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The Ferrari Museum in Maranello also offers visitors exclusive shuttle bus tours to the Fiorano track and along the Viale Enzo Ferrari boulevard in the factory complex.

Ferrari Musems

Ferrari factory panoramic tour.

A museum guide will also discuss the various characteristics of the Ferrari track where the Prancing Horse has carried out all its competition and road car tests since 1972. Likewise the Ferrari Campus, the heart of the complex where all the Prancing Horse cars are built. The buildings and facilities designed by world-leading architects of the likes of Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas, Jean Nouvel, Marco Visconti and Luigi Sturchio are also fascinating. Equally interesting is the historic part of the factory which has been meticulously preserved, not least the factory entrance which dates back to 1947.

The Panoramic Tour is completely different to the Ferrari Factory Tour as factory visits are only available to clients and F1 sponsors. Visitors are not permitted to leave the shuttle bus, take photographs or video footage during the Panoramic Tour.

Visitors must remain on the bus at all times throughout the tour, and both photography and videoing are prohibited.

For further details, please read the rules for the Fiorano Track and Viale Enzo Ferrari Panoramic Tour. Fiorano Track and Viale Enzo Ferrari Tour Rules Private shuttle buses can be organised on request. For any queries, please write to: [email protected] or contact Vivara Viaggi at Tel. +39 (0) 51 6120818.

* We would ask disabled visitors to kindly advise us of their booking at mus[email protected] or contact Vivara Viaggi at tel. +39 051 6120818.

The Panoramic Tour shuttle bus departs from the plaza in front of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. 

For further details, please refer to the Fiorano Track and Viale Enzo Ferrari Tour rules. 

To book the Exclusive Panoramic Tour with private shuttle bus for groups of up to five

ferrari tours in modena

Immerse   yourself   in   the   Ferrari   story

ferrari tours in modena

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Italian Motor Tours


Ferrari factory and museum tour.

  • The Museum is open to all visitors while only Ferrari owners are allowed to visit the Factory through its Official Ferrari Dealer


ferrari tours in modena

Emilia Romagna Tours

Legend of Ferrari Tour & Museum Visit

Quick Details

  • Hour Glass Duration: 7.5 hours

A Motor Valley experience in Modena!

Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari in the land of its creator? On this tour, you discover the history of Enzo Ferrari, his company, and his beloved car.

The day starts with a visit to the house-museum of Enzo Ferrari in Modena, followed by a visit to Maranello for the factory bus tour. Your tour continues with a typical lunch in a local trattoria.

In the afternoon, you visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, and finally, you have the chance of driving a real Ferrari.

Please let us know if you would you like us to pick you up!

10:30 am – Visit MEF, Museum Enzo Ferrari of Modena 12:30 pm – Official Ferrari factory tour in Maranello 01:30 pm – Lunch 03:00 pm – Visit the Ferrari Museum of Maranello 05:00 pm – Ferrari test drive

What is included

  • MEF entrances
  • Ferrari Museum Maranello entrances
  • Ferrari factory tour tickets
  • Lunch (including beverages)

What is not included

  • Transportation
  • Tour leader
  • Tips and anything not written in the inclusions
  • Ferrari driving experience

Note: For the Ferrari driving experience, the presence of a professional co-pilot is required. If you want to do the driving experience without a copilot, you need to ask for a quotation. An international driving license is required for non-EU citizens.

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Ferrari Factory

ferrari tours in modena

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ferrari tours in modena

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ferrari tours in modena

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Entrance of Ferrari Museum in Maranello

The Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello: how to visit (+ which one to choose)

The Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello: which one to choose, how to book, tips for visiting with kids.

The Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello are among the best car museums in Italy .

They are a treat for Ferrari lovers and car people in general and they are set out in such a way, you can enjoy them at any age.

We visited as a family of four, with varying degrees of interest in cars, and we all loved it.

The car lover in the family dubbed the place as ‘his favorite place in the whole world’.

However, even the least interested got excited there: the cars, the power of the story, the overall experience is inspirational, easy to enjoy and great fun.

This is a visit I now recommend to everyone and today, I am sharing how to book it and how to arrange your day.

The Ferrari Museum in Modena and Maranello: what you need to know

The first thing you need to know when it comes to the Ferrari Museums is that they are not one museum but two.

One is called ‘The Enzo Ferrari Museum’ and it is in Modena city.

The other one is the Ferrari Museums and Factory and it is in Maranello, a small town about 20km out of Modena.

The two museums complement each other and you can see one or the other on their own or book a combined visit.

Which one to choose depends on what you are most interested in.

