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Let's ride —

The trek fx+ 2 e-bike is a jack-of-all-trades, review: trek's hybrid fx+ 2 e-bike puts cycling front and center..

Eric Bangeman - Nov 16, 2023 12:30 pm UTC

Trek FX+ 2

When it came time to buy our son his "adult" bike, the Trek FX 2 was an easy choice. Not only is the candy-red color eyepopping, but the hybrid offers hydraulic disc brakes and an aggressive riding position for $749. So when Trek offered us the chance to review the FX+ 2, we jumped at the chance to take it for a ride or three.

It's not often that we get to review an electrified version of a bike we are familiar with, so we'll start with the differences between the FX+ 2 and the FX 2. Let's get the biggest one out of the way: the price. The Trek FX+ 2 retails for $2,499, over three times the price of its unelectrified sibling (also significantly higher than some hybrid e-bikes, many of which are made by new companies most of us have never heard of). Some of the price difference comes from the motor and battery— the motor itself sells for $450 —but you're also getting an integrated bike computer with cadence and speed sensors along with a power meter. All you need to access the integrated gear is the Trek Connect app.

The motor lives in the rear hub.

Component-wise, the FX+ 2 is very similar to the FX 2. They use the same Shimano shifter and cassette, the same aluminum wheels, and the same Alpha Gold aluminum frame. The differences between the two mostly come down to modifications needed for the electric bits and the tires. The FX+ 2 comes with 700x40 mm tires instead of 35s and has a max tire size of 50 mm, whereas the FX 2 is capped at 38 mm. Lastly, the FX+ 2 has a rear rack, fenders, and integrated headlight and taillight.

Fenders, rack, and taillight are standard on the FX+ 2

Available with a step-over and step-through frame, the FX+ 2 has a Hyena Gen 2 250 W motor located in the rear hub powered by a 250 Wh battery that is integrated into the downtube. Trek also sells a range extender that attaches to the downtube and doubles the bike's range to 70 miles. It's a Class 1 e-bike, offering pedal assist up to 20 mph without a throttle.

It doesn’t look like an e-bike

Minimalist e-bike controls help ensure that the riding experience is front and center.

In a world of heavy e-bikes with clunky frames, the streamlined FX+ 2 with its internal cable routing looks much like its exclusively human-powered sibling. If you know where to look, you can spot the differences. Trek has also skipped over the big displays common to e-bikes, instead choosing a minimalist control system consisting of three buttons and eight colored lights. Five green lights show the remaining charge, and the three red lights show the boost level. Holding down the plus button for two seconds will also turn the headlight (120 lumens) and taillight on.

My first ride on the FX+ 2 was 19 miles of bike trail and road from a suburban Chicago Trek store back home. I didn't bother launching the Trek app and configuring the bike; I just hopped on and started riding. At 40.13 lbs (18.2 kg), the FX+ 2 is about 15 lbs (7 kg) heavier than the FX 2, but I never got the sense that I was working harder than normal. I experimented with the three assist modes and ended up using High for most of the ride, mostly because I needed to get back to my desk—and going fast is fun.

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Best hybrid bikes 2023: take on tarmac, trails and beyond.

  • Nick Harris-Fry
  • Joseph Delves

evans trek hybrid

Need to commute to the office or want to explore at the weekend? We round up the best hybrid bikes for commuting and leisure use

If you’re looking to swap the car or public transport for something healthier, a hybrid is almost certainly the style of bike you’re after. Comfortable and versatile, the best hybrid bikes are able to take on terrain from tarmac and canal paths to light off-road sections. Generally upright and comfortable, they will have a broad enough spread of gears to carry you and your kit up steep hills. Fittings for racks and mudguards also mean they’re both practical and adaptable.

However, while all hybrids have certain features in common, there are many different styles to pick from – along with an equally wide variety of different price points. With that in mind, here’s our guide to choosing the best hybrid bike.

Best hybrid bikes: At a glance

  • Best all-round hybrid: Trek FX 2 Disc | £549
  • Best value: Decathlon Riverside 500 | £300
  • Best all-rounder: Giant Escape 2 Disk | £599  

How to choose the best hybrid bike for you

As they’re so versatile, it’s hard to go wrong when picking a hybrid. Still, it helps to ask a few critical questions about how you’ll use it. Will most rides be long or short? Are you quite sporty, or do you enjoy taking in the scenery at a sedate pace? Where will you ride, on-road, off-road, or a mix of both?

Match your answers to the bike’s features. Longer and faster rides will benefit from a light bike with slick tyres. Alternatively, off-road expeditions require chunkier and heavier tyres for better grip. Upright bikes are easy on your back and great for safely navigating traffic, but can be slower compared to those with lower handlebars. If you can, try a few different styles and see what feels best.

Which features should I look out for?

Frame material: Aluminium is ubiquitous as it’s affordable and lightweight. Carbon fibre is lighter and can be engineered into complex shapes to fine-tune the ride of the bicycle. However, it’s very expensive. Traditional steel frames are heaviest, but tend to be comfortable and will last decades.

Tyres: Thin tyres with minimal tread are speedy on smooth tarmac but slippery and bumpy on gravel or cobbles. The rougher the terrain, the wider and grippier you need your tyres to be. Look out for models with extra puncture protection too.

Brakes: Disc brakes are best as they’re more powerful and reliable than other styles, especially in the rain. They’ll also help your rims last longer. However, they’re heavier and more expensive.

Extras: After a week or two of riding in the rain or carrying a backpack, you’ll wish your bike had mudguards and a rack. If these aren’t included on your bike, you may want to factor in their cost too.

How much do I need to spend?

Hybrid bikes are intended as practical daily rides, so you don’t need to spend crazy money. £400-500 will get you a high-quality machine that will withstand everyday use and, with conscientious servicing, should last indefinitely. As you spend more, you’ll find increasingly robust parts, more features, exotic frame materials, and lower overall weights.

Once you hit around £1,000, you can expect to see technology borrowed from specialist racing bikes. These bikes can be exceptionally fast. Alternatively, you may find more practical touches like in-built lighting and ultra-durable hub gears. If you have an even bigger budget, then consider whether specialist touring or road bikes might fit the bill.

READ NEXT: Best road bike

The best hybrid bikes you can buy in 2023

1. trek fx 2 disc: best all-round hybrid.

evans trek hybrid

That said, its moderately slick 35c tyres and low weight means it’s perfectly balanced for medium distance commutes. A notch or two above the entry-level, its big selling point is its superbly reliable and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Adding confidence when stopping, they will also cut down overall maintenance.

Other mechanical parts on the bike are pretty traditional. Its 3×9-speed gearing means you have an enormous range of gears to pick from but it is slightly more fiddly than the single-chainring drivetrains, which are increasingly popular.

Still, with very comfortable grips and saddle, this latest version of the long-running FX range is likely to be a hit with the vast majority of riders.

Key features – Wheel size: 700 x 35c; Weight: 11.7kg; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 3 x 9; Extras: N/A

Check price at Evans Cycles

2. Decathlon Riverside 500: Best entry-level hybrid

evans trek hybrid

But it’s not just low cost that sets it apart. The bike’s design is great too. This is manifest in features like the kinked top tube on its lightweight aluminium frame. Putting more space between it and your delicate bits, this makes hopping on and off easy and increases rider confidence.

The Riverside’s parts list also scores a series of hits. These include powerful and low maintenance disc brakes, simple and sequential 9-speed gearing, plus a suspension fork and wide semi-slick tyres for multi-surface escapades.

The ride position is upright and comfortable, while its ability to ride on most terrain doesn’t make it too slow when used on the road. Cheap and nicely balanced, it’s a great multi-purpose introduction to cycling.

Key features – Wheel size: 700 x 38c; Weight: 14.1kg; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 1 x 9; Extras: Suspension fork

Check price at Decathlon

3. Giant Escape 2 Disc: Best hybrid for all-round value

evans trek hybrid

Upright to ride and with a broad range of gears, it’s eminently easy to get along with. Based around an aluminium frame and fork, both are lighter and better finished than you’d expect given the price, while the brand’s D-fuse seatpost further boosts the bike’s ability to smooth out bumps.

Equipped with all the standard mounting points for racks and mudguards, the Escape is a bike ready to be adapted as you see fit. This extends to the tyres – with 38c models fitted as standard, it will also take treads up to 45c if you fancy heading off-road.

