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Alarm Clocks And Wall Clocks In Nepal At Best Price

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Buy Clocks & Time Pieces Online in Kathmandu, Nepal at OkDam.com

Clocks originally invented for time telling are now not only limited to that, they have also become an integral part of home décor. For distinctive décor purpose along with time viewing purpose you can always go through ranges of world class clocks in Nepal designed as artistic pieces at OkDam. You can find stylish wall clocks, self-clocks, alarm clocks or pocket clocks at our category of clocks price in Nepal displaying you beautifully designed clocks that you will immediately crave for. Find the clocks of your choice and your requirement and have us delivered to your place by simply contacting our online store. You can rely upon OkDam for best quality clocks at low prices. We will deliver your online bought clock from okdam.com within a short span of time.

Alarm Clock Online Prices in Kathmandu, Nepal at OkDam.com

Whether you need to wake up for a morning college or you have an appointment, scheduling an alarm always helps. The necessity of an alarm clock is heavily felt by people who miss their class by 10 minutes, reach the bus station 5 minutes late or who get their job interview turned down by being late. If you are one of those who thrives to succeed in life by always working hard and doing right things at the right moment, buy alarm clock online in Nepal from okdam.com. We have a comprehensive list of alarm clock price in Kathmandu, Nepal from where you can choose you own brand, design, color and price of alarm clock . Once you place your order, your product will reach you like an alarm clock, just in time!

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The 10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks of 2023

Wake up and enjoy your trip

travel alarm clock kathmandu

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Pongsak Tawansaeng / EyeEm / Getty Images

Being on vacation should be relaxing, but we all know that prepping for a trip can be stressful. A reliable travel alarm clock removes one of the biggest worries—missing your flight—and gives you the freedom to switch off your phone and still get up on time for tours and transfers throughout your trip. Travel alarm clocks vary considerably in features and looks, ranging from basic folding clocks to digital smart clocks and quirky analog ones with a vintage aesthetic.

Standard features to look out for include lightness, reliability, and the option to run off a battery (making them ready for action wherever your adventures take you).

Final Verdict

  • What to Look For

Why Trust TripSavvy

Best overall, travelwey digital travel alarm clock.

Protective cover

On/off switch neutralizes buttons in transit

One-year free replacement guarantee

Limited features

Batteries not included

If you like simplicity, you’ll love Travelwey’s digital travel alarm clock. Revised to accommodate user requests for a no-frills product that prioritizes functionality and ease of use, the clock lacks many of the extra features of others on this list. It doesn’t have a temperature gauge, date function, or radio integration, but it does keep time beautifully, with a large display and an effective snooze alarm. 

It’s one of the most affordable and best-reviewed travel alarm clocks out there, with several clever design elements, including forward-facing buttons, an on-demand light that illuminates the screen for five seconds, and a folding cover that doubles as a handy stand. For many, one of the best features is the on/off button, which prevents other buttons from being pressed in transit but maintains time for when it’s switched back on. Choose yours in black or white. 

Price at time of publish: $16

Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.1 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 3 ounces | Power Source: Two AA batteries | Display Style: Digital

Best Budget

Sharp digital alarm clock.

A low price point

Ascending alarm for gentler waking

Backlight with auto-off

Very basic features

No protective cover for display

Another travel alarm clock that functions as a simple, easy-to-use timekeeper and alarm (and not much more), this offering from Sharp is one of the most cost-effective options on the market. It receives excellent user reviews, with satisfied customers praising its compact size and large, clearly legible LCD display. The clock’s tactile soft rubber case is a unique selling point, providing durability and style in one attractive package. 

The alarm increases in volume as time passes, giving you the chance to wake up gently and switch it off before it becomes aggressively loud. You can do so using the large, easily accessible buttons on top of the clock. The snooze button doubles as an on-demand backlight, illuminating the display with blue light for five seconds whenever you wish to read the time in the middle of the night. The fact that the light is not on permanently helps to save battery life.

Price at time of publish: $10 for charcoal black

Dimensions: 4 x 1.7 x 2.3 inches | Weight: 3.2 ounces | Power Source: Two AAA batteries | Display Style: Digital

Best for Heavy Sleepers

Screaming meanie 220 alarm clock and timer.

