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At George Mason University, the return of campus tours brings back another sense of normalcy

Throughout the country, in-person campus tours are returning after a year-long hiatus triggered by the pandemic.

george mason university in person tours

The campus tour, a hallmark of the college experience, was deemed too dangerous when the coronavirus pandemic first hit. Students who wanted to get to know their prospective campuses have been relegated for much of the past year to virtual tours featuring prerecorded videos and 3-D renderings.

That changed for 16 high-schoolers and their parents, who spent a recent Saturday morning at George Mason University. They were greeted with green nylon drawstring backpacks filled with brochures and ushered into an information session led by Carla Goodwin, the school’s assistant director of undergraduate admissions.

“You’re very close to Washington, D.C., but you still get that true college feeling,” Goodwin said about George Mason’s Fairfax campus. She clicked through a slide show that showcased the school’s selling points: an average class size of 25 to 35 students; more than 30 places to eat, including Chick-fil-A and Panda Express; and plans to expand its campus in Arlington — where Amazon has promised to create 25,000 jobs at its second headquarters.

Goodwin, a bubbly New Yorker who earned her master’s degree at George Mason, described the admissions process and how to study abroad. On a slide about the coronavirus, she explained the school’s weekly testing protocols and a provision that requires students without religious or medical excuses to be vaccinated for the fall semester. Faculty and staff members were added to that mandate on Thursday.

The admissions counselor paused for questions. The group was silent.

Colleges want students to get a coronavirus vaccine. But they’re split on requiring the shots.

“We don’t get a lot of pushback,” Goodwin said about the school’s policies, something she attributes to generally positive attitudes about the coronavirus vaccines. In Virginia, 53.8 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, five percentage points higher than the national figure, according to a database maintained by The Washington Post.

The vaccines have been an integral piece to reopening plans at colleges and universities throughout the country. About 600 campuses have enacted mandates for at least some students or employees, according to a database by the Chronicle of Higher Education. After more than a year of virtual learning, the vaccines offer a shot at normalcy, with campuses planning to return dorms, classrooms, dining halls and other spaces to full capacity.

But with more than half the country still unvaccinated and as the highly transmissible delta variant drives up caseloads, many schools will continue to enforce social-distancing requirements and encourage unvaccinated students to wear masks.

George Mason is slowly reintroducing in-person elements to campus, but with restrictions. The tour group was capped at 24 people — about one-third of its pre-pandemic size — as a safety precaution, Goodwin said. During her information session, students and their families sat in chairs spaced three feet apart, a distancing requirement that will stay in place until the campus vaccination rate reaches 80 percent. Officials will have a clearer picture of the school’s progress after Aug. 1, the deadline for students and employees to share their vaccination status.

As Goodwin’s session drew to a close, two student guides arrived to begin the next leg: the tour. Half the group joined Sam Harrison, a rising junior from East Windsor, N.J., who said she became a tour guide to branch out of her comfort zone. “I have a fear of public speaking,” she said.

Among Harrison’s group was Leigh Black, a rising high school senior from Vienna, Va. Black said she was drawn to George Mason because of its cybersecurity program and, during the tour, started to warm up to the idea of becoming one of its 37,000 students.

“It has a great environment and I like the area,” she said, although she is keeping her options open. The 16-year-old is also considering Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, she said.

As virus cases fall, D.C.-area universities begin to peel back restrictions

Leigh will be the first child Scott Black, an engineer, sends off to college, he said. George Mason is about seven miles from the Blacks’ hometown, which is a plus.

“She’s close enough that she can still do her laundry,” Scott Black said. He added they both feel confident about the way the school has handled the pandemic. “It’s very encouraging that there is regular testing and a vaccine mandate.”

Harrison led the group through the campus and past her favorite spot, a row of colorful benches hand-painted to showcase the university’s student clubs. “I picked Mason because of the community, and that really embodies what it means to be a Mason Patriot,” she said about the benches.

The group next headed to Fenwick Library, where staff have spent much of the pandemic digitizing materials for students and professors working remotely. Outside a cluster of residence halls, Harrison did her best to highlight the perks of communal living: Laundry is free and each dorm is within walking distance of a gym and a cafeteria, she said.

Cameron Sigmon, a 17-year-old from Manassas, Va., hasn’t selected a potential major but has “heard good reviews from older friends” about George Mason. The campus is also close to home — another bonus.

“There’s a lot of diversity, a lot of options for careers,” added Cameron’s mom, Meredith Sigmon.

As Harrison fired off facts about campus dining, Meredith Sigmon thought about last year’s freshman class and the thousands of students who selected their colleges without ever seeing a campus once the pandemic halted tours.

“I feel bad for all the students who had to go through that last year,” she said. The first year of the pandemic robbed young people of milestones and coming-of-age moments. Thousands of high-schoolers missed prom and scores of college freshmen never had move-in day.

