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1 month europe trip planner

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A monument at Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary

30 Days in Europe: Travel Tips & Itinerary Ideas

1 month europe trip planner

Planning to spend 30 days in Europe ? One month is a fantastic amount of time to explore a mix of countries and cultures, but four weeks can go by in the blink of an eye on this staggeringly diverse continent.

With so many iconic sites, world-famous landmarks, and fairytale cities to see, deciding which destinations to visit and how to spend your time in Europe can be a tad bit overwhelming.

We know that feeling all too well, so we’ve compiled a list of useful tips, itinerary ideas, and sightseeing highlights to help you make the most of your European holiday.

Let’s dive right in — here’s how to plan a month-long holiday in Europe.

Travel to: Europe

A staircase between two buildings in Montmartre, Paris, France

Tips for planning your itinerary

1. don’t try to see everything in one go.

With so much to see and do in Europe, the biggest challenge is trying to narrow down your options and map out an itinerary. If you want to cover a lot of ground, one month gives you enough time to spend at least two or three nights in each destination. 

If, on the other hand, you want to do more than just scratch the surface of each country, it’s best to stick to fewer destinations and travel at a slower pace. 

Regardless of how many cities and countries you choose to visit, the worst thing you can do is go in with the expectation that you’ll be able to fit everything in on one trip. 

Truthfully, you could spend a lifetime exploring this continent and still not see it all — so don’t make the mistake of trying to do all the things while burning yourself out in the process.

2. Remember to schedule downtime, too

In other words, don’t let your FOMO dictate your itinerary! You’ll need to leave yourself time to experience each destination, plus time to rest and recharge (30 days is a long time to be constantly on the go).

The northern lights over water in Northern Norway

3. Pick your top destinations and interests

Once you’ve prioritized your top dream destinations, start to think about your personal preferences. Are you really into classical art, or do you have a passion for medieval history? Do you want to kick back on beautiful beaches or challenge yourself on a multi-day hike? Let your passions and interests help guide the itinerary planning process.

4. Consider transit time and seasons

Last but not least, you’ll need to consider a few important factors: the distance between each destination, the time of year you’re planning to visit, and your budget.

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Close up of the bottom half of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

How to get around Europe

In terms of convenience and value for money, traveling by train is arguably the best way to see the continent. Europe’s extensive rail network is reliable and efficient, so no matter what region you choose to visit, it’s virtually guaranteed to be accessible by train. 

Alternatively, if you’re working with a modest budget, you can choose to travel by coach bus. Certain companies (like Flixbus, for example) offer a range of routes in more than 20 countries across continental Europe with affordable ticket prices.

For longer distances, flying is your best bet. Budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet offer notoriously inexpensive flights to just about anywhere and everywhere on the continent (remember to keep an eye out for those extra fees, though).

If trying to plan a 30-day Europe trip is making your head spin, you could always join a guided tour and leave the planning to the people who do it best!

A red train travelling along forest and mountain peaks in Switzerland

30 days in Europe: Where to go and what to do

Now that we’ve got those practical matters out of the way, let’s move on to the fun stuff: choosing the places you’ll visit and the experiences you’ll have on your Euro trip.

Of course, we can’t possibly cover everything there is to do on this continent, so we’ll highlight the top things to see and do in each region — those big bucket list destinations, once-in-a-lifetime activities, and quintessentially European experiences that will ensure your holiday is one to remember.

Gondolas gliding down a canal in Venice, Italy

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Western Europe

Encompassing the likes of London, Paris, and Amsterdam, Western Europe is the first region that typically comes to mind when people think of a classic Euro trip.

It’s the perfect choice for first-time visitors and for those wanting to get a taste of the very best of the continent.

Popular cities to visit in Western Europe:

Top things to do in western europe:.

  • Explore Amsterdam’s waterways on a canal cruise
  • Scope out the best views of Paris’ skyline from the top of the Arc de Triomphe or the Montparnasse Tower
  • See the Swiss Alps, home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe
  • Admire the outlandish, whimsical designs of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona
  • Throw a coin in Rome’s Trevi Fountain
  • Have afternoon tea on a double-decker bus in London
  • Take a scenic train journey between Italy and Switzerland

The Colosseum hidden between trees in Rome, Italy

Southern Europe

For an idyllic holiday filled with dreamy beaches, out-of-this-world food, ancient ruins, and spectacular scenery, head for the spirited cities of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean — from Nice to Dubrovnik, Sorrento, and Corfu.

Popular cities to visit in Southern Europe:

Top things to do in southern europe:.

  • Sail around the Greek Islands
  • Take a trip back in time at the Acropolis in Athens
  • Attend the Grand Prix in Monaco
  • Rub shoulders with celebrities on the French Riviera
  • Visit a fado club in Lisbon
  • Walk along Dubrovnik’s city walls
  • Sail between two continents in Istanbul

A sailboat floating in the sea off the coast of Santorini, Greece

Central & Eastern Europe

Spanning countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland, a holiday in Central and Eastern Europe delivers a mix of captivating history, diverse culture, and delectable cuisine in equal measure.

Plus, you’ll find some of the continent’s most affordable and under-the-radar destinations here, too.

Popular cities to visit in Central and Eastern Europe:

Top things to do in central and eastern europe:.

  • Walk the length of the Berlin Wall
  • Soak in a thermal bath in Budapest
  • Spend a night at the opera in Vienna
  • Stroll along Prague’s famous Charles Bridge
  • Drink a stein of beer in a traditional beer hall in Munich
  • Marvel at the grandeur of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg
  • Explore Europe’s largest medieval square in Krakow

A monument at Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary

Northern Europe

Home to epic expanses of wilderness, chic cities, rugged fjords, and the natural phenomenon that is the aurora borealis, this is the region to choose if you want to venture a bit more off the beaten track, immerse yourself in nature, and see some of the most starkly beautiful landscapes on the continent.

Popular cities to visit in Northern Europe:

Top things to do in northern europe:.

  • Cruise through Western Norway’s fjords 
  • See the northern lights in Iceland
  • Seek solitude in Finnish Lapland
  • Snap photos of Copenhagen’s colorful harbourfront area
  • Explore Helsinki’s vibrant Design District
  • Visit Stockholm Palace, official residence of the Swedish monarch
  • Get lost among the winding streets of Tallinn’s Old Town

A fishing village and rocky shoreline in Norway

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30 days in Europe: Itinerary ideas

Covering heavy hitters like London and Paris — along with underrated cities and lesser-known locales — use these four itinerary ideas to inspire your 30-day Europe itinerary.

They’ll take you through some of the continent’s can’t-miss destinations, but you can (and should!) alter them and make them your own.

Classic Europe

  • Days 1 – 3 – London
  • Days 4 – 6 – Paris
  • Days 7 – 9 – Rome
  • Days 10 + 11 – Venice
  • Days 12 + 13 – Salzburg
  • Days 14 + 15 – Vienna
  • Days 16 – 18 – Budapest
  • Days 19 + 20 – Krakow
  • Days 21 – 23 – Prague
  • Days 24 – 26 – Berlin
  • Days 27 – 29 – Amsterdam
  • Day 30 – London

Europe’s icons and a taste of the Mediterranean

  • Days 7 – 9 – Barcelona
  • Days 10 + 11 – Nice
  • Days 12 – 14 – Florence
  • Days 15 + 16 – Bologna
  • Days 17 – 19 – Venice
  • Days 20 + 21 – Salzburg
  • Days 22 – 24 – Prague
  • Days 25 – 27 – Berlin
  • Days 28 – 30 – Amsterdam 

Person standing in front of Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland

Paris to Athens

  • Days 1 – 3 – Paris
  • Days 4 + 5 – Lyon
  • Days 6 + 7 – Avignon
  • Days 8 – 10 – Barcelona
  • Days 11 + 12 – French Riviera
  • Days 13 + 14 – Venice
  • Days 15 – 17 – Florence
  • Days 18 – 20 – Rome
  • Days 21 + 22 – Athens
  • Days 23 – 25 – Mykonos
  • Days 26 – 29 – Santorini
  • Day 30 – Athens

Nordic Highlights

  • Days 1 – 3 – Copenhagen
  • Days 4 + 5 – Aarhus
  • Days 6 + 7 – Frederikshavn
  • Days 8 + 9 – Gothenburg 
  • Days 10 – 12 – Stockholm
  • Days 13 + 14 – Karlstad
  • Days 15 + 16 – Lillehammer
  • Days 17 – 19 – Flåm/Sognefjord
  • Days 20 + 21 – Bergen
  • Days 22 + 23 – Oslo
  • Days 24 + 25 – Reykjavik 
  • Day 26 – Golden Circle
  • Days 27 – 29 – South Coast
  • Day 30 – Reykjavik

Europe temperature averages

To help give you a better idea of the best time to visit Europe, here are a few average seasonal temperatures for major capitals across the continent.

If you’re looking for more itinerary inspiration — or if you’re keen to book a hassle-free holiday and travel with a group of like-minded people — check out our full range of 30-day Europe tours !

1 month europe trip planner

Ashley Nitransky

Ashley is a Content Editor at TourRadar. When she’s not writing, travelling, or obsessively checking flight prices on Skyscanner, you can find her attempting to fine-tune her photography skills or watching a shark documentary.

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1 month europe trip planner

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1 month europe trip planner

Trip ideas for Europe in fall

Unlock the beauty of European fall with these 2 trip ideas.

1 month europe trip planner

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Are you ready to see more during one month in Europe? Look past the big names and find some of the coolest European cities, with lively cultural scenes and stunning landmarks. For all you adventurers who want to not only visit Europe but truly experience it - these are the places to go!

Itinerary highlights 

Click here or on the map to view this route in our Trip Planner

Alternative tour map

Ghent, Belgium

1 month europe trip planner

Ghent is as picturesque as nearby Bruges but with fewer tourists. Check out the St. Bavo Cathedral .

Enjoy lively evenings in medieval Ghent, thanks to its large student population.

Art and music are everywhere during the Gentse Feesten , a spectacular 10-day festival held in July.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

1 month europe trip planner

Rotterdam is Amsterdam's hip younger brother, with a futuristic skyline that's unique in the Netherlands.

Landmarks of modern architecture include the Erasmus Bridge and the brand-new Market Hall .

The nightlife is truly excellent, with a variety of underground clubs and live music venues.

Leipzig, Germany

1 month europe trip planner

Leipzig is one of Germany's coolest cities and its creative vibe has earned it the nickname New Berlin .

Enjoy architectural variety and check out St. Nicholas Church , where Bach used to play the organ.

Visit nearby Colditz Castle , a famous World War II prison that's been partly converted into a hostel.

Warsaw, Poland

1 month europe trip planner

Warsaw is a city on the rise, with a rich art scene, some great cuisine and an undeniably cool vibe.

Check out the Warsaw Uprising Museum to learn about the tragic near-obliteration of the city in 1944.

In the up-and-coming Praga district , factories have been turned into clubs, restaurants and art galleries.

Budapest, Hungary

1 month europe trip planner

Budapest is a city of great beauty, split in two by the Danube River. Visit Buda Castle for an amazing view.

Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of ruin bars , housed in abandoned buildings. Look for them in District 7.

Had a long night in the bars? Head to the Széchenyi thermal baths for a day of swimming and relaxing.

Belgrade, Serbia

1 month europe trip planner

Belgrade is gritty and rough around the edges but also full of creativity and amazing nightlife.

The floating river clubs are the place to go, whether you prefer live music or all-night techno.

Visit Kalemegdan Park and watch the Danube and Sava rivers meet from the top of Belgrade Fortress .

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 month europe trip planner

Sarajevo is known as the Jerusalem of Europe , a crossroads where East and West have met for centuries.

Have a cup of Bosnian coffee at the historic Bascarsija bazaar , dating back to the early Ottoman empire.

The city's greatest assets are its hospitable people . Let them tell you all about Sarajevo's fascinating history.

Zagreb, Croatia

1 month europe trip planner

Zagreb is a lovely small capital with a youthful atmosphere and plenty of good bars and restaurants.

Start your day by getting some fresh fruit at Dolac Market , a recognizable sea of red umbrellas.

Visit the unique Museum of Broken Relationships - it'll make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Bologna, Italy

1 month europe trip planner

Bologna is a city of great beauty, offering medieval churches, long porticoes and hidden canals.

The University of Bologna is the crown jewel of this lively student city, dating back to the year 1088.

Climb to the top of Asinelli Tower , the highest tower in Italy, for an amazing view of Bologna.

Lyon, France

1 month europe trip planner

Lyon is the gastronomical capital of France , where great food and wine can be found in abundance.

Culture and history are everywhere, from the ancient Roman theatre to the futuristic Musée de Confluence .

Go to the top of Fourvière Hill for the best view of Lyon and to visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière .

What Pass should I get for one month in Europe?

The ideal rail Pass for one month in Europe is the Eurail Global Pass , starting from € 211 . With this Eurail Pass, you can travel in up to 33 European countries. 

Plan your journey

Start planning your trip with the Eurail timetable. You can use it to find the departure and arrival times of European trains. You can also check if your trains require an advance reservation.

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The Trusted Traveller

First Timers One Month Europe Itinerary

Planning your first trip to a new region is exciting but it can be a daunting task, especially one as big and full of interesting and exciting places as Europe. With limited time it can be hard picking which places you should see on a one month Europe itinerary and which might be better left for next time.

There are a few factors that I have considered when putting together this first timers one month Europe itinerary.

Firstly, this one month in Europe itinerary is about giving you enough time in each destination to see the main sights but also have some time to just soak it all in.

Secondly, I considered logistics and how easy it is to get from one place to another. While Europe has many transport options that all make it simple to get around, when you only have one month you don’t want to be spending a week of that getting from place to place.

Finally, I considered popularity. A lot of people are reluctant to visit the popular places because they can be overcrowded and a touch touristy. Me on the other hand, I like to embrace it because really these places are popular for a reason, they are awesome!

It is nice to get off the beaten path from time to time but I believe that most people visiting Europe for the first time want to experience the places and sights everyone is talking about.

This one month in Europe itinerary is by no means comprehensive, but what it does give you is an overview of what I think you shouldn’t miss on your first visit to Europe. Feel free to use this as a guide, or a starting point and plan from there by adding more stops or removing any places you don’t fancy.

This post contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure policy is here .

Getting Around Europe

In Europe I have travelled by bus, plane, boat and train all at different times and for different reasons. For this itinerary and for the easiest and most convenient way to travel, I suggest using the extensive network of trains.

Why Travel by Train in Europe?

I’m a big advocate for train travel. And while it isn’t always the cheapest mode of transport, it is usually the most convenient. The train will usually pick you up in the centre of a city and drop you in the centre of the next unlike air travel where airports are usually a long way from the city centre.

The biggest pluses to train travel for me are how comfortable and scenic it is. Most trains come in 1st and 2nd class with 2nd class being the equivalent of 1st class in most other parts of the world. Big picture windows, and on some trains, almost entirely glass compartments, help you take in the view while you’re relaxing in your comfortable air-conditioned seat.

High speed trains also make train travel in Europe the quickest way to get around on a lot of the routes. Some trains travel at over 300km/hr!

Train Tickets in Europe

For the itinerary below, getting a rail plus is the most cost-effective and simplest way to go in terms of tickets. In most cases the pass is all you will need to board any train (except overnight sleepers and high-speed trains) at any time of day giving you the flexibility to move onto your next destination when the time suits you most.

Cost of a Europe Rail Pass

10 or 15 days in 2 months basically means that you have 10 or 15 travel days over a 2 month period. A travel day is a 24 hour period. Say you jump on a train at 9:00am one day, your travel day will end at 9:00am the next day.  On each of those travel days you’re allowed unlimited connections.

With the itinerary below, a 10 days in 2 months pass covers all 10 travel days outlined below. If you are adding any more days, then the 15 days in 2 months pass will be required. If you are cutting some stops out, you may need to look into whether point to point tickets may be a cheaper option.

One thing to be aware of is that an extra seat reservation and fee is required on sleeper and high-speed trains. The agency where you buy your pass (more on that below) will be able to sort out those reservations for you as well.

Where to Buy Europe Rail Tickets

European rail passes are not available to buy in Europe, so it is necessary that you are organised and buy them before you leave home.

Visit the Rail Europe website in your home country using the links below to purchase tickets and rail passes.

1 month europe trip planner

One Month Europe Itinerary

First Timers One Europe Itinerary - The Trusted Traveller

Paris – 4 Days

The Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur Cathedral, The Louvre, Paris Opera House, Place des Vosges and Moulin Rouge; just a few of the things you can see and do in Paris - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Things to See & Do in Paris

Paris is the perfect place to start a 4 week Europe itinerary and will give you a heavy dose of art, culture and food to get you started. Check out some of the best museums in the world, The Louvre and d’Orsay to name just two. Take a ride up the iconic Eiffel Tower for views over the city. Cathedral lovers will love Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle and Sacre Coeur . For a bit of people watching, take a stroll down the Champs Elysee or through the Tulleries and  Luxembourg Gardens . And why not add a half day trip out to visit the Palace of Versailles .

Read more about all the things to do in Paris here .

Suggested Paris Tours

Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour

Louvre Museum Skip the Line

Seine River Cruise

Arc De Triomphe Skip the Line

Eiffel Tower Priority Access

Palace of Versailles Skip the Line

Where to Stay in Paris

Here are three accommodation options to suit all budgets that I recommend you check out. All are centrally located, highly rated and come with excellent facilities.

Budget – Hotel Marignan

Mid-Range – Hotel Le Relais des Halles

Luxury – Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

What to Eat in Paris

Croissants  for breakfast, baguettes with fresh cheese and cured meats for lunch and warming soups , casseroles and steak frittes for dinner. And then there’s the sweets. Delicate macarons , eclairs and other French pastries can be found in the most amazing smelling shops. Or pick up a crêpe smothered in nutella chocolate spread or lemon and sugar from vendors on the street.

Bruges – 2 Days

Just a few of the things you can see and do in Bruges, Belgium- One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time Between Paris and Bruges

Paris to Bruges on a direct train service takes about two and a half hours. More frequent services run with one change in Brussels and take about the same amount of time.

Things to See & Do in Bruges

Take a wander around the Old Town , through the Main Market Square , and down the cobblestone streets past beautiful medieval architecture . Cruise the romantic canals past some of the city’s most romantic spots. Climb the steps of the Belfry for views over the city. Visit the Church of Our Lady to see Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child.

Read more about all the things to do in Bruges here .

Suggested Bruges Tours

Beer and Chocolate Tasting Tour

Bruges Private Highlights and Hidden Gems Tour

Bruges Electric Scooter Tour

Where to Stay in Bruges

Budget – B&B Lady Jane

Mid-Range – Monsieur Maurice

Luxury – B&B Le Foulage

What to Eat in Bruges

Chocolate , chocolate, chocolate! And once you’re sick of chocolate, try some waffles (with chocolate of course!) or Frites which are hot fries with mayonnaise. Yum!

Amsterdam – 3 Days

Just a few scenes from Amsterdam in the Netherlands - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Bruges to Amsterdam

Bruges to Amsterdam by train requires one change in Brussels with the journey taking no more than three hours.

Things to See & Do in Amsterdam

You can’t come to Amsterdam without checking out its famous canals . Whether it’s on foot, abroad a canal boat or riding a bike , you could spend your whole three days just exploring them. But if you want to fit in a few more things, I highly recommend Anne Frank Haus to learn about the young woman and her family’s story. You can also visit a few other world-class museums like the  Rijksmuseum , Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt House to name a few. Or take a cheeky walk around the famous Red Light District at night.

Read more about all the things to do in Amsterdam here .

Suggested Amsterdam Tours

Red Light District Walking Tour

Rijksmuseum Museum Skip the Line

Van Gogh Museum Skip the Line

City Canal Cruise

Zaanse Schans Windmills

Countryside Bike Tour

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Budget – Hotel Prinsenhof

Mid-Range – Hotel Sebastians

Luxury – Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

What to Eat in Amsterdam

For some quintessential Dutch food, find yourself some raw herring , if you can stomach it. Grab a Kroket from a vending machine or some Frites from a street vendor. Or take a seat in a café to order some Erwtensoep , traditional split pea soup with other vegetables and pork. And to finish with something sweet try the poffertjes which are mini pancakes or stroopwafel , thin chewy waffle like biscuits.

Berlin – 3 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Berlin, Germany - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Amsterdam to Berlin

Amsterdam to Berlin can be done by direct train or with one change in Hanover. Travel time is about six hours.

Things to See & Do in Berlin

Make a beeline straight to the iconic Brandenburg Gate to start your visit. From there it’s an easy walk to most of the city’s must see sights like the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe to reflect on the city’s terrible history. Visit a  bunch of great museums on Museum Island , take a ride up the Berlin TV Tower for views of the city and see some of the remaining parts of the Berlin wall, including the section that’s been converted into an outdoor art gallery, East Side Gallery .

Read more about all the things to do in Berlin here .

Suggested Berlin Tours

TV Tower Skip the Line

Hop-on-Hop-off Bus

Walking Tour

Third Reich and Cold War Walking Tour

Reichstag Dome & Government District Tour


Berlin War & Cold War History Cycling Tour

3-Hour Street Art Tour

Where to Stay in Berlin

Budget – Ibis Budget Berlin  Kurfürstendamm

Mid-Range – Pension Absolut Berlin

Luxury – Regent Berlin

What to Eat in Berlin

You’re in Germany so a giant schnitzel  or a pork knuckle is a must. For some street food try the currywurst which is basically sausages with curry sauce. Berlin is a very multicultural city so you will find food from just about every country in the world represented across the city and done very authentically.

Prague – 3 Days

Experience the magic and beauty of Prague in the Czech Republic - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Berlin to Prague

Berlin to Prague trains run direct and takes less than 5 hours.

Things to See & Do in Prague

Avoid the craziness of Charles Bridge with an early morning stroll. Visit Prague Castle  to step back in time and for views of the hundred spires across the city. Wander the old town cobblestone streets. Watch the Astronomical clock do it’s thing in the Old Town Square.

Read more about all the things to do in Prague here .

Suggested Prague Tours

Prague Castle Skip the Line

Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

Beer & Traditional Dinner Tour

Ghosts and Legends Walking Tour

1-Hour Vltara River Cruise

Prague City Card

Where to Stay in Prague

Budget – Ragtime

Mid-Range – Motel One Prague

Luxury – Four Seasons Hotel Prague

What to Eat in Prague

Food in Prague is cheap if you stay away from the main tourist areas. Wander down the back streets to find traditional restaurants selling hearty goulash with dumplings and fish soup to help warm you up on a cold day. Try some local pork sausages with a typical accompaniment of sauerkraut . And wash it all down with some of the best beers in the world.

Salzburg – 2 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Salzburg, Austria - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Prague to Salzburg

Prague to Salzburg takes about six hours by train with one change in Linz.

Things to See & Do in Salzburg

Get your Sound of Music on with a tour of this famous movies filming locations. Walk around the old town checking out some of the best examples of Baroque architecture in the world. Dance around the Pegasus Fountain (Sound of Music reference) in the beautiful Mirabell Gardens . Enjoy the incredible views from Hohensalzburg Fortress . And learn more about the genius that was Mozart at his once birthplace which is now a museum.

Read more about all the things to do in Salzburg here .

Suggested Salzburg Tours

Original Sound of Music Tour

Hallstatt Tour

Salzburg Card

Hohensalzburg Fortress Admission Ticket Skip the Line

Walking Tour of Salzburg

Where to Stay in Salzburg

Budget – Pension Jahn

Mid-Range – Gastehaus im Priesterseminar Salzburg

Luxury – Hotel Goldener Hirsch

What to Eat in Salzburg

Similar cuisine to that of neighbouring country Germany. You’ll find big schnitzels , hearty pork knuckles with sauerkraut and traditional soups in the winter. For something sweet try a strudel or the national favourite,  Nockerl .

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Venice – 2 Days

Just a few scenes from the beautiful Italian city of Venice - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Salzburg to Venice

Salzburg to Venice can be done on an overnight train taking seven hours or during the day with one change in Villach taking around six hours.

