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Perth Is Australia’s Most Underrated City for Art Lovers

L ocated on the banks of the Swan River, Perth is the capital city of what is, geographically, Australia’s largest state: Western Australia. With a population of about two million, Perth enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild, wet winters. It’s culturally diverse any time of year, with a mix of both modern and indigenous art alongside galleries and museums to rival Sydney and Melbourne, and its west coast remoteness means the city is far less touristy than the cities on Australia’s eastern seaboard. Perth saw 5.7 million arrivals between July 2018 and June 2019 compared to the 16.1 million visits to Sydney in the same period. If you do make the trip here, these are the cultural attractions to see.

Getting to Perth

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: Iryna Makukha /Shutterstock

Perth is quite isolated from the rest of Australia and is actually closer to Asia than it is to Sydney. Australia’s major domestic airlines — Qantas, Virgin, and Jetstar — all regularly fly from the capital cities on the east coast. It’s about a four-hour flight east to west and about 3.5 hours west to east due to the pilots taking advantage of the jet stream that flows over Australia. Western Australia is in the same timezone as Tokyo and Hong Kong (GMT+8), so you gain three hours when flying from Melbourne or Sydney. International airlines also fly daily into the Perth Airport from all over the globe. The average flight time from the west coast of the US is about 20 hours, and from Hong Kong, it takes about seven hours.

Perth has become a hub for historical and cultural art

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: Photobank /Shutterstock

Perth CBD, as the city’s urban core is known to locals, vibrates with a variety of cultural attractions, but the Art Trails around the city are the real draw for visitors. Over 200 public artworks are on display across the CBD, each giving a small insight into the history of Perth and its identity. The trail starts right in the heart of downtown along the edge of the Swan River at Elizabeth Quay with sculptures and public artworks. Some are permanent murals, such as “Night Forest” on Yok, while others are a bit more nomadic, like the giant inflatable golden monkey that climbed its way up a downtown highrise in 2018. Among the most impressive paintings is “Kid Koala Playing God & Kangaroo,” a massive, kaleidoscopic koala on the side of the Forrest Place car park. Download the map and plan out your excursion over a beer at the Island Brew House . Allow at least an hour to explore the art walk.

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: ingehogenbijl /Shutterstock

Any visit to Western Australia should also include indigenous art. The colors and patterns of aboriginal art are breathtaking and, in many cases, depict stories from the “Dreamtime.” Aboriginals believe everything was created during this period — rivers, mountains, and all lifeforms on Earth — by mysterious and supernatural spirits, and much of this is reflected in their art and drawings. Make an appointment to visit the Artitja Fine Art gallery at South Fremantle to experience this belief through large paintings. Creative Native offers aboriginal works for sale. To quell your wanderlust before you arrive, take an online tour before your trip with the web-only Aboriginart gallery.

The city’s arts and culture scene culminates in the annual Perth Festival during the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, which runs from December to February. Happening in February, and running for over 65 years, this event is the oldest arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. It has grown to be the premier curated multi-arts festival in Australia with a reputation for commissioning a diverse collection of significant new works, both aboriginal and not, along with performance art for spectators.

Gallery hop in Northbridge

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: EQRoy /Shutterstock

Northbridge is well known for its mix of entertainment and the arts, and it’s only a five-minute walk from the city center. Here, you’ll find the Perth Cultural Centre , home to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Blue Room Theatre, State Theatre of Western Australia, and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art. Cruise the galleries, and if there’s a performance happening while you’re in town, you won’t regret catching it — shows range from theater productions to dance and musical performances.

Make sure to also see The Nostalgia Box , Australia’s first interactive video game console museum (we can’t imagine a video game museum that isn’t interactive being entertaining in the least). Afterward, take a stroll down William Street and browse the quirky stores run by young fashion designers.