Made by the appropriately huge Giant bicycle corporation, its buying power means the Escape benefits from competitive pricing relative to its rivals.

Key features – Wheel size: 700 x 38c; Weight: Unlisted; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 7 x 3; Extras: N/A

Check price at Tredz

4. Specialized Sirrus 1.0: Best hybrid for zippy handling

evans trek hybrid

Like many bikes, it’s been subject to a degree of price inflation in recent years. At this entry-level price point, this has seen the latest Sirrus swap from Shimano to Microshift for its gearing.

It now also occupies a spot in the market where it’s competing with disc brake-equipped bikes. So how come it’s still on our list? For one thing, it’s still in stock.

Less facetiously, it has an excellent aluminium frame going for it. Plus, Specialized’s own Body Geometry grips and saddle are likely to prove comfortable. Its tyres are also relatively puncture-resistant, while its road-going manners are pleasing too. All in, it does just enough for it to warrant your consideration.

Key features – Wheel size: 700 x 32c; Weight: 12.3kg; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 2 x 7; Extras: N/A

5. Kona Dew: Best hybrid for radical riding

evans trek hybrid

Low-slung, somewhat upright, and employing a short stem, the Dew’s design owes a substantial debt to modern mountain-bike geometry while also taking cues from the bikepacking genre. Comfy to sit on all day, this also means there are plenty of extra mounting points for luggage of all kinds.

Ride it into town, or escape into the hills. Its lightweight aluminium frame looks rad done up with matte paint, perfectly matching the equally cool tan-wall tyres. All in, it’s a bike that’s pretty, practical, and a ton of fun.

Key features – Wheel size: 650 x 47c; Weight: 14.8 kg; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 2 x 8; Extras:  N/A

Check price at Winstanleys Bikes

6. Boardman URB 8.6: Best value hub-gear hybrid

evans trek hybrid

Equally low maintenance are the bike’s powerful Tektro HD-R310 disc brakes. Hydraulic rather than cable-operated, they’re great to see given the cost. Looking very mean in its all-black livery, the bike also rolls on fast 32c Vittoria Zaffiro tyres. Combined with low overall weight, this makes the URB 8.6 seriously rapid on smoother surfaces.

Key features – Wheel size: 700 x 32c; Weight: 11kg; Frame material: Aluminium; Gears: 3; Extras: Hub gearing

Check price at Halfords

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Trek Emonda SL Frameset

CyclistsHub.com logo 500px with transparent background.

Check out this list of the best deals on Garmin, Wahoo, Tacx, and more!

Trek Hybrid Bikes Compared: FX vs. Verve vs. Dual Sport

Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

CyclistsHub is supported by its readers. We may receive a commission if you buy products using our links ( learn more ).

Trek’s hybrid bike lineup consists of FX, Verve, and Dual Sport. Below, I will explain their differences and advise you on which one to buy.


  • FX s are more performance-oriented hybrid bikes ideal for those who want to ride longer distances or maintain fitness. Browse Trek FX bikes here.
  • Verve s are the best choice if you are looking for a city bike. Their upright geometry ensures comfort, maneuverability, and a great view in traffic. Browse Trek Verve bikes here.
  • Dual Sport s are almost like mountain bikes but not suitable for as demanding terrain. They are more versatile than FX or Verves. Browse Trek FX bikes here.

Keep reading for more information on the differences between them and much more.

Trek FX vs. Verve vs. Dual Sport

Here’s a closer look at these hybrid bike families and their main features.

Frame & Geometry

Trek FX, Verve, and Dual Sport bikes are available in multiple sizes and frame materials. Most of them have aluminum frames. Some FX models (FX Sport) have carbon frames.

Trek FX vs. Verve vs. Dual Sport (from top to bottom).

FX bikes have the most performance-oriented geometry. This means you won’t be sitting as upright as on Verves. This leads to better aerodynamics and speed.

Verve bikes have upright geometry for riding comfort, visibility, and easy maneuverability in traffic. It makes them ideal for riding in cities and for commuting.

Dual Sport bikes have a geometry similar to Verve bikes but not as upright.

Trek FX vs. Verve geometry compared using the bikeinsights.com tool.

I recommend using the bikeinsights.com tool for comparing the geometries.

It is also important to note that most FX and Verve bikes are also available in a step-through version. Dual Sport is not.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and tires are among the main differences between FX, Verve, and Dual Sports.

While FX and Verve use 700c wheels with 35-45mm tires, Dual Sports have 650b wheels with 50mm tires.

This makes Dual Sport bikes more suitable for off-road riding as they absorb larger bumps and have better traction.

On the other hand, they have higher-rolling resistance, so they are not as fast on paved roads.

The FX and FX Sport families offer different types of gearing depending on the bike model. The cheaper ones usually offer more gears, the more expensive ones less. 1X derailleurs are modern, simple, and easier to use.

On Trek Verve bikes, you’ll find mostly 2X and 3X derailleurs offering many gears. Dual Sports are slowly transitioning from 2X to 1X derailleurs.

FXs offer the widest range of bikes – from affordable to more expensive (due to their carbon frames). So you can choose based on your budget and preference.

Verve and Dual Sports are cheaper and belong among the best hybrid bikes for beginners .

Trek hybrid bikes are competitive compared to other bicycle brands , although the price-value ratio may not always be the best.

All bikes from all these families (unlike Co-op CTY , for example) have at least partially integrated cable routing , improving the overall appearance.

They are also compatible with fenders and racks, thanks to the additional mounting points for fenders and racks.

FXs, Verves, and Dual Sports Gen 5 don’t have front suspension. However, Dual Sports Gen 4 had front suspension with around 60mm travel.

Trek FX and FX Sport Bikes Compared

The following table compares all Trek FXs (Sport). For more info, check out the Trek FXs comparison .

Trek Verve Bikes Compared

The following table compares all Trek Verve bikes. For more info, check out the Trek Verve comparison .

Trek Dual Sport Bikes Compared

The following table compares all Trek Dual Sport bikes. For more info, check out the Trek Dual Sport comparison .

Should you buy Trek FX, Verve, or Dual Sport?

It depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some things to consider:

  • FX bikes are the best option for maintaining fitness and longer distances .
  • Verve bikes are the best for riding in cities or commuting shorter distances .
  • Dual Sport bikes are the most versatile , allowing you to ride on and off-road.

Trek Hybrid Bikes FAQ

Yes. Some families (FX and Verve) have women-specific, step-through options. Dual Sports are not available in step-through options.

Trek offers a lifetime frame warranty. However, it’s only valid for the first owner. The second (and subsequent) owners have a shorter, 3-year warranty. You can read the Trek warranty page for more info.

Trek hybrid bike frames are made in Asia (mainly in Taiwan and China). Then they are shipped to Wisconsin, where they are painted and assembled. However, the design and R&D center is still in Wisconsin, US. ( Source )

About The Author

Profile picture of Petr Minarik - the founder of cyclistshub.com

Petr Minarik

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Cycling uphill

Trek 7.1 FX Hybrid Bike Review

Note: Updated review: originally posted on old blog.


Trek 7.1 FX is one of Trek’s best selling models. For £350- £375, you get a lot of features for your money which will appeal to a broad spectrum of commuting cyclists.

It’s not surprising why it is so popular. For most commuters and newbie cyclists sticking to roads, this bike does pretty much everything you need. It is reliable, solid and gives a good riding experience without any expensive extravagances.

It comes with 21 gears, and a very low ratio for getting up steep hills. Some may find the top gear of 48*14 a little on the slow side. You have to maintain a pretty high cadence to get over 25mph.

But, I doubt most people buying this will be worried at a lack of high end speed. If you are, you’re probably buying the  wrong bike, and should look at a cheap road bike.

On the downside, the bike is a little heavy and rigid. If you’re riding over rough terrain like a canal path, your hands will certainly start to feel the vibrations on these minimal handlebar grips Despite the 35″ tyres, even riding around Leeds city centre I thought it a little tough.

If you can upgrade to the next FX model like the Trek 7.2 Fx – you get a lighter weight frame and more cushioning in the handlebars. As I am used to riding stiff road bikes, this rigidity isn’t a big disadvantage to me, but, if real comfort is important, you may want to look at other hybrid bikes with suspension and a more forgiving set up.

On the plus side of comfort, I thought the Bontrager SSR saddle was excellent. Lovely shape and padding make it really quite comfortable. Gears within easy reach.