Things to See & Do in Venice

Whether it’s in a gondola or vaperetto, you must take a ride on the famous canals of Venice . Get lost wandering the winding cobblestone streets . Spend some time taking in the atmosphere of  St Mark’s Square, watching the people and the pigeons. Explore some of the outer islands of Burano , Murano or Lido to see a different side of Venice.

Suggested Venice Tours

St Mark’s Basilica Skip the Line

Venetian Lagoon Tour

Gondola Tour

Doge’s Palace Priority Admission

2-Hour Walking Tour

Where to Stay in Venice

Budget – Hotel ai do Mori

Mid-Range – Albergo Casa Peron

Luxury – Hotel Danieli

What to Eat in Venice

Unfortunately Venice is touristy and overpriced when it comes to food. Try to stay off the main tourist trail and get lost in the back streets to find traditional tavernas serving Italian food of pizzas , pastas and antipasto plates of cured meats . And don’t forget to finish every meal with a gelato !

Rome – 4 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Rome, Italy - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time form Venice to Rome

Venice to Rome takes around three and a half hours by direct train with almost hourly departures.

Things to See & Do in Rome

Get a taste of Roman life in the centre of one of Europe’s biggest cities at the Colosseum and Roman Forum . Visit the inspiring and ancient Pantheon . Spend time in some of the city’s best public spaces like the  Spanish Steps , Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona . Visit another country, Vatican City , to see some of the worlds most incredible masterpieces and get the chance to come face to face with the Pope . And of course you must throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain so you can one day return to Rome.

Read more about all the things to do in Rome here .

Suggested Rome Tours

Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel Skip the Line

Authentic Italian Cooking Class

Street Food Tour

Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Tour

Where to Stay in Rome

Budget – Roma Trastevere Station

Mid-Range – Al Viminale Hill Inn & Hotel

Luxury – Hotel Raphael – Relais & Chateau

What to Eat in Rome

You are in Italy so that means pizza , pasta , fresh salads and antipasto . Get off the main tourist drag to find the authentic tavernas , restaurants and cafes. Although the Italians are not huge on dessert, a slice of tiramisu or a canoli is a must. And eating gelato at least once a day is mandatory!

Florence – 2 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Florence, Italy - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Rome to Florence

Rome to Florence takes just one and a half hours with services departing a few times every hour.

Things to See & Do in Florence

Art is the biggest drawcard in Florence and you can see some of the worlds best at the Uffitzi Gallery including the famous Statue of David . Check out the massive Duomo which dominates the square it sits on. Walk over one of Europe’s most atmospheric bridges, Pont Vechhio .  And shop for leather goods in the Mercato Centrale .

Read more about all the things to do in Florence here .

Suggested Florence Tours

Accademia Gallery Skip the Line

Tuscany Day Trip

Florence Dome Climb Skip the Line

Uffizi Gallery Small Group Tour

Where to Stay in Florence

Budget – Hotel Por Santa Maria

Mid-Range – Casa Pucci

Luxury – Portrait Firenze

What to Eat in Florence

As with Venice and Rome,  pizza and pasta will dominate the menus. A specialty of the region is steak , specifically Florentine t-bone steak which is cooked to perfection. I guarantee it will be the best steak you’ve ever had!

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Nice – 2 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Nice on the French Riviera, France - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Florence to Nice

Florence to Nice can take up to seven hours by train with two changes required in Genova or Milan and Ventimiglia.

Things to See & Do in Nice

Take a walk along the Promenade des Anglais on the water front. Explore the winding lanes of the old town looking for tiny cafes and bars. Enjoy the Mediterranean waters with a swim. Take a train to Cannes to see where the rich and famous come to play for the yearly film festival. Or head to the tiny country of Monaco to mingle with the wealthy at Monte Carlo Casino .

Read more about all the things to do in Nice here .

Suggested Nice Tours

Monaco & Monte Carlo Tour

Lamborghini Driving Experience

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus

Where to Stay in Nice

Budget – Hotel des Dames

Mid-Range – Ibis Styles Nice Centre Gare

Luxury – Hotel Negresco

What to Eat in Nice

You’re on the sea so seafood is fresh and at its best. Dine near the port for restaurants serving the freshest catches. Lots of fresh produce is used in fresh salads and dishes with a distinct Mediterranean flavour. Fish stew is the must try dish and don’t miss out on trying the world-famous Nicoise salad .

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Barcelona 3 Days

Some of the things to see and do in Barcelona, Spain - One Month Europe Itinerary for First Timers - The Trusted Traveller

Travel Time from Nice to Barcelona

Nice to Barcelona by train takes around eight hours with two changes required in Marseille and Montpellier.

Things to See & Do in Barcelona

Take a long stroll down Las Ramblas to be entertained by street performers and lots of people watching opportunities. Check out the mark left on the city by Gaudi at Sangrada Familia , Park Guell and Casa Batllo all of which are some of the most famous Spanish landmarks . Wander the Gothic quarter to see some of the city’s best Gothic architecture.

Suggested Barcelona Tours

Sagrada Familia Skip the Line

Park Guell Admission

Barcelona Card

Flamenco Show

Where to Stay in Barcelona

Budget – Hotel Curious

Mid-Range – Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

Luxury – Serras Barcelona

What to Eat in Barcelona

For a meal shared with friends, find a small tapas bar to enjoy small plates of food including freshly cut jamon , creamy croquettes , fresh seafood like sardines and bite sized omelette . For a bigger meal try the seafood paella , a rice dish cooked in one pan and topped with fresh seafood and meat. For sweets you can’t go past churros , a sugar or cinnamon coated long doughnut.

Over to you!

What is top of your list of places to visit in Europe? What would you add to this one month Europe itinerary for your own trip?

Let me know using the comments section below or join me on social media to start a conversation.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

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110 thoughts on “First Timers One Month Europe Itinerary”

It’s only when you start planning a trip in Europe, you realise just how many countries and places to see there are! This is about as comprehensive a list as its going to get, but the one main omission is London, which would be a good place to perhaps start, and then get the train through to Paris after a few days.

Thanks Dave. I agree London is a great place to start but in this case I omitted it because having spent so much time in the UK, I believe London and the UK deserve another trip altogether.

hi its been a lifelong dream of me to travel all over europe for a month to 45 days . i just dont know where to start from. ive been to venice, switzerland , italy and france and may want to skip them except for paris. can you recommend an itinerary from what country to start with. thank you

Hi Florenda. I have more itineraries which can be found on this page. Hope this helps you plan your perfect trip! Cheers Jen

Where do I sign up? 🙂 This sounds fantastic! And I like how you have the train as the transportation so the countryside can be seen too!

Thanks Gretta! The train is definitely the way to travel whenever possible I think.

Great list! We’ve been travelling in Europe for the last 2 months (for the first time) and it’s a pretty daunting place to plan for. We started in London then few to Romania and are now in the Greek islands. Our favourite places so far have probably been Budapest, Transylvania and Santorini.

Santorini is amazing isn’t it! Hope you continue to enjoy your European adventures.

For a break from cities, it might be worth venturing in to the mountains for an activity break. You can get to the Ecrins National Park and the Southern french Alps really easily on the train from Marseille and have access to a full range of activities from skiing, snowshoeing, husky sledding, sleeping in an igloo in the winter to canyoning, via ferrata, rock climbing, white water rafting, paragliding, walking, biking etc in the summer.

Thanks Sally. There are tons of great areas like this throughout Europe. If you have more than a month I would definitely suggest visiting a few of them.

Wow just looking through this is making me excited! I’m planning a month long trip to Europe for 2016 and this has been so helpful! Thank you! I just wanted to know, how much was the budget for this? Thank you!

Hi Angela. So glad you found this useful. This trip can be done on any budget you just need to make some alterations to the type of accommodation, where you eat and what you see in each place. If you’ve got a small budget then stay in hostels or even try couch surfing, eat bigger meals at lunch time when it’s cheaper and shop in supermarkets and for activities there are lots of free walking tours in Europe and museums generally have a free day each month too. Happy planning!

thank you for this information

Glad to help.

May I ask how much was your spending for this trip?

Thank you! Brandon Lee

Hi Brandon, This isn’t a trip I have done all at once myself. I’ve done it in bits and pieces. The budget for this would be entirely up to your personal choice depending on the type of accommodation you choose, the places you eat and what you see along the way. A good ball park figure for a budget to moderate traveller is around $100 a day. This will get you a dorm bed in a hostel, transport, simple meals and entrance to a few attractions. Hope this has been of some help. Cheers Jen

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for this! Though my fiance and I are going to use this trip itinerary (with a few tweeks here and there) for our honeymoon. My question is, what if we dont want to share a hostel? Being a honeymoon and all, privacy would be nice but we also dont want to spend a bunch of money. We’re doing this on as much of a budget as possible. Any suggestions on where to look, or would the “moderate” level hotels you listed be the the best choice?

Hi Haley, Congrats on the upcoming nuptials You must be very excited! Hostels have fantastic private rooms as well as dorms and they are very affordable, usually cheaper than most budget hotels. Some have private bathrooms, others you will be sharing facilities, so shop around until you find exactly what you are after. If you would like some specific recommendations based on where you are going I would be happy to help. Just email me at [email protected] . Hope you have a great honeymoon! Cheers Jen

Hi This is really very helpful . I am excited.Thank you so much for this fantastic itinerary. We are planning to travel this April with a 2 year toddler for one month. Do you think that we can make it through out the month with a toddler and yeah with rent a car . Please suggest

Thank you so much

I love this!!! I am planning to do a Europe trip for a few weeks in the fall so this is awesome. I will use this for future reference!

THanks Holly. Glad this has been of some help and I hope you really have a great time in Europe.

I love this! My husband and I are planning a 7 week trip in Europe for the fall 2015 (2 weeks in the British Isles and 5 weeks on the continent). Your itinerary includes most places we were planning to visit on the continent, so we will definitely use a big chunk of it! I’m 39 and it is my first time ever in Europe (I’m Canadian), so I planned a pretty good budget for it, enough to include a Eurail pass. The only changes I would make is stopping in Geneve to visit a friend, and skipping Spain to spend more time in France (400 years ago, my ancestors came to Canada from France! And French is my first language). Oh and we will make it to Danemark, as my husband has relatives there. Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to put this itinerary together and post it! Websites like your are priceless for inexperienced travellers like me! 🙂

Thanks Karine. I really appreciate your kind words. I hope you have a lovely time in Europe and I’d love to hear all about it when you return. Feel free to email me anytime. 🙂

hi! how much do you suggest I should bring if I follow the itinerary you posted above? 🙂

Hi Danielle, The amount you spend on this itinerary will depend entirely on your level of comfort for transport, accommodation and food. I’d be happy to talk about this more with you via email ( [email protected] ) at any time. Cheers Jen

Hi jen, thanks for sharing the information, i was planning to go Europe for a month in march 2016, started saving the money, and will be following your itenary, can you tell me how much i need to travel Europe for a month following your itenanry and considering low cheap hostels and what else on the trip i can save money, does travelling to bus will be cheaper option. Thanks in advance

Hi Fahad, Thanks for getting in touch and I am glad you found the itinerary useful. If you are planning to follow this exact itinerary staying in hostels dorm rooms, I would say accommodation will set you back around 15 Euros a night so around 450 Euros for the month. Other costs you will encounter are food and sightseeing. If you shop in supermarkets and cook in the hostels you could save a ton on eating out. The cost of sightseeing will depend on what you want to see and do. I have lots of posts throughout this website on all of the places mentioned in this itinerary that outline what the sights cost for entry. As for the bus, yes that would be the most cost effective way to travel but it is also the slowest so you need to weigh up whether you would prefer quality time in places or cheaper prices. I hope this helps and do get in touch should you have any follow up questions. Cheers Jen

hi, this is a very useful itinerary as I’ve wanted to go travelling for years but I didn’t know where to start. I’m only 16 but I’m planning on making this trip in 2018 after I’ve finished my A-levels. I know prices will change between now and 2018 but I was wondering roughly how much you think I would need to save up (including money for places to stay, food, travel). I worked out that I would need roughly £1500 for travel and accommodation but I haven’t even considered food yet. Does that price sound about right for a month of travelling and overnight stay? Thank you in advance x

Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much for reading my itinerary. I am so impressed that you have these dreams and I really hope you get to live them out in 2018. The cost will depend entirely on what type of accommodation you plan to stay in, whether you’d be eating out the whole time or cooking for yourself sometimes and how many paying attractions you would visit. Also what type of transport you’d be taking. The cheapest way to do it would be staying in dorms in hostels, cooking say 50% of your meals, travelling by bus and only doing one or two of the paid attractions in each place. For that I think £1500 for transport and accommodation would be sufficient and then add another £20 a night for accommodation, £20-30 for food per day and £20-30 per place for attractions. I hope this helps and please feel free to email me any time with any follow up questions [email protected] Cheers Jen

Hello, my husband and me along with our son are planning Europe trip at end of April 2016 for the first time. We are middle aged and big nature lover, rather mountain lover, to be specific. Hence we would like to avail the scenic train routes of eurail and other regional trains as far as practicable to explore the countryside and of course, would like to include Switzerland (Bernina Express/ Glacier Express) by reducing time for other cities. Can you please guide us?

Hi Sharmila, Thanks for your comment. Your trip sounds wonderful. We don’t have too much experience exploring the mountains and nature of Switzerland as we have taking in mostly the cities so far (would love to in the future though). We did do one scenic train from INterlaken to Lucerne called the Golden Line which was amazing. I have heard that the ones you mentioned are even better, so you are on the right track there. This website ( ) has tons of good info on those two trains you mentioned including good route maps. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to email me (thetrustedt [email protected] ) at any time and I’ll be happy to help. Cheers Jen

Hello, I have the possibility of going to Europe soon, if I go forward with it, it would be in January. The idea is to go for a full month, on my own. I am 19 and I’d like to have an idea on the budget I’d need for this. Also, I’d like to know what other things I can do, removing some of the cities you name in this itinerary (Bruges, Berlin, Salzburg), since I’d have more days in each of the remaining cities.

Thank you in advance, Juan.

Hi Juan, Thanks for your comment. Budget will depend entirely on what type of accommodation you choose to stay in, how you choose to eat meals, the mode of transport you choose and how many paying sights you visit. Feel free to email me ( [email protected] ) with more specifics and I’ll be happy to help you out with budget. As for more things to see and do in the cities you will be visiting, check out these posts which provide you with info on everything i recommend. Paris – Amsterdam – Prague – Rome – Hope this helps. Cheers Jen

This is an awesome itinerary and this will help me in march on my 1 month trip to europe.. probably ill start in amsterdam and last stop is italy.. thank you so much!!

My pleasure Jvista. So glad I could help and have a great trip.

I really enjoyed your article, I found it very helpful. I’m planning to travel Europe next year for a month however I have not decided which month would be best to go. When do you think I should go, I was thinking May but I’m not 100% sure.

Hey! May is a great time of year because the weather is generally fine and the crowds haven’t quite descended on the region yet. Equally good is September/October. The summer crowds are gone and the weather is still comfortable. Hope this helps.

HI Jen, do you think this itinerary would work in December-January? I know it’s cold, but it’s our long summer break in NZ.

Cheers, Craig

Hi Craig No problems at all with travelling Europe in winter. It is just a different experience. Everything will be open as usual and you’ll get to visit the Christmas Markets as well. Hope you enjoy! Cheers Jen

This article was wonderfully helpful! Are the days listed including the arrival / departure date?

Thanks so much Seleena. I am glad it is of help to you.

With 4 days in Paris at the beginning and 3 in Barcelona at the end, there is definitely room to arrive and depart within this itinerary. However If you have the time I would suggest at least arriving the day before or early on the first day to make the most of your time.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.

Hi Jen, I enjoyed reading your list. I’m planning a trip to South of France, Italy (Pisa, Amalfi Coast) & Greece. This will be my retirement 1-time-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe. This has been my goal for over 10 years now. I’ll do it by car cause I’m a photography fanatic and just have to be by the ocean. I love the notes on Pisa & Florence. My dream is to “get lost” in Toscani, traveling to every hidden place and every little town I can find, I want to meet the people get to know the culture and learn their cooking and music…. I’m traveling with no return date. And I want to own my time, the places I want to stop to take pix and the places I want to stay just cause. So any recommendations on Toscani and the Amalfi coast will be greatly appreciate it. I’m looking for good places to stay and eat that are nice but don’t break my budget. Also, what would you recommend, a Spring or autumn trip? I have subscribed to you page and hope to get lots of info I can use. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for getting in touch. Your trip really does sound amazing and once in a lifetime.

In Tuscany we recommend visiting Siena and San Gimignano at the very least. Siena is one of the largest towns in Tuscany but it has lovely winding cobblestone lanes, beautiful architecture (check out the main square) and great atmosphere. It also get quieter in the evening and early morning when there are no day trippers there. San Gimignano is much smaller and is the town on the hill with the iconic towers. Its a lovely place to wander around for a day.

On the Amalfi Coast we recommend staying in Sorrento. It is much cheaper than the towns on the Amalfi Coast but is still easily accessible. From Sorrento you can drive along to the Amalfi Coast or do what we did and take a ferry hopping on and off whenever you see something you like. From Sorrento you can also access the Isle of Capri. At night join the locals as the walk off their meals. the main street of Sorrento is closed to traffic in the evening and the locals parade up and down chatting to their friends and family. It a really night laid back tradition. In the town of Amalfi right on the waterfront was a really nice little pizza place which we loved and had the best pizza we’d had in all of Italy. Sorry I don’t recall the name.

As for other places to eat in both areas, we are not good a remembering to get the names of the places we enjoyed.

Both Spring and Autumn are good times to travel in Europe. There is less people and the weather is generally fine with sunny mild days and cool nights. If you want to avoid the heat I would visit in Autumn after summer but if you’d prefer to avoid the cold then I’d suggest Spring.

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please feel free to email us ( [email protected] ) and we’d be happy to help.

All the best for your trip.

Wow! Amazing article and comments too read them all. Planning a trip in Jun 2016 for 2 weeks. From Dubai to Birmingham (return ticket)- then Following your itinerary can you please guide us with the transportation (train) and how much it will cost per person. Is there a unlimited pass for the train for two weeks and much cheaper than a regular once. Thank you

Hi Margie, Thanks, I am so glad you found this useful. Train tickets are sold either point to point or in passes which give you a certain number of days travel. It will depend on how many travel days you have within your two weeks as to whether the point to point or pass would be cheaper. If you’d like to email me ( [email protected] ) with the country you live in I can point you in the right direction for checking exact prices. Unfortunately each country will have a different booking site. Cheers Jen

I am from Southeast Asia and I’ve been planning a Euro trip in 2017. I am so glad I came across this article as I don’t have a concrete plan yet as to my starting point! Thanks for this, I will use this as my guide. Cheers!

Thanks so much Love! I am so glad this itinerary will be helpful for you. Please feel free to email us if you need any travel planning assistance.

I am planning my senior trip to Europe, so stumbling across this article is a life saver. I was going to go on this trip with little notion of what to expect, due to none of my immediate contacts have ever traveled in Europe for an extended time. But, now that I have found this, I will be planning my trip around your outline- thank you!

am so glad that you have found our itinerary useful Meghan and that you have chosen to take your senior trip in Europe. I hope you have an amazing time and don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions as you are planning.

I think this is an excellent guide for first-timer. I’d personally add the Switzerland alps into the list or one of the towns like Lucerne. Maybe London too. But other than that this would make a great introductory itinerary.

Thanks Andrew. Totally agree, London and Lucerne would both may excellent additional to this itinerary.

Hi Jen, Im planning a trip with my partner for 25 days starting mid September. Love your article and most of the places in your itinerary we are already considering. We are flying into London and from there our plans are as follows Belgìum (Ghent or Bruges) Amsterdam Berlin Prague After Prague we are unsure of where to go. We are finishing our trip and flying out of Paris. We are thinking of either going to Venice and then getting a scenic train (or trains) through swiss alps to paris. Or going from Prague to Stuttgart for the Cannstatter Volksfest beer festival. Do you have any suggestions on what would be a better option? Also do you think we are better off purchasing a rail pass or would it be better to book each trip individually? Thankyou, Clare

Hi Clare, Thanks so much and glad you found the itinerary useful. Your itinerary looks good. How long were you planning to spend in each place? I like the idea of going to Venice and then getting the scenic train, the outlook is incredible. I have also heard good things about the beerfest in Stuttgart so it is a tough one to decide on. Another alternative would be taking a train to Salzburg for a night or two and then to Lucerne in Switerland and then onto Paris. As for tickets, you would need to look it up closer when tickets are available. Depending on how many segments you are travelling will depend on what is cheaper. Usually point to point is cheaper but don’t forget that if you are travelling on high speed trains you need to factor in the seat reservation costs too. Use the links I provided in the post above to cheap prices closer to your departure. Hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to contact use if you have any follow up questions ( [email protected] ) Have a great trip! Cheers Jen

Thank you Jen for your wonderful itinerary and travel advice. We followed most of the itinerary minus Bruges and Nice but with the added stop of Madrid for 3 nights. Everything went perfectly and for first time visitors to Europe it was a fantastic introduction. We can’t wait to go back !

Thanks Tony. That is fantastic to hear! Europe is so addictive and there is plenty to see so lots of excuses to keep going back.

Super super article and comments,, thank you very much for putting things together in this organized and informative way..I’m planning for a trip in 1 month ( very late plan but I finally got the time and money to do it) so I’m a bit anxious about it and your article is relieving.. I have couple questions here: 1) We are from Canada, so where do you advise us to start the trip from? 2) also I was hoping to go to Switzerland and Austria, would these be possible options and can we use the same train ticket passes to go there?

Thanks a lot

That’s so exciting Rose! There is no time like the present.

You could start your trip from any of the cities mentioned in the itinerary. I’d suggest checking out the best flight deals from your nearest international airport to each of them to see what the best option would be.

As for adding Switzerland and Austria, that could definitely work. Salzburg is included in the itinerary already but you could add Vienna if you liked also. In Switzerland I suggest Interlaken, it is amazing! Both are included in the pass, but with Switzerland it only includes the normal trains (not scenic trains).

Hope this has been of help to you and don’t hesitate to email me if you have any follow up questions ( [email protected] ).

Happy travels Jen

Many thanks Jen!! You are amazing and I’ll follow your advises. Best

These are such great recommendations Jen. I plan to travel to Europe and this is my first time. I have just 2 weeks time off from my work in India, and I like to go slow and not cramp my travel with many countries to visit. Maybe just go to a place or two and spend time there and soak in the countries/cities.

Which are the 1 or 2 or 3 places that you would suggest I go to, in the two weeks i have? I love countryside, nature, hills, valleys, mountains, river, sea, beach. 🙂 City-life does not excite me much!

Hi Pria, Thanks for your comment and so glad you found these recommendations useful. If you love mountains and nature then I’d suggest visiting Switzerland and Italy. Both are loaded with stunning landscapes with lots of opportunity for mountain hikes and/or scenic train rides. I can recommend visiting Interlaken in Switzerland and taking the Golden Line Scenic Train or similar towards Italy. In Italy I think Tuscany is stunning, lots of rolling hills and small hill towns. You could base yourself in Florence for Tuscany and day trip from there. Also Cinque Terre is great if you like walking and beaches. Hope this helps and if you ever have any other travel questions, we’d be happy to help ( [email protected] ) Cheers Jen

I am so glad I came across this. I was looking for my son who is planning a month this summer after college. After reading your article I believe it is time to take this trip with my husband. The information you provide is wonderful. Thank you!

Excellent! So glad this inspired you to travel yourself. I hope your son and you and your husband enjoy Europe!

Hi! my best friend and I are headed for a month in Europe January of 2017. All of our housing is taken care of, because we have friends who live in different cities. We would absolutely like to go to Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Rome, possibly Greece to meet a friend if its possible. Any tips or insight on how we can better plan our trip? We are flying into Paris.