At a glance, I recommend you:

  • Visit the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena if you love classic cars and want to see where it all started
  • Visit the Maranello Museum if you love the Ferrari brand and F1. This is also the best museum to visit if you want to take a guided tour of the Ferrari factory estate.

Let’s look at this more in detail.

Which Ferrari Museum is best? How to choose

If you have the time, I highly recommend you visit both museums.

The two are rather different from one other and have a different take on the whole Ferrari experience.

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

The Enzo Ferrari Museum is in Modena city and develops around the original Enzo Ferrari workshops.

The museum has an older part, with Enzo Ferrari’s first office, and attached to it there is a beautiful, modern and futuristic-looking dome with a large display of classic cars.

The outside of the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena

The place is fantastic: the large showroom has many beautiful car models from different times, there are some incredible engines on display and there is a photo booth where you can be photographed while driving a Ferrari!

At regular intervals, a short film tells the story of Enzo Ferrari and explains how the brand came to be.

The museum is not very big and it is easy to visit in about an hour. As well as the showroom, there is a merchandising shop and restroom facilities.

There is no restaurant on-site; however, since the museum is in Modena city, it is easy to find places for lunch nearby.

You can get here to / from the station in about 10 minutes on foot.

The main hall inside the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena with classic cars on display

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello

The Ferrari Museum in Maranello is very different from the one in Modena.

Located about 20km out of the city, the museum is more focussed on the Ferrari Brand as it developed for one-off models and F1 endeavors and feels a lot more like an immersive experience than just a museum.

Outside of the main building of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello with vertical red and black banners with photos of Ferrari cars

The whole place is designed with the red and black Ferrari brand colors and Ferrari logos and touches are everywhere.

In the various rooms, you see cars, displays of photos, videos and all the Ferrari trophies and F1 cars.

In the ‘Victory Room’ you are literally surrounded by the F1 winning cars and you can see the names of the pilots and their victory cups.

The whole thing is captivating even if you do not like cars.

The place has made an incredible job and getting people on board with the idea of Ferrari being more than cars and you feel like you are part of a big successful family.

Victories room inside the Ferrari Museum in Maranello with F1 Ferrari cars on display

As well as seeing the museum displays, here you can also participate in two main activities:

Ferrari driving simulator : for an extra charge, visitors tall more than 150cm can experience the Ferrari simulator. This is a 7-minute experience and you get to sit in a car and ‘drive’ along a circuit of your choice.

Our son did this and said it was similar to a videogame experience, albeit ‘bigger and better’.

For it, you sit in a car shell in front of a wrap-around screen. With the help of a Ferrari Museum warned, you learn how to use the steering wheel and gear, pick a circuit to drive and you are ready!

The experience doesn’t require a headset nor goggles and others can watch you while you drive.

Panoramic Bus Tour of the Factory: for an extra charge, you can hop on bus and get a guided tour of the Ferrari factory estate.

This tour is highly informative and leads you inside the Ferrari Factory village, where you see the outside of the plants and workshops and the wind gallery where they test the cars.

This is also where Ferrari owners bring their cars for checks so, while you bus around, you will see many Ferrari zooming around the place in all possible colors!

This tour also brings you to see the local race track; however, racing regulations do not allow for practice on the track, therefore you do not actually see cars in action her

The Maranello Museum also has a merchandising shop on-site, restrooms facilities and a cafe on site.

Immediately outside of it, you have several restaurants and cafes. It is worth noticing that the Ferrari-themed restaurant ‘The Paddock’ is not here but in Maranello Village, which is a short drive away.

Visitin the Ferrari Museums of Modena and Maranello with kids

We visited the Modena and Maranello museums with our two children: a car-loving 11-year-old and a car-uninterested 9-year-old.

They both loved the day.

We started with a visit to Maranello and we all immediately felt the buzz and excitement of the place.

My son taking a photo od a Ferrari car on display in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello Italy

Unsure about the simulator, we hadn’t booked it but quickly got sucked into the desire to treat our son to it.

There was no queue at the simulator desk and there were several children who had just finished and were enthusiastic about it, which reassured us it was suitable for their age.

The museum desk person was lovely with our son and they had a grand old chat about circuits while he explained how to use the commands.

The simulation itself only lasts 7 minutes and at 25 Euro is all but cheap. However, it stayed as one of the highlights of our son’s day and you can take photos of them driving, which is an incredible memento for them.

There is a minimum height requirement to do it and this is strict as it has to do with the size of the car.

My son just about made the height and was able to just about hit the pedals: any shorter would have been technically impossible to drive.

If you are unsure about height, I recommend you only decide about the simulator on the day as they will be able to advise.

After the visit to the museum we went to a nearby cafe/restaurant (not branded, just beside the museum) andf then we joined the factory tour.