The gears are easy to use. Not instantaneous, but good enough given it is based on the lower end of the Shimano scale. You need to think ahead to get a burst of speed from lights, but, I was quite happy with the Shimano gears clicking away.

The brakes are Tektro lever pull – quite a common option for this type of hybrid bike. They offer reasonable, if unspectacular performance. Again an upgrade to disc brakes offers a significant improvement.

Pretty good. The set up is closer to road bike than mountain bike. Though the position can be adjusted with the riser bar. It felt nimble enough riding around town. Again solid and reliable rather than cutting edge.

Comes with mudguard and pannier holes, that you can add onto if you want. For overall commuting, the Trek 7.1 FX is a good all rounder. Fast enough to outperform thicker mountain bike style bikes, but with a greater stability to more aggressive road bikes.

Puncture Protection

Bontrager tyres. Uncertain of how these compare over time. There are better puncture resistance tyres on the market, which can always be added to.

This best-selling hybrid bike is popular with good reason. Trek know what a typical hybrid bike buyer is looking for. It gives very solid performance, though as someone who has ridden many different bikes, it does leave you dreaming of upgrading to get better features.

Trek bikes come in a variety of sizing so will fit most riders. There is also a womens version with step through frame.

Who Would This  Bike suit?

It would suit someone on a very strict budget of keeping the price down to below £350. If you’re the kind of bike rider looking for something special and a bit of zip, you will have to save more money. But, if you want a solid hybrid bike with minimum of fuss, then you can’t go too wrong with the Trek 7.1 FX.

Note: it wouldn’t be a great buy for any substantial off-road riding because the rigidity make for an unforgiving ride.

  • Trek 7.1 FX 2014 at Evans Cycles £350
  • Trek Hybrid Bikes at Evans Cycles
  • Trek 7.1 FX at Trek.com

Manufacturer Specifications

1 thought on “trek 7.1 fx hybrid bike review”.

I really like its silver color by the way, the whole desing it’s inspiring elegance I guess.

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Best trek hybrid bikes

Best Trek Hybrid Bikes (Reviews) of 2020


Trek Verve+ 2

Trek Verve+ 2

  • Mid-drive motor
  • Internal gear hub
  • Easy to get on and off


Trek Allant+ 9

Trek Allant+ 9

  • Additional battery
  • Good design and geometry
  • User friendly


Trek Fx 3 Disc

Fx 3 Disc

  • Great speed
  • Very affordable
  • High tech features

Trek Hybrid bikes are consistently rated as some of the best hybrid models in the market. If you are looking for solid performance and ease of riding, consider some of the bikes from Trek.

Over the years, Trek has consistently proven itself as one of the giants in the bicycle industry . They started producing hybrid bicycles during the 1990s and have improved them significantly with new technology. The company’s values and technology remain grounded in the US, but they’ve expanded their production and sales overseas. They offer a lot of customization options and bike selections for users based on their requirements. In this review, we look at their top hybrid bikes offerings for customers.

Related Questions / Contents

1. Trek Verve+ 2

2. trek allant+ 9, 3. trek fx 3 disc, 4. trek fx sport 4, 5. trek townie go, frequently asked questions, how much do trek hybrid bikes cost, what bike seat usually comes with trek hybrid bike, are trek hybrid bikes good, the final word, review of the top 5 trek hybrid bikes.


Read Customer Reviews Here >>

The Verve+ 2 from Trek is a new electric hybrid bike that will help you get out and ride more often. It is ideal for your daily cruises, commutes, and workouts. You will get a boost from the reliable Bosch pedal-assist system that sustains speeds of up to 20mph on roads.

The company wanted to offer a Bosch motor to clients at an affordable price, so they chose to go with the entry-level of Bosch Motors: the Bosch Active Line. Do note, however, that the Active Line is still more advanced and powerful than 90% of all hub motors you will find on low-end hybrid bikes. It is an entry-level motor only among Bosch models.

If you don’t have to deal with a lot of hills in your area, then Bosch Active Line Plus will easily do the job for you. The motor is also much quieter than older versions making it far less annoying.  Trek Verve+ 2 has a 400wh Bosch battery power pack that should easily last for a couple of hours.

It features a Shimano Alivio drivetrain which lies in the mid-range in terms of quality. It is higher than Acera, Tourney, or Altus drivetrains.

Hydraulic brakes are common for a bike in this price range. Verve+ 2 is no exception and features Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes.

Why We Like It

Our verdict.

E-bikes make riding both fun and convenient. The Verve+ can work perfectly for you if you are looking for a durable, smooth-running, and efficient e-bike. Some tweaks may be required like a rear rack for groceries etc. Even with such additions, Trek Verve+ 2 remains lightweight and comfortable to handle while giving you good value for money.

Editor Rating


The Trek Allant+ 9 is the kind of growth in bicycles that is favored by cyclists. This model replaces and improved on the Super Commuter, which is also a great bike from Trek and still on sale.

The design for Allant+ 9 has a sleek, stylish look. The frame is made from carbon fiber, making it one of the most lightweight e-bikes in its class at just over 50 lbs. The bike is easy to use, similar to a traditional bicycle with its 12-speed Shimano SLX M7100, 10-45T cassette.

The Allant+ 9 handles as if it were gliding over the pavement, and has the option to use the 75 Newton-meters of torque from the Bosch Performance Speed pedal-assist motor. This can take you up to 28 mph when you want to go fast.

It has a removable integrated battery that lasts for a long time. In this model, the battery has been placed on top of the frame. People who are looking to go further, Trek offers a separately purchasable 500Wh battery that mounts just above the integrated one.

The bike’s cables are neatly fit across the frame. It has integrated smart lights that dim and brightens depending on the time of day.

It features the Bosch SmartphoneHub, which is your onboard display that shows riding mode, speed, and much more. The display also has brackets to securely hold your phone, which can also be linked to the bike via Bluetooth, providing more detail on a color display.

The Trek Allant+ 9 is a top performance hybrid bike that was designed for commuters who enjoy a lavish, stylish, and durable riding experience. It features a wealth of high-tech and advanced specs and can go very fast when you want to make it one of the smartest ways to get around in town.

Editor Rating​


FX 3 Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that has been optimized for performance at a bargain price. It offers a high level of comfort and utility.

The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that immediately stop the bike in any kind of weather. It is a commuting pro if you want it to be or the perfect fitness companion on pavement and rail trails when you want.

The FX 3 can prove to be a great buy if you go out for longer rides quite often since it is loaded with a sleek look and offers a comfy ride, like an ideal fitness bike. What’s more, the bike will feel as light as a feather at just over 25 lbs and handles like a charm.

Another feature worth mentioning is that you can pair Trek FX 3 with your smartphone. This way, you will be able to send the ride data to your fitness app if you add DuoTrap S. DuoTrap S integrates a Bluetooth/ANT + Sensor into the frame.

Trek FX 3 Disc is a workhorse hybrid bike at a great value. If you are looking for a hybrid bike that combines features of a road bike and a mountain bike and is apt for riding over a variety of terrains, then Trek FX 3 is a good option for you.

Ralated Topics

Trek FX Sport 4

FX Sport 4 is another amazing hybrid fitness bike that offers top performance. It comes with a lightweight frame, a 20-speed drivetrain, and a wealth of performance specs. Together, these features give this fitness bike the capability to take on longer commutes and faster recreational rides.

To top it all off, It is reasonably priced without sacrificing the versatility that has made FX, Trek’s best-selling lineup in the market.

  • Inspirational bike
  • Easy to accessorize

FX Sport 4 is a carbon fiber fitness bike for riders who want the speed of a lightweight road bike with the comfort and control of a flat handlebar. If you have fitness goals, FX Sport 4 will help you cruise past them in no time.

Trek Townie Go!

The Trek Townie Go is another easy-to-use, fun hybrid model that gives you incredible power. This pedal-assist e-bike will make you want to go forever. It features the Bosch Active Line System and Electra’s Flat Foot Technology that allows you to climb hills and shorten distances with ease.

The bike features the special Flat Foot Technology, where you will experience proper leg extension. This is because the seat angle has been relaxed and the pedals have been pushed forward.

The advanced design taps into new-generation technology that serves to make riding life even easier for cruiser bike enthusiasts.