Hey Gabi, You must be getting so excited for your trip! This itinerary is a great place to start with your planning. It has information on the using the trains and things to see and do in all the cities you mentioned. Because of the longer distances you will be travelling, you might be better flying most of the legs. If you are flying into Paris I would suggest taking the train to Amsterdam then London and then flying from London to Barcelona and another flight to Greece. This makes the most sense to me. Feel free to email me if you have any more specific questions and I would be happy to help. Hope you have the trip of a lifetime!

I really like your Europe travel plan. And working on a itinerary on the similar lines. I have few queries though. I’m using a rail planner app (only European trains are listed in this app) to identify train schedule. ex. Venice to Munich, Florence to Venice etc. and i can see that these trails require reservation. I’m not able to find Hop-on Hop-off trains that can be used with a global pass. How should i overcome/ rectify this? As in this case a global pass may not be a cost efficient option.. 🙁 Kindly suggest.

Hi Praveen, Thanks for your message. Only high speed trains like the Eurostar, Thalys etc require a reservation. All other trains, usually slower services with more stops, can be reserved but don’t require it. You best bet would be to check with a rail booking agent in your country of origin.

Hi Jen, My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe in October this year for about 30 days and as it is our first time, I found your guide really helpful and am planning to follow it as per your recommendations. Many people I have spoken to about our upcoming trip keep saying not to cram too much in and to make sure we enjoy each place we visit without rushing around. Would you agree with their sentiments? Would you say this is one of those rushed trips where we could get burnt out, or does it provide ample time in these cities to enjoy and take in the sites, but also just relax? For a first time visit, Would you recommend a trip like this where we visit a number of countries, or would you recommend seeing about 4 countries and going deeper into each? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Nigel

Hi Nigel, So glad you have found this itinerary useful and that you will be visiting Europe for the first time. What I find makes people more burnt out is long travel days. That’s why when I put together this itinerary, I made sure that the travel time between each place wasn’t too long. This gives you more time to spend in each place and as we all know, travel days really do take it out of you. I always recommend at least 3 nights in a big city and at least 2 nights in a smaller city. This principal I have used in my itinerary. This will give you time to see the key sites that interest you the most but also allow you time to just wander and soak up the atmosphere. If you are planning to head back to Europe again sometime, narrowing the destinations down a little this trip will give you more time to explore each place in more depth and have some time to relax in between. But remember, whatever alterations you make to the itinerary, make sure that it doesn’t increase your travel days. Hope this helps and if you need any more help please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Have an amazing time! Cheers Jen

Thanks for these insights Jen. Really helpful. If we were to go deeper into 4 countries over the 30 days, would an itinerary that has France, Spain, Portugal and Italy be advisable? Is Portugal worth travelling to for the first time (mindful that it is off the track as well). Would you have any recommended itineraries for these countries? Thanks again, Nigel

Hello! Thanks for this article and travel tips, they’re so useful! I already bought my ticket to Spain for the summer and I’m so excited since I’ve never been to Europe. I was wondering, which is the easiest and cheapest way to go from Barcelona to Nice? I was thinking about going through the coast until I get to Cannes, or maybe Italy I’m not sure yet. But I don’t know if there is a bus company or something of some sort that takes you around the coast. Is it cheaper to fly? or is there like a bus that takes you to different points around the coast? Thank you! 🙂

How exciting! I hope you have an amazing time in Europe. If you can get cheap flights, that would be the cheapest way to go. Keep any eye on the budget airlines that fly that route, Vueling and EasyJet for sales. The next cheapest way will be by bus. You can use . The bus will stop at lots of different places along the coast giving you more options. Hope this helps!

This is something i have been searching for so long and ,looks like i landed on the perfect one. Do u also help in making the bookings?

Hi Shuch, Glad this has helped. Unfortunately I am not a booking agent but you can find links throughout this post to website that I use and recommend to book your trip. Always happy to help with questions!

European countries are amazing to visit. One needs to be careful as its not same as other countries. Nice article Europe First Time Traveler.

Wow. This is such a great article. We are planning a trip to Europe next June July and I will use your itinerary as a template. Thanks so much for putting so much effort into this

So glad to could help Caroline. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks for putting up such an amazing and helpful post. We are planning a Europe trip in June/July next year and this will definitely be the basis of our itinerary. We are planning a 5 week trip. Do you think we could possibly fit in Croatia and/or Greece? Any suggestions as to travel mode and where to slot it in would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Katie

Hi Katie, Thanks, I am glad you found it useful. With an additional week, I would suggest picking just one, either Croatia or Greece. There is lots to see in both countries and so many incredible islands. Both are a little off the route of this itinerary so a flight would probably be the most time saving way to get there and with so many discount airlines in Europe, you’d be able to get it pretty cheap too. Adding it to the end or beginning of the trip makes sense to me. Hope you have an amazing trip! Cheers Jen

Hi Jen, Thankyou for great article, you have inspired me to solo travel! I have booked plane tocket. Can you tell me does the eurorail pass take me to each countries city centre and are rhe hotels you recommend close to train stations? Kind regards Maureen

Hi Maureen, I am so happy to hear that I have inspired you! The main train station in most European cities is in the city centre or very close to it. This makes it super easy to get around. All of my accommodation recommendations for the cities in this itinerary are above in the post. I hope you have a fabulous trip! Cheers Jen

Hi Jen!, So I know it is soooo far away but I want to get this done right. I am currently in Europe (Stuttgart, DE) as an Au-Pair but I would like to travel at the end of my stay for a month. The problem is that it would have to be by mid-December and I know how traveling can get during that time specially if there is bad weather. So I was wondering if you could give some sort of tips.

Plus, the trip I am planning is with my boyfriend who is currently in America and we both know nothing about Europe and the best ways to move around it. Can we still do the same places shown above during this time of the year? If we do some sort of this itinerary, what would be the best times to take the train? Because if I understood correctly there is another price if we were to take the night train right? Please HELP

Hi Ingrid, I have never personally travelled in Europe during winter but I know many people do so I don’t think you will have any problems following this itinerary at that time of year. Train is defintiely still the best way to get around. It is quick and cost effective, plus it lands you right in the heart of each city. Not sure what you mean by the best times to take the train. However, I usually aim for a morning departure as it is just more convenient than having to find somewhere to store your bags during the day while you wait for your train. Night trains will ultimately cost you less because you won’t be paying for accommodation. However, most of this itinerary is shorter tips so it wouldn’t necessarily be possible to take a night train. I suggest night trains if you are traveling more than 8 hours at a time. Hope this helps and have a fab time in Europe! Cheers Jen

I am from Singapore and we are planning for a honeymoon trip albeit a short one of about 2 weeks.

We have decided to include London, Paris, stopover for a day in disneyland. However we are undecided for a third place. Any suggestion for a scenic place with beautiful scenary of mountain and/or sea?

I have shortlisted Austria and Switzerland. We are not intending to drive though.

We will be going during winter time between dec to jan as we want to experience the xmas markets and vibes during the winter festive season!

Looking forward for your advice.

Hi Thomas, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Switzerland would be a great choice and easy to get to from Paris on the train. You could split your time between the mountains and the city with maybe visiting Zurich, Lucerne and/or Interlaken. All are beautiful and have lots to offer. Hope this helps and have a great trip! Cheers Jen

Thank you Jen!

We probably would take the train from paris in to basel and from there to Zurich then to Lauterbrunnen.

Can i check if during this season dec to jan if this plan is feasible?

We will probably fly out from switzerland.

Hello i like your page i am planning a European trip for 6 weeks we are doing Egypt first we then will have 6 weeks in Europe any information on where to start and finish would be great thank you

Hi Jeff, Sounds like an awesome trip. I would suggest the itinerary above but maybe adding a few extra stops in between or adding some more time in Spain or a side trip over the Greece or Croatia.

I’m planning two trips of a month each in March and July. Was thinking of covering the Mediterranean countries once and then the rest of Europe.. what do u think? Can u suggest any better ideas- would like to cover Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal in one trip and Austria, Czech, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK in the second trip.

I think I am going to start in London, to to Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, then around Europe a bit. I’ve already been to Paris and Amsterdam so I plan maybe 12 days in UK and 14 days in Germany, Prague, Italy and maybe Spain. A total of about 28 days not including travel to and from Europe. Thank goodness for the train system, it really works when so many countries are so close and compact.

Hi Roohan Sounds good. Just try not to pack too much in, otherwise you will need another holiday to get over the holiday. Cheers Jen

Thank you for posting this! I am in the beginning phase of preparing for a month-long Eurotrip next year. I have been so overwhelmed with information online until I stumbled across this post. Thank you so much!! I would like to avoid the massive tourist crowds and peak season pricing, would Sept or Oct be a good month to visit?

Hi Hamila, Glad you found this useful. Yes Sept/Oct is my preferred time of year to travel to Europe. The weather is good and the summer crowds are generally gone. Cheers Jen

Hi, my husband and I are planning to visit Europe for 30-days starting this November. This is gonna be our first time and your article is really a great help for us in planning this trip. Just want to check if we can squeeze in Switzerland in this itinerary and how; Appreciate your help!

Hi Krys, Glad this was useful for you. Depends on how long you plan to spend in Switzerland. You would need to remove a place or two from this suggested itinerary. It really depends on what interests you most. Cheers Jen

Your itinerary here is amazing. Looks like most of my trip planning just got finished 🙂

I am planning a one month trip to Europe form our 30th anniversary. Do you happen to have any info on Switzerland? Her favorite place so one we must stop at.

I’m considering road tripping around Britain and Scotland, August / September next year. The preference is to tour the countryside with B & B accommodation and avoid the major cities I thought that we could have 5 or 6 different locations which we could use as a base, and therefore do day trips rather than packing and unpacking every day or two. It is envisaged that the amount of time spent at each location would be about 3 to 5 days I would be pleased if you could make any recommendations for an itinerary, also various locations and any accommodation we could use that would suit our purpose.

Thank you for sharing this itinerary. Its very comprehensive and it covers a lot of the must see as a first timer in Europe. I like the fact that you have included train transpo and budget/mid-range hotels. I will be following this itinerary on my trip to Europe.

Hii as i am travel and toursim student from India and i am very weak in Europe but because of this article i got to know so many things about Europe when I’ll be traveling to Europe this itinerary will be followed. Thank you☺

Great outline We hope to use it as soon as the Covid crisis passes.

Thank you for your time and expertise.

Thank you so much for this. I’m actually using it to plan my mum, sister and I’s trip to the Rugby World Cup in France. It’ll be our first time in Europe and we will be there for about 6 weeks, with 3 weeks in between which we will dedicate to exploring Europe so this has come in quite handy. Thank you once again xx

This is great, but I wanted to add Milan on my trip. Which country do u think i can skip?

Regards Madz

If you want to add Milan, maybe missing out on Venice or Florence which are nearby. I guess it depends on which of these places you really wanted to go to can’t can’t miss out on.

Thanks for sharing this itinerary. It is very comprehensive and covers many must-see sights for first-time visitors to Europe. I like that you include train transport and budget/mid-range hotels. I will follow this itinerary on my European tour.

Nice guide, so interesting! Thanks for sharing with us ! 🙂

Hi Jen Thanks for this my wife and I are planning a 5 week trip next year hopefully starting around en of May . Never been to Europe before only Asia, we are from Melbourne

Cheers Chris

Glad you found this helpful Chris. Hope you and your wife enjoy Europe as much as I do!

I’m trying to plan a long trip to Europe for this summer. Its very overwhelming but this article has helped a ton. Would you recommend I book a one way ticket and then when I decide to come home book a flight back wherever I end up? Also regarding housing/hostels along the way- how do I find them? Do I have to book all these in advanced as well?

Hi Faith, Glad this has been helpful. If you know exactly when you will be coming back and from where, then I suggest booking the flight back as it will be cheaper the more in advance you book it. If money isn’t an issue, then you can just book when you know. Depending on the time of year you are travelling will depend on whether I suggest you book in advance for hostels or not. If you are travelling in the height of summer you may find it hard to find a bed in some of the most popular places. Suggest booking a destination or two in advance as you go to ensure you get a bed before you arrive at least. Cheers Jen

It is so great to have your itinerary and suggestion in this page. My family is going to have a 2 month-trip to Europe this summer (from Jun 1 to July 31st). We have 6 adults and 1 child and want to save cost as much as possible. One more thing to be worried about, we come from Vietnam and we can visit Schengen countries only as we have visa of one Schengen country so pls. do advise the best itinerary for us. We will fly directly from our city to Frankfurt (German) so we have to start our trip from Frankfurt. It is so nice to have your advice. Thank you in advance.

Hi Que, Thanks for your kind words. Please feel free to email me if you would like further travel planning advise [email protected] and we can talk more about my services and your plans. Cheers Jen

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JuliaSomething | DIY Europe Travel

How I Planned a 1 Month Trip in Europe – On a Budget

Are you planning a trip to Europe? This might help you get started. Some years ago, I discovered my passion for travelling and, more specifically, for travelling alone. Yes, it was scary, but this is how I planned my one-month trip in Europe, travelling alone, on a budget.

Disclaimer: It was 2016 before all these budget-saving apps were even available. I had to walk around with a map in my hand.

One month in Europe: Why travel alone?

Why planning a trip to Europe is probably one of the best things for personal development ? It might not be for everyone, but it sure helps lots of people, just like travelling helped me.

It gives me this immense freedom to do what I want when I feel like it, and more than that, I benefit from this never-ending source of experiencing myself through a new place and different people I meet along the way.

For those who have tried it or still do it, you will know what I’m talking about. If you are among the others, then here is a good read for you, a piece I wrote about travelling alone for the first time .

I cannot tell you enough about how much it will help you with your personal growth. Yes, there are greater things yet to be discovered about yourself, and here are some of my conclusions – Great Things Which Happened to Me After I Started Travelling Alone.

If your biggest question is ‘How much does it cost to travel one month in Europe?”.

1 month Europe trip cost

When it comes to planning a trip to Europe, many people start asking about costs. Here’s a list of things to help you plan a budget trip to Europe . Note that these Europe trip cost details are from 2016.

But the answer is that it’s up to you!

If there is one thing you get out of this blog post, it’s that comfort comes at a price, and it isn’t cheap .

In my case, I didn’t pay for accommodation because I planned my trip around the places I have some friends (or used Couchsurfing ), and it cost me well under 1000 Euros (it was in 2016).

The total cost of my transport which I had to book was 170 Euros. After I added the price of the food and other costs (museums, city transport), it added up to 800 Euros.

Keep on reading to see how I did it and what my strategy is for planning a one-month Euro trip under 1000 Euros.

How I travelled cheap, on a budget in Europe for 1 month ?

How I started planning a 1-month trip to Europe

In 2016 I was based in Klagenfurt, a small town in the south of Austria. That’s a great location to travel around Europe because it’s right in the centre.

It was about one month before the actual trip, and because I was tired of waiting for my friends to decide if we were going to do something together, I said to myself, “I’m gonna plan my own holiday, and I will make the most out of it .”

Yes, I have some  tips for you to plan your own holiday , but it will always depend on a lot of other things too. The country, budget, and personal lifestyle. I mean, cheap is a trade-off for comfort and time.

The entire process of planning took me one day. Yes, it was one day of work. Writing prices and locations down. And comparing. Trying different combos.

Planning a trip in Europe: Itinerary planning for budget backpacking in Europe

Your Europe itinerary comes down to money (again).

Years later, I’ve finally written a complete guide on how to plan a trip to Europe , and you should check it out if this is what you’re trying to figure out right now.

So there I was in front of my laptop, with only 400 Euros in my bank account (please keep in mind this was 2016!). Ok, I knew by the time I had to leave, I would have another 330 Euros. But that was for the actual trip (things like food and other unforeseen expenses).

When you travel on a budget, planning plays a huge role.

I had the entire of Europe to choose my locations, so I was flexible about the places , not about the money. Europe on a budget was my only plan.

And I had only one place which was for sure on the list – Paris. But other than that, no clue.

The core of my trip was planning my European route, which depends on transport connections, prices, friends who live there and weather.

Everything was so tied up it was hard to decide.

I checked the weather for the month and decided the week I was going to be in Paris.

Then I had to find a cheap way to get there (by bus). That was my starting point. I knew I wanted to reach Paris, and I had an approximate date because I wanted sunshine, not rainy days.

However, I had a couple of rainy days too. September can be a weird month, but at least it was warm.

planning 1 month of ravelling in Europe

Other than Paris, I had no idea where to go next. So I just check all the possible destinations, sorting them by price and checking each one how much it would cost to get to another one from there. I was checking all options, in and out of Paris.

And then I sorted everything based on the price to get there. Remember that you also need to add the cost of transportation from the airport to the city centre. Most budget airports are outside the cities, and a one-way trip to the city can be as much as 20 Euros. So I had to check that too.

Also, I was trying to find the perfect balance between the number of places to visit and the time spent in each city . I don’t like to rush through cities. When you travel for more than a few days, it will get you exhausted, and it’s a good idea to plan some resting days too.

I am going to walk you through my method of building a cheap itinerary in Europe and will explain each destination as I build the final list of stops from my Euro backpacking trip.

My strategy for planning the cheapest trip in Europe (I used all means of transport in Europe – plane, train and bus)

I wrote all about transport in Europe in this post: How to plan a budget trip to Europe .

After I had an idea of where I wanted to go first (Paris), I was on a mission to find the best and cheapest way to get there . Sure, there were 100 Euros train tickets and even more expensive plane tickets, but I was looking to find something less than 50 Euros to get there. When I say travel budget in Europe, I mean it.

At that time, I was based in Klagenfurt, Austria.

The plane was out of the question (in Austria). Too expensive. Then, I opened Google Maps and started to check trains and buses to get there, or somewhere close to France anyway.

That’s how I got to book a train to Frankfurt via Vienna. It was the best option for me, and it was a perfect opportunity to visit Frankfurt as well. And I was getting closer to Paris. It sounded like a good plan. I had no friends in Frankfurt, but it was one for one night, so I decided to use Couchsurfing.

Now they have a Lauda Motion, a low-cost airline flying to Vienna, and life is so much better. It’s like Ryanair, literally. You buy the tickets on the same website!

When travelling in Europe, the  train can be expensive . Next plan: flying. Yes, there are cheap airlines, low cost, but at the time, they were not in Austria. So, I found a pretty decent train ticket to Frankfurt.

Ok, so I decided to spend 2 days (1 night) there.

And on the second day, I found a night bus from Frankfurt to Zurich. I was getting closer to Paris, without spending all my money on the train ticket.

The great advantage of that cheap night bus was that I was leaving Frankfurt at midnight and arriving in Zurich, Switzerland, in the morning. That gave me the entire day to explore Frankfurt and also a full day in Zurich.

Taking two buses was cheaper than taking the train directly to Paris, so that’s why I added Zurich to my European tour map. Only for one day, and then took another night bus to Paris.

For that one day in Zurich, I locked my backpack in a locker at the train station , for which I paid quite a lot. I don’t remember exactly because the prices are in Francs, but I would say it was around 8 Euros. I wasn’t expecting it, but I got to see Zurich.

Also, I’m glad I didn’t get any other ideas because that place is so expensive. No wonder they don’t care about the European Union stuff. A sandwich at the metro was 10 Euros. A stamp = 3 Euros and a postcard = 3 Euros. A beer = 7 Euros (2016). Enough said.

After one sunny day in Zurich, I hopped on another night bus to Paris. By this time, I was so tired my body was hurting. I recommend booking a night bus only if you are under 25 or desperate.

The next morning I arrived in Paris.

Paris is huge. Therefore, I had many transport options. Low-cost airlines, buses, trains, Bla Bla car. Everything. My thoughts on Paris here (sarcasm included). I spent one week in Paris. Here’s a useful guide on how to spend 2 days in Paris . A few days with a friend and the rest of the week with someone I found on Couchsurfing .


Having friends in Dublin , I decided to go there next. The plane ticket was cheap; I bought it five weeks before. I spent six days in Dublin.

Note that the duration of each stay was also determined by the day on which the cheapest flights were.

So if the next cheap flight was in six days, then I would stay six days. If there was a cheap flight in seven days, then I would stay seven days; that was my reasoning.

From Dublin, the options were not so many. And going too far from home was not an option because it meant an expensive return ticket. (Yes, I’ve tested all the options).

Also, there are lots of things to do in Dublin that do not include visiting a bar . And if you make it to Ireland, I can’t recommend enough going to Northern Ireland and visiting the Giant Causeway . It’s just magical.

If you are visiting Dublin, in Ireland, this place can be a one day trip from Dublin. So what is the story of the Giant's Causeway?

From Dublin, I found that Copenhagen was really cheap at that time. It’s ironic, considering how crazy expensive Denmark is. So I bought that cheap plane ticket to Copenhagen. Here’s a curated list of top things to do in Copenhagen on your first trip. Since then, I have visited this gorgeous city once more.

I spent another six days there—the same reasoning with the plane prices.


From there, the options were already limited. It was either a long time on a bus or a plane.

I had to get closer to Austria, So I was looking for destinations closer to my home base. I was looking for a destination that had a cheap on-land connection to the home .

While I couldn’t find anything bus, train, or plane to take me closer to Austria, I checked prices for plane tickets to Italy.

If you are in for a special treat, try to book a day trip from Milan, since it’s so close to Como Lake.

Most of the time, planes to Milan have a great price, going from all over Europe. Mine plane was less than 25 EUR. You can still find similar tickets today, but you will need to add an extra carry on or checked luggage, since the rules for luggage have changed since then.

But back in 2016, for 25 EUR, I flew from Copenhagen to Milan. That’s why I decided to go to Milan for one night. And the perk of this destination was that there was a direct cheap night train heading home in Southern Austria—total bliss. For complete disclosure, that train was a night train, which was about 26EUR, but that’s still better than a night bus because you have room to move.

Tips to find cheap accommodation in Europe

During my constant coordination between prices, tickets, and times, I had to keep in mind accommodation. I always check my Facebook friends to see the cities in which I have friends.

This step is a highly important step. Accommodation in Europe is not cheap . A cheap hostel is around 20 Euros per night , and then when you multiply that by 30 nights… it’s not gonna go well if you’re on a budget. It’s not an option for a 1-month trip in Europe.

So when you are looking to find cheap accommodation in Europe, try taking a night bus/train and save that money. Two in one. Transport and accommodation . Although the level of comfort declines.

*After spending 2 nights in a row on a bus, I felt so tired, the first thing I did when I arrived in Paris was to sleep for 5 hours.*

As a last resort, check Booking for some cheap hostels , and always make sure you have a little extra money. For emergencies, you know?

If you happen to meet friends on the way (or make new ones), a nice flat on Airbnb could save you for the night.

I was also confused if I should even consider expensive cities like Copenhagen. I had no idea if I should visit that place. But the weather was great. (I was constantly checking the weather, monthly predictions, etc.).

I knew nobody there, or so I thought. I literally searched on Facebook for “Friends who live in Copenhagen.” I have a friend from high school living there. (After arriving there, I realised I had another friend and two colleagues from the university there. I guess most people are over Facebook at this point, because most of us don’t update our profiles anymore.)

The only two places in which I had no friends prior to my trip were Frankfurt and Milan. I spent only one night in each, so I used Couchsurfing to find a host .

All in all, I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and for all their help. This backpacking trip made me realize that people are genuinely kind. Most of them, anyway.

I met amazing people, more than welcoming, and I totally recommend it. I also used the Couchsurfing app a lot to find a buddy for a day, visit a museum, or eat ice cream.

I said it before, and I will say it again – Couchsurfing is More Than Just a Free Bed For The Night .

To sum it up, here are my tips for finding cheap accommodation in Europe:

  • Check hostel beds. Try to get a bed in a smaller room for more comfort. If you’re travelling to popular locations (such as Paris or London), book well in advance.
  • Check out Couchsurfing. Nowadays, you need a subscription to access it, but I believe it is for the better, as it keeps the weirdos out.
  • Research hotel location. In the end, it might be worth paying a bit more for a place that is conveniently located, so you will save much more on transport tickets.
  • Reach out to friends and former colleagues. I bet most of them won’t mind helping you out for a couple of days.

Managing travel dates and times during my one-month travel around Europe

Considering the lowest costs for that given time frame, planning a trip in Europe required lots of price checking and notes about different options. It was almost like a game of chess, but the outcome was all up to me.