Tested for toughness

Three volume options

Pocket-sized design

Requires setting the alarm every day

Your fellow travelers may hate you

The Screaming Meanie 220 alarm clock is the answer for those who have hearing deficiencies or routinely sleep hard. There are three loudness settings to choose from—70, 90, or 120 decibels. The highest is equivalent to a chainsaw at close range and is guaranteed to cut through even the loudest ambient noise. There’s no chance of turning it off in your sleep and rolling over again, either—you need two hands to disable it. 

You can set an alarm time or use the countdown timer to set a specific number of hours and minutes until you need to get up. There’s even a clip on the back of the clock for attaching it to your backpack while in transit. Designed to fit in a pocket and subjected to a 30-foot drop test, the Screaming Meanie provides ultimate compactness and durability. It comes with clear instructions, in black, green, or blue.

Price at time of publish: $42

Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 1 inches | Weight: 5.9 ounces | Power Source: One 9-volt battery | Display Style: Digital

Best with Temperature Gauge

Peakeep smart night light digital alarm clock.

Easy to operate

Choose between standard or military time

Available in five attractive colors

Not as light as some other options on this list

This travel alarm clock from Peakeep comes with an indoor temperature gauge—handy for knowing whether to open a window or adjust the AC before climbing into bed. It’s compatible with a temperature range of 15.8 to 122 degrees F and can display information in Celsius, too. Similarly, you can choose to read the time using the 12- or 24-hour clock—either way, the HD LCD display is easy to see from across the room. 

At night, a built-in ambient light sensor switches the backlight on automatically. You can adjust the brightness or turn it off entirely if you prefer to sleep in absolute darkness. When the alarm goes off, it emits a series of beeps that increase in frequency for 90 seconds. Hit the snooze button on top of the hard plastic frame for another eight minutes of sleep. The clock comes in five colors, including stylish shades of pastel blue, mint, and pink. 

Price at time of publish: $19 for mint

Dimensions: 5.25 x 2 x 3 inches | Weight: 6.7 ounces | Power Source: Three AAA batteries  | Display Style: Digital

Best Analog

Marathon mini non-ticking analog alarm clock.

Established brand

Quiet time keeping

Smart backlight

Backlight can't be dimmed

Heavier than other clocks on this list

Analog fans will love the tried-and-tested reliability of this miniature-sized alarm from the respected clockmaker Marathon. It features a classic aesthetic, accurate quartz movement, and a continuously sweeping second hand designed to be entirely silent—a godsend for those who hate being kept awake by the incessant ticking of many traditional clocks. The alarm is easy to set, with on/off and snooze buttons conveniently placed on top of the hard plastic frame.

This alarm clock features an ambient light sensor and automatically emits a soft glow when placed in a dark room, making the display easy to read at all hours; however, the brightness of the backlight cannot be adjusted, only switched off. Choose from various color options, including a blue case with a white dial, a white case with a white dial, or a black case with a black or white dial. Batteries come with all models.  

Price at time of publish: $30

Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.9 inches | Weight: 9.1 ounces | Power Source: Two AA batteries | Display Style: Analog

iLuv Smart Shaker 3

Lots of customizable options

Long lasting

Only offers silent alarm

Doesn't display the time

The disc-shaped iLuv Smart Shaker 3 represents the newest generation of travel alarm clocks. It pairs with your smartphone via an easy-to-use app to schedule multiple alarms for different times and days at the press of a button. LED indicators on the shaker notify you of its battery life and any incoming calls, messages, or social media events on your phone. And, since it stores all settings internally, it works even when your phone is off. 

Unlike the other alarms on this list, this is not an audio alarm. Instead, the disc wakes you by vibrating underneath your pillow. You can choose one of five vibration strengths, depending on how deeply you sleep, and wake up without disturbing your sleeping partner. The alarm clock comes with a USB charging cable that requires mains power; however, it claims to last 14 days on a single charge. 

Price at time of publish: $60

Dimensions: 1.7 x 5.3 x 6.9 inches | Weight: 9.9 ounces | Power Source: Mains | Display Style: N/A

Best Radio Alarm

Bejamy fm radio alarm clock.

