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Tax and refund, tax refund policy for foreigners traveling in taiwan.

1. Who is eligible to apply for a tax refund? Foreigners with a valid passport/travel document and whose stay in R.O.C does not exceed a period of 183 days are eligible to apply for a tax refund. 2. Tax rate and tax refund service fees The tax refund rate is 5%. However, when applying for a cash refund there is an additional 14% tax refund service fee. 3. Tax refund methods, required documents, and restrictions:

Tax Refund Flowcharts

Airport/port tax refund procedure


Taichung Tourism

Tax & refund, eligible applicants, tax rate and calculation formula, goods eligible for tax-refund.

Note: hotel stay, restaurant bill and duty-free goods are not tax-refundable.

Minimum Purchase Amount Eligible for Tax Refund

Foreign visitors, who spend NTD 2,000 or more on goods at one single authorized TRS-labeled store on the same day, are eligible to show their entry document to the shop assistant on the purchase date to request for the tax refund form.

Regulations Regarding to Tax Refund

Notice for return and exchange, notice for departure and arrival.

Official website : www.taxrefund.net.tw

Tourist information

Basic information for touring.

  • Tax and Service Fee Usually, the commodity tax has already been included inside the tag price and foreign travelers will not be further charged with taxes. After you shop, the retailers will computerize receipts of uniform invoice or electronic invoice. But in hotels or restaurants, often they will charge extra 10 % service fee.
  • Traveler's Check Most of the Taiwan shop keepers will not accept traveler's check. Therefore, please cash out the traveler's check into TWD.
  • Exchange Rates and Currency Value The New Taiwan Dollar (TWD, NT$) has been the currency of Taiwan: the denominations of the Taiwan dollar in circulation are NT$ 2000, NT$ 1000, NT$ 500, NT$ 200 and NT$ 100. Frequently used coins are NT$ 50, NT$ 10, NT$ 5 and NT$ 1.
  • Voltage Electricity in Taiwan is 110 Volts/ 220 Volts, alternating at 60 cycles per second. If travelers' electronic devices are manufactured in foreign areas, please double check with the voltage before plug in.
  • Accommodation/ lodging Legal hotels and Bed& Breakfast are travelers’ best choice. Caution: never stay at an illegal non-registered Daily Rental Suite or Hostel. For legal hotels and Bed& Breakfast: http://taiwanstay.net.tw/

Shopping Guidelines

Shopping is every visitor's best way to experience or collect exotic memories. In Taiwan, from North to South we have shopping malls and chain department stores forming commercial districts, combining various leisure s and entertainments, including brand-name clothing, quality goods, fine food, bookstores, movie theaters, wholesale stores, playgrounds and many different consuming places to fulfill your shopping desire. In addition, featured commercial districts are with their unique histories and fashions, such as Taipei Ximending and Kaohsiung New Jyuejiang Shopping Area, etc. attracting different levels of consumers; others like jade market and Guang Hua Digital Plaza are also great places for treasure hunting. Except from the exquisite goods assimilating with international fashion trends, special productions of local features are another segments you wouldn't want to miss, for instance, famous food Industry Company and century-old bakery shops are unique in flavor for the Taiwan cultural beauty. They fulfill the visitors' senses of smell and taste in every possible way. Moreover, fine arts and crafts with profound histories present the depth and width of Taiwan culture and liveliness. If visitors want to acquire a further understanding toward Taiwan, all these fantastic representatives absolutely will absolute enrich your journey!