I picked the days based on the price of the ticket. For example, taking a plane from Copenhagen to Milan was half price on a Monday than on Saturday or Sunday.

The cheapest plane tickets are during the week. Monday – Wednesday. The night buses/trains were also cheaper. Or the ones leaving very early in the morning.

A lot of my mornings were spent chasing a train somewhere in those cities. Or arriving. Which is great if you want to make the most out of your day there.

What apps did I use planning and during my 1-month trip in Europe?

Google Maps – whenever the obvious departure and arrival point had too expensive tickets, I stared at the map and searched for “What is close enough and can be cheaper?” (That was a question for me, not Google.)

OBB  –  The Austrian railway company. It’s cheap if you buy it a week before. It’s comfortable. The connections are great. Love it. I was always trying to use the train whenever getting in or out of the country.

Flixbus is a bus company which operates in many countries in Europe. Probably the cheapest one. It’s a bus; it’s ok. But it can be late, so don’t plan to catch a plane after a bus ride. Take some hours in between as a safety measure. And regarding safety, well… it’s like a car. A lot of things can happen on the highway.

Ryanair is a low-cost European airline with great connections and really cheap tickets. Each plane ticket (Paris – Dublin, Dublin – Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Milan was less than 26 Euros).

Sure, nowadays, they have changed their policies, and they basically charge extra for everything (cabin luggage, seat selection, etc.), but it still is one cheap airline.

Just make sure to follow all their rules, and you won’t be charged extra. Install their mobile phone to always have the boarding pass on hand! Please check out my guide on planning a Europe trip for my best and updated tips.

Kiwi is one of my favourites to check for all kinds of flight connections. Low cost or not, this is worth checking, and I love it.

Couchsurfing is an online platform for travellers, open-minded people who have a great passion for travelling and love meeting fellow travellers and/or locals. I used it to find people to hang out with or to find a place to stay. Great, amazing community. Too bad some speak poorly of it. I have many amazing memories because of it, and I have many more friends because of it. Read more about my experiences with Couchsurfing .

What else to keep in mind? in case you need a last-minute place to stay.

Don’t forget about travel insurance ! You should always be on the safe side!

Check out the ultimate list for how to travel cheap in Europe for one month in Europe!

Destinations for my 1-month trip in Europe

Oh boy, I felt exhausted after a day of sitting on a chair and killing the internet. And extremely proud of my achievement. And not a single night had to be spent in a hostel. Mastery.

The total cost of my transport which I had to book was 170 Euros. The year of this trip was 2016. After I added the price of the food and other costs (museums, city transport), it added up to 800 Euros.

This is what my final itinerary looked like.

Klagenfurt (Austria) – Frankfurt (Germany) – Zurich (Switzerland) – Paris (France) – Dublin (Ireland) – Copenhagen (Denmark) – Milan (Italy) – Klagenfurt (Austria)

If you’re looking for a Europe itinerary for your first European adventure, check out my recommended itinerary for 3-weeks in Europe . I promise it will be fabulous.

1 month travelling

The outcome of planning my own backpacking trip

I was always waiting for someone else to bring me along on their trips or plan everything for me. Oh, I had no idea what I was missing.

This simple, basic thing gives a feeling of self-control and confidence, and it illustrates how in the end, we can manage everything.

What’s in it for you when planning a trip to Europe for yourself ?

You get to decide each step of the way, how long you stand, and what to see. You truly feel like you have complete control over your life.

I manage to travel cheaper and decide my own pace of travelling, destinations, and means of transport.

And it put a smile on my face on those mornings when, at 3 a.m., I was waking up and heading to the airport. Because it was all me. Every second of, it was my idea, and I happily embraced it.

But I had to put in the work. Nothing worth having comes easy or cheap. And cheap isn’t always about the money.

Thanks for reading (assuming you made it this far).

This is my strategy for planning a backpacking trip to Europe , and I hope it helps.

Years later, I still read this blog post and find it hard to understand how I did it, but this is proof that most things happen when you HAVE to make them happen, not when you have extra cash to pump into your 1-month trip to Europe.

Travelling on a budget to Europe happens only when you are truly committed to living on a budget, and the reality is that not all of us are. Unfortunately.

There is still a lot to be said, but I hope you got the idea. Anyway, feel free to tell me about your plans and travel ideas, and I will try my best to help you. When I don’t travel, it makes me really happy to help someone else travel!

Please share, pin, and tell your friends! Travel cheap to Europe and be happy!

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1 month europe trip planner

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a travel expert, blogger, engineer, freelance copywriter, and a curiosity-driven personality. She sees travel as the ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth, and that's the main topic of her blog,

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[…] few years ago, I saw a lot of Europe on a really tight budget and wrote a blog post on how I found the best and cheapest travel options in Europe and travel in Europe for a […]

Thanks for inspiring me! You really helped me to plan this out. And I really agree with traveling alone because waiting the others really not worth it ahahaha *sorry for my bad grammar

I am so glad!! Happy travels and may you have the greatest time! I am sure you will love it!

[…] If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure to check all my tips on how I planned a 1-month trip to Europe on a budget. […]

[…] Read more on How I planned a 1 Month Trip in Europe – On a Budget […]

[…] I was travelling across Europe, I realized this one simple thing, that travelling doesn’t require loads of money. I used […]

[…] is an affordable country in Europe and has pretty much everything Earth has to offer to its inhabitants: mountains, seaside, rivers, […]

[…] PS. This is how to travel 1 month around Europe, ON A BUDGET! […]

Hi Julia I can see myself in you we are just like the same person. I’m going to Europe in 1 month and if I could write any review I would do exactly the same like you. I really your inspiration. Thank you for all your articles. Pam

1 month europe trip planner

The Ultimate 1-Month Europe Itinerary for Families (2023-2024)

Looking for a 1 month Europe itinerary ? Europe is one of the most beautiful, unique and memorable continents to visit. You are guaranteed to experience the rich history, art and culture, fabulous food, great people and iconic European landmarks on a month-long trip to Europe.

Planning a 1 month itinerary in Europe can be a challenge, as there are many great cities to experience. If you are travelling with family in Europe, you also need to make sure you have an amazing Europe with kids’ itinerary!

The good news is that we have a perfect itinerary for your family trip across Europe in 30 days, offering amazing cities, family-friendly accommodation and straightforward travel solutions. 

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my   full disclosure  for further information.

Table of Contents

1 Month in Europe Itinerary Map

1 month europe trip planner

Don’t forget to plan ahead when visiting Europe:

🛫 Book cheap flights with WayAway

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🎫 Book amazing tours and tickets with Get Your Guide

How to Travel Around Europe

There are lots of transport options for travelling around Europe. Here’s what you need to know, so you can choose the right mode of transport for your family:

Travelling Around Europe By Car

Travelling around Europe via car is an excellent option if you are travelling with kids and luggage on a 1-month Europe trip.

The sample Europe itinerary provided offers great 1 month travelling ideas, but with a car, you can easily visit additional places as you are not relying on public transport.

Check out the road rules before you visit/left or right side of the road driving. You can get Eurotrip route ideas from Via Michelin .

View hire car prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Travelling Around Europe by Train

Trains are a great way to travel on your 1 month trip to Europe.

There are many high-speed trains, so you can relax and enjoy the scenery once on board, making this one of the best ways to travel in Europe with family.

Booking online in advance is recommended as you will secure cheaper rates / travel passes.

View tickets and passes here >>>

Flying in Europe

Europe has many options in terms of airlines, with major carriers connecting large European cities as well as budget airlines (EasyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air) offering great flight prices (additional charges for luggage, seat selection etc.)

You also need to consider travel to and from the airport, but a short flight can allow you to fit more into your 30- day Europe trip itinerary.

View flight prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Europe By Bus

 If you are looking at more of a backpacking trip through Europe with kids than taking bus or coach options offers (if you can travel light), this offers a really cost-effective Europe trip. J

ourneys will inevitably be a bit longer, but it is a great option if the kids have some activities to keep them entertained or can sleep.

Accommodation in Europe for Families:

There is plenty of choice in terms of accommodation for your 1-month tour of Europe. Whether you are looking for budget, mid-range or luxury hotels or a mixture of all three, booking as early as possible is the best option.

Apart from saving money, you can ensure that you are in an area suitable for families.

Another option is to stay in guesthouses, B&B’s, apartments, apart-hotels or pensions. Some of the latter options have more space as well as offering self-catering facilities – perfect for a family trip. Check for the latest deals.

Best Time to Visit Europe

Choosing when best to visit Europe can be tricky as you need to factor in the different climates and events that you want to fit in as you travel across Europe for a month.

It is best to consider the positives and negatives of each season, then work out what is the best fit for your family.

In warmer weather, summer is great, so sightseeing and travelling on your 1 month Europe itinerary will be more enjoyable.

The temperature can be high in the Southern part of Europe , but you can counter this with early or later excursions. Many attractions are a lot busier during the school/summer holidays, so booking in advance is a good idea.

Winter is a magical time to visit Europe, particularly over Christmas. If your family loves winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, there are many great locations in Europe to enjoy these activities.

However, travel in the colder weather may be trickier as there is a strong possibility of rain and snow.

The shoulder months blend these issues in terms of the changeable weather and number of tourists. If you can travel in early Spring or early Autumn, better weather and fewer tourists are more likely.

You may also want to consider visiting at the time you find the cheapest flights and accommodation options .

1 Month Europe Itinerary for Families: A Complete Family Trip to Europe Itinerary

If you’re planning a Europe itinerary of up to 1 month, why not use this this 1 month Europe itinerary:

Days 1 to 3: London, UK

london, big bang, bridge-1900570.jpg

Start your 1 month Europe trip in London. The art, culture and history is amazing, and the city has a real vibrancy.

Highlights include Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London Eye and St James’ Park. Enjoy shopping on Oxford Street and Harrods, then head to Covent Garden for lunch, craft markets and street artists.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see a West End show or a Shakespearean play at the Globe Theatre. Two to three days in London is a perfect way to begin your Europe travel itinerary.

Where to Stay in London with Kids

Novotel London Tower Bridge is a Great-value hotel with stylish and spacious family rooms – two children (under 16) can stay free, with breakfast when sharing a room with adults. Families have access to video games, baby equipment, a healthy children’s menu and late check-out on Sundays.

View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London is a Great mid-range hotel on the South Bank of the Thames, opposite Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

You can walk to the London Eye, aquarium, restaurants and theatres in less than 5 minutes. The hotel has a swimming pool, cafes and restaurants (including kids’ menus). View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Hilton London Bankside is a Stunning hotel with an indoor pool, restaurant, gym, cocktail bar and luxury beds. The hotel is close to the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, with great links via Waterloo Station.

The interconnecting rooms are perfect for families, and added touches, like the sweet stall on arrival, set this hotel apart.

View More Places to Stay for Your Dates:

More on The UK – View our UK Homepage

Oxford City Break

Cambridge City Break

Days 4 to 7: Paris, France

paris, architecture, france-4011990.jpg

Paris is a magical and memorable city, so it is well worth spending four days of your 1 month Europe itinerary here.

Must-see activities include the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Art Gallery and Notre Dame cathedral, as well as a boat trip on the River Seine. Centre Pompidou is an amazing museum to visit with kids (buy a ticket for the escalator, which takes you through the colourful tubes on the outside of the building to the rooftop).

Montmartre is beautiful: a traditional Parisian neighbourhood just north of Paris, home to Sacre Couer Cathedral as well as cobbled streets, quaint shops, cafes and street artists.

Disneyland Paris is about an hour from the city centre and well worth a day trip with the kids.

How to Get to Paris from London:

Eurostar: Take the train from St Pancras Station to Gare du Nord, Paris, in just over two hours. There is also the option to take your car on Eurostar.

Flight: Flights from London airports take just over one hour, and you can secure budget prices. View London to Paris flights for your dates ><<<

Ferry: You can travel from Dover to Calais, then take a high-speed train from Calais to Paris (another option is to take your car on the ferry) the entire journey takes 6 to 8 hours.

Bus: Direct coach from London Victoria Green Line Coach Station take 11 hours to Paris (Place du Pantheon).

Where to Stay in Paris with Kids

Le 12 Hotel 41 : This hotel offers a great value junior suite with balcony and a fabulous city view, as well as a family-friendly location in the 8th district. The rooms are modern, well-equipped, and comfortable, with continental breakfast and bike rental available.

Dream Hotel Opera 45 Stylish hotel in the 9 th district, close to Tuileries Gardens and Opera Garnier, with the Louvre museum 15 minutes away.

There are two- or three-bedroom apartments with private hammam access, cots are also available. The hotel is close to Galeries Lafayette, shops, cafes and restaurants. View prices and availability for your dates here >> >

Hotel Regina Louvre 53 Luxurious hotel in the heart of the city, overlooking the Louvre and Tuileries Gardens, with views of the Eiffel Tower.

The décor in the hotel is stunning, and the spacious family rooms are exceptional too. There is an inviting breakfast room, bar and restaurant with lovely outside seating areas and a kids’ menu available.

Days 8 to 10: Bern, Switzerland

1 month europe trip planner

The third destination for your 1 month in Europe trip is the Swiss capital of Bern .

The charming Old Town is surrounded by the Aare River and has stunning architecture, including the still-working Zytglogge (astronomical clock dating back to 1530), gothic Munster Cathedral and many fountains statues and shops to explore.

Bern is named after the German word for bear, and the BarenPark (Bear Park) is on the banks of the river and home to several bears. The Gurten is the local mountain overlooking Bern and a short tram and funicular ride from the Old Town, so a perfect day trip.

The kids will love the many playgrounds, miniature trains, riding cars, observation tower and plenty of green space.

How to Get to Bern from Paris:

Train: Paris Bercy has a direct train to Bern once a day and additional services to Basel SBB (the stop before Bern where you can transfer). The journey takes 4.5 hours via direct train.

> (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored” class=”ek-link”>Compare hire car deals here >>

Flight: Flights from Paris CDG to EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiberg (BSL) Basel take just over one hour and you can secure budget prices. There is a 20-minute transfer bus from the airport to Basel train station, then take one of the regular trains to Bern in one hour.

View Paris to Bern flights here >>>

Where to Stay in Bern with Kids

Alpenblick Bern Family-friendly, good value hotel located close to the Old Town with great rooms (bunk beds for the kids!) as well as a café and restaurant on site. Breakfast can be delivered to your room, and cots/extra beds are available too.

Hotel Savoy : Modern, elegant and mid-priced hotel situated in the old town of Bern. Many of the main sights in Bern are within walking distance, as are the quaint shopping streets and restaurants. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable.

Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern : Splash out with a stay at this 5-star palace hotel in the centre of Bern, located in an Art Nouveau building dating back to 1913. The hotel has luxurious family rooms with stunning views of the Alps or the River Aare.

More on Switzerland :

Facts About Switzerland

Basel City Break Guide

Days 11 to 14: Munich, Germany

munich, germany, city-391354.jpg

Munich is a great city to visit as part of your 30-day Europe trip. The city is home to unique museums, huge parks, fairytale castles, and many family-friendly cafes and restaurants.

Munich’s Old Town is beautiful, including Marienplatz (central square) where the impressive Rathaus (Town Hall) and the 100-year-old Glockenspiel with daily shows is located.

The English Garden is in the centre of Munich and is one of the most extensive urban gardens in the world, with lots of family-friendly activities.

Olympia Park is also a great place to visit for the kids to let off steam. The fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle is arguably one of Europe’s best family day trips.

How to Get to Munich from Bern

Train: Take the train from Bern Bhf to Munich Hbf in 5 hours, with one change at Zurich. This is the best combination in terms of price and speed. > (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored” class=”ek-link”>Compare hire car deals here >>

Flight: Direct flights from EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiberg (BSL) to Munich Airport take one hour but can be quite expensive (c. €400 per person). See if you can find a good deal for your dates here >>>

Where to Stay in Munich with Kids

H2 Hotel München Olympiapark : Great location in central Munich, family-oriented and good value.

The beds are comfortable, the rooms are stylish, and there is a sun terrace, café and restaurant on site. Olympia Park and the BMW Welt/Museum are close by, and the UBahn (Metro) provides quick transfer across the city.

Citadines Arnulfpark Munich : Apartments only 2km from the old town. This aparthotel is a great option as there are separate living and sleeping areas and a modern kitchen. You can get a continental breakfast on-site or visit the many cafes/restaurants nearby. Cots available/small charge for extra beds. >> (opens in a new tab)” href=” month europe&trs=154055&p=2076&” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored” class=”ek-link”> View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Andaz Munich Schwabinger Tor Luxury 5-star hotel between the English Garden and Olympia Park, with spa, gym, swimming pool and a rooftop bar with fantastic views over Munich and the Alps. There are three restaurants and a café that serves stunning food. Cots and extra beds are available.

More Places to Stay in Munich:

More on Germany:

Germany Facts

Berlin with Kids

Days 15 to 17: Vienna Austria

1 month europe trip planner

Vienna is a not-to-be-missed stop on your 30-day Europe itinerary. The City of Music is famous for its majestic castles, palaces, churches and gardens, which the kids will love exploring (Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace and St Stephen’s Cathedral are breathtaking).

Vienna State Opera is considered one of the best opera houses globally, so booking tickets in advance is worth booking.

The kids will enjoy a visit to the Prater amusement park, including a ride on the iconic Ferris Wheel, Madame Tussauds, parks, a planetarium and the Schweizerhaus for traditional Austrian food.

Café culture is extremely popular in Vienna, too, don’t miss trying the delicious cakes and desserts!

Read More About Visiting Austria with Kids here >>>

If you’re visiting near Christmas, make sure you visit the Austria christmas markets .

How to Get to Vienna from Munich

Train: Take the direct train from Munich Hbf to Vienna Central Station in just over 4 hours. > (opens in a new tab)” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored” class=”ek-link”>Compare hire car deals here >>

Flight: Direct flights from Munich Airport to Vienna International Airport (VIE) take just over one hour (c. €100 per person). You can then take a taxi, train or airport bus to central Vienna, only 18km. 

Where to Stay in Vienna with Kids

Hilton Vienna Danube : Beautiful location on the banks of the River Danube, a short metro ride to the city centre, and very close to Prater amusement park. An open-air riverside pool and bicycle paths along the Danube are outside the hotel.

HeyMi Apartments The apartments are in the centre of Vienna in a fantastic building, with each apartment having a kitchen area and plenty of space.

There is a park with a playground opposite the apartments and an ice cream cafe around the corner, so its perfect for the kids.

Boutique Hotel Stephansplatz: Fabulous hotel in the heart of Vienna, opposite Saint Stephen’s Cathedral and close to many museums, palaces, shops and restaurants.

The hotel is exceptionally family-friendly, with welcome gift bags for the kids, thoughtful touches for the adults, lovely rooms, décor and great food. A great place to recharge half way through your month-long Europe trip itinerary.

  View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

More on Austria:

Innsbruck with Kids

Days 17 to 20: Venice, Italy

venice, rialto, italy-2085864.jpg

The Floating City is an unbelievable place and one of the top places to visit on your 1 month European itinerary. Built on 118 islands in the Venetian Lagoon, separated by canals and linked by 400 bridges, the kids will enjoy exploring the meandering streets and taking an infamous Gondola ride.

St Mark’s Basilica, Doge Palace (one of the best museums of Europe ), and St Mark’s Square are not to be missed.

The kids will love visiting one of the many carnival mask-makers shops (San Polo area) or the glass-blowing island of Murano. Carnival is held during February/early March: an enchanting festival with parades, concerts, markets, ornate Venetian masks and fabulous costumes!

How to Get to Venice from Vienna

Train: Take the direct train from Vienna Central Station to Venice Santa Lucia in approximately 7.5 hours. The station is located on the Grand Canal in the Cannaregio district. Get your tickets here >>>

Car: Driving from Vienna to Venice takes approximately 5.5 hours. View flight prices for your dates here >>>

If you are looking for a 20-day itinerary, you can easily secure a great value flight back home. The dock is a 10-minute walk from arrivals, and you can get tickets at the public transportation desk. Taxi is another option, more expensive but only a 15-minute journey.

Bus: You can take a direct bus from Vienna, Central Station Wiedner to Venixe, and Viale Stazione in just over 7.5 hours.

Where to Stay in Venice with Kids

Locanda Ai Santi Apostoli : Great value hotel, located in a 14th-century building overlooking the Grand Canal and a short walk to the Rialto Bridge and St. Marks’ Square. There are many vibrant fruits, vegetables, and flower markets close by to explore. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Ca’ San Trovaso – 6 Rooms: Quaint hotel with canal views in the quiet district of Dorsoduro. Rooms are decorated in a typical Venetian style, and there is a great roof terrace. You can easily walk to the main attractions, and the Guggenheim Museum is just around the corner. Cots and extra beds are available. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Palazzo Veneziano – Venice Collection : Elegant, centrally located, luxurious hotel close to the Great Canal. with comfortable beds, spacious rooms, great breakfast and welcoming staff. Cots and extra beds are available. Try and book the suite with an outdoor jacuzzi for an extra charge. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

More on Italy:

Amazing Facts About Italy

Lucca with Kids

Florence with Kids

Palermo with Kids

Days 21 to 23: Milan, Italy

italy, duomo square, tourist attraction-6752516.jpg

Milan is widely known as the capital of fashion, but it is actually a really family-friendly city too. At the heart of Milan is the impressive Duomo (the 5 th largest cathedral in the world), and the kids will enjoy the exciting climb to the rooftop, followed by a visit to Piazza du Duomo nearby for gelato.

Another key landmark in Milan is Castle Sforzesco: an impressive castle surrounded by Sempione Park. Milan Aquarium is located on the edge of the park, so this is a fun activity for the kids to enjoy too.

The National Museum of Science and Technology is the largest in Italy and is dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci with many interactive activities for younger and older kids.

How to Get to Milan from Venice

Train: Take the direct train from Venice Santa Lucia to Milan Centrale in just over 2 hours.

Car: Driving from Venice to Milan takes just under 3 hours. Verona and Lake Garda are on the route, so extending your one month in Europe by a day or so is worth it for an overnight stay as both are amazing Europe trip suggestions. Get your tickets here >>

Where to Stay in Milan with Kids

43 Station Hotel : Budget-friendly hotel, close to central station and with great transport links to explore Milan and further afield. Family rooms are clean, modern and spacious (cots available).

Brera’s lovely cafes and restaurants are 1.2 miles away, while Milan Cathedral is only five metro stops. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Montenapoleone Suites  : Superb Aparthotel, offering beautifully decorated suites with one or two bedrooms, a living area and bathroom (some also have a jacuzzi).

NH Collection Milano President Situated in the historic centre, this superb 5-star hotel is 500 yards from the Cathedral and Milan’s famous shopping street. The family rooms are well equipped and spacious. There is a great Italian restaurant on-site and babysitting service available (extra charge). View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Turin with Kids

Verona with Kids

Days 24 to 26: Nice, France

france, nice, sea-4625662.jpg

Nice is one of the most beautiful French cities to visit, located in the heart of the French Riviera and the penultimate city in your 4 week Europe itinerary. Visit the beach and Promenade des Anglais, where you can hire scooters, bikes, and skateboards to explore the 7km promenade.

The Old Town has beautiful winding streets, with many markets, shops, restaurants and cafes to explore. Don’t miss the impressive Castle Hill of Nice, with amazing views, waterfall, playground and café. The kids will love Parc Phoenix, too, with tropical plants, many animals, a lake and a tropical dome!

How to Get to Nice from Milan

Train: Take the train from Milano Centrale to Nice, with one change at Ventimiglia, in 5 hours. Get your tickets here >>

Car: Driving from Milan to Nice takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. View flight deals for your dates here>>>

Bus: You can take a direct bus from Milano Autostazione Lampugnano to Nice Airport in 6.5 hours.