Large snooze button on top of clock

Adjustable brightness

Power cable is short

For some of us, loud beeping is the worst thing to wake up to in the morning. Enter radio alarm clocks. Start the day right with music or your favorite radio DJ. This model from Bejamy has a radio auto search to quickly scan through FM stations and a telescoping antenna for better signal and portability. It's compact and lightweight—great for travel or placing around the house wherever you need it.

A large LED face is easy to read and there's an option for red or blue numbers. Below the display are several buttons to set alarms and choose between a 12- or 24-hour reading. This radio is powered via batteries or a DC power adapter and has a USB input for charging other devices. And don't worry about waking up for an important flight or meeting; you can also choose a "wake up to buzzer" alarm.

Price at time of publish: $23

Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.5 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 10 ounces | Power Source: Three AAA battery | Display Style: Digital

Best Pocket-Sized

Peakeep ultra small travel alarm clock.

Small, palm-sized clock

Progressive and effective alarm

Difficult to read from across the room

Can only be set 12 hours in advance

Probably the tiniest travel alarm clock on the market, this pocket-sized offering from PEAKEEP measures just 2.25 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches and weighs only two ounces—perfect for those who like to travel light. It features a quartz-movement analog display with a silent-sweeping second hand for a quiet night’s sleep. Need to read the time? Press the manual backlight button on the front of the clock to illuminate the dial. 

The ascending alarm features a series of beeps that get faster and louder in four stages until you hit the snooze button or tap the large on/off switch. The latter rests on top of the clock for easy access. This battery-powered and stylish little clock comes in three colors—black, white, and aquamarine. Easy to find wherever your travels take you, the battery should last for over six months.

Price at time of publish: $17

Dimensions: 2.25 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches | Weight: 2 ounces | Power Source: One AA battery | Display Style: Analog

Best Atomic

Sharper image atomic travel alarm clock.

Options for customization

Optional auto nightlight

Easy-to-read acrylic face

Relatively expensive

The atomic clock only works in the U.S.

This Sharper Image travel alarm clock uses common radio waves to sync with the U.S. Atomic Clock and is ideal for business travelers who frequently move about the country. Select one of four time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific), and rest assured that the time will always be 100% updated and accurate. The clock even switches automatically to Daylight Savings Time. The clock can be set manually when you travel outside these four time zones. 

Its clear display shows the time (in 12- or 24-hour format), date, day of the week, indoor temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit), and alarm status. The backlight comes on automatically when it gets dark; you can disable this function and simply press the snooze button to activate the light on demand. The alarm beeps for 60 seconds, while the snooze function triggers a crescendo alarm that sounds five times at five-minute intervals. 

Price at time of publish: $44

Dimensions: 3.25 x 3.75 x 1.5 inches | Weight: 3.2 ounces | Power Source: Two AA batteries | Display Style: Digital

Pilife Mini Vintage Alarm Clock

Retro design in a wide choice of colors

Manual backlight


Challenging to set alarm for precise times

Can't be snoozed

Pilife’s stainless steel mini alarm clock adds a touch of retro glamor to your hotel room, hostel, or vacation rental. Inspired by vintage bedside clocks, it features a circular analog display with 3D numbers, little chrome feet, and a pair of top-mounted alarm bells. You can also choose from various on-trend colors, including pastel blue, pink, purple, and mint or keep it classic with black or white. 

In addition to looking the part, the clock is ideally sized for travel at just three inches in diameter. It features accurate quartz movement, a silent-sweeping second hand, and a backlight that can be activated at the press of a button. The alarm sound itself is extra-loud and therefore ideal for heavy sleepers. However, there’s no snooze button—which could be a pro or a con, depending on your perspective. 

Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches | Weight: 8.8 ounces | Power Source: One AA battery | Display Style: Analog

For a travel alarm clock with all the bells and whistles, we like the Sharper Image Atomic Travel Alarm Clock . But for those who want to keep it simple, the affordable and reliable Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock is our top pick.