Learn about the area’s port history in Fremantle

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: bmphotographer /Shutterstock

Fremantle, or Freo to locals, is a port town about 30 minutes south of downtown Perth. This is the hub for the area’s rich maritime history, renowned for its mix of art and music. Fremantle Markets , the area’s cultural hub, dates back to 1897. The markets and vendors are located in and around historic old port buildings, abounding with buskers and over 150 stalls and traders. The atmosphere is terrific and provides an excellent opportunity to find unique gifts, even if only for yourself. If in town on a Saturday in summer, try South Beach Sunset Market for really great food and atmosphere on the lawns just behind the beach. Freo is a comfortable place to get around on foot, by bike, or via the free Fremantle CAT bus. There is also the Fremantle Tram Tour or a variety of guided tours. The visitors center can help you with bookings and information, and you can also hire a bike from them.

Hit the Avon Valley for wildflowers, ballooning, and a night away

pretty reckless tour australia

Photo: Sahil Malhotra /Shutterstock

June through September is Western Australia’s wildflower season. The state is covered with vivid displays of everlastings, morning irises, starflower, and more, woven together into a web of colors so astounding that you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into the Dutch countryside. Within the city, view wildflowers at Kings Park , a massive botanic garden. For something a little different, drive an hour northeast of Perth to Toodyay (pronounced too-jay). It’s famous for its displays of wildflowers beside the Avon River but is worth a trip even outside the wildflower season. Stop at the visitors center, where staff know precisely where each of the different wildflowers are in bloom and will send you in the right direction.

pretty reckless tour australia

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Featuring “Got So High”

Featuring the single “only love can save me now (feat. matt cameron & kim thayil)”.


The pretty reckless - got so high (official music video), the pretty reckless - only love can save me now (official music video), the pretty reckless - and so it went (official music video), the pretty reckless - 25 (official music video), the pretty reckless - death by rock and roll (lyric video), the pretty reckless - oh my god (official music video), the pretty reckless - oh my god (official lyric video), the pretty reckless - follow me down (official lyric video), the pretty reckless - take me down (official music video), the pretty reckless - house on a hill (official music video), the pretty reckless - messed up world (f'd up world) (official music video), the pretty reckless - heaven knows (official music video), death by rock and roll available now.


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pretty reckless tour australia

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The Pretty Reckless are a four piece hard rock band hailing from New York City, US, featuring the vocal and guitar talents of actress Taylor Momsen.

Best known for her role in the TV series "Gossip Girl," Taylor Momsen also formed The Pretty Reckless in 2009, playing alongside Mark Damon (bass), Jamie Perkins (drums) and Ben Phillips (lead guitar, backing vocals). The band play a brand of hard rock influenced by the likes of Nirvana, Joan Jett Hole that is very accessible.

Their debut album "Light Me Up" (released August 27, 2010) achieved moderate success, most notably with the single "Make Me Wanna Die." Following this album release they embarked on an international tour, also featuring as part of the line up for the Vans Warped Tour. Following this success, they were invited to perform as the support act for Marilyn Manson and Evanescence, which helped to establish new fans and grow The Pretty Reckless' popularity.

Their second studio album "Going to Hell" released in 2014 saw the band achieve a new level of success. The singles "Kill Me," "Going to Hell" and "Heaven Knows" were well received, with "Heaven Knows" topping both the UK and US rock charts. The Pretty Reckless achieved a number one spot with two of their first hit singles "Heaven Knows" and "Messed Up World," the first time a female-fronted band has done so. The band also had a song featured on the "Kick-Ass" soundtrack, with the single, "Make Me Wanna Die."

Live reviews

Somebody mixed my medicine.' Guess whose 'in my head again'? Pretty Reckless--the world's greatest American rock band of this generation. These days in the 21st century, rock artists are mixing with soul country or mainstream pop, trying to be something they're not. But Pretty Reckless doesn't swing like that. They allow real, hardcore, bloody rock and roll to live on in their own twisted, addicting ways.

Their 'Light Me Up' album did more than just set my passion on fire for these talented members. Ben Phillips stellar guitar skills ignited my inner rock (I still pretend to do mini guitar solos alone in my bedroom) and Taylor Momsen's raspy, edgy voice sends thrilling chills up my spine that I crave for everyday. You can never forget the heart pumping bass from Mark Damon and the mad drumming from Jamie Perkins. When they work together to create such masterpieces like 'F*cked Up World' and 'Medicine' that are dubbed into my iPod, I fangirl enough to 'Make Me Wanna Die'.