Where to Stay in Nice with Kids

Hotel Aria : Located near Mozart Square in the city centre of Nice, the hotel is only a 10-minute walk from the Promenade des Anglais and the beach. Rooms and suites are bright, beautiful, comfortable and of great value. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Le Windsor, Jungle Art Hotel This unique, quirky hotel will be a hit with the kids, as each room is uniquely designed and decorated by an artist. The hotel is only five minutes from the beach and close to the Old Town, with a tropical garden, swimming pool, fitness and wellness centre. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Goldstar Apartments & Suites : Apartments and studios situated only 5 minutes’ walk from the beach, with most units comprising bedroom, living room, and kitchen (including household essentials, bed linen and towels).

The location is perfect in terms of proximity to the city centre and beach, with great transport links to the adjacent old town. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Days 27 to 30: Barcelona, Spain

barcelona, spain, city-1892487.jpg

The final stop on your 1 month Europe itinerary is Barcelona , one of the best European city breaks and spending four days here is a must.

The city is beautiful, with great weather and ticks many boxes in terms of a perfect city break with kids. Don’t miss Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Battlo, and explore the Gothic Quarter and vibrant Las Ramblas area.

Get Your Park Guell Tickets Here Before They Sell Out!

In the following days, you can take a trip to one of Barcelona’s beautiful beaches, enjoy a football match at the Nou Stadium or visit the historic Montjuic area. If you have the option of a 2-month Europe trip itinerary, then exploring Spain and Portugal would be amazing too.

If you want to see more of Spain on your Europe trip, make sure you read our one week in Spain itinerary for families .

Read More – The Best Family Hotels in Barcelona

How to Get to Barcelona from Nice

Flight: EasyJet flights from Nice Cote D’Azur Airport (NCE) to Barcelona El Prat airport take just over 1 hour and are extremely cheap (from around €35 per person).

You can then take the Aerobus express shuttle to Barcelona, which stops at various locations across the city.

Car: The journey from Nice to Barcelona via car takes just over 6 hours. It may be worth considering a night in Provence to break up the trip if you have time at the end of your 4-week tour of Europe (Nimes is a great option).

Where to Stay in Barcelona with Kids

Aparthotel Bcn Montjuic Located at the foot of Montjuic Hill, this aparthotel offers serviced apartments with a living area, kitchen and bathroom, and an outdoor pool rooftop terrace with solarium.

There are many shops, cafes and restaurants close by and the city centre can be accessed by bus or Metro in 15 minutes. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Sallés Hotel Pere IV : Great hotel, close to the beach and marina area in the Poble Nou district, with deluxe family rooms and great facilities. The indoor pool and spa access are included in the room price, and there is also a great restaurant on-site with a kids’ menu. View prices and availability for your dates here >>>

Gran Hotel Havana : Luxury hotel in the impressive Casa Fradera building (built-in 1882) with rooms decorated in a classic style and exceptional facilities. The rooftop pool and terrace are stunning, and the location in the Eixample area is perfect for exploring the city. View prices and availability for your dates here >> >

Visiting Europe Tips

  • Plan ahead and book accommodation, activities, and transportation in advance to save time and money.
  • Pack light and bring comfortable walking shoes for exploring cities on foot.
  • Remember to bring a Europe travel adapter . There is more than one plug type in Europe.
  • Keep passports and important documents in a safe place, such as a hotel safe or a hidden travel wallet.
  • Use public transportation, such as trains or buses, to get around and save money on rental cars and parking fees.
  • Take advantage of free activities and attractions, such as parks, museums with free admission days, and walking tours.
  • Be aware of scams and pickpocketing in busy tourist areas and keep an eye on belongings at all times.
  • Consider purchasing an eSIM for your phone to have internet access and stay connected while travelling without incurring expensive roaming charges.
  • Bring a first-aid kit and any necessary medications to ensure health and safety during the trip.
  • Allow for some flexibility in the itinerary to account for unexpected delays or changes in plans.

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1 month europe trip planner

Sylvie Simpson

Sylvie Simpson is the founder of European Cities with Kids. For the past 6 years, she has been travelling all over Europe whenever she has the chance, both solo, for work and with her daughter. Sylvie is on a mission to help people make the most of city breaks in Europe with kids and helps over 50,000 readers per month plan and make the most of their trips in Europe with kids.

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Destinations // Long Term Travel

The ultimate 1 month europe trip itinerary for your first trip to europe.

This post may contain affiliate links. We receive a commission on purchases made through links on this page. This is at no additional cost to you & helps support our travels. Read more in our Disclaimer . Thank you!

Plan the ultimate 1 month Europe trip itinerary with our guide, featuring four iconic cities full of history, culture, and cuisine!

1 month europe trip itinerary

Are you planning a one-month trip to Europe and don’t know where to start? Look no further than this detailed itinerary that takes you through some of the most iconic cities in Europe. From the romantic streets of Paris to the vibrant nightlife of Barcelona, the historic landmarks of Rome to the charming canals of Amsterdam, and the imperial grandeur of Vienna to the exotic flavors of Budapest, this itinerary offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time European visitor or a seasoned traveler, this itinerary will take you on a journey you won’t forget.

We’ll cover a 1 month Europe trip itinerary, 21 days in Europe itinerary, extending to a 5 week Europe itinerary, and more!

This post is all about the ultimate 1 month Europe trip itinerary!

The ultimate 1 month europe trip itinerary, transportation in europe.

There are many options for transportation in Europe, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular ways to travel between European cities is by taking a cheap flight on a budget airline. While these flights may seem to be very affordable, it’s important to factor in all fees for checked bags, carry-ons, and seat selection. Also, factor in the time and money it takes to get to and from the airport.

Train travel is another common option, with many high-speed trains connecting major cities across the continent. Train travel is often more comfortable and scenic than flying, but can sometimes be more expensive though it is still fairly affordable.

Ferries are also a popular option for traveling between coastal cities and islands, offering stunning views of the sea along the way.

For those who prefer more flexibility, renting a car is a great option, allowing travelers to explore at their own pace and visit smaller towns and villages that may not be easily accessible by public transportation. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, make sure to research your options and book in advance to save money and ensure availability.

  • Find the best deals on your car rental!

Week 1: Amsterdam + Paris

europe itinerary 4 weeks by train

Days 1-4: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the perfect city to kick off your one-month Europe itinerary. Since the Amsterdam airport is one of the busiest in the world, this makes for a great starting point through Europe. This charming Dutch city is known for its picturesque canals, charming streets, and delicious foods such as cheese and stroopwafels. While in Amsterdam, be sure to visit the Van Gogh Museum to see some of the artist’s most famous works, and the Anne Frank House to learn about the city’s history during World War II. Amsterdam is also a great place to rent a bike and explore the city like a local. It’s great to spend your first 3-4 days here and then take a short flight or a train ride to Paris.

Days 5-7: Paris, France

Paris is a must-visit city during a 1 month Europe trip itinerary. During your first week in Europe, you can immerse yourself in French culture, enjoy delicious cuisine, and visit iconic landmarks. Start your trip with a visit to the Eiffel Tower, where you can take in stunning city views. Then, take a boat tour on the Seine River to see the city differently. Don’t miss the chance to explore the Louvre Museum, home to some of the world’s most famous works of art. 

With charming cafes and restaurants lining the streets, Paris is the perfect place to indulge in French cuisine and wine. By the end of your first week, you’ll have fallen in love with the City of Light and be ready for the next leg of your European adventure. You could easily spend months just in Paris but enjoy the city for the second half of your first week, and it’s time to head south to Italy.

If you are looking for a longer itinerary through Europe, you could easily spend a week to ten days in each of these cities or add on a few nearby cities like Rotterdam from Amsterdam, Versailles, or Champagne from France. Or you could even stop in Brussels, Belgium, on your way between the two cities.

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Week 2: Italy

europe trip itinerary 4 weeks

Italy is a country that offers an endless amount of sights, sounds, and flavors. Start in Rome and visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon, where you can experience ancient Rome firsthand. Don’t forget to visit Vatican City, the world’s smallest country, and see the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Although I would never mind spending a week or more in Rome, since you only have a week in Italy, I would recommend pairing Rome with another city. Depending on what you are looking for, you could travel to a handful of other cities throughout the country. With train travel being cheap and efficient, you can easily travel within the country on a one-week trip.

If you’re interested in more culture (and food), you can take a 2-hour train to Florence. This city was the birthplace of the Renaissance and houses some of Italy’s most famous works of art. You could also visit Venice, the city of canals, where you can take a gondola ride through the winding waterways and enjoy Italian food and wine in charming piazzas and trattorias. If you’re visiting during warmer weather, try heading to the coast with gorgeous small towns in Cinque Terra or luxury waterfront experiences on the Amalfi Coast. The possibilities are endless, and you really cannot go wrong with any choice. Italy is all-around just amazing.

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Week 3: Greece

best europe itinerary

From Italy, you’ll head to Greece. Greece is a country steeped in history and mythology, and a must-visit during a 1 month Europe trip itinerary. Start your journey in Athens and visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon, two of the most famous ancient landmarks in the world.

From Athens, head to any of the beautiful Greek islands. You can fly to some or take a ferry and take in the lovely views along the way. For a more traditional route, try visiting Santorini or Mykonos. But you can expect it to be busy and expensive. For a less crowded Greek island experience, visit Paros or Milos. Enjoy Greek food and wine in charming tavernas and cafes while taking in the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

  • Find your entry requirements and make getting a visa a breeze!

Week 4: Spain

21 days in europe itinerary

To fully immerse yourself in the adventurous and fast-paced one-month trip to Europe, make sure to add Spain to your itinerary. With a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity, this country has so much to offer. Start your journey in Barcelona, one of the most enchanting cities in Spain. Immerse yourself in its vibrant nightlife, visit the world-renowned museums, and marvel at the stunning architecture, including the works of Antoni Gaudi. While in Barcelona, make sure to enjoy some of the best tapas in the world and indulge in the local delicacies until midnight.

Next, travel to Madrid, Spain’s capital city, via high-speed train. The city is a melting pot of cultures with a rich history and a vibrant contemporary art scene. Take some time to explore the city’s many art museums, including the famous Prado Museum, where some of the world’s most famous works of art are displayed. Don’t miss out on the delicious local cuisines and the nightlife, which is just as exciting as Barcelona’s.

This post was all about the ideal 1 month Europe trip itinerary. With so much to see and do in Europe, I hope this is just the beginning of your European adventures.

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Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary’s Hits and Misses

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For our honeymoon, Mike and I decided to spend five weeks in Europe. We travelled to six different countries experiencing everything from small lakeside villages in the mountains, to one of the world’s most popular festivals. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

I’ll admit it, I planned a very ambitious (and detailed) itinerary for our five weeks in Europe. I left home with a spreadsheet telling where we would be on each day, a list of things we could see and do, the trains we would take and contact information for all the hotels we reserved in advance.

It was a heck of a lot of work to get everything in order for our five week Europe itinerary, but was so worth it!  We didn’t spend any vacation time trying to find a hotel to stay at or wondering what sights to see. We didn’t have to stress about train schedules or try to figure out public transportation on the fly. I had done my research and we were prepared and ready for anything! Lucky for us, everything went as planned during our five weeks in Europe.

Prague, a city that should definitely be included on a Europe itinerary.

Of course, we didn’t see and do everything on my list (that was close to impossible!) There were some places I wish we would have planned to stay longer and others maybe left a day earlier. But all in all, it was a fantastic five week Europe itinerary that we were really happy with.

Before we get into writing detailed posts about the places we visited, I thought it would be fun to list some hits and misses- things that we loved and things that were not what we expected- for each stop on our Europe itinerary. So here you go….hits and misses from our five weeks in Europe! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary

Our Europe trip itinerary started in Paris, France and ended in Frankfurt, Germany.

We travelled around Europe by train, apart from renting a car the last few days to have more flexibility to explore Bavaria .

Note: For your convenience, all links will open in a new window.

Paris, France

4 days, 4 nights

Paris is such a photogenic city and there’s so much to see and do, it’s almost overwhelming! Since it was Mike’s first trip to Paris , we had fun being tourists and visiting the iconic attractions. Seeing the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night was spectacular and will always be a great memory from our four days in Paris . We loved the night scene and how people would hang out by the river in the evening. I am not a night person at all , but in Paris, I felt that by going to sleep I was missing out. We also had an enjoyable day trip to the Palace of Versailles where we toured the main chateau, the Trianon Palaces , and the adorable Queen’s Hamlet . | 5 Week Europe Itinerary- Hits and Misses From Our Five Weeks in Europe

We were surprised to see that Paris is a bit filthy. And in some places, it really smells. I’m not going to tell you what it smells like, but if you ever go you will know exactly what I am talking about. Plus we saw a lot of rats, especially around Notre Dame at night. The bike share/rental program also needs to do a better job of repairing their bikes. In the evenings, we had a hard time finding bikes that had air in the tires and a chain on.

  • Where to Stay in Paris- A Guide to the Best Paris Neighbourhoods
  • Ile de la Cite- An Island in the Heart of Paris
  • Romantic Paris- Our Favourite Activities for Romance in Paris
  • Sainte-Chapelle- A Stained Glass Masterpiece
  • The Conciergerie- From Palace to Prison
  • Palais Garnier- One of Paris’ Most Elegant Buildings

Book: Tours and attractions in Paris

Strasbourg, France

1.5 days, 1 night

Strasbourg was a 2 hr 20 min train ride from Paris. We arrived just before 11:00 am and didn’t depart until 3:00 pm the next day.

Strasbourg is beautiful, especially the Petite France neighbourhood, and we loved the half-timbered buildings. Strasbourg’s cathedral was amazingly tall and the astronomical clock inside was like nothing I have seen before. Also, the ice cream was the best we had on our entire trip! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

My guidebook and all the tourist pamphlets raved about how we should go to the cathedral to see the astronomical clock strike the hour of noon (which it actually does at 12:30 pm). However, both days we were there the church was closed from 11:15 am-12:45 pm with no explanation why. It wasn’t until we got home that we read online you have to buy tickets for the clock show in advance from the cashier at the south door (starting at 11:30 am). The cathedral is closed to non-ticket holders during the show. One would think that is information the guidebook should have told us!

Read more: Strasbourg- Charm, Romance and One Incredibly Tall Cathedral

Book: Tours in Strasbourg

Brussels, Belgium

1 day, 2 nights

Brussels was a 5 hour train ride from Strasbourg. We arrived at 8:00 pm so had the entire next day to explore Brussels.

The waffles! They were so delicious and you could choose from a large variety of toppings. It seemed like every street we went down had more than one place serving up tasty Belgian waffles! | Europe Trip Itinerary- 5 Weeks in Europe

Brussels is known for its french fries, or frites, and it’s very popular to eat them with mayonnaise. I like fries and I like mayonnaise, but just not together.  I tried to enjoy it, but eventually had to scrape the huge dollop of extra thick, extra rich mayo off  my fries. My heart was probably thanking me for that move.

Read more: Brussels- Belgium’s Quirky Capital

Book: Tours and attractions in Brussels

Bruges, Belgium

1 day, 1 night

Bruges/Brugge was a short 1 hour train ride from Brussels, allowing us a full day to explore.

The chocolate in Bruges was oh-so satisfying and the Markt was charming with its colourful, gabled buildings. I loved the views of the Markt square from up inside the Belfry and had an enjoyable time admiring the scenery on a short boat cruise. | 5 Week Europe Itinerary- Hits and Misses From Our Five Weeks in Europe

We were still craving waffles after being in Brussels and searched high and low for them one very rainy evening. We didn’t find any street vendors but did end up having a waffle at one of the restaurants in the Markt. Unfortunately, it was a let down.

Read more : Bruges- A Love Affair That Started With a Movie

Book: Tours and attractions in Bruges

Cologne, Germany

Cologne was a 3 hour and 15 minute train ride from Bruges.

We stopped in Cologne only for a few hours to see the cathedral. Cologne Cathedral wasn’t as striking to me as the one in Strasbourg, but what was impressive was the decorated portals and the church’s treasury. So many golden, jewelled relics to admire! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

It was very handy to be able to store our suitcases in the luggage lockers at the train station. However, they were very expensive. It cost three euros to rent a locker for two hours or six euros for 24 hours. Since we didn’t pack lightly we had to rent three lockers, which left us with a hefty bill for our 4.5 hour visit.

Book: Tours in Cologne

Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg was a 3.5 hour train ride from Cologne. We arrived at 8:00 pm and had the entire next day to explore.

My favourite memory was wandering the old town at night. It was quiet, nicely lit and felt like we had the whole town to ourselves. I think I actually was skipping in the streets! The Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle) was also a highlight. | 5 Week Europe Itinerary- Hits and Misses From Our Five Weeks in Europe

Nuremberg turned out to be much more interesting and enjoyable than we anticipated, so the only miss was that we didn’t have enough time here!

Read more: Nuremberg Castle- Symbol of Imperial Power

Book: Tours in Nuremberg

Bamberg, Germany

Day trip (we spent half a day in Bamberg)

Bamberg was a 40 minute train ride from Nuremberg.

I loved photographing the Old Town Hall in Bamberg. It’s built like an island in the middle of the river with a bridge on each side. One part of the building is painted with an amazing fresco and the other part is a half-timbered building. It’s just beautiful! We also loved walking along the river and admiring more architecture. | 5 Week Europe Itinerary- Hits and Misses From Our Five Weeks in Europe

We didn’t go into the New Residenz because at the time a visit was only possible with a guided tour and tours were only in German. Another miss was how the town is besieged with tour groups during the day. We got to Bamberg before 9:00 am so were able to enjoy its quiet beauty for a few hours at least.

Read more: Bamberg, Germany- A Bavarian Treasure

Book: Tours in Bamberg

Regensburg, Germany

Regensburg was a 50 minute train ride from Nuremberg. We arrived at 9:30 am so had a full day to enjoy Regensburg.

Regensburg has so many thoughtful, artistic details scattered throughout town, making it a joy to wander around. We especially loved our tour of the Old Town Hall. Our guide was excellent and the torture chamber (yes, there was a torture chamber in the town hall) was interesting to learn about, even though I was feeling some bad vibes coming from the dungeon. | Europe Trip Itinerary- 5 Weeks in Europe

There wasn’t anything we didn’t like about Regensburg. We saw almost everything we wanted but still could have easily enjoyed another day here.

Read more: Discovering Regensburg- A Walk Through the Old Town

Prague, Czech Republic

3.5 days, 4 nights

Prague was a 4.5 hour train ride from Regensburg. We arrived just before 3:00 pm.

I’ve never met anyone that didn’t like Prague. It was the one city on our trip that I really felt a connection with. I could go on and on about everything I loved about Prague, but probably the main reason I felt so strongly about it was because of its atmosphere. Prague is a very welcoming, friendly and musical city. We found ourselves simply walking the streets without a plan, taking it all in. Prague truly is one of the best cities in Europe . | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

Oh my… just thinking about this walking tour we went on is getting me all worked up. The guide told us it was going to be a two hour tour of the old town. It started at Prague’s astronomical clock . An hour later, we were still at the astronomical clock! Five hours later the tour was no where near finished. Mike and I had other things we wanted to do that day and this tour killed all of our plans. We debated ditching the tour earlier, but being polite Canadians, felt bad because there were only four other people on the tour. Finally, we gave up and left. So, if you see a scruffy looking blond guy holding up a “Free Tour” sign under the astronomical clock, don’t do it (unless you want an eight hour tour that is so in-depth and detailed it will go right over your head).

  • A Walk Through Prague- The Old Town
  • A Walk Through Prague- Lesser Town and Castle Quarter
  • Pleasant Surprises in Prague
  • Prague at Night- Photo Series

Book: Tours and attractions in Prague

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Day trip (half a day)

We went on an excursion to Kutna Hora, which is just a short bus ride from Prague. For a small town, there is quite a bit to see here. At the Italian Court, where the Royal Mint used to be, we learned how silver coins were made. At Sedlec Ossuary, we saw a huge chandelier made entirely from human bones. It was remarkable and incredibly strange all at the same time! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

We were only in Kutna Hora for an afternoon and enjoyed everything we saw.


  • Kutna Hora- Getting to Know the City of Silver
  • The Bone Church- Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora

Book: Tours in Kutna Hora

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was a 7 hour train ride from Prague, the longest one on our trip.  We arrived at 2:30 pm.

Budapest at night is gorgeous! All the bridges, important buildings and monuments are illuminated in a golden glow. We also really enjoyed the Castle Hill district, especially Fishermen’s Bastion and the amazing views of the Hungarian Parliament Building . | Europe Trip Itinerary- 5 Weeks in Europe

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, however, I was pretty disappointed. We went to two of them and at both the staff were very rude (especially at Szechenyi baths), impatient and unhelpful. They are confusing places for people who have never been there before. The signage (or lack thereof) just added to the confusion. I also was expecting something luxurious and elegant, like it probably was in the past, but now they are in desperate need of renovations. The peeling paint, tarnished railings and general feeling of uncleanliness left me underwhelmed.

  • How to Spend 3 Days in Budapest- Our Itinerary
  • Budapest Spas- Reviews and Tips for Visiting Thermal Baths in Budapest
  • Gellert Hill and the Citadella- A Mix of History and Beautiful Views

Book: Tours and attractions in Budapest

Vienna, Austria

Vienna was a 2.5 hour train ride from Budapest. We arrived at noon.

Vienna is a very beautiful city full of exquisite Baroque architecture. When in Vienna, you have to go to a classical music concert. We had a great evening listening to the  Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra play at the Orangery, where Mozart himself performed in 1786. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

Vienna is expensive. Very expensive. Food, drinks and especially entrance fees into many of the attractions were way higher than we were willing to pay. Also, we found the city to be a little on the boring side. We’re not really museum people and many of Vienna’s top attractions are museums. In hindsight, we would have spent one less day here.

  • The Vienna Card- Worth it or a Waste of Money?
  • Vienna for Non-Museum Lovers- Finding the Fun

Book: Tours and attractions in Vienna

Wachau Valley, Austria

Day trip (full day)

From Vienna, we took the train to Melk which was about a 1.5 hour ride. From Melk, we took a boat cruise on the Danube to Krems, then returned to Vienna by train.

The landscape of the Wachau Valley is breathtaking! Vineyards line the river banks and the valley is dotted with castles and picturesque villages. A definite highlight was the Benedictine Abbey of Melk . We also very much enjoyed Durnstein . The somewhat difficult hike up to the ruined castle where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned is worth it for the views alone. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

We were hoping to rent bikes and ride from Melk to Krems. We couldn’t do it though because at the time you had to use a cell phone to call or text the rental company to get the bikes unlocked. It would be better for international travellers if the bike rental system was like that in Paris- just put your credit card in the machine, enter the bike number and done!

Read more: Cruising Austria’s Scenic Wachau Valley

Book: Tours of the Wachau Valley

Hallstatt, Austria

1.5 days, 2 nights

Hallstatt was a 3.5 hour train ride from Vienna. We arrived at 1:30 pm.

Hallstatt is a beautiful little lakeside village. I took so many photos…I couldn’t help myself! The best way to enjoy the town’s beauty is from the lake. We rented a small electric boat for an hour and just floated around the lake, enjoying 360 degrees of gorgeous scenery. We also loved the nearby Dachstein Ice Cave and highly recommend a visit. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

I really wish I didn’t have to say this, but I try to be honest about all the places I visit. Unfortunately, we found a lot of the people (not everyone) to be extremely rude and short tempered. These were people who were in the service industry- shop-keepers, waiters and hotel staff. People whose livelihood depends a great deal on tourism so I couldn’t understand why some of these people treated us like they didn’t want us in their store or at their restaurant. At Cafe Derbl (popular place, right on the main square), we sat for quite a while without being acknowledged. The menus were on a counter right beside our table so Mike took one. When the waiter finally came by he rudely grabbed the menu right out of Mike’s hand! He then asked us what we wanted to drink and never came back to take our food order, which is what we were there for. So we walked out after our drinks were done and went to the Heritage Hotel for dinner instead (where the people were friendly and the food was delicious!)

Read more: Hallstatt, Austria- A Picturesque Lakeside Alpine Village

Book: Tours of Hallstatt

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg was about a 3 hour train journey from Hallstatt. We arrived by noon.