What to Look For in Travel Alarm Clocks


By definition, portability is the top priority for a travel alarm clock. It should fit easily into your carry-on luggage , purse, or backpack pocket, and it should not add much weight. The most portable travel alarm clocks are usually those that fold flat; however, miniature versions of regular alarm clocks can be just as convenient.

Just how portable you need your alarm clock to be depends on the type of traveling you do. A backpacker on a round-the-world adventure, for example, is likely to need something much lighter than a business traveler on an overnight road trip.

Travel alarm clocks come with a wide variety of features, from radios and temperature gauges to the ability to integrate with your smartphone for Bluetooth notifications. If you’re a heavy sleeper, an extra-loud alarm bell might be the game changer you need; if you have a partner who doesn’t like to wake up when you do, a vibrating alarm could be helpful. Those who travel primarily within the U.S. may appreciate the superior accuracy of an atomic clock, while others may prefer the pared-back simplicity of an alarm clock with a backlight, a snooze button, and not much more.

There is a travel alarm clock for every budget, with options on this list alone ranging in price from just over $10 to almost eight times that much. All of them fulfill the most basic function, i.e., to wake you up on time for your sightseeing tour, meeting, or flight departure . How much you choose to spend after that depends on the extra features you want and how vital particular aesthetics or brand names are to you. Often, checking past customer reviews is a more reliable way of guaranteeing a good product than simply paying for the most expensive version. A quality travel alarm clock can easily cost under $20.

Although there’s nothing to stop you from traveling with a regular alarm clock or using your travel alarm clock back home, the main difference between the two is size. Travel alarm clocks are typically designed with portability and lightness in mind and are either compact or foldable or both.

The best travel alarm clocks are also extra-durable and battery-powered (circumventing any issues with different socket types or voltages at your destination).

Mains-powered alarm clocks are fine if you mainly travel domestically—but if you often go abroad, a battery-powered option is the better choice. That way, you don’t have to worry about packing an adapter or converter to enable compatibility with foreign plug sockets and voltages. If you find yourself without access to a plug point (in an airport terminal, for example, or on a camping adventure), your trusty alarm clock will still be able to wake you up on schedule.

You can, of course. But many seasoned travelers prefer the reliability of a battery-powered travel alarm clock that will work even when your phone has died (because you forgot to bring an adaptor, perhaps, or because you simply don’t have access to electricity while in transit). Some like to use an alarm clock as a backup for their phone ahead of that all-important flight, while others use one so that they can switch off their phone and truly relax while on vacation.

Jessica Macdonald is a seasoned traveler, having visited more than 50 countries across six continents, often with the help of a travel alarm clock. For this article, she researched more than 20 of the best products currently on the market, comparing them for price, features, and user reviews. To be considered, alarm clocks had to be battery-powered (or at least have battery backup). Size and weight were carefully considered, and preference was given to those marketed explicitly as “travel” or “compact” versions.

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There is no rail line to reach Kathmandu till date. However, there’s a train originating from Jainagar, India to Janakpur, Nepal. From Janakpur, it’s a 6 hours’ drive to the city.

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Luggage Tag A - KTM Kathmandu Nepal Wall Clock

Luggage Tag A - KTM Kathmandu Nepal Wall Clock

Frame color.

travel alarm clock kathmandu

It’s time to check your clocks and rethink the traditional timepiece as functional wall decor. Constructed with premium, shatter-resistant materials. Wall clocks available in natural, black or white frame color with either a black or white hand.

Luggage Tag A - KTM Kathmandu Nepal Wall Clock

Frame available in natural wood, black or white

High-impact plexiglass crystal face

Requires 1 AA battery (not included)

10" (W) and 1.75" (D)

Hook on the back for easy hanging

Every product is made just for you

For more info click here

travel alarm clock kathmandu

SHIPPING: Items are made to order and typically ship within 3-4 business days. Click here for more information about delivery options.

RETURNS: Return requests can be made within 30 days of your item(s) delivery. Click here for more information on returns.

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Meet the artist.

Joined on   Jan 1, 1970 .     Read less

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travel alarm clock kathmandu

Quick Information

Mar - may, sep - nov, ideal duration, starting from, http://welcomenepal.com/places-to-see/kathmandu.html, ideal for friends, sightseeing, travel to kathmandu.