The families on Harrison’s tour said they were grateful to see the campus firsthand. George Mason will continue to offer virtual tours, which have “definitely made [campus] more accessible to students,” particularly those with disabilities or who live far away, Harrison said.

How a rural Virginia town came together for an unforgettable pandemic prom

The next stop on the tour was Horizon Hall, home to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences — a chance to show off one of the newest buildings on campus and enjoy an air-conditioned respite from the humid, 88-degree weather.

George Mason was the latest stop for the Stitts, a family from Columbus, Ohio.

“It really fits a lot of the checkpoints,” said Julia Stitt, 16. The school offers dozens of programs in the humanities and the campus is close to a major city, she said. Most important, there are gluten-free dining options, a must for Stitt, who has celiac disease.

And students are not required to submit their standardized test scores — “a good cushion after this last year,” Stitt said. Many schools enacted temporary test-optional policies in the wake of the pandemic, but George Mason has employed the practice since 2008, Goodwin said.

Julia and her parents, Marc and Erin, have tried virtual tours, but said they prefer the in-person experience — speaking directly with students and admissions officials, walking into classrooms and seeing the library.

Marc Stitt works in marketing and said he knows how to make something look good on camera. He said it’s difficult to get an accurate sense of a campus and its culture through a computer screen.

“There’s something about talking to the students and admissions people that you get here,” Erin said. Marc added, “There’s no way to get to know everything about the campus just driving by.”

George Mason University Transfers: 2023 Requirements, Dates, GPAs & More

How long do george mason university tours last.

CampusReel hosts a total of about 0 tour videos for George Mason University, so you can expect to spend between 0 to 0 minutes total watching content. Of course, we are constantly adding new content. Come back to CampusReel often to see new videos and campus tours of George Mason University and stay informed on campus life.

Where do George Mason University tours start?

On CampusReel, you can start your George Mason University tour wherever you’d like. If you’re touring George Mason University in person with a traditional walking tour you’ll likely start at the admissions office. The school’s address is listed as Fairfax, VA so we recommend plugging that into your GPS. Before beginning a tour at George Mason University, make sure you check the weather and plan out your itinerary and accommodations appropriately. Fairfax weather can be unpredictable, so bring comfortable shoes in case it rains. Also, check what stops the tour includes to make sure you’ll see everything you’re interested in! The George Mason University website likely outlines important information for tour visitors.

When do George Mason University tours start?

Needless to say, a CampusReel virtual tour of George Mason University starts whenever you want. However, most schools provide 2-3 different start times for group tours in-person: in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. We recommend choosing the second available timeslot because George Mason University students will likely be up and about by then. You can explore Fairfax if you wake up early and want to gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding community. Check the George Mason University admissions site or student services to confirm tour times.

What will I see on a George Mason University tour?

All CampusReel tours for George Mason University include everything from dorms to dining halls to student interviews and gameday videos. Most importantly, you will see George Mason University students!

What is city Fairfax, VA like?

Fairfax is listed as South Atlantic. You need to evaluate the area carefully to make sure this is an environment you want to go to college in. Some people love a town this size, and others don’t. Either way, it will affect your time at George Mason University.

Who are the tour guides for George Mason University on CampusReel?

Scroll up to the top of the page to select from a number of tour guides available at George Mason University. Keep in mind anyone can upload content to CampusReel, so the available tour guides are constantly increasing.

Summary and Overview of George Mason University tours:

George Mason University, like all colleges and universities, has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, your goal with these tour videos is to try to decide if George Mason University is the right school for you. After you’ve taken the time learn about the campus, Fairfax and overall experience, then you can consider taking your search one step further and visiting George Mason University in person.

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george mason university in person tours

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george mason university in person tours

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  1. Visit Campus

    Visit Campus Get to know the Mason experience with a tour of our campuses. Visiting Mason campuses - either in-person or virtually - is a great way to experience the academics, faculty, research, and our student body that make us Virginia's most innovative and diverse university. Campus Visit Options

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    Visit and Explore Find out firsthand why Mason is All Together Different. Explore where you'll call home with our in-person and virtual resources and programming. Meet the students, faculty, and staff who embody Mason's grit and resolve to change the world for the better.

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    The admissions team plans tons of events to help prospective students learn about Mason and prepare for your transition to college. Prospective students and admitted students and their families can learn more about the university through academic browsing, campus tours, student life organizations, connecting with faculty, and so much more.

  4. FAQs: What to Expect During Your On-Campus Visit

    A total of 90 people when launching from our Mason Tour and Visitor Center, which includes both registered visitors and their guests. During peak visit times, including most Saturdays, we utilize other spaces on campus to accommodate groups sometimes as large as 250 people.