We enjoyed walking around Salzburg because the main tourist attractions are in close proximity to each other. The path along the river is very pretty and offers great views of the fortress. My favourite place though was the Mirabell Gardens . I loved it so much we made two visits in one day! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

There isn’t anything we disliked, but we were disappointed by the weather. The fog covered up the views of the Alps which was something we were really looking forward to seeing.

  • Exploring Salzburg’s Old Town- A Self-Guided Walking Tour
  • Discover Hohensalzburg Fortress- Salzburg’s Medieval Castle

Book: Tours and attractions in Salzburg

Munich, Germany

3 days, 3 nights

Munich was a 1 hour 40 minute train ride from Salzburg. We rented a car in Munich for the final leg of our trip.

We went on some wonderful walking tours in Munich.  All our guides were excellent and we learned a great deal about Munich’s interesting and notorious history. We also had the opportunity to attend Oktoberfest and pay our respects at the Dachau Concentration Camp . | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

The only time I felt unsafe on our trip was when we went up the tower at St. Peter’s Church. It was a disorganized free-for-all! First of all, the stairway is so narrow that people can only move in one direction. This is pretty typical for old bell towers and wouldn’t have been a problem if there was some crowd control. But the church kept on selling tickets and sending more and more people up without having any idea how many were already inside the tower. It was so narrow and packed that at the top you couldn’t even move- the crowd just went nowhere. When people did start to move, some went clockwise, some went counter-clockwise. All I kept thinking was that if there was an emergency, like a fire, it would be compete chaos and we all would die. That tower was probably not even built to support that many people stomping up and down all day long. Other towers we visited had crowd control/occupancy limits and I think that needs to put into place here, especially during Oktoberfest.

Read more: A Walk Around Munich- Photo Series

Book: Tours and attractions in Munich

Fussen and Hohenschwangau, Germany

Drive time from Munich to Fussen, without stops, is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau was one of the places I was most looking forward to and it did not disappoint! It is beautiful both inside and out, a real-life fairytale. Fussen is also a cute little town and we enjoyed wandering through the pedestrian area. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

We toured both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles and at each the tour groups were huge! It really made it difficult to hear the guide and fully take in everything we were seeing.

Book: Day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Drive time from Fussen to Rothenburg, without stops, is about 2.5 hours. We stopped to visit the Wieskirche , in the small hamlet of Wies. We didn’t depart Rothenburg until noon or so the next day.

Of all the walking tours we went on, The Night Watchman’s Tour was by far the most fun. The guide is in character as the Night Watchman, wearing a cape and and carrying around a lantern. He was a captivating storyteller and funny too. I was completely engaged the entire time. | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

I was surprised to see that cars were allowed inside the medieval walls. In most other places I’ve been like this, the old town is pedestrian only. It was handy for us, because we had a car at this point in our journey, but it really took away from feeling like we were in a time long since past, which is what we were hoping for.

Read more : Rothenburg, Germany- An Enchanting Medieval Town

Book: Tours in Rothenburg

Wurzburg, Germany

Wurzburg was about a 1 hour drive from Rothenburg, without stops.

I had a great time photographing the gardens at the Wurzburg Residenz . Sometimes I think I actually prefer palace gardens over the palaces themselves! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

Considering how huge the Residenz is, relatively few of the rooms were able to be visited (at least when we were there). It seemed like we were in and out in no time at all. Overall, we were indifferent to Wurzburg and it didn’t leave a lasting impression.

Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg was approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Wurzburg. After visiting Heidelberg, we drove about 1 hour to Frankfurt and caught a flight home the next morning.

We went to Heidelberg specifically to see the castle. It was unique because it was part palace, part ruins. It was worth the extra money to take a tour of the inside because our guide was fabulous! You could tell he really loved his job- he talked about the royals that once lived there like they were close, personal friends! | Europe Trip Itinerary- 5 Weeks in Europe

Again, the only miss was that we wished we had more time to explore the city.

Read more: The Romantic Ruins of Heidelberg Castle

Book: Tours in Heidelberg

Final Thoughts About Our Five Weeks in Europe

We had a wonderful honeymoon in Europe and even though our trip was a mix of hits and misses, we were very pleased with our itinerary. Our trip to Europe was a satisfying blend of big cities, small towns, historic sites, and some outdoor adventures. We covered a lot of ground, but still left plenty to discover on a future trip to Europe.

We hope you enjoyed this rundown of our favourite and not so favourite moments from our five weeks in Europe. Thanks to everyone who followed along with our travels on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter . We hope we inspired you to visit some of these wonderful places on your own five week trip to Europe! | Five Weeks in Europe- Our Itinerary's Hits and Misses

Resources to Help Plan Your Trip to Europe

Here are some resources to help you plan your five weeks in Europe.

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1 month europe trip planner

If you are planning your first trip to Europe, you may find our First Time Visitor’s Guide to Europe helpful.

To discover more great places to visit in Europe, browse our Europe Travel Guide .

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If you’ve decided that a rail pass is right for your trip to Europe, here is an official vendor where you can purchase your rail pass online and have it shipped to you.

Tours in Europe

Here is a trusted site that has a large inventory of tours and tickets for attractions and activities across Europe .

Accommodations in Europe

Our trusted accommodation site is , as we have been using it for years to arrange hotels for all our trips. Please consider booking your European accommodations through the included link. It costs you nothing extra and helps support this website. Thank you!

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3 Weeks in Europe: 15 Perfect Europe Itinerary Ideas [+Hidden Gems!]

Last updated: October 18th, 2023

Colmar in France - Europe 3 Weeks Itinerary

Looking to plan the best 3 weeks in Europe itinerary? I’ve got you covered. I’ve been living in Europe for 20+ years and have traveled extensively throughout the continent. And I’m here to share with you the absolute best Europe travel routes you can take in 21 days.

In this guide, you’ll find 15 incredible itineraries that range from classic tourist routes to off-beat paths that few venture to. These epic 3 week Europe trip ideas cover medieval fairytale towns , golden coastlines, magnificent hikes, fantastical landscapes , and so much more.

This is a long article; I suggest using the table of contents below to help you navigate to the sections you want to read first. Without further ado, here are the 15 best Europe trip routes.

You might also be interested in: 🚗 10 Days in Europe: 25+ Epic Itineraries + Budget Trips 💎 28 Best Hidden Gems in Europe to Visit

Disclosure :   This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking one of these links, I earn a small commission at  no extra cost  to you . You can learn more about this in my disclosure policy .

🔥 Top Travel Tip for Your 3 Weeks in Europe Trip

Be sure to get a Eurail Pass to board any train in Europe without a pre-paid booking.

The Eurail Pass is one big global ticket that allows you to board any intercity train in Europe whenever you want to, without having to buy a ticket ahead of time. You simply show your pass and proceed on your journey.

If you’re visiting Europe for 3 weeks, it’s hard to pre-plan a 21-day itinerary down to the last detail. You’ll want the flexibility of being able to hop on a train whenever you want to . With this pass, you can tour Europe at your own pace and simply go with the flow.

Note that unless you’re European, you must buy your Eurail Pass before entering Europe; this paper ticket has to be mailed to you in advance.

Learn more about the Eurail Pass

Athens, Greece - Europe Backpacking Itinerary 3 Weeks

🌟 3 Week Europe Itinerary Ideas: Classic Routes

1. italy + france + spain + portugal: the best first-timers’ route.

Visiting Europe for the first time? Get the best introduction to it in these four incredible countries. Each of them has its own unique charm, history, and artistic flair — allowing you to explore a variety of cultures, cuisines, and historic sites in these 3 weeks.

  • Day 1-4: Rome, Italy
  • Day 5-7: Venice, Italy
  • Day 8-12: Paris, France
  • Day 13-17: Barcelona, Spain
  • Day 18-21: Porto, Portugal

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy - 20 Day Europe Itinerary

🏟 Day 1-4: Rome, Italy

Start your 3 week Europe trip in the ancient capital of Italy. Rome is home to endless historical monuments, artsy squares, and scenic lookouts. Learn about the gladiators’ world at the majestic Colosseum, and admire the famous Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

As touristy as it is, tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain is a must. Be sure to also walk up the picturesque Spanish Steps and enjoy a gelato in Piazza Navona, where artists and performers hold the spotlight. Immerse yourself in local culture by taking a pasta-cooking class.

🛶 Day 5-7: Venice, Italy

On day 5, take a 3 hr 45 min train from Rome to Venice. Spend the next day and a half exploring the picturesque bridges, canals, and squares of this famous city. See the beautiful design of the Bridge of Sighs and stop by the bakeries, museums, and synagogues of the historic Jewish District.

Enjoy the large flock of pigeons at Piazza San Marco (be careful not to get pooped on, though!), and enjoy an aperitivo (an Italian pre-meal drink) at one of Venice’s scenic rooftop bars . On day 7, take a day trip to Burano, an island known for its brightly colored houses.

🍮 Day 8-12: Paris, France

On day 8, take a 2-hour flight from Venice to Paris. Then, spend the next few days admiring famous landmarks and art museums in the dreamy capital of France. While climbing the Eiffel Tower is on every visitor’s bucket list, don’t miss out on the lesser-known Montparnasse Tower , which offers an even more epic view.

Don’t leave Paris without strolling the artsy Montmartre neighborhood , relaxing in the Jardin des Tuileries (garden), and trying a delicious flan from one of its countless boulangeries. Be sure to also take a day trip to Versailles to see a grandiose former royal palace.

🎡 Day 13-17: Barcelona, Spain

On day 13, take a 1 hr 45 min flight from Paris to Barcelona, which will serve as a great introduction to Spain. Barcelona is known for its fascinating Gaudí architecture , and you can witness it first-hand at the stunning Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Park Güell, and Casa Batlló.

Don’t leave Barcelona without admiring the gorgeous view of the city from Mount Tibidabo . For something even more jaw-dropping, stop by the Palau de la Música Catalana to check out its breathtaking interiors. Since you’ll have 4 full days here, a day trip to Montserrat, Sitges, or Girona is always a good idea.

🍷 Day 18-21: Porto, Portugal

On day 18, take a 2-hour flight from Barcelona to Porto, the last stop of this 3 week Europe tour. Porto is one of the most historic cities in Portugal, and one of its defining characteristics is the white and blue azulejo ceramic tiles on its many churches and buildings.

Admire these colorful tiles at Igreja do Carmo, Igreja de Santo Ildefonso, and São Bento Station. Then, take a walk on Luís I Bridge during sunset to see a breathtaking view of the city — one of the best in Europe. Don’t leave Porto without tasting some pastel de nata and enjoying a glass of Port wine.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In the shoulders months of April, September, and October. The weather is pleasantly warm and the crowds are not as bad as in the summer.

2. HUNGARY + AUSTRIA + CZECHIA + POLAND : The Best of Central Europe

From the medieval magic of Prague and world-class music of Vienna to the modern history of Warsaw, Central Europe is filled with rich cultural heritage baked into every cobblestoned street. Discover the unique gems and cuisines of this beautiful region.

  • Day 1-4: Budapest, Hungary
  • Day 5-8: Vienna, Austria
  • Day 9-12: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Day 13-16: Krakow, Poland
  • Day 17-21: Warsaw, Poland

The Astronomical Clock in Prague

🚃 Day 1-4: Budapest, Hungary

Kick off this 3 week European tour in Budapest , Hungary’s historical capital city. Budapest is divided into two halves: Buda and Pest . Each district has its distinct personality. While Buda’s hills offer sweeping panoramic views, Pest is flat but has a vibrant bar scene.

Get a history lesson at the Old Town, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and Buda Castle. Then, cross over the Danube to the Pest side to enjoy bars known for their grunge look and cheap beers. Hop onto tram no. 2 for an easy way to see the city and a scenic ride along the Danube River.

🎨 Day 5-8: Vienna, Austria

On day 5, embark on a 2.5-hour train ride to Vienna, Austria’s capital filled with imperial palaces and sculptured gardens. Stroll the MuseumsQuartier district to admire its many institutions devoted to all kinds of art, including the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere. 

For a taste of world-class Viennese pastries, head to Café Central for the traditional sachertorte (an Austrian chocolate cake). Don’t miss the Wiener Riesenrad, which has sweeping views of the city atop its 200-foot high Ferris wheel that has been enthralling visitors since 1897. 

🍺 Day 9-12: Prague, Czech Republic

On day 9, take a 4-hour bus or train ride to Prague, Czechia’s stunning medieval capital. Spend 3 days in Prague enjoying its colorful baroque buildings , Gothic architecture, and cheap beer.

Visit Prague Castle for stunning 9th-century Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance churches. The nearby Old Town Square holds the 600-year-old  Astronomical Clock , which is still operating today. A stroll on the scenic Charles Bridge is a must; fairytale vibes abound there.

Be sure to grab a drink at  Vytopna Railway Restaurant , where your beer will arrive on a little train. Don’t leave Prague without admiring the view of the Old Town from  Terasa U Prince , which takes the meal-with-a-view concept to the next level.

🐎 Day 13-16: Krakow, Poland

On day 13, take a 1-hour flight to Krakow, Poland, and land in one of the best-preserved cities in Europe. During WWII, Krakow was one of the administrative cities of the Third Reich. A day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau is a sobering memorial of the Holocaust.

Main Market Square is tourist central, and a trip up the Gothic tower of St. Mary’s Basilica offers stunning views of the city. 12 feet below the square is the Rynek Underground Museum, which provides an interesting peek into medieval life in Krakow. 

🌳 Day 17-21: Warsaw, Poland

On day 17, take a 2.5-hour train ride to Poland’s capital city of Warsaw, which is brimming with artsy vibes, historical significance, and neon signs.

Start your visit in the UNESCO Old Town , home to colorful buildings and a haunting past. During WWII, more than 85% of the monuments there were destroyed. They were impressively rebuilt afterward based on paintings of the square from the 17th & 18th centuries.

In the Praga District, you can taste pierogies in one of the many trendy restaurants, and visit Neon Museum to capture over 100 flashing neon signs. Beautiful outdoor spaces abound in Warsaw, and not to be missed is the ​​promenade of the Vistula River.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: The shoulder months of May, June, and September are optimal for warm weather and for avoiding the tourist crowds of July and August.

3. FRANCE + BELGIUM + NETHERLANDS + UK + IRELAND: The Classic Northern Route

From the quaint boulangeries of romantic Paris to the friendly charm and excellent ales of Dublin, northern Europe has something for every traveler. Here’s a 3-week itinerary among the scenic canals, majestic palaces, and medieval small towns of Europe.

  • Day 1-4: Paris, France
  • Day 5-6: Brussels, Belgium
  • Day 7-9: Ghent + Bruges, Belgium
  • Day 10-13: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Day 14-17: London, United Kingdom
  • Day 18-21: Dublin, Ireland

Brussels in Belgium - Europe Tour Ideas

⛲️ Day 1-4: Paris, France

There’s no better place to start a Europe itinerary than Paris. The French capital is known for its romantic atmosphere, charming streetside cafes, and intricate architecture . Be sure to witness the Eiffel Tower in all its glory and wander down the picturesque Champs Elysees.

The decadent palaces of nearby Versailles are a must-visit. Here, you’ll also find vintage flea markets, old-fashioned street plazas, and local entertainment to spice up any day trip. To enjoy some quiet time, head to the stunning Potager du Roi gardens just 5 minutes from the Palace of Versailles.

🍟 Day 5-6: Brussels, Belgium

On day 5, take a 1.5-hour Eurostar train ride to Brussels . Once you’ve refueled with a Belgian waffle and craft beer from Delirium , explore the sprawling Grand Place . Then, find the Comic Strip Wall and hunt down the infamous Manneken Pis statue before heading to the vibrant African quarter of Ixelles.

Dial things up with the bustling nightlife of Chatelain and enjoy a nightcap at one of Brussels’ famous rooftop bars . Don’t leave the city without visiting the Mont des Arts, Notre Dame Du Sablon, or trying a portion of piping hot fries from one of the many independent stands.

🍫 Day 7-9: Ghent + Bruges, Belgium

On day 7, take a short 40-min train ride to Ghent. You’ll be surrounded by glorious medieval architecture at the city library De Krook, St Bavo’s Cathedral, and the Castle of the Counts. To cover more ground, rent a bike and explore the cobbled streets before heading to the quaint Patershol area for coffee.

After 2 days in Ghent, take a 30-min train ride to Bruges on day 9. Admire the area’s narrow shopping streets, medieval buildings, and rows of luxury chocolatiers . Don’t miss the colorful stores in Market Square, and ascend the Belfry of Bruges for unbeatable views of the city.

🚴🏼‍♀️ Day 10-13: Amsterdam, Netherlands

On day 10, take a 3.5-hour train from Bruges to Amsterdam. This city is known for its art galleries, scenic canals , and its unique blend of old-school architecture and new-age experiences. There are also plenty of unique Amsterdam bookstores to fall in love with!

The Van Gogh Museum and Galerie De Appel are both amazing cultural spots that offer a glimpse into the lives of Amsterdam’s finest artists. Hop on a bike and race to Dam Square and the chic De 9 Straatjes district before slowing things down with a canal cruise.

Don’t leave without visiting Anne Frank House for a harrowing look into the German Occupation. Round off your visit with a trip to the infamous Red-Light District. 

🎭 Day 14-17: London, United Kingdom

On day 14, take a direct 4-hour Eurostar train or a 1-hour flight to London . The cosmopolitan capital of England is home to fascinating historical sites , museums, and picturesque cafes.

Explore Westminster , where you can tick off Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. The financial district boasts jaw-dropping skyscrapers like The Shard and The Gherkin, providing a wonderful contrast to the old-school architecture of Tower Bridge.

Don’t leave London without catching a West End show , grabbing fish and chips at a local pub, and enjoying afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason .

🍺 Day 18-21: Dublin, Ireland

On day 18, take a 1.5-hour flight to Dublin. Spend the next 3 days in Dublin enjoying its friendly village-like atmosphere , intellectual history, and picturesque ancient buildings.

Be a bookworm at the Trinity College Library and learn more about Ireland’s turbulent past at Kilmainham Gaol. Spend an evening bar-hopping for the best pint of Guinness and discover local talent at a traditional Irish jig performance.

Be sure to take a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher for breathtaking views of the waters near County Clare. Have your camera ready in case you spot seabirds, wildflowers, or puffins!

☀️ When to do this itinerary: While summer is pleasant and never too hot in any of these countries, the balmy shoulder months of May and September see fewer tourist crowds.

🏝 Europe 3 Weeks Itinerary: Beaches & Fairytales

4. france + switzerland + germany + austria : a fairytale route.

Most fairytale stories are plucked straight from the lovely and quaint villages scattered throughout France, Germany, and Austria. This 3 weeks Europe itinerary is just the ticket for a dreamy fairytale trip to see magical castles and enchanting storybook towns.

  • Day 5-7: Colmar + Riquewihr, France
  • Day 8-11: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Day 12-14: Bavaria, Germany
  • Day 15-17: Salzburg, Austria
  • Day 18-21: Hallstatt, Austria

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany - Europe 20 Days Itinerary

🍷 Day 1-4: Paris, France

Start this 3-week adventure in the ‘City of Love’. Whether it’s atop the Eiffel Tower, a stroll down the Champs-Élysées, or sipping champagne on a Seine River cruise , it’d be hard not to fall in love with Paris.

Wander the charming Montmartre neighborhood and stop by a boulangerie, cheese shop, and wine store to fill a picnic basket and have a meal al fresco. And of course, a visit to the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens, and Palace of Versailles are necessary for a dose of culture.

🔮 Day 5-7: Colmar + Riquewihr, France

On day 5, take a 2.5-hour train from Paris to the fairytale town of Colmar in the Alsace wine region. Colmar is home to colorful half-timber houses and picturesque canals that look like the setting of a medieval folk tale. You’ll fall in love with the magical cobblestone streets and Petite Venise waterways there.

Then, spend the next two days visiting other nearby fairytale Alsace villages like Ribeauvillé, Eguisheim, and Riquewihr, the magical town that inspired “Beauty and the Beast”. Walk the Sentier Viticole des Grands Crus through vineyards and hills to explore this medieval village.

After you’re done exploring, hop on a 1.5-hour bus ride to Strasbourg.

🍫 Day 8-11: Zurich, Switzerland

On day 8, take a 2.5-hour train from Strasbourg to Zurich, the luxurious Swiss capital. Zurich is home to endless chocolatiers and many watchmaking workshops and museums. Indulge in delicious bonbons and visit the Beyer Watch Museum to get an introduction to the city.

In the summer, the picturesque Lake Zurich is the perfect place to go for a swim or boat ride. No matter when you visit, treat yourself to a relaxing wellness day at  Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich . Here, you’ll also find a rooftop pool with stunning panoramic views of the city!

🏰 Day 12-14: Bavaria, Germany

On day 12, take a 3.5-hour train from Zurich to Munich, the stunning capital of the Bavarian region of Germany. Spend days 12 and 13 in Munich visiting museums, trying Bavarian beer at the endless beer gardens, and admiring stunning neo-Gothic architecture in Marienplatz.

On day 14, take a day trip to the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle to see the storybook palace that inspired Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Relish the fairytale with a guided tour of its opulent neogothic halls and head to Queen Mary’s Bridge for the best views.

🎻 Day 15-17: Salzburg, Austria

On day 15, take a 1.5-hour train from Munich to the Austrian musical town of Salzburg, where Mozart hails from. This city is where Broadway’s “The Sound of Music” was set, and a tour of the movie’s locations is actually a great way to see most of the tourist attractions.

Museums abound in Salzburg, and the Toy Museum is a place where both the young and the young at heart can have some fun. Neighborhood markets like Grünmarkt are the best for local food, so make a beeline to any stall for sausage, pretzels, or other delicacies.

🏞 Day 18-21: Hallstatt, Austria

On day 18, take a 2.5-hour bus ride from Salzburg to Hallstatt, a breathtaking Austrian village nestled in the Alps. This colorful medieval town is a real-life fantasy. Spend the last few days of your trip relaxing here and soaking up the stunning lakefront views.

Wander the Old Town of Hallstatt, where you’ll see plenty of   colorful gingerbread houses. Then, drop by the 1,150-feet-high World Heritage View Point to get beautiful panoramic views of Lake Hallstatt. Better yet,  rent a boat  and get out onto the lake for a fun afternoon.

Close the book on this fairytale adventure by heading back to Salzburg (you can fly home from Salzburg Airport).

☀️ When to do this itinerary: From late August through October. The weather is still sunny and pleasant, and many popular autumn festivals like Oktoberfest take place.

5. CYPRUS + MALTA + SICILY : A Mediterranean Escape

Mediterranean countries have it all: bustling city nightlife, delicious local flavors, and isolated islands for contemplative nature walks. From the glistening lagoon of Paphos to the bustling squares of Malta, this sunny itinerary promises an unforgettable vacation.

  • Day 1-3: Paphos, Cyprus
  • Day 4-6: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Day 7-9: Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Day 10-12: Valletta + Mdina, Malta
  • Day 13-15: Gozo, Maltese Islands
  • Day 16-21: Sicily, Italy

Agrigento in Sicily - Sample Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks

🏝 Day 1-3: Paphos, Cyprus

Fly into the ancient city of Paphos in Cyprus to kickstart this 3 weeks in Europe itinerary. Paphos is lauded by beach-lovers for its beautiful sandy coastline . Head to Alykes Beach to soak up the sun, and snorkel or enjoy a boat tour on the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Paphos is also known for its fascinating ancient history. Head to the Tombs of the Kings for a throwback to the Hellenistic period and check out the geometric mosaics at the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. Don’t leave Paphos without exploring the modern murals and street art adorning the historic Old Town.

🌲 Day 4-6: Nicosia, Cyprus

On day 4, take a 2-hour bus to the city of Nicosia, known for its exquisite cuisine and layers of Byzantine history. Get a dose of culture at the Byzantine Museum and Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, and perk up with a strong Cypriot coffee and bag of baklava (delicious local sweets).

Explore the winding halls and stairways of St. Hilarion Castle, then plunge into an Ottoman bath at Hamam Omerye . Leave some time to wander through the ethereal Athalassa National Forest Park , and be sure to catch a whirling dervish performance at Selimiye Square!