Being the capital of Nepal and well-connected to major cities of other countries, Kathmandu serves easy access to figure out how to go to Kathmandu from India. There are various airlines that operate direct flights from Indian cities, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, and Varanasi. Hence, one can choose to board a flight to cover the India to Kathmandu distance of around 1010 kms in less than one and a half hours of duration.

However, a bus can also be taken to enjoy a ride to Kathmandu from Patna and Gorakhpur. Upon arrival, choose to get on Tribhuvan Highway towards the south, Prithvi Highway to the west and Araniko Highway to the north as they are the main arteries of long-route commute connecting the capital city with the rest of the country.

Visa Application Information

As per the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed between Nepal and India in 1950, there is no requirement of visa for Indians travelling to Nepal. Visitors from India are allowed to move across the borders without any passport or visa requirements. All they need is a valid identification card from their country to prove themselves as citizens of India.

Here’s how to reach Kathmandu from India via different modes of transport in brief detail.

New Delhi to kathmandu

Mumbai to kathmandu, kolkata to kathmandu, bangalore to kathmandu, chennai to kathmandu, hyderabad to kathmandu, ahmedabad to kathmandu, pune to kathmandu.

The best way to reach Kathmandu is via boarding a flight from India. Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu, located only 6 km away from the city is the busiest and most popular one in the country. It is well-connected with multiple Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Pune, Bangalore and more, and covers the distance of 800 kms in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The international terminal connects Kathmandu and consequently Nepal with around 30 cities in Europe and Asia. The best India to Kathmandu flights are mostly operated by Air India and Jet Airways.

To go from India to Kathmandu via train, one must go through the Delhi-UP route. The nearest railway station to Kathmandu is Gorakhpur in UP which can be easily reached from Delhi. There is no India to Kathmandu Nepal train that reaches the city directly, but this is as close as it gets. There was one between Janakpur in Nepal and Jainagar in India, but the line at present is redundant. From Gorakhpur, the rest of the commute has to be made via road. There are local buses or jeeps to take passengers to the border at Sunauli in 3 hours, and then across the border from Bhairawa, there are overnight buses to Kathmandu.

There are several roadway connections between India and Kathmandu, and they are quite extensively used by residents of both countries. The Sunaili border crossing, accessible from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh is the busiest India-Nepal border. Raxaul crossing near Patna in Bihar is also frequently used, although the town itself is not a very eventful one. There are direct bus services from Delhi, Varanasi or Raxaul to Kathmandu as well, which take from 7-10 hours to reach Kathmandu depending on the starting location. For people living in the east – West Bengal, Sikkim and north-eastern states of India, the Panitanki border is the best option. There are Kathmandu bus services, jeeps and hired cars from Siliguri in WB and Gangtok in Sikkim. The journey takes around 14-16 hours.

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Splendid kathmandu tour package, amazing kathmandu tour package, engaging kathmandu tour package, exhilarating kathmandu tour package, nepal sporting events tour package.

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Jayanandnikhil's 7 days trip to kathmandu

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Murthy's 8 days trip to kathmandu

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Nitin's 8 days trip to kathmandu


Cheekuchelli's 4 days trip to kathmandu

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Meghna's 5 days trip to kathmandu

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About Djaz Hotel

  • Hotel Room You’ll have a private room with all the hotel’s amenities

Latest deals for Djaz Hotel

* Total includes estimated local taxes & fees payable on check out.

Prices are based on 1 night, not including taxes and fees

Reviews of Djaz Hotel

What's nearby, when to book a room at djaz hotel, faqs when booking at djaz hotel, where is djaz hotel located.

Djaz Hotel is located at Ulitsa Korneeva 6B, 1.1 miles from the center of Elektrostal.

When is check-in time and check-out time at Djaz Hotel?

Check-in time is 12:00 PM and check-out time is 12:00 PM at Djaz Hotel.

How far is Djaz Hotel from the airport?

Djaz Hotel is 21 miles from Moscow Zhukovsky.

How does KAYAK find such great Djaz Hotel hotel deals?