  • Most of the prices are value-added, please request receipts of uniform invoices (partial stores exempted from the use or issuance of uniform invoices will give receipts).Please properly keep your receipts as a document for return/ exchange goods. Every 25th of odd moth Taiwan will have a uniform invoice lottery. If a foreigner wins any of the prizes, he/ she can take the receipts of uniform invoice or electronic invoice, passport, residential certificate and other identification documents to cash out the prize at the Post Office. However if the receipts are from purchasing eligible goods for claiming tax refund, the foreigner cannot cash out the prize. Also, if the retailer fails to deliver receipts at purchase process and the one who discover it with proof and hand it in to the taxing authority will be awarded with bonus. Reporting a tax evasion: 0800-000321.
  • Department stores, night markets, shops, touring sites and harbors, all these places listed above charges fees in TWD (NT$). Before you purchase anything, please fully understand the product's ingredients, origin of production, manufacturing means, quantity, quality and the denomination of price. When you purchase fruits, please clarify the unit price (“斤” equals to 600 kilogram) with the retailers first. For example, the price of a cut fruit charges differently from an uncut fruit. If costumers have any questions and doubts before the fruit was cut, costumers have every right to confirm the total price with the retailers or refuse to purchase.
  • To maintain fair trade, stores in Taiwan usually labels goods with fixed price. Please cooperate with the stores' policy. If you purchase goods from stores with “Travel Purchasing Safeguard Stamp” and found defections in the goods you purchased; you may take the receipts to R.O.C. Travel Quality Assurance Association and ask for a return/ exchange of goods within 30 days.
  • Taiwan local productions and featured products are diverse and abundant with high quality. For example, Taiwan has high quantity and quality tea, exquisite liquor, delicious and outstanding bakery and pastry; these are all must-get souvenirs, worth your every penny. If you purchase agricultural goods in Taiwan, please purchase the products with TAP stamp certificate, as it represents certification given from official bureau confirming the high quality, environment-friendly agriculture goods. Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System http://taft.coa.gov.tw
  • Taipei-Ximending Shopping District Ximending Shopping District is a hybridization of tradition and modern culture, the energetic youth fashion thriving upon the profound historical streets, big or small squares and activity spaces filling with young people doing arts and musical displays, and Graffiti, tattoos, skateboarding and street dancing can be seen everywhere. Every weekend, dozens of people queued up to get famous stars' autographs, and comic-related productions and Cosplay activities are also one of the attracting features. Except from feeling the energies from the youth, don't forget to watch a movie, enjoy Sichuan cuisine and shop for fashion and sports accessories.
  • Taipei-Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping District Between Xingyi Road and Zhongxiao East Road, Dunhua South Road is covered with fancy flagship boutiques, displaying with exquisite brand-name clothing, jewelry, shoes and leather items with taste, especially from SOGO to Far Eastern shopping mall and from the first-ranked jewelry CARTIER to the leading fashion LV and to DKNY adored by the young adults, all luxuries are on Dunhua South Road. Lounge bars, night clubs, international leveled DJ performance, band concerts, karaoke and movie theaters are all forming the charming and thriving night lives in Taipei.
  • Taipei-Xinyi Shopping District Xinyi District is the most indicative business district. It is also called as “Taipei's Manhattan” for the signifying spots such Taipei 101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breeze, VIESHOW Cinemas, HYATT Hotel, W-HOTEL and hundreds of department stores, hotels, fashion restaurants and 24 hours Elites bookstores. Xinyi District is a business finance center in the days with rapid routine pace. However, in the nights, after the night falls on the office buildings, Xinyi District will turn into a shining diamond, sparking with brilliant radiance.
  • Taichung- Jingming 1st St. Between Dadun 19th St. and Dalu Road, Jingming 1st St. contains about a hundred meters of beautiful walking path, elegant signboard, and bright windows; beside the pavement, there are boutiques, tea house or coffee shops, exotic flavored restaurants, and galleries. Moreover, there are outdoor public seats on the pavement. Every weekend there will be outdoor music festival, art displays and other community activities. Jingming 1st St. is a miniature of France Avenue des Champs-Elysees; it is a multi-functioned street with shopping, leisure and arts.
  • Kaohsiung- New Jyuejiang Shopping Area Young, trendy, entertaining, shopping and with fine food are the best descriptions for New Jyuejiang Shopping Area. Recently New Jyuejiang Shopping Area has developed as the biggest and most famous imported goods sales area in the South part of Taiwan and becomes the representative of fashion of South part of Taiwan. New Jyuejiang Shopping Area assimilates its fashion developments with Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Tokyo. New Jyuejiang Shopping Area aims at young group consumers and provides the best choice of shopping.