The factory tour is the most informative part of the visit albeit possibly the least impressive.

You hop on a bus and a guide brings you to the factory estate (no photo allowed there): you pass the main gate and you are driven around the factory lot, seeing the different paint/tire etc workshops from outside, and getting a taste of what it may feel like working at Ferrari, passing the company canteen etc.

In the estate, you also see the outside of the wind gallery which they use to test for aero dynamicity.

The highlight of this part of the tour is the guide who gives an incredible amount of information about Ferrari cars and F1 regulations.

This part of the tour was excellent for my car-obsessed son but too information-driven for my daughter who mostly just enjoyed sitting on the bus and seeing the Ferrars from the windows!

If you have a car lover, highly recommend this part of the tour. If you are here with a little one, however, or just want to see the beautiful cars, you can stick to the museum only.

How to visit the Ferrari Museum in Modena and Maranello on the same day

It is possible to visit the Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello on the same day. however, it takes a little bit of planning.

Since the two are in different areas, you will need to book both entrances, make arrangements for transport and you will also need to separately book the bus tour if doing.

You can do all this by yourself on the Ferrari Museums Ticketitn platform or you can do what we did: send an email to Vivara Viaggi their travel agency partner, and get them to book it for you!

In our case, the day worked perfectly and it entailed:

  • 10.40 Shuttle from Modena train station to Maranello Museum
  • 11.15 Arrival and self-guided visit to the museum
  • Simulator experience (booked last minute on site)
  • Lunch (own time, no booking needed)
  • 13.00 Bus tour from Maranello Museum to factory lot
  • 14.45 Shuttle to Enzo ferraru Museum in Modena
  • 15.25 Self guided museum visit

Since we were staying in Bologna, we then just easily walked back to the station to get back to the city. we were home in the late afternoon.

How to book the Ferrari Museums

There are several ways to book your visit to the Ferrari Museums.

From the Museums, Websites (combined tickets available) >> click here <<<

Via Vivara Viaggi >>> click here <<<, this is the museum’s official partner, recommended on the museum website. They are perfect if you don’t have your own transport and want to also get tickets for the Ferrari shuttle.

Where to stay to visit the Ferrari Museums of Modena and Maranello

There are many options when it comes to accommodation, depending on budget and plans for the other day so your trip.

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through them, we will make a small commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

Some you may like are:

Hotel Maranello Village : A Ferrari-themed property, this hotel is the equivalent of an in-park hotel at a theme park.

The hotel and ‘The Paddock’ restaurant and perfect if you want to live and breathe Ferrari for the entire duration of your stay. Please note: this hotel is a 5-minute drive from the museum: own transport recommended.

Casa Palestro in Modena : this is a lovely apartment in Modena city, close to the station and the Enzo Ferrari Museum, good for larger families (sleeps 5)

Starhotel Excelsior Bologna : if you prefer to base yourself in Bologna and come for the day (like we did!), we found the Starhotel Excelsior in Bologna to be excellent.

They have family rooms, excellent breakfast and an excellent location right in front of the train station. Our top pick.

I hope you enjoyed this quick guide to the Ferrari Museums in Modena and Maranello and the review of our experience helped you plan your day at best. Safe travel planning!

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Marta Correale

Marta Correale is an Italian mama of two. Born and raised in Rome, Marta has a passion for travel and especially enjoys showing off Italy to her kids, who are growing up to love it as much as she does! A classics graduate, teacher of Italian as a second language and family travel blogger, Marta launched Mama Loves Italy as a way to inspire, support and help curious visitors to make the most of a trip to Italy and learn about Italian culture on the way.

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9:30 Test drive 10:30 The visit of the museum of Maranello 12:30 The visit of the Ferrari factory 13:30 Traditional Emiliano lunch for one person 15:30 1 entrance ticket to the museum of Enzo Ferrari in Modena. The program can be modified due to the schedules of the available car inputs at the time indicated

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Maranello : the " home " of the Ferrari factory,it is a city that lies at the foot of the hills of Modena. It is a land of wine and pottery appreciated around the globe. Among all the beautiful things that offer the land of Maranello it is proud of the "Red" team that makes it famous worldwide. Many fans from all over the world come to visit the factory and the museums that have the collections of the classic and sports cars . We propose you a tour package that includes all the places that a true fan of Ferrari must visit . 


10:30 Ferrari Museum 12:30 Ferrari factory tour 13:30 Free time for lunch 15:30 Simulator test drive Hotel accommodation in Maranello and overnight


Transfer to Modena 11:30 MEF 12:30 Lunch The program can be modified due to the availability of tickets for the various places of visit.

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