KAYAK scours the web for all room deals available at Djaz Hotel in Elektrostal and lets you compare them to find the best rate for your stay. Many different travel sites will offer discounts or deals at different times for rooms at Djaz Hotel and KAYAK will provide you with prices from a huge range of travel sites. That means that you can always find a great deal for Djaz Hotel.

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travel alarm clock kathmandu

Elektrostal' Travel Guide

Experience elektrostal'.

Krasnaya ploshchad'

Krasnaya ploshchad'

The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin

St. Basil's Cathedral

St. Basil's Cathedral

State Historical Museum

State Historical Museum

Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro

Moscow River

Moscow River

Moscow State University

Moscow State University

Lenin's Mausoleum at Red Square

Lenin's Mausoleum at Red Square

Great Moscow State Circus

Great Moscow State Circus

Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi Theatre

Where to stay, yahonty noginsk, apelsin hotel, eu tereshina hostel (eden), uyut home on komsomolskaya street, apartamenty na ulitse pobedy, apartments on the noginsky highway, yuthome in the pervomaisky quarter, uythome on oktyabrskaya, blue forest apartments, what to eat.

Cafe Vostochny Express

Cafe Vostochny Express

Kroshka Kartoshka

Kroshka Kartoshka


Fabrika Obedov

Beer Club Tolsty Medved

Beer Club Tolsty Medved

Cafe Antresole

Cafe Antresole

Coffee Shop Usy Teodora Glagoleva

Coffee Shop Usy Teodora Glagoleva


Quest-Cafe 4 Komnaty



Cafe Kapra

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travel alarm clock kathmandu

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  1. The 7 Best Travel Alarm Clocks of 2019

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    travel alarm clock kathmandu

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    travel alarm clock kathmandu

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    travel alarm clock kathmandu

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    travel alarm clock kathmandu

  6. FAMICOZY Compact Digital Travel Alarm Clock with High/Low Volume

    travel alarm clock kathmandu


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  4. अलार्म घडी नहीं थी, तब ऐसा उठा करते थे

  5. How to set time and alarm in travel alarm clock

  6. Warning: Do not watch this (that) video it"s eas alarm of nepal


  1. Buy Alarm Clocks Online At Best Price From Daraz.com.np

    Digital Alarm Clock Electronic LCD Time Display ,Temperature Display ,Electric Clocks for Bedroom, Bedside 12/24Hr, Snooze,Sleep Timer. Rs. 730. Rs. 755 -3%.

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    Travel Gear 33 products Sort by Best Seller Hybrid Trolley v5 - 70L $399.98 (6) Litehaul Pack — 38L $299.98 (20) RFIDtech Money Belt $49.98 (41) Packing Cube - Classic Large Cell $34.98 (20) Packing Cube - Classic Medium Cell $29.98 (19) Packing Cube - Classic Clear Cell 3Pk $49.98 (21) Hybrid Trolley v5 - 50L $349.98 (3) RFIDtech Money Pouch

  3. Online Clocks: Buy Clocks & Time Pieces Online in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Clocks Online - Buy Clocks Online at Low Prices in Kathmandu, Nepal. Shop for wall & table clocks with features of alarm, pendulum, digital & world clocks Only at Nepal's Best Online Store at OkDam.com.

  4. The 10 Best Travel Alarm Clocks of 2023

    Best Overall Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock Amazon View On Amazon What We Like Protective cover On/off switch neutralizes buttons in transit One-year free replacement guarantee What We Don't Like Limited features Batteries not included If you like simplicity, you'll love Travelwey's digital travel alarm clock.

  5. Alarm Clocks for sale in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Alarm Clocks Near Kathmandu, Nepal Create new listing Filters Price to Buy and sell used alarm clocks with local pick-up or shipped across the country Log in to get the full Facebook Marketplace experience. Log In Learn more NPR2,199 Digital Display Clock Kathmandu, Bagmati NPR3,000

  6. Travel Alarm Clock : Target

    for "travel alarm clock" Pickup Shop in store Same Day Delivery Shipping 1" LCD with Top Control Clock White - Sharp Sharp 260 $6.00 When purchased online 1" LCD with Top Control Clock Black - Sharp Sharp 201 $6.00 When purchased online Capello - Dual Alarm Clock with USB Phone Charger - White Capello 90 $13.00 MSRP $15.00 When purchased online

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    Home > Gear > Travel > TSA & Luggage Locks Getting 'Out There' Tag @kathmandugear and use hashtag #OutThere TSA 3 Dial Padlock 14 Reviews $59.98 Colour: Black/Blue Please select your size Add to Bag 4 easy payments with 4 interest-free payments. Learn more Find In Store postcode / suburb * Use my location How do I get it?