  • Kaohsiung-Sanduo Shopping District Sanduo Shopping District is recently develops as the most flourishing featured district with department stores lining up side by side and leading by Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, SOGO and Far Eastern shopping mall, clothing and grocery stores building up around the periphery, including Japanese styled grocery stores, providing parallel imported cosmetics, 20 to 50 % lower priced purse, commodities and groceries. Inexpensive and high quality products attract young adult group of consumers.
  • Taipei- Chien Kou Holiday Flower and Jade Market Chien Kou Holiday Flower and Jade Market located between Xinyi Road and Jinan Road. It is presented in the weekends as the form of flea markets. Renai Road as boundary, the north is jade market and the south is flower market. Chien Kou Holiday Flower Market is famous for various floral species with good price and Jade Market is known for thousands of jade vendors, entitled as one of the largest jade market in Asia, attracting endless tourists to come and consume.
  • Taipei-Guang Hua Digital Plaza The cheapest electronic gadgets can only be found in Guang Hua Digital Plaza! It combines the newly built digital living area and attracts countless experts on computer engineering and gains the title of “Taipei's Akihabara”. We have abundant computer information, computer components and guidance. The peripheral computer shops are also a must-visit for fan of computer information.
  • Taipei-Dihua Street Dihua Street is the most complete preserved old street enriched with historical meaning. Walking into the Dihua Street is like entering the gateway of history, visitors can see the architecture varies from traditional Taiwanese buildings to western Baroque architecture. This street is also an important distribution center of groceries and dry food, tea, Chinese medicine and fabric. Every year before Chinese New Year Eve, the sight of countless people going to New Year's Shopping in Dihua Street also become a “must-seen” tour spot for the foreign visitors.
  • Xinbei City-Yingge Ceramic Old Street Yingge Ceramic Old Street is known as a token of Taiwan ceramics industry. It is a tour spot combining arts, fine food and street sights with cultural meaning. Ceramics Old Street and Ceramics Museum attract thousands of visitors to come in holidays. After entering the Ceramics Old Street, you will see remains of tunnel kiln from the 60s, the track of transporting the pottery and ceramics is also well-preserved. At Old Street area, there are approximately 300 stores making pottery, ceramic crafts, huge platinum vase, modern art crafting, different sizes of cups, kettles, bowls and spoons, etc.
  • Tea Taiwan is called as “the Kingdom of Tea”, for the landscape and weather are suitable for the growth of tea leaves and therefore produce high quality and quantity tea. Visitors can buy different species of teas and the major four species are Wen Mountain (Wenshan) Pouchong tea, Dong Ding Oolong Tea, White Tipped Oolong and Iron Guanyin, providing here as reference.
  • Pineapple cake At early agriculture periods of Taiwan, pineapple was the second major exported goods and the manufacturing pineapple cans, drinks and jams are all listed as famous at then. After bakers’ constant experiments on the taste, Taiwanese finally conquer pineapple’s taste as hard and difficult to swallow through adding “white gourd” to smooth the taste and plus enwrap the pineapple sauce with the creamy pastry to become a stunning and successful pastry dessert, “pineapple cake”. Pineapple cake is now a famous and widely accepted popular dessert.
  • Sun cake Sun cake is made of golden yellow pastry with sweet malt stuffing inside, with delicate sense of taste, shaped like a round flat sun and therefore name as “sun cake”. Taichung is the origin of inventing sun cake, most century-old stores of sun cake can be found here. Sun cake is a must-get souvenir for tourists who visit central parts of Taiwan.
  • Cubic Pastry Mingkou Rod, Chiayi City, is known for selling different wheat noodles and steamed bread and is called as “wheaten food street”. Famous “Cubic Pastry” is originated from here. Cubic pastry is a kind of cookie made of milk powder, butter or lard, sesame and sugar. Bakers will fold the pastry layers by layers and cut in the shape of square. Cubic pastry is famous with rich fragrance and crispy taste.
  • Ox Tongue-Shaped Cookies Ox tongue-shaped cookies are long oval shaped cookies that look similar to the shape of ox’s tongue. It is a token of Ilan and Lukang. Ilan ox tongue-shaped cookies are long and thin, mostly mixing the ingredients by hand making and before go into the oven, the baker will gently cut a line in the middle of it; this seemed unimportant act will fatally determine the crispy taste of the cookie. Lukang ox tongue-shaped cookies are long, round and thick and the taste is more soft and creamy than Ilan’s version. The pastry will wrap the sweet malt stuffing inside and the cookie is baked or fried
  • Liquor Located at the western part of Nanto Puli, Ailan Plateau is famous for its clear and sweet water quality and the Shaosing rice wine made out of the glutinous rice, japonica rice and wheat which grew from the local is with golden color and sweet taste in flavor. Famous Kinmen Kaoliang is produced under high temperature, dry and non-pollution Kinmen which is a suitable place for Kaoliang to grow, plus the water quality is high standardized therefore Kinmen produces high quality, special flavored and sweet liquor.