When they had their first chart-topping single, 'Heaven Knows', I would seriously be surprised if heaven DIDN'T know Pretty Reckless. 'Going To Hell', their newest album, is glued on repeat to this day. In the album, the way that the band adds good old rock, blends of heavy metal and even some slower songs that show the ability of Momesen to produce a successful combination that conveys both emotion and adrenaline is mind blowing.

Which is exactly what Pretty Reckless is. Mind blowing.

And to think, what are their concerts like exactly? It makes you feel like you're living the impossible, whether it be a 'Zombie' or breathing 'Under the Water', seeing them live will make you question yourself--can this century still offer REAL rock and roll at a concert? The answer is yes. It's The Pretty Reckless, a badass band that I've fallen hard in love with. Flashing lights, surrounding smoke, rock lovers swarming like a sea around you, the floor shaking with bouncing feet, ears ringing from the smashing beats, and the chills up your arm because of Momsen's voice--the perfect concert.

Now if you still don't believe that The Pretty Reckless is one of the greatest American rock bands of the century, why not give them a shot. Plug in your headphones, lean back, close your eyes and sink into The Pretty Reckless's world of madness. Listen to their lyrics. Feel the beat. Take a minute for the spell to take over. Besides, you have 'Nothing Left To Lose'.

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just-so-azia’s profile image


Amazing. That about sums it up. Despite jet lag, which they made a bit of fun with, they had lots of energy and were clearly enjoying themselves. They were enthusiastic and happy to be there, and kept relaying that in some way shape or form, lots of thanking people for being there.

There was a good mix of songs from across the albums and they had taken note of the most asked for song in general from their fans and included it, which was Just Tonight.

There was a downside. And it was NOT The Pretty Reckless' fault.


I hope TPR never go there again. I only went to Nottingham because Manchester was sold out when I was looking (all UK dates sold out btw), and I'll probably never go again.

They kept the audience standing outside for an extra 30 minutes - no info as to why.

Once inside, they pumped freezing cold air from the AC onto everyone (after being stood out in January weather) - did not act on audience asking to shut it off, or seem to care that people had scarves over their face, hats/hoods on, couldn't take their coats off and were shaking - despite huddled in a crowd.

And then the WORST thing - which directly affected TPR - was that they made them cut their set, and pretty much forced them off the stage. They told them between songs, and TPR told us they had to cut songs because the venue wanted to open their night club (at this point it was 9.30pm ish). The venue got boo'd, and to TPR credit they were pros about it.

But they did two more songs that they picked to finish with instead, and had to make a hasty exist. And when the unhappy crowd refused to move, Rock City turned the lights on and started dismantling the set. It was just before 10pm. For a rock show. In a venue that claims to be the UKs leading venue for music.

When we got outside, there was maybe 20 people stood waiting to go into the night club. 20 people, over a SOLD OUT show. That's the way they treat their guests and the fans that come to see them.



Rock City Nottingham were RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL and just RUBBISH.

But can't wait to see TPR again - and I hope (and doubt they will) receive the same treatment from their other dates.

darkbardzero’s profile image

Great show, really put some effort in, and my daughter (who discovered this band for me) totally loved it. Only 1 1/2 hours long for the headline act, but for a band with only a couple of albums that's forgiveable, and with TWO support bands it was plenty late enough anyway! Wish there'd been time to fit in My Medicine to the setlist.

But what was with the light show? Don't get me wrong, I've no problem with doing something interesting with the lights - but the lighting designer here I think believed it was primarily a light show, with some music to accompany it. More annoyingly, all the lights were on the stage, and facing out into the audience, including some MAJORLY bright strobes.

Surely at least one of the functions of the lights is to enable the audience to see the band? In this case, the audience was mostly blinded by the lights shining straight at them, while the band stood in shadows. Fail.