  10. Time Zone & Clock Changes in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Time Changes in Kathmandu Over the Years Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes do not necessarily occur on the same date every year. Time zone changes for: Recent/upcoming years 2020 — 2029 2010 — 2019 2000 — 2009 1990 — 1999 1980 — 1989 1970 — 1979 1960 — 1969 1950 — 1959 1925 — 1949 1900 — 1924 1850 — 1899 1800 — 1849

  11. Kathmandu NZ

    By clicking "Accept All Cookies", you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

  12. How To Reach kathmandu

    Plan your travel to kathmandu. Holiday Packages In kathmandu. 3 Nights in Kathmandu with Amadablam Hotel. 3 Nights, 4 Days Starting From. Rs. 7,999. View Details. Per Person on twin sharing. 3 Nights in Kathmandu with Grand Hotel. 3 Nights, 4 Days Starting From. Rs. 9,499. View Details. Per Person on twin sharing ...

  13. Luggage Tag A

    Buy Luggage Tag A - KTM Kathmandu Nepal Wall Clock by neotokyo. Worldwide shipping available at Society6.com. Just one of millions of high quality products available.

  14. Kathmandu Travel Wall Clocks

    Browse stunning custom Kathmandu Travel clocks from the Zazzle marketplace. Choose your favourite design and customise it to make your perfect wall clock. Shop now!

  15. travel alarm clock kathmandu > Videos

    Search results for "travel alarm clock kathmandu" Searched among 685,648,841 Youtube Videos in global. Views. 10K + 50K + 100K + 200K + 500K + 1M + 2M +-Type. Upload Live Stream Premiere. Advertisement. Includes paid promotion. Super Chat.

  16. How to Reach Kathmandu by Flight, Bus, Train

    Being the capital of Nepal and well-connected to major cities of other countries, Kathmandu serves easy access to figure out how to go to Kathmandu from India. There are various airlines that operate direct flights from Indian cities, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, and Varanasi. Hence, one can choose to board a flight to cover the India to Kathmandu distance of around ...

  17. Instructions on how to set your Travelon® Travel Alarm Clock Style

    Here are some instructions to help you set your Travelon® Travel Alarmrm Clock. Style #12654

  18. Djaz Hotel from $29. Elektrostal Hotel Deals & Reviews

    Djaz Hotel. Ulitsa Korneeva 6B, 144099 Elektrostal, Moskovskaya, Russia. +7 909 983 7585. Thu 11/9. Mon 11/13. 1 room, 2 guests.

  19. The World Time Travel Alarm Clock

    World Time Travel Alarm Clock :-India - http://amzn.to/1Vd5aXmUnited States - http://amzn.to/1RcCruF~http://www.technounboxing.comhttps://twitter.com/shaizor...

  20. Distance Elektrostal > Kathmandu

    Shows the distance in kilometres between Elektrostal and Kathmandu and displays the route on an interactive map. Worldwide distance calculator with air line, route planner, travel duration and flight distances. Distance Elektrostal → Kathmandu. Distance: 3,009.05 mi (4,842.59 km) Driving route: -- + + Distance from Elektrostal to Kathmandu ...

  21. Elektrostal' Travel Guide 2023

    The Grand Petrov Theatre is a famous ballet and opera theatre in Moscow. It was built in 1776 and was set on fire twice in the following half century. In 1825, the theater was redesigned and built by architect Bovi, and finally completed in 1856 and preserved to this day.

  22. Vilnius to Elektrostal

    Phone 8 (800) 775-00-00 Website eng.rzd.ru Train from Smorgon to Moskva Belorusskaia Ave. Duration 10h 4m Frequency Once daily Estimated price