🍢 Day 7-9: Larnaca, Cyprus

On day 7, take a 45-minute bus to the port city of Larnaca for charming boutiques, coffee shops, and glorious beaches. Fuel yourself with a plate of souvlaki (meat skewers) or sheftalia (an old-school Cypriot sausage) before climbing uphill to Stavrovouni Monastery for expansive views of the region.

Soak up the sun at Kastella Beach, and if you’re feeling adventurous, explore the MS Zenobia Wreck for next-level diving 50-feet below surface. Before leaving town, stroll the Larnaca Promenade and pop into its souvenir shops and restaurants for local flavor.

🎨 Day 10-12: Valletta + Mdina, Malta

On day 10, take a 3-hour flight to Valletta, the historic gateway to Malta. This splendid capital city is known for its UNESCO Sites, splendid local galleries, and stunning coastal views . Its artistic side can be explored at the National Museum of Fine Arts, which displays the work of baroque artist Mattia Preti.

Sip a coffee and enjoy crepes at the Pjazza Regina before strolling down Republic Street, where you’ll find the iconic City Gate. A 15-min taxi ride from Valletta is the city of Mdina, known for its immaculate medieval and baroque buildings (don’t miss the pink balconies!) and spectacular views from the city walls.

🌊 Day 13-15: Gozo, Maltese Islands

On day 13, take a 1.5-hour bus and ferry ride to Gozo. This dreamy island is known for its beautiful waters, scenic hiking trails, and hidden coves. Hit the Ta Cenc Cliffs for luscious trails, take a boat out to the Santa Maria Caves for diving, and don’t miss the signature golden sands of Ramla Bay.

Climb the Bastions of Cittadella for 360° views of Gozo’s steep valleys. When night falls, head to Dwejra for stargazing (extra points for shooting stars!) and a wander through the historic villages for a nightcap. Once you’ve had your fill of nature, catch the ferry back to Valletta. 

🌋 Day 16-21: Sicily, Italy

On day 16, take a 45-min flight from Valletta to Catania Airport in Sicily, the final stop on this 3-week trip. Sicily is a vibrant Mediterranean island with a selection of picturesque towns, traditional flavors, and natural wonders. Pick up a rental car to explore this island with ease.

Start in East Sicily before moving on to the magical town of Cefalù for postcard-worthy views. Hike Mt. Etna to see the Silvestri craters, and stay for an aperitivo at a mountaintop bar . Don’t miss the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento or Palermo for the most exquisite street food.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In May, June, September, or October, when the weather is still warm enough for beach lazing, hotel rates are lower, and crowds are fewer.

6. PORTUGAL + SPAIN + GIBRALTAR : Iberian Adventures

Eclectic nightlife, sun-kissed beaches, and breathtaking palaces offer a mere snapshot of what a magical Iberian vacation looks like. Blending snippets of Moorish history with beautiful coastline escapes, these countries are an ideal getaway for culture seekers.

  • Day 1-4: Porto, Portugal
  • Day 5-7: Lisbon + Sintra, Portugal
  • Day 8-11: Algarve, Portugal
  • Day 12-14: Seville, Spain
  • Day 15-17: Granada, Spain
  • Day 18-21: Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)

girl sitting in plaza de espana in seville spain

💃🏻 Day 1-4: Porto, Portugal

Start this Europe 3 week itinerary in the historic city of Porto in Portugal. Porto offers world-revered wines, unique architecture, and vibrant culture. The top thing to do here is to catch a traditional fado performance (Portuguese folk singing) while sipping Port wine at a bar.

Then, take a photogenic tour of the distinctive  azulejo ceramic tiles  displayed around town, particularly in popular landmarks like Porto Cathedral, São Bento Station, and Igreja do Carmo. Don’t leave without catching a breathtaking sunset on Luís I Bridge or tasting pastel de nata, the famous Portuguese egg custard tart.

🌿 Day 5-7: Lisbon + Sintra, Portugal

On day 5, take a 3-hour train ride to Lisbon, Portugal’s vibrant capital. Summiting the 6th-century  São Jorge Castle should be on any Lisbon bucket list . Then, stroll the atmospheric Alfama district, home to many quaint cafes and colorful tiled homes.

On day 7, take a train to Sintra for a fairytale day trip . Tour Pena Palace, a Romanticist castle that looks straight out of a storybook . Then, climb the ancient defense towers at Castelo Dos Mouros. Don’t leave Sintra without exploring the mystical nature of Quinta da Regaleira.

🏄🏻‍♀️ Day 8-11: Algarve, Portugal

On day 8, take a 2-hour and 45-minute flight or train to Faro, the capital of Portugal’s Algarve region. Known for its dazzling waters and beaches , Algarve is a surfer’s paradise. Hit the Arrifana Beach or Amado Beach for top-tier waves before visiting Praia da Marinha for hidden coves and breathtaking rock formations.

Descend the famous 200-step wooden staircase to the picturesque Praia do Camilo beach, and check out the iconic arched rock and cave hole tunnel there. Don’t leave Algarve without taking a boat ride to the ‘eye’ of the Benagil Caves to witness the power of nature.

🥘 Day 12-14: Seville, Spain

On day 12, take a 2-hour and 45-minute bus from Faro to  Seville , the sunny capital of the Andalucian region of Spain. Seville is considered by many as the  birthplace of flamenco , so during your time here, be sure to catch a performance of this traditional folk art.

Tour the remarkable Renaissance and Mudéjar mix of architecture at Plaza de España, Casa de Pilatos, Royal Alcázar, and Seville Cathedral . Then, be sure to taste some tapas at the iconic  Espacio Eslava , as Seville is often referred to as the birthplace of tapas.

🎨 Day 15-17: Granada, Spain

On day 15, take a 3-hour bus ride to Granada, another vibrant Andalucian city known for its stunning Moorish architecture , lively atmosphere, incredible tapas, and street art. Get an insightful glimpse into the latter in the artsy district of Realejo.

Admire the unique mix of Islamic and Renaissance architecture inside the glorious Alhambra Palace. Then, wander the winding streets of Albaicín , the buzzing Arabic quarter, where you’ll find endless restaurants, bars, squares, and Arab baths (hammams) to unwind in.

🐒 Day 18-21: Gibraltar (British Overseas Territory)

On day 18, take a 5-hour bus from Granada to Gibraltar (via Malaga). Gibraltar is a headland on Spain’s south coast. Did you know that it also has the only wild monkey population in Europe? You can spot these adorable creatures in several places around town.

Take a cable car up to the Rock of Gibraltar for magnificent views of the coast. Greet the troop of Barbery macaque monkeys there, but look out for your belongings — they’re known to steal! Then, wander the Great Siege Tunnels to get a glimpse of the territory’s past.

Gibraltar has a distinctive culture influenced by its traditional cuisine . Before flying out of Gibraltar Airport, try some delicious calentita, a traditional chickpea loaf.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In April, May, June, September, or October to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather without the massive tourist crowds of July and August.

7. SPAIN + FRANCE + ITALY : Coastal Delights

With picturesque villages, sun-kissed beaches, and artsy vibes, coastal Spain, France, and Italy are the perfect getaway for city slickers. This 3-week Europe travel route offers delicious traditional cuisines, jaw-dropping architecture, and the most relaxing vibes.

  • Day 1-4: Barcelona, Spain
  • Day 5-7: Nice, France
  • Day 8-10: Monaco + Menton, France
  • Day 11-13: Milan, Italy
  • Day 14-17: Cinque Terre
  • Day 18-21: Venice, Italy

Barcelona in Spain - Travel Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks

🎨 Day 1-4: Barcelona, Spain

Begin this trip through Europe in the cosmopolitan hotspot of Barcelona, known for its marvelous Gaudí architecture , dreamy beaches, and traditional gastronomic delights. Start at Las Ramblas, one of the most famous European streets for shopping and tasting tapas.

Then, admire Gaudí’s art at the iconic Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, and Park Güell. Don’t miss the Gothic Quarter ’s narrow medieval streets filled with trendy bars and Catalan restaurants. Before leaving, head to the Boqueria Market for delicious exotic bites.

🏖 Day 5-7: Nice, France

One day 5, take a 1.5-hour flight to Nice. Perched on the French Riviera, this coastal city offers everything from sandy beaches to quaint historical neighborhoods . Visit the Archaeological Museum of Cimiez to uncover Nice’s Roman history, and marvel at the La Belle Époque architecture of the city’s hotels.

Then, take the pressure off by lounging on one of the many dreamy beaches . Le Voilier Beach and Castel Beach are ideal spots for a glass of champagne and sunbathing. Don’t leave Nice without heading to Castle Hill for a picnic or taking in the beauty of the cobbled Old Port.

🃏 Day 8-10: Monaco + Menton, France

After Nice, it’s time to discover more French Riviera gems. On day 8, take a 7-minute train ride to the nearby village of Villefranche-sur-Mer . Wander its colorful Old Town, explore the Baroque churches, and enjoy sunbathing on its intimate, pebbled La Darse Beach.

On day 9, take a 15-minute train onward to Monaco, the elegant jewel of the French Riviera. This luxurious city-state is a playground for the rich and famous, and home to glamorous villas and casinos. Be sure to get amazing city views from the Port de Fontvieille Viewpoint.

On day 10, take a 12-minute train ride to the colorful coastal town of Menton . Stroll the Promenade de la Mer for the most picturesque views, and soak up the sun on Plage des Sablettes beach. In the evening, return to Nice (40 mins by train).

👠 Day 11-13: Milan, Italy

On day 11, take a 5-hour and 45-minute bus ride from Nice to Milan. Expect to see stylish locals, bougie boutiques, and cutting-edge architecture in this fashion capital . Marvel at Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ at Santa Maria delle Grazie before trying a piadina at a nearby café.

After your cultural education, head to the gothic Duomo di Milano for unmatched views of the city, and ride a vintage tram for a comprehensive city tour. Don’t leave town without checking out the Italian fashion houses (Valentino and Prada) or catching an opera at La Scala .

🌿 Day 14-17: Cinque Terre

On day 14, take a 3-hour train ride to Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, a string of scenic seaside villages on the Italian Riviera coastline . Each of them is characterized by colorful houses, harbors with fishing boats, and traditional trattorias serving delicious seafood.

The best way to explore Cinque Terre is via the Sentiero Azzurro hiking trail , which offers sweeping cliffside views and links all the villages. Alternatively, take the train to hop between them. Enjoy stunning sunsets, scenic beaches, and the most magnificent coastal views.

🛶 Day 18-21: Venice, Italy

On day 18, take a 5-hour train ride to the iconic city of Venice. Spend the next few days exploring its romantic waterways, Renaissance bridges, and bustling squares. Start your visit at the white-limestoned Bridge of Sighs , one of the most picture-perfect bridges in town.

Then, admire the stunningly gilded St. Mark’s Basilica. Snap a photo at the elgant Rialto Bridge, and take a gondola down the Grand Canal for up-close views of the Gothic architecture around town. Don’t leave Venice without tasting some cicchetti (Italian tapas!).

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In the shoulder months of March, April, September, and October to enjoy lower room rates, mild temperatures, and fewer tourist crowds.

☃️ 3 Week Itinerary Europe: Nordic Adventures

8. finland + sweden + denmark + norway: scenic scandinavia.

From the steamy saunas of Finland to the scenic canals of Sweden and the epic hikes of Norway, Scandinavia has something for everyone. This Europe tour route covers the bustling art districts, majestic palaces, and stunning nature of Northern Europe.

  • Day 1-4: Helsinki, Finland
  • Day 5-8: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Day 9-12: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Day 13-15: Pulpit Rock + Kjeragbolten, Norway
  • Day 16-17: Odda + Trolltunga, Norway
  • Day 18-21: Bergen, Norway

Trolltunga Hike in Norway - Europe Travel Itinerary 3 Weeks

🌳 Day 1-4: Helsinki, Finland

Begin this three week Europe itinerary by flying into Helsinki. The Finnish capital is culturally diverse and is home to fascinating museums , ornate buildings, and picturesque nature trails.

Start your visit by taking in Art Nouveau architecture at the National Theatre, Kallio Church, and Helsinki Cathedral before hitting the bustling Design District for artsy boutiques. Then, indulge your horticultural side at the Winter Garden, which is home to over 200 unique plants.

Hungry for culture? Try some local grillimakkara (Finnish sausages) and unwind at a traditional Finnish sauna , like the seaside Löyly Helsinki , which also has a glass-walled restaurant and large deck for sweeping views.

⛵️ Day 5-8: Stockholm, Sweden

On day 5, take a 1-hour flight to Stockholm. Famous for its fascinating museums and scenic canals, the Swedish capital combines urbanity with old-school charm .

There are endless interesting things to do in Stockholm . To ease yourself in, wander Gamla Stan, the charming Old Town, and admire the colorful architecture there. Then, head to Monteliusvägen for magnificent views of the city and Lake Mälaren.

Don’t miss the world’s best preserved 17th-century ship at the must-see Vasa Museum , or the world’s oldest open-air museum at Skansen , which showcases traditional homes and farmsteads from every part of Sweden.

🧜🏻‍♀️ Day 9-12: Copenhagen, Denmark

On day 9, take a 1-hour flight to Denmark’s vibrant capital of Copenhagen. Spend the next few days admiring the stunning gardens , multicolored townhouses, and exciting museums there. Start by strolling the iconic Nyhavn Waterfront, lined with vibrantly colorful buildings.

Then, head to the fairytale-like Tivoli Gardens, a unique blend of an amusement park and manicured gardens. Don’t miss the changing of the guard ceremony at Amalienborg Palace or the famous Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairytale.

🧗🏻‍♀️ Day 13-15: Pulpit Rock + Kjeragbolten, Norway

On day 13, take a 1.5-hour flight to the quaint city of Stavanger , the gateway to some of the best hikes in Norway. Spend the first day exploring the picture-perfect Gamle Stavanger and enjoying seafood.

On day 14, take an epic day trip to hike the iconic Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen). This steep 604-meter-high cliff has a flat top that offers insanely breathtaking views of Lysefjord.

On day 15, take another day trip to hike to the Kjeragbolten boulder, wedged between a crevice 3,000 feet above the fjord. Daredevils can step out onto this unique boulder for an epic picture! The hike is challenging but rewards you with jaw-dropping views.

🏞 Day 16-17: Odda + Trolltunga, Norway

On day 16, rent a car and embark on a 4-hour scenic drive from Stavanger to the town of Odda. Odda is the gateway to Trolltunga, one of the  most spectacular hikes  in Norway.

On day 17, hike the Trolltunga, a unique rock with the shape of a tongue, sticking out horizontally from the side of a cliff. You can stand on this rock to gaze at the  breathtaking view of the fjord  below. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This hike takes 10-12 hours roundtrip, and there’s usually a long line for photo ops on the rock. Start hiking as early as you can to avoid it.

🚡 Day 18-21: Bergen, Norway

On day 18, take a 3-hour scenic drive from Odda to Bergen. Touted as a ‘European City of Culture’, Bergen is home to colorful wooden architecture and exquisite seafood. For spectacular sky-views of the city, ride the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen.

Appreciate the city’s maritime heritage with some fiskesuppe (creamy fish soup) at the Fish Market before learning about the city’s Viking roots at Fantoft Stave Church . Then, take a cruise down Mostraumen Fjord, and enjoy bar hopping in the vibrant Vågsbunnen district.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: Between mid-June and early September for the best weather and to take advantage of the long daylight hours necessary for hiking. Note that from October through May, snow and ice may make hiking in Norway difficult.

9. ICELAND + FAROE ISLANDS + SCOTLAND : Fantastical Landscapes

Home to some of the most enchanting landscapes on earth, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Scotland are brimming with natural beauty. From massive geysers to basalt beaches, there are so many mystical places to discover on this back-to-basics itinerary.

  • Day 1-2: The Golden Circle, Iceland
  • Day 3-4: Jokursalon + Eastern Fjords, Iceland
  • Day 5-7: Northern Iceland + Kirkjufell, Iceland
  • Day 8-10: Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Day 11-16: Sørvágsvatn to Kvívík, Faroe Islands
  • Day 17-21: Isle of Skye, Scotland

A Waterfall in Iceland - Travel Europe in 3 Weeks

💦 Day 1-2: The Golden Circle, Iceland

Fly into Reykjavik and rent a car to start your drive along the Golden Circle. This area is known for its explosive geysers , powerful waterfalls, and breathtaking landscapes. Start your tour at the magical Thingvellir National Park for mighty geysers and the iconic Silfra Glacier.

Then, move on to the mindblowing Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Skogafoss waterfalls for sweeping landscape views. Don’t miss the incredible photo opportunity at the small cave behind Seljalandsfoss.

Afterward, head to Reynisfjara , a popular black sand beach on Iceland’s Southern Coast. Characterized by its black basalt structures, it’s one of the most unique beaches in the world.

🐧 Day 3-4: Jokursalon + Eastern Fjords, Iceland

On day 3, drive to Skaftafell for immaculate ice caves, waterfalls, and glacier hiking. Pack your binoculars for birdwatching! Then, move on to Jökulsárlón, a picturesque glacial lagoon. Take a boat tour to see the massive ice chunks floating throughout this deep, blue lake.

Afterwards, drive to the Eastern Fjords stretching from Berufjörður to Borgarfjörður Eystri, where you can meet adorable puffins . On your way there, wander the gorgeous fishing village of Seyðisfjörður, and take a serene walk in Hallormsstaðaskógur, Iceland’s biggest forest.

🌋 Day 5-7: Northern Iceland + Kirkjufell, Iceland

On day 5, stop first at Dettifoss, one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe. Then, move on to the volcanic  Lake Mývatn  to bathe in the natural hot springs of Mývatn Nature Baths.

On day 6, head over to the picturesque  Godafoss , a wide, panoramic waterfall. From there,  Akureyri  is a quick 30-minute drive. This charming port town has beautiful stained-glass churches and contemporary art museums.

On day 7, move on to  Kirkjufell , a uniquely shaped 1520 ft (463 m) high mountain. It is the most photographed mountain in Iceland; jutting out into the sea, there are waterfalls next to it, which make it incredibly picturesque. Try to catch the Northern Lights here!

🐳 Day 8-10: Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik, Iceland

On day 8, head to the famous Blue Lagoon to take a dip in this geothermal spa. Surrounded by rocky landscapes, this hot mineral pool is the perfect place to pamper yourself. Then, head to the capital of Reykjavik for museums, traditional Icelandic food, and intricate architecture.

Spend the next two days exploring Reykjavik. See the Old Town’s colorful houses, admire local artwork at the National Gallery of Iceland, and enjoy whale-watching on the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t leave without visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church for sweeping city views.

🏞 Day 11-16: Sørvágsvatn to Kvívík, Faroe Islands

On day 11, take a 5-hour flight from Reykjavik to Sorvagur in the Faroe Islands. Spend the next five days exploring this otherworldly destination characterized by jaw-dropping landscapes.

Start your trip by visiting the picturesque Múlafossur Waterfall and fantastical Sørvágsvatn Lake. For more dramatic cliff views, head to the island of Kalsoy and hike to its quaint lighthouse. Don’t miss the unspoiled island of Mykines and its colony of adorable puffins .

For hipster eateries, head to Tórshavn, the cute capital of the Faroe Islands. End your trip in Kvívík, where you can soak up centuries of Viking history . Drive back to Sorvagur to fly out.

🦖 Day 17-21: Isle of Skye, Scotland

On day 17, take a 1.5-hour flight from Sorvagur to Edinburgh in Scotland. From there, rent a car and take a 5.5-hour scenic road trip to the mystical  Isle of Skye . Skye is known for its incredibly dramatic landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, and medieval castles .

Be sure to visit the enchanting Fairy Pools and hike the Old Man of Storr and the Quiraing. For more fantastical sceneries and  dramatic landscapes , head to the mystical Fairy Glen. Want to see 170-million-year-old dinosaur footprints? Don’t miss Staffin Bay or Brother’s Point!

☀️ When to do this itinerary: June through August for long daylight hours, warmth, and summer festivals; November through March for catching the Northern Lights.

10. LITHUANIA + LATVIA + ESTONIA + RUSSIA : Baltic & Russian Wonders

Breathtaking architecture, immersive history, and gastronomic delights — experience all three and more on a 3-week trip to the Baltics and Russia. Each of these countries boasts incredible nature, distinctive architecture, friendly vibes, and vibrant nightlife.

  • Day 1-3: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Day 4-7: Riga, Latvia
  • Day 8-11: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Day 12-16: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Day 17-21: Moscow, Russia

The Red Square in Moscow, Russia - Backpack Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks

🌳 Day 1-3: Vilnius, Lithuania

Start your Baltic excursion in Vilnius. Lithuania’s artistic capital is small but is home to stunning historical sites, unique architecture , and has a distinctive, laidback atmosphere.

Uncover centuries of history at the gothic Trakai Island Castle, and check out the mind-bending Vilnius Museum of Illusions. Hales Market is a great stop for an easygoing lunch and a taste of cepelinai, the local potato dumplings.

Don’t leave Vilnius without visiting the famous Gate of Dawn shrine, the Vilnius University Botanical Garden for bewitching greenery and blooms, and the aesthetic Green Lakes.

🌈 Day 4-7: Riga, Latvia

On day 4, take a 4-hour bus ride from Vilnius to Riga, the capital city of Latvia. An architectural panacea, you’ll be met with incredible Art Nouveau buildings with signature curved lines, charming avenues of boutique shops, and plenty of green space.

Experience Riga’s gastronomy with a plate of smoked eel before heading to the Central Market and museum district. Indulge your creativity with a ballet show at the Latvian National Opera before exploring the artisan shops in the Old Town for handcrafted souvenirs.

Don’t miss the picturesque House of the Blackheads and the mythical Roland Statue. On day 7, take a day trip to Jurmala for soft white beaches and spa treatments.

🎨 Day 8-11: Tallinn, Estonia

On day 8, take a 4.5-hour bus ride or catch a 2.5-hour flight to Tallinn. The Estonian capital is known for its untouched architecture, but it’s the distinctive dishes and artsy museums that will steal your heart. Don’t miss the delightful eats from the Town Hall Square vendors!

Explore beautiful Baroque architecture at the Kadriorg Palace and visit the many quirky museums that outline the city’s history. Then, take a day trip to Laheema National Park for an outdoor escape, or gaze at the grand architecture on offer in nearby Helsinki and Tartu.

🌸 Day 12-16: St. Petersburg, Russia

On day 12, take a direct 6-hour bus ride or flight to St. Petersburg. For the next few days, admire the ornate palaces and royal gardens of the overthrown Tsars in this city.

Visit the city’s many fascinating museums, then soar above them all in the Aerolift balloon for epic views. The neoclassical and baroque architecture of Palace Square is another must-see, along with the reconstructed cathedrals of the Orthodox period.

Stroll the State Hermitage Museum for artistic education, and don’t leave the city without sampling pyshki (traditional Russian crumpets) at one of many curbside cafés.

🎭 Day 17-21: Moscow, Russia

On day 17, take a 3.5-hour train ride to Moscow, the final stop on this 3 week trip to Europe. Moscow is one of the most vibrant cities in Russia, which is reflected in the iconic architecture of the Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the political heart of the city — the Kremlin.

Catch an opera or ballet performance at the Bolshoi Theater and admire the stunning interiors of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Be sure to tick off a few contemporary galleries before letting loose at a local ice bar.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: Between May and September for long sunny days, balmy weather, and festivals. Summertime is the most comfortable and lively season here.

💎 Best Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks: Hidden Gems

11. azerbaijan + armenia + georgia : caucasus wonders.

Cultural landmarks, traditional Turkish baths, and blended architecture — experience all three and more on an epic journey to the Caucasus. Each country here has a distinctive ‘East meets West’ vibe that’s reflected in its unique history and Silk Road remnants.