Touring Service Hotline

Touring Service Hotline:(02)2717-3737(08:00-19:00) Call Center 24 hours Free Touring Information Hotline:0800-011765 Taiwan Tourism Information Website: http://taiwan.net.tw/

Tourists Service Center of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Tourist Bureau Providing tourists information, airport directions, flight information, complains and suggestion, emergency notification, etc. Office Hour: Terminal 1, from 7:00 a.m. to 23:30 p.m. Terminal 2: from 05:30 a.m. to 24:00 p.m. Service Telephone: Terminal 1:(03)398-2194 Terminal 2: (03)398-3341

Visitor Information Center of Kaohsiung International Airport, Tourism Bureau Provide travel information services, airport direction, flight information, complains and suggestion, emergency notification, etc. Office Hour: from 09:00 a.m. to 24:30 p.m. Service Telephone: (07)805-7888

Taipei Travel Geek

Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund: Full Guide and Locations

To encourage spending in Taiwan, the government introduced a tourist tax refund scheme for travellers holding a non-Taiwanese passport.

Tourists spending over NT$2,000 at designated stores are entitled to a full VAT rebate of 5% .

Tax Refund Requirements

Tax refund procedures, taoyuan airport, songshan airport, taipei main station.

  • Shopping Malls

Useful Information

Click link to go to the appropriate section on this page.

The Taiwanese government have introduced an incentive scheme to attract more tourists. They’re giving handouts of NT$5,000 ($165) to 500,000 tourists from May 2023. Click here to read my guide on the Lucky Land Giveaway
  • Tax refunds are only available from stores where you see the tax refund logo (above). Click here for a full list of participating stores
  • Ensure you have your non-Taiwanese passport on you when making the purchase
  • If you needed a Visa to enter the country, you may also need to show them this
  • Refunds are eligible for anyone making purchases of NT$2,000 or more from the same store during the same day . You can therefore make multiple smaller purchases from the same store that totals over this amount
  • Tax refunds must be claimed within 90 days of making your purchase

Procedure at Store

  • When purchasing your item(s), ask the shop assistant for the Tax Refund Claim Form
  • Show them your passport and they will complete the form, attach the receipts, and ask you to sign it
  • Keep this form safe until you leave the country

Note : There are a few places where you can claim your refund immediately. You simply need to take your goods and passport to the VAT Refund Service Counter at that location to claim your refund (see Locations section).

Procedure at Airport

  • Visit the VAT Refund Service Counter or the E-VAT Refund Machine before you check-in your luggage (see Locations section)
  • Tax Refund Claim Form along with receipts
  • Passport (and Visa documents if required)
  • Purchased goods
  • If approved, you can either choose to refund the amount to your credit/debit card, or receive a cheque which you must take to a nearby bank (found within either airport) to exchange it to your desired currency
  • You may be required to show your goods at the customs check before you can receive you refund (these are located directly adjacent to the refund booths)

Tax Refund Locations

If the refund desks are not open, you can still make your claim from the refund desks open 24 hours a day at both airports. E-Vat refund machines can be found close to the desks.

Floor 1 between departure and arrivals halls

Found in Terminal 1 on the first floor

There is a tax refund desk located near the Taoyuan Airport MRT station at Taipei Main Station.

This can be found on floor B1, and is right next to the In-Town Check-In Area and a Starbucks.

You will need to use this desk if you want to take advantage of the In-Town Check-In (it will save a lot of hassle at the airport!).