Still, the packed audience was in a great mood, and enjoyed the show from start to finish, including both support bands.

Speaking of whom, Nothing More were... OK. A bit too much like being just noise, and with experimental bits, for me, but that's just my taste. Top marks for effort, especially the singer, and the cool drum thing in the last song. Heaven's Basement were much more enjoyable, with a hint of pop catchy-ness but the rawness and noise you need, I'll have to check out their recorded stuff.

richard-gosling’s profile image

I have been suffering from my spinal injury. I have noted it several times to the lead singer Taylor Momsen online this year. I was in a lot of pain and canceled 2 flights to Virginia on April 26th. I did not make it to the concert and I have no idea what they are like in person performing live. Heartbreak from missing concerts has become overwhelming. As a very devoted fan to The Pretty Reckless amazing rock music, I can only say that I truly hate online social fan sites and clubs across the ocean and into London. Fans are haters of new fans and good music. Love of a singers hot body is disgusting to hear about over and over from nasty old men who are crude and married and want a cheap fling. I love music and travel and big concerts and tours with good friends. I do not care for everything that has gone wrong this year with lack of communication and intolerance to my great endurance with coping well with my own ADHD and good morals and good work ethics and extremely tender heart. This was the 3rd concert I have missed of The Pretty Reckless. I have tried so hard and nobody supports my efforts in any form across the country. The show was good, hopefully? I may never hear the reality of that one.

kelly-rhoades’s profile image

Taylor Momsen's voice was even more haunting live, to a point where it was almost hypnotic. You definitely get more impact from their live performances; it seemed to have a lot more soul behind it than their studio work.

We had a running joke that it was Elvis Presley and Slash on the guitars (which it was not...obviously). Their performance was pristine and succinct.

Crowd interaction was relatively null at the start but sometimes that's a good thing. Take Billy Joel, for instance (whom I love), who talks waaay too much between each song. There was a few "What's up, Bristol?"s. Throughout most of the performance, Taylor kept her hair over her face, which was a bit of a shame because you want to be able to see your performers whilst they perform, particularly beautiful ones, such as Taylor.

I'm so glad I went; I've been wanting to see them for years and it was DEFINATELY satisfactory! I also took a friend for her (belated) 18th birthday present and at one point she exclaims "I'm having such a good time, I nearly pissed myself!".

All in all, a very good night in a great, nice-sized venue.

GhrimVanya97’s profile image

Taylor Momsen is an entertainer in all the right ways. From the moment she started, she took control of the energy, of the whole show. She acknowledges the crowd repeatedly, making it not just any show by just a band. She takes a backstage when the time is right, and she goes up front when the time is right, timing wise, it was spectacular.

The music the band performed, coupled with Taylor's energy and command of the stage made every song performed, for the lack of a better word, magical. So much so that it leaves the audience (namely me, at least) wanting more of the live session of their songs, whereas studio cuts just don't seem the same after a live show by the Pretty Reckless.

I'd recommend The Pretty Reckless live to anyone out there wondering.

rizal-ramli’s profile image

I've seen them 3 times now and they are always awesome. I just saw them with Nickelback and I think TPR got screwed by the organizers of the event. They were forced to up tempo their songs so they could get done with their set in 45 minutes! A band of their quality should not get fucked like that! Nickelback put on a great show as well and I don't fault them for the idiot organizers screw up. I have been listening to TPR since they started and know every song they have and how it's geared and I think they should can their agent if he ever sets them up with something like this again! TPR is a high quality band and should be headlining not the warm up band! Jus' sayin'!

rick-van-hatten’s profile image

I went to their concert in Utrecht. And this is by far the best concert I've been to. The set list was great, because there were songs of every album, which made it worth the 2,5 years I waited to go to their concert. And can we talk about Taylors voice?! Omg it sounds so good live, very raw and just like you are listening to the album on your phone or whateve. And lets not forget the amazing guitar riffs, god!!