  • Day 1-4: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Day 5-7: Sheki, Azerbaijan
  • Day 8-9: Kakheti, Georgia
  • Day 10-13: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Day 14: Gori + Uplistsikhe + Mtskheta, Georgia
  • Day 15-16: Dilijan + Lake Sevan, Armenia
  • Day 17-21: Yerevan, Armenia

The Old Town of Tbilisi in Georgia

🏙 Day 1-4: Baku, Azerbaijan

This itinerary for Europe in 3 weeks starts with a flight to the Azerbaijani capital of  Baku . Take in the  ancient sites of the Old City , such as Palace of Shirvanshahs and Maiden Tower. Then, head to Highland Park to get the most breathtaking views of Baku and the Caspian Sea.

From this park, you can also get an incredible up-close view of the futuristic Flame Towers. Don’t leave Baku without getting a fascinating history lesson at Heydar Aliyev Center . There, centuries of history are broken down into engaging and easy-to-follow visual exhibitions.

On day 4, take a day trip to the  Gobustan Rock Art  reserve and museum. See fascinating rock art made by ancient Neolithic peoples before exploring unique mud volcanoes nearby.

🍲 Day 5-7: Sheki, Azerbaijan

On day 5, rent a car and drive for 4 hours to the city of Sheki, famed for its quaint cobbled streets, old stone architecture, and remains of the ancient Silk Road . Lose yourself in the beautiful brickwork of the Old Town and marvel at the colorful stained-glass windows of the Summer Palace.

Then, go back in time in the city’s classic Silk Road Caravanserai before learning more about traditional silk production at the Sheki Silk Factory . Don’t leave town without trying an ample serving of Piti (a traditional stew) and Sheki Halva, a popular local dessert.

🍷 Day 8-9: Kakheti, Georgia

Next, it’s time to venture into Kakheti, Georgia’s premier wine-producing region. Here, you’ll find the charming town of Sighnaghi (a 2.5-hour drive from Sheki). Start your visit there by going wine tasting at one of the several wineries in town, such as Okro’s Wines.

Then, climb the Sighnaghi City Walls to take in gorgeous views of the Caucasus Mountains and visit the picturesque Bodbe Convent for immaculate gardens . Kakheti is also home to the elegant city of Telavi, home to stylish Neoclassical buildings and a bustling bazaar.

🎨 Day 10-13: Tbilisi, Georgia

On day 10, drive for 1 hour and 45 mins to Tbilisi, the quirky capital city of Georgia. Start your visit at the picturesque Old Town to admire colorful architecture and urban street art. Don’t miss the playful and bizarre Leaning Tower of Tbilisi attached to a puppet theater.

Then, see the gorgeous colorful stained-glass windows of Gallery 27 , and stroll the lush green gardens of Holy Trinity Cathedral, the largest Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia.

To refuel, unwind in one of the many Tbilisi Sulfur Baths , such as Orbeliani Bath House. Don’t leave without tasting a delicious khachapuri (a local cheese bread).

🏛 Day 14: Gori + Uplistsikhe + Mtskheta, Georgia

On day 14, take an epic day trip to see three stunning sites near Tbilisi. First, head to Mtskheta, one of Georgia’s oldest cities . Absorb its religious history at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery. Then, hike up to the ruins of Armazi Tsikhe to explore an abandoned citadel.

The next stop is the unique cave town of Uplistsikhe. Admire the fascinating Bronze Age rock-cut structures and the Christian stone basilica there before driving on to the historic city of Gori. There, get a history lesson at the Stalin Museum and climb the 7th-century fortress for sweeping vistas.

🌲 Day 15-16: Dilijan + Lake Sevan, Armenia

On day 15, drive for 3.5 hours to the town of Dilijan in northern Armenia. This medieval wonderland is known for its traditional craft workshops and natural beauty. Work up a sweat hiking through the forests of Dilijan National Park before enjoying some hearty Armenian fare along Myasnikyan Street.

On day 16, head to the nearby Lake Sevan for magnificent views and ancient monasteries. Immerse in local legends at the lakeside Sevanavank Monastery before taking a dip in the lake itself. Finish your day at the picturesque Hayravank Monastery for an unbeatable sunset and stargazing.

⛲️ Day 17-21: Yerevan, Armenia

On day 17, drive 1.5 hours to the Armenian capital of Yerevan, known for its Soviet-era buildings, museums, and easygoing café culture . Summit the immaculate Yerevan Cascade for stunning views of the city, and admire the dancing fountains of Republic Square.

Head to the pedestrian Northern Avenue for luxury shopping, restaurants, and a vibrant night scene. Then, explore the art exhibitions and gardens inside the UNESCO Blue Mosque . Pad your remaining time with a trip to the mystical Symphony Of Stones in the Garni Gorge.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In April, May, June, September, or October to avoid the high heat of July and August and the sub-zero winters, when many hiking trails are closed.


Experience the Balkans’ immersive history, enchanting architecture, and breathtaking coastlines on this 3 week tour of Europe’s best hidden gems. These countries offer fairytale old towns, lush mountains, and plenty of sunny Adriatic Sea adventures.

  • Day 1-3: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Day 4-5: Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
  • Day 6-8: Zagreb, Croatia
  • Day 9-11: Split, Croatia
  • Day 12-14: Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Day 15-16: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Day 17-19: Kotor + Perast, Montenegro
  • Day 20-21: Podgorica, Montenegro

Kotor in Montenegro - Best Tour of Europe Route

🚢 Day 1-3: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Kick off this itinerary by flying into the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. This stunning city is characterized by fairytale-like buildings , bustling riverbanks, and charming bridges. Start your visit with a stroll on Dragon Bridge, which is appropriately adorned with dragon statues.

Then, take a stroll along the scenic Ljubljana River and enjoy a signature cocktail at one of the riverbank bars. You can also take a scenic cruise down the river ! Don’t leave without visiting the Ljubljana Castle for unbeatable views of the city and surrounding mountains.

🏞 Day 4-5: Lake Bled + Lake Bohinj, Slovenia

On day 4, take an epic day trip to the crown jewel of Slovenia: Lake Bled. Explore the gorgeous hiking trails and swim (or paddleboard) in the deep blue water. Be sure to take a boat to see the fairytale Lake Bled Castle, and don’t leave without indulging in a slice of Bled cream cake!

On day 5, take another day trip from Ljubljana to explore Lake Bohinj. There, you can hike, bike, and paraglide to your heart’s content. Stop by the quaint St. John the Baptist Church for a touch of culture, and don’t leave without riding the Vogel Cable Car for magnificent Julian Alps views.

🍰 Day 6-8: Zagreb, Croatia

On day 6, take a 2-hour train from Ljubljana to Zagreb, Croatia’s vibrant capital. The city is home to stunning garden squares and striking medieval architecture . Look out for the impressive tiled roof of St. Mark’s Church, and settle in for a slice of cake at the ever-popular Vincek Slasticarnica .

Bask in the romantic atmosphere at the Botanical Garden before admiring elegant Baroque architecture in Lower Town. Stop by the medieval Stone Gate to see a well-preserved painting of Baby Jesus, and the bizarre Museum of Broken Relationships for a fascinating glimpse into the human condition.

🌴 Day 9-11: Split, Croatia

On day 9, take a 5-hour bus ride to Split, a glorious city on the Dalmatian Coast. This eclectic port is known for its ancient monuments , laidback atmosphere, and sweeping views. Start your visit by exploring the impressively well-preserved Roman ruins of Diocletian’s Palace.

Stop at a cafe in the Old Town to take in the local kava (coffee) culture. For sweeping views of the city and its coastline, climb up the bell tower of Cathedral of St. Domnius . To unwind, soak up the sun on Bacvice Beach and stroll the laidback Riva Promenade for palm trees and calming sea views.

🌅 Day 12-14: Dubrovnik, Croatia

On day 12, take a 4-hour bus to Dubrovnik, the pearl of Croatia. This enchanting city is known for its picturesque views, ancient city walls, and delicious seafood. Start by exploring the impressive Walls of Dubrovnik that encircle the city and stop by Fortress Lovrijenac for unbeatable waterfront views.

Looking for a real slice of culture and history? Head for Old Town, home to chic shops, delicious seafood restaurants, and the 14th century Old Pharmacy in Franciscan Monastery. Don’t leave without taking the  Dubrovnik Cable Car  for a magnificent sunset over the city.

🕌 Day 15-16: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On day 15, take a 4-hour bus to Mostar, a fairytale Bosnian town c radled by lush mountains. The arched Stari Most Bridge crossing over the Neretva River is the most iconic and dreamy landmark in town. In the summer, you can even catch a fun bridge jump competition there!

Navigate the bustling bazaars of the Old Town and get unique aerial views from the historic Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque. A short drive from Mostar lies the picturesque Blagaj Tekija (or Dervish House), a 600-year-old monastery built into a mountain overlooking the sea.

⛵️ Day 17-19: Kotor + Perast, Montenegro

On day 17, take a 5.5-hour bus to the magical Montenegrin town of Kotor. Step back in time in the Old Town, with its endless shops, cafes, and atmospheric squares . Then, climb up the City Walls to enjoy stunning views of the coastline, and see Kotor’s most impressive architecture at St. Tryphon Cathedral.

To unwind, enjoy a cocktail on the lush sands of Kotor Beach, and hop on a boat at the scenic Bay of Kotor for prime views of the glistening waters . Don’t forget to take a short taxi ride to the coastal town of Perast for immense mountain views and ornate waterfront villas.

⛲️ Day 20-21: Podgorica, Montenegro

On day 20, take a 2.5-hour bus ride to the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica, which offers sprawling green spaces and a unique cityscape that marries old-fashioned architecture with modern flair. Start your visit by meandering through the ancient streets of the Old Town.

Admire a universe of gorgeous icons and golden frescoes at the impressive Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. Then, head to the scenic Ribnica Bridge to immerse yourself in ancient history. Don’t leave without visiting the gorgeous Cijevna — Montenegro’s Niagara Falls — just a 10-minute drive from Podgorica.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In May, June, September, and October to enjoy the beaches and water in warm weather, and to avoid the tourist crowds of July and August.

13. BULGARIA + ROMANIA : Black Sea Cultural Gems

Looking for colorful medieval towns, rugged mountains, and fairytale castles? Enjoy all that and more in Bulgaria and Romania’s Transylvania region. These destinations boast vibrant harbor towns, gorgeous natural landscapes, and even the birthplace of Dracula.

  • Day 1-3: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Day 4-6: Varna, Bulgaria
  • Day 7-9: Constanta, Romania
  • Day 10-11: Bucharest + Bran Castle, Romania
  • Day 12-13: Brasov, Romania
  • Day 14-16: Sibiu, Romania
  • Day 17-19: Sighisoara + Biertan, Romania
  • Day 20-21: Salina Turda + Cluj Napoca, Romania

Sofia in Bulgaria - Central Europe Itinerary 3 Weeks

🎭 Day 1-3: Sofia, Bulgaria

Start this trip by flying into Bulgaria’s multi-cultural capital of Sofia. Admire the gorgeous gold-plated interiors of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral , the city’s most iconic landmark. Then, enjoy a picnic in City Garden before visiting the upscale shops along Vitosha Boulevard.

Don’t miss the Sofia Central Mineral Baths, a former bathhouse that today, houses the Sofia History Museum with many interesting exhibitions. For a slice of culture, catch a concert at the Ivan Vazov National Theater and sample a plate of traditional Bulgarian moussaka.

🌊 Day 4-6: Varna, Bulgaria

On day 4, take a 2-hour flight or a 7.5-hour train to Varna, a charming seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea. This city is home to impressive rock formations and natural beauty, which you can witness first-hand at the Wonderful Rocks, Stone Forest, and Ecopark Varna.

Varna is also home to the oldest gold treasure in the world; its 6,000-year-old gold is displayed inside the Archaeological Museum . Don’t miss the breathtaking interiors of the iconic Varna Cathedral. To unwind, go sunbathing on the golden sands of Nirvana Beach.

🏖 Day 7-9: Constanta, Romania

On day 7, take a 3-hour bus to Constanta, a historic Romanian city situated along the Black Sea, perfect for  exploring ancient ruins  and enjoying beach leisure. Start at the Museum of National History and Archeology for an overview of the area’s historical significance.

Then, see the glorious architecture of the Grand Mosque, and head to Mamaia Resorts to enjoy swimming in the Black Sea . Looking for adventure? Hope on a sailing boat at Life Harbour Marina for alternative views of the water.

For a slice of culture, sample a bowl of ciorba de burta (tripe soup — better than it sounds!).

🏰 Day 10-11: Bucharest + Bran Castle, Romania

On day 10, take a 2.5-hour train ride to the Romanian capital of Bucharest, where you’ll rent a car to begin your drive towards Transylvania. Bucharest is known for its iconic communist-era and stunning Orthodox landmarks , such as the Palace of Parliament and the Stavropoleos Monastery.

On day 11, rent a car and drive to Peles Castle, a picturesque fortress in the Carpathian Mountains. Tour its stylish rooms, then head on to Bran Castle, aka “ Dracula’s Castle ”. See its digital exhibitions and medieval torture chamber before heading to Brasov to stay the night.

🌿 Day 12-13: Brasov, Romania

For the next two days, you’ll be discovering the stunning city of Brasov in Transylvania. Surrounded by the  Carpathian Mountains , Brasov offers plenty of gorgeous hiking trails, starting with the one to the peak of Tampa Mountain, which sits next to the city center.

Be sure to stroll the cobbled streets of Piaţa Sfatului, the main square in town. It is surrounded by colorful baroque buildings, restaurants, and cafes. Head to  Turnul Negru  for a stunning view of the city, and don’t miss Strada Sforii, one of the narrowest streets in all of Europe.

👁️ Day 14-16: Sibiu, Romania

On day 14, drive for 2.5 hours to the city of Sibiu, another Transylvanian gem. Sibiu is particularly known for its colorful “ houses with eyes ”, which literally gives the illusion that someone is watching you. It may be creepy, but also very fascinating and unique.

Be sure to walk the romantic Bridge of Lies to see awesome views of the city, and to shop for souvenirs at  Piata Mica , a charming small square next to the bridge. Most of the action happens in Piata Mare, the main Old Town square, surrounded by churches and cafes.

🧛🏼 Day 17-19: Sighisoara + Biertan, Romania

On day 17, drive for 1.5 hours to Sighisoara, one of the most colorful medieval towns you will ever step foot in. This town is also the  birthplace of Dracula , and you can learn all about his life at the Mystical Transylvania museum (avoid the tourist trap of Vlad Dracul House!).

Be sure to walk down Strada Tamplarilor to see a row of rainbow-colored houses. Then, enjoy a delicious meal at Casa Georgius Krauss . An  easy   half-day trip  to take from Sighisoara is Biertan, a Saxon village home to a very picturesque fortified church.

🎡 Day 20-21: Salina Turda + Cluj Napoca, Romania

On day 20, drive for 2 hours to Salina Turda, a spectacular   underground salt mine and amusement park. This unique attraction gives off  sci-fi movie vibes . You’ll find massage chairs, ping pong tables, a large Ferris wheel, and more — all surrounded by surreal underground formations.

After exploring Salina Turda, drive 40 mins to the city of  Cluj Napoca . Explore its Gothic churches and vibrant night scene before flying home from Cluj International Airport.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In June, July, and August for the perfect weather to explore and sunbathe, or in May and September for fewer crowds and milder temperatures. Alternatively, head to Romania in winter for skiing and winter wonderland sceneries.

14. NORTH MACEDONIA + ALBANIA + GREECE : The Southern Balkans

Venture to where the Balkan meets the sea in this sun-kissed 3 week Europe itinerary. Get lost in the history of ancient cities, enjoy exquisite cuisines, and marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean as you explore the best of North Macedonia, Albania, and Greece.

  • Day 1-3: Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Day 4-6: Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia
  • Day 7-10: Tirana + Berat, Albania
  • Day 11-14: Athens, Greece
  • Day 15-18: Santorini, Greece
  • Day 19-21: Mykonos, Greece

Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia - Europe Tour Cities

🎨 Day 1-3: Skopje, North Macedonia

Begin this trip by flying into Skopje, and get ready to travel back to the age of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Skopje has been reconstructed to mirror the grandeur of times past, with ornate neoclassical buildings, towering marble statues, and dignified museums.

Get lost in the winding streets, museums, markets, and mosques of Old Town Carsija. Then, order a famous kebab from Destan , and make your way to the National Gallery of Macedonia to gander over the unique placement of an art gallery inside an ancient Turkish bathhouse. 

🏞 Day 4-6: Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia

On day 4, take a 3.5-hour bus ride to Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest lakes in Europe (around 3 million years) and one of the most ancient human settlements on the continent. Here, you’ll find a mix of cultural sites and prehistoric, naturally-occurring flora and fauna.

Then, admire impressive views from the 11th-century Samuel’s Fortress, and marvel over the recovered Bronze and Iron Age artifacts at the Bay of Bones Museum . Looking for a different perspective? Spend a day on the water and voyage across Lake Ohrid by boat.

🌳 Day 7-10: Tirana + Berat, Albania

On day 7, take a 2.5-hour bus to Tirana in Albania. This once greyscale capital city now hosts buzzing nightlife and incredible local hospitality . Explore its beautiful parks, electric social scene, and historical sites, such as the stunning Et’hem Bej Mosque and unique Piramida.

On day 10, take a day trip from Tirana to Berat. This UNESCO city is characterized by steep hillsides covered in white stone houses and offers a unique perspective into the Ottoman past. Shop in the medieval bazaar, explore the inhabited Berat Castle , and taste some wine from the nearby wineries.

🏛 Day 11-14: Athens, Greece

On day 11, take a 1.5-hour flight to the Greek capital of Athens, home to some of the most recognized history in the world. Known for the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the site of the first Olympic Games, it is the perfect first stop to get familiar with Greek culture and cuisine.

Head to the bustling neighborhood of Monastiraki for shops, restaurants, flea markets, and famous historical sites like the Roman Forum and Hadrian’s Library . Of course, be sure to wander through the iconic Acropolis ruins and to sample some authentic Greek gyro.

🌅 Day 15-18: Santorini, Greece

On day 15, take a 2.5-hour flight to Santorini and experience the best of the Greek islands. Prepare for the incredible sights of white buildings with blue-domed roofs , dreamy ocean views, and quaint cobbled alleys in this serene Mediterranean paradise.

There are plenty of unique things to do in Santorini . Stroll the Red Beach — imagine red cliffs met with shimmering blue water; a truly unique sight. Book a sunset dinner in Oia with romantic sea views, watch a film at the Open Air Cinema Kamari , and enjoy wine tasting at the beautiful Venetsanos Winery.

🎉 Day 19-21: Mykonos, Greece

On day 19, take a 2-3 hour ferry from Santorini to Mykonos. This famous Greek island is known for some of the best nightlife in Europe and quaint picturesque villages along the seafront. Take a trip to Paradise Beach to enjoy the white sand beaches met by turquoise waters.

Don’t miss the picturesque Mykonos Town (Chora). Characterized by windmills, pedestrian-only streets , and rustic taverns along the water’s edge, this town is also where the biggest bars and clubs are. Once you’re done exploring, you can fly home from Mykonos Airport.

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In May, June, September, and October to enjoy warm weather and to avoid the tourist crowds of July and August, especially at the beaches.

15. CZECHIA + AUSTRIA + SLOVAKIA + HUNGARY : Central Europe Hidden Gems

Want to explore popular and underrated areas of Europe? Get an enriching introduction to Central Europe’s hidden gems. Journey through destinations packed with UNESCO Heritage wonders, culinary delights, timeless architecture, and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Day 1-4: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Day 5-7: Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • Day 8-11: Vienna, Austria
  • Day 12: Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Day 13-16: Bojnice Castle + High Tatras, Slovakia
  • Day 17-21: Budapest, Hungary

The Town of Český Krumlov in Czech Republic

🍺 Day 1-4: Prague, Czech Republic

Kick off your trip by flying into Prague, the medieval Czech capital. Start your visit by admiring Gothic and Renaissance architecture inside the 9th-century Prague Castle . Then, take a stroll on the scenic Charles Bridge; head back there at sunrise for some real magic.

Don’t miss Prague’s iconic 600-year-old Astronomical Clock (which still operates today). For stunning views of the city , head to Terasa U Prince or climb up the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. Don’t leave town without trying a unique glass of beer ice cream at U Medvidku !

🎨 Day 5-7: Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

On day 5, take a 2.5-hour bus ride to ​​the fairytale town of Český Krumlov. This Czech hidden gem is covered with colorful medieval buildings and bohemian street art. Start your visit by roaming the atmospheric Old Town, where you’ll find several art galleries and museums.

Don’t miss the Castle Tower, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Want a different perspective? Float down the Vltava River on a historical wooden raft while admiring gorgeous views of the Old Town. To learn about local culture, head to the Regional Museum.

🎻 Day 8-11: Vienna, Austria

On day 8, take a 3.5-hour bus to the marvelous Austrian capital of Vienna, which seamlessly blends natural beauty with metropolitan life. Start your visit by touring the beautiful Imperial rooms and gardens of Schönbrunn Palace , the most important historical landmark in town.

Head to MuseumsQuartier for a vast selection of world-class museums, such as the Natural History Museum. Escape the city crowds at the enchanting Vienna Woods , where you can bike or hike. For a slice of culture, catch an opera or ballet at the splendid Vienna State Opera.

🏰 Day 12: Bratislava, Slovakia

On day 12, take a 1-hour train ride to Bratislava, the charming capital of Slovakia . One day is enough to explore this small laid-back town . Be sure to admire the Art Nouveau architecture of the unique Blue Church, and indulge your inner history buff at the Bratislava Castle.

Soak up the lively atmosphere of the Main Square, which is home to the Old Town Hall — be sure to climb up to its clock tower for a panoramic view . Finally, don’t miss the bizarre UFO Bridge, which has an Observation Deck that offers more incredible views of the city.

🏞 Day 13-16: Bojnice Castle + High Tatras, Slovakia

On day 13, take a 3-hour train to the breathtaking Bojnice Castle, a true hidden gem. Admire its remarkable facade and enjoy a picnic in the stunning castle park . Don’t miss the nearby village of Čičmany, characterized by its iconic black timber houses and traditional folk art.

On day 14, take a 3-hour train from Čičmany to Poprad, a city at the foot of the stunning High Tatras Mountains. Spend the next few days in the mountains hiking (Zelené Pleso and Mount Rysy are great trails), skiing, and relaxing at the gorgeous spa of the Grand Hotel Kempinski .

🛀 Day 17-21: Budapest, Hungary

On day 17, take a 5.5-hour bus ride from Poprad to Budapest, the captivating capital of Hungary. Spend the last days of your trip exploring this city’s enriching history and culture. Head to the magnificent lookout towers of Fisherman’s Bastion for a fairytale scenery.

Then, admire the remarkable architecture of the Hungarian Parliament Building, and take a scenic cruise down the Danube River to see the city from a different perspective. Enjoy eclectic nightlife in the Pest district, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a relaxing treatment at  Szechenyi Thermal Bath .

☀️ When to do this itinerary: In May or June, when the weather is warm and flowers bloom across the region’s stunning landscapes. September is also enjoyable.

🌸 Europe Trip 3 Weeks: Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has given you inspiration and helped you plan a trip to Europe for 3 weeks. If you’re curious to discover more  dream destinations  on this continent, don’t miss the  best hidden gems in Europe , which include secret spots you’ve probably never heard of before.

If you’re planning to visit this continent in the winter, don’t forget that there are plenty of beautiful  warm places in Europe in January  as well.

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, One of the Best Stops on a 10 Day Road Trip Europe

I hope this three weeks in Europe itinerary has been helpful!

For further reading on other European destinations, discover: 🚗 10 Days in Europe: 25+ Epic Itineraries + Budget Trips 💎 28 Best Hidden Gems in Europe: Epic Secret Spots You Must Visit ☀️ 34 Prettiest Warm Places in Europe to Visit in January 🍁 38 Prettiest Warm Places in Europe in October + Hidden Gems 🏝 38 Prettiest Warm Places in Europe in November + Hidden Gems For more travel inspiration around the world, discover: 🔮 60+ Fairytale Destinations: The Most Magical Places in the World 🌎 50+ Best Dream Vacations For Your Travel Bucket List 🇺🇸 60+ Best Vacation Spots in the USA: Top Bucket List Places

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