The custom Townie saddle used on the bike is wide and comfortable to prevent you from fidgeting on your bike. Meanwhile, the ergonomic handlebar grips enhance your level of control while keeping you comfortable at all times.

  • Accelerates speed quickly
  • Wide range cassette
  • Copes well on steep climbs

The Townie Go is a relaxing electric cruiser bike that offers a great riding experience. It has all the features for a comfortable ride, including patented Flat Foot Technology for maximum rider comfort.

Trek hybrid bikes are comparably priced to all other bikes. The prices may vary in some areas due to shipping costs. On average, the bikes cost from $850 for the entry hybrid FX series to the high end Allant series that can cost $6,000.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by ponta (@ponta_2202) on Jul 23, 2020 at 3:23am PDT

Trek offers a variety of comfortable and adjustable bike seats with their hybrid models. The most common brand that they use is Bontrager. They also offer Selle Royal, Electra, and Trek’s in-houses bike seats on various models.

Trek is known for building high-quality hybrid bikes. The company offers its products at various qualities and prices so you can get the most feature-rich bike made from top materials to a basic variant that costs less than a grand. Even the lowest-priced bikes are sturdy, comfortable, and offer good handling.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Olie (@life_with_olie) on Jan 25, 2020 at 8:10pm PST

People who are looking for a high-quality bike at an affordable price would find the Trek Verve+ 2 perfect for their needs. Those who are looking for top features will choose Trek Allant+ 9.

If you want a good, budget hybrid option, then Trek FX 3 is unarguably the best value in their lineup. Additionally, you may want to consider FX Sport 4 for speed, and Trek Townie Go for a long, comfortable riding experience.

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Bicycles for sale in SF Bay Area - South Bay