The opening act did also great! I hope to see more of them. Too bad I didn't take a photo because I would lose my spot in the crowd. But yeah, you guys should definitely go to their concert!!

sarlobr00’s profile image

Solid opening acts. Each better than the next. Pretty Reckless were solid. Taylor's voice was good and the band as a whole played spirited versions of the recordings. Her voice was washed away by the instruments sometimes though. She asa lead needs to OWN her role as leader. She spends a lot of time with her head down. ROCK OUT sister. Work the crowd with the song better. Pointing the mic at the crowd isn't enough. LOOK like you are having fun. Its rock and roll and your stage.

brett-grossmann’s profile image

Good show! TPR had a very tight set with good pacing and song choices. They didn't hit all the favorites, but if they had they wouldn't have space for the new album stuff they're touring in support of. Short break before the single song encore, but that may have been H.O.B./ Disney policy rather than band preference. Of course this is a blitz tour schedule for them, so who knows.

Bottom line: This was my first time seeing TPR live, but it won't be the last.

Raiyn_Storm’s profile image

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  • New York (NYC) (17)
  • London (16)
  • Los Angeles (LA) (16)
  • Philadelphia (13)
  • Dallas - Fort Worth (12)

Appears most with:

  • Heaven's Basement (58)
  • You Me At Six (56)
  • Of Mice & Men (55)
  • Halestorm (52)
  • Bring Me The Horizon (51)

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pretty reckless tour australia

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Listen to the pretty reckless, about the pretty reckless.

The Pretty Reckless is a rock band fronted by Taylor Momsen. The band formed in 2009 in New York City and has released 4 studio albums so far. Their debut album Light Me Up went Platinum in the US and Gold in the UK, the singles from this album were known to have gained them some of their biggest success. The following albums Going to Hell and Who You Selling For both charted in the Billboard Top 20. In 2020 they released Death by Rock and Roll which gained them more success as 3 of the singles charted on the Mainstream Rock chart. The Pretty Reckless have continued their success, furthering their music career and continuously gaining new fans.

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Frequently asked questions.

To find the prices for The Pretty Reckless tickets, check our ticket sales section above to see both the availability and the pricing for tickets for The Pretty Reckless.

The Pretty Reckless is currently not on tour in 2023

If you are looking to buy The Pretty Reckless show tickets then you have landed at the correct place. Tixel is the best place to find, buy and sell The Pretty Reckless tour tickets. At Tixel we cap ticket prices and offer advanced protection to both sellers and buyers to make sure no one gets ripped off. We believe ticket resale should be safe and fair and that is why Tixel is the best place to purchase The Pretty Reckless concert tickets.

Here is a simple four-step procedure to purchase The Pretty Reckless Show Tickets:

1. Check the upcoming The Pretty Reckless Concert dates and click on the one which you wish to attend

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3. Select the ticket Quantity & press Buy Now & follow the following steps.

4. Once your purchase is complete, your The Pretty Reckless Tickets will be delivered to you instantly.

All prices are capped so you will always get a fair deal.

The Pretty Reckless Concerts usually last for around 1 hour to 3 hours however this is dependent on the setlist (songs that are planned to be performed).

The Pretty Reckless's setlist can vary depending on the venue and the country the performance is played at however this is the most likely setlist for The Pretty Reckless Tour:

  • And So It Went (feat. Tom Morello)
  • Miss Nothing
  • Make Me Wanna Die
  • House on a Hill
  • Only Love Can Save Me Now (feat. Matt Cameron & Kim Thayil)
  • Death By Rock And Roll
  • My Medicine - Single Version

Interested in knowing The Pretty Reckless's tour dates? Check out future tour dates and performances below:

The Pretty Reckless is currently not on tour

The Pretty Reckless has played at the following venues:

  • O2 Academy Brixton, London , 2022
  • The Wiltern, Los Angeles , 2022
  • House Of Blues Houston, Houston , 2022
  • Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena, Baltimore , 2022

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pretty reckless tour australia

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pretty reckless tour australia

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  13. The Pretty Reckless Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2023/2024

    The Pretty Reckless are an alternative rock band from New York City, New York, consisting of Taylor Momsen, Ben Phillips, Mark Damon and Jamie Perkins.

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