lasting relationships with travel operators and suppliers, they will also acquire better deals for themselves and their future clients.

What are the benefits of a FAM trip to the Hosts?

Arranging a “familiarization trip” is a valuable marketing tool. As a host of a FAM trip, one benefit is that you can generate new leads and business for your company. By permitting these professionals to gain first-hand experience with your products, they will better understand and share the benefits of your travel offerings with their clients. When it comes to benefits from hosting media personnel is that you are enhancing your media coverage; travel writers and photographers take part in these trips to photograph your offerings and compose content. If you can impress and inspire your guests during a FAM trip, then you should be able to generate first-rate reviews and recommendations for your travel business. For example, one of our clients , Arizona, invited an Editor in Chief on a FAM trip to their destination. The Editor in Chief made a customized trip with a luxury angle and published over 20 full pages of material about the destination and included them in the cover. The clients were very thankful for these results and said that the benefits of these results were worth more than five times that than the overall cost of the FAM trip.

After conversing with some of our employees regarding their client’s FAM trip success stories, we have put together some things we think you should consider when planning your FAM trip: You must research and plan the trip and itinerary during the FAM trip planning stage according to your media personnel and travel agent’s profiles. Look at their previous publications and create activities that they will find appealing, craft experiences with multiple “wow factors” that they can share in their publications. Keep in mind that it is up to the criteria of your guest when it comes to what will get published; not everything that they experience will be incorporated. Provide thorough itineraries and trip information as soon as possible in the planning process; this will allow your FAM trip guests to raise any concerns or questions ahead of time and will enable you to customize their stay exceedingly well. When crafting a detailed itinerary for your guests, you must also be mindful of their time on your trip; you must provide a good balance of activities and educational events with free time to relax and take a breather. Lastly, put together a plan for contingencies; keep in mind that not everything will go to plan. It would be safest to prepare for anything from a last-minute guest cancellation up to flight cancelations, emergencies, or lockdowns. But, again, it is better to over plan.

Special thanks to our Connect Worldwide FAM trip experts Eduardo Peraza and Pedro Berruecos for contributing to this article. Contact us today if you are looking for a destination marketing partner or are interested in learning more about attending, planning or hosting a FAM trip.

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Travel Agent FAM Trips: What They Are + How to Find Them

Ahhhh.... the travel industry. It's a beautiful industry and one we here at HAR are lucky enough to work/play in!

Here's the thing. People outside the industry usually have two conflicting thoughts about travel agents. When they find out I work with travel advisors they'll sometimes ask if travel agents still exist (very much so and I send them this link ). Then they immediately think I'm a travel advisor and ask, " Do you get to travel a lot? For free?!? " to which I answer yes, as a producing travel advisor you get to travel a lot and sometimes for free or at a significant discount. Producing is the key word here. :)

What I can never figure out is how you can think travel agents aren't around if they get to travel all the time to gorgeous destinations for free or reduced costs. Isn't that a dream job for most?!

Jumping off waterfall

These enviable trips are called FAM trips and they're key to travel advisors being invaluable resources to their clients. (For those of you dying for some 'me time' on the beach, don't worry, FAM trip is short for familiarization trip. It DOES NOT mean you have to bring your family with you on the trips. 😂 In fact, if +1s are allowed, it is often at a little higher cost but often FAM trips are just for advisors.)

So let me break down what a FAM trip is, what happens on one, where you can find them, and the question I know you all are asking, how you can get invited on a FAM trip! Ya ready?

What is a travel agent FAM trip?

Jamaica FAM trip

Let's clarify one thing. A FAM trip is not the same as travel agent discounts on personal travel. For that, you can check out our article with over 200+ travel agent rates we lovingly keep updated for you. :)

A travel agent FAM trip is a trip offered by a vendor, destination or another entity in the travel industry—like an industry association, a host agency or a travel consortium to travel advisors—allowing the travel agent to experience the product/destination so that they can better sell it.

Travel advisors are salespeople at their core and like any salesperson, they can sell more when they experience the product or service. Vendors and destinations know that travel agent FAM trips are a cost-effective way to increase sales and all the pics the travel agents post while on the FAM are darn good PR and advertising!

I'll tell you a secret: once you become a travel agent and start connecting with industry colleagues a) you will get out of offices all. the. time. from colleagues traveling to awesome places and b) your social feed will be crammed full of pics from your industry besties traveling around the world. :)

What are the types of FAM trips?