Click here to read more about the In-Town Check-In facility at Taipei Main

I would recommend coming here instead of the airport tax refund desk as it’s normally less busy, plus there is a customs desk right next door should you need to have any of your purchases examined.

Note that there are limits to any refunds you can claim here (see Limits section below).

Shoppings Malls

The Taipei 101 mall , and all SOGO and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi  malls in Taiwan allow you to get an immediate tax refund on any purchased goods.

Only some of these malls have tax refund counters, but you can claim your refund if you have purchased your goods from the another mall of the same brand.

The malls that have tax refund counters are:

* 20% processing fee .

Limits for Shoppings Malls

The following limits apply when claiming a refund from locations other than the airports:

  • Purchases from a single store on the same date must be less than NT$48,000
  • Total purchases for a single visit must be less than NT$120,000
  • Total purchases for multiple visits within the same year must be less than NT$240,000

If your purchases fall outside these limits, you’ll need to use the airport tax refund desks.

  • A handling fee of 14% will be taken out of your tax rebate
  • Tax refunds cannot be claimed for meals or hotel bookings
  • Ensure you give yourself enough time if claiming your refund at the airport
  • Watch this useful guide on obtaining your tax refund:

If you have found the information on this page helpful, please take a minute to share this post. Your support would be greatly appreciated :)

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Foreign visitors may now get sales tax refund services at the National Palace Museum's Northern and Southern branches

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Foreign visitors may now get sales tax refund services at the National Palace Museum's Northern and Southern branches.  Photo provided by National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum (NPM) recently announced that, as a result of the steady increase in foreign travel after the COVID-19 epidemic ended, both the north and south branches of the NPM will begin offering tax refund services to foreign visitors on October 17 in compliance with the procedures for tax refunds at ports and airports. Additionally, the NPM is now the first museum in Taiwan to give foreign visitors tax rebates.

Read more: The top 20 tourism destinations in Taipei were revealed by the Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government

tax refund tourist taiwan

Foreign visitors may now get sales tax refund services at the National Palace Museum's Northern and Southern branches. Photo provided by National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum noted that by offering this innovative museum service, they are demonstrating their dedication to investigating the global tourism market, actively fostering an environment that is welcoming to visitors from around the world, and highlighting Taiwan's superior cultural tourism offerings. Retailers offering tax refund services include store (萬物雅集商店) in the southern branch, and stores (多寶格商店, 停雲書店) in the northern branch of the NPM.

The Ministry of Finance has regulations that state that foreign visitors may apply for a tax refund with their entry permit to the store sales staff on the same day if they shop at a special store with a foreign tourist shopping tax refund logo and their total shopping amount there on the same day exceeds NT$2,000. Visit the designated counter at the airport to request a tax refund when you depart the nation.

  • National Palace Museum

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tax refund tourist taiwan

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Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund: Requirements & How To Claim

person in taipei city, taiwan

Last Updated: 11/06/2023

Published: 10/14/2022

I may make commissions from purchases made through links.  Read here for more information. And as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Taiwan offers tourists and visitors a 5% VAT refund on goods over NT$2,000. But they’ll charge you a 14% handling fee. Read this guide to learn how to claim your refund.

As someone whose been in Taiwan for more than 5 years, I want to help travelers and digital nomads get the most out of their trip. Part of that starts with getting a small reimbursement on certain items.

  • Tourists can claim a 5% VAT refund on certain items.
  • Transactions at certain stores must exceed NT$2,000 to be eligible for refund.
  • You must pay a 14% handling fee.
  • You can’t get refunds on hotel stays, restaurant visits, & duty-free items.

What Is Taiwan’s Tourist Tax Refund?

Any tourist staying in Taiwan for under 183 days can claim a 5% value-added tax (VAT) refund on large-ticket items. So long as they cost more than NT$2,000 ($62.75).

Goods bought from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi must be more than NT$3,000 ($95).

You’ll also have to pay a 14% handling fee [ 1 ].

I don’t want to risk presenting the wrong information. So here’s a screenshot of how Taiwan calculates its tax refund:

tax rate calculation

And you can’t claim accommodation bookings or meals under the tax refund. Unfortunate.