electric bikes

mountain bikes

  • Excellent condition kids 20” bike $100 san jose south
  • Supercross Vision F1 BMX expert class bike $1,999 san jose south
  • Supercross Envy RS7 BMX expert cruiser bike $999 san jose south
  • Gazelle Ultimate C380+ electric bike $2,999 san jose south
  • ProForm Tour de France CBC Stationary Bike $275 san jose south
  • Vintage Schwinn Le Tour III $250 sunnyvale
  • Schwinn World Sport (L) $285 sunnyvale
  • Excellent Marin Rift Zone $550 santa clara
  • 2009 Giant Trance X4 $400 campbell
  • Rocky Mountain 29" Mountain Bike With DISC Brakes $275 san jose north
  • Bianchi Forte Mountain Gravel Bike $225 san jose north
  • 1951 Whizzer S-10 $1,500 san jose downtown
  • Kona Jake the Snake 60cm/ XL cyclocross bike $400 Cupertino
  • 20 inch kids 6 speed Coop Rev mountain bike $180 Cupertino
  • Trek MT200 24" kid's Mountain $75 milpitas
  • bikes to trade, sell or need help converting to electric $0 san jose west
  • Diamondback Tess 24" MTB Blue Bike $130 san jose east
  • Vintage Phillips 3spd $60 campbell
  • 20" 6 speed bike $80 milpitas
  • Kids Bicycle 18 inches $20 San Jose
  • Citizen Miami Folding Bike $110 san jose east
  • Yokota Yosemite 20” Frame 26” Wheels Mountain Bike $250 morgan hill
  • Schwinn Shimano road bike 26' $50 morgan hill
  • Giant 26" Mountain Bike $180 san jose north
  • Fuji Crosstown 2.3 hybrid bike $150 san jose south
  • Ibis DV9 Full AXS Eagle + Quarq $3,200 san jose south
  • Specialized Pitch Disc Hybrid bike $150 san jose south
  • Marin Bolinas Ridge 2 Disc Bike $300 san jose south
  • mongooose $100 san jose north
  • Santa Cruz Stigmata frame $1,279 san jose south
  • Sweet California Voodoo Bokor Mountain Bike $500 saratoga
  • WeeRide Co-pilot trailer bike for kids (Kazam trailercycle, tag-a-long, trail-a- $80 Cupertino
  • 2023 TREK FX1. Size 15” (S). Aluminum Bluetooth Compatible, Like New $380 san jose east
  • Schwinn world sport $120 san jose south
  • Fuji Nevada Comp $450 san jose south
  • 1961 JC Higgins Bicycle $350 san jose south
  • GT Outpost $80 san jose south
  • Cruiser bikes $160 san jose south
  • Luna Babe Fat Tire Electric bike $2,000 san jose south
  • Old Mtn Bike $30 San Jose - Noble
  • Raleigh Eva 26 Youth Bike $100 milpitas
  • Trek 7000 WSD women's step-thru hybrid bike 13.5" small $150 milpitas
  • Specialized Hotrock bike $115 san jose south
  • Specialized Hardrock $240 san jose south
  • Cannondale F500 MTB Classic US built $100 san jose west
  • Crème Tempo Doppio 8-speed $600 los gatos
  • PANDA BMX BIKE $1,000 San Jose
  • Bike 17" KHS - ULTRASPORT 2.0 $195 san jose south
  • SUV Trunk Mount 3 Bike Rack - Joe 3 $40 santa clara
  • Specialized Sirrus Road Bike $180 san jose south
  • Grail:On CF7 AXS $4,000 san jose east
  • Nice Raleigh ( Diamondback ) C200 Hybrid $269 San Jose
  • Cannondale CAAD10 Road Bike (58cm) $690 sunnyvale
  • Cannondale CAAD10 Road Bike (60cm) $725 sunnyvale
  • Vintage Cannondale Road Bike (58cm) $240 sunnyvale
  • Miyata Triple Cross Gravel Hybrid Commuter Bike 18” With Warranty! $300 Campbell
  • Cult Control BMX Bike 2018 $100 los gatos
  • PRICEDROP! 2018 Santa Cruz 5010 C Carbon Large mountain bike $2,200 sunnyvale
  • Specialized Rockhopper Mega Kids Bike 20” $175 Campbell
  • Redline Conquest Hybrid Comfort Gravel Commuter Mountain Bike—With Warranty $180 Campbell
  • Nishiki Ariel Gravel Commuter Hybrid City Commuter Bike Large Frame $250 Campbell
  • Raleigh Sports Vintage Cruiser Step Through Hybrid Bike—With Warrnty! $250 Campbell
  • Cruiser bike Electra $125 mountain view
  • Vintage Steel 1988 Trek 800 cruiser commuter $300 Los Gatos
  • Specialized Full suspension Epic Comp mountain bike $1,200 Roseville
  • Specialized S-works Tarmac SL6 - 52cm $4,800 morgan hill
  • Trek Bike $350 san jose north
  • Specialized Stumpjumper Expert FSR, XT, XTR, Fox fork and Fox rear sho $450 Sacramento
  • TREK 420 bicycle $425 sunnyvale
  • GT Avalanche 1.0 $150 saratoga
  • 2020 S-Works Specialized Venge........54cm $4,950 san jose south
  • Specialized Allen Epic $250 campbell
  • Mint Condition 21 Speed Giant Mountain Bike 16 inch frame 26" Wheels $199 los gatos
  • Trek 4500 Used Kids Bike $75 san jose south
  • Trek Precalibur Kids Bike $50 los gatos
  • Mint Condition Scott Chenango Adventure 16" Frame MTB Mountain Bike $220 los gatos
  • 2021 Specialized Tarmac SL 7 Pro $4,500 san jose south
  • Trek Calypso Bike $240 san jose south
  • Diamondback Tess 24 $149 san jose south
  • 2019 Specialized Tarmac Expert Disc SL6 Road Bike - 54cm $3,250 santa clara
  • Shimano women's performance cycling shoes in like new cond. $8 san jose south
  • Vintage Dahon Classic III - 3 Speed Folding Bicycle $225 san jose east
  • Huffy Nassau cruiser $150 san jose north
  • Pinarello Dogma F12 $7,999 san jose north
  • FELT FR FRD 12s Ultegra Di2 $3,199 san jose north
  • Schwinn Sidewinder $180 san jose north
  • Vintage Specialized Street Stomper with 24" wheels $100 morgan hill
  • Salsa Horsethief c xt $2,000 San Jose
  • 2020 BMC RoadMachine 56cm $2,100 campbell
  • Woom bike $50 off $0 San Jose
  • 28" Giant Hybrid Bike $155 milpitas
  • momentum vida 2023 were white now custom painted 8 speed Shimano $350 San Jose
  • Gary Fisher Marlin 13 inch $260 Santa Clara
  • Huffy bike $85 Cupertino
  • Jade Savoy Mountain Bike $50 San Jose
  • 2019 56cm Niner RLT 9 STEEL 4 Star Gravel Bike $2,700 san jose west
  • Great Hybrid Giant Trail Style $219 San Jose
  • Gravel Cyclocross Bike Sweet Disc Redline $650 saratoga
  • 26" Giant Comfort Bike With DISC Brakes $170 milpitas
  • Schwinn Women's Perla Cruiser Bike $75 san jose south
  • ★★ 16" Avigo Charger kids bike $50 san jose east
  • Schwinn Super Le Tour US made $350 sunnyvale
  • VooDoo Bokor Easton Carbon Hope XTR Mint Ripper ! $550 saratoga
  • 2015 Trek Madone 7 Dura-Ace Di2 58cm H2 $1,650 san jose north
  • **USED** Nice C Training Wheel Bike, Kids Bike Boys Girls, BMX Mountain with Dua $40 San Jose
  • Scott Genius 50 $500 Prunedale
  • 26" Specialized Expedition Hybrid Bike $185 milpitas
  • TREK Allant 7.2 Size 20” (Medium) Disc Brake w/ Bluetooth Compatible. $160 san jose east
  • Orbea MX 29 mountain bike - MEDIUM $985 milpitas
  • Vintage Raleigh Sports 3-Speeds Men Women original $500 San Jose
  • 2020 Specialized Comp Rockhopper $900 san jose north
  • 27.5" Trek Hybrid Bike $230 milpitas
  • 2021 Specialized SWorks Enduro $4,950 san jose south
  • 1987 Miyata Ridge Runner $500 san jose south
  • LOST: Specialized MTB: Reward $300 san jose east
  • Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo Classic MTB $250 san jose east
  • Team Issue Giant Defy - Dura-Ace Bicycle - Size M $2,800 willow glen / cambrian
  • Vintage 1970s JC Penny Bikes $100 san jose west
  • GT Timberline All Terra Triple Triangle - need tires & tubes $200 san jose west
  • 2014 Specialized Shiv Tribike XS $700 los gatos
  • marine bike $350 San Jose
  • Titanium Voodoo Canzo $700 san jose south
  • 1995 Specialized Stumpjumper FS $350 san jose south
  • 2000 Breezer Lightning 17" $800 san jose south
  • Trek Madone 5.2 carbon road bike $780 sunnyvale
  • Specialized Tarmac Pro carbon road bike $950 sunnyvale
  • Giant TCR aluminum road bike $425 sunnyvale
  • Giant Trance carbon mountain bike $1,680 sunnyvale
  • small Scott CX Team road bike $580 sunnyvale
  • Vintage 1989 Fisher Advance 17" mountain bike $225 San Jose
  • S&M Kris Bennett Restored Complete BMX Dirt Jumping Bike $1,000 gilroy
  • Specialized hybrid bike size small 5'0-5'8 $150 campbell
  • Specialized MOUNTAIN $470 san jose south
  • TT/road bikes and wheels for sale $1 sunnyvale
  • Bike - Yellow, 12 speed, Medium Men's bike (Black Friday special $150) $150 san jose north
  • Mongoose Trace Youth Kick Scooter $85 los gatos
  • Gary Fisher 26" Mountain Bike $220 san jose north
  • Yeti Cycles SB6c Size Medium $2,900 san jose east
  • Felt F3C Road Bike 54cm Carbon Fiber $950 San Jose
  • Sole Fixie Single Speed Bicycle 52cm $220 San Jose
  • Specialized Langster 51cm Fixie Bicycle $500 San Jose
  • 2015 Cinelli Histogram 59cm Large $1,399 San Jose
  • Cinelli Gazzetta Track Bike 50.5cm $750 San Jose
  • SALE! BIANCHI Super IBEX 15" Aluminum MOUNTAIN BIKE Shimano D XT **EX* $239 san jose downtown
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy CC - OBO/ Trades $3,700 San Jose
  • Sun EZ-1 Recumbent $225 morgan hill
  • TREK 3500 ALPHA ALUMINUM MOUNTAIN BIKE SIZE 16"/41cm-REFURB $280 los gatos
  • 1980 CENTURION 10-SPEED ROAD BIKE-23"/58cm $350 los gatos
  • GIANT CADEX 980C CARBON FIBER SHIMANO 105 14-SPEED ROAD BIKE 22"56cm $525 los gatos
  • INFINITY BOSS THREE HYBRID BIKE-18"/46cm $275 los gatos
  • Electra Mini Rat Rod $80 morgan hill
  • CULT BMX BIKE $200 cupertino
  • Gravel Cyclocross Bike Carbon fork and Disc brakes. $600 saratoga
  • Novara tractor 24, 24" wheels $90 willow glen / cambrian
  • Kids Bicycle 16 inches $30 San Jose
  • vintage schwinn tornado $500 Milpitas
  • Vintage Peugeot Blue Sport 103 Road Bike Made in France $350 san jose west
  • 1973 Peugeot Women Road Bike $250 san jose west
  • Y Fliker A3 $20 south bay area
  • Specialized Allez E5 Road Bike 54cm $525 San Jose
  • Univega Competizione $460 San Jose
  • Citizen folding bike $300 campbell
  • Novara Duster 20'' 6-Speed Bike $80 san jose south
  • 26" Diamondback Mountain Bike $150 milpitas
  • Vintage 1980s Sherpa Trail bike $140 san jose west
  • Vintage 1970s Schwinn Approved Le Tour 10 Speed - Made in Japan $200 san jose west
  • Kent Dual Suspension Hybrid Comfort Bike - NEW $190 san jose south
  • Trek 5000 carbon bike 54cm $650 milpitas
  • Trek Y22 Full Carbon Mountain Bike $400 milpitas
  • Gary Fisher Sugar 3 full suspension mountain bike $450 milpitas
  • Vintage Bianchi road bike 52cm frame $350 milpitas
  • Xlarge Specialized FSR XC Comp M4 full suspension bike XLarge size $700 milpitas
  • Secialized Allez Elite bike $250 San Jose
  • Vintage Motobecane Pantin Bike $350 san jose west
  • bike magna echo ridge 24” $75 Cupertino