Those social feeds crammed with enviable travel photos I just mentioned? Well, they are meant to be marketing the destination/property/etc. That could literally be the only hour the advisor was able to enjoy the pool or beach. Like most things on social, the reality of a FAM trip is often much different than what the photos painted.

Let's break down FAMs into a few categories so you have a better idea of what to expect. And for the record, I just created these categories since I really feel like we need to differentiate them so please help me grow this industry lexicon and start throwing them around in industry forums! 😂

Vatnajokull Glacier, Lagoon, ATV Excursion FAM trip

Working FAMs

Exactly what it sounds like. These are the majority of FAM trips and they are meant to maximize your time in the destination. This means that you're often up at 6 am, on your feet all day visiting multiple properties or having in-destination experiences like a pasta-making class or white water rafting, and you don't hit the bed until 10 or 11 pm. They are tons of fun, but they are also tiring! It's like traveling with your ADHD friend that is inexhaustible. :)

The company or destination that organized the FAM trip wants you to see and experience as much as possible so you have a jam-packed schedule from sun up to past sundown.


These are still working FAMs but have a more relaxed schedule, as in you won't be touring 4 resorts in Jamaica a day and then have evening activities. :) You might be staying at a dude ranch and each day have an activity or two planned. Or you might have attended a conference and signed on for the pre/post tours where you get to do a guided activity each day and then return to your hotel at night.

Iceland lagoon fam trip

When your agency starts really producing, these FAM trips will open up for you. They're really awards trips for top agencies but I think they also function as a FAM because they may include visiting a few properties and the host really pulls out the stops so you can experience all they and the destination have to offer!

They're typically fully comped and the FAM trip host will have all sorts of great things planned for you! It's a lot more networking and fun than work. :)

What happens on a travel agent FAM trip?

Your itinerary will vary based on the type of FAM trip you're on. As I mentioned earlier, working FAMs have jam packed schedules!

If I were to generalize, I would say that on a FAM trip expect to be wined and dined at different properties or restaurants. You'll tour various properties where you'll see different room categories as well as meet with key staff that will allow you to better serve your clients.

When it comes to cruise ships, their FAM trips are often called Seminars at Sea when you get to sail on the ship and ship inspections when you tour it while it's in port.

Travel Agent Fam Ship inspection

And equally as important on FAM trips is the networking and bonding that happens with your host and fellow travel colleagues. Most advisors have their family and then they have their 'travel family', which are the colleagues they get to travel around the world with. As we all know, travel bonds people like nothing else!

You'll also take tons of pictures to share with clients and use for marketing. Fam with Intention has a paid course on what to do before, during and after your FAM trip to make sure you maximize the experience.

Keeping track of everything you see and do, as well as the people you meet on a FAM trip is challenging. HAR has free ship inspection forms as well as free site inspection forms that can help you out. And if you are looking for something way more snazzy in app form (paid), check out MyFamTrip or FamGuru .

How much do travel agent FAMs cost?

fam trip white water rafting

I Wish I had a specific answer for you but FAM prices will vary from completely free to a decent discount. Here's what you can generally expect from a FAM

What's usually included on FAM trips:

  • Excursions/Activities

What's usually not included on FAM trips:

  • Tips for your drivers, bellhops, guides, housekeeping, etc. (These people work incredibly hard and depend on tips so make sure to bring cash.)
  • Your travel insurance (never included)

Where can I find a list of travel agent FAM trips?

Great question! Here are a few places you can find FAM trips listed.

HAR's INDUSTRy calendar

We have a great list of FAM trips on HAR's free travel industry event calendar that you can check out. Often times travel industry events in popular tourist destinations will offer pre/post-add-ons that allow you to experience the destination at a discounted rates.

Online subscription websites

Other online places to find travel agent FAMs are destination-specific websites like , and . There are also a few subscription websites that offer FAM trips like and . And there's WanderfullyFammed , which are led by an advisor/photographer and part of the trip is that she provides all the marketing content for advisors to promote it during and after. But here's another secret, the real FAM deals that are generously subsidized are not publicized. They are invite-only or require you to apply, where the competition is stiff.

Fam trip Ireland Castle

Travel Consortium + Host Agencies

Your host agency and/or consortium are one of the places where you can find the generously subsidized FAM trips. Only members of their networks have access to these FAM trips and there may be sales or other requirements you need to meet. They may send out an email with the opportunity or they may reach out to advisors they know would be a good fit for it so that's another reason to cultivate those relationships with your host and consortium!