To get this refund, you’ll need to meet requirements and claim your refund at certain places. I’ll emphasize further in a second.

Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund Requirements (Documents)

Documents you’ll need for Taiwan’s tourist tax refund include:

  • Travel documents : plane tickets, etc.
  • Entry stamp : for those who entered without a visa
  • Passport of your home country
  • Visa : if that’s how you entered Taiwan

Let’s cover eligibility.

Taiwan VAT Eligibility Requirements (For Purchases)

To participate in the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) VAT refund, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Stay in Taiwan for no more than 183 days in total
  • Purchases of at least NT$2,000 ($62.75)
  • Buy from stores with the ‘Taiwan Tax Refund’ label
  • You must claim refund from shops within 90 days of your purchase

Goods that aren’t refundable under Taiwan’s VAT refund system include:

  • Duty-free items
  • Hotel stays
  • Restaurant bills
  • Things that go against the rules of items you can have in your airplane cabin
  • Items that can’t go on ships or planes

Some items that you can’t bring on ships and planes include [ 2 ]:

Claiming refunds anywhere other than ports will induce limits. Check them out before going on a spending spree.

Taiwan VAT Refund Limits

If you’re claiming your refund anywhere else than an airport, you’ll encounter the following refund limits:

  • Single store : purchases must fall under NT$48,000 ($1,506)
  • Multiple visits : purchases must fall under NT$240,000 ($7,530)
  • Single shopping center visit : purchases must fall under NT$120,000 ($3,765)

You’ll also have a NT$48,000 limit if you claim a refund at the Taipei Main Station Airport MRT service counter.

Purchases exceeding these limits will require you to use an E-VAT refund or VAT service centers at ports.

Speaking of Taipei Main Station, here’s what you’ll look for to find the refund counter and E-VAT machine there:

tw tax refund counter 3

Tax Refund Authorized Stores Taiwan

Some retail stores you can claim VAT refunds include the Taipei 101 mall, Xinyi Shopping District, and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.

Psst. Here’s a guide I wrote on Taipei 101 .

The list of supported stores would require me to write a novel. Taiwan’s tax refund website lists every authorized store . You can filter supported shops by:

  • Category of items: e.g., clothing
  • Keyword: type a store’s name
  • Nearby stores: uses your device’s location to find nearby stores

Upon finding a store in the search area, you’ll find the store’s name, address, phone number, and operating hours.

Each store or department store will have VAT claim counters in varying spots. Check out each mall’s map and find the counter.

Once you claim your tax-free form from the shop , you’ll need to present it when leaving a port or airport. The following section will show supported ports.

You 99.99% likely can’t claim tourist tax refunds from mom-and-pop shops selling souvenirs. But if you’re looking for gifts to buy for people back home, I recommend checking out a souvenir guide I wrote .

Where To Claim Taiwan VAT Tax Refunds

The following sections will cover establishments and businesses where you can immediately claim your tax refund.

The following shopping centers in Taipei City will allow you to immediately claim your VAT refund:

Let’s go over ports and airports where you can claim your refund.

ES6UxBygf5ek2NUJe CNlFLfK0QeLBCvnK2CCs6Jffe53h5QGv0hJXECmoIt8uYX4I5T8ArbiKu6zw0zOUzDFugzBG31W2pZto83hDGq2iBKa0Yf6fuz wNlia0J2KFzy4c8bcnPt40YKDCP8TXQ9ohQiB2b1rWaHXc07Ny o WdxxM8n M RiApIw

For some reason, the map’s in Chinese. But here’s a link to Taoyuan Airport’s map in case they update it.

taoyuan international airport tax refund counter location

Here’s the official Kaohsiung airport map .

When claiming your refund at a port, ensure you arrive at the airport an hour early . Because you will have to likely wait in line to speak to the service assistant or to use the machine.

Then there are troubleshooting potential issues. Providing your information. Traveling to areas to claim cash refunds. And other factors.