  5. The Mason Experience

    Top 10 Mason is a top 10 public university for diversity and innovation Career-Ready Graduates 88% of alumni advance their career within six months of graduation Tier 1 Research University Mason is the largest public research institution in Virginia Get to Know Mason's Community Attend a Virtual Information Session Visit Campus

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    Information Sessions Schedule a Visit Music, dance and theater students strut their stuff at the deLaski Performing Arts Building. Virtual Experience and Campus Tour We'd love to welcome you in person to our beautiful campus, but in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have created a virtual experience and campus tour.

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    / Explore Mason Explore Mason is an optional campus visit event offered by the office of New Student and Family Programs for students entering Mason in the upcoming semester.

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    Meet with Mason Admissions, tour campus, check out CEC offerings, and enjoy lunch with CEC staff and faculty at this open house event. COLLEGE OF SCIENCE OPEN HOUSE November 8, 2023 | 6 - 7 p.m.ET REGISTER Get to know The College of Science during this virtual open house!

  9. FAQs: What to Expect During Your On-Campus Visit

    Overall, visits last approximately two hours. For visits with an information session, the session itself lasts 30 minutes. Following the session, you may join a campus tour led by a Mason Ambassador, or explore campus at your leisure using a self-guided map. We recommend allotting at least 90 minutes for an Ambassador-led tour, or 45 minutes ...

  10. Visit Us

    Please email us or call us on 703-993-1114 to arrange an in-person tour of our beautiful spaces. In the meantime, please enjoy our virtual experience and campus tour. On this page, you can also take a virtual tour of Mason's art spaces with Rick Davis, Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

  11. Campus Information and Visitor Services

    Our Mission. Campus Information and Visitor Services is dedicated to providing history, knowledge, and resources about George Mason University to assist the internal and external community in connecting throughout Mason. We provide campus information and visitor services by maintaining multiple information sources and information desks and ...

  12. Visiting the Department

    The best way for you to see if CS@Mason is the right fit for you is to visit in person. The University offers several visit options for prospective students. You can take a tour of campus, learn about the admissions process and more in an information session, sit in on a class, attend a performance, or cheer on the Patriots at an athletic event.

  13. At George Mason University, the return of campus tours brings back

    At George Mason University, the return of campus tours brings back another sense of normalcy Throughout the country, in-person campus tours are returning after a year-long hiatus...

  14. The 'superheroes' leading Mason's tour experience

    The 'superheroes' leading Mason's tour experience. September 20, 2022 / By. Madison Rudolf. Tour season is year-round at George Mason University, with sessions offered Monday through Saturday, twice a day, every week. The people that help make this happen are the Mason Ambassadors: Mason's student-volunteer tour guides. Mason Ambassadors.

  15. Home

    George Mason University has become Virginia's largest, most diverse, and highest-ranked university for innovation by rejecting the traditional university model of exclusivity. We proudly admit every student who is academically ready for our top-tier research environment while achieving graduation rates that surpass the national norm. At just 50 years old, Mason has earned national and ...

  16. Apply and Audition

    Admission to George Mason University does not guarantee your acceptance into our programs. However, all College of Visual and Performing Arts majors must be admitted to Mason. ... *In-person (Saturdays): 11/4/2023, 12/2/2023, 2/3/2024, 2/10/2024, 3/23/2024. ... We have resumed offering in-person tours of our School of Theater and spaces.

  17. K12 Group Tours

    The Office of Admissions at George Mason University hosts group tours for K-12 school groups and community-based organizations as part of our college access initiatives! We are pleased to continue offering both in-person group tour experiences for school groups and community-based organizations.

  18. Tours

    The Fairfax Campus. George Mason University's Fairfax Campus, located at 4400 University Drive, in Fairfax Virginia is built on 571 acres. Construction on the initial four buildings, North, South, East, and West…. View Tour.

  19. Tour from Your Couch

    On CampusReel, you can start your George Mason University tour wherever you'd like. If you're touring George Mason University in person with a traditional walking tour you'll likely start at the admissions office. The school's address is listed as Fairfax, VA so we recommend plugging that into your GPS. Before beginning a tour at George ...

  20. Around Mason: Week of Nov. 14, 2023

    Rector Blackman leads the George Mason University Board of Visitors. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 6, with the general meeting from 10-11 a.m. and the guest speaker from 11 a.m. to noon. Constituents are invited to attend in person on the Fairfax Campus in Merten Hall, Room 1201, or join the meeting via Zoom.

  21. George Mason University Athletics

    FAIRFAX, Va. - The George Mason men's and women's swimming and diving teams will host the Patriot Invitational, welcoming seven teams for the meet beginning Thursday, Nov. 16 and running through Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Aquatic and Fitness Center.

  22. Arts & Culture Unit

    Previous Heads and Deputy Heads: Dr. Stephen Andrew Arbury, Professor of Art History, Radford University, USA.(2010-2023)

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