DESTINATIONS and vendors

Another place where you can find severely discounted FAM trips is through destinations and preferred suppliers like cruise lines, tour operators, destination management companies (DMCs), and resorts. When you sign up as an advisor with them that gets you into their database and you'll receive information on upcoming FAM opportunities.

These FAM trips may be emailed out to the entire database and you have to apply, or it may be that the organization reaches out individually to their ideal travel advisors. Again, build those relationships so you're top of mind. :)

FAM trip lunch

How the heck can I get invited on a FAM trip?!?

Love your enthusiasm! Let's back up a step because the first requirement is that you're a travel agent. If you aren't one but think it would be a cool career (it totally is), check out our free 7 Day Set Up program that guides you through setting up your agency.

The next requirement hurdle is you'll need to be a producing advisor. On rare occasions, new advisors without a history of sales can be invited on a FAM trip, but you'd have to show you have the potential to bring in sales. This is usually done by showing your network of friends/colleagues/clients as the target demographic for that particular FAM trip. Another option for newbies is you can show that you are serious and focused on selling that particular brand/destination/trip type.

Other than that, each FAM will have its own requirements which they'll communicate to you.

fam trip scuba diving

You now are fully educated on one of the best travel industry secrets... FAM trips! I hope you can experience one soon as they're amazing experiences. :)

If you're an advisor that landed on this article, I would LOVE to have you share any FAM experiences or advice in the comments below!

About the Author

Steph Lee - Host Agency Reviews

Steph grew up in the travel industry. She worked with thousands of agents in her role as a former host agency director before leaving in 2012 to start HAR. She's insatiably curious, loves her pups Fennec and Orion, and -- in case you haven't noticed -- is pretty quirky and free-spirited.

If you’re looking for Steph, she leaves a trace where ever she goes! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as 'iamstephly'. 🙂 She doesn't do TikTok as no one would ever see her again.

Steph Lee - Host Agency Reviews

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Travel Agent FAM Trips: What is a FAM Trip?

Written by: Guest on April 16, 2018

trip fam trip

There are a lot of perks to becoming a travel agent and one of them is FAM Trips. FAM Trip stands for “familiarization trip” and it is a trip exclusively for travel agents (and sometimes their guests!) that are provided by suppliers or travel operators. Seminars at Sea are similar to FAM trips, but they are offered by cruise lines and give agents the chance to experience the ships and sailing itineraries that they’ll be selling.

These trips are provided as a way for agents to gain an understanding of the benefits of different trips that they can sell to their clients.

When you’ve seen a resort or on a cruise for yourself, you can better help your clients understand what to expect. The more first-hand experience you have, the better you will be able to choose the perfect vacation for your clients based on their wants and needs .

trip fam trip

KHM Travel Group agents participate in various FAM Trips and Seminars at Sea throughout the year. We have excellent relationships with many of the top preferred suppliers in the industry, and that allows our agents to get great deals and have wonderful experiences on FAM trips.

One of many benefits to becoming a travel agent, these “working trips” allow our agents to have fun, enjoyable and useful experiences at resorts and destinations across the country and around the world. When you go on a FAM Trip, you will return with the education and confidence you need to make new bookings! In fact, you can take photos and post them on your own social media accounts or share them directly with your clients to spark their desire to reach out to you about their next trip.

trip fam trip

Another benefit to FAM trips and Seminars at Sea is that while you’re having fun, you also get the opportunity to network with other travel agents! While these trips are “working trips” there is usually time set aside for agents to relax and enjoy the pools, beaches, bars and other activities. Take advantage of the “down time” and mingle with fellow agents and discuss what has and hasn’t worked for their business. Make sure to exchange information and stay in contact. It’s a great way to extend your professional network!

Curious about what these trips are like? Check out our recaps from a few of our past FAM trips and Seminars at Sea:

KHM Travel Agents Experience Culture & Adventure on Azores FAM

Club Med FAM Highlights an Action-Packed, All-Inclusive Punta Cana Experience

Exploring the Western Caribbean on the Norwegian Getaway Seminar at Sea

Want to become a KHM travel agent? Contact us to learn more about this rewarding career, or easily get started online today .

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  4. Travel Agent FAM Trips: What is a FAM Trip? - KHM Travel Group

    FAM Trip stands for “familiarization trip” and it is a trip exclusively for travel agents (and sometimes their guests!) that are provided by suppliers or travel operators. Seminars at Sea are similar to FAM trips, but they are offered by cruise lines and give agents the chance to experience the ships and sailing itineraries that they’ll be selling.

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