  • peugeot vintage bike original $99 cupertino
  • specialized bike $149 Cupertino
  • original pugeout road bike $89 Cupertino
  • 26" Gary Fisher Mountain Bike $265 san jose north
  • 1988 Vintage Yellow MIYATA PATH RUNNER Bike w/ Upgrades & Accessories $145 san jose south
  • ***Santa Cruz 'Heckler' Mountain/Trail Bike, Men's, 26"Large, Shimano $795 san jose west
  • Bike Trainer Stand $20 san jose downtown
  • Kid Bike and Scooters $35 san jose downtown
  • Kid Bikes $20 san jose downtown
  • Very Rare Kona Stab Primo Mountain Bike $1,000 san jose east
  • Trek Road Bike $300 san jose downtown
  • 1985 Trek 620 metalic blue $180 San Jose
  • Excellent Green Fuji Hybrid/Urban Large 7 speed at Bike Shop $249 San Jose
  • Specialized Stumpjumper Alloy (price negotiable) $2,200 san jose south
  • Gravel Cyclocross Bike Carbon fork and Disc brakes. $650 saratoga
  • 2023 Kink Whip + accessories (price negotiable) $550 san jose west
  • Trek Mountain Bike 26 inch With DISC Brakes $255 milpitas
  • Navara ( Hi end REI BIKE) Forza Road Bike at Bike shop $0 San Jose
  • Women's Fuji 3.0 Crosstown 19" Excellent $295 Willow Glen
  • Nice Bianchi Europa Road bike at bike store serviced $399 San Jose
  • Cannondale Iconic Aluminum Delta V mountain bike w/ XT upgrades++ $200 campbell
  • 2023 Specialized Carbon Turbo Levo S3 $4,300 campbell
  • 24” kid’s bike $50 San Jose
  • New Eunorau 3-Wheel Foldable Electric Trike eBike Sell Due to Medical $2,000 sunnyvale
  • Ultra Custom made TREK singletrack 970 neapolitan $325 San Jose
  • Dont Hesitate…Just donate your bike to help others….Non Profit 501 charity $1 San Jose
  • Grab your bike Today, before its gone At Good Karma Bikes-Non Profit Bike shop $1 San Jose
  • Super Nice Quality made TREK Navagator 200 series Almost New 279@ At bike Shop $279 San Jose
  • Awesome Ultra Upgraded SURRY OGRE Custom bags Brakes Custom Front Gen/Light and $1,599 San Jose
  • Adult bike start at 199.00 Road bikes start 299. Hybrids start at 249,00 @ bike $1 San Jose
  • Nice TREK Hybrid/Comfort Like New at bike Shop| $299 San Jose
  • Absolut, 1.5. Top Model Fuji Mountain Bike Absolute, 1.5. at bike shop $499 San Jose
  • Ultra Like New Nice Trek Marlin 5 w/ Disc Brakes At Shop w/Warr $399 San Jose
  • Grab a Great Refurbished Bike at Good Karma Non Profit Bike Extra 10% SUPER SALE $1 San Jose
  • Bikes Galore with extra 10% more off at Non Profit Good Karma Bikes this weekend $1 San Jose
  • Specialized Like New Hybrid VITA PLUS Hybrid at bike shop $349 San Jose
  • Almost Perfect hybrid made by Raleigh Ready to own at Good $299 San Jose
  • Almost Perfect Hybrid Full Road tires and Upgrades at Bike Shop ONLY $349 San Jose
  • Full Suspension “ OLD SCHOOL” Specialized FSR Full serviced by Bike Shop w $299 San Jose
  • Very Nice Diamondback Cruiser 26” tires At a Bike Shop $99 San Jose
  • Like New Full Carbon Scott Cr1 2x11 speed shifters at bike shop $1,599 San Jose
  • Surly ogre $1,599 San Jose
  • Super Nice Ultra lite Motobecane FAT BIKE 4.0 Disc brakes at shop $599 San Jose
  • A Real Gary Fisher ( TREK ) MARLIN with disc crakes 24 speed $349 San Jose
  • Awesome Like New Santa Cruz HECKLER Full Suspension Mountain Ultra Lite $999 San Jose
  • Huge savings on servived Big brands Come to Good Karma Bikes $1 San Jose
  • Nice Sturdy Giant Boulder MTB model Full serviced by Bike shop RTO $249 San Jose
  • Awesome and Rare Specialized Tri Cross Muiti-Use model LIKE NEW at bike shop $599 San Jose
  • Think about XMAS Early, with our prices and Current Selection at Good Karma Bike $1 San Jose
  • Radio Flyer Toddler Tricycle Compact Foldable Fold 2 Go Transportable $30 sunnyvale
  • Unicycle Tricycle Cyco Cycle unique 3 wheel Kids Bicycle $80 sunnyvale
  • Schwinn Pink Roadster Tricycle pneumatic tires $50 sunnyvale
  • Schwinn Girls Tricycle Pink Roadster Style $20 sunnyvale
  • REDUCED - RBSM Pluto R Touring Electric Bike $850 san jose south
  • specialized hot rock $55 cupertino
  • specialized Hard Rock $150 cupertino
  • gt stomper $100 campbell
  • REI Co-Op eCTY 2.2 Small $1,900 Sunnyvale
  • REI Co-Op DRT 3.3 - Medium $2,250 Sunnyvale
  • 29" Diamondback Hybrid Bike $190 san jose north
  • Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle $120 san jose south
  • GT bike bmx $120 San Jose
  • Electric Scooter, Segway Ninebot kick scooter F-40 $649 saratoga
  • Specialized Hardrock 26" Mountain Bike $150 milpitas
  • SR SEMI PRO SHIMANO 600 12-SPEED ROAD BIKE 25”/64 cm $475 los gatos
  • Recumbent Trike Sun $100 los gatos
  • 12 inch Recruit Girl's bike w/handbrake-highend components! ($380 new) $245 san jose downtown
  • Freeagent Free Agent bmx bike bicycle rare crimson red $175 san jose east
  • Mongoose KO BMX bike bicycle freewheel freestyle rare $150 san jose east
  • Gravel bike, Large Disc brakes Carbon Fork just Tuned $600 saratoga
  • Classic VooDoo Bokor Nor Cal bike nice custom build $550 saratoga
  • 26" Trek Mountain Bike $180 san jose north
  • Giant road bike OCR2 $350 san jose south
  • Diamondback 24" Hybrid Bike $105 milpitas
  • Schwinn Mesa 26” wheels unisex $0 los gatos
  • Specialized Hot Rock Kids Bicycle 16 inches $50 los gatos
  • Large Sycip 26" Steel Mountain race Bike $600 willow glen / cambrian
  • 90's era PERFORMANCE R104, STI, True Temper USA steel, 2x8 speed 105! $280 cupertino
  • Trek 26" Mountain Bike With DISC Brakes $250 san jose north
  • Trek Bike and Bicycle $295 san jose south
  • Schwinn Stingray - Lil Tiger in Radiant RED! $425 san jose south
  • Campbell Cycle Service- bike service center tired of 3week wait? $1 campbell
  • SANTA CRUZ MEGATOWER large XX1 AXS RSV rims FOX FACTORY $4,200 los gatos
  • 2023 YETI SB160e w/ UPGRADES $7,600 los gatos
  • Specialized Tarmac carbon road bike $1,680 sunnyvale
  • ***Electra Beach Cruiser*** $150 San Jose
  • ~~~Electra Beach Cruiser~~~ $150 San Jose
  • Giant Trance X E+Pro 29ner MTB Ebike $3,600 gilroy
  • CANNONDALE Caad R300 Road Bike $425 willow glen / cambrian
  • Bmx bicycle $50 mountain view
  • 2011 Specialized Demo 8 I $2,000 hollister
  • Electra Cruiser Adult Bike $299 mountain view
  • Schwinn 28" bicycle $200 San Jose
  • NEW SPECIALIZED STUMPJUMPER CARBON L 29" $3,500 san jose south
  • Hurley Tailslide Ebike Bike $880 san jose east
  • Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike, 36 Volt Battery, 700C Wheels, Blue $380 san jose west
  • Scott Spark XC 900 SL (Carbon, Small) $1,950 south bay area
  • Vintage schwinn bike $20 los gatos
  • Cannondale R300 Road Bike (56cm) $430 sunnyvale
  • Specialized Roubaix SL4 Full Carbon Road Bike (56cm) $1,080 sunnyvale
  • BMC Roadrace SL01 Full Carbon Road Bike (56cm) $1,290 sunnyvale
  • Specialized Tarmac Pro (Ultegra) Full Carbon Road Bike (56cm) $730 sunnyvale
  • Cannondale Supersix Full Carbon Road Bike (54cm) $890 sunnyvale
  • Brompton foldable bike for sale $1,880 san jose east
  • Vitus Sentier VR 27 $1,049 sunnyvale
  • KHS Flite 250 XS bike w/ carbon fork $300 sunnyvale
  • Trek 4300 18.5" aluminum mountain bike $250 sunnyvale
  • 2 swagcycle pro e-scoooter $400 Santa Clara
  • Commencal meta ht MTB with upgrades and extras $1,700 san jose south
  • aluminum fleet commute bikes, 8 speeds, rack - warranty! (refurbished) $275 san jose downtown
  • Specialized Stumpjumper FSR XC, Aluminum, warranty $375 san jose downtown
  • S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 26, Carbon, warranty $795 san jose downtown
  • All city Apex 1 $1,000 milpitas
  • Murray All Terrain Mountain Bike | Women's / Girls' (price cut) $45 willow glen / cambrian
  • Huffy 24” Rock Creek 18-Speed Mountain Bike $50 santa clara
  • 2010 Specialized Stuntjumper FSR Elite $700 san jose downtown
  • Thomas and friends 12" inch bike bicycle for kid kids child children $25 San Jose
  • Bicycle $56 santa clara
  • 2019 S-works specialized stumpjumper $4,800 morgan hill
  • Gravel Cyclocross Bike Sweet Disc Redline Conquest $650 saratoga
  • Voodoo Bokor Mountain Bike Sweet Nor California Classic ! $580 saratoga
  • Trek 520 Touring $650 campbell
  • Bicycle $75 santa clara
  • trek bike open offer $100 San Jose
  • Bicycle $68 santa clara
  • MOUNTAIN BIKE - Specialized 24 Speed - EXCELLENT CONDITION $150 san jose west
  • Cannondale SystemSix 56cm $4,300 san jose west
  • Levo 500w Battery Gen 3 M3 NEW/Take Off $550 Los Gatos
  • Huge sale Old school bmx bikes $12,345 San Jose
  • RadRover 6 Plus E-Bike (Charcol) $1,650 saratoga
  • Boys Giant MTX 125 with gears 20 " $175 santa clara
  • Firestone Century Cruiser $250 willow glen / cambrian
  • Trek Marlin 5 $400 cupertino
  • S-Works Tarmac Shimano Dura-Ace $4,300 Los Gatos
  • Next 26” Men's Mountain Bike for sale $65 san jose north
  • Trek Mountain Bike - Size 175, Medium $349 san jose north
  • Vintage Univega Specialissima Road Bike $650 san jose north
  • Spin bike exercise $450 los gatos
  • Gazelle Medeo T10+ HMB - Medium $2,200 San Jose
  • 1998 GT Lightning Ti $1,000 san jose south
  • 1988-89 Fisher CR-7 $450 san jose south
  • White Yokoto Yosemite Men's Bike $200 san jose north
  • Santa Cruz Superlight $450 San Jose
  • E-bike Lectric XP Step-Thru 2.0 (white) - one year old $700 cupertino
  • Schwinn StingRay OCC Chopper-"NIB" $425 san jose west
  • Schwinn Bike $25 san jose west
  • Fuell Flluid E-bike by Erik Buell $2,699 santa clara
  • Huge Electric Bike Red Tag Sale $800 santa clara
  • Chatham beach cruiser single speed basically new $100 san jose west
  • Cervelo C3 Ultegra 22", like new, PRICE DROPPED! $1,800 san jose downtown
  • Trek Émonda SL 7 superlight electronic-shift, power meter $4,550 san jose downtown
  • 2017 Specialized Diverge A1 Sport 54"cm $475 sunnyvale
  • Beach Cruiser e-bike $2,000 morgan hill
  • G-FORCE T42 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike $900 san jose north
  • Santa Cruz Heckler 2022 XL $5,100 san jose downtown
  • Trek 7000 Bicycle $500 santa clara
  • Vintage Schwinn Straight Bar 1948 DB97XE Original paint $1,200 san jose south