Here are airports and ship ports throughout Taiwan where you can find E-VAT kiosk machines:

How to Claim a Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund

Here’s how to claim your Taiwan VAT refund at a store :

  • Ask the store clerk for the Tax Refund Claim Form
  • Present your passport

To deal with your tax refund at the airport , follow these steps:

  • Before checking in your luggage, visit an E-VAT Refund Machine or a VAT Refund Service Counter
  • Purchased goods
  • Tax Refund Form
  • * The receipt (or digital invoice) for your goods
  • Personal and travel documents: passport, visa, etc
  • Choose a way to receive your reimbursement: check, credit card, cash, or debit card
  • Obtain the Tax Refund Assessment Certificate for Eligible Goods Purchased by Foreign Travelers
  • Get on your flight and go home

* If you use an e-invoice app, the shop assistant will have scanned your phone and sent the receipt to the cloud. You must open the receipt app and show them the cloud receipt.

Tips on Claiming Taiwan Tourist Tax Refunds

If the VAT Refund Service Counter isn’t open , you’ll need to find an E-VAT Refund Machine. I’ll cover ports and airports you can find these machines later.

You’ll need to visit a Cash Counter if you receive your refund as cash. You’ll receive New Taiwan Dollars (NT$). So you’ll need to visit a currency exchange counter to get your home’s currency.

Want to visit Taiwan in the future? Consider saving this cash for later.

Getting the refund as a check will require the staff to mail the check to your home.

Receiving a refund through a bank or credit card doesn’t require you to travel anywhere.

Here’s a video to “help” illustrate my point:

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Tax and refund, guidelines for foreign passengers claiming vat refund, eligible applicants, claiming on-site small-amount vat refund at the store.


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    tax refund tourist taiwan

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  1. How Long Does It Take to Get Your Tax Refund?

    Refunds from e-filed tax returns are issued within 21 days after the IRS receives the return, if the refund is paid by direct deposit. Direct deposit refunds from a paper tax return are issued within six to eight weeks from the date when th...

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    If you’re getting a refund, the clock starts ticking after you file your taxes. Of course, you want your money as soon as possible. The Internal Revenue Service provides information about typical processing times as well as a way of checkin...

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    Are you tired of the hassle that comes with filing your tax refund application through traditional means? Luckily, with advancements in technology, you can now apply for a tax refund online.

  4. VAT Refund > Tourism Administration, Republic of China (Taiwan)

    Foreign travelers, with the entry document, who make purchases of at least NT$2,000 on the same day from the same designated stores with the "Taiwan Tax Refund"

  5. TAX and Refund

    1. Who is eligible to apply for a tax refund? Foreigners with a valid passport/travel document and whose

  6. Tax & Refund-Taichung Tourism

    The tax of goods purchased in Taiwan is only refundable during your stay. Any tax refund application submitted after departure or not approved before departure

  7. Content

    KIOSK E-VAT Kiosk. KIOSK E-VAT Kiosk Location of e-VAT refunds at airport/seaport in Taiwan.

  8. Tourist information

    Tourists Service Center of Taiwan

  9. Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund: Full Guide and Locations

    Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund: Full Guide and Locations. To encourage spending in Taiwan, the government introduced a tourist tax refund scheme for travellers

  10. Guidelines for Foreign Passengers Claiming VAT Refund

    Location: The “Foreign Passenger VAT Refund Service Counter” of the Customs at the airport or seaport or the authorized Cash Tax Refunds TRS-labeled store.

  11. Passengers Claiming a VAT Refund on the Purchase of Goods

    G. 中華電信股份有限公司. 外籍旅客e化退稅服務辦公室. Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd. Office of "E-VAT Refund". Printed on 01 January 2019. 退稅. TAIWAN. TAX REFUND.

  12. Foreign visitors may now get sales tax refund services at the

    Additionally, the NPM is now the first museum in Taiwan to give foreign visitors tax rebates. Read more: The top 20 tourism destinations in

  13. Taiwan Tourist Tax Refund: Requirements & How To Claim

    What Is Taiwan's Tourist Tax Refund? Any tourist staying in Taiwan for under 183 days can claim a 5% value-added tax (VAT) refund on large-

  14. Tax and Refund

    All of the goods in Taiwan have already included tax. After purchasing goods, the store will give consumers invoice as receipt. Guidelines for Foreign