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. How we test gear.

trek procaliber 97

The Best Trek Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

The Wisconsin-headquartered company has local values and a global impact.

Trek’s founding story is out of a Hollywood director’s mind and a non-fiction writer’s wish list: In 1976, Bevill Hogg and Dick Burke drank beers at the Pine Knoll Supper Club in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, and debated over the name of their would-be cycling company. They settled on Trek and soon went to work in a barn between Madison and Milwaukee, where a total of five employees built the brand’s first bikes out of steel. The company is still based near the barn that facilitated its first years—its modern headquarters are in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

Roscoe 24

Fat and grippy tires mated to a light aluminum frame

Émonda ALR 5 Disc

Émonda ALR 5 Disc

A smooth-riding frame paired with Shimano’s terrific 105 group


Sturdy steel in an approachable package

Madone SLR 9

Madone SLR 9

Every feature imaginable and a slippery aero frame

Top Fuel 9.9 X01

Top Fuel 9.9 X01

A super-efficient bike that shreds down hills

“We’re a uniquely American success story from small-town USA,” said brand manager Eric Bjorling. “So many of the values that have led to Trek’s success—hard work, craftsmanship, responsibility, commitment to our customers—are Wisconsin values.”

Its values may be hyper-local and American, but it’s now a company at the center of a globalized cycling market that has made industry-leading technological advances.

A recent example of Trek’s “industry-leading technological advances” mentioned above is IsoSpeed, which is available at the front and rear on certain Trek models. The rear decoupler is at the junction of the seat and top tube, and the front decoupler is located at the top of the headset.

Photography, Still life photography, Macro photography,

The front IsoSpeed decoupler allows the fork steerer tube to flex more than it would with a fixed upper headset cup, which helps damp some impacts. The rear IsoSpeed decoupler provides increased vertical seat tube deflection (compared to a traditional fixed seat tube design) for a smoother ride. The rear IsoSpeed system is adjustable on the latest Madone and Domane models, which lets the rider adjust the compliance level for terrain and or personal preference. You might not even need to adjust the rear slider to experience the road-smoothing effects of the two decouplers—our test team found that the all-over effect was fast and smooth performance equally suited to asphalt and cobbles.

Famed Classics specialist Fabian Cancellara, who retired from racing as a member of World Tour team Trek-Segafredo, worked with Trek engineers to develop the final version of IsoSpeed, which is especially useful on the cobbles and other rough surfaces that riders encounter on most Classics courses. Since the tech’s 2012 release on the Domane, Trek has claimed that IsoSpeed doesn’t sacrifice power transfer at the cost of more compliance.

Along with bolstering its ride-smoothing technologies, Trek has also begun implementing internal-storage compartments in the downtube of some of its road and mountain bikes. These handy “trap doors” debuted in the new Domane and Fuel EX, where an included organizer roll has pockets for a tube, CO2 cartridge, inflator head, and tire lever.

Bicycle part, Bicycle frame, Bicycle wheel, Bicycle fork, Bicycle tire, Bicycle, Tire, Road bicycle, Vehicle, Mountain bike,

Trek has also started moving away from women’s specific bikes and adopting a “more bikes for everyone” ethos, where all bikes are offered in unisex sizing. The idea is that this will ensure that no matter your gender, you’ll have access to the full array of paint colors, build kits, and sizes.

And of course, Trek continues to roll out exciting new bikes. This year’s slate includes the third generation of the popular Domane roadster (now with even more ride-smoothing technology) and fully revamped versions of the Fuel EX and Top Fuel mountain bikes, which are both more capable than ever.

If you’re in the market for a road, mountain, or city bike (or any other style), Trek likely has something made for you.

How We Chose

Trek is among the most popular bike brands and has one of the most extensive bike lines in the world. Because it makes a lot of bikes—and a lot of bikes that our readers want to know about—our test team evaluates, rides, and reviews many Trek models throughout the year. This is not a complete overview of all of Trek’s models, but a focused list of the best. These are the Trek bikes that offer exceptional performance, value, technology, or features (or some combination of all four).

.css-f79ry9{text-align:center;font-family:Charter,Charter-robotoFallback,Charter-localFallback,Georgia,Times,Serif;font-size:1.1875rem;line-height:1.6;}.css-f79ry9 strong{font-family:Charter,Charter-weightbold-robotoFallback,Charter-weightbold-localFallback,Georgia,Times,Serif;font-weight:bold;}.css-f79ry9 em{font-style:italic;font-family:Charter,Charter-styleitalic-robotoFallback,Charter-styleitalic-localFallback,Georgia,Times,Serif;} —BEST ALL-AROUND ROAD BIKE—

Domane slr 7, trek domane slr 7.

Domane SLR 7

The third-generation of the Domane isn’t just the best Domane; it’s Trek’s best-ever road bike. And it’s one of the best road bikes on the market right now thanks to an equal blend of performance, comfort, practicality, and versatility. The Domane got more aerodynamic than the previous iteration (saving 12 watts at 40Kph), it takes at least a 38mm tire, and has hidden fender mounts and sleek internal storage. It also features compliance-enhancing decouplers front and rear that improve rider comfort and control without detracting from the bike’s pedaling efficiency or handling. The Domane’s steering is light and its handling precise, but with a mellower edge and more stability than a traditional road racing bike.


―best new road bike―, émonda slr 9 etap, trek émonda slr 9 etap.

Émonda SLR 9 eTap


―best women’s trail bike―, $1,259.99 trek roscoe 7.

Trek Roscoe 7

There’s so much to love about this bike. The SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, with a 30t chainring and 10-50t cassette, gives a massive range of gears and plenty of low-range options for easing the pain of climbing steep hills. Its 27.5-inch wheels are maneuverable in tight, technical terrain, and the 2.8-inch tubeless-ready tires offer great traction and a plush ride. The RockShox Judy Silver fork has plenty of travel for getting rowdy (1oomm for size the extra-small frame size, 120mm for small through large) and can be locked out for more efficient off-trail riding. And speaking of rowdy, a 100mm dropper post is a very cool addition to a bike at this price.


Trek marlin 7.

Marlin 7

The Marlin 7, which also comes in a women’s version , is ideal for aspiring racers, everyday trail riders, and casual commuters alike. Riders who like to pedal fast will appreciate its steep, aggressive head and seat angles, and a high bottom bracket that offers decent pedal clearance on the trail. Its cables are internally routed, too, which isn’t common on bikes at this price. It has a 2x9-speed Shimano drivetrain, which strays from the single-chainring trend that’s popular on off-road bikes at the moment but also provides plenty of gearing options. And even though the RockShox XC30 100mm coil-spring fork is heavier than some comparable air-spring models, it does a surprisingly good job on super-rocky trails. Add to that the 2.2-inch-wide Bontrager tires on 29-inch Bontrager Connection rims, which never squirmed too much on sketchy terrain, and you have a bike that not only looks fast but offers the kind of sharp handling and precise steering you’d expect from higher-priced racing models.



Trek domane+ hp.

Domane+ HP

The Domane+ e-road bike is the electric version of, naturally, the popular Domane. It’s designed for riders who appreciate that bike’s reliable comfort and IsoSpeed technology but want the added fun and function of e-assist. It’s also the ideal companion for anyone coming back from injury, slower riders who want to mix it up with a speedy group, and couples with different fitness levels. A Bosch Performance Speed motor provides a very welcome 28 mph of pedal assist, and the 500Wh Powertube battery sleekly integrates into the down tube. You also get massive tire clearance, fender and rack compatibility, and Trek’s Blendr stem for cleanly mounting accessories such as lights and computers to your handlebar.


Supercaliber 9.9, trek supercaliber 9.9 xx1 axs.

Supercaliber 9.9 XX1 AXS

The new Supercaliber is the brand’s latest attempt to create the ultimate XC race bike by merging the best attributes of a hardtail (stiffness, low weight) and full-suspension (traction, comfort, control) frame into one. And based on our rides, it’s the closest yet to that best-of-both-worlds machine with 60mm of rear travel. Trek’s IsoStrut design places a Fox Float shock into a tube—both ends of that tube are bolted to the underside of the SuperCal’s top tube. At the top of the seat stays is a sleeve (Trek calls it a carriage) that slides over the bolted-in tube. Cutouts in the tube allow a cross bolt to pass through the sleeve, the tube, and the rear shock eyelet. Trek says this design eliminates rotation around the shock shaft and prevents side-loading the shaft so the bike has the stiffness and feel of a hardtail, but with real full suspension for better comfort and control. And based on back to back testing with a hardail, the Supercaliber is everything it was designed to be.



Procaliber 9.7, trek procaliber 9.7.

Procaliber 9.7

Trek did a masterful job with this bike, skimping in the right places to save money and splurging in the areas that count for performance. The carbon frame is extremely lightweight; our size XL test bike weighed in at only 21.6 pounds. The IsoSpeed decoupler at the junction of the seat tube and top tube offers so much vertical compliance you can actually see the seat tube moving if you bounce on the saddle. Tubeless-ready Bontrager Kovee Elite 23 carbon wheels also keep weight in check and roll very quickly when wrapped in (stock) 2.2-inch Bontrager XR2 Team Issue tires. Be warned, though, these are race-day tires for dry conditions and not well suited to daily trail riding or muddy courses. SRAM’s GX Eagle drivetrain and alloy SRAM X1 Eagle crank keep cost in check and can stand up to plenty of hard riding and abuse. They do add significant weight, though, which makes this bike’s overall lightness all the more impressive. Our tester was surprised, however, to find a narrow 720mm handlebar. He said it felt strange at first but didn’t notice it anymore after a few minutes of riding.


Domane al 2, trek domane al 2 disc.

Domane AL 2 Disc

The good looks of the Domane AL 2 are the first indication that Trek didn’t mess around with this bike. Start digging deeper and you’ll find even more to like. The shaped aluminum frame is nicely made and has a vibration-damping carbon fork. The rims are tubeless-ready so you can upgrade to smoother-rolling tires filled with puncture sealant. And new for 2021, the Domane AL 2 is outfitted with disc brakes. That does come with a bump in price—the previous version with rim brakes was only $860. But if you ride in variable weather conditions, the more reliable performance from disc brakes may save your bacon. The shifters snick-snick the drivetrain through the gears lightly and crisply. There are other little surprising nuggets, like the pocket in the frame for a speed sensor and the included light and computer mount that cleanly integrates into the stem. Best of all, the bike is a joy to ride. Handling is stable, precise, and attentive to pedal strokes so you feel like you’re flying over the road, not pushing across it.


Top fuel 9.9, trek top fuel 9.9 x01.

Top Fuel 9.9 X01

While the 2019 Top Fuel featured 100mm of travel in the front and back, the new top-of-the-line Top Fuel 9.9 has 120mm of front suspension and 115mm in the rear. Trek also did away with the floating mount that compressed the shock from both ends. Instead, the lower eyelet is fixed to the downtube, a change that reduces weight and improves stiffness. Tires are also beefed up. Instead of skinny race-oriented ones, this model comes with 29x2.40-inch Bontrager XR3 Team Issue rubber designed for a variety of riding conditions. Gnar capability is further enhanced thanks to a frame that’s slacker and longer. And it’s spec’d with a shorter stem and wider bars.



Madone slr 9 disc, trek madone slr 9.

Madone SLR 9

It’s no longer debatable that “disc brakes aren’t aero enough to race on.” Tell that to the now numerous Tour de France stage winners who’ve won highly contested sprints on disc-brake-equipped bikes. And try telling that to Mads Pedersen , who rode to the World Championship title on this bike. The Madone SLR 9 Disc is the premier aerodynamic offering from Trek. The SLR 9 Disc’s frame is made from 700 Series OCLV carbon and features an adjustable IsoSpeed, which can be set to create more or less frame compliance. This technology gives the bike versatility to suit the rider and the route. Pro-level components include a full Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset (50/34 crankset, 11-28 cassette), flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes, Bontrager Aeolus XXX 6 carbon wheels (tubeless-ready), and a Madone-specific seatpost, headset, and handlebar. Models range from $6,000 to $12,000.



The 1120 is a bikepacking beast, ready for your next days-long adventure as soon as you leave the shop. Complete with an aluminum frame, carbon fork, 1x11-speed Shimano SLX groupset, and bulbous Bontrager Chupacabra 29x3-inch tires, the bike’s components are capable of helping you ride through challenging terrain deep in the backcountry. What’s more, the 1120 comes stock with front and rear racks that will hold plenty of gear.


Trek roscoe 24.

Roscoe 24

The Roscoe 24 is a great bike for older children who want to take their riding skills off road. Designed to accommodate riders between 4-foot-2 and 5-foot-3, this bike comes with 24-inch wheels, 2.8-inch tires, a 1x8-speed Shimano groupset, and Tektro mechanical disc brakes, making it a well-equipped bike for younger riders as they learn how to navigate trails.



The 820 is Trek’s answer to people who just a want solid, reliable, and affordable bike to ride. With a steel frame, a fork with 75mm of travel, and 26 by 2-inch-wide tires, the 820 is labeled as an entry-level hardtail mountain bike. This steed would be great for college students looking for a reliable commuter and way to explore local trails or a family looking to buy a bike that can be used by several people for a variety of purposes. A 7-speed Shimano Tourney groupset, with a 42/34/24 crank and a 14-28 cassette, will enable almost any level of rider to get where they’re going.


Trek fx 3 disc.

FX 3 Disc

The name “ hybrid bike ” mean different things to different people. To some, it indicates a ride good as both a way to habitually exercise and explore. To others, it may only be a tool for good-weather fun. With an aluminum frame, carbon fork, and 32mm Bontrager H2 Hard-Case Lite tires, the Trek FX 3 Disc can be enjoyed by, and comfortable for, almost any sort of rider. The 9-speed Shimano Acera groupset features a 46/30 crank, 11-36 cassette, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.


Emonda alr 5 disc, trek émonda alr 5.

Émonda ALR 5

You’d be forgiven for thinking the new Émonda ALR 5 Disc is full carbon. But it’s not. It’s an aluminum race bike with the same geometry as Trek’s carbon Émonda frames. The ALR 5 Disc comes stock with a full Shimano 105 drivetrain, a compact 50/34 crankset, an 11-28 cassette, and hydraulic flat-mount disc brakes.

preview for HDM All Sections Playlist - Bicycling

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